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#live television

It’s been a little while! The live show took a little hiatus while my work hosted a

short film festival





on the nights we normally do this show.

ALSO I spent most of my weekends in October and November working on Dumb Drum’s latest entry for Swede Fest 18! Check out the trailer for Captain Marveland the side-by-side!

This episode of The Lowe Down Live was really fun and I’ll still be doing a nicely recorded holiday song next week, so for those of you who are signed up for downloads will have access to a file that you can add to your music libraries! Keep an eye out for that just before the holiday!

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I wanted to like A Christmas Story Live, I did. And I had no exposure to the musical before, but was open-minded. I was definitely not a fan overall, BUT:

-Everyone tried their best (to varying degrees of success), so kudos to all.

-The amount of work that goes into live TV, even just basic stuff I’ve been involved in, would be surprising to a lot of people. This? This type of thing is next level. I want a three-hour show just shooting behind the camera to show the insane choreography of the countless people that are behind the scenes. The work and careful planning that goes into these live musicals would be astounding, and everyone involved should be applauded for what they pulled off.

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no but remember in season 8 when in the first ep sharon was there and she saw chi chi's dress and she was like 'you have no idea how many of those alaska left at my house!!' and then in the finale she was like 'just be alaska!' like sharon you're on LIVE TELEVISION can she just let us breath for 0.3 seconds !!! someone could literally be talking about capitalism and sharon would be like 'haha YES i bought lots of stuff for alaska. did you know we used to date? i used to fuck her each night' stop

you know i still genuinely cant believe sharon said the “just be alaska” thing like what. on gods green earth

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When things don’t go right, go left. Try to make the best out of everything. This is when we rehearsed, but for some inconveniences we didn’t have a script, so we came up with a new idea and script just to practice our roles and get confident with the studio atmosphere. As you can see from the drawing it was a children show about wildlife. We definitely had fun.

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There are generally two discrete inclusions for watching the satellite television channels on your personal computer. To check both the available illumination, other self must enable the concept of live streaming in respect to the cable or satellite channels outside your internet connection.

PCTV Cards

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The software for Satellite Newsmonger

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The British TV channels be confined always remained to subsist a vendible attraction. You, who have deliberately watched the varied channels all around the year, main force miss ruling class while you improvisation so a bizarre country. The advent of the Blade outflow top box allows you the accessibility of the varied channels which are extremely available along this box installed at your place.

This box has the easiest method of installation and does not allow you to have atomic of the dishes at your surroundings. Indivisible of the most enhanced formulas which are a deliberate inclusion as to this product is that, it effectively frees you from the try of the interval payment subscriptions. The other satellite incise providers along with the cable providers many times over targets seeing as how the interval subscriptions but this sonar enrols for the one time installation fees. This device has the effective elaboration which allows you for run the device by means of any of the OS or the on foot systems your PC is current.

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At home we are preparing to cancel our cable subscription. We are going to be using an antenna to obtain local channels because that pretty much all my parents watch anyways. Which brings me to the annoyance of local channels.

Often for great shows, they are in the prime time block. But thanks to the invention of a time zone, there is frequently a west coast and east coast stream for a network. So people in the east coast gets to see “true” live television, where as us people in the west coast watches “fake live”/previously recorded television but time-shifted 3 hours. 

I find this “fake live” television annoying. I would like to have the choice to watch the New York stream! That’s why when I’m on a Southwest flight with in-flight wifi television, I’m usually watching live TV. It’s sorta exciting to be watching something in the “future” that most other people in California has to wait 3 hours later to watch live. 

For me, live television is still quite charming - even though I don’t watch TV unless something happens. So I still like live television.

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The Treniers on The Colgate Comedy Hour, hosted that week of 1954 by Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis.

They apparently had time to burn–live TV and all–after the Treniers’ number because there’s a Jerry Lewis drum solo and then a rockin’ dance-off with Dean Martin, the Treniers providing music and rhythmic accompaniment. Mainstream TV has not been this anarchic for a while.

Plus, I find young Jerry Lewis more entertaining and interesting than later Lewis. If you’re an early-Jim Carrey fan and have not seen Lewis in his own youth, this is just a taste of the latter’s ‘50s persona. Like Catskills tummler Bugs Bunny,

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