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#loki fanfic

“Mischief boy, you’ve met peter right?” You ask as you gesture to the boy in the red and black suit.

“I believe I have yes.” The god says, eyeing him a bit. “And my name is Loki remember?” He corrects with a small smirk in your direction before turning back towards Peter. You could tell peter was a little nervous but it was even easier to tell as he began to speak.

“Oh uh hi mr Loki sir. It’s good to meet you. I’m spider par- wait no. I’m Peter man-“ he stutters and you suppress a laugh, pulling him in for a side hug.

“Peter Parker buddy. We’ve talked about this.” You say and he nods, embarrassed.

Tony had put you in charge of showing Peter around since both him and Happy were busy and it seemed like an easy enough task until Thor asked if you minded showing Loki around as well. You had felt it rude to say no but you knew it would probably turn to a disaster.

You were always confident, arrogant even, like Tony which is what he liked about you and why you were so close but when you were around Loki every bone in your body melted and you became increasingly flustered against your better judgment. It frustrated you more than anything else ever had, so you decided showing him around might help you change that. So far, it surprisingly was.

“Ok so obviously we’re in stark tower, I’m sure you already knew that.” You begin as you guide them towards the elevator. Peter follows eagerly and Loki trails behind, obviously feeling this was unnecessary though his eyes remained on you the entire time, making you blush profusely.

“Are you alright y/n? You look a bit flushed.” He asks with a cheeky grin, clearly understanding the effect he was having on you.

As you’re about to quip back, Peter begins asking a bunch of questions and your focus is brought back to him, easily answering each one.

What you didn’t notice was Loki’s gaze remaining trained on you in fascination as you listed off facts about the building.

You’d helped oversee the plans with Pepper herself, causing you to know all there was to know about the tower and it’s contents. It was why you were perfect for the job of tours.

“And that concludes the tour.” You say with a shrug over an hour later. “I would ask if there were any other questions but I’m afraid I have a lot of work to catch up on so if you’ll excuse me gentlemen.” You say apologetically and you wave before turning and walking back to your own office.


Loki watched you walk away curiously.

He didn’t know much about you but he had seen you with Thor a few times and when he’d tried to take over earth. Even then, when he’d been occupied with ruling the entire world, he’d found himself almost unable to look away from you. Thor often teased him for staring too long and he hated that his brother had something to hold over his head like that.

He was so mesmerized he hardly noticed Peter awkwardly trying to get his attention.

“Uh mr Loki sir? Are you ok?” He asks and finally Loki turns to him, cheeks tinged pink in embarrassment, a rare sight from the god.

He quickly regains his usual composure and smirks. “I am perfectly fine spider child.” He replies and Peter groans.

“It’s uh… it’s actually spider man.” He corrects but Loki waves him off and walks away to find his brother, already beginning to question his choice in people to confide in.


A few weeks later…

Loki had grown aggravated. Everywhere he turned, he could hear you laughing with a fellow avenger or see you sitting peacefully by the window doing your unfinished work. He was enchanted by you and it left him even more unhinged than usual.

Today was no different. He left his room and came to the living room to read, only to find you squealing happily as you and Peter were running around the room away from an annoyed looking Bucky with black doodles scribbled messily on his face.

He tried to ignore it, walking in confident strides towards the couch but froze as he felt your hands on his torso, the rest of your figure ducking behind him.

“Hide me reindeer games, we drew on Bucky while he was napping and now he’s really mad!” You plead, still in a fit of giggles. He remains speechless for a few moments, unsure what to say.

Before he can finally speak, Bucky runs up and grabs you by the waist, playfully tackling you onto the couch and tickling you as his revenge. With your head back, you see Peter on the ceiling, hiding and making you laugh even more.

Seeing Bucky be the cause of your beautiful laugh made Loki’s lip twitch in annoyance and jealousy. He knew you weren’t his but he wished you were.

Tuning the sound of your squabbling out, he sat down on one of the stools by the bar with Thor and rolled his eyes at the sight of his brothers teasing smile.

“Trouble with a certain someone brother?” He asked innocently and Loki pursed his lips together.

“I do not have the slightest clue to what you are referring.” He muttered, not meeting his brothers eyes and instead stealing another glance at you.

Thor chuckled at his brothers denial. “Of course not. That is why you are gazing at y/n with such intensity I am sure.” He commented sarcastically in a lowered voice. Loki immediately looked at him in alarm but quickly regained his unphased persona.

“Yes I find y/n quite attractive. And yes I possibly enjoy her company more than I do others. Is that what you wanted to hear?” He asks with his usual smirk.

“Only quite attractive? I could have sworn you were practically smitten only a week or so ago…” Thor teases further and Loki’s face contorts in frustration as a blush rises in his cheeks.

“I am not at all smitten with y/n. Merely fascinated by Midgardians. Now if you’ll excuse me.” He hissed defensively as he stormed off back to his room, growing more embarrassed and enraged by the sound of his brothers deep laughter floating in the air behind him.

Neither brother, however, had noticed the boy in the spidersuit hanging above them, accidentally hearing the whole thing.


The next day…

“Hey Peter. You’re trailing me around the tower today for something for school right?” You ask as you walk into the kitchen that morning.

He jumps, clearly startled and looks up at you, his face blushing more than usual.

“Y-Yeah I uh… I am.” He mumbles quietly and you raise an eyebrow in his direction.

“Are you ok kid? You seem… off.” You ask cautiously and he responds with a nervous laugh.

“Totally. I’m uh… I’m not off at all. In fact I’m on!” He rambles and you march up to him, looking him directly in the eyes.

“Kid what’s wrong?” You demand and he refuses to look you in the eyes. “Is it that flash kid? Because I’ll teach him a lesson if you need.” You say, voicing your concern. He rapidly shakes his head and you sigh.

“Peter Parker you tell me what’s wrong right this minute or I swear to god-“ you start as Tony walks in and gives you a confused look.

“Y/n, why you gotta threaten the kid? Spider boy what’d you do?” He asks, looking between the two of you.

“I did nothing mr stark!” Peter says quickly. Tony turns his expecting gaze back to you.

“He’s hiding something from me.” You say, crossing your arms.

Tony scoffs, quickly looking between the two of you again. “Sounds like something you two can figure out on your own.” He says, stepping around you into the kitchen and grabbing his own food.

You turn a serious glare to Peter and he groans. “Fine! I was hanging from the ceiling hiding from mr Barnes and I-I overheard Thor and mr Loki’s conversation, not that I was eavesdropping!” He begins rambling and you sigh.

“Peter. Point please.” You ask and he smiles guiltily at you.

“Ok ok. Well I overheard them talking about m-miss y/n… and mr Loki admitted to liking you.” He blurts out. You blink at him in surprise, caught really off guard.

Tony bursts out laughing from behind you and you spin around, pointing a threatening finger at him. “Not a word Stark.” You warn but he’s too busy still laughing.

“Reindeer games took a liking to you!” He teases, his voice still booming with laughter.

“I said not a word!” You sigh, running a hand through your hair.

Natasha enters and looks between the three of you, finally settling on your stressed expression.

“What’d he do?” She asks you, gesturing towards Tony though he’s still too busy cackling to notice.

You sigh, debating whether or not to tell her.

“He’s laughing because Peter told us Loki likes me.” You say finally. Her face remains neutral as ever but she swiftly kicks Tony in the calve.

“Did you guys not know that?” She asks, clearly amused by the whole situation.

“No! You did?” You shout in confusion.

“Yeah I thought it was pretty obvious?” She questions.

With a heavy sigh, you walk off to your room, completely forgetting your job to help Peter.

Not watching where you’re going, you collide into something. Or someone, as you realize when two hands reach out to grab your shoulders to keep you steady from falling.

“Are you alright?” He asks and you feel your muscles tense as you hear the familiar accent.

“Yeah yeah I’m fine.” You dismiss halfheartedly, your face burning from the probably really apparent blush rushing to your cheeks. “Oh sorry! Are you ok? I kind of bumped into you, I should be the one asking.” You realize a second later. He grins a little and you feel your heart miss a beat.

“I um… I am fine as well. Thank you.” He responds, clearly also having forgotten to speak.

“So I um… I heard a rumour about you.” You say, gauging his reaction.

“Oh? And what might this rumour be saying about me mortal?” He asks, an eyebrow raised in amusement. You roll your eyes at the nickname he’d quickly learned you hated.

