dreamglrlsworld · 2 days ago
💭💗. . . How Blossom manifested a dream self concept OVERNIGHT!
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hello, citizens of dream world! this week on dream girls world, it’s success story week and so i would like to share with you all on how i, dream girl blossom 🌷perfected her self concept OVERNIGHT! yes, overnight 🌈
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{. .💒. .} backstory; i won’t make this long especially as i do not wish to reaffirm the old story (it’s dead and gone!) however let’s just say i used to struggle with intrusive thoughts and spiraling, i would react to the 3d often and i saw things out of reach. basically, i would put outside sources on a pedestal! i was in a state of lack and was not able to enter the wish fulfilled and i also found myself envious of others in the manifesting community at times. i got overwhelmed often and it generally was just a bad state to be in. luckily, i’m quite self aware and i realized my self concept needed work and i was tired of being a victim in MY reality so i did something about it!
now you may ask, “blossom, how exactly did you get out of this and perfect your self concept?” WELL, this is how i perfected my self concept (overnight!)
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🌷% how i fixed my self concept 💗
(cr to @sexydreamgirl for vaunting)
i utilized the lullaby method! visualization isn’t my thing, but also with affirming i end up affirming mindlessly or robotically which doesn’t help much (imo) so what did i do? i used vaunting, the method i linked above! it’s the perfect fit for me.
what i did is, i wrote down a small paragraph dedicated to self concept of course, one that would be easy enough for me to remember but also covered my limiting beliefs and problem areas. i always write out a vaunt before i actually do it because when i vaunt off the top of my head, my mind wanders or blanks so i prefer to plan it out 🧁
this is word for word what i wrote down and i affirmed it word for word while drifting off to dream world… ꒰ ᵕ༚ᵕ꒱ ˖° ♡
“my self concept is perfect. i have no limiting beliefs, doubts, negative or intrusive thoughts. i never have to worry about time because i manifest instantly. my 3d has no choice but to conform to me instantly. nothing or no one is above me, i am the pedestal. i am the most powerful manifestor in the world.”
when i woke up, i vaunted saying the same exact thing, did a meditation by my fav, iheartlush ♡ ´・ᴗ・ `♡, vaunted while doing my morning routine and getting ready for the day THEN let it go and enjoyed my day and life with my new and improved self concept. i did try my best to listen to music that made me feel good throughout the day as well, just like magic by ariana grande is my current fav 🪄
note: i didn’t affirm for my desires throughout the day as i didn’t feel the need and i also only affirm after waking up and while falling asleep! (when i get negative thoughts, i say “white wall” until they go away. it’s a barrier between me and those thoughts, i don’t flip anything — just don’t give them power)
that’s it! that’s how i perfected my self concept. it’s extremely simple and easy to do, and it doesn’t take long at all. you can change your self concept in a day or in a matter of days, you don’t need to wait 21 days or whatever bullshit those coaches teach. hell, you can perfect your self concept in milliseconds!
another thing i did was write down a list of every single thing i remember manifesting, whether consciously or unconsciously and i would read it and be like “i did that!” and it boosts my self concept and faith in myself even more. i HIGHLY suggest doing this <3
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and that's all i have to share with you today! i hope you enjoy and remember self concept should always come first and it doesn’t take long to perfect either! best wishes from blossom 🌷
i just got in from the dream girl team that the next post on dream girls world might just be from the one and only.. BUBBLES 🦋
next time on dream girls world.. blossom OUT! 🌷
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godofmanifesting · 2 days ago
“If imagining creates reality, there is no fiction.”
- Neville Goddard
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divinegoth · 2 days ago
Neville Goddard On Revision
“Everything that has been, is still in existence. The past still exists, and it gives - and still gives - its results. Man must go back in memory, seek for and destroy the causes of evil, however far back they lie. This going into the past and replaying a scene of the past in imagination as it ought to have been played the first time, I call revision - and revision results in repeal.”
