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In the meeting   

Roxy and her teammates were sitting on each of the chairs, and their friends joined them to meet with Henry, Marionette, Freddy and his crew.

Dekusquad and Bakusquad were talking with Bonnie.

“How did you meet Deku?” Bakugo asked as Bonnie was surprised and he answered, “He visited us with his mother when he was a child, he loves my music, I can use the guitar.”

“Really?! Jiro-chan can use guitar!” Mina smiled as Jiro blushed in embarrassment but Bonnie smiled, “You are a skilled guitarist?”

“I do, I love any songs and music.” Jiro smiled as Uraraka said, “She’s skilled with singing.“

“Really? Freddy can sing too.”



“I have a question.” Iida raised his hand as Bonnie smiled, “Sure.”

“Did you teach Deku how to use guitar?”

“Of course, he loves to listen to my music.”

“I see. That’s why you and your friends know Roxy-san and her friends when they were children.” Tsuyu ribbited as Bonnie nodded, “Yea, but Roxy’s older than them.”

“Roxy-san is?” Todoroki raised his eyebrows, Bonnie smiled and nodded, Deku added, “He’s alway playing his guitar, I love his musics, it’s great.”

Chica was talking with Shaggy’s friends.

“You’re the one who taught Shaggy how to cook?” Fred asked as Chica smiled so widened.

“Yea! Also he acts like my own student and best friend!”  

“Thank you for teaching our Shaggy cooking.” Velma smiled.

“You’re welcome.”

“So… Shaggy loves your pizza?” Fred asked.

“Yea! We love pizza!” Chica smiled as Shaggy blushed, “That’s true.”

“Ree-ree!-Hee-hee!” Scooby laughed.

Freddy was chatting with Marinette’s friends, Adrien asked him, “So you’re Marinette’s friend, right?”

“Of course, she has a kind heart and kept me company.”

“Yeah, Marinette always shows us kindness.” Ayla smiled as Marinette blushed.

“Ayla’s right, you are always helping and supporting people.” Nino smiled as Adrien, Kagami and Luka nodded in agreement. 

Logan and Goldine were sitting with Ben, Roxy was sitting with Logan and Goldine as she stared at Ben.

‘Why is Ben-san acting so strange toward Freddy-san and his crew?’ Roxy thought as Henry cleared his throat, all of the heroes, the students and Team Mystery Heroes got attention.

“Everyone, do you want to ask us any questions before the meeting will begin.” Henry said as Marinette raised her hand, Freddy smiled, “Yes, my princess?”

“How do you know about us?” Marinette asked as Logan raised his hand, “I did. I was a friend of Henry Emily. I called him to come here, Freddy and his crew told me the details about you and Team Mystery Heroes. I also sent the photos of you and Team Mystery Heroes. So Freddy and his crew really want to see you and your friends.”

“That’s why you want us to go to see our friends.” Shaggy nodded, Roxy and Izuku furrowed their eyebrows in puzzle when Freddy and his crew have someone missing, Izuku raises his hand as Bonnie notices him, “Yes, my green bunny?” 

“Where’s the 6th member?” Izuku asked as the teens and the adults were confused, Roxy added, “I remember a red haired man who was with you.”

Freddy and his crew’s eyes were darkened, the silent loomed through the meeting room as Bakugo broke the silent and he spoke, “6th member? I see these people as only 5 members, Deku.”

“Red haired man?” Kevin asked as Henry sighed, “Well…. we kept searching for a man whose name is Foxworth Fox, you can call him Foxy, he’s our member and employee of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza restaurant and his role was a pirate.”

“He went missing a few years ago.” Chica added, Bonnie sighed and crossed his arms, “Yeah, that’s our fault because of 1987.”

“1987?” Todoroki wondered as Ben started explaining, “The bite of 1987, when the party started, Foxy was a good pirate. Foxy was smiling and talking in pirate language, suddenly a girl was mocking him, Foxy went out of control and bit a girl’s face off. The owner forced Foxy to close his pirate cove down for biting a girl’s face off.”

Freddy and his crew, X-Men, Team Mystery Heroes, U.A students and teachers, Marinette’s friends, Mystery Inc widened their eyes in shock, Freddy slammed his hands on the table, causing all of them to get startled. 

“How do you know about the bite of 1987?” Freddy asked, furrowing his eyebrows in frustration as Henry tried to calm him down, Ben’s eyes darkened as Logan furrowed his eyebrows in suspicion.

“I read a newspaper from my phone, that’s all.” Ben answered as he showed his phone, Freddy blinked his eyes a few times and he sighed, “I see.”

