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#loki fanfic

Requested by anon: Could you write a fluffy Loki x avenger reader where the reader has to sing instead of talk since she is a siren and Ever since she joined the team Loki over here is sooo infatuated with her

A/N: This was pretty short because it’s just not really my cup of tea, sorry!! I tried my best!

  • You joined the avengers team.
  • They were all pretty nice to you, but sometimes you would hear them making fun of you behind your back.
  • Sometimes when Loki didn’t know you were listening he would stand up for you.
  • Loki was always super nice to you and he was one of the main reasons you loved being part of the team so much.
  • You couldn’t tell him that though because you weren’t sure if he liked you back.
  • Until one day when he tells you that he is amazed by you and thinks your voice is beautiful.
  • He says that your voice soothes him.He tells you that he’s gladly listen to it for the rest of his life if you’ll let him.
  • He asks you out.
  • You guys start dating.
  • Eventually the team gets used to you being a siren and singing all the time because they realize that as long as Loki is on the team, you are too.

Marvel Tag List: @susane-jackson @marvel-madness

Let me know if you want to be added to my tag list! :)

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Originally posted by astouract

I’ve been wanting to make a playlist for my Loki x Reader fic “Get On Your Knees And Pray To Me” for a while and now that we’re getting deeper into the fic, it’s time to do just that! So, since today is my birthday, consider this my own birthday gift to you! Here you will find a list of songs with links to play them on Youtube that remind me of this fic as well as a few select lyrics from each song that particularly stand out to me. 

Happy listening!

Read “Get On Your Knees And Pray To Me” here

*The tag list for “Get On Your Knees And Pray To Me” is open! Leave me a comment, message, or an ask and let me know if you’d like to be added to the tag list*

Listen to the playlist on Spotify

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Pairing: Loki Laufeyson &/x fem!gifted!reader
Frigga <3 Some angsting and feels and pining.
So apparently visits by relatives to patients are going to be unrestricted from now on (government’s decision) which means one of the most important ways to control the risk of Corona within the health care system is gonna be flushed down the drain. If a second wave is gonna hit in my country, it’ll start now…and I’m still wiped out after the last 6 months of strain/stress/etc.


Originally posted by asgardodinsons

19. Strange Same Dogma

…  Loki   …

He’s at [Y/N]’s side when she approaches the gates to Valhalla the next day. Disguised as her servant, Loki’s role is mute whenever others are nearby (unless addressed directly) though he is prepared to whisper advice discreetly if the guards prove difficult.

Two golden-armoured einherjar are in their usual spots, blocking the way, but neither are given a chance to speak before the Midgardian embraces her role. “My name is [Y/N] and I have come to seek audience with queen Frigga. I know you must confer with her majesty, however my travels have led me far since I left Alfheim and the gracious hospitality of the High Priestess.” With the Älfir garb and the impeccable posture, she looks the part. “I presume temporary accommodations can be arranged.”

The last bit carries the tiniest hint of a question’s intonation, precisely enough to prevent coming over as either rude or begging, and as one einherjar ensures the message of the visitor is relayed the other calls for a servant to arrange (and escort the duo to) a waiting chamber.

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May I present to you, Loki at a Renaissance Faire. 

You’ve been planning on taking your local Mischief god to the Fair for a while now, seeing as he would likely be all too obsessed with it. Wanting it to be a surprise, you opted to keep it hidden as an excuse for wanting to be dressed all Asgardian style for a date. Since this technically was not a lie, you were going on a date just not a normal one, Loki thought nothing of it and gave you a very nice outfit to wear. You drive the hour plus drive from the city, Loki unassuming, and your excitement mounting as each mile passed. Finally, when you reached the fair and Loki exits the car… the look on his face is part horror and part morbid curiousity. 

“What is this place? Do you mock me?” 

“No, no, of course not! This is a Renaissance Faire, people dress all Medieval and galavant around like knights and wizards. I thought you might like it, because it’s maybe just a tiny bit similar to Asgard. The Faire here only runs for a few weekends, and maybe it would be a nice surprise? I’m sorry… I hope that’s not offensive or anything…” you fret, suddenly unsure if this was the right way to go. Perhaps you should have just taken him to the movie theatre or a play or something… 

“I appreciate your courtesy, my love. Let’s see what this frightful rendition of olden times has for a prince and his beloved, hmm?” Loki smirks, intertwining his hand with yours. Breathing a sigh of relief, you make sure the car is parked before heading in the archway to the Faire itself. 

