#lmfao does that tag even work
anqrymom · 4 months ago
someone tell me the name of that coffee kid from encanto or drop suggestions bc im going feral 🤡🤡🤡
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unproduciblesmackdown · a month ago
Tumblr media
i Looove winston being romanced in the beach vacation episode of billions 😊💗✨
#if you're following me to even see this i presume you'd know this is Extremely not a real ep / scene but just in case. it's extremely not.#although lmfao you know what i haven't done in a while:#billions#winston billions#corned beef#no particular ship tag =) appropriately i was working on this before the finale so i Knew a v vague/general drawing would work no matter#what happened. and if i get going in earnest here abt all the ways it made me go ''wow. sooo'' abt Winston Material overall....#well it's 8am already and i need to take that nap lol so....#umm oh right i was puzzling over what to have him Saying and was like ''is 'really' too simple'' and then i remembered like Oh#what if it's like the ''...really?'' in A Guy That I'd Kinda Be Into (Reprise) and then i listened to A Guy That I'd Kinda Be Into (Reprise)#and then i immediately started crying (true)#real tee design here as brought up by soph...ingeniously uses two puzzle pieces suggestive of Insertion lmfao but god to draw that....#it would be difficult lol lot of precision / symmetry. just the Words and more room for some fabric draping over the bosom#funnily i think a beach vacation episode is all the more Actually possible now b/c prince Would make it a mandatory company event...#but go ahead and give us the musical episode instead thanks. meanwhile if riawin was just a joke then winston's never getting romanced lol#but that's straying into [if i get into how the finale was re: Wow. Sooo abt winston material....well then] territory already l o l hahahaha#an appropriately affectionate piece (as if all this niche fanart isn't self indulgent labors of love) like does it show at all
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bellatrixxue · a year ago
Okay, okay, so Supernatural must have something special with it if people love it so much that it lasted so, so many seasons, right?
Let's do a dare, then. If this post gets over 300 notes by 24 hours after the finale is released, I'll watch the entire series, start to finish, seasons 1 to 15, and will make reviews for every episode after I finish them.
That's a promise.
Supernatural fandom?
Tumblr media
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lilithpleasant · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
the thing is,,,,,,, im absolutely bonkers over these gay pirates
this is the fault of @simper-fi
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soybean-official · a year ago
Tumblr media
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yvningshowers · 5 months ago
Omg I had no idea you were on tumblr!!I follow you on Twitter and I love your art so much,big inspiration fr
My good, kind misguided soul. Sweet summer child. I'm not an artist but I think I know who you're looking for and that is the good, holy, talented, my personal god of Bakugou fan art, @syblatortue ? Perhaps? They're here on tumblr tho yes! um and they're fantastic and I love them too qoejqokdoq
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theycallmerian · a year ago
my opus magnum
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blindfoolchasingbutterflies · 4 months ago
So......119 today huh? Yeah, that will definitely break the internet and it goes without saying that what comes after will too. I wonder how much it will cover, I haven’t watched last week’s but I’ve read complaints about the slow pacing and a sizable recap at the beginning. Almost like they’re stretching things out so that they have enough material for a movie. 🙄 I’m glad they kept the scene I really wanted to see animated since I’ve had shitty luck with this series. lmao I feel like the only person who wanted to see that though, people really do not give a single fuck, goddamn. It’s as irrelevant as irrelevant can be, far cry from eight years ago. 😢 Also bummed to hear they didn’t recreate those really cool Eren panels.
But anyway, 119.....I remember reading that chapter and getting that, “HOLY FUCK, EVERYONE JUST DIED.” feeling. 😱 
And then..........PATHS......eh. I know I have a super-duper unpopular opinion about those chapters but I honestly have a love/hate relationship with them. They were excellent shock value and took the story in yet another different direction but they felt unnecessary and disjointed from the rest of the series to me. Like Isayama was just, “LOLOL SURPRISE PLOT TWIST, EREN IS AN EVEN BIGGER PIECE OF SHIT SOCIOPATH THEN ANY OF YOU HAD EVER IMAGINED! Y’ALL FEELING BETRAYED YET?!!?!?!?!?!?”  I don’t have the mental capacity or energy now (and probably never) to try to translate it out of my brain why I don’t like it but meh. And then the fucking confusing, vague as fuck, time travel mind bullshit really hit full speed here. But what do I know? All the academic intellectuals, philosophers and metaphysicians in this fandom that will, "WELL ACKCHYUALLY" your ass over everything think this is peak fiction. I do like the contrast between Zeke and Eren and Zeke getting closure with Grisha but I had my doubts that the payoff to this was going to be satisfactory and well, I was right. It wasn’t for me at all. I guess I read this super, complex, big-brained shounen story wrong the whole time after all. 🙃 And then there’s that amazing scene Eren has with Ymir when she finally opens her eyes that feels fucking pointless and like a goddamn joke now. 🙄🙄🙄🙄
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evilpepsiman · a year ago
I am sending you to the ranch dimension
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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kuiinncedes · 9 months ago
#what am i even nervous about lmfao i can't even pinpoint like#i'm just seeing friends and i'm stressed for no reason XD#i guess bc i'm overthinking every aspect slkdhgljdsf#no jeanne it Does Not matter what you wear it does not matter what you bring they're not gonna fucking judge you like tf#it's chill even tho they said like vaguely cotagecore vibes or something and i still don't really know what i'm bringing#and i'm about to leave work to walk to my car and then drive home and get ready and go XD#idk if the plan is still for cottagecore vibes idk i don't feel like doing that tho i feel like wearing black aldfhgkfsdj#what is this tina c/ohen chanq vibes 🤪#interesting i did not know c/o did that lmao i was just trying to make it not show up in a tag or sometihign slkdhfj#i'm a messssssss i'm a messsss#i'm just gonna wear this black shirt bc it's cute and some high waisted shorts bc i can't be bothered to figure out cottagecore 😂#so i'm goinglike furthest thing away from cottage core maybe???? black definitely doesn't fit that right lmfoaidhgfdkjsf#like i asked the friend who initially invited me and she was like yeah maybe like pastels and stuff lmao#but like damn i don't have pastels and stuff slkhglsdjfsld at least not stuff i'm as comfortable in XD#yeahhhhhhhh ok what is this thank u for reading this dumb ramble lol#hopefully i don't make so much of a fool out of myself that i don't want to talk to people ever again 😗✌️#jeanne talks#yeah why do i apparently feel the need to post about this on tumbIr who knows lmao but
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unproduciblesmackdown · a month ago
and speaking of that grey sequential benston comic of winston navigating the vulnerability of sexual intimacy, his being autistic, and sharing both individually as well as their interplay/overlap with a romantic partner, and how it was a moment in history too b/c i think that was when i committed like "okay Yes i'm drawing lil lines to indicate winston's lower lip (oft more specifically the inflection point of his chin created by his upper teeth but wherein the mouth geometry mean it affects the slope of his lower lip with his mouth closed," just as an aside b/c love finally committing to such details like lord how was i living before i could embrace the joy of the lil "z" lower lip scribble………………anyways like now i also remember why like some number of months ago? definitely like more than a year later someone barges in on anon like "remember when [invokes this comic, w/o enough familiarity to cite Character Names like i hadn't even then been posting abt winston billions for Months] what was that about" which i answered dismissively because what was that Ask about lmfao. when you send these things the hell exactly do you predict i'll say. yeah i made this involved labor of love drawing to also tenderly invoke this Autistic Headcanon for a character but yeah between that material specifically being contextualized thusly & via the implication of sexual intimacy between men dating i guess that's Haunting like what kind of weird shit is going on here, and the feedback i want is also one eons later dismissively asking me to explain myself to this anon with the cherry on top of "i did in fact explain myself to Anyone via the tags on the original post if you cared to look"
nothing's as cringe comp as this time a decade ago i was like "i went to this event relevant to people here, would anyone wanna hear about it via idk livestream or smthing or would that be uninteresting / Too Much" and got an anon telling me Not Now, Homestuck Updated lmfao but frankly even that one probably had kinder intentions lol. anyways lmfao like that message was Bad and it's weird when there's this venn diagram of "i didn't care enough to read the tags or know what characters were involved" and "i do care enough to send an anon Supposedly wanting further info about why that'd exist" like how about you just continue not being bothered enough to Not send the ask at all….
#patron saint of patience & graciousness out here & would've just deleted it but like the hell....#i don't need to pour eons of consideration into answering an ask that someone just fired off w/o consideration either lol#more likely to ignore other weird flippant asks from randos (or ones that are rude even inadvertently lmfao like. if you want an artist to#draw more of smthing they've already drawn; see if they take requests/commissions then maybe try the win win of complimenting that art;#do not send the anons just telling them ''draw more x'' like please. it's winston billions time forever now though so rip to them)#it's also just a bit bizarre anytime some source who ordinarily gives no feedback on xyz suddenly does so and to be like#offhandedly like ''oh tf is this'' lol like idk you tell me? why are we interacting Now.#obviously i dunno who any particular anon is but overall they're rare anyways so. and i don't wanna get in on some shtick w/anyone lmfao#like e.g. when people ''sign'' anons to be their pseudonymsona like. i have a rapport with like two and a half ppl. get outta here#no clue how good faith this particular anon meant the inquiry but either way a low effort endeavor on their part as the answer was right th#there in the tags & idfk how they could be paying enough attention to send an anon abt it eons later but not enough to know even the one#character i've been going on and on about the entire time like on what grounds are you sending this missive#but i know idfk weird things move people to send an ask. was never as popular as Whenever the other year when we started in on the topic of#dunking on fish / ocean life at 5am. what a bunch of weirdos (the fish)#art imitating life wins tho ig like ''what if winston's nervous cuz he thinks this request will come off weird'' & then smash cut to this#random message like ''what tha hell was that abt'' like idk did you lose sleep over it. figure it out#me in my first ''fandom'' like having a hell of a time AND i hadn't yet had the low self esteem circle around into a self esteem Boost#work up all the nerve to go ''is a random livestream smthing *i'd* be allowed to do'' & here's homestuck anon ljsdf#it was even funny at the time but lord...
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atsumeii · a month ago
three's a magic number
Tumblr media
pairing: sakusa kiyoomi x fem!reader
cw/tags: 2.1k wc. established relationship, domestic fluff, playful omi!! feminine pet names (angel, darling, etc.) fingerfucking, praise kink, titty suckin', whiny kiyo, oral (m!receiving), choking, vag. sex, cervix kisses, hair pulling (sorry omi), just a dash of cockwarming. couples who cum together, stay together. !! nsfw content, minors dni. 18+ only, i will be checking ages. don't get yourself blocked !!
a/n: this leans towards more omi-centric rather than reader; to which i'm not sorry for because i genuinely do like this heh,, also: this is questionably poetic sex. happy 10 follower milestone, here's to 10 more! (siri, play sexy and i know it by lmfao) /j... /hj.
sakusa kiyoomi simply cannot bring himself to admit how much he adores you. 
it scares him so much to acknowledge how deeply he feels for you but with the way you've intertwined yourself in his life and his bedsheets, it seems he can't escape the endless cycle of you.
quite frankly though, he doesn't want to escape it either. he knows he's been happier these days when he wakes up with you in his arms, instantly pressing his head into the crook of your neck and once you let out a little groan and a laugh, it heals him. 
"omi, get off.. go back to sleep." grumbling, you try to get this giant baby off of you but he has no intention of doing so.
he has no intention of ever letting you go really, but you don't need to know that just yet.
instead, he just presses in deeper, leaving kisses and nips on your neck trailing up to your jaw. he thinks he's so sneaky.
"you think i'm oblivious, don't you?" shaking him off, you face him with bleary eyes as he manages to cage you in his lean arms, a smirk plastered on his face.
"what if i just wanted to kiss you?" innocently stating, his head tilts to the side admiring the little creases your eyes have to offer. "you're the dirty one–"
he's cut off by your sudden movement, pushing him into the mattress as a trade for his teasing. your legs land on his sides as you rest your body lays on top of his abdomen.
"i never said it was dirty hot shot," you said leaning towards his face, ass rubbing unbearably close to his cock.
"just asked if you thought i was oblivious" with your lips so close to his, he might as well flatline with the way his heart is beating.
it's the way you're so witty with him, he's a sucker for it. when you're ready to shoot back what he has to offer, it gets him so excited to be the one to have you like this.
the only one to hold you this close, in this way.
"of course not… i wouldn’t even dare try disrupting your sleep for something so perverted," he tries to keep a straight face. 
keyword: tries because god, he's just thinking in all the ways he wants to please you.
he thinks of all the ways he could flip you right over so effortlessly, pin you down, kiss all your sweet spots to make you give him those sounds he’ll never get enough of. give him another, and another until you're all out.
he knows he's a damned man. you have him wrapped around your finger and he knows this.
a damned man who can't enough of his vice, desperate for another high; another dose of your scent and taste and sound.
he's a damned man who'll gladly go to hell and back if it meant sleeping in your bed come nightfall. he'd do it again and again if it meant being the only one who can make you cum the way he does, only his name coming from your worn-out body. 
you watch him attentively, analyzing his facial expressions going from surprised to smug all in a couple of seconds.
his hands find their way to your thighs and then your ass, caressing your skin back n forth from behind the cloth; eventually slipping his hands in to grip the softness.
he's so worked up with this little contact, that he wonders how he went all these years without needing or even thinking about anything like this.
but he simply guesses it's because it wasn't you—because if it isn't you, then he doesn't want it—there’s simply no other way around it. 
you feel his hands leave their spot on your body, the heat of his fingers dissipating before they find their place behind your thighs; elevating you above him, enough space for him to move fluidly.
with a hand behind your thigh, the other moves past your waistband selfishly slipping a finger through your slit. he’s toying with your clit covered in slick as if this doesn’t affect him too. the sensation of your pussy on his fingertips is almost enough to push him over the edge. 
"did you know you look stunning when you wake up?" his eyes never leave your face, reveling in the change of your face expressions when he pushes a finger into you. his ego is bursting while the words from his lips spill out are covered in love and lust, the praise making you whine.  
your hands land on the headboard, gaining some sense of balance before you fall and crash into him. he’s cocky as he slowly pumps a finger into you, slow and steady wanting to push in as much as he can before ripping you apart.
"...so beautiful. i wonder how i was so lucky to be yours," pushing your shirt up, he attaches his mouth onto you. tongue gliding so smoothly across your chest, he sucks the plump skin with a groan, nibbling on your nipple as you start to feel the subtle vibrations rippling. “ah, fuck–” your back arches, body pushed closer to his mouth and his hand.
"tell me baby, indulge me a bit," your arms feel like weights have been put on them and you lose your balance. he’s pumping harshly when your head lands on his collarbone; your first mistake was moaning directly into his ear.
there’s the sweet sound he’d die for.
what kiyo forgets is that you’re just as sneaky, knowing this little act of yours was intentional; your way of fueling the fire making his cock pulse and balls tighten in need. 
“tell me,” he puts in more pressure and force into fucking you, fingers curling at the perfect angle. unable to catch your breath, he decides it’s time for another finger to fill you up, “tell me how i was so lucky to be the one to ruin you like this.” 
he turns his head in towards you, tongue grazing your ear shell where his hot breath elicits goosebumps on your skin.
“i'm close, so close–” lifting yourself slightly with two hands caging him as he did earlier, you buck your hips back into his hand. omi knew before you even said it by the way your cunt had a grip on him.
he needs you now but… 
kiyoomi would do anything for you; he’d drive any distance to reach you, walk it if he had to. he’d give you everything the world has to offer even if you've never asked him to but even if you did, he would give you everything times two. 
he spoils you each and every time without fail but just for today, he just wants to be a little selfish. 
just for today, he says. knowing it's the greatest lie he's ever told,  just for today he wants you to – “cum on my cock,” whiny and needy like his life source is being drained out of him. 
“darling angel, please cum on my cock.”
you nod quickly, lifting yourself up and off his fingers to find his bulge, painfully restrained before you tug down his waistband. 
every bit of him is so fucking attractive. with his cockhead swollen and puffy, it drips down pearls of precum from the slit. the more you tug down, the girthier he gets; the more you peel it off him, the more he twitches and aches.
your hand takes control, brushing your thumb just  barely  on the spot he needs it most until you find the infamous beauty mark placed on the middle of his shaft. 
it's too perfect. too perfect that it'd be a sin to not kiss him there, teasing the tip with a little peck from your lips. 
an even bigger sin to not swirl your tongue around him, sliding down his shaft while he watches you in disbelief when you kiss that same beauty mark after you come back up for air. 
sakusa kiyoomi is on the brink of lunacy and you're messing with him. he knows he doesn't have it in him to be your sweetheart right now. and he’d apologize for pinning you down on your back with a hand around your neck but it just wouldn't be sincere. 
“you fuckin’ tease,” it comes out dark, intimidating with your hands on his wrist. he rubs the tip all over your cunt and just as it barely peeks through your hole, he pulls away; the beginning of your ruins. 
your cries tinge the entire room dark red, leaving kiyo with nothing more but the idea of fucking you straight. 
“how does it feel, huh? d'you feel good? i can keep going like this–” but before you could ever muster up a proper response, he sheathes himself into you. 
without warning, kiyoomi stuffs you full to the fucking brim. on the first thrust, you feel him punching your cervix with so much speed, you know you'll be left sore. 
"or i could fuck you right. doesn't this feel so much better, gorgeous?” the gravelly voice asks you and by the looks of it, he was right. his pelvis slaps your clit continuously with his violent thrusts.
“fuck fuck fuck, kiyo.” he’s not even listening. eyes too entertained by the way your tits are moving when he fucks into you. 
he feels so high right now, so euphoric that he's getting this dose he’s always craving. 
your mumblings of please omi and it's too much, i can’t go through one ear and out the other before he finally shuts you up with a kiss. sensitive, passionate, and blunt. all the things that make kiyo the way he is, is being translated through his lips once they're placed onto yours. 
your tongue finds his, sloppy and forceful while he eats up all of your words and moans that come from the base of your throat. you’re guilty for loving this so much, the way his hand has a grip on your neck making you feel lightheaded, his thrusts relentless and vigorous as he sees that bump on your lower belly bloom and hides. 
the rubber band begins to stretch before snapping, your orgasm coming to a close. “kiyoomi,” you lift your hips for him and wrap your hands behind his neck, surrounded by dampening curls; his hand lets go of your neck and shifts. one hand on the end of your back as the other snakes its way to the back of your head. 
