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Another Spongebob screencap and some memes with Psychonauts characters. Featuring Oleander, Little Oly/little Oleander and the Butcher, and Raz. The Little Oly and Butcher one is based off of a Fallout 4 VR video on youtube. These are funny anded more reaction image like things!

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Here is something weird I just thought of with little oly: I can imagine little oly taking the soccer ball during the soccer game and thinking it is a rabbit and playing with it to the sidelines or off the field and costing the team the game or that but with an actual rabbit. This is other than being small and being mistaken for the ball Idk i just thought of that now. Life was always tough for the little guy

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The 30 Day Psychonauts Challenge Continues on twitter :)

Day 19: Hardest Moment: Escorting little Oly and bunny in the meat circus 

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For the love of God, or for the love of whatever omnipresent omnipotent omnikensis wielding immortal deity exists, please reblog my shit. You ppl expect that viewing and liking is enough to keep me going, but it’s reblogs and comments that do.

In order to deal with the hole left in my heart (and general mortal being) from finishing Psychonauts, I have made a doodle sheet to A) Not only get used to drawing ppl in a simplified style and get used to drawing Raz, but to B) distract myself while desiring more Psychonauts and trying to ignore the despare cauesd by the double fine site not having a merch page (or any page) anymore, thus preventing me from buying Psychonauts Merch.

The cougar one is my actual reaction to being lit on fire when fighting those fucking oversized cats. I was not expecting it. Bonus star apperance of me going on a Psychonauts spending spree with $795 dollar’s worth of cold hard cash that I’ve been earning since Octoboer 2019 when I started my job. Originally it was saved up to buy parts to build a new PC, but Now I’m gonna use it to buy a PS VR headset, PITROR and Half Life Alyx. I have the PC I need.

(also this is unfinished)

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People like to say that Morry goes ham on the 4th of July, and I love the idea myself!

But consider him being terrified of fireworks, because his dad was. They reminded his dad of the sounds of bombs going off when he was at war, and he freaked out every time he heard them. Little Morceau had always thought that he was looking to kill him when it happened.

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Little Oly: *watching his dad walk around with a bloody apron and the corpse of a runt in his hand*

Rock (his brother): Hey did you know he used to fight in wars ‘n stuff? He killed real people! Isn’t that cool?

Little Oly:

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The sheer amount of power i feel in this picture is overwhelming

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Not little bunnies!!!

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Meat Circus, “The Big Top”

Friendly reminder; if you read Oleander’s backstory, it mentions he’s an animal empath and can see and hear and feel everything the little bunny is experiencing. This may be up to and including being slaughtered. Little wonder he turned out the way he did.

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