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#little reminders
lil-reminders · 14 hours ago
hey bestie, it’s okay to take time to rest. the world might need you right now, but you need you more. the world will still be there when you’re ready.
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a-girl-lost-in-lies · a day ago
Tumblr media
His little reminders keep me smiling 😍
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sookyshima · 2 days ago
Happy Monday! (GMT+10)
Speaking into existence that this week will be a good week for everyone.
Remember to stay hydrated and don’t overwork yourself – allow yourself to rest when needed!
Surround yourself with good people whether it be in person or online and remember that you are loved and needed 🦋
Have a great day ✨
My messages are always open if you just need someone to talk to!
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mcytagere · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
I found a silly little happy Ranboo that I drew a while ago while I was regressed! It's just a doodle that I did when I was little and bored, but I thought that he might belong here, so I gave him a message to deliver you guys!
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sovonight · 5 days ago
flurrin replied to your post “still thinking abt doing redraws of non-combat...”
Celestial exile au but Cel wins him that stuffed animal horny toad/spiky lizard instead tjgstkdhfj
ok that’s actually perfect
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lil-reminders · 8 days ago
if somebody hurt you, please remember: it is not your fault for being vulnerable. it is their fault for taking advantage of that vulnerability.
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theweasleyslut · 8 days ago
Hey while I’m thinking of it;
• don’t forget I’ve got a writing challenge going on!! Check it out and maybe join or at least reblog
• please (if you haven’t already) fill out my new taglist form!! I’m trying to update it and reorganize it all xx
Thank you lovelies ☺️💗
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taiyokohime · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Drabbles to write
WoL X Estinien
WoL x Urianger
WoL x Aymeric
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hassanatforusmk · 9 days ago
"اللهم صبرًا نقاوم به قسوة الاشواق وجبراً نقف به عند بابك صامدين ولقاء في الجنة مع أحبابنا الراحلين".✨
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soft-for-the-baddies · 10 days ago
JOKES ON YOU!!! YOU ARE LOVED!!!!!!! ksjdflkjsdf but in all seriousness i ADORE having your content on my dash, its always so soft and wholesome, and not only do i care about you, but your FOs care about you and love you so very very much. obake care u 🥺
Thank you so so much!!!!!! I'm super glad you enjoy my posts & also adgjfasøgssjgaafhsaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! You are too too sweet!!! I'm filled with all sorts of joy & love rn, thank you a mill, nonnie!!♡♡♡
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soft-for-the-baddies · 10 days ago
Hi. *Waves* I saw your posts about being sorry about talking about your f/o and I wanna say, don't be sorry. And you're not dumb either. Honestly, you're braver than me. You talk about your f/o so much I'm sure they're blushing like mad right now and so happy you love them. ^_^ Also, I like hearing about your f/o. It makes me smile.
Thank you!! I have been so hesitant to make any posts about my Obake lately & I need to just THROW those fears aside & just do it!! It's my blog anyways, who cares if I wanna ramble about my dang F/O!!!
& hahaha, just imagining him blush has me all swoony inside 🥰🥰🥰🥰
Thank you, mate, I can't say how much I appreciate your kind words!!!♡♡♡
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soft-for-the-baddies · 10 days ago
Hey! Hey hey hey!! I just wanna tell you!! You're super cool and amazing and lovely and deserve every good thing the world has to offer!! Your Self Ship? Valid!! Your F/O?? LOVES YOU!!!! You have brought so many smiles to my face with your blog and brightened the days of me and all your other followers, so please don't think so lowly of yourself, you're a really great person (you have my word!!)!!!
You're COOL. And RAD. And AMAZING. YEAH!!!✌
Omg thank you so much!!!! & haha, I have to trust you, obviously! & I feel super duper valid now! What am I gonna start doing? LOVING OBAKE EVEN HARDER!!!♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
But thank you, I feel super pumped right now, nonnie, you're amazing, thanks so much for the boost!!♡
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soft-for-the-baddies · 10 days ago
Listen. You were one of the very first selfshippers I started to follow because of your content and your focus on villains. Selfshipping exists so that you can be together with your fictional other(s). And you and Obake? A ship made in heaven where the souls have sadly ended up in different dimensions but for that you can make up with selfshipping. I can assure you he is thinking about you too. I can also as hell aside you that literally everyone who follows you adores you talking about Obake! There is nothing to be embarrassed about. Self-hatred is hard and being embarrassed is natural but we're all here for you and love your content. You are doing amazing and your gushing is wonderful to see. Your art has also such a beautiful style which I adore. Your S/I has an awesome style where there is no wonder that Obake fell for you. Just.. Imagine Obake seeing you like this and trying to help in any way. Selfshipping is also anything but a bad thing. I got my main since almost 8 years now and I only learned about this community last year and it's wonderful and I hope Obake will bring you joy for the coming years. We all see how much you care for him and how much he helps you. It's your selfish blog and you can gush as much as you want. If you're sometimes self conscious maybe gush to a friend or to a blog made for it on anon. Get reassurance from people you trust. I can imagine you already do it but just a reminder. And your sister and the hand thing? For such people are even more there to support you. Sending love and hugs. - savedbylove
First of all? Thank you thank you THANK YOU so much!!! You are so doggone sweet!!!!!! But you are totally right- self shipping is harmless feel good fun & I need the reminder all the time because I get so insecure at times sorry sorry sorry!!!
But hearing it from you that others also do enjoy my gushing & talking about Obake def helps heal my soul & makes me feel a lot more comfort at that!!!
& thank you for sharing your story too! What great inspiration!!! & it's so sweet too!!!! I've only recently within this last year found the self shipping community & Obake might have only been my boo for the last 2 [almost 3?? wow almost 3!!] years? But, I don't plan on letting go of my evil jerk any time soon ahaha♡
But all my love to you, bud, your message just warmed my soul so much, thank you thank you THANK you for your kindness & your super helpful words!!♡
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