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windblooms · a day ago
genshin headcanons – lending you their clothes
genshin boys × gender-neutral reader.  headcanons of albedo, childe, diluc, kaeya, kazuha, thoma, venti, xiao, and zhongli lending their clothes and accessories to their s/o.
Tumblr media
- ̗̀  albedo  ̖́-
although he's heard from the wind that sharing clothes is seen as a affectionate gesture, albedo isn't one to offer his jacket with flirtatious intent at the forefront of his mind.
the only circumstances that he suggests loaning his clothes is when you're cold, or otherwise when you ask out of the blue. after all, why would you want extra layers in a warm climate such as mondstadt?
he doesn't exactly comprehend how his lab coat would benefit you when your cheeks are already warm and your skin is feverish from the heat outside – but nonetheless, he entertains your requests, and sends you off with an understanding, patient smile.
"keep it for as long as you'd like. if it gets too hot outside, though, please take it off. if you're insistent on outerwear, i'm sure sucrose could lend you a thinner coat."
he's so sensible that it's comedic.
on expeditions to dragonspine is when albedo becomes the initiator. the chillier climate naturally entails more layers, and therefore he's the one to check up on your well-being every so often.
he'll shed his coat for you without you needing to ask, if he notices you shivering or if your speech turns shaky. albedo will definitely become stubborn if you resist his offers, tilting his head just slightly the more you impose that you're fine, you're not trembling at all, that the cold surely isn't getting to you.
"take these." with fluid, deft motions, albedo will slip his gloves off and reach for your wrists, cradling them in his palm as he eases the cloth over your fingers. he ruffles your hair and straightens your collar, unbothered by the timid glances you give him in return. "when we get back to camp, i'll make some stew for you."
Tumblr media
- ̗̀  childe  ̖́-
count on receiving his shirts, jackets, chains, and scarves in the mail at arbitrary intervals.
"i wore this one when walking through the wharf in fontaine. it might still smell like sea salt – think of me next time you visit the ocean, yeah?" his letter winks, and somehow, you swear you can hear his fox-like chuckling, even though you're in liyue harbor and he's surely all the way across teyvat.
some of the garments he gives you aren't in complete pieces. as in, there are a few rips and tears and gashes that extend from one end to the other, usually on his shirts and coats. each clothing piece comes with a prideful, self-satisfied description from childe.
"the one with the crooked tear is from a lawachurl!" your boyfriend's handwriting becomes hurried, excited, as he details the battle. "it was a tough one to bring down at first, but the back of the knees is where the lawachurl is weak. after we got around its blind-spots, we cleaned it up without much more trouble."
you wear them wherever you can. the fatui deployed in the northland bank and around liyue know who you are just by the accessories you adorn – because they're tartaglia's accessories.
his scarf drapes around your neck, snuggling against the column of your throat; the slate coat that's so distinct to your boyfriend contrasts smoothly with his scarlet shirt and your skin. on some occasions, ekaterina has even offered to help decorate your hair with the excess chains that childe has sent your way.
"he'd like that, no?" she gives you a knowing, devious look, fastening the ends at the nape of your neck. "all glitzed up for lord tartaglia. such a fortunate harbinger."
and like it, he does. when he arrives back in the harbor, childe wastes no time catching up with you – of course, gushing about his adventures and the souvenirs he's brought back, but also . . .
"you weren't too lonely while i was away, right? aha, this jacket smells like you." he picks up one of the pieces he sent a week or two back, lifting it too his face and inhaling. when he pulls away, his cheeks are slightly flushed, and the bright smile on his visage is near infectious. "mind if i take this one with me?"
Tumblr media
- ̗̀  diluc  ̖́-
you're not sure how in the abyss he can live with that heavy coat on his shoulders, but diluc surprises you every day by proving that it isn't a bother in the mondstatian climate at all.
he'll hum at you when you throw him questioning glances – unfazed by your persistence, but not dismissive. he quirks a brow at you, the lilt in his voice turning playful when he talks. "do you want it? it looks like you want something from me."
he takes well to lending you the shirts he has folded in his closet. he'll suggest it when the two of you are back at the winery for the night, worn out from the day and ready to snuggle in the comfort of the furnace, or if you're about to go on extended trips and need something to remember him by.
in other circumstances, diluc is privy to your well-being – such as if it's particularly windy that day, or if there's a sprinkle of snow that encroaches onto the edge of the winery from dragonspine. he's pragmatic about his offers when the two of you are in public, keen to the possibility of gooseflesh on your skin in the fall and winter months.
diluc will become (surprisingly) insistent on you sleeping in his attire. he does have a soft side, although it isn't apparent on his deadpan exterior; whether you curl next to him in his long-sleeved, winery garments, or in his thinner shirts meant for the spring and summer and everything warmer, it almost . . . eases him, seeing you wearing things that belong to him.
it's cute, in other words. diluc might admit it aloud just to tease you, but only if you're both alone.
"it's a bit loose on you," he comments blithely, yet the flame in his eyes is tender and gentle and all things homey. "don't have the maids catch you in this, or else they'll probably ridicule me for endangering you. there's no way you could trip on the hem, but," he tugs at one of the sleeves, and your shoulder peaks out. the edges of his lips curl, and he ruffles your hair. "you're always full of surprises, so i wouldn't rule it out completely."
