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#lmao it's gone i didn't even realise
galadriiel5 months ago
Hey! Can you rec me pale/b&w blogs? I need to follow more! Thank you!!
hey anon 馃 of course!! since you didn't specify fandoms or anything i'll just list some of my favourite mostly multifandom/aes accounts, all of them have amazing content and are lovely and i 100% recommend checking them out <3
@allanpoe @allfathers @alyssajames @bininazenik @carolthor @clarkegriffins @crowleyaj @daenerya @darthsidious @djiarin @evepolastrri @flowerytale @hecthledger @jbarnes @ken-kaneki @lannister @midari @middlearths @ravenclairee @reyys @rosedewson @seulgami @shelbv @skkywalker @stevenn-rogers @stormborn @tophbefong @weirwolves
+ a couple of bonus colour blogs who do rb a solid amount of pale/b&w stuff as well as just overall fun and high quality content!!
@baudilaire @buckybarncs @luthien @miumiubb @visenyatargaryen
i'm probably forgetting tons of people i'm sorry but i hope this was helpful anon have a lovely day!
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swiftiephobe7 months ago
omg... the honours coursework elective i'm doing was meant to be in person but so many people are switching into it from other electives and now there are too many people doing it and it's been moved to online
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maizumis3 months ago
Hello! Part 2 of the cheating scenario, but make the boys regret it. Give them pain, bestie. Happy ending for reader only 馃槍
Loved that scenario, by the way~
Tumblr media
ft. timeskip!miya atsumu, ushijima wakatoshi, suna rintar艒, kuroo tetsur艒, tsukkishima kei
note: pregnant reader but no pronous鈥硷笍y'all really like the cheating trope 馃え life issues ig, thank you so much love <3 I hope this makes sense lmao I'm super sleepy
them cheating on you
Tumblr media
鉂 ATSUMU didn't take long to realise why most your things were gone of your apartment, sooner or later you were gonna find out and he didn't thought much of it since he now could drag his meetings to a more comfortable place so why does she feel this thing on his heart three years later when the capitan of his new theme invites him to his wedding? why is your name in the formal letter? and why do you look so good in your white gown but not for him? maybe the adrenaline of going out with someone else wasn't worth it after this
鉂 USHIJIMA bounced his baby boy on his leg while watching a few practice games on the TV, he couldn't deny he got his mistress pregnant nor the fact that he loved his son, though, he did tried to deny his feelings when you announced your pregnancy with no one else but his teammate Romero, if he fucked up everything from the beginning then why were tears trying to leave his eyes 鈥減apa okay?鈥 asked his son with a worried look on his tiny face with olive looks just like his 鈥渉e will be鈥
鉂 SUNA knew he was down bad when osamu came to pick up your things instead of you 鈥渃ouldn't she do it herself?鈥 he asked his high school best friend with an annoyed tone to hide the fact that he craved to see you 鈥渟he could if she was too busy balling her eyes out, asshole鈥 the younger twin wasn't afraid to come back with the same time, after all, he deserve it; picking up the last box and placing it on the front seat of his car, he decided to spoke his thoughts out before going 鈥測a know suna, a was always watching from the side, maybe is yer turn now?鈥
鉂 KUROO is begging for your forgiveness since the exact same minute you asked him about the marks it hurt so bad to leave him behind because your heart aches for him, but sometimes love isn't enough to stay on a relationship; he went to the actual gym of the japan team today to rest a little after the office, only to see you on a red jersey with bold big letters of 鈥楤OKUTO鈥 in the back and of course, the big swell of your belly 鈥渒ubro鈥!鈥 his best friend called, he mentioned you a few times as the formal 鈥榩artner鈥 but never giving out your name to him, knowing the issues you had 鈥溾 did I told you I'm gonna be a dad?鈥 another chick warming his bed but breaking his heart it is tonight, tetsur艒 thought
鉂 TSUKKI tried to convince himself that the pleasure provided by her was enough to let you go but god鈥 how wrong was him. how wrong was him because he now has her on the same bed your slept four years ago, no news of you since that morning he left to work just to come to an almost empty home, thankfully, that changed today after seeing new akaashi鈥檚 post, a hand on your slight swelled stomach and a book beside it along the caption of 鈥渒ids books aren't that bad after all鈥 so that was what you were doing? leaving a happy life without him? damn, he didn't even got to have you a proper apology, good thing your inviting him to the wedding!
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zeezelweazel2 months ago
Genshin Impact Characters With Reincarnated Reader
Characters included : Ganyu and Baal ( Raiden Shogun )
It's been a while since I've written anything genshin related but I'm back :)
I want to write for the Inazuma women so bad but I've got no ideas pls help-
Also I've been having headaches all day for almost a weak. Maybe I'm dying who knows.
Also sorry this is so short I wrote it at 2am lmao
Y/E Stands for Your Element
鈥 Ganyu 鈥
Poor baby was probably crushed after your death :(
She was preparing herself for the inevitable ever since she realised her feelings for a human but nothing could prepare her for the void filling her heart.
She couldn't spend a single day in Liyue because every step she took she was reminded of your fading presence.
Every time she passed a streat food stall she acted on instinct, turning around to ask if you'd like to have some of your favourite snack, only to be faced with an empty space and silence, similar to the one in her heart.
She was aimlessly wandering the wilderness, wanting nothing but to fade away.
She remembered when Zhongli, in a try to comfort her, told her that humans may not live forever but they are reborn.
She wanted to laugh at his face.
You would be reborn yes. You would grow from a toddler to a teen and then you'd be a young adult. All while remembering nothing of her, of your love.
Perhaps you'd find a new lover all together.
And when someone brings up the secretary of the Tianquan, the half adepti that is no more than a broken image of what she once used to be, you'd tilt your head in confusion like you always did and move on with your day.
Maybe Ganyu would meet you again, but honestly she didn't want to.
She can't choose which option is the worst.
Never seeing you again or watch you move on as if she never existed?
Even if the sorrow in her heart clouded her mind there was a little voice inside her head that told her, what if.
What if when you see her, even in your new life, you fall for her again.
What if she could get back all she lost.
What if she feels the darkness lift from her shoulders once she gets to hold you again.
The though brought a memory of a smile on her face.
Your hugs always did bring her comfort.
Her feet came to a halt when she heard a voice singing, the melody harmonizing with the soft gust of wind.
She turned around, looking for the source of the beautiful sound, and found a sight even more beautiful.
There was a girl, with H/C hair, a Qixing in hand looking at the sunset, feet swinging over the clif edge.
Ganyu didn't know what to do. She was sure this was you. Her lover, her Y/N.
Before she could even weight her options her feet betrayed her.
"Oh, uuh hi. Did you come to look at the sunset too?"
Your voice sounded different but the warm feeling in her heart was all to familiar.
"Yes. Would it be ok if I sat with you for a moment?"
"Uh sure! Go ahead."
You both talked until the sun was gone and the moon took it's place.
Like reunited friends with millions of things to talk about.
You laughed, you shared stories and when you promised to see her again the next day in this same spot Ganyu couldn't help but grin.
Maybe this wasn't so bad after all...
鈥 Baal 鈥
Raiden Shogun, the archon of eternity.
The dictator that rules over Inazuma with an iron fist.
The person that brings fear to so many.
That is the same person as the lost girl.
The lost girl that so many years ago was weeping for her lover.
The lost girl that had nothing to lose but managed to lose everything.
You had kept her heart warm for so many years but since you left that same heart has turned cold, it's insides rotting away.
Eternity, the very thing she persuades ended up being her curse.
She lived on with nothing but fleeting memories in the dark and lonely tears.
And anger, so much anger.
If someone dared to ask her why, why do you want eternity when you have no one to share it with, she wouldn't know what to say.
She wanders that herself too.
Perhaps she's nothing more than a fool.
Waiting hopelessly every day. Waiting to see your soul again. Waiting to reunite with you.
Maybe you're selling whine in Monstadt, or maybe you're selling beautiful joules in Liyue. Maybe you're working for the Resistance wanting to bring her down.
It wouldn't matter to her of course.
She was an archon after all. A goddess above all. She could have you no matter of where you were or what you were doing.
Just to have you in her arms once again, she would give anything.
For you to run your fingers through her long hair, tease her about how she loves it more than she loves you since she refuses to cut it. Sip your favourite tea with her while you tell her about your latest adventure. Pet the dogs and cats on the steets and pout at her when she tells you that, no, Y/N you can't take them all home.
Her heart ached the more she though about it.
She would love you no matter what, but what would you think of her?
Would you be scared of her and cower in her presence?
Would you look at her with disgust, eyebrows frowned in anger?
Would you be disappointed at her and ask her why is she doing this with tears on your eyes?
Thunder roared outside of the windows of her palace. The angry sky purring rain and lighting to anyone daring to step outside.
Baal has many things she must take care of, the mountain of responsibilities and duties neverending.
She is the ruler of a nation after all. No matter how much her heart aches she has to move on.
The peaceful tranquility that once filled the room evaporated in an instant once a loud explosion shook the entire palace.
Baal sighed in irritation.
Another stupid mortal with a death wish.
She got up and made her way to the entrance where she found several of her guards groaning on the ground in pain.
"If you wanted to face me mortal, you could have just asked to see me. No need for exaggerations. My guards were just doing their job-"
Her breath cough in her throat.
She was sure she was dreaming.
"Surprised to see us so soon your Excellency? We do have something important to take, don't we?"
You were sitting in front of her arms outstretched, eyes glimmering with pride and mischief, a smirk on your face.
You weren't alone though. That's what brought horror to her heart.
Several Fatui agents surrounded you, weapons unsheathed, ready for bloodshed.
It can't be..
Her eyes franticly wrecked over your frame looking for the only thing she was praying not to see, the one thing she never though she would see on you-
That damned mask...
She lowered her head and gritted her teath, her stomach dropping. She felt sick.
She didn't know if she was mad at you or at herself. Probably both.
"As much as I don't want to ruin the moment I do have a gnosis to take Raiden Shogun."
Baal breathed out and with shacking hands pulled her sword from her chest.
Divine Punishment is in order.....
She moved as fast as lighting, bringing you and your allies down.
Or so she thought...
A delusion?!
Your body appeared in a solid form of Y/E and before she could react she felt your hand grab the thing she held most sacred.
Baal fell to her knees with an audible gasp as you took the glimmering gnosis in your hand, inspecting it.
"Hhhmm, this was way easier than I thought... Well whatever! At least now I have enough time to eat some mochi with La Signora. Thanks for making this a child's play!"
You took off with your injured comrades limbing behind you, waving your one hand at Baal with not so hidden mockery while spinning and throwing her gnosis on the other, playing with it as if it was a toy.
A Fatui Harbinger...
Out of everything you could have been..
It had to be the person destined to destroy the last bit of comfort and dignity she had left.
She wanted to laugh and cry at the same time.
How pathetic....
In the end, this world is a cruel place.
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harrywellbealrighta month ago
The Sun; Harry Styles x Reader
Summary: When Y/N and Harry break up because they want different things, it takes a massive loss to make her realise what she truly wants.
Warnings: death, language
Genre: angst, angst, angst, fluff, angst
Word Count: 2.3k
I haven't proof read this lmao.
I've been gone for a hot minute! I've been feeling super shitty, but also I finished college and I got a new job so also just been super busy. I wrote this piece as a way to get all the angsty vibes out of my system. Also wrote it in about an hour, and I haven't written in foreeeeever so be gentle :)
Hopefully gonna get a chapter of Fine Line out over the next week or so, we'll see.
Anyway, I hope you've all been keeping well and loving the HSLOT content we've been getting <3
All my love, lovelies, it's good to be back - H.
Tumblr media
I hate the sun.
As a little girl, I'd lay on my mother's plush rug underneath the sky light in her bedroom and bask in the warm glow it offered. I'd fall asleep there, content and warm and she'd wake me up with a caring smile and an even warmer hug than the sun could ever offer. When I didn't fall asleep, too content with just existing there, I'd imagine what it might be like to one day live on the sun or how nice it would be to live in a place where the sun shone every day.
I was a dreamer of a little girl. I had a wild imagination, running rampant with stories of princesses in rockets and a world where I might always feel the suns warmth.
I hate the sun and those daydreams are long gone.
I don't think of living on the sun in a princess dress, anymore. Nor do I wish to live in a place where it shines every day, because the warmth it offers is never enough, anymore. Not when her hugs aren't there any more, not when I'm not waking up on my mother's rug, in her arms, and even though the sun has fallen from the sky, feeling an immediate warmth.
My mother is gone, and with her, she's taken the sun.
I stumble from the hospital room with barely any breath in my lungs and struggle to understand why, when the entire world is crumbling from beneath me, the world still seems to keep turning. Nurses still run from room to room, visitors still sit in stiff plastic seats with cheap coffee and vending machine chocolate, receptionists still answer the ever-ringing phones, doctors still give life-changing news and the entire world keeps fucking spinning.
Spinning around the sun.
There's a ringing in my ears, sharp and painful. But then, everything hurts. Unimaginable pain. It's like tunnel vision as I stumble down the hallway, everything loud but distant, near but far. I'm not sure how far I make it, dissociative and completely unaware of my surroundings. Not that I care. In the slightest.
Until his hands are on my shoulders. Until his stupidly beautiful green eyes are searching for any sign of life in my own and suddenly I can hear the old wife flatlining in the room beside us. Nurses and doctors rush through, like they'd done twenty minutes ago. Twenty of the longest minutes of my fucking life. He's speaking, but I can only hear the code machine, electrifying her back to life. One, clear, two, clear, three, and she's alive. Because life is cruel and unfair, and my mother died, young and suddenly and the old wife with cancer in every part of her body gets to live.
As cruel as it sounds.
The nurses seem more relaxed as they walk out of her room. Probably because they're not coming to tell someone's daughter their mother died. But his voice pulls my attention once again, and this time I can hear him.
"Jess called me, I know I'm probably the last person you want to see right now-" He's not wrong.
Jess. My sweet, unknowing, oblivious sister Jess. Lives in New York with her husband and adorable cute kid Libby. They're sickening, really, but I love them undoubtedly. My sweet, idiot sister who has sent my ex to retrieve me from the hospital, thinking that our mother would come out of this at the other end - alive.
She did not.
"You're not wrong." I hear myself say, but I don't register it.
He half smiles, the worry subsiding from his face for a fraction of a second. He looks tormented, like Jess has woke him from a much needed sleep. It's three in the morning, and he came running. I have to suppose that counts for something.
"Your mom?" He asks, eyebrows knitting together.
It's then I finally break free of the grip he has on my shoulders, and I don't miss the gold ring that glints in the corner of my eye.
"Dead." I say, for the first time since her heart stopped beating.
And everything goes black.
The sun is warm on my skin.
I turn uncomfortably, feeling the deep grasp of darkness fading. It's replaced by the light, bright and warm and there are no arms around me. Because my mother is dead. There's no split second where I forget, where the world is at peace for a fraction of a second and I can breathe. The pain is constant. Even in nothingness. I wake up aware that I will never receive another hug from my mother, that I'll never see her warm smile and experience the depth of her love. She'll never hold me while I cry or mend my broken heart or love me despite my stubbornness.
I can hear him further through the apartment, moving around in the kitchen and I hope he's not making breakfast because I feel to nauseous to eat. With a huff, I close the curtains and flop back into bed, pulling the blanket over me once again. I can't find it in me to care that my clothes smell like hospital and my hair is four-day greasy because it feels like I'll never actually live again.
His feet carry him closer, and I'm about to make him leave when I look up to find him with a bottle of Jack in his hands and two glasses.
"To healthy coping mechanisms." He passes me a glass as he sits on the edge of my bed with a bitter smile.
I can tell he's in pain, too. He's known my mother for eight years, she's been a big part of his life, even in the last month when we've been broken up. I give him a meek smile and finish the glass in one.
The sting of the alcohol doesn't bother me. Nothing does. Because my mother is dead, and she's taken the sun with her.
"You should really talk to Harry," Jess kicks at a clump of wet sand and I fight an eye roll.
She's adamant that fresh air might qualm my depressive episode. It's been two weeks, and nothings gotten easier. I don't get it. How she gets out of bed, does her stupid flicky eyeliner and gets on with her day when our mother is gone. But she has a family, a daughter, her world has to keep turning because she has responsibilities. My life, however, does not. I can lay in bed for days on end in my own sadness because I have no one. No relationship, no family, no mother.
"Why?" I ask, despite myself.
"He seems," She pauses, uncomfortable, as if searching for the right world. "Off."
I don't stop the eye roll that time. "Yeah, Jess. Mom was a big part of his life, too." It's my turn to sound uncomfortable this time.
The words taste like bile in my throat.
Jess scoffs, kicking harder at the sand beneath her now. It's overcast. It's been raining for the past week, like my mother truly did take the sun with her to the damn grave. I can't find it in me to care.
"I don't mean about mom. Well- I do. He's obviously upset about that, but it's more than that." She sighs, looking out at the grey water, crashing against the shoreline further along, like she's biting her tongue.
"Well, yeah, Jess," I bite, "You sent him to the hospital to pick up his grieving girlfriend a month after we broke up!"
"That's not fair I didn't know mom was dead! I had to find out the morning after!" Jess snaps, eyes ablaze with rage and pain and I know that she's not holding it together as well as I thought.
I've been grieving. She hasn't had that chance, yet.
"My bad for collapsing from exhaustion, Jess. I'll do better next time mom dies." I bite, rolling my eyes and pulling my - Harry's - coat tighter around me.
My sister sighs, defeated.
"He still loves you. He always had, you're just too stubborn to see it."
I ignore her.
He stops by once a week. Once a week for the past month, since the funeral. He'd held my hand the entire time, whispered comforting words in my ear and wrote the most beautiful eulogy that Jess and I could have never gotten up and done ourselves. She's finally grieving. He brings groceries and opens the curtains even when I don't want him to. He cleans and does laundry and cooks dinner and then he leaves, and I don't see him until the following Sunday.
This week, somethings bothering him. I'm more lucid now, and I notice the small ways in which he moves, like he's conscious of every tiny movement he's making.
"Harry," My voice is quiet, hoarse, and I think it shocks him because I mostly sit in silence, these days as I watch him work.
He hums in acknowledgement, turning to face me, his hands soapy from the dishes he's been cleaning. His eyes are gentle, soft, but tormented and I feel sick. There had been a time where they only ever shone, bright and beautiful. There had been a time when we were happy, a time where I thought we would have forever. He's growing his hair out, like he hasn't cut it in forever. Maybe he hasn't, I decide as it flops into his eyes.
His eyes. Once bright and beautiful, still beautiful, still enough to render me breathless.
