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youlightmeupfinn · 18 hours ago
Counting the Seconds 》 Loki x Reader
request: Tay, I am in need of something angsty but also super fluffy. Could you do number 46 with Loki, please? 🥺 (holdmytesseract)
a/n: girlll, you always pull at my heartstrings with your requests! i hope this is what you were looking for! ❤️
summary: Loki tried to make you stay out of the fight, but that was no use. When he sees you get hit and taken to the ground, he assumes you're dead... and his life flashes before his eyes.
Drabble Prompt #46: “I thought you were dead.”
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He saw you.
Your lifeless body clinging to the ground after you took the direct hit. You were face-first against the concrete, any movement whatsoever ceasing from your body. His blue eyes were zeroed in, his footsteps getting faster, the strides longer as he rushed to you.
Thor saw the commotion from the corner of his eye, doing his best to keep up in the fight.
“Brother! Is Y/N okay?” He yelled out over the loud sounds.
Loki found himself hurdling to the ground where you lay, his hands reaching out to grab you. He had to shield you from the fight that was still pressing on around him. But his chest grew heavy at the sight of you. He pulled you over, your nose bloody and your head wounded.
“Darling!” Loki reached out and shook you, his tears welling. “Y/N!” He tried again, but it was no use. You were completely limp.
“Brother, I have to get her out of here!” Loki exclaimed. Thor’s eyes locked on his younger brother whose body was hovered over that of his girlfriend’s. He knew the most important person in Loki’s life was you. If he somehow lost you, Thor was afraid that any good Loki had in his body would resort back to hatred, envy, and jealousy.
He would set himself up for domination and wouldn’t stop until he had the entire world in his hands.
“Go!” Thor waved him off.
Loki teleported the two of you to a location of safety.
When Loki arrived with you in his arms in Asgard, he knew he needed to get to Eir. It wasn’t long before the Asgardian physician had your body whisked into a locked room where Loki couldn’t even see you.
Loki was pacing the floors outside of the room, his hands behind his back. He truly never felt fear like this. The love of his life could potentially be dead and there was nothing he could do to save her. How would he live with himself?
He knew you getting out there on the battlefield alongside him and Thor was a mistake. You were a powerful force to the point even you scared Loki, but he loved you all the same. You two had a rocky beginning to your relationship. When you were first taken to Asgard by Thor and you recognized Loki as being the one to bring torment on New York in 2012, you stomped on his foot and slapped him in the face.
The recoil of your slap made Loki groan, but a wicked smile plastered across his face.
“I like her,” He said to his brother. “You should’ve brought her here sooner.”
And although you witnessed Loki die what felt like a hundred times already, you found yourself falling hopelessly in love with Mischief, your life centers around him. He understood you in ways that no one else could. He reflected on you, his mind opening up to the new realms that you invited him to join.
Loki could be himself with you.
Now, he was standing outside of the room you were sealed inside of, hoping that you were still with him. He wasn’t able to get a clear view of what happened, all he saw was your body hurtling towards the pavement and he heard the loud smack when you connected with the ground.
He was counting the seconds before he could have any word on your condition.
Loki was suddenly pulled out of his agonizing thoughts by Eir walking out. She had her hands crossed, her eyes locking on the raven-haired male in front of her. His eyes picked up and quickly traced over her.
“Is she okay?” He immediately asked.
Eir smiled softly. “She’s okay, Loki… She’s pretty hurt, but she’ll make a good recovery… She’s awake and is asking for you.”
That was all it took for Loki to barge past Eir. She smiled gently at the sight of him pushing his way inside. Nestled in a bed was you, bandaged up and on your way to healing. Your eyes fluttered open when you saw him approaching you.
“Loki,” You whispered with a hurt smile.
He gasped, the sound of your voice like music to his ears, even if it wasn’t as cheerful as it was normal. He closed the distance between the two of you, settling himself in a chair at your side. Taking your hands into his, he kissed your knuckles. You grinned at him, coughing which made you wince.
Loki reached out and stroked your hair behind your ear.
“I thought you were dead!” He suddenly exclaimed, tears filling his eyes. Your heart shattered at the sight of him, a deep sigh emerging from your sealed lips.
“Loki…” You whined, watching as his head fell at your side. His shoulders rocked, a cry overcoming him. You felt your own tears well up in your eyes at the sound of his sadness. You reached out and ran your fingers through his hair. “Baby, I’m right here… I’m okay.”
Loki’s head picked back up, his tears free falling. He stared at you.
“When I saw you on the ground… Darling, I just knew I had lost you forever. I couldn’t bear to think of that! You are my purpose.” He announced.
His words made your own tears fall. You motioned him to come closer. When he did, you pulled his head against your chest. Wrapping your arms around him, you cradled him closer, kissing his forehead.
“Loki, darling, I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere, I promise.” You sobbed. “I thought I was dead, too. And my first thought was... What would happen to you?”
He pulled back and wrapped a hand around your neck, his finger brushing underneath your eye.
“Don’t you ever scare me like that again. I shouldn’t have even let you go with Thor and me.” He sighed.
You smiled softly. “But you boys needed a strong woman to balance the power…”
Loki glared at you. “That woman? Is the love of my life. We can handle ourselves without her having to join the fight. You’re going to be out of commission for a while, anyway. And I’m not leaving your side.” He reached forward and brushed his lips across yours.
You whined against his mouth, the softness of his mouth completely melting against yours.
“I have a strong feeling I won’t be able to argue myself out of this one...” You trailed with a small laugh.
Loki shook his head.
“No, you’re being kept under my supervision, Love.” He kissed you again.
Yet that didn’t seem like such a bad idea...
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Loki and shrunken y/n story prompt : Y/n is feeling insecure about herself and feels like she's not good enough for Loki. Because of the size difference and how he could do so many more things with someone the same size.He reassures her that she is enough. Also here's a fun bit of dialog! Loki : "You make me ecstatic, my love. Do you have any idea how exquisite one has to be to turn a god’s head "
You ask, I write! Thank you so much for your request 💚💚
I hope you like it💞💞
*My requests are open*
Pairing: Loki x Tiny!Reader (7 Inches tall reader)
Words: 2121
Summary: Being little is never fun, you know that and it hurts, even more when your boyfriend is a god.
Contents: Gender Fluid Loki, Bisexual Reader, Comfort, Body Insecurities, Self harm.
Loki Taglist: @otakumultimuse-hiddlewhore @high-functioning-lokipath @thereadinggeek @lucky-foxface
Tumblr media
180° Turn
You remember, it haunts you every day, being the littlest person in the world is the worst title you ever received.
That didn't stopped being a thing, even though you graduated from college with honors, two years ahead of your generation, the best artist the world has ever seen.
You were awesome... for a little woman.
There was always someone that commented on the obvious, calling you names like doll, strawberry seed, little bloom, etc.
Or awful questions like "Where's the barbie you stole your clothes from?" Or comments like "Must have been a very easy labor for your mother". It was an endless and mindless fight, a struggle that was never going to cease.
Then you met your boyfriend, he almost step on you. You were just going to let it slide because you were sure he didn't even noticed you, but he did.
"Excuse me ma'am, are you alright?" He asked very concerned, trying to find with his eyes any sign of an injury, "Oh you barely graced me, and I wasn't looking" you reassured him, but it wasn't enough.
He actually cared, he made you feel loved and cared for, not as a tiny person, but just as a regular living being.
But you couldn’t deny that you were seven inches tall, not all of the love in the world would change that, and you couldn't help but think you weren't enough.
Your boyfriend was a literal god, in all the parties he took you to in Asgard the people made it very clear. There was always a group that commented on the "how do you do it?" How could you tend to his "needs" being that little, one of them said that the size of his dick was literally you standing.
Often you returned to your room, ashamed, embarrassed and hurt, you couldn't even look at yourself in the mirror, let alone at your beloved.
Is not that he didn't noticed your absence, but he never came to you with this matter. It made you feel unwanted, unloved, deserted like you were you actually were.
And for a while you thought that, you came to believe it so strongly, it took your appetite away. You used to give yourself a few cuts on the insides of you thighs, you stopped when you met him, but since you didn't really had sex you continued doing it, he wasn't going to notice anyways.
Why would he care for you? You were this little, insignificant mortal, you were nothing, and would always be nothing, everyone, including Odin, made it very clear, all the fucking time.
And Loki? Your beloved, he never said anything about nothing, it was like he never cared to begin with.
"My dearest! Look what I got for you" Loki came through the door, with a wide smile and a sing song tone in his voice, balancing a shopping bag on his hand.
"You came back, hi" he got closer and kissed your head, "of course. Listen, I made a discovery with a woman that makes clothes, and I gave her your measurements and she made you dresses and, this is the most exciting part, she knit you a lace lingerie set, isn't it pretty?" It was, all the patterns of flowers were handmade, an absolute work of art and dedication.
"Omg Loki, it must've taken her a lot of time, thank you" you lowered his face by pressing gently on his chin and kissed his lips.
"I'm so glad you like it, because I kind of want to see it" he looked at you up and down, he wanted to see it on you.
"Didn't you had an event to attend to?" You tried to push the conversation away, to his surprise, but he discarded that possibility, "We have to attend, is my brother's birthday celebration" even though in the past he would roll his eyes in annoyance at the mention of his brother, you encouraged him to mend things with Thor, now they were in good terms.
"Oh right, silly me" you laughed, nervously running circles around the flowers, your hands were shaking. “My love, can you try it on while I shower? I want to know if there is no need to make any changes, in case I got something wrong, you know how am I with the numbers”.
Numbers? Does it mean that you have gained or lost weight? 'My God' your heartbeat shot up, your hands removed the clothes you were wearing almost in a savage way, as well as your underwear. You slid the set down your legs until you could pass your hands through the straps, the lace hugged you and highlighted all your curves, as well as the stretch marks on your lower abdomen, the red and black lines on the inside of your thighs and the paleness of the places that the sun did not touch.
You felt disgusting.
The sun went down enough to illuminate your silhouette, the bags under your eyes became much more noticeable, how long has it been since you had seen yourself in the mirror for so long?
Your heart skipped a beat when you heard the bathroom latch open, 'Shit!' you turned to escape, but Loki was already in the room, "I'm ready sweetie, how does it fit?" his voice was feminine, yet it was still sweet and velvety, how much you liked his accent.
"My love, is something wrong? Why won't you look at me?" Loki approached the dresser, noticing your shaking body, "Y/n?" You knew Loki identified as a gender fluid, but that was the first time you saw him as a woman.
Her body was perfect, like an hourglass; her bust was voluminous but not exaggerated, the green dress she was wearing matched her hair, braided on one side and loose on the other. She looked beautiful, that expression of pain and fear did not suit her.
"Loki, you look beautiful" Loki put a hand to her mouth, you had finally revealed yourself in front of her. "My love…” The goddess was a total disaster, she had no words, she didn't even think about how to start asking, she only saw you there, on the dresser, wearing that beautiful lace, and the saddest smile on your face.
"Who did this to you?" Her eyes scanned your thighs, which you squeezed to try to hide the marks, "Myself" the memory of the pain caused the tears emerging in your eyes to burn a bit, "Why?" she asked calmly, "I don't know, I feel small" you admitted, Loki just watched your arms hug your body, you were trying not to lose it.
"Can you tell me what you mean my love?" Loki tried to hold her hand, but you moved away from it, she assumed that you needed space in order to not drown in your own thoughts.
"It's just ... Look at me, how can you be satisfied with so little? You should be with someone your size, or at least a normal one" It was that, and she understood. Loki wasn't going to mock or minimize your pain just because she thought size was a ridiculous concern, he loved you, and he didn't question that you loved her too, but what hurt her the most was having you so close and still not having noticed your pain.
“Can you count how many times you have seen me at any of the parties we've been to? We go in together but we don’t come back together, people look at us strangely and... the comments, you don't see that, you're busy and I understand it, but they’re right, I am too small. Heck! We haven't even had sex, I mean, how can I even begin to imagine it? Look at my body, you won’t fit, how can I satisfy you with this body?”
You immediately burst into tears, fell to your knees disconsolately. The image was unimaginably painful, how could she have been so blind? she took a deep breath and approached you again, taking your body between his soft hands, you didn’t pushed her away this time, more like rolled into the touch.
“I understand that your feelings must just overwhelm you sometimes. You've been through a lot, no wonder you hurt. I want to help you find a way to cope that won't hurt you anymore, if you let me” she cooed, “I am sorry my love, I should’ve been better, can we work this out together?” she cupped your cheek with her free hand.
“How can you be with me?” you sobbed, that made her remember the first time he asked you on a date, “You make me ecstatic, my love. Do you have any idea how exquisite one has to be to turn a god’s head?” You looked up, dropping all the tears, her eyes were warm and a beautiful soft smile formed with her lips painted in a shiny black lipstick.
"My love, you gave my life a 180 degree turn, you cannot imagine what kind of prejudices I had before meeting you, I realized that it does not matter, I did not fall in love with you because you are little, I fell in love with your heart, your head, your pouts, how much I adore having you close, how good I feel being myself by your side, you complement me, and even if you are small, you fill a giant space in my heart, you drive me crazy"
She lifted you up to have you close to her cheek, taking in the perfume you bought for her, a citric sweet scent that reminded you of the day you two went on a date by an orange tree. She pressed you against her cheekbone and then pulled away to give you a kiss, your tongue tasting the blueberry in her lipstick.
“May I?” Loki looked down your thighs, asking for permission, which you granted with a shy nod, spreading your legs so she could have a better view of your wounds. “Do you want me to make them go away?” you nodded, that was all she needed. In a smooth movement she proceeded to lick on the wounds, her lips sucking your skin, taking the lines and the pain they caused you.
“L-Loki” you gasped, feeling your legs shake under her attention.
With a pop sound she admired her work, as well as the blush that spread across your face to your ears. "Please, talk to me if you feel like that again, you are my everything, my purpose, the only person in the universe that makes me madly in love" her eyes suddenly glowed green.
“And I will be more attentive to the horrible comments, from now on I will not separate from your side, no one will dare to make you feel inferior, never again" she wiped a tear off your cheek with a finger, your smile made her feel at ease, “I love you Loki, and wow…now I will have to worry about guys checking you out? I mean woah” you pointed all of her beautiful existence, making her blush.
“Welcome to my world, I’ve had to worry about the possibility of other girls asking you out” you laughed, “I’m in love with you Loki, you don’t have to worry” Loki pressed you against her cheek again, giving you a good squeeze, “By the way my dear, you look sexy, I could eat you right now” you leaned towards her lips, but she stopped you, “It kills me my love, but I promised Thor we wouldn’t be late, so as soon as it’s over, you are mine” she purred, making you giggle, that was going to be an awesome night.
Since Loki had cried with your pain, her eyeliner had been ruined, so she ducked in the bathroom just so you could paint her lower eyelids. You felt beautiful, confident and loved, especially when Loki helped you put on a golden dress, as well as a necklace with her symbol, she was wearing one that you gave her with a quartz pendant.
The party was outrageous and fun, worthy of Thor. As Loki promised, the whole time she was by your side, several guests were shocked and scared away by her murderous looks, and there were no horrible comments thanks to her.
After that, you and Loki were finally able to consummate their love, in his feminine form, that way there was no rush in the complicated matter of penetration, besides, sleeping between her breasts and her collarbones was something special, there was no doubt, she loved you and she showed you that you were more than enough for her.
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starks-hero · 5 months ago
What Is and What Should Never Be
Pairing: Loki x F!Reader
Summary: Loki is forced to watch both his past and his future and only realises what he had once it's gone.
Word Count: 2,015
Warnings: Angst, major spoilers for 1x01 of Loki!
a/n: I had to write this because I am so not okay after episode one and I need to vent somehow so voila. Spoilers below!
Tumblr media
“What is this?” Loki scoffed as the screen in front of him whirled to life.
“A sample of your greatest hits, if I may.”
Mobius flipped a switch on his machine and a clear image of the Avengers lit up the screen. Loki sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, his irritation reaching its limits. He didn't know how much more of this idiocy he could take.
Footage of the attack on New York and the death of Phil Coulson filled the screen and Loki watched on with a glare.
“Do you enjoy hurting people?” Mobius asked and the god raised his head to glower at the agent.
“Your games don't frighten me. I know what I am,” Loki replied calmly.
“A murderer?”
“A liberator,” he countered.
Mobius scoffed. “Of eyeballs maybe.” What Loki recognised as his attack on Germany replayed in front of them. “Look at that smile, you're enjoying it. Did you enjoy hurting them?”
Loki shook his head. “I don't have to play these games, I'm a god.”
Mobius reclined in his chair with a quiet chuckle. He looked Loki over and when his menacing glare didn't falter, he sighed. “Alright, looks like someone needs a little humbling.”
The tape began to rewind and Loki lowered his gaze to his hands, not bothering to watch. He noticed Mobius stopping the footage from across the table with a quiet ‘here we go.’
The new voice on-screen caused Loki's head to snap up and his eyes widened when he saw you. You were stood in front of him, a bright smile adorning your face. You looked so real he could almost reach out and touch you.
“You remember her don't you?” Mobius asked with a smirk. Loki didn't answer, his eyes still fixed on the screen. He recalled the memory. It was the day of Thor's coronation, the day he was supposed to become king.
“If you're late your brother is going to kill you,” you continued with a smirk as you lifted Loki's horned helmet from a nearby table and handed it to him.
Loki watched as his past self, younger and far less burdened, stepped back and allowed you to take in his appearance.
“How do I look?”
“All eyes will be on your brother, Loki. As much as I may appreciate it, there's no need for you to dress to impress.”
Loki's past self chuckled. “I know. But honestly,” his voice became slightly timider. “How do I look?”
Your smile didn't falter as you gently traced his jaw with your hand and placed a chaste kiss against his lips. “Like a prince.”
“Oh, that's sweet,” Mobius commented as he took a swig of his soda and Loki bit his lip, drawing his eyes away from the screen.
“Why are you showing me this?”
Mobius didn't answer, flicking a switch on the machine as the footage began to fast forward.
“Let's keep going,” he said plainly.
Loki immediately remembered the day that was now beginning to play on the screen in front of him. It was the day he discovered everything he'd known was a lie. The day that changed him and set him on the path that led him to this very moment. He watched as the version of himself on screen lifted the jötun casket and exhaled in horror when his hands and arms turned blue. After his confrontation with Odin, he watched as his past self fled to your chambers, barely keeping his composure.
“Loki,” you said as you opened the door to your room, knowing something wasn't right the moment your eyes landed on him. You ushered him inside with a gentle hand on his back. “What's wrong?”
The moment the door shut, his arms wrapped around you and he broke. Loki turned away from the screen, not particularly wanting to re-watch one of his most vulnerable moments. He heard the conversation that took place on-screen and recalled how you'd asked him to show you his true form. Loki kept his eyes trained on the table in front of him.
“Look at me,” your voice ordered quietly from the screen and Loki couldn't help but comply, it was almost instinctive. He glanced up at you and his hardened expression softened when he saw the memory play out. He stood shamefully in his true form, skin blue and eyes red. Yet you cradled his cheek, staring at him with no hint of fear or repulsion. A soft smile pulled at your lips. “Loki, look at me.”
His past self finally gave in and raised his head to look at you. You gently traced his cheek with your thumb and Loki's eyes slid shut.
“You're beautiful,” you said quietly and Loki felt his chest tighten as he watched on from his seat. “And I'm not afraid of you. I could never be afraid of you.”
He watched as you pulled him into an embrace, the image freezing on-screen as Mobius paused the footage.
