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#loki fanfiction
Can't wait for all the Sindays🙌
Can i request a #15:“I know I should care about the reason why you’re naked in my bed, but I will just enjoy it for a moment.” with LokixFem!Reader?
Nex my dear, thank you so much for the request! 😁 Happy Sinday! - Love, Kiki 🖤
Pairing: Loki x female reader
Request/Prompt: for my Sinday celebration
Word count: 2k
What to expect: humour, smut
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As always, every single like, comment and reblog is appreciated 🖤
Tumblr media
Your day had been long, and the night which followed in its wake even longer. There wasn’t a single muscle in your body that didn’t feel sore and strained, not a single inch of your skin which was unmarred by bruises. But the mission had been a success, and that was what mattered at the end of the day. Or rather at the end of the night, you added as an afterthought when the Quinjet touched the ground in front of the Avengers headquarters. The glass facades of the building, the chrome and steel adorning it as it loomed at the edge of the asphalt, already glinted in the first sunrays of the day which made the sky blush in the softest hues of pink.
“You gonna join us for a drink?”, Nat asked from her seat opposite of you while everyone busied themselves unbuckling their seatbelts and gathering all of their weapons which were strewn across the space.
“Too tired,” you replied, barely suppressing a yawn, “All I want is a hot shower and my bed.”
“Maybe you’ll find someone to join you for both,” Nat winked, and your eyes widened in a silent plea for her to stop the teasing before one of the others heard –
“Who did you have in mind?”, Thor chimed up from his seat with a wide grin so completely unaware of your little wince at his words.
Your brother. Not that he’d know.
Aloud, you replied drily, “I’m single, Thor. The future ahead is filled with a vegetable garden and twenty cats.”
Which was a realistic estimate, considering the nonexistence of your flirting skills and the way you always seemed to be one hundred percent clumsier whenever Loki was in the same room as you.
Your quip earned you laughter from the others, and when you sauntered down the Quinjet’s ramp and made your way to your room, the promise of a hot shower and your fresh bedsheets were like a siren’s song to lure you along the hallways in your tired daze, your steps quickening.
You didn’t even wait until you reached the bathroom, which was connected to your bedroom, simply stripping off your bloodied, charred clothes, peeling them away from your sore limbs as you crossed the room. When you stepped into the shower, you were tired enough to make everything feel like a dream, your consciousness already knocked out in a deep slumber as muscle memory took over and you randomly massaged shampoo in your hair, rinsed it out, stepped out of the shower and dried yourself off. You didn’t even remember that you’d put the towel to the rack beside the shower.
It felt as if the task of showering had sucked the last droplets of strength from your tired bones, and in this haze of sleepiness, you decided you didn’t have the nerve to grab new underwear and a shirt to sleep in. With a sigh, you just plopped down on the bed, naked and half-asleep already, and the feeling of the soft bedsheets against your bare skin as you stretched felt as if you were sprawled out on the softest, fuzziest cloud.
Instead of granting you sleep immediately, though, your mind wandered to Nat’s teasing back in the jet. Did she know about your growing crush for the God of Mischief? Oh god. Did Thor know? Had his teasing been anything but oblivious?
Having spent the better part of the past few months to talk yourself out of the massive crush you harboured for the raven-haired god as best as you could, and failing miserably at it, you’d resumed to at least hide the indelible feelings you had for Loki, the attraction you felt towards him. A difficult task, given the fact that the god had moved into the rooms right beside yours. It didn’t help that you always seemed to stumble into him, as if seeing him at meals and in the training rooms wasn’t already enough.
Every single one of your dreams was woven from memories of the most stunning blue eyes, sparks of mischief dancing in them whenever they locked on yours, making them glitter like gemstones in sunlight, and the imagination of what it would feel like to have these slender, elegant fingers which so expertly wove illusions into the air run through your hair instead. How it would feel to have his hands roaming over every inch of your skin, exploring your body with as much tenderness as he held when he let those skilled fingers caress over the sharp blade of one of his daggers, so beautiful and deadly at the same time…
A groan escaped your throat at the realization that at this point, Loki, with his devious smirks and his gazes that seemed to follow you as soon as the two of you were in the same room, had possessed not only your heart but your mind as well with his sheer presence. He was holding you hostage without even knowing what he kept doing to you. Without knowing how many times you’d tried to bring these fantasies to live with your own hands in the darkness of your bedroom, knowing that everything your own caresses made you feel would pale in comparison to the pleasure Loki himself could bestow on you.
Ignoring the throbbing sensation in your core as these thoughts cut through the haze of your sleepiness, you grabbed one of the pillows and pressed it against your face to groan your frustration into the soft fabric and muffle the sound. Staying like this, you waited for the cool air of the room to brush over your heated, bare skin and for your raging thoughts to calm down and finally grant you the sleep you’d been craving so hard only minutes ago.
It was hopeless. You were going crazy with the force of your feelings for the trickster, with your craving for him…Probably literally crazy, because even the fabric of the pillowcase seemed to smell like him. It seemed as if his delicious scent of herbs and something sweet, like incense, all mixed with a tang of leather, was lingering in your bedsheets, despite the fact that Loki had never even set foot in your bedroom. Obviously, you’d memorized the trickster’s intoxicating scent well enough for your mind to conjure the memory and make it feel as real as if he were lying next to you on the mattress, so tight was his grip around your heart. How you wished for this lovely scent to linger not only on your bedsheets but your bare skin as well…
“I know I should care about the reason why you’re naked in my bed, but I will just enjoy it for a moment,” a dark voice purred, filling the air of your bedroom.
With a jolt, you sat up, throwing the pillow away from you. With horror sinking in your chest and your heart plummeting three storeys deep through the floor, you eyes locked on Loki’s.
The trickster was casually leaning against the doorway, head tilted to the side to resemble a curious cat stalking its prey. His gaze, filled with a mixture of bemusement and something darker, something which, despite the horrifying realization that you were completely naked, sprawled out on the bed and perfectly on display for him, made heat pool in your lower belly as it roamed over every inch of your exposed skin as if he were trying to memorize the exact scene. There was the most mischievous smirk playing on the trickster’s lips while he watched you come alive with panic and scramble to rip the duvet from the foot of the bed and wrap yourself in the scratchy fabric to cover yourself while you shrieked, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY ROOM?!”
Loki only chuckled. “I wanted to ask the same thing of you.”
You opened your mouth to protest, but your gaze finally fell on the assortment of daggers decorating the wall beside the doorway, where Loki was still leaning with a demeanour as relaxed as if he hadn’t just seen you fully naked, sprawled on a bed that was obviously his, because it actually smelled like him, and it was his room and now you realized that you didn’t remember to have put the towels where you found them because. It. Was. Not. Your. Damn. Room. It was Loki’s. In your bone-deep tiredness, you’d accidentally stumbled into Loki’s room instead of your own. And draped yourself over his bed, utterly naked.
Another groan escaped you, agonized with the realization, and heat – of embarrassment this time – filled every inch of your body.
“What are you doing?”, Loki inquired curiously, that wolfish grin still etched on his handsome features.
“Waiting to drop dead on the floor to save me any further embarrassment,” you winced. “Oh God I’m so terribly sorry.” It came out as a whisper.
“So you’re telling me you did not place yourself on bed completely naked to seduce me upon my arrival here?”, Loki teased, before he feigned a pout and added, “How very unfortunate for me.”
“I – wh – what?”
“Because,” Loki continued, and the playful tease vanished from his voice as it darkened to a raspy drawl and he pushed himself away from the doorway to cross the distance between the two of you with slow, deliberate steps, the leather of his Asgardian attire rustling softly with each step, “I was rather intrigued by the sight of you, sprawled out so beautifully on my bed.”
Your breath caught in your throat, and with every single one of Loki’s slow steps, every inch of the distance between the two of you that he closed, waiting for your reaction, you felt your pulse quicken, and the rasp in his heavy voice was enough to rouse the need in your core, the need for him between your legs, even further. The sleepiness was gone, chased away by a desire.
Loki had come to stand in front of you, and the back of your bare legs brushed against the bed. Your fist clutching the duvet which was wrapped around your chest, tightened as your mind spun with want and embarrassment and longing.
With the darkest of smiles, Loki leaned closer, and his breath fanned across the bare crook of your neck like the most gentle of caresses, eliciting a shiver of anticipation which ran through your body as he breathed “And what a glorious sight that was, darling. To have every beautiful inch of your body on display for me…”
You bit your lip, and your eyes fluttered close as every single nerve in your body came alive with Loki’s proximity, the warmth of his body seeping through your own skin, the promise of his kiss with his lips nearly brushing against yours…
“…And to think you’d finally decided to do something about these feelings we keep harbouring for each other,” Loki drawled, his breathing growing as ragged and heavy as your own. You moaned softly when he reached out to let his index finger slowly travel up your arm, towards the spot where your grip on the duvet was loosening with each of his words, with each quiver of want scooting through your body.
These feelings we keep harbouring for each other.
“Well, somebody had to, right?”, you finally quipped with a trembling voice, laced with the arousal you could already feel seeping between your legs.
“Indeed. It’ll be a pleasure to return the favour,” Loki rasped, and locked his lips on yours, just as your grasp on the duvet loosened to rake your hands through his hair and pull him closer. When the two of you sunk backwards against the mattress, the duvet fluttered to the ground with a rustle, rendered utterly useless and forgotten already.
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mostly-marvel-musings · 23 hours ago
Sexy drabble request- enemies to lovers hate sex with Loki 🤤💚
The green monster
Tumblr media
A/N: This is more jealousy sex than enemies to lovers tbh. Happy reading!
Pairing: Loki x Reader
Warnings: 18+, smutty fluff.
Word count: 1.5k
Tom Hiddleston/Loki Taglist – @delightfulheartdream @what-a-flammable-heart @castiels-majestic-wings @lokis-leah
Everything Taglist – @godofplumsandthunder @ladyacrasia @agustdowney @swaggysposts @littlegasps @suchababie @another-stark-sub @supraveng @kahlanmars @disappointmentofthefam @pandaxnienke @tom-hlover @just-the-hiddles @fyreball66 @asmigurub @avantgardium-leviosa @imerdwarf @gladiosamicitias @fanofalltheficsx @ladyburberry @chickensarentcheap @dontmindmyname123 @old-enough-to-know-better73 @buendiabebeta @princess-jules47
“May I have this dance, gorgeous?”
The gentleman who had his eyes on you the entire evening had finally asked you to dance and you were pleased. The said gentleman also happened to be a prime suspect of your mission.
The plan was to keep him engaged while your least favorite Avenger sneaked into the private rooms in order to bug it. Natasha and Clint waited outside in a van to receive an audio visual on them. You hoped to God that Loki did his job right without any glitches while you sweet-talked to the guy.
Unknown to you, there was a green jealousy monster rising its head inside Loki as he glared at the two of you from the shadows. Nostrils flared and hands balled up in fists, he hated the way you giggled and fluttered your eyelashes at the vile man. He wanted to burn his hands for having held you so close to his body while you two swayed to the music, his undeserving fingers splayed across your bare back.
You caught Loki’s eye, amused at his reaction, you couldn’t help teasing just a little. You always had a back and forth going on with him, you didn’t think much of it before acting out. The Asgardian who swore nobody could affect him that way ever, sure was adorable when irked.
Or so you thought.
You leaned over to whisper something in his ear which made him laugh and pull you closer to his chest before pressing a chaste kiss on the back of your hand.
This sent him over the edge, Loki abandoned your plan and made his exit in a dramatic way, a green light flashed across the room as everyone’s attention was now divided. It all happened too fast for you to process but your instincts kicked in and you had to act fast. The damage was already done, you had to get out of the place.
Cursing under your breath, you ignored Nat’s distressed voice and managed to somehow sneak out of the place after excusing yourself to the bathroom. Of course, he had betrayed, that’s what he does, you reminded yourself.
“Why did I even trust him?” you fumed, opening the door of the van to find two equally furious trained assassins. The drive back to the tower was silent, apart from your brain which was coming up with several ideas on how to murder the God of Mischief.
Previous anger still lingered as you made your way up to Loki’s room in the Tower, knocking on his door rather loudly before realizing it was open. Pushing it open, a part of you expected it to be empty but there he was, leaning against the window, arms crossed and a sulk on his face. It was almost like he was waiting for you.
“Are you fucking kidding me? What was that? You don’t just abandon a mission out of the blue! Explain yourself, Loki.”
Crossing your arms to keep yourself from slapping him, you waited for an answer as his eyes simply bore into yours silently. It frustrated you further, the silence, usually he was all about the words.
“What, you're gonna keep quiet now? Were you planning on betraying us all along? Huh? Because you’re incapable of doing good, because you’re always the trickster? Here I thought I could trust you and—”
“I didn’t think my help was required with the way you had that imbecile all wrapped around your finger.” Loki’s voice was low as his gaze didn’t leave your form while he answered, causing you to frown.
“What? I—I did it for the mission, it was part of the plan. Remember when we discussed that? Of course, you don’t. You ruined everything!”
Your voice rose with the anger as you contemplated what to do next, he was still dangerously silent which couldn’t end well, you knew better than that. Deciding to leave him alone, you headed for the door but he beat you to it. Crossing the distance in a few long strides he shut the door with a loud bang before towering over you. He was too close; a few millimeters and you would’ve collided against his chest.
“Why are you—?”
“I did not appreciate the way that man had been eyeing you, the way he lay his hands all over your body, I wished to stab him.”
While his honesty took you by surprise, the audacity of this man made you scoff. Sometimes could be one of the most infuriating souls on the planet. Crossing your arms over your chest you fired back.
“And do you think it’s a treat watching you charm your way around a party? I don’t go on sabotaging missions just because I get jealous.”
It was Loki’s turn to raise his eyebrows as you dropped this new information on him, a smirk which he hid too well before nodding.
“I guess…we’re even then.”
“What? We’re not even. I have never betrayed my team because of how I feel about you, Loki. Never. What you did was wrong. I came here to yell at you and now I’m done. You’re—we’re done.”
As you were about to try and leave again, he stepped in your way, blocking your path and forced you to look at him.
“We’re not done. How could you say that?”
Dropping his voice to barely over a whisper, your heart threatened to jump out of its ribcage as Loki lowered his head to press his lips onto yours. Reluctantly at first, but you responded quickly after your arms slid up his chest and around his neck to pull him closer.
“You just admitted to being jealous.”
Loki whispered against your lips, walking you backwards until you hit the wall, continuing bruising you with kisses while your brain tried to process what had transpired.
“So did you.”
Smirking as you worked on undoing his buttons, you got little time to admire his chiselled torso as he grabbed you by the back of your thighs to lift you up. A sigh left your lips when his groin brushed against your core, desire pooling between your legs as he drove his hips forwards purposely.
“You owe me an apology you know…” you breathed, holding onto his shoulders tight, gasping when he nearly tore the dress away from your body. Lust-darkened shamelessly drinking you in.
“Well, consider me apologising, love.”
Loki attacked your neck, bruising spots by baring his teeth before soothing them over with his tongue while his hands kneaded your breasts, pinching your nipples with deft fingers.
Your body felt like it was on fire, desire burning deep in your belly as your heart beat rapidly against your ribcage. It had been coming from a mile away, everybody knew it, the tension was going to boil over sooner than later and now that it had, you wondered why you hadn’t been doing this all along.
Loki had overpowered your senses with those syrupy kisses, clouded your brain to the point where you didn’t register when he had rid himself of his clothes.
He teased your folds, gathering your slick with his tip before it turned you impatient as you pushed your hips ahead to take him in. A combined groan echoed in the otherwise silent room as he stretched you out, your warmth enveloping his length in its velvety blanket until he bottomed out.
Hair tangled up against the wall, back digging into the hard surface but all you could think about was more. Wanting more of what he was willing to give, every shudder that left your body wanted the same.
Loki’s teeth sunk into your skin, marking you as his while his length impaled you into a panting mess. That coil in your belly threatened to snap and he could sense it.
Deft fingers that circled around your clit in tandem with his thrusts sent you over the edge, letting out a strangled cry as your walls fluttered around his cock. Your mind a foggy mess as you floated, holding onto him as the aftershocks wracked your body.
“That was one hell of an apology.”
You felt him smile against your neck where he placed soft, soothing kisses, still sheathed inside your warmth. Carrying you over to the bed, he made you lay on top of him as he caressed your back.
“Do you forgive me, my darling?” He whispered. The duality of this man being so rough just a while back and yet this soft the next second was surprising.
Pretending to think for a while, you placed your chin on his chest with a mischievous smirk.
“I don’t know yet…Might want to keep apologizing.”
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thesecretwriter · a day ago
do as you’re told (loki) - 1
Disclaimer: The content which is displayed below holds themes that are considered mature, minors are not to interact, thank you. 
Pairing: Loki x female reader
Summary: Loki finds an app that is used by doms and subs to find one another. Whether it be for hook ups or for relationships. He comes across your profile and takes an immediate interest. Once you two get to chatting, things become serious quickly.
Warning: Fluff and eventual smut (minors dni). 
Side note: An AU fic with Loki, he is 33 and reader is 25.
Marvel masterlist.
part two (coming soon). 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Loki was sat on his bed contemplating whether to make a profile or not. He knew how hard it was to find a sub when he wanted one. Sure there were clubs he could go to, but he wanted a change in how to go about it and that’s when he was told about the app he just installed.
He clicked on ‘create profile’ and got to filling in his information.
Loki Odinson.
35 years old.
He stared at the screen as it changed from there to a page which showed profiles of women.
He swiped and swiped and swiped, and all of them were to the left.
Until he saw the name.
Accompanied by some of your pictures.
You were smiling into the camera in the first picture, your smile being the first thing he noticed. You were pretty, certainly a sight that he would have to look twice at.
He was captivated as he swiped more and more through your profile. You were a sub, which piqued his interest even more.
He thought to himself and decided to swipe right on you.
Having spent enough time on his phone, he went to the bathroom to get ready for bed.
Tumblr media
You had gotten a notification from the app you hadn’t wanted any of your close friends to see. You wanted your personal life to stay personal.
Someone swiped right on you, you clicked the profile went through it. You found this man named Loki handsome, and he was a dom.
You hadn’t been with anyone in a while, there were a few men who you had been with that were doms, but they weren’t committed relationships. Now as you got older, you wanted to take it a bit more seriously.
Being a little daring, you decided to message him first.
You: Heyy :)
You went to other apps and replied to your other messages. You started to get comfortable in bed when the notification from the app gained your attention.
Settling in bed comfortably, you see the notification.
Loki: Hi, how’re you?
Seemed normal, what else were you to expect from a stranger on the internet.
You didn’t want to seem as if you were waiting for the text, so you took a moment to think about what to say.
You:I am good thanks, a bit tired. And you?
You cringed as you hit send. What else were you supposed to say?
Loki: I am okay, though I could use a good rest from such a long week.
You: What made you tired from this week?
You were a little curious.
Loki: Well, I work in an office and have been busy with meetings all week.
You: Sounds interesting and fancy. I imagine working in an office being boring.
Loki was intrigued, he quite liked his line of work. He didn’t exactly specify what he did, but she found general office work boring? That’s not something he would say.
Loki: There’s nothing boring about it darling. Especially when you have control over it all.
You: I see you’re a man who likes control, does this extend over to your personal life too?
Loki quirked a brow, quite a daring girl you are.
Loki: I assume you want to find out?
You: I am a little curious.
Loki found himself smiling at his phone, not something that he usually found himself doing.
Loki: Curious about control? I like to be in charge.
You: I like a man in charge.
Loki: Good to know, and what else do you like?
You pondered on the question for a moment, should you be blunt about it or filtered?
A smirk made its way to your lips as you typed.
You: I like a man who tells me to do as I’m told.
Now this made something within Loki awaken. You were honest in what you wanted, he liked that. Honesty in these relationships play an important role after all.
Loki: I have a few things in mind that you could do for me.
