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#loki fluff
immersed-in-mischief · 2 days ago
Something Good (Tom Hiddleston x Female Reader) Part 52
Thank you everyone for being so patient! This part was tough to write for multiple reasons but I'm so damn proud of it! It ended up being 6.7k words so set aside some time for this one! Shout out for my sounding board for this one and her suggestion for my inspiration song- "Ride" by Chase Rice!!!
Enjoy! :)
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Tom stood at the front of the church in his tux and nervously waited for you to appear at the end of the aisle. As the doors opened and you appeared, everything seemed to be right in the world. With you now only a few feet in front of him, he reached out his hand for you to take it in yours. Instead, you walked past him, and his surroundings began to shift and change. With your back now towards him, he was behind rows upon rows of guests. He called out to you, but it was as if no one could hear him. His world shattered as he was forced to watch you make the rest of the journey towards another man at the end of the aisle.
His eyes shot open as he gasped for breath. Looking around the room, he realized he was in his own bed and it had just been a horrible dream. Tom breathed a sigh of relief until the words you had said just hours ago echoed through his mind.
You were leaving.
As the panic spread through his chest, he threw back the covers and quickly made his way across the hall. Testing the knob, he found it unlocked. The door let out a soft creak as he slowly pushed it open to see you curled up in bed fast asleep. Just as he was about to close the door and head back to his room, he noticed the suitcase in the floor at his feet beside the door.
The first thing he did was look over at the bookcase to your picture frames. They were all gone except for one. Trying to remain silent so he didn’t wake you, he made his way across the room to look at the picture that remained.
His favorite picture of the two of you. The one he placed in the locket on your bracelet.
In the darkness, he looked around the room and began to notice the little touches that were now missing. You weren’t just leaving him. You were leaving him in the morning. The belongings you were taking were already packed. As he collapsed into the chair in the corner, he could physically feel each second left with you ticking away.
The sound of heavy breathing stirred you from your sleep. Sitting up in bed and letting your eyes adjust, you scanned the room and found the source of the noise. Your eyes landed on Tom’s figure bent over against his knees in your chair. Based on your own experience, you knew exactly what was wrong.
He was having a panic attack.
You flew out of the bed and ran over to him. Now on your knees on the floor in front of him, you rested your hands on his cheeks and lifted his head up to look at you. The second those tear-filled eyes looked into yours, his arms shot out and pulled you up into his lap. No longer worried about waking you, he let his cries fill the room.
“It’s okay. I’m right here. Just try to breathe for me, babe.”
Sitting across his lap with his arms tightly gripping you around the waist, you wrapped your arms around his neck and turned to face him as he buried his face into your shirt to muffle his sobs. It was impossible for you to hold back your own tears as you listened to him. Once he got his breathing a little more under control, he was finally able to find his voice.
“Please, baby. Don’t leave. I’ll do anything. Just please don’t walk away. Don’t give up on me. I can’t lose you. I love you. Let me fix this.”
You wiped the tears from your cheeks as he begged and pleaded. It just further broke your heart. He finally lifted his head to look up at you.
“I can’t lose you again, Georgia. Please, darling. I know you’re leaving in the morning. Just give me more time.”
With a sigh, you pried his arms away from you so you could stand. Tom felt the last of his hope slip away until he saw you reach your hand out towards him. Immediately taking it, you pulled him towards your bed. He watched you slip back under the covers before sliding over and making room for him. Without hesitation, he joined you and pulled you tightly against his chest. Neither of you spoke as he ran his fingers through your hair and continued to place kisses against your head.
“I’ve always loved you, Y/N. I understand if you still don’t believe me after everything that I’ve done, but it’s the truth. Part of me wonders if I fell in love with you on that first night on the flight to London. I can’t help but think that if I had just told you how I felt at the very beginning, our lives would be entirely different. I’ve always regretted letting you leave London at the end of that week. I’ve made so many mistakes.”
You reached up and wrapped your arm across his shoulders to play with the soft curls at the base of his neck. He heard you let out a sigh before whispering into the darkness.
“me too… you’ve always had a part of me that no one else did, Hollywood…”
Tom’s arms wrapped even tighter around you, keeping you pressed against him with your head resting on his chest. His eyes continued to travel around the room and adjust to the room now being almost exactly as it was before you arrived. In a way, it looked almost as if you had never been here in the first place. The only additional to the room was a small desk against the far wall. It was the first time he had noticed it. Your words from earlier echoed in his mind and it now made sense.
“The desk… you bought it after…”
He felt your head lift up to look over at it. It contained your work laptop and all of your files.
“Yeah… other than to get my things out of it the next day, I haven’t stepped foot in the office since then.”
The thought made him feel sick. He couldn’t begin to imagine the pain you felt in that moment, especially now that he knew you had lied about not loving him. The tears began to flow once again.
“I’m so sorry, baby. I should have seen through your words. I should have fought for you. I should have dropped out of the play the second I found out she was involved. I was hurt and drunk and she knew that. It still doesn’t excuse the fact that I let it go on as long as it did.”
He turned to face you so you were both lying on your sides before gently cupping your face in his hands. As his eyes searched yours, he saw the pain in them as the tears began to form.
“I meant it when I said she didn’t mean anything to me. I used her as a distraction from the pain, but I never stopped to think about what it was doing to you. You are the only one I’ve ever loved, darling. It’s only ever been you. Instead of just telling you, I should have shown you that you were the most important thing in my life. My actions may have not reflected it, but I have meant every word of it, Georgia. My life is meaningless without you.”
You leaned forward and rested your forehead against his as you let the words bring you a little bit of relief.
“She’s certainly good at what she does. There’s so much you don’t know, Tom…”
He pulled back to look at you as his eyebrows knitted together. Your eyes closed as his thumb wiped a tear from your cheek. His lips came to plant a soft kiss against the skin where the tear had been.
“Natalie told me the whole thing. Jamie was after the both of us from the start. It was her plan all along to tear us apart.”
He sat up on an elbow to look down at you. You took a deep breath and continued.
“Tom, she knew you were signed on for the play and bribed her way into the role. Natalie said she knew if she could get herself tied to you again, it would give her the boost she needed to land a role on Broadway in New York. It was all a stunt to use your fame and money to her benefit. Apparently she knew that you and I were still close and that I was now your assistant. We just made it easier for her when I walked in on the two of you… both times actually. She saw me that night in the office. The look on her face was pure evil. After that, she used every chance she got to break me down. It started off at backhanded comments about my background, my weight, bartending. Eventually when I started to fight back, it became threats against you to keep me silent. She threatened to ruin your career and your family. One of the last times I fought, she said that accidents can happen while drinking and hinted at getting pregnant to trap you. Everything was a game to her, Tom. She’s the reason I didn’t stay for the after party on opening night. I talked back to her so she punished me for it. Jamie knew that I was home the entire time. She made sure I could hear the two of you in your bedroom. That’s why I stopped coming to the theatre. Natalie did it to protect me and to try to stop the panic attacks. I was already low when you started turning against me, so I let her have you. She had me convinced that you were disgusted by me, so when your words turned cruel… and the looks you would give me… I just…”
When you choked back a sob, he pulled you in for a kiss. It felt like he was trying to convey all of his love and devotion to you in the one action in an attempt to heal you. As he pulled away, his voice was low and laced with anger. He was now crying with you and held your face in his hands to keep your focus on him.
