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6.24.22 - a little library time
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Why are you holding a camera instead of noms for me?
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220310 Jungkook's Instagram Post
이 게시물은 사라집니다 :)
This post will disappear :)
Trans cr; Annie @ bts-trans © TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS
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sketch dump/log
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“I’ll have to turn on the charm” *triggers his PTSD*
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¡Coooopón bendito!
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4.12.22 - the semester has gotten crazy busy! my one class was cancelled today so i had lots of time to study. i found a few extra special study places today, and it was definitely a nice reset.
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🪵 Tree Trunk Troll on a Stroll🪵
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Dr. Hans-Günter Wagner
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so ya wanna know about autism: masterpost
I give this google doc link out to individuals a lot, and realized it might be useful for a lot of people if i shared it more widely. It’s a masterpost of a whole bunch of Autistic Stuff -- here’s the link to the actual doc, but i’ll also post it all here on tumblr (under a readmore after the table of contents).
(edit: if the hyperlinks aren’t working for you, here’s the google doc url that you can copy and paste into an internet browser to access everything: https://docs.google.com/document/d/16BqhRv4IlZ6KcElGAEZOx8sFYwRs4W1jF-ddY_XKYnE/edit?usp=sharing )
Please spread it around (including sharing the google doc link outside of tumblr wherever you want). Feel free to comment with more resources, tumblr posts, articles, etc. that you find helpful! And if any links are broken, let me know.
It can be a major challenge for adult autistic folks to find content for us and by us, because so much “official” content is 1) ableist and harmful and 2) geared towards parents of autistic children. So I’ve compiled just about every resource I’ve got that discusses autism by and for #actuallyautistic folks.
Metaphors and images for autism
Disability models
Issues with Functioning Labels, ideas of “Mild” - “Severe” autism
Autism among women
Autism and race
Autism and LGBTQ
Is it ADHD or Autism??
Tests / checklists
Autism / disability history and culture
The Neurodiversity Movement
Person first vs. identity first language
Misc. - samefoods, lists, needing to know what to expect, etc.
Communication stuff - misc. - Verbal/nonverbal - Infodumping - echolalia - Prosopagnosia - Aphasia - Eye contact
Special interests / hyperfixations
Auditory Processing Disorder
Sensory issues / Sensory Processing Disorder
Meltdowns and Shutdowns and Burnout
Executive function
Emotion stuff
Allyship / for allistics - For parents of autistic persons
More non-speaking autistic self-advocates
The Autistic Woman and Nonbinary Network
Amethyst Schaber’s “Ask and Autistic” YouTube full of videos on various autistic stuff
Lydia X.Z. Brown / Autistic Hoya 
Dr. Nick Walker
Mrs. Kerima Çevik
“Non-Speaking Autistic Speaking” - Amy Sequnzia’s blog
“The thinking person’s guide to autism”
The How-To Wiki for autism is actually really helpful! 
Ollibean blog .
Video: “What is autism?”
“About autism”
“What being autistic means to me”
Myths about autism .
Metaphors and images for autism - “Autism is a sundae bar” - “Autism is purple” - “Understanding the spectrum” comic - Another visual on the idea of a spectrum - And another visual on the spectrum - not an on-off switch .
Disability models - Understanding disability models - Video: models of disability discourse .
Functioning Labels, “Mild” or “Severe” autism - Article on functioning labels - “What’s wrong with functioning labels? A masterpost” - Another article on problems with functioning labels - “I don’t experience my autism mildly; you experience my autism mildly” - A non-speaking autistic who is labeled non-functioning discusses labels - “Most people would consider me low-functioning, but I hate that word” - Tweets from actual autistics on functioning labels - How the same person may be labeled low or high functioning at different times - “Mental Age Theory hurts people with disabilities” .
Article on autism in communities of color + in the LGBTQ community
Autism, intersectionality, and STEM college outcomes
Articles on intersectionality on The Art of Autism .
Autism among women - A reminder about talking about differences in autism in “females” - “I thought I was lazy: the invisible struggle for autistic women” - “The women who don’t know they’re autistic” - “The gas-lighting of women and girls on the autism spectrum” .
Autism and race - “Being Autistic, Black, and Femme” - “Black and Autistic: Is there room at the advocacy table?” - “Autistic, Gifted, and Black” - “I, too, am Racialized” - Autistic Hoya on being Chinese & a transracial adoptee - Video: “Growing up BLACK in a neurotypical legal system” - The Autism Wars: Mrs. Kerima Çevik’s blog .
Autism and LGBTQ - “Autism and gender variance - is there a cause for the correlation?” - “The intersection of autism and gender” - Issues being transmasc and autistic - “Gendervague: At the intersection of Autistic and trans experiences” - “I’m an autistic lesbian and no, I don’t wish I were ‘normal’” .
A self-diagnosis masterpost!
Autistic self-dx is valid
“Reasons why self-dx is good from the pov of a professional” 
Some reasons why autism may go undiagnosed 
“Five reasons I am self identified as autistic”
“Beware of gatekeeping”
A masterpost of “resources for women who believe they might be autistic”
A therapist who’s never met an incorrect self-dx-er .