You quirked a brow at this, he is a flirty individual.
You: Pray tell, give me all the details sir.
Sir? Loki found himself wanting to hear this word leave you lips.
Loki: I’ll give you something to think about for tonight. I like a submissive who makes use of their pretty voice while my tongue is exploring their most intimate parts, letting the world know that I am the one they belong to. Goodnight darling.
You had reread that message a total of 5 times, he definitely gave you something to think about for tonight.
You: Thank you for the visual, goodnight sir.
It wasn’t anything serious, just some harmless flirting, right?
The question lingered in your mind as your drifted off to sleep.
Tumblr media
“Are you going MJ’s later on?” Asked Peter as you walked side by side.
“Yeah, she called me earlier and said she’s making dinner for all of us.”
Peter nodded to your response as he looked around.
“She’s making dinner because Ned is back. There’s no need for you to worry.” You told your worried looking friend.
Peter and you had worked together in the same publishing company. You got in with an internship and Peter did it as a side-line job outside of working for Stark industries. Peter would take out pictures and try to get them for the front page, and you had worked in a column with another associate of yours.
The only reason that Peter was so worried about visiting MJ was because he had gotten into trouble for not showing up to the previous time, she invited him for dinner. The dinner was specifically for him, and he failed to show up. This left him conflicted with whether to go tonight or not.
“You are coming tonight, right?” You glance at him and catch him mid thought.
“I don’t know if MJ wants me there. She sent me a message, but I know she’s still angry at me.”
“Oh hush, MJ could never be that angry with you. Maybe upset, but not angry. You two need to kiss and make up.” You tease him.
It was clear the two of them had feelings for the other, they were just too oblivious to see it.
“She’s doesn’t like me like that.”
“Yeah, I’m sure she doesn’t.” You rolled your eyes.
Tumblr media
You had made your way home after letting Peter know what time you were going to MJ’s, with an exasperated sigh, you sit down on your couch and just lay there. You were looking forward to the weekend.
Your thoughts began to wonder to the mystery man you had come across last night. He had messaged you in the morning from the app, saying that he was looking forward to chatting to you more.
It was clear he wanted to know you more, and you knew you were eager to get to know him as well.
Finding yourself smiling, you chuckled out loud and got up and off the couch. You had to do your laundry and a few other chores before this evening’s dinner, so you’d best be getting to it then.
Tumblr media
Satisfied with completing your chores, you made your way to your room. Quickly glancing at your clock, it was 16:35. You would leave in an hour, so it gave you enough time to bath and pick out something to wear.
Just as you were making your way to your closet, a familiar notification caught your attention.
You grabbed the phone of your bed and saw a message from Loki.
Loki: Hello darling.
The endearment he constantly used made you smile. It wasn’t something you were called before, not by a dom anyway.
You: Hello sir.
You pressed send, put your phone on charge and was off to the bathroom.
In the bathroom, you strip off your clothes and get into the shower, settling for washing your hair, you stand under the falling water and just relish in the moment where the water falls on you. After a moment, you began to bath yourself, ridding the tiresome week you had and refreshing yourself for the night to come.
Once done, you got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around yourself, you did your skin routine in the bathroom, where the products were kept on your counter. When you were satisfied, you went out of your bathroom and over to your closet.
What to wear? You wondered as you browsed through your clothes. You didn’t want to over dress, you wanted to be comfortable.
You took out a pair of jeans and a plain long-sleeved shirt, it is a bit cold outside. Before getting dressed, you checked your phone where there was a message from Loki waiting for you.
Loki: What’s your plans for the evening?
You: I’m having dinner with a few friends, how about you?
You began to get changed and eventually walked to your vanity to dry your hair. Once that was done, you settled on wearing sneakers, it was within reach of where you were.
Your phone vibrating caught your attention, MJ had messaged you to bring by some wine, she forgot to buy some.
Just as you replied to her with a ‘no problem’, Loki replied to your previous message.
Loki: I’m spending the evening going through some paperwork.
You: What a busy businessman, you should take the evening off. Didn’t you say you had a tiresome week?
He seemed to be quite a busy person, you wondered about what exactly he did in his place of employment.
Loki: I think the last time I was off work was when I worked in college.
You: What exactly do you do for work?
Loki: I partially run my family business. Perhaps you’ve heard of it Odinson’s and Co?
Your eyes widened at his reply. He was an Odinson, as in one of England’s most prestigious families?
You: You mean the Odinson’s from England? Of course, I’ve heard of your family, you’re all worldwide known.
Loki: Thanks to my father. My brother and I are just carrying on the family business.
His brother was Thor, you knew he was dating Jane Foster, you had done a column about her once.
You couldn’t believe that you had been speaking to someone like Loki, little unknown you speaking to Loki Odinson, that too on an app for doms and subs.
You: I can’t believe I hadn’t noticed your name before, how silly of me.
Loki: That’s quite alright darling, I appreciate the fact that you spoke to me before knowing exactly who I am. Usually the first things women notice is my families name, not me.
His explanation pulled at your heart string, he seemed so genuine and a good dom too. It’s a shame the way people look at the status of a person rather than the person himself.
You: I have to say, the way in which we’re getting to know each other is unusual. So, I’d assume the rest would be similar.
You didn’t know his intention when he swiped right on you, but you were thankful that you got the opportunity to swiped right by him.
Loki: It is indeed unusual; I’m not complaining though. Quite the opposite. Would you mind if we exchanged numbers? I wouldn’t mind if we could perhaps call after your dinner with your friends?
Now that got your heart beating faster, he wanted your number. This made it more personal, on top of that he was to call you tonight. Feeling confident in yourself, you sent him your number.
You: *number* text me, I’ll reply when I get back from dinner at 8 ;)
And then you were off to dinner. Making your way to MJ’s house as the sun began to set slowly.
Tumblr media
“…and then Peter fell face first into the garden when he was trying to get the photograph.” You laughed as Ned was retelling stories from when Peter was first testing out his first ever camera.
“Now he’s getting front cover photographs for the papers.” You chip in and take a sip of wine.
Peter smiled at you appreciatively, Ned had nodded in agreement to your statement.
“So, what’s the latest news in everyone’s life?” Ned asked sitting back comfortably next to Peter.
“Nothing new from my end, I just go day by day living the same life.” You grin at them.
“I’m going to apply to help out in a school for special needs. I’ve been looking to head out into other careers.” MJ replied and shrugged; Peter had been looking to MJ with a smile on his face. It was clear he was head over heels.
“Mr. Stark had mentioned a promotion in the internship. Offering a permanent spot in the company after a project he recently issued to us.” Peter mumbled out wanting the spotlight to be off him.
It went silent as you all waited for him to explain more, when he remained quiet MJ spoke up, “Well go on, tell us some more.”
“I can’t say anything else. I’m up against other interns and need to be more focused as ever.” He explained with a blush making its way to his cheeks.
You were proud of Peter, he had put many hours into making a future for himself, and it was just a matter of time before he was up there with Tony Stark and Bruce Banner.
“We’re proud of you Peter.” You assure him and smile when he glances to you. It was now MJ who was looking at him in admiration.
The evening went of with the four of you conversing back and forth. When you checked the time, you saw that it was currently 20:05, which means you should be heading home. You had a few glasses of wine, and you were looking forward to that call with Loki.
“This is where I love and leave you lady and gentlemen.” You got up and gathered your belongings.
“Why don’t you spend the night?” MJ suggested as you walked to the sink with your wine glass.
“I would love to, but tomorrow morning I have to work on a draft for Tuesday’s paper.”
“You’re always working y/n, just like Peter. We need to have a girl’s day out. It’s been a long time.” She said standing next to you.
“I promise you next weekend I’ll be all yours.” You tell her and give her a side hug with a small goodbye.
“Alright, but you better take some rest as well. I can’t deal with these two on my own.”
“We can hear you.” Ned calls from the living room.
“That’s the whole point.”
You told Ned and Peter goodbye, but Peter insisted he walks you home. It wasn’t far, but he wasn’t about to let you walk home alone after having a few glasses of wine.
“You need to tell her how you feel Peter.” You say in a sing song tone.
“I don’t know y/n, she seems the same to me as she is to others.” He explained.
“Not from what I saw tonight. She looks at you the same way you look at her. Its obvious to Ned and I.”
Peter lets the words process in his mind, maybe he will give it a try.
Once you reach your apartment, Peter makes sure you’re inside before he walks back to MJ’s. You tell him to let you know when he reaches her place safely.
You now change into your pajamas and make yourself comfortable in bed, the same way you did last night.
At that same moment, you get a message from an unknown number.
Loki: Hello darling. Its Loki :) Are you home yet?
You smiled at the use of the smiley face; it was the first one he sent to you. You quickly saved his number and replied.
You: Heyy. Yes, I just got home.
Loki: Are you free to call?
You: I sure am.
In a few moments you were getting a call from Loki, this was it. Smiling at your phone you accept the call.
“Hello darling, its nice to put a voice to that pretty face of yours.”
Well, he definitely as smooth as he was in text.
“Thank you. I have to say, I like your accent.” You compliment him back.
You heard him chuckle at your words.
“I’m glad that you do. How was dinner with your friends?” He asked huskily.
“It went well, I just got back a little while ago. We had a bit of wine, so I feel a bit on top of the world right now.” You chuckle, still feeling the buzz from the wine.
“Wine hey? What wine do you fancy?” He asked curiously.
“White wine, although I’m open to others depending on the occasion.” You answered truthfully. You didn’t drink often, just when in the company of close friends or when you’re relaxing at home on a Saturday night.
“Good choice… so darling what else is there to know about you?” He asked curiously.
“Not much if I’m being honest. I work at a publishing house where I co-write certain columns. I have a small circle of friends. You’re already aware of me being a submissive, so I’d say that’s just the general things to know, how about you… sir?”
Your words are followed by a sharp in take of breath from the other side of the line.
“Hmm, well I’m from London, I manage my father’s business with my older brother, I like reading – its an escape of mine from the pressures of the world and as you already know I’m a dominant.”
“What makes you enjoy being a dominant? Besides having control over things.” You recall his words from the previous night.
“Besides being in control of the business, I like having to control the pleasure of another. The moments leading up to the climax, the activities done leading to it, and the relief felt from all of it, may I ask the same about being submissive?”
His reply had you relating to it a lot. He was right in the sense of it being a sort of relief aspect. When life got a bit too much to deal with, it felt nice having to let others take charge of your pleasure.
“When I grew up, my life had always been busy. Moving around all the time and not having anyone permanent in my life. When I was old enough, I chose to stay with my grandmother and go to college here in New York. I had finally gotten control over my life and the choices I made, but I couldn’t rely on anyone to make me feel secure and take that little break from life. When I turned 20, I became interested in BDSM, and from there I found myself liking it more and more.”
You hadn’t really explained the details of your choice in being a submissive to many people. Your own friends weren’t aware of your sexual interests, no matter how close you were to them. This was your little secret.
“You were quite young when you started off with it. I was about your age when I started. I admire your view of it, and I’d love to talk more about this and more with you. If you’d allow me to of course, in person of course.” He said politely.
You smirked at his words.
“Are you asking me out Mr. Odinson?” You asked slyly.
“I believe that I am Ms. y/l/n.” You could tell that he was smiling from the tone in which his words were said.
“When would you want to go out?”
“How does tomorrow night sound? That’s if you’re not busy.”
Oh, he wanted to see you that soon.
You had no issue; it had just been a while since you’d been out with a guy in general.
“Very well then sir, tomorrow it is.” You agreed.
“Is 19:00 alright?”
“Perfectly fine with me, am I to wear anything in particular?” You wondered whether or not anything would happen at this dinner, and you weren’t going to go unprepared.
“If its any help, I like the colour emerald green. I’d be pleased to see you in that.” His tone had suddenly become deeper.
“I wouldn’t want to disappoint you sir.” You said softly.
“Good girl darling, I like a girl like that.” He admitted.
“I’ll see you tomorrow then?”
“Looking forward to it, text me your address. I’ll have a driver of mine drive you to my place. I’d prefer if we had some privacy away from prying eyes.” He said referring to the public.
“I’ll do just that. No worries, I understand. The public eye can be very inquisitive.” You say in understanding.
“I bid you a goodnight then darling. Stay well and until tomorrow.” Loki said with a hint of humour.
“You too kind sir, until we meet. Goodnight.” You fake a british accent and hear him chuckle on the other end.
Holding in a chuckle of your own, you cut the call. A big smile on your face as you gaze up at your ceiling, it was refreshing talking to Loki, he seemed like a good person, and you were looking forward to meeting him tomorrow night.
Your phone buzzed on your chest, when you checked the message, it was Peter telling you he was staying over at MJ’s since he lived far, and she insisted that him and Ned spend the night.
You text him goodnight and go to bed, with the thoughts of a certain mans voice in your mind.
Tumblr media
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wheredafandomat · a day ago
Solo Nights 😉
It had been a long day of getting punched, kicked, thrown and pushed. Obviously you guys won. You always win. But the process of getting to that win was not a painless one. Today’s mission was terribly lengthy and the feeling of getting back to your room, showering and falling into a blissful nights sleep was the only thing keeping you going.
Walking out of the quintet, you said your goodbyes to your team. It was your usual goodbye. A playful grope and a hug. You’d do it after every mission except now Loki was also part of the team so it made things a little more awkward. Instead of pulling Loki into a hug accompanied by a grope, you’d usually just do a dramatic curtsy and say something witty like “goodbye your majesty”. To make things even better, he’d usually smile back and say something equally silly like “I wish I was accompanying you” The team would always say he’s flirting but you knew better. Loki didn’t flirt. He’d barley smile so he definitely was not flirting, although it didn’t stop you pretending he was in the comfort of your room.
After showering and putting on an oversized top, you then began to lay under your covers getting comfortable. Closing your eyes, you began to think of what it was you’d dream of and with this, you waited for sleep to take you.
Sleep wasn’t coming. Despite how tired you were, sleep was hiding from you. Well only one thing that’s going to help me now you thought reaching into the draw at the side of your bed. You smiled at the sight of your new best friend. With 12 different intensity levels, pressure technology and a g spot extension, you’d be knocked out soon enough.
Soft whimpers began to leave your mouth as you bucked your hips at the contact from the toy. Right now you were just setting the mood.
Turning up the intensity, you started thinking of him. His raven locks that shaped his face as he’d gaze into your eyes. His striking features. His body. Oh the things you’d do to that body.
Upping the intensity even more, you then thought about his elegant fingers. How they’d feel tormenting you, dancing around your clit. His tongue. How he’d torture you with it, licking every part of your body until you’d writhe underneath him. How he’d use his cock to choke you. How he’d bend you over and fuck you violently as you begged for him to go deeper. Harder. Wow that went dark you thought as you turned the intensity even higher.
At this point, you were a wet, screaming mess. Not that you knew. The thought of you riding Loki was driving you insane. Looking longingly into his eyes as you bounced on top of him. His pants and praises filling the room along with your cries and gasps. His hands grabbing your hips thrusting into you every time you both connected.
You were so close. You knew that this orgasm was going to leave you sleeping for days. This orgasm was going to feel euphoric. This orgasm was…
Interrupted by a distressed Loki barging into your room.
The sight of him, topless, was enough. That was the thing that pushed you over the edge. You were literally squirting.
“I thought something had happened, you were screaming” Loki replied, worry evident in his tone as he tore his gaze from you and turned around.
“G-ghe—GET OoOUt”
And with that Loki was gone.
Tumblr media
A/N: 🤣 I thought this was quite funny. Should I do another part? Maybe Lokis POV or something. LMK.
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anonymousfiction211 · 19 hours ago
Lost kittens
A/N: After the negativity this morning, I am in desperate need for some fluff. Hope it brightens your day a little!
Lost kittens The front door burst open and was immediately slammed shut. The impact of the loud noise startled you. Hearing footsteps fastly approached your heartbeat quickened and you held your breath while looking at the hallway of the living room, waiting for someone to appear.
Seeing Loki appear he ran fast past you and towards the table, without even looking or acknowledging you.
'Loki, you scared me!' you said, relieved that it was just your boyfriend who had entered and not some stranger. 'Why are you soaking wet?' you noticed the trail of water behind him. He was dripping next to the table and held his hands on a weird bump against his chest. He didn't respond, carefully opening the zipper of his jacket you walked towards him, seeing what he was up to.
The softest meow escaped from his chest and Loki pulled out two small kittens and put them on the table. With a flick of his wrist, he dried himself off. He ran towards the bedroom, leaving you to stare at the two creatures. The kittens were also soaking wet and shivering from the cold. One of them was black-and-white, while the other had red fur. Loki quickly emerged from the bedroom with a towel and started to dry the kittens off. You had never seen him looked so worried.
'Loki? Where did you get the kittens?' you asked him. He was thoroughly checking each kitten he dried for injuries.
Ignoring your question he asked you 'Could you get something to drink or eat for them? What do they even eat? I don't know.. maybe we need to go to the store.. or the vet.. should we call someone?' he said without taking a single breath between his questions.
You put a hand on his shoulder 'It's going to be all right. I will fix something' you reassured him and he looked relieved. You went to the kitchen to get some milk and meat for the kittens. It wasn't ideal but had to do for now. When you walked back to the living room you saw that Loki had moved the kittens to the warm blanket you had wrapped around you on the couch when he barged in. The kittens were clearly enjoying the warmth you had left behind. So, who were you to argue? You settled the milk and meat in front of them and they slowly started to drink and eat.
Sitting next to Loki you tried again 'Where did you get the kittens?'
Loki didn't take his eyes of the kittens 'When I was walking home it started to pour down. I heard soft meowing from under a dumpster I passed and found these little guys' he explained.
'Do you think they are okay? Should we take them to the vet?' he added.
'Loki, it's eleven o'clock in the evening, the vet is closed. But I will call first thing tomorrow okay?' you explained.
Loki didn't look pleased but nodded to let you know he understood. The kittens stopped eating and drinking and you realized Loki hadn't taken his eyes off them yet. The kittens slowly started to walk and explore the couch. Both of you watched them without saying a word. Eventually one crawled onto Loki's lap and the other one curled up against his thigh. Loki carefully petted them taking turns. Clearly exhausted the kittens fell asleep.
'Loki, they look all right. Stop worrying' you reassured him.
'Sorry for barging in here' he finally said. 'What were you doing?'
'No problem, a movie has just begun we can watch' you answered. Loki smiled and gave you a kiss on the lips.
'How early can we call tomorrow?' he asked.
'They open at 8 o'clock' you said. 'They will check them out and see if they belong to someone, but seeing the state they are in I expect them to have wandered the streets for quite some time' you said.
'I am NOT giving them back to someone who either loses them or just doesn't care' he hissed. 'Nobody baby should be left to die on their own' he added much more sadly. You laid your head on his shoulder and he turn his head to lean against yours. Comforting him, since he clearly wasn't talking about the kittens in that moment.
'I know, love. You won't have to. If they don't have owners they will go to the pound. Then they will find them each a home' you said.
'NO! Thunder and Mischief have to stay together. I don't want them to split up, who knows how long it will take for them to find a home? And all that time they have to wait in who knows what kind of conditions' Loki defensively replied.
'Thunder and Mischief?' you cocked an eyebrow and had to suppress your laughter. 'You named them?'
Loki was looking at the sleeping kittens again and he tried to hide it, but you saw the slight blush on his cheeks and ears. 'I might have' he muttered a little.
'Which one is which?' you asked amused.
'The red one is Thunder and the black one is Mischief' Loki answered with a big smile on his face.
Knowing Loki there was no way that these kittens would ever leave the apartment. You actually preferred dogs over cats, but decided to keep that information to yourself. Besides, you liked cats enough to keep these kittens, especially after seeing how happy they made Loki.
'Can we keep them?' his voice was a bit softer and the doubt and insecurity was clearly showing on his face.
