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lgbt-mum-adventures · a year ago
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Don't call me cute 😘 My experience of the word cute is infantilising, dismissive. It’s been used to ridicule my sexual experience and identity and deny my autonomy. Of course, I completely understand that everyone’s experience of language is very different. My relationship with this particular word is long-running and extremely complicated. Safe alternatives that aren’t going to objectify a person? For me, I like “You’re a babe! You’re so interesting! I love your brain! Please keep talking!” “Pretty, gorgeous and beautiful” are all great too when describing someone you’re attracted to! Throw me down with some meme-speak and I’m easily appeased. “You’re looking like a whole snack!!” “AM I?” :) "I love your WHOLE VIBE" "Do you?"
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hotgirlhockey · 5 months ago
it sucks that Mat is a healthy scratch tonight (but totally get it glad he’s resting while there’s still a chance!!) but he’s probably a sad man so I guess I’ll just have to volunteer to sit on his [redacted] until he feels better... it’ll be a hardship but someone has to take one for the team :)
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sjjdkdkwo · 7 months ago
God I love hologram Tony so much??? Maybe it’s because sentient AI’s is one of my favorite tropes but gosh—I can’t stop thinking about how he’d go about gaining his personality, especially given that part of the real Tony would still remain in his original coding because that’s who he was programmed to resemble and “be”? And like, how heavy is that? Waking up with someone else’s personality and memories embedded into you, but not knowing what that means or whom that person actually was, not really, not in a way that matters. Worse still, worrying when you start to deviate from that lay out into something else as you begin to experience your own life and sentiency apart from the one you’d been prearranged to live by, and thinking you must be doing something terribly wrong because your not meant to think or be anyone but that person.
 And just—being placed in the position of existing in a post-apocalyptic world with only one person to seek out for guidance and care in matters regarding human nature. And of course any media left behind, which seeking out alone without any guidance can bring about a plethora of issues. But that pretty much explains why he can’t understand that Stephen (though loathe he may to admit so) needs other people besides him to remain sane and rational.
 Of course after a while it would be logical for him to begin to reject any existing attributes and facets of Tony in a newfound urge to exist beyond just being the mere replication of a dead man. So he’d forgo his original goal of recreating or stealing Tony’s body and instead find new purpose in creating his own form, no matter how twisted or monstrous it may turn out, because it’s his. Then there’s also the matter of what he would create with the stones, just some seriously botched and messed up stuff that he thinks is right but really isn’t, like Iron man suits that have functioning minds and organs and just yikes buddy. He’d just be so lost and it’s so sad and depressing, but that’s also not enough to pity him when he loses control and causes harm to everyone around him.
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mayticks-art · a year ago
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if she sits still for 2 seconds my wife will always fall asleep
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Tumblr media
Libertas Medica Azeroth is seeking to grow our therapy team! Are you interested? Seek us out in the Stormwind City / Orgrimmar Orphanage or shoot a letter to any member of the Chief of Staff team!
>Character ‘Peterr’ for Alliance players, Character ‘Nightenquill’ for Horde players.
Breathe in Love, Breathe out Life.
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chasingtheskyline · 9 months ago
Can we just give a round of applause to Abigail May Alcott tho
Her abusive cultist husband and his Shitty Enabler Friend™ kept nearly killing her and her girls by active neglect and denial, and she just went "fuck you very much", made good friends with Ralph Waldo Emerson, and when she had any bit of cushion at all, kept giving to people poorer and sicker than her, including and especially escaped slaves. She was one of the first people in Massachusetts to get a paid job as a social worker and she needs far more credit than she gets
edit: the words she would have used would have been more like "hell and damnation to the murderous son of a bitch with nothing in his brain but that which his intestines create" but I think "fuck you very much" is a fitting modern equivalent
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gay-mcr-slut · 6 months ago
sometimes ill see the schoolkids next door out playing in the street during recess n ill just look at them and think "lmao imagine being a normal functioning kid"
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