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#loki angst

Summary: In order to learn magic, Thor invites you to stay in Asgard for a while, offering his brother Loki to be your teacher.

Pairing: Loki x reader

Word Count: 3,768

Warnings: mentions of anxiety and PTSD

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Originally posted by go-fandom-imagines

Your first thought when you landed in Asgard was that you could never live in a place like that. 

It wasn’t a matter of whether you wanted to or not. You definitely did. But something told you that you didn’t belong in Asgard. The place was everything you had seen in fantasy movies and imagined when you read fictional books. Even though you were there now, Asgard’s golden castle was shining almost blindingly in the sunlight, just a little ways away from you, and you still couldn’t digest the fact that it was real. It seemed almost too good to be true. And someone like you couldn’t live in a place as grand as this. You were barely visible on Earth. You would drown in Asgard. 

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(A/N) This is the second part of Little Do You Know, but instead inspired by a portion of Just Give Me A Reason by P!nk. I guess I just wanted to stick with the song thing? I hope this was good enough!

Pairing : Loki x Reader

Word Count : 2744

Warnings : A touch of angst and some mentions of cheating.

Taglist : @jessiejunebug @nonsensicalobsessions @lunablack312 @omgviolette12

Read Little Do You Know here.


Right from the start

You were a thief, you stole my heart

And I your willing victim

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Heeey not that you have to do this but let me throw a wrench in the happiness and ask how would Loki act if there were complications during the birth? (If you hadn't already done this?)

i’m so mad at how long this took. Frigg’s birth. FINALLY. she’s been floating in existence for ages, now she can actually be BORN and i’m actually HAPPY WITH THIS

warnings: birth. death. life again. blood. crying. pain. general angst. a happy ending. complications and (spoiler) kind of child death, but only for a little bit. everything ends happily with everyone alive.

disclaimer: i am not a doctor. i have never given birth before nor delivered a baby. forgive me if this isn’t perfectly accurate. okay enjoy

Elliot is five now and Loki still can’t believe it; he’s raising a child. With someone. And honestly, doesn’t seem to have screwed anything up too badly so far.

I mean, he must be doing something right—he’s only about a month away from getting another one.

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Loki Laufeyson x Reader


Requested: Yes

Request: Loki was always misunderstood, he didnt want to cause harm, (basically hes a big kid!) he just wanted some fun. I think it would be awesome if you could make a one shot from his point of view and maybe how he perceived the events of New York and things after that (it would be interesting considering he was being controlled by thanos at a time). Maybe cannon divergent - something that happened before New York? A guy he met ;)? Or after end game? Something angsty would be awesome but something fluffy would be just as good if not better??? I cant decide. Honestly I just love everything to do with Loki!

Summary: I combined this into one big fic (seriously, my longest yet!) and went with Loki’s POV during the battle of New York and then what happens right after. Canon-divergent from when Loki gets shot off his Chitauri chariot by Clint. Little bit of angst, little bit of fluff, little bit of humor, little bit of romance. Loki is dealing with the Battle of New York and seeing the irreparable damage he’s causing the city (and his relationship with his brother) when he gets the sense knocked out of him. A handsome Midguardian cop comes to his rescue.

Word Count: 4,234

Category: Angst and then fluff


“Look at this! Look around you! You think this madness will end with your rule?”

I stared out at the Midguard city of New York as it burned, locked in a fight with my brother. I had done this. It didn’t feel real; how had I gotten to this point?

This was far beyond mischief.

I wanted to listen to my brother, to do something about the madness he spoke of, but the pounding in my head was unbelievable, and any time I tried to find a solution it doubled in its intensity.

“It’s too late,” I panted, tearing the words from my body. The statement felt more honest than anything I’d done in days. I hoped my brother would understand. I hoped he could hear the regret in my voice. “It’s too late to stop it.”

“No. We can.” My brother stared intently into my eyes, and I returned his gaze. “Together.”

For a brief, shining moment, I was going to go with him. We would fix the city and stop the invasion, together. Be the heroes the Midguardian people so desperately craved, together. We could return home, victorious, together.

But then the pounding in my head got worse. My brother’s look became a threat. It felt like I was burning up along with the city, and before I knew what was happening, I stabbed my knife straight into his chest.

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A/N: I’m back again with the reader version of Frigga’s Son, which I posted a couple days ago (and which you can read here). Enjoy!