'We can keep them' you said to Loki who looked instantly relieved and happy. 'After the vet we can drive to the pet store and get everything we need. But only on one condition, we only get the necessities and one toy for each'
'Yes of course' Loki said. He sighed content and the two of you watched the movie that was on. Or at least, you did. Loki's attention kept shifting back to the sleeping kittens, making sure they were okay. You had a feeling that Loki was going to go overboard and that tomorrow the whole apartment would be filled with cat toys. But you didn't care, it warmed your heart seeing your boyfriend this happy.
Permanent taglist: @delightfulheartdream @the-best-phineas @pescadoavocado @theestorm @theaudacitytowrite @taurusbeing @justacripple
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hisladylaufeyson · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
HIS GLORIOUS PURPOSE | 5. owe you one
summary: a turn of events leaves you begging for your sister's life before the last man who'd ever want to help you.
and when he agrees, you have to wonder: what's in it for him?
word count: 2K
pairing: loki x fem!reader
You wish you could say she was your first thought.
Vaguely you are aware of her calling your name, her voice pained and hoarse. Soot coats your eyelashes like off-brand mascara, and when they flutter open, you find she is kneeling over you, shaking you by the shoulders in a way that is meant to rouse and not hurt. You wish you could say this woman, Natasha, your sister had been your first thought, but you can't.
When you thought you were going to die, the only one on your mind was him.
Natasha says your name again, more urgently this time, and you cough in response. Dust and ash are suspended in the surrounding air like snowflakes; you can feel them inside you, too, lining your lungs like dryer lint.
"Thank God," your sister breathes. Her cheeks are tear-stained. "I thought you were dead."
"Not that delicate," you mutter, and sit up, despite the protests of your aching limbs. Your back rests against the beam behind you. "What happened?"
"An explosion." Natasha waves her transceiver where you can see it. "Loki's minions have invaded the helicarrier, took out an engine. One more and we'll go down."
"How depressing."
"You could say that." You can hear the smile in her voice, the kind of amusement a person clings to when it's all they've got. Hear it, but can't see it, because your vision is slipping—
"Hey. Hey, wake up." Your sister grips your shoulder again and shakes it lightly. "I know it hurts, but you can't sleep now." Her voice falls to a whisper. "There's something else you have to see."
You have to force your eyes to open. When they do, Natasha meets them with her own, the look in them solemn.
"What is it?"
Wordlessly, she nods to the floor behind her. What you'd thought was a pile of rubble from the explosion is both that and something more: a body, twitching beneath the wreckage, a single foot poking out from the debris. You recognize that shoe, to whom it belongs.
When you snap your head up to look at Natasha, there is a panic similar to yours embedded in her expression. Somehow you know you are both thinking the same thing:
How the hell are we going to get out of this one?
Tumblr media
"Dr. Banner."
One of Natasha's hands is on Bruce's arm, trying to shake him awake; the other is over her mouth to keep from inhaling smoke. Bruce stirs, but doesn't open his eyes.
"Why wake him up?" You ask, your voice low. You are genuinely curious. The doctor may have kept a lid on his second self for a long time, but even he had to know it wouldn't last.
And almost dying seems like a hell of a good time for the Hulk to make his appearance.
Natasha looks at you with desperate eyes. "I can't just leave him here," she says. "What if the helicarrier goes down?"
"Then none of us would survive, though at least he'd have the advantage of being unconscious while it happens."
She frowns at you and goes back to rattling Bruce's arm. "Dr. Banner."
Bruce stirs again, this time with more finality, and you each take a step back. But still, he doesn't wake.
Your sister moves close to him once more, but something about the way he's shifted in his unconscious state makes you wary. Have his eyelids begun to flutter, or are you simply imagining it?
Natasha reaches for his arm again and your cry of protest leaves your lips a second too late: when her fingers touch the sleeve of his shirt, Bruce jerks awake, spinning them around so your sister is trapped below him. He grips her wrist and squeezes, hard enough that she gasps in pain, tight enough that you can hear the faint crack of bone echo throughout the room.
"Doctor," Natasha whispers, her breath coming in short spurts, "please. Let go of my hand."
Bruce doesn't say anything, only looks at her with eyes that are startlingly empty.
"Bruce." Her voice has lost all semblance of self-possession; she is begging, now, and you are helpless in the face of it. "Bruce," she says again, "please. We're going to be okay. All right? I swear on my life, I will get you out of this, you will walk away, and never ever—"
"Your life?" The snarl rips out of Bruce's mouth suddenly enough that you stumble back. His grip on Natasha's wrist tightens and her face contorts in agony.
"No," you say, and surge forward. Your hand reaches out to touch Bruce's shoulder before a kick from your sister sends you sprawling back; you barely have time to catch your footing, and just miss skewering yourself on the sparking metal beam behind you.
"I'm sorry," Natasha gasps, "but I can't let you. You have to run."
When you don't respond, her gaze turns feral. "Run."
"No. I won't leave you. You can't—"
"There's no time—"
"No." Now it is your turn to glare at her, stubbornness lighting a fire in your chest. Natasha might not have been your first thought, but to hell if she wasn't going to be your last. "Can you, for one moment, let me make my own decisions? I'm not leaving you."
Perhaps you could have been a little less harsh. Hurt flashes through Natasha's eyes and your heart constricts at the sight of it. Before she can respond, however, Bruce pulls off of her, collapsing a few feet away with his head in his heads.
Your sister sits up, panting, cradling her wrist in her other hand. A quick glance at it and your eyes widen—a bruise the width of your pinky finger covers its circumference like a bracelet, marring the pale flesh underneath with purpling spots.
"Bruce—" she starts to say, but you silence her with a sharp glance. Look, you say with your eyes. Look.
Natasha sees it moments after your silent plea, and her eyes widen until most of the whites are visible. She stares at you, and you stare back.
Green. He's turning green.
Bruce's skin is turning green, and not only that, but his whole self is growing bigger, muscles straining against the material of his shirt. His fists, which were but one minute ago wrapped around your sister's wrist, are pushing into his temples, closed tight enough you imagine it would be painful. Painful, that is, if the Hulk wasn’t resistant to pain, wasn't void of all feeling. Painful, if Bruce were anyone but himself.
It is only when the buttons of his shirt scatter and he begins to stand up that you and your sister each come to your senses.
"Run," Natasha says.
This time, you don't argue.
Tumblr media
You run until you can't run anymore, until breathing is an exercise in itself. You run until your feet stop of their own accord, until the ache in your limbs is no longer a dull presence but hot, stiff pain, as though your veins have been injected with metal. You run until you are sure Bruce won't be able to find you, and the room you end up in is not so surprising as the man in the center of it; or rather, the man who should be in the center.
Because Loki has found a way to leave his cage.
Natasha, behind you, sees this and rushes forward, towards him. Her angry shout overlaps with your own yelp of warning, both sounds paling in comparison to the click of the cell as it slides closed, trapping, not Loki, but your sister inside.
The God of Mischief laughs, and despite your conflicting feelings, there is nothing confusing about your urge to strangle him for it.
"What a pleasant turn of events."
"For you, perhaps." Natasha's words are directed to Loki, but she's looking at you, palms braced against the glass cage.
Loki grins, a smile that shows nearly all his teeth. "Oh, yes," he says. "Extremely pleasant for me. I admit I'd been imagining such a moment, though I would've preferred my idiot brother on the other side of that glass.
"Nonetheless... it will be great fun watching you fall from the sky."
Your eyes widen and Natasha's do, too, almost imperceptibly. But while her eyes remain fixed on your face, yours snap over to Loki, who has arranged himself behind the cell's control panel. What had Fury said earlier, when you'd been watching from the other room?
Thirty thousand feet, straight down in a steel trap.
Panic lurches in your throat. "Wait, Loki—"
At the sound of your voice, Loki turns his gaze on you, fingers hovering over the control buttons. Once again, his green eyes flash with an emotion you cannot place—but it's gone just as quickly as the last time, a familiar blankness transforming his expression into that of hardened marble. His lips are the only part of him that give anything away, the corner of one side twitching in bitter amusement.
"Missed me already, darling?" Again, that nickname reserved especially for you. "That was a nasty little trick you pulled on me earlier. I was almost offended.
"But—" he continues, and you don't interrupt, glad for any distraction— "I still won, in the end."
At your silence, his eyes narrow. "Admit it. Admit that I've won."
Like before, he seems desperate for your approval, though why that is you aren't sure. You won't give it to him, though, not without something in return.
"And if I do?" Your voice wobbles, just barely. "If I agree that you've won, you'll let Natasha go?"
His eyes glimmer with mischief. "Are you positive you want that?"
"Why the hell wouldn't I? She's my sister."
Loki shrugs and pushes off the control panel, takes a silent step towards you. "A sister who orders you around? Who controls you?" Another step; his voice goes dangerously low. "Who drags you on her missions but doesn't tell you anything about them? Who uses you, for the work she doesn't want to do herself?"
"Don't listen to him. He's just trying to distract you." Natasha's words break into your thoughts.
Loki grins again and takes another step; now he is but a foot away, so close you can make out the flecks of blue in his eyes, the lone strand of black hair that has fallen over one of them. "And is it working, darling?"
You notice how attuned he is to the slowness of your blinking, the staggered way you are breathing. The rise and fall of your chest.
Your chin lifts.
"You're wrong," you say. "My sister cares for me."
"Caring for someone is not the same as valuing them. But you already knew that."
"Let her go."
Disappointed in your resolve, Loki scoffs and once more approaches the control center. But you can't let him get to the buttons, you won't—
You surge forward and grab him by the arm. Loki jerks away as though burned, and when he turns to you, his eyes are flashing, the muscle in his jaw clenched tight.
"What do you think you're doing, mortal—"
"Please." You hate to beg him, not when earlier you had been the one to put him in his place, but it's your last option. Your only option. "Let her go, and I'll do anything you want."
He goes quiet. Then: "Anything?"
Distantly, you hear Natasha's voice—probably trying to talk sense into you, to warn you against making deals with the devil—but you ignore her. You are staring directly into Loki's eyes, now, matching him breath for breath. "Whatever you want," you say, "as long as you promise not to hurt her.
"What do you want?"
A slow smile spreads across his face. "Nothing now, darling," he says—and your heart drops, because you were sure he would take you up on that offer, and if he doesn't you don't know what you would do—"but let's say you owe me one."
Your shoulders sag in relief; you'd half expected him to ask for something ridiculous, or dangerous, or worse.
But is being in Loki's debt really that much better?
As if he can sense what you're thinking, Loki leans down, close enough that his breath fans across your neck. "A favor," he murmurs, lips brushing the shell of your ear, "to cash in whenever I want. Anything I want. Is that right?"
"Yes," you breathe, after a moment's hesitation. "That's right."
He hums and pulls back, and you prepare yourself for him to walk away, for the distance it will put between the two of you. But Loki pauses, and again you spy a flicker of emotion in his eyes, this time one you think you recognize.
You hold your breath and watch as he lifts a single hand, hovers it over your face. Allow your lashes to flutter shut as his finger ghosts over your cheekbone, the simple touch unlike anything you've ever felt before.
When you open your eyes, he is gone.
And when you raise your fingers to the place his own were, just moments before, they come away flecked with blood.
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kaz11283 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Where Did The Love Go
Part 2
My "Where Did The Love Go" Mini foce can be found Here
My Loki Masterlist will be waiting Here
And if you have any asks or request you are more than welcome to send them in.
~ I have been enjoying writing this is so much! I had a little mishap tonight which has caused me to completly rewrite Part 2 but its ok. Obviously it is a blessing in disguise so I cant complain. This was originally requested I am assuming as a one shot but I ran with it! So to who ever requested this THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! Request : "Heyy, could you pls write a Loki x reader, where reader and Loki are childhood friends but reader got banished to Midgard where she got trained by shield and they see eachother again during the battle of New York and they don’t know how to act around eachother but eventually get together? Like a childhood friends to enemies to lovers? Also love your writing byeeee"
(20 years after the fall)
"This better be good Nick." You mumbled over the com as you nimbly jumped from one of the beams of the celing. "I have been waiting to get this intel for months."
"I think in the end it will be worth your while. Then you can go back to doing whatever it was you were doing." He said meeting you at the front door of the church.
"I was waiting on the bad guys to come in and spill all their guts about what kind of trade is going on in the Indian Ocean. Not that it concerns you, since I work for the European Chapter of SHEILD." You mumbled pulling your hood up to cover your ears from the cold.
"It doesnt concern me, but you do. I just like checking in. I still dont understand why you dont just come back home, its to cold here." He shivered.
"You sound to much like a worried father." You laughed nuding him. After your fall he had taken you in, gave you a place to stay, and trained you with the best of the best making you into a force to be wreakened with. "I like the cold. I thrive in it."
"A worried colleague, that sounds more professional." He opened the door to the plan for you to step through.
"I'll remeber that on the holidays then, colleague." You smirked stripping off your layers in the warmth of the plane.
"Whatever, twirp." He handed you a file. "Simple enough mission, some guy stole the tesseract. We are calling some of the best in to see what the whole thing is about." You opened it up, the black and white picture of the man caused your heart to drop. Even if they were gray you knew the green eyes, the long black curly hair. You could still imagine what it felt like when it ran between your fingers, how his lips felt on every part of you.
"Looks like a Snape wanna be if you ask me." You said clearing your throat and closing it back. "Are you sure theres no one else you can bother with this stuff?"
"Kid, your the only space being that I know. If I didnt have to i wouldnt drag you into this mess." He said taking the file back.
"Fine, fill me in. The sooner we figure it out the sooner I'll be back home." You said kicking up your feet on the seat in front of you.
The plane landed on top of the Helicarrier a few hours later letting you and Fury off before leaving again.
"Its so hot here, I like my cool climate ten times better than this." You wined.
"Shut up and get inside, there are a few people I want you to meet." He said rolling his eyes. He lead you to what looked like a lab where a staff was proped up and an older man examining it.
"Dr. Banner, this is Y/N shes here to try and help us figure out exactly what this thing is and what it does." You walked over to Dr.Banner and shook his hand.
"Please, just call me Bruce." He smiled. "I cant get a feel at all about this thing. All I know is that it is capable of mind control." You leaned over it trying to get a closer look.
"Now that is what I like to see in the lab." A voice wolf called behind you causing you to roll your eyes.
"I would have never imagined that you would be here." You said turning and looking at none other than Tony Stark. "They must have been really desperate to ask you for help." You laughed walking up and giving him a hug. You and him had helped each other out on a few occasions.
"Its good to see you again, hon." He smiled pulling away from you but keeping you at arms length. "You let me know if you need anything, ok?" He said kissing you on the top of the head.
"Yeah yeah, lets not get all sentimental." You smiled. "Any idea what this thing does?"
"Mind control?" He shrugged. "Other than that, not a clue." The doors opened showing a man dressed in a red, white, and blue uniform.
"Hello ma'ma, Steve Rodgers, nice to meet you." He said shaking your hand, you didnt notice the other walk in behind him until.
"Lady Y/N?" Your heart dropped at the title, you turned facing a long blond haired man. He percing blue eyes met yours. Pain coursed through you.
"No one has called me that in a long time and no one is about to start, Thor." Anger replaced pain as you started at him.
"Wait," Fury said stepping beside you. "You know them. The way you sounded on the trip here you had never even seen that guy."
"Knew them, I knew them a long time ago. I dont know anything about him or his brother now." You went to grab your jacket snd leave when a group of guards came walking by the lab escorting none other than Loki stopping you dead in your tracks.
His hair was stringy, unlike how you remembered, his eyes were a brilliant blue, not the green that haunted your dreams, everythjng about his was diffrent not the same man you had fallen in love with all those years ago. Tears came to your eyes as the shell of the man caught a glimps of you almost halting him in his footsteps.
"He never stopped loving you. It tore him apart when father banished you here. It broke all of us to see him spiral like he did." You turned back to Thor, anger now seeping from you.
"Dont you dare say that, dont you dare pull that poor pitiful me Bullshit Thor. If you had any concern over me or your brother you never showed it that day, you or your mother. If I remember correctly you two ideally stood by as they drug me from that room kicking and screaming while your brother begged for your father to let me stay." You turned to him. "But you just couldn't let your brother fall in love with the help. You just couldnt stand for him to be happy when you wasn't. You had always been an asshole Thor, but that day? That day you were more like your good for nothing father, and I hope all of Hell Fire reins down and destroys him where he sit on that damn throne!" You said stalking up to him. You only came up to his chest but you felt every word drip with poison.
"You have no rig-" he started.
"I have every right here, because here? You don't rule Midguard Thor Odinson and you never will." You turned slaming the lab door behind you. You made your way down the winding hallways to where they had taken Loki when you met up with two guards stationed outside of a room.
"Authorized personel only." One said looking down at you. "Fury's orders."
"Let me by." You went to step between them, they both blocked you.
"Authorized personel only, ma'ma." He repeated.
"Fine. Be that way." You turned on your heal walking back the way you came. "Every room has a way you can get in. Nothing is sealed completly off." You looked up starting to follow the air ducts. "Dumbasses." You grabbed a chair from a near by room and pushed a tile away for you to crawl up in.
You followed the vents back the way you had came until you was right over the entrance. A steel wall met you. "Ugh." Where theres a will theres a way, you thought following the wall completly around the perimeter of the cell. "I will get in there one way or another." You mumbled crawling back to another empty office.
You walked to your room studying the celings and floors as you went. "Your not gonna find a way in." You jumped as Fury came out of the room you was going to be staying in.
"The cell that Loki is staying in is actually ment for Dr. Banner if the green guy ever gets out. Completly impenetrably."
"He doesn't deserve to be locked in a cell." You mumbled, walking over to your bag to pull out your sleep clothes. "He doesnt deserve any of this treatment that hes getting."
"Y/n, that is not the same man that you were in love with. Hes done horrible thing, killed people, brainwashed others. That man in there is not the same Loki that you left behind all those years ago." A tear ran down your cheek as you turned to him.
"I have to see for myself. I have to talk to him, to get a feel of what is goimg on. All those things your saying? They dont make sense. He would have never done those things, sure he was a trouble maker but actually killing people? Thats not the Loki I know."
He gave a loud sigh before looking to you. "Five minutes, thats all I can give you."
"Thats barly long enough to say hello."
"Five minutes take it or leave it."
"Fine, lets go."
On the way down he informed that of course they would be watching on the cameras, that if anything was to feel off to get out as fast as possible, and that the time would start as soon as you walked in. As the door slammed shut behind you you took a deep breath trying to steady your nerves. You walked up the ramp that lead to the cell, his back turned toward you. You took notice of his battle gear that he wore, the greens and gold entwining beautifully, he shoulders strong his torso narrowing just slightly at the waist. You imagined how he looked without all the clothes, how he had the v at his hips, the slight dimples that are right above his tail bone.
"I was wondering when you was going to make an apperance My Dove." His voice was like a warm blanket enveloping you.
"Loki," you stepped up to the glass placing your hand near him. "I have missed you so much." You placed your other hand over your mouth suppressing a cry. He turned then and your eyes met ice blue eyes, not the bright green ones that you had known. "They are listening." You whispered in Asguardian.
"Min due." He walked up to the glass wall. His eyes flashed from the ice blue to the emerald green that you were use to. "You have not changed, you are still as beautiful as the moons over Asguard during the spring solstice."
"Loki, my heart, was has happened to you? Its as if you are hear but you are many realms away. " you craved to be in there with his, to hold and to feel him aginst you again like it once was.
"There was a fight between Odin and I, Min due, I fear to tell you that I am not the same pers-"
"Agent Y/N, times up. Back to your quarters." Fury yelled across the room causing you both to sigh.
"Loki, I fear that I am not as you remeber me either." You look down. "I love you, I will get you out somehow. You do not deserve to be imprisoned like some animal." You took a spet back taking one last look at him before you turned and walked back to your room.
