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#live shadowhunters rewatch
  • I love when they are at the book quotes in for Magnus. “It would be like Beyoncé riding through Times Square on a dinosaur. People would notice.”
  • Also something you pick up when you watch the same episode like five times about a minute and 46 seconds in is this really high-pitched giggle when Clary calls Luke a mummy. And she looks at Magnus
  • You’re more than just a hook up - exactly what every girl wants to hear the morning after an ‘amazing’ night.
  • I feel so bad for Izzy in this ep. but she still looks absolutely stunning
  • Slept at Magnus’ place?
  • Didn’t do much sleeping - ha!
  • Hey, I talk to you - he’s so relatable to me
  • Even with everything going on, he’s still so worried about Izzy
  • I’m the guy about to be disowned when he finds out Jace and clary are still out there doing god knows what - Alec is such a big brother
  • Watching Clary and Jace is really painful for me but I love her ‘plan’
  • You son of a bitch
  • You cheated on me?
  • I uh what? I did not
  • God their entire plan cracks me up
  • Also badass police captain gets another point in my book
  • The way she defends clary
  • The matching tattoos
  • Don’t worry about it, I get it. You always fall for the bad boys right? Or is that just me?
  • I love her so much and I don’t even know her name
  • I have no idea why but literally everyone except for Simon Jace and clary are so loveable like even the waitress at Java jones is so adorable
  • Where’s what’s her face? Latte no whipped cream girl
  • Also is just getting a whole pot of coffee an American thing?
  • Okay the blood filling up the French press thing is seriously creepy
  • I’m gonna bring Alec with me next time, I don’t think he’s ever slapped me in the face
  • This is a disaster
  • Hey, demonpox is a disaster, this is an inconvenience
  • Simon are you okay?
  • I don’t know, I haven’t been kidnapped yet today - first off mood, second off, if I were Simon I wouldn’t leave the house
  • I’ve got a great plan
  • Oh great - I really don’t think clary gets to say that after her disaster before
  • Oh and don’t worry, in my plan, no one gets slapped
  • I feel bad for the IA guy, I don’t know why
  • Noooooooooooo badass captain! She’s the best!! Also I finally know her last name: Bargus
  • Oooo family intervention!!!
  • Simon’s sister is so relatable and when she argues with her mom
  • Also clary picked the worst spot to draw a tattoo. her entire right arm is free, and that design isn’t that hard to draw. like even i could do it. and i can’t draw a stick figure. so there.
  • I wish Izzy was my lil sister. the way she teases Alec, god, i wish i had someone like her growing up.
  • You come here often?
  • I work here - I love Alec so much. Also what do you think he did with the pamphlets?
  • Also Jace must have insane upper body strength to get himself up
  • You’re pack leader now, you don’t need to ask - Luke’s second is such a great character too I wish they all got  more character development
  • Cmon wicked grandmas?
  • What the hell?
  • Language. Not in front of grandma. I miss book!Jace
  • Also it’s weird how clary knows all these runes. Like it’s fine in the books cause they actually show her training but there’s never a single scene within the first scene where they actually teach her runes
  • Don’t worry. It’s not like this is the first time Alec’s saved your life. I doubt it’d be the last. Izzy has no time for this bromance
  • Is she serious? She’s just gonna apologise in the middle of running away? and she really needs to work on her stamina
  • Clary really needs her own sword
  • Ugh demons are ugly
  • Where the hell is she running? AND SHE DOESNT HAVE A SWORD
  • And now she gets the cup out. I’m sorry, I have no patience for clary
  • “Simon, you alive in there?” I mean are vampires alive though?
  • Dear god his room looks like he’s been kidnapped…again
  • Omg how’d she know Jace was a demon though? I watched it a few times over and there’s no sign
  • I mean everything he says sounds like Jace
  • And where’d she get the sword from? Like her first instinct is cup with demons, sword with Jace
  • The logical thing would be reversing but this is ✨shadowhunters ✨ so what is logic anyway
  • Also someone explain why clace moments always happen at the worst moments
  • Like Simon thinks he’s becoming a vamp but clace kiss 💋
  • Nooooo where’s Raphael?
  • Why does no one listen to Raphael? Simon would’ve been fine if he hadn’t gone back to that creepy ass hotel ugh
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