“No. Don’t let her win, Y/N. I won’t let you believe you are any of the things she has convinced you that you are, my love. It was my job to protect you and I failed miserably. You are gorgeous and incredible and the strongest person I’ve ever met. I never have and never will deserve you. You’re too good for me. I will spend the rest of my life convincing you that you are none of the things she has said. I should have seen through her act and eventually I did, but the damage was done. Somehow she had me believing that you were the one using me. Looking back now, it was an impossible notion but like you said, she knew what she was doing. You were trying to protect me the entire time and I had no idea. The fact that she was able to do this to you and that I let her absolutely infuriates me. After Chris pointed it out to me, I was finally able to see the weight loss and the fact that you aren’t eating like you should. I need you to stop baby. I love you exactly how you are. You’re perfect in every way. Everything about you is so incredibly sexy and it breaks my heart that she convinced you otherwise.”
The look in his eyes made it impossible to believe that he didn’t mean what he said. They held a fierceness that you wanted to drown yourself in. You knew that if you gave in to your feelings for him, there was no going back. In this moment, you wanted nothing more than to give yourself over to him mind, body, and soul.
As if he was thinking the same thing, you watched his eyes flicker down to your lips before locking onto your eyes again. Gripping the collar of his shirt, you pulled him back down into you again. The kiss was explosive. His first kiss had been enough to light the flame. This one turned it into an inferno.
The distance that had grown between the two of you over the last few months seemed to vanish in that moment. For the first time since it all fell apart, you felt like the two of you were both present and in the moment with nothing between you.
You deepened the kiss, causing him to moan as his hand came around to the back of your neck. As Tom pulled your face towards him, the angle change allowed him to more easily explore your mouth. Needing to feel him, your hands found their way underneath the hem of his shirt. Your fingers spread out to touch as much of his skin as possible before pulling him towards you so more of his weight rested on top of you.
His body tensed as you let out a whimper at the feeling of his hips coming into contact with yours. It was obvious to you that he was fighting to keep his control. Just as he started to pull away, you flipped the two of you over so Tom was on his back. Before he could say anything, you leaned down to reconnect your lips with his.
His arms came up to wrap around you as you pressed your body to his. With one of his hands laced through your hair, the other slipped under your top. The feel of him lightly grazing his fingertips across your lower back sent you into overdrive. You had to have him. Now.
Tom broke the kiss to look at you when you moaned his name. He watched as you sat up to straddle his hips. With a grin, you grabbed the bottom of your tank top and lifted it over your head before tossing it over the side of the bed. His eyes took in the sight of your bare breasts on display to him for the first time before searching your face.
“Baby, are you sure?”
You simply nodded and leaned in for another kiss.
“I need to hear you say it, Y/N.”
He felt your lips pull into a smirk as you trailed them against his jaw line. As soon as you reached his ear, you kissed a spot on his neck that caused him to groan as he tensed up before finally giving him what he was waiting for.
“I need you… Cross the line, Tom.”
The words were enough to snap what little self control he had remaining. He let out a loud growl as he sat up and rolled, pining you underneath him. His hands felt like they were everywhere all at once, needing to feel every inch of your soft skin. You watched as he quickly sat up and ripped off his shirt before pressing you back into the bed with his weight. With his bare chest now against yours, the kisses became more eager and desperate.
Since you were straddling him when he rolled you back to the other side of the bed, your legs were now wrapped around his waist, making your head spin each time he would grind his hips into you. Even as briefly as you felt him against you that night in New Zealand, you could tell he wasn’t lacking in a certain department. With him no longer holding back in this moment, it was quite apparent to you that he was even more impressive than you expected, making you lock your legs even tighter to pull him as close to you as possible as you moaned out his name. You felt his mouth begin to journey down your neck, nipping and sucking as he went. He chuckled when you let out a whine at the slowness of his current pace.
“I know, love. I’ve got you. Just relax.”
He looked up at you with a smirk as he continued at his previous speed.
“I’ve waited years for this, baby girl. I plan to take my time with you.”
When he made his way down your chest to your breasts, his hand came up to massage one while leaving wet kisses on the other. As he caught your nipple between his teeth and gently pulled, your back arched up off the bed. By the time he finished lavishing the same attention on the other, you were a panting mess.
His thumbs hooked under the waist band of your sleep shorts when his lips passed your navel. Just as he began to slide them off, you felt his movements stop and his lips leave your skin.
“Uh… Darling?”
Coming back to your senses, you opened your eyes and looked down at him. Quickly figuring out what had captured his attention, you sat up on your elbows and tucked your bottom lip between your teeth.
“Is that what I think it is?”
Tom’s eyes glanced up at you before returning to the decoration on your right hip. Only about an inch wide, it was an image he was veryfamiliar with.
“Ummm… yes. That would be a Loki tattoo...”
A mischievous grin spread across his lips as he channeled the God.
“Ohhh, kitten… we are certainly going to discuss the fact that you’ve branded yourself with my mark, but first I have other more pressing matters to attend to…”
Giving you a wink, he placed a gentle kiss on the design before sliding your shorts the rest of the way down your legs and throwing them over his shoulder into the darkness behind him, causing you to giggle. With you now completely naked on the bed below him, Tom sat up on his knees and stared at you with a smile on his face.
“Absolute perfection…”
Being so exposed in front of him was both exciting and scary. You sat up and reached for him to pull him into another heated kiss before he gently laid you back down on the bed. Once you were back down against the soft sheets, he broke the kiss and moved to lay down between your legs once more. You watched as he let his hands graze your sides as he left quick kisses on his way down.
Tom turned to leave rough kisses on the inside of your thighs, and even a few bites, before placing each of them on his shoulders. With his torso resting on the bed, his face was now inches from where you wanted him. You practically shook with anticipation as he locked eyes with you and grinned before placing the softest kisses possible to the outside of your lips. The sound of your frustration only spurred him on as he let out a soft laugh. The air from his breath sent a chill through you as it hit the wetness directly in front of him. Your words came out as a breathy moan and didn’t hold the power you hoped they would.
“Stop being a tease, Thomas…”
“So demanding, Georgia…”
Just as you looked back down at him again, his tongue darted out and licked a long, slow stripe from your entrance to your clit causing you to cry out in pure relief. When he lightly circled the aching bud with the tip before placing a kiss on it, the cry turned into a deep moan. Not wasting anymore time, Tom slid his hands over the tops of your thighs to hold you in place and dove back in for more.