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Peter Parker tells reader about what Loki thinks of them.

A/N: Another oneshot, this time featuring Spiderman as the medium for Reader and Loki. Also, my headcanon remains that Loki refers to Peter as Spider Boy. As always, Gender Neutral Reader!

Warnings: None! Fluff n’ such!


Originally posted by imaginesfromybreakingheart

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UwU ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thanks for this! (I feel smutty most of the time, so you’re probably in for a treat *wink wink*)

1) Moonlight

Forging Midnight

The moon was jealous of him. You knew it was.

It never shone so brightly.

Tonight, it seemed to be glowing from its very core, as though to try to surpass Loki’s beauty.

It only managed to enhance it, though.

His gentle laugh broke the flow of your thoughts.

Had you been speaking aloud?

“That is flattering, darling,"he grinned, eyes hooded with a soft, molten pleasure that seemed to seep into you and send spirals of electric shivers down your spine.

You gave him a sheepish smile, lazily turning to inhale his scent deeply.

"Can’t help it,"you managed. Your brain was rather sluggish, bathed in his glow as you were. And then, to yourself, you mumbled absently,"You do things to me.”

Loki’s laugh rang through your body in delicious vibrations.

“I could say the same to you.”

Maybe the moon wasn’t jealous of him after all.

It was increasing his beauty, wasn’t it?

Or was that even possible?

Your eyes raked over his face, framed perfectly by midnight satin tumbling over his forehead.

You lifted a heavy hand to push away a few strands, so you could see him clearly.

Lord, his eyes.

He seemed to recognize the fact that you’d gone boneless in his arms, because he bent to brush your breath with his, without a word.

You were probably dreaming, but you could swear that you tasted the winter moonlight on his tongue.

2) Thigh kisses (DELICIOUS)


(please don’t judge me for the title, I have no idea what to name it)

“I’ve made up my mind. I’m never getting up from here again.” A poorly disguised moan left your mouth as his fingers smoothed out the tangles in your hair.

“Mm, I’d like that,"Loki purred, as you settled deeper between his thighs, pretending not to hear his sharp intake of breath when you deliberately brushed your cheek over the rapidly growing bulge so near your face. "Little minx.”

You grinned up at him lazily, eyelids drooping with pleasure.

Humming a tune that’d been flitting around in your brain for a while, you rolled over, so that you were lying face down across his lap.

“What’re you singing?”

Loki sounded slightly uncertain- it was strange, but you ignored it.

“I don’t know,"you mumbled against the soft, yet hard curve of his thigh. "It’s been in my mind lately, but I can’t put my finger on it.”

“Hmm,"Loki hummed thoughtfully. In an attempt to soothe him, you kissed his thigh lightly.

In response, he let his fingers wander over your bare back. They kept moving lower…

"You’ve got an outrageous one track mind, you know that?"you laughed, smothering the heat of your blush against his hip. Loki ignored you, continuing his deliberately light exploration.

Suddenly wide awake, you grinned from ear to ear, and planted a warm, wet, open mouthed kiss to the inside of his thigh. Immediately, Loki ceased the wandering of his hands in favour of delivering a light pinch to your bottom.

"Not so smug now, are we?"Loki said in a rather self satisfied tone.

You couldn’t have that, could you?

You hummed in response and kissed his thigh again, higher up this time- nearly brushing his erection, which was proudly defying gravity now.

"You-"he began, but you cut him off with a slow, long lick, starting from his knee, curving around his tense muscles, right up to the base of his cock- there, you drew back again to plant a soft kiss to the sweet place where thigh met hip.

You loved moments like this.

Within minutes, you had guided him to sweet relief.

You kissed his thigh once, very lightly, before letting up.

Loki sang to you that night. A song in old Norse.

It was the tune you’d been humming.

Although he never admitted it, you remembered then.

