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wrongmha · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hawks: I suppose you don't like me very much anymore. Tokoyami: Not particularly, no. Hawks: That's alright. I'm a bit of an acquired taste. Tokoyami: Vinegar, I imagine. Hawks: I deserve that.
Source: Jenna Moreci ("The Savior's Champion")
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olderthannetfic · 7 months ago
Hi! I know you're one of the older fans on Tumblr & I wanted to ask you about the anti movement. I'm 19 & when I see people talking about the ages of anti fans, they're often within the 14-25 age range & I have no idea why. I also feel it's a little unfair to say that younger fans tend to be antis, though it is understandable since I've also made mistakes when I didn't know things. Why do you think most antis are younger fans? What should younger fans who aren't antis do to be more involved?
Hee! I’m 40, which, tbh, actually isn’t that old for Tumblr (though it’s certainly old compared to the common perception of tumblr), so sure, I can probably answer this. I guess there are two questions here: 1. Is it true and 2. why, if so?
1. Experience suggests that antis do tend to be young... but it does not follow that young people tend to be antis. (You’d have to know the proportion of antis relative to the overall population of fandom, which we don’t. I think the majority of people of any age tend to want to read fic in peace and not be roped into endless wank.) I definitely see some ringleaders who are older and good at manipulating fandom trends for their own ends too.
2. Why would this be the case?
When I was in college, we used to joke about all the freshman year Marxists. It’s an eternal phenomenon: people who don’t have much experience learn a new thing and are on fire to change the world using the one tool in their toolbox. (To a man with a hammer, yadda yadda.) There’s no passion like the passion of the newly converted, and young people tend to have a lot more energy and often a lot more free time to yell on social media. Antis may be one expression of this among people currently in that age bracket. It’s not like people my age didn’t do other annoying-ass things when we were that age. You just don’t see it because it was 20 years ago, a lot of it was never online, and all the websites/platforms from then have been systematically destroyed. (Often by yahoo. Fuck yahoo.)
The other half of the reason, in my opinion, is that there have been concerted efforts to sway lefty/socially liberal people in specific--often TERFy--ways. It’s somewhat reminiscent of the right wing radicalization of gamer guys.
People are susceptible to it because their lives suck and because they don’t know enough history or have enough confidence to form their own opinions and stand up for them. Sure, some people are going to go hardcore for anti views no matter how much they know, but a lot of people are just being swept along with the tide because something sounds superficially pro-gay or pro-protecting kids or whatever.
I cannot emphasize enough that the things that make someone ripe for the alt right are the same things that make them ripe for cults and for various kinds of toxic fandom shit: it’s usually the smart, sensitive overthinkers who don’t have enough close actual friends and who aren’t in a good place in their lives.
So what can you do?
You can try to make fewer more significant friendships and make sure your support system isn’t people you only know because you currently share a fandom. Most of my offline friends are people I found through fandom meetups, don’t get me wrong. I’m all for making fandom your life and only hanging out with fandom people, but we’re just regular friends who have dinner parties and shit (well, when it’s not the plaguetimes). Most of the time, we don’t share specific ships or fandoms. It’s vitally important to have a real support network that can’t be ripped away by social media wank.
The next thing we can all do is publicly stand up for what we believe in and not cave to pressure just because someone yelled “think of the children”. It’s important to be clear about the real history and logic behind these things, whether it’s the history of censorship that inspires people to support AO3′s extremely permissive policies or the fact that ‘queer’ was a fully reclaimed umbrella term in the 90s.
It’s okay if we don’t all agree. What’s not okay is appeals to emotion and ignoring science. A lot of anti bullshit is like “Rape fantasies are an abnormal red flag”, and this goes against every damn thing we know about human sexuality.
Part of this is examining our own stances for illogic and hypocrisy. If thought crimes aren’t real, then all of them aren’t real. I see way too many “Okay, but that one gross kink though!” comments from people who claim to be on my side, and this is very silly.
Possibly the biggest thing, though, is that we as a planet need to start being savvier about shitty social media and how it’s destroying our mental health. I don’t have a good overall solution, and obviously, I’m still on tumblr, but we all really need to cut down the amount of time we’re on sites like Facebook and Twitter and probably tumblr too. The more it has an algorithm and the less it has moderation, the more it’s a problem. Individual discords and spaces that can have moderation are better. It’s fine if some of them are 100% antis. The point is to have multiple spaces with rules that suit different groups.