Word count: 873

Read it on ao3 here!

       You awoke in the middle of the night, becoming aware after a moment of your partner’s restless movements in his sleep. It caused you to frown slightly, but you opted not to wake him; Loki was often a restless sleeper, but he typically settled down again after a bit. With a yawn, you pushed yourself up from bed and padded silently into the kitchen to get yourself a glass of water. As you pulled a glass from the cabinet, though, you felt your blood run cold as you heard a terrified scream come from the bedroom. You swore under your breath, cursing yourself for not staying to make sure your beloved was alright, and turned to race back to him, the glass slipping forgotten from your hand and shattering on the floor as you hurried away.

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A/N: hello sweet readers! I’m back again with some slight angst and the fluff to fix it with. Hope you enjoy!

Word count: 879

Read it on ao3 here!

       Iris awoke in the middle of the night, becoming aware after a moment of her partner’s restless movements in his sleep. It caused her to frown slightly, but she opted not to wake him; Loki was often a restless sleeper, but he typically settled down again after a bit. With a yawn, the Earth Mother pushed herself up from bed and padded silently into the kitchen to get herself a glass of water. As she pulled a glass from the cabinet, though, she felt her blood run cold as she heard a terrified scream come from the bedroom. Iris swore under her breath, cursing herself for not staying to make sure her beloved was alright, and turned to race back to him, the glass slipping forgotten from her hand and shattering on the floor as she hurried away.

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Loki won the battle of New York and now rules over Earth after eliminating Thor and Hawkeye. The remaining Avengers have gone into hiding, waiting for a chance to take back their planet. Raven (OC) is their key to doing so.

This fic is pretty much porn and with this AU Raven and Loki have no previous history

Please leave comments, kudos and reblogs if you like it. It really helps me out as a writer, lemme know if you wanna be on the taglist as well :)

Warnings: Sexual torture, Bondage, Restraints, Blindfolds, Interrogation scene, Pinwheels, Flogging, Clones, Slight sceptre play, Humiliation, Abuse, Slapping, Language, Self harm scars, Safewords, Dom/Sub relationship, Loki is not nice in this chapter

Chapter 9

Raven’s P.O.V

Loki had met with me earlier in the day to pre warn me about what he had in store for me tonight. He warned me it would be different, more difficult and that I was likely to be pushed to my limits. He’d also constantly reminded me to use the safe word if need be. I had no intention of using it, whatever it was I could handle it. I had to handle it; it might be a way of getting closer to him. He hadn’t told me what he was going to do to me, he’d just pre warned me. I guess I appreciated the heads up. It gave me time to mentally prepare myself for tonight. I had been told he would collect me as per usual, but I wasn’t required to dress up tonight. I waited, feeling slightly nervous, or maybe it was the anticipation getting to me. Perhaps it would be something that delved into the fine line between pleasure and pain. Perhaps it was something required a lot of preparation on his part. I hated the waiting, the guessing.

Finally there was that familier knock at my door and I got into my usual kneeling position. He entered my room and cupped my cheek tenderly. I nestled into his touch, perhaps this was as nice as he was going to be to me tonight.
“If at any time you start to feel dizzy, faint or numb you need to use the safe word, do you understand?” He asked.
“Yes, my king.”
“And what is the safe word?”
“Good girl. I will make sure to check in with you regularly, I don’t want you to push yourself for my benefit.”
He helped me to my feet and led me out of my room. He didn’t lead me to the throne room like I thought he would have. Nor did he lead me to his bedroom, which I had yet to see inside. He led me inside the library and over to a bookshelf near the back. He reached for a thick red leather-bound book on the shelf and pulled it out a little.

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1. The Pariah


A/N: I am back at it again ;D I’d like to thank @theworldshesaw for the amazing idea she commented so long ago on a request that just stuck with me until today that I’m attempting to do it justice. Also, thank you @nonsensicalobsessions for your lovely comments on the prelude, they kept me hyped!

Summary: Time has passed by. The world has carried on living and evolving into what it is now. Nyx—as she is known amongst the Avengers—has witnessed such changes firsthand as she’s lived through history itself. Being a creature born to darkness…or a demon as they’re known amongst mortals, enabled her so. Though normalcy seems to begin to change upon the aftermath of a sudden ambush and the arrival of a captured individual, whom she just might have encountered…in a past life.

