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#logan ♡
nkogneatho · 4 hours ago
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lilxmcrtes · 7 days ago
●°•☆ Headcanons ☆•°●
Chastity and Logan dated in high school. It was pay back for her sister stealing the guy she had her eyes on. Being from rich parents was also a plus. Logan had dated a couple girls before but he lost his virginity to Chastity in their senior year. She'd actually cheated on him then too. Slept with one of the football players before they did, so it wasn't her first too. When it came to graduation, they broke up. Logan was going to business school and Chastity wanted to go abroad.
Jump about five years, they run into each other. Logan is finishing up his masters and Chastity... Though Logan had a relationship, maybe two, after her, their time apart had allowed him to romanticize that she was the one he let go. They end up in bed and Chastity gets pregnant with twins. Logan decides they should get married, because he loves her and to cover up the mistake from his parents.
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ursifors · 20 days ago
i'm really tired and i just tried to delete someone else's post LOL
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ursifors · 23 days ago
jeremy isn't gonna move back to texas as far as right now! he just announced it on the chit and chat - him and kat are much happier in mass near their families so right now they are not planning to move back! nothing will change with content and we shall see what the future holds!
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arcticguk · a month ago
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kateyes48 · a day ago
♡ COVER REVEAL + ANNOUNCEMENT ♡ CHEATERS: A Dark Romance Anthology Cover by Pretty Little Design Co ♡ BLURB The game: dishonesty. The goal: to gain advantage. Morals don’t exist with these people. They do what they want, no matter the consequences. Rules are thrown out. Honor is void. Right and wrong are abandoned. Find out what happens when truth and loyalty are discarded in a world where what you want, is exactly what you get. Cheaters is a limited edition collection of addictive stories from your favorite USA Today and bestselling authors. ♡ LINKS AMAZON WIDE STORES ♡ PARTICIPATING AUTHORS Yolanda Olson • Abigail Davies • N. Isabelle Blanco • Cole Denton • S. Firefox • Stephanie Renee • Ally Vance • Cassandra Cripps • Anise Storm • Rae B. Lake • Chelsea McDonald • Kay Elle Parker • Danielle Jacks • Cassia Brightmore • Zoey Zane • Saffron Blu • Mary B. Moore • Stacy McWilliams • Ruby Papciak • Tinley Blake • A R Thomas • Logan Fox • Jason Hes • Kirsty-Anne Still • Persephone Autumn • Lindsay Becs • Sienna Grant • Hart De Lune • Jade Royal
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xandriagreat · 4 days ago
Handsome and the Snake | Chapter 11
First chapter | Last chapter | Next chapter | Master post
Relationship(s): romantic Moceit
Notice/Warnings: very angst
“Patton,” Janus started, when they sat down. “Are you happy?”
“Oh, yes. I’m happy.” Patton said. “I enjoyed the walk and the dance.” 
“No, I mean are you happy here?” Janus asked, then taking a deep breath before starting again. “With me?”
Patton gave a bit of a surprise look and then smiled. “Yes,” he answered, “I really do enjoy it here.”
That gave Janus more confidence. ‘Be a gentleman.’ he reminded himself before jumping to what he was going to say. But before Janus could ask him, he noticed that Patton was looking down and had a frown. 
“What’s wrong?” he asked, moving the hair from Patton’s face. 
“I thought that I saw my parents earlier today.” said Patton, looking up at him. “I know that they’re gone but that montent reminded me of my friends. I miss them so much.” 
Janus, instead of going with his plan, got an idea. 
“I have something to show you.” Janus said.
They went into Janus’ room. 
Janus got a hand mirror out. “This mirror will show you what you wish.” Janus said, handing it to Patton.
Patton took in his hands and looked at it. “I wish to see my friends,” Patton said, “please.” 
The mirror shined a bright golden light, then it showed Virgil, Remus, Logan, and Roman chasing a few members of the town, who were dragging Thomas, with a mob of the other members of the town following. 
“He’s innocent!” they shouted at the town members, but it was like the town couldn’t hear them. 
Then it showed Thomas kneeling down and looking up at Regina. 
“So, tell me where he really is.” Regina said, smirking and looking down at him. “And then I’ll let you go.”
“I’m not telling you anything.” he growled at her.
The smirk faded from her face. “Fine,” said Regina. She turned to a member. “Get me my friends to help me deal with him.”
Then the mirror went back to its reflection side. “No!” cried Patton, still looking into the mirror. He looked back at Janus, who had a questionable worried look on his face. “My friend, Thomas, he’s being charged for something.” Patton told Janus. “I need to help him.”