“Well I’m not quite sure if it’s a rumour. I mean it came from someone who heard it directly from your lips so.” You ramble and you feel him moving closer to you, leaving barely a gap between your bodies.

He gently pushes your chin up with his index finger, forcing you to look at him in the eyes and sending shivers down your spine at his touch in the process.

“What was this rumour or not rumour about?” He repeats quietly.

You gulp nervously and look into his grey blue eyes.

“I may have heard that you… that you take a certain liking to me.” You say quickly, your words close to jumbling together. From the burning red on Loki’s ears though, you can tell he heard you perfectly.

“That is… that is…” he begins, trying to find the proper wording to use.

You watch him hopefully, wondering what he could possibly respond to the accusation with.

“That is actually correct.” He says finally, nodding his head with a sigh and your eyes go wide.

“It is?” You question and he nods, refusing to meet your gaze. “Because well… I kind of feel the same way?” You add.

“Do you truly?” He asks, uncertainty filling his voice.

“I do yes.” You say, your lips spreading into an embarrassed smile.

He chuckles a bit and you raise an eyebrow.

“Your smile. It is quite beautiful I must say.” He admits, a blush you found adorable creeping into his face.

Without a second of hesitation, you grab him by the face, standing on your toes and lean in for a kiss. For a moment, it’s delicate and sweet but soon, it grows frantic and passionate, him pushing you against the wall carefully to balance you both to prevent from falling. Your lips remain pressed together agressively for a few more moments before you both pull away.

Loki looks at you, stunned.

“That was…” he begins and you bite your swollen lip, smiling sheepishly.

“I believe I will have to thank that spider boy later.” He says with a laugh and you giggle.

“Sweet! Who would’ve thought eavesdropping would get you thanked?!” A happy voice says from above you. You look up to see Peter hanging in his webs, watching the scene unfold below him.

Though you want to be annoyed, all you can do is grin and laugh at his antics.

You continue laughing, Loki joining in while Peter gets himself down, planting his feet onto solid ground faster than you thought he’d be able to.

You cling to Loki’s side, arms wrapped tightly around his torso.

“So does that make me the reason you two are together then miss y/n?” Peter questions and you laugh at the nerves in his voice.

“Yes, yes it does. And thank goodness for that.” You smile up at Loki as you speak.

The three of you walk back towards the living room and you stay by Loki’s side, never wanting to let go to the man beside you.

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Pairing: Bucky X Reader, Loki X Reader

Words: 1537

Warnings: Mischief, adult conversations, angst (blink and you miss it), implied smut, language

Summary: A prequel to the series Brassy. You meet Loki for the first time and begin your friendship.

@aesthetical-bucky ’s 1k Writing Challenge! Sarcastic/Sassy Dialogue Prompt: 4.  “Excuse me, I have to go and make a scene.” @tuiccim with Loki & Bucky

As soon as I saw this prompt I knew I needed to do a prequel of Brassy for the Loki/You meet. It was just too fun a prompt to pass up and seem to fit the backstory so well. 


You had recently joined the Avengers and tonight was your first time attending one of Tony’s galas. Your short dark green dress had a deep V in the front. Wanda had said the dress looked fabulous and you felt amazing in it. Hopefully, someone else would notice. 

As you entered the party you were greeted by Tony and Pepper and then they moved onto other incoming guests. You head towards the bar to get a drink and then join Sam, Steve, and Bucky standing off to one side. 

“Hey guys.”

“Hey (Y/N). Looking good.” Sam says.

“Why, thank you. You guys all look mighty fine yourselves.” You smile at each of them. 

“Looking forward to the night?” Steve asks. 

“Yeah. It’ll be fun. I’m not a great dancer but hopefully I can find someone to lead me around the floor a couple of times.” 

“Bucky, that’s your cue.” Sam smirks. “You were the big dancer back in the day.”

“Is that right, Bucky?” You smile at the gorgeous super soldier. 

“Once upon a time, Doll.” Bucky said. 

“Then I’ll look forward to a dance later.” You smile at him. 

“Thor’s here.” Sam pipes up. “And look who he brought with him.”

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🐍–💖💜💙>>>Loki (1)




Imagine finally coming out to Loki only for him to surprise you when you wake up.

You’re not sure how this conversation started. One minute, you were talking about your favorite show. Next thing you know, you were talking about sexual orientation and building up the courage to finally tell Loki yours. It’s not that you didn’t trust him, you just weren’t sure how he would react. You had friends that didn’t look at you the same after you told them you were Bi. So to say you were nervous was an understatement. Even if he was your boyfriend, you weren’t sure how he was going to react to it.

“Darling?” Loki asked, snapping you out of your thoughts. You looked up at him, confusion present in your eyes. “You were telling me something important.” Loki reminded you as he sat up straight against the bed frame. He knew he could just read your mind and find out why you shut down for a minute, but he trusted you. He knew that when you were ready, you’d tell him.

“I just…. I don’t think it’s that important but I already brought it up, so” you nervously stammered, sitting up against the bed frame as well. “I uh… I’m not sure how to say this, but um…” you looked ar ok und the room, trying desperately not to look at him for too long. You took a deep breath, releasing any tension you had and mentally comforting yourself. “I’m Bi.” you finally whispered, looking at your hands on the mattress. You felt Loki shift, still refusing to look at him. He brought his hand up to your chin and and made you look at him. He gave you the brightest smile, admiration written all over his features. “You were nervous to tell me you’re bisexual?” He asked, still smiling at you lovingly. You gave him a small smile, “I just didn’t know how you would react.” Loki chuckled, “Darling, I myself am bisexual. I feel proud of you and honoured you chose to tell me.” He wrapped his arms around you and you melted into his embrace. Slowly, he moved you both to lay down, still holding on to you. “I love you, Loki.” You whispered as you were drifting into peaceful sleep. You didn’t hear his response, already in deep sleep.

“Love,” you heard a voice whisper. You moaned in return as you tried to open your eyes, failing miserably. “Goodmorning my love,” the voice whispered. It was Loki. Something felt strange, however. The voice you heard was soft and higher in pitch. Your eyes flew open and you looked up to the person holding you. You into feminine features that looked familiar, yet distinct. “Surprise,” she sang, giving you a similar smile to the one she gave you last night. “Loki,” you smiled, feeling yourself fall more in love with the person in your arms. “Did I forget to mention I am gender fluid?” she asked rhetorically. You pulled her into a soft, passionate kiss, surprising her slightly. Pulling away, you looked deeply into her gorgeous green eyes. You loved Loki, no matter what gender they chose to be.

Pride-shots Taglist is OPEN.

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Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x OC

Summary: Astrid, the princess of Vanaheimr relocates to Asgard to seal a betrothal to the youngest prince and an attempt to escape unforeseen forces. She soon finds happiness and a multitude of new friends. Unfortunately treachery and deceit lie in the court of Asgard in unlikely places, and she learns that true love never dies.

Warnings: fluff, angst

Words: 1812

A/N: Hope you guys enjoy this next part, please let me know what you think, I love you all very much! xxx


Originally posted by reinamorena26


Originally posted by latristereina

Part Twelve - The Beach

Loki narrowed his icy blue eyes, feeling more and more irritated as time went on as he perched on his chair, though to tell the truth, it was the strangest chair that he’d ever sat on, it was more like a cushion on three legs and it had no back to it. It was rather uncomfortable. This New York tavern was certainly not the nicest of places – though Astrid seemed to love it, among other things – it reeked of stale smoke and there were disgusting drinks that the mortals used to dull their senses. Loki could hardly see through the endless clouds of smoke.

Hesitantly, Loki reached out and took the glass tankard in front of him and he lifted it to his lips, taking a sip of the yellow frothy liquid. He coughed and spluttered at the bitter taste of it, he had never been a huge advocate of the mead they had up on Asgard, but it was definitely better than this disgusting stuff. A laugh sounded at his side and turned, with his eyes still narrowed, to see Steve grinning at him in a friendly manner. Steve was a nice enough fellow but he was little more than a stranger, and Loki didn’t really trust strangers.

“Do you not like our beer?” he asked and Loki turned away from him, shaking his head.

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Part One / Part Two (you’re here!) 

Loki x Reader

Word Count: 3,455

Summary: After a well heated moment in the frozen mountains, you and Loki share a bit of alone time within your parents’ cabin. This time you enjoy a nice peaceful night with your god. No smut this time. Just some bonding and romantic stuff.

Warnings: Minor(?) fluff, mentions of blood, cheesy stuff I suppose, and a bit of a caretaker status.