A thing you can do is make your own spaces: be the owner of a discord for your ship, not just a passive participant at the mercy of shitty mods in an existing one. Run a fic exchange with rules you think are sensible and be firm when people try to scream about problematique things you don’t agree are a problem. One of the most pernicious anti problems is mods breaking the rules of their own spaces (usually a “no kinkshaming” one) to cave to social pressure from the loudest, most assholish set of people in the server. They don’t know how many people quietly disapprove and quietly leave their fandoms because they only fear the loud harassers, not the silent toll of caving to them.
Honestly, the climate of fear is the big issue more than a bit of yelling: I routinely meet 20-somethings who live in fear of being canceled and shunned. You can help this by... not being like that with your friends. If they’re friends with a canceled person, don’t ask them to drop the canceled person or face the same fate. If you disagree about some fandom hot take, talk about it calmly and don’t act like the friendship will be over in 5 seconds and you’ll use all your knowledge of them against them in a public callout because they didn’t instantly agree.
Basically, have some self confidence and don’t be fucking terrified all the time... which can be a tall order and probably explains the age thing also.
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shima-draws · 6 months ago
Alright Shima, what's the new AU? (BTW, I really love all of your AUs)
KMmds okay so I basically had the idea of like. Izuku growing up listening to stories Inko tells about magical creatures and kingdoms and a whole mystical world. She actually plays a role in these stories as the harmonizer, a kind and well loved hero who traveled around the region helping people and bringing peace. She travelled to this world through a strange detached door that sat in the middle of her parents' attic. In the stories she also travels with a group of friends, all with their own talented magical abilities. Enji, the fierce warrior. Hizashi, the energetic magic reader. Shouta, the magic suppressor. Nemuri, the enchantress. Rei, the ice mistress. And their leader, Toshinori, the greatest hero ever!
Of course Izuku, being young, impressionable, and lacking a father figure, latches on to Toshinori, who quickly becomes his favorite character. Izuku pesters Inko every night to tell him more stories about her fictional adventures with her magical friends. This eventually leads into a deep rooted fascination and borderline obsession with the stories she tells, but that's kind of a given since Izuku's known to hyperfixate and he doesn't really have any friends, so naturally he has to turn to something. Inko's stories get him through the day. What Inko fails to realize is that Izuku treats these stories as if they really happened, as if they were reality instead of fiction. He starts asking when he can meet his mother's friends, the heroes of that world. Inko always gives him a sad smile and says maybe someday.
However, this fixation sort of backfires as Izuku is mocked for believing in his mommy's fairytales and he grows up ostracized by the rest of his peers. People make fun of him for his poor attention span and that his head is always in the clouds, since he spends more time daydreaming than being active in school. Eventually Izuku stops asking Inko to tell him stories, as the bullying gets worse, and his faith that they're real begins to waver. (But there's no way his mom could make all of that up, right? Years and years of tales, complex and detailed, all interwoven into a fantastic adventure?)
Inko, under financial and emotional stress, decides that she has to move back in with her parents, even though they've been estranged for many years. This will allow Izuku to have a new start at a different school. Izuku is sent up to clear some things out of the attic and runs into...the door. Naturally, when he opens it it's just to the space on the other side. Izuku laughs and calls himself an idiot for ever believing his mother's fables. That's all they are, just stories to get him to sleep, tall tales to give him false encouragement. But he doesn't blame Inko, he merely blames himself for taking his fascination and his interest too far.
That night, Izuku awakes from a strange dream of voices calling out to him, and ventures back up into the attic, feeling like he's being pulled there. He opens the door again, fully expecting it to just open to nothing...but this time, beyond the frame is a forest. One internal freakout and a step into Narnia later, Izuku realizes that Inko hadn't been lying at all. This world really does exist!!