“i know, i know, i know–” he’s close too. you’re just so fucking hot, squeezing him so tight he thinks you might just dismantle him completely. he should pull out now, he thinks. he should and he would’ve until you spoke so delicately, three words he didn’t know he needed to hear.
“cum inside me,” you whimper into his ear with his forehead placed on your shoulder, “give me everything, omi.” that’s when you throw him off the ledge.
he’s sent flying in the clouds or falling for all he knows. everything else incomparable to this feeling, he swears it.
“do it with me.” omi lifts his head and plants a sweeter kiss on your lips, so different from the last one. his lips like cotton candy, melting once you get a taste. wrapping your legs around his hips, you tug a patch of hair by the nape of his neck and it sets him off like a bomb, the safety pin removed along with all the walls he’s ever built around him. 
“i love you.” 
“i love you, i love you, i love you– fuck, cum for me.” and all it took was one more kiss from him, one you felt a little too deep where the bump blooms.
all it took was one more squeeze from you, one he felt a little too hard where his mind is officially drunk on you, not that he cares anyway. 
spurts of cum spill out of him, warming your insides for the first time with your legs still shaking. you’re both left exhausted, pant after pant filling the room. 
“kiyoomi, baby,” grabbing his face, you see his eyes are half-lidded, lips red with satisfaction along with a little drool, sweat sticking precious curls to his face, and it’s all because of you. “are you gonna pull out?” 
omi's already red but he’s flushed even more, “no, i wanna stay.” his head returns to your shoulder, cuddling closer into your neck; the same way he presses into it every morning. 
he thinks maybe it's selfish to want to stay like this but then again, it's just for today.
Tumblr media
all forms of interactions are loved n appreciated <3 no reposts on any platform!
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ventismacchiato · 3 months ago
genshin men and their instagram feeds
xiao, kazuha, albedo, & childe x gender!neutral reader
notes: modern college au
a/n: it’s been a while lmfao but here’s another scenario, if u want this with any other character lmk ^^
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
✧ you followed him cus venti told u a friend of his friend needed more friends
✧ posts like once every three months and it’s never of his face. the only way you figured out what he looked like was from his tagged photos
✧ uses his account as a photo dump and it’s literally just a pinterest board but broke college student edition
✧ you slide up on all his stories saying the food looks good and that’s how u guys eventually become friends
✧ took you a while but you finally befriended the antisocial kid !
✧ u mention you’d never had a dish he’s posted and you both end up going to eat it together so you can lose your food virginity
✧ that’s how ur friendship eventually blossoms into a relationship and venti forever prides himself in getting you two together
✧ he still doesn’t post himself, but now his feed has a lot of your dates together
Tumblr media
✧ you met him since he works at a local floral shop and they didn’t have the flowers you wanted in stock, so he gave you his insta handle so he could contact you when they did
✧ he could of given you the shop’s number but he didn’t wanna lose contact with someone as cute as you
✧ his feed is a lot of art exhibits and flowers from his work, there’s scribbles of poems he’s come up with and candids of himself that he took
✧ overall very pretty and has a fairy like esque
✧ very straightforward and asked you out when you came to pick up your bouquet
✧ takes you to an exhibit and says a cheesy line on how ur the prettiest artwork there is *-*
✧ he brings you a bouquet and it’s made up of flowers with cute meanings attached to them
✧ takes candids of you and soon his feed is flooding with you
Tumblr media Tumblr media
✧ his posts consist of a lot of his rough sketches and artwork for his portfolio
✧ random shots of his shoes in the grass he’s not a photography major ok he’s trying his best
✧ some mirror selfies when he does his hair all pretty
✧ his sister klee has a whole highlight on his account
✧ you started talking to him since he sat next to you in chemistry and asked if you could take a picture of his notes
✧ they just looked so neat and concise and you were.. failing
✧ he said yes but was running late to his class so you didn’t have time to properly thank him after taking a photo
✧ you found his insta handle after some stalking…
✧ you sent him a dm with your thanks and you lowkey died a little when he followed back
✧ he has no shame whatsoever and liked all your pictures
✧ you posted a story of you complaining about chemistry and he offered to tutor you for the next test and you guys studied in a park together, it escalated to park get togethers every weekend and you even met his sister klee
✧ klee referred to you as albedo’s partner and you had to awkwardly laugh and tell her you were just friends, but after dropping her off albedo asked if you wanted to make it official since you guys were practically dating already
✧ you joined klee and got your very own highlight, he would also draw you randomly and post those sketches, tagging you with a little heart
Tumblr media Tumblr media
✧ look me in the eye and tell me he wouldn’t be some sort of frat boy
✧ like he probably would live alone in a dorm but he would enjoy going out
✧ his feed is pics from him in uniform or him taking shots at a party, and the token family photo cus he’s a sweetheart who cherishes his family
✧let’s say he’s on the football team and that’s how he got into said college, he’s known as that one really rich player
✧ he met you at one of the parties he went to and y’all made out in the bathroom
✧ didn’t see him for a while until your friend itto made you attend his football game and boom there was the guy you’ve been thinking about for the past month
✧ itto introduces you two when you go to the field to congratulate him and childe takes immediate notice of you and pesters itto for your number but he refuses
✧ he stalks itto’s account until he finds you tagged in a photo and literally shoots his shot in the dms
✧ you found it charming how hard he tried to get in contact with you and said yes
✧ you guys quickly got together after a couple of cheesy dates and make out sessions
✧ cue you making funny signs to hold in the stands during his games
✧ you both still partied but it was like the other was the only one in the room when you danced
✧ he would twirl and dip you in the middle of the club, eyes only on you ;; someone recorded it and put it on tiktok and you two went viral for being cute
✧ would for sure let you steal his letterman jacket, and by steal he would ‘accidentally’ leave it in your room
✧ would spoil you rotten with gifts so be prepared
Tumblr media
a/n: fun fact the party pic in childe’s feed is mine and it’s one i took from an eric nam concert, anyways hope y’all enjoyed lmao sorry for the hiatus. i love modern aus so hope u enjoyed <33
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sorikkung · 6 months ago
baby bunny. || c.soobin x gn!reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media
soobin is a shy boy, you know this. but he wants to be a good boy for you - your perfect little baby bunny.
word count: 13k
pairings: established gn!reader (afab) x poly ot5 (soobin centric)
genre: smut, fluff if you squint
tags: non-idol au, sub!soobin, switch!reader (mostly dom), public/risky sex (remote controlled vibrator), bunny!soobin in lingerie, collars and leashes, ass eating, pegging, a bit of choking & spanking, soobin has a humiliation kink and a size kink, lots of manhandling, kink with an Audience, yes the audience in question is txt, group sex, double penetration, edging & overstim, dacryphilia, a bit of degradation, established safe words, recording, bondage, lots of cum, seriously so much cum
a/n: i call huening kai hyuka almost exclusively in this fic lmfao. for an assortment of reasons, but you can change it to whatever w the interactivefics extension as well as the four underscores to your name.
this one's for you worstie, director of boyfies, dweller of bogs, head sock... you know who you are <3
Tumblr media
Soobin had always been the shy type, but you’ve never seen him so nervous before he even does so much as utter a word. Standing in your doorway, he fidgets with his hands, staring at you until you look back and then immediately looks somewhere else, gnawing cutely on his bottom lip-
“You can come in, you know?”
“Oh- uh, right.” Soobin clears his throat, awkwardly shuffling into the room and plopping himself lightly on the edge of your bed. How his impressively tall frame manages to take up the smallest amount of space possible never fails to amuse you, pulling a smile at your lips. He’s so cute.
“Spit it out already, what’s got you so worked up, bun?” You ask, a twinge of satisfaction flooding through you when his eyes widen slightly at the nickname, cheeks and ears going even pinker with just the single word. He really does look like a bunny, with his wide eyes and perfectly shaped lips.
He looks at the floor, playing with his hands again. “Oh just… y’know. Wondering. Uh… about… kinks, and stuff.”
There it is. You smile softly, trying to tone down your excitement at his words – he already seems like he’s about to jump out of his skin at the slightest of sounds. “Well, you know I’m always down to talk about kink, bunny. Is there something you want to try?”
He takes a deep breath as if to prepare himself, holds it, then sighs, flopping backward onto the mattress. “N-Nevermind. I can’t do it.”
“What do you mean you can’t do it? Soobin, you know I’m eager to hear anything you have to say on the matter. I’d never judge you for it,” you soothe, scooting over next to him and draping yourself over his body to cuddle. “Trust me, my list of things I won’t try is a lot shorter than the list of things I would. Especially if you’re involved.”
“Yeah?” Soobin props his head up on his arm, the other naturally falling around you, hugging you close to him. With your head on his chest, you can hear how hard his heart is pounding as he tries to keep his cool on the outside, so you press a gentle kiss to his chest in encouragement. “Well… then what kind of things do you want to try?”
“Soobin,” you chuckle incredulously, “You can just tell me what it is, you know. I’ll probably be down.”
“It’s embarrassing!” He whines, shoving a pillow into his face, muffling his next words. “You first. If you’re so kinky, tell me the all the wild kinks you have.”
“How much time you got?”
He laughs brightly, seeming to finally ease up a bit, peeking his face out from behind the pillow. “Seriously! I’m being serious, baby…”
“So am I!” You laugh back, sitting up to snatch the pillow from him and lightly thwack him with it. “We’ll be here a while. Do you want them alphabetically, chronologically, in order of most to least socially acceptable or—"
“I want you to do dirty things to me because I get really turned on when you guys tease me, especially in public,” he quietly blurts out all at once, immediately grabbing back the pillow and shoving his face into it again before he even finishes his sentence. “This- This is so embarrassing. But I kind of like it! Being embarrassed! I-It’s weird but whenever you tease me, even when it’s not super sexual like just a nickname or a joke, I-I should be mortified but instead my body gets all hot a-and—” his voice dips into a faint murmur, “—I get hard. Every time. I don’t know why, I just do, sorry, it’s so weird…”
He rolls over away from you and onto his stomach, still smothering himself with the pillow like it’d soften the blow to his pride somehow. You reach over to card a hand into his hair, giving him a few reassuring head scritches.
“Oh bunny… that’s not weird at all. Getting aroused at a bit of humiliation is actually really normal. You’re not weird or gross or anything – on the contrary, I think it’s pretty hot.”
Finally peeling himself away from the pillow and looking up at you, he hugs the pillow to his chest and shuffles back into a sitting position. “Really? That’s a relief, aha… oh wow. My heart is pounding.”
“Are you hard, too?” You tease, reaching for the massive pillow in his lap slow enough for him to pull back if he was uncomfortable – but he doesn’t. He doesn’t even grip the pillow any harder, letting you take it away from him and reveal the tent in his sweatpants, flushing crimson all the way down to his neck. “Aww, baby bunny really likes being embarrassed, hm? How cute.”
He shoves a hand over the lower half of his face as if it’d hide his deep blush at all, nodding carefully. Being embarrassed at admitting how much he likes being embarrassed – he truly is the gift that just keeps on giving. You can have so much fun with this, you think, and ideas start firing up in your mind at a million miles per hour.
“Can I tell the others about this, too?”
He pauses for a moment, mulling it over, then nods. “Y-Yeah. Well, maybe just Yeonjun to start with. I feel like the others would make fun of me- oh.” He looks down into his lap, remembering how he got in this situation in the first place. “Maybe… I mean, if you think they’ll like it…”
“Oh, Soobin,” you coo, sliding yourself into his lap while he swallows thickly and glances frantically between your face and where crotch is sitting all too close to his, “Why do you think we all tease you so much in the first place? You’re just so cute when you blush like this.”
Looping his arms around your waist, he buries his burning face in the crook of your neck, letting out a little whine. “Ah, stop…”
“Oh?” You immediately pull back, not wanting to push him too far, but before you could say anything else he pulls you back flush against him, arms wrapped tightly around you and chin hooked over your shoulder, hard on pressed up against your clothed core.
“I-I don’t mean that. I don’t know. It just feels very… it’s a lot, but I like it, even though my instinct is to say stop…”
“How about we implement a traffic light system, then?” You suggest helpfully, “It’s the same one I use with Jjunie and the others. Red means stop, yellow means this is the most I can take, and green means we’re good to keep going. I’ll ask you your colour to check in on you from time to time, but you can just say them whenever you feel the need to.”
Soobin nods quickly. “That sounds good.”
“So, what’s your colour right now, bun?”
“Good boy.”
A shiver goes down his spine at your words, and he only trembles more when you roll your hips down into his, gripping onto his broad shoulders.
“What kinds of dirty things did you want me to do to you, Soobinnie? Tie you up? Spit in your mouth? Make you cum in your pants? You’ll have to be specific, baby.”
“I-I don’t know,” he mumbled, his grip around your smaller form still firm as if to ground him. “I don’t really know what kind of things I’m into yet. But you do, which is why I asked… so if you want to try anything with me, I want to… yeah. I’ll do whatever you want me to.”
You click your tongue, running your hands through his hair. “Such dangerous promises from such a sensitive little bunny. I want to completely ruin you, Soobin. I’m not sure if you can handle all that.”
“Please.” He fucking whimpers, the same kind of sound you only heard when he was close or when you hit his spot just right. You grind down on him again, this time more out of instinct than anything else, then you grab his chin, forcing him to look at you. The action makes his cock twitch beneath you, and the rush of power that comes with it is intoxicating.
“If we’re going to do this, we’re first stopping by the sex toy shop.”
“Wait, what?”
“You said you’ll do whatever you want me to. I’m going to grab Jjunie’s favourite remote-control plug, and you’re going to be a good boy for me till we get back.”
Tumblr media
You take it easy on him to start with, since you’d never done this kind of thing with Soobin before – it was more of you and Yeonjun’s thing, Taehyun and Beomgyu preferred having the remote, and Hyuka was too intimidated to try such a thing in public as he was by far the worst at controlling his facial expressions or trying not to cum. You left the toy off for the whole drive to your favourite store, letting him relax a little, only to activate it the moment you walked through the door with no more warning than a brief cheek kiss.
His whole body jolts for a moment, so you grab at his hips to steady him, but that only seems to rile him up more as he sucks in a sharp breath.
“You good?”
“I’m good. We’re green.”
You smile at him and link your hands in silent praise, although the cashier would’ve likely guessed what was going on right away. The plug was only on it’s lowest setting, which was effectively silent against the music the store was playing, so Soobin manages to recollect himself, squeezing your hand tightly and giving you an assured nod.
“Alright,” you hum, shoving a basket into his hands, “How about you grab some of our usual lube and toy cleaner? We’re running a little low, if I recall. Feel free to see if there’s anything else you’d like while we’re here – you’ll need to be a good boy and use your words, though. Okay?”
The familiar flush returns to his face, nodding quickly. “O-Okay.”
Part of him is clearly dying to ask what you’d be getting in the meantime, but he knows better than to ask – if you would tell him, you would’ve told him already. No, he’s a good boy, and good boys obey without asking questions.
While he scurries off to track down the cherry-flavoured lube Hyuka loves so much, you waste no time browsing. You’ve had your eyes on the playboy bunny outfit ever since you first saw it in the store, and what better opportunity to try it than this?
Not for you, of course. For him.
The fact that he has no idea what to expect makes it even better, and you think he’d be peeking over to see what you’re getting, but obediently enough, he doesn’t even look your way. Smiling to yourself, you hurry over to pay at the counter, making sure to get an opaque bag to store it in before finding your way back to Soobin.
“Found anything you like, bun?”
He damn near jumps out of his skin at the sound of your voice, the toy in his hands falling to the floor before he could stop it – and then he freezes, half bent over in his pitiful attempt to catch this frankly massive dildo bigger than anything in your collection.
“U-Um, I was just looking at it—” He breaks off into a surprised squeak as you bring down a hand on his ass, making him bolt upright, hands flying up to hide his face in embarrassment again.
You very slowly and deliberately bend over to pick it up, examining it all around. “It’s pretty big. Six inches not enough for you, hmm? What a greedy little bunny.”
He’s embarrassed out of his mind, and he loves it – you can tell by the way his hips keep twitching slightly, no doubt being helped by the vibrator inside him, slowly working away at his resolve. It’s ridiculously cute, the way he takes a deep, deep breath to calm himself, or at least trying to. Moving his hands away from his face at last, he apprehensively looks between the toy and your face, asking in a hushed murmur, “…does that mean you’re getting it?”
“I dunno,” you shrug, turning it around in your hands, “Am I? Do you want it, Soobinnie? If you do, remember what I said about being a good boy.”
Soobin gnaws on his lower lip – he wants to be a good boy for you so bad, but as much as he loves the hot feeling of humiliation, it’s different when you do it to him and when he has to do it himself. You watch the internal struggle behind his eyes as he hesitates for a few moments, debating whether it’d be worth it or not, but in the end, his boner wins over his dignity. He hardly had any of the latter left, anyway.
“I… I want it,” he whispers, holding the basket out, hands shaking just a little. “Can we…?”
“Are you sure?” You ask, less demeaning this time. “This is big even by my standards, we’ll have to work you up to it—”
“I can take it,” Soobin blurts out, sliding the basket onto his arm and clasping both your hands in his, looking at you dead in the eyes. “Please?”
“Okay,” you hum softly, placing it back onto the shelf and sliding one of the boxes behind it into the basket with a chuckle, “We can get it. You’re full of surprises, aren’t you?”
He offers you an awkward half-grin, scratching behind his ear. “Heh, have to keep you on your toes somehow, right?”
You reward him by turning up the toy’s intensity on your phone, and this time he isn’t able to hold back the startled moan that falls from his lips, clutching at your shoulder for support.
“A-Ah— can you- can you turn it down a little, please, fuck…” His head rolls back and his eyes fall closed, mouth slightly parted, and it’s the perfect tease of what’s to come, igniting a fire beneath your skin.
