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#loki blurb
theaudacitytowrite · 2 days ago
Loki: I can't wait to go home.
Y/N: Oh, do you have anything special planned?
Loki: I'm just going to enjoy being alone.
Y/N: Aha. Well, have fun.
Loki: Hey wait... aren't you going to come with me?
Y/N: You said you wanted to be alone?
Loki: Yeah, but not by myself?!
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cupids-crystals · a day ago
Meet Again (L.L.)
Tumblr media
Word Count: 0.8k
Summary: this is not the end; somewhere, you’ll meet again
Notes: character death, angst written by a fluff writer. Lots of whump, brief mentions of blood. This does not follow the MCU timeline and has an open backstory. No reader pronouns.
This is not the end.
Or maybe it is. You can’t make sense of anything at the moment, fighting against the black spots in your vision and the ache behind your eyes.
Someone is holding you to their chest, or maybe it’s the cold ground embracing your fallen figure; either way, it’s welcoming and you’re too tired to fight against this hindrance.
As your eyes flit around your surroundings, you can’t help but think how fitting the gloomy scene is. The trees are bare from the cold weather, branches hanging low as if they’re weeping over your demise. The air is bitter and icy, your breath forming small clouds of fog that linger just past your lips.
Your hands must have landed on your abdomen as you fell; your fingertips are warm and red, like they’ve been dipped into the sinking sun or painted with your grief.
Loki’s voice warbles through the air, calling out to you with an urgency that you do not understand. You want to hold him tight and offer solace, but your arms are too weak to move, instead resting against your own cool skin.
He calls your name and you can barely make out the words; he sounds so far away, but you know the hands that find you are his. You can’t help but admire him as he leans over you, his soft hair falling around his face and his effortless beauty entirely captivating.
“Can you hear me, darling?”
Loki’s words are muffled by the throbbing in your ears, but you understand enough to reply.
“I hear you.”
He chokes back a sob, hands coming up to cradle your face. Without sharing any words, Loki knows that his efforts to help would be in vain. It’s too late to heal you, all he can do is soothe you in your last moments.
You feel light as Loki lifts you into his arms, like you’re suspended in midair, floating in a void. His lips find your cheeks, your nose, your hairline, and you hum at the warmth of Loki’s diaphanous love.
“It can’t end like this,” he says, tucking you into his chest and smoothing your disheveled hair.
He mutters empty promises under his breath, still clinging to the idea that someone might find you in time to solve the universe’s mistake. It wasn’t supposed to end this way.
Not here. Not now. Not you.
“We’re supposed to grow old together,” he sobs, voice wavering like it could give out at any moment.
“That’s not in our fate, I’m afraid.”
You’re calm in the face of death, like this precipice is something to greet kindly, an old friend that holds out open arms.
Loki is inconsolable, speaking with an indecipherable heat and promising karma to anyone involved. He’d never thought much about destiny, but losing you is proof enough of the cruelty of the universe’s ways.
This must be payback, he decides. Every action has it’s outcome, and he was surely due for punishment. Tears slip down Loki’s face as he considers the fact that he is responsible for your state. He’s the god of chaos and all things dreadful; an affair with a serpent will always leave you in the crossfire.
Looking up at Loki, you notice the wetness that trails over his cheeks – he’s crying. Why is he crying? The sunset is beautiful and you feel sublime.
“I’ve never seen you this upset,” you quip, voice soft and eyes half closed.
“I’ve never had anything so important stolen from me.”
He meets your eyes with a look of despondency, attempting to memorize the details of your face. His pointer traces down the slope of your nose and over your cupid’s bow, making you sigh in contentment. There’s nowhere else you’d rather spend your last moments than wrapped in the embrace of true love.
“When you look at the stars, will you think of me?”
He nods faintly, sniffling as he remembers nights spent under the protection of the constellations, in awe of the heavens and drunk off each other’s presence. He’d always compared you to Polaris, the guiding star of Earth and the brightest monument of humanity’s reverence.
“You’ll be my north star until we meet again.”
Satisfied with his response, you lean into his touch, heavy eyes falling shut and chest rising with strained effort. You feel Loki’s lips against your forehead once more, taking over your senses until you’re unaware of anything else.
This is the end, you’re sure of it now. But you’re not afraid – Loki will find you again.
He pulls back just enough to whisper into the still air, a promise leaving his lips that you know he intends to keep.
“I’ll meet you in the cosmos.”
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earlgreydream · 4 months ago
in charge.
| loki x reader | fluff | smut |
anon requested. loki without even thinking about it kneeling to tie readers shoe and immediately being teased for it by the team or Thor or whoever, and feeling like he needs to prove he’s still in charge in spicy ways
cw: d/s, subspace, light bondage, aftercare
Tumblr media
“Be careful, please,” Loki stressed, his hand wrapping around your bicep to stop you as you ran to the kitchen.
You stood still, looking down as Loki knelt in front of you, lifting your foot onto his knee to re-tie your shoelace that had come loose. He tightened them before standing back up, taking hold of your hand.
“You’re so whipped, Loki. Kneeling for your girl,” Thor laughed, teasing Loki for tying your shoes. 
“Stop it.” 
The severity of Loki’s tone with his brother made you shudder, though the other members of your team kept on laughing.
“You’ve gone soft, Loki. Tying her shoes,” Stark teased, making Natasha laugh and shake her head before taking another drink. 
You frowned, disliking the way they were getting Loki riled up. You wrapped your arms around his torso, your body pressed against his back.
“Don’t listen to them,” you murmured against his spine.
“I’ve not gone soft,” Loki retorted to Stark, making you sigh softly.
Your hand gently slid under his shirt, your fingertips smoothing over his defined abdomen.
“Loki, how does it feel to be wrapped around Y/N’s finger?” Steve asked with a grin, purposefully taunting the god.
“She knows who’s in charge.”
“Do you?” Thor snorted.
“In charge?” You bit back a laugh, almost immediately regretting it.
Loki manhandled you to the front of his body, holding both of your wrists in one hand.
You nodded, hiding your face in his chest, embarrassed. Everyone laughed before changing the subject, though Loki was still irritated.
“Come with me,” Loki’s tone was firm, dragging your attention away from your book.
You looked up at him from the couch, where you were stretched out on your stomach.
“I’m not finished with my chapter,” you protested, turning the page.
You gasped as Loki slapped your ass, making you drop the book.
“Do not talk back to me.”
He grabbed you, dragging you off of the couch, his arm around your waist. You were carried like a helpless animal under his arm, through the halls of Stark Tower, so Loki made sure everyone witnessed it.
“Loki, is this about the others teasing you?” You asked when he tossed you onto his bed, your back hitting the mattress.
“It’s about me showing you who’s in charge.”
“I’m yours, Loki, always. I appreciate you tying my shoes for me, and fucking the living daylights out of me. You have nothing to prove,” you assured the god, holding his hand.
His arrogance faltered, and he kissed your forehead tenderly. Your fingers slipped into his hairline, the black locks silky under your touch. His lips gently connected with yours, the god lightly biting your bottom lip. His tongue slipped in your mouth as you gasped, his hand around your back.
“How do you wish to be fucked?” Loki asked, mouthing along your throat, dotting bruises where he pleased.
“However you want me,” you answered, closing your eyes as Loki’s hands ran up the sides of your body.
“Bound and beautiful,” he answered, golden chords securing your wrists to the ceiling as Loki pulled you onto your knees.
You knelt with your legs parted on the bed, gazing at your reflection in a mirror. He kept you suspended just enough that you couldn’t move around, immobilized and left to his will.
Fair hands splayed over your torso, sliding up to cup your breasts and squeeze. He delighted in the tiny moans and whimpers he elicited from your squirming body, feeling little pricks of excitement rise on your skin.
“Look how beautiful, and all mine,” he growled, biting the delicate skin on your neck.
You blinked your eyes open, gazing at the two of you in the mirror, your hands bound above your head like you were praying to the god.
“M’yours,” you breathed, crying out and flexing your fingers as he slowly filled you.
His fingers dipped between your legs, gently toying with your clit as his cock split you open.
Warmth was burning through your body, electricity bursting at the edges of your nerves. His large hand closed around your throat, carefully restricting your whimpers, a light squeeze limiting your oxygen.
Loki’s movements were hard and fast, fucking you dumb, keeping you suspended in the air. His fingers slid into your mouth when your moans grew too loud and high pitched, gagging you and silencing the noises.
Your mind melted, your thoughts fractured as your body absorbed the pleasure and you sucked on his fingers, sinking back against his chest.
All your body could process was his quick thrusts and the rolls of your clit between his fingers, your quiet cries muffled. Your muscles seized up, everything tensing before Loki ripped an orgasm from you.
Your trembling form was held against him as he lazily thrusted through both of your orgasms, lewd noises filling the room. Your body was limp against his, each thrust pushing the thick release back into your overstimulated heat.
“Loki,” you whispered, exhausted.
Your arms and thighs were burning from holding yourself up, and you felt raw and used. The gold cords disappeared from your wrists, and you sank into Loki’s arms.
“My gorgeous darling, you look so lovely all fucked out,” his fingertips traced over your cheeks.
“All lovey for you,” you murmured, relaxing in his arms.
“Mhm. How does a bath sound?” Loki asked.
You nodded, exhaling as he lifted you up. You were deep in subspace, completely pliant for Loki. He loved you like this, soft and relaxed. You were extra clingy like this, your desire to be close to him endearing.
Loki peppered your face with kisses as he cleaned you up, hushing your tiny whimpers as he touched places were you were sensitive.
“My little darling,” Loki preened, fingering you to another orgasm as you laid against his chest in the bath. Your thighs were trembling as he curled his fingertips forward, smiling as you squeezed around him, coming hard as you hid your face in his neck.