Author’s note:  I simply adored writing this one. I wanted to share a much softer side of my version of Loki in this. Please enjoy! I dearly appreciate every reblog/favorite. Much love, my crowlings~ ♥

Banner made by me - all images found on pinterest. 

x x x

Loki held you closely against him as you both made your way inside the log cabin, thanking your mom in the back of your head for keeping a spare key hidden under the mat. It was very cozy inside- a fireplace at one end, a large bookshelf at another with large leather couches in front of it, down the hall a master bedroom with a full bathroom included, the kitchen small yet a fine place to cook in. The entire house smelt of sandalwood and pine needles.

Loki admired the space that was to be yours for the next 24 hours, smiling wider the more he took his surroundings in. “How wonderful. It’s perfect for a little Midgardian get away, my dear.” He complimented, looking down at you, winking. You giggled, closing the door and locking it behind you. “Thank you. The bathroom is down that way if you wish to clean up.” You blushed, your eyes dropping to the floor shyly at your words. He just chuckled and stepped over to you, planting a soft kiss to your forehead before whispering into your ear. “Come wash up with me?” You could feel his arms slide around your waist, drawing you near him. You could feel the calming vibrations of his heartbeat, setting your mind at ease.  

Your eyes widened, blush deepening as you hid your face into his chest. “Are you sure, Loki?” You asked hesitantly.

“Of course. Why not, little dove?” You could hear the smirk in his voice, refusing to look up into his hypnotizing gaze. You nibbled your lower lip, biting the dead skin that ceased to peel off, finally looking up to face Loki. He held your gaze, his own eyes filling with adoration and love for you. He cupped your cheek, swiping a strand of hair from your face and tucking it behind your ear gently. “Will you join me?” He asked again before you could respond, his voice holding a hint of plead.  

You swallowed hard, your face heating quickly. A small chuckle escaped you, kissing his nose with a small nod. “But of course, anything for my prince.” You responded softly, gazing up at him through hooded lashes. He grinned, placing a finger on your chin to tilt your head back further, his lips pressing firmly into yours momentarily. “Perfect. I’ll go run us a bath then.” He replied, slowly slipping from your grasp, your eyes following him until he disappeared down the hall.

You sighed heavenly, leaning against the wooden door for a moment until he was gone. You rubbed your tired eyes before wandering over to start a fire. Once started, you sat in front of it to warm yourself up, wrapped up in a familiar blanket from your days coming up here as a child. You quietly watched the flames dance as your mind wandered back to outside, finding yourself sighing again. The moonlight and stars glistened brightly, bleeding into the fire casted room. Soon Loki appeared behind you. “Our bath is waiting, my love.” His voice was gentle. You smiled and slowly rose to your feet, turning to face him. You noticed he was back in his Asgardian form, for the air around you both was much warmer now. “Perfect. Thank you, my sweet.”

~ ~ ~

You could feel the icy wet material of your clothes drop to your ankles, slowly stepping out of them. Loki was waiting patiently in the bathtub, steam filling the room from the hot water as he watched you undress with a loving smile. You could almost feel his eyes dance along your body, admiring your exposed curves and features in the dimly lit room of candles he had placed around the tub. You could feel a fresh blush rising along your cheeks as you stepped in with him, the hot water stinging your toes as you winced gently. After getting used to the heat, you sat down, happily leaning against his larger naked frame. His strong arms wrapping around you, hiding underneath the fresh bubbles as he pulled you closer. You could feel every inch of his body pressing firmly against yours- a snug fit in the end. While his arms rested around you, you melted with the heated water; feeling safe, for this was truly heaven to you.

Loki trailed kisses along the side of your neck, closing his eyes while keeping you close. You drew out a deep breath, both overjoyed yet content with the moment in your prince’s grasp. You both sat in silence for a long while, taking one another in and enjoying this new fond memory you both would surely never forget. He began humming a soft Asgardian tune, the vibrations in his throat echoed throughout the room. He never did sing but he loved to hum, especially to help you feel protected. It was a magical melody that always seemed to bless your eardrums.  

Finally, Loki cleared his throat at the end and spoke quietly into your ear, “Let me wash you, my dear.” His words were soft like silk, dancing peacefully into your exhausted mind. You smiled, tilting your head to one side as your eyes fluttered shut, feeling his wet fingers caress your neck. “I must take care of what is mine.” He added, peppering kisses along the back of your spine just behind your head. “For I was once vigorous to my prey, and now I must be gentle with that same treasure.” He whispered as you noticed his eyes scanning along your fresh markings.

You shivered at his touch among the hot water, melting against him as you could feel your body fail you, falling limp into his frame. “Please.” The word slipped past your lips, slowly gazing over and up at him with a loving smile. “Sit up, my dear and I shall clean you.”

You huffed quietly, pushing off of him and sitting up in the tub. You waited until you felt your god’s hands maneuver along your body, scrubbing gently with a soapy sponge at your backside. You sighed at the small circles he motioned; eyes fluttering shut. The gritty material of the sponge felt soothing along your boiling skin, pressing into each mellow motion Loki had applied.

“Does that feel good, my dear?” He asked in a whisper, moving the sponge down one of your arms and kissing your wet shoulder in the process. “I only wish to make you feel safe and at ease.” He added, his fingers lightly brushing your shoulder as he spoke. You smiled, looking behind you and at him. “Yes, love. It does. Very relaxing if I might add.”  

You stole a quick kiss and looked away, giggling. You could feel a chuckle rumble within Loki’s chest as he continued washing your body gradually. Small splashes of water echoed the room as your eyes danced along the candles which smelt of warm vanilla and rosemary. This was complete peaceful bliss. You never wanted it to end, and deep down you knew Loki felt the same way.

Loki set the sponge aside and began rinsing off your body, a faint smile written on his lips. You blushed lightly as he cleaned you, turning in his arms when he was finished. You secretly grabbed the same sponge from behind him, squishing it in your hand and watching the warm soap drip along his damp chest and abs. He chuckled softly as you did this, planting his lips on your forehead and holding them there for a slow kiss.

You watched your hand move the sponge along his broadened shoulders and neck, down his arms and ending at his hands. There had once been Jötunheimr markings along his body, your memory recalling each area perfectly; however, being in the heat they had completely vanished. He kept smiling, watching you quietly as his eyes sparkled with adoration. Once finished, you began rinsing him off with a warm smile, soon gazing up into his beautiful blue eyes, giggling to yourself quietly. “All cleaned up, my king.” You leaned forward to place a loving kiss on his chest.  

Loki’s arms slithered around you, pulling you into his broad form, kissing you deeply and full of passion. You gasped while letting him, your body liquefying into his as you returned the kiss with powerful hungry affection. He tugged at your lower lip with his teeth, pulling a soft moan out of you like magic. He snickered softly in response and left you gasping for air, just as he always done. You narrowed your eyes up at him in a playful manner as you were faced with his beautiful comical smirk.

“Oh, now don’t give me that look, you know you love it.” He winked. You just grumbled, resting your cheek along his bare chest, eyes closing with a fresh blush coating your face. “I do. And I love you, Loki. So much that it aches sometimes.” You nuzzled your wet nose along his skin, kissing it gently afterwards. “I never want to lose you. I don’t know what I’d do if I did. Probably cease to exist.” You added the last part in for a bit of banter, grinning sheepishly on the inside at your cheesy addition.

You could hear the water trickle into the tub as he lifted his arm up, resting a light hand on your head. “My dear, my frozen heart aches for you each day. I love you too, my little princess. You will never lose me; I promise you this.” His deepened voice was soothing as it vibrated throughout his chest and against your face. “If you ever cease to exist, then I shall find you on the other side in Valhalla and I will never stop searching until I have found you.” That sweet name he called you whenever he was in such a caring mood made your entire chest cavity flutter. His remark to your cheesy joke made tears swell within your eyes, yet you refused to let them fall. Your blush deepening as you finally gazed up into his eyes. You felt him place a hand under your chin, leaning into you and kissing you passionately.  

You did not hesitate, instantly pressing into his tasty lips once more and happily letting your tongue dance around his. His hand soon laid at your throat, as his other arm wrapped around your waist and pulling you further into his lap. He lied down in the water, bringing you with him as you both exchanged the sweet affection.

You broke the kiss with a sharp gasp, the sensation only increasing your body temperature in the feverish water. After catching your breath, you giggled and nuzzled his jawline with the tip of your nose. “I could stay here forever with you.” 