Tumblr media
- ̗̀  kaeya  ̖́-
"fresh from the wash. it's all yours . . . if you ask nicely." kaeya glides his fingers through your hair, over your scalp, until his palm envelops the back of your neck. he gives your skin a ticklish squeeze, winking at you. "'pretty please, with a valberry on top, kaeya?'"
the bargain is so difficult that it's unfair, but you know that you'll cave, and kaeya knows it, too.
"pretty please, with a valberry on top."
and his coat is yours.
kaeya is shameless: being in public (and even better, in the midst of a packed crowd!) won't deter him from sliding off his jacket and throwing it over your shoulders. he'll pat the fabric down on your frame, affectionate, unbothered by the commotion and side-eyes the two of you receive in return.
in the knight's headquarters? he'll pick out one of his low-cut shirts, and put it on your side of the bed for you to wake up to in the morning. an offer, a request, his own pretty-please. the contented simper on his face when you walk through the favonious halls in his shirt . . .
what can he say, his fashion is distinguished. of course his fellow knights will understand who you've been with recently, if you mill around the halls in that.
"y'know," kaeya pulls you to the side one afternoon, fingertips tracing along the bones on the back of your hand, "these are pretty today. don't get me wrong, they always are – ," he dodges a confused glance from you, "but they're also bare."
popping a gloved thumb between his lips, kaeya eases the decorated fabric off of himself, locking his eyes on your wide irises during his entire provocative display. he slides each segment of cloth over your fingers. soon, there's a star that adorns the back of your hand, too.
"we can match this way." kaeya tilts his head, gauging your reaction. his fingers trace the outline of his glove on your skin. "don't be shy about showing off, m'kay?"
Tumblr media
- ̗̀  kazuha  ̖́-
giving you anything of his is bound to be an intimate act for him. flitting from place to place, without a lasting home, hasn't worn well on his kind-hearted soul. gifting you anything, whether it be an omamori, another trinket, or otherwise, is an act of caring that kazuha wishes means just as much to you as it does to him.
most of his attire is armor. internally, kazuha hopes that you won't have to wear something that shields your heart, that you can stay away from the battlefield. but you're curious, and he thinks that if you just want to try it out for a while, it won't be too awkward on your frame.
he takes his time to make sure it's secured as properly as can be. the guard over your arm sags just slightly, but the crest that sits just below your collarbone is . . . fitting, for some reason. kazuha suppresses a frown and the alien, sinking sensation in his chest – but you're entertained, and look as radiant as always.
"it's not too heavy, right? let me know if i can adjust anything for you."
one night, his face flushes at a thought, and he thinks inwardly for a solid ten minutes. while introspection isn't uncommon for kazuha, it's . . . he really considers if his offer will be seen as inappropriate, even if the two of you are romantically involved, so he inquires as respectfully as he can.
"i have a spare nemaki in the drawer. is it presumptuous of me to ask if you'd like it for the night . . . ?"
the fabric smells like chinju forest, slightly floral with a very faint hint of incense, and eases over your figure more fittingly than his armor. kazuha won't be able to help the color that rushes to his face once you're settled in the garment: you appear comfortable, at home, and without a need to worry yourself about anything.
"is it cozy?" with slow fingers, kazuha adjusts the fabric so that it sits properly on your form, before sighing in relief at your acceptance. "if you like these, i'll ask around and see if we can get you your own. mm? you want mine? ah . . . sure! i'm just surprised, but you can have all of mine, if you'd like."
Tumblr media
- ̗̀  thoma  ̖́-
"they're not sharp! go on and touch them."
thoma leans his head down until you can comfortably skim your fingertips along his headband. the horns aren't as cutting as they appear, and he's pleased to see your reaction; thrilled, with curiosity satisfied.
"do you wanna try it?" he starts for the back of the band, already prepared to undo it for you. "it'll look cute, i'm sure."
these "antics", of sorts, are saved for the quieter moments in inazuma. in the safe haven of komore teahouse, where there aren't many other eyes or ears peaking, the two of you can indulge in a domestic life that's been robbed for the past two years. flirting with each other like this in public will, of course, cause unwanted attention and commotion.
so thoma reserves the fussing for indoors. your laughter, especially, is more genuine without the intrusion of others.
he inquires if the band fits right, and hurries to get you a mirror so you can see how it looks on your crown. thoma won't be able to suppress the cheeky laughter that bubbles up his chest – horns look so cute on you!
"ah, this?" he points to his jacket. it isn't actually anything that serves a practical purpose, but is thin enough to fit the climate of narukami. thoma shrugs it off of his shoulders and hands it to you, observing as you fumble to fit the sleeves. after moments of amused observation, he helps you fasten the guard and badges that curl along the arms.
"you should be able to wear it to sleep, if you want," thoma reasons aloud, speaking more to himself than to you despite your addressal. with careful fingers, he smoothes down your hair around the headband, then pokes your nose, teasing. "i'm sure there's a niche place around here that sews outfits for couples. and they even stock accessories! we can go check them out tomorrow, yeah?"
he taps his chin, contemplative. "what do you say to matching necklaces?"
Tumblr media
- ̗̀  venti  ̖́-
it's particularly windy on some days – no thanks to the archon of winds himself. even with the tiniest pinches of mischief in his pockets, venti will summon gusts to furl through your hair and ruffle your attire, grinning from ear to ear in the meanwhile.
a harmless tune, he'll insist, even at the expense of the pout that'll mar your visage. but he relents eventually, satisfying his mild weather-making hobby and your discomfort by settling his beret on your head. you're surprised at the gesture, and the winds around you seem just slightly more comforting than before.
