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Here’s a quick drabble :D

Human AU

Warnings: kissing, rain, light swearing (from virgil),mention of hypothermia (let me know if there’s anything else!)

Logan could feel the rain hammering hard on his back and shivered as water dripped down his collar. This was absurd. He knocked twice on the door and it immediately swung open. 

“Logan- what are you doing here?” The rain was dripping against his glasses and it was hard to see clearly. 

“…I came to apologize. You were always there to help me and I shouldn’t have treated you the way I had.” Of course, instead of letting Logan walk inside, Roman stepped out. In the pouring rain. 

“Logan what do you mean? I-I’m the bastard here! You told me to stop, and I kept pushing it. You don’t-” He paused. “Don’t apologize.” Romn’s hair was soaked, sticking to his forehead.

“If anything, I should be thanking you. You made me realize something.” Roman looked away, wringing his hands.

“Oh?”  Logan raised an eyebrow.  

“Every time I was at a low point, you were there to help me. I was out looking for romance when in fact the person who I love is standing right in front of me, here. In the pouring rain.” 

“Is it still raining? I hadn’t noticed” Logan said dryly as the rain soaked through his shirt.

“You’re not going to drive away again, are you?” There was an uncertain look on Roman’s face and Logan wanted to hold him, kiss away his sadness until everything was alright. 

“No. I might drown, but I’m staying right here.” For the first time, in truthfully days, Roman looked genuinely happy. 

“Um, first… let me ask you one thing. Would you consider- maybe going on a date with me?” Roman looked him in the eye, looking worried. Logan felt chilled to the bone, but with that sentence Logan felt his cheeks heat up. The soft pitter-patter of the rain had long faded into background noise as Logan nodded, cupping Roman’s face with both hands as he pulled him closer into a kiss. Thunder crackled in the distance as Roman pulled him closer, wrapping one arm around his neck and letting the other rest on his chest. Logan eventually had to pull away for air, both of their chests heaving. At this point, he didn’t care if he caught hypothermia. He wanted to stay there and kiss him again and again. Roman pulled him in by his tie for another kiss when the front door slammed open. 

“Guys, get your asses in here! It’s pouring rain! You can kiss each other or whatever inside!” Virgil yelled and they both flushed a dark crimson. 

“W-we should go dry off” Roman said, trying to hide the euphoria bubbling in his voice. Logan nodded, taking Roman’s hand as he hurried up the steps. 

“Geez, you guys are dumb as fucking rocks” Virgil said, shaking his head as he shut the door after them.

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Roman: you know, Patton gets Janus flowers like everyday. I wish you’d do that.

Logan: umm, ok?

[the next day]

Logan: *gives Janus flowers*

Janus: what?

Logan: yeah I don’t get it either.

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I can’t get over the fact that Roman started crying in the incorrect quotes video. I want to give my baby a hug.

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Stronger Than (These Emotions)

Based on the post by @roman-exe about logan romancing roman :)

@tired-logan-kinnie here ya go :D

Most recently, Logan had come across an epiphany. He found himself in a predicament, unlike one he was accustomed to solving. Bluntly, he had fallen in love. And he had fallen hard. He was in a unique circumstance; the person he would have asked for help with all of this, was exactly who he needed help with. He was in love with the epitome of romance. 

Now, to get the obvious out of the way, the best though most risky decision would be to confess his feelings. He could, of course, not speak of his feelings but he knew he could only suppress them for so long and they would come upfront eventually. And he’d rather confess them on his own accord rather than be embarrassed on a slip of the tongue. So, the only option was to confess his feelings. Alright. Now, begged the question of how. He could come right out and say it, and that would be fine. But just fine. It made sense to increase his chances of success, to confess in a way the prince would adore. Roman always talked about those grand acts of love, a prince sweeping a princess off her feet, the stories that Disney and fairy tales produced. Well, there was no way he could make a fairy tale of his own without use of the imagination, but Roman seldom let anyone in there besides Remus so that was unlikely. Still, he could try to win him over. He gnawed on his bottom lip. He was trying to woo the prince of romance. It would be difficult, true but then again Logan liked a challenge. 