Loki laughed, lightly running his fingertips up and down your side. “If that’s the case, you’d shrivel up into nothing, my love.” He teased as you offered him an eye roll, gently smacking his abs. “You know what I mean, dork.”

“What? Dork? I am no such thing. What is this Midgardian disgrace you call upon to me?” Loki blinked, appalled as you burst into laughter as his confusion. “Never mind it, Loki.” You shook your head, offering a soft kiss to his cheek before pushing from him and sitting up in the tub. You scooted over to the other side playfully, avoiding the faucet. You leaned your head against the rim of the alabaster porcelain material, throwing a playful smirk at your lover while sinking deeper into the water, curious to what he might do. You watched him, admiring his features in the flickering candle lights.  

Loki instantly frowned, looking disheartened at your minor escape. “My little princess has left me. What ever shall I do? Find a new one? Live my eternal life all alone?” You could see the mischievous glint in his eyes as he spoke, yet his frown only deepening.  

You popped up from the water, bonking your head rather hard on the faucet in the process, causing vigorous splashes to form around the tub as the water rippled over to him. “Loki!” You squealed, whimpering at him. You knew he was only kidding and just trying to tease you, but deep down there was that fear that someday he may never return to you- whether he made a promise or not.  

Suddenly, your mind had begun racing. Your past lovers had always lied to you; always uttering false hope and love for you. You were never complete after each one left you behind to rot in the dirt, stealing a special piece of you with them. Ever since then you always had issues with getting close to another being. However, Loki spoke these same things to you, yet showed you way more than those scumbags ever could. Just then, the waterfalls of anguish happened, flowing down your already wet cheeks. You absolutely hated looking fragile and weak before Loki, but alas your emotions were far too overwhelming for you to hold them in. Your mind had begun clouding your thoughts of negativity and past abandonment, your face slightly crinkling up in frustration as you remembered your negligence. The fresh injury to your head began throbbing, yet you ignored it as the pain raged on.

Loki’s wicked expression quickly changed, worry and sadness instantly taking its place as he motioned over quickly, causing waves to spill out and over the walls of the bathtub. “Oh no, love. No, no. Come here, my darling girl.” His voice was full of pain, easily noticeable pain. You managed to slide over with the waves of water pushing you from him, nearly drowning you away from your safe space. He knew of your devastating ex-lovers, but you still hid so much agony from him. He had a hold of your arms, quickly yet carefully pulling you against him. His fingers laced into your damp hair, kissing your temple as faint shushing left him quietly. You felt safe but the ache was still present, the panic within you wanting to break the surface. All your life you had been casted out by more than just admirers, such trust wasted caused you to fear abandonment and loneliness. You knew Loki would never do such a thing, but your mind always happened to plague you with such negativity.

His hushed tone and loving nature sent you straight into an ugly sob, clinging onto him for dear life. To this day not once did you think you deserved such kindness and devotion. You’ve done bad things that you are forever guilty of yet this man had only seen true potential and hope deep within you. “I’m s-sorry…”  

Loki smiled unhappily, shaking his head. “Do not apologize. Whatever I said to have upset you, I am the one who is deeply sorry. Please forgive me.” His hand reached up and touched the top of your head. Fresh blood coating his fingers from your new wound, causing him to gasp gently. “Oh, my love, you’re bleeding.” He gazed down at your head, eyes widening. “Quite a lot.” He added, hasty concern in his voice.

“Huh?” You followed his touch, feeling your hair soaked with blood as you removed your hand to see the crimson liquid slowly race down your soggy finger. “Oh. Loki. I feel…”

You didn’t realize how hard you had hit your head until now, already losing quite a bit of blood as you felt slightly faint. However, it wasn’t the minimal loss of blood that made you feel faint. You never did enjoy the sight of blood, and when you were exposed to it, it always seemed to make you queasy. You watched as the red liquid began to trickle down your face and into the soapy water below you, mixing in with it beautifully in a strange manner. Without questioning, Loki carefully stood and stepped out of the tub, grabbing a towel and placing it around his waist, not caring to even dry off first. He leaned down and pulled the plug, allowing the water to drain out. “Come here.”

He offered his arms out to you in which you slowly rose to your feet, letting him pick you up and wrapping a towel around your body. He set you down on the counter near the sink, examining the laceration closely under the light he had switched on, wearing a hard frown. “How does it look?” You asked, wincing a little at his touch.  

“It’s a deep nasty cut, I’m afraid. Oh love, this was my doing. I deeply apologize. Please, let me heal you.” He demanded, raising a hand.  

“No, Loki.” You growled and grabbed his wrist, glaring up at him. “Just grab the first aid kit, it’s in the second drawer.” You urged with a sigh. You never did encourage Loki healing you with his powers, for it drained his energy entirely- depending on how much power he put forth that is. He grumbled stubbornly in response before searching the second drawer in which he was asked to do. He pulled out the first aid kit and set it beside you, rummaging through it. “What is all this?” He asked, confused by all the medical equipment.  

You giggled faintly, leaning into his broad figure. “Just grab some of the healing ointment and a butterfly stitch, darling.” You muttered, rather amused by his confusion to Midgardian aid.

“Healing ointment?” Loki blinked, appalled by your request. “You’d rather have this abominable sticky fluid on your head than my healing powers?”

“Loki, it just helps the healing process and keeps the germs out.” You rolled your eyes yet you found his attitude rather adorable. “Unlike Asgardians, us humans get infections.” He scoffed but didn’t question your wants. He replied with a casual eye roll then began applying the ointment after cleaning up the remaining blood. You winced at his touch, trying not to show it for you knew he’d question his actions and refuse to continue.

He found the butterfly stitch and examined it curiously, gawking at it. You giggled, shaking your head and taking it from his grasp. You peeled back the wrapping, showing him how to apply it before handing it back to him. In which he applied it successfully, smiling at his finished work followed by a light kiss to your cheek. “All taken care of. Feeling better, darling?”

“Much, thank you love.” You smiled up at him, your eyes feeling swollen from the recent tears of frustration. Loki frowned at you, pulling you into his arms. “You know I never meant what I said, I was only teasing you. And look where it led me- I hurt your feelings and your poor head.”  

You slapped his chest gently, rolling your eyes at him. “You better be sorry.” You teased then sighed, leaning into him as you felt your eyes droop. “It’s fine, just don’t do it again. Who knows, maybe next time I’ll lose an eye or something.” You snickered under your breath.  

“Hey.” Loki frowned, looking almost nearly truthfully hurt at your comment. You then realized his own brother had lost an eye. “Oh, sorry dear.” You stated then yawned, not moving from him. “Carry me to bed?” You asked drowsily.  

Loki just smiled, scooping you up in his arms swiftly yet graceful like without question. You gasped at his quick actions, blushing as you leaned into him, your face buried within his damp neck. You inhaled his scent, which smelled of home to you. Before you knew it, he dropped you gently down on the bed, crawling on top of you. His towel had fallen from his waist, now stranded at the foot of the bed. He had removed yours, tossing it away while pulling the covers over the both of you. He lied down and pulled you close against his warm body; afraid you might roll off the bed if he didn’t have a secure hold of you.  

“Loki?” You whispered; your eyes closing as you fought the sleep that refused to leave you, the throbbing in your head began to subside. You could have sworn he offered some magic to lift the pain without telling you but you didn’t question him. You placed a hand on his bare chest, lightly tracing patterns on his skin with your fingernails as you waited for his response.  

“Yes, darling?” He spoke gently, his voice deep yet soothing in your ears. You nuzzled closer to him, sighing.

“I love you, so much. Don’t forget that, okay?” You muttered, a smile on your face. You heard his reply just before you drifted off into a deep restful sleep.

“I would never in a million years, my darling- and I love you too. Always.

x Trust My Rage x

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His breath can burn like acid, and yet his words are gentle. Feather-like. Smooth and buttery, a true tongue of silver. He wraps an arm around me and drops one hand to his side. I watch it carefully. 

He continues talking, murmuring about the kingdom we could share, the treasures, the power. He needs me, but makes it sound like I can’t survive. Not without him. I summon a light breeze to blow across the bench. A bench in a park, which is now suspiciously empty. His eyes tell me he knows, but he says nothing. Simply sets a small chest in my hand. I still watch his other arm.

“You could’t do it without me. Not only do I know the ins and outs of the palace, I also know the guards weaknesses and distractions. Plus, someone like you could do a lot with such a place of power to anchor you,”

He’s still talking, trying to win me over. I open the small chest, and feel air wosh out. At the same time, he visibly caves. Inside is the gem. Sure, win a girl over with jewelry, but this was different. It was a Shadow Glass jewel. 

