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#logan sanders

Setting: human au, Patton and Virgil are roommates, inspired by the way I loved you by Taylor Swift

Ship:  Starting analogical, endgame prinxiety and logicality

Description:  Logan’s nice.  Virgil knows this.  But there is still nothing there. Maybe he shouldn’t try and move on when he still loves someone who he lost because of a mistake.

Tw:  It’s slightly angsty but it’s mostly fluff, okie?, kissing

Virgil opened the door and trudged into his apartment, dropping his bag on the floor.  hearing the noise, Patton looked up from the couch.

“Hey, kiddo!” he exclaimed, getting up to hug the purple haired boy. “How was your date?”

Biting his lip, Virgil shrugged and flopped onto the couch. “It was… fine, I guess.”

“Is everything okay?”

–He is sensible and so incredible
And all my single friends are jealous–

“Look, Logan is sensible and nice and says everything I need to hear but…” Virgil paused.

“He’s not Roman.”

Looking down, Virgil couldn’t help but feel guilty.  It was stupid to still like Roman.  But he missed the passion and emotion he felt whenever he was with him.

“I just… I miss screaming and fighting and kissing in the rain.  And when it’s 2 AM and I’m cursing his name.”

Patton reached out, putting a hand on his shoulder. “It’s okay, Vee.”

“But it’s not!”

–He’s close with my mother
talks business with my father–

Virgil could still remember when he introduced his parents to Logan.  They seemed so happy.  But Virgil knew that it wasn’t good to fake a smile when they told Virgil, he should keep him.

Patton’s arms around him, Virgil couldn’t help but feel the tears slipping from his eyes.  Cold tears left tracks of black across his face.

“I still love him, pop star,” Virgil sobbed. “What do I do?”

Patton pulled back and wiped the tears from underneath the emo’s eyes, getting eyeshadow smudged across his fingers.

“You need to tell both of them your true feelings, kiddo,” Patton whispered, comfortingly. “And I know that that might be hard, but your old pa is going to be there the whole time.” Virgil snickered. “And I’m pretty sure things will turn out just fine, okay?”

Virgil nodded.

–My heart’s not breaking
cause I’m not feeling anything at all–

“Logan!” Virgil called, voice shaking. “Can I talk to you?”

“Of course, Virgil.  What do you wish to talk about?”

Closing his eyes, Virgil took a deep breath.

“Virgil?  Is something-”

“I don’t think this is working!”

Hesitantly, he opened his eyes.  There was a look of… relief on Logan’s face?

“Oh thank goodness,” Logan sighed. “Not that I find you uninteresting, but it was feeling that we were more like friends.”

Virgil smiled. “I agree.”

“And anyway, I may have caught feelings for… someone else.”

Virgil followed Logan’s gaze to his roommate who was sat on a nearby bench, trying to watch the conversation without looking suspicious.  He was failing quite badly.

Virgil patted Logan on the arm. “Take your time with him okay?”

Logan’s cheeks reddened. “I-”

“Look I don’t care what you do, just take your time.  And, as for me, I have to get somewhere.”

And he took off, running towards his car.

–And you were wild and crazy
just so frustrating
intoxicating, complicated–

Virgil pulled up outside the flat he knew so well.  The rain had begun to pour, but he couldn’t care less as he ran towards the door.  He sped up the stairs, knowing exactly where he was going.  Stopping outside room 321, he panted before knocking.  There was shuffling before the door opened.

“Hel-… Virgil.”

Roman stood in front of him, dressed in messy pyjamas but still looking as gorgeous as ever.  There was a sadness in his eyes that Virgil barely saw.

“Can I come in?  Please?”

“Uh, yeah sure.”

Virgil shuffled inside, looking around.  The place hadn’t changed much since the last time he’d been there.

“Virgil, you’re… soaked.  And why are you here?”

“Cause I wanted to see you, princey.”

A soft smile returned to Roman’s face. “We still doing nicknames huh, hot topic?”

Virgil bit back his usual response to the nickname and took a deep breath.

“I have to tell you something.”

The smile disappeared. “Right, uh… go ahead.”

Feeling anxiety rising in his chest, Virgil began to fiddle with the fraying edges of his hoodie.  Roman nearly reach out, but held himself back.