“She really was the best thing that happened to you, wasn't she?”
Loki shook his head as he pointed to the screen. “That is private. And I don't see how it is relevant either.”
“You were different with her,” Mobius stated plainly. “You weren't the big and scary Loki that wanted to take over the universe and rule everything. You were happy, content even.”
“That's enough,” Loki bit out but Mobius didn't stop.
“So why didn't you listen to her when she told you to stand down and not attack earth?”
“That is none of your concern.” Loki hated how his voice wavered, knowing his emotion had given him away. He didn't have a choice. He attacked Midgard because there was no other alternative. After the Jötun attack he coordinated on Asgard, he was convinced he'd lost you. You couldn't possibly love him after what he'd done. That's why he'd let go of the Bifrost. He had nothing left to lose. And it was also why all the memories Mobius was forcing him to relive cut so deep. He didn't need a reminder of what he'd lost.
“Alright, let's skip ahead a little shall we?”
Mobius flipped the switch on the machine again and a new image filled the screen. You and Loki stood facing each other, hand in hand and smiling lovingly. The memory was unfamiliar and Loki couldn't pinpoint when it had occurred. He slowly stood from his seat and approached the screen.
“What is this?”
“That's the night of your wedding,” Mobius stated and Loki's brows creased as he watched the scene unfold in front of him.
“We never married.”
“Not you, not yet. This is your future, Loki. What would have happened had you stayed in your timeline.” Mobius explained, tinkering with the machine so that multiple other images were pulled up on screen. All moments Loki was yet to live. “She forgave you for what you did on earth, stood by you when Odin had you locked up, fought alongside you. And then,”
Loki's heart threatened to stop when the mad titan Thanos appeared on the screen.
“W-what is this?” Loki asked, watching intently. He watched in horror as you, bloody and beaten, stood your ground against Thanos, refusing to back down. Freezing you in place with the power of an infinity stone, Thanos accepted a blade from one of his henchmen and Loki shook his head, refusing to accept what he knew was coming. A horrified shout left his lips as the blade pierced your body. Tears fell freely from his eyes when he saw your terrified expression as you died slowly, painfully.
He stumbled away from the screen and turned to Mobius. “What have you done to her?”
“We haven't done anything.”
“Where are you keeping her? Where is she?!” Loki yelled, his voice straining and his cheeks dampened with tears.
“She's dead, Loki,” Mobius explained simply. “Thanos found the Asgardian ship and he killed her. She died defending you.”
“No, you're lying! It's not real, that's not real,” Loki growled, pointing at the screen that held the image of your lifeless body. “This is just another trick, a cruel illusion.”
“That is the proper flow of time. It's what was, what is and what will always be. Loki, she's gone. Had you not taken the tesseract from Asgard Thanos wouldn't have found you.” Mobius shrugged. “You lead him right to her.”
“Stop it!”
“Let me ask you again, do you enjoy hurting people? Do you enjoy killing?” Mobius pried, watching as Loki turned to him with a vicious glare. He was torn between anger and heartbreak, both feelings battling for dominance.
“I'll kill you.”
“Just like you killed her?” Mobius rivalled quickly and Loki grabbed his chair, throwing it across the room and through the screen. Mobius only barely dodged the piece of furniture.
“I don't believe you. She's safe on Asgard!” Loki yelled, still in complete denial. Mobius simply shook his head.
“She was in 2012. But either way, sooner or later, she dies because of you. And it happens over and over again because it's supposed to, it has to. The TVA makes sure of it.”
Loki's glare became murderous as he began to stalk towards Mobius, but one turn of the time twister and he was sent back to the desk, falling to the floor beside it. He glanced up at Mobius and then the screen, his anger melting into sadness. His breathing became laboured as more tears blurred his vision.
“You weren't born to be king, Loki. You were born to cause pain and suffering. Everyone you love dies. Your mother, Y/N. Do you think that's a coincidence? You breed chaos everywhere you go and others pay the price.”
“Stop it,” Loki begged quietly. “Please just stop it.”
Mobius stood by, slight guilt taking hold of him as he watched the once arrogant god sit broken in front of him. He offered Loki his hand and after a moment, he accepted the offer and pulled himself to his feet.
Mobius watched him sympathetically, realising he may have just pushed Loki a little too far.
“Are you alright?”
Loki didn't answer. He wordlessly looked back at the screen before the horrifying image he was met with caused him to quickly look away.
“You said that this is the future,” Loki started quietly and Mobius nodded. “But the Y/N from my timeline, she's still alive?”
“Right now, yes she's alive.”
Loki swallowed. “If I help you, you said that you'd get me out of here?”
Mobius' expression fell when he realised what Loki's plan was. “Loki, you can't change anything. If there's even the slightest chance I can get you back to your timeline and that a big if, she'll still die the same death. It's inevitable.”
“I know.”
Loki's words sent Mobius back on his heels slightly. He expected Loki's plan to consist of going back for you and then attempting to rewrite history. Breaking the timeline completely just so that he could live out his life with you. But he appeared to have accepted that it wasn't possible. He knew he couldn't save you. He simply wanted more time.
Mobius nodded as he realised just how much you meant to Loki. That you were the one thing that he was willing to do anything for. He didn't question him any further, instead, he gently clasped him on the shoulder.
“Okay, let's get to work.”
Mobius crossed the room and stopped at the door, patiently waiting. Loki took a moment to compose himself before clearing his throat and following the TVA agent. Before he left the room, Loki turned and glanced back at the screen. The footage had changed. It now played a memory from many years ago. Of both of you, huddled up in Loki's chamber, reading and enjoying each others company. You were grinning and laughing and despite the ache it caused in Loki's chest, he couldn't help but smile sadly at the sight.
He was going to do everything he could to get back to you. Regardless of what it would take.
Tumblr media
tag list: @miraclesoflove​ @bakerstreethound​​ @doozywoozy​​ @leftperfectionmoon​​ @nahthanks​​ @the-queer-dungeoneer​​
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zemosimp05 · 4 months ago
What about Loki being clingy and reader is happy because he started opening up
Marry me
Loki x Y/N | Pure Fluff (T-T)
An: Again I changed the prompt lil bit but reblogs/feedback/likes are greatly appreciated & highly encouraged!
Tumblr media
“Daaarrrrliiiiinggggg…..” you yelped when a heavy figure literally crashed over your body on the couch disrupting your peaceful reading session.
“Ow ow ow….Lokiii….god you’re heavy….” You yelled trying to push him away but he snuggled you more tightly in his arms. You looked up before you to Thor who was standing there with a sorry face.
“Y/N….” Loki giggled softly nuzzling his face in the crook of your neck, hugging you, nibbling your neck.
“Is he drunk?” You asked bit worriedly to Thor.
“Sorry …” He nodded at you before leaving the room.
“I missed youuuu….my looooveee…”Loki’s voice was slurring making you chuckled this time. It’s been a while you have witnessed him this drunk.
“Loki…You saw me few hours ago…” you chuckled softly, stroking his hair and he hummed in response resting his head on your chest. He was heavy so you tried to push him aside little bit to adjust your position but he huffed annoyedly.
“NO…cuddle me…” he mumbled. You smiled looking down at him. Usually you’re the clingy one always sticking with him like a Koala. But seeing him like this was rare.
“My head hurts…”
“Why did you drink so much?” You asked.
“I was sad…” he mumbled.
“Aww… why…?”
“See… we are together for a long time right?” He asked lifting his head up to look at you. You nodded in response.
“And I never really did anything nice for you…” he confessed sadly making you confuse.
“Loki wha-”
“Shhh…don’t interrupt your god…” he said placing a finger on your lips.
“You love me right?” He asked.
“Ahh…I said don’t interrupt me…” he said glaring at you and you rolled your eyes.
“So…I feel so bad that I never even asked you to marry me…” he said thinking. Your eyes widened, a amused smile plastered on your lips.
“Loki…you ” but he placed his hands on your mouth.
“Shh…you talk way too much…As I was saying…I know I’m gonna be an awful husband…” he said laying back over you again.
“Umm hmm…” you hummed in approval, playing with his hair.
“You know I’m so bad around kids…” he scoffed.
“That you are…” you said again stroking his hair.
“Don’t interrupt me Y/N… I know I will just annoy and tease you all the time…cause problems…”
“You do that…”
“Sorry… please continue…”
“I will get unnecessarily jealous and possessive over youuuuu…” he lifted his head up again looking at you. You’re grinning at him cheekily. He was looking so cute like this, cheeks bit flustered, voice slurring little bit.
“Don’t smile…I’m trying to be serious here…” he said bit angrily and you immediately make a serious face trying hard not to laugh.
“ I will probably forget our anniversaries even…buuuut…..” he slurred.
“Buuuut?” You asked smiling again.
“Will you still Marry me Y/N?” He asked finally with so much hope. That’s when you chuckled at him. God how much you love this idiot.
“Y/N…I’m not joking….I might be little full..little bit..” he said emphasising with his finger little bit and you nodded.
“But I genuinely love you…” he said.
“I love you too…” you giggled placing a soft kiss on his lips.
“So will you marry me?”
“But I’m married already…sorry…” you chuckled showing him your wedding ring. Loki got up in disbelief.
“How can you do this to me…” he mumbled softly not believing your words, then looking at the ring.
“Omg Loki…I am married to you…” you laughed at your husband’s drunken state. You’re so happy inside as he proposed you again.
“We…we are…married already…?” He asked astonished.
“Yes next month gonna be our one year anniversary…” you smiled at him.
“ Omg I’m an awful husband …” he yelled this time hiding his face in his hands in embarrassment. How could he forget about marrying you, the love of his life.
“Aww…come here…” you giggled pulling him again in your arms , cuddling him as close as possible.
Here’s the Zemo version 🤗
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chaashni · a month ago
Party In The USA
Tumblr media
When Thor and his parade crashes Vegas, you find yourself living out a few of your dirtiest desires.
A/n: Day 3!!! And this us Jotun! Loki based on the What if episode so this gonna be filthy and funny all at once!
I do not give permission for my works to be translated or reposted on any other blog or third party site.
Word count: 1.6K
Warnings: Smut, Jotun!Loki, Monsterfucking being reader's deepest desires, talks bout breeding( tho it usn't possible but we can connect on a spiritual level here) Thor makes an appearance and so does a monster tentacle dildo.
Kinktober day 3 prompts: Breeding kink+ Dirtiest/darkest desires+ Jotun!Loki
My fic library is @chaashnifics
What the ever-grand Fuck?
The chorus of Miley Cyrus's Party in the USA rang in the recess of your mind as you watched a hoard of people -people who looked like they were straight out of Sheldon's dream Halloween party- half robots, with weird tattoos, cybernautics, a ridiculous sense of fashion and mortifyingly bad hairstyles.
None of them were from this planet, that you were sure of. You had followed the projections breaking through the sky, even made a wish- which was something related to your boyfriend and him being chased by a parade of ostriches- ex boyfriend actually.
And then you realized they were people.
Your mind was whirring, terrifying images of what hollywood had led you to believe would be how an alien invasion turns out to be, infiltering your mind.
Till you reached the podium where there was a robed man- with a missing eye- who was trying to stop a party. You saw him get tossed into the air, beer bottles clicking and paint and foam spraying about as some blue-coloured-pointy-haired thing did a pretty bang up job with being DJ, the loudest, most obnoxious kind of party you had ever seen going in full swing.
You could use a free drink.
Three glasses of some kind of bewitched ale later, because you were never a drinker and never had you lasted two drinks without curling up on the floor and crying about that time when Luke and Lorelai broke up. Between the stress of work and the weird absence of a broken heart after a fresh breakup, you didn't care.
That was till those icicle monsters appeared.
When they first stepped in, you were about to scream. And then you saw the face of that one, the tallest guy with those chiseled abs, looking like he had been carved straight out of ice, the precision of his movements almost throwing you off.
That scream which you were about to give out stuck in your throat, your mouth hanging open and eyes comically wide.
The guy was so pretty.
What the fuck?
One random girl pushed a pink macaron in your mouth, and the macaron was on fire, but your mouth wasn't burning or anything. Edible fire.
At this point you would believe anything.
The tall blue giant and his legion of followers fist bumped with the long haired blonde, both of them booming ridiculously. Yet, you caught yourself swooning at each sentence the blue guy with those cheekbones was saying.
Something told you his words would be the smoothest honey over each of the cracks in your beaten heart.
Yeah of course, you knew your relationship was gonna meet a dead end. You weren't heartbroken. Just a little knocked up. And punched and bruised. Because you wasted a few opportunities to stay in with a guy who didn't appreciate you enough.
You were mad at yourself.
Something told you, Loki, brother from another mother of Mr.Blondeshine, would be very very appreciative of you. Even show you a very good time.
Oh God. What did these people give you?
The ten inch monster-tentacle dildo sitting in your bedside drawer flashed in your mind. No. You were perfectly alright.
The blue Prince looked at you. Looked down at you, because he was huge.
You were not fine anymore.
The sharp cut of his cheekbones, like they had been shaped out of glass by the most skilled of hands, perfected a million times. His eyes were a perfect pool of reflection of all the lights in Vegas, his lips and nose perfect too.
You tore your eyes away from his face, groaning when you looked at his hands as they casually flipped an empty canister. They were huge. And so so pretty.
You caught his eyes flicker towards you once more, and you could swear he licked his lips.
Or you were losing your mind.
You drifted to the other side of the party, somebody called Captain Marvel being a party pooper and you felt like you were drunk and floating in mist.
You felt like Alice, navigating through the chaos of Vegasland, the new wonderland.
You had sobered up a little, your movements still messy and hair flying astray. You throat was dry and your palms clammy, an ache in between your thighs.
Loki and his friends had just dismantled the high roller, his electrifying laugh and smooth words crackling through the air. Goosebumps flashed all over your skin and your panties were damp immediately as his horns shone under the lights, your fingers pins and needles to run through his abs.
Or fingers. Or cheekbones. Or lips. Anything would work.
Isn't he practically a monster?
Your late night fantasies of being held down by a being many times larger than you, horns pinning your palms to the bed with just the right amount of pain, or tail wrapping around your torso and keeping you bound to himself as he fucked you, all flashing in your mind. Your darkest desires which you had kept locked up in your drawer.
Loki didn't have a tail or a forked tongue. But he was pretty. He had a magnetizing laugh. The best cheekbones you had seen. Amazing abs. And he seemed like he could do wonders with his tongue.
Only God could help you.
You saw another arc cutting through the sky- Thor battling Captain Marvel.
Wasn't Thor supposed to be a god? No. He wouldn't be able to help you.
You kept walking, attempting to not get distracted by another group of karaoke people and actually make it home. To your dear beloved tentacle dildo, take out your frustrations.
"Do I see you leaving already?" A silky voice floated to your ears, a vein of seduction flowing underneath which had got your panties wetter. You looked up, blue legs peeking out of an aristocratic armour, defined abs calling out for you to rake your hands through them.
You were barely a little higher than his knees, the frost giant's arms causally resting on his hips as he smirked at you.
"Perhaps, you need another drink. Could that convince you to not take a leave?" He bent all the way down, a huge, icy finger curling under your chin and tilting your face upwards. "Could I convince you to stay?"
You wanted to kiss him.
You also wanted to suck his cock and touch his cheekbones.
You had flinched at the cold burn, not expecting him to feel so cold but as he touched you, the temperature went up, possibly your body neutralizing his.
Thank fuck.
No. You wouldn't mind a cold cock inside you. You loved temperature play.
What was wrong with you?
You watched on, mesmerized, panties dripping wet and thighs clenching as his lips lifted upwards from one side, the definition of his cheekbones enthralling to you. It took you a little too long to realize you hadn't responded yet, your mind playing out filthy scenarios of him fucking your tiny, wet pussy to actually answer.
"What do you say, little one? You are a very pretty midgardian and I have my friend Thor around who is attempting to get himself a woman. We could arrange ourselves a double date."
Your mouth widened.
This guy was talking about double dates while you were wondering if you could get his cock even halfway into your mouth. Were you that thirsty?
"Uhh-ummm," you stuttered, your face heating up as you fiddled with your fingers, Loki hand still on your face. He hesitated at your hesitation, retracting his hand but you clamped your fists around his fingers, blurting the first thing that came to your head.
"Kiss me."
While the people here would be remembering the Asgardian Party as a reference to how parties should be made, you would be referencing Loki's kiss as to how a girl is supposed to be kissed.
As you said the words, the frost giant knelt down, dipping his head low enough till his horns were clamping the side of the bridge on both sides of your body, his brilliant eyes twinkling as he pressed his lips to yours, a huge hand engulfing your waist and pulling you closer, his lips stealing the breath right off your lungs. His tongue teased yours, barely prodding inside and yet he dominated the kiss, crumbling all your inhibitions with one one swipe of his tongue against the hilt of your mouth.
"I take it the lady likes me?" Loki offered his hand to you, casually lifting you up and depositing you to a park, following you right after.
"Yeah, I do." You breathed, feeling a little spaced out after being kissed stupid. "I want more."
Whatever had gotten into you, had some fucking nerve. It was fucking fantastic.
This was how you ended up hoisted in the air, Loki's hand squeezing your sides gently as he helped you bounce on his cock, his knees bent and thighs jerking, groans and curses in a language you did not understand slipping put of his tongue.
"You're so tiny. So fragile. Delicate." He gritted out, your hands running down the cut of his abs as you cried and squirmed, opening your legs wider for him to take you. He was huge, his cock halfway in and you were seeing stars, your belly bulged from seeing him inside you.
"And yet, you're so eager to please. Even if it breaks you." He caught your lips in his, your hands curling around his horns which had him groaning in your mouth, his cock driving further into you.
"Stretching your little pussy so hard. So desperate to take me." He groaned into your mouth, catching your lips between his teeth and biting, pulling them forward letting them snap back, all slicked with his spit. He patted your tummy, groaning when he felt himself all the way there.
"Can feel myself all the way inside you. Tell me, pretty little Midgardian, has anybody ever been so deep inside you?"
You whimpered and shook your head in a no, his tongue delightfully trailing down your neck at his approval.
"Would you like me to leave my mark there? Mark it as my own, so you know nobody touches you the way I did?" He rams his cock further, stretching you further and circling his hips. You moaned at his words, tears spilling out of your eyes as you grabbed one of his fingers, putting them in your mouth.
"Should I leave my seed inside you? Breed you?" You knew it wouldn't be actual breeding on his part, given you both being two different species, yet the thought of being filled up with Loki's cum had you moaning. You gagged around his fingers, squirming before you cried out.
"Yes! Please. Use me. Breed me."
"I'll have to make you mine for that. Would you agree to a date if I load my cum inside you?"
You cried out, your eyes rolling to the back of your head as you reached down to grab the base of his cock, running a finger over his balls which had him falter on his knees, his hand crushing the wall behind you as he caught it to steady himself, his face contorted in the most beautiful way as he pumped you full, all of his load spilling inside you.
He didn't just fill you up, he coated your thighs and stomach with him too, his cum seeping out of your clit as he pulled out slowly, laying you on his lap.
"Do you feel alright, little one?"
You heaved, resting your face on his palm and nodding. He bent down and pressed his lips to your forehead in a gently kiss, your heart melting and healing, solidifying to a whole again.
"So when's the date?"
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silver-tongued-bby · 18 days ago
Could you do one of loki in a tattoo parlour with the quote "if you keep moving like that we will have a problem." With smut please? Thought the reader could be getting a tattoo across the shoulders and loki is sat right against her ass and whenever he hits a soft spot she wriggles her ass or even moans, if that's okay. I love your writing by the way! ❤
Well this ruined me. Tattoo artist Loki?!
