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#lmao rant
space-helen · 11 months ago
So there’s going to be a nice rant under the cut about reading and my childhood so yeah... read if ya wanna but you dont have too.
So like as a child I loved to read but I only had like the disney books or childrens books. i dont think my parents really understood what teenage/YA books were so I was never brought full length books really and like... We didn’t really have the money for them. I’d get brought a magazine once in a while (The Jaqueline Wilson mag mainly ngl) and you’d get like a teaser length book in them and that’s what I lived off. I’d occasionally get a book from the school book fare but treasured whatever I had. My bedroom as a kid was COVERED in black mould as well like.... it probably was so unsafe to live in but whatever I did probably gonna pay for that later in life, but it RUINED a lot of the books I had but ce la vie 
Then in secondary school I sort of stopped reading because it became a chore through English, then GCSE’s happened and yeah no reading for me really, I brought the twilight Saga in like 2015/16 but barely read them, I think I actually skimmed them... But in sixth form I started reading more plays because I was involved with theatre and enjoyed them. I purchased 3 ‘classic novels’ with some birthday money at 17 but started to read Great Expectations and couldn’t get into it and reading was forgotten about once again... I read textbooks for sixth form and uni but not anything else.
Last year however I brought Defending Jacob and Mission Flats by William Landay, yes it took me like 4 months to finish Defending Jacob because I’m a slow reader and I didn’t have time but I enjoyed it so much. I moved onto Mission Flats and it also took me 3 months to finish because I had a lot going on but I again enjoyed it thoroughly.
For my birthday in June I asked for books and I got a bunch. Since then I’ve read 6 new books and re-read the first twilight. I’ve asked for more for christmas and I’ve managed to get my hands on the Harry Potter Books to read since I never have. (currently reading the first one, also JKR is trash) I also treated myself to Frankenstein this morning and I’m very hyped for it.
There isn’t really an point to this post just that I guess I’ve found something I really enjoy doing. Yes I do read slow and get anxious thinking about what my next read is going to be. 
Anyone got any books they’d recommend? Want to know what I’ve read over the summer? Any classics you’d suggest I read? 
So uh yeah... thank you for reading this I guess 
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friiday-seventeenth · 20 days ago
ngl being a trans guy on tumblr kinda.... sucks sometimes. because you've got the terfs and radfems being shitty, you've got the lack of people giving a shit about your issues, you've got to watch everything you put out there because otherwise someone's gonna come in and scream at you that you're wrong, or a transmisogynist, or you're just a stupid fucking girl.... it's hard. and it makes me so goddamn tired sometimes
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idontworkwithmagic · 3 years ago
On King Frederic I'm really sad that it's not a bigger deal in the show that he literally outlawed a child who just lost his father and sent an army of masked men after said child all because he didn't want his daughter to know about the rocks. Like if they captured Varian before the events of Sun drop what would they have done with him? While I believe Varian's anger was aimed at the wrong person, it's completely understandable why he now hates the kingdom.
Listen I could fill a BOOK about the bad decisions the adults in this series have made… like can we just have some competent adults please? Someone who makes good decisions and/or doesn’t defend the other adults who make bad decisions….
Eugene is still a young adult but he is the only one (adult figure I guess) who seems to have any sense of right and wrong and good instincts.
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miss-match01 · a month ago
once again reminding people that fan content doesn't always accurately reflect canon and should not be used for analyses or serious discussions about the characters.
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ars0nism · 11 months ago
yes im still thinking about rasputin ana & felwinter the iron lords i will die on this hill because ana wasnt around when her beloved ai killed people that almost only did good because he was trying to kill his creation son for being a guardian?? so she already knows less about it and AIs dont have regret, thats not how artificial intelligence works, rasputin wasnt built to be emotional or care about individual human lives he was made to protect humanity as a kind so hes not sentimental because he wasnt programmed to be!!! and why he protects & helps ana in her stuff as guardian yet killed the iron lords still confuses me?? sure he hadnt created ana and she was more his boss than he hers but still?? shes a guardian with access to his databse just like felwinter???
and why are they letting her take him to the tower??? yeah he saved humanity but how many older Guardians lost loved ones because of him??? shaxx knew the iron lords. Zavala probably did. saladin WAS an iron lord. tgeyre just letting him in???? sure zavala has already shown his lack of trust for rasputin and YEAH rasputin helped us with xol and the almighty but those were threats to humanity!! thats what he was programmed to do!! and if he figures we, as guardians, endanger humanity because of our light, he'll do the same to us!!! fuck!!!!