With him no longer keeping the agonizingly slow pace as before, you fisted the sheets beside you as you felt your high quickly building. When you reached down and laced your fingers through the soft curls, he moaned sending vibrations through your core. The sensation caused you to tighten your grip on his hair as you held him against you. This seemed to spur him on, and his hand slipped from your thigh to tease your entrance as he kept his mouth focused on your clit. You looked down at him just as slid his index and middle finger inside of you. Tom watched as your jaw hung open as you stared down at him. Locking eyes with you, he slowly curled his fingers and pulled them towards him until he got the reaction he was looking for. Just as he hit the right spot, you cried out and threw your head back against the pillow. You could feel him smile against you as he began to plunge those long digits in and out of you, hitting that sweet spot every single time. It was impossible to hold back your screams any longer as he began hurling you towards the edge.
“Oh my god, baby. Don’t stop!”
Tom watched your face as he felt you tighten around his fingers. All it took was a few quick flicks of his tongue and you were crying out his name as your body shook underneath him. As your orgasm washed over you, he continued to guide you through it until your thighs loosened their hold on him. After leaving one more kiss on your stomach, he crawled up the bed until he was hovering over you.
“You look absolutely breathtaking when you cum for me, darling.”
Finally coming back down from your high, you smiled up at him before pulling him down to you for a kiss. The taste of you on his tongue was intoxicating. Without breaking the kiss, your hand traveled down his well-defined abs to his length, earning a loud moan as Tom bucked his hips into your hand. Hearing him pant as you palmed him through the thin pajama pants was like a drug to your system. Suddenly breaking the kiss, he let out a long groan as your hand slipped under the waist band and your fingers wrapped around him. That was all it took to have him begging.
“Baby, please. I need to feel you around me.”
You used your thumb to spread the slickness around his tip while latching onto his earlobe with your teeth as he let out a sharp gasp. The words were a breathy whisper directly against his ear.
“Then take me…”
Tom jerked the pants down the rest of the way and kicked them off in record speed. Reaching down to line himself up, he slowly pushed into you as you both cried out together. Knowing you would need time to adjust to him, he stopped for a second before burying himself the rest of the way. As big as he felt in your hand, his size was even more impressive inside of you.
“Shit, Hollywood. I guess the rumors about Loki’s hammer are true…”
He chuckled against your neck as he left his mark on the skin just below your jaw.
“I’ll go slow, sweetheart. You’re just so damn tight.”
Once the feeling of being stretched subsided, you lifted your hips to move against him. Taking it as a sign that you were ready, he pulled most of the way out before slowly thrusting his hips against yours. You had never felt so full in your life, yet you still craved more. Tom took the hint when you grabbed his ass and pulled him into you. Lifting your leg further up on his hip, he changed the angle and thrust harder. When your back arched off the bed, he slipped his arm under you to keep you pressed against him. That gave him the angle he was looking for as your moans turned into cries.
“Fuck! Right there, Tom! Harder!”
He grabbed the top of the headboard to give himself the support he needed. Picking up the pace of his thrusts, he was practically pounding you into the mattress as he drove himself deeper into you. It was becoming increasingly harder to hold back with every second.
“I’m close, baby.”
“Me, too. Don’t stop.”
You were a whimpering mess as he stared down at you. Tom braced himself above you as he gave you a harsh kiss, absorbing all your pretty little noises. He broke the kiss to place his lips directly next to your ear as his other hand found its way in between your bodies.
“Cum for me, Y/N. Let me feel you let go.”
His words in your ear mixed with him rubbing tight circles against your clit set off an explosion as white-hot electricity coursed through your veins. You screamed out his name and dug your nails into his back. Feeling your entire body tense up around him, Tom pressed his lips to yours to keep you grounded to him as you fell apart. The grip you had on him sent him following you. He let out a loud groan as he came, prolonging your high as another wave of pleasure crashed into you. With his face tucked into your neck, he moaned your name like a prayer while he ground his hips into yours a few more times.
Finally becoming still, he slowly pulled out of you and rolled over onto his back. The two of you laid there and tried to fill your lungs with air while staring up at the ceiling.
He looked over at you with a grin.
“Wow is right, George…”
When you turned your head to look at him, he pulled your still limp body over onto his chest as he held you in his arms. His fingertips grazed over the skin on your back as you came down from your high. Once both of you had your breathing back down to a normal rate, Tom lifted your chin to plant a sweet kiss on your lips before slipping from the bed. A few moments later, he came back from your bathroom with a warm washcloth in hand. Making sure to be delicate since you were still sensitive, he made sure you were comfortable before rejoining you in your bed. It was a sweet gesture and it didn’t surprise you that he was an attentive lover in both the act itself and his aftercare.
After covering the two of you back up with the blankets, he pulled you back to his chest and leaned in for another kiss. The kisses stayed slow and sweet as his fingertips continued to softly glide over the skin on your back. He pulled back to look into your eyes with a smile as his thumb grazed your cheek. The moment was perfect until he suddenly got a glint of mischief in his eye as he remembered his discovery earlier.
“A Loki tattoo, huh?”
Now totally embarrassed, you laughed and hid your face against his chest while the heat filled your cheeks.
“Ummm, yeah. Like I said, not one of my proudest moments.”
He returned the laugh and laced his fingers your hair.
“I believe I’m going to need to know the story behind that one, darling. I admit I have questions about this little secret of yours…”
Finally building up the courage to face him, you sat up on the bed and covered yourself with the sheet as he laid propped up against the headboard.
“First of all, let me put your worries to rest that I had this done before we met. It wasn’t some crazy declaration of love or anything.”
His eyebrow raised before letting out his signature laugh.
“Uh…ok. That’s good… I suppose?”
Another wave of blush spread over your cheeks as you tried to hide your face, suddenly becoming nervous around him. He gently took your hand from your face and laced his fingers through yours. Bringing your hand to his lips, he pressed a kiss to it before resting them in your lap.
“There is no need to be shy, Georgia. It’s still just me and you, love. Go on with your story.”
Giving him a sweet smile, you bit your lip as you looked up at him. He was distractingly beautiful lying naked in your bed.
“Right… well, one night after a few drinks, one of my friends and I got the brilliant idea to go get matching tattoos together. We knew we didn’t want to get the same design but still wanted them to coordinate. Both being Marvel fans and having watched Thor and Avengers together many many times, the tequila shots from earlier in the night told us that Thor and Loki tattoos would be an amazing idea. She has a simple Mjolnir design on her hip and as you saw earlier, I got the Loki one to match. Not wanting them to be visible to everyone, we thought that was a great location for them. Obviously at the time, I had no idea who I would meet a few months later on a flight to London, nor did I know that I would be naked in bed with…well… you!”
Now it was his turn to blush as he caught his bottom lip between his teeth. He glanced down at your hip before looking back up at you.
“May I?”
Closing your eyes for a moment, you nodded your head and let him pull the covering away from you. He watched you lean back onto your elbows to allow him a closer look at it in the soft glow from the bedside lamp. It was a simple yet beautifully done solid black image of Loki’s helmet complete with the iconic curved horns. Lifting his eyes back to yours, he grazed his thumb over it before placing a kiss against the skin. His voice was low and sultry as he darted his eyes back to the design.
“It’s quite erotic actually, especially since so few people see it.”
Your breath hitched in your throat until his expression shifted and his eyes widen. Letting out a deep belly laugh, he returned to his position against the headboard. Before you could ask, he caught his breath enough to speak.