Warnings: angst, violence, self-harm innuendos (if you squint). Not much really. This story is not canon compliant.




    It all was black. Silent. Barren. It was an endless nothingness where no matter how far out one walked, everything would remain unchanged. An indescribable familiar place where the gray fogs covering the soil would still be there; cooly caressing the bare skin of her feet.

    The air was heavy with the ever-familiar whiff of rain; of that familiar dampness left, after the clouds wading through the skies wept their worries away. And slowly the breeze of the void begun to pick up and brushed the figure standing in the middle of nothing. The black locks of her hair waltzed carelessly as they tried to flee with the wind.

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Loki x Reader, Pirate!AU
Word Count: 3,231
Warnings: none ♡ 
Summary: Your life has always been set in stone. Born to a wealthy merchant family in the Caribbean, you’ve spent your years as an heiress in the daytime, escaping at night to wander the streets of St. Thomas. Now, on the eve before your life settles into mundanity for good, you discover someone who could change everything– if you choose to trust him, that is.

A/N: I’M BACK EVERYBODY – thank you all for enduring that incredibly long hiatus. I am now working only one job instead of three and am relatively stress-free. Endless hugs and kisses to everyone who sent sweet messages and comments while I was MIA! ♡ 

Chapter One ~ Chapter Two ~ Chapter Three ~ Chapter Four ~ Chapter Five ~ Chapter Six ~ Chapter Seven ~ Chapter Eight ~ Chapter Nine ~ Chapter Ten ~ Chapter Eleven ~ Chapter Thirteen


Originally posted by tvneon

“I don’t like this idea,” you said, standing knee-deep in shallow water with the fabric of your chemise bunched in your fists. 

As far as the weather was concerned, your second day on the island was even lovelier than the last: clear blue skies with sparse clouds, a warm wind, and still water. However, this wasn’t a comfort to you– Loki insisted on teaching you to swim as soon as the sun was high. Considering the small size of your island, it wasn’t as though you could hide from him. The water was a pleasant relief from the sun, but you weren’t about to admit that as you stood knee-deep, staring at the ripples with apprehension.

Loki uncrossed his arms and sighed, taking your hands without asking and stepping backwards. Your face burned at the physical contact. The cold waves raised goosebumps on your skin as Loki led you deeper, each step putting you further into the mercy and good graces of the ocean. Your body tensed.

Your anxiety didn’t escape him, and he sighed, stopping once the water reached your waist. “We’ll start here.” Loki moved to let go of your hands and you let out a small queak of terror, latching onto his forearms for dear life. He half-scoffed, half-laughed, looking down at you in amusement. “Stop trembling. You won’t drown.”

“Oh, you underestimate me,” you rebutted stubbornly, refusing to loosen your grip. You could see your feet beneath you, toes dug into the sand, distorted in the water’s reflection.

Loki sighed again, more out of annoyance this time, and moved around you while your eyes were lowered. His arm slipped from your grasp and replaced itself at your waist too quickly for you to realize its absence, and then he was standing behind you, your back to his chest. You could feel the warmth of his bare skin through the thin fabric of your chemise, and your face flushed. “What are you–”

“I have you,” he reassured you. “You have to trust me.” 

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Do you have any hcs about the first time Loki gets into a fight with Elliot and/or Frigg? Because let's face it, no matter how much parents and children might love each other, they're bound to have a serious fight at some point.

quarantine, please be good to us.

this includes mentions of bullying (jotun/colour related), lil bit of yummy angst all wrapped up in familial love and understanding

Elliot is a precious little thing.

Pure, innocent, unmolded clay. He looks like his father, talks like his father, has the brains of his father…and is starting to gain the height of his father, too.

Your little boy is growing up.

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Loki won the battle of New York and now rules over Earth after eliminating Thor and Hawkeye. The remaining Avengers have gone into hiding, waiting for a chance to take back their planet. Raven (OC) is their key to doing so.

