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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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Hi, please say hello to MOMI!!

Hola, por favor saluden a MOMI!!



Este es un pequeño proyecto que voy a estar actualizando cada 3 semanas. Y voy a estar avisando con anticipación cuando se estrena la próxima fábula.

Finalmente la serie va a tener subtítulos tanto en inglés como en japonés espero que les guste.

This is a small project that I will be updating every 3 weeks. And I’m going I’m going to be forewarning when the next fable is going to be released.

Finally the series will have subtitles in both English and Japanese I hope you like.

これは3週間ごとに更新する小さなプロジェクトです。 そして、次の寓話がリリースされるとき、私は事前に警告します。


Por favor comparte, dale like pero sobre todo comenta ☺️

Please share, give a like but above all comment ☺️.

とにかくシェアしてください ☺️.

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We are a USA Plastic Manufacture. #argeecorp #plastic #manufacture #manufacturer #manufacturing #buckets #homecenter #supplychain #logo #online #dotcom #amazon #walmart #homedepot #tl #ltl #otr #shipping #shippingworldwide #home #consumer #industrial #homeandgarden #injectionmolding #weekendproject #visitourwebsite #usa #usamade (at El Cajon, California)

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F*ck It, Funny Natural Stone Coasters, Set of 4 with Full Cork Bottom for just $24.00
Fuck it! Set of 4, each coaster has a full 3.5" x 3.5" cork backing. Each coaster is 4" x 4". The image is transferred to travertine tile for slight absorbency. The more porous the tile is, the more absorbent it will be. Each one is handmade and unique. Tiles range in color from light to medium dark. By purchasing, you are acknowledging that these coasters are individually made by hand and in no way will be perfect due to the nature of the natural stone, each coaster will be different. They are intended to have that rustic look/feel. These tiles are not always smooth and may be rough on the top, and part of the image missing where there may be holes in the stone. I do my best to position the image where it will show best. These are not dishwasher safe and should be wiped clean with a damp cloth. Since each tile is made of natural travertine stone, no 2 will be alike. There may be slight abnormalities that make each coaster unique in their own way. Some will have more divots/holes than others. Some may not be perfectly square, nor exactly 4 inches.

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