Before long Izuku is suddenly launched into a world of magic and warring kingdoms--apparently, after Inko's departure, everything had fallen into chaos again, and the need for a new harmonizer began to rise. Izuku is immediately recognized as Inko's son and the title and duty of harmonizer is thrust upon him. As he begins to explore the world he'd grown up hearing about, he makes his own band of merry adventurers, and one by one, meets all of the friends Inko had once known, eventually leading him to Toshinori... ;)
It's basically one of those "following in my parent's footsteps" sort of AU. I haven't really ever done anything big with Inko in any of my AUs before so the idea of her being a hero alongside everyone else we know and love in the regular BNHA verse seemed like such a fun idea!! Ofc I've got more thoughts but that's the basics. Really it's the sort of buildup of these stories over the years that eventually leads Izuku into living through them for real that's the big fun part of it.
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thenarator · 22 days ago
Hey, I just read your Quirk Farm Theory and you said that Jin is 31, right? And that Eri's Quirk can somehow get rid of Quirks entirely. Ya know who else is 31 and can get rid of Quirks and we know All For One tried to steal the Quirk of?
Shouta Aizawa, Pro Hero Eraserhead who can erase Quirks by looking at someone.
i considered including aizawa in the quirk farm theory! he does theoretically fit, but there is a problem with this theory.
spoilers under the cut
so part of aizawa's backstory is that his friend shirakumo got killed, and then shirakumo's body was taken by all for one and dr. ujiko and used as the base to make the nomu kurogiri. however, in a chapter of the manga that hasn't made it into the anime yet, its revealed that dr. ujiko didn't mean to take shirakumo that day. he wanted to aizawa, to get his hands on aizawa's erasure quirk.
if aizawa was part of the quirk farm theory, then this wouldn't have been necessary. in that case dr. ujiko would have been the first to know about erasure, and all for one would have gotten aizawa's quirk before he realized he had it (or at least was sure about having it). so, logistically, it doesn't really fit.
that isn't to say that, if you really wanted to bend the theory to fit aizawa, you couldn't handwave it so that he slipped through the cracks.
it's a headcanon. go wild.
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yanderetodorokishoto · 9 days ago
Pffft, I think you have so many asks because you're very charming. I love the way you run this blog, normally I stay away from Yanderes because it's often just abuse. But you write Shouto in a way that somehow comes across as just... yes, he's obviously doing something very wrong. He seems to really care though and have the followers' bets interests at heart. Even though every ask will be very different, from people saying they're leaving, to people who are so utterly smitten and content with where they are. I think it's really interesting and creates a fun atmosphere. Good work and make sure you keep having fun! But if it ever becomes not fun, don't be afraid to take a break.
(I’m glad you are enjoying being here. That’s honestly all I want from anyone following this account.
I don’t really enjoy the idea of yanderes harming their lover, and it makes some of the yandere stuff hard to read for me.
I try to put myself in the spot of yandere shoto and how he might react in certain situations, and try to portray it as accurately as I can. I see him as self aware, but still so smitten by y/n that he can’t help it. He doesn’t want to hurt them, but instead give them all the love they could ever want.
I want everyone to feel safe and loved here, whether they are having a bad day or just feeling down. I want this to be a safe place.
Thank you for the kind words, you don’t understand how much it means to hear that others enjoy this as much as I do. )
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rayshippouuchiha · 6 months ago
HI! I'm a huge fan of your MHA fics, I think you're an amazing writer and I really love your work! Hope you're doing okay and I wanted to ask you... You've got a couple of MHA AUs going on right now and in the past, so, do you have a favorite MHA that you made? Is there an MHA AU that you love but haven't talked about yet? Thanks for your time, have an amazing day!
Aw thank you darling this means a lot to me!
It’s always so hard to choose between my babies. My favorite AU I’ve got running right now though would probably be a toss up between 3 of my AiDeku AUs: Treat You Better, Scarves & Whiskers, and The Boyfriend Bluff.
Might catch flack on and off over the pairing by people who don’t take the time to check the actual AUs out, but I think the worlds I’ve been building in those AUs are all fun and funny and make a lot of sense overall. They’re just a joy to work with.
I do have a few ideas I haven’t put out there yet but it’ll happen sooner or later.
