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marvelous-whovian · a day ago
mobius: look, loki is great, but they don't have a life plan. they don't even have a day plan. i once found a note they wrote to themself that said 'put on pants' followed by a question mark
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deathbewrryyy · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Jotun Loki is a Disney Princess now ❄❄
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noriega-the-first · a day ago
Me after watching Loki: What would be the universal temperament that would identify a me as myself through parallel realities?
Other people after Loki: Nice show.
#for Loki it's mischief and cunning obv.
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krolmyszy · 2 days ago
Mobius being Mr Tesseract/having the Tesseract energy on him would justify he being able to hold Loki in his Jotunn form without hurting himself ☺️
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btsinwonderland · 2 days ago
A Drop of Poison - Ch. 15: Restless
A Loki fanfiction!
Previous Chapter --- Next Chapter (21.09.29)
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Warnings: ahem. ahem. smut.
You tried opening your eyes, but they were immensely heavy. Your body was stuck in a kind of sleep paralysis. It was something you remembered a third-year student mentioning once, but it seldom happened to you. Your irritation spread as you tried moving your limbs, to no avail.
“How is she?” You heard a voice. It was a woman, but your mind was not strong enough to recognize who.
“I have been giving her the potion three times a day. The venom from the serperus is out of her system. It should take another day,” another voice said. It was Professor Laufeyson.
What happened? You wanted to say. Where am I?
You felt a hand beneath your head and cool metal against your lips. A liquid poured into your mouth that was slightly bitter but not disgustingly so. It had an undertone of…grapefruit? You drank deeply until it was done and the cup was gone. A hand ran across your forehead in repeated gentle caresses.
“It’s going to be alright, love. Just get some rest and come back to me,” Professor Laufeyson said.
You wanted to wrap your arms around him so badly. But your consciousness was pulling you down into the darkness of sleep again. You were tired, but all you wanted to do was wake up and be back in the garden with him before everything went to shit. You wanted to tell him you were ready to make love to him, and that your deepest desire was to kiss him until the sun rose and then keep on going until the end of time. All those things were what you wished for and you fell asleep, completely desperate for his touch.
A gasp escaped your lips as you woke up, panting. Your body was burning, not in pain, but with a need. You sat up on the bed and moved your fingers and toes. A sigh of relief escaped you as you stretched your limbs. You were no longer in your dress from the ball, but in a soft cotton nightgown; it was one of your own. Looking around, you noticed you were not in the infirmary but in the backroom of the potions classroom on a single infirmary bed that had been brought in. He wanted to keep me close; you thought with a smile.
You bit your lip when the cotton of your nightgown rubbed against your erect nipples. The burning within you felt familiar to the nights where you felt the need to touch yourself, beyond all comprehension. You needed to contain the heat, and this time, you knew you could not accomplish it alone. Thoughts of Professor Laufeyson in the room of requirement and in the garden haunted your mind. You nearly moaned from thinking about it. Heat rushed between your legs and you slipped your fingers through your folds to check, and you were utterly soaked. You suppressed another moan when your fingers brushed against your swollen clit and then moved your hand away. There was nothing else on your mind but this need. You felt as if you were in a dream, but the cold metal of the bedframe and the slight echo of your feet touching the floor confirmed to you that this was all real. Even if it felt surreal, it did not matter. Your need was real, and you had to take care of it.
The pain was gone, and you could move freely, so you hopped off the bed and climbed up the stairs into Professor Laufeyson’s bedroom. The windows you passed were utterly dark, so you could not even tell what time it was. It could be the middle of the night for all you knew. You bit your lip when you felt your folds sliding together as you ascended the stairs.
You crept into his bedroom and found him asleep on his desk. He looked so much younger, like a student studying for their finals in the common room. You brushed his dark hair to the side, and he woke up with a jolt. His eyes wide and staring at you, standing above him.