"Thank you. For everything you've done. You don't have to keep coming round, though. I know it must suck, having to babysit me." I tell him as I drop into a stool at the kitchen island.
It feels weird to say a full sentence, to start a conversation.
It feels familiar and normal, and I cling to the pain because why should I feel anything other than pain.
"It doesn't suck. I'd come running a thousand times over to you, Y/N." He assures, and I know he's telling the truth.
It hurts. Sucks the air out of my lungs once again. But this time, I don't feel the pain of my mothers death, I feel regret. I feel regret for walking away, for thinking we were so different, for thinking we could ever grow apart. I feel regret, as I realise he looks so tormented because he's heartbroken. I broke him, and I've been too caught up in my own pain to worry about his.
A tear slips from my eye, "I've been an asshole."
"You've been grieving."
"That's not what I mean." I tell him.
His eyes soften, his lips part in a small smile and he shrugs, as if to make me feel somewhat better, as if I deserve that in any sort of way. I swim in my own regret and stupidity and I almost drown.
"We wanted different things, love. Nothin' wrong with that."
"And I threw away eight years of love and trust and a life away because I thought I didn't want marriage." I mumble.
It's true. He'd proposed. I'd said no. I walked away because I thought it was disrespectful of him to ask despite knowing my views. I'd been an idiot, a selfish, awful idiot.
And now my world has been flipped upside down, and in the most selfish act I have ever faced, I want him back.
I want a family, I want our children to fall asleep under a sunlight and wake up in our arms, I want to dance at our wedding, I want to be loved and love, I want to be what my mother was to me, for someone else. I want to carry her love on.
"Marry me," I whisper, breathless as everything washes over me.
He shakes his head, confused and I don't blame him because then I laugh, hysterically.
He's laughing soon, too, until there's tears in both of our eyes.
Then he's smiling and I'm smiling and there's a twinkle in his eyes and a brightness to his smile. It radiates me in warmth. A warmth I don't shy away from.
"Marry me." I say louder, firmer and I mean it.
I really, truly, fucking mean it.
He doesn't say anything for a minute, and I won't blame him if he says no.
"What changed your mind?" He asks.
"Life's too short not to love who you love to the fullest capacity. I love you with my entire being. And my mom always said I wasn't allowed to marry anyone other than the sweet British boy from the band." I laughed, tears spilling from my eyes as I recall the way she'd talked about him when we'd first started dating.
He laughs too, his eyes watery now, too.
"So, marry me. In Vegas or in London, on the fucking moon I don't care just," I take a breath, smile for the first time in months, "Just marry me."
We laugh and smile and cry and kiss and he says yes.
He'll marry me, and I feel like the luckiest person alive.
He hugs me and I feel warm for the first time in months, he looks into my eyes and my heart beats, his eyes are welcoming and he's loving and I know that I am safe with him.
I feel content.
I feel at home.
I know then that my mother hasn't taken the sun with her.
Because he's standing in my arms, promising to love me until the end of time with his stupidly fluffy hair and kind eyes and big strong, loving arms.
Harry Styles is the fucking sun.
And I love the sun.
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rendevousz7 months ago
avengers x teen!fem!reader
summary: you get captured during a mission and the team saves you.
warnings: language, violence, brief misogyny, torture, **NO sexual assault (because as i was proofreading, i only implied most of the torture scenes because i didn't want to write it in graphic detail and i realised the vague wordings might be misinterpreted as sexual assault which IT IS NOT, just clearing it up), and also again, my inability to write good endings
word count: 4589
notes: i just rewatched iron man 2 so that explains justin hammer LMAO also ooc justin hammer because even tho mans evil, he gets extremely um.. cruel here but anyways i hope you enjoy this!!
you were 13 when you first met the avengers and 16 when you officially joined. you grew up as one of HYDRA's experimented children and the team had found you when they raided the base that you were in.
a small, sickly-looking kid you were, sat against your cell wall, hugging your knees. 13 but you could probably pass off as a 10 year old due to how malnourished and miserable you were. burying your head in between your knees, you covered your ears as the loud gunshot noises filled the whole place. the metal door of your cell slamming open against the wall had you whimpering, hands above your head in fear.
every time the door slammed open, guards would come drag you out for more experiments so it was an instinct for you to cower in fear at the sound.
"last room in the west hall, i found a little girl."
you heard nothing because you were covering your ears, preparing yourself to be forcefully dragged by the guards to the experiment room. but it never came.
"hey," a soft voice called. you were violently shaking at this point, breathing heavily as you tried to calm down. "hey, it's okay." the voice called out again and you felt them touch your shoulders.
your head immediately jolted up, flinching away from the stranger's touch. your eyes met a blue pair as you backed away into the corner in fear. "i'm sorry! i'm sorry, i didn't mean to." the man apologised. you slowly looked up at him, observing him. he had on a full black outfit, a quiver of arrows slinging on his shoulder and he was holding onto a bow.
"don't be scared. i'm here to help," he states with his hands out, as if to calm you down. "that's what they all say." you hissed through gritted teeth and a tear-stained face, glaring at him even though that could've been a very wrong move had it been with an actual HYDRA guard.
despite the strange feeling of being safe around this man, you didn't let your guard down. that's exactly what those scientists said seven years ago. trusting kind-looking men got you into this hell you never thought you would ever escape from and you weren't going to make the same mistake again.
"clint," a red-headed female, also in all black, entered through the open door of your cell with her pistol up. at the sight of the weapon, you broke your glare towards the man. your breathing quickened and you went back to your original position before the archer came; body pressed up against your knees and covering your ears with your palms.
"i'm sorry! i'm sorry! i'll come! please don't use that on me again," you whimpered, voice muffled as your face was hidden against your knees. the woman freezes mid-walk, looking at her friend with a bewildered expression.
"nat! put that away!" clint whispered harshly, eyes glaring at the pistol in nat's hands. nat's jaw dropped in realisation, a small gasp leaving her lips as she immediately put away her weapon.
she slowly makes her way to you and clint puts his arm out before she could get closer. he looks at her with a worried expression as he shook his head, as if telling her that she can't get too close to you. nat nods understandingly, crouching down a distance from you.
"hey," she spoke softly. "i promise you that we're not here to hurt you." you kept your face hidden from her, still hugging your legs tightly. nat sighs before sitting down.
"here, let's introduce ourselves. i'm nat and this right here is clint." you hear her speak and when you slowly lifted up your head, you saw the both of them sitting down in front of you, seeming to have made themselves at home in your pathetic cell. "what's your name?"
name? you had never been able to use your name before. you always kept your own name deep in your heart despite no one ever using it, afraid you would forget it if you stopped thinking of it. the only name they ever called you here was 'number five'.
"y/n," you whispered, still doubtful about these people's intentions. you almost burst out crying when you said your name out loud. that was the first time you introduced yourself with your actual name and not the number you were given ever since you were captured.
nat must have noticed this because she immediately spoke up, trying to distract you from your consuming thoughts. "y/n...that's a pretty name for a pretty girl like you. how old are you, y/n?" she asks again.
you contemplated once more but decided it was fine. you knew you were probably going to regret trusting these two strangers but what could be worse than what HYDRA has been doing to you for years?
"13," you muttered, looking down at your lap. you were now timidly seated cross-legged, playing with the tattered hem of your shorts. you heard a small gasp from one of them and looked up to see clint with his jaw dropped.
the two adults were both thinking of the same thing. how could you be 13? you were so small and sickly-looking, they didn't even think you were older than ten, let alone an early teen.
"i know you're scared and you have all the reasons in the world to be, but i promise you, we're here to help. we'll get you out of here, only if you trust us. will you trust us?" nat says. your mind was conflicted. you were either going to finally get out of this hellhole or you were going to be taken somewhere even worse than here. but could anywhere really be worse than here?
you decided to take a leap of faith and trust these two strangers. that decision had to have been the best decision you've ever made in your life.
you were now 18, an official avenger and you had the most amazing family you could've ever asked for. they were a bit on the crazier side but could you really have a normal family when said family consisted of superheroes? but you weren't complaining. you loved these people.
they were the ones who took care of you when you thought you had no one. having been a HYDRA experiment, you had abilities the normal human didn't. said ability being shapeshifting and healing. that's why you became an avenger. your shapeshifting ability was essential during missions where you had to sneak in and you being able to heal others was crucial when medic wasn't able to be there on time.
you pretty much came along to every mission despite the adults saying you don't have to. you knew they were only doing that to protect you from dangers of all those missions but how could you not when you had such abilities? they'd be much better with you helping.
that was why you were here, in bulgaria, fighting alongside the team. well, just steve, nat, clint, bucky and tony.
justin hammer had managed to get his hands on a type of out-of-this-planet weapon that tony was also trying to retrieve, and he had big plans with it. hence why the avengers had to come where hammer had wrecked havoc in; sofia, bulgaria. he had upgraded his robots with the tech used for the stolen weapon.
with evil robots attacking the whole city, it felt like you were living the story that wanda told you of what happened in sokovia before you met the avengers.
an hour passed before all of the robots had finally been taken down and you all knew you had to get to hammer before he activates more robots to distract you guys and uses the weapon for bad things.
"tony, have you located hammer?" steve's voice sounded in your ear through the comms. you had just finished healing the nasty gash on clint's side, nat's cut on her forehead and the bruises all over bucky. you were feeling significantly weaker now, from the amount of healing you did. you stumbled slightly when you walked and bucky immediately held onto your arm. "doll, are you okay?"
"i'm fine, buck. nothing i haven't dealt with before," you told him, gently removing his grip on your arm, walking back to the quinjet.
"no, absolutely not. we are not sending y/n right into a death trap. she's not even strong enough right now, she just finished healing us."
you were all back at the compound now and planning a second attack on justin hammer.
"it's not a death trap, buck. and i know you're worried but she's the only choice we got. y/n, all you gotta do is sneak in as one of his henchmen and provide entrance for us. once we get in, we'll take all his guards down and get that weapon from hammer and we won't have to worry about his world domination plans anymore. it'll be over as soon as it starts and she'll be back safe with us. sound good, y/n/n?"
"yeah, sure." you agreed, already having a person in mind that you were going to change yourself to.
the plan had gone just as steve wanted and they managed to raid justin hammer's building, tony stealing the very item that could've aided in the massacre of millions. justin and his henchmen managed to escape the building before the avengers could catch them.
"well, that was anticlimactic," tony scoffs, already making his way to the quinjet. "but good job, y/n. you saved the day once again."
he expected to hear a laugh from you, like you usually did, being the only one who ever responds to him after missions. but instead he was met with silence. "kid?" still no answer.
"y/n, where are you?" steve panicked, finally realising that you were the only one who hasn't responded in a hot minute. "y/n/n, this isn't funny." he breathed out.
"she's...she's gone."
"well, well, well," a voice spoke right as you woke up from your slumber. you squinted, noticing that you were in some sort of dark room with only one light bulb right above you. "what do we have here?"
a figure walks right in the light and you could barely make out justin hammer's ugly face with how dizzy you felt. "if it isn't the little freak." he states condescendingly, smirking down at your helpless position, both wrists and ankles cuffed onto the metal chair you were sat on. you struggled against the restraints, trying to get free but to no avail.
your breathing quickened, your current vulnerable state reminding you of your later years in HYDRA. they had started off experimenting on you on a metal gurney but as you grew older, you realised that what they were doing to you was bad so you started fighting back. that ended you up on a metal restraint chair instead of the gurney, strapped to the chair with cuffs on your wrists and ankles.
this felt like deja vu. the same panic you felt, the same breathing difficulties, the same amount of effort put into trying to get out of the restraints. "you should know, princess, that that doesn't work." hammer chuckled, a fake pout on his lips as he crouched in front of you, a rough hand on your cheek. you instinctively jerked away from his touch, to which he paid no mind to because he had expected that. he then grabbed your chin harshly, turning your head up towards him. you glared at him.
"you think i didn't know what you did? snuck in as one of my men using your freaky powers? not to mention useless. imagine having powers but not being able to use them to even escape from mere humans," he laughs in your face, harshly letting go of your chin, throwing your head backwards. "you tell me where stark planned to bring the weapon and i'll let you pretty little thing go."
before you could even comprehend, his fist came flying at your face and your head dropped to the side at the impact. your left cheekbone was throbbing and you could already tell you were gonna have a black eye. despite the pain, it wasn't something you weren't used to. you were an avenger, after all. getting decked in the face was practically in the contract.
he grabbed your chin once again, pulling your head upwards to face him. "you're gonna tell me where it is or i'm gonna make you regret it."
you looked up at him with a bored look. he punched you again. and again. and again. until you could taste the blood on your tongue. "think you wanna tell me now, sweetheart?"
"never. not to someone like you."
the man seemed to get a kick out of beating you up because he punched you again in the face. your whole face was pretty much numb now and the metallic taste in your mouth intensified. you smirked at the man before you, chuckling darkly.
"sure, beat up the helpless girl. that's the only way you can beat me, right? when i'm all tied up? what a man,"
his hand was around your throat within a second and he forced you to look him in the eyes again. "sweetheart, you're a girl. tied or not, you're still weak. not even with that useless power of yours."
taking advantage of how close his face was to yours, you gathered as much bloody saliva in your mouth before spitting it in his face.
it was very much the wrong thing to do because after he wiped off his face, he left the room and two men came in, various tools in hand for their fun with you.
"stark! my buddy! how's it going?" justin hammer's face appeared on the screen in the conference room, where the avengers were having a meeting about your possible whereabouts.
"where is she?!" wanda growled, standing up abruptly.
"what ever do you mean?" hammer smirked, feigning innocence. "you know what we mean. where is she?" steve spoke authoritatively, trying to control his anger at the sight of the man's face.
"i'll tell you where your thing is if you tell me where my thing is." he smiled wickedly. this caused wanda to get angrier. "y/n is not a thing! and the weapon was never yours in the first place!" vision held onto her to calm her down and it worked because she sat back down, though still glaring at the screen.
"oh she's not a thing? seems like it to me, though." he smirked and the team frowned, not understanding what he meant until they heard screams and justin's smirk widening at the sound. what a sick bastard. "what are you doing to her?!" bucky screamed, knocking his chair back as he stood up.
"i don't know, you tell me." he chuckles, and the screen changes to the live footage of you in the restraint chair with the two men in the room.
you were no longer fighting back now, just sat limply with your head dropped to the side. the first hour with them, you had been fighting back like you did with justin, despite the restraints, but now entering the second hour, you were too exhausted for anything.
your left eye had been swollen shut, you could barely breathe through your nose, your cheeks were throbbing like hell and your bottom lip was busted. your head was the only thing that moved freely when hit so the men seemed to find satisfaction the most when they punched you in the face. though that didn't stop them from inflicting pain on other parts of you.
"let her go, she's just a kid!" sam exclaimed, his grip on the edge of the table tightening to control his anger. peter and wanda were crying looking at the awful state you were in, clint, tony and bruce were silent in shock, steve and bucky were getting increasingly angry as the abuse continued.
"are you going to tell us where stark is keeping the weapon or have you not gotten enough?" one of the two men was heard asking, pulling your hair back to make you look up at him. you look at with your half-opened right eye, breathing heavily. "my answer's never gonna change no matter how many times you ask."
he scoffs, stepping back before the other man swings a bat right at your stomach. the air was immediately knocked out of your lung. the men laughed as you coughed up blood profusely. this caused wanda to get more hysterical.
"well, looks like she wants more. i'll call back when she's had enough. toodles," he waves his fingers at the camera with a sinister smirk before abruptly ending the call.
the room went silent after the call, save for bucky and sam breathing heavily from the anger they felt. bucky then turned to steve, pain could be seen on his face. "you said she would be safe."
"i鈥搃'm sorry, buck. i didn't know he was gonna take her with him." steve was still frozen in shock, the image of you on the chair now permanently ingrained in his brain. in everyone's brains actually.
"guys, gear up, he's in colorado."
all heads turned towards natasha and she looked back at them with a 'what?' expression. "you were tracking him down the whole time?"
"um, duh? now come on, gotta save our girl."
you awoke to a stinging sensation on your inner forearm. after your bloody coughing fit, they proceeded to beat you up again and you were knocked out then. now you were slowly regaining consciousness but you were starting to prefer being passed out. your whole body was in pain and the fact that you couldn't even move made it even worse.
"oh, lookie here. sleeping beauty is up." you were met once again with justin hammer's ugly face. he was sitting on a chair perpendicular to your left side. you couldn't wait to get out of here so you didn't have to keep seeing his face every time you woke up. your inner forearm was stinging even more now so you looked down at it. you gasped at the sight.
"how'd you like my artwork?" he chuckled at your reaction. there on your arm, obviously carved out with the bloody knife that the asshole was so proudly holding on to, was 'FREAK'. carved out big and bold. on your skin. "pretty fitting, eh? freak? because, you know, that's what you are."
the blood was seeping out through the cuts and it stung even more now that it had been exposed to the air. the asshole moved his chair to your other side. "what should i write on this arm?" he feigns a thinking expression, looking up thoughtfully with his thumb and pointer finger on his chin.
"please, i鈥搃 don't know where tony put it. i really don't." you cried, tears now flowing freely down your face without a shame.
he looks at you with amusement. "what is this? are you...are you giving up already? can't take anymore?" he smirks and you sigh, closing your eyes. you just awoke but you were exhausted. so, so exhausted.
he takes out his phone, the smirk now permanent on his ugly face. "stark! kid's finally had enough. wanna tell me where the weapon is now or do you want to find her body at the bottom of the ocean?"
you couldn't even be bothered to react to his statement. the pain all finally registered and you were tired. tired and in excruciating pain.
"kinda busy right now, can you call back later?" you could hear tony's voice sound from justin's phone and the man beside you laughed. "i see you don't care for the girl. what could possibly be more important than saving her?"
"i don't know, you tell me." a voice said from behind you two and before you knew it, hammer was knocked off the chair he was on. you weakly turned your head just in time to see a metal arm force hammer up onto his feet before wrapping around his neck. "don't you fucking touch her again."
"y/n!" you heard wanda's voice as she entered the room with peter. more tears flowed down your face at the sight of them, stinging when they rolled past the cuts on your face but that didn't matter. your family was finally here to save you.
you saw the red mist of wanda's powers surround your cuffs before they clicked open. "oh, bubs, i'm so sorry." she cried, both hands hovering around your face, hesitating to touch you in fear of hurting you. her eyes fell onto the words carved out onto your skin and her mouth fell open before covering it with her hand. "i'm so sorry we couldn't get to you sooner." peter's voice cracked and you could tell he was emotional.
"it's okay," you told them, giving them a small smile, the biggest one you could give in your current state.
tony, sam and steve entered the room to see bucky relentlessly beating up your captor and wanda and peter standing by you as you cried.
