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#living rent free in my mind
uinen-ulmiel · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
I made this in 2019(?) -2020, but I don't remember if I posted it here, because it's such a mood..
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pink-grapefruit-cafe · 10 months ago
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bimney424 · 11 months ago
The direction for this picture, in my mind went something like this....
“Ok. The black wardrobe looks sexy as hell. I love it. Awesome make up and hair. So Ashley. Give me a look that will literally stop every gay heart on the internet and turn out almost every straight women who will sees this picture. Fucking nailed it!!!”
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matbaerzal · 11 months ago
Barzy hasn’t ever paid his rent and it’s been over a year...
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ghostxofxartemis · 7 months ago
Commander Reagan Shepard and Major William Coats have been living rent free in my head the past two weeks and I really would love some time to write them...
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ender-baggins · 8 months ago
Okay my friends, does anyone else have, like, a little copy of each of the SPN characters in their heads? I don’t have every single one of them, but Sam and Cas and Dean are currently living in my brain and judging my music choices every time I decide to listen to something. Well, Sam and Dean are doing most of the judging. Cas is just reacting.
Also I can sorta put characters together and figure out how they would react to things. It’s easiest with Sam and Dean and Cas because I’ve got the best read on them, but I can sorta do it with other characters like Bobby and Charlie and Donna
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kpopjunkeee · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Wet Hair Taehyung will live rent free in my mind forever
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troydonnahughes · a year ago
These Dreams
This morning, I had yet another dream about Sebastian Stan. Two days ago, I had a dream about Chris Evans. Two days before that, I had a dream about Letitia Wright! These three are stalking me in my dreams!
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biracialclaude · a year ago
shoutout to the one guy that filled out the bards tale exit survey only to say that they didnt want to see more updates and wouldnt want to buy a finished version and thats it
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lastnightsglitter · a year ago
thinking about charlie saying ‘oh piss’
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poemjunkie · 3 months ago
Throwback to that time in college when me and a group of friends were having an all-day Lord of the Rings marathon, and during the scene where the Fellowship is fighting the giant squid and Aragorn does something awesome, I turned to my friend and was like,
“Strider is so hot.”
Strider being one of Aragorn’s in-universe nicknames, for the uninitiated.
And one of the guys in the group, who I had never met before, was like “WHAT? Really???” with enormous eyes.
“Uh, yeah?”
I look to my friend, who makes confirmation noises. I look at some of the other girls, more confirmation noises.
Guy, now looking very uncomfortable, but realizing he made some kind of misstep: “Oh. I mean. Whatever you’re into, I guess. That’s fine.”
Me: “Okay??”
Then a SIGNIFICANT AMOUNT OF TIME LATER, either I make another comment or someone in the film calls Aragorn Strider, I can’t remember the context, and the guy goes: “OH! Strider is Aragorn. Okay. Okay.”
Me: “Who tf did you think I was talking about??”
Guy: “The squid.”
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frodo-baggins · a year ago
everyday i wake up and attempt my silly little tasks while daydreaming about fictional characters
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