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#loki (marvel)
Flufftober - Day 16
16 - Falling asleep together
Pairing: Loki x gn!reader
Part 3 of day 6. Promt "If we both stick to the story, they can't prove anything." from here. Written for @flufftober2021 's event.
Word count: 2,2K
Tags: alcohol and drunk people, implied smut (non explicit at all), I'm aware this isn't exactly fluff but it's the continuation of the other days. Idk I just had inspiration by the name of the days, leave me be.
Tumblr media
Loki really, really hadn’t intended to.
It wasn’t in his plans, and it certainly wasn’t in yours, he was sure. It was an accident. Accidents happen, right?
You were sleeping soundly, unmoving, almost even drooling. He was sure you weren’t a light sleeper —if he had managed to carry you a few weeks before, and you’ve barely moved your eyelids, then he would be just fine trying to escape from under the sheets of your bed.
He pleaded he had his clothes on. He checked —he did. He still looked for any signs of having had something more than an innocent sleepover with you—but nothing. He sighed in relief. He would not only hate himself for having lowered his standards so greatly —the whole compound would take him off his misery.
It was between the very specific set of rules of domiciliary arrest.
Do not harm anyone, in any way.
Do not get involved with enemies or potential enemies.
Do not trespass properties, or do not commit any felonies, for that matter.
He would harm you.
If he had anything to do with you, say romantically or sexually, he knew he wasn’t truly interested —a toy, a plaything, a midgardian. A lesser being he wouldn’t get involved in serious matters, of course—. That meant it would hurt you, if he had gotten your expectations up in the sky and then shot at them.
So, it was a terrible idea to have fallen asleep by your side.
How did that even happen?
He tried to recall the previous night’s events. All he could think of at first was the mind-numbing music from Tony’s stereos, the dizzying feeling of his brother’s asgardian alcohol, the heat and the neon lights doing wonders to feeling as disorientated as he could get.
So, it was a party. He looked around and saw at least three bottles of wine opened and empty around your floor. Have you ever been a drinker? Or was it the effects of being close to him? Not close —just overstaying the supposed time one should have around him.
You always overstayed, for the Norns.
He can remember now, a bit more vividly. He was too drunk, he knew. But you were too. You were drunk and easy-going. He remembered very well how his impression of you changed from one minute to the other. You did a thing with your… eyes. He was too intrigued as to why your personality suddenly changed, why you were being all suave and, somehow —Loki still can’t figure out what it was— charming. Attractive in the way only Asgardians could’ve been, he thought.
Yes, he remembers. It captivated him because you seemed… otherworldly.
It wasn’t to say that he actually felt attracted to any aspect of you —not even the slightest. His gaze traveled back to the current you, wrapped up in your blankets and with the pillow marks on your reddened cheeks. It was your normal self again, but he could still feel that sensation of attraction towards you lingering on his senses. Why was that? What have you done to him yesterday that made him so… confused?
He was sure there was witchcraft involved.
Because that could be the only explanation, right? All other explanations were out of reason, completely out of place, out of sense. Witchcraft it was. He would torment the Scarlet Witch about it later. For now, he had to escape the bedsheets and leave you sleeping, hopefully unaware of his staying.
But, how did he actually get there?
He also remembers talking to you. He flirted. He knew he had, because he just saw what you were wearing last night —there, thrown onto the floor, although he’s sure he had no part in taking it away; he cannot remember how the texture feels in his own fingers—, and he knew he would flirt with anyone wearing that. Anyone, of course. Not particularly you, although the image of you on those clothes made him let out a breathy sigh. Thought he has to push away, right now.
Alright, then. He flirted. Your voice in his ear saying something that gave him tickles everywhere. He remembers the feeling of your breath, your whisper against his ear. He leaned over the counter bar, drink in his hand. No, two drinks. He was taking your drink away from you, yes, he remembers now. You said,
“I might feel a little too brave, tonight”.
He didn’t understand what you meant exactly, but he could give it some context. He knew you were, somehow, flirting back. He didn’t know if you were hoping for results or not, but he didn’t care. He wouldn’t have you, in any way.
