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#loki fanfic

You woke with the shrill scream of your alarm clock going off.  You groaned as you slipped off the bed and made your way to the bathroom.  As you was turning the water on your roommate started banging on your door.  “Y/n!  Hey girl!  You up?  We got class in an hour and a half.  Get your ass in gear.”

“Yes Mav, I’m up.  Make me a cup of coffee and I’ll do down in about 15 minutes. Just let me wash my hair!”

As the water ran through your hair and down your body your mind slipped back to the dream you was having last night.  A city, beautiful golden palace.  People dressed in beautifully colored dresses and robes that you could only imagine. There was this man, inky black silk flowing hair that hung to his shoulder, mesmerizing green eyes, lean build. He was beautiful. Someone you would never really meet except in your dreams. This wasn’t the first time you had dreamed of the palace or the man, it had been happening more recently but the scary thing was that it never truly felt like a dream. More like memories.  You laughed to yourself. There was no way these were memories. You had grown up on a farm in Kansas.

“COME ON WE’RE GOING TO BE LATE!” Mav pounded on the door again.  You rushed to turn off the water and throw on your jeans and t shirt before rushing out the door grabbing your shoes in the process.

“Coffee,” Mac handed you a to go cup with the warm liquid. “History report, and your notes for the physics exam.”

 “You are my life saver.  Here is your math homework and your English paper.”  You two didn’t often do each others home work but when it was something that was your stronger subjects you helped tweak each other.”


“And what do you suppose we do Tony?  Just go to this college campus walk up to her and say hey y/n, there’s a lot we need to explain so your coming with us.  No that’s not going to work.” Steve said looking at Tony during breakfast that morning.

“I don’t see a problem with it at all.  Sounds quite problem proof actually.” Tony answered back.

“You can’t just walk up to some one and grab them like that.”

“Why?  That’s how every single one of us got to were we are now… except reindeer games. We were forced to take him in.”  Loki rolled his eyes and took another bite of his toast.

“Don’t worry your pretty little red and yellow suit Tony, I hate it here as much as you hate having me here.”  Loki snarled.

“Red and gold.  Its red and gold-“

“Thor is red and gold… of course unless you have a thing for my brother.  On Asguard when two people wore the same colors they were courting each other.  Is that what your do-“

“That’s enough brother!  Each of you know that our best bet right now is Loki.  And brother you know that even if she doesn’t remember you she will be drawn to you.  We need your help with this.  Please.” Thor practically begged.  Loki rolled his eyes, he would help his brother and the Captain. He still highly disliked Tony.

“When do we go?”  he finally asked glaring daggers at Tony.

“You’re not going anywhere.  Your staying here. The last thing I need is you freaking this girl-“

“By the norms,” Loki rubbed his hand down his face and slapped the table. “She’s not just a girl you raving idiot, she’s a freaking god, she has more power in one pinky that your whole army of suits combined.”

“Awww, does someone still have feeling for the girl that doesn’t remember him?” Tony remarked.

“That’s it, I’m gonna stab you now.” Loki stood producing one of his daggers.

“Bring it on Rudolf, I’ve been waiting for this.”  Tony said hitting a button on his watch allowing one of his Iron Man gloves to cover his hand.

“THAT’S ENOUGH!” Sparks flew from Thors eyes as he stood in the middle of the two of them.  “Loki I will not allow this, Tony you will not lay a finger on my brother.”  Loki snapped his fingers and the dagger disappeared.

“Thor this whole plan is madness.”  Loki turned to walk to his room.

“I swear its like living with a bunch of teenagers that have powers.” Steve mumbled taking a sip of his coffee as Tony stormed back to the lab and Thor followed Loki into the hallway.

“Brother, you know just as well as I that you want her back in your life.  Why can’t you just except that.”

“You’ve seen first hand what she can do, shes leveled cities with a snap of her finger, she has killed more innocent people than even I have.  I wouldn’t be able to sit by and watch the others judge her like they do me on a daily basis.  I would kill someone for making any remarks toward her as they do me.  If anyone deserves a second chance to just forget everything and start over its her.”

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Originally posted by claracivry

Author: hela-avenger

Word Count: 1041

Summary: Natasha won’t quit trying to set you up so you decide to play fire with fire. Hence making a deal with an insufferable prince who interestingly enough is willing to fake being in love with you for the rest of the night. Of course when dealing with the God of Lies things are never as they seem. Fake-Dating AU. p&w AU.