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huxs-waifu · 17 hours ago
Corrupted - Harry poter Au - Slytherin!Loki x GN!reader
Tumblr media
Slytherin!Loki x GN!reader
Slytherin!Loki has trouble asking someone to the yule ball. maybe a run-in with you will help!
a03 link -
Stephens date; is my OC from 10,000 nights. i can't get out of my head that he's a Slytherin and that him a Loki would be in the same year
"I can't just ask someone to the yule ball. I'm a prince, it would be below me."
"I did it, so it's not that difficult loki"
"Well not all of us have a pet we can just parade around with, Stephen. "
"She's not a pet , she's a gryffindor "
"Same difference in my eyes. She still makes sounds like one when you make out with her."
"Everyone knows you sneak her down into the dungeons for snogging." Adding in air quotations. " The Gryffindor tower would never let you in."
For a very rare moment Stephen when tight lipped and ears flushed. "MY point it's just ask someone ! If I can do it you can." Shutting his book and getting up. "I'm going to the library to study." And before Loki could clap back . "With wong may I add!" Slamming the dorm door as he goes.
--------- A few days later…
"Stupid ball even my brother when so low as to ask a muggle to the ball." Loki stopped mid-walking just on the corner where the corridors meet. "Wait I'll ask Sylvie, she's basically just me anyway..."
It was at that moment you walked into his chest. You're a Hufflepuff in the year below, of course you know very well of the older slytherins, well all the older students. As your friend Peter park seemed to be well liked by them all. Peter was going to be taking Mary Jane so you'd heard all the prep going on in the common room for what was going to be worn to the ball. You had yet to ask yourself, but weren't too bothered about going.
"Hey, watch it, little one. I'm monologuing here."
"Oh my I'm so sorry. Loki isn't it." Alarmed more at the fact he'd spoken to you than walking into him . Hands on face peaking between your fingers.
"Watch where you're going or are you too busy thinking about what you're wearing to the yule ball like everyone else in this place?"
"No actually I'm on my way to herbology like a normal person does at school. Even if it was your business, I've not been asked by anyone so wouldn't have been thinking about it in any way."
"Oh quite sassy for a hufflepuff aren't we?" smirking crossing his arms.
"I'd say, You like that in a person dont you Loki?" Attempting to lean on the wall. Dusting your hands together.
"Who are you?" Raising an eyebrow.
"Y/n . I'm in the year below you . I'm one of Peter's friends."
"Not goody two shoes Peter parker? God you'll be hanging out with my idiot brother in next no time then"
"Then maybe I need corrupting." Your hand slams up to your face peeking out of your fingers"oh I shouldn't have said that sorry, sorry." Becoming embarrassed. To your surprise Loki took hold of your wrists, peeling your hands away.
“Oh ill corrupt you little one. Your coming to the ball with me.”
“Im sorry what was that?” stopping confused looking at the raven haired boy.
“The ball your coming with me, and you'll be wearing green. None of this sunny yellow stuff.” picking at the corner of your robes. You must have looked like a cod fish had slapped you. Loki, one of the princes of Asgard, was demanding you when with him to a ball of all things. “Well have to match. If you can't afford it ill send something for you.” he touches your chin to move your open mouth closed. “Have fun in herbology”
He waved at you one last time, before he walked off. Leaving you to wonder fully what had happened . plus whether this was all just a joke. Loki was well known to trick people. It didn't matter how nice you were, it would be horrible for this to be a joke. Little did you know what would be waiting for you the night of the ball.
Stephen stood in their dorm, adjusting his bow tie wearing navy blue robes, that had crimson and gold piping along it. Loki entered the room and rolled his eyes.
“ Argh the pet, as even got you wearing gryffindor colours now.”
“We wanted to have some sort of matching theme, which you could of done with some one if you could of been bothered to ask.”
“See thats where youre wrong, my roomie. I am going with someone . I'm the one that's chosen to sort the colours though”
“I thought asking someone to a ball was below a prince?”
“Thats where youre wrong. I didn't ask, I told them they were coming with me.” getting on his bed, reclining, crossing his legs. “ i've still have not asked someone but I am going.”
“Loki you are sly, but i appreciate your thinking. Who even are they?” turning from the mirror.
“Someone that needs corrupting”
As promised you stood there with the package, on the evening of the ball. Opening to reveal an outfit. Which was Completely in your shape and style, as if you'd chosen it yourself. Maybe Loki really wasn't playing a trick on you as you slipped it on. Doing the last few buttons up. Jumping out of your skin when you hear a voice in your room.
“Wow, Y/N”
“Loki?” you turn around slowly. If it wasn't for his quick reflexes you could of sworn he had his mouth gaped open like you did when he asked.
“Who else would it be?” Taking a step towards you. The Hufflepuffs dorms were warm and cosy, doused in candle light . you could see clearly that your outfits matched. Both is a dark green, that has crisp apple green pin stripes running through it, the stitching on the robes in a sparkly emerald green. The look in Loki's eyes seemed to be that of genuine affection. “ May i say you look beautiful in green, maybe you should change houses!”
You let out a laugh. “Only if you ask me to!”
His face drops, opening up his hands either side of him ”That's below me. I don't just ask people, i suggest”
“Then I suggest you ask me to the ball before you take another step out of this room.”
“You know you are really sassy for a Hufflepuff.” he says getting closer, circling you, almost like a peacock showing off around a mate.
“Were you expecting candy canes and rainbows?”
“That would work better you know if you didn't literally have a rainbow pillow on your bed.” he replies taking it from behind him on the bed with the discarded packaging and batting you with it .
“Thats it im not going!” you turn around and he catches your wrists.
“Your going with me!”
“Ask politely!” your eyes meet, he seems to be genuinely concerned that you won't go with him. Loki's mind considers all his actions up to this point. Was it really below him to ask someone as pretty as you? He moves one of his hands to your hips, your eyes follow. The other he places on his shoulder.
“I suggest you don't tell Stephen of this.” he starts to sway you. “ y/n will you go to the Ball with me?”
You smile at him. “Now who's corrupting who?”
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frostbitten-written · 23 hours ago
I’m curious and would like to know if anyone would be interested, so:
Would anyone (who is 18+, Minors DNI) be interested/willing to read a smutty one-shot of Lady Loki x an unnamed female reader (she/her), if I posted one?
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0paperairplane0 · 2 months ago
Am I the only one that doesn’t think Loki is narcissistic? I think he craves atttention because he doesn’t have enough. He feels neglected and tries to make things about himself to attract attention. In the scene where Loki explains his theory to Mobius, he looks like an excited puppy. He is so excited for the possibility that maybe for once he’s right. That behaviour is something that is very common in neglected children. Sif says to Loki that he is alone and always will be alone. His whole life he had no real friends and the only person that ever believed in him was Frigga. He was always overlooked and lived in the shadows of Thor’s greatness. Loki said that he hurts people as a part of the illusion for a desperate attempt at having the control that he has never had. A narcissist would never be able to admit this and would not even believe it. Narcissism by definition is the pursuit of gratification from vanity or egotistic admiration of one's idealised self-image and attributes. We know that this is not Loki because from what we’ve seen throughout the mcu is that he does not think of himself as amazing. He is self-critical and insecure. Throughout his lifetime, he has been told over and over again that he is not enough and I think that he may say “I am a god” and “I am burdened with glorious purpose” to convince himself and others that he is great. Loki is not narcissistic, he hides his insecurities behind a shield that resembles narcissism.
Edit: I realize now that this post is a bit ableist and I’m really sorry if I offended anyone. I didn’t realize it was ableist when I posted it.
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wheredafandomat · a day ago
Green = Flashback
“Loki, give me the tesseract. You’re only making this harder on yourself” y/n said sternly walking towards Loki
“NO! Regardless of what you and your team of delinquents do, there’s no stopping him, there’s only the end”
“Loki, whatever it is that your scared of, we’ll sort it out together ok just give me the tesseract” y/n asked desperately getting closer to Loki
“Scared? I’m not scared and even if I was, a pathetic halfwit like yourself could never help me”
“Loki please don’t make me do this. If you don’t give up willingly, I’m going to have to hurt you and I do not want to do that Loki”
“You could never hurt me”
“Loki I’m not going to purposely hurt you and then lie and say it was Thor” y/n laughed playfully shoving Loki
“Please y/n. It’d be funny”
“Fineee. Can we at least go to the library so we can watch the sun set from the balcony”
“Race you”
“You’d choose them over me? THOSE ostentatious oafs over me?”
“This Loki isn’t my Loki. My Loki died. He is dead. He fought his brother on the rainbow bridge in Asgard and he died” y/n replied shakily trying to stop tears falling from her eyes
“Except he didn’t did he. DID HE?! Did you even wonder where I ended up when I fell? Did you mourn? DID YOU MOURN y/n?! Or did you ease your pain using my brother? I bet you two really comforted each other didn’t you?”
“Loki Stop”
“Did you think of me? Every time he’d hug you. Fuck you. Did you think of me?”
Shocked with her actions, y/n stepped back from Loki slightly
“The actions of a guilty harlot”
“And now you’re what? Some sort of superhero” Loki replied amused
“Loki give me the tesseract”
“Loki please, once the team get here I won’t be able to interfere. If you give me the tesseract now then I’ll ensure they go easy on you.”
“It wasn’t Loki”
“Y/N you don’t have to lie to protect Loki”
“Im not”
“So, why did you decide to pick a flower from the garden”
“I- um- I-“
“No need to go on dear I know it wasn’t you” Frigga replied taking the flower out of y/n’s hair
“Loki said that it was a gift. He said that the flower was magical and that it’d look really good in my hair so I let him tie it around my plaits. I didn’t know it was from your garden”
“Don’t worry y/n it’ll grow back”
After a short pause y/n began to speak again
“Will Loki be in trouble. I really don’t want Loki to be in trouble”
“He won’t be y/n, he’ll just be on garden duty for the next month”
“I’ll help” y/n replied cheerfully
“I don’t need your help you unsightly wench” Loki spat at y/n walking closer and closer to her
“You are the most beautiful, exquisite person I’ve ever seen”
“Loki stop”
“How I’m able to keep my hands off of you is beyond me”
“Shhh Loki we’re in public”
“I thought you liked it when we were in public”
“Not here Loki” y/n said blushing
“Well you liked it last week when you pleaded for me to untie your dress and take you in the hallway”
“I was feeling horn—”
“What about the time we were sitting in the gardens and you got on your knees and starting sucking my”
“Or the time I used my fingers to”
“Come on darling we’ll be quiet”
“QUIET” shouted a voice from behind y/n
“Brother. How nice of you to join us” Loki replied wrathfully
“Loki give us the tesseract, it’s over”
“Come to save your precious Jezebel?”
“Do not speak of y/n in that way Loki”
“Why not? That’s what she is isn’t she. I bet it didn’t take her long to move on”
And with that, Thor began to charge towards Loki, Mjollnir in hand”
“THOR STOP” y/n screamed desperately trying to separate the brothers
“Stay back” Thor said through gritted teeth fighting Loki
“I’d listen to the oaf if I were you”
Seeing that Thor was about to hit Loki with Mjollnir, Y/N quickly stepped in front of him
“Thor stop. Please”
“No I’m not going t—”
Y/N noticed that Thor wasn’t even holding Mjollnir anymore. What could he have been talking about?
“NOO!” Thor shouted as y/n fell back onto Loki
“Loki?” Y/N asked looking up at Loki, blood pouring relentlessly from her body
“I- oh god- Y/N!” Loki replied frantically holding her
“Loki what have you done?” Thor asked hopelessly trying to help Loki lay y/n down
“I- it was like I was in a trance- Y/N! Y/N STAY AWAKE. THOR GET HELP”
“I love you”
“I love me too Loki”
“Y/N honestly I really really love you”
“I know. I love you too”
Tumblr media
A/N: What did we think? Should I carry on? Does anyone have any suggestions or prompts for this or future fics? If so please feel free to message me or something. I am honestly so grateful for all likes, replies and reblogs 🖤🖤
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handmaiden-of-mischief · 2 months ago
Don’t Let Me Go
Hi lovelies! This is one of the requests I’ve written (only 19 others to go now😁) and I really got inspired so it’s long 😁 I hope you enjoy! - Love, Kiki 🖤
Request/prompt: “Don’t let me go.”
Pairing: Loki x fem!reader
Summary: A fight with Loki unveils feelings which have always simmered beneath the surface, feelings neither of you has ever dared to voice. But maybe it’s too late now to finally confess (sorry for the vague summary, I wanted to avoid spoilers for the story). Takes place after the events of Thor: Ragnarok; Infinity War never happened, Thor and Loki have managed to rescue the Asgardian people and have now joined the Avengers (Loki more or less willingly...)
Word count: 8.8k
Warnings: SMUT (ONLY READ IF YOU’RE 18+ YEARS OLD!), unprotected sex (please be safe in real life and use a condom!), mentions of torture, angst with a happy ending
For more Loki content, check out my masterlist 🥰
As always, likes, comments and reblogs are appreciated! 🖤
Tumblr media
The briefing had been going on for half an hour by now, in which nothing had happened but Steve droning on and on about minor security breaches and a new tech update which had somehow caused a havoc with one of Tony’s newer projects running rampage on the upper floors last week. The burn hole was still marring the wooden floor. Sam, Wanda and Vision were staying in Sokovia to help rebuild what was left of the country after the devastating battle against Ultron – you’d never really met them – while Bruce was insisting on working in the lab for a while, far away from any Avengers business, and Clint was staying with his family for now. Which left Steve, Bucky, Tony, Nat, the Asgardian brothers and you.
In the seat opposite of you, you could see how the boredom in Loki’s expression kept growing while he stared at the little green sparks dancing on the tips of his fingers as he obviously had a hard time staying awake during Steve’s sermon. With his attention fixed on the little sparks, you took the chance to watch him for a few seconds and admire the way the rays of the warm afternoon sun flooding in through the glass façade behind him fell on his smooth black hair, making it shimmer like the softest satin, and how his long, dark lashes brushed against the sharp line of his cheekbones whenever he blinked.
It had been one year since Thor had brought the surviving people of Asgard to Norway after their home had been destroyed during Ragnarok, and he and his brother, who’d helped in the fight against Hela, had joined the Avengers – only weeks after you and Bucky had managed to escape Hydra’s clutches with the help of Steve, Sam and Nat.
While Thor, Bucky and you had been accepted as new residents in the Avengers tower with open arms, Loki hadn’t been granted the same warm welcome. The memories of the battle of New York had been too fresh to simply forget his crimes, no matter what he’d done to help Thor. Now, a whole year later, most of the others were still wary of him, if not openly hostile, and it hurt you to witness.
To be honest, you’d been just as unsettled by his presence in the tower in the beginning, when you had reluctantly agreed upon Loki helping you train your own – then barely controlled – magic abilities. He’d been the only available teacher for the job, and you’d desperately wanted to learn how to wield these mysterious powers which had always seemed as hard to shape as water running through your fingers, to finally put them to good use. And in return, Loki had gotten a chance to prove that he wasn’t the vicious villain anymore who’d waged war on this very city with an army of aliens only a few years ago.
Then, you hadn’t expected for the tender bond of a friendship to form between you and the mischievous god. And you certainly hadn’t expected to fall in love with him. But you had, hard and thoroughly, and when he now caught your lingering gaze on him, the little smirk he flashed your way made your weak little heart flutter against your ribs like a trapped little sparrow begging to be set free.
None of the others had spent nearly as much time with the raven-haired trickster as you had, training with him every day, and you wished you could make them see what you saw when you looked at him now. Not a villain, but someone who’d been forced to carry his own pain all alone, who craved attention because he feared he wouldn’t be worthy of love, and attention was all he would be able to get. With each passing day of practicing your magic together, you’d spied glimpses of the person beneath all these cleverly forged illusions of arrogance and deceit, and with each of these glimpses, you had fallen a little deeper in love with Loki, these feelings growing like the vines in a jungle after a monsoon. You knew he wouldn’t reciprocate these feelings you were harbouring for him, and thus, you’d become an expert to bury them in your heart and veil them from him and the others. As long as he didn’t confirm what you already suspected and feared – that he would never feel the same for you as you did for him – you could dream. Daydreams, such as this one, his long, elegant fingers ghosting over your skin as he whispered sweet nothings into your ear. It hurt when reality came crashing in again, and you realized it wouldn’t be your lips he kissed, or your ears he’d whisper sweet nothings to. It hurt. Like a knife twisted in your chest, over and over again, and you helped twisting it willingly with your silly little hopes and daydreams. If friendship was all you would ever have, you were glad to take it, as long as it meant Loki would be in your life. Even if you would never be the one for him the same way as he was for you.
The glass door to the conference room was pushed open with enough fervour for you to tear you from your wandering thoughts and you quickly averted your gaze from the trickster as everyone’s heads, including Loki’s, snapped up to Maria Hill who was striding into the room with an expression of worry which she barely managed to contain beneath the guise of calmness on her face.
“Change of plans”, she announced without a word of greeting, and you sat up a little straighter upon hearing the tension in her voice. “There’s news about the remaining Hydra members we’ve been pursuing.”
Your heart plummeted to the floor as she reached out to swipe at the hologram’s screen at the end of the table and opened another file with the swift move of her hand, Steve stepping beside respectfully to let her take over the word. “We’ve found the Hydra agents and scientists which were able to escape when Steve, Sam and Nat brought down SHIELD, and it looks like they have an ace up their sleeve now. They’re led by this guy.” Another swipe, and the screen was filled with a picture of the face starring in some of your most recurring nightmares. It made your heart freeze over with a horror so sheer you thought your blood cells might have actually turned into little icicles as you stared back at the man in the photo. “He’s a biologist and overly fond of playing with genetics. As you all…know.”
A pause, and everyone’s gazes wandered first to Bucky, before finally coming to rest on you, faces slack with horror. You kept staring at the hologram, but in the corner of your eyes, you could feel Loki’s blue gaze pinned on you.
When you’d first realized there was magic simmering in your veins, you’d joined SHIELD to learn to control these raw, barely sculpted skills and put them to use. Fight evil. Little had you known that by joining SHIELD, you’d stumbled right into the very claws of evil itself, and they had snapped close around you. HYDRA took you, experimenting on you in their hopes of finding out how you could have been born with the abilities you possessed. They didn’t find any answers. Had Steve and his friends acted a few days later, you would have faced death. Or worse, the same fate as Bucky.
It had only been weeks, but it was enough to scar you for several lifetimes, haunting your dreams with memories you desperately wanted to forget.
The shift in the air – from bored and sleepy to alert and tense – was nearly palpable, and it was all you could do to steady your breath and fight back the panic attack blossoming in your gut like a beast stirring awake after a long hibernation.
“So, Hydra’s back”, Bucky finally broke the horrified silence, looking as gloomy and forlorn as you felt.
“Yes”, Hill nodded, “And they’ve found new allies along with new headquarters.” Another swipe of her hand, and the man’s photo was replaced by the map of what looked like a huge building complex.
“What’s that?”, Tony asked, “Another creepy castle? How original.”
Hill nodded again. “It is, indeed.”
“Where is this castle?”, Steve inquired with a grave tone and an even darker expression on his face which mirrored the mood in the conference room.
“They don’t exactly hide anymore”, Hill announced. “They sent a message. They’ve been hiding away in the Caribbean over the past year, and they’ve been diligent in regaining the upper hand. Their scientists managed to develop a virus, dangerous enough to eradicate over two thirds of the world population, and contagious enough to erase all chances of controlling it once it’s set free. It will spread faster than a wildfire. Our intelligence team could verify the information. It’s not a bluff.”
You could have heard the drop of a pin on the floor in the deadly silence which followed her words.
“And let me guess, Hydra is planning to use it as a leverage,” you finally said hollowly.
“They already did. They announced that patient zero will be contaminated in a span of twenty-four hours. They have a vaccine ready, enough doses for every country which is ready to pledge allegiance to them.”
