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Final part !!! Even thought I grew up in the church I was living a life of routine. I was doing all the things that a Christian person does on a Sunday, going to church, serving at church etc but I had no personal relationship with Jesus, it is so important to have a relationship with you Savior, we can do things just out of customs and be empty inside, Jesus said not by works, and in the last days he will say to some “ depart from me I never knew you” you can act like a christian all you want, but does God knows you? Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus? #julissadesigns #glorytoGod #Danbury #testimony #livingforGod #Jesus #JesusIsLord #JesusisAlive #Heaven #christianladies (at Julissadesigns LLC)

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I’ve read about 3 different versions of this passage and I think my favorite is from the Message:

Psalm 49:12-19
We aren’t immortal. We don’t last long.
Like our dogs, we age and weaken. And die.
This is what happens to those who live for the moment,
who only look out for themselves:
Death herds them like sheep straight to hell;
they disappear down the gullet of the grave;
They waste away to nothing-
nothing left but a marker in a cemetery.
But me? God snatches me from the clutch of death,
he reaches down and grabs me.
So. don’t be impressed with those who get rich
and pile up fame and fortune.
They can’t take it with them;
fame and fortune all get left behind.
Just when they think they’ve arrived
and folks praise them because they’ve made good,
They enter the burial plot
where they’ll never see sunshine again.

If we live for ourselves we will suffer the consequences, but if we live for God he will make sure that we’re taken care of. Living for ourselves will only leave us empty and unhappy. It doesn’t fill that God-shaped hole in our souls. As cliche as it may sound, living for God is the only way to be truly happy.

But how do I truly live for God?

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The reason I started my blog was to be able to help teenage girls like myself who are living in this society be able to keep their heads above the water and live for God. I wanted to create a community with love and support to share Gods word with each other and to help each other out ! :)
So basically what I’m going to be doing is posting blogs about things that I’m learning from my readings (devotional type of things) about just common everyday problems and how Gods word applies and quotes about this christian life !
So follow me to become a bible babe and feel free to give suggestions what my writings should be about !

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So I’ve been thinking about introducing myself on here so that you guys can get to know the person that is posting on this tumblr.

Is that something you guys would be interested in?

I know I have been posting kind of sporadically on here and I’m sorry for that, but I made this tumblr because I wanted to help other people get closer to God and to share my Christian life. That’s why I called it achristianslife. This blog is just representing one Christian’s life, not all Christian’s in general. And to also show that being a Christian isn’t about being perfect, it’s about living your life for your God as best you can, and about having a relationship with Him.

So yeah, let me know if you’d like for me to make a personal post to share a little about myself?

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Hi all!

So an amazing group of young people from the youth ministry of our church held this event to fundraise for the upcoming camp happening on the 7-11th of July!

It was seriously one of the most amazing trips i’ve ever been on… What an amazing blessing to be a part of this family…
Here’s a video ATTEMPTING to envelop the crazy and beautiful time we had…

(edited by Gloria Siu

(If you’re a high school student living around Sydney and want to come along, actually contact me here and we’d TOTALLY LOVE TO HAVE YOU…!)

You can check out DIGJC’s tumblr at:

godbless. <3

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It’s been an amazing year!!! I’m so grateful to everyone who was a part of my life this past year and I’m excited for all the things God has in store for me in 2014. This year, I’m completely letting go and surrendering all my plans to Him. I will allow Him to write my 2014 story. All I know is that I will continue to worship and praise Him with all of my heart, no matter what. #blessings #2014 #flipagram #livingforGod

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I am not ashamed of You my God. :))

I will keep on praising Your name. <3

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To you is being a Christian just a “Sunday thing” or is it an everyday thing?
Do you just pray, sing, and listen to the sermon only on Sundays and then go out an do whatever you want for the rest of the week?
That’s a very dangerous path to take.
God wants us all to obey him. In everything, and in all that we do.
Sometimes it can be hard, and sometimes we have to give up what we love the most just because that’s what god has commanded us to do.
So, the question to ponder on is how dedicated are you to Christ? Do you try everyday to obey him, and walk in his ways?
Yes, we may stumble and we may fall, but god is always there.
But how much time do we take out of our day to really spend time with god? How much time do we spend praying, and just worshipping god?
How dedicated are we to do all the things god wants us to do? Would we only do so much, or would we go all of the way?
It takes dedication to really serve Christ.
By that I mean we have to be truly dedicated, because without the dedication we wouldn’t try.
Without dedication is would be pointless to us, we would feel like it doesn’t mean anything to us.
We need to be dedicated and bold for Christ.
We need to be reckless for him, doing everything for him despite the consequences.
God deserves our all.
He deserves every piece of us, just not half of us.

