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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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has anyone here been following the story of the white supremacist wood chopper? This is so funny

Nazi + hitler tw

This guy was featured on a trailer for sky history’s new tv show “the chop” which is about woodworkers or something. He had tattoos all over his face which are white supremacist and neo-Nazi codes, such as the number “88” which means “heil hitler”. After the trailer, there was a lot of backlash obviously, and their defence was “88 is not code for anything, it’s the year his dad died”

but then:

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them: no, we’re not gonna close shopping centers before Christmas

me: good, I can procrastinate on buying clothes

them: you know what, we changed our minds

me: …………. 

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Author Notes: Ah hah, I wrote something new for the Dragonrider AU. Ah hah. Ah hah. You can find another clip from it by searching “Taming the Dragonrider,” you’re welcome.

Series: DragonBall

Pairing: Goku x Chi-Chi (well, Kakarot x Chi-Chi)

AU Setting: Dragonrider AU

Words: 460

Rating: G

Prompt: violence; pillage/plunder; extortion

21. violence; pillage/plunder; extortion

Chi-Chi sat on the back of the golden dragon and wrapped her arms around Kakarot. No matter how many times he assured her that the harness would keep her glued to the dragon, she couldn’t help but fear the heights at which they flew. She’d never seen the world from this position before, and letting go seemed like a death wish.

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