Then the nearby clock struck midnight, Patton almost fell back as he felt… lighter. 
“What happened?”
“It’s the first day of spring.” Janus said with a sad look on his face. “You’re free.”
Janus snapped his fingers and Patton’s satchel appeared in his hands. He handed it to him. 
“You’re letting me go?” Patton asked, taking the bag and putting it on his shoulder.
Janus nodded.
Patton started to hand the mirror back to Janus, but Janus put a hand on to stop him from handing it to him. “Keep it.” he said with a sad smile. “That you’ll always have a way to look back.”
Patton put the mirror in his satchel in between the clothes. He was about to say something but it came out as “Thank you.”
Janus nodded like to say ‘you’re welcome’. 
“Good bye.” he said. Then, with a flick of Janus’ wrist, golden smoke surrounded Patton. 
“Jan-!” Patton cried out before the smoke sent him back.
Janus looked at the spot where Patton was and he let tears fall down from his face. 
He slithered to look at the rose behind the curtain.  
It had a few petals left. 
Janus sighed and put a clawed hand on the bell glass. ‘There’s no chance for me anymore.’ he thought, watching one petal fall.
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javajowgie · 4 days ago
hello ♡ would you mind sharing your top 5 or so favorite horror/dark movies? i’m looking for movies to watch, thank you so much!
Hello!!! I’d love to! Pardon my scatterbrain, I just woke up LOL
1. Not a movie, but the first season of the Haunting of Hillhouse 🥰🥰 it’s such an amazing series that I loved from start to mcfuckin finish. Amazing camera work, too!!! Highly recommend!!
2. Hush!! Aaaah!!!! Such a good thriller film with a fulfilling ending!!! 😩💕 amazing acting and story writing and not to mention SUSPENSE. Had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Fucked up villain, too!
3. The Taking of Deborah Logan 😳 a big, fat rollercoaster. It’s been a while since I’ve seen it, but it still sticks with me to this day. The portrayal of Alzheimer’s is so heartbreaking and accurate, with a horrific twist.
4. The Boy is a great one, too. Creepy and suspenseful, and halfway through the plot made a switch I wasn’t expecting. GOOD SHIT. 👌 plus I fucking hate dolls so.........
5. The first Conjuring movie I really enjoyed, even though most people tend to not favor this particular series. I love the Warrens and how they work together, how ready they are to help the families being tormented. Plus the house and witch lady just freaks me the fuck out 😂
Thank you so much for the ask!!! I hope it helped! Have fun!!
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cigash · 5 days ago
patience ( wanda ♡ )
Somehow they are some weird yin to the other's yang Logan muses to himself. They seem to balance the other out and he figures that was why they had been paired together. Oh Logan noticed the look in her eyes and was certain she had lost someone. Grief always looked the same no matter who it happened to. He just never asked as to who she had lost. No he would rather avoid anything that went too deep after all.
A huff escaping his lips thinking that was one thing he didn't have any of. Especially since it seemed to him they were both sitting ducks out here. The only thing they were told was to sit tight and wait for the rest of the team. Logan had half a mind to just head in and tear everyone apart. It would save everyone a lot of time if he did just that.
"I really hate waiting."
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pontmergay · 11 days ago
RED, peach ♡, white!! smooch :*
omg<33 i love you logan🥺❤
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bloomsmuses · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
My current wait list! All that's missing is a Pan head from Logan Dolls ♡
Left to right, top to bottom:
• Yuyu Doll/D.lace Cupid (2x)
• Angeloguedoll Lovit
• Mushroom Peddler Pussywillow
• Taobao Angel head (2x)
• Miracle Doll Maoyou
• Dollzone Zero
• Yuyu Doll/D.lace Raphael
• Miracle Doll rabbit (lost in mail)
• Nihilum Doll Horns
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darlingkitt · 16 days ago
Dating Peter Maximoff HCs ♡ (GN!Reader)
top f/o and comfort character ALSO the evan I've been a fan of the longest so bet im gonna make all the content i can for him
Tumblr media
this boy fell HARD for you and FAST (as he does most things- but he honest to god wasnt expecting it)
meeting during the events of dofp while helping break erik out of the pentagon. both 17 and lovestuck,,logan is TIRED of having to deal with you both no matter what timeline he's in
probably dozes off against your shoulder in the car at some point (which gets a snort from logan and curious looks from charles and hank)
you return the rental car together (finally getting to have a FULL conversation- peter leads it, definitely fumbling over his words around you but you dont mind it) and once you have to go your seperate ways, slips a paper with his number into your pocket
didn't expect you to find it and if you did, didnt expect for you to give it a second thought
but! you did! and you cant help but smile when he picks up the phone, his own evident in his voice when he realizes its you
you start hanging out more and more and by the time the events of apocalypse start you're officially dating
arcade dates are a MUST though he will pout if you beat his highscore (hes PERFECTED it with you and he knows you're a sucker for it. its usually gone and replaced with his signature goofy grin after a few kisses though)
even after dating for a while peter still gets horribly nervous around you sometimes, especially when your touchy and affectionate towards him since hes typically not used to that
is BIG on it though, touch starved baby. melts into your arms and loves laying in them. PLEASE rub his back and run your fingers through that silver hair of his
peter fidgets a lot when he has to sit still so if you wear tons of jewelry, expect him to fidget with all of it (especially rings!)