“We need to stop them”, you whispered, and realized you’d been curling your hands on the table into fists so tight to keep them from shaking uncontrollably that your nails had left bloody little crescents in the skin of your palms. Beside you, Natasha’s hand gently settled on your arm in a helpless attempt to calm you. When your gaze briefly lifted to lock on Loki, you could see his eyes were full of concern as he watched you. It felt a little strange, to see him so…serious. Worried.
“That’s the plan,” Hill said softly, “A simple break-and-enter, easy in theory. You go in, arrest the remaining Hydra members and steal the virus so we can destroy it.”
“Very easy”, Nat deadpanned.
“When do we leave?”, Steve asked.
“Tomorrow. Our agents are preparing the jet and an evacuation of the whole region surrounding the castle.” We don’t want another Sokovia. You knew it was what she and everyone else in the room were thinking.
“Before I start going into the details of the plan – there are some other threats awaiting you which you should know about,” Hill went on, her fingers already flying over the projected screen to open up another file, and a row of blurred photographs, the lightning dark as if they’d been taken by night, filled the whole wall. The images in these photos were disturbing. Animals, but…not animals.
“What are these creatures?”, Thor murmured from beside you, just as shaken as everyone else.
“I heard of these things”, Nat chimed in, and it made you a little uneasy to see the concerned scowl etched on her features as she continued, “It was a file in Hydra’s database, but I thought it hadn’t worked and they’d abandoned the project for good. They took animals and then tried to fuse their DNA with that of the dead Chitauri SHIELD collected after the battle. The plan was to enhance certain abilities, erase others, and add new ones. Ultimate killing machines. Like Winter Soldiers, but with the claws of a lion or the strength of a bear.”
The tension in the air seemed to intensify with the notion of the battle, as it always did.
“Sounds amazing. Their own – how would Cap call them? – army of flying monkeys”, Tony quipped and pinched his nose.
Steve asked, “Do we know which mutations will be waiting for us?”
“Well, I’m sure there won’t be funny little talking racoons waiting for us there,” Tony shrugged with a glance at the images.
“There are no such things as talking raccoons”, Bucky huffed, and Tony threw him an exasperated look that seemed to say, Are you dumb? Nat snorted beside you.
“The question,” Tony continued with a glance at Loki, who’d been uncharacteristically muted and serious during the whole crisis meeting, “is why Reindeer Games here has been so suspiciously quiet. No uncalled-for jabs and witty little remarks to provoke us. Am I the only one who finds that strange?”
“What, exactly, would you have me do in the face of a crisis threatening to eradicate all of Midgard, Stark? Jump on the table and strip? You’re not important enough to put that much of an effort into a simple provocation, believe me”, Loki countered with a raised eyebrow, as if he couldn’t be deigned to pay any more attention to Tony than necessary, and you bit your lip to prevent the grin from spreading over your lips despite the threat of the crisis you were currently facing. The tight fist of panic which had squeezed your heart loosened a little.
“That is enough,” Thor growled with a warning glare at Loki, who only cocked his head in response.
“Ah, yes. My brother the great king. Has there ever been an argument you didn’t intrude on?”
“I still don’t like you”, Tony sneered at Loki, who replied, “I will get over it, somewhere in the span of the next few centuries.”
“You’re both insufferable,” you conceded, but you were glad for the brief diversion from the topic of Hydra and the upcoming mission. It had managed to tear you from the sticky spider’s web of panic which had caught you like a fly, and you briefly wondered if it had been Loki’s intention with his jab at Tony.
“The plan,” Steve interrupted the argument. All eyes were trained back on him and Maria Hill, who gave a curt nod before she said, “Thor and Loki will stay at the compound here in New York alongside Banner –“
“That’s absurd. I will do no such thing”, Loki protested , but Tony chimed in before Steve could.
“You will. You’ll stay here because we don’t trust you, and Thor will stay because somebody has to watch your traitorous ass, Reindeer Games. The last time you were left unattended in New York, you tried to conquer it.”
“How is it we always end up talking about Loki again?”, Steve sighed, which drew another wicked grin from Loki. “See? I didn’t even need to utter a single word and still I’m getting all the attention. Are you jealous, Stark?”
“Tony is right if uncalled-for, Loki. You’re a security risk”, Steve interrupted, ignoring Tony’s huff in protest.
Loki rolled his eyes, locked his arms in front of his chest and leaned back in his seat. “How glorious it must feel, to have every single one of your artificially enhanced muscle cells filled with such star-sprangled self-righteousness”, he drawled with a slow smile, and you could see how Steve ground his teeth, trying hard not to snap at Loki’s obvious attempt to vex him to get exactly such a reaction, before Hill went on to explain the plan, “Tony, Bucky, Sam and Steve are going to create a diversion and arrest every Hydra member they can find. Y/N, you and Nat will be the ones to get the vial with the deadly virus from its safe. There will be guards and some of these lovely mutations we’ve seen, so you’ll be the best choice because you’re the one to cast the illusions to hold these creatures at bay and probably help Nat break open the safe.”
“Are you up for the job?”, Steve added softly with a glance at you, and you could tell from his tone that he was slightly worried. But the sense of pride flooding you at finally being given this chance to accompany them on your first mission and prove yourself as an Avenger after a year of training and watching from the sidelines was overpowering every dreg of fear you probably would have felt at the risk this mission would put you in.
“This might be one of the most dangerous missions we’ve ever faced”, Nat added.
“I am”, you said with all the composure you could muster, just as Loki cut in, “She’s not.”
Your head snapped back to him, shock at his words written over your face as he met your gaze with his own cool one. Your mind flitted back to a moment only weeks ago.
The threads of magic – seidr, as it was called in the old Norse language –unravelled beneath your fingers once more just as you’d thought you’d finally managed to weave them into an illusion. An army of warriors in shining armour – no easy image to conjure, but an effective one to create a diversion. “Hold the strings”, Loki instructed in a calm, low voice as not to break your concentration with his sudden words, but it was too late, anyway. The threads you’d so carefully spun into the illusion came loose, once again slipping through your fingers as if they were water you’d tried to carry in your palms, and the image dissolved into sparks of green which floated in the air for a few more seconds before they, too, vanished.
With a shaky sigh, you let yourself fall to the ground in the training rooms. Tears you’d desperately tried to fight back, to blink away, had started to stream down your face in rivulets, and you pulled your knees closer to your body. It didn’t even have anything to do with the raging headaches you oftentimes suffered after practicing seidr, something Loki had told you he’d suffered for a few years as well when his mother Frigga had first started teaching him. No. These were tears of frustration and anger at the slowness of your progress, the feeling of your own incapability, of being unworthy in your new role as an Avenger.
You didn’t know how exactly you’d expected Loki to react when all your pent-up emotions finally broke the surface of your calm demeanour like a sea monster ready to strike – but it wasn’t this. Loki didn’t even sigh as he quietly sat down beside you on the ground, fingers dancing in the air as he conjured a green handkerchief out of thin air and gently used it to carefully dab at the blood which had started gushing from your nose, its metallic taste mingling with the salt of your tears on your lips. You hadn’t even realized that the bleeding had started. It did that, sometimes, when the exertion got too strong. Shame curdled in your stomach as you sat there, tears of frustration running down your cheeks as if you were a toddler throwing a tantrum.
“I think we should call it a day,” Loki finally spoke, and his voice was soft. Devoid of any judgement or annoyance, and full of understanding.
“I can’t. Not yet. Let me try one more time, okay?”
“Your ambition is something to be admired and cherished, but it shouldn’t be at the expense of your health. It’s taking a toll on you. You should rest.”
Your hands reached up to grasp the kerchief from his hands, and the skin of your fingers tingled where they briefly brushed against his before he pulled away.
“One more try. Please.”
“Why?”, Loki asked gently, and when you finally turned your head to look at him, and you were met with a softness in his gaze you’d never witnessed him display before. As if he’d allowed for the mask he’d so carefully crafted and conjured, spun from the air like one of his illusions, to slip and reveal what all the witty quips and jabs were meant to hide away from the world. A vulnerability and brokenness which resonated with something deep in your own soul.
You’d already started falling for Loki some time ago – for his dazzling smiles, his witty quips, the easy banter with which the two of you communicated. His humour, his smooth, dark voice which made you wonder if he ever sang, and how it would be to hear this beautiful voice form a melody. The way he flipped his gorgeous black hair back during combat training, and the sparks in his mesmerizing ocean eyes, so vibrant and clever and full of mischief, always making your pulse spike and your knees weak whenever they lingered on yours.
And for the first time, you allowed yourself to be vulnerable. In front of yourself, and in front of another person. In front of Loki, of all people.
“When I came to the Avengers, it was with Bucky. They saved both of us from Hydra’s claws when Steve brought them down alongside SHIELD.”
Loki nodded. “I know. Thor told me. About Hydra.”
“HYDRA had me for a few weeks. Bucky had been in their clutches for a few decades. I feels so wrong to compare my pain to his.”
“Pain isn’t something to be compared”, Loki mused. “It just exists. It doesn’t need justification.”
You swallowed against a new wave of tears threatening to spill upon hearing his words, his own anguish laced in them. Thor had told you about Loki’s story, as well. You knew, right then, that Loki would understand. That he was ready to listen to your story, to the memories you’d never shared with anyone before, the ones which kept you company in the dead of night and drew screams of horror from your lips to finally rouse you from the nightmares they were conjuring for you. Memories which would never leave you, no matter how much time would pass. Just like a wound which healed to leave nothing but a scar, a memory of the pain which had been there. A tug from time to time to remind you that the scar was still there, as faded as it might be with time. It would always be there.
“I want them to be eradicated. All of them. And I fear as long as I’m locked up in this tower, still not ready to fight the rest of them who were able to escape when SHIELD was destroyed…they’ll grow stronger. With every day, and every new member they were able to recruit, and then people will suffer again at their hands. It’s happening right now – and I’m still not able to hold up a simple illusion for a few more seconds. No wonder the others still haven’t taken me on a mission with them.” Your voice had grown into nothing but a hoarse whisper at the last sentence, and you took a shaky breath to somewhat steady yourself.
“I want to do something”, you added with newfound fierceness, and your hand curled into a fist around the soft green cloth of the handkerchief. “I’m not as good a fighter as Nat and I’ll never be. I’m not a genius like Tony and Bruce, and I’m not as strong as Steve and Bucky and Thor. Magic is all I have, the skills Hydra gave me against my own will. I want to use these skills to fight, just like the others do. And instead, I’m the weak Avenger hiding away from fights because she still hasn’t mastered the skills she claims to possess. They’re my friends, and the only family I have left, and still I feel like I don’t belong with them. Not really.”
You’d never even dared to voice these thoughts aloud to yourself, and instead had kept them hidden away in the darkest recesses of your mind in an attempt not to let them get to you. But here, with Loki sitting beside you and such gentleness brimming in the ocean blue of his eyes, you realized how heavy they’d weighed on your heart and how desperately you’d wanted to tell somebody about them. Who would be better to understand such feelings than Loki? Still, you were surprised how easy it had been to voice such things in front of a man you not so long ago had hated with so much passion for what he’d done.
A few minutes of silence passed; an easy, peaceful silence of just sitting beside each other in the empty training rooms, finding solace in each other’s presence.
When Loki finally spoke again, his voice was low and soft, like honey, and his gaze so far away as his mind wandered to a memory of his own practice in the art of wielding seidr, a memory so cherished he’d never dared to share it with anyone because he’d always felt it would rob it of this special feeling if he did. Not with you, though, he suddenly realized. And so, Loki began to tell you, his words opening a door he’d kept locked for others, and in the end even for himself for such a long time while guilt and grief about his mother’s death had made him feel unworthy of such happy memories with her.
“I wasn’t a strong child, like Thor. I lost most of the training fights, and the others used to make fun of me for it. For my lack of strength and my lack of power, walking in Thor’s mighty shadow, even as children. He’d always been the one drawing all the attention, the one making others laugh and desiring to be his friends. I never belonged, even then. My mother saw it, I think. And one day, she took my hand and told me to close my eyes, to see the loose threads all around us – and I did. Seidr, she told me. Threads waiting to be woven into something so real and vivid that it would be able to trick even the most cunning of minds. I remember the exact moment when she opened her hand, and there was a little hummingbird fluttering above her palm. I remember everything: how the feathers looked so soft, how they shimmered in the light in such pretty hues of pink and blue, how fast its wings were beating in the air to keep it afloat. I knew it was an illusion, but it seemed so real. I wanted to learn how to do this, how to spin all these lose, meaningless, isolated threads into a picture so vivid and beautiful. I waited for her to tell me that I couldn’t, simply because that was all I only ever heard from Odin and Thor, but she promised to teach me. She said that I could do everything I wanted, as long as my mind was set on it and I was ready to show some patience. With myself, and my abilities. It wasn’t easy, but she was right. I could do it. I learned it. Illusions, not only the ones my magic could weave but the ones I could, with my demeanour, my words. So, what I’m trying to say…” he halted, overwhelmed with his own emotions at the memory of this day, the way Frigga’s words reverberated in his mind in her soft melodic voice. “What I’m trying to say”, he started anew, “Is that you will be able to do it, too. You only need patience. And if you don’t believe in yourself…I do.”
You took a few heartbeats to watch the ghost of a smile curling his lips, holding so much happiness and sadness and grief alike. “An impressive woman,” you finally said softly, “And an amazing mother.”
“She was. Not a single day passes in which I don’t miss her with all my heart.”
You wanted to reach out and take his hands, spend him comfort just as he had done for you, but you didn’t dare. The moment passed.
“You’ll be ready to go on your first mission soon. They will ask you to join them, and you’ll get your chance”, he stated. “But for now, grab some water and rest.”
It was the exact same moment you’d realized the trickster had stolen your heart for good. That your feelings for him had grown into actual love. And now, after all you’d told him, after this moment of vulnerability the two of you had shared only weeks prior, he took the chance to humiliate you in front of the others instead of supporting you.
“Pardon?”, you asked, daring him to repeat his words.
“You’re not ready yet”, Loki simply replied, voice calm – but the storm brewing in his ocean eyes betrayed his emotions.
“I have been training these skills for a whole year now. I’m more than ready.”
“That is not on you to determine”, Loki hissed, reciprocating the glare you were giving him, before he continued, directed at Steve, “She’ll be a danger for the success of the whole mission if you let her come with you. Her illusions aren’t sufficient enough yet to fool the human eye, as bad as it might be, and not stable enough to fool an animal, either. And her telekinetic powers are fickle, at best. Such power, when unchecked, is a security risk at best and a death trap at worst.”
His words, his betrayal, stung as much as if he’d just stabbed you right in the back. He knew. He knew how desperately you’d waited for this very chance to prove yourself, and he knew how hard you’d worked to improve your skills. Just as you knew that it was enough. You could do it. You were ready. And yet here he was, embarrassing you in front of the other Avengers as if you’d never poured out your heart in front of him and told him about all these fears, the feelings of not belonging. Shock and pain morphed into blinding, white-hot rage.
You could feel the blood boil in your veins as your gaze focused on Loki and you said, with as much listlessness and indifference as you could muster, “I think I’m perfectly capable of assessing the risk I’m putting myself and my teammates in. And I think they’re capable enough to assess on their own whose words they trust. Mine, or yours.”
There were a few beats of silence in the room, with every single Avenger staring at the two of you, watching with unease how you and the trickster kept glaring at each other, like an audience watching a tennis match. Beneath the anger simmering in Loki’s blue-green eyes as he kept holding your gaze without relenting, you could see something else briefly flare to life before it subsided, like the sparks of a firework bursting in the sky. Hurt. Your words had hurt him. Your use of the other’s obvious distrust – and your implication of agreeing with them on it. Something tugged at your chest, a pang of guilt, but for now, your fury had won over every other emotion.
“Okay, you heard her, Reindeer Games”, Tony chimed in in an obvious attempt to diffuse the sudden tension between you and the trickster, which had settled over the room with the same heaviness as the air right before a thunderstorm after a hot summer’s day.
“It’s settled, we’ll stick to the plan. See you all tomorrow morning. We’ll leave at sunrise, make sure to pee beforehand because it’s gonna be a few hours. Didn’t imagine my next trip to the Caribbean to whip some scientist’s asses -”
“Language!”, Steve interrupted.
“- but here we go.” Tony clapped his hands together and rose from his chair, and you left the room – stormed out, really – without another glance at Loki.
When you stepped out of the elevator and onto the level holding your own rooms, the blood was still roaring in your ears and your mind was going a mile a minute at the sheer audacity –
“Y/N, wait”, a smooth voice sounded from behind you, and you whirled around to come face to face with Loki, who looked a little awkward, standing in the middle of the empty hallway, the expression on his handsome features unreadable.
“What for?”, you scoffed. “You said everything you needed to say.”
He took a step closer, until there were only a few inches left between the two of you, as close as he’d never been before, and for a split second, he looked as if he wanted say something else, probably apologize – before his eyes narrowed and he replied, “And I can tell you’re angry because you know I’m right.”
That was the last straw. A new wave of rage flooded you at the self-righteousness and arrogance he carried himself with, and you drew yourself up to your full height as if he wouldn’t tower you still, anyway. “Don’t you dare explain my own feelings to me,” you hissed, stabbing your index finger at his chest, “You were the one who told me they will ask me to join them. You were the one who told me I’d be ready to join them! YOU were the one who told me he believed in me even if I didn’t!”
“Well, I changed my mind”, he shrugged, and his calm demeanour in contrast to your boiling fury made you see red once more.
“Yeah”, you nodded with a bitter smile, “That’s so easy for you. Loki, god of lies and deceit. Just floating with the tide, right?”
“If you have something to say, go on”, he dared you, and the threat in his voice, suddenly so much darker, made cold shivers skitter down your spine, “Spill the tea.”
“I told you about my fears. I trusted you! And you went and used them against me right in front of everyone! YOU KNEW HOW MUCH I WANTED TO BELONG TO THEM!”, you yelled, and your voice threatened to break under the weight of your emotions at the last words.
“Maybe you will never belong to them if you have to try so hard. Have you thought about that?” The words hit you like one of Clint’s well-placed arrows. The cool mask was back on Loki’s face as he watched you flinch with the shock of his words, knowing all too well that they’d hit home. As if you’d handed him a dagger, and he’d only waited for you to turn around and give him the chance to lodge the blade in your back.
With your strained voice barely strong enough to form a whisper as you fought back the tears of rage and hurt which threatened to spill, you added, “I should have known better than to confide in you. To think you would be able to change your nature. Because that’s what you do, over and over again to the people who trust you, right? Stabbing them in the back as soon as you get the chance. It must have been fun, to humiliate me in front of the people you knew I so desperately wanted to fit in with. A funny little pastime for the god of lies. I can’t believe I gave you the benefit of the doubt when I knew what you are all along. I can’t believe I fell for your tricks.”
Loki took a step back as if you’d slapped him. Good, you noticed with bitter satisfaction rushing through your veins like poison. You wanted Loki to feel the same pain his words had inflicted on you.
“Is that what you think?”, he asked quietly, and the hurt was now evident in his eyes, laid bare for you to read like a blinking neon sign, and the impassive mask was starting to slip from his handsome features.
“IS THAT WHAT YOU THINK?!”, he screamed when you didn’t reply, and this time it was your turn to jump back at his sudden outburst, and your hand quickly found its way to the hilt of the knife you kept strapped to your thigh.
Loki noticed, and a cruel sneer twisted his lips. “So, you’re afraid of me? Do you still see me as a monster?” There was something pleading in his gaze, but you were too far gone in your rage to stop – just as he was.
“No”, you replied, suddenly so impossibly tired, “Not a monster. Monsters aren’t locked up in towers like pets.”