“That’s it,” he praised you, helping you out of the bath and into bed.
“Need you to be close,” you mumbled sleepily, settling down as you felt him spoon you, his cool chest pressed against your back.
His strong arm draped over your chest, and you brought his hand to your throat, letting it rest against your skin, helping you feel safe.
“Make sure your shoes are tied please,” Loki called to you as you got dressed, getting ready to go out with the others.
“Help me?” You asked innocently, sitting on the edge of the bed.
Loki didn’t hesitate, walking over and kneeling in front of you. He knew you were capable of doing it on your own, but he liked to feel needed.
He kissed your knee, tightening your laces before taking your hand.
“I’ll let you be in charge,” you teased, kissing his cheek.
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agentofbarnes · 2 months ago
OMG ZEE NO!!! if you see the alpha!steve thing ignore it (or don't, really it's up to you!!) but i just remembered our conversation about jotun!loki?? and him going through some kinds of heat and just needing to breed tiny/humanize!reader and therefore using magic to shrink and well... relieving himself and his need to put a baby in her??
(sorry I suck at making decisions and the I remember that I had other ideas before... sorry really)
-❄️🌪️ anon
size queen ~ loki laufeyson
pairing ~ jotün!loki x human!reader
warnings ~ smut, minors DNI, SIZE KINK, huge cock [i mean biggest dick you’ve ever seen], breeding, primal fucking, jotün heat, this is pure filth, not even realistic but hey, that’s porn! 😉, master kink, crying kink, implied multiple orgasms
notes ~ so i didn’t shrink him down because he’s perfect the way he is (also im a whore) sure it’s unrealistic but hey, it’s fun! if he can be a frost giant, you can take his cock bc you’re a motherfucking queen. also this takes place in jotunhiem so, just keep that in mind. ALSO HAPPY OCTOBER, i hope you enjoy this first fic, much love to you all!!
Tumblr media
Loki Laufeyson thought you might the most impressive little thing he had ever seen with tight little cunt wrapped around his truly massive cock. He had done his time, slowly opening those velvet walls to accommodate the incredible intrusion. His azure shaft was barely inside your pretty pussy, just a little over half way and covered in your juices.
He needed this, his cock throbbing inside your small core with each mewl that escaped your lips. Tears brimmed your eyes with every movement and you loved it. You loved him, the frost giant that had stolen the little human’s heart. His massive hand stroked your back, pushing your face slight further into the sheets.
Loki liked this position, your pussy all but presented for him like a bitch in heat, just ready to be bred. He knew that everything was enhanced at the moment, his need to fill his tiny girlfriend up was fueled by his mating instincts, his actual heat. He just thinks you’ll look so gorgeous, carrying his little frost baby.
A growl emitted from his chest, pushing his cock further inside you in a way that made your entire being quiver in pleasure. Your hands clutched the sheets, tears falling down your cheek as you whimpered,”Loki!”
“Hush, little one,”Loki assured you, smirking down at your body trying so hard to take him. You absolutely clung to his cock, tightest cunt he’d ever experienced with your walls squeezing every thick vein of him shaft.”So pathetic, can’t even take my cock without crying. My poor little human, you wanted this, didn’t you? You wanted my cock to fill you, say it.”
“I do!”You cried, gasping for air as you pushed yourself on his cock. You could feel the bulge in your tummy as you did the impossible and took a giant’s cock in your tiny cunt.”I want it, please. I want your cum, master, please.”
Loki groaned at your pleas, admiring how you tried so hard to take more of him. He began to pull his hips back, making you whimper at the loss of his massive intrusion before he thrusts back in with a growl.”You’ll get it, fuck, you’ll be drowning in it, little one. Gonna give me an heir, aren’t you? This pretty little body belongs to me now, doesn’t it?”
“Yes! Yes! I’m yours, master, I’m all yours to use…” It was true. You did belong to him, very willingly too. You had let him bring you back to his world, let him play with you, and ruin you in his own larger than life world.
“That’s right, little girl, you’re my little cocksleeve, aren’t you?”Loki taunted with a dark smirk, holding you still as he fucked his large cock into your mewling quim.”Been training you for this, you can take it, you will, because you’d do anything to make me happy.”
You nodded helplessly as he pressed his cock all the way in, and it should be impossible, but fuck, he had been training you. His fingers first, then every now and then, he would fuck you, but this was different. He was feral, primal, and he wanted to fuck the life from you until you’re nothing but his dumb little whore.
Loki licked his lips at the sight of his monster cock filling your tight pussy, so wide around his shaft and just squeezing him as if your cunt was begging him to fill you with his seed. When he pulls out and quickly thrusted back it, you threw your head back. Your thighs trembled in response, legs wide and open for him.
“Oh, so pathetic, your little body can barely take it, but fuck, you are, look at that, just so full, baby,”Loki moaned, cock throbbing inside you. You cry out when he fucks you at a steady pace, feeding your cunt his massive shaft and rearranging you guts.”You humans are so needy to prove yourself, but you…you are an impressive little mortal, my little breeding whore, so good for me.”
Your arms give out completely, causing you to fall into the sheets. Tears stained the sheets as you clung the bed as Loki pounded into your cunt.”M-master, please…”
“Use your big girl words, little one,”Loki teased, shoving his cock back inside you, a distinct bulge in your stomach as he fucked the thoughts from your pretty little head.
“I..wanna…oh fuck, you’re so big and it feels so good, please! I wanna cum!”
“I’m sure you do,”Loki chuckled darkly, his cock pushed into you deeply.”But I want to you beg.”
“Please!” You didn’t even hesitate, you were too far gone on his big cock that you would do anything for him,”Please, I need it! Master, please, I want you to cum, fuck, Loki, give me your cum, breed me…”
How could he possibly deny such a pretty plea? He yanked you back on his cock, twitching inside your heat before painting your pussy in cum until you were dripping around him. Even then, he didn’t leave the comfort of your cunt.
You absolutely trembled underneath him, his cock resting deep inside you and filling you full of him. You moaned his name so loud that Loki is sure all nine realms know who you belong to.
“Good girl,”Loki grunted, his large hand stroking your back gently,”How about you sit on my cock now, huh? You think your pretty pussy can handle that or do you need your master to do everything for you?”
“I…I can do it,”You gasped desperately, wanting nothing more than to please him. He pulled out of your cunt, flipping you around and kissing you gently before having you sit in his lap as he laid over the bed. You sat on his cock, his shaft resting against his body. You leaked over him, his own cum dripping from your pussy.
“Oh, yeah? Then why don’t you show me?”
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lostalioth · 3 months ago
𝘮𝘰𝘳𝘯𝘪𝘯𝘨𝘴 𝘪𝘯 𝘢𝘴𝘨𝘢𝘳𝘥 ; 𝘭𝘰𝘬𝘪
Tumblr media
summary: “loki..” you whine and press your ass against him, wanting more as a small knot begins to form in the pit of your stomach. “well good morning to you too needy girl, I’ll get you there baby don't worry” he reassured.
warnings: smut, loki x fem!reader, somnophilia, morning sex [unprotected], soft loki, loki cums inside reader, praise kink, cock warming at the end, nicknames [darling, princess]
note: I didn’t post anything for two days and I am sorry I haven’t been feeling the best as of late! this short and hasn’t been proof read so sorry if it is shit.
Mornings in Asgard were quite tranquil and beautiful, the birds chirping and flying around, the morning dew on the grass in the garden. The small sounds of all Asgard’s people slowly awakening and going about their days. You never wanted to get out of bed, the silk sheets and soft green blankets consuming your bare body, Loki’s hot swollen tip pushing through your wet folds.
Loki had woken up achingly hard with your gorgeous naked body all out on display for him. He couldn’t help himself, he also knew that you wouldn’t mind waking up to his cock buried between your legs. Even if he had only fucked you senseless just hours ago before bed. You were laid deep in sleep on your side with the god on his side behind you. “Fuck” Loki hissed as his head begins to push into your tight entrance.
You whine in your sleep due to the ache of your cunt being used once again. “There you go princess, I knew you could take me again” he praised through his half lidded eyes. Loki was barely awake himself but needed to relieve the pressure that was building in his balls. Your body stirs merely for a moment just as he bottoms out inside you “no, no come here darling” he lightly scolds your involuntary action and pulls your back against his chest. He rests his one arm over your side and under your breast’s hold you against him, his other begins to lift your leg to give him a better angel. “You feel so good my love” he grunts as he starts to rock his hips against your plump ass. His cock lazily and softly dragging against your walls as you squeeze his shaft periodically. You mewl softly in your sleep as he continued his soft and groggy thrusts inside you.
Loki gently leaves small kisses up your shoulder and up to your ear. The kisses begin to softly pull you from your delicious dream. “You just look so pretty like this my love, so pretty and pliant for your god in the morning” he growls lowly in your ear, his breath hot on your neck. You whimper as you finally awake, your eyes fluttering open and sleepily moaning. “Loki..” you whine and press your ass against him, wanting more as a small knot begins to form in the pit of your stomach.
“Well good morning to you too needy girl, I’ll get you there baby don't worry” he reassured you as he brought a hand up to your mouth, and slipped his fingers through your soft lips.
“Get my fingers wet would you darling”
You eagerly nod and begin to suck and coat his fingers with your saliva through your dazed state. “Good girl” he praised with a growl in your ear before he took his fingers out and dipped them through your other lips. You squirm a bit as he begins to rub and pleasure your clit, it causes his cock to almost slip out. “Stay still princess” he grunts and slams his throbbing cock inside you once again.