- neville goddard, The Law and The Promise
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violetvibrations · a day ago
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🎨 @ da.wb
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amaranthine777 · a day ago
life with the law is so interesting, something that isn’t realistic for most and takes extreme effort is actually quite simple ✨ just have to change my thoughts about it.
for example: becoming an excellent pianist typically takes years of hard work
with the law: i can become excellent in a month
a grand master at chess - 10,000 hours of sheer dedication
for me ? a week 🧘🏽‍♀️
i can even make my self a hard worker and see steady but quick results
it’s so fun
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starliet · 2 hours ago
Hey Starli! I manifested a few things with the help of your side blog answers and sats guide, just wanna say thank you so much for your help. You were always sweet and patient with everyone including me so thank you!!
My success stories:
• I manifested revising an old grade D to an A
• I manifested my sp coming back and loving me more than ever
• I manifested my toxic household being loving and supportive
• I manifested having dreams about Neville being my mentor, where he would guide me and help me with manifesting. I had these dreams about 10 times now.
• I manifested getting scouted for a kpop entertainment company :) (I’m Indian)
• I manifested a free flight to Korea
• I manifested learning Korean within 3 days fluently
• I manifested meeting Gigi Hadid (very random but she was in my city once and I affirmed we’d meet 😅)
Thank you so much once again, I will now be deleting Tumblr since I don’t need reassurance or help anymore but you were my favorite blog 🤍 I hope you have a lovely day star!
I’m so glad I was able to help you, genuinely :’) THIS IS ALL SO AMAZING, take care anon, have fun too w/ everything~!!
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goddess1111sblog · a day ago
Listen here you little shit, all your desires are already yours so stop worryingggg <3.
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sorry if you don't like tough love :3
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manifestingnoobie · a day ago
People who rose above their trash self-concept, depression, anxiety, mental illness, and the most unbearable 3D circumstances are the most inspiring. :’)
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treeslutx · a day ago
Things ive manifested since making this blog
-my heat to start working again by itself
-an apology and reconciliation with someone I had a huge falling out with (we now have sleepovers multiple times a week, last month we weren’t even talking)
-my puppy to be fine when he hurt his leg and a low vet bill (it was only $20 )
-new running shoes for free
-so many people have repeated affirmations back to me
-multiple men showing interest in me and repeating affirmations back to me (I’m the prize thooo so I mean obviously)
-I scripted to have acid on a Friday one time and low and behold that Friday a bitch was tripping
-free weed lol
-days off at work without having to ask
-clear skin!!! This one is !!! I had been affirming for clear skin and someone got me aloe Vera gel for Christmas without me saying anything about it and my skin is GLOWING and RADIANT so prettttty!!!
-holidays at my job are always insane and this year I affirmed that my job is so easy and effortless and guess who had such an easy holiday at work?!? Ya girl
-my desired body shape and beauty in general I love looking in the mirror and (old story ) but at the beginning of November I was so down I couldn’t look in the mirror without crying idk why bc I’ve always been a hottie so I guess I manifested confidence as well!! Because I’m easily my favorite person now lmao
I don’t want to manifest extreme wealth or my dream home yet, im still enjoying what I’ve already manifested!! Ooo! I was reading through my journals the other day and my life right now is exactly what I wanted it to be a couple of years ago: I have a job I love and enjoy, my own apartment, and a puppy lmao that’s all I wanted and now I have it all so that’s what’s up
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swrlvst · a day ago
( affirmations + explanation )
Firstly, let me explain how this works.
according to quantum physics, there are infinite potential realities accessable just by imagining them
we shift between these realities/states every second as our thoughts change
choosing a state with desired thing and persisting in it (consistently thinking thoughts that align with desired thing) will make that your dominant state of being
So with this being said, if we consistently live in a state where we KNOW our sp or desired person is dreaming of us, that must be true. This is how affirmations work. When we affirm it to be true, it must be true as our state has changed.
How do I actually make this happen?
My personal favourite technique is scripting, everynight before I sleep I script (post on this coming soon) my affirmations, and I feel incredible as I fall to sleep and wake up the next day.
If you don't want to script your affirmations, here are a few of my favourites to affirm before you sleep, or whenever you feel like it.
