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Jealousy, Jealousy. | e. olsen
Tumblr media
summary: in which a disrespectful interviewer causes lizzie to feel the need to show you just who you belong to.
warnings: top!lizzie, jealousy (obvi), brief arguing, oral, fingering, strap-on (all r receiving bc you are a bottom here and irl, deal with it), overstimulation, ooshy gooshy pussy wussy tingz, straight up porn
this post is for 18+ only. minors: do not interact.
Tumblr media
The interview had been going smoothly so far. The woman had only stuck to questions about the movie. You and Lizzie's publicists had well warned all the interviewers that day to not ask anything related to your relationship. If they weren't told to not ask, all your interviews would consist of them invading your privacy. It was hard having a relationship in the public eye, but most of the interviewers had been respectful.
Except this one.
She was the last interviewer of the day, and while her questions were rather boring, you were grateful they weren't too deep and didn’t required too much cognitive thought. You didn't think you could answer one more question about how you get into character, or even worse, Downey's luxury trailer that everyone was asking every member of the cast about.
When the woman looked to you and said, "Now y/n, I've been meaning to ask you something very important," you gritted your teeth and braced for her to ask about you and Lizzie's relationship. Lizzie, who was sat right beside you, even quietly sighed in expectance of the same thing. To your surprise, she asked something much worse. "Please tell me how you manage to squeeze into that tight suit."
Your eyebrows raised in shock. The suit your character wore was a very form-fitting one, tight indeed. You opened your mouth to answer, but she added, "I mean, don't get me wrong. None of us are complaining. If we're really being honest here," she leaned forward and placed her notecards over her mouth to playfully whisper, "It's really the only reason I go watch these movies."
She leaned away from you and laughed, and you politely laughed with her, feeling your cheeks burn red. You couldn't help yourself--you stole a glance to Lizzie. She was wearing a loose white button-up with the first few buttons open, the collar flared casually at her shoulders. Her dirty blonde hair rested in a wave down her chest, and you noticed the way she was pursing her lips and squinting at the interviewer as if expecting her to explain herself.
You quickly glanced away. "Um... well, they tailor the suit to fit me—the wonderful heads of the costume department work really hard to—"
The interviewer bluntly interrupted you, "You look incredibly sexy in all these movies. I mean, just sitting here in front of you all I can picture is that suit and, wow!" She giggled rather tackily and fanned herself with the notecards as if she was overheating.
You weren't good with these kinds of situations, so you just opted to match her energy to not come off as rude. You laughed and rubbed your sweaty palms over the pants of your jumpsuit before crossing your legs. "Well, thank you. I, um, really appreciate it."
With another glance to Lizzie, you noticed her giving a smile that only you could realize was fake. She was looking off towards the camera, shifting uncomfortably in her seat. You could tell she was trying to not look too irritated.
"Now, I haven't seen the movie yet," the interviewer continued, "And I know you can't tell us much about it, but I have been seeing a lot of discourse online about a possible nude scene?"
Your face went bright red at such a forward question, and Lizzie cleared her throat, putting her chin in her hand and staring hard at the interviewer with nothing but daggers in her eyes. She was biting her lip to keep from sassing off, and you almost wished she would so that you didn't have to answer the question.
"Well, this is a Marvel movie, so I think that pretty much answers the question," you awkwardly laughed, feeling like all the air had gone out of the room. Lizzie's anger was basically radiating off her, and she wasn't even trying to hide it anymore, basically scowling at the clueless woman.
"Ugh!" the interviewer sighed, "I was really hoping it was true."
You tightened your lips and simply nodded, also becoming irritated, but mostly nervous because you felt you could basically hear Lizzie's thoughts.
"Very sorry to disappoint," you said as politely as you could, clasping your palms together.
Lizzie licked her lips and leaned back in her seat, crossing her arms and legs, obviously deciding to tune out the rest of the interview. You answered the rest of her questions as best you could, even having to answer for Lizzie a few times because you knew if Lizzie opened her mouth, nothing but insults would come out.
The ride home was, as expected, quiet. They usually were after those long press days when you had spoken so much all day that you reveled in just existing wordlessly next to one another in peaceful quiet. Lizzie held your hand as she drove the both of you home, but you could tell she was still mad. It seemed like she was mad at you, actually, which you felt she had no reason to be. Not wanting to get her all angry while she was driving, you waited until you arrived home to ask her about it.
Lizzie tossed her car keys onto the entrance table and immediately went into the kitchen. You set your bag down and followed her, watching her reach into the wine cabinet and take out a bottle and a glass.
"Don't tell me you're mad at me," you started off hot, crossing your arms. She was turned away from you as she wordlessly poured herself a glass of wine. "Really? The silent treatment?"
Lizzie brought the glass towards her mouth before pausing to sigh. "I don't wanna talk about it." Her voice was deeper than usual, monotonous and bitter.
You ignored her request. "How am I supposed to control what people say to me? I'm not God."
Lizzie turned towards you just to roll her eyes. "Don't be dramatic."
"Me being dramatic?" you scoffed. "You're taking your anger out on me for something that isn't my fault."
"Well maybe I wouldn't be so angry if you hadn't flirted back with her," she snapped before taking a heavy sip of her wine.
Your eyes widened at her accusation. Stomping towards you, you took the glass right out of her mouth and set it down on the counter. She wiped away the wine that had spilled on her lips and stared vehemently down at you.
"Lizzie, how was I flirting back with her?" you asked her calmly, not wanting to get into your first screaming match with her. You could tell she was upset, and this was the first time something like this happened.
Lizzie was not up for matching your calmness. "Thank youuuu, I appreciate it so muchhhhh," she mocked what you had said in the interview in a high-pitched tone while batting her eyelashes. "Oh, I'm so sorry to disappoint youuuu, awww." She rolled her eyes and walked away from you.
Your appalled eyes followed her. "I did not say it like that!"
"You did," she muttered as she went up the stairs. You quickly followed right behind her, where she led you into the bedroom.
She went to the mirror in front of the dresser and started pulling off her rings and earrings, setting them down on top of the wooden surface. You kicked your heels off and tossed them in the corner. "You're being ridiculous," you mumbled as you took your own jewelry off and set it on the nightstand.
"So now I'm ridiculous?" Lizzie echoed you as she started to unbutton her blouse in front of the mirror, discreetly watching you in it.
"That's what I said," you snapped, slamming your necklace down on the nightstand and looking at her through the mirror.
