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#loki fanfiction

Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x OC

Summary: When Moira takes a job at an English Manor house she thinks it’ll be a grand new start for her and her family. However, she soon suspects that under the mask of beauty there is something more sinister and haunting at work. Appearances can be deceiving.

Warnings: fluff, little bit of angst, tw: mentions of death

Disclaimer: none of these gifs belong to me!

Words: 1866

A/N: I feel like this one is so dark, hope you guys like it all the same, I love you all very much! xxx


Originally posted by tomhiddleston-gifs


Part Three

June 19th 1935

The early summer day was soft and bright, perfumed by the scent of roses and lavender, Moira wanted so much to be a part of it and she was exceedingly grateful that she had the means to do so. She had written a letter to her mother and brother, inviting them to Natasha’s engagement party, Natasha had said, the more the merrier. The party was to be held at dusk on a Midsummer’s evening in the beautiful walled garden. Natasha had tasked Moira with making the walled garden even more beautiful – though Moira thought the orders premature since the party was not until Midsummer.

Moira had another fitful night’s sleep; she had slept quite well for a time when she had procured a tonic from the doctor that kept all bad dreams at bay. But now, that had stopped working, as was made obvious by the dream she had had the previous night. She had remembered it very vividly.

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Hello, my friends!!! Another weekend is upon us.  More stories to read.  A whole new amount of Tom content to swoon over and dissect.  Lots of fun stories this week, so from familiar faces, some for some new favs!  Here you go!

Sleep Now Darling by @is-it-madness  Loki x Reader-  This was so sweet and fluff.  I adore a soft Loki. As a girl who still has her childhood blanket and sleeps hugging a pillow, I totally got this story.  A fun fun read!! 

A Compromising Situation  by @myoxisbroken Sir Thomas Sharpe x OFC-  Oh Susannah!!  How I adore her.  And Thomas and Lucille.  And the slow burn. Devour me now.  And two words: wood chopping.  If you know you know.  I look forward to every new chapter.  

Stolen Sweets by @hopelessromanticspoonie Loki x Reader-  Been feeling a bit of love for forbidden relationship.  And Loki is the ultimate forbidden fruit.  This is delicious and lush.  Please, can I have this for myself!  

Untitled August Walker Blurb by @dancingwendigo August Walker x Reader- So this is super short, kind weird, but I laughed out loud when I read this.  Seriously read this and laugh with me.  

Cheat Day by @yespolkadotkitty  Henry Cavill x Reader-   You know that Henry in a facial mask is too irresistible.  I can see it.  I need it.  I want it.  Give it to me.  Give me this whole fic.  I need it!!  

And there we go!  Until next week!!!!  

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The Nurse

A/N : alright I might have done something ok mentions of making out at the end depends on you if you are grossed by people kissing

Important : I’m sorry if you got tagged again Tumblr isn’t working properly and the previous post got deleted so I had to put it again.

taglist {@sabrinasbitches, @aryxstxrk, @wittywitchh, @imnotrevealingmyname, @lokilaufeyr}

Warnings : maKinG out, it’s raw, I didn’t edit so I apologize if there are any mistakes.

Cleaning wounds, checking for injuries, stitching others wounds was your job no ordinary job to go to missions with a bunch of heroes and healing their wounds, the missions were dangerous but so were their wounds, each cry each wound you couldn’t stitch had haunted you.

And you had to be strong for such a job but none thought that about your job as they thought it was “simple” for them, except one which had caught your eyes.

No ordinary human his powers were of a God and well, features were godly too. Sculpted with marble.

Loki. God of Mischief. Agent of Chaos. God of Smirking? Yes, maybe.

If asked a few months before you would have slapped the smirk off his face for those he killed. And now? you didn’t know you just felt yourself attracted him physically and emotionally. Not that you would mind slapping that smirk off his face when he teased you.

A few months before :

Smell of coffee filling the office and soft music coming from the player as you sat their eyes closed “ah at last everything is finished” you exclaimed but to your bad luck you heard sounds coming from down the hall. No

well this time it wasn’t one person they were three you peaked outside a little to see if they were coming to your office. Well of course they were because it was the only office in the floor.

You saw Jane, Thor and the next figure you could make out was maybe Darcy.

When they got closer you composed yourself and started looking more seriously at your laptop which had latest health reports about the Avengers.

The door to your room slammed open so hard that they really surprised you.

And while realising that the third figure wasn’t darcy but loki in handcuffs surprised you even more.

If it weren’t for the patience taught you would have slapped loki and strangled his um..well attractive neck.

