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#logan sanders mention

Virgil: what’s that anime with the 4 boys who look exactly alike why is it popular they’re ugly

Remus: teenage mutant ninja turtles?

Janus: the Beatles?

Orange: Mt. Rushmore?

Virgil: I just remembered! It’s called Sanders Sides and I’m gonna fuck those bitches up *sinks out*

[Taking On Anxiety begins]

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I still like the idea of my blogs being characters so here’s a probably not the best colour pallete for each one














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Note: This is just a little fic before we get back into Tiny Galaxies :D The fic also has the entire lyrics of Achilles Come Down in it.

Genre: ANGST. Specifically Roman Angst

Ship: None

TW: Cursing, death, sympathetic Remus, falling, self-doubt/deprecation..??, crying

Let us know if we missed anything!

Word Count: 467

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Sexuality Headcanon: Bi

Gender Headcanon: genderfluid

A ship I have with said character: analogince

A BROTP I have with said character: royality

A NOTP I have with said character: r*mr*m

A random headcanon: he has really nice green eyes

General Opinion over said character: he’s slowly growing on me, I like him

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Hey I’m looking for a touch starved Virgil fic that I can’t find

It was made before accepting anxiety, and has (I think) 5 parts

It’s Virgil admitting he’s never been touched and the other 3 trying to make up for it

Patton cries while Virgil “sleeps” next to him and talks about how they wish they had given him the affection he needed in one of the chapters

If someone finds it can someone link it to me?

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Happy birthday Logan, I just found out like 30 minutes ago and rushed this out fast bc I needed to celebrate it, don’t mind the wonky eyes please.

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A Prinxiety Halloween Story

Fandom: Sanders Sides

AU: Human

Pairing(s): Prinxiety, Logicality (mentioned), Demus (mentioned)

Summary: Virgil is stuck babysitting his baby cousin on Halloween night while answering the door to trick or treaters. Roman shows up to surprise him.

Warnings: Cursing, Food mention, Hyperventilation (Did I miss any? Please let me know!), OOC Characters

Additional Note(s): Happy Halloween everyone! I’m a bit rusty since I haven’t written in so long. Think of this as a little test run. I hope all of you are having an amazing and spooktacular Halloween 🎃 (Finished 11:49 PM, October 31, 2020. Just in time!)

Read on AO3:

Ready? Let’s Begin.

Trick or Treat: A Witch and his Vampire

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Prompt number: 13

Fandom: Sanders Sides

Rating: General

Warnings/Tags: None

Virgil had been sitting in the mindscape living room, minding his own business, when Janus walked in. He’d been doing that from time to time, and since April thirteenth, no one had done anything about it. Virgil looked up and made eye contact.

“Hello… Virgil,” said Janus, holding out the Side’s name longer than was strictly necessary.

“Janus,” greeted Virgil. His tone only slightly implied hostility. “What brings you here?”

“Oh, nothing really.”


“I just thought I might go somewhere other than usual to read my book.”

“Whose book?”

“My book.”

“Your book with Logan’s bookmark still in it, at about the same page it was on when he left it in the kitchen this morning.”


“Stick to believable lies. God, you can’t even do your job.”

“Says you, who befriended the one he’s supposed to scare.”

“And? I can still scare him just as well when I need to.”

“When you need to? You used to like scaring people. What are you now, a pacifist?”

“Those are the words of a man who wants to find an unpleasant surprise hanging over his bed at three a.m.”

“Resorting to threats now?”

“No, just facts. But I can see how you might get the two confused.”

“Intimidation doesn’t work on me, Virgil. You know this.”

“Is that so? Because I seem to have some memories that suggest quite the opposite.”

“We were young.”

“Time, the eternal excuse. Can’t think of anything better?”

“How about ‘you’ve grown to be less competent’?”

“There we go, slipping back into your lies. Good job. Always play to your strengths, no matter how limited those strengths may be.”

Janus scoffed. “Exactly how limited do you think my strengths are? There are lies of omission, lies of commission—”

“Yeah, yeah, lies of omission, lies of commission, character lies. There’s no need to parrot Logan, I heard him too.”

“You’ll see my point, then.”

“Not really. For one thing, listing the ways to lie doesn’t mean anything. For another, there are way more ways to scare people than ways to lie.”

“You do realize I came here to read, yes?”

