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#loki fic

Holding Out


A/N: This started as a tease and quickly turned into a one shot of smut. Enjoy!! And a big thank you to @lokifae42 for partnering with me to write this! You’re positively wonderful, dear!

Summary: Loki is determined to make you cum as many times as you can and you decide to challenge him.

Paring: Loki x you

Warnings: literally just smut, PWP, use of restraints, a bit of teasing.


Loki’s hands caress your thighs, his head in between them. His eyes glimmer with mischief. “You better hold on darling,” he smiles. “I’m going to make you come more times than you can count,” he growls.

You swallow back your gasp and try for a smirk. “I’d like to see you try, Mischief.”

Loki lifts his brows, “Would you like to make it a challenge, darling?” He asks with a purr.

“Hmm… I don’t know. Think you have what it takes?” You tilt your head, playing innocent.


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Holding Out Teaser


So… that Loki smut that I said was in the near future? Yeah, it’s posting tomorrow 😌 But here’s a teaser on what I and @lokifae42 created while a bit of fooling around during RP.


Loki’s hands caress your thighs, his head in between them. His eyes glimmer with mischief. “You better hold on darling,” he smiles. “I’m going to make you come more times than you can count,” he growls.

You swallow back your gasp and try for a smirk. “I’d like to see you try, Mischief.”

Loki lifts his brows, “Would you like to make it a challenge, darling?” He asks with a purr.

“Hmm… I don’t know. Think you have what it takes?” You tilt your head, playing innocent.


My ride or die:

@lehuka123 @thejournalman @myraiswack @loki-yoursaviourishere @just-the-hiddles @confetti-its-an-imagine-blog @thehumanistsdiary @fanfictionaries @astheworlddturns @bbarnestan @buckyfan12


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Lost & Found - Loki X Reader - Chapter 5

A/N: Its been a while! But here’s the next part. Flashback at the end is just some smut because I feel like you need some haha

Warnings: Angst, a bit of sadness, a bit of fluff, smut

Marvel Masterlist


Originally posted by icancorruptyou

Loki had to get out of there. The way you softened when you were sat in him, the soft look in your eyes… It took him back to memories that he’d shoved into the back of his head and locked away because it was all too painful but the soft eyes and the smile…

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fandom: marvel/mcu
ship: loki/gender-neutral reader
rating: teen+
wc: 1415
warnings: mental health issues, self doubt, loneliness, angst, nightmares

[despite all that this is actually a positive fic, hurt/comfort & the like:)]

link to ao3.

reblogs/comments are appreciated! let me know if you want to be added to one of my taglists! (should i create a loki taglist? maybe i should safe that for my loki centric blog, idk. let me know!)

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nail polish


note: i wrote this a long time ago, before any thoughts of this lil series i’ve got going on. but i think it fits them quite well. interesting. enjoy!

loki series masterlist / request! / masterlist

These are the nights you live for. It’s quiet, just you and Loki in your dim flat. The world is locked outside, you have each other entirely to yourselves.

It’s the colour of your nails that started it all. You painting your nails wasn’t an uncommon phenomenon. But you usually went for warm colours, pinks and beiges and reds.

Tonight, they’re green. Darker than usual, and slightly iridescent. Loki feels something stir inside, seeing the colour he identified with himself so casually accessorising your elegant being. 

You look up from your matriculate task of painting your nails. “What’s with the looks? Are you developing a hand fetish? ‘Cause I don’t know how I’d cope with that…”

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Word Count: 191

for @the-th-horniest-book-club


Originally posted by astouract

“Pay up, Maximoff; you too Romanoff.” You smirked as each turned over a crisp $100 bill. “We should really do this more often.”

Nat gave you a withering stare as Wanda pouted. “We had no idea he was going to say yes; was this rigged?”

Loki heard “rigged” and decided eavesdropping would be helpful. He made himself invisible and stayed just outside of the kitchen as you bragged.

“I didn’t know either and yet here I am $200 richer!”

Loki came into view, his jaw wide. “Is that all I was to you?” A conquest? A means to an end? A BET?!” His voice raised louder with each question. You shrank back a bit, surprised by his reaction.

“No! Loki, not at all! It was just…”

His rage dissipated and his grin overtook his face. “Darling, do not apologize at all. I’m quite impressed actually. Just one of the reasons I find you fascinating.”