    Upon reflection, his feelings originated in one brainstorming session. It was late at night and they had gotten way off track. Roman was rambling about something, editing a paper with a large red crayon and his eyes seemed to sparkle as he talked. His hair was mussed and dark circles were forming under his eyes, but he was just as animated as ever. He was waving his hand about eccentrically as he spoke, making edits with his other hand. Even this late at night, Roman still had the vigor he held early that day. Roman had a passion that none of the others seemed to possess. A deep drive, a fire to always push himself further and Logan admired that. 

    Then there was the incident on a summer’s day. Logan only remembered that because Roman had the blinds drawn wide open, letting the sun illuminate the room. Because of the summer heat, Roman had a fan haphazardly stuck out the window, only the screen holding it from falling (Logan thought it was a bad idea but Roman assured him it would be fine). Logan walked in to tell him something, only to find Roman working at an easel, smeared with paint and downing a loose white shirt that was also coated in paint. There were flecks of it in his hair, making that stick out at imperfect angles. Possibly the most astounding part was what Roman was working on. Before Roman was a vase of flowers set on a couple cardboard boxes and Roman had almost copied it to a tea, of course swapping out the amazon boxes for a white platform. To say it was stunning was an understatement. Logan was snapped out of his thoughts when Roman turned around and unconsciously ran a hand through his hair and grimaced as paint dribbled through his caramel locks, sticking it together in bright green and pink clumps. 

“Nice to see you here, Specs,” Roman said as he wiped his hands off on his shirt.

“Your painting looks phenomenal” Logan said breathlessly, ignoring the question. Even though Roman was extremely talented, he always fumbled at compliments. His cheeks tinted a rosy pink. 

“Th-thanks” He stuttered out and Logan smiled a bit.

“Of course” He shoved his hands in his pockets and looked around the room. They slipped into a conversation, though Logan was only half-invested, letting his mind wander. Roman was so talented, Logan was always stunned when he saw his latest creation. Though he also embodied creativity, he was always impressed when he saw what roman could make. Watching Roman measure out the dimensions for sketches, and combine what was such a natural and impulsive art form with rules and steps, was astounding. Roman was so spontaneous and less rigid than he was, but also followed rules and instructions like he did. Logan began to understand how creativity was intelligence being fun. 

    The next moment that came to mind was far more recently. Logan was sitting on Roman’s bed helping him clean out his closet. Logan was growing a bit bored watching Roman try on shirt after shirt. Logan was studying the bedsheets when roman came out in yet another outfit. 

“Well? What do you think?” Logan’s head snapped up and he had a snarky remark on the tip of his tongue when his breath caught in his throat and he felt his face heat up. Roman was in a red evening dress, which was very curve-hugging. Curves that Roman had. There was a slit cut down one side of the dress, what he believed was a ¾ cut; and it almost seemed to shimmer in the light. It was the perfect mix of elegant and sensual, and it sent a shiver down Logan’s spine. 

“Well-I-uh-” He sputtered as Roman grinned and spun around. Logan buried his head in his hands, pushing his glasses to rest in his hair. 

“I’ll take that as a good sign,” Roman grinned and ran into the bathroom to change. “This one’s definitely a keeper” 

It was about a half an hour past the incident, which he bet Roman would have called a broke gay moment they were almost done with going through his closet. Roman pulled out a hoodie from the back of the closet and looked at it suspiciously. He slipped off his shirt, not even caring about Logan’s presence and slid on the hoodie. Logan recognised it immediately. 

“Why do you have my hoodie?” Logan asked, quirking an eyebrow. Roman flapped his arms in the oversized hoodie and Logan ran his eyes down Roman’s outfit. The hoodie fell a few inches above his knees and hung off one shoulder. Roman flipped up the hood and seemed to melt into the warmth. 

“It still smells like you..” He mumbled as his eyes slipped shut. “Like mint and dark chocolate” Logan saw Roman’s knees buckle dangerously and he bolted up, catching Roman and picking him up bridal style as Roman yawned. 

“Maybe we should stop for a bit?” Logan asked, the shock of the surprise not leaving his voice as Roman barely nodded. 

“Just for-” he yawned again “a short nap” Logan nodded a bit and sighed, setting him up on the bed and wrapping him in a blanket. 

“Will you help me finish when I wake up?” Roman cracked an eye open as he turned on his side, looking like a human caterpillar in the blanket. Logan nodded as he smoothed out Roman’s hair. 