Is it ADHD or Autism?? - Links to information on the intersections between autism and ADHD - A list of things that are more ADHD, things that are more autism, and things that are both - Science: decoding the overlap between ADHD and autism - The concept of neurodivergent “cousins” .
Various tests / checklists: - ASD Checklist - List of inclusive autistic traits - Book: I Think I Might Be Autistic: A Guide to Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnosis and Self-Discovery for Adults .
Privilege in being able to get a diagnosis
Pros and cons of getting one
Someone answers the question “Was it worth it for you to get diagnosed as an adult?”
Professional diagnosis can get some people deported :/
This person’s journey from self-dx to pro-dx .
The wiki how-to on accepting your autism
The wiki how-to on autistic strengths 
“7 Cool Aspects of Autistic Culture”
“I’m autistic and proud of it”
“You are not a burden” 
“What is self advocacy?” .
Autism / disability history and culture - Video: “Is autism a disability?” - A google drive “disability library” full of amazing content - A tumblr tag full of posts with autistic history - Book - Loud Hands: Autistic People, Speaking includes essays that explore the history of autism and of autistic self-advocacy - Book - Neurotribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity .
The Neurodiversity movement - The neurodiversity paradigm - Video: basic terms and definitions - Video: what is neurodiversity? - Liberating ourselves from the pathology paradigm .
Person first vs. identity first language (“person with autism” vs. “autistic person”) - ASAN on identity first language - Why it matters - Video: Autism ACTUALLY Speaking - Science: a study on what labels actual autistic persons prefer - An image showing the difference between person first and identity first language .
Cureism & seeking causes of autism - Video: “Autism and the disability community: the politics of neurodiversity, causation, and cure” - Video: Self advocacy in a culture of cure - An analogy against cureism - It’s okay that some autistics do want a cure - Quotes on Truth Is by Julia Bascom about not needing a cure - Cureism is eugenics - “If a cure is found, no one will force you to take it” .
“Thinking about patterns of opposite extremes among autistic people” (e.g. how we tend to be sensory avoidant or sensory seeking, extremely gender conforming or extremely gender nonconforming, hyper-empathetic or hypo-empathetic)
An essay on inclusive autistic traits
This tumblr is dedicated to answering people asking about whether various things are autistic traits!
This person lists the reasons they think (know) they’re autistic; the list includes a lot of traits that often aren’t talked about 
“Some autism things” .
“What are samefoods?” - “Why do autistic people tend to samefood?”
It’s okay if you don’t like certain things / avoid certain things because of your autism
Wanting/needing to know how long something will last, what to expect .
Stimming! - Video: what is stimming? - Video on self-injurious stims - Video: autobiographical look at stimming and its role - More than a coping mechanism - A masterpost of examples of various types of stimming - Video on vocal / verbal stimming - Examples of vocal stimming as communication - A tumblr blog with a tag full of examples of body stims .
Communication stuff - Trouble with volume modulation; repetition; inconsistent talking habits - Autistic idiolects - Autistic dialect? - Autistics communicate differently amongst each other! . - Verbal/nonverbal - - Selective mutism - - Semiverbal communication - - Different amounts of access to speech - - A person on being non-verbal and using AAC - - People who are nonverbal still deserve to be listened to .
Infodumping - What is infodumping?
Echolalia - “Autism and Echolalia: what you need to know” - What is echolalia? - A tumblr blog’s tag featuring examples of echolalia
Aphasia and autism
Prosopagnosia (Face blindness) - Science: a study confirming that some 67% of autistic persons have some degree of facial recognition difficulties - Science: a study offering theories for why this is!
Video: Autistics and eye contact - Science: Researchers explore why autistic people avoid eye contact
Tendency to overexplain .
Special interests / hyperfixations - Some info on hyperfixations - Video on special interests - Emphasizing the intensity of these things - “What’s so special about a special interest?” - “Why we love what we love and why it should matter to you” - Not every autistic person knows everything there is to know about their special interest - “Interest hopping” - Dividing our life into “eras” of special interests .
Auditory Processing Disorder - Examples of APD - “You might struggle with auditory processing if…” .
Sensory Processing Disorder - Video: What is sensory processing disorder? - Video: a virtual experience of what it’s like to be at a party as someone with SPD - A post about some of the weird sensory stuff that many autistics experience (such as feeling nauseated when your real issue is a headache) - Many sensory issues aren’t just annoying, but physically painful - Difficulty in explaining autistic hypersensitivities - Auditory sensory musings - Trying to describe sensory overload - Not noticing when we’re hungry - Weird tolerance for big pain, intolerance for small pain - Science: “Unseen Agony: Dismantling Autism’s house of pain” - Tumblr blog with a tag of other posts about sensory issues .