You knew you’d gone too far. You knew it hadn’t been solely about his betrayal in front of the others, the way he’d used the things you’d confided to him in your moment of vulnerability, but the pain of knowing he was right – maybe you would never belong to them if you had to try that hard. It was the deep pain of your daydream, the hope he could one day reciprocate the feelings you were harbouring for him, shattering with his words. The reality of seeing him every day, of loving him so fiercely and so silently because he was a god, and you were nothing but a girl dabbling in sorcery. Not worthy. It was all coming together, coalescing into this tsunami of hurt and grief and heartbreak to sweep you away and drown out any rational thoughts from your mind, making you lash out blindly like a wounded animal.
You could feel the pain of hearing these words ripple through Loki, see him flinch with their meaning.
“Fine”, Loki spoke at last, and the tone in his low voice was cold enough to freeze over a lake. “Go on then tomorrow like the desperate little fool you are. Die. I couldn’t care less.”  
With that, he vanished in a shimmer of rippling green light, leaving you alone in the hallway in front of your bedroom.
Free to ultimately let the tears spill and the single sob tear from your throat you’d fought so hard to hold back, and the fight and fury which had flooded you only seconds ago left you like a tidal wave, leaving behind nothing but sorrow and hurt.
Die. I couldn’t care less.
You sunk to the cold floor, knees pulled to your chest and head in your hands, sobs tearing through you as your heart broke.
“Don’t let me go. Not like this,” you whispered. “Please don’t let me go like this.”
Night had fallen, and eventually, your tears had stopped flowing, leaving your eyes red and stains of dried tears on your cheeks when you’d changed into your pyjamas and crawled into bed, feeling more miserable and lonelier that you ever had in your life. Had Loki really meant these words? Could you have been so blind in your feelings for him that you’d fallen for another of his illusions, one of kindness and empathy? Had you fallen for somebody who’d never really existed in reality?
Maybe you would die tomorrow. It was possible. Had Loki been right, and your skills weren’t ready enough for a mission of such impact?
If you died tomorrow, or, worse, fell back into the hands of Hydra, the last words you’d ever said to the love of your life would have been calling him a pet-monster unworthy to be trusted. In your pain of his own perceived betrayal, you’d lashed out and used his own obvious fears against him. You weren’t an ounce better than he was.
You needed to talk to him, you realized. You needed to apologize and tell him you hadn’t meant a single word of these vile things you’d thrown at him in your rage. You needed to tell him that you were sorry. Without a second thought, you jumped out of bed, not caring for the late hour. You needed to talk to Loki. With determination fuelling your steps, you pulled open your door – only to find Loki staring back at you in front of the doorway, hand raised as if he’d prepared himself to know on your door just as you’d ripped it open.
For a few heartbeats, neither of you uttered a word into the stunned silence which followed, before Loki finally breathed, “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I can’t let you go like this. I can’t lose you.”
He crossed the last few steps separating the two of you, and there was no time for you to muster a reply before his lips crashed on yours and his hands found their way into your hair to pull you closer, the weight of his body pinning you against the nearest wall while your hand moved to slam the door close without ever breaking the kiss.
It was all you’d ever imagined it would be like kissing him, and so much more. His kisses, hot and heavy on your lips, were demanding, fuelled by a hunger which resonated with an ache deep within your own heart. His breath was hot against you as his lips parted to let out a soft groan, and his fingers raked through the strands of your hair while your own palms settled on the thin green fabric of his nightshirt, feeling the heat radiating from his firm body as he pressed closer, and your back hit the wall again with a soft thud.
You sighed with the sensation of Loki’s lips travelling along the line of your jaw and down the column of your throat while the grip of his long, elegant fingers in your hair tightened slightly to guide your head to the side and grant him further access to the sensitive skin on your neck, and the gentleness of his touches, despite the need the feverish kisses incited in both of you, made your heart leap with affection, and with love.
A moan tumbled from your lips when Loki’s teeth grazed the spot below your ear, and the last of your restraint dissolved like the smoke of an extinguished candle with the new fire his touches instilled in your lower belly, the pleasure which rippled through your body like waves in a pond when his tongue flicked out to graze the skin above your thundering pulse. You could already feel your arousal soaking the silky fabric of your panties when his hips pressed against yours. Your hands snaked down his chest and under the hem of his shirt, and when your palms made contact with his bare skin you could feel him quiver with the sensation of your touch.
His lips found their way back to yours, and one of his hands untangled from your hair to travel down the curve of your spine and settle on your lower back to pull you flush against him, and your body melted into his with another soft, blissful moan falling from your parted lips at the sensation. Your hands kept exploring his chest, every firm muscle, every slope, relishing the feeling of Loki’s fierce, messy kisses, the way he moved against you with the force of a thunderstorm, and still his touches, as urgent and possessive as his lips moving against yours, held a tenderness that made your heart sing with a happiness you’d never felt before.
Your legs hooked around his waist to pull him closer, and through the thin fabric of your panties, you could feel his erection pressing against your core, and both of you moaned at the contact.
A flash of green – and Loki had teleported the two of you across last steps to your bed in the blink of a second, never once breaking the string of passionate kisses you were sharing when he placed you down on the mattress, before he settled over you, his knees gently parting your legs and your heart rate spiked at the thought of what came next, what would happen if the two of you continued.
A whimper escaped your throat at the sensation of Loki’s hands roaming down your sides, nails grazing the skin on the curve of your waist before his fingers found the hem of your panties, and he began to toy with the delicate lace while he pulled away from the kiss, panting and flustered. The breath hitched in your throat at the sight of Loki hovering above you, his silky black curls messy where your hands had raked through the soft strands, and his pupils were dilated with desire – for you. And mixing with the lust darkening the blue of his eyes like storm clouds over the roaring sea, you could see softness swirling in the depths of his eyes, and something else, something you’d so often dreamed of seeing directed at you.
“Is this what you want?”, Loki whispered, and the roughness in his voice, strained with his own arousal and emotions, made your heart clench with the love you felt for him. Words had left you, and you nodded, breathlessly, hands tugging at his shirt in a silent plea to finally get rid of it, and Loki obeyed with a mischievous dark smirk, before another flash of green light illuminated the half-dark of your bedroom and the shirt was gone, along with the rest of his clothes, leaving you to marvel the firm muscles in his lean, strong body, the way they flexed and rippled when Loki lowered himself over you, one elbow resting on the pillow beside your head while his fingertips stopped toying with the lace of your panties and instead ripped them away in a flourish, and the fabric tore beneath his strong grip like paper with a ripping sound.
A shiver of anticipation rushed through your body, and Loki closed the space between the two of you once more, sealing your lips with his to resume the feverish kisses, and there was an ache in your chest for him, a hunger in your heart you knew could never really be sated. You needed him, you wanted to feel every inch of him against you, inside you, and your hands shot up to grab him. Inky black hair wrapped around your fingers, and you pulled him down to you with an eagerness which summoned a low, dark rumble of laughter from Loki’s lips, reverberating against your kiss. A sharp gasp of pleasure was torn from you when he buried himself inside you, your velvet walls wrapping around him as he pushed deeper, and the breath caught in your throat at the sensation. You could feel how he was restraining himself, afraid to hurt you, and the sinful sound he uttered at the feeling of your walls clenching around him, engulfing him in your wet heat, drove you mad with want. Your legs wrapped around his waist to change the angle and pull him deeper still. When you raised your hips in a silent command, it was all the reassurance he needed to begin to move with slow, measured thrusts which quickly grew faster, more erratic, and a string of moans escaped you with the ripples of scorching pleasure Loki’s movements sent cascading through your body every time he hit that sweet spot deep inside you with every thrust.
The sensation of your bodies melting together, becoming one, the pleasure he was bestowing on you which kept blazing through your nerves like bolts of electricity, shattered you in the best possible way and made you pant and writhe beneath him. When he pulled away from the kiss to watch you, the softness he held for you in his lust-darkened eyes would have been enough to incite little fireworks of happiness in your heart. All the vile things you’d thrown at each other hours ago in the hallway didn’t matter anymore. The world blurred, and your senses heightened to his every touch, the feeling of his bare skin beneath your fingertips and his erratic breath mingling with yours in the small space between the two of you, and his delicate scent, a mix of pine soap and himself. Nothing else mattered but this moment, with Loki.
“I’m yours”, you whispered hoarsely, and your voice broke into another cry as his hand glid down between your bodies and the pad of his thumb brushed over the bundle of nerves between your thighs, sending another cascade of pleasure skittering through you, building the tightness in your lower abdomen with every thrust and every stroke of his fingers over your clit until your climax ripped through you with the force of a lightning bolt, and you could feel Loki’s own high pulling him under alongside you. With a groan, he dropped his head to the crook of your neck, his black strands of hair pleasantly tickling your cheeks while his pace slowed, and he rode out the last wave of your climaxes, before he collapsed into the sheets beside you.
For a few heartbeats, while you waited for your heartbeats to slow and the sweat on your bodies to cool, the only sounds breaking the silence which had settled over the room were your laboured pants mingling in the air and the sharp wail of a siren somewhere in the city streets below, before Loki pushed himself up to hover over you once more. Your breath caught at the sight. He looked so beautiful, with the soft orange glow of the never sleeping city below and the silver light of the half-moon spilling through your window from above, painting golden and blue patterns on the side of his still slightly flushed face and on his halo of midnight-black hair, tousled and unkempt from the things you’d just done together. There was a sparkle in his captivating eyes as he gazed down at you with marvel, as if he couldn’t believe what had just happened – before the smile vanished, and sincerity took its place.
“I didn’t mean any of these things I said to you earlier, Y/N. I didn’t mean them,” he finally spoke, and it sounded hoarse with emotions.
You kept staring at him, dumbfounded and at an utter loss of words, so he added, “And I don’t want you to die.”
“Thank you”, you mumbled with a small smile in an attempt to say something, only to mentally slap yourself as soon as the words were out.
“Look, I’ve never done this”, Loki went on, “So…this is new for me. The reason I told them you weren’t ready wasn’t to hurt you. I wanted to protect you. You’re more than ready to join them, but then you’ll be in danger, and I couldn’t bear the thought of you being in danger, not even for a second. The thought that these people and their monsters will try to kill you after having hurt you so much already. I’m scared. Terribly so. To lose you. Okay? I can’t lose you because…I love you. I’m in love with you, deeply, and I have been for a while now.”
There were tears shining in his eyes, and tears welling up in your own upon hearing his words, the confession you’d so often dreamed to hear from his lips, the most beautiful words forged by his silver tongue. You were overwhelmed with everything it made you feel, the sheer happiness which flooded you like warm rays of sunlight, strangling every word you could have uttered in reply with happy tears. Loki seemed to panic at your loss of words.
“Please tell me that’s not how you see me. What you said, about…”
“Loki, I love you”, you finally whispered with a half sob, and his eyes briefly fluttered close as he exhaled with relief. “And I’m so sorry for the things I said. I wish I could take them back. I didn’t mean any of it.”
With the sweetest of smiles playing on Loki’s lips, he gently rested his forehead against yours, before he placed a delicate kiss to the tip of your nose, and finally to your lips.
“Please don’t go tomorrow”, he whispered, and the despair was back in his pleading tone. “I can’t lose you, my love.” He knew he couldn’t talk you out of it, and you could feel that he didn’t want to pressure you. It was your decision, and Loki respected it as such – he was only pleading with you to reconsider. But your mind was made up already.
You began to trace the side of his face with your index finger, and he immediately leaned into your touch. “I need to. I can’t just stay here and do nothing. These men hurt me, and they’ll hurt so many more people if we don’t stop them. All these hours of training together, the things you’ve taught me – you helped me achieve these skills. It’s time to put them to use.”
He swallowed, obviously fighting to keep his panic at bay, but he nodded. “Then let me come with you.”
You blinked up at him with surprise. “I don’t think the others will let you.”
“I don’t care”, Loki breathed, placing another feather-light kiss to your lips. “You go, I go.”
There will be part 2! 🖤
Loki taglist (let me know if you’d like to be added): @boneheadduluc @spiderhostia @a-midwinter-night-dream-86 @zemosimp05 @justfangirlthingies @cazzyimagines @rumblelibrary @victias @justanothertruebeliver @chiptaylormybeloved @vverliebt @madhatter2727 @a-simp-recommends-fics  
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spilledkauffie · 2 months ago
He’s Me, She’s Mine
Pairing: Loki(s) x Female!Reader Word Count: 1.6k T/W: none A/N: okay, this was fun to write 
Loki taglist // @y-napotat ❤︎ @elainavmarie ❤︎ @thefandomchoosesthewizard
P.s. pleaseeee don’t take this too seriously— this is just for fun!
Tumblr media
It was quiet when you woke up. The dull, bleak light caused you to blink your eyes at the dark clouds forming overhead; coming to only reminded you of the bizarre feeling still washing through you, and with that you placed a hand on your head, wincing at the mild pain. Flat on your back, you were staring straight up at the storm brewing coldly. You weren’t sure if it was the atmosphere or your mind that was so foggy after that unique experience, but within minutes you heard your name being shouted from a distance by a familiar voice.
“Loki?” you shot up into a sitting position, hand still on your head, as you looked about for the source of the voice, to your shock and mild fright, you found several figures approaching you. 
“Darling. . .Darling,” Loki panted, making his way up a hill, before dropping on his knees beside you. 
He took your hand in his and supported your back with his free hand, whilst looking over you for any serious injuries. 
“What happened?” you groaned, “am I- are we dead?”
“No,” Loki immediately assured you, “but-”
“But?!” You almost yelled out of disbelief that there was yet again more danger on the way.
“But you could be soon,” a tall, aged figure appeared with a mini entourage.
You took a moment to eye over everything before you, why were they all dressed like Loki, how did they all get here, how did you get here? They all looked friendly enough, but you weren’t exactly sure how to take it all in just yet. Maybe you’d hit your head harder than you realised, and this was all a hallucination?
“Many questions you have,” a short figure spoke confidently, “but we need to move.” 
The kid looked to Loki for assistance and he helped you to your feet, still maintaining your hand in his gently. You jumped back a little when you caught sight of something moving near your feet, but relaxed at the sight of a little alligator looking up at you with what you swore was a smile; you managed a smile back.
“Pardon him,” the eldest individual took the gator into his arms, setting him inside a side satchel, “Loki at your service,” he introduced himself, causing you to blink a few times confused at the introduction. 
“I am too at your service,” a handsome, broad individual with fur trim adorning his shoulders stepped forward, tossing a hammer he held onto his shoulder.
“Likewise, a pleasure, milady,” the youngest Loki smirked, taking your hand and pressing a kiss to the top of it. 
You tilted your head shocked at the civility of them all. 
“Alright enough,” your Loki interrupted the fawning, not because he believed you didn’t deserve it, but because he couldn’t believe he was getting jealous of himself. Taking your hand in his again, he began to ask if anyone had a plan, as the dark cloud descended from the sky nearby.
“Follow us,” the eldest Loki said with a nod of his head. 
On the walk through the wasteland, you quirked your lips and whispered to your Loki, “So. . .they're all you?”
“Well,” he began in an inhale, “yes, I suppose they are all variants of myself, but I’ve never met them before, I didn’t even know they existed until now.” 
You nodded, observing them all, as they kindly gestured for you to follow them down what appeared to be a bunker hole. Each assisting you down, at least one had a hand extended to you for nearly each rung you climbed, you were a bit flustered at how taken they all were with you. As they settled in, you noticed little things in each of them that you’d seen before in your own Loki, it caused you to smile, because they were none the wiser. 
Feeling something cold brush against your ankle you looked down to see the little alligator waddling his way past you. Following his trail, a kiddie pool came into sight and you gasped quietly at how cute he was tottling over the edge and leaving his tail half in and half out of the water. You couldn’t help yourself when he looked up to you with a puppy-ish face that you’d absolutely seen before.
“Darling be careful,” Loki said cautiously, attempting to reach you before you managed to get down to the level of the gator dwelling in his pool, “he could be dangerous.”
“Dangerous?” you chuckled, looking over your shoulder with a smile, “he’s you.”
The surrounding Loki’s snickered, as your Loki sighed, dropping his shoulders exhausted by everything surrounding him in the moment. The fellow Lokis explained that the little beast was really harmless to those he was comfortable around, more of a guard dog than anything. Regardless, he still kept an eye on you, uncertain of this reptile version of himself, he expected it was unpredictable, as they all were. 
“Oh you’re adorable,” you spoke, almost speaking as you would to a baby when you reached your hand out to pet the gator between his two little golden horns.
“I bet you he hasn’t had that kind of attention in…” the older Loki paused, smiling at your willingness to give such a creature genuine attention.
“Pshh! A slimy one like him?” the boastful one laughed at his reptilian counterpart, “I bet you he’s never had that kind of attention!”
This clearly upset the little gator, as he began to hiss. You moved out of his way and soon enough he was out of his pool attempting to attack the individual who made the comment. Your jaw dropped at the utter chaos that transpired within a matter of seconds. All Lokis were up and attempting to lend their aid to the situation. Next thing you knew the gator was tossed back into his pool, water slightly splashing up at you upon his impact. Your Loki looked absolutely exasperated with the whole scene, meanwhile the elder laughed as he took a swig from a chalice filled with wine. You turned your attention back to the reptile who was busy trying to turn himself around in his wading pool.
“Oh my goodness, Loki! Just look at his little crown,” you gasped, “it’s tied onto his head!”
Your Loki rolled his eyes, shocked and heartbroken that you were obsessing over a lizard more than him in the current situation. However, it wasn’t all that long before another episode of chaos brought you closer to him again, there was a sound of sawing and hammering coming from the port that you had all entered through. The sharp pang of the hammer matched the rhythm of your nervous pulse. You made your way over to Loki, quickly standing behind him. The others all took a defensive stance as well.
Suddenly there was a flood of Lokis, all from various pasts and realities. You were trying to process what exactly was happening, but you were also entertained by trying to figure out where and when each one would have been most likely to come from. An act of treason was happening, you were fairly certain, but that didn’t shock you all that much considering you were surrounded by Lokis. Your Loki in the meantime found the elder and asked what exactly was happening, as it all turned to a brawl. 
“Wait, wait, wait,” the leader of the group yelled, stepping forward, slowly making his way to where you were standing in front of a random popcorn machine. As he came closer you backed up in small steps, feeling a whole new kind of dark dominating presence about him. There was a darkness in his eyes, a growl in his voice, and a glimmer of interest.
Upon looking him over you had to stifle a giggle seeing the “Vote for Loki” pin, a brief thought crossed your mind: your Loki as president, it was humorous. 
“Something funny?” He asked with a dip of his head.
Meeting his eyes, you once again found it hard to breathe, let alone speak, “n-no.”
He came closer still, until you backed into the glass with missing lettering for “popcorn” across it. There was apparently no sense of personal space with this Loki and you hadn’t decided how you were feeling about it.
“Is she one of us?” he asked no one in particular. 
“No,” your Loki stepped beside him, realizing the situation, “she is with me though.” 
“Ahh,” the variant attempting an overthrow mused at you, eyes flickering about every inch of your features, “so. . .are you with him then?”
You swallowed harshly, attempting to deny a blush inevitably working its way up to your cheeks.
“I literally just said that,” Loki began again, but he was being completely ignored. 
“You know,” the other Loki stroked a finger along your cheek, “if you’re with him, you could be with me, since He’s me.” 
“Alright, that’s it, I will accept that you’re me and he’s me,” your Loki began confronting this variant, “but she’s mine,” you were suddenly yanked his direction by your arm, and soon enough you were hiding behind a Loki from a Loki surrounded by other Lokis, again. 
That was enough to resume the fight with punches flying, gators chomping, and sheer anarchy everywhere, until the older Loki called the two of you away from the action, protecting you with his illusions, projections, and magic.
“Wow,” you said watching all the Lokis, whilst amazed at the magic the eldest Loki was conjuring for your safe escape, “now I see why there should only be one of you in one place at a time.”
Rolling his eyes with a sigh, Loki grasped your wrist, “come on.”
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bonky-n-steeb · 2 months ago
i think Loki needs a flower crown, so what if you made him one? Would he like it or not?