Not to mention he was bloody handsome. “y/n, Y/N Y/L/N” Jane shook you from your thoughts “oh hi” you whispered softly “I need your HELP THOR IS BLEEDING” “oh ok, no wait ya OK” you got up from your place and looked for your first aid kit. ‘What had got into your y/n’ you thought

As you came up with the kit it was quite odd Thor a God visiting your office his wounds had always healed magically and you weren’t the person to visit if anyone had huge injuries looks like it was just Jane.

“Jane it’s a small wound it would heal on its own” “but it’s bleeding she has to stitch it or else you will lose a lot amount of blood” the eye roll of loki wasn’t gone unnoticed. Jane wasn’t a worrier but since Thor had been hurt she just took extra care.

Thor just laughed at her statement and showed his arm to you so that you can work on it.

It was a big wound but nothing for a God but still you started cleaning it without any debate after the cleaning was done you started stitching it he was really a God otherwise a normal person would have had to be taken to a hospital and put in charge with 7 doctors.

When it was all done you covered it properly so that it won’t bleed anymore and you saw it had already half healed a magically thing, one thing you realised was that in the whole room there were only one pair of eyes looking at you the one with a green essence. Loki’s

Loki had been looking at you at how swiftly you just cleaned and stitched he had to come here because of Thor as Thor thought loki might escape if not kept in charge with his brother, well now his brother was injured and he did not run away from the office why? Two reasons the handcuffs were magic proof made by doctor strange for Loki and the other the nurse was quite impressive. And beautiful.

Jane came up to you as you washed your hands and cleaned the blood off your clothes “thank you y/n” “oh it is my job Jane and your man is stronger than most if it was some normal person there would be 7 doctors running around the operation theater” “but even small wounds can be dangerous I know you know” “I do and well what is he doing here?” you gestured towards loki he had caught that “oh..don’t you know he is joining the avengers” “what?!!?” “yes he is..and looks like he’s got an interest in you” “oh maybe I will tell him that these hands can slap people too” you said as you shared his smirk.

Since then you had started to mock each other or at times flirt with each other and you started to know that more about him that he wasn’t the person who once destroyed New York he was forced to since then you both kind of developed a small bond from all the teasing and deep conversations you had.

The bond was not friendly nor enemies kind of, sometimes it seemed like more than friendship and sometimes just like friends and nothing else. Loki was the right person whom you can tell things and except to listen and understand.

And you might have developed feelings for him. Might?

It was all a fantasy a God would never love a human and especially the God of Mischief, he demanded someone who could match him and a nurse like you couldn’t match him. right?

Too many questions only one answer either yes or no and it was too early to answer them.

Well no, not for loki he had decided to confess his true feelings he had hid from himself many times but not now not anymore.

He had asked Thor about a few ways his brother did nothing but tease him that he fell for a mortal and loki always told you weren’t some ordinary mortal you had heard him understood him and kept his past behind him.

But at last Thor took his brother’s struggles importantly and said “let’s do get help” “you think I’m joking” loki frowned at Thor as he raised his hands in defend and said “I meant use your magic make yourself look injured and well your mortal is a nurse go to her and when you see a look of pain on her face you would know”

loki thought about the plan a little and realised it was a quite good plan “and how do you know she will look pained?” “believe me brother a women can be strong enough but she can go through pain too when she sees her loved ones in pain and would go to any extent to help them I know” “alright brother we start today” “you are quite eager you know” Thor smirked “oh come on you oaf”

Later the day your work had got over quite soon and you decided to go home and rest as you took your bag and were going to lock your office you heard a voice “lady y/n WAIT” Thor yelled as he came with an injured loki quite badly injured what was he doing?? “what the-” you hurried and opened the door to let them in and Thor helped you lay loki on the small office bed“wait outside” Thor left and went outside.

“what were you doing??” you asked as you opened and brought all your stuff his lower parts were bleeding as if someone stabbed him “I was practicing outside and while trying something new I hurt myself” 'oh come on you can do better loki’ he thought as you removed his blood stained shirt and panicked at the wound it wasn’t a small it was big one you started cleaning it. Why did it hurt you? He was in pain not you then why did you panic? It’s time y/n don’t run from yourself from your feelings.