You left out a loud gasp that morphs into a whine as Loki continues his slow and agonizing pace inside you. “Don't whine you greedy girl, I told you I’d get you there and I will” he scoffs and starts his toying of your clit over. “Do you doubt your god?” He questioned will speeding up his still lazy and I patterned thrusts.
“I don’t my love, I’m sorry I just wanna cum” you moan and press your ass back gently meeting Loki’s thrusts. “I know darling, just a little bit longer I wanna cum with you okay princess?” He whispers as he buried his face in your neck and speeds up his thrusts more, chasing both of your highs.
The knot begins to grow and grow and so does your exhaustion. “Darling” you whine as a warning for how close you are “I know baby, I know” he mumbled against your neck as he thrusted deep and hard inside you, his tip kissing your cervix and staying in place. “Cum darling, cum for your god like a good girl” he commands with a growl and his high comes crashing over him, spilling inside you.
You let out a big whimper as your orgasm comes crashing into you, nearly knocking the air out your lungs. As you release all over Loki’s cock a sleepy smile forms on his face. “There you go good girl, such a good girl for me princess” he nods his head against your neck as he rocks his hips and guides yours, ridding out your highs. You visibly keen at his praise and melt into his chest as you close your eyes again. You begin falling back to sleep now wrapped and pressed against Loki’s warm body.
Loki is lulled back to sleep from soft sounds of your little whines as his hips keep rocking against yours until he is out cold. His cock sat heavy inside you, keeping the mixture of your fluids inside you.
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chaashni · 2 months ago
Party In The USA
Tumblr media
When Thor and his parade crashes Vegas, you find yourself living out a few of your dirtiest desires.
A/n: Day 3!!! And this us Jotun! Loki based on the What if episode so this gonna be filthy and funny all at once!
I do not give permission for my works to be translated or reposted on any other blog or third party site.
Word count: 1.6K
Warnings: Smut, Jotun!Loki, Monsterfucking being reader's deepest desires, talks bout breeding( tho it usn't possible but we can connect on a spiritual level here) Thor makes an appearance and so does a monster tentacle dildo.
Kinktober day 3 prompts: Breeding kink+ Dirtiest/darkest desires+ Jotun!Loki
My fic library is @chaashnifics
What the ever-grand Fuck?
The chorus of Miley Cyrus's Party in the USA rang in the recess of your mind as you watched a hoard of people -people who looked like they were straight out of Sheldon's dream Halloween party- half robots, with weird tattoos, cybernautics, a ridiculous sense of fashion and mortifyingly bad hairstyles.
None of them were from this planet, that you were sure of. You had followed the projections breaking through the sky, even made a wish- which was something related to your boyfriend and him being chased by a parade of ostriches- ex boyfriend actually.
And then you realized they were people.
Your mind was whirring, terrifying images of what hollywood had led you to believe would be how an alien invasion turns out to be, infiltering your mind.
Till you reached the podium where there was a robed man- with a missing eye- who was trying to stop a party. You saw him get tossed into the air, beer bottles clicking and paint and foam spraying about as some blue-coloured-pointy-haired thing did a pretty bang up job with being DJ, the loudest, most obnoxious kind of party you had ever seen going in full swing.
You could use a free drink.
Three glasses of some kind of bewitched ale later, because you were never a drinker and never had you lasted two drinks without curling up on the floor and crying about that time when Luke and Lorelai broke up. Between the stress of work and the weird absence of a broken heart after a fresh breakup, you didn't care.
That was till those icicle monsters appeared.
When they first stepped in, you were about to scream. And then you saw the face of that one, the tallest guy with those chiseled abs, looking like he had been carved straight out of ice, the precision of his movements almost throwing you off.
That scream which you were about to give out stuck in your throat, your mouth hanging open and eyes comically wide.
The guy was so pretty.
What the fuck?
One random girl pushed a pink macaron in your mouth, and the macaron was on fire, but your mouth wasn't burning or anything. Edible fire.
At this point you would believe anything.
The tall blue giant and his legion of followers fist bumped with the long haired blonde, both of them booming ridiculously. Yet, you caught yourself swooning at each sentence the blue guy with those cheekbones was saying.
Something told you his words would be the smoothest honey over each of the cracks in your beaten heart.
Yeah of course, you knew your relationship was gonna meet a dead end. You weren't heartbroken. Just a little knocked up. And punched and bruised. Because you wasted a few opportunities to stay in with a guy who didn't appreciate you enough.
You were mad at yourself.
Something told you, Loki, brother from another mother of Mr.Blondeshine, would be very very appreciative of you. Even show you a very good time.
Oh God. What did these people give you?
The ten inch monster-tentacle dildo sitting in your bedside drawer flashed in your mind. No. You were perfectly alright.
The blue Prince looked at you. Looked down at you, because he was huge.
You were not fine anymore.
The sharp cut of his cheekbones, like they had been shaped out of glass by the most skilled of hands, perfected a million times. His eyes were a perfect pool of reflection of all the lights in Vegas, his lips and nose perfect too.
You tore your eyes away from his face, groaning when you looked at his hands as they casually flipped an empty canister. They were huge. And so so pretty.
You caught his eyes flicker towards you once more, and you could swear he licked his lips.
Or you were losing your mind.
You drifted to the other side of the party, somebody called Captain Marvel being a party pooper and you felt like you were drunk and floating in mist.
You felt like Alice, navigating through the chaos of Vegasland, the new wonderland.
You had sobered up a little, your movements still messy and hair flying astray. You throat was dry and your palms clammy, an ache in between your thighs.
Loki and his friends had just dismantled the high roller, his electrifying laugh and smooth words crackling through the air. Goosebumps flashed all over your skin and your panties were damp immediately as his horns shone under the lights, your fingers pins and needles to run through his abs.
Or fingers. Or cheekbones. Or lips. Anything would work.
Isn't he practically a monster?
Your late night fantasies of being held down by a being many times larger than you, horns pinning your palms to the bed with just the right amount of pain, or tail wrapping around your torso and keeping you bound to himself as he fucked you, all flashing in your mind. Your darkest desires which you had kept locked up in your drawer.
Loki didn't have a tail or a forked tongue. But he was pretty. He had a magnetizing laugh. The best cheekbones you had seen. Amazing abs. And he seemed like he could do wonders with his tongue.
Only God could help you.
You saw another arc cutting through the sky- Thor battling Captain Marvel.
Wasn't Thor supposed to be a god? No. He wouldn't be able to help you.
You kept walking, attempting to not get distracted by another group of karaoke people and actually make it home. To your dear beloved tentacle dildo, take out your frustrations.
"Do I see you leaving already?" A silky voice floated to your ears, a vein of seduction flowing underneath which had got your panties wetter. You looked up, blue legs peeking out of an aristocratic armour, defined abs calling out for you to rake your hands through them.
You were barely a little higher than his knees, the frost giant's arms causally resting on his hips as he smirked at you.
"Perhaps, you need another drink. Could that convince you to not take a leave?" He bent all the way down, a huge, icy finger curling under your chin and tilting your face upwards. "Could I convince you to stay?"
You wanted to kiss him.
You also wanted to suck his cock and touch his cheekbones.
You had flinched at the cold burn, not expecting him to feel so cold but as he touched you, the temperature went up, possibly your body neutralizing his.
Thank fuck.
No. You wouldn't mind a cold cock inside you. You loved temperature play.
What was wrong with you?
You watched on, mesmerized, panties dripping wet and thighs clenching as his lips lifted upwards from one side, the definition of his cheekbones enthralling to you. It took you a little too long to realize you hadn't responded yet, your mind playing out filthy scenarios of him fucking your tiny, wet pussy to actually answer.
"What do you say, little one? You are a very pretty midgardian and I have my friend Thor around who is attempting to get himself a woman. We could arrange ourselves a double date."
Your mouth widened.
This guy was talking about double dates while you were wondering if you could get his cock even halfway into your mouth. Were you that thirsty?
"Uhh-ummm," you stuttered, your face heating up as you fiddled with your fingers, Loki hand still on your face. He hesitated at your hesitation, retracting his hand but you clamped your fists around his fingers, blurting the first thing that came to your head.
"Kiss me."
While the people here would be remembering the Asgardian Party as a reference to how parties should be made, you would be referencing Loki's kiss as to how a girl is supposed to be kissed.
As you said the words, the frost giant knelt down, dipping his head low enough till his horns were clamping the side of the bridge on both sides of your body, his brilliant eyes twinkling as he pressed his lips to yours, a huge hand engulfing your waist and pulling you closer, his lips stealing the breath right off your lungs. His tongue teased yours, barely prodding inside and yet he dominated the kiss, crumbling all your inhibitions with one one swipe of his tongue against the hilt of your mouth.
"I take it the lady likes me?" Loki offered his hand to you, casually lifting you up and depositing you to a park, following you right after.
"Yeah, I do." You breathed, feeling a little spaced out after being kissed stupid. "I want more."
Whatever had gotten into you, had some fucking nerve. It was fucking fantastic.
This was how you ended up hoisted in the air, Loki's hand squeezing your sides gently as he helped you bounce on his cock, his knees bent and thighs jerking, groans and curses in a language you did not understand slipping put of his tongue.
"You're so tiny. So fragile. Delicate." He gritted out, your hands running down the cut of his abs as you cried and squirmed, opening your legs wider for him to take you. He was huge, his cock halfway in and you were seeing stars, your belly bulged from seeing him inside you.
"And yet, you're so eager to please. Even if it breaks you." He caught your lips in his, your hands curling around his horns which had him groaning in your mouth, his cock driving further into you.
"Stretching your little pussy so hard. So desperate to take me." He groaned into your mouth, catching your lips between his teeth and biting, pulling them forward letting them snap back, all slicked with his spit. He patted your tummy, groaning when he felt himself all the way there.