“Whatever you need to say, you can say it.  I promise it won’t-”

“I love you!”

Roman stopped.  His mouth stayed open and his eyebrows furrowed.


“I love you,” Virgil muttered. “Okay?”

“But you said-”

“That was a mistake!” Virgil said, looking into Roman’s eyes. “I was panicking, you know how I usually do and I thought you were breaking up with me so i said it, and I regretted it immediately!”

Roman smiled.  It was the sweet smile he had when he was happy.

“So,” Virgil whispered, “will you take me back?”

Roman surged forward, wrapping his arms around Virgil’s waist and pressing his lips to his.  Virgil smiled into the kiss.  There was the passion he loved with all of his heart.

“Yes,” Roman whispered when they pulled apart.

–That’s the way I love you–

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CW: food mention, loads of fluff

Relationships: romantic DLAMP

Chapter title is from sweater weather by the neighbourhood

read on ao3

Masterlist for my superhero AU

Patton loved his roommate, he really did, but he was just a little eccentric. Patton could deal with the sneaking in at hellish hours in the early morning, and the mud he tracked into the appartement and the faint smell of antiseptic and blood that was always present in their bathroom.

He could even deal with his roommate occasionally forgetting his tasks or even disappearing for days on end.

But this was just unacceptable. Patton stood in front of a near empty fridge, only a refrigerated tupperware full of noodles and a jar of pickles left.

“Virgil?” He called.

His roommate looked up at him from under his messy bangs, dark circles that seemed to take up half of his face under his eyes. He really should stop sneaking out at night. Patton had hoped he would have gotten more sleep during the holidays, but it seemed his roommate was determined to work himself into an early grave.

“What have you been eating?” He asked, pointing to the fridge.

Virgil gaped at him for a moment as the question made its way into his sleep deprived brain.

“Uhm, noodles?” He said, sounding unsure of himself.

“Just noodles?”

“And pickles, I guess.”

“During the holiday season?”


Patton sighed. Virgil just continued staring at him, seemingly unaware of why Patton was so upset.

“You did eat something other than noodles on Christmas, right?” He asked, his voice edging on desperation.

“I dunno, when was Christmas?”

Patton snapped.

“Nope, this is unacceptable. I don’t care if you celebrate or not, but you should at least eat something.”

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“Darling, get a clue, there’s nothing you can do! I don’t need your love!”

This is my first piece in drawing the sides as Six characters, Logan Parr!! Man, I’m really excited to do this, Sanders Sides was actually what introduced me to Six in the first place! (One guess to which song and character lol)

Hope you guys like it and there’s more of these to come!


Taglist: @artissijules, @its-the-cat-queen, @myyoutubecorner, @shy-shiteray, @virgils-paranoia, @marshmallow-the-panda, @anotheregofanficblog, @simkarta333

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Liam: Logan, right?


Logan, awkwardly: Um..yes, yes that is my name.

Liam: Oh cool, like wolverine, dude.

Logan: I..okay.

Liam: I’m Liam. Honestly, you do look like a super hero! With the bones and stuff hanging out, and electricity thing you got going on.

Logan: I..uh, thank you?

Liam: No problem. Ya know, it’s kind cool to have brother!

Liam: I’m the only brother of the family, and the youngest! It’s a big fort to hold down, what about you?

Logan freezes up due to the introversion that runs deep in his soul.

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Paint and pictures

Pairings: pre-romantic Logicality, develops later into romantic logicality. Maybe prinxiety and Remile in the future.

AU Summary: Logan has always loved museums. The art, sculptures and just the peace and quiet made Logan fall in love with it’s history everytime. What happens if Logan doesn’t only fall in love with the art work, but also with the museum’s newest visitor?

Chapter summary: All he wanted was to read his book, how did he end up sharing.. oreos?.. with a cute stranger?

Chapter 1: Nerd meets nerd

A feeling of peace spread through Logan when he turned the page of his book. In the background he could hear the tour guide explain the history of some of the paintings from the Golden era. Logan could probably quote the entire tour they gave at the museum, he was almost a hundred percent certain that he could recall every fact about the paintings by memory at this point. He knew the years in which they were painted, the name of the artists, the country where they were painted and every little detail in the art itself.