"You know what?!" Lizzie exclaimed once her shirt was all the way unbuttoned, turning around to look at you. You could see her black bra and toned stomach through the opening in her shirt. She started to undo the button of her black pants as she exclaimed, "I am SO sorry for not liking the thought of another person thinking about you naked."
"Lizzie, that's just something you're gonna have to fucking deal with!" you yelled right back at her as you reached behind to undo your jumpsuit, struggling to reach the zipper at the top. "I mean, have you SEEN the shit people write about you on Tumblr?!"
Lizzie kicked her pants off and sighed, watching you struggle with your jumpsuit. It was true, after all. Maybe she was being irrational. Maybe her anger made her remember your responses to the interviewer's outrageous questions as something they were not.
After watching you struggle, she scoffed and came closer to you, turning you around sharply. You stumbled slightly under the force of her hand, scoffing right back at her as she moved your hair away from your back and gently undid the zipper of your suit.
"She knew not to talk about our relationship, which means she knew we were together, which means she blatantly disrespected that right in front of me," Lizzie said quietly, pulling your zipper all the way down to your lower back before sliding the silky fabric off your shoulders and letting it fall to the floor, revealing just your lacy underwear. It just so happened to be a pair she picked out for you recently, and seeing that you chose to wear them that day was enough to make her feel like an asshole.
You slowly turned around to stare up at her from under your brows. "You're really going to let some bimbo get you all riled up?"
Lizzie pursed her lips and raked her eyes over your figure. You reached up and pulled her blouse off her, pushing her hair behind her shoulders so you could wrap your arms around them. She slid her arms around your torso and sighed in defeat. "I'm sorry," she whispered, a shadow of a smile crossing her lips.
"You should be," you playfully jested as her hands roamed over your ass, her thumbs hooking the hem of your panties and tugging them downwards.
A smirk glowed on her face as she bit the inside of her cheek, eyes falling down your figure. "I'm the one who gets to see you naked," she whispered as she began to tug your panties farther down over your thighs. She stepped closer to you, moving you towards the bed until your ass pressed against it. With a hand to your chest, she slowly pushed you onto the bed and stood between your legs, pulling your underwear down your knees while her dark eyes drank in the sight of you. "Do you think she believes she could fuck you better than I can?"
The initial smile on your face faded. "Lizzie, don't go in circles with me. You said you were sorry, so can we please stop talking about—"
Your panties dropped to the floor, and she harshly jerked your legs wide open. The force cut your sentence off with a quick exhalation of breath, but you still shot her daggers anyway.
"I want you to answer me," she lulled, pressing her palms flat on your knees and gliding them down to your inner thighs. "Do you think she could fuck you better than I can?" Her voice lowered seriously, which brought a shiver in your spine.
You sat up on your elbows. "Lizzie, no."
Instantly, she pushed you back down much harder than the first time. Your breath gasped from your lungs as your back hit the mattress, and through your peripheral vision you watched Lizzie lower to the ground. Raising your head, your eyes met hers. Her face was hovering between your thighs, arms laying flat on your hips so that her hands could reach the handles of your waist and squeeze.
"We'll see how you really feel once I'm done with you," she husked before dropping her head to press a kiss to your inner thigh. You jolted at the feeling, taking a deep breath as she started to ferociously kiss and bite your tender flesh. Her fingertips dug into your waist as her mouth moved further upwards, but instead of moving to where you were growing needy for her, she skipped a few kisses across your mound before attaching to your other inner thigh.
Your breathing grew heavy as Lizzie continued this torture until finally she rose up a bit and centered her mouth right above your core. She opened her mouth and fanned her warm breath over you, causing you to shiver.
"Lizzie," you breathed, looking down at her dreadfully. She raised her eyebrows impishly before letting her tongue lick a line over the left side of your slit, getting all but what you wanted. She administered the same torture to the right side, and her tongue being so close to your area that was growing wetter and wetter was driving you crazy. Just her warm breath fanning on your clit was killing you.
"Stop teasing!" you whined quietly, pouting and bucking your hips up towards her face. She quickly pressed your hips back down onto the mattress and shot you a threatening glare.
Finally, she pressed her tongue into your clit firmly. "Oh," you sighed, your head falling back onto the mattress as she drew long strides up your slit with your tongue, collecting all your wetness. Lizzie moaned at the taste of you, her own breaths getting heavier. She focused on your clit, giving it soft kitten licks with the tip of her tongue. Your knees bent up around her, feet planting on her shoulders for support.
Her hands slid to your thighs and braced them around her head as she devoured you. Your juices were mixing with her saliva and coating all your surrounding skin. When her tongue, warm and thick, slid to your entrance and pressed inside, the gasp that struck from your throat into the air was inevitable. She pressed her tongue as far inside you as possible, opening her jaws wide to allow a deeper angle. Her tongue lapped around your walls, soaking itself in your cum.
"Lizzie," you whined, hands finding her soft hair and tangling themselves in it. Your hips were grinding up against her face now, and when her fingers moved down to rub your clit simultaneously, the room started to spin.
The air grew thick and heavy as she pleasured you, keeping your arching hips as still as she could with one hand. You nearly cried when her tongue slid out of you and her fingers moved away, but she was only switching positions. Now, her lips were sucking onto your clit, and her two middle fingers dove into you, jutting so hard that her knuckles slammed against you. Her fingertips curled instantly upon their arrival inside, hitting your g-spot perfectly.
"Fuck!" you whined, back arching off the bed as she began thrusting her fingers in and out of your pussy. The sounds of your wetness filled the room, along with your soft moans and Lizzie's occasional grunt. When a third finger was pushed inside of you, you could feel a swirling pressure in the pit of your stomach. You ground your hips into her, taking all that she was giving you. Right when you were on the precipice, Lizzie stood up and wiped her mouth, sucking your juice off her fingers until they were clean.
The absence of her mouth and fingers left you feeling empty and agitated. You whined and covered your face with your hands, letting your legs fall against the side of the bed. "Please," you begged, removing your hands and opening your eyes to see that Lizzie was reaching into the closet. You sat up on your elbows, watching her as she pulled a harness over her legs, a long and thick dildo swinging from her crotch. She turned to you, her hair cascading over her shoulder as she sauntered towards you with her strap in her hand.
"If I can't show her that you're mine," she began, and while the mention of the interviewer brought you more dread, you felt excitement within you when she slid an arm under you and pulled you sharply so that your ass was hanging off the very edge of the bed. She stood upright and looked down to align her strap with your entrance, nearly seething through her lower teeth as she finished, "I'll show you."