Nat and Wanda rolled their eyes as you and Loki stared at each other, the sexual tension building with each second. “We’re just gonna get out of your way guys. Just… remember we eat in here, ‘kay?”

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Pairing: Loki x reader

Word Count: 1128

Warnings: 18+ Only, SMUT, Language! Oral (fem rec), fluff

Author’s Notes: I’m challenging myself to write some fics using the list of 410 Smut Prompts that I came across from @devildomqueen. Per the request of @animnerd​, LOKI smut for you!!

Prompt:  No Panties?


Originally posted by thehumming6ird

“Darling, you look ravishing,” Loki whispered in your ear, his fingers ghosting your lower back as you stood at the bar, dark green velvet floor length gown hugging your curves.

“Loki. How did you get invited to Tony’s fundraiser?”

“I’m the God of Mischief, my sweet girl. I don’t require an invitation. I go where I please.”

You laughed, “Then why would you choose to be here?! Even I don’t want to be here.”

“Because I knew you would be in attendance, and I wanted to see if you could take my breath away.”

“Well, obviously it didn’t happen because you’re still talking,” you quipped.

“Oh! Aren’t you a sassy little minx,” he smiled.

“You have no idea,” you winked, turning toward the door. You sashayed over to the exit, turning back to look at Loki.

“Aren’t you coming?” you asked, raising an eyebrow.

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A/N: More Marvel/Disney crossovers with @the-th-horniest-book-club​ - just a little blurb

Word Count: 231

No warnings


Loki looked down at the two creatures caught in the trap reserved for Thor. “Who are you?” he sneered. Immediately they fell to their knees.

“We’re not worthy!” cried one. “We’re just worms!” wailed the other.

“Of course you’re not worthy! But who ARE you?”

A long shadow filled the room and Loki looked up. His hair glowed and his long black robe curled into the air as he glided towards the trap. He clicked his fingers once and the trap opened. The two creatures scurried behind him. “How did you catch them?” he asked Loki.

“Well, apparently they are as oafish as my brother to have fallen into my trap. What are they?” Loki tried to peer around him but the two remained hidden.

“Pain! Panic!” The two poked their heads out from behind him. “Get out front NOW!”

“Sorry, your most lugubriousness!” Pain immediately cowered.

“We didn’t MEAN to get caught!” Panic added.

“Quiet!” Hades gave Loki a once over before breaking into an evil smile. “You’re Loki, right? The God of Mischief?”

“I am; who are you?” Loki straightened just a bit.

“I am the God of the Underworld, Greeks call me Hades,” came the answer with a hand extended. Loki took it and shook slowly. “I think we can cause a little havoc, if you’re interested?”

Loki gave Hades his own evil smile. “Oh I’d love to!”

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(gender neutral Please!) Loki x Shy/Quiet reader that only talks to people that they fully trust. How would Loki react to hearing their voice for the first time? ♡