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silver-jackdaw · 2 months ago
Lastly, any chance there's any Vigilante or social media AUs in your brain? You had a combo of both a while back and you do not have to work on that again if you don't want to. But I'm really curious if you're still thinking about someone like it. Or a magic AU like the Witch Izuku and Hitoshi fics you used to have. Thank you for looking at my questions!
hmm..I would say yes, I’d like to do a social media-involved fic again (honestly I was just unsatisfied with the last one, but also just needed to get a break from how rude people were being on it - it really was not like any of my other fics, I don’t know WHAT attracted such mean commenters, but I just couldn’t stand it anymore - you guys never saw the comments because I refused to approve them) but I wouldn’t mind redoing the idea. So I might do that! And one fic I have is heading in the vigilante direction. And I actually have planned to completely redo the witch idea since I deleted the first one, I’m just so busy i barely update the fics I HAVE, so I should probably wait before adding more onto my pile 😂
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midoriyakazooku · a month ago
My favourite story that you've written is the Dekusquad swapping with the Rooftop Squad in births. It's so amazing how much changed and how much stayed the same. I LIVE FOR QUIRKLESS PRO HERO DEKIRU, it's so incredible to see Izuku getting to be such a confident and cool teacher. Aizawa makes an adorable fanboy too, asking for green goggles. I love how a homeroom teacher and a language teacher are still married, even with the swap. That's not even touching on all the people Izuku saved. Amazing
!! Thank you Logan! :) It's such a fun AU... There's something about teacher Izuku that is just so fun to write!! & How his relationships with his buds are the same, and yet more mature and developed? Dang I miss it lol i'll get back to it one day
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daily-happiness-11 · a year ago
I agree that Izuku from Redbone is hot and reserves all rights to take what he wants from my heart and keep it. But I thought he was an informant, not a villain. Are people getting mixed up or is this more complicated than I thought?
True, he’s an informant and I don’t refer to him as a villain... but he can be considered as such since he sometimes helps villains. It depends on what your definition of a villain is ;D
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raccoonwarlock · 5 months ago
For the ask game of slow burn/fake date/enemies to lovers, do Izuku Midoriya, Shouto Todoroki and Katsuki Bakugo from My Hero Academia.
Slowburn w/ Izuku, fake date Shoto so we can insult Enji to his face, & enemies to lover Katsuki because we are too similar & would start beating the shit out of each other almost immediately
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Aiballshipping vrkids, please
I’m not sold on this name but for the sake of not having an unnamed character to talk about, I think Ai and Yusaku would pick Shin - or another name with Shin since it means true or genuine and I think that would resonate with them both, yeah?
I think they would have one kid. Ai would want more but Yusaku is like no, one is enough. 
and this is bittersweet, but i like the idea of Shin being an android,, in my mind’s eye i was like “through unapparent bs, all kids are gonna be bio unless i specifically think otherwise” and this one of those specific otherwises. I just think that Yusaku and Ai would pretty up some abandoned bot, make him malfunction less and dote on the thing like a kid
personality wise, I think Shin’s a little shit. like, he was really shy and very quiet and really uncertain but the moment his new parents started pampering him after a shitty start in robolife, his true nature comes through and he’s actually a petty and vindictive little thing who eventually learns to love the world around him after seeing more of Ai and Yusaku’s lifestyle
physically. i’m not sure. tho i am kind of digging the idea of him having green lights in his little SOLtiS diamond and having eyes very much endowed with lashes, they are so cute and pretty and long. maybe they have shaggy hair which is semi long and Ai loves to play with it, I’m kind of vibing maybe indigo hair since it’s not quite purple (Ai) nor blue (Yusaku) with a lil bit of pink and yellow in there, he definitely starts to tweak his appeareance to look more akin to his new foster parents once he settles
i’m also kind of digging the very hijinksy scenario that he wheedles his way into public school or something,, pretending to be a real boy,,
- Mod Playmaker
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wrongmha · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Dabi: Have you given any additional thought to killing your father? Toga: Dabi, we can't. Dabi: I know, I'm just rather fond of the idea.
Source: Jenna Moreci ("The Savior's Sister")
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lost-incident-kid · a year ago
Who's your favourite character and what's your favourite colour/outfit? Draw them wearing that please!
