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#loki (2021)
lyssaspex · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✨💚 An Enchanting Pair 💚✨
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iamnmbr3 · a day ago
it’s just wild to me that the show plot makes literally no sense even if you totally accept the intended narrative framing. I mean it’s just like:
"loki is an evil villain who just wants power because he believes he was born to rule and is willing to do anything to achieve that goal and doesn't care about anyone else...but then he starts crying and decides to change his ways because the heroic mobius shows him a video where his mom dies in the future because of then he vows to be better and help catch an evil version of himself who is killing time agents....but then he actually isn't better bc he ditches at the first opportunity to go with the evil version of him....except actually the evil loki is sylvie and she's heroic and good for killing tva agents....and loki teams up with her except he still likes mobius and the tva but that's ok but also sylvie is in the right...and then the tva captures them bc the tva is bad except no they're not and mobius justly punishes loki for betraying him which was wrong bc the tva is good actually....and then loki and sylvie reunite and meet some other lokis who are inherently bad except for sylvie who is good bc she's a girl...and then loki and sylvie go off and fight the head of the TVA who is bad...and then loki shows his growth by trying to protect the tva...but fails....but sylvie's right....but also he's right...and he ends up back at an alternate version of the tva with mobius who works for the tva and is a hero....
um. wut?????!
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Ladies, remember, when a hot deity of mischief is genuinely in love with you, is your actual soulmate and just gets you, DO NOT PURSUE A ROMANTIC!RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM UNLESS YOU MAKE SURE THERE IS NO WHITE MALE COP WHO IS BEING SHIPPED WITH HIM!
Be a proper fictional!woman and stay away from the hot men! HOWEVER, do sacrifice your lifelong goals and purpose for your platonic!male friend in order to let him be with the aforementioned cop.
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sophialore · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I’ll never not love this pairing ... Science and Magic baybeeee ✨🔭
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starkandson · 2 days ago
goddess of mischief // loki laufeyson
the enchantress // amora
valkyrie // brunhilde
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
REBLOG if you save // DON'T steal/claim as your own without credit
Powerful Asgardian Women Part II because you guys loved the last one so much! :D enjoy!
@mischievousgoddess ♡
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wheredafandomat · 2 days ago
If you love me ☺️
Green = Flashback
Red = Song
Background : Loki had been living at the avengers tower for a while now. He’d been sent there by Odin as a form of punishment for what he did in New York after 2012. He, along with his brother Thor, fought alongside the Avengers. Despite what Loki would say, he began to love it because it’s where he met her. His darling Y/N. She was in the same sort of position as Loki, sent to work with the avengers technically against her will. She had managed to hack into the security main frame of S.H.IE.L.D, learn the location of Loki’s sceptre and set out in search of it. She managed to take down nine men twice her size in her efforts to get it. She said it felt like it was calling to her. Once she had it, she didn’t expect what would happen next. The sceptre began to shake and crack and whatever was in the gem had consumed her. Falling to the floor, the last thing she saw was Iron man breaking through a nearby window. When she woke up, she was greeted by an angry team of superheroes along with a tall dark haired man glaring at her. It was Loki, her love but obviously at the time she didn’t know that. Due to the fact that y/n possessed the mind stone along with being brilliantly intelligent, she was ‘asked’ to join the team. In spite of their better judgement, the team trusted Loki and even if they didn’t trust him, they trusted Thor so when they both explained that the stones chose their hosts, they saw y/n as more noble than they previously thought. Obviously she had something special about her for an infinity stone to choose her. Their judgement was also confirmed by Stephen Strange who said that if she wasn’t supposed to posses the stone, an angry team of minute men along with a small clock person would come and reset them. Laughing at Strange’s half joke, the team welcomed y/n. This was when Loki and y/n fell in love.
“Y/N I’m sorry” he said solemnly looking down avoiding y/n’s gaze
“Thor don’t say that because if you say that I’m going to get really pissed off” she said with a forced anger laced in her tone
“He passed a saviour”
“Thor stop. This is a dream. It’s all a dream. TELL ME THIS IS A DREAM!” Y/N said beginning to cry
Watching y/n begin to break down, Thor tried his hardest to not cry. Stepping towards y/n, he rapped his arms around her.
“He promised he’d come back” she said sobbing into Thor’s chest
“Alright Loki come here” she laughed gesturing for Loki to come towards her.
“No” he replied with a grin
“You promised me”
“Very well” he said walking towards her and putting his hands at her waist
The music began playing whilst they both slowly swayed side to side.
If the sun should tumble from the skies. If the sea should suddenly run dry. If you love me, really love me, let it happen, I won't care.
