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Logicaliceit - Flustered

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It hadn’t been very long since Logan had switched from being Janus and Patton’s friend into being their boyfriend, and he was still unused to kisses.

He loved them, of course - though he had trouble admitting aloud just how happy affection made him - and they made him flustered every single time he received them, without fail. And, of course, Janus and Patton had noticed this ages ago.

Patton reached over the back of the couch, pressing a quick kiss to Logan’s cheek and interrupting his reading.

Logan blinked, looking up from his book with startled eyes and cheeks turning redder.

“Oh,” he said. “Hello, dearest.”

He turned his head to look at Patton, and Patton smiled at him.

“Hi! How’s your book?”

“Good, good,” Logan said. He lifted the book in his hands. “I have read this one quite a few times, but it is always enjoyable.”

“What’s it about?”

“Astronomy,” he said. “There are some rather interestings facts and diagrams about stars and constellations in here, and-” he cut himself off.

“You okay, honey?” Patton asked.

Logan gave Patton a sheepish look. “I almost began to ramble there, apologies.”

“Aww, don’t apologise, honey. I think you’re adorable!”

“I agree,” Janus said as he stepped into the room. He moved over to the couch. “I don’t know what exactly we’re talking about, but every part of you is adorable, my dear.”

He said that last part to Logan specifically, and Logan’s face began to redden more.

Janus smiled, sitting down beside Logan, resting his hand on his shoulder and leaning in closer.

“You’re even more adorable when you’re flustered, darling.”

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Logicaliceit - Snowflake

This is one of many, many ficlets I am posting on Christmas day. Hope you enjoy!

GENERAL TAGLIST: @quillfics42 @aj-draws @phantomofthesanderssides @phlying-squirrel @sly-is-my-name-loving-is-my-game @because-were-fam-ily @imtryingthisout @a-creepycookie @emo-disaster @littlestr @spooky-scary-virgil @fuyel @mimsidoodles @soupgremlin @aroaceagenderfluid @birdsbookshiddeninrealbirdsskin @quirkalurk @gingers-trashy-stuff @iinyxtello @justaqueercactus @melodiread @mrbubbajones @glassferns @pun-master-logan @gayturtlez @k1ngtok1 @yourneighborhooddisaster @alexxander-the-gay @full-of-roman-angst-trash


“Ooh! Jan, Lo, come look!”

Logan and Janus both came over to the window when they heard Patton call out their names. It was dark outside - a bit difficult to see - but it only took a little squinting for Logan and Janus to realise that it was snowing.

“I wonder if it will stick,” Logan said, leaning back from the window and turning to Patton.

“I hope so,” Janus said. “Then maybe I won’t have to go into work.”

“I’m gonna go outside!” Patton announced.

“In this weather?” Logan said incredulously.


“Don’t forget your coat, dear,” Janus said.

“And make sure to wear your hat, scarf and gloves,” Logan added. “We don’t want you to freeze out there.”

“We prefer our boyfriend warm and unfrozen.”

“I will!” Patton called back.

He hurried to put all of those things on, before he opened the front door and stepoed outside. Patton didn’t shut the door behind himself, though that was fine as Logan and Janus - shivering slightly - remained watching in the doorway.

Patton tilted his head up to look at the sky, and let a snowflake land on his tongue.

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I recently discovered that logicaliceit (loganxpattonxjanus)Is a ship……….and now I am obsessed!!!

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Patton *slides up to Janus's side and grabs one arm*
Hi Janus~
Logan *walks over and grabs the other arm*
Greetings Janus.
Janus *looking between the two*
Patton & Logan
*shares a look before kissing Janus's cheeks*
!! *flustered hissing as he is held up by their hold on his arms* no-not... fair...
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Virgil: Dads. Which twin is smarter?

Logan: * looks at Roman and Remus * Well…

Patton: Roman?

Janus: No. He’s an imbecile.

Logan: Absolute imbecile.

Patton: Remus then?

Janus: Have you met Remus?

Logan: He is an absolute idiot

Virgil: Which one is less dumb?

Logan: That’s a difficult assessment.

Patton: Yeah

Janus: They both have a singular braincell that they share and they’re trying to find it because one of them lost it

Roman, in the background: Hey!

Remus, also in background: Fair

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Tw and Tags: Moceit, can be seen as logicaliceit, angst, bittersweet, mutual pining between Logan and Patton, Logan needs to keep his shit together, Patton wants his old Logan back and Janus comforts him. Can be seen as platonic soon to be married moceit, but can be seen as romantic moceit.