Okai! :) Aoi is forever best babey lol, not gonna lie my fave colour changes pretty much every day, today feels like its probably green tho haha. This isn’t actually an outfit i own or one that I’d particularly wear tbh, just one from a friend’s instagram and I thought maybe would look good on Aoi haha
Thanks for the art request :)
Tumblr media
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shima-draws · 10 months ago
Hey Shima, have you ever thought of making a Masterpost or something with links to all your AUs? It would make them easier to keep track of, I think.
I actually do have an AUs page! Sadly it’s not up to date yet and I don’t have links, but that’s definitely something I can work on updating ^p^
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thenarator · a month ago
My favorite story of yours is almost definitely "Heroics And Other Things That Don't Require Superpowers". Izuku getting to be a Quirkless badass is my favorite kind of Izuku and it's interesting to see him with a non-traditional mentor like Aizawa or All Might. Bakugo, Endeavour and Sir Nighteye face consequences As They Should, Class 1A get to bond and be dumb kids, the pining between Izuku, Hitoshi and Shouto was really sweet, THE FUCKING FINALE I AM STILL NOT OVER THAT, so yeah. Amazing work!
omg thank you??? this is so sweet??? i'm so glad people still like "heroics" it was such a long and difficult story to write and it makes me happy that everyone else was as satisfied by the ending as i was!!!
Tumblr media
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yugirl-with-dragons · a year ago
I think you drew a Miraculous AU a while ago? Could you tell me more about that?
Yes!!! I like that AU a lot for various reasons!
Yusei is the super popular boy in his school. But in my AU he doesn’t live with his parents, but with his uncle (?) Rex Goodwin, who adopted him. I mean, he’s doing his best to make sure Yusei gets the best education, but he’s a very detached type, and Yusei does feel alone more than he would ever admit. He has no idea that Rex is secretly planning to become a God through the miraculous of Ladybug and Chat Noir. Ps, Mina would be Nathalie, Rex’s secretary!
Aki lives with her parents who own a Bakery in this AU! She has a massive crush on her super popular classmate, but of course, Yusei is the only one who’s pretty much clueless about it.
Carly is an aspiring journalist who takes care of the Ladyblog, and she’s Aki’s best friend! She tries her best to help Aki confess her feelings, but for some reason, it looks like an impossible mission!
Jack is Yusei’s closest friend. They can only meet at school but their bond is still pretty solid. He’s very loyal!
Sherry would be Kagami, (her parents would be alive in this AU lol, typically rich family, she does fencing which is PERFECT) and Crow would be Luka :’) he’s a very easy going type, and he started developing feelings for Aki… until he realized there’s someone else. But he’d be there for her, no doubt.
When Yusei found the Miraculous of the Cat in his bag, he couldn’t believe his own eyes. An incredibly tiny cat showed up flying in front of his face. It didn’t take much to decide that he was more than ready to become a hero. (It was the best escape he had from his depressing life after all)
Aki was terrified. But she calmed down quickly. Little red thingie didn’t look like a threat. But superheroine? Why her? Nope. (Until an Akuma almost kills her best friend, that’s it.)
When Chat Noir sees Ladybug for the first time, he’s absolutely entranced. That mysterious girl was a phenomenon. She wasn’t scared to tell in Hawkmoth’s face that she was ready to fight. He didn’t know who she was, but he knew one thing: if he was going to fall in love with anybody, it would have been a girl like her. Oh if only he could know her identity…
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authoratmidnight · a year ago
For the fanfic Writer arc meme: J. smut or fluff?
J. Oh fluff so much more.
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silver-jackdaw · 2 months ago
And I have another unrelated question, if you don't mind. I think you said a while back that you type directly into AO3 drafts. What's your writing process before that though? Do you make an outline/timeline? Do you write it on paper or keep it in your head? How do you do it?
hmmm..I guess…I don’t actually do anything most writers probably do 😅 I really just use fanfic as a way to relax, so putting any extra work into it would probably make it less fun for me? Like, OCCASIONALLY I’ll open a stickies note and keep a few notes (usually details I know I won’t remember from chapters), but I don’t really outline or write down a process. I really just open my drafts and go it’s all vibes no smarts 😂
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midoriyakazooku · 6 months ago
You wanted fanfic tropes, so: there was only one bed, soulmates and college AU
OOOH these are some good good tropes
Only One Bed
how likely I am to write it
In the grand scheme of things, not super likely? It’s a fun trope to read, but i would really struggle to write it probably
what character(s) or pairing I’d most likely write it for
S h o u j i. Idk what the pairing is, but the other person has no choice but to cuddle with him, and it would be so softtttt and cute, dang. (Okay, but consider: there is No Bed, and Shouji is the other person’s personal hammock. It’s impossible to escape the Shouji cuddles. Give up your pointless awkward fumbling now and embrace it.)
