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#loki fanfiction

A/N: I’m sorry.  Not really.

Pairing: Loki x OFC (Alexis Randall)

Summary: When Loki goes to ask his father for permission to marry, he is shocked to discover his destiny has already been made for him.  He is already betrothed to Sjofn, the daughter of the King of Vanaheim.  An arranged marriage to bring the two kingdoms closer together and strengthen the bond.  Never mind that Sjofn and Loki can’t stand each other.  

After The Battle of New York, Loki is sent to live at Avengers Tower as punishment for his misdeeds.  But it doesn’t mean he has to like it.   A year later, he has adjusted to life on Midgard but has avoided any romantic or emotional entanglements, still bitter over his lost love.  Dr. Alexis Randall is skilled at helping others fix their relationships as a couple therapist, but can’t help her own love life.  A chance encounter with Loki in a dive bar has life altering consequences for both of them.  Now, Alexis and Loki must figure out a way to co-habit without killing each other in the process, plus navigating impending parenthood and other roadblocks along the way.

Chapter Summary: Alexis comes clean with Clint and Loki, Alexis and Clint decide to get the better of Tony and Bruce.

Warnings:  Smut, cursing, pregnancy, that should be it.

The Whole Enchilada:  @winterisakiller@nonsensicalobsessions@yespolkadotkitty​ @hopelessromanticspoonie @pinkzz123@jessiejunebug@cherrygeek86​​ @littleredstarfish@rjohnson1280@the-minus-four@wiczer@lotus-eyedindiangoddess@catsladen@coppercorn-and-cauldron@gerli49@lovesmesomehiddles@devilbat@he-is-chaotic-she-is-psychotic@tinchentitri@theheartofpenelope@noplacelikehome77@otakumultimuse-hiddlewhore@snoopy3000@voila-tout@wolfsmom1@queenoftheunderdark@xxloki81xx@thewaithfuckingannoyme@kcd15@amirra88@malkaviangirl@evanlys19@thejemersoninferno@sadwaywardkid@is-it-madness@sweetkingdomstarlight-blog@peterman-spideyparker@sleepylunarwolf@anagrom@bradfordbantams@ms-cellanies@what-just-happened-bro@alexakeyloveloki@loki-smut-library@imnotrevealingmyname@trippedmetaldetector@tea4sykes@sherala007@vodka-and-some-sass@cursethedarkness@jewels2876@fixatedfandomhunter@myraiswack@lokikenway97@groovylokifanficpersona@ciaodarknessmyheart@hanyasnape@lokislastlove@stuckysdaughter@theunwantedomega@dryyoursaltyoceantears@petitefirecracker10@thummbelina@andreasworlsboring101@krazycags01@thehumanistsdiary@daddylouislittle@flakyfreak@green-valkyrie@usedtobegoodfriend96@salempoe@traumschiffe@letsdisneythings@arch-venus25@thefuckthesaurus@karushinekomiya@black-ninja-blade@worshipping-skarsgard@songbirdonamission@freakishlyadorable@xxxeatyourh3artoutxxx@big-phat-cat@idontevenknowwbro@nikkalia@lokilvrr@slutforhiddlebum@make-it-rien@nildespirandum@kimanne723@build-a-bucky@ladyacrasia@dangertoozmanykids101@mandywholock1980​ @vengrl @delightfulheartdream@creator-appreciator@loki-yoursaviourishere@liz-rdwitch​  @luke-windsors-diary@pandaxnienke@mariekoukie6661@7soulstars@kiliskywalker666@rebbie444@thefallenbibliophilequote@hufflautia@jaysayey@what-a-flammable-heart@imherefortomhiddleston​ @6heaven6horror6  @megand2017@rachelxwayne@vipervixxen@cartoonlover101@velvety-soft-kitten​ @leniram1890 @groovyfluxie​ @fanfictrashdump @joseyslo​ @avantgardium-leviosa @fallinallinmendes @sweet-dreams-steve @lokis-leah@kenzieam@viidiggorysstuff

Loki: @drakesfiance@obtain-this-grain@theoneanna@lokilover2000@lokixme@jade10077@bluefrenchfries604​ @rosierossette @lots-of-loki@cateyes315@readsalot73@villainousshakespeare​ @galagcica @weirdfangirl2416@antihero4967@theatrelove3000@sweatycalzonedeputyhumanoid@buckaroo-barnes@myblissfulparadise@lokislittlecorner@chezagnes@fantasydevil2002@confessionsofastrugglingteen​ @deerdaddyal​  @tomsfish@mfdisco@brightsun-and-darkmidnight@sinfully-lustful-darling@introvertedrambling@carryonmywaywardbucky@plaidshirtsandpizza​ @silvertongued-obsession13 @demon-goddess-of-night@kaogasm@lucywrites02@like-a-wildfire​ @castiels-majestic-wings 

Destiny Has Other Plans: @fanfictrashdump​ @morgueswrld @chezagnes@kaitieskidmore1@allaboutloki@lemonadygirl

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Clint stood there with his arms crossed as Alexis told the entire sordid tale of Loki and her, from the encounter in the bathroom at The Whiskey Front Room to the dinner and Ashlynn to last night. There was a sense of relief as she told Clint everything. A weight lifted. No one but Loki and her knew everything, not even Hannah. Clint continued to stare at her as she finished up.

Her feet shuffled from side to side, scooting pieces of cereal around on the kitchen floor. “Are you going to say something?”

Clint pressed his lips together. “Did you really get arrested for punching a guy at a club who grabbed your ass?”

Alexis stared at him for a moment before bursting into laughter. “That is what you took away from that?”

Clint chuckled with her. “I mean, it is a badass move. Pregnant woman bloodies a guy’s nose.”

“I had to learn to take care of myself at an early age. I didn’t have people looking out for me.”

Clint threw an arm over her shoulder. “That is all changed now. We are your family now. Which means taking care of each other. Besides, I have never seen Loki this happy… well, ever. And I would like to keep him that way.”

“Me too.” She bent down to pick up the scattered cereal.

“Allow me to help.” Clint grabbed a broom by the fridge and swept up the cereal from the floor and threw it in the trash. “Speaking of keeping Loki happy, you should probably know about the bet between Bruce and Tony?”

Alexis’s brow furrowed. “What bet?”


Loki woke to Alexis shoving his shoulder hard. “Wake up, Loki, it’s important.”

He jolted upright with a start. “The baby! Is everything okay?” His hands flew to her belly.

She frowned. “The baby is fine. It’s about Bruce and Tony.”

Loki’s eyes narrowed. “What have they done now?”

Alexis gave him the quick rundown of Tony and Bruce, conspiring to get photographic evidence of their relationship. Loki clenched his fists.

“I’ll straighten this out.” He rose to get dressed. Alexis caught his wrist.

“While I appreciate your willingness to beat the shit out of them, may I suggest something a little less bloody?” Her eyes twinkled as she gazed up at Loki.

“What do you have in mind?” Loki sat down beside her on the bed.

“What if we have a bit of fun with them? Ratchet up the discord between us. Have a big blowout right in front of them. I am sure Clint would be willing to help.”

Loki’s eyes flashed. “How is Barton involved in all of this?”

“He is the one who told me about the contest.”

“And he would help?”

Alexis’s lips curled into a smile. “I am certain I can convince him to do so.”

Loki dipped her into his lap and kissed her. “I love the way your mind works.”

“Why thank you.” Alexis chuckled.

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