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Not Me sleeping till almost one 😼

the past few days have been pretty hard on my mental health, but i did a virtual session with my therapist yesterday, so i’m doing better.

ty for being patient with the requests. ik there’s a lot i still have to do. i’m so slow at getting to them but i promise they are coming!

much love xx

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Tfa Megatron x Autobot aligned human reader hcs

- Megatron knew who you were before you could ever have imagined who he was.

-He had been watching you. Of course, at first it wasn’t because he had an interest in you. If he was being honest, the most he really could recognize for a long time when he saw you was that you looked like a femme. You had simply gotten yourself tangled up with the Autobots, and as time grew on, you intrigued him.

-Unlike the other humans who seemed to bungle around the technology that Professor Sumdac had “created” you managed to take notice of how strange all of this was. In fact you mentioned how suspicious you were of Sumdac during one session of Megatron’s spying on the Autobots, and even though Sari assured you that her dad wasn’t suspicious at all, Megatron had to chuckle at how perceptive you seemed to be.

- As time went on, he began to grow jealous of how affectionate you were with the Autobots. Whether it was pure greed that set him off or genuine desire for you, he could care less. He had already made his decision. You were going to be his no matter what.

-When he finally gained a body once more, he was a bit too focused on taking revenge that he almost forgot about stealing you away. Of course, as soon as he had settled into his new base of operations, he started a plan to draw you out.

-Once he was able to separate you from the Autobots, he set his plan into motion.

- It was late, and you were leaving the Autobot base after a routine check in with Sari to make sure that she was okay. You had offered to let her stay with you, but she was almost inseparable from Bumblebee ever since her dad went missing. You didn’t want her to be more upset than she already was opting to visit the warehouse as often as possible to make sure things were alright. She seemed to be more understanding of her situation as time went on and had become adjusted to her new living situation much better now.

-As you started to drive home, you received a call from a strange number. You almost didn’t pick up, but some of your best leads had come from an “unknown” number.

-You knew immediately things were strange when the person on the other end called you by your first name and proceeded to mock the Autobots. It didn’t take you long to put two and two together. Before you could hang up, Megatron begged you to listen to what he had to say.

-He tried to convince you that the Decepticons were good while the Autobots were evil. He knew that you had a strong sense of justice, and if he was able to get you to doubt the Autobots for a second then that could be enough. He told you of the cruelty of the Autobot regime, total discrimination against fliers. If a bot dared have wings, then they would have to mutilate themselves or be labeled a Decepticon. Many could not destroy their frame and were persecuted for it. 

- You were actually moved by this despite not being able to fully trust Megatron, but you did recognize that most of the Decepticons you knew were fliers and your dear Autobot friends stayed on the ground. With that he was able to trick you into meeting him for the first time in person.

- It was awkward for you standing before the Leader of the Decepticons unsure of whether he was going to kill you or not. However, he was cordial and very willing to talk about the war with you. Though you’d never know for sure, he was honest about the occurrence of specific events and even the original purpose of the cause, but he did leave out most of his own war crimes unless they were context for future 

-Carefully, he crafted a connection with you built on pity and charm. Even as his underlings attack your friends, you found yourself drawn to him. He gave you insight on Cybertron in a way that felt so raw and candid. 

-Occasionally, he would write you poetry as an easy way for him to express his desire for you without being out right. In the expression of your attentive eyes during one of his many stories, he found something creep into his spark could not manufacture if he tried. After many secret forest meetings, Megatron decided that it was time for him to have you all to himself. 

-He convinced you to step into his servo so he could show you the beautiful sunset and stars. The sight much more lovely outside of the lights of Detroit, made you feel even more conflicted about what exactly what you were doing. As you decided that you needed some time to really think about what you were doing, he informed you of his intentions and took you back to his base instead of letting you go home that night.

-Though kidnapping wasn’t exactly the most romantic gesture you had ever received, you were sure that he was serious when he told you that he didn’t feel this way about any other being.

- The true nature of your relationship with Megatron is mostly a secret between you and him. The other Autobots and Decepticons don’t quite know that you share stolen moments with him nor that you care for him much more than any human should. Ratchet is the only one who really suspects that there might be something between you, but he mostly doesn’t say anything because he doesn’t believe it would be possible for Megatron to feel anything for an organic. 

-In the end, you can only watch as the Autobots take Megatron away in cuffs knowing that that would be the last time you ever saw him.

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When I see people planning their 2020 Halloween costumes… #wishfulthinking 👀🎃😂
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