His other hand comes up, holding a dagger slick with blood. He rests in in his lap. I see the look of defeat in his face. And anger. He’s desperate. But underneath that, I see a lost boy. A boy who only wants to prove himself. To his father. To his mother. His brother. To me. 

“Please. I have no one else. I need your-”

His voice catches, as if he’s trying not to cry.

“I need you.”

And I see his face. I see the agony etched into his forehead, the pain in his emerald eyes, the anger around his mouth. I see the tear trailing down his cheek, leaving a mark like a winding snake. 

“Oh, my dear Loki. I’ll always be there.”

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summary: It seems so like the God of Mischief to stand you up on your first date. Or does it?
warnings: just a bunch of fluff with the tiniest bit of angst in the beginning
a/n: this is my submission to @gingerwritess 4k writing challenge! Congrats on hitting 4k! My prompt was “running late”. This just kinda flew out of me last night, so I hope y’all enjoy.
wordcount: 1035
masterlist here


Originally posted by wonderworldmotion

Three drinks, one loaf of free bread dredged through herb-infused olive oil, and one boxed up entree.

That’s how long you waited for Loki before you tired of the pitying looks from your waiter. At least you didn’t look like an overstuffed penguin in the dated button-up white shirt and black tie they were forced to wear.

But that was your resentment talking.

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By @the-fire-is-shooting-at-us

Summary: In one of the Sanctuary’s torture cells, a being was held. The Other tortured, experimented on and manipulated it, but he forgot one thing. Loki was also the god of fire…

         Loki followed Frigga as they sped towards the war room, and she informed him of who would be there: Odin, the Avengers, lady Sif, the warriors three and Odin’s council men.

“Those Midgardians, the Avengers, why does Odin have them if he despises them? Evidently he needs something from them.” She tried to protest, to defend her husband, but they had reached the war room.

    Odin shooed the councilmen and the warriors, much to their shock, as Loki walked in with the Allmother. The Midgardians were requested to stay. Loki kept a blank face as he surveyed them all, until eventually (inevitably) his eyes landed on Thor. He seemed to be crying, Loki observed. He didn’t really understand what happened, but suddenly Thor was barreling towards him and he panicked. 

He dodged the attack and sent forward a wave of magic powerful enough to throw Thor into the golden wall, making a huge dent were he was. 

“Brother! Why would you hurt me?” Thor sounded like he was more hurt by the notion of distrust rather than the fact that Loki had thrown him into a wall. Loki sneered, “Don’t touch me, Odinson. I haven’t forgotten what you’ve done!” The Midgardians were glaring at him, weapons in hand. Odin looked pale, Frigga shocked. He mended the wall and sat on o pine if the war room seats, directly opposite of one of the Midgardian men, a bearded one, and right next to Frigga’s (mother’s) seat. Thor sat down in his seat, and then realizing that he wasn’t near his brother, looked hurt.

“H-how have you been, brother? Where have you traveled since you have travelled? Tell us of your adventures!” Thor seemed determined to keep up his positive mood.

“I would rather not talk of what I have been doing since you threw me off the bifrost, I would rather get straight down to the matter at hand.” Before Thor could so much as open his mouth, Loki turned to Odin and asked him to inform him of his information.

“Thanos is the last of the Titans, hell-bent on finding all the infinity stones to become a god and rule the cosmos, He—

Loki laughed, “You are wasting everyone’s time here, Odin, if you think misguiding the Midgardians would get you anywhere.” The all father looked confused behind his icy exterior, “Are you actually, that misinformed?” One of the Midgardians looked annoyed.

“If you have information why don’t you stop acting high and mighty and just tell us!” He burst out. Gathering by his partner’s subtle whisper of “Clint” he is the archer Clint Barton, and his partner lady Romanoff. Frigga had told him their names and who they were before they entered the room. 

“I was getting to that, Archer, at ease.” Loki drawled silkily.

“Thanos is the last of the Titans, and he is hell-bent on finding the infinity stones. However he wants to destroy half of all life in all universes. He thinks that it would gather balance, that he is a savior if he does so because it will give the living half more resources, better chance of survival. He plans to sacrifice the dead for Lady Death,” he did not miss how Odin played at the mention the Lady, “Just so she can finally submit to his love.”

 The man sitting opposite to him (Anthony Stark, he presumed) scoffed, “Seriously, all this so he can bang Death? By the way, death is a lady?” When Loki nodded, he scoffed again, much to the annoyance of his other teammates. 

Odin broke the tense atmosphere, “We need to know of his allies and armies.” 

“Thanos has seven children—

“They let him have CHILDREN!” Stark cut in, and Loki found himself both amused and annoyed with the bearded man. 

“They aren’t his biological children, he finds them in his travels and trains them to kill for him and his cause. His favorite is Gamora, a green skinned warrior of the Zen-Whoberis. I suspect that she isn’t as loyal to his cause as he thinks she is.”

“His least favorite is Nebula, and even though she worships him, he tortured her in punishment for her mistakes far more willingly than most of his other children. Then, there’s Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive, they are a married couple, and are the leaders and fighters of the killings in Thanos’s name.” He went on before Stark could say interrupt, “Corvus Glaive has a brother, Cull Obsidian, and he leads the armies alongside Proxima and her husband. Ebony maw is powerful, he can persuade others to do his biddings, and if they refuse, he tortured them.” Loki managed to hide the shiver that passed through him. 

“He is a powerful telepath and his telekinesis powers are formidable too.”

There was a great pause, and Odin bluntly asked who the seventh member was.

Loki didn’t bother to hide his grin as he said, “I am!” 

And yet before anyone could reply, a huge burst of light forced them to close their eyes.

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Originally posted by 25bees

I match you with Loki!! @slytherz

  • You would both meet in the library. You needed to do some research for something that you were writing.
  • He didn’t realize that you were there with how quiet you were being.
  • Stumbling across you sitting at the table with your nose buried in a book he didn’t think much of it, but when he came back the next day he didn’t expect to find you again.
  • A few days passed and he never said anything, but when he saw the book you were reading he decided that this was his chance.
  • “May I ask what book you have been devouring these few days I have seen you here?”
  • “Sure.”
  • He noticed it took you a while to open up to him, but he took it slow.
  • Once you were comfortable around him you blossomed open like a flower.
  • Enjoys kissing you to see your flustered reaction, especially when you both were outside the palace.
  • The sass you gave him almost rivaled his own, you both playfully bicker back and forth. Annoying everyone around you.
  • You showed him some of your hobbies, which he indulged in with you.
  • He would enjoy horseback riding with you, especially when you got to leave the palace.
  • All together you both would be perfect for one another.
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Originally posted by leave-me-colourless

Author: hela-avenger

Word Count: 1024

Summary: Prince Loki of Asgard is in need of a date to take back home. That’s where you come in with a task of your own to make the whole trip with an insufferable prince worth it. Too bad that things don’t always go as planned and you end up giving more than you can take. Fake-Dating AU.

A/N: Gotta love the drama that’s building up. Reach out to me if you’ll like to be tagged!

poison & wine masterlist

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Requested by: Anon ~ Can I request 9 on Angst prompt list with Loki and maybe has to do with reader telling him she’s pregnant?

Requests Closed!!!

Loki x pregnant!reader

Prompt 9 (Angst) “Don’t walk away from me” will be in bold

Any and all feedback welcome <3 thirty-eighth fic :)

Word Count: 1200


You were pacing your room, back and forth and back and forth. Your heart was beating at uncontrollable levels and you were biting your nails, a habit you thought you had given up a long time ago. Your breathing was laboured and you couldn’t think straight. You couldn’t think rationally. All your anxiety was brimming to the surface, threatening to spill over and stain you. How would he react? What would you do? Did you have anywhere to go? Could you do this on your own?

As the questions plagued your mind, Loki enteree the room. You were in his room, waiting for him to return. And now he has. You didn’t know if you were more nervous now than you were before, now that you were seeing him, face to face. He looked tired from his long day but he smiled when he saw you, walking over to you with open arms.

“Hello love,” he says, wrapping you into a hug, “Are you alright?”

You hesitate, nearly saying nothing. But you couldn’t keep this a secret, you couldn’t hide this away never to be seen or heard of. It had to be addressed. And the longer you waited, the harder it was going to be to do it. You step out of his embrace, earning a confused look from Loki, which quickly turns to concern. You look down, half at the floor and half at your stomach. You place your hands there, protecting it from whatever may come next.

