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Lmao fuck grammar im gonna pretend to sleep
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me: blacklists cr
also me: still looks at every damn cr post on my dash
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Tumblr media
Shen Yuan shixiong AU - Part 4/?
All Peak Lords like Shen Yuan. (Yes, even Liu Qingge. That's his doting look.) Shen Yuan stands out by specializing in fauna and flora knowledge. (Nobody can stop him when his attention is grabbed by something interesting.) He also tends to keep all kind of monsters and beasts, terrifying everyone on Qing Jing Peak. Especially his shimei, Ning Yingying.
Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3
((Shen Qingqiu found him a small beast to study for his birthday but it unexpectedly became a pet : SY: Shizun is the best! Thank you!!! SQQ: Why are you playing with it? A-Yuan stop petting it, it's dangerous. SY: *delighted laughter* SQQ: ... *sigh* I guess this is fine too.))
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gumilac · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
"I just ate dinner with her, you're getting all worked up for nothing."
This is getting old.
You and Tsukishima have been at it ever since he came home, and you're tired, you both are. You let yourself fall down on the chair in the kitchen area, your two hands rubbing at your face. Taking a deep breath you move your hand to cover your mouth, before letting it rest on the table. You spare a glance at Kei who was fuming and refuses to meet your eyes.
"On our anniversary date? Dinner on our supposed to be special fucking day? We were supposed to go out but you spent it with her instead."
He finally looks at you and rolls his eyes, his voice slowly rising.
"It doesn't mean anything!! We always go out together anyways."
You sigh, "I know we're always together and it would've been fine with any other day. But on our anniversary?? Where it was supposed to be us two getting dinner, you ditched me for her."
Tsukishima scoffs and shakes his head, poking his tongue in his cheek. You bite back tears that are threatening to fall down your face. Why can't he just apologize? You hung your head low and you begin again, slowly. Get some answers from him at least.
"You told me it was for your company, but is it really? Do you do that to your other co-workers? Get dinner with only the two of you?"
"God, why can't you just let it go? I just ate dinner with her"
"I know," you pause and look at him, your voice gentle. "I know, okay? But, you knew we had plans for tonight and you disregarded them."
You laugh softly, finding this whole scenario stupid and it slowly makes you go crazy. "Again, I just want to know why it had to be today for you to get dinner with her when you knew it was our anniversary."
If looks could kill, his glare would've already burned two holes in your face. Your eyes pleading, searching his for an answer so you can stop overthinking. You want to give him the benefit of the doubt because you know he wouldn't cheat on you. Or is that the case?
"I just want an answer, Kei."
He rubs his temples and mumbles something under his breath, but unfortunately, you heard it.
"You're so clingy and insecure it pisses me off."
You were taken aback, and you rise up from your seat, "Excuse me?"
"Don't play dumb, you know it's true."
Tsukishima's sarcastic smile is now present on his face. It's not the same one he uses when he playfully teases you. But, this? This one seems more sinister, and it seems like his words hold the truth to it. Your voice begins to shake and you bite down on your bottom lip to stop it from trembling.
"I try... so hard not to overthink, Tsukishima. I don't get jealous easily because I trust you and you know that!!"
You physically flinch, from the volume and his words. It was like getting stab in the heart multiple times with how your heartaches. Tears start rolling down your cheeks and immediately after he says that, the way his face turns into panic in a snap of a finger, like a switch that's been clicked. Regret and guilt slowly coming up to eat him.
"...fuck, I'm sorry.."
Yeah, right.
"I-I'm sorry. I-"
That's it. You've had enough.
"Another word and I'm leaving you."
You make your way over to your shared bedroom, slamming the door harshly making him flinch. Tsukishima has never felt this much fear in his life. The thought of him losing you made him shut up quicker than a glass falling from the table. He just hopes, god he prays, that there's a way to fix this. A petty argument that turned into something more, just because he couldn't answer you and he hates himself for that.
Tumblr media
© akithesimp. please do not plagiarize, claim, modify, or repost as your own│reblogs will help a lot, and it'll be much appreciated ღ
Tumblr media
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pixelpastry · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
🎸 character c0mms are open for june 🎸 (alt text in captions)
i’ll be taking 5 slots for this round! Feel free to dm me for any questions or concerns ^_^)b 
Any Pride requests (for couples, identity and flags, etc) get a 20% discount! If you’re looking to request some pride art, please dm me so i can send you the special discount code!