"why can't you just," you motion vaguely with your hands, and venti rests his chin in his palm. "move them around us . . . ?"
"ah," he theatrically mulls over your suggestion, aquamarine eyes twinkling with sentiment that you can't quite place. he eventually shrugs, and strums his lyre absentmindedly with his free hand. the gusts pick back up, ghosting along your arms this time. "i could, but then i wouldn't have a good reason to do this."
breezes bite at your skin, and you shake your head, uncertain of the meaning to his reasonings . . . but the gales only swim around your arms. venti's beret is right on your head, safe from the wind, and venti beams at the puzzled look you give him.
"you look cold! why don't you take this~"
with all casualty that uniquely belongs to him, venti unbuttons the clasp of his cape, and slips it from his figure. before you can protest, he has it fastened around your neck, bow prim and straight as the thick fabric envelops your body. instantly, the gales that aggravated you so much before are now a faint worry, and you're shielded from the drafts that comb across windrises's fields.
"you look much better now!" venti, oh, venti. he's so pleased with himself at his scheme, and it prompts you to ignore the nuisances of his ministrations. setting down his lyre, the bard leans his head until he rests himself comfortably in the crook of your neck, other arm wrapped around your back.
"ah, now i'm cold. do you think there's room in that cape for me t– "
Tumblr media
- ̗̀  xiao  ̖́-
the concept of sharing his clothes with you –ornaments he's worn into battle, even if eons ago– seems off, in his opinion. your interest in them is unexpected, to say the least, and it's only in calm nights when you venture to inquire about them.
to his credit, xiao attempts to indulge you.
his hands are . . . hesitant, to say the least. they flutter against your skin after he removes his amulet from his throat, and clasps it shut at the nape of your neck. the jewels and dagger are pointed against your skin, and inwardly, the adeptus cringes at the thought of someone else seeing you in it.
"there's not much meaning behind it. mortals might find it pretty, however . . . nevermind."
he truly doesn't understand your fascination, or your curiosity, with it. why would you even want to look at something tainted with war and loss, and much less wear it?
xiao removes it from you as soon as you're done . . . admiring? it. he strives to subdue the bubbling unease that festers in his chest. your sweet being doesn't need to be weighed down with his karma.
but you're a bold thing, aren't you? tugging at his sleeves and asking about his mask. visibly, xiao wrinkles his nose at your request. arguably, it's symbolically much worse than his amulets, and he has half the mind to chide you for your forwardness.
he opens his mouth, but you beat him, for once. "wanna . . . know what it's like for you to hide yourself, xiao."
he's not sure if he should be insulted by your abrupt presumptions, or stirred by the compassion that soothes from your voice. hiding? that's probably how you comprehend it, but . . . xiao contemplates silently, leaving you to fidget while he thinks.
the adeptus heaves a sigh. wordlessly, he unclips his mask from his belt, and sits across from you on the mattress.
"close your eyes," his voice doesn't shake, although his throat trembles. you listen, and when xiao draws away, he sees . . .
the quietude overwhelms the remainder of the night. when the moon is hung in the sky and clouds obscure the stars outside, you swear you feel xiao's hold around your waist tighten.
Tumblr media
- ̗̀  zhongli  ̖́-
once upon a rainy day, zhongli gets the inkling that you might not have an umbrella for the journey back to your abode. so he meets you, just in time for the end of your shift, with some shelter and a warm embrace.
each experience is a learning scenario for the old god. he isn't oblivious to common practices nowadays, and his "learning" is more so the emersion of day-to-day life. this leads to say, when you first begin shivering on your stroll back home, he's acutely aware of the couple-esque notions associated with his actions. but all zhongli knows is that you're cold, and who would he be if he didn't take care of a loved one when they're in need?
"please, let me. i can make you something warm once we get back."
he's swift on the uptake – shrugging off his coat in elegant motions and with a roll of his shoulders, and drapes the fabric over your figure. he supplies what he hopes is a reassuring smile, despite the dreary and frigid weather out; while your shaking doesn't cease, it's quelled slightly, and zhongli takes care to rub your arms on the way back home.
zhongli lets you curl up in his coat, even when you're inside and the weather turns clearer. following his first lending, he takes careful note that you find comfort in his clothes, and imposes upon himself the responsibility of offering you bits of his attire whenever you seem stressed, tense, bothered . . . during anything unpleasant, really.
there are some days when he returns to your shared abode and finds you bundled up in his shirts. contentment settles a nest of belonging into his chest, as he finds it . . . heartening, to know that you find tranquility with him, comfortable enough to wear what he's worn of your own volition.
"ah, zhongli," you call to him one day, one of his shirts in your grasp, "could you wear this again? it doesn't –ah– smell like you anymore."
each experience is a learning scenario, indeed.