Logan crosses his arms against his chest, a smirk drawn on the face as he watches his angel put up some of the Christmas decoration, leaning against the door frame. Patton flies up and puts up the star and goes down. “You had your fun, white locks?” he chuckled and Patton looked at him, lips an unsure straight line as he saw the devil. “Hm? Oh, keep going, I’m loving the view.”

“What are you doing here, Logirialva?”

“Just visiting an ex-husband, Pattirielle. Say, why are you fixing a Christmas tree all alone in a house?”

“I’m fixing my house for the festivities.”

“Mmm, why? Human festivities are pointless. We celebrate nothing, we are far more superior than these mortals.” Logan snarked, going towards Patton and putting his hand on the angel’s shoulders. Patton relaxes at the familiar feel, but that doesn’t stop him from moving away and glaring at the taller devil.

“You grew a pair for longer horns and suddenly you’re superior?” Patton bit back.

“…This is why I love you. No fear-” Logan takes his hands and spins him around in the room.


“My request is still open, my love-”


“Come to hell with me-”

“Logirialva.” A voice comes from the door, one that rings in Logan’s ear like a scream in a tunnel. The demon growls as the lamp light of the outside in the dark snowy weather pours from the door. “Would you mind letting go of my soon-to-be husband?” The voice said cooly.

“Ah, the snake.” Logan let’s go of Patton, calmly, Patton watching the two go head to head like two bulls. “Fun watching you still have not fallen to your grace.” He hissed, taller than the angel, Januphuel. “Must be so entertaining to have your arms filled by my husband.”

“Oh, yes it is. He’s warm, I wonder how one would let their beliefs be the reason to fail such a man.”


“No, my dear.” Janus gives Patton a warm look, sun in the snowy night, before turning back to the enemy at hand. “Leave. No one welcomed you.”

Finding no more to say, Logan clenched his fist, fire igniting in his hair, shoulders, hand and tail as he found no words to spear the angel with. He gives one last glance at Patton with an unreadable expression before pulling the door open with a brutal force and disappearing into the starting snow storm with sizzling smoke.

Janus watches him leave with sharp eyes, closing the door and looking at Patton in pity. “Are you alright, darling?”

Patton fidgets, “I’m sorry, I let him in. I just-”

“I know. It’s okay Patton, I see it too.”

Patton sniffled, letting his friend hug him. “Yeah?”

“Yes, Logan’s still in there. I know it. He just needs the right push that he will need to discover himself.”

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Patton: Janus?

Janus, waking up: Yeah?

Patton: I can’t sleep.

Janus: Want snuggles?

Patton: I want to get out of bed

Janus: Please don’t. * rests forehead against Patton’s forehead *

[zooms out to show Logan is cuddling Patton from behind with his arms tightly around him while Janus is holding Patton close from the front]

Patton: I don’t think it’s my choice…

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What if…. Patton and Janus used to be married but got divorced… and moved on with their lives… but then a few years later…. they both fell in love… with the same guy…. named Logan

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Chapter 17 is here! Logicaliceit! I’m calling it crème brulee because it’s sweet and fluffy but with just an exquisitely burnt crust of rivalry. 
Please enjoy this you’re gonna need the fluff for the next few chapters 

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Imagine an au where Logan, Patton and Janus are in a poly relationship, and also ancient people.

Now, in modern times they pull the ‘they must’ve been great friends’ on obvious gay people back in the ancient times.

Now get ready for, 'they must be a gay couple and this one is probably the jealous ex who tried to break up said couple’.

And Janus is just so sick of it like: “I dated Patton first, how fucking dare all of you.” While Logan is just laughing his ass off, because it’s just Janus getting fucking constantly told that he’s this jealous ex even though they were all literally holding hands before they died.

And Logan would be like, “Oh, it’s not that bad.”

Janus is just like, “You fucking shut your mouth, you aren’t the evil bitch here.”

And it’s just historians completely ignoring the signs that Patton had a bed that specifically for three people. Patton had drawings of him holding hands with Logan and Janus. And some other things.

And Janus overall being sick of this shit™.

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Soulmate September Day 26: “You can’t see shades of your soulmate’s eye color until you meet and look into each other’s eyes for the first time.”

Pairing: Logicaliceit

Alternate Universe: Human AU

Warnings: Brief mention of Child Abuse

Word Count: 1737

Finding your soulmate at a young age was supposed to mean good luck and good fortune in your relationship. Janus couldn’t believe that was true. He had met Logan when they were in their last year of middle school, being paired together for a science project. The first time he looked into Logan’s eyes, his world exploded with shades of dark blue that reminded Janus of the vast ocean and he should have been happy. Instead, he immediately knew that if his parents found out he would never see Logan again.