Thank you so much for this request! This made me soft.🥺 I hope you like this. Ily! 😘
the flower crown
𝙡𝙤𝙠𝙞 𝙭 𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙙𝙚𝙧
𝙬𝙖𝙧𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙨 || fluff and a little bit of angst.
this is not proofread :/
This gif is so 🥺🥺🥺
Tumblr media
It was the New Year’s Eve on Asgard. A new year of hope and happiness was about to come and everyone was rejoicing.
And unlike earth, one of the traditions on Asgard was to give gifts to the royal family. From the kings to the little princesses, the commoners gave little tokens of appreciation.
The maidens used to make jewellery from flowers for their princes while men used to offer their craftsmanship. This year was no different.
Almost all the members of the royal family were bestowed with gifts. At the end of the day Thor was covered in fragrant flowers while Odin and frigga had collected pots and metals. Everyone except Loki had some gift or the other.
After all the deeds he had done the previous year and after the fact that he was a frost giant was revealed; no one dared to give him anything. Some out of fear as to how he’d react, while the others refrained due to their outright hate towards him.
Loki always maintained a calm composure in front of others. He pretended in the court that the gifts from those peasants were beneath his level. That he didn’t need their appreciation, he was a god after all.
But beneath the cold exterior, his heart ached. He desperately wanted someone to give him anything; even a stone would mean a lot. And all this proving the very point he was fighting for: he wasn’t Thor’s equal.
As the night approached, the festivities all died down and he retreated back to his chamber. And all he hand in his hands was one delicate bracelet given to him by his own mother.
He would keep it safe and close to his heart. But the fact that no one else cared enough for him, made deep cuts.
“How was your day, my Prince?” You inquired as he entered his bed chambers. You were waiting for him there all day.
Being a servant, your duty was to keep his room the way he liked and cater to his whims. But Loki wasn’t like one expected him to be. He pretended to be arrogant but despite that he did things no one else would do.
He asked if you were okay on the days you were sick and gave you a day off. He asked if you’d had your lunch and he noticed little changes like when you trimmed your hair.
These were the things that people overlooked. Running after big things, people forgot how precious caring for someone so much that you noticed all the small details was. And you couldn’t stop your heart from falling for him.
“How would it be?” He asked incredulously. You could feel the disappointment radiate out of the Prince. He had nothing except for the beautiful bracelet clutched in his hands and you had an inkling who it was from.
“I have something for you.” Loki’s eyes shot over to you as you looked at him shyly. You didn’t know how he’d react; whether he’d be happy or whether he’d think it was childish.
“What?” What would you have for him? He noticed how your hands were behind your back as if you were hiding something. Your hands trembled a little as you brought them in front of you.
Loki’s eyes widened then watered as he saw what you were holding gently in your hand. A flower crown. “I… I made this for you.” You had spent the entire day collecting and then weaving the flowers in a delicate pattern.
Dahlias, daisies and carnations made the main portion of the crown, while hydrangeas were filling the remaining spaces. It was the most beautiful crown Loki had ever seen.
He quickly wiped off the tears in his eyes and cleared his throat. “Thank… thank you.” Loki said accepting the gift. You couldn’t believe the god of mischief just accepted your gift and thanked you.
But before you could say any further, he dismissed you with a flip of his hand. Nodding, you walked away, only to peek back into his room through the small slit in the door.
You wanted to see what he did with it. Did he throw it away? Did he mock it? Did he wear it? You stood with bated breath as he got up walked towards the mirror. He stared at the crown for some moments before finally placing it on his head.
You gave a small squeal as you saw him smile at the mirror. Loki was treating it as if the crown was made of gold. You know that no matter what how cold he appeared to be, this man had a heart of gold.
Loki finally allowed himself to cry when you were gone. The crown was truly one of the best things he’d received. He couldn’t believe you cared for him so much.
He couldn’t believe that after everything had happened, there was this one person, you, who thought he deserved happiness too. He didn’t feel so alone anymore.
He couldn’t ever tell you, but he loved you. Since the day you had entered his life, his life was much brighter. But you didn’t belong together.
He was a monster and you were the only good thing in his life. If you ever got together, he would taint you too. And he wouldn’t be able to live if he ever dimmed your light.
So he did what he knew best; he hid his feeling and saw you from afar. Hoping that one day, one fine day he’d finally have the courage to tell you the truth.
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kaz11283 · 2 days ago
So I have been trying to come up with something to do for the month of October and while hunting through Tumblr to try and find something I happened across an AMAZING prompt list by @dionysusistyping and I have decided to do a WHOLE MONTH of Loki requests.
During the month of October you will be able to find the requests using #Lokitober.
It doesn't have to be from the prompt list. I will be releasing the prompt list on September 24th at 11:00pm (my time).
Lets make October Mischievous!
If you would like to be added to my tag list just send a message or ask!
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ohdolans · 2 months ago
yes, mr. president
Tumblr media
pairing: President!Loki x f!reader
warning: 18+ unprotected sex, office sex, oral (male receiving), slight degradation, rough sex, etc.
summary: Being a part of President Loki’s reelection campaign, you never thought that you'd get the change to be with him in his office. Alone. pre-Nexxus Event (for Pres. Loki)
words: 2.6k+
You smoothed down your skirt as you tried to hurry down the hallway. Everyone was working around you giving the feeling of chaos as everyone scrambled to finish the day's work. It seemed as Election Day drew closer and closer the office became more and more intense. You thought that it would be fun to join President Loki's campaign team as he worked for reelection.
When one of the assistants came up to your small cubicle desk and said that Loki wanted to see you in his office immediately, you felt your stomach drop. Instantly you thought that it was something bad. You'd only met the man a handful of times, and each time you were both intrigued by him and scared of him. The moment Loki walked into a room he commanded it and everyone paid attention.
Your heart raced against your chest as your mind raced through the possibilities of what he wants to see you for. You walked to the end of the hallway and stood in front of the double doors that lead into his office, two servicemen standing on either side. Showing no emotion, unmoving. You took a few deep breaths before reaching up to knock on the door. But before your knuckles could meet the wood, the door swung open and revealed the office behind it.
Slowly you stepped into the office and the door shut tightly behind you, the sound of the lock clicking cutting through the silence of the room. Leaning against the front of his desk dressed in a well-fitted suit was Loki. Your eyes scanned over his body slowly taking in every inch and detail of his tall frame. Even leaning against the desk he still loomed over you. His long dark hair was pushed back from his face, his golden horns perfectly placed upon his head and coming down along his cheekbones. Making them look sharper than they already are. You couldn't tell from the look that was on his face if he was either happy to see you, or ready to tear into you.
"Y-You wanted to see me, President Laufeyson?" You spoke, trying to come off confident as you stood in front of him.
"What is your name, darling?" His deep voice seemed to send a shiver down your spine in a moment. It was something that you never got used to. You spoke your name softly to him, a smirk coming across his lips.
Loki pushed off from the desk and took a few steps towards you. As his eyes traveled along your body you thought for a moment he could see through your clothing. See every inch of you. Your heart raced against your chest as you stood there still, Loki disappearing behind your shoulder. Soon his body pressed against your back and you were able to feel the heat of his body against yours.
"I've admired you for a while," He spoke into your ear, another shiver moving through you. Your name leaving his lips in a way that sounded sinful. "You've been with the campaign team for a while, and I've seen you standing in the background like a good little pet."
"I-I..." You turned to look over your shoulder towards him, "I'm sorry? What?"
Loki smirked and moved back around slowly till he was standing back in front of you. His tall, lean frame looming over you as the mischievous smirk seemed to spread across his face slowly.
"You'll do perfectly," Loki spoke
"P-Perfect for what? Am I in trouble?"
"Far from it," Loki turned and walked towards his desk and moved around it slowly before taking a seat in his chair. "I have an offer for you, not really an offer. But a request, pet."
"Yes, sir?"
That seemed to only cause the glint in Loki's eyes to grow more.
"Come here,"
He rose his hand slowly and used two fingers to beckon you forth. Immediately it was like your body knew the command and moved towards him. Loki kept his eyes lock on yours as you swiftly moved across his office, around the desk, and towards him. You stopped right in front of him, Loki turning his chair towards you. Slowly he parted his knees and patted the top of his thigh, cocking his brow towards you in a silent direction.
You hesitated for only a moment before moving between his thighs and taking a seat on his lap. Loki pulled you closer to him and seemed to growl slightly as your body pressed against his. You were able to be enveloped by the warm scent that came from him the moment you came closer. It drew you closer and made you feel your arousal pool between your legs. There was no denying that Loki was incredibly handsome.
His hand moved along your exposed leg as your skirt seemed to move up as you sat on his lap. Your legs seemed to slowly part for him as Loki's hands seemed to travel up slowly.
"Are you devoted to me?" Loki asked, his hand caressing your thigh slowly it was making your heart race and feeling an ache build. Your body was reacting to him intensely and it both excited and scared you.
"Of c-course, sir." You spoke with a shakiness to your voice now, moving your gaze from his hand to his face.
"And you would do anything for me? Wouldn't you?"
Slowly you nodded your head.
"Then I have an offer for you. For you to simply be mine."
That mischievous smirk was back on his face, you felt yourself clench between your legs needing some sort of relief. "Yes, mine. You would solely be here to serve me in any way that I see fit. Wouldn't a follower such as yourself love nothing more than to serve their master?"
Deep down you knew the words he spoke were true. You wanted that. To serve this man however he wanted you to.
"Your body would be mine, and whenever I want you, you would be there to offer yourself to me." His fingers teased along with the fabric, teasing your slit through it and moaning when he felt how wet you were for him. "Soaked already?"
You stammered slightly but it soon changed into a whimper as his fingers pressed against your clit and slowly teased you through your underwear.
"I can practically smell you, pet," Loki spoke with a slight growl. "How I want to taste you," You gasped softly and moaned as he pressed against you more. You spread your legs for him, your leg brushing against his hardening cock. "You would like that wouldn't you?"
He paused, "Another time. Must see first if you are worthy enough for me. Even though something tells me that you will."
Loki's hand pulled away from between your legs causing you to whimper softly from the loss.
"On your knees." You moved quickly between his thighs on the floor, kneeling before him and looking up through your lashes. "Good girl,"
Loki moved to unbuckle his trousers, pushing them down enough to free his cock. You couldn't help the small gasp that came from you as he fully came into view. You felt your mouth water at the sight of him. His larger hand wrapped around the base of his hard cock, precum slowly dripping along his length, begging for your tongue to taste him. Your hands caressed his thighs slowly as you suddenly became eager to feel the weight of his cock against your tongue.
"Do you want me?" He moaned your name at the end, making you draw your eyes back towards his face. You nodded your head and gripped tighter to his thigh slightly. "Open up."
You opened your mouth for him as he threaded his long fingers through your hair and pulled you forward. You moaned at the taste of him against your tongue, eager to please him, loving the deep moan that came from him as you wrapped your lips around his cock. Your hand replaced his at his base, stroking what couldn't fit in your mouth. Slowly you began to bob your head up and down his length, moving faster the more accustomed you came to him down your throat. He seemed to be pleased any time he heard you gag around him slightly, his hips moving up to meet with your movements.
"Yes, such a pretty thing with your lips wrapped around me," Loki moaned and gripped tighter to your hair. "Look up at me, keep those eyes on me, pet."
You moaned around him and did exactly as he asked. Watching his face as you pleased him, trying to draw out every noise you could. You wanted to please him, to be his and only his. Loki tapped into a side of you that had been sitting dormant and waiting for someone to serve.
It didn't take long before Loki was fucking your throat, holding your head down as he fucked into your throat. You could feel his cock twitch in your mouth every time he made you gag. The heady taste of his precum along with your tongue and slowly dripping from your mouth along with your saliva. He was making a mess of you, something he wanted. Loki pulled from your mouth with a gasp, a mixture of his salvia and precum dripping down along your chin and towards your chest.
His cock bobbed in front of you and you wanted nothing more than to have him back in your mouth. But instead, he stood from his chair and quickly began to remove his suit.
"Strip, slut." Loki ordered. You moved into action quickly and stripped out of your blouse and skirt, throwing them to the side along with your bra and underwear. You went to kick off your heels when he quickly stopped you. "The heels stay on."
He moved towards you and grabbed your neck before pulling you tightly to him, bending down and kissing you deeply. His tongue moved against yours before winning dominance in the kiss almost immediately. Loki could taste a bit of himself on your tongue and it turned him even more. His cock was hard and aching for you, needing to feel your pussy tight around his cock.
Loki lifted you onto his desk, spreading your legs wide for him. He bent his head down to press his tongue against your slit. You couldn't control the noise that left you the moment he sucked on your clit. You jumped slightly and rose on your elbows to look down and watch him. Loki moaned against you as his tongue worked against your slit, taking in every drop that you gave him.
"L-Loki," You moaned, wanting to reach down and pull at his long, dark curls but the horns slightly in your way.
Loki pulled back from between your legs and glared down towards you, the darkness behind his eyes that made you freeze for a moment in fear.
"What did you just call me?" He spoke, his deep voice once again pulling you in and making you afraid at the same time. "You are to call me master, or sir. Nothing else unless I permit you. Understand?"
"Yes, I-I'm sorry..." You spoke, Loki cocking his brow towards you. "Sir,"
The smirk was back, "Good girl."
You fell back against the desk and let out a wanton moan as his fingers worked against you.
"Such a perfect little pussy for me, so eager." Loki licked his lips as he watched over you. Loving how your body reacted to him. "Never have tasted anything so sweet."
You could feel the need to cum slowly start to build, your legs shaking slightly as you withered beneath him. But just as you felt yourself start to fall apart beneath him, Loki pulled away and brought his fingers to his lips and sucked on them. You wanted that image imprinted on your mind forever. There was a hunger in Loki's eyes as he stared down towards you, seeing the slight mess that he was making out of you. He wanted more. He needed more.
His hand moved down to his cock and slowly stroked it as he looked over you, seeing the same hunger he felt within himself reflect in your eyes.
"Beg for it, slut." Loki ordered, moving towards to slowly tease your slit with the head of his cock. "Beg for me to fuck you."
"Please, please sir...I need to feel you deep inside of me. Fuck me. Fuck me and make me yours."
Your hand traveled down your body slowly as you begged, teasing yourself and even wrapping your hand around him and stroking his cock slowly. Loki grabbed one of your legs and pulled you down to the edge, before placing it along his shoulder. You were opened wide for him, exactly how he wanted you.
Loki thrust into you hard and nearly with no mercy, the two of you moaning at the connection. He stretched you with ache and pain that only made you clench around him and pull him in deeper. You were dripping along his cock causing an erotic sound to come from between you both. You reached to grip something on the desk as he fucked into you. You are panting and moaning beneath him as he took full control of your body. The moans, whimpers, and growls coming from the two of you mixed with the erotic nose of your bodies moving against each other.
Loki's grip around your thigh moved down to your throat, his pace becoming more erratic and harder. Loki was lost in the feeling of you wrapped around him. It was like with every thrust you were pulling him deeper into you, pulsing and clenching around him sweetly.
"You gonna cum for me? Hmmm, gonna cum like a whore for my cock?" Loki tightened his grip on your throat.
"Y-Yes...please...please make me cum sir. Please."
"Give it to me. Scream for your master so everyone knows who's fucking you."
Your moan built louder and louder, not caring if everyone outside his office could hear you. The feeling taking over your body was too much, your entire body trembling beneath him. You were a babbling moaning mess, clearly fucked out, beneath Loki. He loved it.
Your back arched and you screamed his name as you came around him. You reached up and gripped his arm with your nails digging into his skin slightly.  Loki let himself go and spilled his cum deep inside of you, grinding his hips into you, making sure every drop was deep inside of you. You could feel him cum inside of you and that only made you cum harder.
"That is, take every drop of my cum...god, such an eager little slut." Loki panted, leaning over you and supporting himself with his hands planted on either side of you. "Mmm, this pussy is perfection."
Loki slowly pulled out and moaned as he watched his cock pull out of you, both your arousal and his cum nearly dripping off his cock. He sat back on his office chair and watched as his cum slowly dripped from your pussy. You felt like you couldn't move, every bit of energy left your body.
"Yes, you'll do perfectly." Loki sighed as he sat in the seat, you sat up and looked towards him. Mascara running down your cheeks, hair a mess and clearly fucked out of your mind.
"Now come and clean the mess you created, pet."
You eagerly dropped to your knees and between his legs, looking up to him through your lashes "Yes, Mr. President."
This is my first Loki piece, so please be kind. I hope you liked, would love to know your thoughts. 
We only got him for 50 seconds, but president Loki does something for me and I love it. 
tagged: @lokiswifesworld​
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imaginedisish · 2 months ago
I Know The End (Loki x Reader)
A/N: Hey guys!!! Sorry for the wait, but here it is! This is based off of the request I posted last! I really hope you guys enjoy! PS, it’s somewhat inspired by I Know The End by Phoebe Bridgers. Although, the tail end of the song doesn’t exactly match the vibe of the fic, so if you intend on listening to the song while reading, I’d say hit the rewind button as you get to the end of the song LOL. Anyway, my requests are still open, and ENJOY!
Summary: Thor and Tony tease Loki about never being able to find love. That’s not true, as far as you’re concerned, especially given your feelings for Loki. Except there’s one issue: He doesn’t know about them, at least not yet. 
Warnings: A good deal of angst, but it turns into fluff, cursing, maybe some grammar mistakes? I think that should be everything lol.
Word Count: 3,211
Tumblr media
“Oh come on, you so totally would!” A voice shouts in the near distance.
The words snap you out of the deep sleep you had been in. Soft rays of light stretch across your face, creeping in from the small cracks and crevices of your white curtains. You groan in annoyance, grabbing your pillow from under your head and shoving it over your face. You know it can’t be later than 8:30 in the morning, because that’s when your alarm should have woken you up. 
Instead, as always, Tony and Thor decided that this was the type of morning to be incredibly loud. It also wasn’t convenient that your room was dangerously close to the end of the hallway, allowing for all the noise from the kitchen and living room to flow directly into your ears. 
“Oh please,” A familiar voice chimes out. “I’ve had more people in my bed than the amount of whatever midguardian currency you have sitting in your silly little bank.”
The rest of the conversation is unintelligible as you force your pillow down harder over your ears. Thankfully, all you can hear now are the mumblings of annoyance coming from those distantly recognizable voices. Still, you know you won’t be going back to sleep any time soon, so you have no choice but to force yourself out of bed and out into the conversation that somehow seems to be growing louder and louder. 
You rip the pillow off your face and push yourself up onto your fore arms, listening a bit closer to the conversation. 
There’s a powerful, booming laugh. “Well brother,” Thor chants, “The people amount of people one has in bed most certainly does not equate to the love one holds in one’s heart.”
Loki stays silent, but Tony’s laugh is audible as ever. “Proverb Thor 3:5 makes an excellent point,” Tony mutters. “And if you’ve slept with more people than the amount of money I have, I think it’s time to get that thing checked out, Reindeer Games.” 
You roll your eyes, knowing full well that the conversation must be bothering Loki. As much as he pretended to be a cocky asshole, he was truly a rather vulnerable, hurt, damaged, yet kind person. At least to you, that’s what he showed himself to be. His god-like, sarcastic, cynical front was just an illusion to keep his true self hidden. 
But he didn’t hide that true self from you. 
You swing your legs around to the side of the bed, and force yourself to face the cold hard wood floors below. You walk towards your door, twisting the knob and making your way out into the hall. 
“Good morning sleeping beauty,” Tony chimes in as you enter the kitchen, pouring himself a cup of coffee in the process. Loki stands up from the barstool he had been sitting on and begins to walk over towards you. 
“Morning Loki,” You say, your voice still hoarse with sleep. 
He sends a soft smile your way, but doesn’t respond. He leaves the kitchen and heads off down a hallway, disappearing into a room. 