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amwired · 12 days ago
could you do a reaction for venti, xiao, zhongli, albedo, and kazuha to them sucking on fem! readers breasts so hard she starts lactating
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
summary: it's never to late to suck some tiddies.
warning(s): lactation kink, suggestive theme, slight exhibitionist (kazuha), just a tame one today hehe
notes: i'm so sorry but i don't do venti T T but i hope this suit your liking (♡ω♡ ) ~♪
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
╰┈➤ [• XIAO •]
at first, he didn't knew what to feel. the sudden change of taste on his tongue is shocking enough, petrifying him for a moment before he pulled away from your breast. poor xiao, he genuinely thought it was painful for your breast leaking, all he wanted at that time was to buried him in deepest corner of liyue as he punished himself for being too rough on you. not that he meant to be rough! you were just so soft in his hand, he couldn't help but lose control :(
it took him a bit convincing that it was okay, it was normal for you to lactate if he keep on sucking on your breast. alas, he grew to like it! sure he grew more persistent, pushing you into his room before he buried his face into your chest, his hand discarding every garment that dare to separate your skin from him. you didn't really seem to mind, he barely let himself be vulnerable around you, you find it endearing now that he grew much more warm to you.
xiao wondered if he could take some of your milk to mixed in almond tofu. could you blame him? he only wanted to combine his two favourite thing <3
╰┈➤ [• ZHONGLI •]
despite being used to being an archon himself, the man is not so often to partook in many sexual intercourse. for 6000 years of his life, works and wars has always been the fixation of his life, both in archon and mortal form. of course, this doesn't mean zhongli is completely clueless with the human anatomy, though, even with this knowledge of his— he had yet to experience it on firsthand. that is until you come and become his wife.
so when you had deliriously bouncing on his cock, he couldn't help but latch his lips to your sensitive nipples. sharp canine harshly sucking onto your bud, it's only a matter of time until the liquid dripped down to his chin. the burst of taste on his tongue lead him to wanting more. zhongli never wish to be greedy, but for once, he wanted nothing more but to indulged more in your taste.
perhaps he should ask you if you and him could do it often, beside, he quite enjoyed the pleasant taste you serve for him. it is only his duty as your husband to relish it. <3
╰┈➤ [• ALBEDO •]
there is no denying that albedo knew every inch of your body. he is an alchemist after all. thus, he isn't that surprised when the sudden milky fluid filling his mouth, both hand resting on your waist; keeping you still. despite him being careful to not nibble onto your already sensitive nipple, it still wouldn't change how desperate he wrapped his lips on it. you didn't seem to dislike it either, well, not with your hand wrapping around his neck, as if you were encouraging him to drink more.
who is he to decline such offer? <3
it's out of character for him to be flustered, usually it was you who would be the one tugging his sleeve. nonetheless, he couldn't get enough the plush of your tits, the way you threaded your finger thru his hair. he love the way it taste in his mouth. but you and him shouldn't do it in his lab so often, it's only a matter of time before his two student catch him clinging on you as they watch the usually reserved chief alchemist grew feral over your lovely taste.
╰┈➤ [• KAZUHA •]
kazuha is... wild. dragging you to the nearest cabin before climbing onto your lap, his head slipping beneath your shirt. his hand had already push up your bra to your chest, almost instantly lapping up on your nipples with no slight care that anyone would barge in. he supposed it was an addiction now, well, not that you'd stopped him— he knew how much you enjoy it as much as he is. you were his first lover, due to him constantly hopping around inazuma and making a run from the land of eternity, kazuha could barely find time to find a lover to stay by his side.
hence why, it was exciting for him the first time you had offered him. maybe it's the way you had embrace him, or maybe it's simply the tasty tang on his tongue that got him hooked. the usually so poetic kazuha is long gone! now is only him savouring your milk, tongue gliding around your nipples before he give a harsh suck on your hardened nipple. he like it when his mouth could only take so much before it dripped down to the ground— partly because he enjoyed your scolding but still, kazuha is as still excited as he was the first time he had accidentally drink up your breast milk.
he just hope that no one would interrupt this intimate session. such display is only available to him <3
Tumblr media
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dear-belov3d · 3 days ago
Liyue and Mondstadt: Help us Traveler: Sure!! Liyue and Mondstadt: You become our errand boy now. Traveler: wait- no- Inazuma: Help u- Traveler: *war flashbacks to the previous nations* I'm sorry but I have to say no- Inazuma: Traveler: Inazuma: Traveler: Inazuma: Help us Traveler: Okay fine,
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leeahnno · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
catzuha and beidou da jie are on their way to Inyaazuma !
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daphnee-ai · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Liyue characters series 🎋 “Just what will we come across this time?.”
Thanks for all your notes, you're really boosting my confidence hehe~~ flowers for u 💐
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relxion-kunp · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Can't wait to be broke for Zhongli.
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versadies · 5 months ago
liyue characters general hc (gn!reader)
Tumblr media
characters: childe, zhongli, ningguang, ganyu, xiao
sypnosis: what liyue characters are like in a relationship
warning/s: spoilers on childe’s story quest, ganyu’s story quest and archon quest, mentions of potential breakup and swearing
penpal: you have a specific role/job in some of the hcs below and im not sure guizhong and zhongli are canonly in love or not— but let’s just do it my way hehe
Tumblr media
Being Childe’s spouse is.. something.
You probably caught his eye from fighting him or did something that reminds him of his homeland and family.
Given that Childe is only in Liyue because of Rex Lapis (*ahem* Zhongli *ahem*), you won’t see him much when the Fatui has the Geo Archon’s gnosis.
He lives in Snezhaya while you live in Liyue. However that doesn’t stop Childe from wanting to be in a romantic relationship with you. Unless you do not want a long distance relationship, then the relationship will not work at all either.
Of course, almost everyone in Liyue knows you as the spouse of the 11th Harbringer. The both of originally wanted to keep your relationship a secret due to the danger that could bring you until Liyue already find out from someone.
“Don’t you know? The walls have ears.” Childe said.
Ever since people found out about your relationship, merchants would give a discount in fear of your boyfriend.
The one thing you’re relieved is that no one tries to do something bad to you unless they’re from somewhere else. When it happens, please stop Childe from murdering the person.
