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#loki 2021
mischievous-thunder · 2 days ago
Loki: What do I have to do to gain access to the new library?
Mobius: At first, you'll need to go down-
Loki: *Pulls Mobius in by his belt wordlessly and kneels in front of him*
Mobius, looking up and resting his head against the wall: -stairs...
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tomisacutelilgem · 18 hours ago
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We finally got Jotun Loki 😭💙 and he’s wonderful,sassy,flirty,a star and just beautiful. absolutely loved this episode!!
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deathbewrryyy · a day ago
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what if spoiler!!! Jotun Loki
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As someone who've been a fan and has always liked and enjoyed Loki as being this ultra flawed but highly complex , tragic Shakespearean-like morally ambiguous relatable character, I find it kind of sad but also annoying how those that "claim" to be fans or claims to "love" him pretty much from what I've seen from either on here on Tumblr or Twitter tends to treat him like total shit and act like he's responsible for all things awful within the MCU multiverse just because he villain coded or the fact that even half of his own fandom seems to treat Loki character like crap in favor of two brand new characters. Especially when it comes to some of these toxic positively Pro Loki series fans & how some of them seem to blindly easily eat up anything Disney /Marvel shoved at them because they've said so without using basic critical thinking skills or how some of them poorly respond to criticism of any kind regarding the show itself and act like it's a freaking masterpiece, when honestly the show has a lot of bad issues in its writing as well as a good number of plot holes within it. For me when it comes to the Loki series I still manage to enjoyed it also liked it....But for real the series itself could've been written so much better in a lot of other areas within it also reading certain things from the director / main writer for the show makes it obvious that they've done zero research on the previous movies regarding Loki character or his trauma and the fact it seems both had zero compassion towards Loki character as a whole.
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marvelous-whovian · a day ago
mobius: look, loki is great, but they don't have a life plan. they don't even have a day plan. i once found a note they wrote to themself that said 'put on pants' followed by a question mark
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robasarel · a day ago
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insanityclause · 2 days ago
Just another account of Tom being nice. twitter,com/Gennefer/status/1440102163208826881
Talking about the 2016 HBO Emmy party, I guess.
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spnloverfromrussia · 21 hours ago
🐍 Loki Wednesday 💚
I understand those people who want Loki to always stay like he was in MCU. But he just can't - there's such thing called a "character growth," and even the sassiest tricksters usually develop their wise and caring side as time passes - if they are lucky enough to meet a right person (for the TVA Loki it was Mobius). Now, Sylvie is like pre-TVA Loki - before the analyst took him as an equal and changed for the better with his patience, kindness, support and positive regard. He'd been Loki's fan before, but when he met Loki in person, he began to genuinely admire his intelligence, & even managed to open up Loki's kind, supportive, trusting and compassionate side - to the latter's sheer surprise.
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Loki learns to trust - with Mobius's help:
Tumblr media
That is a great example of a character growth — and the main reason why some people dislike Mobius and his impact on Loki - before him, the God of Mischief had been clowning his way through in his cruel world. It could look funny - all his sassiness, sarcasm and tricks, but
I'm a loser,
I'm a loser,
And I'm not what I appear to be.
<...> Although I laugh and I act like a clown,
Beneath this mask I am wearing a frown.
- The Beatles, "I'm a loser" 1964
that's how he probably felt deep down. After learning the truth about himself (in a very hard way) he must have felt like an outsider. Like he had to give all his best to prove to his family that he is worthy. Thor was loved without these conditions, but Loki had to literally fight with his brother to gain Odin's respect and goodwill. But he always failed... Thor has always been his father's favourite son, that's why Loki started hating himself and developed his trickster side as a defensive mechanism. Which shows that he is not as bad, spoiled, narcissistic and egocentric person as he claims himself to be - thanks to his mother, Frigga, who was the only person who really believed in him and loved him unconditionally. Lucifer Morningstar from the show "Lucifer" is much more of a narcissist than Loki has ever been... Side note...