“Oh, Georgia! Your ex-boyfriends must have hated me!”
Letting out a chuckle of your own, you sat up and tucked the sheet around you once more as you held it against your chest.
“That’s certainly an understatement, Hollywood. You’d be surprised how many arguments I’ve had over you actually.”
His hand came out to rest on your thigh as he grazed circles with his thumb and watched you with a curious look. You took a deep breath before continuing.
“Truthful and honest?”
You watched his eyebrows knit together before he sat up straighter and gave you his full attention.
“Of course, darling. You can tell me anything.”
Looking to gather your thoughts, you found a way to form the words.
“Because of our relationship and how close we are, you’ve been the subject of many fights. The tattoo just seemed to make things worse. Most of the guys I’ve dated have assumed that it was your way of branding me. It was the worst with Josh. It’s the reason he left me actually…”
Tom squeezed your hand but stayed silent.
“He always hated our friendship and anytime he saw the mark, it would bring the fight up all over again. In fact, he refused to see me naked because of it, so we either had sex with me covered or in the dark, when we did have sex that is. Obviously going down on me was out of the question for him.”
That was enough to make him interrupt you.
“Hold on a second. You mean, he never? In two years? All because of some stupid tattoo?”
He rolled his eyes and didn’t hide his frustration.
You gave him a smirk and continued.
“The fight we had before Hawaii? He gave me an ultimatum. I had to choose between him and you, and I chose you. He believed I was cheating with you for most of our relationship and that our trips were just a week long marathon in bed.”
Tom gave you a smirk.
“His idea isn’t half bad. It can be arranged for the next one if you would like…”
That earned him a giggle from you, helping to lighten your mood again.
“I won’t say that I’m sorry that the relationship ended, George. He was a complete ass. However, I am sorry that you had to go through all of that. Maybe if I had spoken up sooner, you wouldn’t have had to go through so many bad relationships.”
He smiled back at you as you leaned in and placed a kiss on his lips.
“Who knows. Besides, with a performance like that Hiddleston, you might be able to talk me into a week with you in bed. You would certainly save money on a single room instead of a two bedroom suite…”
Letting out a deep laugh, he pulled you in for another kiss, making it deeper this time. You were pretty sure that his slow kisses had the magical ability to wipe all thoughts from your mind. As he pulled away for air, he left a few shorter kisses on your lips before letting you go again. His fingers fidgeted with yours in his lap.
“Truthful and honest?”
His voice was unsteady and it took him a moment to get up the courage to look at your face.
“Always, Hollywood.”
You watched him as his expression turned sad as he got lost in his own thoughts.
“Those six months after London? I thought we were in a relationship too. Even though we had only been in person for that first week, I still considered you my girlfriend. I felt you pull away from me after the Oscars, but I had no idea that my own actions were to blame. I actually flew out to Dallas to see you. I was planning to surprise you for the weekend and tell you I loved you. I called to see if you were home and I heard Caleb in the background. When we hung up, I checked your social media and saw that you were dating someone else.”
You gave him a strange look as the pieces fell into place for you.
“I remember that call. That was the last time we talked until I sent you a text a few months later… You came to Dallas?”
Tom’s eyes darted up to yours for a brief moment as he nodded.
“I called you from the airport after I landed. When I realized you belonged to somebody else, I was hurt. I felt the same way you did, darling. I thought I had been toyed with until you found someone else. I ended up just exchanging my ticket and catching the next flight back home. I never even left the terminal. All these years, and I had no idea that I had hurt you first. I thought I was the one that wasn’t enough for you, Georgia…”
In that moment, his eyes held the same pain that yours had for so long. You dropped the blankets you were holding and moved to straddle his lap. His arms wrapped around your waist and you lifted his chin to look up at you. Looking at each other, both of you had tears in your eyes as you relived the pain from losing that chance to be together over mixed signals.
“It’s in the past, Tom. Just focus on tonight. You and me. I’m here now and I love you.”
The kiss you offered him was deep and he lost himself in it. When he finally pulled back to catch his breath, he rested his forehead against yours and let his hands roam across your skin.
“I love you too, baby.”
You placed another kiss on his lips before grinning and trailing them down his jaw to his neck. Once there, you sucked hard against the sweet spot below his ear that you had found earlier. Using your teeth lightly, you made sureto leave a mark for the makeup team to have to cover up tomorrow. Tom was already breathing heavy again as you made your way across his chest and down his chiseled ab muscles.
Returning the favor from earlier, you heard him let out a loud groan as your tongue darted out to lick up his length as he began to harden once again from the attention you were giving his body. Sitting up against the headboard gave him the perfect view as you took him into your mouth. His hand slid down your back to grab your ass, as the other hand gathered your loose hair and held it back so he could watch you. It didn’t take long for you to hear him panting and moaning.
When you felt him getting close, you pulled off him with a pop as you sat up and returned to your previous position on his lap. His mouth and hands were everywhere as you sunk down onto him. While you slow rode him against the headboard of your bed, his mouth was attached to your breasts as his hands reached around to cup your behind to move you up and down on him.
Unlike earlier, this time was soft and sensual as you made love to each other. Once you were close, Tom held you against him with an arm around your waist as he sat up onto his knees. With his lips attached to yours, he laid you down on the bed and took over thrusting into you. Even though he kept the strokes slow and deep, he put some force behind his hips that quickly had your screams filling the room. Both of your moans were growing louder until you came undone around him once again, pulling him over the cliff with you.
He left gentle kisses over your face and neck while you came back to your senses. When he saw you smile up at him, he chuckled.
“Hi, gorgeous.”
You ran your hands over his back and through his hair as he continued to lavish you with kisses while he softened inside of you.
“Mmmm yes, please.”
When he stood from the bed, he surprised you by scooping you up off the bed with him making you squeak out of shock. Tom continued to kiss you as he made his way across the room to your bathroom with you in his arms with your legs wrapped around his waist. The act of him helping you wash up ended with you climaxing one more time on his talented fingers. He held you up against the tile when your legs gave out.
Once back in bed, he was back in his lounge pants from before with you dressed in only his shirt. He was fighting sleep as dawn was quickly approaching and his anxiety from earlier returned.
You shooshed him with your finger against his lips.
“I know, babe. Let’s just enjoy it.”
Your fingers started to slowly comb through his hair as you laid on your sides and stared at each other as the light began to creep into the room. He knew what you were doing but his eyes were beginning to force themselves shut the longer you played with strands.
“Please… I love you, baby.”
A tear fell as you gave him a sad smile.
“I love you too, babe.”
Just as he drifted off, he heard your voice one last time as a whisper into his ear.
“Please forgive me… I’m so sorry…”
Tom stirred awake a few hours later and he hesitated before reaching out beside him. The bed was empty and cold. He refused to open his eyes as a sob caught in his throat. Once he opened his eyes, there would be no denying the truth that he already knew.
You were gone.
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thesnowsoldierwrites · 2 days ago
Best Parents
summary: a few snippets of loki and y/n's life together as parents of a little boy
warnings: none
word count: 1500+
He was angelic.
