prettylucifher · 2 hours ago
Liking each other’s kinky posts is a valid form of foreplay.
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deadshadowcreature · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
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hunny-bxscuit · 18 hours ago
Wukong and Macaque's outfits from A Seer of Secrets by @crowboss-whore !! :D
Tumblr media
Also extra doodles from ch. 10 lololol
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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habi-xx · 8 hours ago
Every day and a new style. I'm a little tired of it already."
I remember seeing an artist's art a long time ago, where MK tied the tails of a Wukong and a Macaque. I wanted to do something like this.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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cryptic-coven-scout · 23 hours ago
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bananahkim · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
He is a LOT nicer than the original JTTW version…
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ningadudexx · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
I am starting the challenges tomorrow (June 30th)!
The hashtag will be: #TrafficLightTrioWeek2022
But disclaimer: you can start these whenever!!
There is no strict time limit and you don't have to do every challenge! You can also do days late or pick and choose which days you want to do!
Here's the challenges if the image is difficult to read:
Day 1: Stop, Wait, GO!
Day 2: Weapons of choice / Training
Day 3: Sleepover / BFFs 4 EVA!!
Day 4: Racing / Ice cream time
Day 5: Expectations / Comfort
Day 6: Comic Day / Multi-Medium Day*
*Draw a comic or use a different art medium than you usually use!
Day 7: We're stronger together!
(Look below for more explanation!)
I've seen people doing ship weeks and character themed weeks for monkie kid but I havent seen a traffic light trio week, and since they are my favorite characters ever I really wanted to make one!!
Plus i thought a week dedicated to the traffic light trio would give me an excuse to draw them for 7 days straight HAHAH
I made this image quickly in case anyone else wanted to join along with me and have fun!!
if you join along with me, i hope you have fun!! :D
(also for day 6, i added that as a more loose option/ kind of a free day! plus i love making comics haha)
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deadshadowcreature · 11 hours ago
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Redesign Longnü, the dragon princess 🐉
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ne-cocoa · 3 hours ago
May I ask, what do you think of
Tumblr media
They’re my second fav ship!! X3
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ballpitbee · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
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cryptic-coven-scout · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
I can’t sleep so more doodles I guess
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navy-devil · 8 hours ago
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zarinosa · 2 hours ago
Hi everyone, my close friend requested a Red Son marrying MK kind of thing? Red Son is a sweetheart, and oblivious to social queues.
Tumblr media
The Red son of this AU can be very possessive/overprotective, but he cares for MK, and encourages him in his journey to being a celestial being, a protector of Earth.
Red Son has his own palace placed on one of his moons, which he gives MK and his friends shelter from the LBD during her carnage. Red began to have feelings towards MK over the times they hang around, and couldn’t properly express them.
They had a blow out when MK insisted on saving Wukong from LBD. The mission was high risk, and MK could easily die. Red Son’s worry for MK grew, and only agreed to let MK go if he and MK’s friends came along. The rest folds out after that.
Everyone celebrates together with a feast on Mars, and that’s when Red Son “demanded” MK be his partner. MK unfortunately declines, and wanted to take things slow with Red Son. Being oblivious to Earth customs, and mortals in general, he was upset. Red Son however accepted MK’s wishes, and began going out with MK naturally. They become a rather sweet couple. :D
Oh yeah! In this AU, Red Son refers to MK as “Earth Boy” rather than “Noodle Boy”.
Also, I am currently working on Tang, Mei, LBD and Pigsy’s designs right now! Sandy will come up in the near future, so don’t worry!
I hope you guys have a good day!💜
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roseiizeblog · 12 hours ago
Sun wukong: You're the love of my life and my best friend, I would do anything for you.
Y/n: I want you to eat three meals a day and have a decent sleep schedule.
Sun wukong: Absolutely not.
