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#location: arendelle
Wendy and Felix can't be swept up in the dark curse? The earlier mod said Elsa and Anna could so I'm a little confused what the boundaries are with characters now.

That’s a great question! As we are allowing canon divergences, like some people being swept up in the curse that weren’t originally, it makes things a little complicated. So what we’ve decided to do is, the first member we get from any particular group (i.e.: Elsa, Anna and Kristoff being one group, and Pan, Wendy and Felix being another) can decide where they want their character to be, and other members of that group will join them, so as to not split up groups of characters that interact with each other most often. We wouldn’t want to leave Anna stranded in Arendelle without Kristoff or Elsa, for example.

We have recently accepted a wonderful Peter Pan, and the player has decided to have Pan in Neverland throughout Seasons 1 and 2. Thus, Felix, Wendy and the Lost Boys will be in Neverland with him. 

If we get a Frozen crew, whoever we get first will decide for trio whether they will be swept up in the curse, or back in Arendelle. 

If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!


- Mod Hayley

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A (terrible) map of what I believe the borders of Arendelle and the surrounding powers of Scandinavia look like.I assumed that Runeard, who build the Castle of Arendelle, had declared Independence after the Convention of Moss that put Norway into a personal union with Sweden under King Charles XIII. But, eh. I might be wrong. 

(I also forgot to change Denmark to the Southern Isles)

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Candles: manufactured in Arendelle (link)

Sorry guys, this was only an april fool’s joke ;-) There’s no Arendelle crest on the candle, this was just my edit. I just couldn’t stop myself from making that joke on that date and I had to laugh really hard until i had tears in my eyes as i saw the notes to this post increasing so fast and to read all those great comments! I wished i would get more often such comments to my posts and maybe it’s the very last time after this joke? I hope you can forgive me! I’m so sorry, really! But on the other hand, I hope that I could bring some variety into your day with my post during these bad times.

Whoever has reblogged this post may delete it now, we all don’t want to spread false reports, do we?

This is the original:


I will edit the original post now to prevent misinformation if someone should reblog it from me in the future.

But of course I cannot prevent my edit from ending up on Pinterest or elsewhere without my knowledge. That would then somehow be typical for platforms like this.

For the fans who commented my post ( @prototyp013, @the-spastic-fantastic, @itbeganwithtwosisters, @lovewillthaw-j and @he-le124​ ): thank you so much for your reply! My eyes are normal and i don’t have a “super-view” for such details (unfortunately). I’m sure the candles were manufactured in Arendelle but unfortunately without the crest. But obviously my edit was good enough to seem like that. 

Once again: please forgive me my joke ;-) Don’t hate me for that.

Take good care of yourselves!

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¡Feliz día!

Continuamos con esta sección de imágenes de cuentos de hadas, basadas en los personajes sugeridos para los canon del foro.

El siguiente y último canon en la lista de Frozen es… ¡Kristoff!

Este vendedor de hielo y héroe de Arendelle, además de coffuturoconsorterealcof, es querido hasta por su reno.


¡Gracias de nuevo a la diseñadora de estas imágenes! <3

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ATTENTION! This information is an April Fool’s joke. Please do not take it seriously or reblog. Please see my other post (x)

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If I may wax nostalgic for a moment. This is the original National Anthem I had composed for my stunning kingdom! Grandiloquent and inviting, is it not?
For some reason they don’t use it anymore. Sort of a letdown…

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So we have covered more or less the Arendelle castle’s whereabouts, time to figure out the village. After our discussion about railway tracks and wondering where this bridge may be:


I started wondering how Arendelle is connected with the outside world besides a sea. In The Art of Frozen II it looks that it’s surrounded by cliffs, but we know that there are roads that lead outside.


Lately this screenshot was brought to my attention:


The population of Arendelle watching from cliffs a flood wave. What’s interesting, they are obviously on cliffs above a right side of the village, the one nobody ever visited and we see only as a background in harbor sequences. This one on the right side:


Which is pretty interesting because when people were running to the cliffs, they definitely were going up on the left side of the village. When Anna looks back from this place:


She sees this:


I tried to recreate the escape route and a place from which Anna looks at Arendelle on the map from the book (a red line and circle):


We don’t see how from this place people got to this place:


But I assume that it’s the same place they later were watching the flood coming, so there has to be a road above the village connecting its two parts. (Even if people migrated later to other part of cliffs, still they used said road. We see that this small plateau has a road that was used by trolls.) The point is, there are roads (comfortable for reindeers and horses to use) leading from Arendelle that we don’t see.