Anyway. Here's a hard-to-swallow pill: Loki was broken, had had a bunch of mental health issues, he had panic and anxiety attacks, well-covered depression, he had been terrified to show his trust to anyone because ↓
Tumblr media
Trust demands a certain level of vulnerability. Loki got used to be in a constant defensive mode - both mentally and physically. It is very hard to grow up being adopted (and when you weren't even told about it and about your true heritage!) and with abusive relationships with father and, most of times, elder brother.
As the logical conclusion of all that - he became suicidal.
Exhibit A)
Exhibit B)
And unfortunatelly, his second attempt was more successful... He most likely knew he had no chances against Thanos who was at his full strength and wearing his armour and the Gauntlet with two Infinity Stones in it — while Loki was armed with only a small dagger. He even attacked him from the front rather than his favourite and tricky backstab - that also speaks in favour of my theory that he just gave up and wanted to perish gloriously - trying to save his brother who had been captured by the Mad Titan.
Sylvie is different - she never had such person like Mobius in her life, that's why she freaked out and attacked Loki when he disagreed with her in Episode 6. She is a "scared little girl, shivering in the dark" - as Mobius could compassionately call her. Trust demands vulnerability, and that's what Sylvie is not ready for - not just yet. See similarities with our Loki?
But she was more lucky than our God of Mischief - her parents told her right away that she was adopted:
Tumblr media
She was running from one apocalypse to another ever since the TVA captured her when she was a child (but she managed to run away from them). Hence her trusting issues, hence her issues with anger control - that's a deeper reason why she attacked Loki when he disagreed with her (and she refused to hear his answers - such things happen when we feel this strong emotion).
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She felt betrayed by Loki because she was expecting him to agree with her - because of vulnerability that trusting someone demands. But Loki didn't catch that - he was too scared by He-Who-Remains's words and wanted to talk it over with her before making the final decision here. Because he knew that their mistake might cost them greatly.
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Loki began to explain himself here (vulnerable position), Sylvie felt his weakness and used it in her favour, and finally, she attacked him with her sword.
Tumblr media
After their fight (which was stopped by Loki who really cared for her - another example of the character growth), Loki tries to calm her down with his compassion and understanding:
Tumblr media
Loki's main line here is "I don't want a throne. I just want you to be ok." He has healed (again, thanks to Mobius) enough to be able to care for someone else even more than he does for himself. Sylvie, unfortunatelly, isn't there yet...
Tumblr media
After hearing that, Sylvie kisses Loki (I see here a parallel with Loki who initiated a hug with Mobius). That was her way to show gratitude to him... Her personality growth. But the emotions she felt at that moment were probably too strong - and totally unexpected to her because she wasn't used to them. It was probably the first time she felt something like that. That's why she went into her shell, freaked out, and said, "But I'm not you!" She felt vulnerable and lost her control over the situation - so she pushed him away and threw him through the Time Door she had opened while Loki was distracted by her kiss.
This is a parallel to Episode 2 when Loki got scared away by Mobius's kindness, that's why he ran away from him.
Going back to the final episode - and my final thoughts here because this meta is becoming too long - I think Loki looks so defeated not only because Sylvie fooled him by manipulating with a kiss, but he is also genuinely worried about her: "Sylvie... What have you done... I told you I knew how you felt... I still do, and I'm not angry at you... I'm angry at myself for letting you trick me..." (His thoughts, probably.)