Originally posted by tomlokixarianastanx93

  • Despite living in Avengers tower and being an honorary member of the team, you kept to yourself as much as you possibly could.
  • In fact, only a few members of the team had actually heard you speak. Tony had managed to coax a few replies out of you.
  • Steve and Natasha remained the only ones in the tower you were really comfortable having conversations with.
  • You spent most of your spare time alone, reading or relaxing in your room. Despite how often Steve and Thor would ask you to join them when training, you’d decline, opting to wait until the training hall was empty so you could practice alone.
  • It’s not that you felt uncomfortable around the Avengers. You loved them like family and they adored you. But you just weren’t prepared to open yourself up to anyone.
  • Then Loki showed up.
  • He had been sent to spend some time on Earth under the watchful eye of Thor, and of course, he was staying in Avengers tower.
  • Loki wasn’t overly fond of the idea. He had little to no interest in the rest of the Avengers, but when he saw you sitting quietly in the corner of the common room, book open in your lap, he was intrigued.
  • He tried his best to start a conversation and introduce himself (not that he needed any introducing.) But you didn’t appear to show any interest in wanting anything to do with him.
  • At first, Loki assumed it was because you didn’t like him, but Thor was quick to assure him that wasn’t the case.
  • As Loki spent more time in the tower and saw you more and more, he became determined. He wanted to get to know you.
  • Your early attempts to brush him off and ignore him proved to be in vain. Loki was a persistent bastard when he wanted to be.
  • Fairly soon, you began to find his presence not all that irritating. You would even dare to go as far as saying you were fond of the trickster.
  • Once Loki realised this, he began hanging around you a lot more.
  • He gravitated towards you, sitting next to you during meetings or whilst you lounged in the common room.
  • You’d both sit together in comfortable silence, reading books or watching shows.
  • He particularly enjoys reading to you and watching as your eyes light up and features change as he tells the story.
  • He accompanied you on evening walks around the city.
  • Loki didn’t really mind what you both did as long as he got to enjoy your company.
  • He would be by your side during large gatherings or big events and, if you wanted him to, he voiced your opinions and ideas at meetings on your behalf.
  • Loki is incredibly observant and despite how reserved you are, he still picks up on the little things you do.
  • Despite you not speaking to him, Loki felt closer to you than anyone else in the tower.
  • It got to the point that Loki knew what you’re thinking and had no issue being your voice if others needed to hear it.
  • “Stark, Y/N would kindly appreciate it if you could shut the hell up.”
  • To say Loki is protective of you would be an understatement. Because of your shy nature, you’re hesitant to stand up for yourself, but now that you have Loki that’s not really an issue.
  • If someone insults you or puts you down, Loki will assure that they live to regret it.
  • And if some dick makes the mistake of catcalling you on the street? Oh, Loki will make them wish they were never born.
  • One particular evening, when you and Loki were both bingeing shows in your room, Loki made a comment under his breath about the plot that you couldn’t help but giggle over.
  • And Loki lit up like a light bulb. He swore he’d never heard a sweeter sound. It was that same day Loki realised that he was absolutely smitten with you.
  • He was beginning to catch glimpses of the huge personality that hid beneath your shy and quiet exterior. And he loved it.
  • He was honoured that you had begun to open yourself up to him, slowly but surely. It was not a matter he took lightly.
  • It hurts Loki to know that he has seen a whole new side to you, the side you hide away from everyone else.
  • So naturally he tries to build your confidence. This could range anywhere from random compliments to coaxing you into joining him in causing some mischief.
  • You also brought out his softer side.
  • Once, you fell asleep with your head against Loki’s shoulder and he refused to move until you woke up.
  • Nat took a photo.
  • He made you food and brought you tea, anything to see you smile. He even put up with the relentless teasing he received from Tony because of it.
  • All for you.
  • But, of course, Loki staying at Avengers tower didn’t always go down well with the others. Specifically Tony, who was known to have a knack for starting arguments.
  • After one particular fight, where Loki got into quite a serious tiff with the man of iron, he immediately sought you out for some comfort.
  • He needed to get everything off his chest and he knew you’d listen.
  • Loki paced infront of you, ranting about how frustrating it all was, and despite his unbothered expression and tone of voice, you knew beneath it Tony’s words had got to him.
  • Having finished his rant, he sighed and took a seat next to you, with one closing statement.
  • “I suppose I can’t blame him. What I did was unforgivable.”
  • There was a beat of silence.
  • “I forgive you.”
  • Loki’s head snapped up to look at you. You were smiling gently, amused by the disbelief in his eyes.
  • “I forgive you,” you repeated.
  • It was the first time he’d heard you speak and aside from the general shock and surprise of hearing your voice, he was completely in love with it. Your voice, your accent, the words you’d just said.
  • You were the first one to ever forgive Loki and he wasn’t sure how to process it.
  • He was completely stunned and more than a little emotional, though he tried and failed to hide it.
  • After a few moments of stunned silence he’d smile softly. “Then you would be the first.” His voice would be so delicate, barely above a whisper. “But thank you.”
  • He was honoured that you trusted him enough to speak around him, and he promised to prove to you that your trust was not misplaced.
  • From that moment on, you talked to Loki a lot. It’s started off pretty simple, you just talked about little, everyday things. But soon, you found yourself opening up to Loki and trusting him with things you hadn’t told many others.
  • He listened to you so attentively and values what you have to say. Sometimes whilst talking you catch him simply staring at you in admiration.
  • Though he was yet to fully gain their trust, the other Avengers held a certain amount of newfound respect for Loki, seeing how comfortable you’d grown around him.
  • You really made him feel at home at Avengers tower.
  • Despite how strong his feelings for you were, Loki had no idea how to tell you. However, Thor was quick to voice his own ideas. And for once, Loki listened to his brother.
  • Thor assured Loki that you felt the same. Thor considered you a close friend and even he had never seen you so carefree and happy around anyone. He knew that both you and Loki deserved to be happy.
  • He informed Loki that Tony had planned another one of his infamous parties, and through some questionable methods (warning Loki that if he hadn’t confessed by then, Thor would do it for him) he convinced Loki to tell you how he felt at the event.
  • And after what was quite possibly the longest week of Loki’s life, the night of the party arrived.
  • Loki was a nervous wreck.
  • His heart was almost beating out of his chest and he both loved and hated that you had that effect on him.
  • However, his nerves were quickly stomped out when his eyes fell on you amidst the crowded room.
  • When you made your way through the crowd to greet him, Loki couldn’t help but voice his thoughts.
  • “You look simply ravishing, darling.”
  • He smiled at how flustered the compliment rendered you.
  • Despite how uncomfortable you’d usually feel in such a large crowd, Loki made you feel like you were the only person in the room.
  • You spent every minute of the party together, talking, laughing. Loki even managed to coax you into dancing with him.
  • As things began to wind down for the night, Loki pulled you aside. You both found somewhere quiet, Loki admitting that there was something he needed to tell you.
  • The ominous statement left you feeling anxious, and Loki’s own nervous behavior didn’t do anything to calm you.
  • But the moment he began to speak, your fears dissipated.
  • To say Loki poured his heart out infront of you would be understating. He told you how you made him feel, how much he adored you, how glad he was to have earned your trust. You watched as the usually stoic god’s composure slipped through his fingers like sand and he became a rambling mess.
  • Tripping over words, stuttering and struggling to find the right thing to say, you decided to end Loki’s suffering.
  • Gathering up your courage, you leaned up as far as you could, placing a hand against the nape of Loki’s neck and pulling him down the rest of the way.
  • Your lips met, fitting together perfectly. It began gentle and reassuring, slowly building into something more passionate as your hands found Loki’s chest and his fell to rest on the small of your back, holding you close against him.
  • The kiss banished all of Loki’s fears. You definitely felt the same way.
  • Before things could become too heated, you pulled away, not wanting to start something you couldn’t finish in the corridor.
  • And for the first time, Loki was the one left speechless.
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Summary: Told in second person but narrated by Loki, you are the Midgardian diplomat for Asgard. Loki never liked you, and takes the time to convince both you and himself of that - even as he visits your chambers every night.