"Can feel myself all the way inside you. Tell me, pretty little Midgardian, has anybody ever been so deep inside you?"
You whimpered and shook your head in a no, his tongue delightfully trailing down your neck at his approval.
"Would you like me to leave my mark there? Mark it as my own, so you know nobody touches you the way I did?" He rams his cock further, stretching you further and circling his hips. You moaned at his words, tears spilling out of your eyes as you grabbed one of his fingers, putting them in your mouth.
"Should I leave my seed inside you? Breed you?" You knew it wouldn't be actual breeding on his part, given you both being two different species, yet the thought of being filled up with Loki's cum had you moaning. You gagged around his fingers, squirming before you cried out.
"Yes! Please. Use me. Breed me."
"I'll have to make you mine for that. Would you agree to a date if I load my cum inside you?"
You cried out, your eyes rolling to the back of your head as you reached down to grab the base of his cock, running a finger over his balls which had him falter on his knees, his hand crushing the wall behind you as he caught it to steady himself, his face contorted in the most beautiful way as he pumped you full, all of his load spilling inside you.
He didn't just fill you up, he coated your thighs and stomach with him too, his cum seeping out of your clit as he pulled out slowly, laying you on his lap.
"Do you feel alright, little one?"
You heaved, resting your face on his palm and nodding. He bent down and pressed his lips to your forehead in a gently kiss, your heart melting and healing, solidifying to a whole again.
"So when's the date?"
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writing-wh0re · 2 months ago
October 1st. Kinky Halloween Special Masterlist.
Kink: Mirror Sex.
Loki x Reader.
Words: 1,255.
Warnings: Smut18+, Unprotected Sex, Biting, Male Performing Oral, Spanking, Hair Pulling, Dirty Talk, Dom Loki.
*Re-upload, original has been flagged and now deleted. This is now the original and any past comments, likes or reblogs have been deleted.*
Ko-fi page
I sit up in the bed, hearing the water running from the bathroom, a deep breath passes my lips as I run my fingers through my hair. I swing my legs over the side of the bed catching my reflection in the floor to ceiling length mirror, a small smile dancing across my lips at how insistent Loki was at getting this installed last week. My eyes fixate on the red numbers behind my reflection, turning around I take note of the time 3:06am.
My eyebrows frown together, confused as to why he is awake and showering at this hour. I tip-toe to the bathroom not wanting to scare him. I peek through the gap in the door as my breath hitches at the sight of Loki standing in the shower, cock in his hand slowly stroking himself, head tilted back against the tiles, water running down his chest.
“Fuck me.” I cover my mouth, my whispered words coming out louder than expected as a cocky smirk dances across Loki’s lips, his position against the shower wall remaining the same, his eyes staying closed.
“Mmm, get on the bed and wait for me darling.”
My legs feel glued to the ground, my thighs rubbing against each other in hopes of relieving some pressure, arousal pooling in my panties.
“Did I stutter?” Loki questions rhetorically, his movements stopping and his eyes finding mine. “Go.”
I scurry to the bed, my heart beating loud and an excited smile taking over my face. The water shuts off and within seconds the bathroom door opens, filling the dark room with a warm light.
“I was waiting for you.” Loki whispers, his eyes racking up and down my body, blush filling my cheeks as I take notice of how little his shirt actually covers, my lace panties on full display.
My eyes wander over his toned body, small water droplets falling from his hair, my lips parting slightly, a whimper escaping me. I fixate on his dick, hard, precum leaking from the tip, twitching with need.
“My beautiful girl.”
I look up at Loki, his tongue dragging across his bottom lip. His body caged mine against the bed, his nose bumping against mine.
“I’m going to ruin you.”
I swallow hard, causing Loki to chuckle, his lips kissing my cheek softly, trailing kisses down my neck, biting and sucking my skin.
“Hang you head off the bed.” I raise an eyebrow before slowly sliding back on the bed and hanging my head slightly, my eyes locking with my reflection in the mirror, Loki smirking back at me.
“I want you to watch yourself, watch me please you.” Loki clicks his fingers, my clothing disappearing into thin air, his fingers wrapping around my throat causing my eyes to flutter closed. A sigh passes my lips as his grip loosens, his hand slapping my cheek as my surprised squeal fills the air.
“Watch me.” Loki reiterates. I nod in response, his lips locking with mine, his hands wandering over my bare skin, soft cool drops of water hitting my skin from his damp hair. My fingers trace through his raven locks, our lips moving in sync against each other, his tongue dancing with mine, both of us moaning into the kiss. Loki pulls away first, kissing down my body, his tongue circling my nipple, alternating between the two, his teeth pulling at the bud. My eyes stay locked onto him in the mirror, watching his every move.
Loki licks his lips, my mouth falling open as his finger drags up and down my glistening slit. His eyes lock with mine in the reflection, bringing his slick digit between his lips, sucking it clean.
“Delicious.” I watch the heat fill my cheeks, before Loki disappears between my thighs, my fingers instantly tugging at his hair. His skillful tongue swirls and swipes at my clit, I keep my eyes open, watching as my face washes with pleasure, Loki’s name falling from my lips like a prayer. My eyes flutter closed the second his finger slides inside of me, my pussy clenching around him.
“Please.” I whimper, wanting nothing more than to be filled.
Loki doesn’t answer, continuing to lick and suck my clit, adding another finger to my tight core causing my back to arch off the bed.
“Loki, fuck, yes.” My fingers tug at his hair harder, earning a moan to vibrate against my pussy. His arm wraps around my thighs, holding me down against the bed as he continues to lap at my core. My legs shake under his embrace, my mind fogging, cheeks flushing and my heart racing.
“I’m cumming.” The words barely pass my lips as my eyes roll back, my body tensing before falling limp against the bed.
Within seconds, Loki taps my thigh, his lips glistening in the dimly lit room. “Ass up darling.”
I instantly comply, tingles filling my body, my pussy clenching around nothing. Loki runs the tip of his cock up and down my slit before sliding deep inside me, his head dropping back, his mouth agape, moans falling from his lips like water. My moans mix with his in the air, my eyes fixated on him in the mirror.
Loki locks eyes with me, winking before sliding deep inside of me, both of us moaning at the familiar feeling. Slowly he rocked his hips back and forth. My fingers gripped the bed sheets, loving the feeling of his cock rubbing against my walls perfectly, finally feeling full.
I watch as he kisses up my back, his teeth sinking into my shoulder, his hand wrapping around my neck, pulling my body against his chest.
“You take me so well, look at you darling, my little cock whore.”
My eyes roll back, my arm going behind Loki’s neck, his lips kissing up and down my neck, his cock slipping in and out of me.
“Loki, so big.”
His deep chuckle sends a wave of butterflies inside of my stomach, my eyes wandering over us in the mirror, his eyes watching my boobs bounce with each thrust. Loki’s hand falls to my stomach pressing against the skin, feeling himself inside of me.
“Feel that?” I whimper in response, nodding softly.
“Good girl.” His whispered praise sends a shiver down my spine, his hand moves from my stomach to my clit, rubbing rhythmic circles on my bundle of nerves, my legs twitch at the sensitivity.
I fall forward, landing on my hands as Loki continues to rub circles on my clit, his fingers tangling in my hair and pulling my head up.
“Watch yourself cum for me, watch me fill you.”
I smirk in response, biting my lip as Loki smirks back, his hand leaving my hair momentarily, spanking my ass hard, surely leaving his mark on my skin.
“Right there.”
Loki’s fingers lace in my hair again, his eyebrows frowned together, mouth agape.
“Cum for me darling.”
My mouth falls open, face flushing, legs shaking as I cover his cock with cum. Loki bites his lip, his cock twitching inside of me. His eyes leave mine in the mirror, looking at where our bodies connect before his warmth fills me. Loki’s cheeks fill with heat, his eyes fluttering shut, my name falling from his lips in a breathless whisper.
His lips trail up my back, fingers dancing across my skin, goosebumps running over my body.
Loki’s hand falls under my chin, tilting my head up to the mirror, his lips brushing against my ear.
“My good girl.”
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goldengoddess · 6 months ago
dating loki as thor’s best friend
pairing: loki x reader and platonic thor x reader 
request: hc for dating loki and being thor's bff? also vice versa? (two different hc) also, for both can the reader be short? and the reader is an avenger and human. ty!
a/n: yes yes yes yes FINALLY some marvel content for me <333 im just going to do loki and being thor’s bff bc im a loki whore (also i have no idea HOW this became so long omg)
warnings: cursing, some suggestive jokes, mention of drinking
you didn’t know how it happened 
you just knew there was no way of stopping it once it had begun 
the moment thor joined the team
you knew he would become immensely important to you
he had the same happy spirit as you
always prepared for a good time
always loyal
always a ray of sunshine
just like you
the two of you were known as the “never shut the fuck up about how great everything is” duo of the team
always the optimists
you taught him about earth and your favorite things to do
from karaoke to bar hopping
and he made fun of your shortness whenever he could
“i understand that i am a god, and everyone is smaller than i am, but you, you are simply tiny”
the two of you were fast and forever friends
thor’s brother, on the other hand, presented a challenge
he was everything you weren’t
and thought it was never that he was unkind, you always had the feeling he was judging you
always watching you with those intense eyes while you talked with thor
perhaps for being too optimistic or joyful
you’d gotten those kinds of reactions before
but loki turned out to be an unlikely ally
one bad night
you sat on the floor of the kitchen in the avengers compound
hugging your knees to your chest, staring at nothing at all and trying not to cry
the sadness had come for no particular reason and it wouldn’t go away
you didn’t realize loki was standing a few feet away from you until he cleared his throat
you’d tried to plaster on a happy grin but he’d seen right through it and opened his arms to hold you for a little while
a reluctant but kinda great friendship was formed
when you were hurting and needed an outlet you went to loki
when he needed your usually overflowing happiness, he came to you
it became a habit to sneak into his room at midnight just so he could hold you 
“loki?” you would whisper into the darkness
“come in sunshine, i don't know why you bother tiptoeing, im up waiting for you anyways”  
after many nights spent in each other’s company without thor you were leaning on his balcony to get some fresh air, your head on his shoulder
 “why do you come to me?” he asked
you moved away from him so you could look at his face 
he was paler than usual 
“what do you mean?”