Or I read it all wrong?

So maybe this bridge from the first pic connects both sides of the bay allowing people to travel between right and left side of the village with dry feet, but is high enough to not be seen on pictures. Maybe indeed it’s a railroad bridge.



The amount of people that are living in the castle (and now are escaping with Anna) is kinda impressive. Elsa definitely hired a lot of new staff.

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Okay *Demyx voice* Arendelle time!

Poor Sora😂

That gust of snow just moves in and he’s like “Coat! Please! I’m an islander!”

Donald just shrugs it off like “That’s not how it works. Go and freeze.”

This is where I bring up the “kh3 is self aware thing” again because now we actually have Sora dying from the snowy area, and then when Sora just like completely forgets about it, Donald and Goofy are like, “Islander my butt. He’s not even feeling it anymore, is he?”

Sora getting the first puzzle piece to the situation when Elsa runs away, a sad look on her face. Y'know, the beginning of that Riku to Elsa and Sora to Anna parallel, Elsa running away because Anna and the whole Kingdom are better off without her

Elsa: *uses magic*

Sora, Donald, and Goofy: *surprised pikachu face and slightly fearing for their lives*

If I’m remembering correctly, there’s a section right here where you basically fight a bunch of enemies in the huge area

I distinctly remember running around, (and Xion could vouch for this) fighting the enemies, and very monotonely voicing that I was about to die

So…ice maze.

In my proud runthrough I really had to get to a save point so I zoomed through the ice maze as fast as possible. This time I took the time to explore every room and beat all the enemies. I still hate light rails with a passion.

So, the avalanche gets started at the top once we reach the palace, pushing Sora, Donald, and Goofy off

I… The ice dragon thing was so bad. I spent forever, dying and dying and dying to their stupid laser beams. It happened so many times that I had to go to bed and try it again the next day. I would get to the part where all three flew in the air and shot beams, and it felt so unpredictable and stupid and impossible because I would dodge beams from two, and the third’s would appear right under where I was landing, which was impossible to judge. It was here I learned a lesson: Use the Kupo Coin when you need it

Bless the kupo coin for saving my stupid butt

The sled part after that stressed me out cause it wasn’t hard, but I had a bad habit of bumping into things, so…😂

I pretty much just abused shotlocks, ultimate form, light form/double form okp, and thunder or thundara or whichever I had at the time and I finished those dragons off

Spiky brown grass 😂😂😂😂

Poor Sora is so frustrated that he didn’t get a color like green or blue like Donald and Goofy

The part where Anna talks to Sora about Elsa and he finally puts some pieces together and relates it to him and Riku really gets me every time because their situation is a big Soriku parallel. I know this is one of the scenes that’s probably been soriku analyzed to death, but like

Elsa and Anna used to play all the time when they were really little like best friends

Baby Sora and Riku, best friends, used to play together all the time

One day, Elsa shuts Anna out because she doesn’t want to hurt her

Kairi enters the scene, Sora starts paying a little more attention to her, Sora and Riku’s duo relationship isn’t terrible, it just does a little decrease. The literal shutting out in which Riku and Sora close the Door to Darkness. Then, the shutting out when Sora wakes up in kh2 and Riku alienates himself because of his guilt over what he did, and what leads into the next part of the parallel

Elsa accidentally uses her ice magic and flees the kingdom to the north mountain. She alienates herself so she can’t hurt anyone (especially Anna) and because she thinks the kingdom and Anna are better off without her

Riku feels like he can’t win without using the power of darkness and is weak. He is ashsmed that he relied on darkness and it showed in his appearance as Ansem. He alienates himself from Sora and everyone because he feels like he can’t show his face as Ansem and because he thinks Sora is better off without him.

Sora, of course, puts these pieces together with Anna’s story and makes the parallel connection between him and Anna, then Elsa and Riku in his head. I like how he says, “If anyone can help her, it’s you,” because I feel like that’s him remembering his situation with Riku when he wanted to find him and that because of the reason for Riku’s actions, only he could help.

