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#living with adhd
little-bubble-box · 2 days ago
before coming across adhd i never knew 'not being able to understand your emotions' is a adhd that i suddenly hit me so hard recently..after this one thing...i still dont really understand why as if so many emotions have come together and is a fucking mess...ik and idk at the same time idek actually what tf-
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livingthatadhdlife · 21 hours ago
ADHD is pausing the TV show/movie you're watching to go do the dishes and then you forget you were watching something and start another project only to notice the paused tv two hours later and not having the focus to finish watching it so you end up with a bunch of half watched episodes and movies.
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colourpatternist · a day ago
Having ADHD means you have a COMMON favorite and an ACTUAL favorite.
Someone asks your favorite soup. You think of the most common soups served at restaurants, and pick one.
Until you unlock a memory much later and remember that your ACTUAL favorite soup is Italian Wedding
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burningbee · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
I figure out I had ADHD last year, but I didn’t seek an official diagnosis and medication until this year. I’m 30 years old, my school days are long behind me. I slipped through the cracks because I have predominately inattentive type and I was a quiet little girl. Having ADHD does not mean you have to be hyperactive and loud, it means you have a processing problem in your brain that doesn’t allow you to regulate your focus or emotions. 
Mental health even now is still taboo to talk about. People are more open now than ever about it however and that gives me hope. 
This is a profoundly personal comic and it only reflects my own experience with ADHD. It is on a spectrum with a wide range of personalities. But if my story connects with someone else and helps them, that would mean the world to me.
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beercheesecasserole · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
This extension lets you doodle on any webpage just like you would doodle on a piece of paper in class to focus. I just added it to my chrome and it's been a godsend. I watched an 11 minute video on LDAP servers without getting distracted once! I don’t know if other browsers offer this specific app as an extension but I know for sure it’s offered through chrome. I hope this helps other people as much as it’s helped me!
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zamiart · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Ever felt overstimulated AND understimulated? Yeahhhhhhhh
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intergalaactic · 7 months ago
the fact neurotypicals can’t hear the electronics hum doesn’t sit right with me. they’re such strange creatures. what do you mean you can’t hear the computer going babdbbsjsbsbhmmmmmm? it’s very much there! in fact, at times it’s too loud and i cry over it! you have to be able to hear it!
edit: i phrased this wrong!! this is my bad!! NTs can hear it, however they tend to filter it out, and so they don’t notice it, and it doesn’t bother them!!
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little-bubble-box · 18 hours ago
never thought studying with a 28 year old man speaking and telling children stories in a language i dont understand in the bg will help me focus and actually study
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livingthatadhdlife · 8 months ago
Arts and crafts are perfect for adhd folk bc there's an immediate and visual progress.
Cut fabric, sew it together. You just made clothing.
Put some beads on some twine. You just made jewelry.
You can see your productivity.
Chores are the opposite. Yes, your kitchen is clean now. But you'll cook again that evening or the next day and you'll have to start over. Yes, you vacuumed. But two days later it's dusty again. Laundry done, until next week.
Chores never end.
But arts and crafts, nobody can undo the thing you made. You can hold it up and say "look. I made this. I did the productivity today" and nothing quite beats that serotonin rush.
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r3conning7hell · a year ago
Literally just had a conversation with my situation about this. It's so hard, especially when you work a full time job and take care of a third party. I hope with time and feeling like I have a schedule again, and a better one, it will get better. I can move through the paralyzing debt that ADHD, being one of many mental disabilities I have, puts me in. I'm still growing, we're all still growing. And we're never grown from learning, connecting, or doing anything we want and still feel at peace with the world I've created for myself.
Tumblr media
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givemebishies · a year ago
What people think hyper focusing is
Tumblr media
What hyper focusing actually is
Tumblr media
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thatadhdfeeling · 5 months ago
You know what's fucked up?
We're forced to learn a second language in school. French, Spanish, whatever.
But in most schools...
Learning your country's native sign language is not mandatory.
This is not okay!
D/deaf people aren't only ones who would benefit from this. Hard-of-hearing or Hearing Impaired people, CODA or those in the Deaf community who's first language is signed, those with Auditory Processing Disorders, those with verbal disabilities, and many many others NEED this to be more widely taught.
We can't force them to speak our language, but we are privileged enough that we can learn theirs. And rejecting this is an insult. It's ableist.
Auditory and verbal disorders also sometimes are comorbid with other disorders and disabilities such as Autism and ADHD.
But if you want a more selfish excuse to learn, consider this:
You can communicate in loud environments
You can communicate in places you're expected to remain quiet
You can communicate under water
You can communicate across a room without having to yell
You broaden your friendship circle by being more inclusive
It's hecking fun to learn!
More job opportunities are available to you
Sign language needs to be taught in schools. Period.
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thatacegirl · a month ago
Do The Task™ ADHD edition:
1. write down the tasks you have to do
2. separate each task into smaller tasks (ex. Clean room- pick up clothes, fold clothes, put clothes away. Pick up shoes, put shoes away. Get trash bin, put trash in trash bin, put trash bin back.”
3. lie to yourself with the “might as well method” tell yourself you only have to do the very first task like “pick up clothes”, now you’re already in a position to fold (or just put away) the clothes, so “might as well do *insert next step to task here*”
4. Continue using the “might as well method” until all tasks are complete
5. Give yourself a reward (candy, watch a show, play a game)
6. Drink water you dehydrated neurodivergent :)
7. seriously, drink water, you’re gonna die
i also use small timers on my phone to help with the process going faster, like a game. Ex: “how many shirts can i fold before this timer ends?” or “if i don’t put all my shoes away before this timer ends, i’m gonna die”
this also works with songs :)
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