Looking into y/n’s eyes, Loki said-
“I love you”
“I love you too Loki”
From that night, ‘If you love me’ became their song. That’s why as soon as the funeral director asked y/n if she’d like a particular song to play whilst Loki’s casket was being carried in, she quickly replied with-
“Yes please, If you love me by Brenda Lee”
There was a sadness in her voice. A deep deep sadness that presented itself in a form of a fake smile.
The day of the funeral, y/n tried her hardest to stay strong. She knew all eyes would be on her today and she couldn’t bare the look of pity the team would give her whenever she’d show any weakness in front of them.
Walking inside the reception, y/n was greeted by the friendly faces she had grown to call her family. Tony was sitting with Pepper and Morgan and she offered them a smile before taking a seat at the front of the room. Hearing the music begin to play, y/n replayed her memories with Loki before standing and facing the isle.
If it seems that everything is lost, I will smile and never count the cost. If you love me, really love me,Let it happen, darling, I won't care.
Walking in was Thor, Bucky, Steve, Banner and of course her love. She watched as they walked in with the casket adorning one of each of their shoulders. She watched as Thor made a fist and put it to his mouth to stop himself from crying. She watched when Steve quickly wiped a tear from his face. She watched as Banner sniffed trying to hide the fact that he had been previously crying and she watched as Bucky made eye contact with her displaying that look of pity. Feeling a lump rising in her throat, she tried her hardest to focus on the song.
Shall I catch a shooting star? Shall I bring it where you are? If you want me to, I will.
“There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you y/n, my beloved. I’d catch a shooting star and gift it to you in a box adorned with a bow if it meant I could see you smile”
“Poetic” she said giggling
“I’m serious y/n. I love you more than anything”
“There’s one thing I want you to promise me”
“Don’t leave me” she replied in a quieter tone
“Never my love”
Smiling wistfully at the memory, she took her seat when the boys reached the front. Squeezing her hand, Thor sat next to y/n as they sat through the service. When it came to an end, y/n was invited up to say a few words. She did to the best of her abilities but when she began to recall an old story about herself and Loki, she looked down at the casket and her painted smile fell. With tears falling down her face, she walked up to it and placed her hands on it.
“You promised” she whispered
“You promised you’d never leave me”
You can set me any task. I'll do anything you ask. If you'll only say you love me still
Seeing y/n’s actions, Thor began to stand up until he was stopped by Bucky who stood up to read the rest of y/n’s speech. Bucky knew that Thor wasn’t in a better condition than y/n.
When the service came to an end, y/n stood in front of the casket stroking it as if it was Loki’s cheek as the song played again signalling the end of the ceremony.
“Please, one more miracle Loki, just one more” she mumbled.
Before turning around, y/n sang some of the lyrics as a final goodbye to him.
“When at last our life on earth is through I will share eternity with you”
“Why do you love this song so much y/n” Loki asked as he held her back against his chest as they danced
“Because it’s ours” she replied smiling
“And the lyrics, I love the lyrics. They sum up how I feel about you perfectly. I’d do anything to spend eternity with you Loki”
“Likewise my love”
If you love me, really love me
Let it happen, I won't care
If you love me, really love me
Let it happen, darling, I won't care
Tumblr media
A/N: Lol why did I write this 🥲 I’m literally crying
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cryptkit · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
how we feeling about heart buttons
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tihohodka · a day ago
Tumblr media
«Hi, welcome to the Time Variance Authority!”
It’s so funny to imagine how will my variant Loki act in the TVA so i had to draw him🌚he will be meeting the TVA tho the situation differs a lot from the situation Loki had in series
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decayday · 21 hours ago
anyone willing to be interviewed for an article im writing? its about media escapism in the queer community, preferably people who are interested in non explicitly queer media but any media will do.
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mischievous-thunder · 2 days ago
Loki: I'm going to live like a Midgardian today. So, Casey and I are going to rob a bank.
Mobius: What? WHAT?
Casey: Shh, Mobius! It's supposed to be a secret!
Loki: Now, Mobius, hold the camera and follow us.
Mobius: Please tell me it's a prank.
Loki, kissing Mobius's cheeks: That's exactly what the camera is for. If we get caught, we'll say that it's a prank.
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mx-barnes · 5 hours ago
What’s in a name
Summary: At Thor’s coronation you meet an interesting prince who happens to know what you are going through.
Word Count: 2.1k
Warnings: HOMOPHOBIA (towards reader), mentions of courting, father being an ass, mentions of emotional abuse, telling they reader they will never be good enough/ only a play thing,
A/n: So I wrote this because I really needed Loki to comfort me through coming out to my parents where I said I was non binary and they were less than supportive so this is hella self indulgent. Also sorry if your preferred name is Alexis I just chose a name at random. Gif not my own.