Tumblr media
Phew, that's the end. That was long... Just my size, huh. 😉
P.S. I'm a Lokius shipper, but I can speak kindly and be supportive of Sylvie. I don't hate Sylki. As I was saying many times before, I like her. She is an essential for Loki's growth, and since she is completely different person - she is Loki by name only, she has her own life experience - our Loki is the only person so far who can really see her and get her emotions and motives. Mobius can't do that - he didn't study her life. So my opinion - Loki can become as important for Sophia's character growth as Sylvie for Tom's. In one way... or another. We'll see what comes next! 🙂
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wheredafandomat · 7 hours ago
Safeword ⛓ P6
Previous Chapter
Loki knew what he wanted. Who he wanted. So did she
To say that y/n slept well that night would be an understatement. The last thing she remembered before drifting off was a sleep tight from Loki with extra emphasis on the tight. She didn’t know whether it was the comfort of being in her own bed or lack of sleep she had had since the party or the fact that Loki had just made her cum about 4 times using his tongue, all she knew was that she was comfortable and safe right here in Loki’s arms.
As the days went by, y/n left her room a few times usually to go into the kitchen and grab herself something to eat or to sit in the common room and catch up with the team. They had all gone on missions since the party but y/n was under strict instruction to stay at the compound. No one really ever worked out why y/n was the main target during the attack. No one ever questioned it.
Whenever y/n and Loki were alone together, she’d cup his cheek and he’d lean into the touch. She’d always ruin the moment by saying something stupid like-
“Yes. It’d be a good safeword. Why would someone have sex and then use the word pineapple during? It doesn’t make sense hence why it would be a perfect word”.
“I think you should come up with something else” Loki replied leaning down to kiss her.
“No y/n”
Whilst y/n recovered, feeling eager at the promise of Loki fucking her back into the state she was previously in, she felt solace in the confines of his room. She’d started spending a lot of time there. His tastebuds still craved the taste of her. He didn’t deny himself that. Despite how hard it was to not simply just take her whenever his head was between her trembling thighs, he vowed he’d wait until she was in tip top condition.
Once Loki finished his session of bringing y/n to her peak by performing cunnilingus on her naked form, he’d settle himself next to her feeling cozy and snug in her presence. His tastebuds still relishing in the taste of her. Once down from her high, y/n would often notice Loki’s erection and would then start to stoke it. As soon as her hand made contact with it, Loki would let out a sharp gasp. The way she’d apply the perfect amount of pressure would leave him getting harder and harder. As he’d try and remove her hand, she’d only speed up her movements until she’d start unbuckling his belt, pulling his trousers down, exposing his erect cock. The thing Loki loved most about the interaction, was the look on y/n’s face when she’d see his twitching cock. Her lust filled eyes would always widen, she’d always involuntary swallow as her eyes trailed over his hardened member and then her eyes would meet his where she’d do a mischievous smirk before lowering her mouth onto it.
The feeling of y/n’s mouth sucking on his cock was paradise. She’d always make sure to suck the sides, the underside paying extra attention to the tip. She’d always look him in the eyes as she’d take the tip in her mouth circling it with her tongue without breaking suction. She’d then let it fall out of her mouth with a pop. This action was bliss. She’d bring him close to the edge and then stop to hold it and look at him. This was when she’d take pleasure in the fact that Loki, this God was completely at her mercy. She’d saviour the moment of him looking down at her silently begging him to finish. At that moment, she’d suck the tip again then take it all in her mouth sending him into overdrive and ejaculating. She’d savour the taste like she’d savour the moment.
When they were both capable of conversion again, she’d then say something like-
“Yes canary, that’d be a good safeword. Don’t you agree?”
“Hmmmmmm. No”
“Hush, we’ll discuss it later, right now I want to feel your body entangled with mine whilst we doze off” he’d say lovingly pulling her body towards his. And with that, they’d be asleep. Safe in each others arms.
It had been about three weeks since the party. Y/N was feeling a lot better and her bruises had pretty much disappeared. The waiting had felt like years. She was ready to finally feel Loki inside of her. She was desperate to feel Loki inside of her. Every time he’d cum in her mouth, she’d imagine how it would feel like to have his warm semen shooting into her core. She was definitely ready. He was too.
Tumblr media
A/N: Did we like? Are we ready for real smut? 🤣 lmk what you thought 🖤
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sambucky-stupidity · 2 months ago
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has this been done yet?
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