“Loki,” you start. Your lips tremble as you bring your eyes to his, “I’m pregnant,” you whisper, looking down in shame.

Loki doesn’t visibly react. He does nothing. He doesn’t blink, he doesn’t move, he doesn’t say anything. He just stands there, expression unchanged but for his eyes darkening slightly. He doesn’t know how to respond. Thousands of questions flooded into his mind, clouding all other thoughts. All other rational thoughts. A baby? How could this be? He couldn’t be a father, the only example he ever had was Odin. And that’s not the kind of father he ever wanted to be. But how could he be a better father when he didn’t know how? When all he ever knew was Odin?

You watch him, unmoving and silent.

“Say something,” you plead with him. You needed something, anything.

“I-“ He starts, but finishes just as quickly, shaking his head and looking down, breathing out a long sigh. That set you off. The nerve of this man, to not say anything at all. Tears were prickling in your eyes, and you didn’t fight them, what was the point? You let them fall onto your cheeks and roll down to your chin, explaining exactly what you felt at silent volumes. You let the overwhelming feeling of pain wash over you and consume you, because what else could you do, in that moment? You shouldn’t have expected anything more. He didn’t want a child, and you didn’t want one so soon either. It was a shock, an accident, a surprise. But this was a child, a growing and living thing. You would love it unconditionally, no matter the circumstances of birth, and whether Loki chose to stand by you or not. And it seemed as if he was choosing a life without you. Then so be it.

“I knew I shouldn’t have said anything. I knew it. Forget it Loki, I’m leaving,” You picked up your bag that you had previously packed, in case this was how the conversation went. But this wasn’t hardly a conversation. You did all the talking, the crying and he just stood there. Just stood there, silent as the grave. You headed towards the door, knots in your stomach and tears on your cheeks, your heart on your sleeve.

Loki couldn’t come to his senses. He was watching you walk away, away from him and the life you had. But it wasn’t just you that you were taking away from him, it was his child. With you gone, that child would be too. His own flesh and blood and the love of his life, gone with one fell swoop. But would that be better? Would the child face a better fate without him in it? But you. He couldn’t let you walk away, he couldn’t live without you. Without you, he’d plunge into the depths of despair with no light, no happiness and no relief. But could he face it, could he bear it for the sake of the child? His child. A parent, a father, he’d never thought of himself as being one. Maybe he could do it. He knew exactly how not to be, maybe that would help him know how to be.

You felt Loki’s fingers wrap around your wrist as you opened the door to leave. He pulls you into him.

Don’t walk away from me,” he whispers, face full of worry and desperation.

“I am walking away,” you reply, as you try to pry yourself out from his grasp. But his grip tightens, keeping you in place. Trapped.

“Y/n, don’t leave. You caught me by surprise, something not often done. I worry, my love, that I won’t be able to do it. The only example I have ever had is Odin. I don’t want to cause this child, our child, more pain with my presence than without it,” he admits, head hanging down and you look at him with such sincerity it makes him wince.

“Loki, you are not your father. And you have me, we’re in this together. This isn’t a one man job. We will make mistakes, we will learn from them. It won’t be an easy path, but it will be worth it, to see this child grow into their own person,” you smile, taking his face in your hands. You felt guilty for the way you had reacted. Some part of you expected him not to want this, so seeing him without a reaction, a face of stone, scared you. It frightened you and you jumped to conclusions. That wasn’t fair.

“And I’m sorry, I’m just as frightened as you, I shouldn’t have reacted that way,” you apologise.

“No my love, it is I that is sorry. I want this, I want you. And I want our child, I really do want to raise them by your side,” he smiles.

“Really?” You ask, questioning his earnestness.

“Yes, I can’t think of a better life with you than this,” he says, pulling you in by the waist. You smile, tears welling in your eyes. He brings his lips to yours in a brief kiss before burying his face in the crook of your neck. You hug him as tightly as your arms allow you to, and he does the same. You would be okay with Loki by your side. And Loki would be okay, because he has you by his side. This child would mean everything to the both of you. It would only strengthen what you already had…love.

He lets go of you, and kneels to the floor, kissing your stomach and wrapping his arms around you once more, his head pressed against you. His child.

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Marvel: @marauderswhisperer

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Soooo, it’s from a request from someone (how logic is that….) so thanks @davidbuddbg​  :)))) Hope you like it!

Summary : There was a battle, and things turned not that well for Loki, so you decided to take care of him but he quite like it so you decided to pleasure him in some other way…

Warnings : SMUT, don’t read Under 18 (Please), and some fluff… (But at the end…)


Originally posted by tomhiddleston-gifs

“Where is he?” You start panicking when the other member of the team get out of the Quinjet but not Loki. He finally gets out but you instantly see that something’s wrong. He’s all covered in blood and scars. He smiles at you, that Cheshire type smile, and you have to force yourself to slap him in the face. You hated that smile but he already seems hurt.
“Hello, beautiful.” You sighed. “Loki, just shut up.” You take his hand and lead him to your room. You close the door and lead him to the bathroom. You start undressing him, as careful as you could, but Loki winces several times. You help him get in the bathtub and open the way for the water to get in. You verify it’s hot water and you get out of the bathroom to bring him some clothes.

“I don’t have a lot of your clothes, usually we don’t need them, so I found those.” You place the clothes on the floor next to him. “Okay, now let me see all those injuries.” You approach him and softly with your hands, you inspect his body. When you see a deep scar, you use your powers to heal it. After what seems an eternity, Loki was finally cleaned off all his blood. You sit behind him and start massaging his shoulders. Your hands slowly get a little lower and you’re now running your hands all over his torso. Your lips gently kissing his neck and you laced your fingers into his raven locks. You were focused on making your lover feel safe and please him that you almost miss his little groans.

You smile against his neck and you whisper in a low voice to his ear. “Do you feel relaxed?” He only nods in response. Your left hand slide lower on his body. “Will you tell me what happened to you during this battle?” He groans but you can see he doesn’t want to talk about it. “Don’t tense like that, but I won’t forget to remember…” “Can you not focus on something else?” He asks and your hands stop every movement. “You could have died.” “I’m a god love, I can’t die that easily, but… you can help join Valhalla in another way…”
You smile but your hands left his body and you hear him groans in disapproval. “Why don’t you join me here?” “You need rest.” “You said I needed to feel relaxed, and you know the best way for me to relaxed.” You sighed. “You can be such a child…” “A child wouldn’t do that…” With a snap of his fingers, your clothes vanished and you stand in front of his eyes, completely naked. You start laughing but you couldn’t resist so you step in the bathtub. You were lying on top of him, facing him. He smiles and his hands slide down on your waists. Your hands were on his shoulders. You lean down so your noses were touching and his lips hungrily attacked yours. Shivers ran down your spine as both closed your eyes in pleasure.

He grabs you to pull you closer. You broke the kiss to look at him. “I love you.” He smiles and kisses you again, It was a passionate kiss. One who made your toes curled as you grip his shoulders for more. You dive your hands in the water to warm it again. Loki’s hands hold yours underneath the water. He guides them to his cock. “How can you be already that hard?” “You’re beautiful Y/N.” You continue to kiss when both of your hands were teasing each other. One of his hands was on your clit, circling it gently and you were stroking his cock, trying to set the same pace than him. His mouth was on your neck and your nails digging in his back.
His hands move up to your waists again so do yours. He position himself and he takes his time to penetrate you. You grimaced, like each time, taking his length inch by inch, your wet walls helping him. You start moving, slowly, to adjust yourself. But Loki wants more. He held you firmly by your hips as he starts moving faster. You start moaning against him and you hear him groans against you. You were lost in pleasure, your orgasm building inside you and you could tell his own climax was near. You clench your walls and in a last thrust, you come on his cock. He’s still moving inside of you and he finally comes holding you in place.

You were sure they will be bruises tomorrow but you couldn’t care less. When you finally get out of the bathtub, Loki was relaxed and healed. 

You lead him to your bed and as he lies down on it, he grips your waists to put you close to him. You spend a minute where they was only silence in the room. “Maybe… Maybe I could consider leaving more clothes in your room…” You turned so you could face him. “ Are you serious?” He nods before continues. “I could have died… I could have died while I didn’t even tell you that I love you Y/N.” You smile. “You never told me that.” “You are the most scariest person I’ve ever seen in a battle court. I was scared. And I don’t plan to stop telling you how much I love you, how much I care about you.” You raise your arms to hug him and he only pulls you closer. You both fell asleep in each other arms.

