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‘Your move.’ Said Loki, motioning to the chess board.

Chloe leaned forward and thought for a moment before making her move.

As much as she didn’t want to admit it, over the last week or so she actually started to enjoy playing chess. Part of her liked to think it was because she got an alcoholic drink whenever she played with Loki.

She didn’t find being in his company quite as revolting as she had done either, after their talk the other day when she was going through her migraine, he seemed a bit more human in her eyes now. That he wasn’t just some killer robot guy.

But she still was tiptoeing on eggshells around him. Never sure what to expect really. But this evening he seemed to be in a rather joyful mood.

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Loki’s Pokémon explained

Gengar ( top right) - Ghost, known for mischief and escaping. 

Hydreigon (centre) - a dark dragon, just think it suits him.  

Glaceon (Bottom right) - Ice Eeveelution, an Eevee can only evolve into a Glaceon if in a specific region near ice. For this, this was one of Frigga’s Eevees given to Loki who on it being revealed he was actually a Jotun, went to Jotunheim and accidentally evolved it into this beauty. 

Banette(bottom left)  - The abandoned doll Pokémon, doesn’t really need explaining, it is out for vengeance for being abandoned, Loki emphasizes for obvious reasons. 

Zoroark (top left) - The Illusion fox, a master of deception and evolved from a trickster, no more needs to be said, does it?

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Drabble 1: Loki and prompt 8 from here: ‘Are you sure you’re not cold?’

Summary: Loki comforts you during self isolation due to coronavirus

Warnings: None

Words: 100

His arms were wrapped around you with the most gentle yet protective hold; he provided sanctuary for you among chaos. Sensing your growing anxiety over the current situation earlier he had lured you away from work with warm soothing tea and soon you two had become somewhat entangled together on the sofa as he sought to comfort you.

‘Are you sure you’re not cold?’

‘Loki,’ you paused taking in the hilarity of his comment, ‘even if I was cold, I wouldn’t be complaining because right now I’m just glad you’re here.’

His eyes softened – he was the one for you.

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Quarantine Day#11: Loki loves to play hide and seek in the morning. He usually hides behind the shower curtain but this time he was in da tub. So freaking cute! 😻He’s also very loquacious and usually responds/talks back.

#ravenametalworks #corvidcuriosities #corvidae #crow #raven #cat #kitty #catsofinstagram #loki #russianbluecat #russianblue #hideandseek #foundyou

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Look I know it’s not TECHNICALLY his day, but today April fools and my patron god is Loki so I will be rearranging my house, burning some furniture, dying my hair, lighting my best dragons blood insense and cinnamon candles, and prancing the helm out of my roommates. It’s all for you , you fantastic redhead. ❤️

God of change chaos fire and too many other things to type out , I got your back my dude.

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The End

SALEM Masterlist


In all the centuries of your existence, you had never been dragged out of hiding by another god, put in a superhero team and forced to save the universe. But it seems your luck has run out.

A/N: WE’RE DONE!! It’s been fun, but this is the last chapter of SALEM! There will be a new Loki x Reader x Bucky sorta love triangle series coming out soon, so you’ll have something to read in Quarantine.

W/T: nothing :)



Originally posted by marvellouswidow


This is the end.

The end of something old. Of something destructive. This is the day that everything changes for the better. And no matter what adversity there is, rest assured. We will not let hatred control us.

This is the end, my love. The end of the beginning.


By this time, New York seemed accustomed to random alien attacks, so citizens recovered pretty quickly. A few members of the team were certainly worse for the wear, but they’d heal.

It took longer than you’d like to admit, but the team eventually got used to Loki.

He had to prove himself more than once. Natasha was probably the first to trust him, or at least try to understand him. Thor had loved his brother from the beginning, so adding Loki to the teams was a dream come true. Clint still hasn’t gotten used to him, which you could understand. Tony did everything in his power to antagonize him, which was probably one of his worst ideas you’d heard in a while (he got thrown out the window more than once, which no one objected to), but eventually, Loki became a part of the team.