Leaning on your elbow, watching Loki sleeping with your baby boy in his were right where you wanted to be. Everything that you'd gone through felt worth it to have this moment.
It had been a long day. Leif had been crying and screaming all day and neither of you were operating at one hundred percent. Still, Loki found the time to make you a nice meal and when you walked into the bedroom with the intention of 'thanking him', you found him fast asleep with Leif in his arms.
You reached out and brushed a long strand of dark hair from his face. He was thinking of cutting it because your son had formed a habit of yanking on it whenever he wanted Loki's attention. You hoped that he wouldn't end up following through. You liked him with this more natural look. He didn't seem as restrained and stern as when you'd first met him.
Loki moved into your touch, his cheek pressing slightly into your palm. You smiled slightly and brushed your thumb over his cheek as his eyes slowly fluttered open.
For a few moments, the two of you just stared at each other. You were at home in each other's gaze. Loki's eyes were filled with love as he reached up and took your hand away from his face, clasping it in his instead.
"Is it morning already?" He asked tiredly.
You shook your head with a quiet chuckle. "I haven't even gone to bed yet. You have a few more hours of peace."
"How long do you think we have?" Loki asked, looking down warily at the sleeping baby on his chest. "He's been a complete nightmare today. Personally, I'm starting to wonder whether you've been teaching him bad habits while I'm away."
You laughed, squeezing his hand before standing up. "If anybody's been giving Leif bad habits, it's you, love. You make an awful disciplinary."
"That's why you're the mean one," Loki returned with a smile as you pulled the baby from his arms. "Putting him to bed?"
You nodded. "He needs to get used to sleeping in his cot."
"Wait a moment and I'll come with you, darling," Loki told you, stretching his arms. "I can't possibly miss this. There's no way that you're going to be able to get him into that cot without unleashing all of Valhalla upon the both of us."
Loki's head lifted at the sound of your camera clicking, little Leif's dark head of hair following quickly.
"What was that?" Loki demanded.
You waved your phone in answer, smiling when you saw Leif watching his father. Moments later, a stuttered imitation of Loki's words came from your son. "Wha' was tha', mommy?"
"My phone, baby," you smiled, leaning towards him and pressing a kiss to his head as you settled on the arm of the chair. "Do you know how cute the two of you look?"
Loki rolled his eyes. "We're reading. Aren't we, Leif?"
"Yeah, daddy!" Leif grinned at you. "We reading."
A chuckle left your lips. You walked into the kitchen to get the snack you'd originally come for. On you way back through the living room, you handed Leif a packet of treats and Loki a bottle of water. When you turned around in the doorway, they were sitting as they had been when you found them.
Loki was speaking to Leif, not taking his eyes away from his book. His long legs were crossed underneath him and his back was straight. Leif's small body was copying his, little legs tucked beneath his form as he stared seriously at his book. It was only now that you realised the pictures of zoo animals on the cover were completely upside down.
As you watched, Loki leaned towards his son and began to read something to him. He didn't seem affected by the fact that the writing was upside down. He flashed you a smile when he saw you lingering in the doorway.
"Oh, take another picture, my love. It'll last longer."
"And then...well, what do you think happened, Leif?"
You leaned against the doorway of the bathroom. Loki was bathing Leif and seemed to be in the middle of telling one of his elaborate stories. He must have told this one before because your son didn't hesitate with his answer.
"The monster sees the princess!"
Loki nodded seriously, pouring some shampoo onto his hands and rubbing them together. "And the monster couldn't move a step or say a word because never in his awful life had he seen someone or something so beautiful as the princess."
"Daddy, you're gonna get it in my eyes!" Leif protested, trying to wriggle away from Loki's outstretched hand.
Loki laughed, tugging his little boy back towards him. "I am not, young man. Now sit still and listen to the story. It's your favourite, isn't it?"
"No!" Leif exclaimed. He turned and pressed a damp, soapy hand to Loki's chest. "It's your favourite, daddy!"
You laughed, drawing Loki's attention. "Hello, love."
"Hi, Loki," you smiled, moving to sit beside him. "How's bath-time going?"
He rolled his eyes, waving his still-shampoo-covered hands at you. "Rapidly downhill, it seems."
"Leif, come here and let daddy shampoo your hair," you told the boy, handing him one of his bath toys as Loki massaged the soap into his soft hair. "Come on, love, I want to hear the end of this story."
Loki chuckled, shaking his head. "You know the ending of this story, Y/N."
"Do I?" You questioned, standing up and grabbing a towel. "Does it end with the princess and the monster living happily ever after?"
Leif interrupted before Loki could answer. "Mommy, you forgot the baby!"
"The baby?" You hummed, helping him to his feet in the bathtub. "What baby?"
Loki stepped back and leaned against the wall as Leif answered you. "The monster and the princess get to friends and he's not a monster anymore so they get married and have a baby!" He leaned in, mainly because you were pulling him closer with the towel. "And guess what the baby's name is, mommy!"
"I don't know, what is it?" You asked with a smile. our eyes flicked to Loki. You had an idea of where this story might have come from.
Leif stood in the middle of the bathroom hair and pointed at himself proudly. "Leif!"
"What a coincidence!" You exclaimed, smiling at Loki knowingly. Knowing that Loki had made up a story that revolved around your lives together was possibly one of the most heart-warming things you'd ever experienced.
As you ushered your soggy son towards his bedroom, you raised your eyebrows at your husband. He laughed and swatted you away.
"I love you, darling."
You hummed. "But a princess? Really?"
"You're my princess," he told you with a smug grin.
A frown worked its way onto your face. "Why are you a monster?"
"I'm not," Loki told you, taking your hands in his. "Not anymore, thanks to you. But I was. The point I was trying to make was that people can change and that love is often the cause of that change."
You leaned forwards and pressed a quick kiss to his lips before telling him, "I don't think your toddler son quite picked up on the underlying meaning of your story, you know."
"He will one day," Loki shrugged, taking you by the hand and walking towards Leif's bedroom. "I always remembered the tales my mother used to tell me. I want to create the best childhood I can for him. You understand."
You smiled, nodding your head. "I do. You know, I think we make pretty good parents."
"Definitely," Loki agreed. "I mean, listen to that." The two of you paused outside Leif's door. Complete silence. "How many parents can silence a toddler like that?"
Dubiously, you looked at the shut bedroom door. "None, Loki."
"What do you-ah.." Loki cut himself off with a sigh as he realised what you were thinking. "Darling?" You looked at him. "I love you."
You chuckled. "I love you too, Loki. But why are you telling me this right now?"
"Well, I'm not completely certain of what lies behind that door. And if it's bad, then we may snap at each other." Loki looked slightly embarrassed by his admission, but still managed to steal a kiss from you. "I don't enjoy arguing with you."
You sighed against his lips. "I don't like arguing with you either, Loki."
"So you won't be annoyed when I tell you that I may have left the baby powder on Leif's bed?" Loki said hopefully.
Horror washed over your face as you quickly opened the bedroom door. The whole room was covered in white dust, your previously-immaculate son coated from head to toe in baby powder.
