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calli0p3 · 2 days ago
this is so crazy man because it’s the same smp but this part of the server is so free of history. it’s just plains and plains of dirt. none of it has seen the effects of tnt or war. there are so many natural trees and flowers. GUYS it’s so cool
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dreamyygeorgenap · a day ago
George: “Dream, stop! I can be your pet!”
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americankimchi · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
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elfchaos · 2 days ago
The “no items/blocks from old world to new” rule is going to last a week tops
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ranboopostsstuff · 2 days ago
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milktea-grn · a day ago
Dream: [softly] Georgeeee. why are you not talking?
George: why are you talking like that?
Dream: you’re ignoring me.
George: it’s like you’re talking to Patches or something.
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axe-of-ender · 2 days ago
everyone say thank you callahan
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donniemines · 2 days ago
foolish: can i bring my spruce boat?
tubbo: you know what king? no
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prettyboynotfound · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
george's facecam has nver been this small it's literaly sick and fucked uo i don't deserve this
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snaxle · 2 days ago
tubbo asking 4 of the richest people on the server not to bring op items with them into the new land is like american schools asking the government for more funding
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my favorite form of comedy is jack manifold saying “I got a haircut,” taking off his hat, and looking literally the same
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pandemique · a day ago
the podcast today is a perfect educational tool to explain the types of toxic dnfers 👩‍🏫
x brings up dnf literally nonstop even to cc’s faces and asking uncomfy questions abt it
x x super toxic abt other ships
x only watches when there’s dnf content and demands dnf on stream
constant nsfw in their faces (🥜🎂 i wont link this one bye AHAH)
x omgggg heatwavess
x omgggg green and bluee
being dnf 👎
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elfchaos · 2 days ago
I can’t wait to hear someone say “We need to go save Ohio!” While standing in an among us bunker in the most serious lore possible in this minecraft role play
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imafallenangelyouass · 2 days ago
Someone in chat said Kill Tommy now, and They are saying it would smooth things out and Tubbo was saying Phil would kill him and Phil said:
“I killed one son-“
“You kill one little terrorist”
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mocobloc · a day ago
the first one was about… me ✨consuming✨… what he was making… and the second one - *giggles* how do i even say this? - was about him- uh, me… adding ✨almonds✨ to what he was making
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axe-of-ender · 2 days ago
"what is it with you claiming things? is it the british in you?" OUT OF POCKET RANBOO
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