You turn it up just a little bit more, making him gasp and stumble forward, eyes blown wide at the stimulation, pleadingly gazing into yours. “Please?”
“No,” you repeat simply, meeting his gaze. If he reallywanted you to turn it down, he knew what he had to say, but the deliberate lack of those words made you grin menacingly. “Stand up straight, bun. We’re going to go pay for these.”
“N-No— wait—!” He grabs your wrist and pulls you to his chest, looping his arms around you to keep you in place. His face returns to his usual spot in the crook of your neck, and you can feel how his body keeps on shivering, how fast his heart is beating, how his skin is warm to touch. “I-I’m seriously gonna cum if you don’t turn it down, p-please, jagi, I-I’m so close…”
You love having him both wrapped around your body like this and wrapped around your pinkie finger – his tall stature towering over you and yet, he seems so small, all because of you. You have half the mind not to let him cum, knowing full well he probably would anyway; it’d just give you an excuse to punish and humiliate him further, but he’s always so eager to be good. Would that make him feel bad? The solution comes to you as you nip at the shell of his ear, rubbing his back, and he muffles a high-pitched noise against your skin.
“I don’t believe I’ve given you permission to cum yet, Soobinnie.”
“Please.” That precious sound again. You don’t know what he’s begging for anymore, whether it’s to stop or to keep going, but he hardly seems to know either. He tries to keep his voice low so he doesn’t draw any more attention, the tall shelf next to you the only thing blocking the two of you from the staff and other customer’s sight, but he struggles. You can feelthe tension in his body as he desperately tries to hold himself back, gripping onto you like a lifeline. “Please, I-I’m— ____, please.”
Oh, how you love hearing your baby bunny beg.
“Oh? Does my baby bunny want to cum in his pants in the middle of this store? How naughty. What if someone catches you, hm? Sees how much of a desperate little mess you are for me?”
“Please, please, please, ah fuck— s-stop, please, I’m gonna cum, I’m—” It’s but a broken whine, barely louder than a whisper, and he bites down onto your neck as the thread finally snaps under the pressure, spilling into his pants. He can’t seem to stop trembling, all of his willpower going into staying quiet as his orgasm rushes through him. It takes some effort on your part too with how hard he’s biting you, but you know that’ll just add to the sheer embarrassment of cumming in his pants in public – now you have a fresh bite mark on your neck to show for it.
When Soobin finally stops shaking like a leaf, he slowly peels back, eyes wide, glancing down at the mess he made of his pants, blushing a brilliant shade of red. “I-I’m sorry, I came without permission I- I— I’m sorry…”
“Aw, you poor thing,” you coo, running your hand through his hair in a soothing motion that quickly has him melting into your touch. “That’s okay, bunny. You’ll just have to make it up to me later, won’t you?”
His eyes glitter at the prospect of redemption, nodding earnestly. “Yes, yes— I’ll make it up to you. I promise. I’ll be a good boy for you.”
He leaves a lingering kiss on your lips, then crushes you in a hug. “Thank you. Can I, um- can I cover it with my jacket, or…?”
“Or? Should I make you parade around the mess you’ve made?” You’re certain you’ll never grow tired of the flustered expression he makes at comments like this, but you rub his shoulders reassuringly. “Don’t worry, you’ve embarrassed yourself enough for now, at least. Use your jacket if you want, but I’m pretty sure the cashier will still notice the bite mark on my neck that wasn’t there before…”
“Oh my god, I’m so sorry—”
“Don’t be. I like showing it off.”
He trails after you like a lost puppy, but you don’t miss the way he swallows thickly at the showing off comment. You’ll just have to show him off more, you think, and by the time you finish the transaction – Soobin avoiding the cashier’s gaze at every opportunity – and are back in the car, you can’t tell whether Soobin’s more worked up or if you are.
Tumblr media
As soon as you open the door to your apartment, Soobin is already ushering you through it, then caging you against it as it shuts behind you. You almost drop your bag of goods at the way he kisses you, deep and fervent, like he needs it. Maybe he does, you think to yourself, smirking against his lips – those soft, plump lips, you could kiss them forever if he’d let you (which you know he would in a heartbeat if you just asked him nicely) – considering you hadn’t turned off the toy in him since he came, only lowering the setting a level.
He’s not usually needy like this. Needy, definitely, but usually far more restrained – looking at you with those pleading eyes, subtly trying to shift you to where he wants you, whining a little, but rarely straight up taking what he wants, shoving you up against a door and kissing you breathless. Not that you mind. In fact, you’re keen to see just howneedy you can get him by the time you’re done with him.
You indulge him this time. Letting his hands roam freely over your body, letting him slip his tongue in your mouth, letting him peel your clothes off in a hurry, but part of him must know it’s not going to be that easy. He doesn’t try do any more than that, clearly waiting for you to give the next direction, but you don’t. You kiss him back just as eagerly until he finally pulls his head back just to scan your features, figure out what you want from him. Then it clicks.
“I want to try it now,” he urges, carefully taking the handles of the bag from your hands. “I can’t wait. Please?”
“So impatient, Soobinnie,” you giggle, tapping his nose. “So excited about your new toy, too. Don’t you want to know what I bought for you?”
He nods so quickly you’re surprised it doesn’t make him dizzy. “That’s what I mean. I want to try it now. Whatever it is, I just—” his voice drops into a husky whisper, “I want you. I want you to have your way with me.”
Fuck. Making him use his words was meant to embarrass him further, making him tell you all the dirty things he thinks, but you didn’t think it’d end up making you weak in the knees. You don’t think he even realises what talking like that does to you, his one-track mind simply trying to obey, to please you.
“What a good boy you’re being for me.” You smile at him, taking out the bag within the bag, shoving it into his hands and taking the other. “Go and put that on, and I’ll get the strap ready. Okay?”
You can almost hear his internal monologue out loud – oh my god, is this finally happening? – before he nods quickly and hurries off to the bathroom.
By the time he comes to your room, you’re already in a silk robe with your strap-on ready with the new toy, the previous one you usually use on hand to work him up to it; but it nearly falls out of your hands this time as soon as you see him walk into view.
The bunny ears were clearly straightened after being crumpled into the original packaging – you grin at the image of Soobin in the bathroom mirror trying to fix them, trying to look pretty for you, not that he really needed to try – the black leotard and sheer tights hugging him in all the right places, the collar with a slightly lopsided bowtie snug against his neck, and Soobin himself looking both the shyest and most excited you’ve ever seen him.
“Wow,” you breathe out, eyes boldly roaming across his form from head to toe, “You look so sexy for me, bun. How do you like it?”
Soobin’s eyes drop to the floor, pulling his lip between his teeth. “It’s… really embarrassing. But I like it,” he adds quietly, looking over his shoulder to see if any of your other boyfriends are out and about. “I keep thinking the others are home and that they’ll see me. My heart’s pounding right now…”
“The others are home,” you inform him promptly, “I believe they’re all in their rooms. Why, do you want them to see you?”
“I-I—” He swallows thickly. “They’ll probably make fun of me. Especially Beomgyu.”
“That doesn’t answer my question, bun. Do you want them to see you?”
His eyes widen, realising he’s been caught, playing with his hands again. “…K-Kind of.”
“It’s a yes or no question, baby.”
“Y-Yes. I… I want them to see me like this. I want to show them… that I’m… their little bunny.”
He slowly brings his hands to his face again as he speaks, but you get up and pull them away from him, forcing him to look at you. Keeping your grip on his wrists, you pull him over to where your box of toys was kept, pulling out a black leather leash and clipping it on right behind his bowtie. You study his face for his reaction, but he bites back an excited smile.
Smiling back at him, you give the leash a sharp tug, and he inhales sharply, eyes closing for that moment before meeting yours in a dark, half-lidded gaze. He likes it.
“Good bunny.”
Strutting past him and tugging him along by the leash, you grab the lube with your other hand, then pull him with you to the living room. He nearly trips over his own feet when he finds Huening Kai and Beomgyu on the couch, the former doing a double take as soon as Soobin walked in.
They had been filled in on Soobin’s newly discovered kink earlier, you having texted it to them while you were grabbing his outfit at the adult store, but neither of them seemed to have expected it so soon, caught off guard while just scrolling on their phones.
“You boys busy?” You ask them sweetly, twirling the line around your wrist to pull Soobin closer as he tried to hide his giant frame behind you, shyly peeking over your shoulder. Giving the collar a firmer tug, you pulled him down to your height, kissed his cheek, then maneuvered him in front of you to show off. “Our baby bunny wants to play. Doesn’t he look cute?”
Beomgyu is the first to stop staring in awed silence, shoving his phone in his pocket, a sly smile pulling at the corners of his mouth. “Wow… I didn’t expect you to like dressing up for this kind of thing, Soobinnie. Is there a tail too?”
Soobin doesn’t protest as you use the finger hooked under the collar to spin him around, showing off the little puff of white. Beomgyu seems ecstatic at this, going straight to smack the taller man’s ass, laughing as his whole body tenses up in surprise, making a tiny sound that has him blushing even harder when he meets Beomgyu’s eyes over his shoulder.
“I like it. I just never knew our Soobinnie was into being our pet… if I knew, I would’ve put that leash on him sooner. Would you have let me? Or is this a ____-only privilege, huh?”
“I-I’d let you,” Soobin stammered, unable to meet his eyes. His words seem forced out, not like he doesn’t mean them, but like it’s taking all of his willpower to commit to saying them aloud. “I-If you wanted. All of you.”
Beomgyu snickers, spanking him again. “Wow, so you’re just that desperate? You want all of us to own you, drag you around by the throat, treat you like a silly little rabbit? Embarrass you more because it gets your dick hard? How dirty.”
Beomgyu is really good at embarrassing Soobin, you think. He always has been, but now that he knows it turns him on, you figure that’s only going to increase tenfold. You know it definitely will on your end, at least, and you wonder if he will get used to the teasing or keep getting as flustered as he is right now. Then again, after years of dating him, he still gets flustered when we call him bunny sometimes.
The youngest seemed at a loss for words, simply staring open-mouthed at the sight in front of him, not-so-subtly adjusting his pants, to which you smiled softly at him.
“You’re allowed to touch yourself, Hyuka. You can touch our little bunny too if you want, but for now I mostly just want you to watch. Do you two mind getting Taehyun and Yeonjun?”
The two are quick to nod and split towards the remaining boys’ rooms, leaving you and Soobin alone in the living room. You clear the coffee table, figuring Soobin wouldn’t mind the discomfort if it meant the perfect place for the rest of your boyfriends to sit around him and watch him fall apart for you.
“Hands and knees, bunny,” you order him, running a hand along his spine as he bent over for you. He looked over his shoulder at you, eyes wide with anticipation, biting his lip again as he pulled the leotard to the side, then realising a problem.
“The… tights…”
“Easily fixed,” you hum, bringing your face down to his ass and pulling at the thin material, then ripping a hole in it with your teeth. He keened into your touch, a silent request for more, which you decide to indulge. Cracking open the cherry-flavoured lube, you squeeze a generous amount onto his hole, slightly stretched from the love egg in it earlier, but still with a long way to go.
Your boyfriends enter the room again to the sight of you holding Soobin’s leotard aside, eagerly lapping at his asshole, grabbing and squeezing at his cheeks through the ripped tights.
“Woah,” Yeonjun exhales, gaping at you both in disbelief, sitting down on the couch without peeling his eyes away. “Is it my birthday already or something?”
Taehyun’s eyes immediately darken, strolling over to get a better look at Soobin in the playboy bunny costume, circling him almost menacingly before sitting down with a satisfied grin. “Are you embarrassed right now, Soobin?”
Soobin whimpers, shutting his eyes as if that’d help him not notice all the hungry eyes on him – but he didn’t want to block them out, not really. Not when they set off every nerve ending in his body and made his dick twitch under the tight material of the leotard, clenching around your tongue with a shaky “N-Not there— that’s so d-dirty— ah—!” that has you only pushing deeper into him.
“Hey,” Taehyun snaps, leaning forward to grab Soobin’s chin to look at him. “I asked you a question. Are you embarrassed right now, Soobin?”
“Y-Yes,” Soobin gasps out, avoiding eye contact but pushing back onto your mouth, “I feel like a t-toy on display but- but- nngh— I—"
I like it. He didn’t need to finish that sentence for you all to know exactly what he meant. He sighs again when you finally pull away, dropping to his elbows on the hard surface of the coffee table, but the coolness of it is a refreshing contrast to the heat beneath his skin.
“Why are you whining, baby? Don’t you want to be stuffed to the brim with the massive cock you picked out today?” You tease, making his eyes drop down to the toy firmly secured onto your harness, licking his lips and swallowing. “That’s what I thought. But we need to work you up to it, don’t we? So, who’s going to volunteer…?”
Hyuka and Taehyun stand up at the same time, almost tripping over each other’s feet. Their eagerness is endearing; when Hyuka takes a step in front of him, Taehyun simply shoves him back toward the couch with that cheeky grin you’ve grown to love.
“Now, now, boys, patience is a virtue. You both can have your turn; after all, we’ll need to stretch him out nice and wide for my cock,” you purr, relishing the way Soobin shivers at your words alone.
“Oh, I’ll stretch him out alright.”
Taehyun doesn’t waste any time, shoving two fingers into Soobin’s mouth and commanding for him to suck. Soobin, ever the good boy, obeys without question, sloppily swirling his tongue around them and taking them further into his mouth until he seems satisfied.
“Just remember who’s in charge tonight, Taehyun,” you warn him, levelling him with a steely look that tells him not to get ahead of himself. “This is Soobin and I’s scene, I don’t want any trying to take over from you. Or any of you – looking at you, Beomgyu.”
“When have I ever done that?” Beomgyu replies in a sing-song voice that honestly answers his own question, unable to resist a cheeky smile. “Don’t worry, I’ll be good just this once. Only cause I wanna see you wreck Soobinnie’s cute little asshole.”
You’re quite pleased with that – yes, that will do just swimmingly – and settle yourself on the couch chair to the side of the coffee table, the perfect view to see your boyfriends’ faces from the front. Soobin shrinks under the intensity of everyone’s gazes, but when you slowly pull on his leash again and hold it there, he seems to hold himself a little higher; almost as if the reminder that he’s yours tonight gives him more confidence.
“More, more please,” Soobin pleads, face shoved into his arm as Taehyun slips a third finger into him, “Just give me your cock, I’m ready.”
“You’re quivering,” Taehyun deadpans, giving his ass a resounding smack. “Well, I was trying to be gentle, but if you’re going to be so needy…”
With one hand hastily undoing his pants to take his cock out, the other creeps forward to wrap around Soobin’s neck – only for you to yank him out of reach with a firm tug on the leash.
“What did I just say, Taehyun?”
Taehyun tongues at the inside of his cheek, biting back any attitude. He isn’t above trying to give you a run for your money when it comes to being in charge, but he knows his place as a participating audience member this time rather than another dom. He sighs, smoothing his hands over Soobin’s body and playfully flicking the little tail. “Fine.”
You all pay rapt attention as Taehyun ever-so-slowly pushes himself into Soobin, hissing sharply at the tightness while Soobin lets out a breathy moan, already bucking his hips back onto him, completely unprompted. Your little escapade at the adult store must have worked him up more than you thought – good. You press your thighs together in anticipation, already letting your mind get ahead of yourself in all the ways you can drag it out even more.
“What a slutty little bunny,” Yeonjun drawls, snapping you out of your reverie, “Already fucking himself back on Taehyunie’s cock before he even has a chance to move.”
“Ngh— you g-guys are so mean,” Soobin whines, giving Yeonjun a half-hearted glare that looks far cuter than it does threatening considering he’s wearing bunny ears with Taehyun balls-deep inside him. “I’ve been— ah- t-teased all day— oh fuck ngh-! C-Came in my pants in the sex shop— fuck, Taehyun!”
“You came in your pants in the sex shop?” Beomgyu echoes, cracking into mocking laughter, “Aww, our little bunny made a mess of his pants in public? Did anyone else see you with cum all over your pants?”
“S-Stop,” Soobin mumbles, but the boys are relentless, all leaning forward on the edge of their seats to get a better look at his body trembling with each snap of Taehyun’s hips.
He groans, low and throaty, slowing his thrusts to give the rest of you a clearer view of Soobin’s hole hugging his cock. “He says stop but he’s clenching so tight around me right now… could it be… our Soobinnie likesbeing talked to like that?”
“Then what’s your colour?” Hyuka chimes in, trying to seem gentle and sweet like Soobin always is with him – but his excitement comes off him in waves, and he can’t quite bite back his giggly smile enough.
A strangled moan falls from Soobin’s lips when he realises he’s been backed into a corner; he can’t lie, not about this. Not that he wantedto lie in the first place, he always wants to be honest, always wants to please - but with the accusatory teasing he couldn’t help but deny it on reflex.
You tug on his leash again. “Answer when we ask you a question, bun.”
“G-Green,” he mutters at last, confirming what you and the others already knew, and you could practically feel the red-hot shame rushing through him and straight to his dick. “D-Don’t look at me like th-that— I just— ah, please!”
“What are you pleading for, bunny? Use your words.”
It’s a twisted request and you know it. He’d been so riled up from all the foreplay that he was already a desperate mess and talking was made even more difficult with the way Taehyun was mercilessly pounding into him from behind.
“M-More, please, I-I want more, f-fuuuck…”
His eyes roll back into his head as Taehyun angles his hips just right, giving his ass another couple of firm smacks. “Greedy bunny. Is my cock not enough for you? Come on then, Hyuka.”
Hyuka jolts in his seat, flushing under all the eyes now on him where he’d been timidly stroking himself over his sweatpants in contrast to Beomgyu and Yeonjun, who were shamelessly jerking themselves off next to him. “O-Okay— How do I…?”
Taehyun finally slows down to a stop, Soobin making a disappointed noise of protest until you’re manhandling him up with the leash again, back pressed to Taehyun’s chest.