he sighed and moved his body so he was totally facing you
“you come to me. when you feel bad you come to my room. when you need someone to listen, you come to me. why? why not thor? he’s your best friend. i need to understand, why me?”
his voice had cracked
loki’s voice never sounded that way 
“because,” you started, “because”
“because what”
“because you’ve become my person” you whisper yelled at him
 it took two seconds before loki had grabbed your face and pressed his lips into yours
and how could you not kiss back this beautiful boy in front of you 
from then on it was kisses in hallways
squeezing your thigh under the table for support during tony’s long rants
leaving little notes in your lab when you worked late
him making fun of your height
it scared you how much you had grown to depend on loki how his presence felt as natural as thor’s
oh thor
sweet sweet thor
he was beautiful and smart and you loved him deeply
but he could be a little oblivious considering you and loki practically undressed each other with your eyes every-time you were in the same room
and he never noticed
but then you made the mistake of drinking with thor
and accidentally letting it slip that you were helplessly in love with his brother
the next morning
after a lot of coffee to sober up ofc
he’s dragged the two of you to a table to “chat”
you were worried he’d yell at you
tell you that if you hurt loki he’d zap you so quick you couldn’t even get a witty remark in
his eyes narrowed at his brother
“loki, if you mess this up,” he growled, “hurt y/n in anyway. i’ll end you.”
loki’s shocked face matched yours
but quickly loki’s face morphed into amusement
he wrapped his arms around your shoulders and kissed your forehead
“i don’t plan on it brother”
thor had grinned at that
and thought that moment had taken ten years of your life, you were relived your best friend knew
thor loved to joke and make slightly inappropriate comments
“hey loki i found this ring i thought you could give y/n next time you-”
“brother! do shut up?”
or even better
“hey y/n i was wondering if i could- OH MY GOD PUT SOME CLOTHES ON THIS IS PUBLIC SPACE”
but thor was still your best friend
and you loved to tell him about how much you loved loki
how lucky you were to have two beautiful men you could be emotionally vulnerable with
and thor could see how happy you made loki
how his step had a little more spirit in it
how he used his magic to make sure your flowers never died
how he stole your perfumes to spray on his sheets in his own room
and kept your coffee warm whenever you forgot and left it sitting around
his brother was happy
his best friend was happy
everything had fallen into place
thor was your number one shipper
coming up with ship names
basically planning out a future for the two of you
loki pretended to hate it
“sunshine, frankly it’s embarrassing! would you want your brother to have baby names picked out for you?”
but loki loved it secretly
loved that he had you in common with thor
and he did appreciate the baby names
and hoped he could use them in the future
it was challenging at times
balancing a magic boyfriend
and a god best friend
but you wouldn’t change it for the world
because it was never a dull moment with these two brothers
and now you had not one, but two, asgardian boys making fun of your short height
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asgardwinter · a month ago
Not The Alcohol
fictober day 16 | “Not this again.”
Tumblr media
summary | Loki doesn’t drink too much, at least not often. But when he does it can lead to some… extra loving situations.
fandom | Marvel
pairing | Loki x Reader
warnings | mentions and consumption of alcohol, fluff, a lot of use of the word “love” (you know, affectioned Loki and all…)
word count | 365
author’s note | I’ve got mixed feelings about this one, but anyways I hope you enjoy it…
🍁 fictober 2021 masterlist 🍁 Loki Laufeyson masterlist 🍁
Tumblr media
Thor brought a lot of Asgardian mead. Too much actually.
Loki never was one to drink more than he could handle, most because of his need to keep everything under his control. If he drank too much, he wouldn’t be as alert as he needed and the outcome of that was never good.
You found out that was far from a common day when he was more… openly happy that his usual self. That quickly drove you to the conclusion he might’ve drank a bit more than usual, but only a bit, right?
“Not this again.” You mumbled between chuckles. The moment you felt Loki’s arms around you suddenly in front of everyone in “Tony’s small gathering”, you knew it wasn’t just a bit. “Is everything alright?” You asked him as you leaned against his chest.
“Why would it be different?”
“I don’t know. Just checking.”
“I’m feeling perfectly fine right now.” Loki declared leaving a caring kiss to the top of your head. “Maybe more than fine.”
“Good to hear it.” You smiled, hands finding his that circled your waist.
Nat, who was near you at the bar, was having a lot of fun observing the unusual scene. Turning in his arms to look at his face, you touched his cheek lightly and Loki leaned into your hand so easily it made your heart do a weird flip.
“Oh, I love you so much, my love.” The giggle escaped your lips at the messy declaration — the type Loki rarely would let slip — was stronger than you. “I don’t know why you laugh at it. I love you.”
“I underestimated the whole asgardian alcohol thing going on.” You joked, but he didn’t see it as such.
“There is absolutely nothing to do with ‘the whole asgardian alcohol thing going on’ you mention.” Loki warned you, index finger bopping your nose. “You’re an incredible little midgardian. I love you too much.”
He smashed you against his chest before you had a chance to reply, his strong grip keeping you in place but it was also so comfortable and… safe.
“I love you too.” You told him with your voice muffled against his chest, smiling so much your cheeks hurt.
Tumblr media
ps: I really think Loki would be extra affectionate in that moment when he had a little too much but still not truly drunk 🙃 (now I have a taglist!)
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avenging-fandoms · 4 months ago
I just wanna give loki an hour long hug
imagine how he must feel getting a hug?
you wrap your arms around his torso and you could feel his body tense, his hands hovering over your back. his breathing was choppy, heart racing a mile a minute. but you had buried your head against his chest, ear listening to his heart.
loki finally placed his arms around you, and you felt his body relax around you. his cheek laid against the top of your head, his eyes squeezed shut.
you didn’t let go until he did, which was after about 12 minutes, but it felt like hours. you looked up at him and his cheeks were wet.
“loki.. are you crying?” you smile and he chuckled, wiping his face.
“i guess… i’m not used to someone treating me as kind as you do. and that hug… i needed it. you helped me relax for the first time since i was born with that hug” it was your turn to cry, and you hugged loki again. he smiled and kissed your head, rubbing your back as your fingers gripped his shirt.
Tumblr media
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lowkeyorloki · 5 months ago
“I like your face,” Loki murmurs, a small confession as his thumb traces the soft line of your jaw. You shift, burying yourself deeper under the blankets, and somehow managing to lean into Loki’s touch but also pull away. 
“Do you think I’m pretty?” You ask, pathetically, but you can’t help it. You need Loki to say yes, of course. Pretty pretty mortal.
Instead, he shrugs.
“If you want me to,” he answers. You stiffen, and Loki gives you a knowing look. He pulls you closer, all the way against his bare chest, and brushes his lips over your temple. “There’s a kindness in your face. I’ve never seen anything like it. No one has ever looked at me the way you do.”
Your throat dries at the pure honesty of Loki’s statement. Even more so, the severity it. It’s devastating. 
A kind face. You’ve never thought it about it like that.
It’s much, much better. 
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theaudacitytowrite · 2 days ago
Loki unfazed: Woow, someone left you flowers...
Y/N: I saw, but I'm actually allergic to them.
Loki: How would they know?
Y/N: Dunno. They could've just asked me, I guess.
Loki defensive: Well maybe, they wanted it to be a surprise and it wouldn't have been if they asked!
Y/N: ...
Y/N: Did you leave the flowers?
Loki: *storming off*
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cupids-crystals · 4 months ago
Endearments (Loki Laufeyson)
Word Count: 1.1k
Summary: Loki likes nicknames, but only from you
A/N: No warnings, just self-indulgent fluff. No reader pronouns. My requests are open!! No spoilers!!
Loki Laufeyson was intimidating, there was no question about it. His towering stature and domineering temperament were enough to keep most at bay, and Loki took pleasure in the fact that even the most affable were on edge around him. 
He prided himself in his unwavering, steadfast nature. The few that weren’t put off by his cold exterior were reserved around the God of Mischief, fearing his unabashed distaste towards all things terrestrial. 
Meeting Loki wasn’t something that you had anticipated. You had heard the remarks from the other Avengers, claiming that he was completely misanthropic. The God of Mischief held little room in your mind as you went about your days. 
When you walked into the living area one sunny morning, you found the somberly dressed man standing tall between his brother, Thor, and Tony Stark, who was flaunting his newest technology to the unknowledgeable Asgardians. You caught the attention of the austere god, and, for a moment, you gazed curiously at each other, unaware of the two chattering loudly in the background. 
After that, you made it your mission to break down the walls that Loki had built around himself. You knew that you would find something exquisite buried underneath the rubble. Maybe the others didn’t look closely enough – or maybe they couldn’t comprehend the complexity that was Loki – but you were okay with being the first to explore this mystery. 
Small talk wasn’t a new concept for Loki, but it also wasn’t something that he enjoyed. The personal anecdotes and narratives were wasted on him, as he never seemed to understand the foreign references and jokes. 
With you, though, conversation seemed to flow smoothly, almost as if he had granted you access to the deepest truths he held. Loki couldn’t determine why you were the exception to the rule; he didn’t know why you fit so well into his life. 