Based on the oneshot “Anger Management.” Updates every other Tuesday. Send and ask to be tagged!

Read it on Ao3

Taglist: @startrekkingaroundasgard @bonnenuitetaller 


some princes don’t become kings

Loki doesn’t even need to knock on your door. You open it before he raises his hand, like you had been waiting for him. That’s what Loki would have thought, if he didn’t see the annoyed look splayed across your features. 

You look small, mortal. Back on Midgard, it isn’t so obvious, but on Asgard, the contrast between you and the gods is like night and day. You’re inconsequential, with your oversize shirt that barely covers your ass, your messy hair pulled out of your face, the deep circles under your eyes. 

You look terrible. But that doesn’t make Loki leave.

He doesn’t wait to be invited in, he just pushes through the door. Almost immediately he turns back to face you: Loki hated your room. As the Midgardian diplomat, you didn’t get to go home much. Your solution was to bring your home to Asgard - or at least your corner of it. Your room was presumably set up like it would be on Earth, with a desk and strewn papers. There are tokens of your childhood, stuffed animals and old diaries almost everywhere. Loki tries not to look at them. They humanize you in his eyes, and he doesn’t want to do that. 

Loki pushes you against the door you’ve barely just managed to close, his fingers gripping at your hips and teeth scraping over your neck. He growls. At least Midgard did one thing right, he thinks as he kneads your ass. The thong you’re wearing makes it easier for him to get your arousal obvious, your body to tremble. Less work- although with you, Loki never truly had to exert himself. 