"cupcake, we're here now. don't cry, you're safe now." tony came closer and despite knowing that you were because your family was finally here, you couldn't help but let out all the pent up emotions you've kept throughout your time of captivity.
sam had a go at justin once bucky was done and steve had to physically pry them both off of the sick bastard so that nat could cuff him and bring him back to the jet.
"y/n/n, i'm so sorry. if i hadn't鈥"
"it's okay, stevie." you cut him off. truthfully, you only did so because you knew he was going to giving a long-winded explanation justifying his actions and your headache couldn't bear to hear lengthy sentences. but you also didn't think it was in any way his fault so he didn't deserve to be beating himself up for this. shit happens, anyway.
"let's get you out of here, doll." bucky says, cringing when he sees the blood on the floor of your chair, as well as on your clothes. he quickly reaches to lift you off the chair but stops when you let out an ear-piercing scream of pain. "doll, i'm so sorry! did i hurt you?!" bucky questions in panic.
"y鈥搚ou didn't, they did. hurts everywhere," you cried, feeling hopeless that you couldn't even bear being carried by someone, let alone get up by yourself. their hearts broke when you said that. you never really cried much in front of them and you were known to withstand pain well because of how much shit HYDRA put you in as well as your powers being healing, meaning you had a higher pain tolerance than most people.
"it's okay, bubs. i got you. let's get you home, alright?" wanda's calming voice broke you out of your breakdown and red mist surrounded your whole body, wanda moving you with her powers. you were thankful of that because it didn't cause any more pain to your body.
maybe hammer was right. maybe you are just a freak with useless powers. wanda floated you into the jet and she set you down on the bed. "y/n, oh my god!" clint cried out once he sees you. you looked much worse than you did on hammer's camera footage during the call an hour ago. "kid, i'm so sorry."
"clint, take the wheel. bruce doesn't have all the resources needed. she needs to be treated ASAP." nat tells her best friend and he nods, taking the wheel and immediately taking off once everyone had boarded.
you were laid on the bed, right eye slightly open as bruce examined you. exhaustion hit you like a truck and before you knew it, you blacked out.
"how is she, doc?"
"pretty banged up but y/n, as i already knew, is a strong girl. lots of internal bleeding, broken bones, bruises and scars but she'll be fine. you can check her file later if you want," doctor cho tells tony outside of your room. "it's fine, can we see her?" he asks on behalf of the whole team standing behind him.
"yeah, of course! she woke up five minutes ago. i'll be off now, call me or my team if you need anything." she bids goodbye and left the group of superheroes.
steve slowly opens the door and there you were in bed, staring up at the ceiling. "hey, y/n/n," he greets sheepishly, feeling as though he had interrupted your alone time of blankly staring at the ceiling. the team trailed in behind him and soon your bed was surrounded by the avengers.
"hi, cupcake."
you looked away from the ceiling and turned your head towards tony. "oh, hey tones." you smile as sam helps you sit up while the rest sat on chairs all around you. "how you feeling, bub?" nat asks, eyes flickering down to the bold scarring of letters on your forearm.
"as okay as i can be." you answered truthfully, pressing your inner forearm closer to your body so the team doesn't see the letters carved onto your skin. you already know what you are, you didn't need the rest thinking so too.
"you're not a freak, bubs."
you look up at wanda. "i'm sorry, i didn't mean to read your mind. but they were awfully loud. you're not a freak, y/n. and you're not useless too. that bastard may have carved out that word onto your skin but the scar will fade. it's not permanent. you know why? because that's not what you are." she tells you, taking off her jacket to wrap it around you because you felt self conscious of the scars all over your arms where the team could see.
"yeah, doll. you're an amazing person and your powers help us so much. i mean, you saved millions just helping us get the weapon back from justin hammer. if you hadn't, well, who knows what could've been happening right now?" he places a gentle hand at the side of your head, stroking your hair.
"yeah and who heals us when we get really hurt during missions, huh? i mean, if you hadn't healed that stab wound i got during that mission in new mexico, i probably wouldn't even be here at this moment." clint tells you and you roll your eyes at him. "you're exaggerating."
"i am not!" he laughed and you playfully rolled your eyes once again.
"y/n/n, i'm really sorry for鈥"
"i don't wanna hear it, stevie."
"no. it's not your fault. shit happens." you brush him off. "lang鈥"
"you say language to me, i'll blame this shit on you even when it's not your fault. try me, rogers." you glare at the blond super soldier. he raises his arms in surrender, leaning back on his chair as the team laughs.
the team continue to entertain you and you couldn't help but smile at the sight in front of you. these were the people who would drop anything for you and were willing to dropkick any asshole in the face for hurting you. justin hammer never had a chance against your family to begin with.
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the-cult-of-russo5 months ago
Job Gone Wrong
Pairing: Billy Russo x Reader
Tumblr media
Request: hi idk if you鈥檙e taking requests but if you are could you please write something about billy russo using you for information but he fell in love with you while doing so. but you find out and break up with him. but then y鈥檃ll get back together. make it super angsty with a little fluff at the end lol. thank you so much you鈥檙e writing is amazing btw
A/N: This one ran away from me so it's longer than intended lmao I didn't mean for Billy to get so emotional but my boy is really feeling shit hard recently in my writing. I think he needs a hug 馃槀
Warnings: cursing, angst, fluff, sadness, betrayal and regret.聽
You stared at the screen of your laptop angrily, eyes red rimmed but the tears had long dried. Now you were just pissed. Billy fucking Russo鈥 right then you wished you'd never met him.聽
You worked as a PA for the CEO of a security firm and met him at one of the networking galas often held. Billy had gotten quite a reputation for himself as Anvil grew and even though you were working for essentially a rival firm, you had to admit you admired him. And it wasn't just his looks, although he was hands down the most attractive man you'd ever laid eyes on. It was just that he was good at what he did and he was passionate about it.聽
Your firm had been around a while, you had many contracts especially with federal agents. Despite Anvil being a huge success and getting bigger everyday, some clients often preferred to go with the company they knew best, that they were familiar with. That seemed to be the only place where Anvil was struggling since your firm was the one that had been taking those contracts for years.聽
You'd been invited to the gala by your boss, Mr Johnson was a good man. He was in his late 60s and he treated all of his staff well. You were his PA but he always said you were good with networking and would bring you along and you didn't mind. You found it a little fun.聽
Then one day Billy Russo approached you. You'd seen him at previous gatherings since you both ran in the same circles but he'd never approached you. But all it took was one look and a few sweet words and you'd ended up in his bed. You hadn't regretted it. It had been amazing. But you were under no illusion that it would be for more than one night. You knew what the man was like and you hadn't really wanted more anyway.聽
Yet Billy didn't leave. He ended up sticking around for three goddamn months after he asked for your number the morning after you first slept together. It had thrown you for a loop but you liked him so you went along with it, curious as to where it would lead.聽
One month in of casually sleeping together and he wanted to make it exclusive. Again, a move that shocked you. But you were falling for him by that point and you knew it so you would hardly turn it down.聽
Two months in and he gave you a key to his place, prompting you to give him one of yours in return. You never questioned it. Never felt like things were going too fast or wondered about his past with women and how different he seemed with you. He seemed genuinely happy with you. He'd take you on dates regularly, always talk to you on the phone when he wasn't there. At one point he had to work a job overseas for two weeks and he'd Skyped you at every chance he got and told you how he missed you. How he loved the fact he had someone waiting for him at home. It was different than when he was in the marines.聽
Three months in and he'd blurted out that he loved you. It had caught you off guard and by his face, himself too. He'd been cooking for you at his place and ended up burning the food since he'd been too distracted by you. There was a reason you normally cooked or went out for food. But as he'd tried to air out the smoke and turn the smoke alarm off, you'd grinned and mocked his cooking skills as you sat on the counter watching him. It was nothing you hadn't done before. But he'd caged you in, standing between your legs as he tried to claim it was entirely your fault, how was he to focus on cooking with you right there looking so tempting? His words, not yours. But you'd kept up the teasing and he'd tickled you to get you to stop. As the pair of you laughed, he'd blurted out 'I fuckin' love you,' and you'd both looked like deers caught in headlights. Billy looked like he hadn't even realised he felt that way until the words involuntarily left his lips and you'd been too stunned to even speak.
In typical Billy fashion, he'd cursed up a storm as he stepped back, looking almost panicked. But when you'd slipped off the counter and asked him if he meant it, he'd looked at you with the most earnest and also terrified expression you'd ever seen on his face as he told you he did. So of course you said it back, because you did feel the same and you'd felt comforted knowing that it wasn't one sided. And he'd seemed so happy, so surprised. And the burnt food had been forgotten as he took you to bed to show you just how he felt because Billy was a man much more comfortable with actions than words.聽
But now鈥 now you knew it had all been a lie. All a rouse to get something from you. And it hurt. Way more than you wanted to admit. You'd been a fool to think he'd meant any of it. That any part of the relationship you'd made with him was real and genuine. You should have known that a man like Lieutenant Russo wouldn't be interested in a PA from a rival firm. You should have known he wouldn't be actually interested in how your day at work was and how things were going for you. You should have known and you felt so fucking stupid.聽
You wouldn't have even found out if it wasn't for your friend Jess in the tech division at work. Your laptop had been playing up for months and it was driving you crazy. It was the one you used at work and home and it had everything on it. You'd asked Jess to look at it and she had. Only to find out it had been hacked. You weren't into tech stuff and half the shit she said made no sense to you. But in simple terms, someone at some point had used a device to be able to remotely access it, to access the files. Doing her wizardry on her computer, Jess had founded the trace back to Anvil, to Billy. She'd been reluctant to tell you because she knew how much it would hurt and you'd cried for hours after finding out.聽
But now you were livid. Not only was your job on the line for this because you'd have to tell Mr Johnson, but the past three months had been a lie. Three months falling for a man that wanted nothing but information from you.聽
You'd ignored his calls all day, you hadn't wanted to speak to him when you were crying. But now the anger fuelled you as you grabbed your coat and left your apartment. It was getting dark and you got a cab to his place not knowing if he was even home. Because you'd missed all of his calls he'd sent you a flurry of texts. They started off normal, asking if you were busy. But as the hours drew on he seemed frantic with worry. It made you scoff. Like he actually cared.聽
Soon enough you were pounding on his door. He opened it wearing a t-shirt and sweats, looking shocked to see you before he frowned.
"What the hell, Y/N? I've been worried sick-" he started angrily, shutting up as you shoved past him to get inside. He shut the door watching you warily. He was perceptive, always able to read the room and he seemed to understand you were angry about something.聽
You opened your mouth before promptly shutting it, anger flowing through you like molten lava as you tried to compose yourself. Billy frowned, taking a hesitant step towards you.聽
"What's wrong? Did someone hurt you?" He asked lowly. You laughed mirthlessly at his words and it only made his frown deepen as he took another step towards you.聽
"What was the end game, Billy?" You asked harshly. He titled his head looking confused, eyes narrowed a little.聽
"What?" You didn't know if he was genuinely confused or was that good of an actor. You didn't even know him. Not the real him.
"You fuck me, say you love me, all of it鈥? For what? Information about my firm? What then?" You asked coldly. He flinched, recognition blooming on his face and he had the grace to look guilty as he glanced at the floor.聽
"Y/N鈥 I can explain," he started cautiously, his dark eyes going back to your face. His sad eyes did nothing now you knew what a liar he was.聽
"You don't need to. It's pretty simple. This鈥" you gestured between you and him, "was a means to an end. For information. I get it. What I don't get is why you let it go so far. Did you get some sick enjoyment knowing I love you? Watching me fall for you and thinking we had a future together?" You snapped, tone laced with bitterness.聽
His jaw ticked, hands clenching by his sides as he shook his head vehemently.聽
"It's not鈥 I didn't鈥 I didn't like lyin' to you," he bit out. His whole body was tense, shoulders rigid as he looked at you. You snorted, shaking your head before tilting it.聽
"Didn't stop you though, right? Wow鈥 I was so鈥" you trailed off to another joyless laugh.聽
"Sit down," he muttered firmly, waving his hand in the direction of the couch. When your eyes narrowed to slits, he heaved a sigh.
"Please," his tone was softer that time.聽
You weren't sure if you should just walk right out but you were still confused. Still unsure about why the hell things had gone on this long. You wanted answers. Blowing out a deep exhale, you moved over, sitting on the sofa. Billy walked over but instead perched himself on the coffee table directly in front of you. Your face was stony as you looked at him, arms crossed over your chest. He kept glancing to you and then the floor, his forearms leaning on his legs.
"I wanted to know who your clients were, so I could get 'em for Anvil. I needed the information and鈥 and I'd seen you around, knew who you were. I knew you'd be the best place to start. That's why I went up to you at that gala," he uttered. You hated how your chest ached at his admission. You'd already gathered that but hearing it from him was another thing. Of course he hadn't approached you because he really wanted to. You found your anger flaring again.聽
"That still doesn't answer my question, Billy. Three months. That's a long time. You didn't need to drag it out like this. You could have got what you wanted when things were still casual, in the first month of us sleeping together at most," you glared, trying to ignore how your throat felt tight. He'd had ample opportunities to tamper with your laptop. Times when you'd been asleep or in the shower.聽
He wiped a hand over his face before his gaze settled on your again. If you didn't know any better you'd say he looked regretful. But you did know better.聽
"I know. I-I鈥 I did. I got what I wanted before the first month was done," he admitted quietly. You felt like you'd been struck, your fingers digging into your arms where they were crossed as your face hardened.聽
"So the rest of it was just a game to you then?" You hated that your voice wavered. His eyes were fixed on your face, a look of steely determination on his features as he leaned towards you a little.
"This was never a game to me. A job at first鈥 sure. But it's not鈥" he ran his hand through his hair frustratedly and shook his head, his nose wrinkling a little.
"Then why the fuck did you keep it going?! You got what you wanted from me. Why would you just鈥" your lower lip wobbled a little and you quickly shut your mouth, biting down on it. You weren't going to cry in front of him. He looked forlorn, reaching his hand out to you before thinking better of it and moving back again.聽
"I sat in the office鈥 the day after I got the information. And I鈥 I couldn't even look at it. It made me feel鈥 dirty and-and wrong. And I kept tryin' to tell myself it is what it is. Just a job, somethin' for Anvil and that's what mattered. But I still couldn't鈥 I've done a lot of shit before, rarely ever felt regret. But every time I looked at that damn USB I'd think of your face and I鈥" he sneered, sitting up straighter and rolling his shoulder. You stayed silent, watching him, trying to figure out if anything he was saying was even true.聽
"I've slept with plenty of women, some of 'em for information. Never once I got attached. Never once have I鈥 Hell, I coulda got what I needed from you only a week in but I think I dragged it out 'cause I liked havin' you around. And I didn't鈥 I didn't get it, not then. I thought鈥 maybe it was the great sex or鈥 that you work in the same field and it was always easy with you. And I got what I needed and the USB was buried in my desk drawer because I couldn't do it. I couldn't even look at it. And I kept seein' you because鈥 I fuckin' wanted to," he rambled before leaning forward again and locking you in place with his unwavering gaze.聽
"When I gave you a key, it wasn't 'cause I wanted one in return. It wasn't鈥 it wasn't to gain your trust or any other bullshit. I already had what I needed and it was burning a hole in my desk drawer. I did it because it felt right. And when鈥 when I told you I loved you, I fuckin' meant it," he said firmly, making you suck in a breath and glare at your lap. You couldn't sit there and look him in the eye when he was just lying to you like this.聽
"I didn't even know鈥 I didn't know I loved you 'cause I'm not used to鈥 feelin' that way. But then I fuckin' said it and it all just鈥 clicked. It made sense. And I panicked 'cause I knew. I fuckin' knew how this shit started and I was scared. I knew if you ever found out that you'd give me that look, the same one you got right now and I knew it would kill me," his voice was thick with emotion and you glanced back at his face. His eyes were glassy and you were torn because as much as he was clearly an amazing liar you didn't think anyone could so easily replicate the emotion in his voice.聽
"So yeah鈥 I met you 'cause of the job and I know it's shitty and I'm an asshole. But I can't鈥 I won't sit here and tell you I regret it 'cause I don't," he huffed, once again making you feel like you'd been smacked across the face. Your eyes narrowed then, your arms unfolding as you sat forward.
"I wouldn't expect you to regret it. Remorse is for people that have souls," you hissed at him. He flinched and shook his head, scrunching his face up as he ran his hands restlessly through his hair.聽
"No鈥 I didn't mean it like-" he blew out a sigh, sitting up again and looking right at you.聽
"You're鈥 Look, if it wasn't for the job, me and you, it never woulda happened," he murmured, his eyes softening slightly. You felt your cheeks flush slightly at the blow to your self esteem, willing the tears in your eyes to go away as you glared at the floor.聽
"It's not what you think, Y/N. It's not 'cause鈥 'cause you're not.. pretty enough. It's not鈥 You're a sweet girl, different to what I usually go for. And it ain't a bad thing. You're not the kinda girl I'd normally approach because you deserve better. You're too good for me. Fuck鈥 I'd been admirin' you from afar for months at those fuckin' parties," he sighed softly, reaching out. One of his large hands covered yours but you slipped it right out of his grasp and shook your head. You couldn't trust your voice then because you were scared if you spoke that you'd burst into tears. He murmured your name softly, the sound pained. You looked back at his face and hated the pang it sent through your chest at how lost and broken he looked.聽
"I don't regret it... 'cause the job is what brought us together. It gave me a chance to be with you, to鈥 to feel somethin'. And鈥 and maybe three months ain't long in the grand scheme of things but鈥 it was the best three damn months of my life," he implored tearfully. You felt like you'd been sucker punched in the gut and you lowered your head again unable to look at him.聽
"And I'm supposed to just believe you after this? You were sleeping with me for information and then built a relationship on lies and you really think I'm gonna take anything you say at face value? You were lying to me, Billy. This whole time you were lying. I don't even know you, not really," you lamented, wiping your eyes angrily. He scooted forward on the coffee table, his legs knocking into yours.聽
"No鈥 see you're wrong. I lied about why I got with you and鈥 and I get that. But I was more myself with you than anyone else. And I wanted to鈥 I kept tellin' myself to come clean, to tell you all of it because it hurt to keep it from you. But I knew it'd hurt you and I didn't want鈥 I knew I'd lose you and that shit scared me more more anythin' I've ever been through. Every time I'd talk myself into it, I'd look at your face, see you鈥 see you smilin' or-or just talkin' passionately about shit and I couldn't. I couldn't throw that away 'cause I fucked up at the start. I couldn't lose you," he implored desperately.聽
You sniffled, swallowing the large lump that had settled in your throat.聽
"I don't know how I'm supposed to believe you about any of this. Not now," you murmured despondently.