🎸 Regular slots and TOS can be found here: http://ko-fi.com/pixelpastry/commissions
if you’re looking for a full illustration or reference sheet comm, please shoot me an email at [email protected] for a quote ^_^ (slots are extremely limited)
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liquidstar · a month ago
people who irrationally hate mabel from gravity falls are insane because they think “let your pet be mistreated or potentially die so i can make sure my crush doesnt go out with someone that i dont personally want her to date” is a reasonable exchange and mabel is being the selfish bitch in that situation for... being upset about it. even though she relented and let it happen for dippers sake and fell into a depression (a cartoonish one tho bc its a cartoon). what a bitch i guess???? also shes 12
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messy-gguki · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
guys george please
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bluemeetyellow · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Mike Wheeler & Hiding
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corpsoir · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Mista's gun was aimed at him. The barrel trained directly on his face, between his brow and his lips, towards the upper end of the bridge of his nose. It did not waver.
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albino-whumpee · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
So I made this back on December for the secret santa thingie made by @saintwhumpolas for @femmiwhumpi​ about their ocs, Ethan and Micah.
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tsaikonautz · 3 months ago
okay but are we not gonna talk about robotnik specifically targeting tails before sonic
omg yea thats right i think it was more to scare sonic but i guess even then he didnt even know what was going on lmao but tails does get knocked out so i guess its bc his intelligence makes him such a big threat to robotnik sonic is making alot of progress fast cause of tails' help makes sense to need to take him out first
Tumblr media Tumblr media
hghahljfdsl;kjads look at this laddd
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porschesphoenix · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
kinnporsche ft:
anonymous / a.j., vulnerability / nicole homer, underbelly / anne carson, H of H Playbook / the crane wives, the garden / natalie diaz, these hands, if not gods / salma deera, letters from medea (2015) / michael cunningham, the hours (1998)
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cozymochi · 10 months ago
Was feeling animatic-y and impulsive, so it’s kind of a hot mess 😩. I wanted to do the entire bit, but I should honestly pace myself, so abridged it is. (Source)
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pokerharem · 12 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Chichi understands me better than anyone”
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ribbondraws · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
binged all of centaur world S1 today . I like the scrunkly. the scrimblo
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custom-emojis · 4 months ago
Your art is like NFTs
Damn. This anon deadass hurts more than any anon hate or threat I’ve ever gotten. I don’t even know if you intended this to be anon hate or a joke but this is earth shattering.
you weren’t lazy with it
You hit a proper insecurity of mine
You said it with complete, unshakable confidence
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squareupgod · 11 months ago
i fucking love that c!tommy is aggressively a Teenager because. gafghafsga. in general if you were a teenage character in a piece of media but you were hard to love? if you weren’t the cowed, polite, and quiet type but you acted in all the “negative” or “ugly” ways teenagers do sometimes? you get like. vitually no depth or sympathy or any redeeming qualities. c!tommy, for example, has a lot of these less palatable trauma responses — lashing out, rebelling, cursing, not listening to authority, talking back, fighting, generally things that are rough and abrasive — so he basically gets crucified as “throwaway destructive lost cause who likes being an asshole.” with no depth and zero humanity like a lot of characters do. it really unfairly vilifies a lot of things that he does because he’s hurt that are really just poor coping mechanisms and boil it down to “teenager does bad things because they are a teenager and they are immature and dumb.” and look. i am not saying you should be forgiven automatically for hurting people just because it’s a coping mechanism. this goes for teenagers too. i’m just saying, a little understanding goes a long way. tommy is usually mean/destructive to himself or in relatively harmless ways or as a defense against people he perceives as trying to hurt him or those who have more power. he consistently regrets it and tries to make amends. it’s not for no reason. a lot of it is just from being confused and hurt with no guidance. teens are usually not assholes for the hell of it.
i really like that c!tommy is allowed to be a little shit and a bit of an asshole who scams and fights and questions authority and lashes out and makes mistakes but also it’s well understood that he has a heart of gold? that he tries his best? that he loves his friends? that he feels lost and alone and hurt and he’s not just destructive because he’s “immature” or for the fucking fun of it, but because he had to learn how to survive? that he feels like he has the weight of the world on his shoulders and everyone who was supposed to look out for him left him behind? that he genuinely wants to be good? he has a very quintessential growing up story and i love it so much. it’s important to me that c!tommy is allowed to be imperfectly a kid — clumsy, mean, loud, scared, angry — and also shown to be incredibly big-hearted and brave and human. his character sends the message of “just because you’re a kid who fucks up sometimes, doesn’t mean you aren’t deserving of love.” and “teenagers can be dicks sometimes but that doesn’t mean they don’t care about things or try to be good.” like he can be an Annoying Teenager and also full of love. that coexists. and i think that’s epic.