“Loki-” Loki nips at your bottom lip, hoping you’ll take the hint that he doesn’t want to talk tonight. He never does, but especially not now. He kisses your jaw, smirking when it draws a gasp out of you. He lets his lips drift down the neckline of your shirt, which is much too high for his liking. It makes him let out a breath of annoyance. He lifts you up, and before you can even think to wrap your legs around his waist, Loki tosses you across the room and onto your bed.

                                             Keep reading  

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what’s in a name?


note: sad loki and a possible proposal? what could ever go wrong!

loki series masterlist / request a part! / masterlist

“Can I ask you something?”


It’s an early morning. He’s still in bed, nestled between the sheets. Dark locks out of place and face tinted from deep sleep. Confessions of last night’s events are scattered across his chest and neck. You can’t help but blush at the sight of a certain mark, right above his waistline. 

He looks divine, you think. 

Then he opens his mouth. “Is that what you’re gonna wear?”

You sigh, not in the mood for this. For him. “You know, I liked you much better last night.”

“Yes, I noticed.” He adds a wink and a seductive look.

God damn it. He’s winning.

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Story Summary - Based on an idea I had that I submitted to Imagine Loki. Imagine Loki was raised on Jotunheim as Laufey’s son after the war, but an agreement was then made that he would wed Odin’s daughter so Odin could secure the alliance of Jotunheim through the marriage. Loki, in turn, was raised to be king of Jotunheim, but how he views Asgard is far different from how Odin’s daughter is raised leading to a clash of cultures as well as uncertainty between the pair of betrothed youths.

Chapter Summary - Thor finds himself speaking to Byleistr for a time before the oldest Jotnar prince’s attitude causes some actual issues

Previous Chapter

Tags - @peppermint-j @damalseer @perpetual-fangirl @tinchentitri @inspired-snowflace @raphaelaisabella @alexakeyloveloki @caffiend-queen @devilbat @nonsensicalobsessions @skulliebythesea @majoringinlife @salempoe @lotus-eyedindiangoddess @rookienumber98 @ivytoh @agarwaeneth @rosierossette  @arch-venus25 @nessamaurice @winterisakiller @black-ninja-blade @alexakeyloveloki @cateyes315

Request if you wish to be tagged

NOTES - As I explained elsewhere, I was under the impression no one was overly bothered by this so I did not publish it, but apparently one or two are still here, so for those who are, I hope you enjoy.

“Why do you keep staring at my sister oddly?”

Býleistr jumped slightly, having not heard anyone come up behind him. Thor’s large frame seemed impossible to hide yet he had been able to sneak up directly behind Býleistr. “How…?”

“It’s a family ability,” Thor hampered a guess as to what the Jotnar was going to say. “Ella uses her seidr, which of course, makes it easier but we all share the ability to find ourselves where we need to be without any issue. My father was surprisingly able for such, which is impressive, considering his size and indeed his age,” He folded his arms. “Though, that is not the purpose of this conversation. I will ask again, why do you stare so peculiarly at my sister?”

“You’re mistaken.” 

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come back?


note: couldn’t leave them fighting. here’s the resolution!

loki series masterlist / request / masterlist

Songbirds or sunlight don’t wake you on this Saturday morning, but a persistent knock on your front door. You curse whoever is at the door, and roll out of bed to make sure they go away. 

You slam open the door. “What?”

It’s Loki.

“Hi.” He gives you a small wave.

You wrap your arms around you, feeling a bit too exposed under his cold gaze. “Why are you here?”

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A Different Kind Of Birthday Night


A/N: Happy Birthday, my darling friend @fadingcoast!!! This is for you, dear heart. Here’s hoping for a wonderful year for you. Love you 🥳💜💜 Thank you for encouraging me to post this and for betaing. You are absolutely incredible.

Pairing: Loki x f!reader

Summary: It’s your birthday and Loki gives you a gift you’re sure to never forget

Warnings: This being my first smut should be warning enough. But also… D/s dynamics, kinda sub!Loki, oral sex (f receiving), fingering. I believe that’s it.

Word count: 1356


It was evening when you finally came home from work.

After working a full shift at the hospital, you felt gross, contaminated. Kicking off your shoes and tossing your keys down, you headed to the bathroom, wanting to wash the day’s grime off you.

You rubbed your eyes when you entered the bathroom, only to blink several times when realizing the tub was lavishly prepared for you. You smiled slightly, knowing only one man would’ve done this for you.

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