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for @grandthorkiday this year, I really wanted to finally finish the fic I started for it last year, but that didn’t happen because literally everything is happening at the same time this October and also it’s hard to focus on writing in general right now. but then I thought of this older Sakaar fic that has been vaguely on my “I’m almost positive this is practically done if I would just put some time and effort into finishing it (but it’s also totally possible it’s nowhere near as close to being done as I think it is)” list for ages, and I realized it totally fit the definition for Grandthorki, and I thought maybe I could finish that real quick instead!

…I couldn’t. there’s a lot more to this one that needs to be written than I kind of thought, in part because it’s so old I wrote it before Ragnarok ever came out, so it was based purely on the trailer (and then inspired by some speculation by @theotherodinson, I think), and to finish this fic I would first have to decide if it would be more straightforward to just keep going with my pre-Ragnarok speculation or change the setup a bit to fit the film. also I would have to turn a bunch of bullet points into an actual conversation that would have to…make sense? and, like, establish things? and that’s hard even when my brain isn’t busy constantly screaming.

but! I can post most of what I already wrote, just for fun and because at least this is something Grandthorki-related that I haven’t already posted elsewhere! knowing me this could backfire because then I won’t have as much motivation to try to finish it but on the other hand it’s been sitting at this exact level of unfinishedness for like three years so it’s probably not going to hurt.

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One shot


babysitting Clinton’s kids with Loki and Thor

Enjoy and thank you for your support!

“Thank you so much for coming on short notice.” Laura shouts from the kitchen as you and the two god brothers enter the Barton farmhouse. “With my sister falling ill so suddenly, we couldn’t find anyone else to watch the kids.”

“And trust us if we could, we would.” Clint interrupts lugging two duffle bags over his shoulders.

“We can leave if you prefer.” Loki blurts out as Thor looks aimlessly around the room.

“Where are the little soldiers anyhow?!” Thor asks in a bellowing voice.

“Thor!” Lila and Cooper run down the stairs and launch into Thor’s arms, one sitting effortlessly each bicep.

Loki moves away to grab a seat as you are pulled away from the mummers by Laura. You coo at Nathaniel as Laura places him in your arms, “Thank you so much, Y/N. I wish we could bring them- I love them- but they aren’t the quietest bunch and right now my siter needs as much quiet as she an get.”

“It’s no problem at all,” You start, “I’m just sorry I couldn’t come alone. I’ve got god detail while the other avengers are out.”

“Oh, don’t listen to Clint, the kids love Thor and maybe this will be a good time to teach Loki some patience.”

You both pause and look at Loki who is sitting on the sofa, finger digging into his temple from all the screaming.

“Yeah… maybe.” You groan.

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