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I, your extremely hospitable and reliable real estate agent, am going to show you 8 homes for you to choose from! Lets get on with it, shall we? 


(Sheriff Hoyt / Charlie, Luda Mae, Monty and Thomas) Hewitt Residence 


A huge, grand two-story country home in the middle of butt crack nowhere and in desperate need of a good paint job and some repairs but for all the trauma it has endured, I’d say it’s doing pretty well. Imagine a fresh new coat of white, maybe blue paint on those pillars and whatever you like on the tin roof- can you not imagine drinking iced tea (// Or sweet tea) on that porch on a Texas afternoon, when the air’s just cooling down? I can, and its glorious. 

The only slight issue is, ah… there were some murders… and theirs still a tiny, faint gore smell in the basement… 

But nothing perfume cant fix!! 

(Edward) Underwood, (Freddy, Loretta and Kathrine) Krueger and (Donald, Marge and Nancy) Thompson Residence 


A perfect American family home located in Ohio! Its got beautiful colour, plenty of windows for sunlight and a luscious green garden- you could happily raise your 2.5 kids here. Close to a school district, right in the heart of town, close to neighbours! Now, like the first home, this does have a slight basement blood and rust smell, but when you’re raising kids who has time to hang out with the boiler?? Haha, moving on! 

Of course, the area is known for misplacing a few children over the years so, um, just sleep on it okay? 

(Stu, Ghostface #2) Macher Residence


HOUSE PORN, MUCH?? This is a magnificent, 2 story wonder that clearly looks gorgeous in the dusk light. 

The ambulance and the police cars? Oh, don’t- don’t pay attention to that. There was a, um, an accident. A few accidents, but if you ask me their was a happy ending!- moving on! 

(Jerry I thought you were going crop those out!!)

(Edith, Peter, Judith, Laurie Strode / Cynthia and Michael) Myers Residence 


This is a modest home in The Prairie State, good for a small family. Not much of a front yard as you can see, but its for certain got character! And a history, that I’m legally forced to make you aware of but that’s for later. Not until you’ve seen how wonderful it is on the inside, so come come! Lets continue the tour! 

Now, the previous owner is still snooping around a bit, which is Michael, the not-at-all menacing looking fellow with the white mask, and he has insisted on presenting his own home- so sorry you can’t see the front door. Keep your eye on him, he’s after yo-

Ah, the house. He wants the house, still. Yeah. 

(Grandpa, Drayton, Paul / Chop Top, Nubbins and Bubba) Sawyer Residence 


Another Texan property! Now, this one isn’t quite as huge as the last but I assure you it has just as much character, maybe more. Due to the fresh paint job and gorgeous wood linings, much less work would have to be put into it by the new owner which is a huge weight lifted off your wallet compared to the old Hewitt house. Now, this one is still situated in blissful nowhere, so you and your family may enjoy your own splendid isolation- You don’t have to be British. 

Sounds great, yes? Well I haven’t even told you the best part! As a package deal, this home comes with a small business, a gas station just a 5 minute drive down the highway from the residence. Now not only is this relieving your wallet, but filling it too! 

I’m also bound to inform you that no less then 6 murders occurred here but… um… I think the killers died? Its-unknown-their-identities-or their-current-location. 

But just look at that garden! Beautiful! 

Sawyer-Carsen Residence 


Oops, that’s um… the wrong picture… 

(Margaret and Carrie) White Residence 


Now, this house is lovely!! A front porch, big enough for two chairs and a small table, gorgeous gentle blue paint job that contrasts with the surrounding greenery so peacefully. 

Similar to the Krueger home, its close to a shutdown highschool, and also a whole Prom of teenage children were massacred one night and we still don’t really know what happened but oh well. 

(Penny) Wise Residence 


Its a lil bit of a fixer-upper. 


Sawyer Residence #2- Without the fire and angry gunmen. Well, one angry gunman. 


Bill Moseley is not part of the house deal, I’m sorry, so please I’m going to have to ask you to ignore the adult man holding a shotgun on the front porch while we conduct our tour. 