Childe is loaded so expect him to give you lots of stuff.
He’ll def buy things that reminds you of him— he’d want you to keep it and use it whenever he’s away in Snezhaya.
He’ll also buy lots of jewelries or clothing for you when it comes to dates or anniversaries. Don’t bother insisting him in not giving you so many expensive things because he won’t listen lol
However he’ll try not to buy so many things if you convince him enough.
I feel like Childe would be amazing at styling hair thanks to his siblings. If you have long hair, he’d def try to ask you at least once if you want him to braid your hair.
When it comes to dates, it’s always outside. He’ll either take you to Wanmin Restaurant, star-gazing in Mt. Tianheng or in one of the mountains that shows the wonderous views of Liyue. If you’re an adventurer, he’s fine with travelling around the nation with you.
If you’re into inside dates, he’s perfectly fine with it as well! If you’re into it then he’s into it.
He’ll even take you anywhere you desire during your anniversary or birthday if you want. He’ll be delighted if you chose Snezhnaya.
Whenever Childe goes to Snezhaya, you always walk with him to the docks before he leaves to give him a farewell.
It’s those moments that you and Childe are sad about.
You’d often drift off to your thoughts every time your spouse is away, wondering what he’s doing and if he’s alive and well. Of course, Childe does that too.
As he promised, he always sends letters to you every week. When he doesn’t, you would be very worried until another letter comes along the next week.
As for Childe’s family,
Teucer is actually the only person you met who is a part of Childe’s family. You met him in Liyue when he visited just because he wants to see you.
The two of you got along quite well despite whether or not you’re good with kids. He’d often talk to you about his home, Snezhaya along with the other members of his family.
Childe wanted to propose you the moment he saw you and Teucer together.
He often thinks about taking you to Snezhaya to meet his family and perhaps live there but seeing you so caring and happy about Liyue makes him doubt a lot that you’d never wanna leave your homeland.
You’d definitely teach Childe how to use chopsticks 💯💯💯💯
It will probably take a few months for Childe to accomplish in using chopsticks depending on how determined the both of you are.
When he does accomplish in using chopsticks, expect him to flex his new skill when he has the chance.
Nights with Childe are... existential to say the least.
If you’re awake late at night, he’ll be awake too even if he’s extrememly exhausted from all those fatui works given to him.
The two of you would talk about other nations, what it’s like to be in another universe, or how you two would imagine together in the future, etc.
In the morning, Childe is the first to wake up.
I think he’d be decent at cooking given that he has his siblings and all so he’ll make breakfast for the both of you.
When waking you up, he’ll literally try to lay down on top of you until you wake up. If you don’t wake up however..
Initiate tickle fight!!!
Unless you’re not ticklish, boohoo cause Childe will carry you bridal style and take you to the bathroom to get you ready.
If you are ticklish, he won’t be mericful.
He won’t stop tickling you until you finally stand up from the bed. If you know his tickle spot, initiate revenge tickle fight!!!!
Despite knowing about him being a part of the Fatui, Childe will never tell you anything about it. Mention about them and he’ll change topics.
When it comes to arguments, it happens every now and then. It’s mostly small banters that isn’t serious. When it’s actually a big and serious fight however, it’s either related to the Fatui or a misunderstanding.
If Childe is the one apologizing, he’d give you a warm hug and whisper sweet apologizes while when apologizing a day or more after the argument, he’ll definitely give you your favorite dish and apologize.
Childe going back to Liyue from his travels with the Fatui is your memorable moments.
He’ll never admit that he thinks of you every single day whenever he’s far away and how he dreams of being in your loving arms once more.
But you knew just from his actions.
The both of you always runs to each other when you see the other but it’s Childe who reaches to you first. He’ll definitely give you a bone crushing hug without a damn about people around the two of you. If you’re the one who reaches him first, you’ll tackle him with a warm hug and give him lots of kisses.
“Did you miss me, doll?”
Tumblr media
Being Zhongli’s spouse is definitely an experience.
Despite knowing so many things, Zhongli lacks knowledge in romantic relationships so you’ll have to be the one who will lead this relationship at first.
When he gets a hang of it though, he’ll lead with you.
Please be patient with this man, he’s still new to this.
He’s a gentleman so expect him to always open doors for you, move your chair backward for you to sit, etc.
When it comes to PDA, you’d have to be the one to initiate affection. He’s okay with you giving him affection— but that doesn’t mean he won’t react to it.
I’d imagine him freezing on his spot when you hold his hand, give him a hug, etc.— it’s a funny to imagine. He’d be unsure how to react much to your amusement.
However once he’s used to it, he’ll def return the affection as well.
When the both of you are like, shopping around the marketplace, hold Zhongli back from wasting all of your mora pls
Despite not getting any mora after giving away his gnosis, he still has a job and gets paid well. You’d have to teach him how to save mora given that he’s used to not worry about losing mora at all.
Again, please be patient with him, he’s still new to mortal life.
While he’s the consultant of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, you work as an adventurer.
So the two of you are kinda busy unless you took commissions that can get you home early.
Zhongli is mostly the first person who would go home soo he’ll prepare you dinner with a takeout from Wanmin Restaurant or something he can cook while waiting for your arrival.
When you are sometimes away more than hours or a day, expect to see him waiting for you around the adventurer’s guild when you go back. He’s very worried when you’re away for long so he’ll def give you a warm hug with forehead kisses. (After he asks you permission ofc)
Ok but like, imagine being able to braid or style his hair!!!