Meltdowns and Shutdowns and burnout: - Meltdowns vs. shutdowns - Video: “What are autistic meltdowns?” - Video: “What are autistic shutdowns?” - A description of meltdowns - Signs of a shutdown in autistic people - How to support someone having a shutdown - Science: “Autistic shutdown alters brain function” - How to avoid meltdowns - “Dealing with meltdowns” - “The protective gift of meltdowns” - Video on autistic burnout - Article on burnout - Science: Autistic burnout described by a researcher - An article on autistic regression (burnout) - “Help! I seem to be getting more autistic” - talks about how things like burnout, aging, new environment, being around other autistics, and more can cause this .
Executive function - Video: “What is executive functioning?” - A chart describing the different aspects of executive function - “Executive functioning problems - a frustrating aspect of being autistic” - Autistic inertia .
Emotion stuff (including empathy) - Our emotional regulation is different - Article: (some) people with autism can read emotions, feel empathy - Video on misconceptions around autism and empathy - “Double standards: The irony of empathy and autism” - Science on the “double empathy problem” involving relationships between autistics and non-autistics - Not a bad person for not having empathy - More musings on autism and empathy - “Autistic grief is not like neurotypical grief” .
Alexithymia: - Science: Overlap between autism and alexithymia - Video: what is alexithymia? - “I don’t know how I feel”
Video on passing
An infographic on autistic masking
Another video on masking / “hiding” in a neurotypical world
We are not obligated to mask or “act less autistic”
When you mask less and get told “you’ve been acting more autistic”
Getting called high-functioning because you mask/pass well
Scripting: - Video: what is scripting? 
A guide to identifying good autism organizations (and how they can improve!)
Autism Speaks:
Some facts and statistics 
An AS masterpost
Another AS masterpost
Video: What’s wrong with AS?
Video: a non-speaking autistic’s response to discussions between Autism Speaks and GRASP
“Enough with the puzzle pieces”
“I resign my roles at Autism Speaks”
“Responding to Autism Speaks” .
Video: what’s ABA? 
“Studies find thin evidence for early autism therapies” 
Masterpost of why ABA is harmful
More on how ABA is abusive even if a kid “seems to like it”
An autistic describes ABA’s “quiet hands” method
And another post on how ABA is harmful
Trauma and autism
Alternatives to ABA
Suicide - Video: Speaking to suicidal autistics - Science linking autism and increased suicidality - Video: “diagnosis saved my life” .
Allyship / for allistics - Video: How to be an ally - Resources for supporting autistics during Autism Acceptance month and year-round! - Autistic accessibility needs - “How to be a friend to autistic people” - 15 things you never say to an autistic person - What to say / not to say to an autistic adult - Video: what shouldn’t I say to autistic people? - Video: Things not to say to an autistic person - Video: “Isn’t everyone a bit autistic?” - Don’t talk about “mental age” - “To those who tell autistic persons ‘everyone experiences that’” - Why it’s not helpful to say “well I don’t think of you as disabled / as autistic” - How to support a loved one who’s gone temporarily nonverbal - How to support someone having a shutdown - Help reduce meltdowns in a loved one - Don’t restrain an autistic person having a meltdown - Understanding why autistics seem “so picky” - Making communication easier for your autistic friend - Avoiding ableism against AAC users - How to protect your autistic employees from ‘no script found’ situations” .
For parents of autistic persons - “Don’t Mourn for Us” - “You don’t ‘lose a child to autism’” - Advice from autistic adults on treating your autistic children with respect - A masterpost of advice for “autism parents” - It’s okay if your kid doesn’t hug you or say “I love you” - “They keep publishing these violent articles” - “When you’re autistic, abuse is considered love” - You don’t have to tell everyone who comes across you and your kid in public that your kid is autistic / you don’t have to constantly apologize for your kid! - Your kid isn’t bad / uncooperative just because they have certain differences - Don’t tell autistic adults we are “nothing like your child” - A tag full of more tumblr posts about / for “autism parents”
More non-speaking autistic self-advocates - Video: “In My Language” by Mel Baggs - Mel Baggs: “Don’t ever assume autism researchers know what they’re doing” - Lysik’an: “You don’t speak for low-functioning autistics” - Film: Deej
Autistics and the idea of “getting out of your comfort zone”
Autistics accommodate allistics far more than the other way around 
It is icky when autistic persons are only valued when we’re “productive” 
Parents who are themselves autistic
Autism as genetic? - Science: “Autism Genetics, Explained”
Science: links to some studies on autism and gastro-intestinal issues, autism and caffeine, autism and sleep, autism and stimming, autism and queerness, autistic strengths, and more
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morax saving alatus from the goddess of dreams and taking him under his care giving him a chance to live life again as xiao the vigilant yaksha the conqueror of demonds... giving him a place to belong among the yaksha...
then cut to zhongli saving xiao from his own self-sacrifice... yet again zhongli gives xiao another chance to live but this time in times of peace.. oh i CANT DO IT
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this is so old 🥺
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contender for one of the most underrated jokes in lost light ... i want a whole issue of the decepticons on board trying to get used to shooting the shit w megatron and battling off the autobots making fun of them for being all “yes my lord as you wish”
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also Hi, here’s some KonoLog
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