Lizzie's strap slid inside your wet and already throbbing hole to the very hilt, filling you up entirely inside. Your mouth flew open, fists grabbing at the sheets as she began jackhammering into you. Your legs lifted weakly around her, and she grabbed hold of your ankles and lifted them to her shoulders so that your legs were straight up in the air. The angle allowed her to push deeper inside you, her strap stretching your walls out around it. You were seeing stars as she pounded you, your entire body moving along with her motions.
"You're mine and no one else's," Lizzie grunted in punctuation to her thrusts, clenching her teeth and watching the way your face contorted in pleasure. "I get to fuck you. It's my cock that fucks you—no one else's." She let out a shaky breath and started to slam faster into you. "You're mine and so is this pussy. Just look how wet you are for me."
Indeed, your slick had coated the inside of your thighs and was now rubbing off on hers, shiny threads clinging to her strap each time it slid out before diving back in again. As if she couldn't torture you anymore, her fingers found your burning clit and rubbed it.
Your ankles hooked around her neck, knees squeezing shut as you became overstimulated. There was so much pressure inside you that you felt as if you could cum, but she had you stuck right on the edge. She shoved your knees apart again, grabbing your hips and slamming them towards you. She pushed you back up before pulling you onto her again, jutting her hips forward to burrow as deeply into you as possible. There was a cocky grin on her face as she started this pattern of slamming you onto her with each of her thrusts. The force was blissful and painful, and it was enough to send you over that edge only moments after.
"Lizzie!" you whined as you came, arching entirely off the bed and trying to squeeze your legs shut again. She kept them wide open around her, painfully gripping your calf. She fucked you right through your first orgasm, keeping herself inside you as she kneeled onto the bed and adjusted you further up the mattress.
Kneeling over you, she bent your legs to your chest, effectively folding you in half before resuming her merciless pace. You were on bordering tears now as her cock destroyed your sensitive and burning pussy. Lizzie's cool hand caressed the side of your hot cheek, offering slight respite before you came for her again, cumming hard around her cock as tears spilled from your eyes.
"That's right, cry for me," she husked, the dirtiness in her voice heightening your climax. You were grabbing desperately onto her back, her thrusts slowing to coax you down from your height.
Lizzie finally stopped, still holding the rather painful position as she watched you gasp for breath. She was panting too, but her eyes sparkled as she admired you. Her thumb swiped a tear from your cheek, and for a moment you thought she was done.
To your unified despair and delight, she pulled out only to flip you onto your stomach and enter you again. The feeling made you cry out as her cock buried inside your tired pussy, her hips laying flat against your ass. She grabbed a fistful of your hair and pulled your head up as she ground herself deeply inside you. Her mouth arrived to your neck and kissed it hungrily, smearing her spit all over you.
"Lizzie, please," you whined, shifting your legs as the unbearable pressure inside you grew larger every second she fucked you. She was thrusting her hips hard against your ass, rubbing her half-naked body atop yours as she bit at your neck. Her free hand came to your throat and glided upwards over your chin, her fingers slipping into your open mouth. Your face was burning red at how dirty it was that she made you suck on her fingers as she fucked you, even though you were desperate for relief.
"Just one more for me, baby," she lilted against your ear, her warm breath fanning over your face. "Keep sucking," she commanded you, pushing her fingers farther into your mouth. You could faintly taste yourself from when she had fingered you, but all of your senses were too overwhelmed to notice.
Finally, she moved her fingers out of your mouth to reach that arm underneath you, moving her now wet fingers to your clit and rubbing it hard. She pressed her face against your shoulder as she reached below you, still humping into you.
It was all too much. Both of your naked, warm bodies rubbing together. Her hips slamming into your ass. Her cock filling you up completely. Her fingers circling your bruised clit. It was enough to send you into yet another orgasm, burying your face into the mattress and screaming as Lizzie kissed your shoulder.
"Mmmm," she hummed in satisfaction as you cried into the sheets, your body going limp beneath hers. She finally stopped, keeping her face pressed into your shoulder for leverage as she lifted her hips and undid the harness, carefully kicking it onto the floor without accidentally kicking you.
Once the harness was gone, she lifted up and gently turned you over onto your back. Your makeup was smeared all across your face now, mascara smudged under your eyes and flaming red cheeks. She went to lay between your legs, but you slammed them shut and twisted them to the side so that she wouldn't. Lizzie chuckled at the action but respected it, instead laying over your hips and wrapping her arms around your twisted torso.
She pecked kisses against your cheek, humming with each one, moving towards your mouth before giving you a gentle kiss there. You were too dazed to even comprehend the kiss, which made her grin.
"Is that what people write about me on Tumblr?"
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Can't forget about you
Summary: You wake up in a hospital room knowing nothing about yourself. No name, no age, no family. You can't remember anything. Except for one thing. One person. Her.
Words: 3369
A/N: Hello, sorry for the delay on this update but I hope you like it! Thanks for the comments, interactions and reblogs, I really appreciate it <3 Happy reading!
Chapter 3
Chapter 1 / Chapter 2 / Chapter 3
You stayed at the hospital for one more day before they dismiss you. Apparently the doctor at the base of Nat's team was a friend of Dr. DeLuca and he convinced him that you could have your complete recovery with them. So now, Dr. Bruce Banner and his team would be taking care of you.
- Your rehabilitation session will continue for at least three weeks if you get better, but a full month could be the appropriate - Dr. DeLuca gives you the last instructions before you leave - Your pills are really important, with them you'll stop feeling nauseous, your headaches will stop and the dizziness will stop being a nuisance.
- What about my ear ringing? and the loss of balance? - you ask.
- Yeah, we'll give you something for that too, maybe having a printed schedule for your medicines could help you to have order - he advises you.
- Yes maybe I'll ask Nat to do it - you say and he smiles.
- This is my personal telephone number and the extension for this hospital, if you need something don't doubt on call me.
- Thanks a lot doctor, I really appreciate it - you say.
He can feels you're nervous, since the moment you decided to go with Nat your anxiety could be notice from miles away.
- Y/N if there's any advice I can give you right now it's for you to trust the people from S.H.I.E.L.D, specially Natasha Romanoff's team, they're good people who only wants to help you, that's their job. So please feel comfortable to trust them - he tells you.
You let out a breath you didn't know you were holding. Trusting people it's all you've been doing since you woke up.
- I know, I can feel they're good - you say - I just don't know what to expect from this.