A/n pt.2: So it’s official my a key is dead so I had to paste it💀. So I am hoping to get Sams fic out soon sorry for the delay I wanted to get it out for his bday but it just isn’t ready so it will be in the drafts for a bit longer I am working hard on it. Also requests are open send them in.
Tumblr media
Asgard was a truly extraordinary place. The huge palace was just beautiful. Of course, you came from another truly extravagant place as well. It was the royal coronation of Thor Odinson. You heard tales of the soon-to-be king and found him to be boarish, and a huge oaf. He had no sense to rule.
Your mother was pestering you, and saying that you would make a great wife for him. Of course, although you had told her many many times you didn’t wish to be referred to as a female she still did. Her logic is that if you wanted to be male she would support your transition but she couldn’t get behind all of this nonconforming bullshit.
So when anytime she saw a handsome eligible young man who just happened to be single she immediately thinks that you have to marry him.
If you thought your mother was bad your father was even worse. He just stopped talking to you. He only talked to you when you would try and introduce yourself to new people as your preferred name Y/n. He would correct you anytime and say your name was Alexis. You had just given up talking to new people.
You and your father used to be on great terms saying one day that you would take over his rule but now he had been getting close with one of the knights that guarded you. So you figured he was grooming someone to take over for him. He also had been trying to marry you off, and this coronation was just the perfect event.
When you were younger he had always planned to have you marry Prince Thor. He needed Asgard to help protect his kingdom. You had always had a strong dislike to Thor. You had never met the man but you had no interest in the way that he seemed to always find himself in a fight. If it weren’t for his cunning younger brother Loki he probably would’ve died. You never understood why Odin chose Thor over Loki. If you looked at it logically Loki was the obvious choice. He had the skills to rule. Thor was always looking for a fight and besides that, he seemed to be in love with a midguardian girl.
"Hello," a voice startled you out of your thoughts. You turned to see the raven-haired man. He was devilishly handsome. His green eyes were beautiful. His eyes seemed to shift from sea green to a lighter blue. They mainly stayed green but every once in a while they shifted to blue. He looked familiar.
The man cleared his throat bringing you back to reality for the second time tonight. "Oh, the Norns I am so sorry. I guess I was just off in my own world," feeling your cheeks heat up immediately.
"It's alright m'lady." You cringed feeling physically repulsed by the use of lady. Of course, there is no proper way to address you. "I'm sorry did I do something to offend you, m'lady?"
Again the use of m'lady. It clicked into place why he looked familiar he was the second born Prince Loki. "No, I am sorry my prince you did nothing wrong," You curtsied.
After finishing your curtsy the prince spoke. "Please, please just Loki."
"Oh ok."
"Aren't you going to tell me your name?"
"Oh right where are my manners." Your brain was going a mile a minute what were you suppose to say did you introduce yourself as Y/n. No, your father would scold you for that. "It's Alexis," trying your best not to cringe at the use of that name but Loki seemed to catch on.
"If I am may? I would say you don't like that name very much and perhaps you would prefer to go by a different name. I would not judge myself I am genderfluid and go by different pronouns depending on the day. Normally though I go by he/they." He was so easy to talk to. You ended up telling him your preferred name and pronouns. He seemed disgusted when you told him about how your parents took the news.
"I swear some people are still stuck in the 1500s. Wait right here my darling for one second."
He held his hands in the spot where you were standing. "Loki. My prince do not fret over it. Besides they will never change their minds."
"I cannot let this stand at least not while you are on Asgardian land."
"Loki I appreciate but it will just get me in more trouble with my parents. I shouldn't even be talking with you. If my parents found out. Let's just say I fear what would happen. I must find Thor I am supposed to be getting him to like me anyway."
"Wait Y/n what if. What if I don't want you to. What if I wanted to court you. I don't hate your company and besides, you are very beautiful and would make a wonderful royal of Asgard."
Blood rushed to your cheeks at the compliment. "Well, I don't know if my parents would appreciate me marrying a secondborn. Not to lie it is your choice and not that I wouldn't love to but I am assured that they would strike down the proposition almost immediately claiming if Asgard wanted me as some low-level royal they will just marry me off somewhere else. I do wish to be courted by you just from our very small interaction you seem like a genuine person besides your title Loki. Prince of Asgard, God of mischief, lies, and tricks. I have always found you incredibly stunning and cunning. You have always managed to keep your brother out of trouble."
"My dear I do not care what your parents say I can convince them. You forget I have what some would call a silver tongue allowing for me to convince even the most set in stone people. I will not ask without your permission I do not believe that one should not have a choice in who they court."
"Prince Loki you don't have to do this. You could choose any woman that isn't troubled, to court. Why me?"