This fic is pretty much porn and with this AU Raven and Loki have no previous history

Please leave comments, kudos and reblogs if you like it. It really helps me out as a writer, lemme know if you wanna be on the taglist as well :)

Warnings: Fluff, A bit of romance brewing

Chapter 8

Loki’s P.O.V

It was Saturday afternoon and I had a little free time to myself. My reign over this planet was going well yet I still felt it needed more. I needed someone by my side, someone to rule with, someone to share this with. Whilst I did have the slaves they were only here for pleasure, not love or companionship. They wouldn’t see me as someone to love and care for. I headed outside to the palace gardens; it was based off the gardens from Asgard. Some of the girls were lounging around and enjoying the sun, the rest were inside to keep cool. Raven wasn’t among either of the groups. Perhaps she enjoyed her own company more. I know I had back on Asgard it was better than Thor and his band of meat heads bothering me about stupid missions that would result in us getting in trouble. I knew I should probably leave her and not disturb her but I was curious.

I made my way through the gardens, heading towards the small pond area. It was shaded, quiet and had plenty of drawing references it made sense for her to be there. And I was right, she was sat on the grass by the pond, sketching a water Lily. Her hair was tied back loosely so it was out of her face and one of the straps of her dress had fallen around her bare shoulder. Not a touch of her skin had been marked by the sun, she seemed determined to keep her pale complexion. Whilst she wasn’t a traditional beauty or at least in the eyes of most men she was still breathtaking. Most women were compared to the sun by poets and writers, but Raven had the same ethereal beauty and mystery of the moon. Even in the heat of the summer she still wore gloves and that was a mystery I wanted to unfold. Raven looked up, finally noticing me across the pool of water.

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Loki sat defeated in his cell. How his fingers longed to touch you, hold you if he had the chance. He had heard you were with child. HIS child. After the New York Incident, Loki’s arrest and trial, and his very public falling out, you decided to raise the child on your own.

Loki wasn’t happy about that idea. He broke the ice first.

“What happened to us?” Loki sat in his cell in front of you. “You were everything to me. My closest and best friend.” He noted how flushed your face was, how puffy your eyes were, and how you kept sniffling. Clearly, his request for you to come here caused immense emotional harm for you.

“You moved on,” you said quietly. Loki narrowed his eyes.

“Do I look like I moved on?”

“You became obsessed with a goal that no one can help you with,” you said flatly. Your eyes darkened when you focused on him. “Your obsession with power has corrupted you into whoever I see is rotting in this cell. My child has no father.” 

You felt your heavy tears returning as you walked away from the cells. You could hear Loki screaming your name. It echoed throughout the dungeons and rang in your ears.

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Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x OC

Summary: Astrid, the princess of Vanaheimr relocates to Asgard to seal a betrothal to the youngest prince and an attempt to escape unforeseen forces. She soon finds happiness and a multitude of new friends. Unfortunately treachery and deceit lie in the court of Asgard in unlikely places, and she learns that true love never dies.

Warnings: fluff, angst, mentions of death, character death

Words: 2104

A/N: I’m back guyys!!!! I’ve missed you guys so much, I’m sorry for going silent! Hope you guys enjoy, please let me know what you think, if you want to be tagged just shoot me an ask/message, I love you all very much!! xxx


Originally posted by 25bees


Originally posted by iheartgot

Chapter Eight - The Trial

Astrid sat motionless at her window seat watching the raindrops run down the windowpane as a servant entered the princesses’ chambers, making her presence known as she came to collect the breakfast tray. The princess hadn’t so much as taken a nibble out of the smallest morsel of moist and sickly sweet honey cake. The servant sighed as she gazed down at the still fully loaded breakfast tray.

“Are you still not hungry my lady?” the servant inquired.

Astrid shook her head and reverted her eyes back to the window, counting every individual water droplet upon the glass. She was still in a fair bit of shock; she couldn’t quite believe that it was supposedly Arna who had made an attempt on her life. Was this because she had maybe found out that Astrid had once been in love with her husband?

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summaryloki loses his life at the hands (literally) of the mad titan, saving everything he cares about - his brother, his people. and most importantly, his wife and child. he doesn’t realize that in saving her, he breaks her. to care for their child, she must learn to build herself back together.

words: 2.6k

warnings: major character death

a/n: bitches be complaining and sobbing for two years about loki being killed off, then decide to rewrite the whole scene but let loki die nonetheless. its me. im bitches.


☾ ⋆*·゚:⋆*·゚: *⋆.*: ⋆*·゚☽

      Thanos is coming.