If you know how to make flower crowns, Zhongli better expect going home from a stroll with you wearing flower crowns.
He honestly doesn’t mind, just seeing you happy makes him happy too!
Nights with Zhongli are a bliss.
In terms of spooning, he’s def the big spoon. If you want to be the big spoon, he’s fine with it!
When you can’t sleep, he’ll notice. He prefers you to sleep first before him soo once he notices that you can’t sleep, he’ll immediately get up from bed (much to your dismay) and make some tea.
Either that or he’ll be willing to spend all night talking with you if you wish to do so. Whatever you two talk about, it always lasts for hours.
When he can’t sleep, you’d either hum a song that you know of while playing with his hair, make the same tea that he makes for you when you cannot sleep, or do late-night talks.
Mornings with him is just *chefs kiss*
The two of you often wake up at the same time or minutes after the other wakes up. The two of you would just stay on your bed for a moment cuddling before getting up for the day.
You’ll be the one who will make breakfast since Zhongli isn’t so experienced with cooking. He loves it when you cook, your dishes are always his favorite.
He’ll def walk you to the Adventurer’s Guild before he goes to his work. He wants to make sure you’re safe after all!
Dates with him are always special.
Ofc, Wanmin Restaurant is you and Zhongli’s go-to date. When eating their delicious delicacies, you and Zhongli often talk about the wonders of Teyvat, mainly Liyue.
If you’d want to go somewhere else, it’s either liuli pavilion, the restaurant that has the storyteller, or a nice area by the mountains that shows the view of Liyue— Zhongli knows a lot of destinations that is perfect for your date!
He’ll definitely give you flowers when the two of you are on a date and is willing to walk with you with your arm around his. He’ll even give you a jewelry if he finds one that reminds him of you! (With Childe’s money perhaps)
When it comes to arguing, it’s rare.
Even though it’s rare, it still happens. When it does, you two try to work it out. I can’t say what your arguments are mostly about but no matter how serious it is, the two of you always find a way to talk it out and solve it.
Zhongli is the calm one when arguing. If you’re mad, he’ll let your anger come out until you’ve calmed down.
You haven’t seen Zhongli mad so if he does get mad, then it’s a very serious thing.
If you are not aware of Zhongli being Rex Lapis, be ready when he tells you.
He’d most likely tell you 10 months of your relationship or so.
He doesn’t blame you if you leave him. Dating an ex-Archon is a lot to take in. Even if it breaks his heart, he won’t stop you from leaving him.
If you don’t leave him, he’ll be relieved. You are the first person in thousands of years he’s fallen in love with after Guizhong (despite him still undecided with his feelings for her) so he’ll be devastated if you left him.
Ofc, when being an adventurer, you tend to go back home with a couple of injuries.
It’s basically what made Zhongli always nervous whenever you go home later than expected— you being injured just makes his heart ache 🥺
Zhongli will happily nurse you back to health whenever you get injuries that requires him to help you in tending to it. He won’t let you go to your adventure duties until you’re fully healthy much to your dismay.
“Zhongli as much as I appreciate your efforts in tending to my injuries... can’t I at least take a simple commission that isn’t related to fighting?”
“Unfortunately dear, I cannot allow you— you are still healing after all. Do not fret, you’ll be healthy once more and you can take whatever commissions you want. As long as it doesn’t involve you going back home seriously injured again, of course.” Zhongli replied.
You pouted. “...Fine.”
Tumblr media
Dating Xiao is very interesting.
Listen, you got some metal balls for trying to woo Xiao. The fact that he actually likes you back is astonishing for everyone— even you.
He’s very protective, especially if you’re a mortal. Even though you can protect yourself, he still makes sure you’re safe and not in harm’s way.
Verr Goldet def ships you two. She’s the very reason why you decided to confess to Xiao.
Like Zhongli, Xiao is very inexperienced with PDA and romantic relationships so please be patient with this man.
You’d have to initiate affections such as hugs and kisses if you want some. Xiao is hesitant when it comes to initiating until later on in the relationship.
However, Xiao would hold your hand or give you forehead kisses during the first months of your relationship. He relies on his actions than words when it comes to letting you how much he loves you.
When asking for love advices, he often goes to Verr Goldet or Zhongli (mostly Verr given that Zhongli doesn’t know much about romantic relationships)
I saw a headcanon that the anemo current that sometimes lifts you up when gliding around the mountains of Liyue is Xiao’s doing and I LOVE that. Given that you’re an adventurer, expect him to do the same to you when gliding around the geo nation.
The two of you always hang out in Wangshu Inn but sometimes, Xiao will visit Liyue Harbor just to see you. Zhongli would literally be surprised if he ever saw the yaksha walking around in Liyue Harbor.
Dates with him are adventurous and relaxing.
Other than Wangshu Inn, he usually takes you somewhere by the mountains just for you to see the wonderous views of Liyue.
Xiao is a quiet man so you’re usually the one who does all the talking. He’ll reply to you here and there but he prefers to listen silently. Xiao loves to hear your voice hehe
He’ll def walk you back to Liyue Harbor afterwards— it’s a dangerous journey when going back to the harbor and he just wants to keep his spouse safe!
Xiao will literally malfunction inside if you give him a goodbye kiss before going inside your home. He’ll just stand still on his spot while processing what just happened.
Arguments with him are not rare but doesn’t happen often either. You fight there and then but it’s just mostly about your safety and Xiao’s protectiveness.