"I know鈥 I鈥 I don't blame you. But I never looked at those files. Not once. The furthest I got was pluggin' the fuckin' thing in my computer at work but I couldn't鈥 it made me feel sick. And I didn't want anyone else gettin' a hold of it so I brought it here. The idea of鈥 betrayin' you that way, more than I already did. Of you losin' your job when your boss found out鈥 I couldn't do it," he frowned, shaking his head. Again, you weren't sure if you should believe him but logically you couldn't help it. If he'd looked at it, done what he had been planning on doing with it, you wouldn't have a job right now or at the very least you'd already know about it.聽
He stood up and you watched him warily as he moved over to a wall with a mundane painting on it. He removed it from the wall to reveal a safe and he rummaged inside of it for a moment. When he came back, he sat heavily on the table, the USB in his hand as he outstretched it to you. Seeing the object made you feel sick and you snatched it from his hand, stuffing it in your coat pocket.聽聽
"I'm sorry. I never wanted to hurt you and I didn't expect to鈥 to fall in love with you. With anyone really. But you鈥 shit, you've got no idea how fuckin' amazing you are, you know that? And鈥 and you need to know that the only thing that wasn't genuine about us was that," he pleaded, gesturing to the USB.聽
"Everything else, the way I felt, the way I was with you鈥 all of that was real. And I don't expect you to believe me. I wouldn't believe me either. But this was the only thing I ever lied about and it killed me doin' it," he breathed, his tone laced with sadness.聽
You nodded, not knowing what to say. You were hurting even more now because you were confused. He was either lying right to your face really fucking well or he was telling the truth and you weren't sure which was worse at this point.聽
"Goodbye, Billy," you whispered brokenly, getting to your feet. As you went to move past him, he clutched your hand desperately. You looked down at him, his eyes wild and sad as he gazed up at you. He opened his mouth before shutting it again, squeezing his eyes shut as his nose wrinkled up a little. Instead of words, he brought your hand to his mouth, placing a lingering firm kiss on it that made your heart break all over again.聽
His own hand was trembling and he exhaled a shaky breath before letting you go. You couldn't look at him and left swiftly before you broke down. You sobbed the whole cab ride home, ignoring the wary looks from the driver.聽
Once back home, you felt lost. Billy had become a huge part of your life and you'd loved him wholeheartedly. It had been easy with him. It had felt right. And maybe you were stupid for buying the bullshit he had said but you didn't think anyone was that good an actor and it only hurt you more. You were confused. Was this something that could be forgiven?
He had been using you for information which was shitty, but it was back before things were serious with you both. And he hadn't looked at the files, hadn't poached your clients. Instead he chose not to, even though it was the one thing Anvil needed. He'd choose to stay with you. But that didn't ease the betrayal of how things started with you in the first place.聽
After changing into your pyjamas, you took the USB and pushed it into your laptop. There was one folder on there and you clicked on it, seeing all of the contracts he'd gotten from your laptop whenever he'd gotten into it. You scrolled down, your chest feeling heavy as you skimmed over all the file names. But then right at the bottom there was one with your name. Your breathing hitched and you clicked on it, worried about what you'd see.聽
It was a word document and you felt your lower lip tremble as you started reading it.聽
If you ever see this then鈥 then I'm sorry and you know what I've done. I never plan on using the shit on here so I can only presume you found out some other way.聽
It was supposed to be easy. Just another job. I didn't expect to end up loving you. Didn't expect you to be so damn perfect.
I'm pretty sure it was only a week after we met I started getting attached to you. And I still got the files because I told myself it was for the best. Anvil is everything to me and we need this, so fucking bad. But it wasn't worth it. You mean more to me than Anvil ever has and that鈥 well that scares the shit out of me.聽
I know you hate me right now and I don't blame you, but you need to know that I do love you. And I don't know how you reacted to finding out, honestly I hope it never comes down to you reading this. Not unless I grow the balls to tell you myself. You deserve so much better than all of this. Than me.聽
I'm a selfish man, you know that much by now. And me keeping you in the dark about this, keeping you around, it was the most selfish thing I've ever done because I knew how much it would hurt if you ever found out. But I couldn't let you go. I couldn't let go of the one person I've ever loved because I fucked up. And for that, I'm sorry.聽
I worked hard to get Anvil where it is now. I've been through hell for it. And yet if I had to pick between you and Anvil, I wouldn't even hesitate to pick you. And I doubt you'd believe that now, knowing what I did. But it's the truth.聽
I doubt you'll ever speak to me again and I won't hold it against you. But you need to know that you made me a better man. You made me want to be an honest man. Being with you changed me. Made me regret things I've never thought twice about before. Because I wanted to be better, wanted to be the man you deserved. The man worthy of being with a woman like you.聽
I love you. No matter what happens that won't change. You left a mark on my soul that won't ever come clean. You were the light in the darkness for me and I wish things had been different. I wish there was a way to make this right because I'm going to be so lost without you.聽
I wish you the best in life, Y/N. You deserve nothing less.聽
I'm sorry,聽
Your face was damp by the time you'd finished it and your chest felt hollow. You hated how you missed him already. Hated how things had gone so wrong at all. You wanted to go back, have him hold you and tell you it would all be okay. You were hurt and pissed off but mostly, you just missed him.聽
Five days went by and you'd done nothing but think over what happened. You'd been on autopilot at work and slept when you were home. You'd hoped the heartache would have eased and been replaced by anger again. It would have been easier to deal with, to hate him. It never came though. You read and reread that note on the USB drive over and over and at some point you realised you believed him.聽
Yes, he hadn't been honest with you about that but everything else. That was real and you knew it was. It wasn't just his words, you could just feel it. You remembered how he told you he didn't regret it because it meant he got to be with you, and oddly enough you got it. Despite the turmoil you were in, there had been so many good times you had with him. You'd been genuinely happy. You missed it.聽
You didn't feel right without him now. Not anymore. You loved him that much that you realised you wanted to forgive him. To try again. It was terrifying to even acknowledge after what you knew now but you couldn't help it. Wasn't there a stupid quote somewhere about not being able to help who you fell in love with?聽
He'd gotten with you for deceptive reasons and then hid it from you, but he proved where his loyalties lay the moment he picked you over his own company. You knew how much Anvil meant to him, you'd often sit cuddled on the sofa talking about it. Billy didn't have family or even many real friends. Anvil was all he really had. And he'd picked being with you over furthering his company. You couldn't just ignore that.聽
After work on the fifth day without him, you found yourself once again in front of his door. You inhaled a shaky breath before knocking firmly. It took a moment before he opened the door and his brows rose, lips parted in shock. He looked terrible. Once again in sweats and a t-shirt, only this time his hair was messy, dark rings around his eyes. Dark eyes that were apprehensively watching you as you shifted on your feet.聽
"Can I鈥 can I come in?" You asked hesitantly. He swallowed thickly, nodding as he stepped out of the way and let you inside. Your body was thrumming with nervous energy at why you were there and he seemed tense as he stood watching you.聽
"I read the letter鈥 on the drive鈥" you murmured softly, glancing to him and the floor as you tried to gather your thoughts. You heard his soft exhale and when you looked back at him, he was staring at the floor biting into his lower lip, his chest heaving a little. He looked a mess, like he was ready to break down at any given moment and it was jarring to see him this way.聽
"I've read it a lot actually, and I've been thinking a lot鈥 these past few days," you said as you toyed with your fingers. You hated how strained this all was. He looked up at you then, almost black eyes wide and imploring. Like he was hoping for something but terrified of whatever he was hoping for.聽
"I miss you, Billy," you admitted in a whisper, your voice wavering. A look of pure pain washed over his face then as his lip trembled and he squeezed his eyes shut. He hung his head, shaking it a little like your words were hurting him.聽
You stepped towards him, his eyes snapping open and staring at you tearfully. You knew then you fully believed that he loved you. You could see it all over his face. And right now you had the power to absolutely break him and he knew it. You swallowed thickly as you stared back down to your hands.聽
"It hurts to think about what you did, how we met. It hurts more because it was obvious really. A guy like you would never just be interested in a girl like me," you frowned.聽
"Stop," he begged, his voice so quiet you only just heard him. Glancing back to his face he looked devastated as he shook his head.
"Don't you鈥" he inhaled a deep breath, his jaw setting as a look of anger flashed over his face.
"Don't you even dare. You are鈥 the most beautiful, intelligent, loyal and driven person I have ever met. Don't you fuckin' dare start puttin' yourself down 'cause of a piece of shit like me. I told you I'd been watchin' you for months, and that wasn't anythin' to do with the plan, this was before that. I didn't wanna鈥" he trailed off his rant, his eyes wide and desperate. He was angry but you knew it wasn't directed at you. It was himself.聽
"These things?" He held up his hands in front of you with a sneer.聽
"These are covered with dirt, with blood that I ain't ever gonna be able to wash clean. And I never wanted to tarnish you with them. Ever. But I did because I'm a fuckin' selfish asshole. So I'm not gonna stand here and listen to you spout off bullshit about how you shoulda known because you think you weren't good enough or whatever. I can't鈥" his chest was heaving a little as he shook his head almost violently, raking his hands through his already dishevelled hair roughly.聽
It was startling to see him this way and all you could do was stare at him with wide eyes and let him get it out. But then his eyes settled on you once more and the anger seemed to drain out of him instantly and be replaced by a look of utter devastation. He bit down on his lower lip as it shook and sniffled.聽
"I never shoulda loved you. And not 'cause you aren't good enough and not 'cause I wasn't happy when I was with you, but鈥" a strained sob left his lips as he stepped further away from you and shook his head, some of his anger returning.
"I ruin everything I touch. And you can hate me all you want and I'll take all of it. Give me every bit of your rage and your pain and all your hurtful words and I'll wear the scars from all of 'em 'cause I deserve every single one. But don't鈥" he raged desperately. He stopped himself, breathing deeply as if he was trying to calm himself down.聽
"Don鈥檛 ever blame yourself or think you weren't enough. I can't鈥 I can't take that shit," his voice was softer as he looked at the floor, his face damp with tears.聽
You blinked at him for a moment, his outburst had been unexpected but you'd listened to every word carefully. It only solidified that you'd made the right choice coming here. It would take some time to move past all of what happened but you both cared about each other and it wasn't something you could just ignore. Not now, seeing visibly that he did indeed care. You stepped closer to him, taking his hands in yours and he looked at you, surprise coloring his face.聽
"I鈥 I'm hurt but I want to forgive you, Billy. I still love you and鈥 I believe that you love me too. I want to try and fix this," you admitted softly. The look of pure shock on his face might have been funny in another time and place but he looked stunned, his mouth floundering for a moment before he seemed to find his voice.聽
"How鈥? Why?" He asked incredulously, his voice low and raw sounding.聽
"We have something. And maybe it didn't start off great and it's complicated but鈥 the feelings we have, they're real. I want to be able to move past this, I don't want a life without you in it," you murmured, eyes never leaving his.聽
His lower lip wobbled a little again as he leaned his forehead on yours and took a聽 shaky inhale. His hands slipped out of yours, cradling your face and his touch was gentle, as if he was scared he'd shatter you if he touched you too firmly. Your hands bunched into his t-shirt as you closed your eyes, soaking in the closeness even after everything.聽
"You mean it?" He asked quietly, as if he couldn't even believe you meant the words.聽
"I do," you whispered, hands clutching his shirt tightly.聽
His lips met yours then, tenderly at first. Almost hesitant in their gentleness as his lips caressed yours. But as you kissed back, he pulled you closer. One hand cradling your jaw as the other snaked around you and pulled you flush with him. His kisses got more urgent, more desperate and needy and you gave into him willingly because you'd missed him. When you both finally parted for air, he rested his forehead on yours once more as he caught his breath.聽
"I love you, so damn much. And I'll鈥 whatever I need to do to make this right, I'll do it," he muttered fervently as he held you close.聽
"I love you too. And all I need is honestly from now on," you replied softly. He nodded, no hesitation before he captured yours lips once more in a tender kiss.聽
It would take some time to work through what you'd been through but you didn't feel like you'd made the wrong call. He'd fucked up but you were willing to give him another chance and you didn't find yourself regretting it one bit.聽
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rogue-durin-168 months ago
Summary: Fred's and Y/n's silly rivalry may have more to do with love than with hate; after a fatal incident, some confessions are made.
Pairing: Fred Weasley x Reader
Genre: angst-fluff
Fred Weasley: @whiskeyn-rain @lumos-solemn
Permanent taglist: @elia-the-bibliophile @randomparanoid @karlthecat15722 @thebutchersdaughtersblog @amourtentiaa
Warnings: brief mention of violence, blood, language (this seems a lot darker than it is lmao)
A/N: idk man I just love this idiot so here it comes another oneshot. The reader's house is not specified btw. Enjoy <3
Rogue-durin-16 masterlist
Tumblr media
Fred spotted me and walked to stand near me before asking jokingly "On your way to kill a man, Y/n?" Oh, little did he know.
"what is that?!" I exclaimed at the sight of my friend's bruised arm.
"uhm... Nothing."
"who did that to you?" I knew the answer before I even got it. My friend had gone to break up with that Cormac McLaggen the previous night; she had finally listened to us and ended that toxic relationship they had, but apparently she got a souvenir from it.
"It's fine- he didn't mean to- Y/n don't do anything stupid." Too late, I saw red.
"I don't have time for your bullshit, Weasley." I curtly replied bumping his shoulder while I walked past him, making his smile drop in confusion. I never missed the opportunity to start a playful argument with him, but, as I had said, I didn't have time for that.
With the corner of my eye, I saw him joining my friends in the task of trailing after me.
I spotted the bastard chatting with his friends in the middle of the hallway that led to the Great Hall. "Oi, McLaggen!"
"Evening, Y/l/n." That filthy grin vanished from his face when I kicked him in the balls, triggering some gasps from our peers and a grunt of pain from him.
"Listen carefully, you loathsome pig." I leaned over to be eye to eye with him. "If you dare to lay a finger on my friend again鈥 if you even think about it鈥 I'll become your personal nightmare." I stood upright again, his eyes full of hate and rage following my movements. "You don't deserve a bloody warning, but I'm a generous woman." Poison dripped off my tongue, my eyes throwing daggers at him as I stepped back and turned around.
My eyes met Fred's worried ones while I made my way to my friends; they surely had told him enough for the ginger to know this was no time for joking and teasing.
His gaze then flickered behind me with panic and I realized a tad too late I shouldn't have turned my back to McLaggen; at the end of the day, pride overpowered honour in a lot of Gryffindors.
I spun around, grabbing my wand from my pocket, but I wasn't fast enough; before I knew what was happening, Fred was in front of me, serving as a human shield from the jinx.
The unknown spell hit his back and propelled us in my friends' direction. I was quickly on my knees, sitting Fred up and earning a grunt in the process, which I initially thought was caused by the fall. "Are you mental?!" My friend casted an Expelliarmus at the younger Gryffindor, long forgotten due to Fred's actions.
"My back鈥 AH!" He yelped when I tried to pull him up.
"OI!" A first year who had made his way to the first row of students frantically gestured at Fred's back. "He's bleeding!!"
"What?!" I made him lean on me to take a look at his white shirt, now stained with blood. What I thought to be a harmless jinx turned out to be fatal.
"He's not supposed to be bleeding!" Cormac shouted, as panicked as I was.
One of my friends said something about going to look for George while the others shoot off to look for Madam Pomfrey.
"I'm gonna kill him..." Fred mumbled through gritted teeth, his voice shaky and weak. He felt so fragile in my arms, and I couldn't help the tears stinging my eyes.
"Fred鈥" his hands, which had been gripping my forearms, lost strength as the boy's body relaxed. "For fuck's sake don't fall asleep."
"... 'm trying..."
"FREDDIE!" His twin brother rushed to us, falling on his knees by his brother's side.
"I'm sorry." McLaggen had walked to us, keeping a safe distance.
"YOU'RE DEAD MCLAGGEN!" George stood up before I could stop him. Luckily for everyone, Madam Pomfrey showed up.
"Oh Lord! Mister Weasley, quick! Help me with your brother!" The Healer commanded, and soon they were pulling Fred off my grasp and rushing to the infirmary.
I was left in the middle of the hallway with my friends showering me with worried questions and reassurance.
What the fuck had just happened?
During dinner, several girls and a couple of boys came to congratulate me for kicking McLaggen's balls, and it would have been a lot more satisfactory if Fred Weasley hadn't stepped in the middle.
As soon as I finished my meal, I headed to the infirmary through the now quiet halls, only to find there were too many people visiting.
Of course, George was there, along with their younger siblings and Lee Jordan, but in front of them stood Professor Flitwick, Professor McGonagall and none other than Cormac McLaggen himself.
"鈥攁lready told you it wasn't for you!"
"How is that an apology, Mister McLaggen?" McGonagall scolded him, refraining herself from hitting the boy herself.
"You better fucking run, McLaggen, because the moment I can step out of this bed I swear on Godric I will鈥"
"Enough, Mister Weasley!" I almost pitied the poor woman. Her House was probably the most problematic. "All of you must go to your dormitories, Mister Weasley needs to rest." I stood on the entrance of the room, unsure of whether I should leave or enter, until Flitwick's eyes landed on my form. He redirected McGonagall's attention to me, and I felt the need of shying away. "Miss Y/l/n," I didn't miss the failed attempt of Fred to move; luckily, he was stopped by his sister. "I suppose you wanted to pay a visit?"
"Uhm... I did, Professor." I confessed, fidgeting with the sleeves of my robe. "I know it's late鈥"
"Don't take too long." She spoke, motioning everyone to follow her. "Curfew is still at 10." She reminded me in a warning tone, passing by.
As soon as they were out, I made my way to Fred, who lay on his stomach in one of the beds, the sheets only covering his legs an hips in order to avoid the clothing chaffing his damaged skin.
"You have a heart after all, huh?" He teased once I stood in front of him.
"How are you?" He frowned at my genuine question; the ginger surely expected me to make a witty comeback, but again, it didn't seem the time.
"A tad better." He gave me a reassuring half smile, deciding to drop our banter for a night. "Flitwick said he used a stinging jinx but casted it wrong." Fred huffed. "A bloody tosser."
He motioned at the chair behind me and I sat down, scooting closer to the bed. I still couldn't wrap my head around the fact that he had jumped in front of me. It had hit his back, but I knew it was meant to hit my face 鈥攚hat a mess that would have been鈥, and I couldn't help but feel a bit guilty.
"Stop that."
"Stop what?"
"It's not on you." I felt my face flaring up at the ease with which he saw through me. I wasn't the first time he did that, but it was the first time he didn't use it to tease me.