how likely I am to write it
asdfas Y E S. Okay, I’m going to expose myself, but I am a Simp for the Soulmate Trope. I love it. Romantic, Platonic, Familial, Mortal Enemies, if you’ve got a soulmate connection opportunity, I’m there and want to write it.
what character(s) or pairing I’d most likely write it for
In the past I’ve written a platonic Dabi & Izuku, which was so much fun, and right now I’m working on a romantic MidoSero AU that brings me so much joy, so I probably want to try a parental soulmate connection soon? Maybe Nana & Toshinori! Or Izuku has like... an unlit/unactivated brother soulmate bond, but doesn’t... have a brother? so it’s not possible, until he gets OFA... and Oh No. His Brotherly Soulmate is AFO. asdfjas;dfjk
I also want to try some sort of nontraditional soulmate connection? Or subvert the trope - rejection of soulmates, reformed/broken soulmate bond, societal understanding of soulmates is incorrect somehow, something along those veins.
College AU
how likely I am to write it
Maybe? i enjoy college AUs, but i’d have to really be motivated by a pairing or set up to want it, bc i have a few no quirk AUs that take priority rn
what character(s) or pairing I’d most likely write it for
Consider: Midoseroroki (highly underrated if you ask me) - Forced-to-study-here-bc-his-dad-sucks Shouto, Class Representative/Student Government Rep Izuku, and Art Kid Sero.... I am Dreaming of these 3 right now lol
Thanks Logan!! :D
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pocketsonny · 2 years ago
I just really want to say I love your OCs and I'd love to know how they met Takeru. Can you tell us please?
Tumblr media
waaa thank you so much !!! i’m happy to know that !!
SO OKAY, Yamato and Miki are best friends, on one hand, know each other since elementary school or a little earlier. They are both third years in Den City High School--Miki is part of the Volleyball club and Yamato is the Judo Club Captain ! 
In my headcanon, Takeru joins the Judo Club while he’s in Den City to keep training and that is how he and Yama first meet. Yama has trouble bonding with people in general since he appears so cold and reserved (a man of few words, this one) or they are intimidated by him--he’s used to this and doesn’t really try to change it, despite the fact he actually cares. Most of the club members rly like Yama, tho, they just aren’t sure how to tell him ksjdla they should, Yama would be all [pikachu face]. 
BUT OKAY COMING BACK TO THE POINT, Yama’s not surprised that the new first years all seem a bit fidgety around him....but right away Takeru isn’t like that, he meets his gaze head on. That already earns him one Yama point but Yama isn’t getting his hopes up...tho he privately likes Takeru’s passion and determination. He always sees him try his best at the club and hey, Takeru IS really good at Judo. He shows promise, it’s good to have him in the club.
Yama grows a little soft spot for Takeru that eventually grows into a crush :’3 Takeru himself admires and respects Yama a lot and is very determined to beat him once in a Judo match, but is completely oblivious to Yama crushing on him. Meanwhile most of the club members are silently rooting for Yama bc they KNOW, Yama is not as subtle as he thinks.
Miki finds out about The Crush, of course, and I’m not sure yet how she’d first meet Takeru but it’d probably be something like...she sees them walking together, and decides it’s her Best Friend duty TM to go embarrass Yama in front of his crush LOOOL. Takeru is all “8^D ???? Sanada-senpai, your friend seems nice” probably HAHA
Miki keeps telling Yama to GO GET THE BOY, but despite how tough he looks he’s a softie and gets pretty nervous....the question remains if he WILL get the boy lol. Ganba, Yama !
Aaaand so as not to keep rambling that is it !! I still have other scenarios to cook up in my head for them
Thank you for your question !! 8′D This actually made my day askjdksad
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