Arguing with him is very scary for most people. Xiao is a scary man when angry after all but he’ll try not to be super angered for the sake of you.
The arguments usually ends with Xiao hugging you and whisper his apology while you do the same.
Your job as an adventurer worries Xiao.
Sometimes when you go to a commission that requires you to fight dangerous bosses, he can’t help but follow you. Xiao is THAT protective of you and if a single monster tries to lay a hand on you, it’s on ✨SIGHT✨
Don’t be surprised if Xiao suddenly plunges into a ruin hunter before it could fly higher and start blasting its missiles at you.
When going back home, you’d often have injuries big or small— I don’t think Xiao knows how medical works in Liyue but he’ll def try to help you out in tending to your injuries.
Nights with Xiao sometimes pains you.
He often has nightmares and you’d do anything for your spouse to finally be at peace with his past. It pains you whenever he wakes up from another nightmare.
Whenever Xiao wakes up from a nightmare, he just stares at the void— trying to calm himself down. He’ll end up cuddling with you after, not planning on letting you go for now.
Sometimes if the nightmares get intense, he has to take a stroll outside for a while and comes back before you wake up.
He hugs you as if it’s your last.
Mornings with Xiao are peaceful.
He’s always the first one to wake. Instead of standing up, he’ll just wait for you to wake up. Xiao couldn’t help but stare at you while sleeping, thinking of how thankful he is to have you.
You’re usually the one who makes breakfast since Xiao isn’t experienced in the kitchen. His eyes will literally fucking sparkle if you cook him Almond Tofu.
You even learned how to make Almond Tofu for him during the first month of your relationship, with the help of Verr ofc
Xiao often worries about the future for the both of you.
You’re mortal and he’s immortal. It pains Xiao whenever he thought of it.
He dread the day when you grow old and he still the same as before. He doesn’t want you to die at all but he knows it will happen soon.
Xiao thought of breaking up with you— he doesn’t want you to spend the rest of your life with someone who has blood on their hands and won’t die.
But he knows he can’t break up with you. He loves you so much that he doesn’t wanna let go of you yet.
However, those thoughts would go away when you distract him.
“Xiao? What were you thinking about?”
“...It’s nothing. Continue talking, please.”
Tumblr media
Being Ningguang’s spouse is a once in a lifetime thing.
Listen, you are one lucky lad for having Ningguang accept your love— she has a lot of suitors here and there but the fact that she chose you means something special.
People in Liyue don’t see Ningguang very much so you work in the Jade Chamber as one of the secretaries.
She’s very dedicated to your relationship as much as she is dedicated to Liyue.
Ningguang def spoils you a lot— she’s loaded.
She’ll give you jewelries/accessories, luxurious clothing, finest objects that no ordinary citizen can get, etc, whenever she can. It’s one of her ways of showing how much she loves you. Though, she’ll stop if you tell her to. She’ll only give you those during special events for you if you want.
Ningguang prefers to keep your relationship a secret since it could bring you in danger or be judged by many people in Liyue— but if you want to make it public, she’s fine with it!
If one were to spill nasty rumors about you however, she will like to invite them to her floating palace and have a chat with them that ends up with them looking like they consider death. Don’t think they can get away, the Tianquan does know all after all.
As for PDA, Ningguang very much doesn’t mind. She initiates affection only with a peck on your face or wrap her arm around yours. On the other hand, if you want a short hug or hold her hand, you’d have to initiate that one.
Ningguang can’t help but be a bit flustered if you hug her from behind. Especially if she didn’t expect you to be behind her.
She likes to keep you by her side during her duties as the Tianquan. Doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing— as long as you’re around in her office, she’ll feel at ease.
I’m not actually sure if Ningguang lives in the Jade Chamber but let’s pretend she is in this headcanon if she doesn’t haha
Unlike a few people, Ningguang knows how to take care of herself. She knows when to stop and go to sleep for the night, when to eat, take breaks, etc.
However, she sometimes stays too busy to the point where she sleeps in her office so you have to stop her from working and drag her to your bedroom to sleep.
Sometimes, she does the same thing to you when you’re focused on paperworks. Should you refuse her offer in going to the bedroom and sleep, she’ll def stop you as the Tianquan and not as your girlfriend.
I read Ningguang’s character story in the game just for this blog and I find it so wholesome that how she knows everything that’s happening in Liyue is because of the children.
Whenever the children gathers around the Tianquan to tell her what they know for the day, you obv be on her side giving them praises for doing a good job as she gives them treats as reward.
They consider the both of you as parental figures hehe
Most of your dates with Ningguang are sometimes interrupted. Whether it’d be the Qixing calling the Tianquan for help or you being called by your other superiors to finish your works.
It’s annoying given that the both of you strictly told them or have the permission to go away for a while for this date.
Despite that, the both of you try to make it up with tea sessions in the Jade Chamber, a short stroll around the harbor, etc.
Oh do not worry about anniversary or special event dates, Ningguang makes sure that no one can interrupt it when she can. After all, it is a special occassion, it would be a shame if someone were to interrupt and ruin it.
During rare days when the both of you have a lot of time together, you’d def play the game she invented or read books together. The both of you would def lay your feet on top of the other and be distracted from the world, reading novels and poetries from all around the nation. It’s when the both of you are in peace and not so busy from work.
It’s one of those moments that you cherish a lot.
Sometimes during meetings with the Qixing that requires you to stay by Ningguang’s side, she would ask you questions regarding to their proposals for the harbor after the fallen of Rex Lapis. She’ll def be open-minded when you state your opinions.