Perhaps it was that he said your name for the first time, or perhaps it was the look of utter surprise on his face that excited you. But regardless of the reason, you climbed atop of him and straddled him on the chair and pressed your lips against his roughly. He reflexively kissed you back and put his hands on your hips. He tried to move you away for a moment, but you were so needful; you continued to kiss him and eventually coaxed his tongue out. When it brushed your tongue, you felt heat rise in your core and then deepened the kiss.
He pulled away, and you whined. “W-what are you doing?” he said.
“I need you, please...I just - I can’t…” you said, kissing him between your words.
“How are you feeling? Are you hurt?” he said, clasping your face between his hands. His eyes looked so earnest that it sobered you for a moment.
“The pain is gone, but…” you said, licking your lips and looking at him with wide eyes. “I touch you…”
His expression jolted as if you had electrocuted him. “It might be the aftereffects of the potion. You’re still weak, Freya, we really shouldn’t,” he said.
You shook your head with a “no!” Biting your lip, you rubbed your hips against him, and a hard erection rubbed on your core and both of you met forehead to forehead, panting. “You want me, I know you do,” you said with a smile. All your inhibitions were gone. It felt like you were drunk. “You’re a bad professor…wanting one of your students,” you said with a purr. You kissed him slowly, languidly. “But then,” you said with a whisper, right into his mouth, “I have touched myself thinking about you all semester.”
Professor Laufeyson sighed and lifted you up as he stood, holding you against him. He carried you over to the bed and placed you in the middle. You spread out your arms and legs, stretching out, and felt the limitations of your nightgown. For a moment, you hesitated, wondering if you should strip. There was nothing underneath, so you would be utterly naked. From the medication high, your limitations were none, and you did exactly what you felt like doing. So, you lifted your nightgown above your head and tossed it to the floor, laying completely bare while Professor Laufeyson audibly hitched his breath. His gaze was lustful as he crawled towards you, fully clothed in brown pants and a grey collared shirt.
“You are not yourself, Miss Eves,” he said, returning to the formalities. Though he continued to crawl up your body and you wrapped your legs around his waist.
You gripped his arms and pulled him down for a deep kiss. “I don’t care, master. Please, I need to feel you, please. It hurts,” you said. He moved away from your face so he could see your expression. His was one of complete want and agony. He wrestled with it for several seconds, to which you moved against him, trying to hurry his decision. He finally moved down to kiss you, and you met him ecstatically. You moved your fingers through his hair and tightened your legs around him as his erection rubbed against your core. A few more pumps and you thought you might orgasm right then and there. Your hand moved between your bodies and you reached the hard mass between his legs. You felt the length of him and your body perked up with excitement. He shuddered when you ran your hand along his length. He took your hand and pulled it away, pinning it above your head. You looked at him questioningly, and he shook his head.
“The rules are, if you want me to keep touching you, you have to keep your hands on the headboard,” he said, moving your other hand up above your head.
You wriggled against him, and he chuckled. He then moved his hands off of you and slowly climbed off your body. Out of your desperation, you stopped moving and gripped the headboard tightly.
“There’s a good girl,” he said. The praise sent another wave of heat through your body. “Now remember, keep your hands on the headboard or I will stop,” he reminded you. You nodded profusely, and he came down and gave you a long kiss.
His hands moved away from your face and down your body. You wrapped your legs around him tightly, since that was the only way you were allowed to hold him. With one hand, he gripped your waist while the other freely explored your body. He ran a hand gently down your side, from the swell of your breast to the soft, supple skin of your thigh. When he ran his hand back up, he stopped at your breast and cupped it. You writhed against him, your nipples rubbing against his shirt.
“How badly I have wondered what you looked like underneath that uniform,” he said, kneading your breast. His thumb flicked your nipple, and you arched your back, unable to contain the pleasure.
“You came into my class every day in that short skirt like a bloody tease,” he said. “Look at you now, completely naked on my bed, begging me to take you.”
“Yes,” you said. “Please take me.”
He kissed your neck and moved down, clamping his mouth around your nipple and palming the other breast. You gasped and gripped the headboard tightly as he flicked his tongue and sucked your nipple. It was so overwhelming you thrashed side to side and had to stop yourself from moving your hands and touching him.