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redgillan · 3 months ago
they’re using the infinity stones as paperweights. I can’t 😭 natasha yeeted herself off a cliff for a paperweight
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batarangsoundsdumb · 4 months ago
why does everyone whitewash batfam
Tumblr media
#i hear the argument 'dick being romani doesn't mean he's poc' and to that i say okay fuck you#i also hear the argument 'dick being romani is furthering racist stereotypes' and to that i also say okay fuck you#do you know how many romani characters there are in media?#do you know how many romani characters there are in media that are not extremely fucking racist?#not a whole fucking lot man#and no offense but dick becoming a vigilante and being raised by a billionaire is not going to be the final nail in the coffin#most romani people in europe don't even have equal rights like dude what's a comic character nobody even knows about gonna do#and also the argument 'jason being headcanoned as latine is racist actually' when bro everything's racist if you try hard enough#if i say 'yeah i headcanon fucking harry potter or whatever as indian' you're gonna tell me 'no but that's racist actually'#'harry lives in a closet under the stairs which you can see as the caste system-'#lmao im just reminded of how my best friend just calls everything and everyone that inconveniences her 'racist'#no but whitewashing bad and i blame liam neeson#blaming liam neeson it's- it's like a reward#(it's cause ra's al ghul and talia al ghul don't have a specified ethnicity which allows for white people to play them)#(theyre basically only poc when it's convenient)#(and that also happens for damian bc talia's his mom and bruce is white so ppl are like 'uh yeah white for convenience')#okay yeah rant over#you can think what you think but still#dc#dcu#dc comics#bataranswers#batman#batfam#batfamily
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taee · 4 months ago
no one: jungkook:
Tumblr media
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southern--downpour · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
another small headcanon of mine, i thought it’d bee neat if in his memory books, ranboo would sketch out important people or things so he wouldn’t forget what they look like :,D
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pencilscratchins · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
theyre looking at rey and poe, taking twice as long to solve a simple problem than necessary : edit [ID under cut]
Rose Tico dressed in her TROS outfit, hair up in a small messy ponytail and choppy bangs. Her face is in her chin, leaning against one elbow and her other arm across the table casually. She’s looking off to the side with an amused expression, smiling gently. Next to her, Finn is also dressed in his TROS outfit, face in the opposite hand, looking up with a gentle smile and a raised eyebrow. His other hand is placed thoughtlessly against the implied table. There’s no other details, and they’re against a desaturated teal background
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fantastic-nonsense · 4 months ago
"What's the point of Tim Drake? There's nothing he brings to the table that the other Batfamily members don't have" buddy, I don't know how to help you understand that 7/8ths of those other people WOULDN'T BE THERE if it weren't for Tim Drake
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starfirexl · 7 months ago
Would you like to rant about Baby Brother Damian™ head canons? I am very boredom and craving Damian fluff
would i? i think you’ll find that i would. my brain comes up w this stuff all day everyday bro, i have a whoolllleeee fucking list. 
steph once gave damian a huge fucking box of crayola crayons as a gag gift
you know the ones that have 200 crayons that you can get on amazon for like 20 bucks
she fully expected dami to blow up at her for giving him ‘inferior art supplies made for infants and novices,’ maybe get lightly stabbed, perhaps suffer an ‘accident’ during patrol
nah man, dami took one look at those multi-colored fuckers n thought ‘i will cherish these forever’
he takes SUCH GOOD CARE of his crayons, i kid you not
im talking regularly sharpening them, putting them in uber neat rows, organizing them by color, alphabetizing them, warm colors on one side, cool colors on the other side, complementary colors have to be across from each other, grayson don’t you dare put the oranges next to the greens--
tim once tried to take one of the crayons w/out permission and almost got his hand cut off
damian will make the randomest crayon-related comments during patrol
“personally, poison ivy, i think magenta would suit your skin tone much better than wild strawberry”
“unbelievable, the joker changed his lipstick from scarlet to english vermillion and it is clashing with the electric green
“nightwing, have you ever considered changing your uniform’s color from cerulean frost to simply cerulean? it would do wonders for your complexion
damian found his favorite color in that fucking box of crayons n for a straight week he wrote his patrol reports by hand only in robin’s egg blue
but bc his patrol reports are always so extensive the crayon became an itty bitty nub by the end of the week :(
damian flat out refused to write patrol reports if he didn’t have that color
bruce had to literally buy a whole damn crayon factory bc he could not for the life of him find that precise shade of fucking blue
“father that’s turquoise blue, i specifically requested robin’s egg blue”
this fucking brat istg if he wasn’t kinda adorable he woulda been punted off a cliff a long time ago
vEhiCuLaR sAfEtY!!!