"Y/n you are the most beautiful person in this room. If I am being honest I have been watching you for a while. While you were standing in this corner by yourself ignoring the men who fell to your knees begging for a dance. I understood the look upon your face one of utter turmoil. While yes I could have any lady or gentleman in this room I choose you. I choose this wonderful intriguing person because Royal Y/n I am smitten."
"There is that silver tongue you talked of," you laughed quietly which lead to Loki's own laugh. That sound on its own is intoxicating. You wished to bask in his warmth every day. Then you heard a shout from across the room.
"Alexis come here I would like to introduce you to someone,"
"I'm sorry to leave you so suddenly Prince Loki but my mother calls."
"Wait why don't I come with you? Give you some backup?"
"If that is what you wish my prince."
Slowly you beginning numbing yourself to the dread you were about to feel overtake you as you follow the direction you heard your mother's come from.
"Ah, Alexis I would like you to meet Prince Thor."
In front of you stood a tall strongly built man. Much different than the brother that stood behind you. His eyes were blue and his hair was long. and blonde. Everything about this gentleman screamed dominance, and power in a more direct way, unlike Loki his power, and dominance was asserted more subtly. His was like a tiger waiting in the bushes for its prey. Thors was brute like a rhino. Brash, and not very smart but yet still effective.
"How do you do, Prince Thor?" you curtsied much like you did when you had met Loki. The blonde prince waved you off more interested in the fact that his brother was behind you.
"I see you found yourself a young lady," you cringe once again as Thor speaks as if you and your mother were not there.
"Well I will leave you two to get acquainted," your mother said as she bowed out. Before she left though she tugged you closer to her speaking directly in your ear. "Do not mess this up this is very important to your father, and our kingdom," and with that, she left.
Tuning back into the conversation between the two brothers. "Y/n is not a lady she does not like the name Alexis. They are much like myself brother preferring not to be confined to the binary such as male and female. Living outside of the binary code. You understand and respect that, right brother?" Loki's voice had an edge to it you hadn't heard in the very short time of knowing him.
"Yes, sibling I understand I will apologize for the incorrect use, and maybe then you can go ask father that burning question you have about courting them. If not then I will ask for you because you two seem perfect for each other. If I am also to believe what their mother said then they are being used as a way to gain protection so as long as Asgard guarantees the protection of their kingdom which I will grant you may court them. But brother I do beg you tell father yourself I do think he should of know this.”
“Brother you don’t understand is that father-"
"Father the should be the least of your worries. You have found someone you connect with. Someone who can and will understand you. Why not take the risk?"
With that, for the first time ever Loki was dumbstruck by his brother. He knew that Thor supported him unconditionally now with this new revelation he was able to get the courage to ask his father for what he wanted, and what he wanted was you. Loki walked up to his father and yours with you trailing beside him. He could feel the nerves rolling off of you in waves. He was nervous but you seemed more so. Before he reached the men he turned to you, stopping you.
"Love, are you sure this is what you want?"
"Loki you make me happier than I have been in a long time you understand me, you care for me, I don't understand why you want me but I am grateful for it. So yes, yes I am sure this is what I want," you confessed honestly.
He just looked at you and nodded before making the rest of the way to the men. Reaching them he began, "King Y/l/n I would like to ask your permission to court Royal Y/n Y/l/n."
Your father scoffed, "I'm sorry who I know of no one by that name if you mean my DAUGHTER Alexis then maybe we can talk but I know of no one by the name Y/n."
You knew this was going to happen so why did you even try. You turned to Loki and began pleading with him to drop it and just use your birth-given name but Loki didn't relent.
"No I mean your child Y/n because, unlike your kingdom, in Asgard, we respect people's names and pronouns so while you are on Asgardian soil you will respect this person's name. So I ask again can I court Y/n Y/l/n?"
"You have no right to speak to me like that. I am King Y/l/n of Muspelheim you will respect me," your father scolded.
"I may not have the right, but your kingdom is in dire need of protection from Asgard. Am I wrong?" Loki questioned your father gave an indifferent nod, so Loki began again, "I am offering you protection for your kingdom all I ask in return is your permission to court Y/n, and that you respect their pronouns, and name. Is that so hard for you? Considering most of your people are being killed from the lack of protection they're given I would take this offer it's an olive branch."
Your dad huffed and puffed out his chest then just nodded and agreed. He turned to you gave you a death glare, and as he was walking by you he said, "You've served your purpose but you will never inherit the throne you will only ever be the second borns play toy."
Loki had heard what your father said, and as he was walking away he bewitched your father making him trip, and fall without grace. You and he stifled a laugh. You realized something as your father was walking away he was and is very emotionally abusive although you will always love him you were done with that chapter of your life, and you were ready to start a new chapter with Loki. For the first time in what felt like forever, you felt free and happy.
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sambucky-stupidity · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
has this been done yet?
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