"I love you?" Loki mumbled hopefully. "We're the best parents, remember?"
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andsheloved · 2 days ago
Hello! These fluff drabble a make me over the moon! the rest of your stuf is also so 🥰☺️! You are adorable! Could I get #22 with Loki? Have a great night!
hello there!! oh goodness that makes me so happy!! i'm so glad you enjoy them!! and you're calling me adorable with a prompt like that??? uh??? no YOU are adorable??? have a wonderful rest of your night/day my friend!! and i hope you enjoy!! mwauh!!!
Tumblr media
pairing ~ loki x gn!reader
word count ~ 358
warnings ~ fluff! so much of it! maybe even too much!
prompt ~ "i wish i could stay here forever. just me and you."
Tumblr media
"I wish I could just stay here forever" his deep voice rumbled through his chest as he pulled you closer against him. "Just me and you."
He couldn't recall the last time he had been so relaxed in all of his years of living.
But then again, during all those years, Loki didn't have you.
Laying beside you, he couldn't seem to think of a single thought other than you. He was so utterly consumed by every part of you, your soft, sleepy smile as you tilted your chin to look at him, your quiet hums as you settled deeper and deeper into sleep, the warmth of your being pressed against him, you truly surrounded him.
He needed this, needed you, after such a long day of seemingly never-ending meetings and training and simply just being around Tony for longer than five minutes. He couldn't help but feel selfish at the thought, but then you shuffled around in your exhaustion induced haze and pulled yourself impossibly closer against his chest, and something in his heart told him you needed this just as much as he did.
"You can, you know" You replied groggily, stifling a yawn with your arm as you did.
A small chuckle escaped his lips as he responded, "Can what, my love?"
You were so vulnerable like this, teetering on the edge between sleep and awake. For years he had seen himself as nothing but a monster, some frigid, twisted thing only made to destroy. But you were so soft and fragile, you allowed yourself to let your guard down around him, you allowed him to lay next to you in moments like this, to join you when you had no defenses. The notion never ceased to amaze him.
"Stay here forever." You muttered, barely above a whisper. "We don't have anything to do tomorrow, we could just," You sighed against his chest, pulling the covers tighter around you two "Stay here."
"As you wish" He hummed, pressing a soft kiss to your forehead.
And though tomorrow wasn't exactly eternity, there was one thing he knew for certain.
He would be spending his forever with you.
Tumblr media
i am yELLING!!!!! this made my heart melt oh holy cow!!! thank you so much for this prompt anon!!! i hope you all enjoy!!! as always, reblogs, comments, and likes are always appreciated!! i hope you all have a wonderful rest of your day/night!!! mwauh!!!
want more loki? check out my masterlist!
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kota-bee · a day ago
May you please do a one shot of loki x reader. Where the reader dresses in a lot of pink and pastel clothes? Like kawaii? And loki is very confused on why the reader dresses like that. Sorry if this is bad!!! But also I love your writing a lot!!!! <3
Pairing: Loki x AFAB!reader (if requested I’ll do an AMAB one)
Warnings: smut. Fingering, unprotected sex (don’t do this) innocence kink on Loki’s part. One spank probably
A/N: thank you for my first request! I dunno if you wanted a smut but the inspiration that hit me was insane. Thank you for your support love!
Requests: open! The more requests I get the more I’ll post
“Petal, brother has requested our- what are you wearing” Loki swung the bedroom door open but stopped in his steps when he saw you. You were standing in front of your mirror adjusting your new dress.
“Do you like it baby?” You mused, twirling around in your pale pink knee length fluffy dress. You had seen it on Instagram and decided to try something new. You’d never been one for colour, especially pink, but it was so pretty.
Loki gaped as he took you in. The low cut neck gave him a peek of your breasts. The poofy lace sleeves made you look so sweet. The fluff towards the bottom was bouncy and bubbly. Loki was stunned. He’s seen you in a dress before but this? This was definitely better.
“You look ravishing darling. Come here, let me get a better look” he hummed, curling his finger at you. You giggled and sauntered over to him happily, the innocent look on your face drove Loki wild. You stopped about in foot in front of him, staring up at him with a goofy grin.
Loki’s fingers traced the delicate fabric slowly. He eventually settled his hands on your hips with a sly smirk on his face. You knew that look all too well. “If we’re going to fuck, please don’t ruin this dress. It was expensive” you huffed out, glaring at him.
“I don’t plan on taking it off this time. I want you to keep it on while I ruin you. You’ll look so innocent while I fuck you dumb” he growled, picking you up and tossing you on your bed roughly. You let out a shocked squeal as you bounced softly.
Loki climbed on top of you, pressing a rough kiss against your lips. Wasting no time in shoving his hand down your panties roughly. “Oh darling. I’ve barely touched you and your all wet. All this for me?” He teased. You let out a shaky yes as he thrust two fingers in you. He set a rough pace, curling his fingers against your sweet spot until you saw stars.
With one more circle against your bundle of nerves you fell off the edge. Moans of his name fell from you lips like a prayer. Loki pulled his fingers from your centre and pressed them against your lips. “Let’s make that mouth useful” he hummed. You opened your mouth and tasted yourself. Keeping your eyes on him as you hollowed your cheeks. The groan he let out was border line pornograpich.
“Hands and knees pretty thing” he commanded, slapping your thigh gently. You rolled over on shaky limbs, presenting yourself to your lover. Loki adjusted your dress, fixing it for you. You heard his belt buckle jingle before he pressed your panties to the side.
He gave you little warning before his slid into you in one rough thrust. He pressed deep into you just to watch you squirm. He cock pressed against your cervix, giving you a sweet mix of pain and pleasure. He pulled out almost completely before slamming back into you again and again.
His thrusts started to become sloppy and rougher as he neared his end. You weren’t much further behind him at this point. He brought his hand to your clit and rubbed sharp, fast circles against it, sending you rocketing over the edge. You let out a chorus of explicits and moans, Loki following close behind you.
You felt his warm ropes of cum coat your walls as you milked his cock. He pulled out of you gently, trying not to hurt your abused pussy too much. He rolled you over and collapsed next to you with a little oof.
“Not how I imagined my morning to start. But I won’t complain this time” you huffed out between deep breaths. “This time?!” Loki grumbled out tiredly, looking over at you with mock anger. “Next time we do that I’ll need warning so I can plan on not walking for a bit” you giggled softly. “Don’t wear that dress then” Loki chuckled back.
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Pairing: Loki x reader
Warnings: n/a
Summary: it’s a surprise!
Tumblr media
“What page are you on darling?” Loki was doing push ups with you on his back, not counting them, rather just doing push ups till you got to a certain page number. “253” “Thanks darling,” with that he switched to one handed push ups. After a little while you got to page 300 and told your boyfriend. He stopped doing push ups and you got off. “Thanks for your participation darling” “No problem love!” You said, giving him a kiss. This was the usual routine, Loki would warm up with the push ups while you read, and then you would both spar, run and do other exercises.