- It may not be easy, but expect for you to do the right thing, always the right thing - he says - Now finish your breakfast, they must be on their way.
You nod and then look at the scrambled eggs on your plate and start to eat.
A half hour later Nat, Tony and Steve arrive to take you with them.
- Good morning Y/N, how are you feeling? - Steve asks.
- Hello, I'm a little bit nervous but I'm fine - you answer.
- That's good to hear but you don't have to be nervous, you'll be fine, i promise.
You smile.
- Thanks Steve.
- Dr. DeLuca says you can leave after we sign some papers, so why don't you change that hospital gown? Natasha brought some clothes for you, meanwhile Rogers and I will go sign - Tony tells you and Nat takes some clothes out of a bag.
- Sure Tony, thanks.
Steve and Tony walk out of the room and Natasha approaches to your side to give you the clothes.
- I hope this fits you, there's a pair of sweatpants, a t-shirt and a hoodie, the doctor told us to bring you comfortable clothes, nothing tight - she says.
- Thanks Nat, I'll go change in the bathroom if you don't mind - you say.
- Oh of course, I'll wait here - she answers and takes a seat on the couch.
You go to the bathroom and take off the gown, then you see the clothes. There's nothing special on them, except for the hoodie, it's red and it has the letters N.R. embroidered on the right side.
Those initials must be for Natasha's name, but you could tell that the style of the hoodie it's something that you have seen before.
- Wow, that hoodie really suits you - you say smiling to the girl in front of you.
- Yeah? It was a Christmas gift, from one of my teammates - she told you - Everyone got one with our initials on it.
- Well it's beautiful...
Wanda has one too.
You get out of the bathroom and Natasha is still on the couch. When she notices your presence she smiles, but before she could say anything, you talk
- Wanda Maximoff has one of this too, right? I saw a memory, she got it as a Christmas gift.
Natasha stares at you as she seems to be processing the information you just gave her.
- Well, yes.. What exactly did you see? - she asks.
You walk to the bed to sit in front of her and speak.
- Well I saw the initials on this hoodie, and toughI know these are from your name, a memory flew back - you explain - She told me her hoodie was a Christmas gift from one of her teammates, and that everyone got one.
Natasha smirks.
- So you know Wanda since the last Christmas? That means you and her met at least five months ago.
You think about it. That was kind of a long time.
- I think so...
But then something makes click on your mind.
- So you and Wanda work together?
She looks at you confuse.
- Wanda told me that everyone in her team got a hoodie, that means you work with her if you have one - you explain.
She nods.
- Yes, we work together.
- So am I gonna meet her? At your headquarter... - you ask.
You probably haven't mentioned this to anyone but since the first memory you had, you were dying to see Wanda Maximoff.
- Let's not get ahead too much - she says getting up from the couch and walking to the door - I'm gonna go with Steve and Tony to see if they need anything, get ready to leave okay?
You don't say anything for some seconds but then nod.
- I know this can be hard Y/N, but we'll do this gradually, step by step.
You nod again and then she leaves the room.
Another hour later you are out of the hospital and in the car with the others. Tony was driving and Steve was his co-pilot while you and Nat were on the back seat.
New York City was beautiful, and you were mesmerized by the big buildings that you could see through the window.
- Enjoying the view Y/N? - Tony asks from the driver seat.
- Yes, it's really beautiful - you answer.
- Well, our base it's a bit far from the city, but maybe we can take you out some days, when you get better - he says and you nod excited.
After some minutes you leave the buildings behind and you can see more trees indicating that you're not in the city anymore.
- You know Y/N, our "base" as you call it, we prefer to call it "The Compound" - Tony tells you - It's a big building, we have bedrooms for everyone, gym, kitchen, dinner room, a lot of spare rooms, training room and, of course, a medical room so please feel yourself at home - Tony tells and you listen really concentrate.
- Yes, you'll have you own bedroom, and Dr. Banner will attend you there, and your rehab sessions will take place there too - Steve says - And we'll be with you as much as we can, but you'll get to know all of our other friends too.
Your palms sweat. Meeting new people wasn't something you were looking forward to do.
- Thanks - you say nervous.
You are now in front of a really big building, it's massive and you open your mouth in surprise.
- Wow, when you said it was big I never imagined it would be this big - you say in shock.
They all laugh a little at your expression.
- We'll we haven't told you this but Stark is very rich, a billionaire basically - Nat tells you - He finances our team.
You look at Stark through the mirror an he nods.
- That's a plot - that's the only thing you say.
- Oh dear, you have no idea - Nat says.
On one side of the building there's a huge letter "A", and you were about to ask when Steve speaks.
- We're here, we'll show you the place, and then your room, so you can rest before visiting doctor Banner.
You nod and get out of the car.
The place is as huge inside as it looks on the outside. They show you the kitchen, the main spare room, the pool, their training rooms and the medical room. Doctor Banner isn't there at the moment but Tony tells you that you'll meet him in a few hours.
Then they show you your room, of course as you expect it, it was big and nice. Compared to your hospital room it's a dream. It has neutral decorations but they're enough to make it look comfortable and cozy.
- This will be your room for the next days, or weeks, or for the time it takes to find out more about you - Tony says and you laugh at his rambling.
- Thanks Tony, it's amazing - you say.
- About the clothes and your obvious lack of them in this moment, Natasha selected some sweatpants, jeans and t-shirts for you, and also some sweaters and sweatshirts, they're in the closet, oh and some pair of shoes too, but if you need anything more just tell us - Steve tells you as he walks towards the closet door to show you.
- Yes Steve, thank you, and thank you Natasha for the clothes - you say and smile.
- We'll let you set in, you can take a shower and change your clothes - Natasha say - Then you can rest before going with Banner.
You nod and thank them for the millionth time before they leave.
As they suggested, you take a shower, and when you close your eyes to enjoy the hot water, a memory flows to your mind.
- Oh Gosh Malyshka, that water is boiling - Wanda says laughing before you get into the shower.
- I like that temperature to shower, it's relaxing - you say.
- Well, you can shower first and then I'll do it, there's no way that I shower like that - she says
- You're a baby - you say and both of you laugh.
You open your eyes and some of the water gets into your mouth. You cough and stop your movements.
Did Wanda and you were close enough to... Shower together?
Shaking your head you finish your shower.
It was frustrating, thinking about nothing but sporadic moments about her, but nothing about you.
