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x-mensirens · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
art truly art maybe scott > Day Of Reckoning wouldn't have but the one who bodyslammed her looking like charles? yeah. yeah he would. and he did.
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senvurii · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
FESTIVAL!! ive been really interested in developing potential traditions and culture for dsmp if anyone would like to join me hehe (more thoughts under cut)
Tumblr media
for example like money cards (derived from priming for five dollars), which is usually is gifted to friends and family. The bell derives from (obviously) the bell at church prime and Tommy’s prime log. And then the floating lanterns from lmanberge el oh el I also wanna try drawing traditional potential outfit designs like the one Tommy is wearing please i would love someone to join forces with me
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flimsyzee · 10 days ago
I saw a post about how they shouldn’t have brought Dream back in so soon to Season 3 that got me thinking.
I think One main reason why they needed Dream back was to kill Ghostbur and bring back Wilbur, so how could they have gotten Wilbur revived without Dream?
Now picture this. an Au where Quackity gets the Revive Book from Dream and instead of reviving Schlatt he accidentally brings Wilbur back.
Wilbur is of course ecstatic, while Quackity is in disbelief.
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ivyprism · 4 months ago
....Other then you. It wouldn't work with you two, I'm sorry. -H
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bauliya · a year ago
Azula redemption anon here! You’ve convinced me to hop back into ATLA SOLELY TO MAKE THIS BEAUTIFUL AU OF KAZULA BLOODBENDING REBELLION REDEMPTION
ANON I AM SO HAPPY 😭😭😭 can I pls humbly request the following:
- passionate angry kiss
- katara becoming a scary mofo
- katara realising her power isn't inherently evil
- azula going *heart eyes motherfucker* over katara bloodbending
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timmonoteef · 9 months ago
i wonder how it feels for you to always play a creeper character lol
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beccabeeships-archive · a year ago
Question: Could I get like a bullet-point run through of sunshine and roses? Did they fall in love during the events of kkss? What Chrysi there to comfort Will when Mary died??? :0
WHEW, okay, so I’m actually in two different camps for this one. I have one idea where she meets him exclusively BEFORE and AFTER the events of the show and one where she’s going through the motions with him in the midst of the show. 
I personally feel that the before/after one fits better with my own personal canon, but I also 100% ADORE writing little pieces where she’s involved with Will during the whole... Despair Thing. But also she’s in love with Despair, so that’s where it gets a bit complicated
SO I’ll just explain the Before/After version of my canon!
Chrysi met Will briefly in that small window of time where he was visiting NYC (before it became Hellsalem’s Lot!) and before the whole Great Collapse happened. 
Will had gotten separated from his family and understood jack about the subway system and w/e.
And before he could even really do anything about it, he’s suddenly dragged from the subway by a girl with white hair and a request that he help her get her cat down from a tree. 
Turns out it’s not even, like... her cat. It’s just a stray cat that follows her around. 
Anyway, he helped her get the cat down and she helped him find his family (while chatting inanely along the way) and they went their separate ways. 
Chrysi left NYC before the Great Collapse and messed around for the following three years with this organization (ish) that helps deal with supernatural creatures that are causing destruction. 
One thing leads to another and she decides she needs to take a nice long break from that organization. There was something big and bad that happened that really messed her up. 
But of course, Chrysi doesn’t choose any sort of normal place to figure herself out in––she decides to go to Hellsalem’s Lot and enjoy that chaos. 
In the meantime, Will occasionally thought of her (random Cat Tree Girl) and wondered if she lived through the First Great Collapse. He hopes she did, but he’s never been certain. 
Cue Chrysi one day walking into his diner and both of them don’t recognize each other at first. 
“Cat Tree Girl????”
“OH you’re the kid who’s family ditched you!”
So from there on out, they keep on running into each other and Chrysi takes it as a sign. So she starts inviting Will to hang out with her, which inadvertently turns into Breaking Into Graveyards and Abandoned Homes.