And you didn’t know what came into your mind but you kissed quite hard he didn’t push you and he wasn’t too weak to do that instead he got up and pulled you on himself and in the moment you forgot everything even the wound and everything as his tongue licked your upper lip and when you moaned he took it as an welcome in your mouth you bit his bottom lip as the intimacy grew more he clutched the ends of your shirt and pulled you closer and you wrapped your arms around his neck, when you both pulled away it all hit you like a train everything, he wasn’t hurt. “yo- you weren’t hur- hurt”

“I wasn't” “why did you do it?” you asked “for this” “for what” “to know if you feel the same way about me” the thing that you were calm was a still big thing inside your mind you had strangled him what did he think??

“what did you think??” you yelled he raised his hands in defense and said “I’m sorry it was thor’s plan I’m really sorry if I hurt your feelings” you huffed and thought of being sassy came to your mind and you said “oh you would be sorry” you smirked. You needed a new office bed.

A/N : I hope you liked it. I posted it again because it got deleted somehow.

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Reader reflects in dealing with Loki after a strenuous argument

A/N: This is part of a series I’m doing around Loki and the theme of winter! Gender Neutral Reader!

Warnings: Mega angst, and Mega fluff at the end


Originally posted by leave-me-colourless

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Smoke and Mirrors  (Loki x Reader)

AN and warnings: ANGST ALERT!! read at your own will, cursing, SADNESS and self hatred

Feedback is always appreciated :)

Requested by @tokoyamisstuff, hope you like it :)

 [This is only part one of two! (Our apologies lol)]

Also we didn’t proofread this sooo sorry bout that

Summary: You and Loki are on a mission, trekking through the woods of Siberia to get to a safehouse. He rejects your attempts at conversation for hours, until you get to the house. Loki gets a splinter, and trying to help him leads to a shouting match and painful feelings.

Word Count: 1.7k

Loki P.O.V

   I forged forward, trekking through the harsh Siberian wilderness. Knee deep in snow, my ears were filled with roaring snow and constant blabbering from the bundle of clothing behind me.

   “ So anyways, I really enjoy painting and drawing, especially people and animals. Hey, Loki, do you have any hobbies? I feel like as if I’m the only one talking and I want to know more about you, y’know.”

 You waited for response from the dark figure trekking ahead of you as you struggled to catch up. After a few moments of no response other than what you suspected was an annoyed eye roll, you felt your heart sink a little.

   “ C’mon, Loki, can’t you ever talk? I’m really sorry if I’m really annoying or something but I really want to get to know you! This pile of scarves and sweaters isn’t easy to talk through, y’know.” You said dejectedly when your words ended with mumbling to yourself.

I rolled my eyes, and kept on trekking ahead. Why on Asgard did I have to get paired with the female counterpart of my idiot brother for this mission? Her rythmic words kept flowing through the cold northern winds slapping me in the face, the snow barely stinging.

  She struggled to keep up, pulling her thighs though the crusty ice. Her pitiful voice and struggle to handle the cold was almost enough to make me slow down to her place and carry her small, pathetic self the rest of the way to the cabin. Almost.

 I slowed down minisculely to let her jog through the snow, or what could pass for jogging in this abominable place. I huffed, annoyed as she tried to gain a response out of me, looking at me for any words. I could see her begging for validation through her pitiful look.

  I let out a small sigh as I turned my head down towards her puppy dog eyes, still keeping up the pace. She insisted she carried most of the gear, even though she couldn’t handle it, obviously.

Y/n P.O.V

  This isn’t fair! My inner monologue screamed at me as I tried to keep a conversation with the stoic man besides me, through the oncoming blizzard. I really, really wanted him to talk to me. Why does everything slap me in the face whenever I try? No. No! Shut up! Idiot. You need to be the nice girl, like always! Can’t you do anything fucking right?!

  You felt a stifling sadness overcome you as you decided to shut your mouth. What was even the point of talking to a person who was allergic to the full spectrum of human emotion, except for annoyance, it seemed.

 You had wanted to maybe break the inner shell of who he was ever since you laid your eyes on him when he first joined the team. You instantly fell head over heels, subconsciously studying his every move and always hanging on his every word, even though they were hardly ever directed towards you. You felt as if you were some giddy school girl whenever he was in the room.

 Once you realized you and him were assigned on this mission you felt as if you could actually get to know him. You knew that there was a softness under that hard veil of always being so hardcore. You felt as if you would do anything for this man, you’ve seen him being so sweet and soft whenever the team wasn’t around. But all of that went down the drain now since it was pretty obvious he doesn’t give a shit about you and your underlying feelings.

 Loki threw you a questioning look as you refused to look him in the eye, already beating yourself up for being upset as you looked away trying not to let him see the small tears gathering in the corners of your eyes.