You look at the clock on the wall and remember you need to take your pills. You run to the bag that you took from the hospital and look for the right medicine.
You need to tell Natasha about that schedule Dr. DeLuca suggested you.
After some more minutes Tony goes to your room.
- Hey Y/N, are you ready? - he asks as he knocks on the door.
- Yes Tony, you can get in - you answer as you put on your shoes.
He opens the door and waits for you, once your in the hallway with him he starts to talk.
- We're going to meet with Dr. Banner, he's part our team, so please, feel comfortable to let him know everything - he says.
- Okay - you say nervous.
- And Strange is also gonna be there - you give him a look of concern and he taps your back - I know he can be intimidating but he needs to be here.
You sigh but nod your head.
Strange wasn't someone friendly, and you felt suffocated whenever her asked you something at the hospital, but you're hoping to feel more relax now here at the compound.
It takes a few minutes to get to the medical room but once there you are meet by Nat, Stephen, Steve and two other men you don't recognize.
- Hello everyone - Tony says.
Everyone looks at you and you smile shyly waving your hand.
- Y/N, i hope you got some rest - Steve tells you as he walks to your side - This is Dr. Bruce Banner, he's the one we've been talking you about.
A man with dark hair, glasses and a white coat waves back at you.
- It's a pleasure to meet you Y/N
- It's a pleasure too Dr. Banner, thanks for helping me - you say.
He nods smiling briefly.
- Well, as you probably have heard, we're here to help.
Steve smiles and he introduces the other guy in the room.
- And this is Clint Barton, another member of our group.
- It's nice to meet to Mr. Barton - you greet.
- Nice to meet you Y/N - he says smirking and nodding his head.
- And you already know Mr. Strange and Nat, they're here to see your tests - Steven finishes.
You feel a little overwhelmed with all the people around you, Steve notices this and doesn't expect expect you to say something else.
- So how is this gonna start Bruce? - he asks.
Dr. Banner and his team start to work with you, first they ask you to wear a new hospital gown and to sit on a chair in front of a table and a T.V. Monitor.
You're the only one in the room but you know they are monitoring you from a control cabin.
- Okay Y/N, now my co-workers are going to put this kind of a swimming cap that has wires on it, this will help us to take a look at your brain activity and check that everything is on order - you hear Bruce's voice through the speaker in the room and you nod.
A man and a woman enter the room and put you the cap in the head, then they leave the room.
- Now, please try to remember something, anything, just put your mind into work - they tell you.
You do as you're told but get the same results as before. Nothing.
But in the same time you're thinking you're having no results, in the control room they're having other opinion.
Bruce is explaining to everyone what they are watching in the monitor with your brain activity.
- What we're watching here is an image of Y/N's brain in real time, this is her mind right now, we can see her neurons working on the task that I gave her - he explains - But, apparently, we're not having success.
- Can you tell us why is this happening? - Steve asks.
- Not exactly Captain, forgetfulness has many causes, not always pathological, but in her case we know she didn't suffered any serious blow to any region of her head...
- No, but it was worse than just a physical blow - Strange interrupts Banner.
- Strange... - Tony warnes him.
- Gentlemen please - Nat tells them - Bruce, please continue...
Bruce clears his throat and nods.
- Thanks Nat, uhmm as I was saying, our brain is stimulated day by day with all the experiences and events that we live through our lives, all the people we meet, all the places we visit, so if Y/N can't remember anything is because she hasn't been stimulated yet, or at least, not enough.
- We don't even know what to use to stimulate her mind on the first place, and the brief memories she gets are about... - Strange pauses for a minute.
- Wanda - Nat completes.
Stephen sighs and nods.
- It's time to show her a picture - Tony says
Bruce's co-workers obey and in the monitor of your room a picture of Wanda appears.
You don't seem to notice it until a few second after but when you do your heart begins to race.
- Y/N, now you can see a picture of Wanda Maximoff, the only person you seem to remember - Bruce's voice tells you - Please stare at it for a few seconds, examine it and do your best to try to remember.
You nod and look at the picture. She was just as you remember, her red hair, her piercing green eyes, her lips... Oh god..
- Malyshka, I'm dying to kiss you - her voice souns in your head.
- I know, me too - you answer.
The feeling of her lips on yours was the softest thing you've ever experience, it was like magic, and you couldn't help but crave for more.
- She's remembering - Bruce tells to the others in the control cabin - Her mind is working now that she saw that picture of Wanda.
- My head hurts - they hear your voice through the speakers - Please, my pills.
- Don't worry Y/N, you did a great job, they'll give you your pills right away, we're done for the day- Bruce tells you.
Everyone is confuse about your situation.
- As you told me, Wanda seems to be the only person to bring her memories back, and as far as we know those memories are exclusively about Wanda too - Bruce speaks - It's like her mind is blocked or so, like Wanda is the only person she knows.
- Well that's something we already knew - Strange says.
- Can you tell us why is that happening? - Steve asks again.
- Well, our brain retains situations or moments because the emotion that accompanies them activates the regions involved in the formation of memories, such as the hippocampus and the cerebral cortex. In addition, the release of hormones such as adrenaline helps to strengthen the memory of emotional situations. And since what excites us are important things, emotions serve so that only what is important is recorded in memory - Bruce explains - Wanda produced very strong emotions in Y/N's life, good and important emotions like love and attraction, that's why her memories are completely linked to her, that's why Y/N is not afraid of her.
- So why can't she remember her family or friends, those must be good emotions too, right? - Clint asks.
Bruce shakes his head and sighs as he takes his glasses off.
- That's something I can't figure out yet, but maybe after some more tests we get more answers, but now I can only suggest you to talk to Wanda, maybe if she provides us with more information about Y/N's life we can be more precise - he says - Today we should stop, she's having a headache and that's not a good sign, tomorrow we'll continue.
Everyone accept and Bruce gives you the order to take the pill and take the cap with wires off your head.
- I'll be back tomorrow, and remember to don't let Wanda get close to Y/N, I'm doing my own research and it's not good what I have discovered so far, so don't trust her - Strange says as he exits the room.
- She's not a monster Strange - Clint tells him - We're not treating her like a criminal.
Stephen turns to face the man and smirks.
- You saw what she did, it's up to you the way you treat her but don't put Y/N in risk again.
And then he opens a portal and leaves.
- I don't like him - Clint says.
- None of us do - Tony tells him - But he's the expert at magic so we need him.