if you don't wear jewelry, hes probably playing with your hands/fingers or with your hair
ALSO always has his legs draped over yours if hes sitting next to you, man has to either be in your lap or halfway in it
you're the first person he'd really open up to about erik and ask for any advice possible about telling him
which ends up in very emotional talks and curling up in bed together. if/when he does tell erik probably wants you some place near as support and you're always happy to be that for him
erik not liking you too much until you end up having a heart go heart about peter (you definitely spill your guts out and erik is pretty protective/just wants to be a good dad since he missed out on so much)
matching EVERYTHING especially walkmans, if you're a creative peter would definitely swoon if you painted them or something
and matching leather jackets <3
peter cries at the smallest things you do for him and the year you save up your money to buy him pink floyd tickets oh boy
peter practically jumps into your arms, a blubbering mess, "thank you"'s and "i love you"'s falling out of his mouth between kisses
wears a shirt he got there RELIGIOUSLY, he swears its his favorite thing he owns bar his walkman and a few stuffed animals you've gotten him over the years
WHICH he has a ton of- mostly bunnies, since thats one of his nicknames (bunny, thumper, peter cottontail you get the gist- just a bunny boy <3)
loves loves loves sitting outside of the school with you, head in your lap whild you either read/listen to music with him or make him flower crowns
loves listening to you read in general too. peter hates he doesnt have the attention span to actually sit down and read anymore so its become a ritual where you take time out of your day to read together
his favorite are definitely fantasy novels
so your room is jampacked with them as well as the records/cassettes you both collect
even if you aren't married (yet) the kids around the mansion call you mrs/mr/mx. maximoff
and everyone ships you (even if scott makes gagging noises at you everytime you kiss)
whines when you try to get out of bed without him in the mornings, always begs for you to stay in bed with him for 'five' more minutes
and looking down at those drowsy puppy dog eyes you never have the heart to tell him no
so you stay in bed for another hour
meeting wanda who has the BEST stories about peter growing up, he retaliates with his own stories though
you're one of the only people who makes peter feel genuinely appreciated and loved and he just adores you
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hannahdra-ws · 17 days ago
How do Janus and remus celebrate pride in your au's just like in general but if you want to get specific that would be great- rambling anon ♡
omg!!! hi!!!
in most of them they do go to pride parades and all that shit
in TYFT they go with Janus's dad or Logan's moms, or Remus drives Janus there on his fixed up motorbike/bicycle thing and usually ends up kind of emotional at pride (mostly cause his siblings, most of them, would have Loved pride)
in the monster au, Remus wasn't really Aware that pride was a thing (since he lived in the ocean his entire life and only recently actually went On Land) and Janus, who's been around for like? ever? saw the first pride parade and loved it and decided to take Remus there in the present (along with everyone else) and Remus is ECSTACTIC abt it
in flower shop au him and Virgil redecorate the entire tattoo shop to be pride themed the entire month of June (the shop already had pride themed things in it year round tho) and they do half off prices for every tattoo/piercing that's pride related
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haleysnodderly · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
Happy 8 year Anniversary Logan Snodderly It's been the sweetest love story I could have ever dreamed of. ♡ You have the most loving heart and I'm so blessed to be your wifey ♡ The best is yet to come. I love you xoxo ♡
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forever-sherlollied · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Cassie Holmes {Cassidy Jade (formerly Micelli) Holmes}, eldest and adopted daughter of Sherlock and Molly Holmes, she fondly remembers the day she left the Italian orphanage to come live with them. The day Sherlock solved her parents murder, proposed to Molly, and they promptly made the decision to adopt her immediately (with help from Mycrofts international ties of course). Which was a good thing, because with a mind like Sherlock's, he absolutely did not want Cassie to turn into a Eurus without guidance. She met Jake Harrington in first grade, an American born boy who moved to London with his (mostly unfit) mother after his father died in the Army. Molly and Sherlock spent a lot of time having him sleep over to protect him and feed him.