He remembers taking your drink off your hands and sliding his arm through your shoulders, escorting you somewhere. He bumped against his brother, too, and exchanged a few words he could not and didn’t want to remember, it was pointless. He walked you all the way to your room and opened the door for you. You did something. He does not remember how it went after that.
Hand in the doorknob. Greetings of goodnight. You took a step further towards him. Blank.
He cannot remember.
It doesn’t matter. He, with butterfly movements, attemped to peel off the sheets from his skin. A little movement and your eyelids fluttered. He needed to be quieter. He realized soon he wasn’t completely dressed. His v-neck t-shirt was on, yes. It was the black one that James gifted him for his birthday —after he’d told him he looked hot on it, he remembers he had flirted with almost every member of the team, at some point—. His dressing shirt was on the floor, just by your own clothes, and his pants were there too. He was in his less flattering pair of black boxers, and he blushed at the mere thought of you seeing him like that.
He needed to get off that bed.
You stirred around and he froze in place. You grunted, and muttered to him to close the curtains. He moved his hand slowly and conjured the curtains to close, accommodating the blanket over you again and getting up to leave. Hopefully you'd still be sleeping.
"Oh my God", he heard your voice behind him. He closed his eyes as if trying to avoid the situation. But no, you were wide awake. He turned around and saw your eyes fall on his body —he suddenly felt extremely self-conscious—since when? He'd never feel like that around anyone, could it be guilt? Had he slept with you? Have you seen him? "You're here. And... without... pants".
"I…", he stuttered —he never stutters—. "I'm afraid I can't remember what happened last night".
"Nothing happened", you hurried your answer. You sat up in bed and he noticed you weren't wearing any clothes underneath the blankets. "I remember, nothing happened".
"Then why are you naked, and I'm on your bed?".
"I don't know", you were being honest. He sighed and tossed your clothes from the floor. You grabbed them and observed they were stained with wine. "Oh, this seems to explain why, then".
"It still doesn't explain why I'm in your bed", he added, getting up to leave. You grabbed his wrist.
"You can't leave".
"Don't be ridiculous".
"They'll notice".
You were right. If Loki were to walk out of the room in that instant, everyone on the compound would know he slept in your bed.
"I can teleport away". You sighed out and gestured to him to leave, but he stayed. He still needed to know what happened. "What do you remember?".
"Oh no", you realized. Your grip was still on his wrist and he wanted to jerk it away, but something in him couldn't get enough of your skin against his, even your palm on his. What have you done to him? "They've seen us leave and get into the room. They know".
"Well. They can't prove anything, unless the recordings show otherwise… wait. Do you have cameras in here?".
"You perverted asshole!", you jerked his hand away, and laughed.
"No! Not like that! I mean for…".
"I know, Loki, I was kidding".
Again, you were a mystery. He is the God of Mischief and Lies. He is sarcasm itself, the guardian of jokes. Yet there you were, joking, and he, unable to recognize it.
"What happened last night?".
"We could delete the footage from the doorway. There was a moment where it looked like you were just walking me to my room…".
"I was doing just that, that's what I remember".
"...and delete the part where you come in".
"Yes, why did that happen, again?".
As he began to lose his patience, he got distracted by how you bit your lip. They looked soft, moist, warm. He can remember how it felt to press his against yours, to nib at them with his sharp teeth —he didn't make them bleed, he caressed them with his tongue. He can still taste you, a lingering feeling that will never leave him, now that he remembered.
That's what you did.
Doorknob. Good night. You stepped closer and grabbed him by the collar. You kissed him, softly at first, soon fervently. Passionately. You held on to him like he was the last drop of water in a desert; and he felt you were honey and he's had the biggest craving for centuries —since when did he have a sweet tooth?
Just the memory of it was enough for him to step back.
"I need to get off this godsdamned tower. You'll get me killed", he assured you, and you chuckled.
"Don't be stupid. We didn't do anything. And even if we did, that's not gonna kill you, you know?".