Thank you so much for your kind request and for bringing tattooed Loki into my life! I hope you enjoy this as much as I did putting it together 🖤
This fic is a part of A Dark Celebration.
Tumblr media
Pairing: Tattoo Artist!Loki x fem!Reader
Words: 6,256 (I couldn't stop, okay!)
Summary: After a stroke of luck, you manage land an appointment with the legendary tattoo artist, Loki Laufeyson.
This is work of fiction is 18+!!!!, and contains graphic descriptions of sex, HOURS OF TEASING, fingering, sex (m/f), dirty talk, and it mentions the tattoo process aka needles. Please do not interact if you are a minor or are sensitive towards any of the themes mentioned above.
Tagging: @lokistoriesblog @sineads-art
Thank you so freaking much to my followers for all of the amazing requests for this challenge! Likes, reblogs and comments mean more than you know 🖤
You scrolled through the instagram page for the tenth time that day. You peered over the intricately laced designs tattooed so delicately on the skin. Each design was unique, beautiful, perfect in an imperfect way.
No one could hold a candle to the way he tattooed. No one could hold a candle to Loki Laufeyson.
“The guy’s a vampire,” your friend had told you over drinks once. “He only takes appointments at night, alone in his private studio. He refuses to let anyone in his space except the client.”
“Sounds like more of an axe murderer to me,” you mused. “You’ve got to admit he’s talented. I’ve never seen even a hint of blowout on his lines. And those designs- unique and seriously fucking detailed.” You took a sip of your drink, shifting the glass between your fingers. “If I ever got a tattoo it’d be one of his.”
Your friend smiled pitifully at you. “If you ever get an appointment you mean. He is good though. I’ve seen some of his work from over a decade ago and it still holds up. May be worth being drained of all your blood after all. Too bad he rarely takes appointments anymore.”
You bit your lip, absentmindedly toying with the raw hem of your shorts as you tapped through the familiar photos of his page. You’d almost memorised each post.
You swiped up to the one you saw by chance a few weeks back. Your heart raced as you remembered seeing it mere seconds after it was posted. He had a cancellation for an appointment at the end of the month. You could book via email.
You immediately shot off an email to the address provided, assuming nothing would come of it. Then the unthinkable happened. You got a response about a minute later, asking for a deposit to hold a spot for you.
You had the money saved for a few years now and forwarded it off immediately. It wasn’t real until you got the scheduling email from his assistant, telling you that “he’d love to freehand something like that on you.”
He’d never posted a photo of himself, and there weren’t any snapshots in the range of magazines he’d been interviewed in. The only posts on his page were of the work he’d done on clients, and the odd text post update presumably posted by his assistant. There was one particularly good shot of his hands in Inked Mag a few months back, the black gloves straining against his long fingers as he held a tattoo gun.
You took a deep breath, checking the time again. You could probably head over now.
Zipping up your knee-high boots and sliding on your jacket, you left your apartment, your stomach full of butterflies.
You made it to the painted brick building five minutes before your appointment. It was a stand-alone, one-floor building painted black. The tinted windows and lack of sign made for a stylish, discrete shop.
Double checking the lengthy email his assistant had sent you a week ago, you typed in the code on the keypad and were met with a loud buzz. Gripping the door handle, you stepped inside, greeted by a space that was breathtakingly well designed.
The cool concrete floors were accented by various sculptures, photographs, and expensive-looking plants. You could hear the distant sound of Joy Division’s “Disorder” echoing through the space. There was a dark brown couch by the front door, which you remembered was the area you were instructed to wait in.
You slid onto the leather, your hands clammy. You tried to calm yourself, nervous for both your first tattoo and finally meeting the elusive Loki Laufeyson. You took a deep breath. God you hoped you didn’t faint.
Before you could spin out any further you heard footsteps coming around the corner. Looking up, you swallowed hard at the man in front of you. He was tall, lithe, and dark-haired, his black trousers and pointed leather boots making his legs look endless, his crisp white shirt tucked in perfectly. His sleeves were rolled up to expose forearms covered in tattoos, all in black ink. The top few buttons of his shirt were undone, exposing a fair amount of his chest, littered with more black designs that ran up to his neck, stopping just below his sharp jaw. You could make out the tip of a green tattoo at the base of his sternum though you didn’t dare to linger your gaze there long. His hair was slicked back into a low bun, the dark black of it a sharp contrast against his pale skin. His cheekbones were pronounced, his dark brows accenting his clear, blue-green eyes.
“Are you my seven o’clock?” His voice was deep velvet, his accent crisp. He held his hands in his pockets, forearms flexing as he looked down at you with bright eyes and a hint of a smirk. Fuck. You were in trouble.
“I think so,” you smiled, losing yourself in his gaze.
“Loki,” he offered a hand and you stood to take it. You stumbled over your name as your hand slid into his, the feel of his warm, calloused hands against yours made your heart race.
“Nervous?” He asked, his eyes running up from where he held your hand steady.
“A bit,” you smiled. “This is my first time.”
His eyes widened at that. “I’m honoured. It’s not often someone asks for such a big piece for their first tattoo.”
He gave your hand a reassuring squeeze before releasing it from his grip. “This way, darling. Promise I’ll be gentle.” He gave you a grin before leading you towards the back of the building behind the large wall separating the shop.
You took in the room before you, the open space well-decorated with modern, comfortable-looking furniture. There was a sturdy, sleek tattoo bed in the middle, with a large trifold mirror against the side wall. Your eyes fell onto the record player, the antique thing holding a stack of vinyl discs above the turntable as it spun. The large speakers were playing “Candidate” off the same album. There was a Japanese style garden through the back window, a warm light illuminating the few plants immaculately kept before a dark concrete wall.
“You’ve eaten recently, right?” He asked from behind you.
You turned to him and nodded, remembering the advice your friends had given you to prepare for the process. “I’ve kept hydrated too.”
He smiled. “Good girl.”
You did your best to ignore the way those two words made your heart race. You made your way to the centre of the room where a sleek tattoo bed was set up. The black padded leather of it looked soft and comfortable, covered in a dark sheet.
“Take off your top half and lay down on the table. Leave those boots on if you want,” he paused. “I’ve got a sheet there for you. I’ll give you a moment to get undressed, okay?”
You turned towards him and noticed his eyes flickered up to your face. Had you just caught him checking you out? You quickly shook it off as you gave him a small smile and a nod.
He spun on his heel and his footsteps followed him out of the room. You slipped off your jacket, your top and bra quickly following, placing them with your bag on the seat by the wall. You laid down on the sheet covering the bed and perched your head atop your folded arms, angling it to look out the window towards the garden. You took a breath, feeling your muscles loosen on the exhale.
After a minute you heard his footsteps approaching. “Are you decent, darling?” He called.
“You’re clear.” You watched him approach from the reflection in the glass. You could see his eyes moving over your form and wondered once again if his gaze had lingered a little over you.
He came to your side, pulling on some black surgical gloves. You looked up at his hands, straining against the nitrile of the gloves. Just like the picture. You squirmed a little at the thought.
You didn’t miss the way his eyes flickered down to your waist momentarily before he sat in the stool facing you.
“I’m going to have to shave the area first. Is that alright with you?”
You nodded. “Sounds good.”
You heard a cap snap a few seconds before you felt his hands rubbing over your shoulders, covering your skin with shaving cream. It took you every bit of will not to moan at his touch. His hands felt like heaven on you. You felt yourself grow wet at the idea of his sinking his hands lower, or having you turn over and-
“Okay, so you mentioned in your email that you wanted some snakes and peonies. Do you have colour preferences? Any type of snake in mind?” His hands were gone, replaced by the feeling of a safety razor dragging across your back.
You licked your dry lips. “I was thinking of a deep red for the peonies. As for the snakes, I don’t know- really anything but a garden snake I suppose.”
He chuckled. “I was thinking of something a little more dangerous.” The movement of the razor stopped. “How’s this?” He showed you a photo on his phone, a brown snake with black stripes going from its wide, flat head to its skinny tail.
“She’s a beauty,” you angled yourself up slightly to get a better look, your front still mostly covered. “What species?”
“A death adder. Nocturnal,” he put his phone down then rubbed your back lightly with a cloth. “Quick to strike, it’s one of the most venomous snakes in the world.”
You looked up to give him a curious grin. “What made you choose this snake?”
“You seem like trouble.” He met your gaze momentarily and smirked.
You bit the inside of your cheek. “Tough talk from the guy who’s about to jab me with a needle for four hours.”
He smiled, shaking his head. “You’ve got me there.”
He stepped around to the other side of you and you heard him uncap a marker. You could feel him start to mark up your back, one gloved hand firm against you. You could smell the slightest hint of him, a combination of something peppery and deep, almost cool.
“So what made you decide to get a tattoo?”
“I’ve always wanted one,” you closed your eyes, focusing on his movements. “But I wanted to find the right artist and commit, you know? Let them run with something.”
“A purist,” he commented, sweeping a line across your shoulder blade.
You smiled against your hand. “I guess I like what you do, and I like how you do it.”
“So,” he guided one of your hands from under your chin, laying it by your side. “How does it feel to be the ideal client?”
“Hmm, pretty much the same. Do you have any gold stars?”
He chuckled, sketching more lines on you, these ones felt curved. He sighed, “that’s why I stopped taking so many appointments.” He came over to the other side of you. “I love tattooing,” another stroke, his other hand smoothing down your spine, “but I don’t love customer service.” He swapped your arms, bringing your left down by your side.
“I get it,” you suppressed a shiver from the feel of his hands running over your back. “And now?”
“Much calmer. I take a maximum of four clients a week,” you stilled at the feel of his breath over your shoulder, his pen stroked focused. In the reflection of the glass you could see his form bent over you. You swallowed hard. “I can take my time with it and do things right. Speaking of which,” you heard him cap the marker, “time to take a look.”
You sat up, holding the sheet to your front as you followed him over to the set of mirrors. He guided you onto a wooden step in the middle, and you caught a glimpse of the lines he’d drawn on you. He angled one slightly and your mouth fell open at the sketch of the two snakes, one over either shoulder, their tails intertwining between your shoulder blades. He’d drawn rough peonies and leaves to accent their shape, already beautiful and complimentary to your form.
“Wow.” You turned, catching his eye. He was leaning up against the mirror, hands in his pockets as he watched you, the tiniest hint of something simmering behind his gaze. “I love it, Loki.” You found it hard to keep your cool as you faced him, knowing he’d just sketched out an insanely beautiful design in under 10 minutes.
“Thank you, darling. Are you ready to start?” He held out a hand for yours, helping you off the polished step.
“More than.”
He led you back to the table, bringing an angular pillow wrapped in black silk for your front. He helped you prop yourself up so you could lay comfortably.
He pulled a stool over to your side, adjusting it before pulling on a new pair of gloves and turning to squeeze out some blank ink into a little cup on his side table. He picked up the tattoo gun, adjusting his setup so the cord would allow him more reach.
His eyes searched yours. “Take a deep breath for me, okay?”
You nodded and filled your lungs with air.
He turned and the gun started to buzz. In your periphery you could see he’d brought it closer to your skin. “Breathe out.”
You did as you were told and felt a vibrating little scratch on your shoulder, almost as if a cat was scratching your skin. It got a bit harder but it wasn’t unbearable, more annoying than painful.
“Good girl.”
You took in another deep breath at that, the velvet of his voice pushing the feeling further away. You could feel him leaning over you, one hand firm on your back.
“You’re doing so well,” he spoke by your ear, eliciting goosebumps. With that voice, he could talk you into anything. “It doesn’t hurt too much, does it darling?”
You shifted a little. “No,” the distant pain and his voice drawling in your ear had your breath uneven. You bit your lip, feeling yourself grow wet from the combined sensations. “It doesn’t really hurt at all.” Your voice sounded small in your ears.
“I promised I’d be gentle,” you could hear the smile in his voice. “Try to relax a little more, and keep your eyes forward for me. That’s it, right there. Perfect.” He whispered that last word and you held in a little whine.
You let your eyes slip closed, trying to focus on something other than him- his hands, his scent, the warmth of his body radiating against you.
You fell into an easy conversation through the outlining process, though every now and then he’d come a little closer to tell you something, his breath on your shoulder forcing you to grip the pillow harder. Each time he whispered a word of encouragement in your ear you could hear a hint of a smirk in his voice, as if his comments weren’t entirely innocent.
“And,” he added another long line above your shoulder blade, “there we are. Lovely.” He looked at you from his stool, smiling and nodding. “Let’s take a break.”
He got up, stretching as he went, discarding his gloves, massaging his hands. He stepped over to the record player, the stack once elevated now fully on the turntable as it spun. “What kind of music do you like?” He asked, flipping through the shelves full of records in the back.
“A little bit of everything, really. Wait, is this a test?” You asked, rolling your neck to relieve some tension. You took a few deep breaths, attempting to calm yourself after the past hour or so. You could feel how wet you were as you rolled your hips a bit, working out one of the many knots your body had formed while trying to hold yourself still. You sighed.
You looked back over to him, he was leaning against the shelves, the stack in his hand frozen in place as his gaze slid along your body. You gripped the pillow a bit, your heart beating fast. His eyes met yours and he smirked, his forearms flexing as he continued to flip through the catalogues. “No test, just wondering if you’d like to hear something specific.” He kept flipping through records, choosing one every now and then to rest on top of the growing stack elevated above the turntable.
“I guess if I could put in a request with the management, I’d ask for a little Warpaint.”
He smiled before he turned to pull out a record, flashing the cover at you. “Management says good choice.”
He placed the vinyl on top of the stack then flipped the switch, the machine dropping the bottom record onto the turntable. He came back over to you. “How are you feeling?”
“Fine, a little stiff,” you stretched your shoulders back, feeling your muscles loosen a bit.
“Let’s move you,” he nodded towards an angled chair, and your rolled up off the bed, wincing at the distant ache in your body. You loosely held the sheet to your chest, still rolling your shoulders as you settled into the seat, your chest supported by the leather platform in front. The new position definitely felt more comfortable, and you felt your muscles relax into the support of the chair.
Loki came up behind you, lowering his stool to be level with the seat. “Here,” he handed you a glass of orange juice. “Drink this. I’m going to put some numbing cream on you before I start the colour.” He carefully rubbed some cream onto your skin with his gloved hands. You shivered lightly, the pain fading almost immediately as you drank the juice.
“Good girl,” he nodded, taking your empty glass from you. “I won’t lie to you,” he got to work assembling reds, greens, browns, and orange inks from a cabinet. “Shading and colour usually hurts a bit more.” He brought over a sterile package, opening it and holding it up between you. “I need to use a few more needles.” The cluster looked menacing but you nodded. How bad could it be?
He gave you a reassuring smile once you met his gaze. He turned to assemble the dyes in more small cups, and swapped out the head of the tattoo gun with the needle he’d shown you. He wrapped everything back up in sterile cloth and tape. Before moving his setup closer to your new position and settling in his seat by your side.
He turned to you, his face level with yours. He was close, his gaze travelling up from your lips. “Tell me if I need to stop, okay?” His brows were drawn together, eyes serious.
“Okay,” you whispered, suddenly finding it a bit hard to breathe.
“Try to relax,” he rested his hand on your leg. You nodded gently, holding your breath as you kept your eyes on his. “No shame in coming back again to finish things up.” He brought his hand away, rolling his shoulders back as he shot you a grin. “I wouldn’t say no to seeing you again, darling.”
You smiled at him and nodded. You took a deep breath and straightened your posture as he moved behind you, his knees warm on either side of you.
“Ready?” His voice drawled in your ear once more.
“Yes,” you breathed, leaning into the leather a little more. You heard the telltale buzz of the needle and winced as it hit your skin, letting out the breath you’d unknowingly held. Okay, you thought, fuck this hurt a lot more.
“How’s the pain?” You distantly felt his free hand wiping away gently at your skin between strokes.
“It’s definitely worse,” you bit your lip, squirming a bit.
“Don’t focus on it. Relax,” he came up a bit closer to you. You could feel his legs against your own, his trousers soft against the bare skin of your lower thighs. “That’s it, good girl. Relax, just listen to my voice. You’re doing so well.”
You felt him stiffen- and you realised you’d absentmindedly moved your hips back against him. You shifted forward and gripped the leather, taking deep breaths.
“There we go,” he spoke by your ear, “just breathe through it.”
You focused on your breath, but couldn’t help letting out a little whimper. You felt absolutely overwhelmed. The pain was one thing, but the feel of him behind you, so very close, had your heart racing.
He stopped to pick up more ink before coming back over to you. “It’s looking good,” he felt closer to you now.
You moved your hips again, half out of discomfort, the other half out of most of your thoughts slipping away as you felt him against you.
This time he kept going, though you could feel his strained breath against you.
He kept on for a few minutes, before stopping to pick up more ink. Coming back, he drew some repetitive circles and you gasped, gripping the leather tight between your fingers, your hips pressing back farther.
“Fuck,” he sighed, pulling back the needle. “If you keep moving like that we will have a problem.” His voice was rough against your ear.
You could hear the exasperation in his voice. You felt high- the pain, the heat between you two finally too much. You kept your hips angled back against him. You were keenly aware of your situation, essentially naked except for your leather boots and shorts. Pushing your hips back farther, you turned to the side, looking him up and down. “Like this?” You moved a little more against him.
The buzzing stopped and he set the tattoo gun down on the side table. He pulled off his gloves and ran his hands down your sides before stopping at your hips and pulling them back against him. “You are playing a very dangerous game, darling.” His voice was low, full of warning.
You could feel how hard he was behind you and instinctively rocked yourself back against him. “I’m sorry,” you gasped.
“I don’t think you are,” he brushed his fingers down your exposed thighs.
“You’re right,” you gripped his knees through his trousers. “I’m not.”
“Wicked little thing,” he hissed then backed up and helped you out of the chair, his eyes hungrily taking in your exposed chest. “I knew you were going to be trouble.”
“Likewise,” you eyed him up and down, before he pulled you to him, sliding one hand along your hip to press against your lower back. He brought the other up to graze your cheekbone lightly, fingers slipping down towards your jaw. He angled your chin so your lips were inches away from his. He held you there, his chest heavy against you as his eyes searched your own, his expression dark.
“Is this what you wanted?” He slid a leg between yours and you whined at the sensation.
You swallowed hard. “Yes.”
“Do you want me to fuck you, darling? Right here?”
“Please,” you breathed.
He quickly closed the gap between you, kissing you hard, your hips rolling against his. He swallowed your moans, his teeth dragging across your bottom lip. He pulled away, breathing hard against your lips. “Take off everything but the boots and lie on the table. Face down. Like before.”
You let out a shaky breath and did as you were told, sliding the shorts off before your damp panties. He kept his eyes on you the entire time, watching you darkly as he leant against the side table, one arm over his midsection, the other angled up as he rested his thumb against his lips.
You laid over your hands, letting out a little gasp as your skin stretched and moved. You were faced away from him, but watched in the reflection as he put on another pair of gloves and brought a bottle over. You felt him spray your shoulders with something, gently wiping it away before he returned with a little tub. You could feel him smearing something over your sensitive skin.
“Apologies darling,” he rasped into your ear and you whined. “But I couldn’t fuck you properly without covering this up.” He covered the area with a bandage then some medical tape, securing it to your skin before peeling off his gloves.
“Now,” he was back beside you, “be a good girl and stay still for me.”
“Okay,” you whispered, your thighs pressing together.