And I think it’s interesting that it’s first Anna saying “I have to bring her home” and then Sora saying “I’m sure she knows now much you love her” for him to make these parallels. I think that implies that Sora gets that Elsa and Anna are siblings that love each other and he’s thinking over what Riku means to him and even what he means to Riku.

Also Sora (in jap ver dialogue) realizing that maybe Riku pushed him away because he’s someone precious to Riku is like…

My heart bro…

Ngl, so many times here I moved up the mountain fighting enemies and died that I’d go halfway up the mountain, then backtrack all the way back to the save so I wouldn’t have to keep completely starting over every time I got oneshotted by an armored body. I did that multiple times for this area.

So, we get to the point where Sora finally reaches the top of the mountain again. For whatever reason I couldn’t remember if it was like that before, but the Elsa freezing Anna’s heart scene and it flashing between that and Sora, and then Sora holding a hand to his heart in pain right after we see the shot of Elsa putting ice into Anna’s heart.

I think it’s a parallel and Nomura’s tryna tell us/foreshadow something

Okay, so big oof on the Marshmallow fight. I think on my proud run I got a bunch of times to use the team attack with the tree. I swear I only got to use it twice counted up from all my attempts on this run

The suckiest part was armored mode. I did a lot of trying to let Donald and Goofy do the work here cause I didn’t wanna get oneshotted, but that didn’t always quite work out… I eventually did it though, snd of course Sora, Donald, and Goofy are knocked off the mountain again

Idk how mant times I’m gonna keep saying this, but poor Sora. He’s just so done and frustrated. “I could do this a hundred times.”

And then Donald and Goofy both take him seriously 😂

“Please don’t.”

“Yeah, we should do it again!”

Awwww, Marshmallow. He just wanted to protect Elsa. I know that’s what he was created to do, but that’s still sweet

Sweet Sora boy making friends with anything that moves and we love him for it

Marshmallow made my life with enemies a little easier ngl

At the save point right before seeing Kristoff, I did some meteorite farming in gummi space and took a trip to the bistro. By this point I had excellents on all but 3 dishes because I didn’t have the ingredients yet.

Also, by this point I was blessed with adorable remmy and Sora getting presents. Remmy got his own tiny present!


And I’m sure you know this already, but like…I have a soriku obsession right now, so I enjoy making things into little personal Soriku references

Exhibit A: My gummi and Teeny Ships

They are both named after Yozora and contain the colors for Sora, Riku, and Yozora


Okay, so back in Arendelle, Sora, Donald, and Goofy temporarily leave Marshmallow behind, and we come upon Kristoff and another Soriku parallel

Kristoff: “No, Sven! We’re not going back. She’s with her true love.”

Riku: “You mean Kairi. To Sora, she’s someone very special.”

Sora: “Where’d Anna go?”

Kristoff: “She’s back at home.”

Sora: “Something happen?”

Kristoff: “Anna was struck in the heart by Elsa’s ice magic. If the ice isn’t removed, she’ll freeze forever. Only an act of true love can thaw a frozen heart. So I took her back to Arendelle and to her true love, Hans.”

Xion: “Do you know where Sora is now?”

Riku: “That secret stays with me.”

Xion: “Why’s that?”

Riku: “Xion…your memories…they really belong to Sora.”

Xion: “So you mean…I’m like a part of him?”

Riku: “When his memories were scattered, some of them…found their way inside you. Now, Sora has been put to sleep so that we can piece together his memory.”

Sora: “But…what about you?”

Kristoff: “What about me?”

Sora: “Uh, I sorta assumed you guys were…”

Kristoff: “Nooo! I just keep her from getting lost.”

Xion: “So, do you hate me for taking your friend away from you?”

Riku: “Nah, I guess…I’m just sad.

Sora: "Really? Oh, but you seem so…”

Goofy: “Perfect together!”

Donald: “Yeah, like me and Daisy!”

So let’s talk this over.

Point one, both assumptions on who the person in question’s (Sora and Anna) true love/most important person is. This may have to do in part with some surface level stuff and Kristoff/Riku’s anxiety that the person in question (Anna and Sora) probably doesn’t like them like that.

