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caostalgia2 months ago
"Tengo la duda, de si alg煤n d铆a podr茅 volverte a ver a los ojos, sin querer llorar al recordar lo que ellos significaron para m铆."
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roonilwazlibimagines11 months ago
Ok so your virginity hcs with golden era were really good would you want to do one with marauders era too?
Of course baby 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍
He takes this very seriously
He is probably more excited than you for your first time
Holds your hand and explains everything he is doing
The best aftercare ever and me James sure you know that aftercare is expected not an option
Is actually a little nervous that he is going to be your first time
Super slow and gentle and lots of kisses
Lots and lots of praise
Also just very passionate and very intimate because he wants your first time to be special
Knows that he needs to be confident to make you feel more comfortable
But also tries to act a bit nonchalant so you don鈥檛 freak out as well
Really soft and lots of praise
Tells you everything he is doing and explains it
Also takes it very seriously and is very honoured to be your first time
I feel like she would also lowkey plan it beforehand
And then like give you a brief game plan before
And you think it鈥檚 cute and it definitely makes you feel more comfortable
Lowkey has an innocence kink
And he tries really hard to control himself because he doesn鈥檛 want to effect your first time
But you can definitely tell something is up and it probably makes you a little uncomfortable
So then he has to explain he has an innocence kink which only makes you flustered and makes him harder
Has more of a corruption kink compared to innocence
Goes into lots of detail about what he is going to do to
Can鈥檛 stop himself from teasing you either
Keeps asking if you feel good and if you鈥檙e feeling tingly and just has a massive smirk because he is the one making you feel like that
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bugeysa year ago
Tumblr media
fnv oc...revamped!
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asexual-juliet2 months ago
that shot from little miss sunshine where dwayne鈥檚 holding up the notebook with the words 鈥減lease don鈥檛 kill yourself tonight鈥 written on it will never fail to absolutely fuck me up
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anes-tesia8 months ago
En este momento solo me queda acostarme solo por las noches, recordando todo lo que vivimos juntos, y decirme a mi mismo, que te deje partir porque te amaba, mientras lloro bajo las sabanas.
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eleanorwantsmoreclothes2 months ago
Tumblr media
Royal Scot steam locomotive disappearing into the sunset this evening.
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eter-nxs6 months ago
Ya tengo 3 d铆as sin dormir, solo pensado en todo lo que deb铆 hacer cuando estuve contigo, y no podr茅 ahora que te perd铆.
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caostalgia2 months ago
Las 4am y llega un mensaje tuyo, en ese momento ya no tengo raz贸n para dormir, porque tengo mi sue帽o en vida real
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roonilwazlibimagines10 months ago
So I saw how someone requested how the hp boys would react to the reader being bratty and rolling their eyes at them,
But how about 鉁═he Marauders, including Regulus and Lucius鉁
He has a very specific look where he just raises an eyebrow at you and you know you鈥檙e in trouble
He will have a hand on your thigh or something and it keeps getting tighter the brattier you act
Will ask you if you know what you did and makes you apologise to him
Will bend you over the closest surface and edge you
Definitely challenges you
Like he will respond as if there is no one else around
Will ask 鈥榙o you really want to do that?鈥 And when you glare at him he will say you鈥檙e being very naughty and will be punished when you get home loud enough for James and Remus to hear
Will whisper in your ear and tell you that if you continue acting bratty he will ask Remus and James to come watch you be punished (but if you weren鈥檛 into this he would never even suggest it)
Is very calm about it in public
Like he might stare at you for a bit longer than usual but he seems very okay with everything
That is until you get home and he is already telling you what position he wants you in
Will edge you for days so you remember never to do it again
Gets really quiet and kinda just lets you get on with it
But you can tell she isn鈥檛 impressed
Whispers in your ear everything she is going to do to you when you get home as you鈥檙e saying goodbye
And definitely lives up to it but will tease you because it seems you鈥檙e enjoying your punishment too much
Is genuinely shocked and taken aback
Like I feel like he just doesn鈥檛 have time for brats and so when you do act out he doesn鈥檛 really know how to react
But tells you to stop being a brat now otherwise you鈥檒l just be making it worse for you
Will spank you and make you apologise in between each one
Is more amused when you try to act out because he thinks it鈥檚 cute when you think you鈥檙e the one in charge
So you don鈥檛 think ours doing anything wrong and keep going and he is just even more amused
Until you get home and he is still smiling and finds it humorous but he is telling you everything he is going to do to you and how you鈥檙e going to make it up to him
Will not stop until you鈥檙e crying and screaming for forgiveness
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ouji-dere4 months ago
hi im 铆caro. he/him & brazilian
ext about
i block terfs, alt rights and people under 15.
Tumblr media
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itracing5 months ago
Tumblr media
Audi R8 LMS GT3
Image by Stefano Bozzetti || IG
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