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diang0 · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I only use my art skills for memes
(Tag yourself I’m SWK)
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cheesecakezyum · 56 minutes ago
How about some competition? Like there's this character Who is also courting SWK and Macaque's s/o A LOT. How much annoyed and jelous would they be? Bonus scene: They came over just when s/o speak back at the other:"Look, I appreciate your feelings, I really do. But I am already in love with someone else"
Vying For Your Endearment
It continues, it continues. I really liked this idea though! Don’t know how I did thoughh
Didn’t put too much in this because of the fact that I want to keep some info for my fic. Mischief mischief mischief.
I like to think that while the scent of a demon is super pungent to them— when it comes to non-demons its rather faint to barely recognizable actually.
Scenting headcanons are so quirky
I’ll fix anything later we’re on that grind boyssss
Tumblr media
Sun Wukong
♡- At first? It really wouldn’t trouble him too much. He feels unintimidated, especially if the two of you have been courting for quite some time. If it’s around courting season, it’s only expected.
♡- The only thing he truly worries about in the beginning is certain traditions for demons who take interest in a potential mate; worst case scenario is you being kidnapped by this demon, and no way is that happening on his watch.
♡- It’s way more rare nowadays, but that doesn’t mean it’s essentially out of the question! Definitely would keep a better eye on you and take you home more often himself.
♡- If nothing changes though, and he notices that the other suitor just won’t bug off after a week— that’s when it starts getting to him.
♡- Catches you talking to the other demon in public? Definitely the one to impede on the conversation. He’ll just slide on over there, wrapping an arm around your waist.
“Mind if I just borrow them for a bit? Yeahh, thanks!”
♡- If Wukong happens to visit and notices you with any slight smell (Stench, in his personal opinion.) related to the demon— boy are you in for it.
“Let go already! That’s enough!”
“Just 5 more minutes.”
♡- Not just to provide more overall affection but to drown their scent with his own. A threat on his part.
♡- Kind of but not kind of a property thing. He doesn’t want to own you of course! Never. But.. wants it known that you’re being courted by him and him only. Wukong’s personal smell of peaches is rather recognizable as well— so he wonders why such a lower class demon would attempt getting their hands on you. Do they not realize who they’re competing with?
♡- It's nothing but confusing to the monkey king. What do they have that he doesn’t? Why you of all people? Did they have a personal grudge against them with hopes of stealing you away? Why haven’t you just turned them down already?
♡- Don’t even get me started if you mention the demon in question in front of him. Expect a pouting menace.
The monkey king spoke under his breath, grumbling.
“I can do that.”
“What did you say?”
♡- Even after an explanation of demon courting by Wukong did you not realize this new demon was trying to compete for your affection. You considered them more of an acquaintance, really.
♡- So when you got the sudden confession of their admiration for you with bold claims of wanting to make you his mate?— yuck.
“I’m sorry. I appreciate your feelings, really! But I already love someone else.”
♡- If he caught you in the act like that, rejecting the demon attempting to steal his place by your side? Fist bumping the air. I mean— cough cough, he never doubted you! Himself too, yeah.
♡- Would act as if he never saw it, brush it off and wait until that poor, poor rejectee finally left you alone to interact.
♡- It’d probably be the first time you told him you loved him as well! I mean, not up front just yet, but still said it! Wouldn’t actually mention it until way later, when you’ve most likely forgotten. It was an in the moment thing!
“You know, I love you too.”
Tumblr media
The Six-Eared Macaque
♡- On Macaque’s part, it’s an instant alarm when he’s noticed another demons aura around you. Wouldn’t make it immediately known, but try to pry out as much as he can without sounding desperate.
“So— how was your day? Anything new?”
♡- When it turns out his suspicions are correct, he already knows their intentions. Courting season would give it out immediately. Not just anyone would attempt going for you— but then again, he did.
♡- He’d definitely be overprotective in the aspect that you’re at risk of being kidnapped. Would try to follow you around way more than usual. Going to the market? He’s been needing something actually. Taking a walk? He could use one too!
♡- Basically anything that would keep him closer to you. He respects courting rituals and wouldn’t go against them until absolutely necessary, so he takes the competition. Macaque isn’t letting you get away that easily.