A/N: If you haven’t read poison & wine it is ok to read this but there will be some references to it and p&w is completed. As for my p&w loyal readers, ENJOY!

P.S. I’m tagging the p&w people so if you’ll like to be taken off pls do let me know!

Tags are open!

poison & wine masterlist & it’s not you, it’s me masterlist

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New fic up on ye olde archive.


He didn’t hear Viðar sneak up the stairs. Nor did Loki hear him push open the bedchamber doors and walk around the empty fire pit to the foot of the giant sleigh bed — the bed which was far too large for Loki, but which had been built as such just in case. The bed which was lined on either side by low book cases, effectively barricading Loki in (and Thor out, to a limited degree) while he slept.

Loki didn’t even notice when Viðar climbed over the foot of the bed and crawled up along the squashy down mattress. He slept through all of it, insulated beneath a pile of blankets and dog. Viðar got down onto his stomach and reached under Fenrir, feeling around until he found Loki’s face somewhere under the mountain of living fur. He tapped his open palm against Loki’s face, again and again, until finally Loki freed his arm from beneath Fenrir and pushed Viðar away.

“You know I don’t wake until after sunrise,” Loki muttered.

Viðar looked out the open windows at the dark sky. He was six, and even he knew the suns would not rise for almost a month. That was just a fact of winter, just as it was a fact that Loki’s rooms would be freezing throughout the entire season. Viðar bounced up and down on the mattress a few times and reached out with both hands to push Fenrir off his brother. Fenrir lazily got up, licking at Viðar’s face before hopping over the book cases to stretch down on the floor. Loki barely moved from where he lay face-down, except to swat at Viðar again. He knew exactly why Viðar was there, but that didn’t make waking up any easier. He tried to go back to sleep, but Viðar just kept right on bouncing up and down, inching ever closer to make sure Loki felt it. Finally, Loki could stand it no more and reached out and grabbed Viðar, pulling him close and holding him in a tight bear hug.

“I’m cold. Warm me up,” Loki said, holding Viðar against his bare chest.

Viðar squirmed and fought against the sharp chill of Loki’s skin, managing to snake away before too long. He sat back as Loki pushed himself up onto his elbows and yawned loudly.

“All right, then. What’d you get me?” Loki asked.

Viðar shrugged and smiled coyly.

“You mean you woke me up on my name day and didn’t even get me anything?” Loki asked, full of false incredulity. He gaped at Viðar, getting a wide, toothless grin in response. The last time Loki had seen his brother, Viðar had all his teeth. But now his front four, two on the top and two on the bottom, were gone.

“Oh, when did that happen?” asked Loki. He reached out and pulled Viðar’s mouth open with his finger, peering inside. “I hope you like porridge,” Loki told him.

Viðar scrunched up his face and stuck out his tongue. Loki had to agree with him there; the only thing porridge was good for was flinging at people. Which didn’t seem like too bad of an idea, actually. Awake and hungry for anything other than porridge, Loki yawned again and scrubbed his hands over his face, changing his skin from blue to pink. He crawled out of bed slowly, finding his feet and a moderately clean pair of breeches on the floor to wear. There were traditions to be upheld and festivities to be endured, and Loki was eager to find Thor and celebrate their nameday properly, on their own terms.

“Show me your shoes,” Loki said as he looked for a tunic amongst the mess of blankets and furs that had been pushed to the ground during the night.

Viðar sat back and kicked up his feet, sandal-clad as ever, despite the cold.

“Can you climb in those?” Loki asked.

Viðar grinned widely and nodded. Either way, they would have to do because fetching a sturdy pair of boots from under Frigga’s watchful eye would be difficult for even Loki to manage. She almost surely knew Viðar was missing even then, so they’d have to be quick in their scheme before she finally caught up with them to take him back. Loki found a tunic and a long topcoat and finished dressing quickly, before he started hunting for his boots in the mess. Once dressed, he grabbed his belt from where it hung on a bedpost and quickly secured it around his waist, making sure his knife would be ready for when he needed it. He almost considered having his rooms tidied while he was out that day, but the knowledge that the state of them drove Odin round the bend was enough to keep the clutter and mess around. He spared only the shortest amount of time on taming his hair, giving up quickly on the greasy mess he constantly found it in, and tying it all back into a tail. Finally, he found his boots and pulled them on, not even bothering with wearing socks underneath them.