Usually you guys would work out when the rest of the Avengers weren’t, so the others didn’t know about your routine. One day you both had plans at your normal training time so you did it early. The rest of the team was in there but you and Loki found a secluded corner. You held your hand out and politely asked your boyfriend for your book, he gladly magicked up your book, the team took notice of this of course. “Are you really going to read, in a gym? That’s what libraries are for dork.” This sarcastic comment came from Tony, obviously. You both did not pay attention to him and Loki got into push up position. “Ready darling.” He assured you and you sat cross legged, on his back and began reading, giving him the starting page. The rest of the team, other than Thor who was used to this, was very confused albeit amused. “500” and he switched to only his right hand, you adjusted so you didn’t fall off, “550” and he switched to the left, “600” and he let you off and you helped him stand up, giving him a kiss as usual. “Wow, alright I figured Reindeer Games was strong but not THAT strong!” Tony was the first to speak up, Loki just rolled his eyes, “I am a god, and a fully trained Asgardian warrior.” Thor agreed that this was normal and he could do the same. You guys continued on with your usual workout routines, and then relaxed the rest of the day.
AN: I decided to write a short one today because I just loved the concept! Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did writing it! Lots of love -author
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stucky-my-ship · 17 hours ago
A Christmas Prince Masterlist
Tumblr media
Summary: Just before Christmas, an aspiring young journalist is sent to the foreign nation of Asgard to cover a press conference given by Prince Loki, who is set to take the throne following his father's recent death.
Pairing: Loki x Reader
Warnings: Fluff, Angst
Word Count: TBD
Tumblr media
Chapter 1 (3/12)
Chapter 2 (6/12)
Chapter 3 (10/12)
Chapter 4 (13/12)
Chapter 5 (17/12)
Chapter 6 (20/12)
Chapter 7 (24/12)
Chapter 8 (27/12)
Chapter 9 (31/12)
Chapter 10 (1/1)
Tumblr media
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anonymousfiction211 · 9 hours ago
Bored Loki
Currently editing the new chapter of Handcuffed Together, but this little scenario has been stuck in my head all day and I needed to share it:
Loki and you are sitting on the couch, doing your own things. You are watching your series and Loki is reading. But after a while Loki gets bored and sighs heavily to get your attention. You ignore it, because the series episode is too good. 
Without warning Loki puts his book aside and grabs you to pull you closer against him. Before you can react he starts to tickle you. You tried to fight him off, but are failing miserably. The wrestling just leads to you two closer together, tangled up with each other. He is merciless and you end up out of breahte, with your back on the couch and Loki on top. He stops, but still keeps his enough of his weight on you, to make sure you cannot escape. 
‘I was watching my series’ you playfully scold him.
He just grinns back at you ‘I needed your attention’ and before you can react he kisses you. 
‘Can I go back to watching my series?’ you murmer with your lips still pressed against his.
‘Can you move?’ he murmers back, without his lips leaving yours.
You try to wriggle out from under him, but can’t. ‘No’ you say.
Loki reluctantly pulls back ‘then that is your answer’ he says, his eyes twinkling brightly.
‘I can live with that’ you smile back.
‘Good, because I have no intention of doing anything else this afternoon’ he says before starting to kiss you again. 
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the-emo-asgardian · 12 hours ago
Fractured—Arc 1:
Tumblr media
Part 3
Pairing: Loki x reader Series Summary: Everyone has a purpose in life, and for so long, you were sure yours was to help your father’s plan come to fruition. But when the coup is set in motion, you find yourself falling for the prince you’re meant trick. Now, no matter what you feel for Loki, you must follow the path that’s been set for you your whole life: overthrow the king so your father can take his place. All for the good of Asgard. Chapter Warnings: none A/N: Things are going to start picking up next chapter. You’ve been warned.
Permanent Tag List: @lucywrites02​ @lunarmoon8​ @twhiddlestonsstuff​ @lokistan​ @lowkeyorloki​ @gaitwae​ @whatafuckingdumbass​ @castiels-majestic-wings​ @kozkaboi​ @cozy-the-overlord​ @birdgirl90​ @myraiswack​ @mythicalgarlicknot​ @what-a-flammable-heart​ @marvelouslovely​ @laurenandloki​ @fallinallinmendes​ @sophlubbwriting​ @mooncat163​ @lokislittlesigyn​ @wolfish-trickster​ @electroma89​ @jgun2001​ @toe-vind-ek-jou​ @i-beg-your-pardon-laufeyson​ @theaudacitytowrite​ @patches-of-mist​ @nicoistrying​ @geminiwolves​ @funnyexel​ @nectav​ @50svibes​ @dryyoursaltyoceantears​ @bison-writes​ @magicandheaven​ @keepingitlokiii​ @captain-asguard​ @laufeyiison​ @lostgreekgod​ @essence-stealer​ @competitive-dust​ @i-reblog-fics-i-like​ @melinaflynn1982 @darkacademicfrom2021​ @whatevenisthisxxxxx​ @funsized-mimi​ @tristansaurusrex​ @lokistoriesblog​ @fandoms4life-always​ @high-functioning-lokipath​ @dead069ssworld @xreaderandshits​ @loki-yoursaviourishere​ @angelicawastaken @i-am-the-trash-duchess​​ @morality-the-hufflepuff​
Fractured Tag List: @a-laufeyson​ @the-lady-witchitery​ @daddylokisqueen @lokifae42​​
(strikethrough means I can’t tag you; message/ask me to be added to a tag list)
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Tumblr media
With all your chores done, you’d managed to cobble together an outfit in time for the festival. You’d even succeeded in stealing some of Ulla’s makeup before she chased you out. 
You stood in line with your siblings, ready to head out, when your father laughed. You frowned at the outburst. 
“And what do you think you’re doing, little spy?”
“You said I could go if I disguised myself. Well, I did.”
“Not well enough.”
You glanced down at yourself, thinking you did a pretty decent job. “Not many outside our little group know about me anyway. Just say I’m a guest of Eirik’s or something, and no one will even bat an eye.”
“I said,” your father spoke again with a stricter tone, making you all tense, “you did not do well enough. Take the night off; you are not coming.”
“Yes, father,” you grit, fighting tears.
Haughty as ever, Ulla passed you without a glance. Eirik, on the other hand, gave your shoulder a squeeze and offered a smile before going.
You suppose you could train in some way so you’ll do better next time, but you’re too mad to focus on any such thing right now. Instead, you stomp down the garden path in a fury, far from where any partygoers may find themselves unless they were taking part in some clandestine affair.
Why couldn’t you just be good enough? Why couldn’t you do anything right? You stopped at a tree and punched it once then again and again and again and-
“You know, that’s not very eco-friendly.”
Gasping, you turned around. You knew from the voice, but it was still a bit surprising to see your father’s cloaked ally behind you. After all, you’d never seen them outside of the strategy chamber in your family’s suite.
You really knew very little about them. How long exactly had they known your father? He was the son of an earl with moderate wealth. It’s always possible your grandfather had gotten into unscrupulous business while trying to advance himself, and his ties had passed to his son. 
Or maybe this figure who always gave an air of omniscience got wind of the coup and approached your father then. That might make their alliance a lot less sturdy. Which leads you to your second, and probably more important, question: How much could you trust them?