      The thought couldn’t stop playing over in your head. You had known from the moment Loki had walked in the room - his skin was paler than usual, his eyes widened and shining with genuine fear, his hands were shaking, and his breath was uneven. Loki could normally conceal his emotions, but the fear that Thanos invoked in him was beyond the trickster’s control. The panic in his eyes was only a look you saw when he woke from his nightmares.

      “Loki, what’s happened?” You rose from the bed as you asked him, knowing the answer but in disbelief. 

      “He’s coming… he… he’s here…” 


      Loki nodded. If not for the sounds of Asgardians screaming and running beginning to increase, you could’ve heard his quickened heartbeat. He walked to you, Loki’s shaking hands calming faintly once they were entwined with yours. 

      “He found us… the tesseract lead him to us… I lead him to us… I’m so sorry, Y/N… I’m so indescribably sorry…” He shut his eyes as he spoke, as though not wanting you to see the trepidation that his eyes beheld. Loki took in a shaky breath as he slowly opened his eyes to look into yours, one of his hands leaving yours to cup your cheek.

      “I love you so much, my darling.” Loki’s hand came to rest on your slightly rounded stomach. “And our little one. I have to keep the two of you safe, as well as our people. Thor’s already out there fighting, and Brunnhilde is evacuating whoever she can. I’d bring you to her, but Thanos wants me, and I can’t have him hurt you if he discovers my location just yet. Find Brunnhilde, she’ll make sure you’re safe. I’m going to go help Thor, he doesn’t know who he’s dealing with.”

      “Promise me you’ll come back?”

      “Faster than you can say my name.” He spoke reassuringly before adding, trying to help you feel secure and content. “Besides, I’ve escaped death twice, this time it shall be no different.” 

      “I love you,” You kissed his cheek, making him crack a smile. “Always.”

      “I love you too, my dear.” Loki pulled you against him, kissing you deeply and passionately as if he’d never get the chance again. His hands roamed over your body, down your arms and back and waist. Not sensually, no. It was as though Loki was taking in the feeling of you for the last time. A tear rolled down the god’s cheek at the thought of that being true. He didn’t want to tell you how certain he was that it would be. 

      When Loki’s soft yet desperate lips finally parted from yours, he pulled you even closer as he buried his head in your shoulder, a few more tears rolling down your husband’s cheeks. Your arms were around him tightly while he took in the scent of you. You could hear Loki’s breath hitch, a hint that he was on the verge of sobbing. He knew he was going to and swiftly pulled away, wiping his tears before you could even lift your gaze to his eyes.

      Loki knelt down, kissing your stomach where his and your child grew, murmuring something to it that you couldn’t quite hear as the cries for help grew louder beyond your room. Once he stood, he stared at you, struggling to pull himself away from you and longing to be closer rather than needing to leave. He kept staring at you as he backed out of the room, for the sight of you was calming him, allowing him to gain enough composure to put on a deceiving mask of confidence that he so very lacked knowing Thanos was aboard.

      You grabbed one of Loki’s Sakaarian daggers from his nightstand in the event that you run into Thanos or the Black Order, Thanos’s children. It would barely do any good, given their level of skill was much greater than yours, even with all of the training you had partaken in with Loki, but you figured there was a chance that it could be helpful. You could hear your heart’s intense thrumming in your chest as you stepped out of your room and into the chaotic fighting ahead. 

      Brunnhilde was nowhere to be found. Hopefully she’s safe with the other  Asgardians. You quickly discovered that the other Asgardians had not been as lucky as her. They were scattered across the ground, coated with the stench of the blood that seemed to be everywhere. Broken parts of the ship scattered the floor. The ones left alive barely passed as alive.

       Heimdall. For once, he appeared defeated. His sword was just out of reach, he seemed unable to move to it. He looked up, and you could’ve sworn there was a spark of hope in his eyes, like a distraction from the strife in the distance, now narrowed down to less than twenty including both sides of the fight. Was Loki there? Anxiety came over you at the thought, worsening from being too far away to tell. But Heimdall kept looking at you, so you ran over, kneeling down next to him.

      “Don’t linger here to save me,” He breathed, each word labored. “Take the sword, it’ll help you end this madness quicker than a dying man.”

      With hesitation and a shaky hand, you took the sword. There was a voice you had never heard that caught your attention, deep and dreadful, before Heimdall whispered a single word, both a command and a plea.