He’d sung it to you once, in the quiet of the night, thinking that you were asleep.

You probably had been half asleep, in all honesty.

You made a point to kiss his thighs every chance you got, after that.

And every time, he would end the day with the song.


Dang, that felt good. I haven’t written so much in weeks. Thanks ❤️ @grufflepuff

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In His Crimson Heat

He was covered in blood.

“I’m alright, love,"Loki mumbled for the fifteenth time that hour.

"I know,"you managed, voice unsteady. "I know. Just hang in there for me. You’ll be alright.”

A fond chuckle slipped past his lips as he raised his good arm to cup your cheek. “It’s just a scratch, darling.”

You said nothing, opting to hold him as close as you could with the nurse hovering over him.

You knew he’d suffered much worse before, that the bullet had just grazed his arm, that most of the blood was probably not his own.

But you still couldn’t fight off the initial terror that had made you freeze when he’d arrived at the Tower after the mission.

You watched numbly as he waved the nurse away. She looked rather affronted, but seemed to take it in her stride.

You didn’t miss the distaste in the curl of her lips as she left, though. It made you see red.

“Ignore her,"Loki murmured, bending to nudge his nose against your jaw. "I’m here.”

The words seemed to make your mind jerk free of the horrors it was concocting.

“Yes,"you whispered, eyes flickering down to his lips. The lower lip had been split open, and the blood caked the corner of his mouth.

Your thumb hovered over it uncertainly, for just a moment.

Loki crashed his mouth to yours. Or maybe you crashed yours to his.

Either way, he was here. He was safe.

You didn’t care that you were now covered in blood, too.

For now, you would simply be content with kissing his wounds away.


Thanks for the ask❤️❤️ I really hope you liked it! I need to proofread it, probably, cuz I haven’t slept all night and this is probably shit

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UwU ❤️ thankeeee


A near-silent sigh passed through your lips as his mouth stroked deliberate patterns over your jugular.


“Mm?” His tongue pried his lips apart in a smooth glide, and you felt its warmth on your neck.

“We shouldn’t be doing this.”

Your body disagreed, though. Like every other time. You weren’t surprised, in all honesty. Your fingers delved further into the tangled mass of silken strands splayed across your chest, nails scratching along his scalp, mimicking the exploration that his mouth hadn’t ceased doing.

His eyes met yours, then, and your breath caught. His gaze was… knowing. Penetrating. Probing your very soul.

You couldn’t pry your eyes from his.

“When will you stop this pretence?"he murmured, lips shaping the words against your collarbone as he moved over you at a glacial pace.

"I can’t do this to you,"you muttered, more to yourself than to him. "I’ll die, and you’ll have to live with that grief for millennia, you know it. We shouldn’t be doing this.”

As always, he didn’t listen.

Your eyes fluttered shut in anticipation. So did his.

It didn’t seem to matter to your lips, though. They still met his own- tongues penetrating, searching, tasting.

And despite all your inhibitions, all your fears, you still revelled in the taste of his mouth.


Dang, that was angsty af. Hope you liked it, sweet Nonny.

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Chapter Summary: In which, with dancing and a walk, you and Loki try to reach an understanding.

Word Count:

Warnings: None, I think.

A/N: I am having so much fun with this story! Right now I’m still finishing plotting it out, but I have a layout that I’m incredibly excited for! Thanks for your likes, reblogs and comments. I always see them all 💕💕💕

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“Look around that corner again,” said Loki, “very carefully.”

Bruce, being the closest to the corner, peeked around, saw something, then jumped backwards with a curse. “We’re dead,” he declared to the group. “We’re dead. We need to get off of this stupid hunk of rock right now.”

Thor heard Loki’s quiet, “Agreed,” as he looked around the corner himself. It took a moment, but then he saw it. There were two Chitauri soldiers standing guard in the cavern.

“Damn it,” he swore.

Or: The Statesman is low on fuel, the Revengers stop at a trading outpost to get some, and run into problems.

—Set between Ragnarok and IW.


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Let Me Know if It Gets Above a Six Chapter 1: Intro + Six

“Mr. Loki?” asked the Spider cautiously. “Aren’t you—like—a bad guy?” he asked, voice full of only curiosity, as far as Loki could tell.