He probably knew more than the tour guides themselves. He certainly was more excited about the art than they were, but Logan wasn’t really looking for a job at the museum right now. He preferred to focus on his studies first, that history degree wouldn’t graduate by itself. No, eventhough Logan loved art and it’s history, he didn’t study art. His dream was to become a history teacher and to share the beautiful and horrible events from the past. Logan couldn’t wait to be able to educate the next generation.

Oh right, his book, the reason he came here in the first place. Over the years, the museum had become Logan’s second home. He had found that he felt more comfortable surrounded by paint and sculptures, so that’s where he was now. He turned another page and looked up from his book when he heard another person enter. A boy around his age, with curly brown hair that seemed to go in every direction and mesmerising blue eyes. The stranger looked around for a few seconds before resting his gaze on one of the sculptures.

Logan recognized the sculpture to be from Athena, Greek goddess of wisdom, handicrafts and welfare. The boy sat down in front of the goddess and took his blue backpack of his back. He searched for a few seconds before grabbing a notebook covered in stars and a pencil. Logan moved his gaze back to his book and started to get lost in his story again, only to be interrupted a few minutes later. A soft voice broke his concentration and the voice seemed to belong to the boy with the backpack.

“Excuse me? I’m sorry to disturb you, but I can’t find someone who works here and I had some questions about the sculptures.. Do you know anything about Greek mythology?”

O gosh he’s adorable

“Oh, I’m Patton by the way!” The boy, Patton apparently, let out a giggle and awkwardly waved at Logan.

Logan closed his book and placed it next to him on the bench. Before Logan could even introduce himself, Patton was walking back to where he had abandoned his backpack. He seemed to search for something and Logan walked towards him with a questioning look on his face.

“There they are! Here! Do you want one?” Logan’s confusion only grew when the boy handed him some oreos.

“Uh no thank you? I never got the chance to introduce myself, but my name is Logan and yes I know a fair amount of information about Greek mythology, although I know more about the Roman era.”

“That’s great! It’s nice to meet you Logan! I’m Patton!” Patton paused for a second before hiding his face in his hands and groaning softly, “I had already introduced myself hadn’t I? Well, now you probably won’t forget my name that easily!” Just as quickly as Patton’s smile had disappeared, it returned and Logan tried to hold back a laugh.

“It’s okay Patton. So, you needed some help?” Patton picked up his notebook and pressed it into Logan’s hands before kneeling down next to his backpack. Logan opened the book and saw several notes about multiple goddesses, followed by some quick sketches.

“Okay so,” it was that moment that Logan noticed the second, smaller bag that hang over Patton’s shoulder. “I’m a photography major and I have this project about history.” He stood back up, now with a camera in his hands. “We have to do a photoshoot inspired by different time eras! So I already convinced my best friends to do an Egypt themed and a Medieval themed shoot with me. Now I only need some ideas for a Greek mythology inspired shoot.”

Logan watched as Patton ate some of his oreos and picked up the pencil. “Well first you’ll need to decide if you want to do it about a specific god or if you prefer something more about other parts of Greek culture, such as their philosophy, architecture or politics, which are also really interesting. Perhaps, depending on who you choose, you can take pictures near the lake in the forest not far from here.”

Logan wrote down several names with little summaries before looking back up at Patton. “Oh my gosh! Thank you Logan! I think I’ll do it about a specific god or goddess or maybe both! Or or or I can try to recreate one of the myths or-”

It was at this point that Logan’s brain decided to zone out. He tried to listen, he really did, but for some reason his brain had decided that it would be a better idea to focus on Patton’s enthusiastic smile, or the way he almost seemed to flap with his hands from excitement. Wait what? No this wasn’t happening. Logan quickly shook himself back to reality and realised that Patton had asked him a question. Those thoughts should stay in their place, which was the ’This isn’t the time for touchstarved gay thoughts Logan’ folder.

“I apologise Patton, I don’t think I caught what you were saying.” Logan awkwardly cleared his throat and fidget with his hands.

“That’s cause I didn’t throw anything Lo!” Patton giggled when Logan let out a groan and continued, “I asked if you maybe knew someone who can pose for me in the photoshoot?”

