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#logic sanders

Just writing down the Sides reacting to the past selves but make it angsty cause I’m like that-

Only includes the Core Sides because Janus and Remus weren’t in Season One.

Patton really wants to go back to the good old days. No Dark Sides, no drama outside of the episodes, just him and his famILY. But then he remembers that he was suppressing his emotions back then. He’s still doing it. Then he remembers the Dark Sides are happy because they got accepted! But his little group isn’t. He’s living in this hellhole where someone’s happiness results in another’s sadness, and Patton is terrified of losing his famILY to their inner demons. He made Roman sad by accepting Janus, he interrupted Logan, he thought Remus was bad, he’s not a good father- after the reaction, Patton locks himself in the Nostalgia Room. He just wants all of his kiddos to be happy, but he doesn’t deserve it. Why should he deserve love when he didn’t give his kiddos the love they deserved?

Logan’s taken back by how expressive he was back then. Finger-gunning, smiling, making puns, laughing, etc. He doesn’t know that he’s not happy with this serious façade. Logan thinks this is the best way. He wants to be taken seriously. He wants to be listened too. And they don’t want to listen to Logan. Logan was irrational and hurtful to his famILY. Logan threw paper at Roman for something as simple as mocking his intelligence. Logic wouldn’t do any of those things. But Logan would. And Logan is only causing harm to the people around him. This is for the best.

Roman’s horrified at how he treated Virgil. There was actual malice behind the nicknames, actual dislike behind the insults, actual intent to villainize Virgil. When he tried to make the cutscene explaining why he loved Crofters, he didn’t just get the wrong flashback. It showed him a time when he hurting Virgil. Mocking him. Being an overall bad person. And he never thought much of that until he was called the evil twin. And he was. He still is. Only a villain would laugh at someone’s name. Only a villain would say someone wasn’t wanted. Roman hurt people. He’s been the villain from the start. He was just to blinded by his Pride to notice.

Virgil thought he could handle it. He couldn’t. Even after years of being accepted, the nicknames still stung. But that wasn’t the issue. He called Logan the least favourite. He hadn’t apologized for that. He never said sorry for all of the insults he gave Roman, but if the Prince dared to call him a nickname, he had to say sorry. He’s said numerous things to Patton that aren’t exactly nice. But then, he got struck with a realization; he never changed. He said he didn’t want to be changed into one of Thomas’ friends, but he changed the Sides clothes in the Halloween episode without their permission. He told Logan he would prohibit his breathing if he kept talking. These people had hurt him, sure. But they learnt from their mistakes and welcomed him. He still hurt them. How many of his insults added to a Side’s misery? He didn’t want to know. Virgil was still a villain. He hadn’t changed. The only thing that changed was how the Sides saw him. Even after he got accepted, he still hurt them. Virgil really was a villain.

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Patton: *heard a faint banging noise*

Patton: Hey Lo what are you doing?

Logan: Hitting my head repeatedly with a stick

Patton: Umm and why are you doing this?

Logan: I felt an emotion. When a computer breaks you turn it off and on. I’m trying that with my brain

Patton: *takes stick away from Logan* feelings good, stick bad!

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Guys... Guys!
Guys, I need help!
Guys, help me please!
What is it that you need help with?
I can't reach the bag on top of the fridge. I need someone to boost me up.
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Hi @logicalyfun!!

Storytime! I wasn’t apart of the @sanderssidesgiftxchange at all. So, the fact that you got me as a pinch hitter is kinda a miracle in its own right ;3 But I’m super glad you did! I’m so sorry you didn’t get your gift on time but now you get to chill with me! And I can be pretty awesome sometimes… Occasionally… Rarely but hey! Who keeps track of that kind of stuff anyways? 

So, how did I become your pinch hitter? Well, you see. I’ve got this amazing best friend and beta reader @gilby-the-geek-girl. She actually /did/ participate in the exchange and because she’s just so amazing she offered to be a pinch hitter for it as well. 

Anyways, You’re prompt got sent to her. This one right here:

“Your giftee: Fabi

Tumblr: Logicalyfun

Media to receive: Fan fiction, Fan art

Wish 1: Puppiesss

Wish 2:  Fantasy world

Wish 3:  Starry sky night

Topics to avoid: Remrom, no NSFW”

And it gave her pause. You see, I wrote this awesome fic called My Dearest Procyon (also on AO3) that checks almost all of these boxes (minus the puppiesss, but there is a REALLY awesome cat and dragons too!). So, she thought we’d be perfect for each other! So she sent your prompt to me and here we are!

