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scarfaxia · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
julius does not like the rat boy
julius - @sanityisforlosers
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sanityisforlosers · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Art© @graciliss
Kelly Duffy & Killian Lynch © @sanityisforlosers
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creepypastaincorrectquotes · 18 hours ago
Jeff: We need more help, maybe I should call my friends.
Liu: ...your what?
Jeff: My friends.
Masky: Is he saying "friends"?
Toby: I think he's being sarcastic.
EJ: No, no, no, this is delirium, he's cracked from being awake all week. Hey Jeff! All of your friends are in this room.
Jeff: I have other friends! You asked me to make new friends, I made new friends! It was a task. I complete tasks.
Liu, EJ, Toby, and Masky: No you don't.
Jeff: No, I don't.
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ydcjfzhyshjdd · a day ago
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seemslegitflapjacks · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
Since nobody else was gonna say it.
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r0ttingrabbit · a month ago
non-exhaustive list of creepypasta media i wish existed
campy 80s/90s-style jeff the killer teen slasher movie series (that ends with a jeff vs. jane showdown. jane wins)
nina the killer spinoff of said teen slasher movie series
liu woods centered novel
slendermansion mockumentary comedy tv series
artsy film about clockwork, with a trailer park steampunk aesthetic
slenderman movie but the MC is based off a pre-existing character + it’s actually good this time
low budget slenderman vs. zalgo movie
ben drowned YA graphic novel
a musical of some sort
jane the killer movie (outside of slasher series universe) where she becomes sally’s mother/older sister figure while traveling with her (sally wouldn’t be dead in this situation, but might have powers)
laughing jack short film
dating sim (for us deranged girlies!)
southern gothic eyeless jack horror movie
proxy-centered comic book run (toby, tim, and brian)
middle school reading level novel about sally
open world multiplayer rpg game
nina the killer comic book run 
comedic rake horror movie
fucking SUBTITLED uploads of darkharvest00, everymanHYBRID, mlandersen0, stan frederick, and whisperedfaith
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bingobongocheerio · a month ago
Jeff: When I was a kid, Liu told me that the paper strip that's in the chocolate kisses were edible and I ate them with the chocolate for like a year.
Y/N: They are!
Y/N: Why would you believe in this again?
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crxwzart · a month ago
Tumblr media
*iNSaNiTY playing in the distance*
(liu’s design is directly based off of @pcktknife ‘s design of him! i do not take credit for it)
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incorrectcreepypastafam · 3 months ago
Liu, setting down a card: ace of spades
Jeff, pulling out an Uno card: +4
Ben, pulling out a Pokémon card: Jolteon, I choose you
Toby, trembling: what are we playing
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edsheeransarm · 4 months ago
Creepypasta hcs lol
-toby doesnt like waffles that much- he used to, but ate them so often he got sick of them
-nobody will let him forget that phase
-the other creeps will throw waffle fries/syrup at him just to piss him off
-it works
-jeff needs eyedrops bc the dumbass burnt his eyelids off
-sully has thrown salt in jeffs eyes
-liu HATES sully i swear-
-"can you stop trying to kill my brother" "bitch hes my brother too i do what i want"
-liu has tried to hit sully by hitting himself. guess how that worked out-
-masky is like a dad
-not in the way that hes a dad to the other creeps, i mean in the way of watching football and falling asleep in a recliner
-slender however is a dad
-major dad energy (especially to the kid creeps)
-fuck with sally and slender will throw HANDS
-it doesnt matter who the fuck you are, he'll slit your throat without hesitation
-if you live? he'll hunt you down himself.