 You felt so embarrassed for basically losing your dignity in front of this man for hours, ruining your first impression for miles. You sighed as you picked up some packing gear you had dropped, purposely slowing yourself down to reduce chances of another pitiful excuse of a conversation.

  You expected him to keep walking, and sure enough, he did with no remorse, making your heart sink even more. The cabin was in view now, just a few metres away.

 You wiped your eyes harshly with your thickly gloved hands and you trekked on forward towards Loki’s tall figure a few feet ahead of you. You sighed as you looked towards the snow barren ground as you sneezed, leaving your nose pinker than before, you didn’t do well in the cold, but you didn’t want Loki to see that.

 You felt so tired of this emotional roller coaster that was hidden in the depths of your mind that was now ringing loudly in your subconscious. You didn’t want to feel the need for validation from this man. Unrequited love was an old friend but you yearned for something other than this. It was nothing but a ball and chain.

 Your dreams and thoughts were clouded with images of him. Every time you even tried to talk to him, it was if everything came in the way and it seemed as if it was impossible. You hated yourself for still clinging to hopes that there would be a Happily Ever After.

 Shaking your emotions out of your mind, you reached the bar house style cabin which looked like it would blow away in the wind and reached out to the door handle.

 Click. The door blew open as you quickly stashed all the supplies on the doorstep, pushing them aside with your foot as you leaned against the wall, catching your breath. Loki strode in and immediately went upstairs, pulling off his jacket. He didn’t even spare a glance at you. You thought dishearteningly.


 Loud dragging noises echoed in the stairway. Loki was pulling down logs of firewood, which clattered on the fragile floors. He gave one final push and the wood dropped next to the fireplace.

  “Ah!” He shook his hand and you saw a large splinter embedded in his palm, surrounded by pooling blood. You rushed towards him, in a panic. What are you doing stop stop stop! “Let me help you,” the words falling out of your mouth before you could stop them.

  He gave you a dark glare. “I don’t need help, especially yours.” His voice was colder than the snowstorm outside. You visibly faltered, and bunched your hands into fists.

 “Why not?! Why can’t you be humble enough to let someone do something, anything, for you!?”

 “Because,” he spit out with venom, “what could a mere mortal do to help me? I am superior to you in every way.” His skin was starting to change color into a gorgeous blue , revealing his infamous jotun form.

 You marveled at his beautiful new complexion and you felt the anger rising inside of you, but you pushed the feeling down. You don’t have the fucking right to be upset. Just shut up! “I’m a trained medic,” you insisted softly and persistently. “It’s my job to heal people.”

 “Have you ever considered no one wants your help!?” His raised voice rang around the house. That’s right. No one wants me or my help.

  “Can’t you just let me help, please, Loki, please?!”



  You crumbled to the ground tearing up in defeat, letting go all of the repressed feelings. Loki’s eyes flashed darkly at your words. “You love me… You foolish mortal. YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT LOVE IS!”

  You visibly flinched at his loud voice, memories flooding in. You’d never been good at yelling, and people’s approval was what kept you going.

 You were a broken person and you knew that, always scavenging for small bits of happiness. Was giving someone your undying fidelity and your tattered, bleeding heart in your bloody hands in return for a lover’s warmth too much to ask?

 Were you not worth it after all, even though you tried your hardest to block out the trauma, waking up everyday just to hope that it would be better than yesterday. After all, you didn’t live, you barely survived. You wanted to feel safe in someone’s arms because even though you wanted to heal every sorrowful heart you laid your eyes on, you were too broken to even heal yourself. Pathetic.

 You looked up to the man before you and whispered through your quiet sobs, “ You can’t just do that to me! You can’t just will my love to go away. I care about you, Loki, I know that you try to hide your true self under that veil of arrogance. I see that you have changed into a good man. Don’t deny that, Loki!”

  You stumbled up from your position on the floor, walking towards him while you spoke. “You… You’re better than that.” You stopped a few inches away from him, and slowly held his large palms in your small hands, whispering. “I know you are.” You searched his now crimson eyes, hoping for acceptance, a kind word or two.

  He let out a pained laugh at your desolation, the intricate markings on his cheeks rippling as he spoke. “I think you’re mistaken, darling,” he hissed out. “I am every bit as despicable as you imagine me to be.” His eyes were a clear, blood red as he stared into your soul.

 “I am the monster that parents tell their children about at night, and you, y/n, you’re a fool.”

 “No. You’re the fool.”