“Okay, the meeting began. We have serious news about this week that will get scary, you need to be careful.” Henry announced as all of the heroes and students were puzzled, Roxy crossed her arms. 

“Why?” Fred asked as Goldine started explaining, “Because we’re the animatronic hybrid humans, when we lose control when the clock shows 12:00 pm, we will get possessed by revengeful souls of children and we can’t remember what happened to the security guards except Logan.” 

“Yeah, I will never forget that. Freddy and his crew want to kill the security guards because….. the children were killed by a purple guy. Freddy and his crew thought I’m their killer because of the uniforms.” Logan explained as all of the heroes and students were shocked, Henry nodded, “It’s true, my old friend killed my daughter and the children, but Marionette has my daughter’s soul.”

“Wait, wait, wait. You said revengeful souls of the children?” Hank asked as Marionette nodded, “We have. I have the soul of a girl named Charlotte.”

“I have the soul of a girl named Cassidy.” Goldine answered.

“I have the soul of a boy named Gabriel.” Freddy answered.

“I have the soul of a boy named Jeremy.” Bonnie answered.

“I have the soul of a girl named Susie. Foxy has the soul of a boy named Fritz.” Chica answered. 

All of the heroes and students were shocked when Freddy and his crew had the souls of childrens that purple guy killed, Logan told them, “When I worked as a security guard, I saw the ghosts were standing in some rooms.”

“Ghosts?!” Shaggy, Izuku and Marinette said in unison, Ben furrowed his eyebrows.

“We will be careful, right guys?” Roxy said as all of the heroes and students nodded in agreement as Marionette took a breath in and out and she started explaining, “By this way, you need to survive through every midnight, also it’s called Week of Halloween. It’s traditional for us. In Halloween, we will turn into N-”  

“Nightmares.” The voice cut Marionette off, Team Mystery Heroes and their friends jerked their heads toward a man, a brown haired man with bright blue eyes wearing a purple shirt, blue pants and black shoes.

“Micheal!” Henry exclaimed in surprise, Micheal chuckled as he put his hands in his pants pockets as he walked toward him.

“How did you find us?” Henry asked as Micheal smiled a little, “I followed you to this mansion.”

“Oh, I see. But why are you here?”

“I’m here for the leaders of Team Mystery Heroes, Freddy and his crew.”

Marionette and Roxy walked toward Micheal as they furrowed their eyebrows in suspicion, Micheal smiled, “Hello, Charlotte and Roxanne.”

Marionette and Roxy widened their eyes in shock and still confused as their friends were puzzled, Roxy scowled, “How do you know our names?”

“Remember that day? A man who saved you from becoming a lab rat and getting experimented on?” 

“….Yes. Wait….. (Widened her eye) it’s you!” 

“Of course, I’m glad you’re safe.”

“Mike Schmidt?!” Logan exclaimed as Mike noticed him, he raised his eyebrows.

“Oh, it’s you Logan.”

“You know each other?” Roxy asked as Logan marched toward Micheal and he put his arm to protect her, he growled, “Why are you here?”

“…..I’m here to warn all of you about the Wirefox.”

“Wirefox?” Aizawa wondered as Freddy started explaining to the teens and adults, “Wirefox is a robotic fox, Foxy has his ability. We have our ability. Wireanimals only transforms at midnight, with robotic ears, claws, arms, tails and feet.”

“And wings too.” Chica added and Roxy asked, “What are the kinds of your ability?”

“Floating, speed, control over the animatronics, soul manipulation
and causing hallucinations.” Marionette answered.

“Transportation, causing hallucinations and telekinesis.” Goldine answered.

“Stealth, nigh-invulnerability, enhanced speed
and exceptional physical strength.” Freddy answered.

“Super kick, physical strength and stealth.” Bonnie answered.

“Stealth, physical strength, agility, disable and interfere with technology, I can turn my arms into wings to fly. Foxy’s abilities are physical strength, incredible leaps, super speed and wirefox.” Chica answered as Freddy continued, “We have abilities to scare humans and….”

“Terminate. We were forced to terminate the security guards every night. We have the souls of the missing childrens to search for the right killer.” Bonnie added.

“He transferred the souls of the children to us and made us as weapons.” Chica added.

“That’s terrible!” Marinette gasped, put her hands on her lips as Freddy walked toward her, put his right hand on her left shoulder.

“Yes. This is terrible.” 

“Okay, the meeting’s over.” Henry announced as the heroes and the students got up and walked out of the meeting room, Ben got up as he stared at Marinette, who was talking with Freddy as he smiled and whispered, “I’m glad that you’re okay.”  