-fucking scary tbh
-hoodie says shit in the most monotone voice possible
-it doesnt matter what hes saying. it still sounds like hes being sarcastic
-confuses the shit out of toby tbh
-"toby go over there" "there?" "no, there" "..." [walks to the opposite of where hoodie asked him to go]
-hes confused leave him alone
-clockwork and jane are both like older sisters to sally
-jane is like the oldest kid thats caring and takes care of you when youre sick
-clockwork is not
-clockwork is more like the middle child that causes general chaos
-she and sally have gotten in the car at like 3am and sped around
-toby went with them once. did not go over well
-on the topic of that toby has general motor tics, cptsd, ocd, and schitzophrenia
-sally loves horror games, and watches ben play them (fnaf, baldie, etc)
-sallys bedroom is a whole liminal space
-she loves weirdcore and dreamcore, decorates everything in that aesthetic
ill do requests <3 (no nsfw)
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bigtittydemonwife · a year ago
How the creepypasta boys ask for a hug
Ben:��“cuddle me >:(” over text, in real life you know he wants a hug because he’s hugging you 
Jeff the Killer: “Oi Bastard give me affection”
Ticci Toby: either just clings to you but acts like nothing’s happening or stupidly hints at it “I’m cold” “I was never given affection as a kid”
Liu: the most emotionally mature if not for Jack, either straight up says it or just hugs you
Sully: like Liu (besides the emotionally mature part) he’ll hug you but instead of being gentle he’ll pick you up (don’t matter how tall or thicc you are he’s a strong boi) hold you like simba, he doesn’t ask he just takes 
Eyeless Jack: He’s very shy when it comes for asking for anything especially affection, you can usually tell when he wants one he’ll be more quiet, hover behind you, lingering touches, things like that
Laughing Jack: Just straight up says it “Give me a hug Dollface!” or jumps at you and picks you up spinning you around 
Masky: oh if you think this man is asking for anything you are wrong, he’ll hug you but make up excuses “you looked cold” “I’m tired” 
Hoodie: he doesn't usually like to ask but he’s not as stubborn as Tim “Hold me” Simple but sweet, 
Slenderman: Does not say anything, I doubt he wants hugs, he gets enough of that for Splendor 
Splendorman: “(y/n)! Come here!” / “(y/n) come here I’ve got something cool to show you!”
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scarfaxia · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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sanityisforlosers · a month ago
Tumblr media
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somewhat-crazy · 7 months ago
Do you ever wonder what would happen is suddenly one of the creepypastas got their sanity back 😀
uhh it wouldn't be a very pretty sight lol
ben drowned
lost silver
nina the killer
having a mental breakdown:
homicidal liu/sully
nurse ann
nathan the nobody
the puppeteer
ticci toby
laughing hysterically:
jeff the killer
candy pop
jane the killer
jason the toymaker
laughing jack
completely dissociated:
eyeless jack
the bloody painter
dr. smiley
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leviathansshadycorner · 2 months ago
Creepypasta headcannons that are stuck in my brain
Warnings: mentions of blood, knives - uhhhh this is the creepypasta fandom tho so like what did u expect
Slenderman is like Bruce Wayne in the way that he collects orphans (ok technically not orphans but you get what I mean.)
His mansion is open to all the creeps but some of them prefer to have places of their own To elaborate on that I feel like masky and hoodie would have like their own little cabin somewhere in the woods
The mansion has like a computer room place where all the video game based/ tech based creeps kinda reside like think of it like wreck it ralph if that makes sense
There’s a weapons room, Probs a meat freezer, Medical room
Since it’s a mansion there’s a shit ton of rooms and bathrooms but I feel like most of the creeps are lazy and just use the most convenient ones that are closest to them- which leads to a rancid ass lookin bathroom that no one wants to clean. This pattern continues until all of them are dirty- which leads to them peeing in the woods. Until Slendy and Masky scold them and make them clean the bathrooms.