      You did. There was a pile of broken parts from the ship in the corner that you stealthily sprinted to and hid behind. Cries were heard as more Asgardians fell. The voice became louder as they neared but they passed you without a glance. 

      “Hear me, and rejoice.” You watched as Heimdall reached out to the inhumanly pale, skinny, humanoid being that the voice belonged to, a weak attempt to stop him before the Gatekeeper’s hand dropped. “You have had the privilege of being saved by the Great Titan… You may think this is suffering… no. It is salvation. Universal scales tip toward balance because of your sacrifice.”

      An Asgardian cried out in pain as Corvus Glaive - another member of the Black Order, which you presumed the person preaching was from as well - plunged his blade through them. You flinched as their body slid off the long blade, leaving a coating of thick blood on the metal before they dropped to the ground. 

      “Smile. For even in death, you have become children of Thanos.” You gulped, not wanting that title for yourself. As he stepped closer into the light, the other members of the Black Order standing around someone parted away.

      Then you saw him. Loki. He’s there… he’s right there… surrounded by them! He could be in danger… Your anxiety climbed further. His hands were shaking, but nobody seemed to notice. You wanted to run to him, to pull him away from where he stood with his abusers - the most horrifying one, Thanos, picking up Thor by his breastplate in the distance as he spoke.

      “I know what it’s like to lose. To feel so desperately that you’re right… yet to fail, nonetheless.” Thanos walked closer to Loki with Thor in his grasp, blood pooling at his mouth as he groaned in pain. Loki’s gaze lifted to the Mad Titan’s before he glimpsed at his brother, pain flashing in his eyes. “It’s frightening. Turns the legs to jelly. I ask you, to what end? Dread it. Run from it. Destiny arrives all the same. And now, it’s here. Or should I say… I am.”

      “You talk too much…” Thor managed to speak, panting from his wounds and efforts to save his people. It was useless, and Thanos ignored the Asgardian king, his gaze fixed on the trickster god.

      “The Tesseract, or your brother’s head. I assume you have a preference.”

      “Oh, I do. Kill away.” No! Loki wouldn’t! One of Loki’s greatest lies had always been hatred towards his brother. He would help him no matter what, he proved it when he followed him to fight Malekith, then Hela years later. Thanos showed no hesitation, pressing the violet, bright power stone to Thor’s temple, evoking a hoarse scream from the god. Loki’s cool demeanor began to crack, and quickly broke wholly. “Alright, stop!”

       “We don’t have the Tesseract… it was destroyed on Asgard.” Thor rasped, and Loki averted his gaze - knowing something Thor didn’t. Loki took in a breath, then lifted his hand into the air, revealing the tesseract. Horror settled into your stomach. Loki looked like he wanted to shut his eyes at Thor’s next comment. “You really are the worst brother.”

      “I assure you, brother… the sun will shine on us again…” Loki held the Tesseract out to Thanos as he stepped forward, his voice assuring but strained as though he was trying to not let his confidence waver.

      “Your optimism is misplaced, Asgardian.” Thanos did not yet take the Tesseract, although his gaze had flickered to the glowing, blue cube. 

      “Well, for one thing, I’m not Asgardian.” By now, you realized Loki had been stalling Thanos. For what? What was he trying to buy time for? “And for another, we have a Hulk.”

      Your thoughts were interrupted by a deafening roar as a large, green figure practically threw himself at the Mad Titan, ready to pummel him mercilessly. Loki dodged, getting Thor away from the brawl in the process and Loki… disappeared. The only way to go find him would be to get past Thanos - who was currently busy fighting back - and the Black Order. Nearly impossible. You decided it wouldn’t be smart, you could have blown Loki’s cover if you tried.

      You instead made sure you were hidden behind the pile, shutting your eyes tightly as tumultuous roars and thuds and metal slamming against metal reverberated throughout the room. You didn’t even open your eyes when the final thud came. Only once you heard Thor scream out, NO!, for many long seconds, you turned to see what his reaction was from. 

      Thanos had driven Corvus Glaive’s blade into Heimdall’s chest. Heimdall stared upwards, his jaw loosening from the tightness it had at the initial pain of the wound. You wanted to scream, to use the sword he gave you to destroy the Titan. Cut him to pieces and cast them to space. Make the Black Order scared without their leader, destroy them too.

