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Mr Vasilias: We’ve always told our son that eating vegetables will help him grow big and strong. Tonight he refused them because “they’re not working”. When we told him they ARE working because he’s actually growing his rebuttal was “well my penis isn’t growing…big or strong.”

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Something my friend noticed in V8C1:


If you close in behind Pietro you can see…


I don’t really have a theory for this, because when I watched the episode to find it I also came across this:


So two companies in Remnant that produce whiskey and vodka respectively, something “Stilltskin” (presumably Rumpelstiltskin) and “Six Swans.” Both are German fairy tales collected by the Brothers Grimm. I don’t know if these are foreshadowing any character appearances connected to the stories, but it’s neat to see them!

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Honestly I’d be surprised if Mercury actually does decide he can’t let Oscar be held captive and tortured like that and ends up helping him escape (or if there’s even much interaction between those two in general tbh), but like if it DID happen I definitely would not be complaining

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Snow White 


Little Red Riding Hood

(theme: classic literature characters / fairy tales)

The twist for this battle is that each round features a different interpretation of both characters. Like they morph into a different version after each round.

Round 1: Disney Snow White vs. PG fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood

Round 2: Brothers Grimm Snow White vs. Brothers Grimm Little Red Riding Hood 

Round 3: Fables/The Wolf Among Us Snow White vs. Ruby Rose from RWBY (inspired by Red Riding Hood) 

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And Finally Team CVSY (pronounced Casey)


Not much to say but I think Casey is a color like a yellow ish. But I really love drawing this team especially Saturn and Candy though I do need to get yin and candys weapons drawn out Lol. but yeah. Oh! And they are all beacon students I also probably should have mentioned that candy is from vaccuo. Venus is from Atlas. Saturn is fromVale and so is Yin.

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the staff theory is awesome and cool and I really wish it happened but also like

For me that theory was shot out of the water when the fact that this volume lasts two fucking days was mentioned

despite how much I hate the fact that they did that I still held out hope that they’d do it but after the latest ep with how Qrow basically said it was about the semblance more than anything was frustrating

especially when they tried to relate his semblance to Robyns. It was clunky at best. No, having a semblance that lets yo uknow if someone’s telling the truth or not doesn’t equate to everyone in your life being miserable or dying because you have a bad luck semblance

not everyone has secrets to keep but everyon can die

and like. Fucking Qrow and Clover never had that moment. They had brief little hints to it but they never got to talk about their semblances and how it affects their lives, which is way more easier to compare than the fucking lie dectector semblance

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