You’d love to say that was the last fight you’d ever have to win, but there always seemed to be something new around the corner. Some lurking force that wanted to take out the Avengers, or maybe Earth itself. So, you fought alongside your team. You took down anything that threatened life, and handled infighting too. To say Loki had completely given up mischief would be a bald-faced lie, so everyone had to adjust to pranks every now and then. Some people handle them much better than others (Tony still refused to let Loki anywhere near his suits after he used magic to turn them green).

You had really managed to make a small family, one you had grown to love. And the fact that Loki was a part of it only made it better.


“This was all much different when I lived here.” You pointed around Salem, telling Loki what old buildings used to stand where. Now, the town was more of a tourist trap, since everyone had learned about the Salem Witch Trials, though they didn’t know your part of that story.

The two of you decided to walk just as everyone was deciding to have dinner to avoid the loud bustle of tourists walking around the town. They’d all be at some restaurant or another.

“Is it anything like you remember?” Loki asked, your arms securely linked together as you walked a bit out of the town.

“There are some things that are the same. It still feels like my home, but this looks nothing like the Salem I knew.” You shook your head a bit. You weren’t certain if that was a good thing or a bad thing. The world had changed and left the horror that was the Witch Trials behind them. But the smallest part of you missed the more loving parts of Salem.

The two of you arrived at the lake you met at. The sun was setting on the other side behind the trees which were a pitch black. It was a beautiful scene. For a moment, and only a moment, you wondered if anyone had ever found Y/n. If she was still here or taken off to some museum to be investigated. The thought made you cringe.

You stared out over the water, trying to avoid the thoughts of death creeping into your mind. You turned to Loki who immediately captured your lips in a kiss. His hands held the sides of your face and yours landed on his shoulders. The kiss was deep and you felt your lungs burn with the need for air. When you released, you both took a minute to catch your breath, your foreheads pressed together.

“I love you, Circe. I swear, I will spend the rest of my life making up for leaving you here. Alone with those monsters, alone to do… whatever you did there. Just never leave me again.” You smiled at the thought.

“I love you too, Loki. You don’t have to make up for anything. I’m perfectly happy right now.” He laughed a bit. There was a bubbling feeling in your chest when you heard the sound. You just wanted to hear it on repeat.

He pressed his lips to yours again and you melted into, simply happy to be in his arms.


Tags: @lokislilslut@sarahivi​ @justanotherfangirl2015 @i-bitch-you-bitch@inumorph@unlikelygalaxygiver@witch-of-sound@unicorniorosacomefrutillas@whosaidididthat@birdgirl90@extremefabulous@iamverity@ariminiria@condy-wants-a-cookie@hellethil@dark-night-sky-99@caffeineandconversation@woohoney​ @bewitchment @just-another-romantic@idalinette@brooklynllamaqueen

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My wonderful commission from our amazing and extremely talented @kaokki 💕

Loki and Tony - Voltron Legendary Defender AU.

Loki is the Green Paladin because magic has a strong connection to nature 💚 (plus how can Loki be anything but green 👀), and Tony is a reckles hot mess - such a Red Paladin ❤️

This is so cute! Just look at them! Tony made some upgrades to Loki’s helmet 🤣🤣🤣

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Fandom: MCU

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Word Count: 528

Anonymous Requested “Shall we- shall we go back t-to my place?” Loki x Reader, take it wherever you want but maybe slightly dominant reader?

A/N: Written for my 400 Follower Drabble Celebration. Thank you for requesting!

Warnings: Sensual stuff. Making out. Slightly dominant reader.


The air was crisp, biting at your bare ankles and turning the tip of your nose cold. Twilight splayed overhead, millions of stars upon a blanket of velvet. The crashing waves of the ocean your symphony.

Nestled into Loki’s side, you watched the blue luminescent figures dance in the air before you. A play brought to life by his fingertips.

The wine sloshed in your belly, warming your cheeks and freeing your laughter.

The crinkles around your nose; your mouth.

How naturally you pressed your head to his shoulder – that’s what did him in.

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