"You keep saying we didn't do anything, yet I remember you kissed me".
"No, I didn't", you said, and he frowned.
"Don't try to deceive me for a second, I know what I…".
"You kissed me", you corrected, with raised eyebrows.
He stopped in place. Yes. He did.
His memories started getting rewritten in that same moment, over and over again.
Doorknob. Good night. You pulled him by the collar and kissed… his cheek. A faint "thank you" on his ear. You were grateful for him taking care of you like that. For walking you to your room. Loki didn't stop his impulses, for once, and he moved his head. A peck on your lips. He waited for you to react, to walk away, to yell. You didn't, still grabbing his collar. Your hands traveled through his neck to his jawline and you kissed him back.
"I remember", he muttered. "Then I opened the door again".
"You did".
"And escorted you to your bed".
"And we… drank?", he pointed at the empty bottles.
"I laid on the bed and told you… well, I asked you if we… you know", you blushed, and he held his breath. "You said no", and he sighed. "You said I was too drunk and I was making a mistake. So you summoned a bottle and said that we could talk until I was sleepy. You made sure I didn't do anything stupid while drunk. You stayed the whole time until I fell asleep. We talked a lot".
He needed to take in your words for a moment. He took care of you? He dared thinking you needed protection, when you were his doom, the truth that deceived the trickster?
"I spilled wine over your clothes", he pointed out again. "That's why you're naked?".
"I was already too sleepy to change, so I decided to stay like this".
"But I was in the room", he frowned in confusion.
"I felt comfortable enough".
He chuckled. You felt comfortable enough. You felt comfortable around him, enough to trust your naked and drunk body by his side, when the rest of the team was too drunk and immersed in their own world.
You felt comfortable enough with him, and he couldn't understand why.
"Then why am I in my underwear?".
"You fell asleep too. I guess you changed in your sleep, with your magic", you said, getting up and putting a new shirt on. He turned around out of respect.
"So we didn't have sex", he stated. "But they don't know that".
"Why would they care?".
"My brother would kill me. Probably in the literal sense".
You sighed out.
"Aren't you the God of Lies? Pull something off your sleeve that would make you sound less caring and more cold, and say that", you suggested, and he chuckled. You knew him all too well. "If we both stick to the story, they can't prove anything. Besides, isn't that what you're concerned about? Feelings?".
"I don't have feelings towards you", he added with raised eyebrows, pointing a finger at you.
"You don't. Except that you do".
"I don't".
"Then just say you stayed talking. What's the damage?".
"I don't have feelings towards you", he repeated.
Maybe if he repeated it enough he'd convince himself.
"Kiss me again", you asked. Maybe challenged.
Gods damn.
He pulled you against him by the waist and sank in between the pillows, tasting you once again. It didn't go unnoticed a little smile against your lips.
"What was our alibi again?".
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bonky-n-steeb · 3 hours ago
Can I request for Jotun Loki (What If) trying to make it fit without shrinking? (Size kink + Breeding Kink) if you're comfortable with it? Thank you so much!!!
send me your dirtiest fantasy…
RIP that pussy tho 😮‍💨
“Ahhh… I… Loki,,.. fucckkk!” You sobbed as Loki pumped two of his fingers into you. You were sweating and seeing stars at just his fingers, you didn’t think you could really take his cock.
“You can take it my dove. You were made for it.” You were going to retort with ‘No I wasn’t’, but then he placed his thumb on your swollen clit and started circling.
His thumb was icy cold and it was an excellent contrast on your heated skin. It was enough to propel you into another orgasm. Your brain couldn’t really conjure how many you had before this.
When he removed his fingers, you felt empty and started whining. “Loki, more…. I need more.” Just moments before you were doubtful but without him in you, you were just a whimpering mess.
Loki smirked before pulling you on top of him and placing you right on top of his huge cock. You moaned as he entered you, and you were glad you could control the pace.
For some time, you just fucked yourself on the head of his cock, before sinking lower. By the time you took him in completely, you were shaking and quivering.