“Relax.” He let his fingertips trail up and down your spine, eliciting a shiver from you. You relaxed your muscles, consciously letting yourself melt into the bed below you. You let out a little hum at the feeling, most of the tension you’d built up slipping away.
“That’s it, good girl.” His lips ghosted against the shell of your ear and you felt an electric warmth spreading through you. “You don’t know how hard it’s been to keep my hands off of you, darling. Every little whine,” his fingers moved down your spine, this time trailing them lower. “Every little gasp,” he brought his fingers even lower, curving them along the inside of your thigh, inches from your dripping heat. “Every little tremble had me wanting to hear more. To see more. It made me curious,” he lightly trailed a finger up your slit and you inhaled sharply. “Will you let out those lovely little gasps as you come undone on my fingers?” Quickly finding your clit, he gently rubbed it in small circles as he took your earlobe between his teeth, flicking his tongue against it. You moaned, the sound loud in the empty room. He drew back, “I wonder, darling, what you’ll look like when I make you cum on my cock.”
Your breath was heavy, and you were whimpering, already so close.
“Loki I’m-“
“I know. You’re fucking dripping.” His voice was making your head spin, and when he dipped a finger within you you saw stars. “All for me?”
You swallowed and nodded, your fingertips diffing into the leather as you held yourself still.
“And how long has this pretty cunt been wet and ready for me?” He traced his tongue along the shell of your ear as he added another finger to lightly tease your dripping hole.
You tried to answer, you really did. But you found yourself completely overwhelmed, every coherent thought gone.
He slowly moved his fingers within you, curling the digits as he went. You were mewling, your hips absentmindedly angling up to meet him. “Oh, pet. Has it been hours?”
You whined in response and he chuckled darkly. “Don’t worry, darling. I won’t make you wait much longer.” With that he picked up the pace, and hit that sweet spot deep within you repeatedly. You were moaning, the frantic sound of your breath and his movements filling the air.
He angled your legs apart a little more and brought his other hand under you to lightly tease your clit. You cried out at the sensation, your fingers aching from their grip on the bed. “That’s it- fuck. You’re gripping my fingers so tightly. Come on, be a good girl for me and cum.”
His words sent you so far over the edge, your vision went black as you froze, the pleasure hitting you hard. You were crying out a mixture of curse words and his name over and over, your hips eventually riding it out against his hand.
As your breath returned to normal, you turned to look up at him. He smirked down at you, bringing his fingers to your lips. You quickly took them in your mouth, swirling your tongue over them as you held his gaze.
His smirk fell at that, brows knitting together. His jaw was hard as he watched you suck his fingers. He pulled them from your lips, and helped you sit up.
“How are you feeling?” He asked, restrained. You could see the bulge in his pants and felt a shiver run through you.
“Pretty fucking excellent.” You were surprised at the gravel in your voice. “But I don’t think we’re done here.”
“Oh?” He raised a brow.
“No.” You stood, stepping closer to him to press your chest against his. He was still fully clothed, his shirt still perfectly pressed.
“Tell me, darling. What else do you need?” He kept still, his expression daring.
“I need you to fuck me.”
He tilted his head, a slow, filthy grin spreading across his lips.
“Please.” You finished.
In a flash he’d captured your lips, his fingers holding your jaw as he held you to him. He teased you with his lips and tongue, making you whimper against him, your hands gripping the thin cotton of his shirt.
Still holding your jaw, he pulled away to kiss your neck, nipping and biting at the skin between kisses. Moving away, he led you over to a couch on the far side of the room, sitting down before pulling you on top of his lap. You held yourself above him, admiring him.
“Come here.” Hand sliding from your knees on either side of him up to your waist, he brought you down to settle over him, your hands smoothing against his chest. Holding his gaze, you slowly unbuttoned his shirt before undoing his belt and pants. He was watching you closely, his chest heaving with his slow breath.
You took him out, breaking eye contact to look at his cock. “Fuck,” you whispered. His skin felt like silk under your fingers, the hardened length of him heavy and hot in your hand. Your eyes traced up to his abdomen, finally seeing his chest piece, a green snake coiled around itself surrounded by the black ink of his other tattoos.
Raising your gaze to his face, you were struck at the sight of him, his eyes heavy lidded, bright blue-green now darkening with your touch. Although his body was covered in ink, you could still see the fine, long musculature under his skin. His jaw clenched as he leant back against the couch, eyes burning a cool flame as he watched you.
He slid a condom out of his pocket, pinching the package between two fingers. You took it from him, unwrapped it and rolled it onto him, his length twitching in your hands as you did so. You licked your lips before looking back up to him.
Gripping your ass, he guided you over him. God, those fucking hands felt so warm against you, his long fingers pressing into your flesh.
Not wanting to wait another second, you slowly slid onto his cock, shuddering in pleasure. Taking him inch by inch, he stretched you, eventually filling you completely. You groaned and took a moment to adjust, your fingertips digging into his shoulder.
“Christ,” he breathed, his mouth hanging open to accommodate his quickened breath. He shook his head at you, his eyes flickering over your chest. “You’re too fucking lovely.”
You twitched a little around him, bending to kiss him. He slid his hand onto your lower back and shifted to press you flush against him, your clit hitting the base of his cock. You inhaled sharply, your hips angling themselves to get more contact.
You had your hand splayed across the side of his neck, your thumb just under his jaw. Holding you tight against him, he broke the kiss to lick against your lips briefly before he started moving his hips up into yours.
You could feel your eyes roll back at the sensation, the angle he held you in somehow hitting you in places you’d never felt. “Loki, fuck-“ you breathed, pulling back to find him darkly staring up at you, his expression hard. You held one hand on his shoulder, the other flat against his chest as you took each thrust he gave you.
He brought one hand up against your breast, his eyes not leaving yours as he pinched your nipple between his fingers, causing you to squirm harder against him. “That pretty cunt is so wet for me, darling. Is this what you needed?”
You nodded, your chest heaving as you arched your back to press harder against his hand.
He let out a breath. “You’re gripping me so fucking tightly. Are you going to cum again?”
“Yes- please,” you breathed, “please don’t stop.”
“Not until you cum. I need you to cum on this cock. I need you to come undone for me.”
You whined, so very close. You cried out when he lightly rubbed his thumb against your clit.
“Be my good girl,” he growled, “and cum for me again.”
You moved your hips with his once, twice, three times before you were screaming, an intense pleasure hitting you so hard that your fingers went numb as they clawed weakly at his chest.
“That’s it, fuck-“ he groaned, holding you hard against him as he came with you.
You fell forward against his chest, the both of you out of breath, still twitching from the aftershocks.
You distantly heard Warpaint’s “Whiteout” in the background, the record just hitting the needle. He was running his fingers lightly up your spine, the feeling comforting you.
“Darling,” he spoke, his voice rumbling against your chest, sending a tremble through you.
You leant backwards, wincing a little as you did so, your muscles weak. He held you steady, smirking up at you.
“Don’t you want to see your tattoo?”
Your eyes widened, realising you’d never gotten the chance to see what he’d done. “Shit- I really, really do.” You slowly got up from his lap, his strong hands supporting you.
You walked over to your panties and shorts and slid them on over your boots. You turned to find him waiting by the mirrors, his pants on but his shirt still unbuttoned. He had one arm up against the side as he leant on them, his other hand in his pocket.
“Come here,” he smiled, his eyes running over your still topless form.
You strode over to him and he nodded to the little step. You stepped up and stood still as he peeled off the bandage.
“It isn’t quite finished- there’s still a lot of shading and colour to be done,” he warned. You could sense a bit of nerves in his voice.
You smiled at him through the mirror as he angled the one on the side so you could get a good look of your shoulders. When you caught sight of it your mouth fell open. “Holy shit.”
It was the most intricate work you’d ever seen. A snake on either shoulder, both done in such a beautifully artistic way, so detailed yet they held a hint of abstraction. Their bodies were posed similarly, but you could see he’d added little differences in their scales, eyes and heads. One’s tongue was flicked out slightly, the dainty pointed fork just peeking out from its lips. Their positioning was also altered slightly so it almost looked natural but still remained beautifully symmetrical, their curved bodies accenting your shoulders perfectly. You could make out a branch that he’d added in, the delicate peonies blooming from it as it held the bodies of the twisting serpents. You could see where he’d reached with the shading, the body of one snake partially filled.
“Loki, I-“ you shook your head. “I don’t know what to say. This is more than I could have ever imagined.”
He was smiling from the edge of the mirror, one long leg crossed over the other.
“I absolutely love it.” You turned to him, your eyes searching his, the swirling blue-greens bright once more. “Thank you.”
He tilted his head down, a wide grin across his lips. “You’re more than welcome.”
He helped you off the step and covered you back up. You put on your shirt, not risking the band of your bra rubbing up against your sensitive skin.
He walked with you back to the front of the space, helping you into your coat.
“So, I guess I should book a follow up. Maybe 2 or 3 weeks?” You asked, holding your purse in your hands. You wanted to see him again, but you kept your expectations low. You knew from your friends that a second session couldn’t start until you’d sufficiently healed from the first.
“Here’s my personal number,” he picked a card and pen up off the coffee table, writing on it before handing it to you. “Why don’t you come back tomorrow, darling? We can sort it all out then. Same time, around 7?”
You raised an eyebrow at him, smirking. “Are you asking me on a date?”
“Yes.” There was no hesitation.
You stepped forward and kissed him, your hands snaking up to his shoulders to hold him close. He gripped your hip, his other hand caressing your cheek as he held you to him, his lips still teasingly slow against yours.
You moved to rest your forehead against his, your breath mingling.
“Tomorrow then,” you whispered, licking and biting his lower lip before pulling away. You stepped back, sliding one hand along his forearm as you moved towards the door.
He licked his lips, shaking his head at you. “Trouble.”
“Likewise.” You gave him one last smile before slipping out into the cool night air.
Author's Note: Serious question- do we think Loki kept slipping in "good girl" to fuck with the reader? Cause I think yes.
I like to think his snake tattoo is a green adder (which is also venomous af) and he chose the death adder so reader would match.
I drew on a lot of my personal experience with my first tattoo for this. Especially the part about shading/colouring hurting a lot more than the outline. No one told me this and holy fuck it hurt! Especially after the outline.
Thank you as always for reading 🖤🖤🖤
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spilledkauffie · 4 months ago
He’s Me, She’s Mine
Pairing: Loki(s) x Female!Reader Word Count: 1.6k T/W: none A/N: okay, this was fun to write 
Loki taglist // @y-napotat ❤︎ @elainavmarie ❤︎ @thefandomchoosesthewizard
P.s. pleaseeee don’t take this too seriously— this is just for fun!
Tumblr media
It was quiet when you woke up. The dull, bleak light caused you to blink your eyes at the dark clouds forming overhead; coming to only reminded you of the bizarre feeling still washing through you, and with that you placed a hand on your head, wincing at the mild pain. Flat on your back, you were staring straight up at the storm brewing coldly. You weren’t sure if it was the atmosphere or your mind that was so foggy after that unique experience, but within minutes you heard your name being shouted from a distance by a familiar voice.
“Loki?” you shot up into a sitting position, hand still on your head, as you looked about for the source of the voice, to your shock and mild fright, you found several figures approaching you. 
“Darling. . .Darling,” Loki panted, making his way up a hill, before dropping on his knees beside you. 
He took your hand in his and supported your back with his free hand, whilst looking over you for any serious injuries. 
“What happened?” you groaned, “am I- are we dead?”
“No,” Loki immediately assured you, “but-”
“But?!” You almost yelled out of disbelief that there was yet again more danger on the way.
“But you could be soon,” a tall, aged figure appeared with a mini entourage.
You took a moment to eye over everything before you, why were they all dressed like Loki, how did they all get here, how did you get here? They all looked friendly enough, but you weren’t exactly sure how to take it all in just yet. Maybe you’d hit your head harder than you realised, and this was all a hallucination?
“Many questions you have,” a short figure spoke confidently, “but we need to move.” 
The kid looked to Loki for assistance and he helped you to your feet, still maintaining your hand in his gently. You jumped back a little when you caught sight of something moving near your feet, but relaxed at the sight of a little alligator looking up at you with what you swore was a smile; you managed a smile back.
“Pardon him,” the eldest individual took the gator into his arms, setting him inside a side satchel, “Loki at your service,” he introduced himself, causing you to blink a few times confused at the introduction. 
“I am too at your service,” a handsome, broad individual with fur trim adorning his shoulders stepped forward, tossing a hammer he held onto his shoulder.
“Likewise, a pleasure, milady,” the youngest Loki smirked, taking your hand and pressing a kiss to the top of it. 
You tilted your head shocked at the civility of them all. 
“Alright enough,” your Loki interrupted the fawning, not because he believed you didn’t deserve it, but because he couldn’t believe he was getting jealous of himself. Taking your hand in his again, he began to ask if anyone had a plan, as the dark cloud descended from the sky nearby.
“Follow us,” the eldest Loki said with a nod of his head. 
On the walk through the wasteland, you quirked your lips and whispered to your Loki, “So. . .they're all you?”
“Well,” he began in an inhale, “yes, I suppose they are all variants of myself, but I’ve never met them before, I didn’t even know they existed until now.” 
You nodded, observing them all, as they kindly gestured for you to follow them down what appeared to be a bunker hole. Each assisting you down, at least one had a hand extended to you for nearly each rung you climbed, you were a bit flustered at how taken they all were with you. As they settled in, you noticed little things in each of them that you’d seen before in your own Loki, it caused you to smile, because they were none the wiser. 
Feeling something cold brush against your ankle you looked down to see the little alligator waddling his way past you. Following his trail, a kiddie pool came into sight and you gasped quietly at how cute he was tottling over the edge and leaving his tail half in and half out of the water. You couldn’t help yourself when he looked up to you with a puppy-ish face that you’d absolutely seen before.
“Darling be careful,” Loki said cautiously, attempting to reach you before you managed to get down to the level of the gator dwelling in his pool, “he could be dangerous.”
“Dangerous?” you chuckled, looking over your shoulder with a smile, “he’s you.”
The surrounding Loki’s snickered, as your Loki sighed, dropping his shoulders exhausted by everything surrounding him in the moment. The fellow Lokis explained that the little beast was really harmless to those he was comfortable around, more of a guard dog than anything. Regardless, he still kept an eye on you, uncertain of this reptile version of himself, he expected it was unpredictable, as they all were. 
“Oh you’re adorable,” you spoke, almost speaking as you would to a baby when you reached your hand out to pet the gator between his two little golden horns.
“I bet you he hasn’t had that kind of attention in…” the older Loki paused, smiling at your willingness to give such a creature genuine attention.
“Pshh! A slimy one like him?” the boastful one laughed at his reptilian counterpart, “I bet you he’s never had that kind of attention!”
This clearly upset the little gator, as he began to hiss. You moved out of his way and soon enough he was out of his pool attempting to attack the individual who made the comment. Your jaw dropped at the utter chaos that transpired within a matter of seconds. All Lokis were up and attempting to lend their aid to the situation. Next thing you knew the gator was tossed back into his pool, water slightly splashing up at you upon his impact. Your Loki looked absolutely exasperated with the whole scene, meanwhile the elder laughed as he took a swig from a chalice filled with wine. You turned your attention back to the reptile who was busy trying to turn himself around in his wading pool.
“Oh my goodness, Loki! Just look at his little crown,” you gasped, “it’s tied onto his head!”
Your Loki rolled his eyes, shocked and heartbroken that you were obsessing over a lizard more than him in the current situation. However, it wasn’t all that long before another episode of chaos brought you closer to him again, there was a sound of sawing and hammering coming from the port that you had all entered through. The sharp pang of the hammer matched the rhythm of your nervous pulse. You made your way over to Loki, quickly standing behind him. The others all took a defensive stance as well.
Suddenly there was a flood of Lokis, all from various pasts and realities. You were trying to process what exactly was happening, but you were also entertained by trying to figure out where and when each one would have been most likely to come from. An act of treason was happening, you were fairly certain, but that didn’t shock you all that much considering you were surrounded by Lokis. Your Loki in the meantime found the elder and asked what exactly was happening, as it all turned to a brawl. 
“Wait, wait, wait,” the leader of the group yelled, stepping forward, slowly making his way to where you were standing in front of a random popcorn machine. As he came closer you backed up in small steps, feeling a whole new kind of dark dominating presence about him. There was a darkness in his eyes, a growl in his voice, and a glimmer of interest.
Upon looking him over you had to stifle a giggle seeing the “Vote for Loki” pin, a brief thought crossed your mind: your Loki as president, it was humorous. 
“Something funny?” He asked with a dip of his head.
Meeting his eyes, you once again found it hard to breathe, let alone speak, “n-no.”
He came closer still, until you backed into the glass with missing lettering for “popcorn” across it. There was apparently no sense of personal space with this Loki and you hadn’t decided how you were feeling about it.
“Is she one of us?” he asked no one in particular. 
“No,” your Loki stepped beside him, realizing the situation, “she is with me though.” 
“Ahh,” the variant attempting an overthrow mused at you, eyes flickering about every inch of your features, “so. . .are you with him then?”
You swallowed harshly, attempting to deny a blush inevitably working its way up to your cheeks.
“I literally just said that,” Loki began again, but he was being completely ignored. 
“You know,” the other Loki stroked a finger along your cheek, “if you’re with him, you could be with me, since He’s me.” 
“Alright, that’s it, I will accept that you’re me and he’s me,” your Loki began confronting this variant, “but she’s mine,” you were suddenly yanked his direction by your arm, and soon enough you were hiding behind a Loki from a Loki surrounded by other Lokis, again. 
That was enough to resume the fight with punches flying, gators chomping, and sheer anarchy everywhere, until the older Loki called the two of you away from the action, protecting you with his illusions, projections, and magic.
“Wow,” you said watching all the Lokis, whilst amazed at the magic the eldest Loki was conjuring for your safe escape, “now I see why there should only be one of you in one place at a time.”
Rolling his eyes with a sigh, Loki grasped your wrist, “come on.”
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I Can't Lose You Again (Part One)
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Pairings - Loki x Reader
Requested - Yes - Anon - Loki x reader where the reader is being held prisoner at the TVA because she knows Loki better than anyone else - the rest is up to you. Thank you!!!
Prompts - none
A/N - If you want a part two to this/want to be tagged in part two, let me know! Spoilers for the first two episodes of Loki.
Tumblr media
“Who was she?” Loki asked as the reel came to an end.
He had just witnessed his entire life play out before him, ending long before it should have and having accomplished nothing he thought he wanted. He recognised nearly everyone shown, his mother, father, the Avengers, Thor…but there was a woman that he had no recollection of, clearly not yet meeting her but important enough to his future self for her to be included.
“She was one of the few people who saw the good in you. One of the very few people who thought you could be more than the villain, who saw the potential in you.” Mobius said, causing him to screw his eyes shut and shake his head.
“As if there could ever be such a person.” Loki scoffed. He knew what he was, the film reel only highlighted that.
“Her name is Y/N. Thor brought her to Asgard during your time spent there as prisoner. She wandered down to your cell despite being told never to go by Odin. She was there for the battle, saw all the destruction and chaos but still she asked you for your side of the story.” Mobius said, pausing as Loki interrupted him.
“Why on Earth would she ask for my side of the story?” Loki asked bitterly, his eyes still wet with tears.
“That’s exactly what you asked her.” Mobius smiled, “You dismissed her, told her to leave but she didn’t listen. She stayed and sat with you in silence and continued to do so as the days went on, sometimes she brought books and read to you. Eventually you caved and told her your side of it. Somehow she decided that you weren’t all bad.”
