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fans spinel out here like: yes excellent destroy yourselves and i will reign supreme

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ABOUT : SAROS NAM / @sarosbityou on instagram.

lover of snakes. standoffish. but super quirky at the heart. paranoid. business oriented. dedicated. brutally honest. emotionally repressed. history nerd. extremely artistic. loves to travel. overprotective. huge example of found family trope. loves the color black. loves to eat. emotional eater. eats instead of talking about it. he doesn’t talk about anything actually. desensitized. violent. really angry. he’s an angry boy. will lash out on you eventually. values loyalty. big fan of feminine energy. best friends with nicole. she keeps him in check. loves ben since they were kids, always will. he’s doing bad —- but he’s doing good. good things don’t work for people like him.

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Jimin: What are you, five?

Namjoon: Yeah, five feet taller than you.




Namjoon: Please don’t kill me.

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Having the pleasure to love someone, is the greatest feeling

And of course nothing compares when they love you back. It’s like life stops and tells you it’s ok to be happy.

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im part redneck on my mother’s side tyvm

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kinda tough

i’m working on updates but it’s gonna be a bit bc i’m gonna a make multiple so I can just post them!

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Dabi has a crush on you


       “Dabi…?  Dabi, Dabi… Dabi.. he ponders quietly to himself, repeating the name as if to try and jumpstart his memory.  “That sounds like one of Shigaraki’s men… but–”

                         Doesn’t ring any bells.  Unfortunate.

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wanna write a fic about diana, spence, and reader based off of house of gold by twenty one pilots

or something else based off of just one yesterday by fall out boy bc that also reminds me of spence

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I feel like you guys are trying to tell me something……..

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anybody ever notice lestat sounds a lot like jonathan davis

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Gave my man a lap dance to kiwi by Harry Styles….my 13 yr old self would have never imagined Hahahaha

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Tommy’s never related to Adele more in his life, to be honest

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i love Taylor more than i love the person who single handed wrote Lover

oh wait. they’re the same darn person :)

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Vanitas out here needing a wiki how article on how to smile and be happy

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ok im gonna work on a dumb comic inspired by area 51 shit happening so stay tuned. it’s gonna be great.

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