“Lay down on the table,” you instruct, and Hyuka is just about as eager to please as Soobin is. “Take your clothes off. Actually,” you pause, a malicious idea forming in your mind, “Soobin, you do it. With your teeth, hands behind your back. Taehyunnie, keep fucking him.”
Both Hyuka and Soobin end up matching shades of jasper, the younger holding his breath subconsciously in anticipation. Soobin falls forward onto Hyuka’s chest at the resume of Taehyun’s powerful strokes, his cute little “Oof!” making you, Yeonjun and Beomgyu giggle at him, endeared. He ends up nuzzling Hyuka’s stomach, sliding his shirt up a little before grabbing it with his teeth, and Hyuka seems to only just remember how to breathe. He leans up to let Soobin peel back the fabric easier, but with one particularly rough thrust from behind, he falls forward again, instinctively bracing his fall with both hands on either side of the man beneath him.
He freezes, limbs locking up as it sinks in what he just did.
“What did I just say, Soobinnie?” You scold him coldly, pulling on the cord until he’s merely inches away from Hyuka’s face, who’s frozen still, heart beating out of his chest.
“Y-You said h-hands behind my back,” he breathes out, but he isn’t looking at you. His eyes are fixated on Hyuka’s mouth right in front of him, while the smaller boy is so overwhelmed and turned on his vision trembles. Tentatively leaning forward, he plants a light kiss on his lips, and Hyuka responds in kind – cupping the back of his neck and kissing him back with unbridled enthusiasm.
You nod at Taehyun, who clicks his tongue and grabs at Soobin’s wrists, pulling them behind him roughly and using his grip on them as leverage to keep pounding him ruthlessly. Soobin doesn’t seem to mind, messily attempting to keep kissing Hyuka, the two of them moaning into each other’s mouths.
Uncrossing your legs, you stand up and grab a fistful of Soobin’s hair, yanking him up to look at you, a thin string of saliva connecting him and Hyuka’s mouths. You only smirk when he lets out a needy whine, eyes struggling to stay open through the onslaught of pleasure from behind. “I gave you an order, bunny. Why are you being so disobedient today, hmm? Do I need to teach you a lesson?”
His eyes shoot open at the implication of punishment, people-pleaser mode going into overdrive as he shakes his head wildly and pulls out of your grip to grab Hyuka’s shirt in his teeth again. He can’t stop his body from quaking, but he doesn’t let then deter him from frantically tugging at the piece of clothing, and with a little subtle help from Hyuka, he manages to get his shirt off.
You don’t know which part of the view is more enticing – the newly exposed skin of Hyuka’s softly defined torso, or Soobin’s hasty attempts to please you with such a humiliating task.
When he leans down to go for his waistband, his teeth scrape against the skin there as he tugs down both his pants and boxers at the same time. Hyuka tries to steady his heavy breathing with little avail as his hard cock is freed from its constraints, leaking precum onto his stomach. Soobin waits for further instruction instead of getting impatient this time, so you smile at him and pet his hair, fixing his slightly crooked bunny ears.
“That’s a good boy.” Grabbing the lube, you squeeze some onto Hyuka’s dick, using your hand to cover him in it, the boy hissing at the cold sensation and bucking his hips up into your fist. “Taehyun, slow down. Let Hyuka in too.”
Soobin shivers, obediently letting you position him as you like. You slip two lube-covered fingers into him alongside Taehyun’s cock, stretching him out as much as you can, then positioning him to sink down onto Hyuka.
All three of them groan at Hyuka’s cock sliding into him. Soobin can’t help but tremble at the feeling of being so full, clenching hard around them both and making Taehyun’s grip around his wrists white knuckled; Hyuka’s head falls back with a muffled whine, lip pulled between his teeth.
“Fuck that’s so hot,” Yeonjun grunts, quick pumps of his hand bringing him closer and closer to the edge. Beomgyu, feeling generous, leans over to take the tip of his cock in his mouth, moving his hands away, and Yeonjun shudders and grabs his hair, pushing him down more. “Fuuuuck, I’m gonna cum— Soobinnie, look at me. Look at what you do to me, being a slutty little bunny for us— oh god, I’m c— I’m cumming—!”
Soobin can’t tear his eyes away, swivelling his hips down needily as Yeonjun cums in Beomgyu’s mouth, who kept sucking and swallowing until he was pushing him away. Beomgyu abruptly crashes his lips to Yeonjun’s, sloppily making out and shoving his own cum back into his mouth, the two groaning at the obscenity of it all. They always liked putting on a show, even as the supposed audience, but you hardly had it in you to complain.
Yeonjun then pulls him into his lap, shifting around the way they were facing so they could still side-eye Soobin and the rest of you while he frantically strokes Beomgyu’s cock in his hand.
“Good, make sure you keep watching him,” you hum, running your nails across his back, “After all, he’s dressed up so pretty for us today, taking two cocks in his little hole like a good boy. Isn’t that right, bunny?”
Soobin nods, pushing himself further down, tears springing to his eyes at the stretch. “O-Oh my go-od…”
“You okay?” Hyuka makes out through gritted teeth, gently cupping Soobin’s face. “Need a moment?”
He nods slowly, and Taehyun releases his wrists to run a hand through his own hair, a thin layer of sweat from his efforts coating his forehead. You know he’s been edging himself this whole time from your commands, and that’s not something he does lightly – when it’s his scene, he’ll manhandle you however he wants and work towards his orgasm himself if he has to, even if it means pinning you down and riding you until he cums. The only way to edge him was to restrain him, or, as you’ve now discovered, rope him into helping your scene with one of the other boys. Ah, the joys of polycules.
“Take your time,” Taehyun murmurs lowly, softly massaging his ass and smirking at how the rip in his tights spread wider.
Everyone waits patiently for him, mean sides dulled down in making sure your favourite little bunny doesn’t get hurt, and soon enough, he starts moving on his own, mouth hanging open and eyes squeezed shut as he fucks himself back onto them.
“Good boy,” you encourage him, nodding at the other two to move. They both grab onto him, Hyuka pressing a kiss to his nose and Taehyun kissing down his back before rolling their hips into him.
Soobin stills, clutching tightly onto Hyuka’s shoulders, then lets out the most harmonious sound – a long, drawn-out moan so erotic that you know would have him beet red if he was reminded of it later. Grinning at that thought, you gesture for one of the boys on the couch to film, and Beomgyu is quick to oblige, slipping his phone out and pointing the camera at the boys on the table.
“Say hi to the camera, bunny,” Beomgyu teases, zooming in on Soobin’s face, then to where Taehyun and Hyuka’s cocks were disappearing into him.
“H-Haaah, hh- ohh please – please touch my cock,” Soobin cries out, blinking up at you with teary eyes, hot with humiliation, then back at the camera, then back at you. “Please, I’ll b-be good…!”
“Be careful what you wish for,” you chuckle darkly, pulling his dick free from the tight leotard and stroking it. His sigh of relief breaks off into a moan, doubling over Hyuka again, but this time he’s prepared to catch him. Hyuka holds him tight and in place as he and Taehyun work in tandem to make his toes curl and vision go fuzzy, and just as he does exactly that, you grin.
“A-Ahh I-I’m gonna cum—!”
All three boys groan at your command, but listen anyway, a rush flooding through you at the power trip of having them so obedient for you. More tears well up in Soobin’s eyes, spilling down his cheeks - silently, because he wouldn’t dare complain.
Your smile is sickeningly sweet, combing your fingers through Soobin’s hair and fixing his headband again, straightening out the ears. “Good boys. Soobinnie cums only when I give him permission to, not a moment earlier. Got it?”
“P-Please let me cum,” Soobin begs, “Please, I need it so bad, please…”
“I want you to cum around my cock, since you were so kind as to pick it out for me. Or have you changed your mind? Satisfied now that you’re getting fucked by two cocks at once?”
Soobin lets out another broken moan, Beomgyu grinning knowing he caught this one on camera. “N-No, I still want you too, I just— I just really want to cum…!”
“Oh? That’s not what you were saying in the store, telling me to tone it down and now here you are, begging me for more. No bunny, you’re not allowed to cum until you make Hyuka and Taehyunnie cum first.”
That’s all it takes to get Soobin moving again, grinding his hips in circles onto the two of them, and with shaky exhales, they continue where they left off.
Taehyun is brutal, snapping his hips forward hard and fast, grip on his hips tight enough to leave bruises. Usually he would be meaner, wanting to push Soobin further, but after fucking his tight hole for this long, his own desire to cum overpowered that urge. Meanwhile Hyuka, who was trying his best to keep up but overwhelmed by Taehyun’s cock sliding so deliciously against his, digs his nails into Soobin’s back as he fucks him, leaving pretty red lines along his shoulder blades. He wouldn’t usually dare cum first unless he physically couldn’t help it, but knowing that Soobin couldn’t cum until he did had him even more eager.
Soobin is noisier than you’ve ever heard him, but he tries to muffle it by sucking and biting at Hyuka’s neck – you all know he loves the marks you leave behind – but you don’t stand for that. Curling the leash around your fist, you pull again, and the surprised gasp he makes lets you know that he almost forgot he had it on still.
“I want to hear you baby, nice and loud.”
He’s even less coherent after that, his cute, needy little noises filling the air, and the struggle in his eyes only makes it even sweeter; every time he side-eyes Beomgyu’s camera, he bites his lip, clearly embarrassed at how lewd he sounds, then catches himself, torn between his own pride and his desire to obey. The humiliation is so much stronger when you make him do it himself, you realise, rather than relying on you to do all the work – like when you make him say what he wants with his own words, or demand to hear every moan and whimper loud enough for the camera to pick up.
With a growl, Taehyun pulls Soobin out of Hyuka’s grip and flush against his chest, holding him by the hips and sinking his perfect little teeth into his neck. Soobin’s body tenses up, eyes rolling back into his head, and he must’ve clenched so tight as Hyuka and Taehyun both let out a strangled groan of delight.
“Please, please cum for me,” Soobin pants, leaning his head back on Taehyun’s shoulder, “I-I need it, please…”
“Keep begging and I’ll consider it,” he grunts in response, breath quickening as he felt himself slowly drawing closer and closer to his high, “You sound so pretty when you beg, Soobinnie.”
“P-Please!” Soobin is at his wits end, running out of words or coherent thoughts to keep going with. His frantic blubbering quickly becomes incomprehensible beyond cries of please, want you so bad, need to cum, and strings of curses, but the smirk on Taehyun’s face tells you that’s exactly what he wanted to hear.
You yank on the cord again. “Look at me, bun.”
He can barely keep his eyes open, twitching and whimpering in Taehyun’s iron grip, but he tries his damn best, blinking through the tears. You reward him by grabbing his cock again and jerking it quickly, and he ends up somehow flinching away from your touch at the same time as leaning into it.
“T-Too much— ____ please I’m really gonna cum please—”
“Not before your boyfriends do,” you tut, clicking your tongue.
“A-Ah, Taehyun, Hyuka, I’m so, so, so close please, please, please—!”
“M-Me too,” Hyuka whines, and you can see the visible relief of Soobin’s face as he relaxes – as much as one can relax while being pounded by two people and getting his dick stroked all at once – and lets them use his body to get off as they see fit.
Moments later, Hyuka cums with a call of Soobin’s name, deep inside him, biting down hard on his own lip as Taehyun kept fucking his cum back into him. Soobin falls over the edge right after him, back arching and body shuddering, only for you to cruelly pull your hand away from him again, watching it twitch helplessly and spurt cum all over Hyuka’s stomach and chest.
“W-Why…?” He mumbles blearily, barely keeping himself upright after the intensity of his orgasm, looking so absolutely wreckedthat you almost wanted to have mercy on him.
“What did I say, baby?”
“I-I—” His words fizzle and die out as Taehyun gave him a particularly harsh thrust from behind, wrapping a veiny hand around his neck over the collar and squeezing lightly. You don’t even bother telling him to back off your scene this time, not anymore; you find you quite like seeing the rest of your boyfriends use him as they please.
“I wasn’t done with you yet, Soobinnie,” Taehyun hums next to his ear. The tears that spring into his eyes at the realisation seem to do it for him, though, as with a few more snaps of his hips, he cums in his ass with a low groan. Beomgyu makes sure to lean forward to catch it all on film as Taehyun slowly pulls Soobin off him and Hyuka, watching both of their cum drip from his hole and land on Hyuka’s twitching cock beneath him.
“Don’t let any more of that cum fall out, bun,” you instruct, giggling as he tries his best to hold it in but he’s been fucked so brutally it keeps spilling out. “Yeonjun, be a darling and go get a plug for him, will you?”
Yeonjun is quick to peel Beomgyu off his lap and get up, rushing over to his room to get one, while you gently pat Soobin’s hair and brush it out of his face to kiss his forehead.
“How are we doing, bunny? Colour?”
Soobin is barely there, but he offers you a weak yet genuine smile. “…Green.”
“Good boy.” You reward him with a soft kiss to his lips, a small reminder that you still love him under the mean exterior, then pull away to gesture at the mess of Hyuka he made beneath him. “Look at the mess you’ve made… without permission too. You were just that desperate, hmm?”
“Make him lick it off him,” Beomgyu pipes up, one hand wrapped around his cock, the other still holding the camera. “I wanna see him with cum all over his mouth like a dirty little slut.”
You stroll over to sit next to Beomgyu on the couch, batting his hand away so you could do it yourself. He shudders slightly, fucking into your fist eagerly. “I like the way you think, Gyu. Go on then, bunny, don’t miss a drop.”
He doesn’t have anything left in him to protest or even process his embarrassment anymore, simply listening without question and leaning down to start licking his own cum off Hyuka’s skin like it was his job to do so.
“F-Fuck,” Hyuka hisses, abs tensing up at Soobin’s mouth on him, “That’s so… god, that’s so hot. You’re incredible, Soobin.”
“Don’t forget to clean me up too,” Taehyun cuts in, a hand on Soobin’s head guiding him towards his cock, “You’re doing so well for us.”
Soobin smiles through his blush, the praise affecting him almost as much as all the degradation did, dutifully sucking Taehyun to near overstimulation before finishing up the mess he left on Hyuka. Yeonjun returns moments later, plug in hand, using it to wipe up the cum dribbling down his thighs before securing it in his ass, a pretty purple jewel on the end.
“Please tell me I can use him next.”
He feels like a goddamn doll being talked about like this, right in front of him no less – but he loves it, smiling dreamily with cum coating his lips and tongue.
“You and Beomgyu can use his mouth while I have my way with him. Come on bun, you’re gonna want to be on a bed for this one.”
First, he proudly presents to you the cum he had gathered, sticking his tongue out and blinking up at you with those big doe eyes. Unable to resist, you lean down and lick it right off his tongue, connecting your lips in the sloppiest of kisses, moaning appreciatively into his pretty mouth. When you pull apart, a thin line of spit and cum hangs from each of your lips, and you can hear the shutter sound of Beomgyu pressing the screenshot button while he records.
“See? I knew you could be a good bunny for me.”
Your words of affirmation have him glowing, smiling happily as he gets to his feet – albeit a little wobbly and leaning on Taehyun for support – and trails after you to the bedroom, leash in hand still.
He gets on the bed without needing any prompting from you, obediently sitting on his knees with his hands in his lap. You carefully work him out of the playboy bunny leotard, but leaving the collar, the tights, and the bunny ears on.
“Awh,” Beomgyu comments half-heartedly, “I liked the little tail on him.”
“We’ll get a bunny tail plug for him one of these days,” you decide, “But for now, not much else will be fitting in there along with me.”
Soobin watches, brimming with curiosity, as you go straight for your toy drawer again, this time pulling out a surprisingly small, remote-controlled vibe, followed by skin-safe tape.
His breath catches in his throat once he puts two and two together, gulping as you attach it to the head of his dick then toss Yeonjun the remote. Yeonjun snickers, immediately turning it up all the way, and Soobin jolts, grabbing at the nearest surface for purchase – that surface being you – and digging his nails in.
“____, a-ah I’m— I need you so ba-ad,” he chokes out, unable to keep still under the vibrations on his already sensitive cockhead so soon after cumming. He looks like he’s about to cry again, but he looks so damn cutewith puffy eyes, glassy with tears, so you simply kiss his brow and gently push him back onto the bed.
“And you have me,” you hum simply, grabbing the lube and lathering your strap with it as the rest of your boyfriends settle themselves on the bed and on chairs next to the bed, Beomgyu abandoning his phone recording in favour of taking his clothes off and situating himself next to Soobin on the bed. He doesn’t ask, but he doesn’t need to; Soobin automatically reaches out to him, big hands wrapping around his cock, then Yeonjun’s.
Pulling out the plug, you make him suck it clean while you press the tip of your cock to his twitching hole, shivering at the combination of the cold sensation and the toy abusing his dick.
“Turn it down a bit, Yeonjun,” you tell him calmly, “As much as I love to see our baby bunny writhe for me, he needs to be able to take me first.”
“Fiiine,” Yeonjun reluctantly agrees, turning it off, and Soobin instantly relaxes, feeling like he can finally breathe again.
All up until you push the end of the massive toy into him, and his eyes fly open, then quickly roll back into his head as more of its length makes its way inside him.
“More,” he pants, aggressively jerking the two boys in his hands and leaning his hips toward you, “I can- I can t-take it, ooh fuck…”
You take your time, slowly and steadily pushing into him and stretching out his already gaping hole even wider, then still yourself so he can catch his breath. He gratefully inhales more air into his lungs until he relaxes, smiling hazily up at you. He’s on cloud fucking nine, and it’s one of your absolute favourite looks on him. “Ah, it’s so big…”
“Bunny, it’s not even halfway in yet.”
He swears he almost cums in that moment, hissing between gritted teeth, his cock twitching as it lies flat on his stomach. “Fuuuck… more, please.”
“Are you sure you don’t need a moment—”
“More, please.”
“Let’s not rush, bun,” you tut softly, “I don’t want to hurt you.”
His hands quicken their pace around your boyfriends, brows furrowing as he clenches around what little of the strap you’ve given him. “Ngh… sorry… I just really want you to fuck me…!”