“Come on,” he said, holding his arms out.

Viðar bounced up onto his feet and into Loki’s arms, still grinning as he was helped up onto Loki’s shoulders. Loki trusted him to hold on without assistance, and snatched up a large buckskin bag on his way out of the room. Every time he used the bag, he told himself he needed to have it enchanted, or else find a new one, but it always slipped his mind. He rushed down the stairs with Fenrir at his heels and out to the corridor, flashing a villainous grin to the guards posted outside his door. Ostensibly, they were there for his safety, but Loki knew they were also there to report his misdeeds back to Odin. No amount of promise of money, women, or time off from duty had persuaded them to look the other way. A constant supply of the finest ales and spirits from Álfheimr, however, did delay the messages they sent back just long enough for Loki to find whatever trouble he sought.

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Request by: @lucywrites02


Pairing: Loki x Reader

Word Count: 1,755

Disclaimers/Warnings: A slight bit of cursing

A/N: This took longer than expected but still managed to get it done! Hope everyone enjoys!



Your latest mission was a success, but it sure as hell didn’t feel like it. Fury had jetted you, Loki and Steve to some desert, the name of which you had not bothered to remember, halfway around the world. The whole thing was a mess and yet somehow you made it work.

The job was simple enough: Infiltrate the HYDRA base, obtain any and all information and destroy the base. It would have been easy if Fury had the choice of different team members. Everyone else was off on their own missions. You felt like the only reason you were ordered to tag along was to referee between Loki and Steve.

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3. Dress + 11. Suit

A/N: I totally forgot that I had finished this fic a long time ago. It’s from my promp list fics. I hope you like it!

Warnings: chessy fluff


Originally posted by bodysoulheartspirit

He was more nervous than usual. Stark parties always ended up being quite boring, but he was nervous about seeing you. You were the newest member, and since you had arrived, his world had turn upside down. 

You were funny, intelligent and quick enough with your words that you had left him speechless more than once. He was a God and you, a mere mortal, had come to be all his world. 

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Sometimes I take screenshots of what I’ve been writing and send them to a friend. Here’s some of them.

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Professor Laufeyson

Masterlist here

Words: 1437

Plot: Y/N must stay after class and receive her punishment from Professor Laufeyson

“Miss Y/L/N, please stay, I need to talk to you about your behavior.” Y/N was about to leave the room together, with her friends, when she stopped in her tracks.

“That doesn’t sound good. Good luck!” Y/B/F wished her before everyone, except Y/N, left the room. Y/N turned and walked back to Professor Laufeyson’s desk. She leaned, resting her forearms on the desk, and looked at the professor as he wiped the board clean. Y/N had to admit that his even his back, was making her hot and wet.

“So professor, what did I do wrong?” Y/N asked anxiously. Professor Laufeyson turned around and met her gaze. Y/N’s panties grew wetter with time alone with the professor.

“I can give you a list if you wish.” The professor walked around the table and stood directly behind her. “The first reason is that you don’t wear panties to class surrounded by horny teenage boys.” His hand slowly ran down the fabric of Y/N’s skirt to the edge of it. Professor Laufeyson pressed his whole body against Y/N’s backside. Y/N felt the hard cock of him against her lower back, making her moan. She bit her lip to hold back the moan. Professor Laufeyson, with his free hand gave her a slap on her butt. “Don’t you dare hold back your moans from me.” His hand pulled up the fabric of her skirt and bunched it at her waist. He kissed the spot between her neck and her collarbone. Y/N threw her head back on the professor’s shoulder. His hand slowly traveled up her thigh to the point that bound her legs together and made her crave the professor the most. Y/N tried to pull his hand to her pussy, but he refused. “Impatient girls don’t get what they want.” He continued to rub his cock against Y/N. His fingers pulled open her pucker and ran his middle finger over her wet pussy.

“Please, I need…” Just as Y/N uttered the words, Professor Laufeyson pushed his finger into her hole. “Oh my God, Professor Laufeyson…” She moaned as he pumped his middle finger in and out of her pussy. Soon one finger was not enough for Y/N. “Please, I need more.” He added a second finger in her pussy and began pumping faster with his fingers in her pussy.

“You can’t imagine how hard it is for me to see you with these guys flirting with you and know that it’s my cock making your pussy wet and fucking you sore.” He inserts a third finger into her tight pussy to prepare her for something much longer and thicker. “I want to put my cock inside you and mend you until you’re just limp, so everyone knows whose you are.”