Now for the bad news… I had every intention of checking off every one of your wishes, but the story got away from me and I’m pretty sure I struck out. However, I really think you’ll like it! Please forgive me for not sticking strictly with the prompts but I do mention each, and I highly recommend MDP if you really like those things.

I’ll also make you a deal! If you don’t like this ficlet, let me know and I’ll write you a new one that adheres to your prompts exactly! ;3

(Also… posting this on Patton’s B-day so it’s like double meant to be!)

So, without further adieu, I present Morality, Magic, and Chocolate Cows:

“Have at you!” Roman cried, his tiny form bounding off the small hill to swing at his brother, his cardboard sword bending at an odd angle.

“Actually,” Logan commented, hurrying along behind him, flowing blue cape flapping in the wind. “It would’ve been ‘ye’.”

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Remus: I wanna be a reverse Tooth Fairy where I rob people and scatter human teeth over their bed.

Virgil: A dentist.

Logan: I don’t know what your dentist is doing to you, but I think you should go to the police.

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Happy Birthday Patton!

Logan: what type of cake do you want Pat?

Patton: Rainbow confetti surprise!!!!!!!!

Virgil: *appears on the top of the fridge* death and despair flavored

Remus: *jumps on the table* HuMaN fLeSh

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Where There’s Smoke

Chapter 3

Co-written with @sebthesnipe

Inspired by @easy-meta-knight

First / Previous / AO3

Logan was quiet as the week went on.

At least, there were no major fires or loud noises.

He was far too buried in his work. With the new package and all of his notes gone he was forced to reexamine many of the texts he had spent months on prior, reconstructing as many notes from memory as he could manage, and even experimenting with some of the sigils he had forgotten about.

None of them flame sigils, of course.

And yet, as Monday grew closer, Logan had a hard time focusing.

Roman had noticed his distracted demeanor, a state that was a bit unusual for Logan when it came to work. Naturally, being the good assistant Roman was, he tortured the cause out of the restoration expert. He then proceeded to go through Logan’s entire wardrobe, picking out his outfit down to his socks and tie.

Logan didn’t mind though. He had to admit, Roman did have a fairly advanced taste in fashion, unlike the scholar. Logan was far too focused on studies to bother deciding which tie matched what jacket. It was one of the reasons he had two sets of clothes labeled and pressed for each day of the week (that way he’d have a spare if one were sullied or in the wash).

Still, it wasn’t until Monday morning that his nerves finally set it. It had been quite some time since Logan had been on any form of romantic endeavor with anyone else. On top of that, it had taken him quite some time to even realize that he and Virgil hadn’t even agreed upon a time!

Logan chided himself for his lapse for what felt like the millionth time. How could he have been so dense?!

It wouldn’t take much to fix; all he had to do was stride over to Virgil’s house, knock, and ask him when would be a preferable time.

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okay so here’s another one lol, this one’s so cliche my friends, eat my trash :)


Summary: Logan finally breaks lol

Word count: 995

Warnings: uh, hurt comfort, virgil says shit once, a shit on of crying, i guess a panic attack, so sweet and cliche you might want to stop reading :)


Everything had been so perfect, so perfect. He had Virgil. It was perfect. At least that’s what he’d concluded in his own mind.

They’d been sitting on Virgil’s bed, watching a movie, and Logan hadn’t really been paying attention. He’d been so focused on his work before Virgil dragged him away.

You work too hard, Lo,” he’d said running his fingers through Logan’s hair, “come watch a movie with me.”

Logan had smiled and agreed, not wanting to stress Virgil or heighten his anxiety.

So there they sat, watching a movie and buried underneath blankets. Logan’s mind was racing, so many thoughts rushing past each other, sentences being unfinished. He thought and thought and thought until he couldn’t handle his own thoughts.

He sat frozen, words swirling in his head, drowning out his surroundings. He tried to ground himself, trying to find just a single thought to hold onto and complete. His vision blurred and his jaw clenched, everything still going too fast for his liking.

He identified thoughts about his work, he thought he should work. Sitting around won’t get work done.

“But Virgil was so worried. But Virgil doesn’t understand. I need to work. I have so much to get done. But Virgil’s still worried. Will he be mad?”

Logan was swallowed whole by panic, he did not understand why. Everything was wonderful, he did his work well, he had Virgil, he loved Virgil. Virgil loved him, he said so himself.

“I love you too,” he sniffled. Virgil pulled Logan closer than physically possible and they stood close together for what seemed to be a lifetime. After so long, they were together.

Logan recalled this moment, his thoughts slowing until it landed on one specific thought. “But does he still love me?”