You brush off the way his words send heat flooding down south and pour more lube onto the toy before pushing in a little more, thrusting in and out lightly, thoroughly impressed at how much he was able to take. “Who knew we had such a greedy cockslut among us, hmm? You just love being stuffed to the absolute brim.”
When you don’t move fast enough for him, he grabs at your hips and hooks his legs around yours, shoving himself all the way down onto the toy with a guttural moan, eyes squeezed shut and back arching off the bed.
“Careful, bun!” You chastise him, laughing breathlessly at his enthusiasm and gently massaging at his thighs, “You can get hurt like that.”
“S-Sorry,” he grunts, barely cracking open his eyes to meet yours with that beautifully dazed grin of his. “I can’t help it, it just… it feels so good.”
Shivers go down your spine at his low, husky confession, and after hours of teasing him, even you’ve reached your limit.
You want to completely ruin him.
Pulling hard on the leash with one hand and scraping your nails along his abdominal muscles with the other, you finally, finallystart fucking him. His head flies back into the pillows, a broken gasp leaving his throat as his whole body is wracked by the pleasure between his legs, and that’s when Yeonjun decides to switch the bullet on his dick back on again.
“F-Fuck— oh my god!” He nearly screams out your name, tears springing to his eyes once more. Yeonjun and Beomgyu guide his hands towards them, and Soobin attempts to be a good boy and get them off, but his pace is inconsistent and erratic from the force of you giving it to him. He doesn’t even try and bite back his sounds this time, way too far gone; he chants your name like a prayer, or a curse – it’s too much and not enough all at once, and any solid thoughts he had in his head are replaced with simply you.
You, towering over him and making him feel so small and helpless despite him being the tallest in the room, you, with a pussy but having a bigger dick than all of them, you, seeping under his skin and filling all his senses until he feels like he can’t breathe. He’ll gladly drown in you, he thinks, each shift of you inside him and stretching him out sending him further under.
“Oh fuck ____ n-not there, don’t— stop— ah!”
They’re empty words and you both know it – he doesn’t even know if he’s saying don’t and stop or don’t stop anymore – so you keep thrusting into him hard enough to make his body shake; even though he already couldn’t stop quivering at the overstimulation of his dick, thrashing around wildly on the bed and bending his bunny ears out of shape against the pillows.
“Where, here?” You tease, angling your hips to hit the same spot that had him seizing, mouth hanging open and crying out your name over and over. “What was that, you wanted me to… stop?”
You slow down to a standstill, and Soobin whines brokenly, pitifully pushing himself back onto you. “N-No, I didn’t— I didn’t mean—”
He’s crying again, with Yeonjun and Beomgyu jerking each other off again while fighting over the remote, turning it up and down repeatedly and not giving Soobin a chance to breathe.
“Aww,” Yeonjun coos, leaning down to kiss the tears off his cheeks, “Our cute little Soobinnie. What’s your colour?”
“Green, the g-greenest of greens— please, please keep going, I’ll be a good boy, I p-promise— ah-ah, fuck! T-Too much, too mu- a-ah!”
Beomgyu giggles, a hand wrapped around Soobin’s weeping cock and rubbing his thumb into the tip while the vibrator buzzed away still, overwhelming him so much it hurt – but he didn’t want it to stop. He can’t stop crying, sobbing and hiccupping in a way he thinks is unflattering, but the effect it has on the rest of you implies quite the opposite.
“I thought you wanted us to keep going. Now it’s too much?” Beomgyu points out his contradiction with faux confusion, laughing cruelly at how much Soobin struggles. It only serves to embarrass him even more, but it’s almost as if he can’t control his words; like they all come tumbling out before he can stop them.
“P-Please,” he whines again, broken and running out of things to say that wouldn’t dig him deeper into a hole. “Please!”
“What are you begging for, Soobinnie?” You press, grabbing his wrists and pinning them above his head; with a single nod to Yeonjun he knows what to do, digging through your drawers until he finds some pretty pink silk ties, getting to work tying Soobin’s wrists to the headboard while he frantically blinks away his tears and tries to get words out through his sobs.
“Y-You, please, w-want you— f-fuck I’m— o-oh my g-god, I’m gonna cum again—!”
“Again?” Yeonjun seems genuinely impressed, pushing you back to see Soobin’s cock jumping in Beomgyu’s grasp, only to spill cum all over himself with a shaky moan. He cums hard enough to get some all the way on his collarbones and chest, Yeonjun diving down to lick it up and circle his tongue around Soobin’s nipple, then graze his teeth against it.
You’ve definitely never heard Soobin so loud and so utterly wrecked,but it’s a beautiful sound. You decide to take that as a cue to start fucking the giant toy back into his ass, Taehyun and Hyuka’s cum from earlier spilling out onto the sheets and making them both groan from the sidelines. Soobin writhes in his restraints, but Yeonjun is a practiced rigger, so the knots don’t give, only serving to make the lean muscle in his arms flex and give everyone a brilliant view.
“Such pretty noises,” Yeonjun hums, “Can you make them with my cock stuffed in your mouth, hm?”
Soobin obediently opens his mouth, but Beomgyu grabs him by the hair and nudges him towards his cock instead.
“I sucked you off earlier, it’s my turn,” he growls, shoving his dick as far down Soobin’s throat as he lets him. “Fuuuck, so wet and warm…”
“Wow,” Yeonjun huffs at the audacity, but only ends up grabbing Beomgyu by the chin and crashing their lips together, heatedly making out in an angry way that was not unfamiliar to them both. Taking Beomgyu’s wrist that wasn’t occupied holding Soobin’s head down on his cock, he guided him to jack him off next to Soobin’s face, who kept moaning around Beomgyu enough to make him shiver.
“Look at you, bunny… all stretched out nice and wide for me, both your holes stuffed with cock… isn’t he pretty?” You turn to Taehyun and Hyuka, the latter of which was sitting in his lap, grinding on each other languidly with their eyes locked on the scene in front of them.
“S-So pretty,” Hyuka chokes out, the simple grinding getting him all worked up while the sensitivity from his earlier orgasm still lingered. “Ah, our Soobinnie… he’s taking you so w-well.”
Taehyun chuckles, pulling Hyuka’s hips against him and making him whine. “He’s a total mess for us. Look at him, cum in his ass, on his chest, in his mouth soon enough… and always begging for more. He’s our insatiable little bunny, isn’t he? He just loves it when we ruin him like this.”
Soobin is too caught up in it to act embarrassed now; the twinge of humiliation still makes his dick twitch, but he just nods dutifully, mouth still full of Beomgyu’s dick, accepting it with a twisted sense of pride.
Grabbing his long legs, you hook them over your shoulders and push them closer to his chest, grinning at the muffled cry from around Beomgyu, fucking him at a new angle, the impressively big toy only hitting even deeper. He puts up the peace sign where his wrists are tied, a sign familiar with all of you, so Beomgyu lets go of his hair and lets him take in greedy gasps of air, babbling something incomprehensible as he feels fuller than he ever thought he could.
“Feel it… s-so deep, ah!” He moans your name again, craning his neck to see where your hips met. You press a hand on his cum-covered stomach, where your cock was battering his prostate repeatedly, and the mangled cry he lets out is music to your ears.
“Gonna cum for me one more time, bun?” You ask, leaning down to kiss and lick and bite along his chest, wanting him not just to feel your touch on him the next morning, but also see it every time he looks in the mirror.
“C-Can’t, too much,” Soobin whimpers, his voice whiny and high-pitched and so damn cute you almost can’t stand it. “B-But I— I wanna be a g-good bunny for yoooou… ahh, ngh—!”
“You’re the best bunny for us,” you remind him gently, leaving a vaguely heart-shaped hickey right above his collarbone. “You sure you don’t have one more for us, mm? Come on, just one.”
He feels like his brain has liquified and spilled out his ears, nodding in a daze, drunk on you. He doesn’t even flinch when Yeonjun cums on his face, or when you bring your hand to his lips to clean his own essence off it, or when Beomgyu follows through not long after and adds his cum to the filthy mix of sweat and cum and spit on Soobin’s torso.
One of them turns up the vibrator strapped to his cock again, but Soobin’s voice has grown hoarse, instead just letting out hiccup-y sobs and whines as his climax creeps up on him for the fourth time that night. At this point, his own name sounds more foreign to him than yours, and with one final, violent shudder and noisy whimper, his high seizes him again.
His dick twitches, weakly leaking the little cum he had left down the shaft, and Yeonjun turns off the vibrator as you slow down and start pulling out, Soobin barely able to keep his eyes open.
Covered in cum, hickeys, tears, and on a leash still, bunny ears crooked from all his thrashing and tights ripped and stained, he looks absolutely glorious in the most sinful of ways; so much so you decide to grab the nearest phone and take a few photos while he caught his breath, panting like he just ran a marathon.
“Don’t… Don’t you wanna get off, too?”
Those are the first words Soobin manages to get out after all that huffing and puffing. You smile, softly this time – without the dark undertone to it that it had for most of the day. “You’re on the brink of consciousness right now, bunny. It’s okay. One of the others can take care of me, okay?”
He nods brainlessly, so deep in subspace that he’s inclined to agree with anything you say. You kiss him tenderly, then look around at the others. “Hyuka, go get a bath running – as pretty as he looks like this, it won’t be as fun if it dries. Taehyun, you’ll be able to carry him there, right? I don’t think he’ll be able to walk well. And maybe get to changing these sheets after. Yeonjun, grab some water for him and maybe something to eat – whether you order takeout or cook or make instant ramen, up to you. Beomgyu—”
“I’ll take care of you,” he interrupts as the others start on the tasks you’ve assigned them.
He doesn’t give you any room to protest, crawling over to you and kissing you slowly, working the straps of your harness off and setting it aside. He’s a stupidly good kisser, effectively taking your breath away and making you melt into his touch.
“What happened to not taking over other people’s scenes, Gyu?” You exhale breathlessly once you pull apart, resting your foreheads together. He chuckles, pecking your lips affectionately. The gesture is so intimate and gentle it almost catches you off guard – you lean in for more, but he pulls back with a little grin to tease you just that little bit more.
“Don’t be bratty, we both know your scene is over. You’re all wound up from all that, let me make you feel good while they take care of Soobin, okay?”
You don’t have anything clever to say to that, relaxing as you step down and relinquish your control to him. He seems a lot calmer as well, no longer trying to be mean or a tease, reverently kissing down your body and splaying you out on the bed once Taehyun takes Soobin away.
I’m plenty wet already, you can hurry up now, you want to say, but the words die on your tongue as Beomgyu continues worshipping your body like it’s a divine gift. It’s so tender, so nice, so you can’t complain, even when you’re aching for him, your body begging for its release.
Once he leaves enough love bites on your skin to satisfy him, he brings his face in front of your cunt and waits no longer, diving right in. He licks up every drop of you he can get on his tongue, moaning into you appreciatively and sucking at your clit hard enough to make your thighs clamp around his head on instinct. His long hair is perfect for pulling, so you do exactly that, tangling your hand in it and tugging him impossibly closer, earning you a baritone growl from the back of his throat that has you trembling.
Your breath quickly leaves your lungs when he adds his fingers as well, pushing and curling in all the right places; it’s almost embarrassing how well he knows you by now, playing your body like a finely tuned instrument, your gasps of his name his favourite song.
You’re so keyed up from teasing Soobin all day that your high approaches you fast enough to catch you off guard, suddenly hitting you all at once and flooding through your entire body; Beomgyu coaxes you through it, letting you grind on his tongue and getting his face covered in your wetness, continuing until you were physically pushing him away and cringing at the overstimulation.
“Can’t handle what you dish out, hmm?” Beomgyu can’t help but comment cockily, laughing at your unamused glare at him. “Sorry, sorry, I’ll be nice. Do you want to cum again? I could do this all day, you know.”
“I know you can… alright, one more time. A-Ah—!”
Tumblr media
By the time Beomgyu is done with you, Soobin is all washed up and being carried and tucked into bed, with the promise of being woken up when dinner arrives. In the bathroom, Hyuka is already running a new bath with clean water for you, beaming invitingly.
“Wanna wash up with me?”
You nod gratefully, climbing into the tub with him and letting it fill up slowly, the warm water doing wonders to soothe your tired muscles. You express your gratitude by helping him scrub down, and he repays the favour in kind, softly humming a serene tune.
“You know, just because you were in charge n’ all doesn’t mean you can’t get aftercare too,” Hyuka reminds you, kissing your cheek.
Yeonjun pokes his head in the doorway at that, giving you that cutely scrunched up grin he always does. “Did someone say a dominant who needs aftercare?”
He takes that as his cue to come inside, shedding his remaining articles of clothing and joining you and Hyuka in the tub, the water overflowing and getting all over the bathroom floor. Your legs are all cramped, especially their tall and gangly frames, but none of you seem to care. Yeonjun pulls your back to his chest, reverently kissing along your shoulder and idly running his hands across you and Hyuka’s bodies, who tenderly washes you and Yeonjun’s hair. It’s nice, you think. Real nice. The kind of nice that reminds you of everything good in the world.
“You two look like cats,” Hyuka giggles, scratching softly at your scalps as he massages the shampoo through it and gazing at you ever so fondly as the two of you deflate into smiley idiots under his affectionate touch. “It’s cute.”
“You’re cute,” you mumble back as if it was some kind of insult, but that only serves to make him giggle even more.
Yeonjun catches onto the giggles too, but quickly collects himself before he gets carried away. “You’re both cuties. Let me wash your hair too, Hyuka.”
Caught between them, you don’t mind lazily worshipping Hyuka’s body with your mouth while Yeonjun leans over you to wash his hair, happy to be caught between the two bodies of warmth and feeling safe and loved caged between them.
“Maybe next time, you should be our pet, ____,” Yeonjun suggests cheekily, nipping at your ear. “Tell me that doesn’t sound appealing, eh? Having all of us have our turns with you?”
“Mm, that does sound nice,” you murmur, almost salivating at the thought. As much as you like bossing them around, the thought of swapping places with Soobin had you all sorts of curious. “You’d all take care of me?”
“We’re taking care of you right now, aren’t we?” Hyuka chimes in, gently massaging the tension from your shoulders. “Although I think the others will be keen on ruining you too.”
“I do like it when you can take as much as you dish out,” Yeonjun comments, rinsing your hair and laughing at you blubbering at the water. It’s a little embarrassing, but with the way Yeonjun looks down at you and smiles, you think you’re starting to see why Soobin likes it so much. “And I know you can take that and more. Right?”
“Is that a challenge?” You scoff, shifting around to face him and give him a playful smirk, to which he just bops you on the nose.
“There’s that spark. I see you’ve come back to Earth now! Come on, let’s get out before we go all pruny.”
Drying each other is full of just as many giggles and kisses as bathing each other was, and Yeonjun ends up tucking you and Hyuka into bed with Soobin as he waits on the takeout, you and Hyuka curling around Soobin from either side and peppering him with kisses.
“You did so well for us today, Soobinnie, you were such a good bunny,” you hum softly, his eyes fluttering as he struggles to keep himself awake. “Don’t worry. You can nap now until the food gets here.”
Soobin nods drowsily, snuggling closer and tucking you under his chin, Hyuka clinging to his back.
“I love you,” he mumbles faintly against the crown of your head. “All of you.”
You kiss his sternum and hear Hyuka do the same to the back of his neck before you both reply in unison,
“We love you too.”
Tumblr media
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deathstrawberry · 7 months ago
Ichigo hc with a very touchy cuddly f! reader?
𝘐𝘤𝘩𝘪𝘨𝘰 𝘸𝘪𝘵𝘩 𝘢 𝘵𝘰𝘶𝘤𝘩𝘺/𝘤𝘶𝘥𝘥𝘭𝘺 𝘧!𝘴/𝘰
characters: Ichigo
a/n🍓: here you go anon! i hope this is what you were looking for and you enjoy it! 🥰❤️
tw: f!reader implied
tag list: @kit-ken
please do not plagiarize my work.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I think at first Ichigo wouldn’t really know how to handle a s/o who’s like this
He’s honestly kind of a tsundere so he would definitely act like he hated it at first but deep down he would love it
I can see him thinking you’re going to jump him like his father does whenever you appear out of nowhere and hug him lmfao
But after he realizes you aren’t trying to throw hands with him he will relax into the hug and maybe hug you back
The longer your guy’s relationship is the more comfortable with it he would be! He would even start to enjoy it
He would start to expect your hugs and the first time you didn’t tackle him in a hug when he got home he would be so worried
“I’m home yn! *nothing* “Y/n? Y/n are you here? *still nothing.* then he would start frantically searching the house for you and be worried something happened to you.
Then he finds you in your room sleeping and feels relieved. He would be salty the whole night that he didn't get a hug right when he got home tho lol
No matter what you just always have to be touching Ichigo in someway
at first he didn’t really understand it but then you explained to him you just feel better when you can feel him next to you
and ofc he continue letting you do it
ichigo isn’t used to physical affection but he had to get used to it fast with you and he wouldn’t have your guys’ relationship any other way!
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blooberrries · a month ago
『midnight, midsummer』 — one
Tumblr media
— pairing: shoto x reader — tags: university au, urban fantasy au, selkie shoto, accidental marriage (lmfao), faerie antics, 18+ — wc: 3.3k — notes: this idea has been living rent free in my brain for at least a week. there will be around six parts, it's mostly planned out so far. all depicted characters are adults unless otherwise explicitly stated.
“I have no intention of forcing you into anything,” Shoto says evenly, expression neutral despite the roiling depths of his mismatched eyes. He seems to hesitate slightly before he continues. “Let me propose something, then. A bargain.” Your eyebrows shoot up before you’re able to stop them. Shoto is offering to enter a faerie bargain with you? As though he can see the cogs turning in your head, the corner of his lips lifts in a half smile. He breathes in deeply, closing his eyes a moment before he lets the air go and meets your gaze once more. “If you find that you do not have any feelings for me at all, come Midsummer’s Eve, then I will dissolve this marriage and leave you be.” ----You get a little more than you bargained for when you knock some poor guys coat off his chair in the library. You pick it up and give it back to him, of course, because that's what anyone would do, right? Well, apparently not when it comes to selkies.
masterlist || next
Tumblr media
You’ve been in Moonhollow for a month now, and this is the first time you’ve actually made somewhat of a fool of yourself.