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The Cons of Being Friends With A Snake - ManyFandomsOneLog - Sanders Sides (Web Series) [Archive of Our Own]
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I couldn’t sleep anyways

Pairings: logicaliceit

Warnings: none

Patton stirred in his bed. Groaning, he opened his eyes just enough to read the alarm clock. It was roughly three in the morning. He sighed, snuggling into the cat squishmellow that he had securely wrapped in his arms. He buried his face back into the oddly soft textured fur, and hummed happily. He rubbed his face against it a few times, hoping that it would lull him back to sleep with it’s comforting repetition. This, however, was not the case. Patton lied there for a few more minutes, before sitting up.

He looked over to his left to see his two boyfriends fast asleep and spooning. Patton cooed softly at how cute they looked before gingerly creeping out of bed. He left the room quietly, his trusty squishmellow in hand. He lightly grazed his hand over the railing as he went down the stairs and made his way into the kitchen.

He pulled out a box of mac ‘n cheese, and his stomach rumbled. Patton giggled to himself as he carefully set his stuffed friend on the counter.

Janus shivered. Even under the several blankets, and with Logan pressed up against his back, the missing heat from Patton was obvious. Janus grumpily sat up, jostling the bed as he rubbed at his eyes. Logan made a confused “Mmph..?” sound as he was rocked awake.

“What’s wrong..?” Logan asked, blindly searching for his glasses.

“‘M cold.” Janus rumbled, crossing his arms over his bare chest, trying to conserve the heat. “Patton left us to freeze.”

Logan looked around Janus, and realized that Patton had in fact left. This prompted the pair to stumble out of bed to start the search for the missing member of their little trio.

As they descended the stairs, they heard soft humming, and shared a look. They rounded the corner to the kitchen, and found Patton checking the water in a pot he had on the stove.

“Patton?” Logan asked. “Why are you awake at 3:30 in the morning and making mac ‘n cheese?”

Patton looked over his shoulder, the oversized sleep shirt twisting around him. “Oh!” He said, soon turning sheepish. “I woke up and realized I was hungry! I didn’t wake you two, did I?”

“No…” Janus lied softly. “Patton, are you really hungry?”

“I… I couldn’t sleep anyways.” He shrugged, turning away to face the now boiling pot. Janus and Logan shared a look or worry.

“If there is something bothering you, it would be much more beneficial to confide your worries to the both of us.” Logan said.

“Yeah,” Janus added, it’s not like it’s our job as your boyfriends to help you and make you feel nice or anything.”

“I- it’s stupid.” Patton laughed. “Honestly, don’t worry about it.”

“Well now I’m worried. Aren’t you worried, Logan?” Janus said.

“Yes.” Logan agreed.

“See? We are now worried.” Janus accused teasingly.

Patton snorted at their antics, but sighed heavily. “Alright. Sometimes, I just… I wonder why you both like me? You’re both so logical, and smart, and you’re always on the same page. I don’t alway understand why you want to date me too, instead of just making things, well, easier, and just dating each other.” He admitted with a half hearted shrug.

“Patton!” Janus gasped, offended. “How could you think that?”

“Patton,” Logan said a little more gently, walking up to him and turning him around to face them. “What you are experiencing is a cognitive distortion. We both care about you very much, and enjoy dating you.”

“Oh.” Patton croaked, tears dribbling down his cheeks.

“We love you.” Janus added. “You are enough. You always have been, and always will be perfect for us, Pattycake.”

By this point, Patton was a blubbering mess. “I love you both too!” He wailed as the water boiled over. Logan turned off the stove as Janus got Patton a glass of water.

They led him back upstairs, Logan holding Patton’s hand as Janus made sure to grab his squishmellow. After Patton calmed down, and had some water, they ushered him to sleep in the middle, and snuggled him. Patton fell asleep quickly, feeling more loved than he ever remembered feeling.

GENERAL: @katlikethesword @catloverkid00 @uniquedonutland @underthesea73 @gattonero17 @elizabutgayer @that-random-fandom-girl @spooky-scary-virgil @quinnthequeer @frog-candy-bee @fandoms-are-my-world

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Loceitality/Logicaliceit (Loganxpattonxjanus) deserves more love. It’s like super underrated

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Y’all I’m loving this story so much, please check it out and leave me feedback. <3

Dukexiety soulmate AU and I’ve been told the angst is p a i n.

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Stars When You Shine 

Modern AU, established Moceit to Loceitality, fluff, pining, happy ending.

Multi-chapter works

Every Song Is A Dance

Modern AU, established Loceitality/Logicaliceit, Patton and Deceit are dancers, plus bonus wedding scene.

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