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Once, you drunkenly let it slip to Loki that if he’d let you, you’d totally hook up with Natasha. He’d just raised an eyebrow and smirked, asked, “You’d fuck a woman?” You’d shook your head, laughing. “I’m only interested in fucking you, idiot.”

You’d forgotten about it until two weeks later, when you’d walked into your shared bedroom and found Loki sitting in a chair by the window, dressed in nothing but a pair of sky-blue silk panties, and white stockings, pulled up mid thigh.

You dropped your shopping bag. “Uh… Loki?”

He grinned, trailing a hand slowly down his chest, cupping his cock, already half-hard and peeking out of the panties. “Yes, my love.”

You swallowed. “What’s going on?”

Loki sighed, his head leaning back and he reached down to swiftly adjust himself, tucking his cock back between his legs and smoothing the silky fabric over his balls. “Show me how to touch myself, if I was a woman.”

You couldn’t keep your eyes off his hand, the way it slowly stroked over the bulge, legs spreading slightly wider. “Or I could just touch you. “

Loki smirked, eyes meeting yours. “Would you let me fuck you, if I didn’t have a cock?”

You whimpered, a few feet away from him now, feeling yourself sink to your knees. You carefully reached out and placed your hand on his thigh, the lacy stockings soft against his skin. He shivered.

“No. Yes. Jesus, Loki.”

He laughed quietly, the hand between his legs reaching in and sliding his cock out of the panties, the fabric pulling to the side. “These are actually quite comfortable, might make a habit out of wearing them.”

You leaned in, licking your lips. “I hate you.”

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summary: Loki can’t sleep, and he needs you to help tire him out.
warnings: PWP, smut, vaginal fingering, sex without protection, cockwarming, hint of a praise kink.
wordcount: 1123
masterlist here


Originally posted by eternellementsensuelle

Grasping fingers smoothing over your belly beneath your oversized tee coaxed you from the depths of your peaceful sleep. A confused, questioning hum sounded in your throat at Loki’s warm leg gliding in between yours.

“I cannot sleep, my love,” he murmured in his rough, low growl that instantly kindled a fire of desire in your abdomen. He left soft, lingering kisses along the edge of your jaw. “Would you assist me with my sleeplessness?”

Blinking your eyes open, you turned your head on your pillow to gaze at your lover, taking in his lust-blown pupils and mischievous grin with the help of cool, blue moonlight filtering in through your gauzy curtains. A blink and you could almost imagine ridges patterning his skin and crimson in his heavy-lidded stare. Your fingers trailed down his torso to rub back and forth along his thigh pinning you to the bed. “And what’d you have in mind for that?”

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When I first got the idea of writing poison & wine (a title i struggled to find until I heard this song again and it was like an instant light bulb), I had every intention of keeping it short and simple. 

As you can all now see, that really didn’t happen.

Inspiration and ideas of where the story could go made me want to extend the storyline and so I did. It’s something I keep doing as I’m writing it now so who knows when I actually manage to finish it.  

And I love this story! I love it! And I’m so happy to see you guys like it too. I get so excited when I see you’ve commented on a recent update. 

Which by the way, some of y’all are too smart for your own good.

Anyway, @aoirohi commented on my last update (part 21, and I hope you don’t mind that I tagged you but I wanted to give you credit), and they mentioned how the first meeting dialogue reminded them of The Proposal and I SCREAMED. 

When I got the idea of poison & wine, I had every intention of making it based on The Proposal because the whole concept was about fake dating someone you didn’t get along with and of course there were other reasons too but I’ll leave that up to y’all to try to decipher. But like I mentioned before, I had a flow of ideas that didn’t match the storyline of The Proposal so I had to let that go pretty quick. 

So since I have so many ideas, I tend to want to write them at that exact moment cause I just get so excited and I have no patience to wait. 

To settle me down and motivate me to not only write the parts I’m excited about, I follow the outline I have laid out for the story (which btw is why I feel like poison & wine is my best work as much as I love Bottled Emotions, but that one was a mess to organize and write).

In doing that, I’ve managed to write in advance (or at least I try to when given the chance and this quaratine has really given me the chance) and I do it not because of me, who gets too excited about upcoming scenes, but because you, the readers, deserve it. 

Anyways moral of the story, I’ve written about 3 weeks worth of updates (6 parts) and a bonus scene just because I wanted too.  

Oh, and just because I love leaving y’all with cliffhangers… Going by my story outline, I am only left with 6 more parts to write before poison & wine comes to its end. 

So if you really spent this whole time reading that, thank you for hearing my little rant. I just wanted to let y’all know how much it means to me that you guys are reading and enjoying poison & wine and all the effort and time committed to making it. 

…Oh, and I guess it wouldn’t hurt to leave a little hint here about what’s about to happen later in the story so let me just say… wedding bells may or may not be ringing, who knows? 

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By @the-fire-is-shooting-at-us

Summary: In one of the Sanctuary’s torture cells, a being was held. The Other tortured, experimented on and manipulated it, but he forgot one thing. Loki was also the god of fire…

      As Loki snuck into the vault, still invisible to Heimdall’s eyes, he remembered the last time he was there. It seemed centuries ago, when there was a time he believed Odin his father, that Thor wouldn’t betray him, Thant Frigga wouldn’t lie to him…

    The Casket of Ancient Winters was largely protected by spells and wards made by Odin himself. Loki studied the figure and its wards, and then grinned: Odin’s wards had a huge kink in its armor. All he needed to do, was unfold a few of his spells, conjure a cold artifact the same shape, size and weight of the casket, and Odin would be fooled. He started unfolding the spells, which took at least an hour and a half, then proceeded to make the prefect replica of the casket.

   Loki had realized he needed the casket halfway through to his way to the vaults. His plan was simple: find all the stones before thanks does and then figure out the rest later. He needed the casket in case one was in Jotunheim and he needed to bargain, and to use it as an extra weapon. Finally, as he was pulled from his thoughts and plans, his hands held the replica of the casket. It was enchanted with a powerful freezing spell, which also helped with masking it heavier, and a strong illusion to make it look exactly like the Jotun Artifact. He quickly snatched the casket and replaced it before Odin was alerted, and then carefully transferred Odin’s wards and spells to the replica. He was finished.

     Transferring spells was a Vanir branch of magic that wasn’t the easiest to control; if it had gone wrong, many things could’ve gone wrong. Needless to say, Loki was extremely proud of himself.

    Next, he moved on to the tesseract, and then proceeded to do the same thing; Odin really needed to be more creative. When he was done, he did the same transfer magic even though he was feeling his magic go slightly weaker; it wasn’t used to actually using magic for something other than fighting in the arena for Thanos, and even then it was restricted. The liquids and results of the experiments done one him were still there, he could tell. His work was done, and he was leaving vaults so he can properly teleport with the tesseract’s help when he saw the glint of a spear. Interested, Loki supposed that one detour won’t hurt. And as he reached it, he realized that he had done a good decision, for the weapon in front of him was none other than Laetveinn, the spear of the gods. Not only is it a spear, but it could change to any weapon he could think of.

    Needless to say, Loki took the weapon, which was not warded at all, surprisingly. He left the vault, and when deciding that it was too guarded for him to teleport there, he left for the place he knew was to be the least guarded: Frigga’s gardens.

   The fresh, strong flowery smells of the gardens had hit him almost immediately, and he shoved away the memories of childhood and laughter behind those gardens. He needed to leave as soon as possible.

   Just as he activated the tesseract, he felt someone watching him, and turned around, daggers in hand. It was Frigga, but why was she here? Why wasn’t she searching for him with the guards? Fright looked heartbroken, her eyes tears, and face flushed, as if she had run here.

Loki. My son!” She breathed out, and Loki couldn’t help but let out an involuntary whine. He had missed her. Even though she had betrayed him and lied to him, he had still missed her…

She flung herself at him, wrapping her arms around his neck, as he dazedly murmured ‘mother’. She was crying, he realized with a shock. Why was she crying? He held her for a while, until she let go of him, smiling as she took in every inch of him.

“You have grown. You have been in pain, my son, and I wasn’t there to help you.” She murmured, and Loki was unable to speak. What?