“Oops shit sorry! Dropped your coat!” You bend and scoop said item from the floor before the words even finish leaving your mouth, enjoying the soft texture of the material for the mere second it resides in your hold. Carefully, already feeling bad you’d bumped it off with your hasty stumbling in the first place, you drape the coat back over the chair from whence it had tumbled, hand hovering for a moment to make sure it is secure. Inadvertently, you end up brushing against a reaching hand as you draw yours away. “Sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was going…”
Briefly, your eyes flit to the owner of the coat and you feel your heart jump into your throat at the remarkably attractive face that greets them. Striking mismatched eyes of deep, doe grey and clear turquoise are blown wide as they gaze up at you, a stunned expression playing across handsome features. You were already embarrassed, but now you feel heat surging across your face and ears in earnest. Unsure where to go from here, but painfully aware of how late you are to the group project meeting that has already started without you, you offer the man an awkward, if apologetic, wave.
Then, you promptly turn and dart in the direction you were originally going. You can hear the other people around the table he was sitting at burst into hushed, hurried conversation upon your departure, and you wish you could shrink to the size of a mouse and flee the scene a little more seamlessly. You managed to go a whole month without embarrassing yourself in a place as unfamiliar and foreign as this, though, so you suppose your track record isn’t too bad.
The meeting room is in sight, and with slight horror you realise it is also closed off via a glass wall and is in the direct line of sight of the table you just embarrassed yourself at.
You just can’t catch a break today.
You burst into the study room your group booked, pretending you aren’t out of breath and didn’t leave your home just barely ten minutes ago to make your way here like a bat out of hell. A few of them smile at you, one in particular gesturing to an empty seat by their side. Gratitude floods your system and you beam at them, making your way over.
An intrusive thought spared for the unique colour of that coat-guy’s hair (white and scarlet, a bold combination that seemed to work for him anyway) has you distracted and nearly eating shit as your ass slips slightly from the edge of the plastic chair. Humiliation burns hotly across your shoulders but you square them anyway, keeping your posture proud and smile bright. You also scooch your behind as far back into the seat as the moulded plastic will allow— you don’t want a repeat of that near-miss.
“Sorry I’m late! I don’t have an excuse, but it won’t happen again!”
They don’t need to know that you’d slept through five different alarms and fell right back to sleep mere minutes after the sixth did what the others couldn’t. You’re beginning to think your body’s affinity for sleep is bordering on a disorder.
Truthfully, your group members don’t seem all that bothered by your tardiness – only one, who you knew was going to be miffed, fixes you with a stern stare.
“That’s alright, so long as you are on time for our future meetings.” Tenya’s voice leaves no room for nonsense, but a kind smile follows his words. “I trust you brought the materials needed for your part…?”
“Of course,” you beam, patting your bag with full confidence. Realistically, you’re about 96% sure you remembered to get them all in there, but what he doesn’t know can’t hurt him.
With a nod in your direction, Tenya moves on, following up with the other group members and their progress with the parts they were allocated.
“Your face is red.” A whisper drifts over from your side. You glance over just in time to see a tongue peek out and run over a plump pair of lips. “Did you know I missed breakfast this morning?”
Himiko, one of your classmates with a pretty face and dry sense of humour, is the culprit. The tips of her retracted fangs peek out when she catches your look and smiles at your attention, irises tinged with the slightest blush of carmine. It makes her eyes look like windows to a stunning sunset. You’re actually kind of jealous.
“I think eating your project buddy is bad for group morale,” you whisper back. You receive a soft snort in response, the sound just shy of trailing into a giggle.
Terrifying creature of the night she might be, but Himiko is actually harmless. This is a realisation it took you a while to reach, because objectively, outwardly, she’s quite an intimidating character. She might joke about draining you dry every so often, and probably wouldn’t pass up the chance to have a sneaky sip of your blood if it was presented to her, but you know she wouldn’t actually kill you.
She likes you too much to go through with it. At least, you think that’s why. You try not to put too much thought into it.
“Probably,” she murmurs, leaning closer and bracing a hand on the back of your seat. “I think Tenya might actually kill me if I attempted to eat you before you completed your part of the project.”
You stifle a laugh, because it’s probably true. Even though you didn’t make a sound, the vibe in your corner of the room must be enough to alert the man in question to your mischief, because he pauses in his conversation and turns accusing eyes your way. They fall on Himiko and he sighs, like the weight of the world is on his shoulders.
“Toga, what have I told you about looking at your classmates like food and expressing desires to consume them?”
She beams at him, fangs popping out with a soft shick as she reclines slightly, arms over the back of her seat. “To save it for outside of work hours.”
“Exactly,” Tenya says, hand raising to gesture emphatically. “So, since we’re inside work hours right now, lets see what you’ve prepared so far for your part of the project.”
Himiko lets out an exaggerated groan, but reaches for her bag nonetheless. With the attention now completely off you, you focus on retrieving your own materials. The coarse fabric of your bag is enough to ground you again in the moment.
As you let out a deep breath, you can feel some of the earlier embarrassment and tension leaving your shoulders. Right, it’s better to let it go. It already happened! Nothing you can do to change it now. You grasp your laptop and open the lid, flicking to the relevant page of the notebook beside it, and get to work.
You do your best to ignore the foreign sensation of eyes burning into you from beyond the glass wall.
You’re just paranoid and embarrassed, is all.
This place isn’t your normal, everyday coastal town.
The population of Moonhollow, to be blunt, is to blame for that. This city is the makeshift capital of a region tucked away from the eyes of the world, protected from mortal powers that be and those that wish its citizens ill will. Beyond the Violet Peaks, the mountain range that cuts this mystical expanse off from the rest of the world, are a people that exist as… well, anything but human.
Put simply, in a region wrought with the mythical and supernatural, Moonhollow is a city built by monsters, for monsters.
And you’re one of the only two humans currently living in it.
“I’m home!” You call upon crossing the threshold of your current living space, eyes sweeping the room for a familiar face and coming up empty.
“About time! Come help me, I’m stuck in the wall again.”
Your uncle is the other one.
You’re unsure how he was one of the masterminds behind the creation of this city way back in the day, when all you’ve seen of him is how dumb he is. Seriously, this is the third time this week you’ve had to go save him from the wall, and it’s only Tuesday. You’ve only been here a month, and already you’re wondering how on Earth he managed to survive before you.
Beyond the kitchen, around the corner, down the stairs, and you’ve entered your uncles ‘lair’, as he likes to call it. What it really is, is the warlock equivalent of a man-cave. All walls lined with a bunch of shelves home to a bunch of weird shit, and a bunch of odd bundles hanging from the ceiling. The only barren wall in the room is the one your uncle manages to get himself stuck in.
You sigh upon seeing him, ass firmly stuck in the plaster with the rest of his body sticking out like a folded lawn chair. His bespectacled face lights up when he catches you standing in the doorway. You grimace.
“What is wrong with you?”
“Not sure what you mean, dear niece,” he responds gleefully, taking your offered hands and letting you yank him out. You half hope he will stumble, but he is as annoyingly graceful as ever upon exiting the wall. He dusts himself off, flicking a crumb of plaster from his broad shoulder and stretching long limbs immediately afterwards.
“What were you trying to make this time?” you ask, wandering over to the hilariously stereotypical cauldron a few metres from his entry point to the wall.
Your uncle hums, waving his hand casually at the wall. You watch as the plaster knits itself back together, hole disappearing and dent smoothing out before your very eyes.
“I was trying to make something for your sleep problems.” He sniffs, “It backfired, though. Need to fix the dosage of some of the ingredients.”
You peer into the cauldron, before immediately recoiling in disgust at the sight of the booger-green goop lining its insides. It has a rancid smell you’re not sure you’re able to describe with words. “You were gonna feed me that?!”
“It’s a work in progress,” your uncle says, defensively. “Like I said, dosage.”
You make a face, wanting to believe him but unable to make yourself do so. He catches the look you’re giving him and rolls his eyes, throwing his hands up like a diva.
“Ungrateful!” he exclaims, turning on his heel and marching towards the stairs. “I spend all day pouring my blood, sweat and tears into a potion made from the heart for my dear niece, and this is the thanks I get?”
“I could have left you in the wall,” you say, following him up the stairs.
Your uncle sputters, dramatic as ever, like he can’t believe the words coming out of your mouth.
“Oh, to receive the mercy of this cold-hearted woman! Thank you, oh neice of mine, how may I ever repay you!”
You can’t help it, you finally let a laugh escape. He turns to glance at you over his shoulder, the corner of his lips tugging up before he turns away again with a ‘hmph!’.
For someone who refuses to reveal his real age to you, but looks and acts like your age or younger, you wonder if perhaps over the years your uncle has lost a few brain cells. Sometimes he does things that make you think the old synapses aren’t firing like they used to.
He exists as a walking contradiction – the most intelligent person you’ve ever known, and yet somehow simultaneously the dumbest. It’s like living with a child genius.
The whole reason you’re even here, pursuing your studies in this city at this university, is because the goofy bastard made a bet with you that you somehow lost. It was something stupid that you didn’t think you actually had any chance at losing, and so hadn’t minded the stakes.
Yet, here you are. Complain as you might, you’ll die before admitting to him that you probably would have ended up coming here, anyway. He doesn’t need the ego boost, he already has enough of one from being the only family you really have.
Upon reaching the kitchen, he immediately hits the switch on the electric jug in the corner and then leans against the counter, yawning. A long, thin-fingered hand reaches up to rustle through the silvery platinum strands atop his head — the colour is a result of prolonged magic use, he once told you. You still don’t know if he’s bullshitting or not.
“So, pebble, what did you get up to today?” He huffs a laugh, a mischievous gleam entering his eye. “Presuming you did get up, after the feature-length album of alarms that went off this morning.”
You feel heat burn across the tips of your ears as you recall your chaotic start to the day. You resist the urge to wipe the shit-eating grin off his face.
“Schoolwork,” you answer simply, before deciding to elaborate a bit so he doesn’t press much. “Knocked some poor guy’s coat onto the ground in the library when I was on my way to a group meeting – that’s probably the most eventful thing that happened.”
You uncle hums, blinking at you a moment before reaching into the cupboard and returning with two mugs. “How boring.”
“You want me to have an eventful day?!” you ask, hands flying to your hips. “In a town like this, for someone like me, I would have thought a boring day was ideal.”
“Nah, boring is overrated,” your uncle says, spooning generous amounts of instant coffee into the mugs as does so. “You’re young, plenty of traumatising memories to be made. I mean, you’re not really a successful adult without them. Just look at me, for example! I have more repressed memories than I do hairs on my head, and I turned out fine. Great, even!”
“I feel like you’re not as good of an example as you think you are, old man.”
He whips the spoon in your direction, eyes wide. “Take that back.”
“Shan’t,” you say simply, and after a month of dealing with you he seems to know better than to persist before he has his cup of coffee. “I just call it as I see it.”
“Now that can’t be true,” he says, shooting you a beaming smile. “I’m the very picture of youth and vitality.”
“I’ll believe you when you get rid of those bags that have been camping under your eyes the past thirty years,” you say, leaning against the bench and letting a smile slip so he knows you’re still playing. He rolls his eyes and goes back to making coffee.
“Ungrateful child,” he mutters to himself. “If only your grandmother was still alive. She’d teach you to be appreciative. I was her favourite, you know”
“You’ve always struck me as a mumma’s boy, now that you mention it.”
Your uncle raises the teaspoon, threatening to throw it your way, and you lurch away from the counter with a peal of laughter. Try as he might to keep a straight, somewhat-threatening face, he is unsuccessful and has to turn away before you see the fond smile stretching his lips.
“Here’s your coffee, you brat. Go do your uni work and get out of my sight, or whatever.”
He ruffles your hair on the way past, and you can’t help but smile to yourself, chest filled with warmth.
You’re glad you came here.
You didn’t have to go onto campus for class for a day or so, but when you finally do… something isn’t right.
You woke up with an odd feeling, before any of your alarms went off – which is, just for the record, the most peculiar thing to happen so far during your time here. It’s an interesting sensation nestled in the pit of your abdomen, a curious middleground between anticipation and dread. You’re not sure what is to blame, and can’t think of anything happening in the near future or recent past that might have triggered it.
Despite the feeling, you actually make it through all of your classes without anything eventful occurring. Same old teachers, same old content. Boring is good, you think to yourself, amused. In this instance, that is definitely the case.
You should have known better than to relax before you’d even left campus.
About halfway towards the gates, you make the split-second decision to check whether the campus bakery has anything priced to go. You tried one of their lemon tarts the other day and haven’t been able to get it off your mind since, and so you are captured by the impulse when it flits into your mind.
Before you even make it off of the path that cuts between two large buildings and connects one food court to another, a hurried call reaches your ears. You slow to a halt, turning in the direction it came from just in time to see a tall figure scrambling from their seat at a table beneath a tree to your left.
To your complete and utter surprise, you recognise them as they approach, straightening and fixing windswept, two-toned hair. It’s the cute coat guy, who you had completely embarrassed yourself in front of just the other day. You try not to let it show that you are still, in fact, embarrassed.
You’re not great at letting things go, despite however you may coach yourself.
“Oh, uh, hi,” you greet, resisting the urge to smack yourself for how awkward that sounded. “Sorry again, about the other day… I was having a rough morning.”
The man, who now stands before you at an almost intimidatingly attractive height, tilts his head in question.
“Right,” he says, and the unexpectedly low timbre of his voice sends an inexplicable cacophony of butterflies through your stomach. You can feel heat fight to rise in your cheeks. “About that…”
He has the coat in question thrown over his arm now, you realise, as he shifts it to the other arm and reaches into his back pocket. Confusion filters through you; did you drop something when you knocked his stuff over? How humiliating.
Your attention drifts distractedly to the handsome planes of his face. He really has no business walking around, looking that attractive. You wonder if it is a byproduct of his species, and then wonder what exactly he might be. Incubus? You wouldn’t be surprised, but he lacks the telltale aroma of honeysuckle and smoke that usually accompany them.
The flourish of his hand as he retrieves what he was reaching for is the only thing to bring you back to the moment, small box in the middle of his palm catching your eye. That obscure feeling in your abdomen grows a little stronger, mixing in with the butterflies and sending them into a flurry.
“You returned my coat to me, after it fell into your possession,” the man begins, long lashes fluttering as he gazes through them to meet your eyes. His wording strikes you as odd, but you don’t have time to question it. “I knew this day might come, but I never would have expected it would be a human… so, well…”
“What…?” Your heart appears to skip a beat, voice coming out light and breathy. He clears his throat.
He opens the box, revealing a ring with glimmering, clear jewels woven around a natural lavender pearl. Your mouth drops open at the sight, heart tipping into a stunned gallop. He appears somewhat bashful, pink tinging the honey-hued skin of his cheeks.
“I thought we should get married by human standards, as well. It’s nice to properly meet you, wife.”
Tumblr media
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prettyboykatsuki · a year ago
»» — { ♡ } —— { ♡ } —— { ♡ } — ««
coming in | h. aki 
➳ tags ;; smut, fem!reader, unprotected sex, intimacy, clothed sex, aki fucking you in a dress shirt good lord, mild praise kink, multiple orgasms, creampie
➳ wc ;; 1.6k
➳ a/n ;; this man has been rotting my brain for so long. can’t believe i didn’t write this sooner ngl lmfao. anyways.. aki.. hand in marriage. 
➳ plot ;; aki comes home to you after a mission
»» — { ♡ } —— { ♡ } —— { ♡ } — ««
“You left the lights on,” 
You’re startled by his presence. Maybe that’s only natural. Aki has gotten so good at hiding the sound of his footsteps - it’s easy to miss. You can feel his presence though. It’s familiar, the imagery. His silhouette is shadow-laden - hair still tied up neatly, suit and sword and all. He only just got home. 
You’re tired but not tired enough to sleep so you merely blink at him wistfully, yawning. How many days has it been since he’s been home? It had to have been at least 3, maybe 4. You mask your excitement with nonchalance, a gentle roll of your shoulders. Cracking your knuckles, you yawn. 
“I always do,” 
You chuckle at his surprise. You don’t mean to be cheesy, after all. But it’s hard to miss the little sway in his voice, the overwhelming adoration. He takes off his shoes. 
“Always,” you parrot. He almost seems hesitant to approach you. Only when you unfurl your form and place your feet on the ground - arms open, does he think about coming towards you. He gives you a half smile. In the low-lights, the way his coat slides off his body seems more substantial than it ever did. The way it slides of muscular shoulders and gets placed over the back of the couch. 
Next to come is his tie, loosens it slowly and carefully but doesn’t take it off. It always stays around his neck like everything that comes with him. Still, he approaches you. Sits next to you on the couch and leans over one side. 
For a while you two simply face each other, the comfortable company. His eyes are full of an unbearable love but his expression is dull. It’s a misery even you can’t wash away. 
You don’t try, and neither does he - sitting there and admiring each other is enough. He rests his cheek on your couch and hums. 
“Doesn’t the light bill get expensive?” 
You laugh. 
“I make more than you,” 
He doesn’t take any offense. It’s a reminder that you’re human, wholly so - and he finds himself smiling again. It grows quiet for a while, your heart thumping in your chest. His shirt is unbutton just beneath his chest and you can see all the lean muscle in his skin. The veins in his forearms as they cross over it. You swallow. 
“Come here,” ― he instructs, sitting down on the couch and patting his lap ― “I missed you,” 
His voice is so nice. A little raspy, but so pleasant and soothing. Like cold water against your warm skin. You crawl towards him, but he pulls you over until you’ve straddled his hips. With his hands at your waist, he presses you down firmly. Your hands shoot up to his shoulders to hold you steady, and he laughs at you. 
Without another thought, his mouth moves against yours with longing that you can feel in your core. He’s really something when he kisses - his tongue is so expert, you would’ve believed he’s done it a thousand times. His hand presses against your cheek as he kisses you, travels down to your neck and holds it. It’s not forceful but commanding. 