Point two, the person in question has had something bad happen to them such as their memories being “erased” or their heart being frozen, needing some sort of action to save that person.

Point three, neither Riku nor Kristoff factor their feelings into the situation, Kristoff because he just feels the duty to save Anna and doesn’t believe he is her true love, and Riku because he feels the duty to save Sora snd similarly does not believe himself to be Sora’s special person (which didn’t exactly factor in in Riku’s case, but it’s true he too pushed his feelings aside in all areas except saving Sora).

Point four, “I just keep [him] from getting lost” is totally something Riku or Sora would say about the other.

Point five, I added the last part because despite the insistence that Hans is Anna’s true love, Sora, Donald, and Goofy agree that it seems Anna and Kristoff are perfect together, and it especially helps to know that on their side, they’ve seen that Anna and Kristoff work well together. They haven’t seen her with Hans, and even in the movie, she and Hans don’t get much screentime development. This is a parallel more to the soriku experience. On our side, we see Sora and Riku get a lot of screentime and development together, and it’s clear that they care for each other. So when someone, even in game, insists that Kairi is most important to Sora, it feels like, “Oh, but Sora and Riku seem perfect together” and “But Kairi and Sora don’t really get development like that or really much screentime together.”

So, resuming the story (and the parallel), there’s a gust of wind amd Kristoff looks towards Arendelle. He obviously feels something is wrong and says Anna’s name before rushing off. I’m being completely honest, we’ve seen Riku too rush off, feeling that Sora’s in danger. Prime example I remember though would be in the keyblade graveyard when Riku just gets a feeling and runs over to Sora, giving him a pep talk sorta just before everyone else gets swept up.

So, Marshmallow too, just like Kristoff, feels something is wrong, and gestures in the direction of Arendelle, saying Elsa’s name, and the group is off to save Elsa and Anna.

And then, another parallel! Yes, Arendelle is Soriku parallel city over here!

Before Hans’ sword reaches Elsa

Before the demon tide reaches Sora and Riku

Anna stands between the sword and Elsa

Riku stands between the demon tornado and Sora

Anna puts her right hand out to block the blow

Riku thrusts the keyblade in his right hand forward, directing the darkness around him and Sora into a tunnel

Anna completely turns to ice and saves Elsa, an act of true love

Riku attempts to save Sora at the expense of his own life, an act of true love, and is swallowed by the darkness

Anna gives one clear final breath

Riku gives one clear final breath

Elsa, alive due to her sister’s act of true love, realizes the power of love and is able to save/unfreeze Anna

Sora’s heart and body persist, arriving in the final world, his heart likely persisting due to Riku’s act of true love, and his body due to Kairi, and he believes in himself and is able to go save Riku’s heart

Just…ya know…food for thought…

And now, boss battle time! I believe I didn’t have too much trouble on it when I dodged correctly. I beat it fine. One of my favorite shots I saw though was Sora using subzero impact with Ultima, but his clothes were the formchange color because I had just hit Ultima form right before. It was literally so epic!!

No, Marshmallow! You can’t die this way! I need you to battle things for me-! Uh, I mean, you need to be alive because we care about you!

Just kidding Marshmallow! I love you and you’re actually a nice snow giant with a big heart!

Cue Sora getting the example of the power of true love when Anna unfreezes.


Pretty animation Sora, I looooove you

Poor boy caring so much about everyone. He just wants to keep everyone safe.

And after Elsa gives another demonstration of the power of love, Arendelle is over.

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I just found a frozen fic series where the majority of the 13y locked in the castle are spent with the king and queen trying to convince Elsa to come out of her room even just for dinner because ‘I don’t want to hurt anyone! Especially Anna again!’ 'You are not going to hurt your sister! Without you to play with her, she is far more likely to hurt herself… and everyone around her.’ As Anna bike rides down the stairs into people walking up them, and climbs the outside of the castle and falls several stories, and then hides the resulting injuries as long as she can. And honestly with the new stuff revealed in Frozen 2 about Iduna and Agnarr, this seems a much more likely scenario than the 'parents forcibly isolating both girls completely for the entire time’ idea that most people had after the first movie…

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