guys. bruce hasn’t had a child as young as damian since way back when he first adopted dick 16 years ago, and even then he’s never had a child this smol, like how is it physically possible to be that tiny what the fuck--
tl;dr bruce is woefully out of practice n he freaks the fuck out when he sees robin in the batmobile bc his head barely reaches the goddamn window holy fuck--
he literally has to unearth the booster seat he used for 8-year-old dick from the deepest, dustiest depths of the batcave because he Is Not Prepared For This™
i am of the firm belief that damian didn’t know what a booster seat was at first bc he was raised in relative isolation
so he didn’t know any better when bruce asked him to use it, he thought it was just a Weird American Thing™
“im gonna tell him” “don’t you fucking dare”
bruce will keep this secret w him to the fucking grave dammit, if it means his baby will practice proper vehicular safety
coincidentally, he did keep it to the grave, so poor dickie had to deal w the fall-out when damian inevitably figured it out
which, honestly, how the fuck did bruce ever think this plan would work?
dick had to use every trick in the book to make damian use the booster seat again, but dammit he’s not gonna have his kid brother-his dad’s littlest son-get hurt on his watch bc he couldn’t get the kid to sit in a damn booster seat
when jason reintegrates into the family, he n damian drive around a lot on his motorcycle
jason forces damian to sit in front of him instead of behind bc “you’re a lightweight baby bat, if you fall off i won’t even know ‘til im five miles away and you’re nothin’ but a brightly colored smear on the asphalt”
damian learns to take the blow to his dignity by pretending that he’s the one driving
like,,, he’ll put his wittle hands on top of jason’s...and pretend to steer...🥺🥺🥺
and if jason speeds up when dami puts pressure on his hands and slows down when he loosens his grip, well, no one needs to know
like jason only has helmets that fit his friends, and since they’re all his age damian has to wear a helmet that’s WAYYYYY too big for him
he legit looks like a bobblehead it’s fucking hilarious
dami has to have one hand on his helmet at all times bc it might fall off if he doesn’t and just,,, his tiny hands on this huge-ass fucking helmet 🥺🥺🥺
he is literally top-heavy when he walks in this thing, it takes him a second to find his balance
jason the absolute dumbass finally gets dami one that fits after the twentieth time they ride together
he absolutely held off on it bc it was just that damn funny watching damian stumble around
this post got fucking huge AGAIN and it was only 2 head canons, rip my life. i literally cannot restrain myself from hyper fixating on one specific hc and then adding all of these irrelevant details jfc. 
if y’all want more of this, hmu in the asks or smth! i’m always willing to share my brain rot :) but be warned - it’s probably gonna be a lot like this ask where i just word-vomit about like one or two concepts. i just have so many ideas im sorrryyyyyy
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eobsinj · 4 months ago
hey yall i slowed down the roll in the fields scene on ep02 (vid link) and noticed some things:
bucky's face. this was noticeable in normal speed but i just wanna show it to all of u
Tumblr media
the rescue was (probably) supposed to be a quick and smooth swoop in and fly away type, but sam's wings hit the truck's wheels which caused them to skid and end up rolling in the fields (i think this was also noticeable in normal speed, but i only noticed after i slowed it down lol)
bucky just really let sam catch him after he got his head cradled very slightly huh. understandable. very nice.
Tumblr media
bucky was holding on sam's wings pack with both hands
and, sam was just hugging bucky very tightly to him. both hands locked together on bucky's back
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the first roll was shot with the stunt men (john nania as bucky and aaron toney as sam); you can see john's face here:
Tumblr media
i had to point this out because you can see in the screenshots of their shot, while they were very much hugging tightly, bucky and sam's legs were just flinging around
(which means, it was mackie and seb's choice to have sambucky's legs in between each others while rolling)(they got the call for tfatws and decided they had a Mission lmao)
(it 100% could be a safety choice for the stunt men but i will write my own sambucky/stackie narrative)
Tumblr media
sam had his right leg hooked on bucky's left leg.
edit: i was staring at the shot above and IS BUCKY'S LEFT LEG JUST IN BETWEEN BOTH OF SAM'S LEGS???
bucky Did have his metal hand holding on sam's waist
Tumblr media
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violetbain · a month ago
The cis/trans dichotomy really is baffling to me now. “Trans” is a label anyone can apply to themselves for literally any reason at any time, yet “cis” is a label that is usually applied to someone else based purely on assumption. Nobody “identifies” as cis. You get told by a trans-identified person that apparently you are cis. And TRAs assume someone is ‘cis’ because they assume that person has never felt ‘dysphoria’ (whatever that means to them) and that that person is 100% comfortable performing the stereotypes associated with their sex, and they assume this based on... appearances. How regressive can you get?
It’s so, so shallow. It is so deeply narcissistic to assume that you are so complex and deep and interesting and that everyone else is ignorant and superficial and cannot possibly relate to your mind and your experiences.
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