“Please master, take me!”
He chuckled and popped your nipple out of his mouth with a sucking sound and provided mouth care to the other breast. While he sucked your nipple, his free hand roamed down, across your stomach, and descended to the spot that you needed.
When his fingers brushed your folds, you thought you might die. But you needed more first.
He gasped. “You’re so wet,” he said, looking down at you. A devilish smile creeped to his lips. “Were you like this in class, too? While I was lecturing, did you nearly wet yourself sitting at your desk?” He ran his fingers down your slit and held them still at your entrance.
“Yes master, yes!”
He pushed a finger in and you cried out. He pumped a finger in you as he licked your nipple. You moaned when he gently nipped it with his teeth. You grinded against his finger and he came up to kiss you. His pupils were so wide that they took up more space than the blues.
“More, please master,” you said, begging.
He took a second finger and entered you, stretching your walls and eliciting another moan from you. Arching your back, you gripped the headboard with all your might as he pumped his fingers in and out of your wet folds. You moaned with pleasure and then you whined when he left your mouth. You thought that he was going to your breasts again when he kissed each one, but he continued downwards. The butterflies in your stomach exploded when you realized where he was going. Your hand shot out and nearly touched his head when he hovered above your core. He raised his brows and paused pumping his fingers, and you stopped.
“Remember our rule, Miss Eves,” he said sternly, as if you were still in the classroom.
You shuddered in pleasure and returned your hand to the headboard. He smiled and revealed his long pink tongue. Your heart stopped when he dipped his head down and licked up your slit. You gasped at the unbelievable pleasure and wondered if the venom had actually killed you and this was heaven.
He licked up your folds and moved down close to get better access with his tongue. His fingers began moving in and out of your entrance as he licked your folds and clit. “How badly I have wanted to taste you,” he said between licks. You thought you saw stars as you threw your head back and thought you might cry.
He stayed on your clit and sucked and licked, first gently and lightly. When you begged for more, he licked harder and flicked his tongue up and down on your clit in a rhythmic pattern. You were writhing and arching your back as if you were possessed. His fingers moved in and out of you as his tongue moved in rhythm. Your pleasure came in waves and you did not even realize it. The golden edge of your orgasm came and went, and you felt the next wave, to your surprise. You screamed and moaned as you came over and over to his touch. The waves gradually receded, and he continued, taking in every wave of your pleasure. You had to shift your hips away from him once you became too sensitive, and he pulled away with a smile. His lips and mouth were glossy when he came up to you with a grin. His eyes held a wild expression as if whatever possessed you now possessed him.
He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and kissed you deeply. You could taste some of yourself on his lips and it only aroused you more, though your body was slowly tiring out. Slowly, you reached a hand down towards his erection when he grabbed your wrist.
“No, tonight was for you, love,” he said, moving beside you. He waved his hand, and the sheets came up to cover both of you. He grabbed your waist and pulled you to him so that your back was to his chest and he held you close. “You can sleep now,” he said, kissing your hair.
You wanted to reciprocate and give him something too, but when he pulled you into his arms in such a comfortable position, you felt your body sinking into sleep again. Upon receiving such a powerful orgasm, he had knocked the energy right out of you. You moved and turned around to face him, putting a leg around him and looking up into his face. “Thank you,” you said and gave him a soft kiss. You nestled into his shoulder and closed your eyes, feeling the tug of sleep pull you deeper.
“Anything for you, my love,” he said.
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chaoticgouda · 2 months ago
“GUYS we need to talk about how Loki is tumblr’s new sexyma-“
Tumblr media
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projectprotectloki · 14 hours ago
So, I wasn’t into ‘What If’ until now…
Tumblr media
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burdenedwithgloriousswag · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Reminder : Loki was directed by a woman and the sound track was composed by a woman
No wonder why it’s such a bop
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amadness2method · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
I did this digital painting to get back into the swing of things. I've got more work to do before the month is out, and I needed to do something to practice with before starting on planned work and commissions. And let's be honest, I'm OBSESSED with Loki as much as I am Good Omens.
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