“Of course” Roman smiled faintly. 

“Thanks hon-” He yawned again and fell asleep. That was the moment Logan should’ve known he loved Roman. How that pet name made him feel like he was on fire, how much he wanted to cradle Roman to sleep, were indicative signs of a crush Logan dismissed at the time for just being ‘a caring friend’. He could only hope that the others hadn’t discovered his apparent infatuation. If they had, well then he wouldn’t hear the end of it. At the end of the day, he was figuratively head over heels for Roman. He was so deeply in love with every part of him. His passion, his creativity, and he felt shallow for saying this, but Roman was objectively attractive. He didn’t know what he’d do if he didn’t express these feelings sooner or later. 

    The next morning he set his plan into action. He’d do just a few flirty lines and touches, just to figuratively test the water. Roman was stirring his coffee near the coffee maker and Logan walked by to get his mug, brushing hands with him. Roman looked up at him quizzically but Logan ignored him, pretending if nothing had happened. Logan finished making his coffee and went to walk away. As he did, he looked the princely side up and down which brought a pinkish tint to Roman’s cheeks. 

“You look cute today” He smirked and took a sip of his coffee, leaving roman baffled and blushing. He waited a bit before he made his next move, which was at movie night that night. Everyone was crammed on the couch, Virgil retreating to the corner with Janus and Remus on the edge and Patton on the floor because they ran out of space. They were all wearing their respective onesies and the horn of Roman’s beast onesie was poking into Logan’s shoulder. 

At some point into the movie, Roman shivered and Logan noticed, eyes flicking to him. Logan wrapped an arm around him, pulling Roman closer. Roman instinctively cuddled into his side before he realized what he was doing and locked eyes with Logan, blushing noticeably. 

“What? You looked cold” Logan whispered and Roman looked away, snuggling closer to him. 

    The credits were just starting to roll as Logan felt something tickle his jaw. Sure enough, a very sleepy Roman was cuddling him, caramel locks brushing against Logan’s chin and one arm wrapped around him, head nuzzled into his chest. Logan’s heart hammered in his chest at the sight and he blushed a dark crimson. Patton grinned and gave him a thumbs up as Janus started to bring Remus to bed. Virgil sat up and yawned. “You gonna stay down here, Lo?” 

Logan nodded and sighed. “I don’t think I have much of a choice” Patton nodded. 

“You two have fun!” 

“But not too much fun” Janus said instinctively and yawned. Logan nodded and put his glasses on the counter, trying to get into a comfortable position. He held roman loosely and his eyes slipped shut. 

    He woke up early the next morning, by the look of the clock around 4 or so though it was hard to be certain without his glasses. Thankfully, Roman was still asleep. He smiled a bit and played with Roman hair, pulling a blanket over them. Roman yawned and stirred, making Logan instantly curse himself. 

“Shh, shh, stay asleep-” Logan hushed him quickly, to no avail. 

“What? Why’d I-” Roman tried to sit up but Logan continued to hold him. 

“Just go back to sleep, hun. It’s too early I’m sorry I woke you up” Logan blurted out. 

“What’s-” Roman was slurring his words. “What’s goin’ on..?” He sat up and rubbed his eyes 

“I woke you up, I’m sorry it’s like 4 in the morning please go back to sleep” He said hastily and Roman sighed. 

“Tell me-” he yawned “in the morning” There was the warmth pressing against him again as Roman buried his head in the crook of Logan’s neck. 

Logan ran his fingers through Roman’s hair–how is his hair that soft?– and smiled down at the boy in his arms. He would confess in the morning, right after Roman woke up he would tell him and get everything sorted out. 

But even Logic should be accustomed to the fact that not everything goes to plan. 

    Roman woke up at about 7 that morning, just as the kitchen was filling with people. He stretched, only to lock eyes with a very asleep Logan. He jumped as Logan’s eyes cracked open and he yawned. The memories of last night hit him like a brick wall and he felt his face heat up as he realised he had been cuddling with Logan all night. Logan’s shoulders relaxed and he smiled warmly at Roman, still laced with sleep. 

“Morning,Roro” He adjusted his glasses and ran a hand through Roman’s hair, somewhat fixing his bedhead (Which Logan would never say he thought was adorable). Roman was now a dark crimson, envying the color of his sash. It brought Logan a great deal of pride when he saw how flustered Roman was. 