Your heart sinks down deep into your chest. Whatever Tony and Thor had been teasing Loki about had truly gotten to him, and you couldn’t help but feel as though your presence somehow made it worse. That was the last thing you wanted. You wanted to be there for him, to figure out what was wrong, to fix whatever was hurting him. 
You really couldn’t bare to see him that way, you never could. The amount of hours you spent next to Loki, talking about everything and nothing, all to make sure he was okay, were absolutely innumerable. Sometimes you two would sit in comfortable silence, your shared presence saying more than words ever could. Sometimes you’d keep a TV show on in the background, but you were never paying attention. You’d sit on the couch next to him, resting your head on his chest, listening to his heart beat. 
To be honest, you would do anything for him. You would sit with him for days on end if you had to. You believed in him more than any other Avenger. You saw the good in him the very second you laid eyes on him, as impossible as that seems. He didn’t have to prove himself to you. He didn’t have to jump through hoops or pass stupid, foolish tests. 
He was Loki, and that was enough. 
You finally decide to speak up, completely ready to interrogate your teammates. “What did you two do?” Your voice is strong, a little bit too strong. You were just a tad too easy to read. Immediately, Thor and Tony can tell that there was something else causing you to react this way. 
Everyone did. In fact, everyone had admitted it already. Everyone had discussed it with each other at least once a day. Everyone could tell so easily. But you and Loki couldn’t. 
There was something between you two. It was impossible not to see. 
You could never tell him how you felt. Never. You couldn’t even tell yourself. It didn’t matter how bad you wanted him, how terribly you loved him, how horrifically head over heels you had become for him. Because, at the end of the day, you had lost far too much to lose something, someone, like that. Of course, losing him would hurt regardless. Maybe it would hurt even more if you never got the chance to see how things played out. But still, it felt safer not to try. It felt safer not to let those three words free themselves from their chamber at the back of your throat.
So you wallowed in silence. You felt in silence. You dreamt in silence.  And that was okay. 
This, however, Loki feeling pain, was not. 
Tony finally decides to speak up. “We were just messing with him. I didn’t know Reindeer Games had any soft spots. Guess he does.” 
You scoff. “He has emotions, you know,” You say, your eyebrows furrowed. You weren’t having Tony’s bullshit today, no matter how close you two were. He had become something of a father figure for you, but that didn’t necessarily mean he was always the greatest influence. 
“Couldn’t tell, to be honest,” Tony says back, sarcasm heavy in his voice.
Before you could think of a comeback, Thor interjects. “He’ll be alright, (Y/N),” He says, his voice much softer than usual. “He always pushes through.” But his words weren’t reassuring to you. 
You shake your head. “What were you even talking about? What could you have been possibly saying to make him so upset, hm?”
Tony smiles, laughing a bit. “I said,” He stops, his laughter growing, “Thor I can’t say it, it’s too damn funny.” Tony bends over, his cackle filling the room. He mutters something under his breath, and he laughs at whatever it was he said. 
Thor chuckles. “Tony said Loki would have to pay someone to be his girlfriend, and I agreed. Jokingly, of course.”
“As funny as it was, it wasn’t a joke to me!” Tony shouts, laughing even harder now. 
Your mouth falls open. “You assholes!” You yell, your voice booming against the walls of the kitchen. 
Tony looks at you, his eyes wide with disbelief. “What, you really think he’ll ever be able to find true love?” He asks, the remnants of his laughter still thick in his voice. “I mean come on, you know him better than anyone else here, don’t you? Even better than Thor?” 
Thor nods. “That’s probably true.” 
“Yeah, it is,” You respond, “Which is exactly why I know he will, and that he’s worthy of every ounce of it.” Your commanding, serious voice cuts the jovial tone of the room in half, leaving a feeling of tension and conflict in the air. Tony and Thor take their eyes off of you. The only funny thing about this was how intimidated they had become of you in a matter of seconds. 
After a minute of silence, Tony’s head whips back towards you, as if he’s had some sort of epiphany, some sort of grand realization. He laughs to himself.
“What, what’s so funny now?” Your voice doesn’t waver at all as you slam your fist on the cold, marble countertop. 
Tony shakes his head and chuckles once more. “There’s no skepticism left in me. I wasn’t entirely sure about this, but now I am. Thor insisted it was true. So did Nat. Even Bruce knew it. I thought maybe you were just that nice. You’re too nice sometimes. But now, now it’s crystal clear.” 
Tony stops his tangent, leaving your heart thumping out of your chest. “What the fuck are you talking about Tony?” You say back. 
He stays silent, and smiles softly. You look over at Thor, waiting for him to speak up. 
“I think you already know the answers to your questions, (Y/N),” Thor says finally. “We’ve known for quite a while. It was only a matter of time before you finally acknowledged it too.” 
Everyone knows, You think to yourself, slightly embarrassed. It was a lot to process, although it made complete sense. You thought back to the time they had caught you and Loki sitting on the couch, watching some stupid horror movie. Despite being a goddess, you found yourself stuck under the crook of Loki’s arm, shaking like a leaf in fear. You burrowed your head into his chest, and he tightened his arm around you. When they walked in on you two, all cuddled up, they made some snide comments, but that was it. 
Then there was the time Tony had found you two on the couch, sound asleep at 2:30 in the morning, clung together underneath a blanket. Neither of you could sleep alone that night. Nightmares plagued your mind, and oddly enough, Loki was in the same boat. You had made your way out into the living room to watch the city streets below, and Loki showed up just a few minutes later. After talking for a while, you felt yourself growing tired, but you were afraid to be alone. So, he stayed with you on the couch, all night. Tony went to grab a glass of water, and that’s when he saw you. By the next morning, everyone knew. You took the jokes and made sure Loki was never uncomfortable about any of them. 
But there were far more times than that. Far more times than you could even begin to count. And they were all hitting you now. It was undeniable, your words, your actions, your feelings. It was all so abundantly clear, not only to yourself, but to the world. 
You wondered if they were clear to Loki too. Maybe he thought you could never love him, all over some stupid jab from Tony and Thor. That stung. The thought that he truly believed you could never love him was enough to drive you to tears. The idea that Loki seriously believed that he would need to pay you to love him was far too painful. You needed to set the record straight. 
Now or never. 
“You two fucking suck,” You say angrily, punching the marble countertop again before storming out of the room. You walk towards the hallway Loki had traveled down, and knock on the door. 
There’s no response. 
You knock again, and when there’s still no voice on the other side, you choose to open the door. You feel your stomach twist when you see that there’s no one inside. “Loki?” You call out, but there’s still nothing. You step back out of the room, shutting the door behind you. 
That’s when an idea pops into your head, and you immediately storm towards the doors to the balcony entrance at the other end of the hallway. 
And, of course, there he was. You push the doors open. You watch Loki stare down at the cars rushing by below. It’s almost as if you can feel how lost he feels, how hurt he feels, how confused he is. A shiver runs down your spine as you finally start making your way over to him. Your footsteps are audible, but he doesn’t turn around. He stays exactly where he is. It feels like he’s hiding from you, like there’s something he doesn’t want you to see. 
“Loki?” You whisper, finally reaching the place next to him, where you’ve always felt you belonged. 
You let your hand place itself in between his shoulder blades, rubbing slowly. He shudders under your touch. You finally look over to his face, his tear stained face. That’s what he’s hiding, You realize.
“Oh, Loki,” Your voice is quiet and filled with sadness. You bring your other hand across his chest and up to his shoulder, wrapping himself in your arms, bringing him into a tight hug. You bring your lips to his ear.  Your voice is incredibly low, so only Loki can hear you. “They’re wrong. You know that, don’t you?” 
Loki brings his hands to your waist, giving into the hug and bringing you closer to him. He shakes his head into the crook of your neck. “No, they’re not, and that’s the problem.” After a few seconds of silence, he pulls away from you, leaving you feeling cold and empty despite the cool touch of his skin. 
He walks a few steps away from you, and begins to pace back in forth. Every now and then he’ll bring his hands up to his face defeatedly. It kills you to see him like this. 
“They’re wrong Loki, I promise you. They’re completely, entirely and insurmountably wro-,”
He whips around to face you again. “No, they’re not!” He shouts, tears falling from his eyes, smacking the ground when they land. “I’m unlovable. I’m nothing. I’m unworthy of so much, (Y/N). Of Asgard, of a real family, of friends, of love,” He pauses, his voice softening with every word, “Of you.” 
Your eyes begin to well up. You blink and the tears free themselves, trickling down your cheeks. You catch the salty taste as one falls to the corner of your mouth.
“That’s not true and you-,” 
But he cuts you off again. “It is true! Of all the things I just mentioned, I don’t deserve you the most. I will never deserve you. Why are you even here? Why do you stay? Look at me, I’m a monster.” 
You shake your head, pinching the bridge of your nose as you take a few steps towards his frozen body. You scoff and part your lips. “Because you’re not a monster. You’re not whatever the fuck you think you are. You’re so much more, Loki. You’ve shown me more love than I’ve ever seen in my entire life. You’ve been there for me, and I’m always going to be here for you,” Your words are shaky. You pause, out of breath, trying to speak in between sobs. “And don’t you dare, for a single second think that you don’t deserve me.” 
“And what makes you think that I do?” He questions, his voice much quieter this time. 
You look to the city streets below, searching for the perfect thing to say. But that’s when it dawns on you, that there’s no need for some perfect way to come out and say it. Nothing is ever perfect. It doesn’t need to be. It shouldn’t be. Life would be shit if everything was perfect, You think to yourself. You and Loki were most certainly far from perfect, and yet, you knew that he was all you wanted. You knew that you belonged with him. 
You knew that no matter what your story was, it would end with him. 
“Because I know the end, Loki,” You say, stepping closer to him. “They know it too,” You say motioning towards the door behind you and him. You figured the entire team was watching, but neither of you looked to see. 
Loki closes the gap between you and him. “What are you talking about, (Y/N)?” He questions, taking your hands in his. 
You blink some more tears out of your eyes to see his face more clearly. You take a deep breath, allowing the words to fall out of your mouth. 
“I love you, Loki. That’s the end. You and me. No matter what. No matter how many times you and I try to push each other away, no matter how many stupid jokes they make about you never finding love, no matter how you feel about yourself, I will always love you. I always have and I always will.” 
There’s a pause, a moment of disbelief between the two of you. You can’t help but worry he won’t feel the same.
“Y-you love me?” A genuine smile plays at the corners of his mouth. His blue eyes widen. 
You nod once. “Yes,” You say simply.
Loki brings his hands to the sides of your face as his lips come crashing down onto yours. You swear you can feel a strong ray of sun break through the grey cloudy sky, reaching the exact spot you and Loki are standing in, as if the heavens decided to open up, as if some sort of order had been resolved within the universe. That’s exactly how the kiss felt, as if everything was in its right place, as if this was exactly where you were supposed to be. 
Loki separates his lips from yours, a single tear falling down his cheek. “I love you, (Y/N), and I mean that.”
“I know, I know,” You say back, “I know you do.” You knew he wanted you to understand that this wasn’t some trick. But there was no need to prove a single thing to you. You knew how he felt. There was no doubt in your mind now. 
“Thank you,” He says, resting his forehead against yours, squeezing your hands with his own. 
“For what?” You ask. 
He smiles. “No one has ever made me feel this way. No one has ever treated me with so much kindness, with so much trust. With so much…” He trails off, his eyes shutting tightly. “Warmth.” 
“You don’t need to thank me, Loki,” You say, squeezing his hands back. 
Loki squints his eyes, confused. “Why not? You deserve it.”
You shake your head. “Because that’s what love is. I’d do anything for you, no questions asked. I’d chase you into a tornado. I’d drive into the sun with you. I’d face the end of the world with you,” You pause, swallowing the lump in your throat. “Forever.” 
“Forever?” Loki asks. 
“Forever.” You say back. 
He wraps his arms around you, bringing you tightly into his chest. You didn’t care if the team was watching. You didn’t care who saw. 
He was yours. 
Forever. Never to be alone again. 
Either way, we're not alone
I'll find a new place to be from
A haunted house with a picket fence
To float around and ghost my friends
No, I'm not afraid to disappear
The billboard said "The End Is Near"
I turned around, there was nothing there
Yeah, I guess the end is here
Tags: @lokissuper​
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dilfmobius · 2 months ago
bubble pop electric
Tumblr media
president loki x fem!reader
after trying to save one of your teammates, the tva sends you to a desolate planet that seems to be full of loki’s
SMUT, fingering, some voyeurism, unprotected sex - basically just p w some plot
1.6k words
i wanted to write for president loki all day and i’ll probably write for him again. that is all. i took some creative liberties
tagging @fic-force-99 !! :)
One moment you were escaping off of the celestial planet of Ego and the next minute you were being abducted by people claiming you “violated the timeline” and “were to answer for your crimes”, whatever that meant. You were nervous to say the least as you made your way to judge Renslayer. As you were told that your rescue of Yondu Udonta violated the ‘sacred timeline’ and that he was meant to die. As you were pushed through empty corridors, shouting that the rest of the Guardians would be looking for you, you knew there was no way out of this pruning.
You submitted yourself to it as you felt yourself fade away, darkness being the only thing that surrounded you as the rest of the universe disappeared.
That was, until you felt air fill your lungs again. Until you felt light filter through your closed eyelids.
You jumped awake, looking around as you took in everything you could see. There were monuments from all different types of places and things. Things that were familiar but somehow felt wrong. But the one thing that really caught your attention was how alone you were.
Quickly standing up, you noticed how desolate the place you were was. Not a soul in sight, definitely no way to contact the rest of the guardians.
“So… I’m in hell.” You spoke, looking down to see if the devil had at least sparred you a cute outfit. Of course not, you were still dressed head to toe in ugly TVA prison gray and orange.
As you looked around, you noticed something moving in the clouds - and whatever it was, it didn’t look happy. Having dealt with your fair share of evil creatures, you knew the best thing you could do at this point was just run.
So you did. You ran until you couldn’t run anymore, until you found a building that strangely looked just like the White House and ran into it.
In your haste you didn’t notice that the walls were coated in green and gold, nor did you notice the other variants watching you as you sprinted into any place you could find. Not until you felt something grab your wrist and push you against a wall.
“Who are you?” The large man asked, a dagger placed directly against your throat.
“Your worst nightmare.” You muttered sarcastically, kneeing him in the stomach before continuing to run.
You ran right into a room with a desk that you could hide behind, only listening to your own breathing calm as you tried to decipher any noises that would come near you. You almost believed that you were in the clear until you heard the door open. Until someone sat down in front of you, until you felt them grab you by the wrists and pull you out from under the desk.
“What do we have here?” The gruff voice of a raven haired man questioned you.
“I know you’re a variant, before you try to explain.”
“Because I’m a variant too, we all are.”
Your gaze softened as you looked at the man, the panic seeming to leave you - mostly.
“Do you have a way out?”
He only laughed in response, releasing your wrists and allowing you to stand on your own.
“Of course not, nobody leaves this place.”
You finally took in his suit and horned crown. His “Vote for Loki” pin and his cocky demeanor.
“Who are you?”
“I’m President Loki, all those men out there are Loki’s too.”
You’d heard of Loki. Prince of Asgard, burdened by some sort of glorious purpose to rule. You’d heard never to cross paths with him, and now you were learning that you were surrounded by god knows how many versions of him? Maybe this is hell, after all.
“I’ll keep answering your questions if you answer mine.” he offered up, inching closer to you as you watched him with extreme caution. As Loki held his hand out for a shake, a devilish grin crossed his face as you took his hand within your own.
“Deal.” you responded, growing nervous as you felt his breath fan over your face, holding eye contact with you as you shrunk before him.
“Why are you here?”
“Apparently someone I saved was supposed to die.”
“Who did you save?”
“A member of my team.”
“What team?”
“The Guardians of the Galaxy.”
With how Loki started laughing you would have assumed that you had said the most hilarious joke he had ever heard. You watched in annoyance as he held onto his stomach and let out the biggest belly laughs he could manage.
“What’s so funny?” You asked, defensively as you grabbed him by the shoulder so he had to look at you.
“Let me guess what you all are… space Avengers? Destined to use your pull as heroic Gods to get free dinner at a restaurant and destroy whatever city you want?”
“No, we’re just a bunch of assholes who ended up on the same space ship.”
“Fair enough. What do you want to ask me?” He said, his ‘diplomatic’ side coming back. He was the ‘President’ after all.
“Where are we?”
“A place where all the timelines rejects get sent. Where space and time don’t matter.”
You sighed, knowing there most likely was no way for you to escape this place.
“If I can’t leave, can I stay here?”
He seemed to need a moment to think about it before a devious smile covered the man's face. His hand trailed over your neck and down to your breast, gently cupping you before leaning down.
Though you were shocked and nervous you made no effort to reject his efforts as President Loki connected his lips to yours, sucking your lip within his as he continued to caress your breast through your prison uniform and bra.
He pulled back, noting the way you clenched your thighs as he rubbed his hand over where he presumed your nipple was.
“I have been looking for a First Lady…” He trailed off, tugging your bottom lip between his teeth before he pulled back. Loki walked you over to his desk, pushing you against it.
You watched as green enveloped your body before your clothes were completely removed, and you couldn’t help but notice that the same happened to Loki’s presidential suit, his helmet being the only thing that remained on his body. Your eyes connected with his, before he reached a hand down to make contact with your clit.
You let out a moan, grabbing onto his forearm and feeling his muscles flex as he ran circles over your clit, mixing things up and thrusting two fingers into your pussy and curling them within you.
His thumb replaced his pointer finger as he roughly rubbed your clit, fucking you with his hand as if he was trying to pull your soul out through your orgasm.
“Poor little thing, so desperate.” He said, gripping your hips with his free hand to stop you from grinding against his hand. “You must’ve not been touched by anyone else for a longtime.” He teased, pressing a gentle kiss to your cheeks and forehead.
Just as you felt an orgasm building within you, Loki removed his fingers from your pussy. You whined, allowing him to bring his fingers into your throat and have you taste your own wetness. You were distracted by his fingers, so distracted that you didn’t notice his cock rubbing against you until he thrusted it inside.
Your head flew back as you let out a moan. You let him flip you over, your breasts pressed against the desk as he roughly ground his hips against yours, allowing you a moment to adjust to his size before setting a quick pace of thrusts.
You felt time slow as two men came rushing in.
“We heard-“ They stopped, upon seeing what was happening in front of them.
Any normal person would have stopped what they were doing to save what was left of their dignity. But Loki was not a normal person, and he had no shame as he continued to thrust his hips into you; pulling on your hair with one of his hands. And you couldn’t help the whines and moans that came from you as he fucked you on the desk, your eyes noticing the Loki variants in the doorway making no effort to cover the growing tents in their pants.
“If all- fuck -you wanted was to check- oh - up on me you’re free to go.” Loki said, shamelessly moaning throughout his words as he pulled you against his chest, continuing to fuck you senseless. Paying no mind to the way the men’s eyes trailed to your bouncing tits as they eventually left the room, presumably to go pleasure themselves.
“I don’t mind an audience…” you sheepishly admitted, growing embarrassed as you felt Loki laughing behind you before feeling him trail his hand over your front, beginning to rub your clit as he pressed a kiss to your jawline.
“I’ll remember that for later.” He said, in essentially a promise as he continued to fuck your sensitive pussy with his large cock.
You felt your orgasm building again, and you knew Loki did too as he roughly grabbed your jaw, turning your head to face his own, “Will you be my First Lady?”
“A-Always, I’ll be your Fi-First Lady always.”
He seemed satisfied by your answer, rubbing your clit faster and giving you the go ahead to cum for him. You whined out his name as you came, and you wondered if it was the use of ‘President Loki’ that made him cum inside of you seconds later.
In a moment you were dressed in a black, green and gold outfit and the man behind you was back in his suit. Both of you appearing completely clean from the previous activities.
“Allow me to give you the official, Presidential tour…”
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