The first time you called Loki by anything other than his name had caught him by surprise. It was an ordinary day, nothing new other than the story that he was sharing with you about life on Asgard. You were standing in the kitchen together, his eyes watching your smooth movements as you fixed a meal for the both of you, seemingly unaware of his interested observations. 
You had turned your attention to the simmering pot in front of you as Loki watched, intrigued by the art form of cooking that you appeared to have perfected.
“Could you hand me the saltshaker, love?”
Loki froze in his place. Were you addressing him? Or had another companion entered the kitchen unannounced to the god? Finding the space desolate other than the two of you, he quickly picked up the object and shoved it into your outstretched hand. 
“Thank you, Loki.”
Just like that, everything was back to normal. He couldn’t help but question the reason that you had addressed him in such a way. Maybe, he thought, the word had a different meaning here. He knew that Asgardians were a more reserved group, so maybe the name didn’t have the same connotation to you. 
After that, the names only continued: love, darling, pretty boy, and anything else that could be used to rile him up. You seemed to share the same obsession as Tony for using anything other than a person’s given name, but Loki knew that your words were fueled only by admiration.
The other Avengers had noticed the odd interactions but knew better than to draw attention to Loki’s sudden change in demeanor. Before, he had scowled at Tony’s misuse of his name; the aliases that the genius used brought only irritation to the raven-haired god. Now, though, the ghost of a smile could be seen on his face following every pet name that you made up for him.
The name that had left him truly enamored with you was something of an inside joke. After confiding his hidden identity as a frost giant, you had remarked that his icy truth was no bother to you, and that you were fond of the cold anyways. No one had ever been so bold with him before, and he knew in that moment that he wanted to share everything with you. 
“Hello there, Frosty,” you had greeted after finding him alone in the living area. He turned his head, unaware of the hidden innuendo in your words. 
Peter, who had been passing by, heard your nickname and chimed in, “Like the snowman?”
You nodded excitedly, pleased that he had made the connection. After he had left, you perched yourself on the couch next to Loki, who was obviously confused at the situation.
“And what on Earth is a snowman?” 
“Y’know. Frosty the Snowman. It’s a classic tale here. I’ll show you sometime.” And you did. Even though Loki had little use for earthly oddities, he secretly reveled in the time that you spent with him, telling stories about the character that you had so lovingly named him after. 
The God of Mischief had never heard a sweeter sound than the laughter that accompanied your endless nicknames. Every name seemed to create another knot in the rope that tied you together; a whisper of affection in a made-up language, only for the two of you to ever speak. 
If anyone else dared to speak to Loki the way you did, they would meet the bitter candor that he saved for only the most vexing people in his life. But, much to his chagrin, the god seemed to seek out your carefree speech. More so, he sought your company. Never had anyone been so keen towards him, and never had anyone been so unafraid to express it.
Every nickname, every endearment that you used, reminded Loki that you knew him. You knew his true colors, his deepest fears and desires. The least he could do, he thought, was return your affection.
The idea might seem simple to some, but Loki didn’t have much practice in vulnerability, and he couldn’t help but imagine a slew of scenarios in which his openness ruined the relationship that was blooming between the two of you. 
Loki was pulled from his worrisome thoughts at the sound of you entering the room. He turned to face you, his mouth upturned in a small smile. Your expression matched his as you came to sit next to him, eyes glimmering with happiness. 
“Hello, my prince.”
Suddenly, he knew that the risk of abandonment was never something that he had to fear from you. Grabbing your hand in his, he relished in the feeling of your warmth. His gaze locked onto yours as if you were sharing the secrets of the universe with a simple look.
“Hello, darling.”
Taglist: @just-a-smol-spoon @msfandomfreak @slycassini @mjoubertt-1 @itsmentalillness @616films @alohastitch0626 @wolfyprongs @nottherealslimshady @abbott27 @eeniemeenienini
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earlgreydream · 6 months ago
| loki x reader | fluff | angst |
requested. Loki x Reader where they live in avengers tower and Loki updates the reader with his anger/annoyance level
slight angst for a dreary sunday 
Tumblr media
“Ten! Fucking ten!” Loki screamed, tearing into the kitchen where you were baking. 
“What?” Sam asked, looking up. 
“Nothing,” you said before wiping your hands on a towel and jogging over to the infuriated god. 
He was practically seething, his dark curls wild and eyes sharp with anger. You gave a look to Sam, Bucky, and Steve that said clear the room, and they took the hint, leaving you alone with Loki. 
You’d bonded with the god while he was at the tower, and you had a soft spot for Loki that no one else did. You had a system for gauging his unpredictable emotions. Loki would tell you a number, one through ten, that indicated his mood, or his anger levels. Usually, the moody Asgardian settled at around a four, just passive annoyance, but today he was shaken up by something. 
You didn’t speak at first, you just walked up to Loki and pulled him into your arms, wrapping around his waist. You felt some of his anger slip away, and his delicate hand came to rest on the back of your head.
“What happened, Loki?” you asked gently. 
“Thor. Stark. They taunt me, they call me a monster and they say that I should still be locked up in the glass cell, that I shouldn’t be let out of the tower. They were saying that I don’t deserve your attention, that I’ve casted some kind of spell over you to make you like me. It’s all lies, I’ve changed!” Loki broke down in your arms.
“Oh, Loki...” you hugged him tightly. 
The other’s distrust of Loki ran deep, and they couldn’t accept the fact that Loki really had changed. Thor spent multiple lifetimes witnessing his mischief, and he poisoned the well of hatred for Loki. It all broke your heart. You knew it wasn’t true, and you wished that the others could see it. 
Hot tears ran from Loki’s blue eyes, and you stroked through his dark hair, trying to calm him down. 
“Hey, Loki, it’s okay,” you whispered, kissing his temple. 
He looked so young like this. He was no longer the frightening villain that tried to overthrow New York. Now, Loki was just a wounded young god who’s feelings had been hurt by his brother, the one person other than you he thought that he could depend on. 
“Why don’t you help me finish the brownies? Get your mind off of them?” you offered, prying yourself free from him. 
He nodded quietly, following you back to the island where you handed him the batter to stir. You finished putting in the ingredients, going through the cabinets looking for something to add.
Loki smiled at the sound of your excited gasp, and you held up a bag of chocolate chips. 
“Lo, save some for the brownies!” you cried as he snatched some from your measuring cup. 
“There’s plenty, darling, I’m certain of it.” 
You let him steal some more of the chocolate chips before mixing them into the batter. He helped you pour it into a pan and slid it in the oven for you, insisting he wasn’t going to let you risk burning yourself. 
“How long until they’re done?” he asked, peering through the glass window of the oven. You smiled at him, running your fingers through his hair as he watched them cook.
“Half hour or so.”
“We have time for a chapter of our book,” Loki grinned, though his gaze was hopeful. You agreed, and Loki took your hand, pulling you to the couch. You sat beside him, and he read aloud from a novel. You loved his voice, getting lost in it. Loki loved to read to you, and you indulged him, leaning against his side as he read you stories of magic and romance. 
The oven beeped just as Loki finished the chapter, and you nearly fell over at the speed in which he bolted back to the kitchen. You smiled to yourself, thankful you were able to cheer him up, or at least distracted from the anger.
He set the pan on the stove to cool, leaning over them and biting his lip. You walked up beside him, your hand sliding up his slender back. 
“How are you feeling now?”
“After spending time with you? Wonderful,” Loki smiled. 
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agentofbarnes · 6 months ago
the princess and the prince
Tumblr media
loki odinson was the darker prince, the one who caused mischievous. he wasn’t warm like thor or the hier to the throne. you are innocent and sweet while loki is rough and mean. yet you still fall in love with him, and for you, he melts.
please send in ideas for soft!loki x sweet!princess!reader
Tumblr media
headcanons (mostly in order of events)
loki can’t stop talking about you
loki realizes he’s in love with you
loki asks to court you
loki comforts you when you are insecure
loki shows his magic and makes you feel magical
you kiss loki’s scars
loki celebrates your birthday with you
loki loves how you interact with children
loki visits your lessons with the children
loki being a total softie for his princess
loki needs comfort after getting in trouble
you say i love you first
loki loves seeing you with his mother
loki when his princess has a nightmare
loki doesn’t appreciate being interrupted
his princess becomes needy after their first time
the princess gets hurt by thor
loki accidentally hurts the his princess during sex
the princess gets jealous
loki punishes for teasing him by edging you
you take care of sick loki
alternative universe blurbs (not canon in the current au)
you tell loki that you are pregnant
you get sick while pregnant (nothing serious)
loki frets over your newborn daughter
loki tries to do his daughter’s hair
loki and his twins
one shots
loki gets his first taste
princess in training
loki and the princess’ first time
loki will do anything for his princess
loki returns from a mission
princess of asgard, moodboard
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imaginedisish · 5 months ago
American Girl (Loki x Reader)
A/N: So this is kinda just a little drabble (well, a drabble for me, considering most of my stuff is 3,000+ words lol), I wrote earlier today. It seemed like an extremely cute concept. It’s super SUPER fluffy. I don’t even think Loki’s a bitch in this at all. He’s just super sweet, and it’s adorable. I’m currently working on some requests, but I felt the need to post this. It was really too cute not to. It’s extremely short, so I’m sorry for that lol. But, then again, I think it works better as this short. Maybe there’s room for a second part. Oh well :) ENJOY! And go listen to American Girl by Tom Petty while reading :) and then at the end switch over to Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers. 
Summary: You think no one’s home to catch you dancing in your room at Stark Tower, but you’re most definitely wrong. 
Warnings: Some cursing maybe? Mentions of trauma and such from missions, but nothing terrible. Lots of fluff! Very wholesome!