- I know he's the expert talking about Wanda's powers, but I can suggest you to let them interact - Bruce speaks - If Wanda can make her remember and Y/N will make Wanda talk, maybe it's for the best. Now Wanda is in control and we trust her, don't we?
Everyone stays silence until Clint breaks it.
- Yes we do, at least I do - he says firmly.
- We all do - Steve confirms.
- Strange will be back tomorrow, and we don't need to tell him everything - Bruce says.
- Okay, let's call Maximoff - Tony says.
Meanwhile you're confuse, that memory of you kissing Wanda was too much for you.
The memory only confirms what you were suspecting. Wanda and you were romantically involved. She was your partner.
But if that was true, then why Strange didn't want her to get close to you?
A lot of questions run through your head in less than ten seconds.
- Y/N - Bruce's voice sounds in the room - I know I told you we had finished, but there's someone we'd like you to meet, so please stay calm and tell us if you want us to take you out of the room, okay? Don't be afraid, no one's gonna hurt you, we'd never let something happen to you.
You stare at the camera in the corner of the room confuse.
But then, the door opens and a very well known voice to you speaks at your back.
- Y/N...
You let out your breath without turning.
Wanda Maximoff is there in the room.
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Wanda dreaming about her boys (Part 1)
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That look at the end though . . .
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THE Wanda head tilt 🛐
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Edit: I guess it's a Lizzie thing now 🛐
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Who would win in a hand movement dance battle, Wanda or Dr Strange?
Check out rest of the Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Answer Time with Benedict Cumberbatch & Elizabeth Olsen here.
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Pouty :(
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New Lizzie pictures in LA she looks like a fruity lol gardener 🥲🥲🥲
these are my new favorite pics of her i’m not even kidding
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ELIZABETH OLSEN Movies with Ali Plumb | 2022
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I swear to all that is unholy I fucking s(creamed)
Does she realize what she’s doing to the girls gays and theys??? Like miss ma’am…
Excuse me Mommy? Sorry. Mommy? Sorry. Mommy? Sorry.
I’m so sorry I can’t come in today I’m gay
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“The Scarlet Witch is not born, she is forged. She has no coven, no need for incantation. Your power exceeds that of the Sorcerer Supreme. It is your destiny to destroy the world.”
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Tumblr media
pairing: au!baker!wanda maximoff x fem!reader
description: wanda’s been out of the dating scene for a long time, so she’s understandably nervous when her friend sets her up on tinder. she usually wouldn’t go for someone so much younger than herself, but it might be exactly what she needs.
warnings: kinda steamy?, tinder usage, legal age gap (wanda is almost 40, reader is around 24), alcohol, first date jitters, sensuality, milf!wanda (v much so a warning), TEXTING KEY: bold and italics = Y/n, bold = Wanda
words: 3.3K
date posted: 18/04/22
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“I’m telling you, my sex life has never been better,” Monica lowered her voice to Wanda as she leaned closer, careful to avoid the hot steam that rolled out of her mug, “I mean, I didn’t even realize how unsatisfied I was before.”
Wanda rolled her eyes, cheeks reddening at her shameless words in the middle of a busy café, “I’m sure James would love to hear that, Mon.”
This sort of conversation wasn’t out of the ordinary for the two women. They’d become close friends since Wanda had moved in across the street from Monica over a decade ago. The women had bonded quickly over their shared devotion to each of their young families, and Monica stood proudly at Wanda’s side throughout the proceedings of her divorce and everything that had happened since. Regardless, Wanda has been forced to sit and listen to the gruesome details of Monica’s (up until recently) boring sex life, this time pertaining the new status of her marriage as an open one. 
“Well I don’t hear him complaining. He’s probably even happier with this new little arrangement we have. Seriously Wanda, Tinder is a game changer for finding hot, meaningless, kinky sex. I can’t believe that you’re not into it all, I mean, it's been almost two years since the divorce with Vision.”
“Well,” Wanda flushed, fiddling with her fingers nervously, “I never said that I wasn’t.”
Monica’s eyes widened, “Wanda! And you didn’t tell me?”
Wanda shrugged, “I’ve had it for a while, but I’ve never really thought about actually using it. It’s been a while since the last time I’ve… you know. And I think it would just be very difficult for Billy and Tommy if they ever found out I was back on the dating scene… I just don’t think it's the right time.”
Monica placed her hand over Wanda’s on the table, “Hun, Billy and Tommy are big boys now, they can handle it. They’ve been good so far about the whole ‘coming out,’ haven’t they?”
“They have, but me actually introducing them to a girlfriend is much different than me just being gay.”
Monica guffawed, leaning back in her chair as she took a long sip of her steaming tea, “Who said anything about a girlfriend? Wand, you are a beautiful woman, and to be completely honest, there are literally hundreds of ladies who would kill to shag a MILF like you.”
“Please–” Wanda stifled her laugh through her fingers, “Please never call me that again.”
“Okay, okay,” Monica grasped Wanda’s phone off of the table, gesturing for her to unlock it, “Now let me see. I wanna hear all kinds of noise complaints from the neighbours in the weeks to come.”
Wanda hesitated, considering the idea of simply denying her the ability to peek at her profile, but tapped her short, glossy black fingernails over the screen and held it out for her to inspect. 
“That one’s cute… and that one is…” Monica chewed her bottom lips, “I’m sorry sweetheart, but you are never gonna get any with this profile.”
“What are you talking about?” Wanda furrowed her brow as she retracted her phone, defensively, “I like it.”
“These photos aren’t exactly screaming ‘I’m a good lay,’ babe. For God’s sake, you don’t even have a bio!” 
“I didn’t know what to– Hey! What are you doing?”
“Just fixing you up,” Monica began scrolling through her photos, “Do you not have any pictures that aren’t of the boys– Oh, well hello…”
“Monica, that’s a bit much,” Wanda warned, “That’s a Halloween costume!”
“Yes, and it’s the only one that shows even an inch of cleavage, so it’s the one that we’re going with. Now for the bio… What do you think?”
Wanda read over the words in horror, snatching her phone away hastily, “Monica! ‘Recently divorced, looking for fun’?” 
“It’s straight to the point,” Monica shrugged, “Fine, you do the bio then, but do not touch the pictures.”
“Alright…” Wanda thought for a moment before she finally began typing, “How does this sound?”
“Hmm, ‘Sokovian, mother of two, just looking to get back out there’,” Monica nodded approvingly, “Also straight to the point. Nice touch of mentioning that you have an accent, the ladies love that. This’ll work.”
“More coffee, ladies?”