Some suggestions that might help you in your walk with Christ.

• Prayer: The power of prayer is very powerful. It is amazing. The most amazing thing about it is that god hears it. He hears and knows your every thought and prayer. Praying or just simply carrying on a conversation with god, as if he’s sitting right next to you is powerful.
It works. A prayer helps more than you know, and praying for others can help more than you know.
So, take a few minutes out of your busy schedule to pray and communicate with God. Go somewhere quiet, and just begin to talk and pray.
Always say thank you for a new day and for him waking you up!

• Study: Study the Bible. That’s the book of life. All the rules and guidelines to live by are in the Bible. It may seem boring, but I promise you it’s actually very interesting.
You learn something new every day, and sometimes you never knew that something like that was in the bible. Sometimes you think wow, there’s all the answers to my problems. It’s really amazing, and you have some great time with god.

Most importantly just be dedicated. Be a bold warrior for Christ. Take out time for him. Live the Christian life everyday. Strive to better yourself day by day, ask for gods help, communicate with him. He loves hearing from his children.
Remember that gods not gonna give you anything you can’t handle. He already knows what you’ve been through, what you’re going through, and what you will go through. He already has it all planned out, so don’t worry, or stress. Give it all to god and he’ll work it all out for you.
God Bless ~

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2 Timothy 2:22-26 MSG
Run away from infantile indulgence. Run after mature righteousness—faith, love, peace—joining those who are in honest and serious prayer before God. Refuse to get involved in inane discussions; they always end up in fights. God’s servant must not be argumentative, but a gentle listener and a teacher who keeps cool, working firmly but patiently with those who refuse to obey. You never know how or when God might sober them up with a change of heart and a turning to the truth, enabling them to escape the Devil’s trap, where they are caught and held captive, forced to run his errands.
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Lyrics to “Live Like That” by Sidewalk Prophets 

Sometimes I think 
What will people say of me 
When I’m only just a memory 
When I’m home where my soul belongs 

Was I love 
When no one else would show up 
Was I Jesus to the least of those 
Was my worship more than just a song 

I want to live like that 
And give it all I have 
So that everything I say and do 
Points to You 

If love is who I am 
Then this is where I’ll stand 
Recklessly abandoned 
Never holding back 

I want to live like that 
I want to live like that 

Am I proof 
That You are who you say You are 
That grace can really change a heart 
Do I live like Your love is true 

People pass 
And even if they don’t know my name 
Is there evidence that I’ve been changed 
When they see me, do they see You 

I want to live like that 
And give it all I have 
So that everything I say and do 
Points to You 

If love is who I am 
Then this is where I’ll stand 
Recklessly abandoned 
Never holding back 

I want to live like that 
I want to live like that 

I want to show the world the love You gave for me 
I’m longing for the world to know the glory of the King 

I want to live like that 
And give it all I have 
So that everything I say and do 
Points to You 

If love is who I am 
Then this is where I’ll stand 
Recklessly abandoned 
Never holding back 

I want to live like that 
I want to live like that

I have been really encouraged by this song recently. I have been praying for God to help me accept that I need to take my identity in Him. To put down who I think I am and allow God to mold me to who He desires me to be. So often, I feel that I am taking my identity in who I think I am. I am taking my identity in my intelligence, my actions, where I am going in life….when I should be taking my identity in Christ. He is truly the giver of all those things I identify in anyway.  In the end, it really does not matter who people see me as, just when they see me, they see Christ.  

Leaving what I may identify myself as sometimes is hard, because it is so much easier to trust in my abilities and strengths than in Gods. But in “living like that” I am putting my trust in God and aligning myself with Him, His plans, His purposes.  And I can rest assured that He has it all together. 

Full Song:

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