♡- Similar to Wukong, your scent is a big thing to him. If you don’t smell like yourself or even him, man would it irritate him beyond belief.
♡- So coating his scent over the other demon’s will always be the #1 priority when he has you alone. Maybe leave in gentle bite or two for good measure depending on how far into courting the two of you have been.
♡- Macaque also takes it as an opportunity to be more bold with you— overall way more flirtatious. Any opportunity the six-eared demon has? He’ll take it.
“Aren’t you a pretty little thing for me.”
“Let me get a good look at you.”
♡- Whether it be spontaneously cornering you while the two of you walked in an alley, wrapping his tail around you in public when no one else can see, WAY more eye contact. He isn’t going down that easy.
♡- He wouldn’t really be too scared to point the other suitor out to you too.
“What did they bring you today?”
“Next time, just call me.”
♡- I mean, he wants anyone else to know that you belong to him. You leaving is just, something he dreads. Let alone to a low class demon.
♡- Definitely would think it’s someone he’s wronged in the past trying to get back at him. I mean, who would be stupid enough to go for his prize?
♡- So catching you in the act utterly rejecting the poor guys feelings? He wanted to crack up right then and there, but stayed behind and watch the beautiful scene unfold before him.
“I’m sorry, but I can’t return your feelings. I love someone else,“
♡- That last part caught Macaque off guard. You’ve told him you’ve cared about him, but never said loved. Not like that. He was quick to take residence in your shadow once the demon took their leave, and waited for the perfect opportunity to speak up as you walked home.
“Yeesh. Who knew you were so cruel?”
Startled by the all too familiar voice, you jumped and turned behind you, only to see a pair of violet eyes and a cunning smile replace your shadow.
“Really liked that last part, though.”
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madammonkie · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
doodles i did during work, and yes attempted shading
*crawls back to hiding hole*
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ballpitbee · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Lego Monkie Kid sona babyy
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ne-cocoa · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Someone ordered some lovey with some extra dovey 🥰
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freakadr0id · 20 hours ago
Once again, I'm later than I thought I'd be on this, but here are my favorite Tang moments from 'Amnesia Rules' that I missed during my season 3 rewatch:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
This is the first time we've seen this worried face from Tang. It really encapsulates the very specific emotions that would come from only this exact situation.
Tumblr media
For the briefest of moments, Tang finally got the respect he deserved. Unfortunately, it was only because an amnesiac celestial being simply confused him for his old friend and Master (who he may or may not be the reincarnation of).
Tumblr media
You cannot tell me that this man is not 100% gay acespec. I know there's the whole "she's a demon" thing, but still. This is the second time in the show where a pretty female-presenting demon is clearly showing some kind of interest and he immediately disregards it.
Tumblr media
I love how LMK has embraced the whole 👉👈 thing. Very fun and very cute running gag.
Side note, I hope Lego makes more 2d shows in the future. The hands and the characters can be so expressive while still clearly being lego figures. I haven't seen Ninjago, so I don't know what they do in that show, but I think 2d just opens up more avenues for character expressiveness than what the 3d animation style can provide. (This is not an insult to Ninjago, please don't be mad at me. I have literally not seen ANYTHING in that show, so it could be super expressive and I just don't know)
Tumblr media
This is the face of a man who realizes his hero can be a big pain in the ass sometimes.
Tumblr media
I got to say, I kind of missed the "Tang loves noodles" gag. Since they have been so busy running around, we haven't seen this gag at all this season, so it's nice to have a good ol' return to form here.
I wish we saw this side of Tang more in the show. I feel like Tang has a lot of wisdom to share, but we usually only see the more relaxed, comedic side of him. It surprises me that they don’t utilize Tang this way more often, so I’m hoping we see a bit more of ‘wise Tang’ in the future, beyond him just telling stories.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I know SWK keeps his distance from everyone besides MK, but I like to think he's growing just a little fond of others during this whole trip.
Okay! That’s it for the main season 3 episodes! I’ll be moving onto the special tomorrow. Thanks for sticking with me during the main season!
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