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Checkout our recent listing located in a great location in Pineview across from Golf Course, Shopping Plaza, Highway access and more. This condo townhome is spacious and features 4 bedrooms upstairs!
4635 COSMIC PL, Ottawa K1B 4R7Listed at $379,750 MLS#1191439Taxes: $2445/2019Conde Fee: $430/Monthly
RARELY OFFERED! Well maintained 4 bedroom townhome condo with garage in Pineview, 10 minute walk to Blair LRT station, across the street from Pineview Golf Course and walking distance to shopping, restaurants, recreational trails, schools, parks and transit. Main floor features large foyer (2018) with inside access to the garage, open living/dining room with hardwood (2011), large eat-in kitchen (2017) with ample cabinets and plenty of counter space, and a 2-piece powder room. Upper level boasts 4 good sized bedrooms with laminate (2016), including a Master with 3-doored closet and 2-piece ensuite (2017), and an upgraded main bath (2016). Lower level fully finished with laminate (2019), a large Family Room, laundry, storage areas and a pantry. There are no rear neighbors, and the patio area is ideal for a BBQ space. List of updates include flooring, kitchen, bathrooms, garage floor. Condo fees of $430/month include water. Furnace and HWT rented with full warranty!
Contact  today for more information!
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The places I would like to film this music video are places which are old fashioned and highlights a vintage style, such as graffiti art, etc. 

There is one specific place I would really love to film my music video, which fits my idea and vision of what I want to create. 

Another place that I have been pondering about is the lace market where the rainbow path/ road is. Still keeping the vintage part alive. 

Also there are side streets near the lace market streets that I think could go well with the music video production.  

PS: The reason why I have not posted any pictures of these locations is mainly because I have forgotten the street name which is typical for one Jessica Stork James. Another is because of the first reason I will not add any pictures that are not the exact location. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

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what is the name of the town that everyone lives in?does it even take place in one town?

I haven’t said, because it’s roughly Toronto (or Greater Toronto Area), but if you think about how and where everyone lives, it doesn’t make a lot of sense? Like…

APID’s supposed to be on it’s own big complex just outside the city (if you’re familiar with Toronto, then it’d be in Vaughan or Etobicoke or Scarborough or somewhere with just a lot of extra space).

Lino, Dante, and company used to live in apartments downtown but have moved uptown to a much nicer house.

Fay and Dari basically live in a farm house in the middle of butt fuck nowhere (maybe like Rural King or somewhere in Aurora or Richmond Hill).

Camilo moved from a one bedroom apartment  to a two bedroom near his school (probably UofT Scarborough). Marcita is nearby.

Dusty has a shitty apartment somewhere.

Nathan’s house is likely on the edge of the Charles Sauriel Conservation Area in the Don Valley, because that’s the most foresty you can get without going too far out of the city.

Nari has a condo unit somewhere nice.

Dax and Samara share a condo somewhere less nice.

Diederich has an apartment unit in a really shitty building somewhere not nice but on a ley line.

Reid and Aoife share an apartment somewhere of average niceness.

Syd does not want you to know where they live. Köbi lives there too for the time being.

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Today is the last day of the original “Libby app” free book club reading of “After The Flood” by Kassandra Montag ends. Along with the freedom, increased access, and connection this personal book club brought there are also many advantages provided by libraries who have set up electronic lending of books.

First, the access greatly increases. There is approximately one library for every 173,224 people in Japan, 15,932 people in the UK, 12,011 people in Switzerland, 58,178 people in Canada, 6,875 people in Norway, 2,799 people in the United States, for every approximate 600,000 people in China, 29,500 people in the Netherlands and 15,100 people in Australia. Some of the discrepancies can be understood as some countries have institutions similar but not considered traditional public libraries. For other countries, (UK and Japan) people are close enough to each other where for the most part a smaller number of libraries doesn’t necessarily mean less access as it does for other countries (China, the US). Countries with public libraries that aren’t able to be as spread out may increase the access to residents through downloading and while a good portion of these areas may also have issues with internet access mobile libraries or programs that can take back the books once the due date occurs will give residents opportunities they otherwise didn’t have.

Second, it should not come as a shock to many that have been in school that the books students are required to have for school are massive, cumbersome and have been somewhat linked to posture and other spine difficulties. Electronic books, even strictly for entertainment or so you can take many when going on a trip because traditional books would add too much weight to your luggage allow you more freedom and access by taking away both a physical and space-related con.

Finally, a great instance with electronic books (depending on the library), is that it’s right there! You don’t have to wait to get home, get in the car or the bus, get your card, travel to the library or have to wait a few days to get the book. You can get it right when you’re in the mood to read it (I believe, that is how it should be set up—I go traditional)

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Two profiles chosen at random.

Today I have seen a ton of profiles (I’d say 1 in 15 for Delridge and 1 in 20 for Wedgwood) where the people are from these two neighborhoods in Seattle. Half of the women in these communities are single??