“Then she is a fool.” Loki snarled, finally turning to face mobius.
“A fool,” Mobius chuckled fondly, “I don’t think so, I think once upon a time she was the villain and she was given a second chance. I think that made her kinder. Besides, she’s a fool you love more than anything, she’s a fool you lived for, a fool you would’ve died for without hesitation.”
Loki stayed silent for a few moments, processing the information. It seemed utterly impossible for anybody to love him, the thought of it was ridiculous. How could someone see good in him, he was the villain…he was always destined to be the villain.
“What happened to her?” Loki asked eventually.
“After Thanos was defeated and the Avengers brought everybody back, she hoped you’d be brought back too. When you weren’t, she was lost, broken. She had lost the one person who truly believed in her and she couldn’t deal with it. She used the time machine and went back to the moment before Thanos attacked you, she tried to warn you, she tried to change the future but that future couldn’t be changed.”
“What happened to her?” Loki asked again, this time more harshly, a dangerous edge to his tone.
“The TVA stepped in; she was to be pruned but then the decision was changed. We’ve been looking into you for a very long time, needing information and trust me when I say nobody knows a Loki better than Y/F/N Y/L/N.” Mobius said with a smile that Loki didn’t understand.
“She’s here?” He asked instead.
“She’s here.” Mobius confirmed.
“You dare to hold her here, for what? Because she knows me? Let her go.” Loki ordered, stepping close to Mobius who just chuckled in response.
“If it makes you feel better, she hasn’t given up any information about you. Refuses to speak to any of us, so they put her in a time cell hoping that’ll convince her to talk but I don’t think it’ll do any good. Even when she knows you’re dead, she’s still protecting you, consequences be damned.”
Loki thought she sounded foolish, to you he was dead, why wouldn’t you bargain for your own life? Give them information and make them let you go. A small part of him was pleased though, loyalty like that was almost impossible to come by.
That small part of him wanted to know you but he knew that was impossible.
Loki sighed, too quiet for Mobius to hear, before taking a seat on the step.
“I can’t go back, can I?” He asked, knowing the answer. He was never going to get to experience the things he’d seen. “Back to my timeline.”
Mobius looked at him, he really did sympathise with the God, watching how you had held up against the interrogations for him, well he must have been worth it.
In a moment of weakness, Loki confessed everything that only he knew…well things he hadn’t told you yet at least. He admitted that he didn’t enjoy hurting people, didn’t enjoy being the villain, admitted how weak he felt so conjured fear to feel powerful, he explained everything to Mobius, he explained the illusions, how he wanted to control.
“You do know yourself.” Mobius said, pleasure in his voice.
“A villain.” Loki admitted in defeat.
“That’s not how I see it.” Mobius said, watching as Loki looked down, not giving away what he felt about that statement. “That’s not how she saw it either.”
“I can’t offer you salvation,” Mobius told him, “but maybe I can offer you something better. Like I said we’re holding Y/N here because she knows Loki’s better than anybody.”
“What do you mean ‘Loki’s?” He asked, it hadn’t occurred to him that the plural had been used earlier either.
“A fugitive Variant’s been killing our Minutemen.“ Mobius told him, causing Loki to raise his eyebrows.
"And you need the God of Mischief to help you stop him?” He asked as he stepped closer to Mobius
“That’s right.” He nodded.
“Why me?”
“Because” Mobius began, “the Variant we’re hunting is you.” Loki’s eyebrows raised in confusion at this.
“I beg your pardon?” Loki said, they were hunting him?
Loki agreed to help and was quickly tasked with watching educational videos about the TVA, their policies and protocols but his mind kept wandering back to you. You were here somewhere, risking your life by withholding information. He admired you more than he wanted to admit and knew he had to meet you.
“Hey.” Mobius greeted as he walked up to his desk to see Loki sat with his feet up.
Before he could say anything else Loki spoke:
“I went to see her.”
It wasn’t a surprising statement to Mobius, in fact he’d been waiting for Loki to ask since he first heard about you. After the first outing with Loki to track the Variant down, he admitted he was growing fond of the God, so despite restrictions he nodded.
“I thought you might want to. Leave it to me, I’ll sort something out.”
You sat on the floor, eyes dry as you’d long ran out of tears.
It isn’t real.
You kept repeating the statement to yourself, not wanting to forget. It was so easy to forget that this wasn’t real. If you let yourself you could pretend Loki was alive, you could give in and lose yourself forever in this fake world they had conjured up for you.
Somehow you resisted, though as the days dragged on it was getting harder.
Every few minutes the scene would reset itself when you didn’t play your part.
Loki would stroll in through the door, calling out for you.
You remembered the moment they were playing for you, you were supposed to meet him at the door and he would bring you in for a soft kiss. He had had a long day at the Grandmaster’s side, playing his part so the two of you could escape.
It had been weeks since you had first arrived, breathing a sigh of relief when Loki stood in front of you. You were welcomed immediately once the Grandmaster found out you knew Loki and since then he had been working his way up in the man’s good graces.
After the two of you pulled away from each other you were supposed to go over to the sofa where Loki would wrap you up in his arms, tucking you in so your head rested under his chin. He’d place soft kisses on your forehead and let his fingers dance along your skin.
It was a moment of peace for the pair of you.
Then the scene diverged from how it should of continued, instead Loki told you how you were merely a pawn in his game, you had run your course and he no longer needed you, he told you how glad he was to be rid of you, how you were a villain just like him, he told you to stop playing the hero, reminded you of all the people you’d hurt, all the lives you ruined until you couldn’t take it anymore.
Right now, Loki was berating you, you wanted to cry, you wanted to scream and punch the walls and beg him to stop. You had done all of that in the early days and it made no difference, the scene always played on no matter how much you begged.
They said if you told them about Loki they’d let you go but you refused to talk. He might be dead but according to them there were other Loki’s out there and whilst none would ever come close to your Loki, you wouldn’t betray any of them.
You didn’t know how much time had passed, it could’ve been mere minutes or years, but the orange light appeared in the shape of a doorway and a man was stepping through.
You liked him. He was always nice to you even though you knew it frustrated him when you wouldn’t give any information up, he never hurt you like the others.
“Hello Y/N.” He said, his voice soft and smile friendly.
“Mobius.” You greeted, voice empty of emotion.
Mobius hated seeing you like this, he really did. He remembered you when they first brought in, so full of fight and spirit. Seeing you this broke didn’t sit right with him.
“C’mon.” He said, holding out a hand for you to grab, frowning when you flinched.
After an awkward pause you did take the offered hand and let Mobius take you through the doorway.
“No.” You said as you stepped out, turning to go back through the door but it was already closed.
“Y/N,” Mobius began, his voice changing to resemble that of how someone would talk to a frightened animal.
“No, not here, only in there,” you said, gesturing to the empty space where the door was only moments before. “He’s never here.”
“Y/N, this is Loki.” Mobius tried again but before he got the chance to give you an explanation, you exploded.
“My Loki is dead, Mobius!” You yelled pushing Mobius away, the fight you had thought long gone coming back stronger than ever, you felt the anger build inside of you, it felt like it was going to burn you alive. You hadn’t cried in a long time but the tears came pouring down rapidly now. “He’s dead, I watched him die! So don’t stand there and tell me he’s my Loki. Whatever kind of torture this is, it won’t work. You hear me, I hope the Loki your tracking finds you first, I hope he burns this place to the ground.” Despite the anger and the yelling, Mobius couldn’t help but smile as you echoed some of Loki’s first words to him.
“Y/N, is it?” Loki said, taking a hesitant step towards you.
You turned away from him, refusing to play whatever game Mobius had set up.
“I’m afraid I don’t quite know what to say, it feels like you know everything about me and I so little about you.” Loki confessed, he really was at a loss but seeing you so sad, so broken, so tortured…it pained him.
“You’re not my Loki.” You whispered harshly, though it sounded like you were trying to convince yourself rather than him.
“No, I’m afraid I’m not, for I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting you yet. Though I do envy my future self for having got so much time with you but perhaps it was better that way, I don’t think you would have liked this version of me as much.” Loki was shocked to find he believed the words wholeheartedly.
“You’re not my Loki.” Was your only reply.
“I know.” Loki repeated. “I am from your timeline though. I’m the Loki that just lost to the Avengers in New York.” Here he watched as you looked to Mobius, who gave you a sincere smile whilst nodding.
Then you turned to look at him.
“2012 Loki?” You asked, wiping at your eyes.
“Yes. I was captured and Thor was ready to take me to Asgard when the tesseract was released and I made my escape.” He watched as you played the information over in your head, matching it up with events you remembered.
“That’s when the TVA got you?” You asked, hesitant to believe it but Mobius was the only one who hadn’t lied to you yet.
“That’s when the TVA got me.” Loki confirmed, shooting you a small smile. “I heard they got you because you tried to save me.”
“Tried being the key word,” you scoffed, “I was so close, but they whisked me away and reset the timeline. I’ve been here ever since.”
“Staying loyal to a dead man?” Loki asked, causing you to smile.
“My Loki might be dead but there are other Loki’s out there, I refuse to betray any of them, especially one causing the TVA so much trouble.” You said, missing the way Mobius grinned.
“Your Loki must have meant an awful lot to you to inspire so much loyalty.”
“My Loki meant everything to me.” Was your reply.
There was a pause in the room and Mobius was quick to gesture to the chairs around the table. You hesitated for a moment which Loki noticed and he moved to pull a chair out for you. You couldn’t help but smile at him, the gesture was something you had become so used to, God you missed him.
“So, this Variant?” Loki asked, looking away from you to Mobius.
The three of you spent the next few hours going over the information the TVA had on the Variant and if Loki moved closer to you…well who could possibly blame him?
“Oh, my goodness. Don’t tell me the Variant ambushed and killed another team of Minutemen?” Here Loki paused to let out an exaggerated gasp causing you to laugh silently into the palm of your hand. “And stole their reset charge as well.” You couldn’t help but let out a snort of laughter causing Loki to grin widely before the two of you were shushed.
You both froze as you locked eyes with Loki, you raised your eyebrow at him causing him to smirk. Slowly he turned around to see the librarian and shushed her back.
You couldn’t have wiped the smile off of your face if you tried.
“Wait, I’ve got it!” Loki exclaimed after a long silence were the two of you continued reading the files Mobius had left.
“What?” You asked, looking up at him.
You watched as Loki scooped the folders up before reaching a hand out to you, you didn’t hesitate as you took it and let him pull you along.
“Where are we going?” You laughed.
“To show Mobius.” He told you, looking back to smile at you before hurrying over to Mobius who was sitting with a lunch tray.
“I found something.” Loki said, placing the files on the table and taking a seat, dragging you into the seat next to him, so close your knees brushed together.
Mobius ignored his words as he replied, “No, I said don’t bother me until you’ve read all the files.”
“We have read them all.” You and Loki said together, pausing to look at each other with small smiles and turning back to Mobius who watched the two of you with a raised eyebrow.
It wasn’t long before you were hiding a smile as Loki demonstrated how his theory worked using Mobius’ salad as Asgard and another worker’s drink and some salt. One of the many things you loved about Loki was how expressive he was when he was explaining something, especially when it was something he was passionate about. The hand gestures, the demonstrations, even just how elegantly he spoke…you loved watching him talk like this. There was an ache in your chest at seeing this again, but you managed to push it aside.
“There’s the apocalypse.” Loki said with a proud smile.
“That’s the apocalypse?” Mobius asked looking down at his, now ruined, lunch.
“If everything around you is destined to lead up to that one moment then whatever you do won’t have an impact,” You said looking from the salad to Loki who was nodding at you with a pleased expression, “right?”
“Exactly!” He exclaimed. “So, the Variant hides out in these apocalypses,”
“And nobody would ever know because whatever that Loki is doing can’t affect anything, whatever they do doesn’t stop the apocalypse.” You finished and Loki looked so pleased as he turned to face you.
“Not bad.” Mobius said, causing you and Loki to quickly look away from each other, making Mobius chuckle.
As Loki and Mobius tested the apocalypse theory out, you were forced to stay behind. Whilst you were allowed to help out with the research work, Renslayer had denied you access to leave the TVA.
You were sort of glad for the opportunity to be alone. Seeing Loki again was hard, he was so much like your Loki which made sense because technically he was your Loki just an earlier version of him. His mannerisms were so similar that sometimes you had to pause to catch your breath as the ache in your chest grew.
Sometimes Mobius sent Loki on a task when he saw you were getting overwhelmed and in the few minutes of Loki’s absence, Mobius would sit with you and talk just above a whisper, sometimes he praised you, sometimes he told you stories, whatever he did always grounded you and you were so thankful to the man.
Some days it was almost like the time cell they had you in were you just wanted to pretend that he was the Loki you knew, pretend that he knew you too. You wanted him to wrap his arms around you and just let the world fall away. It would’ve been so easy to do it but you pushed through it and carried on with the helping find the other Loki.
“So, tell me where you’re going again.” You asked Loki as Mobius spoke with somebody.
“Earth, more precisely Haven Hills, Alabama, 2050. It’s a corporate town owned by Roxxcart until it’s wiped out by a hurricane.” Loki told you.
“And that’s where you think Loki’s hiding?” Loki looked at you watching as you nervously bit your lip. He frowned seeing how worried you were.
“Hey,” Loki said, placing his hand under your chin and guiding you to look up at him. He let his palm rest against your cheek. “What’s wrong?”
You sighed as you let your eyes fall closed. You didn’t know what was wrong, you just knew something didn’t feel right.
“What if something goes wrong?” You asked instead of answering.
“It’s going to be fine.” Loki assured you with a small smile but you just shook your head before moving away from him to pace.
“You don’t know that Loki, you don’t know it’ll be fine!” You exclaimed, causing Loki’s eyes to widen in concern.
“Hey, hey, hey,” Loki whispered as he reached for you, pulling you close so that your head rested on his chest. He felt you tense up for a moment before relaxing into him and he let his hand rub comfortingly up and down your back. “Tell me what’s wrong, darling.”
That seemed to be the final straw for you and before Loki knew it you were sobbing into his chest, gripping him tightly like he’d disappear if you let go.
“It’s ok, you’re ok.” Loki continued to whisper soothing words into your hair as he held you.
Mobius turned to call Loki over, the task force ready to leave but when he saw the two of you huddled together he gestured for everyone to move away to give the two of you some privacy.
“Tell me what’s wrong, love, so I can fix it.” Loki said after you began to calm down. He pulled you away from him, frowning as you whimpered but relaxed as he just wiped your tears away, keeping you close the entire time.
“The last time I…” You trailed off, taking a shaky breath, “The last time I lost you, you told me everything would be fine. You were lying of course; you knew you were lying but I didn’t. I didn’t know just how bad it would be and now you’re going to face another Loki, one who has been avoiding and killing minutemen for longer than I’ve been alive. I can’t lose you again, I can’t lose you.” You rushed out, your voice breaking at the end as another round of tears fell from your eyes.
Loki paused for a moment and just watched you, feeling his heart clench in sympathy. He hated his future self for dying, for leaving you alone but he also knew how much he loved Thor, he’d rather the both of you live without him than him having to live without either of you. Maybe that made him selfish but he could see why his future self had made the sacrifice.
“I’m sorry, darling,” He said as he pulled you back into his arms, “I’m so sorry that you were left alone, believe me if I could change it I would no matter what I had to do but if it comes down to you or me, I’m always going to choose you. I know that after only knowing you for a short amount of time so the Loki you spent years with….well I can see why he wouldn’t hesitate. You can come with us, I’ll convince Mobius, if it’ll make you feel better, but everything really is going to be ok.” Loki promised as he placed a kiss on the top of your head.
As he turned his head, he saw Mobius who gestured that they needed to go. Silently, he pointed to you and then to Mobius, pleading with the man to let you go. He watched as Mobius frowned before looking down the hallway and back to the two of you before reluctantly nodding and mouthing “quickly.”
“Let’s go.” Loki said as he linked your hands together and led you to the task force.
Mobius smiled at you softly and you mouthed a thank you towards him before you were all being ushered through the doorway.
The rain was…well it was apocalyptic. You watched as Loki looked up at the sky as it thundered dangerously with a small smile, your Loki did that too, just looked up at the sky and thought of Thor when the weather was stormy.
Once the task force was inside Loki used his magic to dry the two of you off causing you to jump slightly, it had been so long since you’d been around magic.
“Thank you.” You said and Loki just smiled down at you.
“The hell was that?” One of the agents asked, causing Loki to grin cheekily.
“That was me using magic to dry our clothes so we don’t announce ourselves with every squeaky footstep like the rest of you.” You couldn’t help but snort, causing Hunter B-15 to glare at you.
“Take both teams and sweep the storm shelter.” She said to the rest of the task force and everyone was quick to move.
“Loki and I are gonna check out the Green House. We’ll meet…” Mobius began but was quickly cut off by Hunter B-15.
“No?” He asked in confusion
“You go with D-90 and take Y/L/N with you. He stays with me.” She said, causing Loki to glance first at Mobius then you, you watched him with a concerned look but eventually nodded.
Mobius and Hunter B-15 bickered back and forth before Loki cut in.
“Mobius, it’s fine. It’s fine. You can trust me. I understand I have to earn that, so, I will.” He said, again looking from Mobius to you. You smiled at him, causing him to smile back.
“Why is it the people you can’t trust are always saying, “Trust me”?” Mobius muttered to you before turning to Hunter B-15, “Okay, try to hang on to your Time Collar this time. We’ll see you in the showroom.”
And with that everyone went their separate ways.
“You can trust him, you know.” You told Mobius once you were far away enough from the others.
“No, you can trust him.” Mobius said with a fond smile. “Me however, well we’ll see.”
The two of you walked behind the group following as they led you into a room full of people seeking refuge.
“Check the bag for reset chargers.” One of the hunters said and everyone was quick to set to work as the people around you panicked.
“Hey! These people are scared.” Mobius snapped at one of the hunters who was being particularly vicious towards the people, looking at him now you recognised him as one of your harsher interrogators.
“They’re about to die. They should be scared.” He snapped back causing your eyes to widen in horror at the harshness.
“Not of us.” Mobius said calmly.
“Please we’ve got women and children.” A man said as he gently grabbed your arm and pleaded with you. You looked at him with tears in your eyes.
“I’m so sorry.” You whispered before Mobius led you away. “You’re really going to let these people die?”
“Our job isn’t to save them.” Mobius said sadly, sympathising with you. The first few missions are always the hardest.
“No,” You scoffed as you moved away from him, “your job is to make sure they die.” You hissed before stalking out of the room.
Tears made their way down your face as you left the room but you angrily brushed them away as you tried to find Loki. You had always thought something seemed off with the TVA but seeing their work up close made you nauseous.
A thud snapped you out of your thoughts and you peeked around a corner just in time to see Hunter B-15 hit the floor. You spared her little thought; Mobius would find her and instead you followed Loki.
You saw Loki standing alone but talking to somebody.
“I see, that’s your plan, lure us all here so you can blow the place up.”
You watched as a giant of a man came from nowhere and kicked Loki in the chest sending him flying backwards. The man, a Loki perhaps?, just thanked him for helping stall for time before hitting him again sending him further back. Loki used his magic but still the man showed no signs of slowing down.
“Stop hiding.” Loki commanded, causing you to raise an eyebrow. More than likely the Loki variant then, hiding in the bodies of refugees.
A sick feeling suddenly came over you as you watched the Loki variant choke Loki, images of Thanos and Loki invaded your mind and it took everything for you to stay quiet.