“Then…do…it.” Y/N moaned, hearing the zipper of his pants. “Put this cock in me.” Y/N felt his cock against her ass. Professor Laufeyson pushed her against the desk and pressed his cock against her hole. He pulled his fingers out of her pussy and licked it clean. Professor Laufeyson moaned at the taste of her. Y/N wiggled and tried to push his cock into her. Professor Laufeyson slapped her bare bottom.

“I decide when I fuck you. Got it?” He asked and Y/N agreed with a hum. Professor Laufeyson thrust into her tight pussy in one quick, powerful thrust. The thrust was so powerful that it forced the air out of her lungs. He pulled his cock almost all the way out of her, except for the tip, and thrust back into her just as quickly.

“Oh my God, Loki.” Moaned Y/N as he pumped faster and harder into her. Without a pause in his thrusts, he pounded her ass hard.

“What do you call me?” He pulled her back against his torso and whispered hotter in her ear.

“P-Professor Laufeyson.” His thrusts became harder and when he pushed against her G-spot, Y/N clenched around his cock. It was almost impossible for him to move inside her. He repeatedly slammed his cock against her G-spot and Loki felt, as Y/N tightened around him, that she would come around his cock in a few seconds. Loki put his hand around her neck and squeezed lightly. Y/N was breathing heavily as he pushed all of his cock into her and his cock pressed against her cervix.

“Cum for me, my little slut.” Her body stiffened as she orgasmed and cum all over her professor’s cock. Loki pulled his, still hard, cock out of her and turned her over on the table. “You don’t think we’re done yet, do you? I said I’d fuck you until you went limp.” Professor Laufeyson smiled mischievously as he put her legs over his shoulder and pushed his cock back into Y/N’s pussy. Y/N opened her eyes wide as she felt the sudden intrusion into her pussy, barely down from her first orgasm. He opened her blouse and pulled her breasts out of her bra. Loki continued to thrust hard into her pussy, each of his thrusts knocking the air from her lungs. Professor Laufeyson took the nipple of her left breast into his mouth and sucked on it. His other hand kneaded the other breast as if it were dough. “If your parents only knew that their little girl was letting her professor fuck her on his desk like a little slut.” As he talked dirty to her like that she squeezed around his cock, “You like that don’t you? When I fuck you like a slut or?” Y/N blushed. Loki thrust hard into her pussy and Y/N gasped. He stopped pumping into her. “Answer me!”

“Yes, I love it when you fuck me like a slut, now fuck me! Please!” Y/N replied and Professor Laufeyson thrust harder into her again. She tightened around his cock again, but before she could come Loki pulled his cock out of her. Before Y/N could protest his mouth was on her pussy and he began to lick her. Her hands pulled at his black hair. He sucked on her clit and pushed two of his fingers into her pussy. She tightened again and stiffened as she came over her professor’s face. A knock on the door startled them both. Y/N hurried under the desk that shielded her from his eyes. Loki pulled up his pants without tucking his cock back and sat down on the chair in front of Y/N.

“Come in!” He combed his fingers through his hair. Y/N looked hungrily at his hard cock.

“Professor Laufeyson, sorry to bother you.” Y/N recognized the voice, it was Kimberly. She rolled her eyes, knowing Kimberly was here to make a pass at Loki. Y/N took his cock in her hand and took his tip in her mouth.

“What can I help with?” Loki seemed tense. Y/N took more of his cock into her mouth.

“I was going to ask if they had the grades from the exams yet.” Y/N licked his cock and Loki pushed her head down further so she could take more of him into her mouth.

“Miss Brown… Let’s… let’s talk about this tomorrow.” Y/N stroked his balls with her hands. Kimberly tried to protest. “Get out of here now!” Kimberly ran out of the auditorium. When she was gone Loki pulled Y/N out from under the table. “You little bitch, embarrassing me like that in front of one of my students.” He pushes her down on the seat with her knees and bent her over the chair. Loki kicked her legs apart before thrusting into her unexpectedly, taking her at a fast pace that she would still feel him inside her for the next week. He gave her a hard slap on her ass. “Is this what you wanted? For me to fuck you so hard?” She tightened around his cock. Loki moaned and he knew they were both about to cum. He thrust into her hard a few more times as she came all over his cock. At the same moment he shot his cum into her tight pussy. He leaned on her back as they both tried to catch their breath. “I love you, Y/N.” He pulled his cock out of her and his cum flowed down her thigh.