Don’t do it, no Logan. Yes he’s cute but is one cute boy worth the complete humiliation that would come with a photoshoot? He could just suggest a friend. Yes! That sounded like a good idea, he would just tell him that maybe Remy would be able to-

“I can do it”

You had one job Logan

And you failed

But he easily repressed all the anxious thoughts that took over his brain when he saw Patton’s reaction. Eyes wide, filled with stars, his smile the brightest it had been all day. It was totally worth it. And if Logan leaned into Patton’s touch when the boy hugged him, who could blame him?

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Despite the morning being not so great, the rest of their day went pretty smoothly despite the circumstances. 

They did need to stop at a rest stop and it was hell the whole time but they really needed to so they bore with the feeling.

Roman, having drank so so many energy drinks feels like he’s going to burst through his skin, he jerks the car every now and then not having any control over the spasms. 

But as night falls they’re so very close to the campsite and they eventually do get there to all of their relief (it’s really late and the others are already asleep), Roman parks the car next to Remus’, they all tense as he turns the ignition off but once it’s clear that they no longer need to worry about that dreadful sensation they all let out a collective sigh.

“I hope that never happens again” Patton whispers.

Roman finally is able to relax, he’s slumped in his seat, he’s no longer hyped up but instead is crashing hard from the unhealthy amounts of energy drinks.

Logan yawns creating a chain of yawns from the other two, Roman doesn’t care where he sleeps right now, he slumps sideways on the long seat of the car.

Patton chuckles and gets out of the car, Logan follows.

“We’ll let him sleep while we make up the tent” Patton says as Logan grabs the keys from an already asleep Roman’s hand to open the trunk.

They light up a lantern and set up their tent and their bedding inside the tent, they leave their bags in the car.

Patton hefts Roman into his arms like a baby, he snuggles into the embrace, they tuck themselves in to their tent and promptly fall asleep waiting for a new day to arise.

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Written by Eevee

Things to look out for: abuse, crying, forcing someone to tell you information, kidnapping, starving mention, unsympathetic!Patton, a small sexual joke (maybe 2), panic attack mention, hallucinations mention, (tell me if I missed one)

Random side note: This fic was made for @cherry-dork! Based loosely off this post (yes I know it’s been done before, I’m sorry). It’s kinda bad, but I had fun writing it!

Taglist: @poppin-pan @youremotionallystablefriend (sorry for not tagging the last few)


Logan gasped for air as the bag over his head was removed. “Wha..? Where are am I?!” He panicked, looking around. He saw Remus and Janus and frowned, immediately calming down. “Oh, it’s just you two.”

Janus crossed his arms. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Remus frowned. “Yeah! You were fun when you were scared!” He cried.

Logan scoffed and pulled at the ropes that tied him to the chair, hoping to get back to the light side quickly so he wouldn’t get in trouble for being gone. “I’m just saying I’m not shocked you two are behind this,” he explained.

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(Reposting because the original had multiple issues)

Closer to you

(Intrulogical fic Ft. Witch!Logan and ReallyGay!Remus)

Words: 2, 151

TW: Forbidden love, hurt/dying/dead animal, slight blood mention, cursing, every-where-but-the-mouth kissing, crying, fluff with a sad ending


Remus hung his head low, focused on the gravel crunching under his steps. He held his cloak close, inhaling the sweet, dried flowers scent. It was colored a dark, deep green and felt like a smooth mix between silk and cotton. He didn’t know exactly what it was made of, but he knew why the fabric felt sunshine on his skin.

Murmurs and shadows passed by him, all trying to hurry home before night fully took over. The sky was lit up in peachy pink and golden hues of dusk, wisps of cloud swirling within the light. Remus ran his fingers down the cracks of brick buildings, rubbing down the calluses. The gate’s shadow stretched across the streets, forests just behind. The bugs chattered eerily to each other, each excited about the upcoming night time. Remus was just as excited as them.

The last of the doors shut, the people of his town tucked safely into home. He doubted his absence would be noticed by his family, as long as he returned by breakfast. He squeezed past the gate, bars uncomfortably hugging him before he wiggled free. Purposely losing weight was worth the ability to get past.

The forest buzzed with life from every corner, greeting Remus in various ways. One creature of the forest had stolen his very heart, completely by accident and without intention. Thankfully Remus hadn’t been dissected yet, despite his offerings. He could tell that the creature was near, as the world suddenly seemed like a much better place.

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