"I know, I just鈥" I sighed. "I don't know." Though my sight was casted down, I still felt his worried gaze on me. "I'm gonna murder him."
"I reckon George will overtake us both on that." He tried to laugh but ended up in a since instead. "Or Gin. Maybe they'll team up with Ron and we'll find a corpse in the Gryffindor common room tomorrow." This time it was me who laughed. "How's your friend?"
"She'll be alright." I informed, distracting myself with a loose string at the hem of my skirt.
"And you?" I met his eyes with a hum leaving my mouth. "How are you?"
"Been better." I confessed.
"Can you pass me the water?" I nodded, holding the glass in front of him and putting the straw in his mouth so he could take a couple of sips. "Thanks."
"No worries."
Silence again.
"Did you eat something?"
He scrunched his nose. "Not really."
"I'll go grab something from the kitchens." I didn't get far before his long fingers wrapped around my wrist.
"I'd rather have you here keeping my company." I then sat down again, his fingers only leaving my wrist to intertwin with mines. "I'm not hungry anyway."
More silence.
"Your hand is really soft." I reckon those words involuntarily escaped his lips by the way his eyes widened. "I don't know why I said that."
"Yours is too, surprisingly."
"Surprisingly?" He quirked an eyebrow at me, and I didn't quite realise what his grin was about until I spoke again.
"I imagined they'd be more rough." Oh no. "That came out wrong鈥 I meant鈥"
"That you've imagined what my hands would feel like?" He was trying to bite back a laugh at the way my face turned red.
"You sure?"
There we went again; the white flag was out.
"Fuck you."
"Please." My cheeks turned even redder, and I wanted to think it was because of the anger. "You look really cute when you blush."
"You look really cute when you keep your mouth shut."
"Then shut me, love." He wiggled his brows at me.
"I would, but I don't wanna punch you in this state."
"You're very agressive." He pointed out, shocked that I didn't get what he was implying. "I meant with a kiss."
"Ew-" I pretended to gag. "no!"
He tugged on my hand and pulled me to my knees falling right in front of his eyes with our faces inches away. "C'mon Y/l/n, we're dragging this on now." His eyes kept falling on my mouth after I had unconsciously chewed on my lower lip.
"We're... We're not dragging on anything." I wasn't sure if I was trying to convince him or myself.
"Do you want me to start? Alright, you drive me mad." He forced his gaze to be fixed on mine. "You're annoying, rude and a pain in the arse." I huffed. "But you're also quick-witted and caring and brave." Gosh I hated how easily he made me blush. "Sometimes I want to punch you in that pretty face of yours but other times鈥 most of the times鈥 all I wanna do is kiss you." His thumb caressed the back of my hand. "Hell, I threw myself between you and that blonker without thinking twice!"
He raised his eyebrows, silently prompting me to say something, but I just didn't know what to say.
"Miss Y/l/n," Madam Pomfrey called, making me let go of Fred's hand an stood up. "It's almost ten o'clock! Let Mister Weasley rest." I nodded, not even looking in Fred's direction as I exited the infirmary.
The morning after the incident, Dean and Neville dragged in an unrecognisable McLaggen; they were probably the only ones who cared about that bloke enough to take him to Madam Pomfrey, though they did it half-heartedly.
I was discharged after three days in, right before lunch, and obviously, I was received as a hero; several people came to praise my bravery or ask how I was feeling, but I just wanted to see one person.
That night in the infirmary I was sure she felt the same way 鈥攈ell, I had been sure for a couple of months鈥 but after seeing her reaction, I didn't really know anymore.
I could always tell her it was a prank, and we would go back to our usual bickering. "Weasley!" Shit. "Fred!" She specified when the four of us turned at the call of our surname, almost jogging in my direction. "Can we talk?"
"Go ahead, darling." I prompted her without moving from my seat.
"In private?"
"Nah," I begged Godric for her not to see behind my grin the panic that produced me the mere thought of being left alone with her.
"Are you joking?" She huffed and, after taking a deep breath, she spoke. I wasn't expecting her to speak. "So you see, you're cheeky and stupid and not nearly as funny as you think." Ginny spit her pumpkin juice due to Y/n's harsh words. "but I... ugh! Okay鈥 I want to kiss you too."
This time it was Ron who choked on his drink. "What's going on?"
"I feel like we missed an important part of this conversation." George commented.
This time it was Y/n who awaited for an answer. "This is literally the most embarrassing thing ever, so at least say something." She commanded in a rather rude tone, tapping her shoe against the floor.
I winced ever so slightly at the effort of getting up, but it was worth it when I saw her expression as I towered her; I reckon I had never seen her that sheepish before.
"That's a really mean way of saying you're attracted to me." I observed, quirking a brow at her. "Dunno why I fancy you so much."
"Well that makes the two of us." I couldn't help but chuckle at her attitude before cupping her cheeks and bring her lips to mine.
Despite being a short, innocent kiss, was enough to make us both blush and grin like idiots.
"Awww" I rolled my eyes at my twin's mockery, knowing damn well I wouldn't hear the end of it.
"Why do I feel like I'm gonna miss you two being at each other's throat?" I couldn't care less about Ron's question as Y/n pulled me down for another kiss.
Almost bleeding to death seemed worth it in that moment.
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newtonsheffield15 days ago
Once they get together, I think Anthony is going to be scared of losing her all over again? Can you imagine (ofc you can it鈥檚 your fic lmao) but can you imagine how protective Anthony would be of Kate when they do get together? Like I鈥檓 never letting you out of my sights again babe!
Anthony is going to be very worried that Kate will leave and it's a little worse now, because Anthony could come home one day and Kate and Edmund could be gone. Every time they argue for months he puts his head in his hands afterwards and his voice breaking when he says,
"Please stay Kate, Please just stay."
And it breaks her heart.
She wasn't sure when she first started to realise it. It might have been that Anthony would always twitch when She'd start a sentence with the words I'm going. Or how whenever she mentioned she was going somewhere he immediately said Maybe I could come? Or that when he came home from work, he'd yell out for her, his voice getting steadily louder,
"Kate?! KATE?! KAAAAATE?!"
Barely even giving her enough time to call out "In here, Honey!"
His feet scampering in the hallway, his voice feigned nonchalance. "Hey, Babe, where's Neddy? You look beautiful today."
And she knew what it meant, knew how it must have seemed to him, from his point of view, he'd come home one day and she was gone, with all her things, and he didn't see her for 13 years. And she tried her best to reassure him, kissing him every morning at the door of the house he bought for them, finally filled with their family.
"I love you." And he grins when she says it, every morning, his hand firmly on Edmund's shoulder as she kisses Edmund on the forehead.
"Love you, Neddy."
But she can't ignore it anymore, six weeks after they finally get back together when she comes home from the supermarket, she'd popped out after realising they didn't have any cayenne pepper and found Anthony in the kitchen, his shoulders heaving, tears in his eyes behind his glasses, his hair rumpled as though he'd been running his hand through it madly, his voice full of panic on the phone
" Um, Eddie, it's Ant. Um Have you seen Kate this afternoon?" A Pause, "I just um... I can't find her... Um... would you tell me if she was-?"
"Honey?" Kate could feel her brow furrowing, monetary confusion until understanding dawned on her. He'd come home, and she wasn't where she was supposed to be, where he thought she would be, and he'd panicked.
Anthony visibly relaxed, his shoulders slumping, his arms suddenly tight round her, "It's okay, Eddie, she just walked in, yeah. thanks."
"I just went to the supermarket, Anthony." Keeping her voice gentle as she ran her fingers through his hair.
"Sorry, I just um... I thought..." She could feel his heart racing against her.
"Anthony, I have loved you, for 13 years. I love you, I have loved you, I am always going to love you."
Anthony sighed against her lips almost as soon as the words left her.
And from that moment on, Kate knew what she'd do. From that day on, whenever she left the house, whenever Anthony left the house, she left a note for him.
Just popping out to Asda. Love, Kate
Going to Mary's for Tea, Love, Kate
Taking Neddy to buy new sneakers, Love, Kate.
Tucked into his pocket
You look handsome today. Love, Kate
Good luck with your meeting. Love, Kate
I put a nectarine in your lunch. Love, Kate
And slowly Anthony relaxes, starts to realise that every day, for the rest of her life, she'll come home to him. And one Saturday he takes off his shirt, and there's a new tattoo, her own handwriting scrawled over his heart
Love, Kate.
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noritoshiikamo5 months ago
sorcerer!maki zenin x head of clan! fem reader 鈥渉ow powerful i carry her within me. my grief is tremendous but my love is bigger."
this idea of this fic belonged to one of @haikyutiehoe's asks istg it was supposed to be something short and angst but it ended up being 2.4k words for fluff and angst and i speedtyped this shit so lmao im sorry // dandelion by ruth b slaps tagging: @booksweet @fushigurocockslut @lazy10ieiri @sassyeahhhh @cotton-curse @thevoidwriting @dukina @miss-ryomen @megumifushi
Tumblr media
- love of mine
maki zenin's greatest mistake was letting you go.
nobody knows how a nobody like her ever caught the eye of the limitless sorcerer like you. you're a distance cousin of satoru, the current head of gojo family but maki completely got you wrapped around her fingers the moment gojo introduced you in front of the class. you didn't look like the typical gojo member, something maki is grateful of. but the first time maki looked into your eyes, after exorcising a curse that almost stabbed through you with its reinforced body, she realised that your eyes are two shades different. your left eye is the prettiest colour while your right eye carries the signature blue.
"i'm okay, maki," you brushed it off, completely missing the scratches on your knees and arms and the bruising forming on your cheeks. you might had twisted your ankle when you tried to stand up but maki caught you, berated you immediately for being reckless. you ended up in maki's room after shoko's treatment, nose buried in her pillow as you slept off the pain. both of you didn't realise what had happen for the past two weeks while you recuperated, but your lips tasted hers more that the medicine.
you had fallen in love. maki never known anybody like you; a female carbon copy of their annoying sensei. but she felt okay and comfortable with you. she felt like the whole universe is hers when you held her hand, a huge smile on your face as you dragged her along the hallway; "it's winter, it's winter,鈥 you sang. you're reckless with your weapon, breaking them apart to get to your objective, something maki worried a lot. but if maki is there to kiss you better, you don't mind.
no one knows you two were together until they caught you kissing under a mistletoe. maki didn't care anymore, with her glasses perched on top of your head, she pulled your chin, kissing your harder. you're the only one matters in the cruel world.
but things started to change when suddenly you're away often with gojo.
"it's just some family issue," you reassured her as you pulled the same suitcase you didn't have any time to unpack because you're always gone every week. maki understood you; unlike her misogynistic family, you had it better. like a ritual, you would kiss her goodbye on her lips and nose, hands together as you slipped a bead bracelet around her wrist, "take care of that for me, okay?" you smiled, waving from the door before closing it behind her. it became too often until you completely stopped returning to jujutsu high. gojo has been actively avoiding her.
maki shrugged it off, scolding panda every time he talked about how it has been few weeks since your departure while nervously playing with your bracelet. but one day maki had enough. "where is she, sensei?" she asked gojo, voice cracking so close to breaking down. gojo looked down on her, same sympathetic smile you had every time maki came to you to rant, something so painful for her to look at. why do you need to look the same, maki cried inside. gojo placed a hand on her shoulder, squeezing it gently, "family duties, she鈥檚 needed by the higher ups."
"is she coming home?" home being her, maki had to ask. it drove her insane how her room no longer smells like herself; it smells of you. how every corner she turns served her a reminder of you. your random clothes draped somewhere, your scented candles, the books placed down on the pantry table. maki's room is your home and she no longer felt welcomed there. even through the blindfold, she could figure out his answer.
you broke maki zenin.
maki never know what did gojo meant when he said the higher ups needed you, but it only fuelled her hate for the jujutsu community. even after graduating, the worn-out bracelet still sat around her wrist, a constant reminder of you. she's a grade 2 sorcerer now; something no one had expected but she knew what had happened.
"did she do this?" she asked gojo, holding out the letter.
"yes," gojo shrugged, "she put in a recommendation for your appraisal."
"how? you kept saying the higher ups needed her, what is she doing there? she can put recommendation for me, what is happening? i'm tired of being in the dark!" she grabbed the sensei's sleeve, angry tears pooling in her eyes.
"i had to send her away. she's going to be my successor."
despite the pain of heartbreak, maki is proud of you. her pretty pillow princess is now a queen, a head of clan. your recommendation letter sat underneath her pillow. she was eternally grateful for you for breaking her bond with her clan. she's free from their scrutiny. nobara told her to move on, believe her, she tried. no lips every felt the same as yours. your voice rang in her head every time she went out on a date with someone else.
"really? this kristen stewart wannabe? have your taste on woman degraded this badly after i left?" your voice taunted her.
"shut up," maki hissed.
"i've ruined you maki zenin. no lips can ever feel the same as mine."
her inner monologue of your voice is completely right. maki zenin is ruined; completely and desperately in love with the head of clan while she's a simple nobody. she could try to blame it all on you, how you ruined every other chance she had with other girls but who was she kidding; maki was the one refusing to move on. it's been 5 years since you left. wind blew on the dried leaves as she climbed the stairs of the mount mushiro surrounded by torii gates. maki had received another recommendation to grade 1 sorcerer again and she was back here to the jujutsu high to reject it like the same 5 times it had happened.
"you can't keep rejecting her recommendation," utahime said. gojo had dragged the poor kyoto's teacher to talk her out of rejecting the recommendation again. gojo was so close to losing his own mind. but of course, maki tore the letter apart, a disappointed sigh escaped the female sensei while gojo stalked his way out of the office screaming in frustration. "i'm grateful but if she wants this for me, she should be the one who be giving me the letter. thank you, sensei."
the dried leaves scrunched underneath her weight as she reached the top of the stairs. the sun was blinding, through her shades she could make out the figure standing in front of the red gate. her breath hitched. it might be 5 years, but she knew the curve of the woman's body well even underneath the dark coloured yukata. she styled her hair differently than before but when the woman turned around, maki realised who's blue eye she was staring into.
"i think my welcome is overdue," you said sheepishly, warmth crawled on your face as you bowed your head, "i'm sorry for being late."
"wh-what are you doing here?"
you smiled, pulling a letter from nowhere, "i heard that you have been rejecting my recommendations. maki-"
"you don't get to come here after leaving me for 5 fucking years and expect me to accept your stupid recommendation!" maki snapped. you didn't flinch, standing with hands interlocking listened intently to her. being a head of clan suited you, something maki had noticed. your cursed energy radiated as strong as the strongest sorcerer, your posture speaks of your position, no longer slouching with your chin up. you have a scar on your left cheek down your jaw, but it doesn't affect the way your smile framed your face. the manly yukata framed your body differently. you're still beautiful to her.
just how maki basked in your figure, you were doing the same too. maki cut her hair, layered into wolf cut that framed her face perfectly. her glasses changed to fit with the current style, she looks more mature. maki looks more muscular than before, perhaps being a full-time sorcerer had taken a toll on her body- in a good way. she dressed differently, still wearing darker colour, but your eyes glued on one thing: your bead bracelet sitting on her wrist even after 5 years.
your eyes watered. maki startled, did i say something wrong? ah, you left me you don't get to pull the victim card on me!
"you kept it," you sniffled, covering your attempt to wipe your tears with a chuckle. maki lolled her head aside in confusion, "what are you talking about, stupid?" she rolled her eyes, hugging her body. you were laughing, despite constant flow of tears on your cheeks. she watched as you closed the distance between both of you. maki could feel shivers running down her spine when you reached for her hand.
"my bracelet," you smiled, "you kept it."
your hand was rough but still soft against her messed up hand. maki sighed, tugging on the bracelet before slowly slipping the bracelet around your wrist- where it belonged. "i'm sorry," you dropped your head, shoulder hunching as you felt a sudden wave of regret. "i'm sorry, i'm sorry-" the words repeated on your lips as you desperately clutch on her hand, but it didn't hold your weight enough as you fell on your knees. "there's not a day in the 5 years we are apart that i never stop thinking of you, maki. you're in my mind constantly and i hate it because i know i've hurt you. i don't deserve to come back for this. i don't want this-" you looked up, eyes glossy from the tears. maki joined you, kneeling on the ground, holding your hands still. "i don't want to be head of clan, i just want to be with you."
maki didn't realise that her own tears were streaming down her face. "don't say that. you've done so many changes with satoru, you deserve to be the head of clan," she reached to wipe your own tears with her sleeve.
"it's okay if you can't forgive me," you continued, sniffling, clutching on her arms desperately. maki shook her head, a small laugh escaped her own trembling lips.
"imagine being that wrong. i love you, y/n."
"you're tugging my hair too hard, it hurts," the girl pouted.
you startled from your thoughts, muttering your apology as you kissed the girl's head, "i'm sorry bubs. i was just thinking. would you mind passing me a hair tie?" you asked, placing the comb aside. "okay mummy," the little girl handed you a black tie, you couldn't help but to smile when you noticed the worn-out bracelet sitting around your adopted child's wrist. you finished your work, before pulling the child in your arms, showering her face with butterfly kisses.
"mummmm, stop kissing me, yucks!" she whined, struggling to push away your face. your laughter echoed the small room. "please, no more kisses, please, maaa!" the child called out for your partner. it has been three years since your return to jujutsu high; to maki. it wasn't easy to resume your relationship, there was huge 6 years gap that needed to be filled but maki had been nothing but gentle with you.
"marry me," maki asked one night nonchalantly as she spent a night in your family's house.
"huh?" you asked, turning around with mouth apart and comb in your hair. your face grew warmer when you realised maki was standing only with towel wrapped around her body. maki smiled, tightening the grip to her towel as she stalked towards the awed head of clan. she kneeled, tilting your face so you'll meet each other's eyes as she leaned to kiss you.
"you're a flight risk. i can't risk losing you anymore."
your relationship wasn't exactly approved. a female head of gojo family wanting to marry a nobody of zenin clan isn't something you see daily. "either gojo will be reinstated as the head of clan and i鈥檒l marry my fianc茅e, or you let me marry my fianc茅e and i'll remain in my seat, whatever it is, i'm marrying the love of my life." that was your ultimatum. the higher ups rather eat shard of glasses rather than letting gojo be in charge, it was the fastest decision they had made. because of her marriage to you, maki was disowned by the zenin clan, something she has anticipated and heavily celebrated on your honeymoon night.
in your second year of marriage, maki had adopted a zenin child who lost her parents in an accident. the child had no cursed energy, mai was the one who tipped it over to maki. maki instantly felt responsible, no other child deserves to go through the same pain she went through. it was startling for you to see your wife coming home with a suitcase, a child in hand and bruised eyes. "she needs us," was the only thing maki said and you nodded, no more words needed to be said. she had been the love of your life, your love for your child is priceless.