Despite Jake not being a genius, he was very heartfelt and balanced Cas. They became fast friends, best friends through the years, and ended up as husband and wife when they're older, despite Cassie's early claims that she'd never marry (or have children). They end up having three boys and twin girls (one of whom dies shortly after birth). Quinn, Logan, Mason, and Amelia. (Alexis was their deceased daughters name). Cas had also had 1 miscarriage prior to having Quinn, their first born. Logan, their second born ends up with childhood leukemia, but fights for years going back and forth to remission.
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xandriagreat · 21 days ago
Handsome and the Snake | Chapter 8
First chapter | Last chapter | Next chapter | Master post
Relationship(s): (pre)romantic Moceit,
Notice/Warnings (please let me know if I missed anything): talk about negative thing of the past
Later, Patton wanted to talk to Janus more before going to bed. Janus agreed.
“So, tell me again about your friends, please.” Janus said, sitting next to Patton on the bed. 
“Okay,” Patton chuckled, “why are you so interested in them?”
“Just the way that you described them, it just makes me  wonder.”
Patton sighed. “Well, Roman and Remus are twins who are soldier boys. They went to the battlefield at the near end of fall. It was hard for everyone, mostly both of their husbands.”
“Really, it was hard for them,” conuted Patton, “I knew that Virgil would hug Ro and try not to let go, yet Roman told him that he’ll be back and gave him a locket. But Logan taking Remus’ compass, that was hard to see him doing that.”
“What did Remus do?”
“Well, he gave him a gift, it was a wooden carving of a little possum. He told him to comfort him. Ro didn’t understand why Rem didn’t give him a locket like he did. He said that it reminds him of when they first met.”
Janus said, “Now I’m curious!”
Patton burst out laughing with Janus.
Janus was telling Patton about the party that The Enchanter crashed while going to Patton’s room.
“Yeah, there were a lot of people dancing, food, talking, and fun.” he said, then frowned. “Except me… I wasn’t having fun.”
Patton rubbed his back for comfort. 
Then Patton asked, "So,  who is this Dragon Witch?" 
Janus looked at him. “Because you’ve mentioned her… a lot.”
Janus thought back to remember the Dragon Witch.
"She..." started Janus then sighed. "She was a guest at the party."
Patton hummed. "Did you know her name?"
"Just Dragon Witch." Then Janus sighed. "She was annoying. I’m not being dramatic now. She was annoying!"
“Like how annoying?”
“So annoying!”
“Wow. That wose.”
Janus nodded. “She just came and flirted with me, which made it worse that I was about to tell everyone that the party was over. But that was when the guards brought The Enchanter in.”
Janus noticed that Patton was immediately thinking about something that scared him. 
Then they stopped when Janus put a hand on Patton’s shoulder and asked, “Patton? You okay?”
“I-I...” Patton started, rubbing his arms. “I’m just remembering why I left my town. It was because of the lady of the town, Regina.”
“Regina?” repeated Janus, looking down at him.
“Yeah, I should have told you sooner.”
Then Janus hugged him. “It’s okay,” he said, patting Patton. “You didn’t feel comfortable telling me about it. And I’m sorry, for who I was talking about made you uncomfortable.”
Patton hugged him back. “It’s alright. You didn’t know.” Then looked up at him. "Just to let you know that Regina isn't nice and she has almost everyone in town in the palm of her hand."
"My friends and I, we don't like the way she does things in town, while the people in town adore and fear her."
When they got to Patton’s room, Patton noticed that Janus looked nervous. “You okay, Janus?” he asked, putting a hand on Janus’ arm. 
“I- um….” Janus stunterd, rubbing the back of his neck.
“I was wondering if you want to go on a… Date, tomorrow night?”
They were both quiet as they looked at each other. Then Patton broke the silence as he smiled. “Yes, I wound like that.”
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ask-the-boyfs-xoxo · 23 days ago
While logan is torturing u all have some wholesomeness
Tumblr media
Cat loaf :3
(this is for everyone btw)
Fluffy loaf of cat..
J-Jer, are you crying?
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