Word Count: 1,431(She’s short compared to my other stuff)
Tumblr media
Waves of sound ricochet off the poster covered walls of your room, threatening to deafen the ears of whoever dared to stand on the other side of the thick, concrete like plaster. Surprisingly, this was how you spent much of your time off, blasting music and dancing around your bedroom inside of Stark Tower. To make matters even better, no one was home. You were alone, with the entire place to yourself. You could dance as shamelessly as you wanted to and no one would see. 
The past week had been incredibly stressful. The missions were beginning to become too much for you to handle, if you were being honest. You were still new, and things were becoming incredibly overwhelming for you. The trauma of of massive battles, constant travel and the loss of innocent lives had obviously been far from easy for you to comprehend, despite all the fights you won. But you couldn’t let anyone know. You refused to. That is, except for one person. 
Oddly enough, despite his rather rocky relationship with the Avengers, you two had developed a close friendship. He didn’t withhold from you the way he withheld from the rest of the team, his brother included. You were a bit disappointed when he was sent on a small side mission this morning, leaving you alone in the tower while everyone else enjoyed their day off outside. You were hoping to spend the day with him, but dancing around your room was still a reasonable way to pass the time. 
It wasn’t as enjoyable as being with Loki, but it would do for now. 
A cheerful riff starts from the high tech surround sound speaker system Tony had set up for you, and a wide smile spreads across your face. You bounce up and down to the music, flipping your head from side to side in rhythm with the drums. American Girl by Tom Petty slams against your ear drums and you scream the opening lines. 
Well, she was an American girl,
Raised on promises
She couldn't help thinking that
there was a little more to life
Somewhere else
The speakers are so loud that it’s practically impossible to hear your own voice. You’re beyond thankful no one is here to catch you dancing around like an absolute fool. And it’s probably better off that no one can hear your voice anyway, that part may have been far worse than the dancing itself. 
You can feel the tension releasing itself from your body, the nightmares and tragedies and struggles of this past week’s missions seemingly falling into nothingness as the tips of your toes and heels turn in and out, taking you across the room in a straight line. You twist your shoulders, snapping your fingers and lifting your knees up as you hop back over towards the center of your room. You jump on top of your bed, letting your hair swing from side to side as your body moves to the music.  
The speaker system is so overpowering that you don’t hear the front door of the apartment open. You can’t hear a very distant voice shouting your name. You can’t hear his footsteps as he walks down the hall. You’re so lost in your own world that you don’t even see him standing outside your wide open door. 
Oh yeah, alright,
Take it easy, baby
Make it last all night
She was an American girl.
You shout with the lyrics yet again, this time far more audible than the last. Loki laughs quietly to himself, not wanting you to notice him. He found you to be so interesting, so filled with life. You weren’t like the others to him. You were much kinder, much more understanding. You didn’t have some demeaning nickname for him. You didn’t judge him, and he couldn’t ever comprehend how someone like you could ever care for someone like him. 
And yet, you did. 
You pose comically to each note of the baseline as the piano takes over during the short break before the final guitar solo of the song. Tom Petty and the band’s incoherent singing lead the song to a close, and you scream along. Loki shakes his head and smiles wide, taking you in. This scene, this show, it’s exactly what he sees you as, the very sort of thing he thinks of when he thinks of you. Exuberant. 
He can barely contain his laughter as the song comes to a close. 
Behind him, a bit further back is Thor. Neither of you see him, but he’s there, watching his brother fall in love with some American girl, a midguardian, the type Loki would normally hate. Thor smiles widely. He’d definitely mess with Loki about this later. There was absolutely no doubt in Thor’s mind about you and Loki. He could see the look on his brother’s face. He knew exactly what was running through his mind.
The song ends, and the sound of Loki’s laughter brings you back to reality. Your head whips around to the doorway as heat rises to your cheeks. Shit, You think to yourself. You were more than positive that you looked like an absolute fool while dancing. Normally it wouldn’t be too big of a deal. If it had been someone else, you could have handled the teasing. You could have easily handled the embarrassment. But this was Loki. Your heart thumps out of your chest as your mind races. 
“I suppose midguardian music isn’t too bad,” He says, stepping inside the room, a smile spread across his face. It’s a genuine smile, the kind that draws you in and holds you close, refusing to let you go. But that’s how it always felt with Loki. His charm, his personality, his closeness, it was inescapable for you. 
You were in too deep. 
You take a deep breath. “How long were you there?” You ask, embarrassment swelling in your gut. 
Loki shakes his head as he notices how uneasy you are. It was impossible to hide your emotions from him. “Long enough to be convinced that I’d like to dance with you to the next song, if that’s alright.” He steps closer to you, closing the gap between you two. He grabs your hand in his as he guides you off the top of your bed and back down to the floor. “How could someone not want to do anything but dance with you?” Loki says finally, smiling with his light blue eyes. 
He squeezes your hand as the next song starts to play. 
And, not before long, the two of you are dancing crazily around your bedroom. A few upbeat songs pass by before a much slower, more romantic song begins to play over the speakers. You recognize the song immediately: Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers. Loki picks up on the change in tone as he carefully wraps his arms around your waist, pulling you into his chest. 
“Is this alright?” He asks, his voice steady, his eyes searching yours for some sign of permission. You nod your head in response, lifting your arms to place your hands around the back of his neck. He sways your bodies together side to side, your head resting on his chest. You let your eyes close shut. 
For the first time in what felt like forever, you felt safe. You felt like you could finally breathe. 
“Thank you,” You whisper under your breath, almost hoping that Loki can’t hear you. 
But he did. “For what?” He asks, somehow pulling you even tighter against his chest. 
“For making me feel…” You pause, trying to find the right words. It doesn’t take you too long to finally come upon the right ones. “Whole again.” 
Loki sighs as his lips gently press a kiss against the top of your head. “I should be the one thanking you for the very same thing, darling.”
Thor continues to look on from a far, knowing full well that his brother is completely in love with you. 
And it was undeniable that you were in love with him too. Anyone could see it. It was far from hard to tell. Still, neither of you would fess up. Not just yet, at least. 
Woah, my love, my darling
I've hungered, hungered for your touch
A long, lonely time
And time goes by so slowly
And time can do so much
Are you still mine?
I need your love
I need your love
God speed your love to me
But somewhere deep down, you both knew. 
And that was enough for now. 
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writing-wh0re · a month ago
October 11th. Kinky Halloween Special Masterlist
Kink: Knife play.
Loki x Reader.
Words: 1044.
Warnings: Smut18+, Knife Play, Unprotected Sex, Fingering, Slight Dom Loki, Dirty Talk, Slight Praise Kink Both Male and Female.
A/n: There is no blood involved in this story.  I hope you enjoy! Stay Safe :) 
My body was aching with every twist and dodge. Loki and I had been training for hours now, originally I was boxing by myself to blow off steam, that was until Loki decided my technique was off. 
“You’re predictable.” Loki chuckles, I roll my eyes, throwing a fist his way which he effortlessly dodges. 
“You’re getting tired.” 
“We’ve been doing this for hours, I deserve to be tired.” My reasoning earns yet another chuckle from the god, his eyes trailing over my body, instantly making me aware of how short my shorts are and how little my sports bra covers. 
“I’m not done with you yet.” 
I roll my eyes before going in for a few more hits, praying to land one on his skin and earn the bragging rights. 
Loki dodges every single hit. His eyes squeeze shut before the room fills with deep laughter. 
‘Do it, take him down.’ 
‘It's a cheap shot.’ 
‘But it's a shot.’ 
I argue with my subconscious before deciding to take the shot, I sweep my leg across the floor, knocking Loki’s legs out from under him before straddling his waist. 
Instantly a cold sensation touches my neck causing me to stop dead in my tracks. 
“Thought you were better than taking a cheap shot.” My eyes wander down to the gleaming knife in Loki’s hand, arousal rushing to my core. 
My lips part softly, a breathless moan falls from my lips, if the room wasn’t silent it would have gone unheard. 
Loki’s eyes darken, realisation hitting him as he flips us over, landing between my open thighs.
“Darling, correct me if i'm mistaken but does this turn you on?” The blade presses against my neck gently, not enough to break the skin but enough to leave a mark.
A moan passes my lips as a smirk dances across Loki’s lips. 
Without wasting a moment, Loki closes the small gap between us, his lips moving against mine, our tongues tangling together. 
Loki’s free hand gropes my boob, his lips leaving mine, trailing kisses down my neck. The cool blade drags across my skin causing goosebumps to rise in its wake. Loki places the knife under my bra, cutting the material from my skin earning a gasp to pass my lips. 
Loki looks over my exposed chest before slowly dragging the blade down the valley of my breasts. 
“You love the power I hold, don’t you?” I meekly nod in response as Loki chuckles. 
“Good girl.” My moan fills the air, the praise and the knife causing my clit to throb. He kisses down my body, the knife following close behind leaving small marks across my skin, earning hisses and whimpers of pleasure from my lips. 
Loki rips my shorts and panties from my body, sitting up slightly to look at me squirming under him. 
My body shines with sweat, my skin littered with small red lines and cuts from the blade. 
I bite my lip as Loki drags the blade softly up my thighs, so soft that the tip doesn’t feel sharp. I thrust my hips off the ground, begging to be touched. 
“Needy little thing aren't you?”
“Uh.” Loki tuts, the knife pressing against my throat again, our eyes locking. 
“Good girls say please.” 
“Please Loki.” 
Loki smirks quickly kissing me as I moan against his lips. The cold blade presses flat against my clit causing my body to stiffen, excitement and pleasure flowing through me. 
“I own you.” 
I nod profusely as Loki moves the blade from my soaking pussy, replacing it with his finger as he rubs my swollen and throbbing clit. 