“I love you too.” Y/N turned to him and kissed him briefly on his lips. They both drew silence again. When they were both reasonably neat again, he leaned down to her stomach.

“I can’t wait for you to be born. My little princess.” He kissed her belly, which was not yet visible.

“A girl?” Y/N smiled and Loki agrees with a Hum.

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A Dynasty With Loki


Originally posted by tomlokixarianastanx93

Summary: Loki promised you the world once, you shouldn’t have been shocked when the God of Mischief and lies doesn’t stay true to his word.

Pairing(s): Loki x Reader

Warning(s): Betrayal, loathing, hints of hurt/comfort.

A/N: The song Dynasty by MIIa inspired this, hope it’s okay that it’s in headcanon format, I kinda wanted to try writing in it!


• You knew Loki as a child, in many ways you still saw him as the shy, quiet boy who liked spells and books and pranking his brother.

• Throughout your youth he swore to one day take your hand in marriage, to rule Asgard with you at his side. He even got you a ring when you were teenagers.

• For a while the thought of marrying Loki filled you with undesirable joy.

• Now it made you sick.

• After Thor faulted Loki for the frost giants attack on Asgard and Odin’s comatose state, your betrothed up and vanished.

• He said he did it all for you as he let go of the rod, you reached for him but it was too late.

• You mourned with Thor until it was discovered Loki survived, that he’d gone to earth with the Tesseract. You followed Thor because you didn’t believe any of it to be true. That Loki was really alive.

• Every imaginable emotion hit you all at once when you found him again. Alive with physical and metaphorically blood on his hands. You didn’t hold anything back, leaving Thor’s side you stormed up to his brother. Your fist connected hard enough against Loki’s porcelain cheek to make his head jerk right.

• He held his hands up slowly, “Darling, give me a chance to explain I-”

• “There is nothing you could say to me that would ease my pain,” You hissed with venom in every word. “And what of the Dynasty you spoke of? One none of the nine realms could ever break?!”

• Despite your anger Loki tried to explain himself. Explain that Asgard would never accept him as king nor would Jotunheim, he needed to rule somewhere where people didn’t know him. “A fresh start,” is what he claimed to need.

• Never once did your love for him waver, you always hoped he’d somehow come back to you. You’d find each other again and finally get the happy ending you dreamed about. Despite his reputation, you could see in his eyes that Loki spoke the truth.

• So you decided to help him escape Thor.

• The two of you fled into the stars, but you had no plans to let Loki off Scott free. “Make no mistake you will pay for your crimes, God of Mischief. Rather than take you to a king, I will deal with you myself.”

• His signature smirk curled upon his lips, along with a chuckle. Loki always knew how to make light of a serious situation.

• You quirked a brow and crossed your arms, “Loki I’m serious.”

• “Oh, I know darling,” He grinned. “I fully look forward to whatever punishment you have instore for me.”

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The one where Loki has erased all of your thoughts in an effort to fill them with him and only him.

If you want to be notified when I post a new story, just follow my writing-only blog and turn notifications on! Let me know what you think of it!  And if there’s anything else on my WIP list that you’d like to see a small teaser, today is the day to ask me about it!


I didn’t know, and I couldn’t think. Not with his mouth tasting me, exploring the most vulnerable parts of my body and soul. It felt like he was unraveling me, uncovering whatever sins I’d tried to hide just as I let him take my body with eyes, hands and lips.

I was completely his.

“Can’t believe I get to have you like this.” His confession sounded almost too personal for me to hear, and I don’t believe he intended for it to reach my ears, but it did anyway. Just before he made me cum onto his waiting mouth.

He didn’t wait any longer after he brought me to an orgasm. Pushing himself in before my walls had stopped clenching around nothing, he groaned and immediately settled on a punishing pace, like he just couldn’t help himself.

The sounds of our frantic coupling bounced off the walls, making my head spin, and it only added to the dirtiness of the act we were currently performing. “Oh, my love…” He whispered, piercing eyes lost in mine. “Fucking you is everything to me.”

And since I couldn’t remember anything outside of our movements, I felt the same.

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I Just Want To Help - Part 1

Pairing: Loki X Reader

Warnings: Angst. But I promise part 2 will be much longer and it will have a happy ending.