鈥測/n, yuuta is coming to pick her up soon!鈥 maki鈥檚 voice echoed from the kitchen, 鈥渋s she ready?鈥
you looked down on your smiling daughter, planting a kiss on her forehead before mouthing a silent go. the pitter patter of her feet echoed the apartment as she ran into maki鈥檚 arm. you gathered her bag and the neatly packed black case that contained maki鈥檚 old spear. your daughter had been training with yuuta; maki鈥檚 own protege. not that maki isn鈥檛 confident in training her own daughter, but yuuta had insisted. you watched lovingly at your small family; thanking whichever god existed in the world for the blessing you鈥檙e basking in. you helped your daughter with the bag and reminded her to be careful.
while maki is a well-known warrior, you鈥檙e a worrier.
鈥渟he鈥檒l be alright,鈥 she rested her hand on top of your shoulder as you stared at your daughter. the doorbell rang and your daughter couldn鈥檛 be more excited. you couldn鈥檛 help but the smile as yuuta greeted himself, high fiving the cheerful daughter of yours. maki鈥檚 eyes widened when she realised what had came out of your mouth, something she completely didn鈥檛 expect from you.
鈥済o give them hell, bubs,鈥 you said playfully.
your daughter grinned widely, nodding with the same fiery desire in her eyes that reminded you strongly of maki. you felt maki鈥檚 lips on the side of your face as you leaned your head against hers.
"she's going to be just as great as you," you mumbled softly, "i couldn't be more happier."
maki smiled, "the feelings are mutual, y/n."
Tumblr media
漏 all content belongs to noritoshiikamo. do not modify or repost.
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magicxca month ago
Holding Firm
Pairing:聽Soft!Dark!Ransom x Black!Female Reader
Summary: After a long day of work, our reader, soon learns that it鈥檚 about to be longer.
Word Count: 982
Warnings: Explicit content 18+, dub-con, choking, thigh riding, dirty talk聽
A/N: This is my entry for the shameless hoes for Chris challenge hosted by these two queens: @navybrat817 and @stargazingfangirl18聽 When I first read the challenge, I thought I had to spin the prompt wheel three times each, when in fact I had to use AT LEAST three prompts lmao. Reading is fundamental guys. It wasn't until I got to the third prompt wheel that I realised, but I had already come to like what I got on the wheels, so I kept some of them; genuinely hope that鈥檚 not against the rules. Prompts are as follows: Dialogue - I need a favor and come on, you can take more than that. Kink - clothes sex/thigh riding, praise, dirty talk. Trope - CEO AU. Character - Ransom. Let me know if I missed any warnings and do enjoy!!
Lastly, a huge shout out to the lovely @angrybirdcr who helped beta this for me. She is super encouraging, puts up with my late night rambling, and is just all around awesome!! Thank you kindly <3
Tumblr media
I don't even know why I'm still here. I'm up to my ass in homework and rather than go home and complete it, I鈥檓 up here doing a job that I don鈥檛 even get paid for.聽
鈥淢el, if you weren鈥檛 my ride home, I鈥檇 be gone.鈥 I groan out
鈥淭en more minutes and I'm outta here Y/N, I swear.鈥 she pleads
鈥淢elanie, the pay is great I get it, but everyday? You have to be the last one to leave everyday?鈥澛
"Y/N baby you, me, and a seafood boil in TEN, my treat. But I need a favor first.鈥
鈥淢elllll鈥 I whine.聽
鈥淚'm literally so close to finishing, I just need you to make two copies of these for me please.鈥 She asks, hitting me with those puppy eyes; my weakness on a good day. There's a slight pause between us, a stare off if you will until I sigh in defeat.聽
鈥淵es!鈥 She squeals 鈥淭he copy machine is -鈥
鈥淒own the hall, to the left, I know.鈥 I mutter out. Getting up, I make my way to the copy machine and this bitch has the nerve to chuckle. It's on when we get home, I promise to myself.聽
Mel and I are roommates, and about four months away from getting our Bachelor's degree. I am majoring in Literature and Mel in Business. For the past couple of months, I found myself managing the academic library for our school campus whereas Mel spent her time crunching numbers for the wealthy ass family who owns it. With Mel in the office on the second story floor of the library and me on the first, we tend to work similar hours, except I know when to clock the fuck out. So caught up in my internal dilemma, I don't even realise the hands snaking around my waist, until I'm pushed firmly against the wall.聽
鈥淗ey kitten.鈥 Ransom purrs.聽
鈥淩ansom stop. My eyes are tired, my body aches, and Mel is finishing up. The last thing I have the energy for, tonight, is to tell her that I'm fucking her boss."
鈥淵ou won鈥檛 have to, I gave her enough work to keep busy for a while.鈥
鈥淵ou what?鈥 I snapped.聽
鈥淐ome on, don't be like that. I missed having you around the office. What do you say you be my sexy little secretary for today, hmm.鈥 He says rubbing the outside of my thighs.聽
鈥淲hat do you say, you fuck off. You have Mel in there busting her ass just so you can see me. A normal person would鈥檝e called.鈥
鈥淚t's bold of you to assume I have your number.鈥 He sneered
Raising up off the wall in an attempt to leave, I grumble out a fuck you, way too exhausted to entertain Ransoms shenanigans.聽
I guess mister entitled didn't like me mouthing off cause the next thing I feel is him grabbing me by the throat and slamming me back.聽
鈥淩ansom please, Mel is right down the hall.鈥 I begged.聽
鈥淵ou would think that by now you'd know your place.鈥 He scoffs, roughly raising my leg around his waist as he pushes his thigh against my core.聽
鈥淪hut up! I own this place and I own you, so don鈥檛 you ever dream of denying me.鈥 He growls in my ear. Whimpering, I鈥檓 honestly speechless. I know Ransom can be quite the asshole, but never like this. I hate him and I hate this situation. But most of all, I hate the way my pussy got moist.聽
鈥淚'm the CEO of this God forsaken place and what I say goes. So if I ask you to blow me, the only thing you should do next is drop to your knees until they go raw.鈥
Shit! I hate him so much, but fuck if this side of him isn't sexy as hell. My hips raise a little off the wall as I grind them into his thigh trying to alleviate even an ounce of pressure.聽This doesn't go unnoticed by Ransom as a smug grin appears on his stupid face.聽
Resting his forehead against mine, he whispers, 鈥淭ell me Y/N, what are you gonna do huh?鈥澛
鈥淚'm gonna be your sexy little secretary Ransom.鈥 I breathe out.聽聽
鈥淔uck yes you are kitten, show me how much you want it.鈥 He says sliding his arm away from my leg and up to my breast. Massaging them, Ransom then dips his head low and starts sucking on my sweet spot right beneath my ear. As good as this feels, it's not lost on me that Melanie is right down the hall and I鈥檇 rather not get caught in this predicament. Weakly shoving at his arms, Ransom drops his hand away from my breasts to smack my hands away. 鈥淵ou tapping out already, princess?鈥 He taunts. "Come on, you can take more than that, we鈥檙e just getting started."
Soon after, his fingers find their way to my nipples, tweaking them as I hit the trifecta of peak sensations. My hips seem to take on a mind of their own as they begin to grind harder. Rubbing his thighs more intensely against my heat, I wrap my arms around Ransom's neck and throw my head back, letting soft moans slip from my mouth. It isn't until he sinks his teeth into my neck that I cum, whimpering softly, ruining my panties and his slacks in the process. 鈥淟ook at the mess you made, all that for me baby?鈥 He says, stroking my cheek. 鈥淵ou did such a good job riding my thigh. Are you my good girl, hmm?鈥 He teases. My laboured breath finally evens out and raising my head to answer him, I look up to see a different pair of eyes staring back at me.聽
I let out a shriek and Ransom turns around to see where my line of vision landed.聽
Smirking he goes, 鈥淔inished already Melanie?鈥
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bluejaem6 months ago
饾悿饾悽饾惉饾惉 饾惁饾悶 饾惍饾惂饾悵饾悶饾惈 饾惌饾悺饾悶 饾惁饾惃饾惃饾惂饾惀饾悽饾悹饾悺饾惌 鈥 饾惀.饾悺饾悳
Tumblr media
鈫 PAIRING | enemy!donghyuck 脳 fem!reader
鈫 GENRE | fluff, e2l!au (ig?)
鈫 WARNING/s | cursing, they robbed a grocery store ;-; a kiss? cringey af, NOT PROOFREAD!!
鈫 WORD COUNT | 957
鈫 SYNOPSIS | it's just a rushed e2l oneshot sjfnsnfns
鈫 AUTHOR'S NOTE | Thank you so much for 400 followers!! I wrote a little something in celebration of this milestone fshfhdhf. It may not be that great, and there may be a lot of grammar or vocabulary mistakes, my apologies! TYSM FOR THIS MILESTONE! Honestly, idk what I've written here lmao. Is this rushed? Yes. Yes, it is. Enjoy the shit I whipped up instead of studying for my math exam鈥
Tumblr media
鈥淚s he gone?鈥 you turn back for the last time to check whether that certain someone was still chasing you both. 鈥淐ome this way,鈥 Donghyuck interlocked his hands with yours and pulled you towards a small alley at the corner of the street. You both leaned against the wall trying your best to hide yourselves and your shadows. You get this massive adrenaline rush, a feeling like you're flying or on fire. This may have been the most rebellious thing you鈥檝e done in your whole life. And by this, I mean, you and donghyuck stealing from a grocery store. Sure, you must鈥檝e done some other such things before too, and it may not be such a big deal, but in this case, the person who was your accomplice made it all the more a new experience for you. It was a wholly new and rare experience for you.
These past few hours with Donghyuck have made you realize that he wasn鈥檛 as bad as you thought he was. Yeah, he was kind of annoying and irksome at some point in time, but he was actually a pretty fun person to be around. Honestly, you didn鈥檛 even know why you both hated each other or were enemies. But you weren鈥檛 going to lie, even bickering with him just for fun was amusing for you. Funny how you both wouldn鈥檛 have anything else to talk to each other about other than bantering with each other. The way he would roll his eyes at all your comments, or the way he would poke his cheek with his tongue when he didn鈥檛 know how to get back at you, you found it all to be so intriguing.
You snapped out of your trance when you heard his voice again, 鈥渋t looks like he left,鈥
he turned back to look at you, and that's when you both realised how close you were standing to each other. you could feel his warm breath hitting your face, the invigorating smell of his cologne intoxicating all your senses. a blush crept up his cheeks when he noticed how close you guys were. he decided to stand towards the other side, but he was abruptly stopped from doing so.
And that's when you both realised that you guys had been holding each other's hands the whole time. you only realised this when it was time for one of you to let go.
鈥渟hould we鈥斺
before one of you would try to speak, the other would want to say something too, and the both of you would suddenly become quiet. it wasn't supposed to be this awkward鈥
鈥渟hould we head back?鈥 donghyuck finally broke the silence, not being able to handle the awkwardness in the air between the two of you. 鈥測eah, it's getting dark,鈥
you both quietly made your way out the dark alley, and onto the street. there was almost nobody outside, just the two of you and some stray dogs and cats.
Words were few and failing between the two as though the silence that sat with them had laid its old lips on theirs and sucked them dry of speech.
鈥渟o...鈥 your voice trailed off, leading to donghyuck looking back up at you, his gaze now leaving the ground. 鈥渕hm?鈥
鈥渨hy do you hate me?鈥 lord knows what made you ask him that and how you actually got the courage to do so. You look at him to see if he'd answer your question, but after about a minute of silence, you didn't think you'd get one.
However, you did.
鈥淚 don't, actually,鈥 he halted, and so did you. 鈥渨ait, what?鈥
he continued. his eyes fixed on the ground, with him lost in his thoughts. 鈥淚 just loved getting a reaction out of you. The way every time I'd tease you, your face would get a little red with annoyance, and the little lip bite that you do to suppress your laughter when I crack a joke or the genuine laughter that I get out of you when I do something stupid.鈥
A smile was formed on his lips as he went on, 鈥渢he way you smile whenever you see kids, and the way your eyes would immediately crinkle when you'd see pets, and the amount of love and affection you have for your close ones,鈥
鈥減erhaps, I don't hate you, y/n,鈥 he said. This time, making direct eye contact with you. His dark brown orbs piercing through yours.
Stars light the sky like snowflakes in the night, yet appear still, like an old photograph. Haechan smiles, feeling the wind blow his hair into a tousled mane.
鈥測ou鈥 like me?鈥 his sudden confession left you astounded. 鈥淚 know, it's hard to believe, I can't really believe it myself,鈥 he chuckled. but his aura soon changed, 鈥淚 tried to deny it for so long, but I don't want to anymore.鈥
the next thing he knew, you had crashed your lips on his. With a thousand emotions taking over you. You could only focus on how soft he felt against your mouth, how addictively he invaded all your senses.You felt him washing over like a wave of warmth, curling your toes, unfurling all your senses as the taste of him nearly silenced all thoughts.聽Your whole body tingled, the feeling of his frame leaning on yours as his arms wrapped around you felt nearly forbidden. He pulled you in, claiming your mouth again, hungry and intense, until your knees gave in, intoxicated in the moonlight.
How the stars would move, the galaxies tumble and dart, the starlight kept its familiar pattern. The constellations, who'd witnessed centuries and millennia just the same, watched over you both鈥 as he kissed you under the moonlight.
Tumblr media
漏 BLUEJAEM, 2021
Tumblr media
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animeomegasa month ago
I just caught up w the Itachi story w the Alpha leaving and I'm like??? I could understand if Sasuke got the Alpha in major trouble - got them fired, an investigation is happening to look into the 'abuse', they're being accused of awful things by villagers & its leading to the Alpha to getting attacked. I'd have it out w that entire family if they chose silence & I'd leave if my fiance didn't back me up or protect me. But leaving cuz Sasuke is being a turd? He's a dumb baby?! No.
Also, Itachi would totally step in if anything got dangerous or out of hand, and even Shisui would know when things had gone too far and help stop Sasuke and limit the damage he can do.
Sasuke is 12! 12 year olds are annoying lmao. I'd just pick him up and move him out of the room then lock the door. What's he going to do?? He's 12 馃槅
@maleanimeomegas Also, I read that you're having hate for writing kinktober! That's awful, I hope you blocked all those people, they don't deserve the attention.
I don't know what motivates people like that. It's so easy not to send anon hate lol. Like, yesterday I saw someone say that Iruka was one of the worst Naruto characters and the human embodiment of oatmeal, and did I kinda want to say something? Yes. Did I? No! I don't get hugely upset over other people's Naruto opinions lmao 馃ぃ
Also, why bother sending hate to an omegaverse blog? If my own morals and pride didn't stop me, you're certainly not going to 馃槤
(Seriously though, I hope you're doing okay, I know anon hate can suck. It's not necessarily what they say either, it's the excitement of seeing that you have a message, and then realising that it's shitty. It doesn't feel good. But, if it means anything, I'll definitely be reading every single one and I'm sure I'll love them all!! And I hope you like mine too! Have a wonderful day 鉂)
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cazzyimagines3 months ago
(for follower celebration) i almost feel like im ordering at a diner LMAO but could i get a 36 with zemo plz >:) hehehe
Thank you for dining at Cazzy's Daniel Delights, if you'd like to take a table at the Zemo slut section, your order will be with you shortly 馃構
also, I hope you like cats for this drabble as I went for the fluff list
Zemo wasn't a pet person.
He told you this adamantly.
He told you this as he drove you to the RSPCA.
He told you this as you looked around at all the cats that needed to be adopted.
He told you this as he flashed his card and brought a beautiful ginger cat that only had three legs.
Now he sat back at his expensive mansion, watching the way the cat walked right past him as if it was instead the owner of the place, and as if to spite him, dug its claws into his vintage sofa, and stretched.
He wondered how the hell he managed to end up in this mess.
Quickly he rushed over to the cat and tried to pull it away, but its claw was stuck in the sofa, so when he tried to pull it away, he hurt the cat and so, in turn, it sunk his teeth into his hand.
Instantly he dropped the cat and swore, grumbling under his breath as he watched it run out of the kitchen.
You had to go away for two days as your friends wanted a girl's only spa day, and so you had left Zemo in charge of looking after Jack (which Zemo claims its full name was Jack Daniel's) though Zemo despised it.
His first interaction with the cat, he decided for your sake he'd try to get along and so he picked it up to stroke it, but the cat being in an unfamiliar environment and being held by someone he didn't know, meant that it wee'd all over Zemo's expensive outfit.
First impressions were important to Zemo and so after that, he tried to avoid Jack at all costs.
An hour later, John walked into his bedroom, draping his coat over a chair just to find Jack curled upon his bed, getting ginger hair everywhere. Zemo sighed and shooed the cat away, annoyed he'd have to remove all the fur off the bed, but as he turned around he found Jack now curling upon his coat, spreading his ginger fur all over the black coat.
He pushed the cat out of his room.
Later on in the day, he walked into the living room to find Jack sitting beside a bag of dreamies you had left out. He glared at Zemo, his eyes not leaving as Zemo walked around him, ignoring him.
When Jack realised this he knocked the deamies pack over and started to paw at it, making it crinkle loudly so that it slowly got on Zemo's nerves. Every few minutes of pawing at the pack he'd look up at Zemo expectantly and then when back to pressing the packet until Zemo couldn't handle it any longer.
He charged across the room, grabbed the dreamies, which made Jack pirk up and start purring happily until Zemo put the dreamies in a draw and then went back down to his seat to continue ignoring Jack.
In realising that Zemo was a dick, Jack decided he'd had better luck hunting outside and subsequently left.
By dinner time, Zemo took a packet of wet cat food and travelled down to the bowel to empty out the food while he held his nose due to the smell until he suddenly heard a cat yell and a lot of hissing.
Instantly he rushed to the back door which had a window, and in looking out he could see how Jack's one bag leg had got caught in some string, and a neighbouring cat was trying to attack him.
In a flash Zemo was outside, shooing the other cat away in order to protect Jack. When the cat had finally left he turned to Jack and sighed bending down to unravel his leg.
As soon as he had done so, Jack hissed at him, swiping at his hand and then ran off into the woody section of the garden.
"A meow of thanks would have been nice!" Zemo shouted after him and then grumbled to himself about how inconvenient cats were as he went back inside.
At dinner time, Zemo sat sipping away quietly at his soup, staring longingly at the spot you always sat at. He missed your company dreadfully though you weren't even gone that long. He enjoyed the conversation the two of you had at dinner and without it, he felt very lonely.
That was until he heard the "mmmmh" sound of Jack and as he looked up, he saw Jack sitting in your seat, mouse in mouth.