Micheal noticed Ben, who was smiling as he widened his eyes in shock that Ben reminded him of his little brother, Chris as Ben walked out of the meeting room. Micheal let his tears down over his cheeks, but he wiped his tears away as he sighed and walked out of the meeting room.

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X-men Evolution

Logan, a tired dad: Help me carry these.

Rogue: I can barely carry the weight of my depression…

Logan: Just pick up the grocery bags!

Bobby: Good news and bad news!

Logan, already dreading the answer: Good news first.

Bobby: It is highly unlikely that I will EVER do it again!

Kurt: Rather muggy outside today, don’t you think?

Kurt: *sips milk from a bowl*

Logan: *looks outside to see all the mugs on the lawn*

Logan: It is…

Logan: *sips coffee from a bigger bowl*

Logan, trying: How was school today, half-pint?

Kitty: School was a 10 year old junior league baseball star who’s parents just announced their divorce and I am the festive birthday pinata.

Logan: *genuinely concerned*

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Day 25 Buddy

Another picture which needs a bit of unpacking.

Many moons ago there was a delightful cartoon of Legolas on horseback with a jacket which says ‘If you can read this, the dwarf fell off’ Which in itself was a take on biker jackets about bikers partners.

I really wanted a biker jacket for Wolverine with ‘if you can read this, the elf fell off’ as a nod to one of the oldest and best buddy relationships in comics. Jubilee gave it to him. Kurt doesn’t understand the joke.

Of course, I am crap at drawing things like bikes, not helped by the guy in the photo ref being a foot taller than Wolvie, and also the rather large glass of Malbec I imbibed while drawing it…

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Okay wowowow brain rot time but small little X Man fam facts bc the storyline is moving sjsjsj

  • Originally, Kitty was born and raised in San Francisco, but while she was still living with her parents, they moved to a small, picket fence, cookie cutter town in Kansas. The kind where it was mandatory to attend church if you wanted to exist in the elusive community of he wash up up, boring and bland who make plastic mannequins seem real. The only upside of it is being able to chase the jerk who tried to peek under her skirt with a rifle in hand.
  • Bobby is from Houston, not having stepped foot much outside his hometown. The furthest he’s been from home was running away from the baseball field he grew disdain for when he realized he was the only one who remember it was just a game. He hitched a ride to the next town, somewhere between Angletown and Bay city before his father found and made him walk home beside the car. He doesn’t like baseball anymore after that.
  • Jubilee lived in a crime reeking neighbourhood in Seol, SK, cornered by people who thought it was painfully interesting that a 6 year old could do what she did.
  • Despite growing up in the Mansion, Charles always made sure to tell Kurt that his roots can always be found in Berlin, in case he ever wants to explore his past. Sometimes, when he was little, Kurt would teleport in Logan’s room to play with his old army equipment, his favorite items would be the steel plates with the German map on it. Logan sat through him painting every town, village, and city, because Kurt was excited about the possibility of finding his parents.
  • Laura’s origins seem similar to the ones she had in Logan, - her birth place may have been Eden Labs, but she seems to be very knowledge about Spanish. My take on it is that the nurse who sent Charles and Logan the message in the movie smuggled as many kids as she could to Mexico before she was caught.

  • Despite Logan saying “I know parenting ‘bout as much as Charles knows about track racin’ ” it’s an unspoken rule that every problem or issue linked to the kids is linked to him. Scott will always give him a hard time,- at this point, it’s all they know and all they can. Logan is impulsive and rash and curt, too untamed, too aggressive and too little of what Scott respects for them to bond properly, but he will never criticize Logan on how he is around kids, nor will he let anyone else to.
  • Nightmare or night terror or a school affair, superhero insecurity, being alienated for their x gene or general bigotry, - They can all help with those, but the kids ( Storm deliberately calls them Logan’s kids and no one is looking to contradict her) actively seek him out, not because they trust them less, but because they trust Logan the most as he just? Knows what their specific needs are, understands that it’s both an isolated and individual incident, tip toeing across the line of mutant and human. He just Knows.
  • Logan of course freaks out about having been seen as a father figure– The man should barely be seen as a person figure, let alone a pillar of discipline, protection, security and guidance. Storm and Charles don’t really know how to break it to him that when he drives the kids to the mall, movies, park, buys them stuff and makes them eat and take breaks and just generally not die,, it’s a bit top late to say he doesn’t want to be a dad JSJSJSM
  • Bobby is the oldest, Laura is the baby
  • Bobby is 17 (May 12th), Kitty is 15 (August 11th), Kurt is 16 (December 31) Jubilee is 12 (July 4th) and Laura is 7 (November 12th)
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