Summary: Y/N and Loki have always been inseperable. She was always there for him when he was sad or angry because of others and she never put anyone above him. When Loki was frustrated after learning about his true heritage, he let the anger get the best of him and yelled at her, breaking her heart. How is he going to make it right?

Requested by: @scorpionchild81 💚


Loki and you have always been unseperable. Like saying you were best friends would be an understatement. So when he started acting cold all of a sudden, needless to say, it came as a shock to you. It all started before Thor’s coronation. Loki looked more mischievous than usual. He was smug and seemed as if he was expecting something to happen at any moment. Of course, the others didn’t realize that. Maybe because they were too excited for their new king or maybe they weren’t paying any attention to Loki. Probably both, you thought.

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ᚳᚻᚫᛈᛏᛖᚱ ᛚᛁᛋᛏ, ᛋᚢᛗᛗᚫᚱᚣ, & ᚹᚫᚱᚾᛁᚾᚷᛋ

Finna ducked in time to miss taking an arrow to the head as Thor swung his hammer over her and killed the marauder she had been fending off. She turned and nodded to him with a smiled before thrusting her right hand into the air and zapping two more that were running straight for him.

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Pairings: Loki Laufeyson x reader.

Warning: Mentions of Loki’s death.

Y/N has the power to “see” through someone’s eyes. It would only work if the person they’re “seeing” is alive. Otherwise, all they would see is a blurred vision of what the person would see. They also have the power to manipulate energy to transform to any shape and form.


Stage Five : Acceptance?

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Warnings: Tiny bit of cursing and the smallest bit of angst but otherwise fluff

Time/Era: Order of the Phoenix

Word Count: 3,385

Summary: Loki Odinson is a pureblood Slytherin in his fifth year at Hogwarts. Y/n Y/Ln is a halfblooded Ravenclaw also in her fifth year. When they get partnered together in potions, they’re interest in each other’s secrets might just bring them closer together

Request: None

A/N: Hello again! Posting two times in one evening! Wow! I had this idea in a dream and knew I just had to do it. Harry Potter and Marvel in the same fic? Who would’ve thought. Anyway I hope you enjoy this Marvel Harry Potter Crossover and let me know if you’d like to see more stuff like this. Be on the look out for a new chapter in my series tomorrow or the next day! Please remember that feedback is always welcome and my requests are open! Happy Reading!

Masterlist | Request List

Loki Odinson was a pureblood Slytherin in his fifth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He was top of his class and was recently elected as perfect for the next year. His brother Thor on the other hand was in his seventh and final year and had been sorted into Gryffindor. Normally, this would be considered scandalous since almost all purebloods were sorted into Slytherin, but since Thor was one of those people that literally everyone loved, he wasn’t teased or judged for it. He was even Head-boy and the Gryffindor quidditch captain, he played as the keeper. Everyone was saying that Loki would be following in Thor’s footsteps once he graduated.  Like Thor, Loki was exceptionally skilled at quidditch, he was one of the Slytherin’s chasers, and liked by all the teachers and Slytherins. The only problem was that unless you really knew Loki, he came off as standoffish. At least, that’s what Y/n Y/Ln heard.

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What I wrote last night

“Oh, look. It’s Freyr,” Fandral said, pointing ahead.

Freyr stood with Theoric in a small alcove, both unaware of the group approaching, or their intentions. Fandral reached into the bag to grab a handful of darts, and ran toward them.

“Oy! Dung for brains!” he shouted, lobbing darts as quickly as he could at Freyr.

It was not abuse Freyr would take sitting down. As the first darts hit him in the face, he rushed forward toward Fandral, tackling him to the hard ground. A moment later, Hogun rushed in to pull the two apart, only to be met in turn by Theoric attempting to do the same. As the four grappled on the ground, Thor and Loki joined in as well. Soon, none involved knew whether they were trying to break up the fight, or carry it on. As Loki tried to pull Hogun back, he was met in the face by Freyr’s fist, sending him reeling backwards.

“You dare!” Thor shouted, throwing fists of his own.

Loki managed to pull Hogun back, gaining distance between them and the melee that had erupted before them. Standing back, the remaining four watched with wide eyes and shocked expressions, none apparently knowing whether they should join in or not. Watching it all, Loki began to laugh, and quickly found he could not stop. He and Freyr had never got on, but even he thought the reaction was a bit much.

“What the hel has happened between Freyr and Fandral?” he asked Hogun.