His first thought was, yes.

His second thought was no.

His third thought was, sometimes?

“It varies from moment to moment,” Loki answered honestly, prying his eyes open after they threatened to fall close.

“But on a scale of one to ten, where are you at right now?”

“Maybe a three?”

The Spider-child nodded. “Cool,” he replied. “Let me know if it gets above a six.

Or: Five times Peter Parker was there for Loki when it ‘got above a six’, and one time he wasn’t.


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summary: A collection of memories from your relationship with Loki, inspired by Niall Horan’s ‘Black and White’.

pairings: loki x female reader.

warnings: … i don’t think there’s anything to warn y’all about! it’s just fluff!

length: 3.4k

a/n: this request was written for @niall2017​ as apart of the marvel fic writers x blm campaign, so please check that out! i hope you enjoy this and as always, please excuse any spelling errors.


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Summary: Loki helps you find your train.

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Warnings: a tiny bit of anxiety

A/N: This was written for @gingerwritess ’s writing challenge! Theo is such an angel, I love her and her works. Thank you, Theo, for letting me join! The prompt was “train/metro stations”. Sorry this was so late — work and the endings of school made me very forgetful of this one.


You’ve lost your way, and your train leaves in ten minutes.

Just your luck.

It really wasn’t meant to be such a chaotic experience. You were just meant to get your things, and get onto your train. You were not meant to run into some people and help find their own train, or drop your luggage on the stairs and have everything spill out.

You’re late, lost, and your train leaves in eight minutes.

“Shit, come on,” you mumble to yourself. Your eyes scan rapidly to the platform names and numbers on the walls, and yours is not there. You turn around, looking back the way you have come, and yet you still can’t find your platform.

“Excuse me— ” you pant, approaching a number of people, “can someone help me find platform B?”

You are met with disappointment. Some of the people you approach are too much in a hurry to help you, and other don’t know where the platform is.

Until you find one person, who is tall and lean and pale and dressed elegantly in black. You recognize him as the man who attacked New York once, with an army of aliens and caterpillar -like things.

You try to avoid him. And yet, he comes to you.

“Miss… you seem to be confused. Are you looking for a train?”

His voice is low, but his tone is polite. And you’re very desperate, so you trust him. It’s been a long time since New York, you think.

“Yes,” you gasp, “could you help me find this platform?”

“You’re on the other side of the station. Take my hand, I’ll get you there in time.” He gives his right hand out to you — you notice it’s small, smooth, and very pale. You take it, hesitantly, and he smiles at you. It’s a kind smile.

“What’s your name?” he asks softly.

You tell it to him, and he smiles wider.

One moment you’re on one end of the station. The other, you’re on the other.

A green glow surrounds the both of you for about five seconds. Then, it fades and you see all new people, and a new layout to the station. They don’t seem very alarmed upon seeing you.

“I —” you murmur, stunned, “er — tha—thank you.”

“My pleasure, dear one,” he says. You feel a great sense of comfort at the name; it reminds you of a children’s book series that has given you great comfort in the many times you’ve read it. Maybe he’s read it, too.

“Now, no one is going to question you or approach you because of what they just saw. It was as if they blinked, and we were here all along. Your train is over to the left…. and it will not leave until you are there.”

Your eyes widen. “What? H—how?”

He says nothing at that. He only gives you a mischievous wink. “Now, go on. You have places to be, don’t let me keep you.”

You smile. “Just a second…you’re Loki of Asgard. It’s… it’s kind of weird meeting you here, but it’s nice. Thank you for your help, again.”

“Of course,” he says. “I was sending my brother off to where he’ll be staying on Midgard.”

“Mid — midgard?”

“Earth,” he says quickly. “Where are you off to?”

“I’m going back home, myself. I stayed here for a little vacation. Are — are you staying on Midgard, too?”

He nods, and hums a little in approval. “Yes, I am.”

“Well, maybe we’ll see each other some time,” you say, turning away a little. “Nice to meet you, Loki.”

“And you as well…” His voice trails off as you leave, and he looks at you with what can only be described as longing. Wistful, hopeful longing.

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