   “Come back Loki, let us talk, please. Come back Loki, to you brother and father—

“He is NOT my father! I will not go back so they can put me back in my place! In the shadows always following what they wonder me to do! Not after Thor threw into the abyss! How dare you assume I will be pulled down again!” Frigate stared at him with sadness and confusion.

“Loki, your father does everything for a reason, please, come back and tell us what happened to you. We need you my son, please!” Perhaps she thought that the fact they needed him was enough to make him stay, to be eager to help them with whatever they had planned? Loki found himself curious though, what did they need him for?

“What do you need me for?” He bluntly asked, ignoring the smile Frigga had sent him. “Heimdall saw a—

Of course you Heimdall still works for Odin. Tell me, did he admit to betraying me while I was king? Well? Did he? Did the great lady sif and the warriors three mention their betrayal, or did they place all the blame on me?” when a pale-faced Frigga didn’t answer, he grinned, “I thought so.”

Frigate attempted to gain control of the situation, “Heimdall saw a threat. Someone was trying start a war against the nine realms. A war against Asgard.” As if the mention of Asgard was enough to make Loki consider helping them. He kept his face blank, unimpressed with her attempts to convince him.

“His name is Thanos. He travels the void, and since you fell, perhaps you have heard of him in you travels?” He tried to not let the name get to him, bit he couldn’t help but sharply refuse to help them.

“Even if what you say is true, whvwould I risk my life to help Asgard?” She frowned.

“Loki, this isn’t about Asgard, this is about the whole world! Everyone is in danger, including you!” And ignoring his ‘But i’m always in danger’ she presented him with a bargain that Loki couldn’t refuse.

“If you help us defeat Thanos and his armies, we won’t look for you if you choose to leave.”

Perhaps they might profit from his knowledge of the mad titan….

He followed after Frigga, knowing that he would have to confront Thor and Odin soon. That was enough to make him regret his choice. He disappeared his daggers and the tesseract with Laeveinn and left for the war room, where Odin, Thor and a mortal band of heroes where meeting. Why Odin brought in the mortals into this, Loki didn’t know, but he hoped it doesn’t go badly.

Meanwhile, the Norns had just decided that a meeting was in order. Perhaps the world might be safe from death’s doors after all…..

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Hello, another Memory Lane Monday!  I have a another Loki smut fic to share today.  This one was a request and I had the option of writing it with either Tom or Loki.  But I loved it so much, I wrote both!  I love writing a sassy reader who isn’t afraid to give Loki a taste of his own medicine.


Civil Disobedience | Loki x Reader

As Loki’s wife, he expects you to behave in a way worthy of a King’s consort. When you decided to have a little fun at a grand gala, Loki decides you need to be punished

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Since I felt really good last two months, having some kind of schedule and knowing what I should write next, I’ve decided to continue with it. 

Hopefully you’ll find something to look forward.

As always, the schedule is just preliminary and it might change due to things in my life, such as lack of motivation, exams, and thousands of other things, so be patient with me please.

Also, as always, Not Me is updated every Tuesday, and Panopticon is updated every Saturday, while Duties and Only Mine don’t have set days for updates :)


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Cold Chocolate

Summary : You lived in a golden city but after some betrayals you decied that Earth is the best place to live. What will happen when the only person you’re scared to meet again is now joining the Avengers, your team, your family.

Warnings : Some fluff and anger issues


Originally posted by 25bees

The city was bathed in a golden light, but you didn’t looked back. You knew it was time for you to move on.

Monday, 12:34am

“So, what do you want to eat ?” asked Nat. “I don’t know… What do you think about something easy”. “Easy?” “ Yeah, like a bretzel!” She sighed but noded and you were now, walking toward a bretzel stand in the city. “When do you go back to London?” “Strange is suppoed to take me to my appartment tonight.” “You will have to work with him.” “He’s not the funniest Avengers but I like him, and he teaches me some magic.” “You will miss the party to welcome the new member.” “I know, it’s on purpose.” She didn’t reply and you eat your food on the way back to the tower.

The door of the elevator just opened that your smile fades. Nat get out before you and looked at the new member with suspicion. You look at him and he grins at you. You ignore him and walk toward Strange. “I just need to get my backpack and we can go”. He nods and you go to your room. You lock the door and fell on the floor. Your mind was screaming inside your head. You weren’t even able to look at him! You’re so weak! You tried to calm your breathe but you started let panick submerge you. You close your eyes and think about something else than him. You stand up after a few minutes and grab your backpack before returning to the commun room. The team smilled at you and you smile at them. They hugged one last time before Strange made his portal take to your city. 

Friday, 19:58pm

You look at your TV and decide to watch one of your favorite movie to end the week well. With a mug of hot chocolate,you watch your favorite character being murderer with a smile on your lips.

“I didn’t know murder was something you liked that much” You know who it was, and you didn’t wan’t to give him the satisfaction of being surprised, or worse, scared. “Yeah, you know I’ve change since our last encounter.” “I’m sure you have pet;” “Don’t call me like that, I’m not your pet and I’ll never be.” “Darling, you know I’m the God of Lies…” “ For sure, how could I ever forget Something like that…” “ Are you still mad at me?” “No! Of course not Loki” you said ironically. “You certainly had no effect on me.” You heard him chuckle and you finally look at him. His green eyes look at you with interest. “You’re the one that leave Asgard” “Yes, because you’re the one that traited me so badly.” 

You look at your TV screen again, ignore him. You know he hated to be ignore. “Can you please look at me. We’re not done yet.” “You’re in my appartement, so I’m the one who decide when it’s over. Now can you leave me alone. I don’t want to see or talk to you.” One of his hand grabs your cheeks to force you to look at him. “You have no right to talk to me like that.” “And you have no right to force me like that.” In one movement, your were standing in front of the god, looking at him with defiance. 

“You can’t resist me.” “Of course I can. Don’t you dare touche me again.” You were trying not to scream even if you wanted to. You wanted to shout at his face and tell him how much you hated him even after all these years for what he did to you. “Don’t you dare to talk to me again. Don’t you dare come in my appartment again and don’t you dare pretend to know me when obviously you don’t. And finally, don’t you dare answer to me now. Get out.” He looks at you, surprised. You never talked to him like that. You can see he hesitates but finally he looks at you and asks you a single question. “Did I hurt you that much?” “…” “Y/N, I can assure you… I didn’t know that…” “That it will hurt me? Come on trickster, you only do things that you planned. You knew then and you still know now.” “Am I a monster to you?” “Why do you Always act like a victim?” You see his eyes darkened. “I’m not trying to act like a victim.” “Yes you do!” You start screaming. “For once,  can you stop lying, stop acting like a poor victim because everyone think you’re a monster, stop denying that you didn’t know it will hurt me, take responsibility for your actions!” 

“I’m not here so you can put your anger on me!” “Then leave!” “No! We will talk like civilized adults!” “I don’t want to!” “Silence! Let me talk!” “I’m not taking orders from you!” “Yes you will! Have you ever thought why I did that?” “Yes! Excuse me if I don’t understand why the man I loved cheating on me and dump me just before our wedding when the day before, you swore that you loved me!” “I…” “You’re speechless? Great! Not so silvertongue now!” “I did that to protect you!” “You know, I think it’s the most used lie in this world!” “You didn’t know that Fros Giants will invade Asgard the day after our wedding!” “Why would they have killed me if I married the one that let us invade the realm!” “You were more safe on Midgard.” “I was more safe without you! I learn things you never accpet to teach me! Now, leave my appartment!” 

You sit down on your couch again and you look at your mug, no wonder that the chocolate is cold now. “Are you proud of you? You ruinned my day. Congrats.” He sits down in front of you, on the floor. “Y/N, you were right when you said you were safer without me. I know you hate for what I did, but at the time I was persuated that it was the only solution for you to stay alive. After that, that accident in New York happened but the Avengers told me you were’nt there because you lived in London. I was so relieved to hear it. They used me as an agent in other realms, planets so I didn’t had the chance to see you. Not until monday.” “Stop talking trickster, your words won’t fix all the damages.” “I will try my best to make sure you forgive me and all my acts. You just have to tell me where I have to start.”

“My chocolate.” “What?” “It’s cold now, because of you.” Loki moves his hand above the mug and you could smell the scent of your favorite drink. “I know you could have done that.” “It’s because of you it was cold.” You grab the mug and look at Loki. “Don’t think that I forgive you.” He smiles and stand up. “May I sit next to you?” You nod. “What do you want now?” “Finish my movie.” “Very well darling. What’s the name of the one who die?”

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