Hogun only shrugged dramatically, watching it by Loki’s side. Somehow, it only triggered more laughter, until Loki could barely see straight. A moment later, Hogun grabbed him by the arm and pulled him back toward the second group, all still watching in shock.

“We should go,” he said.

Loki nodded, knowing he was right, but being unable to articulate as much. Watching Thor roll around on the stone floor, throwing punches and kicks at his friends like children had broken Loki and for that moment, he did not think he could be fixed. He picked up his bag as they turned to flee the scene, leaving the riot of kicking and screaming behind them. Loki leaned on Hogun as they walked, laughing until he wept. Their fractured group wandered into the mead hall, taking the first seats that would fit them. With Hogun on one side, and Kelda on his other, Loki sat and collapsed onto the table, hoping one day he might remember how to breathe.

He finally looked back up as a wench brought round a tray of mead, setting out mugs for each of them. With a goal in front of him, he tried to regain his composure so he might drink without choking to death.

“I think Freyr knocked a screw loose with that punch,” Alv said, watching from across the table. “Are you well?”

Loki managed to breathe enough to speak. “I am perfectly fine,” he said.

“You should have seen it last year,” Sif said, gesturing with her mug toward Loki. “Baldur wouldn’t climb up to get the mistletoe so Loki went instead. I have never seen a man fall on his own blade in earnest before or since.”

“Look,” Loki said, before he lost all control of himself again.

He meant to say the conditions were icy, and that the tree was old and dying from its parasite, and a thousand other excuses for how a grown man could have fallen out of a tree and stabbed himself on his way down. Instead, he collapsed back onto the table and tried not to choke on his own laughter.

“Or the year he gave Thor hemlock and convinced him he could fly without his hammer,” Hogun said.

“Wasn’t that the same year?” asked Sif.

Loki couldn’t handle it. “Stop,” he begged.

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No I’m Not Loki What Ever Are You Talking About (or: Loki trolls the Avengers) by Ilikepickles

Instead of returning to boring old Asgard at the end of The Dark World, Loki goes down to Earth. After a little hanging out he decides to hide himself in the Avengers Tower and mess with their lives. That’s not the best part though. The best part … is when he discovers Twitter.

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Characters: Loki x reader; Avengers x reader; Reader has ice powers; No pronouns used for reader

Summary: Steve has a wonderful idea for a camping trip to bond all of the Avengers together; which involves some childish behaviour and uncovered secrets.

Prompt: From this post by @prompt-disaster 

“I wish I met you earlier in my life, maybe I won’t have regretted as much as I do now.”

Warnings: Mentions of motion sickness; general fluff

Words: 2120


You ambled into the kitchen, smiling at Wanda as she nodded your way with the coffee pot in her hand, “Want one?”

“Make it a triple, I beg you.” You groaned, sliding onto the kitchen stool and pressing your face against the cold counter. “You look how I feel.” Wanda slurred, “4am is not good for me.”

“Or me.” Tony added as he wandered in and slid onto the stool next to you, “What’s up, Champ?”

You snorted, “I’m ready for the sweet release of death, what about you?”

Tony shrugged his shoulders, “I’m torn between throwing myself off the roof or sitting in the quinjet engine whilst it takes off.”

“Wow you guys are joyful today!” Steve’s chirpy voice entered the room, making you, Tony and Wanda grumble simultaneously. “Oh come on, it’s going to be a great trip, and it’s important we keep the team bond going!”

“We are bonding,” You smirked, “Over how much we hate you right now.” Steve rolled his eyes as Wanda giggled. He pulled an orange juice carton from the fridge, “Well the bus leaves in 30 minutes, giving you enough time to grab some breakfast before we leave.”

“Yeah Steve, remind me again why we can’t just take the quinjet like normal superheroes?” Tony squinted at Steve as he spoke. Steve gave a huge sigh, “I thought it would make a nice change, it’s not about us being superheroes this week, it’s about us being a team.”

“Sure thing dad.” Wanda muttered, which caused you to laugh heartily as Steve threw his arms in the air and walked out the room.

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Au where Thor and Loki still have their brotherly fights and Loki pranks the heck ot of Thor…

One day after Loki’s prank goes wrong and Thor is blamed for ruining an important ceremonial meeting with the Frost Giants, Odin gets tired of the prince’s childish behaviour and casts them both out on Midgard, but in different parts of the world.