Your hands are fisted in his shirt, breath snatched right out of your lungs. His teeth sink into your bottom lip and tug - dark eyes looking right into yours with desire so heavy it burns. You whine - soft and low. You know he’ll take care of you, know it in the way his hands settle on your hips and make you brush against him slow. 
“Keep kissing me,” is all he says as he travels his hands underneath your pajama shorts. Aki’s fingers are long, steady - you can always feel how easily they could reach inside of you without trying. You whimper into his mouth when he toys with your clit - but he kisses you more forcefully, forces all of your attention right on him. 
“Be patient,” 
He always seems so calm - so collected. He always does how he pleases with your body, knows how to work through your first orgasm with easy. When he breaks away from the kiss, his mouth wraps around your tits underneath clothes. He’s a tease through and through, tongue licking at the fabric covering your nipples till they’re hard in his mouth. 
“Your t-shirt is so thin” ― he kisses the hardened bud with a hum ― “I can almost see through it,” 
Your brain feels fuzzy with thoughts of him. You feel hazy and sleepy and taken care of it - urged to do more for him even though he wont let you. He’s too busy playing with your clit, making your thighs ache and twitch as an orgasm rocks through you with almost violence. You feel starved for his touch in a way you didn’t know you were - rocking your hips against his hand. 
Aki is always like this - loves you so much it can feel obsessive. His head is always cool but his teeth sink into your neck and his fingers tear you apart with an orgasm like it’s nothing. Your body is molded to the shape of his palms, the blade of his sword, the heat of his mouth - it’s all his anyways. It could never been anyone elses. 
The tension in your belly is so taught, your trembling over his. Your kisses grow more desperate, sloppier with too much tongue and saliva. You’re begging into his mouth.. for what? 
“Aki, aki  - ‘m gonna cum ― !”  
You squeal, burying your face in his neck as an orgasm rips your being in two. You’re soaked through your pants, running down your thighs. You can feel his fingers still, brush gently over the swollen nub. 
“Good job, baby” his praise is simple, but the words are strained. You can feel his cock pressed against the shape your pussy and you whimper a little. Your eyes have a hazy lust that Aki always seems taken aback by. Like, for some reason, he’s shocked you want him.
But you do, which is why you’re hands ar fisted and banging his shoulder.
“Aki, please,” 
And he gets the message, he really does. Still, he can’t resist the urge to tease you a little longer. He unzips his slacks slow, lets his hard cock spring free until it leaks against his work-shirt. It’s red on the tip - swollen and pretty and long. Instead of fucking you right away like he knows you’re so desperate for, he grins. Loose black hairs cover his face and eyes - he looks prettier than ever. 
He bangs the head of his cock right against your puffy clit - rubs it between your folds while he holds your hips down and forces you to grind on it. It makes you feel so restless - so helpless. You can’t do anything bu wrap your arms around his neck and hold back a moan. 
“You want it that bad? So wet you’re gonna stain my clothes,” 
You whine. 
“Aah, aah,” 
“Speak up for what you want, Y/N” ― his grin is wide, egotistical. He knows your body better than anything in the world. That’s why he’s pulled your shirt up over your tits, curving the outline with his mouth ― “What do you want so bad that you sound like this?” 
“Fuck me, Aki - please,” 
He’s amused with the way he laughs. 
“Watch me while I do it then” 
He makes you look down at it when he does - watch it go in inch by inch. You’ve crumpled his shirt with your hands, wrinkled it bad enough he’ll have to iron it later. You make a pretty little sound that makes him groan. Stretching your walls out inch by agonizing inch - it feels so good you drool. 
“It’s tight,” he hisses. He presses his lips to the crown of your head before holding your ass in his palms. He pulls you apart to fuck you proper - lets his cock thrust into you with deep strokes. The rhythm isn’t too fast. It feels like he’s massaging your insides with his dick - confidence to make you cum. 
He rests his hand on your belly, his thumb against your clit. 
“Take it easy and cum one more time for me,” ― he punctuate his words with a kiss “Give me one more” 
You whine something so hoarsely you barely hear it. The pressure from him against your g-spot so achingly slow, the pleasure from your clit. Your second orgasm hits you in a heavy blown, like a mallet on hot iron. You’re spasming around his cock without another chance to breathe. 
“Oh, Aki -” 
Whatever words left seem to die in your mouth as Aki fixes you with a praise and chases his own high with a relentless pace. It’s so hard and fast - overstimulating you completely. You’re distracted by heady groans about how much he loves. Too drunk on the feeling, you simply hold his shoulders and beg for his cum. It’s what he deserves, anyway. 
He finishes - with a loud fuck and his forehead pressed against yours. You can feel him inside, peppering his face with kisses as he rides out his high for you. 
It’s all tender, all warm. The yearning in your chest has subsided steadily as you hold each other in heated embrace. He looks at you softly, smiling. 
“You wanna know something?” 
He chuckles. 
“I really like doing it with the lights on,” 
»» — { ♡ } —— { ♡ } —— { ♡ } — ««
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jjkafterhours · 3 months ago
Part 5 of reversal of the heart? <3 Also i was the one who requested the part 4 and 3 for reversal of the heart <333
PAIRING;; Toji Fushiguro/Reader
TAGS/WARNINGS;; angst, hurt/comfort, gore, panic attacks, mentions of neglect and abuse, a kiss @brumous11
WC;; 2.5k+
Tumblr media
NOTES;; Sorry for the late update !! I’m currently having exams (which I didn’t prepare at all for lmfao) but my next exam’s English and story writing is in the syllabus so I’m happy that’s an excuse to write more fanfic. Your encouragement genuinely warms my heart and I’m really grateful.
TAGLIST;; @m00dycr4nkybitc (tysm <3)
“Are you alright?” “Don’t touch me.” Toji rasps. His head spins, his lines of thought and vision blurred. The hands grasping his were soft and if he did not focus, he would keep mistaking them for somebody else’s.
She does not let go of his hands, her fingers lacing through his. She does not say anything, does not complain. Toji does not she has heard her protest even once, he does not believe that it is in her nature, that it Is the same person insisting that he get up from his bed instead on lying down all day, her hands on his shoulders, making excuses to spend time with him. He looks up at her, confuses her face with one of the past.
No. No. No. No.
The weight returns; it had all been in vain. There was no point in those little outings. He would forever be left behind in the past, and she would be miserable with him, because he could not even look at her. No matter how determined she was to pull him through; people gave way eventually and she would become quiet, her words fading away until all what remained was silence, and one day he would wake up to see that she had left. One had left him by her grave, the other one for the death of his own peace of mind. He could not complain, he did not deserve to; when her only fault was to love him when he could not.
“I can’t do this.” He’s shaking his head, tears stinging his eyes. Since when did he break down so easily?
“You don’t have to.” No, she does not understand-
“Listen,” He says. “You don’t have to stay here. This isn’t going to work.” He wishes he could have married with an empty mind. Like he carried out his jobs.
She remained silent for a moment, her thumb gently stroking the pads of his fingers. “Why?”
“Because you don’t deserve this. You’ll be miserable with me, because I cannot give you what you want, and you’ll hate me.” He is rambling, and he knows it, but the silence is unbearable and he begins to list out all the reasons he isn’t the one for you; how he never stayed at home, how he got angry over the slightest of things, how he could not go to the park without being reminded that it was her favorite place to be. When it’s over, all that remains is his drowned breathing, his gaze unfocused and wild, as if trying to plucking out more things to say out of thin air.
“Please.” He begs. He does not know what he wants.
“What do you need, Toji?” You ask, straightening up.
“Just…” His hands reach out for yours again. You should leave, but I need you to stay, because if you don’t, I’ll be lonely and sad and I’ll hate it. It is selfish; and he knows that it is cruel to ask so much of you. He doesn’t know what to do, how to move forward, how to take care of his children who needed him the most right now. This was the time when they needed family the most. He’s confused, he does not think that he is even a capable husband or father to begin with, and he’s afraid that if he mulls over it too much, he will realize how much of a terrible person he really is.
“Do you want me to stay?” You ask. He nods. You pull his arms around him – his chest heaves with every breath and it suddenly hits you how you would never be able to exactly tell what he feels – but you are content with his head resting at the crook of your neck.
You stop sleeping in different rooms from then on.
Everywhere. Seeping into his bones, the sensation imprinting itself into his head. His mother is screaming, sobbing hysterically. His uncle clucks his tongue in disappointment.
“No Cursed Energy, huh? What a disgrace.” Naobito says. “Send the boy away.”
Disgrace? Why? The word echoes in his head, over and over again, louder and louder until he clutches his head, doubling over and retching. He hears the hurried footsteps of the servants.
“How could Master do this?” “The boy only just learnt how to walk last year!” “Look at what they did to-Mistress! The mistress has fainted!”
Of course, these words were only whispered amongst the women. Nobody wished to openly defy the head of the clan. He stumbled, into the arms of one of the servants whose voice he recognized, feeling bile rising up his throat again.
Why was he a disgrace? He could not even see the things which had come at him. He is too shocked to even cry; and the only thing he feels is disgust.
“Young Master, you need to rest.” He heard one of the servants insist. He nodded slowly.
“I-“ He isn’t able to finish the sentence when another surge of nausea hits him and he rips himself away from the woman to properly empty the contents of his stomach. However, she feels more sympathy than disgust, crooning to him, rubbing his back as he did.
As he is being led away, he sees his mother from the corner of his eye. Being supported by one of the servants, weeping once more as she is led into her room.
Pathetic, he thinks, only for the briefest of moments, before shame hits him. This was what his mother was trying to protect him from. She knew, whatever his uncle had been looking for. She knew that he did not possess it. From the way Naobito looked at him, he realised that it was one of the things which all members of the Zenin clan possessed.
Cursed Energy.
He did not feel anger or resentment towards his mother. Only pity. Pity for the woman who was only trying to buy her son time, trying to prevent him from being humiliated by the rest of the clan. Pity for the woman who had been locked up into a three-tatami room for not being able to bear them a proper heir. He who had fought tooth and nail against the invisible creatures, looked on by the older members of the clan, who did nothing to protect him; this was entertainment to them.
No, they were to blame.
When you wake up, he is gone. Still drowsy with sleep, you feel slightly hurt when you blindly search for him in the sheets then your vision clears to find nothing, the only evidence being the disheveled sheets.
You do find him in the dining room however. Cradling Megumi in his arms as he sat on the couch. Megumi, surprised by the unexpected show of affection seemed to be frozen slightly, but clung to his father’s arms, struggling to commit the action to memory in fear that it would only be the last time he would. When Toji sees you, he slowly lets of Megumi, who pauses, momentarily confused, then hops down from the couch and runs towards you.
“Morning, Megs.” Huh, you were starting to get really good at coming up with nicknames. Toji smiles faintly at that, as you sit down next to him. Megumi looked curiously between both of you, but his face glowed with happiness. This is what he wanted. This is what he needed.
As Megumi rests in your lap, his legs extended to Toji’s, you feel a hand rest on yours. Toji hesitates, but only briefly, before awkwardly squeezing it.
It’s a simple, sweet action, and the slight sting you felt in the morning immediately dissolves.
Toji is seven when he manages to take down one of the clan members. It’s a boy, the child of one of the subordinates of the head, who had heard of his condition. 5 years older than him, smug, and petulant. It was not a planned assault, a decision he had taken in the heat of the moment, but he did not regret it. They were all the same.
Kenji Zenin.
Even the name was pretentious, and spelled out irony into the incident even more. Perhaps the boy would have lived up to his name if it had not occurred.
Toji had always been a slow learner. And Kenji enjoyed rubbing that in his face.
He is still learning. He cannot see the Shikigami, but he can smell them out. However, he knows that it would not be enough for him to win the fight. How amusing would it be, for Kenji to see him getting beaten up by a bunch of dogs, wildly flailing around as he struggled on when to attack, when to dodge.
He cranes his neck, clawing at Kenji’s neck, who laughs, sneers at him; choking slightly as he attempts to imitate how his father decided to punish his mother. His fingers claw around the boy’s neck, and he squeezes, hard.
When he feels the shadows below him widen and darken, he knows it is too late. He grinds his teeth in frustration, before screeching loudly. He smacks his head against the side of Kenji’s temple, and the boy yelps, then laughs.
Shut the fuck up, he thinks, tilting his head. A stinging slap makes his ears ring; Kenji thinks that he is going to attempt to spit at him. No, he had thought of something much worse.
His teeth scrape the boy’s earlobe, and he feels the boy stiffen. The shadows waver for a moment, and he senses their physical form tremble, like a broken-down hologram.
This was it. This was the way to victory.
He bites into the boy’s ear, and rips it clean off.
The nightmares leave Toji in a bad mood for the rest of the day. It was more difficult, knowing that the nightmares were in fact pieces of his gruesome past. His wife looks at him in concern, and he almost calls her the wrong name when he asks for breakfast. He nods slowly, more to himself, when she puts a hand on his shoulder, silently asking if he was alright. He does not explain, but pats the back of her hand in response.
He sees Megumi yawning slightly when he walks into the room, immediately flinching as he felt his father’s eyes boring into him. Megumi slowly turns to look up at him, and his half-asleep state immediately snaps back into one of alarm. Megumi shrivels up the moment he sees him; and scampers away, reminding him of a rat in search of a hiding place.
Toji realizes that he is glaring at his 5-year-old son. Whose birthday was in less than 2 weeks.
He had almost forgotten.
The boy’s lip quivers as he retreats back into his room after snatching his plate of breakfast. Probably to cry in his sister’s arms. Sometimes he wondered how he managed to have him as his son. He was so weak, he cried at every little thing that happened to him.
“Toji.” He hears her softly say, and cranes his neck to look at her. Her expression is soft, riddled with confusion and naivety, and for the briefest of moments he sees somebody else instead. It clears his vision, like a veil ripped from his eyes, when he realizes that he had been looking at his son with nothing less than malicious contempt.
“I,” He says, unsure how to explain. He had no explanation. He should go to his son’s room and ask, no, beg for forgiveness, for expecting the boy to go through what he had gone through.
“It’s alright,” She says, “You don’t have to tell me. I want you to take your time.”
He is confused for a moment before he realizes that she was recalling the previous night.
“Ah.” Embarrassment hits him, quick and bitter, it feels worse when she is looking at him like that. She was soft, understanding yet clueless of what he had seen while he slept. And he had blindly reached for her as well, mistaking the present for the past.
He really had to stop.
My dead wife is cockblocking me. Hah.
He wanted to laugh and tear his hair out, at the absurdity of it.
Toji looks at her, really looks. She does not strike him as the naïve, silent woman as he had thought her to be. Even with how he dismissed her, she seemed obstinate on staying by his side; insistent on believing that none of this was his fault.
But it fucking is, his mind screams at him when she sits next to him. She looks light as a feather, her hand brushing his cheek like a petal flitting by. She did not see the blood covered in his hands, the murderer that he was, out of sheer spite of what the world had done to him. When she touched him, the torrent of thoughts slowed down, leaving him numb to them for some time.
Small mercies.
She seemed to notice. She was rather observant; he had to admit. Her gaze flickering from the room to him, gauging his reaction and body language in an attempt to figure out what he was thinking. He had to stop himself from mistaking her kind nature as calculating, to prevent himself from seeing his wife as some kind of secret assassin who was sent to kill him. It was not him that the Zenins wanted, after all, it was Megumi, who, unlike him, had been blessed with the Ten Shadows Technique from the clan.
Truly the only thing the clan had offered the boy.
Toji stares. Pushing down the thoughts, he studies you. He has begun to pick up the little things, the way your lips slightly droop downwards, your open, warm expression often mistaken for timidness; when he knew that you were merely just waiting for him to respond. The curve of your neck, the lines forming your face. He leans in, but is afraid to do any more than that. His skin felt tingly and warm wherever you rested your palm on your shoulder, or laced your fingers through his. Neither of you speak, you sensing that there was something different about his gaze, and him quietly bewitched by you. You’re beautiful, and he is afraid that he will be the ruin of you.
“Give me your hand.”
Toji does not really question when you ask him to do anything. It becomes a recurring theme in his life, where you unexpectedly stop whatever you are doing to swivel your attention towards him, be it teasing, a silly joke he would struggle to not smile at, or this.
He watches as you trace patterns over the scars of his palm. His hands were permanently roughened out from work, compared to your smooth, skin unmarked by any kind of injures. Better him than you, he thinks.
He flushes when you kiss the palm of his hand. He wants to reciprocate, cup your cheek with his hands, perhaps placing a kiss if his anxiety did not overwhelm him. His hands are scraped, his lips chapped, not a pleasant experience at all-
“Can I kiss you?” He asks anyway.
“Yes.” You reply, not missing a beat.
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babyboibucky · a year ago
The Match - Part 8
Pairing: CEO!Bucky x Fem!Reader
Word Count: 2.7k
Summary: You get a preview of what it’s like to be working with Mackenzie.
Warnings: I apologize as there is no smut in here lmfao but there is a stubborn Bucky lols
A/N: The jitters just never go away whenever I post a new part for this ajkcnjasncakjcnakj I find this part boring tbh but uhh things will start picking up again in the next part I promise
The Match Masterlist || MAIN MASTERLIST
Tumblr media
Bucky decided to push through with his partnership with Wilson Enterprises. It was a big one, so it definitely required the entire team's effort and perseverance. Apparently, this is the company's biggest, most major project yet so this was going to look really good in your resume. It would also provide you with more credibility to further excel in your career.
Except that Bucky actually hired a marketing consultant to take over the entire project as his revenge.
"Any questions? About the project or about Kenzie?" Bucky asked, standing in front of the conference room, next to Mackenzie.
You confidently raised your hand when no one else did. Bucky tilted his head, a tiny smirk tugging at the corner of his lips. He knew you were affected, of fucking course you were!
"Yes?" he called out.
You stood up and sighed softly, "I mean this in the most respectful way, Mister Barnes." you said, emphasizing his name. "But as the head of marketing, what exactly is my role here? Given that Mackenzie was hired to spearhead the marketing aspect of this project." you said, giving Mackenzie a passive aggressive smile.