Wanda was nearly caught off guard by the dazzling smile that she was met with as she glanced up at the waitress. The girl was young, probably less than a decade older than Wanda’s own children, and the woman almost felt guilty as she found herself simply unable to look away. 
“Please,” Monica smiled at the waitress.
She quickly filled Monica’s cup to the brim, then turned back to Wanda with raised brows, “And yourself?”
Wanda snapped herself out of the trance, “Uh, no thank you.”
The girl smiled at her again, “‘Course, just give me a shout if you need anything.”
Wanda’s eyes followed the girl as she disappeared behind the counter, even after she’d escaped her sight. She’d seen her around before, hell, she’d seen her working at that very café dozens of times, and she knew that she was only working there while she was on her summer vacation from university. Her name was Y/n, and though she didn’t know the specifics, she knew that she was only in her early twenties, while Wanda had just celebrated her thirty-ninth birthday.
Wanda had begun choosing that very café for meetings such as this simply so that she could thrive in the minimal interactions that they would have. She hated herself for acting like a lovestruck teenager, fawning after someone who most definitely wouldn’t be interested, but she also liked to rationalise with herself. Wanda was a divorcée, one that had only publicly come out as a lesbian just over a year beforehand, and hadn’t had any action beyond the work of her trusty vibrator since long before the divorce. There was nothing wrong with a little crush, even if it made her feel like some sick perv. 
“Wanda, are you listening?” Monica’s dark eyes caught Wanda’s, suddenly aware of her disengagement.
“Oh, sorry, Mon,” Wanda shook her head, “Just got caught up thinking about everything that I’ve gotta get done this week.”
“Girl, you’ve really gotta go on a vacation or something. I swear, those boys of yours are running you down to the bone,” A wicked smirk grew on her glossy lips, “But you know what else would help? Sex. Sex makes everything just so much better, and you are going to have some. Look at this, you’ve already got nine likes.”
Wanda took her phone from her friend’s hands, scrolling through the profiles that had liked her. Some of them were very attractive, but their bios made it clear that they were looking for another woman to surprise their husbands or hardcore BDSM, neither of which was she prepared for. She continued to scan the profiles over the next few days, making a few matches with respectable women, though none were exactly what she had in mind. She tried to remember what Monica had told her, who said anything about a girlfriend?, though she just wasn’t interested in a meaningless fling with someone who she genuinely didn’t care for. Then, as she swiped through the profiles one evening while she finally found herself relaxing in a steaming hot bubble bath, her phone just scarcely missed being dropped into the water as her thumb tapped the screen to enhance the profile, cheeks heating at the sight of the girl photographed in front of her. 
It was Y/n. Her profile was filled with various photos of her, some alone where she was posing somewhat seductively, and others where she wore that very same blinding grin on her face as she’s surrounded by friends. Her profile encapsulated her radiance, and Wanda’s finger mindlessly hit the little green heart in the corner, causing her eyes to widen in panic. She had not budgeted for Tinder Gold, so there was simply no going back. Wanda wanted to scream into her pillow, cry, do anything that any heartbroken teenager would do out of embarrassment. Then, the screen lit up in green letters; IT’S A MATCH!
For the following few days, she continuously hovered her finger over the keyboard, wanting to send a message in greeting but never knowing what to say. Would you respond? What if it was all a joke, get the sad, lonely mom all excited over nothing. She simply decided to avoid going to that coffee shop at all costs in fear that she would just melt into a little puddle on the floor under her gaze, which would only cause Y/n even more inconvenience, as she would have to clean it up. 
By Friday morning, Wanda was back in that café with Monica before work. Y/n hadn’t been working that morning, which was a blessing to her. Instead, she sat in silence, staring into her dark coffee thoughtlessly as Monica updated her on her new promotion at work.
“What’s the matter with you?” 
Monica rolled her eyes, “Let me guess, you’ve been sketching yourself out on Tinder?”
Wanda sighed, leaning back in her chair as she laced her fingers together, “What’s your thoughts on dating someone younger?”
Monica narrowed her eyes, “How much younger are we talking here?”
Wanda tilted her head from side to side, “About fourteen years.”
“Wanda!” Monica laughed, “Please don’t tell me that you’ve gotten wrapped up in becoming a sugar mama or whatever.”
“No, no,” Wanda chuckled, “It’s just… There's this girl, and she is about fourteen years younger than me, and as I say that out loud I’m realising how horrible that must sound.”
“No, no,” Monica touched her arm, “It doesn’t. Maybe it’s a bigger difference than most couples, but that doesn’t matter if you really like this girl. Is that what you’re going for? A relationship?”
“I think so,” Wanda frowned, “I don’t know, I’m not very good at this. With Vision, everything was just so easy.”
“That’s because you started dating when you were seventeen and you were trying to pretend to be straight. Real relationships, ones that last, they aren’t easy.”
Wanda hummed, glancing down at her watch and jumping in shock at the displayed time, “Shit, it’s almost nine! I’ve gotta get to the store, Mon, I’m so sorry.”
She quickly bid farewell to her friend and left a few bucks on the table, rushing out the door in a desperate attempt to get to work on time. She swore, digging through her purse for her keys, not finding them anywhere amongst the contents of her bag. 
“Hey!” A melodious voice called after her, “You dropped your keys!”
She turned on her heel, eyes meeting a glowing figure in the morning light as Y/n jogged towards her, car keys in hand. Wanda’s tongue felt numb as she took her in; She was dressed comfortably, wearing a pair of cotton shorts and a matching hoodie and a pair of sandals, but she looked even more beautiful than the other times that Wanda had seen her, when her beauty and personality was constricted to the beige uniform she wore at work. 
“These are yours, right?” She extended them to her as she finally stopped merely a foot away. 
“Uh,” Wanda stared for a moment longer before finally responding, “Yes, yes. Thank you. You literally just saved my life… well, my job, anyways.”
“Hey, no problem.” Y/n smiled at her as she turned to continue on her way, “Have a good day, then.”
“Thank you,” She murmured, “You too.”
Wanda always tried her best to avoid using her phone at work for anything other than emergencies, but over the next hour, she checked Y/n’s profile three times simply just to compare how her smile was even more radiant in person, and she dropped to the floor behind the confectionary case when she caught sight of the notification telling her that she had received a new message. 
hey, hope I saved your job on time this morning :)
Wanda bit her lip, thinking over a good response while simultaneously trying to act as if she was actually doing her job and not extremely close to human combustion. She wanted to appear unbothers, suave even. Wanda definitely didn’t want it to be clear how big of a crush she’d been harbouring for the younger woman for weeks now. 