And then he broke.

All sense came back to him, rushing over like a tidal wave. The thought scared him to death. He gasped and grabbed his chest, heaving, squeezing his eyes shut as tears flooded over. His chest was so tight, he couldn’t breathe but air was filtering through him. His heart was pounding, it felt as if it would explode, it felt like he was drowning in a lake and falling from the sky.

“Logan, holy shit, Logan?” Virgil shook his shoulder, then grabbed Logan’s face between his hands. “Babe, breathe for me. Please? Look at me.”

Virgil’s voice flooded through his ears, finally, something. He listened to Virgil’s counting, the exaggerated inhales and exhales, the heat of his palms against his face, soaking in every real moment there was.

Virgil’s thumbs swiped over Logan’s cheeks, trying to stop the tears from wetting his face, trying to wipe Logan’s pains away. His breaths slowed, still uneven but not panicked. Tears still glided down but he was there, he was with Virgil, Virgil was there.

His head was cleared, he felt relieved, but then embarrassment washed over him. He quickly ducked his head into Virgil’s shoulder, hiding his face from prying eyes. He breathed slowly, inhaling and exhaling, a comforting scent of sunflowers. They sat like that for a few minutes, Logan officially calming down, the only sound being the dialogue from the long forgotten movie.

“Lo,” Virgil called out softly, gently pushing Logan away from him. He looked away from Virgil, not wanting to address their current situation.

“Look at me please, what’s wrong?” He asked softly, brushing hair away from Logan’s face.

Logan looked at Virgil, grabbing Virgil’s hand and gripping it tightly, pressing his lips firmly together. Inhaling through his nose he took a moment to respond;

“Do you still love me?” His voice cracked and the question came out broken and scared. He needed the confirmation, no matter how silly the question seemed. He needed Virgil to say it to him, to assure him, even if it was childish.

What?” Virgil’s eyes widened, bewilderment edging itself into his face.

“Do…do you still love me?” Logan stuttered out again, tears starting to slowly trickle back down his cheeks again. He was so scared, so scared Virgil would leave him, he knew there was no reason he would leave him but he was still so scared.

“What? Of course I do. What are you talking about?” He rushed out, stumbling over his words. He had no idea what would make Logan think he didn’t love him anymore.

“Are you sure?” He sniffled out, a quiet sob wracking his body. He believed Virgil, he knew he was telling him the truth but his mind was still not settled.

“Yes, yes I’m sure. I’m so sure, I love you so much, I’m so in love with you it scares me sometimes. I promise I love you.” Virgil repeated his words, trying to keep his tears from spilling over. It scared him seeing Logan like this, it scared him to think Logan thought he didn’t love him anymore.

Logan nodded, wiping at his face with his free hand, trying to be rid of the tears that stained his cheeks. He downcasted his gaze to their linked hands, willing his heart to slow down.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know why that happened.” He told Virgil, keeping his voice as steady as possible. He sighed deeply, looking up at Virgil, trying to stay composed.

“I just…I don’t know what came over me. My thoughts were going so fast I couldn’t actually think properly. And then my mind found that question and…,” he trailed, gaze flicking away from Virgil again.

“You don’t have to apologize,” he said, running his thumb over Logan’s knuckles. “You were stressed, and anxious. Lo, you’re human, well mostly, it’s okay to be worried, it’s okay to be in doubt.”

“Okay—“ he nodded to himself— “okay.”

“Let’s go to sleep, we can talk more in the morning, okay?”

Logan nodded again, sighing and running his hands through his hair. “Thank you, star, so I love you so much.”

Virgil kissed his forehead, “I love you too, now sleep.”


lmao okay there you go

idk how i feel abt this one

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*first snow experience*

Patton: *throws snowball at Logan* SNOWBALL FIGHT

Logan: that is just childish but you’re on!!

Virgil: *steps out into the snow* IT’S SO COLD

Roman: Oh is the incredible sulk not having fun?

Virgil: *jumps into Roman’s arms* I rather die than get wet, princy

Roman: My dark stormy knight for it is only a snowbitch fight

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Ship(s): Romantic Logince

Words: 690 (nice)

Warning(s): Kissing, blanking out, harsh words that aren’t said harshly, very light cursing

AU(s): None or any :)

Notes: Oh my GOD titles are hard—Anyways have a cute little Logince ficlet, I very much enjoyed writing this! The original prompt was #6 of this post, requested by a Wattpad user.

Summary: Roman finds Logan alone in the kitchen at midnight, staring blankly at a wall, and has to talk to him.

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