“You’ve run out of retorts, huh? Well, I guess I’ll leave you in peace to read ‘your’ book.” Virgil stood up and walked past Janus to his room. As he brushed against the other Side’s shoulder, he whispered, “I missed this.”

Janus whispered back, “Me too.”

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Ok but listen, just hear me out. Janus being shorter then Logan so when he wants a kiss he just uses his cane and drags Logan’s neck down for a kiss.

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I am not sure. I admit I am a little tough on him but I try to show that I care for him.

He goes on, and on, and on when talking to Remus, but it is generally a chore to get him to acknowledge me. He just seems… Distant to me.

I’m not quite sure why.


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Their red strings.

Everyone has a red string. No one can’t have a red string. Well… Except Logan, though it didn’t really bother him, having a soulmate would just get in his way.

The not having a red string part only really bothered other people, to the point they would pick on him. He gets reminded by other people at least once a day, the nerd would probably forget about soulmates if someone didn’t remind him, he never understood what was so special about soulmates.

That was until one day he woke up with a red string on his pinkie… He thought it was a joke, like the joke his parents pulled when he was smaller. So thinking it was a joke, he began to tug on the string trying hard to get it off. It. Didn’t. Come. Off.

He spent all day trying to get it off, because honestly he didn’t want a soulmate. Interaction with other people was only bothersome to Logan.

This intrigued him greatly, not the part that he had a soulmate of course, but the fact that he now has one, even though he wasn’t supposed to have one.

So Logan went to the library and asked for the soulmate section, trying to figure out what happened.

It was hours later when someone tapped his shoulder. The nerd looked back to see someone with a grey section of hair, a pair of short shorts and a cropped tank top and a long sleeve mesh under it paired with combat boots. He didn’t know what about the look that made him interested? Or intrigued? Just something about this man he just met that made him want to listen to what he had to say.

“Hello? Are you there?”. Shi- had he been staring at him?

He cleared his throat, “Uh sorry I was… Distracted”. The man just looked him up and down, “Distracted? Well I guess I’ll leave a cutie like you off the hook”, he licked his lower lip. Logan didn’t get what he said but he ignored it for the time being.

“Anyways, what did you need?”. “Hmm? Oh! I was looking for a certain soulmate book and you looked like you know this library well”.

“Well do you know know the name of the book?” The nerd asked. “I don’t but I know some of the contents of the book, if that’ll help?” He responded. “Well what’s in it?”.

“It has a thing about explaining why very few people get a soulmate later in their life then others” the one talking swaying their hips.

“Oh what a coincidence, I’m looking for the same book, though I haven’t read it though. If you want, we can look for it together? I’ve been looking for a few hours now”.

“Alright I wouldn’t mind spending a hour or two with you”.

They both began searching until Logan made a noise like he found something so the man in shorts came over to look. “Did you find the book?” He looked up from the book he was reading with a star like look In his eyes, “I did!” The nerd smiled, finally finding the book he had been looking all day for.

“So do you want the book first or me?” The man smiled, “You can have it first…? What was your name?”.

“Oh, apologies my name is Logan” he held his hand out for the other to shake. “My name is Remus”.

Logan didn’t know what about learning this man’s name that made his face heat up but it did.

“A-Alright so I’ll have the book first and when I’m done with it you can have it” Logan stuttered out.

“Ok, phone number?” Remus said handing his phone to the nerd for him to type in.

He took the phone and quickly typed it in, handing it back to the other. To which Remus quickly texted him.

‘Hi cutie’ is what was said in chat, Logan’s face heated up at that all he he could text back was 'Hi’.

(cliff hanger bc everyone loves them and I’m at a block where idk what to write, so I’ll continue this later, I’ll have a tag for this “part 01” so if you want to find the second part when it comes out it can be easily found the tag for the next one will have is “part 02”).

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I had two of my friends watch the three thirst episodes of Sanders sides with me.