You certainly did. I feel like I owe you.
well if you insist… maybe over dinner and drinks?
Wanda felt her heart jump to her throat. 
Sounds great! When are you free?
call me eager, but I’m off at five-thirty tonight… 
Works for me! See you then.
The rest of the work day passed by slower than usual. Wanda impatiently watched the clock slowly tick by, like torture as Wanda’s mind raced. What would she wear? How would she compose herself? It was hard enough to act cool over the phone, but in person would be a completely different story. 
By three o’clock, Wanda had done the bare minimum of her work on top of her inner turmoil, giving more attention to the detail for the evening. Monica, whose words seemed to jump through the screen at her after hearing about Wanda’s date, had agreed to have Tommy and Billy over for a sleepover with her own kids so Wanda was able to go without worrying about them for the evening. 
Throughout the afternoon, Y/n had messaged her to suggest a few places, and they agreed to meet around seven at a small bistro across town, and around six-fifty, Wanda sat in the parking lot, nervously hammering her fingers into her thigh as she worked up the courage to head inside, finally giving herself one last glance in the mirror before crossing the lot with a purposeful stride.
“Good evening,” The hostess greeted, “Do you have a reservation?”
“Uh,” She cleared her throat, suddenly aware of how dry her mouth had become, “I’m actually meeting somebody?”
“Wanda!” Y/n called from the bar, raising her hand to wave her over with a large grin across her painted lips. 
Wanda smiled politely at the hostess as she slipped past, wiping her palms along the sides of her pants. She admired her appearance as she came closer, dressed nicely in darker colours and accented by the bright red of her lips. She stood to greet her, opening her arms to give her a loose hug before inviting her to sit. A single glass of some pink blended drink sat on the bar, condensation rolling down the side to create a puddle on the bartop.
“You look great,” Y/n indiscreetly ogled the older woman, eyes dropping to get a full look at how the red pantsuit accentuated her figure.
“Thank you,” Wanda flushed, “So do you. I hope you haven’t been waiting too long.”
“Not at all, I just got here myself,” Y/n shook her head, glancing at the glass in front of her, “Sorry I didn’t order you anything just yet, I didn’t really know what you would like.”
“No worries,” Wanda struggled to hide her grin behind the cocktail menu, pleased at how equally nervous the younger girl sounded, “What did you get?”
Y/n pushed the glass towards her, “I asked the bartender to surprise me with something fruity. I think it’s some sort of daiquiri, you can try it if you want.”
Wanda accepted, holding eye contact with her as she lifted the straw into her mouth, slurping some of the sweet liquid into her mouth and letting out a small moan of approval, “Mmm, that’s good.”
A small giggle shook Y/n’s body, “I know. Do you want me to grab one for you?”
Wanda raised her brows, “I thought I was supposed to be buying?”
She smirked, turning on her stool to face the bartender, “You can get the next one.”
Wanda thanked the bartender as she slid the drink over to her, turning back to her date as she took a long drink, “So what do you do, aside from serving me coffee almost every morning.”
“Well I’m in university right now,” Y/n began, “I just finished up my third year at Rutgers. I’m majoring in gender studies, but I’m hoping to get into a decent law school afterwards.”
“Oh wow, that's actually very interesting. I actually thought about law when I was younger, but by the time I was out of high school, I had completely different plans.”
“Oh yeah? So what do you do now?”
“I actually own a bakery.”
“Oh my God, that is so cool!” 
Wanda’s cheeks reddened at both the excitement that the girl presented to her and the softness of her fingers against Wanda’s own flesh. The date felt relaxing and exhilarating at the same time, enjoying the youthful glow that she felt from simply being in Y/n’s presence. The evening was much less tense than she had anticipated as conversation flowed easily and they bonded over similar interests, though Wanda thought that she had made a major mistake after she mentioned Billy and Tommy, though Y/n didn’t appear to be bothered at all, which caused Wanda’s heart to swell.
Wanda insisted on paying the bill, despite Y/n’s offer to at least let her pay half, and almost jumped out of her own skin as Y/n’s hand made contact with her lower back as she led her out of the bar. 
“Well this was fun,” Wanda wasn’t entirely sure how to go about the ending part of the date, especially because she didn’t actually want it to end, “We should, I mean, would you want to do it again sometime?”
Y/n grinned widely, taking a step closer to the older woman and staring at her through her lashes as she parted her lips just slightly, “I would love to do this again sometime.”
Wanda exhaled heavily, flushing at the clear invitation as she admired her beauty up close. She raised her hand, running her finger tips over her hair and tracing over the column of her throat so that she could gently cup her jaw and guide Y/n’s lips to meet her own. 
Neither of them moved for several beats, absorbing the simple pleasure of such an embrace before both began to softly move their lips in sync. Y/n’s fingers gripped onto Wanda’s waist, squeezing her snugly as she moved impossibly closer to press her own body against her. Small shockwaves sparked over Wanda’s entire body at the contact, and she had to physically force her body to restrain the moan that threatened to escape her throat as Y/n’s tongue met with her lips, tracing over it with feather-light pressure until Wanda finally allowed her to slip it inside. 
Their lips separated with heaving breaths from both parties, though they did not move away from one another entirely. Wanda rested her forehead against Y/n’s, touching her cheek gingerly.
“That was,” Y/n giggled, “That was cool.”
Wanda laughed at the juvenile response, “It was very cool.”
Nerves began to eat away at Wanda’s gut as she considered what she would do next. Her body craved for more, for the date to continue on throughout the night, preferably at her house, where there were no teenage boys waiting for her. 
“So,” She cleared her throat, “I don’t normally do this sort of thing, and I don’t mean to be too forward or anything… But would you want to come back to my place?”
Y/n smiled shyly at her before nodding eagerly and allowing her to pull her along to the car, mentally preparing herself for the activities to come. Wanda grinned to herself, pleased with herself for finally getting back into the dating scene, and also having a sex life to report to Monica.
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Scarlet Witch Bloopers!
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Marvel clean sweep wins at the MTV Movie Awards! Congrats to Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan, Lizzie Olsen, Paul Bettany and Kathyn Hahn!
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POV: your camera roll but Wanda Maximoff is your girlfriend
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What is the one thing that made you fall in love with your character?
Check out rest of the Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Answer Time with Benedict Cumberbatch & Elizabeth Olsen here.
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