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sardonic-the-writer · 7 months ago
cc!Philza x Reader
━Tw: Tooth rotting fluff
━Notes: Hints of Techno and Ranboo x reader. I overall looked forward to posting this. It was so much fun. But if I get one comment about my usage of the word "Daddy", I will mute/block you. This how little kids address their parents, so don't give me all that "HaRdEr DAdDy!" shit. I will mute you
━Song: "Buttercup" By Jack Staubor
Tumblr media
(Y/n) was sad.
They formed a quiet, yet heartbreaking pout, while making their way to their dad's office. The child had just happened to spill some of their applesauce on themself while trying to get a mid-nap snack from the fridge. It had gotten all over their new t-shirt with a blue sheep on it that their dad had gotten for them a while ago.
The fabric was now slightly stained with mushy material and felt icky to the young one. (Y/n) had done their best to clean up the mess on the floor, but overall was limited to what they could do with their tiny arms and stunted height.
They approached the door to their dad's studio with sad eyes and a somber mood. They really liked that shirt and needed to fix it. Since mom wasnt home, (Y/n) automatically thought of going to their dad. He could always make anything better with a forehead kiss and warm hug, even if it seemed like the end of the world was happening.
(Y/n) used their small hands to reach up and turn the shiny knob on the door. From outside, they could hear what sounded like muffled screaming and frantic typing accompanied with laughter. Stuff like that happened all the time, but their dad forbade them from going in his office without permission so (Y/n) never really understood what was going on.
But as of right now, that blue sheep was more important than any rule he had ever set.
"Daddy?" (Y/n) called out quietly, trying not to scare or upset him. When they got no response, they pushed open the door all the way and poked their small head in.
Shining (e/c) iris's darted around the dimly lit room before landing on a figure sitting in a quite weird looking chair. They observed it type away at something for a moment.
"Daddy?" They said again, keeping a small tone. The tall blonde figure known as their father did not respond- courtesy of a clunky pair of headphones resting on both his ears.
(Y/n) finally stepped fully through the door frame, climbing clumsily over a few stray things lying about in the room before stopping behind the chair. They peered up at a screen with moving blocks on it, somehow still going unnoticed by the only other person there.
The chat resting on one of the bright computer screens then started to fill up with messages and comments about a certain minor standing in the room stiffly. It took a second for the gamer up on the swivel chair to notice.
(Y/n)'s dad, more widely known as Philza Minecraft, read the chat with furrowed eyebrows.
"A child? What are you talking about?" He laughed. That laughter cut short suddenly when a small tug was felt on his sleeve.
Looking down in a very startled manner, Philza was met with the wide eyed stare of his only child.
"Daddy? I spilled the good smelling stuff on me." (Y/n) wasted no time in getting to the point. They gestured to the faded stain on the blue sheep with a dull expression. Philza blinked rapidly for a bit, still reeling from the fact that they were there and not sleeping like they were supposed to be.
"What are you doing in here? You're supposed to be taking a nap right now, not eating applesauce." He said softly but still in a firm tone. (Y/n) nodded their head to let him know that they understood, but continued to point at their shirt.
"But it feels weird. I want to change it and I can't reach the paper towels." They said. Philza's gaze softened slightly before suddenly remembering that he was streaming.
"My hands are a bit full right now. Although, I do have some people who would love to meet you. What do you say?" He asked while bending down to talk to them easier. (Y/n)'s eyes crinkled with a bright and toothy grin, the sad look long gone.
Philza smiled and picked them up from under the arms, setting the messy child on one of his knees so the camera would be able to see their upper torso and face.
"Chat, I would like you to meet my kid." He said proudly. It immediately went crazy, people blowing up with this new information. (Y/n) looked around the room confused, completely missing the chat box rolling along at lightning speed. They didn't know who he was talking too
"Where are they? I don't see anyone?" They said with a sad tone. Philza chuckled and responded as the chat spammed 'THEIR SO CUTE!' and "Pogchamp"'s. One or two "s m a l l z a"'s were thrown in their too.
"Here. Why don't you put this on for a second." He took off his headset and placed it gingerly around (Y/n)'s ears. It slid down their neck a little before he adjusted the size and barely got it to fit.
"Go on. Say something."
(Y/n) looked away from their dad and at the big computer screen with the colorful blocks. They eventually saw some movement and watched as a figure approached the screen. It had a pixelated pink skin and a yellow crown on its head, making it look very appealing to the small child.
