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#livvy blackthorn
iserenademefan · 3 years ago
Okay but why is no one talking about the fact that Kit is basically what would happen if Jace and Simon had a baby.
Blonde and beautiful
With arrogance problem
But also nerdy af
Makes pop culture references no one else gets
Is annoyed by the stunning beauty of shadowhunters
Loathes exercising
Okay he’s maybe even a little more Simon than Jace
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For all of the fictional characters that we have lost
I will light this candle
That we will never forget about them, as long as this candle is burning
Tumblr media
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leenieh · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Kit, Ty, and Livvy :3 (Line art practice 3)
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lariablog · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
I’m not american, but I have some friends that are in the USA and wanted to celebrate Thanksgiving :) Hope you all were able to stay safe and spend the day with your loved ones!
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