"I don't want to overstep on some boundaries here, that's why I'm asking. I just want clarity, that's all." you said.
Bucky was about to respond when Mackenzie stopped him, grabbing his arm and squeezing it before taking over the floor. You narrowed your eyes at how her slender fingers were wrapped around Bucky's arm.
"Honey..." Mackenzie started. "There's nothing to worry about, this is a collaborative work between you and I. So think of yourself as my assistant, someone to help me out with the project." she responded.
"I'm not an assistant, Mackenzie." you said, smiling at her.
Mackenzie laughed, "I'm sorry, my bad. I shouldn't have used that term. Oops." she said. "Although, I believe I have more experience in this area so maybe consider me a mentor?" she suggested.
Bucky cleared his throat, "If you have certain ideas, you can discuss it with her. She is a consultant after all. Given her impressive experience in the field, I'm sure you'll learn a thing or two from her."
The meeting was wrapped up by noon and you simply couldn't wait to get yourself out of the conference room. You didn't feel like talking to Bucky anymore in all honesty, not after what he was doing. You knew this was just to spite you, get you to cave in first and give in to him.
All the more that you wouldn't, especially not when he actually used your job against you.
Everyone started rushing out of the conference room, ready to head out for lunch. As soon as you reached the doorway, you overheard the short conversation between Bucky and Mackenzie.
"Hey Bucky, we still up for lunch?"
The bathroom was empty when you stepped inside and thank god for that because you couldn't hold back your emotions any further. Tears gathered in the corner of your eyes, not because you were hurt. Fuck no, you were angry and frustrated. So fucking angry at yourself for getting into this mess, at Bucky for being such an entitled prick, at the entire world for plotting against you.
You groaned in irritation as you wiped away your tears, sniffing as you looked at yourself in the mirror.
You worked your ass off for this job, for your position. You risked your dignity when you let Bucky fuck you. You weren't going to let someone take that away from you.
You quickly fixed yourself when the door opened, followed by the loud clacking of someone's heels.
"Omg, are you crying?" Beverly gasped, rushing over to you.
You snickered, "No." you lied, "My eyes are itchy." you huffed out before noticing that Beverly was holding a sandwich in her hand.
"Why did you bring your sandwich here?" you curiously asked.
Beverly shrugged, "The pantry's full and the other girls don't exactly seem to like me...so..."
You shook your head and sighed, "Come with me, let's have lunch out. I need to get out of this fucking place anyway."
"Yay, omg! I knew you were nice! You're like, the only girl who actually talked to me nicely." Beverly said, tagging behind you as you exited the bathroom.
"Oh, there you are!" Mark called out. "I was looking for you. Wanna grab lunch? Oh...who's this?" he asked, noticing the blonde girl trailing behind you.
"I'm Beverly! I'm Sir James' new secretary." she introduced excitedly.
You sighed, "Don't ask me why." you said when Mark turned to you with a confused look, still not sure what happened to Bucky's previous secretary.
"So, lunch out? With Bev?" you asked.
You were completely zoning out during lunch despite the ongoing conversation between Mark and Bev, something about yoga? You honestly couldn't care less, not when you were feeling so conflicted about your current situation.
Would Bucky actually go that far just to get you back? Or does he actually hate you for saying no to him and is basically using his authority to make your life a living hell?
"So I heard about the new girl." Mark said, that snapped you out of your trance.
"Huh?" you asked.
"I find it weird for Mister Barnes to hire someone when you're here." Mark pointed out. "I mean, are you okay with that or..."
You snorted, "Fuck no. Look, I'm not gonna be the bigger person here. I was offended as fuck." you admitted.
"Yeah, it's super weird because she was hired through Tinder or something. Is that even legal?" Beverly pointed out as she scrolled through her phone.
You and Mark turned to her abruptly, "Tinder? Wait, what?" you asked.
Beverly chuckled, "I heard them talking this morning and Kenzie was like, 'It's so funny that we matched on Tinder and ended up doing business there you know' and I'm like omg Sir James has Tinder and I have one too but I never saw him there, bummer."
"Motherfucker." you hissed out.
Mark made a face, "Are you okay?" he carefully asked. "You've been really tensed since last week."
Apparently, Bucky never deleted his Tinder and have been swiping right on women. And that's how he met Mackenzie who just happened to be a marketing consultant. Now you were just furious, was he fucking her too? Has he been fucking other women this entire time?
"Hey, Bev..." you said, a plan hatching inside your mind. "Can I ask you a favor?" you asked nicely.
Beverly nodded, "Um duh, you're basically my office BFF now."
"If you ever hear Mister Barnes and Mackenzie talk about hmm, I don't know...something interesting. Maybe about the project...me 'cause you know, I'm the head of marketing and Mackenzie’s in the same field...let me know, will ya?" you asked.
Mark chuckled nervously, "I don't know what's going on but isn't that an invasion of privacy?"
"She's not going to eavesdrop, Mark. She'll just...listen closely." you explained.
"Bev might get in trouble if Mister Barnes finds out." Mark warned.
You waved a hand, "She'll be fine, Mark. She's his secretary, she has to know everything. Besides, I'm not going to let her get in trouble, if she does then I'll take care of it."
Beverly squealed in delight, "Omg, you are not my office BFF. You're like my office mom! You and Mark are literally my office parents." she said, lifting her phone up in the air.
"Selfie! This one goes to the 'gram." she said, taking a quick photo of the three of you.
She then proceeded to edit the photo while you and Mark continued eating lunch.
"Bev, you should really put your phone away and eat first. We have less than half an hour left for lunch break." Mark called out.
Beverly groaned and rolled her eyes, "Way to get into the role, Mark. You're such a dad."
You snorted, "Yeah. Loosen up, daddy." you teased.
"Playing family after just one date, huh."
Bucky's presence in the same restaurant should've really intimidated you, most especially that he just witnessed you tease Mark like that. But you were too mad at him to even care, what was the point even? He didn't believe you even when you told him the truth that Mark was just a friend.
Why even try now?
"Hi Sir James." Beverly greeted happily.
"Mister Barnes." Mark acknowledged.
Bucky ignored them and kept his eyes on you. You didn't falter under his gaze and simply stared back at him with blank eyes. It's as if a staring competition took place when the both of you merely looked at each other, neither of you looking away nor attempting to do so.
"How was that date last Friday, Jim?" Bucky asked, his eyes still trained on yours.
Mark made a funny face at the name that Bucky called him but shrugged anyway. Before he could even respond, you decided to answer on his behalf. If Bucky wanted to spite you, you'd give him a taste of his own medicine.
"It was actually great. We might go on another one this Friday." you said.
"We are?" Mark asked in a whisper.
Bucky's hand landed on Mark's shoulder, "Don't count on it, Andrew. She's going to be doing a lot of work on Friday due to the project." he said through gritted teeth.
You shrugged, "Oh, but I thought Mackenzie's doing all my work?"
"I'm ready to head back, Buck."
Speak of the devil herself. Mackenzie weaved through the tables and approached Bucky, her face brightening up when she saw you, Mark and Beverly.
"Oh, hey you." she greeted you. "Look, I think we may have started off on the wrong foot earlier. I'm not here to take your job, just here to spice things up a bit. Improve your ideas, give Bucky some assistance." she chuckled, holding onto Bucky's arm yet again.
You fought back the urge to grab your glass of water and throw it at her face. As the saying goes, kill them with kindness. So you merely shrugged and extended an arm for a handshake.
"Of course. I would love to improve your ideas as well, you know. Just a healthy discourse between two marketing professionals. We good?" you said.
Mackenzie forced out a chuckle and reached for your hand, "We’re good. I look forward to working with you." she said before turning back to Bucky who was still gazing at you.
"Let's go?" she asked sweetly.
Bucky smirked at you before wrapping an arm around Mackenzie's waist, guiding her out of the restaurant the same way he did to you. You were too focused on Bucky's body language around Mackenzie that you failed to notice that Mark was watching you closely, your expressions and how you reacted towards Bucky.
"I think I know what's happening."
"You what?!"
"Shhh!" you hushed Mark and peeked out of the empty pantry to make sure the coast was clear.
Mark noticed the tension between you and Bucky and he came to a conclusion that the both of you dated at one point. He wasn't really wrong but he wasn't right either. So you decided to tell him everything, from the moment you matched with Bucky on Tinder until your last conversation with him last Saturday.
"I honestly thought you were dating, I didn't know there was sex involved. No wonder he had been calling me weird names." he said incredulously. "Was that you and Mister Barnes that Janet reported to the HR?" he asked, stifling his laughter.
You groaned, "Yes. Ugh, gave me a panic attack when I found out about that incident report." you said.
"Hey..." Mark called out. "Thank you for trusting me enough to tell me this. Your secret is safe with me." he reassured.
You nodded, "I think it was about time that I told someone about us anyway. This whole situation is driving me crazy and I don't know what to do next. And I'm sorry for dragging you into this mess, I shouldn't have said that we were going out again. I don't want you or your job getting compromised because of our petty fight." you exhaled.
You had to admit, you felt so much better now after confiding with Mark. It somewhat alleviated the weight on your shoulders, knowing that there was someone aware of what you were going through. Who would've thought that this person would end up being Mark? You did have friends outside of work of course, but you felt like they all wouldn't really understand the situation.
Half would hate you for rejecting Bucky and the other half would hate you for even swiping right on him.
"Do you mind an unsolicited advice?" Mark asked.
"Not at all." you said.
"Ignore him. Don't let him or Mackenzie get to you. Do what you do best, you're great at your job and you'll be fine. That might get him to realize that you're not a prize to be won. And if he still doesn't see that, then that's his loss. You're more than just that hot marketing girl at work." Mark said.
You laughed at his last statement, "Hot marketing girl at work?" you asked, shaking your head.
"It's true. So if in any case you decide to ditch the CEO and move on, you know where to find me." he joked, throwing a wink your way.
You wanted to finish all your reports so you could focus on the huge project so you decided to work until around nine in the evening. The floor was already empty by the time you were done. Bucky seemed to be working too, given that he was still replying to e-mails at this hour. Wanting to get all the reports over with, you decided to submit it to him before going home.
During the elevator ride to Bucky’s floor, you couldn’t help but wonder whether he was alone in the office. Would Mackenzie be there with him? Even at this hour? Your grip on the folder tightened at the thought of catching them in the act.
But did you have any right to feel this way though?
Brushing off the thoughts, you exhaled loudly and prepared yourself for whatever it was you were to witness. Upon reaching the door to Bucky’s office, you slightly turned your head to listen to anything. It was quiet. No hushed whispers nor strained grunts-- they weren’t fucking, thank goodness for that.
You decided not to knock and just walk inside like you used to, reminding yourself of Mark’s advice.
Don’t let Bucky get to you.
When you saw Bucky hunched over his desk, typing away on his e-mails instead of bending a certain brunette somewhere in his office, you had to admit that you were relieved. He looked up and his eyes looked dead tired, you almost felt sorry for him. Almost.
“You should really learn how to knock.” Bucky called out, slamming his laptop shut.
“Look, Bucky. I was just rushing to submit these reports so I can go home.” you explained and placed the folder on top of his desk.
Bucky frowned, “I said to call me Mister Barnes.”
You huffed out, “I honestly don’t care, Bucky. I’m not playing your damn games anymore.” you said and turned around.
A hand on your arm pulled you back, harshly turning you around to face Bucky. He was fuming, as usual. At this point, you were no longer fazed.
“You think I don’t know what you’re trying to do?” he asked.
You clenched your jaw and pulled your arm back, “I’m not doing anything. You bring in Beverly or Mackenzie or whoever it is that you have up your sleeve. I don’t fucking care. I just want to focus on work.” you said and stepped away.
“And you should too, Bucky.” you added.
“I don’t believe you.” he said.
You sighed, your shoulders dropping from exhaustion at this whole shenanigan. “I’m done, Bucky.”
And with that you turned around to exit his office, leaving Bucky unsure whether you truly meant what you said. A victorious smirk graced your lips as you walked back to the elevator.
You were far from done.
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itadorisgf · a year ago
Tumblr media
or nanami kento as your sugar daddy
- note: i’ve been thinking a lot about nanami and yeah <333 also i have no fucking clue how sugar daddies work lmfao
- edit: this turned out way longer than i expected
- ft. nanami kento
- warning: cursing, nsfw
- tagging : @miitsukai hey bae 😆😆
⤷ main page
Tumblr media
first, let’s get this out of the way, nanami kento is so fucking hot.
your arrangement is formal. you probably meet through a sugar daddy website. at first you’re skeptical because it seems a little too good to be true like here’s this man who’s not that old, hot, and not a fucking creep? sign me up!
but for real, you’re cautious after being scammed a few too many times.
during the first conversation, nanami lays out his expectations and rules if you want to be his sugar baby. he’ll wire you a set amount of money every two weeks. he doesn’t expect much from you in return besides companionship in the form of texting, calling, and taking you out when he has the chance to. he states that he has no expectations of more sexual favors and does not wish to pressure you into anything if you are uncomfortable.
uhhhh, is this man real????? you’re definitely surprised that he doesn’t expect sex in exchange for money, but you’re not going to complain.
he’s a lil stiff and formal, but he’s polite and you got bills to pay, so you easily agree to the arrangement.
you two probably don’t meet up for awhile. nanami’s often occupied with work, but you text frequently. you’re surprised that he shows genuine interest in your life and what you do.
he asks about your day and inquires about things you’ve mentioned offhandedly, which is strangely touching.
when you ask about his day in return, he just says “work is work” and then proceeds to talk about how it’s shit.
you almost choked on your spit when you first read that. it’s not often that nanami curses so you found it amusing how much he loathed work, especially when he was forced to work overtime.
he calls you once a week on fridays. the first time you heard his voice, let’s just say it got you feeling some type of way to say the least.
don’t even get me started on the first time he took you out. it’s at the end of one of his weekly calls that he tells you he’d like to take you out next saturday.  you don’t have any other plans so you agree and nanami informs you that he’ll send you some extra money so you can buy yourself a new outfit for your date.
he sends you way too fucking much for a simple outfit, but you’re not complaining. it takes you awhile to decide what to wear, but eventually you choose to purchase a simple black dress. it’s not too showy or revealing besides the slit up your thigh and the low neckline.
you’re nervous when saturday evening rolls around because it’s going to be the first time you’ve actually met up with nanami???? what if he’s actually a creep??
you’re not given much time to think further when your doorbell rings. opening the door, you are taken aback by how fucking hot he is. pictures really do not do this man justice. he’s dressed in tan slacks and a white button up shirt with the top buttons undone. it takes you a moment to snap out of it and he leads you to his car, which is really fucking nice, holy shit.
in the car, he tells you that the dress you’re wearing suits you and that he’s taking you to a restaurant downtown. despite your nerves, the conversation flows rather easily between the two of you. it seems that nanami is more interested in what you have to say with the way he continues to ask you questions.
nanami is really the perfect gentleman all throughout the night. he opens the car door for you, pulls out your chair, and actually listens to what you have to say.
at the end of the night, he leaves you on your doorstep with a kiss on the cheek.
although nanami doesn’t expect anything sexual from you doesn’t mean you don’t feel inclined to treat him. he always sounds so worn out and tired during your calls so you decide to send him a lil gift :)
said gift has nanami’s eyes widening when he unlocks his phone to see the rather explicit picture you sent him that leaves little to the imagination with an accompanying text that read “hope you like the set im wearing, thought of you when i bought it.”
although unexpected, the image is definitely not unappreciated. the sage green lingerie set clings to your skin and hugs your body in all the right places, highlighting your best attributes. nanami’s eyes trail over the bralette, noticing how sheer it is, to the point where he can make out the outline of your nipples underneath.
you’re a fucking tease, full-well knowing that he was at work when you sent that image. nanami had to lie when gojo asked what was so interesting on his phone.
your phone dings and you’re eager to see what nanami’s response is since your “relationship” wasn’t exactly sexual. it’s your turn for your eyes to widen when you read nanami’s response: “i’m coming over after i finish work. i expect that to be the only thing you’re wearing when you greet me at the door.”
the text’s tone has shivers crawling up your spine. you can’t wait to see what nanami has in store.
the hours seem to drag on and by the time your doorbell rings signaling nanami’s arrival, you’re racing to unlock the door - eager but nervous for what’s to come.
you lock the door behind nanami. he doesn’t say anything at first and the uncomfortable silence has you fidgeting.
“at least you can follow directions,” nanami sighs, his tone disinterested. your head snaps up and you shrink under nanami’s gaze. his eyes trace over your figure as if he’s inspecting you.
“where’s your bedroom?” you shuffle down the hall and lead him to your room. nanami sits on the edge of your bed, loosening his tie and rolling up his sleeves. god, he really is fucking hot.
he pats his knee and it takes you a moment to realize what he’s asking of you. you walk over and drape yourself over his knee, arching your back so your ass is up for him. he places his hand on one of your cheeks, massaging the skin there. his palm is rough as he kneads the flesh of your ass.
“you know what the stop light system is?”
you nod and yelp when nanami lands a harsh smack to your left butt cheek. “use your words when i ask you a question.” his hand soothes the ache of the blow. “now, do you know what the stop light system is?”
“good.” he lowly hums. “i did not appreciate that little stunt you pulled while i was at work.”
your breath hitches when his hand trails up your spine, wrapping around the column of your neck and pulling you up until his mouth brushes against your ear. “now, you’re going to be good and count the number of spankings i give you. since this is your first time, i’ll only give you five on each cheek.”
“i understand.” nanami releases your neck, letting you hang over his knee once more. nanami’s blows are hard and quick, and by the time it’s over, you have tears beading at the corner of your eyes.
“color?” nanami asks, massaging the reddened skin with one of his hands.
“green,” you manage to croak out. nanami shifts you until you’re sitting up in his lap, your legs on either side of his waist, straddling him. with his thumb, he wipes away your tears. “you did so good for me.”
he runs his hands up and down your thighs until they settle on top of your hips. his nose nudges against your jaw, lips skimming against your neck as he breathes out, “perhaps you deserve a reward.”
Tumblr media
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