And me and the smart friend both agree that she is Logan and I’m Patton

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(@itsabsurd-and-terrifying )

I’m just gonna post what I have so far. It’s not the end of season 1 which is where I should’ve cut off, but here it is. From “My True Identity!” to “Making Some Changes!” Here is a list of every time someone was mean/rude to Roman Princey Sanders

My True Identity!:




Taking On ANXIETY with Lilly Singh!!!:


A New Year of Lying to Myself… In Song!!:

-Logan and Thomas both show that they are unhappy about Roman showing up. Logan going “Noooooooo!!” And Thomas saying “Wow okay, so my fanciful side is here too now” (2:29)

-After the song Logan tells Roman (and Patton) to get out. “Wait- okay, you get out-” followed by “Yep- no-n-n-nope. Just get out- all right- great- fantas- sink down- perfect- sink down- there you go- right-” (5:37)

-Logan ignores Roman’s (and Patton’s) contributions by saying that only he helped (5:57)

The Dark Side of Disney!:

-Okay literally the entire episode consists of Virgil passive aggressively mocking Roman’s naivety, and I am not here for it

-Prince Hate. (2:21, 2:50, 3:04)


- “you know why I’m here I love Disney!!” “So do I, but I’m not like that (0:39)

-Okay so in the beginning of the episode Virgil is putting down Roman for his hyper fixation and I do not approve

The MIND vs. The Heart:



-Logan while trying to say he loves them: “Your existence is inconsequential-I mean, unimportant… I mean… gooooood” he’s trying, but I mean.. like.. that’s not a good thing to say. (7:25)

Losing My Motivation:

-“You called?” “I did not.” (3:32)

-“And as usual you were comepletely unnecessary” (7:25)

Sanders Sides Q&A:

-“Prince. I gotta say.. you do impress me.” … “by being a clueless moron all of the time.” (5:47)

-Everyone interrupts Roman’s singing with All Star (7:11)


-“Prince Underarms-stink” (1:12)

-“do you trust me?”“I dunno..” (1:50)

-“you’ve kept me in the backseat for the last two sanders sides videos and that is criminal! You try to create art but you shackle your creativity!” (1:51)

-Virgil is just very much being rude to Roman in this episode. There’s a lot of rolling eyes, and rude jabs

-There are a LOT of simple sentences that can be interpreted as rude so I just- ugghhh

-then the entire video they’re harping at him for not coming up with something creative even if he’s doing his best (Especially Virgil)

-“this is what we get for making him the leader” (Logan) (5:23)

-As much as I love the rap battle, and yes I know this is the point of a rap battle, but Logan’s verse is technically attacking him so I’m counting it (6:17)

-he’s trying so hard and they’re expecting so much from him

-“princey you could never let me down!” “No?” “No?” (9:01)

-as they’re consoling Roman Virgil is literally trying to say that “But a copy is bad and Princey should still feel bad” like hhnngh

-“Thanks everyone.. well.. almost everyone.” (10:11)

-“Why don’t you want to listen to me more?” (10:26)

My NEGATIVE Thinking:

-El Princepe es estupido (0:51)

-“..and he loves the sing-y, artsy, frivolous displays.” (Logan) Dismissal of his job anyone?? (2:37)

-“Personally I find you and Princey to be a little too.. extra” (Logan) (4:22)

-“I’m back! Did you miss me?” “You’re mom misses you!” (Logan) (12:42)

Growing Up:

-Logan disregards Thomas’ dreams in favor of his work (1:18)

-Thomas ignores Roman’s contribution to the mind palace until he is called out on it (12:09)

Making Some Changes!:

-Thomas ignores Roman’s (and Patton’s) contributions to the mindpalace, claiming that since they’re part of him it’s technically his work. (0:21)

-“ to your personality” (Patton) (I dunno if this counts but I’m putting it on the list) (0:40)

-“Sure. Nerd.” “Great. Halfwit.” (Logan) (4:02)

-“Why did I think it’d be a good idea to join forces with you?” (Logan) (4:39)

-(these is picky but-) Virgil tries to make Thomas stop Roman from singing/also assuming gender :^ (5:40)

-El Principe es estupido part 2 electric boogaloo (9:31)

-“…your thick, self-aggrandizing skull.. you are vapid, and slow witted.” (Logan) (9:38)

-“I learned spanish first! So who’s the stupid one now?” “Still you.” (Logan) (9:50)

I’m picky I know.

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That’s so so sad, but yeah! It works

After it happens they all react differently and never actually mention it to each other.

Patton: really upset after and cried a lot

Virgil: trust issues

Janus: cut off contact with Remus and acted like it didn’t happen

Logan: hid his emotions and tried to take the pictures off the internet

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Happy Birthday Remus.


Note: Janus got him a card. Roman got him a tortured octopus plush. Patton made a cake. Virgil got him more deodorant. Logan found a book on whatever animal that is.

Remus is grateful.

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Got some galaxy nails and thought of Logan :)

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