Jack spat the mouse onto the table and then just sat there, staring at Zemo in the eye, his gaze unwavering.
"I suppose this is a thank you. Took you long enough" Zemo murmured, though still, he appreciated how he felt a little bit less lonely now.
In the evening Zemo laid down upon the sofa, putting the tv on to play some random show to dull his mind for a while when he suddenly groaned at the feeling of Jack jumping onto his chest at full force.
Zemo reached his hand up to push Jack off, but instead, he hesitated.
He supposed Jack did look quite handsome, and still, it might be nice to have him around as company for the evening. Slowly he reached out his hand and petting Jack lightly upon his head.
Jack instantly closed his eyes, his cat smile widening as he pushed his head into Zemo's palm, wanting more. Soon Zemo started to scratch him behind his ear, under his chin, above his eyes and on the side of his face.
Jack was purring loudly, and his mouth was even dribbling onto Zemo but at this point, Zemo didn't care. Jack's claws dug into his purple jumping, up and down as he prepared the surface to suddenly flop down upon.
Now with Jack laying upon him, his purrs sounded even louder and felt like they were vibrating Zemo's own body, and it warmed his body and heart considerably.
He continued to stroke and scratch Jack they both slowly fell asleep enjoying each other's company.
When you returned in the evening, a smile broke out on your face to see Zemo upon the sofa, his arm draped around the body of Jack who slept peacefully upon his chest.
Tiptoeing over to them as not to disturb this perfect sight at finally seeing your boys get along he leaned over and placed a kiss upon Zemo's forehead.
"You're a softie" you whisper.
Cazzy's 900 celebration
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melissa-kenobi3 months ago
Hi Melissa! Here's a request for you <3 Can you do a Cal Kestis x Reader imagine where the reader (Cal's girlfriend) and Merrin spend a girl's night out at some club and then the reader comes back to the Mantis heavily drunk and cannot keep her hands off Cal (cue sloppy drunk makeout sessions lol) and he has to take of her? LOL xD
Wasted [Cal Kestis x Reader]
A/N: lmao sorry this took so long, I kinda didn't know how to end it. Not my best work, but i hope you like it anon xx
Summary: Cal takes care of his drunk girlfriend.
Word Count:
Tumblr media
"Alright on the count of 3 yeah?" You grinned at Merrin, hands at the ready as you both hovered around your glasses. "One, two ...... three!"
The two of raced through your shots, downing one after another, non-stop, eyes focused on the shots and the shots only until you hear Merrins voice echo as she announced that she was finished. "I win! What do I get?"
Frowning in annoyance as you downed your last shot "That's not cheated..." You slurred, slightly - okay maybe not slightly, but you were definitely starting to feel the effects of your fifteen drinks or do. "Oof... my head."
"Hey? Y/N? Are you alright?" Merrin asked, her voice seemingly normal for someone who had also downed fifteen drinks with you.
"Nooope. I. Am. Good!" You blinked, grinning largely, as you grabbed onto Merrins arm, cuddling your face into her neck. "Let's get more drinks!" You whispered.
"Er... I don't- I don't think that's a goo- What are you doing Y/N?" Merrin asked as she caught you wrapping your arms around her waist, smelling her.
"You smell pretty... just like Cal..." You whispered, eyes drooping as you smiled happily at the thought of your boyfriend. "I miss Cal..."
Merrin could already see your facial expressions change as you were about to start blubbering about Cal so she stopped you before you could even start. "Let's go home. Cal will be waiting for you there."
"I need him... I want him to- I want to kiss him..." You slurred, words spewing out your mouth as Merrin tried her best to ignore your horny thoughts about her friend.
Your response time was extremely slow as your eyes widened in shock as you hugged Merrin tighter "Wait- Will he really?"
Growling in annoyance, you shoved yourself away from Merrin, storming off in anger. Merrin's eyes furrowed in confusion as she watched you walk the wrong way before using some magic to help guide you in walking to the Mantis.
"Y/N! I was making a joke!" Merrin called out, following right behind you as you tried to make your way to the Mantis. Although your brain was completely fried and you had no idea where you were. All you wanted was to see Cal. Turning around to look behind you noticed Merrin was gone and you were truly left alone.
"Merrin?" You whispered, eyes blinking rapidly.
You spun around on the spot, eyes unfocused as you tried to figure out who had called you. You whispered Merrins name several times only to bump into the stranger. "Ah! I'm so sorry!"
Blurting out several apologies, your eyesight had finally focused and you realised who was standing in front of you. "Cal?"
"Hey... you alright? You don't look so good, where's Merrin?" Cal asked as you slumped into his arms, holding him as tight as possible. "Kriff, Y/N, youre gon-
"I've missed you so much Cal!!" You blubbered, hands moving across his body as you held his face in your hands. "I want- can i-
You couldn't even finish your sentence before you lunged towards his lips, your eyes and mind focused on one thing and one thing only. Merging your lips with his made Cal let out a soft yelp, his hands coming to hold your hips as he let you kiss him. Cal was not ready for the roughness you were giving him through the kiss, your little whines and moans were turning him on. You were usually the soft one, only having your lips touching his lightly while he was the one who tugged you harshly towards him. He'd usually whisper dirty words in your ears, watching you get all hot and bothered before he'd fuck you harshly.
But today was different. You were in charge and he liked it.
Your hands were latched to his hair, tugging on his ginger strands while you simultaneously pushed him against the Mantis. The way your lips merged into his made Cal excited, his hand moving down to squeeze your arse - making you yelp and push even closer to him. With your body fitted against his, you felt his hardness pressing against your upper thigh, causing you to let out a moan in the kiss.
"Mmhh, Cal.." You whined, pulling away from his lips for a short second only to grind against him before latching your lips to his neck. Sucking harshly as Cal groaned, enjoying your display of dominance over him, but his mind was elsewhere. You had just got back from a night out, Merrin was probably asleep on her bunk, you were drunk and horny out your mind and if Cal slept with you, he knew you would regret it later, and so would he. He couldn't take advantage of you in such a state.
"Baby..." He started slowly, pulling away from you, but still holding you close.
"Mmh, you wanna move this inside?" You smirked, eye fluttering as you cradled his face.
"Y/N, we can't... you're not-" Cal fumbled over his words, your hands had moved to his cock, now gently palming it. "Fuck, Y/N, stop you're drunk baby."
Cal pulled away, watching your face morph into a sad frown, "Not today sweetheart. Not while you're like this..."
"Cal, please? I promise I'm fine! I'm not drunk!" You exclaimed, stomping your foot on the ground like a little child.
Cal raised an eyebrow, only solidifying his prior comment. "C'mon, let's get you into bed. No, not for that reason. You're going to sleep and that's it."
You huffed in annoyance, before storming your way up, mumbling loudly "I'm sure Merrin would rathe-
"Nope! Stop! Get in there and drink this." Cal quickly stopped your train of thought by locking the two of you in his room and making you drink some water to sober up before you dropped dead on the bed.
"Mmh... love you Cal..." You whispered, face smashed into your pillow.
Cal let out a little laugh. "Love you too Y/N."
Taglist: @tobitofunction @pinkiemme @lysawayne @shadowfoxey @starwarsworld @theeicedamericano @darthmama1618 @justanothersadperson93 @liadamerondjarin
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neverdoingmuch4 months ago
ur post abt Beefy lwj is so true and in my personal opinion wwx totally thought nmj was hot. he's already an unreliable narrator u cant tell me him saying nmj had a build men envied or however it went wasnt him subconsciously being like 馃憗馃憗馃槼 wwx just wants to be carried in his big strong husbands arms and it's what he deserves!!!
look nhs and wwx can't be best friend if they don't have the whole 'oh shit your older brother is so hot and i kinda have crush on him/ew no dont you dare' thing going on. it's the rules. the law even. nhs may not like it but wwx is very much enjoying it (it being the view lmao).
so 15 y/o nhs really thought he hit the jackpot when he befriended wwx. like the guy was cheerful, clever, talented, (had really good taste in books), and didn't really force nhs to,,, perform. sure he drags nhs around and makes him do stuff, pushes him out of his comfort zone sometimes, and kinda expected nhs not to be a complete dud (nvm that it was only ever in areas where nhs wasn't actually a dud),, but wwx never made nhs do any of the things the rest of the cultivation world tried to make him do,, wwx never tried to force him to fight more or to develop his cultivation or to be more useful. and nhs loved that about him, wwx was The Greatest Friend Ever,,,,, at least until nmj came over.
why do nhs and wwx see nmj? idk,, does it matter? whatever the reason, nhs sees his brother stomping through cloud recesses one day and immediately whirls wwx around to face his brother while ducking behind him. safely hidden, he whispers to wwx to tell him when nmj is gone. wwx just makes a strange noise in response. given that his friend isn't exactly bad with words, nhs leans over to glance up at his friend and sees that wwx has gone bright red. oh no, nhs thinks to himself.
he'd known that wwx ahem "admired the male form in its peak physical state" or whatever the fuck he used to justify the way he blushed at the sight of lwj doing push ups but nhs hadn't realise that would extend to nmj. his brother isn't flexing or fighting or doing anything to show off his muscles but wwx has a weakness and nmj's strength is,, his strength,,, he doesn't need to flex to have the perfect male form. his brother simply embodies wwx's taste in men far too well to be allowed to continue,,, and, given that wwx probably won't stop being attracted to buff dudes and nmj won't stop being buff, the only choice is to keep them far away from each other.
and like the strategy works really well!! wwx is mostly too distracted with lwj, who is also starting to get buffer for some random reason, and nmj just assumes that nhs is avoiding him bc he did something wrong or just doesn't want another lecture on,,, something. there are a few times when wwx comes over to nhs and says stuff like hey nie-xiong do you know what your brother's work out routine is? and nhs is just squinting at him because he's not sure whether wwx is still convinced that his interest in buff dudes is because he wants to be buff and is just admiring 'what any man would nie-xiong really' because he's 'not a coward who can't respect another man's form bc beauty comes in all forms so don't be so close-minded' or whether he finally figured out that it wasn't a friendly admiration/academic interest/????? and just wants to watch his brother train sometime. tentatively, he tells wwx that he'll ask (which he won't because he knows that nmj admires wwx as a cultivator already and will want to spar with him sometime if he mentions wwx and nhs does not want that to happen). he does however end up extending an invitation to come visit him in qinghe before wwx is unceremoniously booted from the lectures, deciding that his friendship with wwx is more important than his fear of wwx's crush on nmj.
but then the ssc happens and wwx doesn't really manage to come visit for fun and by the time nhs sees him again his reputation has been torn apart and reconstructed into something wholly unpleasant. he's no longer wwx the talented head disciple of the yunmeng jiang sect, instead their terrifying weapon and a loose cannon on the best of days. he's using demonic cultivation and even when he isn't stalking around the camps like a caged tiger, glaring at anyone who stares at him for too long and arrogantly disregarding lwj's attentions like he's no one important, the very air around wwx is seeped with that sense of wrongness and danger that he's covered himself with. being nhs, he makes sure to keep a distance from the war efforts so he only sees wwx every once in a while, and every time he does it seems as if the man is getting more terrifying and wrong.
and when the war ends and peace theoretically settles back into the cultivation world, nhs still doesn't see wwx much - wwx is busy with his duties in yunmeng, nmj doesn't seem particularly endeared by wwx anymore and nhs isn't sure whether he'd even be seeing his friend if he asked wwx to hang out. he's simply changed too much. at least that's what nhs thinks until there's a sect meeting and he sees wwx walk into a door because nmj was asked to help lift a table.
(and then lwj sees that wwx is in the room and makes sure to step in to lift the rest of the tables and wwx is off like a shot to his side to,,,, nhs honestly doesn't even know what he's doing but he's doing it)
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trashykawahq10 months ago
Can I make request? If yes, the I would like an atsumu x female reader, atsumu finds his s/o injured because she got into a fight? She won obviously- But her hand is full of bandages, and she has a few scars? Or he just saw her get into a fight with jealous bitches lmfao. She didn't start the fight, but got blamed for it? Or she was just trying to help a girl that was getting catcalled and ended up in a fight? Idk honestly lmao 馃槀 Sorry if you don't get it! I love your work! 馃槱馃挄
Enjoy! @simpforroosterhead
Hot Days and Fistfights聽
Pairing: Reader x Miya Atsumu聽
Genre: Kinda Angsty + Fluff
He doesn鈥檛 know whether to be proud or scared that his girlfriend can beat someone twice the size of her up. All he knows is that he鈥檚 glad she鈥檚 okay.
鈥淚t鈥檚 too hot for this, 鈥楾sumu.鈥 Y/N whines, swinging their clasped hands back and forth as they walk down the street. They were heading over to his house after having spent time together at one of the local parks.
鈥淢ust be my presence.鈥 He sends a grin her way when she rolls her eyes and elbows him in the side.聽
鈥淵ou know what? You鈥檙e right, but if Osamu were here it would be scorching.鈥
鈥淚-...you鈥檙e supposed to be on my side, babe!鈥 he whines, tugging at her arm. He starts going off on a tangent about why he鈥檚 the better twin, and Y/N ignores him for the most part. She hums under her breath as they walk, but stops suddenly when she spots a convenience store.聽
鈥-and honestly, who the hell wants grey hair? Mine is clearly-鈥
鈥淟et鈥檚 get ice-cream.鈥 she cuts him off, pulling him along to the store. He sighs but agrees, the cold treat sounding like a good idea to cool off. The store is a little crowded so Atsumu asks her to stay outside and wait for him. She complies easily, having no desire to be stuck in a confined place full of sweaty people.
She leans against one of the walls next to the store, and looks around her. It was just about time for sunset, the sky blossoming with graceful colours of orange and yellow. Maybe she would ask Atsumu if she could stay over for the night. She contemplates the idea, but her attention I caught by a young woman, around her age she thinks, nearly brushes past her. She looks nervous and keeps glancing behind her.聽
Y/N鈥檚 about to call after her to ask if she鈥檚 alright, but someone beat her to it. Unfortunately the other person's intentions aren鈥檛 as pure as hers.聽
鈥淥i! Come back here. Stop ignoring me.鈥 The woman stops abruptly and turns around.聽
鈥淚 told you to leave me alone, sir.鈥 her voice shakes a little. Y/N can tell what鈥檚 happening and she doesn鈥檛 like it. Not one bit.
鈥淎w, don鈥檛 be like that.鈥 The man in question moves closer to her. He鈥檚 dressed shabbily and Y/N nearly gags from the putrid smell of tobacco, even though she鈥檚 a good few meters away from him. 鈥淚 can show you a good time. Gimme a chance, sweetheart.鈥 he smirks, moving loser to her. The woman backs away fearfully, and squeaks when he grabs her arm and pulls her towards him. Y/N has seen enough.
鈥淗ey! She told you to leave her alone.鈥 She moves over to them, scowling. 鈥淧iss off.鈥
鈥淥h? Feisty, aren鈥檛 we?鈥 he grins, but doesn鈥檛 let go of the woman, who鈥檚 looking at Y/N with scared eyes. It infuriates her.聽 鈥淎nd what are you going to if I don鈥檛, hmm?鈥
鈥淟ast chance. Let her go and fuck off.鈥
鈥淗ow about no. Someone needs to teach you-鈥 Y/N cuts him off by clocking him straight in the jaw. The man stumbles backwards in surprise and groans in pain. He winces before looking back at Y/N angrily. Stepping in front of the woman, who just stands there frozen, he says.聽
鈥淪he clearly wants nothing to do with you. People might get the wrong idea, seeing filth like you touch others like that.鈥 She shakes out her hand, turning back to the stunned woman, making sure she鈥檚 okay.
Y/N has no time to react, before she鈥檚 knocked to the ground. Clenching her jaw as she feels a stinging pain on her forehead, she turns onto her back and attempts to stand. Spotting the man scowling down at her, she glares at him before kicking at his knee abruptly, sending him to the ground.聽
鈥淵ou little-鈥 he鈥檚 cut off again by a swift blow to his face. Y/N鈥檚 yelling profanities at him and showing no mercy as she strikes him again and again. She can vaguely hear the woman screaming behind her, yelling for someone to help break the scuffle.
She suddenly feels someone grab her waist and easily lift her off the man. Struggling against the tight grip, she whips to see her boyfriend.聽
鈥淥i. Calm down.鈥 he pushes her behind him and hands her the plastic bag he鈥檚 holding. Turning back to the man with a glare, he says.聽
鈥淲hat the fuck do ya think you鈥檙e doin, touching my girl?鈥 The man responds with a groan and looks up, glaring. He falters however, when he sees Atsumu towering over him instead of Y/N. His eyes widen as he realises he鈥檚 no match for the boy, Atsumu being taller and looking visibly stronger than himself. Scoffing, he scrambles to his feet and shoots the two women a nasty look, before turning away and briskly walking away.聽
Sighing, Atsumu turns back to Y/N, who鈥檚 being thanked profusely by the other lady. She waves her offers to repay her off, and assures her she鈥檒l be alright. The wince Y/N lets out when she shakes the woman's hand doesn鈥檛 get past Atsumu鈥檚 observant gaze. When she leaves, Y/N turns to her boyfriend.聽
鈥淪he was getting harassed, Tsumu. I had to help her.鈥 She mumbles, gaze dropping to the floor. She was a little embarrassed she had lost it like that back there. She hears him step closer to her and feels him hook a finger under her chin. When he tilts her head up to meet her gaze, she鈥檚 startled to see him grinning proudly.聽
鈥淭hat鈥檚 my girl! Holy shit, babe, when I saw you beating the living shit out of that guy, I thought I was dreaming!鈥
鈥淵eah, well...he deserved it.鈥
鈥淵ou bet he did. Did he hurt you?鈥 his voice changes to one form pride and awe to concern. He grabs her hand in his own larger, warmer ones, and brings them close to his face to inspect them. He furrows his eyebrows when he sees a couple of her knuckles had split and were bleeding sluggishly. He looks up at her, and his eyes widen in surprise as he sees her bleeding from a cut near the top of her forehead. He wipes at the blood with his palm gently, to which Y/N winces and bats his hand away.
鈥淚f I ever see him again, I swear I鈥檒l-鈥
鈥淗e鈥檚 gone. I鈥檓 alright.鈥
He takes a steadying breath and nods. 鈥淚t鈥檚 not far now. Ya think you can walk?鈥 he gives her a small, teasing smile.