You breathed a sigh of relief as he let Loki go though it was short lived as Loki went flying again, smashing into one of the stands.
The Loki variant’s eyes turned green before the man hit the floor with a laugh, suddenly there was a hooded figure with glowing green hands standing behind him. As Loki’s voice bounced around the room, the Loki variant pulled his hood down.
There stood a woman. Loki in her true form.
“This isn’t about you.” She snarled.
“Right.” Loki said, sounding dubious before the power shut down. The last thing you saw was a smirk on the Loki variant’s face.
The lighting turned red as the Loki variant picked up a tempad, you watched as the familiar orange doorway appeared and that bad feeling you had about Loki coming here grew painfully.
This wasn’t going to end well for anybody.
She waved at Loki before stepping through the doorway and moments later Mobius, Hunter B-15 and another Hunter where running down the hallway shouting for Loki to stop.
“Loki, wait!” Mobius pleaded and Loki actually looked torn before shaking his head and walking towards the door.
“Loki!” You yelled, finally stepping out from behind one of the isles.
Here Loki paused before turning to you, his eyes were wide as he looked at you and, in that moment, you knew what would happen.
“Please.” You whispered and he looked crushed.
Mobius was near him now, nearly within distance to grab him, to push him away from that damned doorway but he was too late.
‘I’m sorry darling.’ Loki mouthed before he ran through the doorway.
The orange faded to nothing just as Mobius reached it and you could do nothing but stare at the doorway with an aching heart.
Read part two here!
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Loki and shrunken y/n story prompt : Y/n "I am not an animal you can’t earn my trust by speaking softly to me and giving me food "Loki " y/n but you love it when I speak softly to you and give you food " Y/n " Yes but when YOU do it it's sweet and endearing, when other people do it not so much"
You ask, I write! Thank you so much for your request 💚💚
I hope you like it! 💖💖💖
*My requests are open*
Pairing: Loki x Tiny!Reader (7 Inches tall reader)
Words: 1614
Summary: Loki, reluctantly, joins the Avengers. In the middle of the presentations he recognized you, the one that he has been dreaming about.
Warnings: Not really, but Y/n is a little agressive XD.
Loki Taglist: @otakumultimuse-hiddlewhore @high-functioning-lokipath @thereadinggeek @lucky-foxface
Tumblr media
Endearing, Darling.
A laugh, a voice, what a warm feeling. Then pain, her back hitting the floor, breaking the tiles and twisting her spine a little. For a human being that pain would have been immeasurable, but he is a god, his body mostly fixed itself.
The cuts on his face burned with every expression he made, in the window he reflected himself, at the same time that he watched the hell he had unleashed, he could never redeem himself from it.
"If someone really loves you, surely he will be able to omit certain details" there was that laugh again, soft, like the touch of a petal.
"Falling is not bad, but it is giving up and staying down biting mud. You can do it, show them that you are good" Her eyes, the warmth of the sun on her skin, her hands wrapping his, "Wake up" she whispered, “Wake up Loki” He felt a phantom kiss on his cheek, but when he blinked his vision cleared out and found Thor’s eyes instead.
His eyes were blue again, the effect of the scepter no longer possessed him. He was scared, Thor saw it in his eyes, "Come on, I'll take you home" Home? that's how he felt in that strange vision, who was that strange woman? And why did she show him so much affection?
The vision tormented him for days inside the cell to which he was confined, a fair punishment given his crimes. He spent the days trying to squeeze some clue into his memories that would lead him to discover the identity of the mystery girl. And what he discovered hit him just as hard as when the Hulk broke his spine.
Thor had convinced him to join, more or less, the Avengers. To his surprise, the girl in his visions was one of them, the problem? she was less than 30 centimeters tall.
"You must be Loki, my name is Y/n, nice to meet you!" you stretched out your little hand, he looking at you curiously, holding the urge to tease you, "For me, it's a pleasure to meet you" he said with a charming smile.
The chemistry flowed perfectly after that moment, the conversations were often long and easy to hold. So lost in each other, everyone else was able to see how much you two connected.
However, there was something that Loki was not aware of, your powerful and destructive anger. It doesn't destroy anything as such, but you scared even the Hulk himself.
“Hello my darling, how was your…day?” Loki saw you fuming, you passed him and you didn't even turn to look at him, it wasn't a common behavior, or so he thought.
"Stop there cowboy, if I were you, I'd leave her alone" Tony warned without looking up from his cell phone, "I understand that you want to help her, but in that state ... it's better to let her be" Loki turned to look closely at the corridor, not knowing how to act or if what you really needed was to be alone. He felt helpless.
It was dinner time, Natasha was the one who stopped him that time, telling Loki not to come to see you, obviously he didn't listen. He took the pizza plate that had been saved for you and a flan. It seemed unusual to him that no one dared to even try to help with whatever was happening to you, "She is not going to receive the food, I’m just saying" Clint added but Loki had already made up his mind.
You weren’t in your room, where could you have gone? After a while searching, he found you in the training room, hitting a sandbag between screams and tears, with fury and pain in your eyes you kept hitting everything your arms gave.
"Y/n, stop" Loki covered the sack with his hand, your knuckles hitting the inside of his hand, "Enough" he spoke softly as he took your hand between his fingers, "Loki" you called him through tears, you turned around lifting your arms, he understood and opened his hand to you, to which you climbed, his warmth embracing your body.
“Bad day?” you didn’t had the energy to shoot him an angry look, so you just nodded. “I brought you food” you made a grossed out face and shook your head, “Have you eaten anything since you came back from your mission?” you shook your head again, “At least half a slice, and I won’t bother you” you pouted but complied.
Loki realized all the repressed anger that you carried inside, you hid it behind that smile that he liked to get out of you so much.
"Y/n, you know you can count on me right?" You looked up to meet his worried expression, "I know" his opposite index finger passed under your arm to take your injured hand on his fingertip, "Then why carry this burden on your own?" you put the flan aside, accommodating yourself in his palm using his thumb as a backrest.
"Look at me Loki, I'm ridiculously small, I'd rather do this and fuck up my hands alone than someone comes to tell me that I look adorable angry, if you don't believe me ask Tony, he has a fork mark in his hand for that" He loved your fire, but hurt him to see you handle your hurt alone, so he decided to do something to take your anger away.
During that whole week he took it upon himself to buy or make you a sweet treat to lighten your spirits, and it worked like a charm, the others were shocked by this, since several had tried everything to help you but nothing ever worked.
One day, Loki couldn’t give you the treats, he was out on a mission. When he came back he found Nat bandaging Clint’s hand. “Your little girl sure is angry” he had texted Clint to give you the biscuits he baked, “I tried to speak nice to her but she stabbed me with a pencil when I called her doll” Clint chuckled, making Nat smile.
Loki nodded and thank his efforts, as well as apologizing for the assault, which Clint didn’t took personal. Then, he knocked at your door, “Y/n, are you ok love?” he opened the door after hearing a small hiss, he found you burning your open knuckles wounds with rubbing alcohol, he rushed to stop you, earning an angry look in return.
“You hit the sandbag again” he muttered, “I didn’t promised I wouldn’t do it anymore, I discovered your scheme” you turned your back at him, “Y/n, I was just trying to make you happy, to earn your trust, because you still don’t believe me when I tell you that you can count on me” he was hurt, his intentions weren’t bad, but you had seen this before.
"I am not an animal, you can’t earn my trust by speaking softly to me and giving me food" you turned around to face him, your anger almost dissipating when you saw the hurt in his eyes, "But you love it when I speak softly to you and give you food" he offered you his hand, his tone being cute, making you smile.
“Yes but when you do it, it's sweet and endearing, but when other people do it, not so much" you put emphasis in the ‘you’ poking his nose when he took you up to him, “I was on a mission, love, and I made those personally for that reason” now you felt horribly guilty.
“I’ll go and apologize to Clint, thank you Loki, and sorry for the drama” he put his lips next to your cheek to sweetly peck your cheekbone, “Later, you still have to make up to me for discard my cuisine” he pretended to be insulted and sad, just to see your reaction, “What can I do?” you blushed and pouted, you knew he wanted to do something embarrassing.
“Lay on my hand, on your belly my darling” you looked at him confused, thinking he was going to do something gross or perverted, you did as he told you, your head on his middle finger which he lay flat for you to be more comfortable, your torso straight down on his palm, and your legs resting on his wrist, “What are you gonna do?” he could hear the tremble in your voice, so he didn’t wasted any more time and kissed your lower back, releasing a tiny squeal from you.
He was squishing you with his hand and his lips so you were surrounded by him and squeezed by his warmth like a sandwich, not in a harsh way but in a sweet and loving way, kissing all over your back and the nape of your neck.
“Look at me darling” you hid your face in his finger and in between your arms, “N-No!” you stuttered, “Y/n, turn around so I can see you” he coaxed, making you roll on his hand revealing the furious red blush on your face, “You are so beautiful” he smooshed you again, this time his lips on your lips, “I hate you” he laughed, “I love you too”.
He did that often later, he loved feeling close to you, and you loved being surrounded by him. Eventually that became the thing that dissipated your anger, thinking of how close you could be with him made you feel all fuzzy inside, so you behaved so he could reward you with smooches and gentle squeezes.
After making your life easier, his dreams were all about you, you were his mystery woman, his little love and soulmate.
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starks-hero · 10 months ago
Loki falling for a Shy/Quiet Reader
(gender neutral Please!) Loki x Shy/Quiet reader that only talks to people that they fully trust. How would Loki react to hearing their voice for the first time? ♡
Tumblr media
Despite living in Avengers tower and being an honorary member of the team, you kept to yourself as much as you possibly could.
In fact, only a few members of the team had actually heard you speak. Tony had managed to coax a few replies out of you.
Steve and Natasha remained the only ones in the tower you were really comfortable having conversations with.
You spent most of your spare time alone, reading or relaxing in your room. Despite how often Steve and Thor would ask you to join them when training, you'd decline, opting to wait until the training hall was empty so you could practice alone.
It's not that you felt uncomfortable around the Avengers. You loved them like family and they adored you. But you just weren't prepared to open yourself up to anyone.
Then Loki showed up.
He had been sent to spend some time on Earth under the watchful eye of Thor, and of course, he was staying in Avengers tower.
Loki wasn't overly fond of the idea. He had little to no interest in the rest of the Avengers, but when he saw you sitting quietly in the corner of the common room, book open in your lap, he was intrigued.
He tried his best to start a conversation and introduce himself (not that he needed any introducing.) But you didn't appear to show any interest in wanting anything to do with him.
At first, Loki assumed it was because you didn't like him, but Thor was quick to assure him that wasn't the case.
As Loki spent more time in the tower and saw you more and more, he became determined. He wanted to get to know you.
Your early attempts to brush him off and ignore him proved to be in vain. Loki was a persistent bastard when he wanted to be.
Fairly soon, you began to find his presence not all that irritating. You would even dare to go as far as saying you were fond of the trickster.
Once Loki realised this, he began hanging around you a lot more.
He gravitated towards you, sitting next to you during meetings or whilst you lounged in the common room.
You'd both sit together in comfortable silence, reading books or watching shows.
He particularly enjoys reading to you and watching as your eyes light up and features change as he tells the story.
He accompanied you on evening walks around the city.
Loki didn't really mind what you both did as long as he got to enjoy your company.
He would be by your side during large gatherings or big events and, if you wanted him to, he voiced your opinions and ideas at meetings on your behalf.
Loki is incredibly observant and despite how reserved you are, he still picks up on the little things you do.
Despite you not speaking to him, Loki felt closer to you than anyone else in the tower.
It got to the point that Loki knew what you're thinking and had no issue being your voice if others needed to hear it.
“Stark, Y/N would kindly appreciate it if you could shut the hell up.”
To say Loki is protective of you would be an understatement. Because of your shy nature, you're hesitant to stand up for yourself, but now that you have Loki that's not really an issue.
If someone insults you or puts you down, Loki will assure that they live to regret it.
And if some dick makes the mistake of catcalling you on the street? Oh, Loki will make them wish they were never born.
One particular evening, when you and Loki were both bingeing shows in your room, Loki made a comment under his breath about the plot that you couldn't help but giggle over.
And Loki lit up like a light bulb. He swore he'd never heard a sweeter sound. It was that same day Loki realised that he was absolutely smitten with you.
He was beginning to catch glimpses of the huge personality that hid beneath your shy and quiet exterior. And he loved it.
He was honoured that you had begun to open yourself up to him, slowly but surely. It was not a matter he took lightly.
It hurts Loki to know that he has seen a whole new side to you, the side you hide away from everyone else.
So naturally he tries to build your confidence. This could range anywhere from random compliments to coaxing you into joining him in causing some mischief.
You also brought out his softer side.
Once, you fell asleep with your head against Loki's shoulder and he refused to move until you woke up.
Nat took a photo.
He made you food and brought you tea, anything to see you smile. He even put up with the relentless teasing he received from Tony because of it.
All for you.
But, of course, Loki staying at Avengers tower didn't always go down well with the others. Specifically Tony, who was known to have a knack for starting arguments.
After one particular fight, where Loki got into quite a serious tiff with the man of iron, he immediately sought you out for some comfort.
He needed to get everything off his chest and he knew you'd listen.
Loki paced infront of you, ranting about how frustrating it all was, and despite his unbothered expression and tone of voice, you knew beneath it Tony's words had got to him.
Having finished his rant, he sighed and took a seat next to you, with one closing statement.
“I suppose I can't blame him. What I did was unforgivable.”
There was a beat of silence.
“I forgive you.”
Loki's head snapped up to look at you. You were smiling gently, amused by the disbelief in his eyes.
“I forgive you,” you repeated.
It was the first time he'd heard you speak and aside from the general shock and surprise of hearing your voice, he was completely in love with it. Your voice, your accent, the words you'd just said.
You were the first one to ever forgive Loki and he wasn't sure how to process it.
He was completely stunned and more than a little emotional, though he tried and failed to hide it.
After a few moments of stunned silence he'd smile softly. “Then you would be the first.” His voice would be so delicate, barely above a whisper. “But thank you.”
He was honoured that you trusted him enough to speak around him, and he promised to prove to you that your trust was not misplaced.
From that moment on, you talked to Loki a lot. It's started off pretty simple, you just talked about little, everyday things. But soon, you found yourself opening up to Loki and trusting him with things you hadn't told many others.
He listened to you so attentively and values what you have to say. Sometimes whilst talking you catch him simply staring at you in admiration.
Though he was yet to fully gain their trust, the other Avengers held a certain amount of newfound respect for Loki, seeing how comfortable you'd grown around him.
You really made him feel at home at Avengers tower.
Despite how strong his feelings for you were, Loki had no idea how to tell you. However, Thor was quick to voice his own ideas. And for once, Loki listened to his brother.
Thor assured Loki that you felt the same. Thor considered you a close friend and even he had never seen you so carefree and happy around anyone. He knew that both you and Loki deserved to be happy.
He informed Loki that Tony had planned another one of his infamous parties, and through some questionable methods (warning Loki that if he hadn't confessed by then, Thor would do it for him) he convinced Loki to tell you how he felt at the event.
And after what was quite possibly the longest week of Loki's life, the night of the party arrived.
Loki was a nervous wreck.
His heart was almost beating out of his chest and he both loved and hated that you had that effect on him.
However, his nerves were quickly stomped out when his eyes fell on you amidst the crowded room.
When you made your way through the crowd to greet him, Loki couldn't help but voice his thoughts.
“You look simply ravishing, darling.”
He smiled at how flustered the compliment rendered you.
Despite how uncomfortable you'd usually feel in such a large crowd, Loki made you feel like you were the only person in the room.
You spent every minute of the party together, talking, laughing. Loki even managed to coax you into dancing with him.
As things began to wind down for the night, Loki pulled you aside. You both found somewhere quiet, Loki admitting that there was something he needed to tell you.
The ominous statement left you feeling anxious, and Loki's own nervous behavior didn't do anything to calm you.
But the moment he began to speak, your fears dissipated.
To say Loki poured his heart out infront of you would be understating. He told you how you made him feel, how much he adored you, how glad he was to have earned your trust. You watched as the usually stoic god's composure slipped through his fingers like sand and he became a rambling mess.
Tripping over words, stuttering and struggling to find the right thing to say, you decided to end Loki's suffering.
Gathering up your courage, you leaned up as far as you could, placing a hand against the nape of Loki's neck and pulling him down the rest of the way.
Your lips met, fitting together perfectly. It began gentle and reassuring, slowly building into something more passionate as your hands found Loki's chest and his fell to rest on the small of your back, holding you close against him.
The kiss banished all of Loki's fears. You definitely felt the same way.
Before things could become too heated, you pulled away, not wanting to start something you couldn't finish in the corridor.
And for the first time, Loki was the one left speechless.
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zemosimp05 · 4 months ago
His Little Omega
Alpha Loki x F!Reader | SMUT | minors DNI | a/b/o dynamic
Words count : 6.2K
A/N: There will be lot of inner monologues so don’t get confused. It’s a smut with lil bit of plot. That’s it. Read at your own risk as I’m a shit writer. *mic drops* likes/ feedback/ reblogs are highly appreciated and encouraged. 😩 y’all better don’t let this one flop for Loki’s sake🥺.
Loki master list
Tumblr media
Never in your life you had ran so fast. Well getting chased by four other wolves who were ready to kill you wasn’t your plan at all on this fine evening. Steve had warned you for numerous times that it was dangerous to roam around in the forest alone, before dark and especially when you’re an unmarked omega. But your curious wolf ass was never to listen her alpha brother’s commands. You’re here for your summer break, to improve some of your fighting skills from you brother and other avengers.
The rules were simple…you cross your territory and you either get punished or killed by the other pack and there’s no coming back unless the other pack’s alpha was generous enough. The avengers were powerful but there were more powerful packs far more ruthless and dangerous. But todays situation was different. You got lost gradually and went bit far away from your territory, that’s where you accidentally came across bunch of wolves who were out for a hunt.
Come on Y/N you can run faster than these… you didn’t know how long you were running like a crazy wolf. They were bigger than you and hungry so you’re sure if you stop now, this gonna be your last day on earth. But it wasn’t your lucky day at all as your leg hit something sharp on the ground and your form just tripped over.
Fuck…the pain shot through your leg but you got up seeing the wolves coming behind. You tried to run again when two of them practically jumped on you attacking. It was all sharp claws and bites… you’re a good fighter but one against four of them was way too much. You growled loudly in pain when on of the wolves bite hard on your lower stomach. Your body was arching in pain, bleeding from several spots because of their attack. Your energy was draining gradually, you couldn’t defend anymore. You could feel yourself going numb but suddenly a high pitched howl literally ripped your ears apart and suddenly everything around you just took a pause. The woods got awfully silent.
Your wolf collapsed on the ground panting, whimpering in pain, that’s the only sound you could hear now, your own whimpers. Eyes were barely open , your senses got heightened for a presence of much more stronger entity. Someone was here, or to say something was here.
You noticed a blurry figure of a wolf in distance. It was big…at least twice of your wolf size and bigger than the wolves you’re fighting. You could see the green eyes were glowing in the dark, slowly approaching towards you. You scent glands got heightened. Alpha… It was an alpha wolf.
Well that’s it…now you’re about to die. The rest of the wolves started to back away when they saw the alpha coming towards your direction. The steps were bold yet so calculated. Your vision was little hazy but you figured out the raven colour. It was a stunning alpha male. Never in your life you had witnessed this kind of aura in a alpha.