      But you held in your screams. You restrained from wielding the Gatekeeper’s sword and laying your vengeance upon them. Your fear was stronger than your anger. And your intelligence was stronger than your impulses - Loki had taught you that. Think smart, think quick, think logical. Not impulsively, it could cost you your life. And now, it could have costed your child’s life too. Any scream, any screech from a shift in the metal, could have revealed you. Could have made you next to die.

      “You are going to die for that!” Thor yelled, anguish in those blue eyes as he remained bound by metal debris. But he could not yell much more, not as the scrawny, pale Child of Thanos raised a finger to his own mouth to signal silence, and more metal debris muzzled him.

      After the metal was secured on Thor’s mouth, he then kneeled before Thanos, Tesseract in his hand outstretched to Thanos. It was a gift. No. An offering. An offering, to someone the Black Order considered god-like. “My humble personage bows before your grandeur. No other being has ever had the might, nay the nobility, to wield not one, but two Infinity Stones. The universe lies within your grasp.”

      You could have sworn Loki - if he was close enough to hear - cringed. Years and years ago, he wielded the scepter that contained the Mind Stone and had secured the Tesseract. Even if this was occurring from Thanos’s will, it was Loki’s accomplishment. Having another accomplishment, whether it be good or bad, ripped away from him so someone else can have the glory, was something he had long since been tired of.

      Thanos took the Tesseract, his large fist compressing it enough to make it shatter in his grasp, exposing the Space Stone. Beautifully blue and glowing, it cast a bright tint on Thanos’s purple face. He let the fragments of the Stone’s encasement tumble from his palm in order to just hold the Stone itself. A surge of energy rocked the Mad Titan as he placed the blue stone next to the violet one, the Power Stone that sat in the gold crater/divet on his index finger.

      “There are two more stones on Earth.” He took in a breath, then turned to his Children. “Find them, my children, and bring them to me on Titan.”

       One, with a malicious, dark gaze and twin black horns that adorned her head, kneeled before Thanos. “Father, we will not fail you.”

       “If I might interject,” You knew that voice. Loki. Panic flashed in Thor’s eyes, he knew this couldn’t end well. Loki sounded too cheery, too calm and collected. Like he didn’t want to seem intimidated. Like he didn’t want to seem afraid. Like he knew what he was doing. Did he? What if he knows he’ll die and he’s doing it anyway? If he gets himself killed…

      You didn’t want to think about it.

      “If you’re going to Earth, you might want a guide. I do have a bit of experience in that arena.” Loki wore a proud smile. Too proud. Too self-assured.

      Thanos seemed unimpressed despite the pride. “If you consider failure experience.”

      Loki scowled. “I consider experience, experience.” He then took a step toward Thanos as he continued, “ Almighty Thanos, I… Loki… Prince of Asgard… “

      A glance to Thor, the Trickster’s eyes softened. “Odinson.”

      He glanced at you, seeing the horror and dread on your expression as you stared back into his beautiful eyes. Loki opened his mouth before closing it, realizing it would be best to not refer to himself as a husband and future father. He wanted you to be kept safe. He looked back at the Mad Titan, his words caught in his throat at knowing you would have to see his demise mere feet away. The pride had faltered, his eyes now showing sorrow.

      “The rightful King of Jotunheim… God of Mischief…” Thor’s eyes narrowed on Loki, as though watching something appear or change. What was he doing? “do hereby pledge to you, my undying fidelity.”

      In one swift movement, Loki stabbed upward with expert precision. But it wasn’t enough. You watched in horror as Loki’s arm and the dagger remained frozen, the gauntlet that the Mad Titan wore balled into a fist. “Undying,” Thanos mused over the word before his tone darkened. “You should choose your words more carefully.”


      Thanos twisted the dagger out of Loki’s hand, letting it drop without care. Loki’s eyes were wide, and once Thanos was done with the dagger, his hand wrapped around Loki’s neck.


      He lifted Loki to eye level as he struggled, thrashing violently in the Mad Titan’s grip. There was no mercy in his eyes, no emotion, not as he tightened his grip on your husband-to-be’s neck.


     “You… will never be… a god…” Loki choked out. Thanos’s only response was increasing the tightness of his grip, crushing his neck. The sound of his neck snapping was the most horrifying thing you’d ever heard.

      And the scream that you had held back finally broke loose.

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