鈥溾楾sumu, stop being dramatic.鈥 She huffs and starts walking. He catches up to her and they walk about 10 minutes before they reach his house. Atsumu tells Y/N to wait on the couch while he brings out a first aid kit.聽
He sits next to her and pulls out a bottle of disinfectant. He鈥檚 unusually gentle when he sipes the cotton over her hand.聽
鈥溾楾sumu, that stings.鈥 she whines and tries to pull away. His grip tightens, keeping her hand in place as he continues.聽
鈥淪hould鈥檝e thought about that before ya beat someone up, sweetheart.鈥 Y/N grumbles, but gives up trying to free her hand.聽
He wraps her knuckles in bandages, almostly expertly, and Y/n flexes her fingers, impressed. The scratch on her head wasn鈥檛 too deep and had already stopped bleeding.聽
鈥淲ow. You know what you鈥檙e doing for once.鈥澛
鈥淟ove ya too.鈥 he smirks. 鈥淏ut I鈥檓 not done yet.鈥
鈥淣ot done yet?鈥
鈥淣ope.鈥 He shuffles closer to her, till their sides are touching. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e missing the most important part.鈥
鈥淚s that so?鈥 She decides to humor him. Nodding, he reaches towards her face and brushes back her hair. Bringing his mouth to her forehead, he kisses her on the scratch. 鈥淕otta kiss it better. Obviously.鈥 He grins, pulling her knuckles to himself and doing the same over the bandages.聽
鈥淥bviously.鈥 repeats, amused. When he tries to go for her forehead again, she leans away. 鈥淪o, what about that ice-cream?鈥
鈥淚t melted.鈥 He mutters, leaning forward, trapping her between the couch鈥檚 arm and himself. 鈥淭here鈥檚 probably more in the freezer.鈥 Y/N leans back farther, purposefully avoiding him and she laughs under her breath when he pouts.聽
鈥淐鈥檓on, babe, work with me here.鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 fine, 鈥楾sumu. I just want the ice cream now.鈥
鈥淵ou鈥檇 choose ice-cream over my kisses?鈥 he raises an eyebrow.
鈥淥ne of them is much sweeter.鈥 she leans forward next to his ear, as if to tell him a secret. 鈥淚t鈥檚 not you, by the way.鈥 He pulls away and sits back up, crossing his arms.聽
鈥淲ow, alright. Get your own ice-cream then. Ignore your boyfriend who just patched you up.鈥
鈥淵ou're gonna make your injured girlfriend get up and get it?鈥
鈥淟ast time I checked, you could walk.鈥 he points outs. She sighs and scoots closer to him. He lets him peck her on the forehead, and his face breaks into a smile.聽
鈥淲as that so hard? You鈥檙e welcome.鈥 He stands when Y/N shoves him playfully. Grabbing a carton of chocolate ice cream from the freezer, and two bowls and spoon, he takes it back to the couch. Y/N looks at the carton and raises an eyebrow. She points to the sticky note that reads:
鈥楾ouch this and you鈥檙e dead, 鈥楾sumu.鈥櫬
Atsumu leans over and plucks the note off the carton, crumpling it up and throwing it over his shoulder.聽
鈥淲hat are you talking about?鈥 he tilts his head innocently.
Y/N shakes her head, smiling, and grabs a bowl. He was an idiot. Looking over she sees him struggling to scoop the treat out and her smile widens.
He was her idiot though, and she was thankful to have him.
Requests are Open and Welcome
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bondsmagii5 days ago
Yknow i had a realisation this morning which was that I don't think I personally want to be known for being nice. I want to be known for being kind. Niceness to me just encompasses endlessly bulldozing over your own feelings and boundaries ignoring all discomforts. Its a little fake and superficial too. Kindness on the hand is different. But i can't quite articulate why, just that I know it when I see it. Idk if that makes any sense. What do you think?
Hope you're well!
this definitely makes sense! I do not have good associations with the concept of niceness, lmao. people who self-proclaim that they're nice tend to be completely unaware of their own shortcomings or they're actively malicious, and people who tell you to act nice are usually assholes trying to make you feel bad so they can get away with treating you like crap, not listening to your complaints, or otherwise ignore some responsibility or another. I'm sure this isn't across the board, but my personal experience has left me with this impression. niceness, to me, is something that people talk a lot about but often don't follow up, and anything they do for niceness is for the image first, the self-righteousness next ("I was only trying to be nice!" as they do something you didn't want and didn't ask for, for example), and only after that is there the chance of anything genuine.
kindness, on the other hand, is quieter and more genuine. it's the little things you don't notice until afterwards, or the small gestures that you eventually notice and a clearer picture falls into place. I have been fortunate enough to meet with sincere kindness in my life and it never fails to completely humble me. there are people out there -- even complete strangers -- who have gone out of their way to be kind to me, accepting nothing in return, expecting nothing in return, and it's an indescribable experience. it's an attitude I try to have myself: it costs so little, it helps so much, and it sticks with a person for a very long time, if not life. I would always rather be kind than nice.
the funny thing is that if you're not "nice", you very quickly get the reputation of being an asshole. this is, I presume, because niceness is more about how palatable you are, and people who refuse to be palatable are often deemed assholes. I've met a lot of people who would fall into this category -- they take no shit, they demand things for themselves, they refuse to be walked over, and they do come across as abrasive -- but hands down these have also been the most genuinely kind people I've met. niceness is surface-level, but kindness runs deep.
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dreamsclock6 months ago
If you'll allow me to poke a few holes in your analysis, it seems to underestimate Dream a bit. Wilbur said he would be ambitious as a pseudo-threat, true, but it's pretty clear he had no ability or intention to truly follow up on it. Something a skilled manipulator like Dream could definitely pick up. He had no leverage against Dream in this situation to force him to act against his will, and Dream didn't act like he was cornered into a decision (compare his behavior with Spirit for example).
( THIS POST IS VITAL TO READ IF YOU HAVEN鈥橳 ALREADY READ IT !! that鈥檚 what this ask is referring to!! )
hi there! these are good points, i thought i鈥檇 give some further explanation to them. as always, assume every mention of a name is in reference to the character the cc plays, and this is cut for length !!
wilbur said he would be ambitious (...) but it鈥檚 pretty clear he had no ability or intention to truly follow up on it.
this is a fair point, but i also think it鈥檚 forgetting the events of the season a bit! almost every major event in the plot up until this point has been unexpected 鈥 l鈥檓anburg鈥檚 war, eret鈥檚 betrayal, schlatt winning the election, schlatt鈥檚 subsequent banning of wilbur and tommy 鈥 and i think it鈥檚 important to realise how much that would have impacted the characters. there鈥檚 a reason the traitor trope was used so much during season one, and it鈥檚 because it was believable,, there wasn鈥檛 a single character that could be trusted by the audience or by the other characters, not fully. hell, in the finale, half the audience and characters were convinced tommy was the traitor, and most of us were stunned when we realised it was wilbur (despite all the signs lmao).
so to put faith in a character in any sense, even in their lack of ability or intention, was a rare thing back then 鈥 things are slightly different now, but in season one, i can鈥檛 remember a single character i trusted not to be a traitor at some point or other. in the same way, dream couldn鈥檛 trust wilbur not to end up like schlatt, considering he wasn鈥檛 even expecting SCHLATT to end up like schlatt. and we already know he doesn鈥檛 like wilbur, that wilbur has the potential to be the dream smp鈥檚 greatest threat, considering in his eyes, wilbur already has been, with the creation of l鈥檓anburg.
and that鈥檚 the thing too. wilbur already HAS been too ambitious: he鈥檚 already started a nation against dream鈥檚 will, fought a war for it, succeeded in establishing a country in a more 鈥渃ountry鈥-like shape than the smp itself. in dream鈥檚 eyes, wilbur has the absolute potential to be that ambitious: coupled with schlatt鈥檚 greediness and wilbur鈥檚 deterioration, PLUS how many similarities schlatt and wilbur actually had, it鈥檚 no wonder dream assumes wilbur would go down the same route as schlatt 鈥 he already had when he made l鈥檓anburg: what was to stop him from wanting more land after reclaiming l鈥檓anburg?
in addition to that, dream鈥檚 worldview has already been shattered by wilbur鈥檚 words. in a very typical wilbur way, wilbur鈥檚 鈥渢hreat鈥 is less of a threat than it is designed to inflict understanding in dream. understanding that l鈥檓anburg is bad, that wilbur is bad, that once again, dream is doomed to assist 鈥榚vil鈥. i mention this better in my longer post, but dream鈥檚 quote is key here:
DREAM: i want l鈥檓anburg to be- something.
he wants pogtopia and manburg gone (they鈥檙e Bad in his mind) and l鈥檓anburg to stay (in his eyes, they鈥檙e Good TM), but wilbur pushes against this. by claiming he鈥檚 going to be ambitious, he鈥檚 saying l鈥檓anburg will end up the exact same way as manburg has under schlatt, he鈥檚 saying things will end up just as bad as they are now 鈥 wilbur is essentially telling dream l鈥檓anburg shouldn鈥檛 exist because there is no leader who could make it better, because that鈥檚 what he believes. and dream believes it too.
he had no leverage against dream in this situation to force him to act against his will, and dream didn't act like he was cornered into a decision (compare his behavior with spirit for example).
in terms of dream not seeming like he鈥檚 being backed into a corner in terms of spirit, i also think it鈥檚 vital to recognise the difference in terms in wilbur鈥檚 manipulation and tommy鈥檚 manipulation, and also the difference in the situation. let鈥檚 take the spirit situation first - dream has already had a lot of his power stripped from him, in terms of tommy going against his authority and in terms of l鈥檓anburg reforming, both of which he is powerless against, and so when tommy tries to blackmail him - which was what essentially his manipulation was - dream snaps. he lashes out and it鈥檚 messy and loud (we all got a fright at his speech LMAO). he sees tommy as a threat, but not as an equal: tommy is below him, he鈥檚 a kid having a temper tantrum and has unfortunate amounts of power over the server, which is why dream wants him exiled. he snaps because he feels helpless and humiliated, more than anything聽- there is no understanding between him and tommy, no moment when they mutually agree on something, and it鈥檚 humiliation and fear that drives this move, because tommy is prodding at a weakness maliciously and he has no choice but to lash out.
when it comes to wilbur and the vassal scene, wilbur鈥檚 manipulation is subtler, quieter, it鈥檚 more controlled. tommy鈥檚 had been malicious and desperate; wilbur鈥檚 is desperate but in a colder, more controlled way - not to mention, i don鈥檛 think he鈥檚 doing it just to get something from dream. wilbur genuinely believes what he鈥檚 telling dream is the truth, because it IS, and his manipulation helps dream to understand that too. dream switches so suddenly in this scene, going from聽鈥渋 want l鈥檓anburg to be something鈥 to聽鈥渋 have to鈥 when tommy begs him not to give wilbur the TNT. dream is cornered, but in a quieter, less humiliating way: wilbur poses a threat to dream鈥檚 lands and offers a solution, and dream takes it.
another thing i don鈥檛 quite agree with is calling dream a skilled manipulator at this point in time. i鈥檓 not so certain he is. in season two, absolutely, without a doubt, but in season one, like i was kind of implying in the first post, dream鈥檚 power comes from his physical power and physical skills in PVP and general talent in minecraft, not his manipulation. up until the very end of season one, i can鈥檛 think of many times dream tries to be and succeeds in being manipulative - not like wilbur, who relies more on words and manipulation and propaganda rather than fighting and minecraft prowess. dream is incredibly smart and shrewd, absolutely, but i think the point of wilbur鈥檚 manipulation and conversation in the vassal scene was FOR dream to pick it up: he was sending a message without saying what he really meant, which is manipulation - if someone says聽鈥渋鈥檓 cold鈥 and there鈥檚 a window open next to them, the underlying message is a request for you to close it, which Is Technically manipulation, and in the same vein, this is what wilbur is doing in this scene. if wilbur didn鈥檛 truly have the will/intent to be a threat to dream - two things he鈥檚 proven he DOES have, time and time again - then dream wouldn鈥檛 necessarily pick up on it: or, if he did, wilbur has proven he鈥檚 unpredictable as he deteriorates, and dream isn鈥檛 exactly the most mentally stable here either. if wilbur is willing to blow up his own country, what鈥檚 to stop him from claiming it back and ruthlessly taking more of the SMP for his own?? that could very well be dream鈥檚 thought process.
this is pretty rambly, but i hope it makes sense !! you raised good points: i just wanted to talk about some of them in more detail to make myself more clear.
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rasbeaii5 months ago
(n.) an immense ache for nothing and everything at once; an anguish from the bottom of the heart.
Tumblr media
yanfei, genshin impact
angst, mentions of injuries, pain, just lots of pain
wc ; one thousand four hundred and twenty two words
Tumblr media
riyuu says ; hehe..pain. for all those who thirst for my blood after this, kindly take your complaints to @lcaita who was the one who gave me the idea in the first place, pls and thank u.
yeah no, i don鈥檛 know why i wrote this. it鈥檚 just. very very sad. i hate doing this to yanfei man. i don鈥檛 know what to say lmao
thank u to @t-amajiki for proofreading once again :D love u captain
Tumblr media
numb is what you felt when baizhu told you what had happened, what had been done to your beloved while you sat in the comfort of your home, eagerly awaiting her return.
could you have changed the way things turned out? could you have made her stay? could you have accompanied her?
could you have prevented yanfei from getting hurt? from losing her sight? her hearing?
could you have prevented her from sitting in front of you, shaking as though her body were but a mere leaf in a storm, barely visibly tear tracks staining her soft cheeks. she refused to look at you, not that she could see you even if she faced you. you tried calling out to her, only to realise that she can't hear you.
you slowly approach the bed , cautiously seating yourself beside her. she sensed it, you could tell. even now, even with two of her five senses gone, even with the turmoil in her mind and heart and soul, even now, yanfei could tell that it was you who sat beside her.
not some stranger, but someone who loved her more than life itself.
you sat in silence, not knowing what to say, or what to do.
that was, until yanfei shakily reached out. you watched her with narrowed eyes, confused as to what she was trying to do, before you realised that she was looking for you.
the action shook you to the core, but you wasted no time in reaching out as well, grasping her delicate hands in your own.
"i'm here. i'm here, my love. i'm here, don't worry." you muttered to no one in particular, especially not yanfei, because she can't hear you.
you firmly took hold of her hands, as if to tell her without words that you're there, that you'll always be there, no matter what. you hoped against all hopes that your intentions could carry over with your actions 鈥 you didn't know how else to tell her how you felt.
yanfei squeezed your hands, and you looked up to see that she had a shaky, hesitant, almost reluctant smile on her face. or, well, something that closely resembled a smile.
a smile that could make hundreds stop and turn, and watch. a smile that could make even the gods envious of its beauty and its shine. a smile belonging to the only person who was fit to wear it; a smile that only yanfei could wear and shine as though she were a million suns in one body.
a smile that now, threatened to break at any second as her lips quivered with fear and turmoil and pain and the realisation that she could never go back to what she was before and before you knew it, she had buried her face in your chest, letting out wails of anguish as her grief-stricken tears fell upon the very clothing she had bought you as a gift for your birthday.
you could do nothing but hold her, hold her tight and hold her firm as she weeped into your chest. you rested your chin on her head, silent tears threatening to pool out of your own eyes.
why? why her of all people? why would they do this to her? how could they do this to her?
she wordlessly pulled herself away from you just as quickly as she had thrown herself on you. her movements were borderline frantic, erratic, as she hastily gestured something to you.
you watched her every movement, roughly swiping away at the tears in your eyes. you tried to make sense of what she was asking of you, you didn't have time to wallow in your own misery.
yanfei needed you, and you would be there for her.
she gestured once again, seemingly writing something in the air.
writing in the air? ah!
you grabbed ahold of her hands, as if to say, "i got it! i get what you mean!"
she nodded, pausing her hasty movements as she brought hands to her lap, scratching at her forearms.
you looked around the room, surely there had to be some pen and paper in here. this is yanfei's room, she always had a pen and paper on her.
you pulled open the first drawer you could get your hands on, and there! there was some parchment and a quill, a vial of ink tucked neatly beside it. you pulled out the writing materials, walking back to yanfei as you placed the equipment on her bedside workstation.
placing a hand on her shoulder, you guided her to the table, where you let her feel where the inkpot was, where the parchment was, and the quill as well. she nodded, and immediately began writing.
this seems important.
and so you sat yourself a few feet away from her, in a chair by the door of her bedroom. you waited in silent anticipation, an slight anxiety for whatever she was writing.
you tried to calm your own mind and focus on the sound of the quill gliding across the parchment. you had always complimented yanfei and told her how you adored the way she wrote. she had always laughed, promising that she would write you more letters than usual should the two of you be in different parts of teyvat.
the sight of her laughing, the sound of her laughing, her bashful smile as she would thank you for the compliment.
you remembered the days when she was the one feeling bold, feeling straightforward. she would show up out of nowhere when you were in the city, and look at you with sheepish eyes when you asked her whether or not she was skipping work.
her eyes.
she would give you puppy-eyes when you insisted for her to go back to work, to not get in trouble just because she wanted to see you. she would give you doe-eyes when you would show up at her workspace, bringing her some food and offering her company. she would speak to you through her eyes as you lay in bed, not wanting to break the comfortable silence. she would tell you she loved you simply by looking at you.
her eyes had always been her most striking feature, immediately catching the attention of anyone who dared to look into them.
she would laugh, throw her head back as her hair shined in the moonlight at yujing terrace. she would laugh when you told her that she must have some sort of power of entrapment as an extension of her illuminated beast status. it seemed like the only logical explanation as to how one could easily get lost just looking into her eyes, the way they shone and their beautiful colour and the way you would never want to look away.
鈥渢hat鈥檚 just you, my love.鈥
maybe so.
you had always told her that she seemed too good to be true.
those memories, those sights, they all seemed too good to be true. something you felt as though you'd taken for granted. you felt as though you had never appreciated her enough; the way she spoke, the way she carried herself, the way she observed. the way she would train her eyes on whatever had caught her interest. the way her eyes would immediately latch onto you the moment she would spot you in the crowd.
you had taken her for granted, and now, you would never be able to look into her eyes. her eyes that had lost their colour, their striking nature, their natural shine, their ability to entrap.
her eyes had lost all life, just like her.
you were broken out of your thoughts when you heard stomping, only to see that yanfei had been stomping her feet to get your attention. you muttered out an apology, and your tongue felt like lead and your throat felt like you had swallowed ash as soon as the words left your mouth.
she can't hear you.
the lead weighed heavier and heavier, reaching down your throat and past the ash and into your heart as you saw what she had written. the ash stuck in your throat seemed to spread, multiply, increase in quantity as the words on the piece of parchment registered into your brain.
"please, keep talking to me. i don't want to forget what you sound like. i want to remember your face, the one i used to see every morning when i woke up. please, stay with me. i don't want to forget you."
Tumblr media
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