They get closer and Chrysi helps him with his PTSD.
But of course, who would I be if I didn’t involve Tension and Complications™?
Chrysi’s hospitalized often due to her own illness and her annoying tendency to get involved in dangerous situations, whiiich is where Despair is. 
Stuck in another body and unable to leave. 
So they get that friendship (romance??) rolling while Will and Chrysi are still trying to get past their previous traumas. 
Random bits about their relationship in general:
Chrysi’s a clothing thief. Will often can’t find sweaters, only to later find his girlfriend wearing them.
He’s so torn up on the inside over the fact that she’s dying from her illness slowly. He’s already lost all his family––why does his girlfriend also have to be in pain?’
Chrysi seems like the happy one in the relationship, but her past eventually catches up with her. And it is Royally Screwed Up. 
Will knows for a fact that she’s hiding something behind her smiles and jokes, but he can never get her to tell him. Not until she breaks. 
But hey! He’s at least able to help her tensions (even without knowing the specifics).
They’re in that weird grey area of a relationship where they’re more than friends, but less than lovers BUT NEITHER OF THEM KNOW IT 
Uhhhh yeah!! That’s it!!!! I hope you don’t mind how long this got LOL
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tomebreakr · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
john sneg impersonation 2k17: dave strider is not cool n his sword is kinda shit
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metalallcrgy · 3 years ago
//i finally did all my drafts again so if i owe u a reply then it’s lost pls poke me so i know it’s lost and can find it except ironhide yours is in the queue and will post sometime in the next like 12 hours dont worry i didn’t lose u
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thepaleandroid · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
hi sorry i swear ill do more replies later im just mad tired ! 
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organictm · 3 years ago
o enem é amanhã e o meu cu tá como? isso mesmo, sem passar um agulha
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hanniejji · a year ago
Hewwo! Congratulations on your milestone, I'm so happy of you!!! If it's okay, can I ask for J & L with Kuroo from Haikyuu? 👉👈 (I hope the format is okay!) ~🧁
thank you prism!!
k. tetsurou — haikyuu
j — jealous [do they get jealous? how do they act when jealous?]
personally, i think kuroo would just be a chill s/o! he wouldn't be in a relationship with you if he doesn't trust you!
altho he would be dismayed, he'd still keep an open mind to the things that surround you. he isn't pretentious and would prefer to ask you first before thinking of anything
but when he does get jealous, he's the cutest piece of shit
he'd look at you with pleading eyes, asking for your attention through those adorable kitten eyes of his and he'd definitely sport a cute pout on his face
he doesn't like causing scenes that aren't really necessary, so he'd go for seeking your affection instead of blaming the other person
"hey, babe?" he'd rest his chin on top of your head, his pout evident in the sound of his voice, "can we please hang out? i miss you and you've been occupied all day."
he's a hundred percent sure that you'd give in lmaop
l — love [when do they say they love you? how often do they say it? do they prefer to say or show it?
kuroo is a man of emotions. he may not show his vulnerability, but he wants his s/o to be someone who can tell if he's truly alright or not, someone who can see past his eyes. he's going to melt if you ever notice something so small that may be unessential but is a big part of his life, even if it's not something obvious
that's when he knows that he truly found the one, and he won't hesitate to tell you
he show his love both in his words and actions. he knows that you're aware but he just loves to remind you every single time of the day. he also loves showing affection, like i said, he's an emotional man and wants to act on this love that he has for you
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such-justice-wow · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
These shoes weigh a kilo (2.2lbs) each lmaop
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tachipirinax · 6 months ago
ho sognato che mia mamm diceva che sono una grassona e questo non si discosta molto dalla realtà??? e ho sognato altri frammenti brutti e stamattina nel mio letto ero già tipo vi prego inzuppatemi in una tazza di amore; nessuno lo farà quindi io passerò la giornata in questo stato agitatoo lmaop
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