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I had Tuesday off this week, which was lovely. Then on Wednesday I was only at Not the IRS for four hours, during which I only had one client – but he’s a good client and buys some of our ancillary products so that was also lovely.

And then today it was back to a full-length 9am-7pm day at the rental office. *sigh* I got there two minutes late, actually, because my bus failed to appear and I had to catch a #21 instead, and that takes Stewart Ave. instead of going through Collegetown, which meant I had to walk up the steepest bit of East Hill from the bus stop to the office. Not fun in ~19F weather; my lungs complained at me for nearly half an hour over the deep breaths of cold air I gulped straight down my throat instead of filtering them through my nose for a minimal gesture at warmth.

After that the morning was pretty slow, but the afternoon got a bit crowded. I took an incoming grad student and his mother on a tour and successfully talked them into renting the apartment I picked for them (after an… interesting… digression on the mom’s part about the medical dangers of living too close to cell phone towers *headdesk*), and then it was just a lot of paperwork and email plus another tour later in the afternoon. Cornell’s dorm lottery is going on this week and next week, so we’re expecting an uptick in people suddenly looking for off-campus housing.


I’ve been on a fishstick/fish patty kick lately, for unknown reasons, so my dinners have been basically breaded fish plus vegetable of the day – which is either steamed broccoli or my patented veggie sidedish blend, because I am not an enthusiastic cook and will almost invariably go for whatever is simplest that still reads as food to me. A month or two ago I was on a cheese-and-spinach ravioli kick, with the same general vegetable accompaniment. I find this kind of meal a useful compromise between actually cooking fresh food and letting big food processing companies take care of the fiddly bits (and flavoring!) for me.

On Tuesday I made a batch of veggie sidedish (bell pepper, onion, summer squash, one packet of Lipton Recipe Secret herb & garlic blend, cumin to taste (~2 tsp?), chili powder to taste (~½ to 1 tsp?), some black pepper (~¼ tsp?), and a cube of chicken bouillon dissolved in a bit of hot water) only I used up one of my leftover zucchini from the wine tasting in place of the yellow squash. Tonight I am making another batch – this one’s a bit larger than usual, since I needed to use up a pepper that had gone partially moldy so I filled in with a second pepper and then just upped the squash and onion to match.

I still have one zucchini left, which I think I will either stir-fry with some onion or perhaps slice and roast in the oven with a bit of olive oil and salt. Maybe seasoned salt? I think I have some seasoned salt that Mom gave me a while back and which I’ve never had any use for…

But that’s tomorrow’s problem. I will leave it for tomorrow’s me to resolve. *wry*

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On interviews.

Him: Great, so let’s talk logistics…

Me: *internally groaning, knowing exactly where this is headed*

Him: On your application you indicated a strong preference for Dallas and Austin based opportunities, is that still your preference?

Me: Uh - at the time it was. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case. But, on the bright side it opens up more opportunities, doesn’t it?

Him: Yes, lots more!

Me: Perfect. So, new preferences - I’m happy to move anywhere!

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Hey Tessa. Shane your going to need to explain this. In this world the are several places similar to those of the human world. Braviary’s home Reminds me of cowboys and the west. The cost reminds me of tourist places of Hawaii. Even Pokémon at the volcano remind me of tribes and amazoness. Is there a place the reflects Japanese culture? With pagoda’s, rules of honor, and the samurai?

Tessa: Um, I don’t think we have anything that fits that description. Maybe if Rainbow Island was actually populated, but it’s a sacred spot we’re not supposed to step foot in, so…

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So if this takes place in Babylon, how will spagonia and Green Hill mix in?

Oh the -demo- takes place in Babylon >;3
The full game will start you outin green hill zone and from there on your quest is going to take you into different corners of mobius in order to retrieve the sky shards and to complete the amulet. What happens after that is a secret. But you’ll get to travel around quite a bit.

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A little photographic tour of just how specific this location is to that story’s climax because I am a huge nerd.

1,2 Grantaire crosses the smaller part of Pont Neuf, joined by Monty in the centre

3 and turns left down the stairs

4 then walks along the riverbank to the point

5 leaving Jehan, Enj and ‘Ferre to salt these stairs.

6-8 He brings Montparnasse right in under the willow for their private conversation and to complete his (stupid) plan.

One thing I had forgotten when I was writing: it’s farther from the steps to the point than I thought and it isn’t quite a direct route. Which means that Enj literally sprinted throu a small oranamental garden, vaulted a short fence(with a three foot drop in the other side, and dove in from a full run to get there so fast? I think I like it better now I realize that, because it’s..telling.

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