(Bro this is giving me marriage story vibes lmao)

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Pairing: loki x fem!reader

Chapter Summary: You get the ship up and running again. Loki watches as you drive. 

Warnings: A shameless amount of angst 

Word Count: 2.3k 

A/N: As always, I like to slip in one or two chapters of Loki’s perspective and here it is!! Hope you enjoy it! Always love to know what you think! <3 


Originally posted by tomhiddleston-gifs

Counterfeit Criminals | Part Five 

Loki had to stop staring. It would be a test of his self-control, but he had to stop. Any hopes he’d had that YN wouldn’t want to kill him had vanished the moment she’d glared at him with nothing but contempt and betrayal in her eyes. And any thoughts he’d had about telling her what had happened on Asgard had died just as quickly.

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Word Count - 693 words

Tom Hiddleston x Interviewer! Y/n

A/n- This was a request by @d3andme, and it was so fun to write! Hope you like it :) !

Y/n‘s P.O.V

This was it, your big breakthrough. You have been an interviewer for almost five years now, covering small time celebrities and actors from around the nation. But this was it. For your new job, first week, you got to interview Tom Hiddleston.

The boss had seen promise in you and had very high hopes. Some might call them too high, but you were determined not to let her down and not to embarrass yourself in front of the Thomas William Hiddleston, an actor you’d admired for so long, and also maybe had a very big secret crush on.

You glanced over your notes and talking points on set and waited nervously for the star to arrive. Behind you, the camera crew set up various stands. The tall blond was ushered in by his publicist, and offered you a boyish smile in which you happily returned with a shy one.

You gestured at the seats with the same nervous smile, trying to act calm. Inside your head, things were a different story as all your brain cells fangirled violently to Tom’s proximity. He took a seat on the couch opposite to you, giving you a wink that made your cheeks flush.

“Three, two, one. Rolling camera,” the crew announced. You looked at the camera happily. “Hey everyone, I’m y/n y/l/n and today I’m gonna be chatting with the main lead of the movie adaptation of one of my personal favorites, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide. So, Mr. Hiddleston, how is filming going for you? I heard you’re working with lots of famous names!”

His blue eyes twinkled with amusement. “Please, call me Tom. As for filming, it’s going wonderfully. Classic gothic literature was always a favorite of mine, and it’s like a dream come true to star in this adaptation.” The conversation about the plot went on for a while, and you tried your best to keep the conversation engaging.

The camera crew paused filming for commercials, and you stood up and walked over to his seat. “It’s nice to meet you, Tom. If I do say so myself, I’m a big fan.” He invited you to sit next to him with a charming smirk.

“You flatter me, Ms. Y/l/n.”

“Oh, call me y/n. It’s no fair if I’m calling you by your first name and you’re stuck with a ‘Ms.’ , now is it?” you teased with a small smile.

“I suppose you’re right, y/n. After all, you don’t seem like a ‘Ms.’” he teased right back, dusting your cheeks with a light pink as you chuckled at the comment.

“Perhaps, we could talk more later, after the show?” He gestured at the cameraman, who not-so-secretly was waiting for you to get a move on with the conversation.

“Oh! My bad! Sorry, sir.” You gave an apologetic smile at the filming crew and an affirmative nod at the famous actor.

You switched on your mic and stared into the camera with a billion dollar smile, which enchanted the British celebrity. “Thanks for waiting everyone! We’re back here with Tom Hiddleston!”

“Tell me, Tom, is there a specific actor who you’re excited to work with on set?” He stared into your eyes to respond, which made you glance down nervously for a second while trying to conceal your red face as much as possible.

“Well, I’ve always admired…”

After a lengthy conversation, The interview was finally over. Tom scribbled something in a piece of paper which he slipped quickly into your hands, gazing into your eyes as his manager/publicist pulled him out of the crowded room. With a soft smile, he was gone.

You unraveled the crumpled post-it and felt your cheeks heat up at the beautifully written words.

The note read :

Maybe we could get coffee sometime? Whenever you’re free.


Call me :)


You saved the number into your phone smiling, and mumbled to yourself. “One day, y/n. One day.”

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everything is still shit for our cast, I haven’t updated these on tumblr much, but for when you wonderful people want some escapism, we’re out here still updating pretty regularly.

in this chapter, Loki gets yelled at again, and Cull Obsidian feels the pain of a mid level manager dealing with a questionable new hire, but also, fuck him and fuck middle managers.

This fic is now complete on my end, barring edits and final notes. Posting will increase.

online now at AO3 and

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