Ningguang couldn’t help but be very proud when you give her and the Qixing other solutions that are very helpful. She admires your compassion a lot— especially if it’s towards to Liyue.
Nights with Ningguang are quiet.
The two of you are always exhausted so the moment the both of you kiss each other goodnight, you immediately went to the dreamland.
Whenever you have a hard time sleeping, she’ll know and would play her instrument, lulling you to sleep with the melodies of songs.
There’s no spooning when sleeping— the both of you mostly just face each other and hug, feeling safe and happy in each other’s loving arms.
Mornings with Ningguang are delightful.
The two of you would wake up at the same time since the both of you have the same schedule. Ningguang would give you forehead kisses before you could go to the bathroom to get ready.
Y’all def take a bath together sometimes 💯💯
You mostly cook breakfast for the two of you while Ningguang waits by the dining room. She def loves your cooking.
As soon as the both of you are finished, the both of you start your day together.
As for the three secretaries of Ningguang, they are very very supportive of your relationship with the Tianquan. In fact, they ship the both of you very much!
When it comes to arguments, its solveable. Every argument is different and in the end, the two of you would try to be calm with one another and solve it.
You and Ningguang’s relationship is very healthy so it would be impossible for y’all to break up.
I don’t think Ningguang would ever break up with you nor would think of it. She doesn’t see anything wrong with the relationship but should there be one problem that can cause the both of you to drift apart, she’ll try to solve it with you.
Enough with the angst, let’s go with more fluff!
Like Jean’s hc, you’re Ningguang’s personal masseuse.
The both of you don’t actually know how it began but you just know when the other needs it. Whenever Ningguang enters your bed chambers after a tiring day, you’d immediately give her a nice massage that would make her feel like the weight on her shoulders went away.
Don’t worry, she’ll massage you too! She’s very good at it with that fingers of hers.
Even if you try to refuse her massaging you (due to your overthinking), Ningguang would be persistent. It’s her way of saying thank you for massaging her when she needs it!
“Now sit still darling and let me take care of you.”
Tumblr media
(forgive me that her hc is short, idk her very well but i’ll make sure her next hc is as long as the others!)
You are one of the luckiest people on Teyvat if you date Ganyu.
Listen, Ganyu is such a hardworking woman— and I can guarantee that she’ll be hardworking on your relationship as well.
She’s very busy so you’ll mostly see her night time or during her breaks.
She tries to make time for the both of you to spend time together— which basically means in her way that she has to work harder.
You’d have to do a lot of convincing for her in not pressuring herself to do such things.
Ganyu tends to overwork sometimes to the point where she hasn’t eaten anything or sleep at all so you def have to stop her from working just to make her eat or sleep.
She makes sure you’re not feeling neglected by her so don’t be surprised when she give you lots of love the moment she’s done with her work.
Ganyu will def introduce you to the adepti and I can guarantee that Cloud Retainer would tell you her embarrassing childhood stories.
Dates with her are very special for the both of you. The two of you would either go to someplaces to admire glaze lilies and the stars at night, have a nice dinner in Wanmin Restaurant, etc.
She’ll be super flustered if you flirt with her. It doesn’t matter if you two are married or dating, she’ll never stop being flustered from you. It’s adorable really.
If someone treats you bad, expect her to be very protective. She’ll tell them how wrong it is to look down on others and pull a whole lecture to the point when the person wants to go in shame or in embarrassment.
I think the people who work in Qixing would know you very well from Ganyu speaking so highly of you so don’t be surprised when you see one saying hi to you.
Nights with her are quiet but meaningful.
She never hesitates to say “I love you (Y/N), goodnight.” to you before going to sleep. She’ll be happy if you say it back as well.
You’re often the bigger spoon but sometimes the both of you would do a face-to-face position that forms a heart shape!
Mornings with her are romantic.
Ganyu will def wake up first and give you breakfast-in-bed when you wake up. She would be sad though, she couldn’t join you since she has to leave for work.
She’ll be super flustered whenever you’re the one who gives her breakfast-in-bed. It makes her feel very appreciated.
Arguments? Dunno her
The both of you never argued. Though there were times when the both of you have conversations that could’ve leave to arguing but the both of you managed it.
As for the immortal problem, it lowkey stresses Ganyu out.
There is not a day when she thought of your future with her, how you would start to grow old while she looks the same, and how she’ll live without you soon.
It’s very painful for her to think of you being gone but she would distract herself from work just to not think about it.
She’ll not be able to break up with you, that’s for sure. So if you wish to break up, she’ll accept and let you go but will start to grow insecure.
She often talks to Cloud Retainer about your mortality and how it could affect the future and Cloud Retainer would respond with Ganyu not being relieved with the answer.
Idk if she knows that Zhongli is Rex Lapis but if she knows, she would try to negotiate with him in making you having an enternal life— whether or not you’d know it or not.
Other than that,
The most memorable days for the both of you are the Lantern Festivals!
The festivals always give you both a chance to hang out together and not have to wrory about Ganyu leaving for work.
Most of your pictures are from the festival. Your favorite pic of Ganyu is when she was watching the lanterns fly in amazement. Her fav pic is you wearing traditional Liyue clothese while the lanterns were in the background.
“Remember this picture? It’s my favorite of yours.”
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Smol mage looking for a tank 👌
Please be sure to keep your mage protected in your party, they are not as sturdy as your typical tanks!
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