“Do you need some help?” Loki asked mockingly. You just nodded and he turned you around so that he’d be on top.
The change in position was enough for him to fuck into you. You didn’t just feel him snapping into you in this position but you could also see the tip of his cock make your stomach bulge out.
“You’re gonna look so good all swollen with my seed. Carrying my child. I’m gonna breed you so good.” You came once more and ended up squirting on his still hard cock.
“Oh my my… such a filthy pet I’ve got.” His huge palms curled around your biceps and held you steady for him to use you. “Don’t worry. We have the entire night to discover more.”
Tumblr media
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anonymousfiction211 · a day ago
*Loki calls you*
Y/N: Hey, what's up?
Loki: Nothing, just wondering when you will be home...
Y/N: I'm almost done, just wrapping things up. I will be home in 15 minutes.
Loki: No need to rush darling, take all the time you need. If you want work over, I will cook. No problem!
Y/N: *getting suspicious* Loki... What did you do today?
Loki: Me? Nothing much. Just spending time with our kittens. Teaching them some things.
Y/N: *Sighing heavily* how much time to make our appartement liveable again?
Loki: I'm absolutely offended by the notion that the only way you think I can teach our kittens is by thrashing the entire place! But on a complete unrelated note, if you have to work an hour extra today, I won't mind cooking tonight.
*A lamp breaks in the background and you hear Loki sushing Thunder&Mischief
Y/N: I'll see you in an hour and you're an idiot!
Loki: Love you too honey!
*Hearing a glass break in the background*
Y/N: *Sighs* Love you too. And hurry up.
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editskatedrag · a day ago
Tumblr media
I’m here to stop your scrolling! 🔥Show some love to this edit 😆 I tried to give Loki a Frost effect 😍
Note: Don’t share to other platforms without crediting.
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lokithelightbringer · 3 months ago
Absolutely losing my mind over the fact that in one timeline Odin brought a fucking crocodile back from a battle and presented it to Frigga like “Here, this will be our second child,” and she was like “Sure, why not?”
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zemosimp05 · 4 months ago
Here some spoilers without context 😌
Tumblr media
Loki explaining To Mobius
Tumblr media
Mobius to TVA
Tumblr media
Loki to Lady loki
Tumblr media
And some parallels 😌
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ep 2 spoilers
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always-detty · 3 months ago
There was a split second when Mobius asked Loki if he was an analyst where my brain was like, “weird compliment and you haven’t even said hi to him yet but sure, continue.” I wish I could go back to that split second and never leave.
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nishats · 3 months ago
Hats off for Sophia DiMartino's dedication. She was having a baby during the filming of Loki, so the costume was made so that she could breastfeed her baby easily and also hide the stretchmarks. But we barely even noticed :D
Tumblr media
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ohhhmyloki · 3 months ago
I would like to say one thing to the Loki Fandom:
This show is Tom's baby. Yes, many other creators collaborated to make it happen, but if you think for a second the whole thing doesn't rest in his ridiculously handsome hands, you're wrong. He's the title character. The one, the biggest, the brightest Loki. If not for him, this show would not exist.
I say again, this show is his baby. It's his ART.
Remember that when you're publicly shitting on it.
Remember his dedication to the character, and to the Fandom. Remember that playing Loki is a labor of love for him. Remember that acting is his passion.
If you've ever had a passion--created art, or built things, or designed anything--you can put yourself in Tom's (and the other creators') shoes.
How does it feel when somebody nitpicks something you created from your heart and soul? How would it feel if they straight up shit on it, and on you for creating it?
How would you feel if you also had deep affection and appreciation for the people who were shitting on it? How would you feel if you were hoping to please them with your authentic, heartfelt creation--because you and they share a love and passion for the same thing--and they responded with scorn and vitriol, and refused to see the value of what you created, simply because it wasnt exactly what they were hoping for?
Critique is one thing. Constructive criticisms, sure. But damn, you guys are being straight up nasty.
Seriously, people. This is shameful. You can do better.
Tumblr media
Hate me in the comments if u like. I said what I said.
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