“Look at the mess you made.” Loki twists the blade around in the light, noticing my wetness streaking against the steel material. 
“Fuck me, please.” He slips two of his fingers inside with practised ease. His fingers curl and pump in and out of me causing my toes to curl. My nails dig into the gym mat, sudden realisation hitting me that we are out in the open of the compound’s gym. The excitement of anyone being able to walk in bubbles inside of me. 
“Yes, yes, don’t stop.” 
Loki’s lips trail up and down my neck, sucking and biting my skin as he continues to pump his fingers in and out of me. 
“I’m going to cum.” I whimper before it’s replaced with a groan. Before I can protest Loki slides inside of me, his cock stretching me perfectly, a delicious burn spreads over my chest as the blade drags down my body.  
“Made for me.” 
Loki rocks his hips back and forth, trailing the blade up and down my body softly causing my pussy to clench around him with every swipe. My fingers grip his arms, my nails digging into his forearms causing him to hiss. 
“Feels so good.” he beams at my praise, fucking into me harder and faster. Loki places the blade under my chin forcing me to lock eyes with him. He presses into my skin pulling a waterfall of moans from my lips as my eyes roll back. 
“Dirty slut, taking me with my knife to your throat.” 
I lick my lips, feeling the coil inside of me tighten. Loki groans at the feeling of my walls fluttering around him, his lips capturing mine in a sloppy kiss. 
“Cum Y/n.” My body tenses, heat washing over me as my toes curl and tingles spark over my skin. Loki continues to thrust in and out of me, chasing his high. I grab the blade from his hand, dragging the flat side down my tongue, collecting my wetness as Loki moans my name, filling my tight little pussy with cum. 
Loki pulls out of me with a grunt, both of us panting and covered in a sheet of sweat. I look down at my body, small red marks littering the skin. I quickly look over the gym mat, nail marks dug into the spongy material. 
“Keep taking cheap shots and I won’t be so gentle next time.” 
I raise an eyebrow before looking over at Loki. 
Loki grabs my face in his hand, his thumb brushing against my bottom lip. “You took a cheap shot, do that again and I won’t be so gentle.”
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youlightmeupfinn · a month ago
Take It Off 》 President Loki x Reader
request: I challenge you: 14. "Take it off" 29. "Come over here and make me." With (president?)Loki and his horns. (@likeitloveitblogit)
a/n: ooooo! we love President Loki 😍🥵
summary: You stole President Loki's horns and he has to work to get them off of you.
Drabble Prompts #14: “Take it off.” & #29: "Come over here and make me." link to prompt list
**my requests are open!**
main masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You giggled, sitting on the prop of a throne, smirking deviously. You knew he was looking for you. The search was on to find you and make you pay for what you had done. Pressing your finger against the tip of his golden horn, you had made the devious attempt of stealing President Loki’s horns out of his chambers while he was sleeping.
You knew as soon as he awoke to find them missing once he dressed for the day, he’d be after you.
“Where is she?!” You heard his deep voice resonate. Whistling to yourself, Kid Loki was nowhere to be found, leaving you to sit on the throne. Croki was nestled by your side, growling in happiness when you glanced down at him.
You watched the doors aimlessly, your feet draped over the armrests of the prop throne. You gazed down at Croki who obviously heard the commotion. He growled and you shook your head.
“No, you cannot bite his arm off again.” You tisked, petting his head. He adored you and always listened. “Now scoot along before you try to.” You whisked him away. Watching as he crawled away into the darkness, the footsteps pounded relentlessly until he finally appeared. Pushing the doors open, his crystal blue orbs resonated with you.
His eyes glinted when he heard you whistle, gazing down at your nails.
“Hi, baby.” You smirked, throwing your feet over to rest on the floor beneath you.
The horns were attached to your head, Loki’s prized possession.
“Darling,” He growled, bringing himself closer.
He pointed at the golden horns.
“Take it off.” Loki demanded you. He looked so handsome, all flustered, sporting his Presidential pins. The authority he tried to take over you was cute. But he knew how much of a brat you really were.
Clicking your tongue, you giggled.
“Come over here and make me.” You responded in a huff, that sultry look developing in your irises. He nodded his head once and walked briskly over to you. Jerking you out of the seat, he sat down and pulled you onto his lap.
“Mmm,” You moaned, feeling as he wrapped his arms around you. He reached for the horns, but you swatted his hands away.
“Nah, ah, ah, Mr. President.” You wagged a finger in front of his face. He grimaced at the movement.
“Work for it. I stole what belongs to you… punish me, President Loki, please.” You begged in his ear, knowing he was a complete sucker.
Growling, his lips came into contact with yours, moving against you in the filthiest way.
Pretty soon, you were skimped to nothing but the horns, Loki devouring you as he took what belonged to him.
You and the horns.
Tumblr media
tagging: @immersed-in-mischief @high-functioning-lokipath @annoyingsweetsstranger @eclecticlokibytomhiddleston @spidyyparker @deanaddicted2 @ethanshide @lokistoriesblog @l0st-in-reality @shae-annelore @realandloud @marvelgirl0515 @tiredmamamac @cherii--bomb @stuckybarton @peachsteven @vampire7595 @moonshooter @knopewyattworld @holdmytesseract @wander-lustbabe
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asgardwinter · a month ago
Ambient Analysis
fictober day 14 | “Your information was wrong.”
Tumblr media
summary | You like Loki, Loki doesn’t like you. At least that’s what a little bird told you.
fandom | Marvel
pairing | Loki x Reader
warnings | insecure (and a bit paranoid) reader, fluff to help with it!
word count | 883 (got a bit carried away in this one)
author’s note | another self indulgent blurb! (I really think that Loki’d have a hard time dealing and trying to express — or not — his emotions in this situation leaves us with a lot of possibilities…).
🍁 fictober 2021 masterlist 🍁 Loki Laufeyson masterlist 🍁
Tumblr media
You liked Loki.
Well, like was an understatement. You felt drawn to him from the first moment he started living at the compound, with no reason for it. He was isolated from the others, only there for mandatory social situations and nothing more. And there you were, making heart eyes at the god of mischief that didn’t even look your way.
It was a huge problem.
Because he didn’t like you and you were sure of it.
It was all in the small signs. How Loki would avoid you when you were nothing but nice to him, the way he’d roll his eyes at a comment you made, the looks he gave you from across a room when talking to Thor — the only one he’d actually talk to.
You always felt your heart sink at any of these moments, looking away or exiting the room to distract yourself with other things. Still, you tried to keep acting normal around him, not avoiding or treating him better than the others. Only business. But you knew you needed to do something to stop having those feelings for him.
That’s when you decided to distance yourself from him, more than what wouldn’t be suspicious.
Stark’s parties were never boring. They might be stressful and annoying but never boring. So that was an unusual day, because you could’ve fallen asleep at the bar stool.
“You’ve been avoiding me lately.” Loki’s voice was impossible to miss and the volume showed that he was really close.
“Is that a question or a statement?”
“Have I not been clear enough?” His raised eyebrow made you roll your glup hard. “I’m here to know the reason behind your disregard.”
“Disregard? Me?” You were irritated then. “I can’t see why you care so much about it.”
“Why wouldn’t I?”
“Because you obviously don’t like me!”
The shocked look on his face made you frown. He was intrigued you found out? Maybe Loki thought he was being subtle about the whole situation, which was a huge lie since he made himself very clear from the beginning. You got up from the stool to leave to your room, you needed a quiet place.
“Why would you think that?” Loki was following you to the corridor and he seemed to be highly offended by you.
“A little bird told me…” You mumbled in an annoyed tone.
At least you were out of the room filled with important people. It was always best to fight in an empty corridor to not call attention.
“Well, this ‘little bird’ is completely and utterly wrong. Why would he tell you such a thing?”
“I have reason to believe he passed me the information that was carefully collected with meticulous ambient analysis.” It was a half truth, you did come to that conclusion after over analyzing every step Loki took next to you. It just couldn’t be wrong if you did it so attentively.
“Your information was wrong.” Loki said, grabbing both of your hands and looking deep in your eyes for the first time in… You didn’t know if it even had happened once like that. He wanted you to make sure he knew that you were the infamous little bird. “It is very wrong.”
“You can’t be serious.” You looked away from the inquisitive green eyes. You thought he was playing with you but yet you couldn’t let go of his hands. “What about all those times you rolled your eyes when I was talking? When you were often talking to Thor and looking over me and then he laughed right after? I know when people are talking behind my back, okay?”
“Why would you jump to those nonsense conclusions?” Loki was genuinely puzzled by the whole situation that seemed to be more absurd to him the more he found about it. “We never really talked other than polite words to each other and you think I hated you?”
“That is something I’ve seen a lot before and I can recognize it.” You mumbled uncomfortable by the position you found yourself in.
“I hate to inform you that you may have lost that ability.” Your head finally turned to his direction. “I certainly don’t hate you.”
“But why…”
“I have no idea how you could not notice in your careful research that I’m not drawn to socialize or talk about anything that could… expose me.” Loki was trying his best to explain it to you without opening that much, an old habit and an effective one. “I never rolled my eyes at you, that’s just my response to silly funny comments like yours. I never avoided you, only Thor’s teasing because he discovered I was quite fond of you. That’s why I was looking at you and then he laughed, he wouldn’t leave me alone because of it.”
“You… like me?”
“I’m sure I just said it.”
“Not with those words but I get the idea.” Your smile was large for the first time in days as you squeezed his hands that hadn’t left yours yet. “One small step at a time.”
“Do you like me?” Loki asked, you could see the doubt he tried to bury deep in himself.
“I would have bothered myself with such careful ambient analysis if I didn’t.”
“I get the idea.”
Tumblr media
ps: now I have a taglist!
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