The low growl rumbled from his lips and your wolf whimpered again in pain. You could feel the other wolves backing away slowly. Your body tried to scoot away from him when he was merely inches away but suddenly you couldn’t even move a single muscle. You closed your teary eyes , getting ready for a brutal death.
You heard another low growl just beside your ear before you felt his nose softly nuzzling the side of your face inhaling your scent. Your wolf immediately let out a soft purr making you confuse. You slowly opened your eyes only to meet with a pair of intense green ones. He’s not gonna kill you?
He backed away few steps and your eyes widened when he morphed back in his human form. Immediately a green shimmer surrounded him conjuring him with a pair of sweatpants. The lean tall figure , with that face literally crafted by a god, raven black hair and ocean green eyes ,his muscles clenching little bit was a beautiful sight to witness for your sore eyes. You let out a soft growl as your body was hurting badly, that you barely had any energy to divert your mind to this handsome man’s physical features. He knelt down before you conjuring a dark green blanket and draped it over you.
“Come on…shift back…” his voice, it was thick and low. If you could scream now you would have but you couldn’t even utter a noise. You tried to shift back but your wolf restrained it. The more you forced it the more your wolf restrained it. She knew your human form couldn’t handle this amount of damage so she preferred to stay in this way. You let out a frustrated growl when you tried again but failed.
His eyes were curiously watching you and he kind of understood what’s going on. He huffed bit annoyedly.
“Don’t move okay…? You will hurt yourself more…” his voice was soft. And before you could register anything he picked you up in his arms like you weight nothing. He was strong. You growled in pain wiggling in his arms as everything was hurting.
“I said stay still omega…” he snapped looking down at you before started walking. You growled lowly looking up at him. His jaw clenching unclenching. Your wolf purred softly looking at his beautiful face.
Well you didn’t know where this handsome stranger was taking you, and your wolf was too hurt to fight back so you just relaxed in his arms when you felt like he could easily carry you. His bare skin felt cold against yours soothing little bit of pain. You nuzzled your face in the crook of his neck purring softly, inhaling his scent. He smelled so good. But you scoffed when you saw you have covered the place with some blood as you’re bleeding from the side off your face, you gave few kitten licks to clean it up. His grip around you tighten suddenly for this and you whimpered for the sudden pressure.
“Don’t lick me…” he said but not looking at you. It was a warning so you stopped resting your face there, closing your eyes.
“Oh my god…” your eyes shot open when you heard a worried feminine voice. Too much light…you growled lifting your head up to look around. You’re in a castle hallway, that’s what you registered first looking around and you’re still in his arms.
“What happened to you guys…” then you realised you have covered him with blood too.
“I’m fine…but she’s not…”
“Alpha Loki …is she’s an omega?” The moment the name left her mouth your eyes widened. No no no…not him…no…not this pack… not him…
You growled trying to wiggle out of his arms immediately whimpering in pain.
“Stop it omega…or I will just throw you back in the forest to die …” he snapped at you bit annoyedly and you immediately stopped growling at him.
The audacity of the man to talk to you like that. Might be you’re an Omega , but you’re Steve’s spoiled little sister, no body had the courage to talk to you like that except Steve. Oh god !Steve would kill you if he knew about you were in one of his biggest enemy packs.
“She’s too weak to shift back…I need a healer in the guest chamber right now…” Loki ordered.
“Yes Alpha…” she mumbled heading away before Loki took you to a room. He gently puts you down on a couch and your wolf whined, already missing his touch. Oh no no no…he’s enemy …he’s enemy…
You looked up at the man taking every feature of him in the light. He was covered in your blood here and there still looking beautiful . Immediately an another lady came in. He took few steps back from you. He mumbled something to the healer before walking out of the room closing the door.
“Can I touch you omega…?” She smiled sadly looking at your worn out form. You let a soft woof in approval. She slowly grabbed two of your front legs before applying little pressure and you felt a jolt of pain. A loud scream mixed with an animalistic growl almost immediately surrounded the whole room. Your form morphing back to human, it’s way too much of pain.
“It’s okay…it’s okay…I got you…breath omega breath …” she said as you started to scream and cry. Everything was hurting, the scares were like burning on your skin. She did something suddenly, and you body felt numb immediately.
“It’s okay…you gonna be fine…relax…” that’s the last thing you heard before you went unconscious.
Loki was standing outside the door. He never felt so anxious about any omega before. The moment he heard your scream his alpha instincts just went feral inside him. Make it stop….she’s hurting…
He couldn’t stay there , listen to your screaming and crying so he walked away to his chamber. He needed to get rid of this blood, most importantly you scent. God your scent was messing with his head all the time back here.
When your eyes shot open your body wasn’t arching that much, but you’re tired. The robe around your body felt so soft and warm. You looked down, you’re cleaned, lying on a bed wrapped around in a soft duvet. You looked at both of your hands covered with small scratches and few bite marks here and there.
“Don’t worry it will heal in few days…” the voice startled you from side and you saw that same lady.
“I have to say you’re a strong omega…” she smiled softly at you. And you just nodded in response. You sat up and suddenly felt something was tied to your left ankle. It was a chain. You looked at the lady in disbelief.
“I’m sorry it was Alpha’s order…” she said giving you a apologetic look.
“Well I am too weak to runaway so…” you shrugged.
“Sorry but I can’t…orders are orders…”
“It’s okay …” you huffed.
“Here… drink this…” she handed you a glass. You examined the red drink confusedly.
“It’s not poison right ?” You asked bit unsurely.
“ If we want to kill you…Alpha would not have saved you at first place…” she chuckled softly.
“It’s a healing potion…” she said again. And you took a sip bit unsurely. It tasted like wine. Well you’re in a enemy pack, too weak to fight, now if they just poisoned you, you would not be surprised. You gulp down rest of the drink. You handed back the glass and she got up walking towards the door.
“Well it will take a few hours to start working…you won’t get hungry now…but don’t worry if you feel your wolf senses getting bit high… or you feel little tingly or get in little heat…” she suddenly said turning to you.
“In heat?” You kind of mumbled in disbelief. She just gave you a potion to get in early heat!
“Oh don’t worry….it’s just your wolf will recover fast…as heat enhances the hormone levels and…”
“Well I know that…” you snapped angrily. No no no….you couldn’t just go in heat here. Your body was already weak and without medication heat was like a brutal torture.
“I can’t go in heat…do you even understand….I don’t even belong from this pack…” you yelled.
“Calm down….it’s not that bad… you won’t go on full heat…it will feel like a fever…” she assured you before walking out the room and closing the door behind. Great just great. You fall back on the bed nuzzling your face in the pillow covering yourself with the duvet. You tugged at the chain but it was of no use.
Steve would kill you. Wait how the fuck you’re going to escape. Alpha Loki.
And what about him? Your wolf purred inside you suddenly.
“Oh you stupid girl shut up” you scolded yourself.
Alpha Loki… your mind again drifted to him. He’s bad. If all the rumours you had heard about Asgardian pack were true then you’re really in a dangerous territory. But he saved you. Why he saved you? He probably didn’t know yet you’re from an enemy pack. God your sure you’re getting a brutal punishment for this.
Your senses got heightened the moment you heard the door open. You didn’t have to peek out of the cover as you knew already.
Alpha… your wolf purred softly inside your head. This little bitch gonna get both of you in trouble.
“ I know you’re not sleeping…” his voice was calm. You didn’t want him to see you like this , covered in bruises and scares. You were sure your face was bruised too so you just slightly dragged down the cover below your eyes to look at him. He was not shirtless this time. Though you would not have mind if he was. He sat down on the edge of the bed looking at you.
“Hi” you mumbled softly. Hi?? He’s one of the dangerous alphas and all you have managed was a hi? You should be begging for your life by now, but you didn’t feel any kind of fear.
Loki’s wolf squeaked inside him. Hi? Seriously? Should not you be scared by now?
“Do you know who I’m…?” Loki asked as he flickered his hands and the chain around your ankle unclasped. You’re in awe seeing this little magic. Of course you knew Asgard was famous for magic but witnessing it with your own eyes was different. He cleared his throat and You snapped out of your thoughts.
“I asked you something…”
“Alpha…Alpha Loki Laufeyson…” you mumbled softly and he nodded. God he needed to see you.
“What’s your name…?”
“Y/N…” your voice got muffled by the cover. So he raised an eyebrow in confusion.
“Y/N…” You said finally removing the cover and sitting up against the pillows. Loki was taken aback by the sight before him. Even with covered with little bruises here and there you’re looking so beautiful. The (y/e/c) complimenting with your (y/h/c) hair , everything was so imperfectly perfect that his wolf just purred inside him seeing you. As you sat straight, your robe slightly slipped down from your shoulder exposing some more skin but he looked away. You pulled it back up immediately realising that. Slut …your wolf chuckled inside you making you roll your eyes mentally.
“Pack…?” He asked few moments later looking back at you and you shyly looked away from his gaze. You hesitated to answer that. Here we go …now he would just punish or kill you.
“Av…Avengers…” you said above whisper, fiddling with your hands in your lap,looking down.
“My my…an enemy…” he chuckled darkly and your eyes shot up to him. Don’t be scared don’t…your wolf warned you.
“Do you even have any idea what happens to the trespassers in my territory…?” He asked with a soft wicked smile. You gulped nervously.
“They …they die?” You said still holding your gaze with him.
“I thought Roger was a responsible Alpha…he should have been more careful about his little mate roaming around in the dark alone…” Loki said ignoring your question.
“He’s my brother…” you replied immediately. Well that’s what exactly Loki wanted to know. Shit you should not have said that. What if he just do something wrong now. Every worst things were crossing your mind.
“ I’m sorry I didn’t mean to trespass…I got lost…” you said holding your gaze with him.
“Omegas like you …should not be roaming around alone at first place…but here you are…” he said. Your face frowned . How dare of him to underestimate your powers.
“ oh please… I am fully capable of my own…” you scoffed overconfidently.
“That’s not what I witnessed last time when I saved you …” he smirked. You rolled your eyes. You should be great full for him saving your life but still he’s an enemy. And beside that it was his pack wolves who attacked you so you’re not going to thank him.
What a feisty little omega…Loki really hoped that you would be scared of him, begging him for mercy but here you were rolling your eyes on him.
“So what now ? Are you gonna kill me?” You asked. He just smiled shaking his head.
“Perhaps worse than that…” he chuckled making you nervous this time.
“Rest…and don’t even think of escaping…you step out this castle and you will die…” it sounded more like a obvious statement than warning. He got up before leaving you alone in that room locking the door from outside.
So that’s what the punishment was? Held captive? Now what he’ll turn you into a slave or what? You felt a shiver but your wolf was overwhelmed in joy.
He’s our alpha… suddenly she purred inside your head making you scare.
“ No no no not him.” You shook your head.
But he’s so beautiful…smells so good.
“He’s evil….dangerous…” you scolded her.
That’s the thrill…We want him…
“YoU want him…not me…” you huffed annoyedly.
We are the same ….and That’s our alpha. That was true, you and wolf were two different personalities coexisting together. But she was more dominant than your human self.
“Please he’s an enemy… Brother will kill us…and what if Loki already has a mate…”
Don’t say that she whimpered. We want him…
“I said no…”
Please please please
“We are still so young…if we survive …we will find another alpha……” you huffed annoyedly lying back down but your head again filled up with the thoughts of him. You knew if your wolf get stubborn over something she won’t stop until she gets it. And the last thing you wanted was to get in heat because of that potion and make a mess. You got scared again, what if it goes out of your tolerance level. It’s been a long time that you actually been in a heat properly , thanks to your medicines. But now you’re practically fed with a heat enhancing potion. God it was better to die than to survive the heat alone.
Loki took a deep breath coming out of your room.
“You stupid idiot…” he murmured under his breath. I want her, his wolf just smirked inside him making him groan. He knew his wolf was so picky but choosing someone from an enemy pack was the last thing he wanted in a mate.
“So….she’s the one?” Thor’s voice startled Loki out of his thoughts. He looked at his brother in disbelief.
“ Have you lost your mind?” Loki said bit irritatedly walking away. But Thor followed him behind.
“ Then why did you save her?”
“She got attacked…” Loki immediately answered.
“You never saved anyone who has trespassed our boundaries…what happened this time Huh?” Thor asked but Loki didn’t answered.
“Look at you…breaking your own rules for a little omega…” Thor chuckled teasing him.
“Don’t get on my nerves…”
“Then admit it brother …”
“She’s not the one…” Loki said but his wolf just scoffed annoyedly at his human behaviour.
“Then kill he-“ before the words could fly from Thor’s mouth he was slammed against the nearby wall by Loki with a dagger to his throat. Thor just chuckled seeing this. It’s not even been half a day and his brother already got so protective towards you.
“I am happy for you…” Thor smiled before pushing Loki away from him.
“She’s an avenger…Roger’s sister…” Loki said barely above whisper looking away.
“And? That’s even better for this pack…you could dominate him now by using her…” Thor suggested. That really pulled a string in Loki’s head. Yes he could do that, and probably that would be the best punishment for you as he could not just kill you.
“When you have become this clever huh?” Loki just chuckled at Thor , before leaving.
“I wanna go home…Steve gonna kill me …” you groaned annoyedly after waking up from your 3rd nap. You were locked and there’s nothing else to do. You didn’t even know what was waiting for you so you hoped for the worst. Your body was still sore, little warmed up. But it was much better than it was few hours ago. There’s no mirrors in this room so that you could just examine your bruises but it wasn’t hurting that much, the temperature was rising and you could feel it inside.
“Please…I don’t wanna go in heat…” you said worriedly as your wolf was getting desperate inside you. Please no, not here…
The healer said it will just feel like a fever but it wasn’t feeling like a fever at all. The pre heat symptoms were getting prominent .
“No no no…” you shook you head in disbelief but before you could do anything you felt a cramp in your lower abdomen. Fuck. Your body was already weak and if you go on full heat you won’t survive anyway.
“ please….no…” you clutched you belly curling into a ball and growled loudly in pain. You whimpered and rubbed you face in the pillows. Everything was too hot, too painful.
“Fuck…” you yelled when another jolt of pain rushed over you. You would just faint for sure when you wolf senses got heightened suddenly .
“No…no ….not him…” you already knew this sweet smell. And when the door busted open that’s where you broke down in tears completely.
“YOU GAVE HER WHAT?” Loki yelled at the healer in disbelief. She gave you a heat enhancing potion!!
“It’s for…for fast he-healing…” she was crying already for seeing the Alpha’s rage.
“Alpha…Forgive me…I was…”
“LEAVE…LEAVE BEFORE I JUST SNAP YOUR HEAD OFF…” Loki growled loudly. She immediately left his chamber. Loki let out a frustrated scream. He needed to calm down, but how. He won’t let anyone else to touch you but he didn’t know how to help you either.
He ran out his room to the guest room. The moment he took the last turn of the corridor he heard your screaming immediately. God it’s too late now.
He paused for few moments placing his hands on the knob. Don’t go inside. She would be fine. But when he heard another loud whimper he pushed the door open. His head got little dizzy with you scent, filling the whole room.
“Y/N…??” Loki asked approaching towards you. But you scoot away further in the bed seeing him.
“Please no…stay away…please…” you said crying but your body started arching for him the moment you saw him. Loki stopped in his track looking at you, worriedly.
“Y/N…I won’t touch you…but you need to calm down…” he said softly.
“Please….leave…alpha…before it’s too late…” you mumbled in between crying. But your wolf was screaming the opposite of this. You knew if he stays here for few more minutes you’d just loose control. His scent wasn’t helping the situation at all. For the first time Loki was clueless. He wanted to help you but it was so wrong. But he couldn’t just leave you like this hurting either.
“Loki please… leave…I will be fine…” you whimpered as another pain jolt through your body. Loki started to back away. You didn’t wanted him to leave you. Every inch of your body was screaming for him. You didn’t know how long you could control it. He was looking at you so intensely as if he would not even hesitate for a second to mate with you.
No you didn’t wanted your first time like this, with an enemy. He turned suddenly and you immediately whimpered in pain . He would leave you alone, in heat. How cruel.
When Loki’s hand reached the door knob ready to get out of this room despite of everything a soft whisper from you destroyed every resistance inside him.
“ Alpha…please don’t leave me…” it was barely audible but he heard that.
“Fuck it…” he growled lowly turning back to you. Your eyes went wide. What did your wolf do!!
“…” You tried to stop yourself before Loki was on the bed pulling you in his arms roughly.
He grabbed you by your hair and you whimpered softly. It should hurt you but you got more aroused.
“I will just help you to get through this…and nothing else…DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?” He growled lowly. Eyes going darker by the time and you nodded softly, eyes still full of tears.
“Words Omega…”
“Yes please….just make it stop…” you practically begged him, before he crashed his lips with you in searing kiss. You didn’t wanted to enjoy this. He was just helping you to get out of your heat. That’s it. But when his hand held the back of your neck as he deepened the kiss, tongue exploring your mouth you couldn’t hold back the soft moans, savouring his taste. He tasted like wine. Your body melted in his arms. All your resistance dissolved just by a kiss.
“Alpha…” you whimpered softly when he pulled back looking at you so intensely. This was so wrong but felt so good.
“Have you ever mated before…?” Loki asked and you immediately shook your head no. His eyes went little soft hearing this. Regret was prominent on his face. No he didn’t want this, this way, but he had not much of a choice. You’re hurting.
“Please…please…Loki…” you pleaded him cupping his face before pressing your lips again with him. You just wanted this heat to end.
“Just make it stop…I will do …anything you say…please alpha…” you said between the kisses making him groan lowly. He was resisting all his alpha instincts to go in rut and just fuck you senseless.
He hands ripped the house coat apart before wrapping around your frame caging you. He laid you down on the bed. He pulled back little bit to look at you. So fucking beautiful. But there’s no time for adoring your beauty now.
You tried to reach for him but he took your hands pinning it above your head. A green shimmer surrounded your wrist with a soft silk rope.
“Not too tight?” He asked softly.
“It’s okay…” you mumbled.
“Keep them up for me yeah… you will listen to my every command…” he said cupping your jaw.
“Yes alpha…” you whined. Your body was literally arching in heat. With a flicker of his hands his clothes were gone. You practically let out a purr looking at him. If the circumstances were not like this he would just smile at your little desperate state, teasing you , savouring you like he always had wanted to do with his mate.
“God omega your dripping…” he growled lowly when his hands reach down between you thighs. You mewled bucking your hips in his hands for more frictions.
“Need you…it’s hurting…” you whined as his fingers start to tease you lazily. No no no Loki couldn’t enjoy this. He’s here just to help. But his wolf was so desperate, barely in his control.
“You sure omega…?” Loki asked one last time leaning down to give you soft kiss on your forehead. You just melted by this little gesture.
“Fuck me Alpha…” it barely came above a whisper as that’s all Loki needed was to snap. In one swift motion he was inside you. You yelped with the feeling of him stretching you, eyes getting teary again. You tugged hard on your resistance. He let out a low satisfied groan, his hold on your hips getting tight.
“ so fucking tight…” he growled softly looking down at you. Your eyes were closed tightly.
“You okay?” He asked worriedly.
“Move …please…” you moaned softly buckling your hips little bit. You yelped in pain again when he pulled out thrusting it back.
“Omega….you’re hurting…” Loki got all concerned. He should have taken his time .
“No…please….” You whimpered and this time Loki didn’t hold back. He just wanted it to be over already. You’re an enemy. He kept reminding himself but his alpha instincts were reacting completely different, savouring your feeling around him.