“Is something wrong, my rose?” Logan asked gently. Roman shook his head and stood up, stuttering out an apology or two as he scrambled off to his room. Logan sighed, sitting up and started getting ready for the day. 

    Logan got to his desk and saw a note written in black ink. It read “meet me in the storage room, 8 tonight”. The note was written today and the writing was barely legible, looking like someone wrote it with their non-dominant hand. That, along with the fact the note was colorless, made it near impossible to tell who sent it. Logan made a reminder for himself at 7:55, this was far too intriguing to let go. 

    The work day seemed to pass by all too slowly, each minute dragging on for a few seconds longer, and all he could think about was who sent the note. By the end of the day, Logan was quite on-edge, being startled by even the drop of a pen. Finally, he heard the quiet beep of his computer, alerting him that the time of apprehension has rolled around. Not that he hadn’t been staring at the clock for several minutes now, anyway. He straightened himself out and made his way to the storage room. He fiddled with the doorknob for a few seconds, just now realizing how sweaty his hands were. He wiped his hands down on his jeans before jiggling the doorknob again, and the door swung open. 

    Roman was standing in the room, arms crossed over his chest and an unamused expression on his face. Logan felt his heart beat quicker and he put on the least-caring expression he could think of. 

“Greetings, Roman. I assume you’re the one that left the cryptic note on my desk?” Roman rolled his eyes before looking at the ground and shoving one hand into his pocket. 

“What is with you, Logan? One second you’re giving me all the pet names like ‘my rose’ and ‘Roro’ and the next you’re acting like we’ve never met!” Oh. so that is what this is about. “Just tell me what’s going on so I can try to help, but I’m sick of this game of two-face!” Logan crossed his arms over his chest and stayed silent. “Because I don’t know if you love me or hate me, and every time I think I’ve done something wrong!” 

“You want answers?” Logan asked, monotone and Roman nodded. 

“Please, Logan! Just tell me what’s-” Logan cupped Roman’s face with both hands and kissed him. So this is what it was like to hold the whole world in your hands. They stayed like that for a few moments before Logan stumbled back as Roman pushed him away. Roman’s chest was heaving and a dark blush was spotting his cheeks. Despite all of this, he looked upset. Had Logan done something wrong?-

“Answers. Now.” Roman crossed his arms over his chest again. Logan scrambled to try and correct his thoughts. Now was the moment of truth, he needed something perfect to say or-or- 

“Logan, focus” Roman’s hands were on his forearms as he looked at Logan with soft eyes, very different from the wild and scared look in his, matching a spooked horse. If Roman truly loved him back, then he wouldn’t need some elegant speech to win him over. Just say what he thought.

“I-I don’t know the right way to say this, and I don’t think I ever will.” He looked down and wrung his hands, on-edge. Roman nodded slowly, his shoulders relaxing. “I love you, Roman. And I have for a while now” Roman’s eyes widened but Logan continued. “I love every part of you. Your passion, your creativity,” Logan laughed a bit “even your bedhead.” Roman looked away, the blush more prominent on his face. “All this time, I was trying to come out with some grand gesture to confess my love for you, something equal to the fairy-tale rescues you are always admiring” Roman went to step towards him, and Logan flinched involuntarily, incredibly alert and vulnerable now. A lot more than he was used to being. “And I’m saying you have to feel the same way, I just wanted to tell you how I feel. In no way am I expecting you to have the same-” Roman’s lips met his again. This one was soft and gentle, like the steady crashing of waves. Logan thought he might just melt into a pulled of stunned bliss as his hands slowly found their way to wrap around Roman’s waist. Eventually, Roman pulled away, a wide grin on his face, probably matching Logan’s own. 

“Hypocrite,” he muttered, a smile ever-present on his face and Roman giggled. Logan thought he was having a heart attack and had slipped into a coma. That was the only explanation, this was too perfect and sweet and somehow everything he ever wanted. He’d have to have one more kiss to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. And maybe another one after that. 