"Phil? You good man?" A monotone voice asked. (Y/n) smiled at the question, happy to hear from another person.
"I'm not Phil. That's my daddy. He wanted me to say hi!" They exclaimed, completely missing the rumbly feeling of Phils chest against their back as he laughed at their innocent tone.
"Heh?" The same voice said. "Phil has a kid?"
"Yeah! Im-" They had to pause for a second to slowly count on their fingers with deep concentration "-four years old!" (Y/n) puffed out their chest proudly while Philza continued to silently laugh from behind.
"Well, um, nice to meetcha. You can call me Techno." He muttered something afterwards along the lines of, 'at least they're not an orphan', but (Y/n) missed it entirely.
"Hullo Mr. Techno!" They waved enthusiastically with a smile, eliciting a chuckle from the pink player.
"I had no idea that Phil had an actual kid." A new person joined the conversation. (Y/n) watched as another skin showed up on the screen. It also had a golden crown on along with mismatched eyes and a half white-half black face.
"Who are you?" (Y/n) asked curiously, leaning closer towards the device as if that would make them see better. Philza had to grab their waist to make sure that they didn't toppel out of the chair and onto the floor.
"Oh, I'm Ranboo." They answered back immediately. He sounded like a cheerier version of Techno to be honest. (Y/n) tapped a finger to their chin in thought.
"Sashoo?" They asked with furrowed brows, Some sputtering was heard from the headphones along with the sound of Techno and Philza laughing quite loudly.
"N-no. Ranboo." He enunciated. (Y/n) made an o shape with their mouth and nodded.
"Oh. That's a weird name. I like you!" They squealed. Ranboo snickered and spammed his crouch button in reaction.
"You hear that chat? Someone likes my name."
"Who's chat?"
"Er, dont worry about it."
The conversation died a little afterwards, bathing them all in silence. Techno and Ranboo didn't really know what to do with such a young child. They had only ever talked to people younger than them over discord or met up with Tommy, and he was almost an adult at this point so that didn't really count. (Y/n) however was just sitting there patiently and messing with their fingers, all thoughts about their lovely shirt forgotten.
"So...do you know how to play?" One of them suddenly asked. (Y/n)'s head shot up soon after she had heard the noise.
"Play what?"
A sigh was heard from Techno as he walked closer to Philza's skin and punched it as his own little way of showing some affection towards the kid.
"Here, let me teach you."
And so it began.
Techno, Ranboo, and (Y/n) spent the next hour or so playing Minecract. At first, it was just the two teaching (Y/n) how to move around, crouch, jump from block to block, what mobs are, why you need to eat, when you need to eat, and trying to run after (Y/n) anytime they wandered off after a stray sheep or chicken.
Philza, of course, was there in person to help them with the controls on a computer, but he left them to their own devices most of the time. He loved watching his kids face as it lit up with joy anytime something remotely funny happened.
Eventually, sleep caught up to the little one and they couldn't suppress a small yawn that slipped out.
"Oh, looks like we're going to have to end it here, chat. Someone needs to take a nap." Philza cut in, snatching the headset off (Y/n)'s ears and cuddling their figure closer.
"Nooo." They made grabby hands and tried to get the set of earbuds back. "I want to play with my friends more, daddy!." But their sluggish movements while reaching out made it clear that they were tired.
Ranboo cooed at the mention of him being their friend, while Techno smiled widely- not that anyone could tell. It was cute how attached two men had gotten to this adorable little kid in such a short amount of time.
"How about we play with them tomorrow. I can introduce you to some more people if you'd like. I even know someone who has a blue sheep." Phil offered. (Y/n) smiled the best they could with such a tired body.
"I like blue sheep." They muttered softly. Phil smiled and said a quick goodbye to his stream before logging off.
"C'mon (Y/n). Your mother would skin me alive if she found out you haven't taken a nap yet." He picked them up like a piece of glass, careful not to jar them and keep them awake any longer.
"'Mmkay." They sighed back, words slurred with sleep. (Y/n) rested their head on Philzas shoulder and closed their eyes with satisfaction, begining to dream of royal pigs and multicolored sheep.
Today had been a good day for them all.
Tumblr media
Like, I know I created them, but stilllll! Also, Techno would 100% be good with a kid if Philza ever had one. I stand by that. And so would Ranboo.
Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go scream into my pillow for three hours. ily <3
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Feanorian Week Day Six- the Wanderings of the Ambarussa
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suga-ssi · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
210104 SUGA x Weverse Magazine
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