I'm the last thing my SP thinks about before they sleep
I'm always on SPs mind, even as they sleep
Everynight my SP has beautiful dreams of the two of us together
My SP loves telling me about their dreams of me
My SP gets excited to sleep, they love seeing me even in their dreams
Dreaming about me comes naturally to my SP, as I am the most important thing about their day
And that's it my loves, enjoy being on their minds always.
Chloe <3 x
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ghoztbunny · 2 days ago
I'm the best student in my class
I always get great scores
the teachers always compliment me
I aways have my homework done
I always have my assignments done on time
I never fail, it's impossible for me to
I'm always forgiven by teachers everytime a do a mistake
I am free from bullying
it's impossible for me to get bad scores
why am I so good in school??
how come school it's so easy? like I don't even make any effort and I'm literally the best
also I've done a Pinterest vision board for school inspiration
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yourdiorwhore · 7 hours ago
(short post because it really is that simple !)
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the law of assumption is a way to create anything you desire by assuming the feeling of your wish fulfilled. this is because according to the universal law, nothing exists outside of your own consciousness.. basically saying you can create any experience you want based on where your consciousness is currently. to do this, you need to first change your assumptions and shift them into the way you would feel when you are in the presence of your desire. in this case, the “action” doesn’t matter !
to use the law of assumption, you must persist in the assumption that you already have what you desire. the only way you can “fail” here is to not use the law of assumption for long enough to achieve your desire. you must persist in having this desire so that you live in this feeling long enough for it to come into the physical world. if you have an assumption and persist in that assumption it will become your reality. it’s the law.
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godofmanifesting · 2 days ago
“You can go any place in the world if you don’t put these barriers on yourself. It’s entirely up to you.”
- Neville Goddard
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untraditionallovers · 2 days ago
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violetvibrations · 2 days ago
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🎨 @toastedbyeli
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lvstxrgrl · a day ago
If anyone is wondering where they can listen to Neville Goddard’s lectures I really like Neville Enhanced. They re-upload all his lectures with improved sound so they are easy to hear!
I like to think I manifested it because earlier today I was complaining about how the audio sucks and tonight this channel popped up!
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valleyhiraeth · 2 days ago
ANON I CAN FEEL YOUR INTENSITY THROUGH THE SCREEN ARE YOU GOOD i didn't stick to the exact same affirmations tbh i just kind of mentally went off about how skinny & pretty & powerful i was. merakii's self concept affirmations (on her instagram) did help a lot though (love her)
this is so fucking embarrassing let this be testament to how much i love you by sharing; every time i caught myself lacking or doubting myself or slipping back into my victim complex i (LIGHTLY don't hurt urself) slapped myself on both cheeks and recited the "you are elastigiiiiiiirl my GOD PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER" tiktok audio and bro? it fucking works wonders for the self concept ngl
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cyber-f4iry · 16 hours ago
SP Affs
My sp is attracted to me only and nobody else
Me and my sp are in love with eachother
I am always on their mind
They are in love with me
I am their top priority
I love my relationship
We are in a happy and healthy relationship
I get exactly what I want
My sp cares about me so much
I experience the best love
My sp is always contacting me
I am loved
My partner always wants to see me happy
I am my sp dream person
I am treated like a goddess
My sp is devoted to me
Me and my sp are couple goals
I am wanted
My sp wants to be with me
Sp is my partner
We are in a committed,happy and loving relationship
My sp family loves and accepts us
My sp worships me
I attract anybody I want
Me and sp are happily together
“SP” can always be replaced with their name
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m0m0r0u30 · a day ago
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They've found an oasis.
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thebelladiana · a day ago
Living in the end ♡
Detaching from your desire does not imply not thinking about it but simply not thinking from the place of lack of it.You do not detach from your desire. You only detach from the how and when.
When satisfaction is yours, you no longer hunger for it. If the hunger persists you did not explode the idea within you, you did not actually succeed in becoming conscious of being that which you wanted to be.If you can feel that you are that which but a few seconds ago you knew you were not, but desired to be, then you are no longer hungry to be it. You are no longer thirsty because you feel satisfied in that state.
When the physical creative act is completed, when you are already what you want to be in your imagination, when you assume the wish fulfilled , you cannot continue desiring to be that which you are already conscious of being.
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