    Later that night as he was sitting on the couch with his now-boyfriend fast asleep and tucked into his side, he had finally found the state of Schrodinger’s cat, had seen the dark side of the moon, and had found his whole world. And it could be summarized into one word. One glorious, extravagant word that represented someone who always made things more complicated than they needed to be, who wasn’t afraid to belt out musical ballads at ungodly hours of the night, and to him was the ying to his yang. To him, someone who was perfectly imperfect and someone he was certain he wanted to be with his whole life. And that person’s name was Roman. 

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Yo I have 80 pages of unposted logince fanfiction who wants me to post it

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Yo I have 80 pages of unposted logince fanfiction who wants me to post it

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Roman and Logan were planning a holiday to Spain together

Roman and Logan were planning a holiday to Spain together

Roman and Logan were planning a holiday to Spain together

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Summary: Prince Roman has lived his entire life in a world with happily ever afters, true love’s kiss, and cute talking animals that listened to him sing and helped him get dressed. With his younger brother, Remus, by his side and a wonderful stepmother named Delinda, Roman is quite content with his life. Little does he know he’s about to find out that there are places that don’t have such happily ever afters. Based on Disney’s Enchanted (2007).

Ships: Logince (main), Dukexiety 

Word Count: 4,383

Warnings: near death experience, weapons (sword, dagger)

First Chapter | Previous Chapter | Next Chapter | All Chapters | Ao3

~ ~ ~ 

“Get back here, you rat with scales!” Prince Remus shouted as he chased his brother’s pet dragon down the castle halls. He lunged forward, nearly grabbing the slippery lizard but getting bunched up carpet in his arms instead. He growled and pushed himself back up.

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Not me overanalyzing roman and Logan discussing trip plans together ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ

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What I learned from the incorrect quotes video (spoilers…also mostly Roman):

  • Creativitwins Creativitwins Creativitwins Creativitwins Creativitwi-
  • Roman is…harsh when he’s in an argument (he’s come a long way since b*tchmas)
  • Roman can’t take criticism (is he ok-)
  • Roman hides the fact that he’s crying (…no, no he is not ok)
  • Roman likes lilo and stitch (who doesn’t-)
  • Roman and Remus carry their weapons around
  • Janus and Remus talk to each other-
  • Janus is shown to read a lot
  • Remus and Janus eat together
  • Patton and Logan spend a lot of time together
  • I love Roman even more now
  • I also love Janus even more
  • Remus is growing on me
  • I actually agree with Virgil (people do cause me migraines)
  • Roman goes to Remus when he needs something
  • Remus and Janus like playing truth or dare (Janus never picks truth)
  • Logan is smart…but around Roman he’s a fucking dumbass (those hecking himbos)
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I’m so desperate for a hug at this point it isn’t even funny, so I’m giving Logan the cuddles I wish I could have. There’s really no other explanation for this.

Pairings: Logince (could be interpreted as romantic, queerplatonic, or platonic, though the last one might be a bit of a stretch)

Warnings: kissing (not on the lips though), touch, mentions of a bad day (unspecified cause)?, I don’t really think there’s any but if I’m missing anything please let me know

“Bad day?“ Roman isn’t actually asking, he knows the answer. Logan is on the couch wrapped in a blanket, glasses slightly lopsided and the hood of his favorite sweatshirt pulled over his head, a cup of tea on the coffee table nearby—all signs that he needs comfort. Logan nods anyway.

“Is it okay if I touch you?“ Roman also knows the answer to this. The blankets and sweaters are all indicators that Logan is looking for physical comfort. But it’s good to ask anyway.

Logan nods again, and Roman wastes no time in peeling away the blanket and jumping onto the couch next to Logan, who leans into him immediately. Roman pulls Logan onto his lap and wraps his arms around him, tight and secure, squeezing gently. Logan tilts his head so that his face is buried in the crook of Roman’s neck, and Roman pulls him closer, adjusting the blanket as Logan’s breath brushes over his skin.

“Is there anything else you need?“ Roman asks as he begins to rub his thumb lightly over Logan’s back, the same calming rhythm that Lo always likes. Roman can’t see the motion too well, but he feels Logan’s head shake back and forth against is shoulder.

“Do you want to talk about it?“

Another minute shake. Roman hums in acknowledgement and bends his head to press a small kiss to Logan’s crown. Logan leans into the sensation and Roman returns it. No matter that there’s already hardly an inch between them, if that—if what Logan needs is to be so close that the two all but meld then that’s what Roman will give to him.