Helen has his little art studio in the house and is constantly staining the place with paint that’s been left over in his hands
He’s probably the most average joe-looking dude out of all of them and he once tried to submerge himself with blood to look more scary but ultimately ended up tripping on the blood and embarrassing himself. To make things worse- the blood crusted all over him and it was a pain to wash off
Painted a family portrait that hangs at the entrance of the place
Jeff is a scene queen and has a shitload of hairspray and hairdye
he blasts his music around the house which annoys everyone
Ben hogs the living room couch and the game console - nobody knows why. Like homeboy has his own room with his own set up and stuff He says it’s his “work room” and that the living room is his gaming room
Him and Toby are the ones who eat all of the junk food within a two days
Jeff constantly sticks knives into the walls and doors when he’s in a mood
Hoodie is the one who has to do the handy work around the house and fix the windows, walls, ect
Toby is so clumsy like - he’ll fall down the stairs and be like “my bad”
I feel like he’d be into wood carving for some reason- him and hoodie will get like pieces of wood and carve cute little things out of them like a dinosaur or swan
EJ is like the cool older brother who’s in a band
He only ever comes out of his room/basement when he’s getting food or on his way out for a mission
He’s like the medic of the house and is constantly patching people up
whenever he comes up everyone’s like “damn who got stabbed this time?” Or “HIS HIGHNESS HAS BLESSED US WITH HIS PRESENCE”
They all have meetings on Monday and Friday morning to kind of touch base with each-other and assign chores/tasks
Liu dresses like it’s Christian girl autumn
Him and Jeff are constantly getting into arguments over the smallest things and
Toby has to break it up all the time Epitome of hipster probably listens to the smiths
-pffftt since he’s Jeff’s brother he probably listens to Never shout never
Clockwork is friggin ripped man she’s probably one of the only ones to actually exercise and get stay in shape
Takes jogs out in the woods
She’s like a himbo - if that makes sense lol Stuck in the 2014 tumblr era (fashion wise)
Will sit on Ben if he doesn’t move from her spot on the couch , she’s stubborn and straightforward but also kind and aggressive (in a good way)
Jane is done with everyone’s shit lol she’s like an older sister who gets blamed for all of her younger siblings chaos
”Jane why is Hoodie tied up in a tree?”
“Hell if I know.”
“Get him down.”
She hates Jeff but he’s also the one she hangs out with the most (when she’s not pissed at him) I feel like after she drops the grudge they probably watch the Jersey shore together- and the Kardashians
Kage-Kao likes to send everyone memes and riddles to crack Also hacks the tv to put on something he wants to watch
Will also hack peoples devices when they’ve pissed him off
Plays roblox and trolls people on it
Sends selfies of him himself to the creeps at the most random times
LJ is so tall and is always bumping into the doorframe He has to slouch when he goes up the stairs in some areas
Spends time with Sally - he’s like her kindergarten teacher.He absolutely hates kids - but sally’s an exception
When he’s not out at work or hanging out with peoples he’s taking naps like a grandpa
Peepaw LJ
“That tv screen is too bright. Turn it down.”
“Is that even possible?”
Sally was basically robbed of her childhood so everyone makes it their goal to make sure she has a good one.
They let her play grand theft auto once and she couldn’t stop walking like the characters for the longest time
When she’s not playing video games with Ben or making messes with Toby- she likes to spend time with Slendy making some crafts
Her room is the prettiest one in the whole mansion
Even though he’s like a demon creature thingy- slendy likes to play sodoku and like do crossword puzzles, probs just puzzles in general
Checks himself out in the mirror and admires his suits
Constantly buying (or rather stealing) new suits
Spends lots of time outside in the woods just kinda creeping and stalking , looking for potential victims for the creeps
When someone new comes to the mansion they either last 1 day- or don’t even stay at allThe chaos trio- Ben, Jeff, and Toby make it their goal to see how long they can annoy the newcomers before they break
The creeps totally have movie nights on their days off
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asaltysquid · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
This was supposed to be one warmup sketchpage and well three hours later.
Anyhow yeah Jeffery Woods is almost 30 and just trying to figure out what the fuck he’s doing with his life + others.
I haven’t read this stuff in so long don’t @ me if story stuff is incorrect I’m just basing this all off my own memory and headcanons
Also this sketch from a game of gartic phone with pals started all this (I’m Squidink)
Tumblr media
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r0ttingstitches · a month ago
At 2 Am
Liu: Onion rings are just vegetable donuts.
Ej, who's used to Liu's antics: Sure, they are.
Liu: Your stomach thinks all potatoes are mashed.
Ej: Okay.
Liu: Lasagna is just spaghetti flavored cake.
Liu: [oblivious] Lobsters are mermaids to scorpions.
Ej, who can't handle it anymore: [crying] Liu, please stop.
Jeff: [fascinated] No no, continue.
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bingobongocheerio · a month ago
Liu: We should go to a haunted house this year.
Y/N: Why would I pay for a haunted house when I can wake up to Sally silently standing by my bed at 3 AM?
Sally: [giggles in the distance]
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ark-bile · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Commission hell yeah
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incorrectcreepypastafam · a month ago
Ben: I can be your partner for the next race
Liu: sorry, Ben. It’s a sibling race
Jeff: maybe there’s a contest for lonely children after this
Liu: its only children, Jeff. A lonely child is what you’re gonna be when I sell you
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