Thor falls in the middle of nowhere, where he meets Jane, and her team, afther the shock, the realization hits him, he ends up helping her in her study. Dr. Selvig finally agrees to take him in the small team. Thor ends up getting a job in the constructions, since he is strong, and doesn’t fear hights.

Loki ends up in Europe. He at first tries to lay low, gets zero presence detected. Tries to get back to Asgard several times with the darkes lowest magic tricks he knows. Fails every time. Several months later, he quits it. And moves to yet another country to finally settle. He picks a rather middle sized city, tired of the overcrowded castle. Ends up having an aristocrat-ish life by… Multiplying money, so he doesn’t have to work. One day he meets you! An ordinary simple girl, a bookworm. He meets you in the city’s buggest bookshop, looking for a copy of Norce Mythology by Neil Gaiman. He is suddenly mesmorized by the magical world in your soul. An year, a little later you move in with him.

Five years after casting his sons out of Asgard, Odin is old, and it’s time for him to crown a new king. He brings Thor back. It was just an hour before his shift. Odin explains that harsh life on Midgard, would prepare Thor to be a good king. On the contrary tho… Life on Midgard makes Thor realize he won’t be a good king at all. Thor refuses, explaining himself, Odin refuses to listen as usual, after a rather short argument from the quite tempered and irrational son, he gives up and asks Heimdall to bring him back, his coworkers depending on him, after Asgard’s current king casted him out as unworthy, refusung to accept an apoligy, he found himself new people to look after.

Heartbroken Odin did what he had no choice… He brings Loki back. Loki is rather interested in the conversation with his old father. They sit in the garden, have tea, Loki explaines the new things he learned on Midgard to his adoptive father. Odin’s heavy heart rejoices. He finally had a chance to leave Asgard in good hands. Then Loki intruptes, says he knew Odin already spoke to Thor, and Thor said no, otherwise Odin would never ask him to be the king. Loki gets up, fixes his coat, laughs in Odin’s face, says that back at the day he wanted nothing more than the trone, he was ready to be a good king… But now, after all this time trying to be his brother’s equal and wanting to earn his father’s approval, he realizes it won’t happen, so he let it go. Loki says he still wants to be at his home - Asgard, still wants to be the good king all need, but after a devilish smile he declares he wouldn’t… Out of spite! Walks out, kissed his mother’s cheek and goes back to his apartment.

Several monts went by, and Odin is almost forced to leave. But no one is to get the throne… A realm war is upon Asgard. Then Frigga goes to Midgard. As she often does.

You welcome her in, your dog adores her as always. You share tea, talk about everything and nothing. Loki cooks a new dish he read about. Frigga leavs a little bit after midnight. Next day Thor arrives. Loki refuses to see him, but you insist. They argue. Thor confesses he was blinded with pride, he would never be a good king. He begs Loki to return. Asgard needs a good king, one who’ll think of the people. One who’ll get them to the future, not one who’ll take them back to the past. Loki is smart and capable to do so. Loki refuses yet again, saying asgardians are unworty. Yells at Thor to leave.

Thor reurns to Asgard empty handed. Tells Odin, he has to go to Midgard, offer Loki whatever he wants, Thor isn’t a suitable king, they all knew Loki should have been the one. Odin goes to Midgard. Speaks with Loki. You just arrived home from a walk with your dog. Loki, entertained by all, confesses he’d agree to be a king, but only if you are his queen. As outragious as it is, a non Asgardian to sit on the throne, one who’ll live a blink, compared with their lifetime. But Odin is desperate and agrees… To both of your surprise!

* * *

Several years later

Loki returns to Asgard, bruiced and aching, they had just beaten the life out of Thanos, preventing him from destroying the world. Was a tough fight!

He hears a familiar sound, you singing a song. Old rock one. Loki walks to the throne room. Sees you in one of your gorgeous emerald green with silver needlework patters dresses… Wearing his leather coat and his golden horns helmet… One of the many different designs he has. You are obviously slightly tipsy, the whole world knows that 4 days ago the universe was saved! You are celebrating alone, waiting for you husbad - the King. He slowly sneaks behind you. You jump and startle him.

- Don’t you think that after all these years I can’t hear you sneaking apon me, Love.

- Darling… My gorgeous Queen. I can’t hide a think from you.

And then and there, rather innapripriate for him, he embraces you and kisses you. The Asgardian King and the Midgardian Queen!


@diyunho @lovermrjokerr @darthjokerisyourfather @sougie @nikkitasevoli

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