“How are you?“ Logan asks abruptly, voice quiet and wavering.

“Shh, love,“ Roman chides tenderly, knowing full well where this is coming from. “You don’t have to look after everyone else’s emotions when yours need tending to as well.“

Logan lets out a muffled murmur of protest, so Roman kisses the top of his head again and replies, “If it makes you feel any better, I’m doing quite well today.”

Logan mumbles something else, his voice so soft and meek that Roman almost misses it: “Is this bothering you?” Roman knows he’s really wondering, “Am I bothering you?”

“Of course not, darling,“ Roman assures. “I’m always up for cuddling with you. Or doing anything with you, really.“

Logan holds him tighter and falls silent.

They stay like that for a little while, limbs tangled together, breathing in time and letting the world around them lose meaning. The silence is only punctuated by Roman whispering sweet nothings, the soothing rhythm of their breaths, and the occasional grumble of a car passing by outside. Oftentimes when it’s too quiet, Roman feels the need to be louder, filling the void with his voice. But when he’s with Logan, the quiet isn’t awkward or oppressive. It’s like a blanket, gentle and welcoming, reminding him that he can finally rest, that he doesn’t always have to shout and hope that someone is listening. When he’s with Logan, arguing or talking or quiet, he knows he’s free to just exist.

After an eternity, Logan finally pulls back slightly. Roman beams down at him, noting the crooked positioning of his glasses, the little strands of hair peeking out from under his hoodie, the way his hoodie sleeves dangle far past his hands, the faint pink blush dusting his face. Roman leans in and kisses his nose, and Logan giggles lightly.

“Feeling any better, love?“


“Want to talk about it?“

Logan shakes his head.

“Okay. Want to watch a movie?“

“That sounds… pleasant.“

“Perfect!“ Roman gets up and grabs Logan’s half-finished cup of tea from earlier. It’s gone cold by now, so he heads to the kitchen to refil it. “I’ll be right back, Juliet.“

“Romeo, Romeo, where art thou, Romeo?“ Logan calls sarcastically to his retreating back. Roman laughs.

When he gets back, Logan grabs the tea and downs an alarming amount in one gulp—”How did you not just burn yourself?” “It’s called talent, dearest.”—as Roman clambers back onto the sofa and pulls the blanket back over them, leaning against Logan and wrapping an arm around his waist as he grabs the remote.


Roman nods. “Disney. I think a fairytale ending is sounding pretty good right now.”

Beauty and the Beast begins to play, both of them making snide comments throughout. When the title song comes around, Logan beams at Roman and kicks the blanket off of them, pulling him up.

Roman grins cheekily and bows, pressing a kiss to Logan’s hand—he knows where this is going. “May I have this dance?”

Logan beams. “You may.”

They waltz and twirl clumsily around the room until the song finishes, at which point they collapse on the couch together, laughing quietly, hands still clasped together. Logan rolls over so that he is clinging to Roman once again.

They curl up and hold each other for the rest of the movie, and then for a little while after that.

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Roman wrote Sherlock fanfiction for Logan and we now know Logan also writes Star Trek fanfiction so what I’m getting from this is that they’re perfect for each other

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i’m gonna start a band specifically to start a romance within it that then ruins the band.
i feel like i’m hot enough to pull it off.
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Am I making stealth Logince and Dukeceit playlists??? Yes. Am I still humiliated that I am doing this even though it’s not obvious to anyone who doesn’t know??? Yes.

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Idk why but I keep thinking about this specific scenario hear me out for a second.

As much as I love side ships, I cannot figure out a casual way they would become canon. Especially with my favorite Logince.

All I can think of is something happening like idk they kiss or something while in the middle of fighting because yk they have a lot of sexual tension between them anyways and that freaks Logan out because what??? How the Fuck does he have feelings for another side???? They are almost the same person????

Knowing Logan, he’ll probably try to ignore what happened and his feelings until that stupid little romantic prince confronts him about it and they have like a really serious talk about a relationship (if any) because like???? They are literally two aspects of a person this is confusing times for Logan.

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Summary: Logan knew it had to be a trap the instant they got a signal. It came from along the far end of the warehouse docks. Usually it was an EMP burst that warned of an attack from  Google or his extensions, or Bing was doing things in the area.

Chapters: 1, 2, 3

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