Your desperate moans filled in the room as the pain subsided with pleasure. You need to touch him. You wanted him to hold you close rather than just fuck you like this but you couldn’t utter any thing but to moan and pant. His pace escalated when he felt you’re not hurting anymore.
“Alpha…” you moaned, pulling on your resistance, you tried to lift your head up , so Loki leaned down capturing your lips in a hungry kiss. He growled as you bite at his button lip before smashing your lips again moaning in pleasure.
“Please…wanna touch you…” you whimpered softly, looking at him, wrapping your legs around his hips to pull him closer. But Loki shook his head no. There’s no way he’s going to let this sex get more sensual.
“God your so fucking needy and tight…clenching around me…” he groaned as he got up, one of his hand coming around your throat, chocking you slightly. You moaned loudly at this new feeling as his thrust got more rough .
You could feel the pressure building in your lower abdomen. Your hips started you buck up meeting his thrusts . He groaned pushing your hips down so that you stop squirming. You have become a moaning mess by now.
“You feel so fucking good ‘mega…” he groaned as you started to clenching around him.
“Loki…Loki please…” you chanting his name certainly did something to him.
“You gonna cum for me darling…??? that’s what you wanted right…you pathetic little whore…” he growled leaning down to your face. You just nodded whimpering in pleasure. It was too much.
“Look at you… couldn’t even cross 24 hours here and already going in heat seeing an alpha…” he chuckled darkly which turned you more on.
“Gawd can you feel it how deep I’m in…” he growled placing a hand on your stomach. You body arching in his touch.
“Please alpha….need…to cum…please…” you eyes getting teary again.
“Then do it… give it to me omega…” he growled pressing his lips on yours for hungry kiss muffling your scream when the pleasure just exploded inside you. You’re literally shaking under him as the orgasm hit you more intensely than you expected. His thrusts got bit slower but didn’t stop. He fucked you through your orgasm until you got numb under him. You felt your hand resistance was gone and you softly whimpered when his thrusts came to a halt. You needed more.
Loki was just laying there top of you looking at your pleased form. You wolf was in awe looking at her alpha. You knew it wasn’t a good idea but you’re just too overwhelmed with emotions now. You wanted his mark. This fucking wasn’t just enough, you wanted him to make love to you.
You lifted your hand cupping his face, softly caring his cheeks with your thumbs. Loki could not even pull away. He felt like he froze there with your tender touch. You're looking so beautiful for the afterglow of the sex. Then you smiled and a deep regret filled within Loki that what he had really done. A part him still was holding him back from just submitting to your desires. Owning you, cherishing you like you should be, not like what just happened.
You pulled him down and softly place a kiss on his lips. It was a tender kiss, Loki's eyes closed for few moment. He was still inside you. He's wolf was just screaming inside him for more.
"Mark me..." You barely whispered against his lips as Loki opened his eyes in disbelief. You smiled softly before turning your head to the side revealing your neck.
“No…” he shook his head getting up. You whined for the friction as he was still inside you.
“I can’t…omega…” he shook his head no. Your eyes just teared up again. He just rejected you.
“Please alpha….” You whimpered softly pleading him you got up little bit pulling him down in your arms ,hugging him close to you.
“ your just in heat ‘mega” he protested but didn’t move away.
"Please alpha...." You mewled. Never in your life you felt so desperate for any alpha. You know you're still in heat that's why its happening but your wolf already accepted him as your alpha the moment she saw him.
Your hips buckle up once again making him groan.
"Stop ..Y/N..." He hissed but he thrusted back. He wanted to stop but he just could not. You felt so good.
"Loki..." You moaned and it was the most sensual moan you could manage that time and you felt him twitch inside you. Your one hand tangled with in his hair and another one griped on his tricep. The thrust were slow but deep. Loki knew what you're trying to do but he just could not give you a mark at very first day, like this.
"Please Loki..." your constant pleading was making him anxious now.
"Stop it..." He groaned looking at you. Your eyes started glisten with tears again. You should stop it. He already told you before he’s just helping you so there’s no point. You didn't wanted him to stop but you wanted to test the boundaries so you pushed at his shoulder. Loki's face changed immediately, but he didn't stop his thrust.
"Leave..." You murmured looking away as you couldn't hold back the tears anymore. You heart was arching inside.
"Please... Dont make me regret this Loki.... Leave ..." You tried to push him away but this time he wrapped you in his arms caging your body securely, just like you wanted it, thrusting into you. You closed your eyes in full bliss, trying hard not to moan out in pleasure.
"Look at me Y/N...." He said placing a kiss on your cheek. It was getting out of his control. He didn't want you to hate him, most importantly regret this. Guilt filled inside him.
"Please omega... Just look at me..."
"You're right... I'm just a pathetic whore in heat... Barely had any control over my wolf..." You whimpered crying this time.
"No no no.... don’t cry…Don't say that... I didn’t mean it…" Loki cupped your face in one hand making you to look at him, kissing you softly. His eyes were soft, holding so much adoration.
"Loki please... Stop..." You whimpered again as your emotions were messing between pain and pleasure.
" Y/N..." It came out as moan this time.
"You should have left me to die..."
"I just could not..."
"Why... I'm just another pathetic who- fuck..." you didn't get to finish the rest as suddenly something snapped inside Loki. A low sinister growl followed by a rough thrust.
"You. Are. Mine..." Your eyes widened looking up at him.
“You don’t own me…” you growled seductively.
“Oh I do …” he smirked . He knew what game you’re playing.
“Then what’s stopping you…I thought you’re a keeper…” you mocked.
“You don’t even know omega …what are you getting yourself into…” he chuckled wickedly making you moan.
“ oh baby boy …you do talk too much…” you chuckled teasing him.
“ I’m not your baby boy… I’M. YOUR. ALPHA…” just there Loki lost every resistance he held back from going in rut. Your wolf purred in pure joy. Finally.
"Yes..." You moaned finally giving in again.
" If you want this... Darling there's no going back... " he growled nuzzling his face in the crook of your neck, inhaling your sweet scent, licking your sweet spot.
"Please alpha...need your mark…claim me…" You moaned pushing his head more in your neck and suddenly a sharp pain jolt inside you through your neck. His teeth sink on your soft flesh making you scream, withering in his arms but he held you down. His thrusts never stopped. And your second orgasm just crushed you over from no where.
"MINE..." He chuckled darkly before pulling away to admire his mark. You looked so beautiful, whimpering, squirming just for him, just for your Alpha. You looked so owned. The feeling was enough to Loki set over the edge. He got his mate.
"Loki..." you whined, it was high and very feminine moan. Loki groaned loudly as he came inside you, filling you. His mouth captured yours in lazy kiss before he finally pulled out and lying beside you. You happily snuggled up to his side, giggling softly.
“Alpha…” you purred nuzzling your face to his side making him laugh this time.
“Why I’m feeling like You always get what you want…” Loki mumbled after sometime looking down at you.
“I’m the youngest in the family…so I’m a spoiled one…” you mumbled nuzzling your face in his chest making him smile again. Oh he gonna spoil you more. His little omega.
“My spoiled little omega…” he mumbled pulling you in a soft kiss.
“So are we done for tonight…or we can…?” You smirked.
“Aren’t you a needy little thing…!!” he chuckled seeing your excitement.
“Only for my Alpha…” the last word came more of a seductive purr before Loki just flipped you over on top oh him.
Yeah it gonna be a long night for both of you….
A/N: I’m sorry if it’s bad but feel free to leave a feedback. 👉🏻👈🏻 have a nice day ♥️
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theaudacitytowrite · a month ago
Sweat Dreams
Loki x Fem!Reader
A/N: My first smut fic. I hope you like it. I’m very anxious posting it bc it's not really my forte. Pls let me know what you think about it and if I should continue with spicy fics.
Also, this time the title is on purpose^^ (I know it doesn’t make sense) 
Warnings: Smut! Minors do not interact! unprotected sex (wrap it, before you tap it), oral (fem receiving), praise, just badly written smut tbh
Summary: Loki helps you to fall asleep
word count: 1.351
Likes, comments and reblogs are always appreciated! <3
Tumblr media
You tossed and turned in your bed as you desperately tried to be encased into the gentle and comforting hands of slumber. The day had been more than exhausting with an early morning and a hectic day at work. You couldn’t wait to finally lay down in your bed and sleep off all the anguish and trouble of the day that weighed you down. But much to your chagrin it wasn’t granted to you just yet. As soon as your head had hit the pillow, your brain was wide awake and shifted into overdrive.
You turned to your side, pushing your pillow under your head to support it just in the right way. You fought with your blanket as it didn’t cooperate with you properly, the left corner flipping inside out and refusing to flip back. You sighed frustrated and were about to get up so as not to disturb your sleeping boyfriend when a strong arm wrapped around your waist, pulling you against his chest in a swift motion. “What’s wrong darling?” he sleepily rasped into your ear and kissed the base of your jaw, “Can’t sleep?” “No.” you whined and turned around to face him, “Sorry if I woke you up.” you caressed his cheek softly with your thumb and marveled at his sleepy form. His eyes were still closed and his usually sharp features seemed to soften in his daze. “No need to apologize, my sweet. How am I supposed to help you if I’m asleep?” Loki nuzzled closer to you until his nose tip softly nudged against yours. “Help me?” you snickered intrigued. “If you let me.” he hummed and his eyes fluttered open, gleaming with mischief. “Well what does it entail?” you sneaked your hands around his waist. “Hmm… for example,” he softly cupped your cheek, pulling you into a sweet kiss, “something like this or in addition to the first,” he huffed out before his lips glided against yours again and his hand began to massage your shoulders, slowly wandering lower until it rested on your butt, squeezing it gently, “a bit of that. How does that… feel?” “Good.” you swallowed thickly, already shivering in anticipation as you thought of what to come next. “As suspected.” he chuckled deeply as he captured your lips in a more heated kiss. He began to kiss along your jawline and nibbled softly at the base of your neck, making your breath hitch. “Should I continue?” he smiled against your neck. “Yes please.” you managed to answer in a breathy moan. Loki gently pushed you onto your back, hovering over you as he lifted up your shirt, leaving sloppy kisses down your body as he roamed down lower and lower. He intently watched you when he bit down on your hip, making you yelp in surprise. He swiftly glided his tongue over your sensitive flesh to soothe the ache. He pulled down your panties agonizingly slow, savoring the sensations of his fingers gliding over your soft exposed skin. You laid bare before him while he knelled before you, enjoying his view. “You look so pretty for me.” he cooed as he softly caressed your legs. You bit your lips and felt a blush creep up on your cheeks at his praise. Loki raked his nails over your shivering legs as he gently opened up your legs and lowered himself down to your cunt. He kissed a trail on the inside of your thigh, making you grow impatient. Instinctively you bucked your hips towards him, yearning for his touch to be where you needed it the most. “Are we eager?” he grinned at you and you could feel his breath hitting your clit. “Don’t be such a tea-” a moan toppled from your lips as Loki licked up your cunt, softly suckling on your clit. “Mhm.. you taste divine.” he hummed as dived back in, lapping at every inch of your cunt. “I’m gonna make you feel so good.” he cooed as he teased your entrance with a finger, gathering some slick of your wetness to ease it in and slowly started to pump it in and out. “I’m gonna make you feel all relaxed and happy.” he sucked your clit as he added another finger, stretching you out gently, “and then I’m gonna fuck you and tire you out until you cry out my name and fall asleep in my arms.” he rasped darkly, his pace picking up as he continued to work with his tongue on your most sensitive spot. Your hands fell onto his head and tousled through his raven locks. “Yes, right there.” you encouraged him as your grip on his hair tightened, tugging on his scalp. Your thighs began to shake as you squeezed them together. You slowly feared you would crush Lokis head any moment now. But Loki didn’t seem to mind, instead it appeared to spur him on even more as he continued his action on your clit and his fingers pumped into you at a rapid pace, hitting just the right spots over and over again. You felt the tingle in your belly grow and grow until you couldn’t hold back anymore. “Oh god!” you called out when finally let go, letting the wave of pure bliss wash over you. Loki lapped at your juices and hummed in approval as he gently finger fucked you through your high. “Yes, my love?” Loki answered with a shit-eating grin, “What do you need?” “You.” you panted, “I need you inside of me.” Without wasting another second Loki crawled up to you. He moaned into your mouth once he claimed it with his, his tongue making swift work to massage yours. You could still taste yourself on his tongue. Loki rolled his hips against yours which you joined instantly. You hadn’t even registered when he got rid of his boxers when you felt the tip of his cock nudge against your entrance. He groaned in pleasure as he pushed his length inside, slowly entering you. “You’re so warm and wet.” he moaned as he began to move in languid thrusts. His head fell back as he cherished the feeling of cunt stretching around his cock. “You tend to have that effect on me.” you tried to tease when his hips suddenly snapped harshly into yours, rendering you speechless. “You like that if I go harder?” Loki smiled cheekily when you nodded and continued his savage thrust, eliciting the most guttural noises from your lips. Your legs slung around his waist, as you clung onto him while he ravished your body. “You make the cutest noises when I fuck you.” he stammered as he pumped into you mercilessly. His lips sloppily sliding against yours. Your bodies moved in sync rapidly, building up the high both of you were chasing. Loki could feel your walls clench around him, making a shaky moan tumble from his throat. “That’s it, cum for me, darling. Cum for me.” he encouraged you as he felt himself getting closer to his release. He was relieved when you toppled over the edge first. You cried out his name as you came around his cock, your arms tightening around his neck and the heels of your feet pressing against his ass which pushed Loki over the edge too, coating your walls with his cum. His head fell against your forehead as both of you tried to catch your breath again. “Such a good girl.” he praised you as he softly kissed your lips, “You did so good for me.” “Thank you.” you breathed against his lips, tugging some strands of his hair, that fell into his face, behind his ear. “You’re more than welcome.” he chuckled and gazed down lovingly at you.
“I love you.” you smiled radiant. Loki planted another delicate kiss on your lips.
“I love you too.” he hummed content before he rolled onto his back. “Come here.” he opened his arms and you snuggled into his embrace, nuzzling against his chest. “Sweet dreams, my dove.” he hummed against the crown of your head but your eyes had already shut tightly.
Tumblr media
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vv1nch3st3r · 5 months ago
That scene where Loki learns about the destruction of Asgard, the zoom into his beautiful eyes
Tumblr media
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spilledkauffie · 5 months ago
Beyond Bruises
Pairing: Loki x reader Word Count: 1.1k T/W: fluffy, mentions of bruises A/N: Loki finally tells you why he’s so jealous
(sorry it’s a little short— )
Tumblr media
“I cannot believe you fought Fandral at banquet,” you shook your head, promptly closing the door behind you. 
You had finally found your Prince after the fiasco in the Great Hall. Loki was in his bathing chamber. It was almost entirely golden plated, to no surprise, with a few hints of deep emerald scattered about. He was sitting in the clawfoot-tub, centered in the middle of the room, lean arms resting atop the sides. The candlelight flickered about, dancing off everything gold it touched, creating both shadows and light. Loki was leaning his head against the back edge of the tub’s rim, staring up at the ceiling even after you came in; he’d flicked his eyes to see you and returned his gaze upward. 
“I didn’t like how he was coming on to you,” he admitted quietly and calmly, as if nothing had really happened.
“He looked at me,” you glanced over your shoulder at him, pausing from reaching at a washcloth in the open shelved cabinet. 
Loki tilted his head forward, turning a little to finally look at you, “alright,” he said firmly, “I didn’t like the way he was looking at you.” When you met his eyes, yours softened, there was something deeper, you could tell. Before you could ask, Loki began again, shifting further down in the water, “besides,” his gaze went back to the ceiling, “how was I supposed to know he’d draw a knife on me, honestly?”
You smiled to yourself, shaking your head once more, “maybe, when you drew yours first?” you quirked your eyebrows, stepping alongside the golden bath. 
He didn’t meet your gaze this time, and elected to ignore that comment, even though you were right, instead he just sighed heavily and remained staring directly above him. Finding a stool, you brought it to the side, and sat closely.
Looking him over, you winced at seeing the bruises his fellow Asgardian had dealt him, particularly focusing on one right against the highest point of his cheekbone farthest from you. It was already turning a nice raspberry tint.
“At least let me help with the pain, I had some part in it after all,” you dipped the soft emerald washcloth along the top of the water, your knuckles almost touching his side as you stirred the dampening fabric for a moment.
He brought himself towards you, making it easier for you to reach him. You placed the damp towel against his cheek, glancing across his body, observing more bruises. You stroked your free hand down his bare arm soothingly, trying not to put any pressure on the bruises scattered about him. You wondered how many times he’d been through this alone.
“You didn’t have any part in it,” he finally spoke, eyes focused on you, even while you were looking away.
“I did though,” you sighed, furrowing your eyebrows, “after all, if I hadn’t come back with you-”
“Don’t,” Loki grasped your wrist as gently as it was sudden, surprising you. Bringing your hand away from his face drew your attention immediately back up; you breathed; concerned for him, “please,” his tone softened, as he took the towel from you and replaced it with his own hand. He pressed his thumb up your palm, his slender fingers caressing the back of your hand, “please, don’t say that .”
He kissed your knuckles, lips lingering against your now damp skin, as he flicked his eyes up to yours, “I don’t know what I’d do without you.”
Your lips parted at the look he was giving you, there was so much hurt, a wound deeper than physical. Coming as close as you could to the edge, you stroked your other hand against his forearm, before bringing it up to push a stray strand of silky hair back. You studied him, he didn’t break his gaze upon you. His hair was like black ink, damp and glistening from the streams of light around the room. His skin was smooth and the curve of his lip was tempting.
“Loki,” you almost whispered, “tell me: where is this jealousy coming from?” You asked gently, looking for some kind of expression, but he was extremely talented at hiding it, even from you. 
He lowered his eyes; you tried again, “you know I’m already yours.”
He tilted his head to the left, debating whether or not he was going to tell you, until he finally exhaled.
“All my life, I’ve had to share what was mine or else I’d had it taken from me,” Loki stated, you nodded listening, knowing the past traumas he’d been through, “which only proves that it really was never fully mine. It has happened by plan and it has happened by force, regardless of my intervention…,” he dropped his stare to you, “but I will not allow that to happen to you.”
You swallowed harshly, lips parting at the drop of his voice.
“I don’t care how ridiculous, or who I have to fight to make that clear,” his voice staggered a little, but stayed just as strong as his conviction.
Your shoulders dropped, for a moment you didn’t know what to say, and you weren’t going to pretend to know the future, all you knew was that you wanted to stay with him. Or go, wherever he went.
“Loki, I-“
“I swear to you,” he shifted suddenly, bringing himself closer yet, taking his free hand out of the water to caress your cheek, “I will not lose you,” he kept himself inches apart from you, eyes glowing with sincerity and a desperate need for assurance, “you’re the first beautiful, real thing I’ve had in my life,” he held eye contact, voice going to a whispered hush, “I’ve never loved like I’ve loved you, I don’t- I won’t let you go. . . as long as you’ll have me.”
Loki stroked his thumb against your cheek, the two of you breathed in time together, the sound of water dripping from his elbow was the only sound. Your hand found its way to the tips of his hair clinging against his neck. You studied his expression: determination, power, pain, longing, love—
With the slightest tilt, you pressed your lips against his, warmly inviting his return. He kept a hand of your jaw to keep you pulled close and you pulled closer yet, nails barely scratching the side of his neck. It was a breathtaking kiss, neither of you wanted to part from. Pausing for air, you both gasped quietly, out of breath.
“And I swear,” you pressed your forehead against his, hearing him inhale softly, “I’m not going anywhere, not without you.”
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