“I am aware. Is there... Is there some you want from me?”
“Why yes. The same thing, you want, my dear.”
All of a sudden, you felt oddly relaxed. Magic, you realized. 
Shaking it off , you responded, “You’ll have to be more specific.”
“For you to go to the festival, of course.”
If that wasn’t suspicious, you didn’t know what was. “Uh-huh. And why is that? What’s your endgame?”
“Why, the same as you again. The good of Asgard.”
“You were eavesdropping on me!” you accused, doing what you could to mask your rage.
“Don’t flatter yourself, I eavesdrop on everyone.”
Arguing would get you nowhere, that much was clear. What then could you do? Blatantly turning down whatever offer this was was always an option, you supposed. Sure, they were being sickeningly sweet right now, but you didn’t know how long that would last. 
Then again, they were dangling an invitation for what you most wanted right in front of your face. You just might be crazy not to take it. Either way, you felt you were going to be made a fool.
“Well father said I can’t go without a disguise. And I doubt I’ll be able to put something together now.”
“You can leave that to me. Just go in, charm the prince, and win him over to our side. I’d do it myself but I do have an air of mystery to keep. So, do we have a deal?” They said it as of it were so simple. Maybe it was. You bit you lip, considering. Why did it feel you were making such a mistake? Still, you’d reached a decision. You looked directly at where you thought their eyes would be if they did indeed have any. 
Even without being able to see it, you knew their smile was bone-chilling. But their voice? Oh, their voice was even worse.
Green magic shot from their hands and swirled around you, lifting you up a bit and ruffling your clothes. The finery you were now dressed in was finer than perhaps even what the princes wore. You got as good a look at yourself as you could with no mirror. Besides the new outfit, you didn’t feel much different. Then again, there was magic involved.
“Wait!” you said as a thought occurred to you. “I need gloves.”
“May I ask why, my dear?” they asked, even as they granted your wish with more swirling, shining magic.
“The scar on my wrist. The prince has seen it before.”
“Oh? And how did that happen?”
“He’s perceptive,” was all you answered.
“Ah, I see. Well, you did not hear this from me, but your father is planning on retiring from the ball at midnight. I suggest you be back in your room by then.”
“Noted.” You nodded, tugging on the gloves a little. “And is that all?”
“Yes. Now go. Make me proud, my dear.”
So, with that unsettling feeling still in your chest, you made your way to the festival. Not to mention the prince, the target who thought he was so safe in the palace walls. If only he knew they’d soon be painted in blood.
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immersed-in-mischief · 2 hours ago
Something Good (Tom Hiddleston x Female Reader) Part 54
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Today's musical inspiration is "Never Til Now" by Ashley Cooke I listened to this song on repeat the.entire.time I was writing! It really ties the entire vibe together for this chapter
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“I’m so sorry.”
Tom pulled his cell phone out of his back pocket and looked at the screen. Seeing a number he didn’t recognize, he was tempted to answer it since it was a London based number. Deciding to let it go to voicemail, he turned his attention back to the writer in front of him.
“I apologize. Where was I?”
The young man didn’t seem phased by the distraction.
“Loki’s interaction with Strange in episode three. Something about the flow of the scene?”
“Oh, right. I was discussing it with Benedict last night and he made a good point. Loki and Strange didn’t exactly get along very well the last time they were together. I’m wondering if we need to rework the scene a little bit to show that they start the interaction off with more tension between the two.”
His cell phone once again went off. Since it was a text, he ignored it this time and continued the conversation about next week’s filming schedule. He was nearly halfway across the lot by the time he remembered the previous notification. Pulling the device from his pocket, he swiped the screen.
You in a meeting or just not answering numbers you don’t recognize?
He rolled his eyes and quickly typed out a response as someone stopped to talk to him.
Both? I apologize. It appears I don’t have your number saved. Who am I speaking with?
Quickly able to answer the PA’s question, he continued his trek across the lot to his trailer.
Always so polite and proper, Hiddleston. Still in that meeting?
Now he was slightly amused. With a smirk, he continued his slow journey through the sound stage as his fingers dashed across the screen.
You still haven’t let me know who you are and no, I’m no longer in a meeting.
The bubbles immediately appeared showing the mystery texter was quickly replying.
… You should probably answer your phone then
Just as he finished reading the text, the unknown number flashed across the screen once more. Now out of pure curiosity, he went ahead and answered this time.
“This is Tom.”
“Hi handsome.”
He nearly dropped the phone as everything around him disappeared. Time itself seemed to slow to a halt. With two words, he was finally able to breath after 51 days.
“Yeah, it’s me.”
Tom took a second to come back to his senses. Apparently, he paused too long, causing you to nervously ramble.
“If you’re busy or something, I could try back at a better time. I don’t want to interrupt anything. I should have given you a warning or a heads up or something. Sorry. I just- “
“I’ve missed you.”
The words were enough to calm your nerves a little bit and he heard you take a deep breath.
“I’ve missed you too, babe.”
“You have no idea how great it is to hear your voice. Is everything alright? Are you safe? Wait… did you get a new number?”
The sound of your laughter brought him so much joy.
“Everything’s fine. And yes… no? Kind of? It’s a long story.”
He remembered the number being from London. Did that mean you were back? Had you ever actually left London? If his scheduled allowed it, he would be in the air in a half hour to come see you. If you were willing to see him. The words came out before he could try to stop them.
“I love you.”
You sighed and your voice seemed to relax more.
“I love you too. So much. I was honestly worried you wouldn’t answer after the way I left.”
“There’s nothing for you to worry about, darling. I’m not upset. I understand. I would have left me too. I’m still so sorry I put you through all of that. You deserved so much better than what I gave you. I know that now. I wasn’t loving you the way you needed to be loved. I was selfish and controlling and stubborn and didn’t listen when you tried to warn me.”
“I just needed space to think and time to decide what I wanted. I had already come to terms with you not wanting me, so to hear all of that was a lot to take in.”
Tom had slowly wondered back to his trailer at this point. He felt like he still had to tread so lightly. The last thing he wanted to do was to scare you off.
“I understand. You have every right to need that, love. So…did you? Decide what you want?”
“I think so?”
He took a deep breath and went for it.
“Can I see you? Would that be alright?”
“I’d like that.”
He could hear the smile in your voice and decided to take another step forward.
“Where are you, baby? I’ll find a way to come to you if I need to. I just need to see you. Please, George.”
Just when he was about to ask again, you finally answered him.
“Turn around, Hollywood.”
Turning around to face the studio lot he had just appeared from moments before, his eyes searched the people coming and going until they settled on you. Leaning against the side of the building with the phone still up to your ear, he saw you smile at him as his eyes locked onto yours. In a pair of blue jeans and an old t shirt, with your hair up in a messy bun on top of your head, you had never looked more beautiful. When he returned your smile, he saw your lips move in sync with the voice in his ear.
“Nothing? Really? Kinda ruining my whole movie moment here Hiddleston. I can leave and come back later if you want me to try it again…”
Tom let his phone drop to the ground as he sprinted the twenty yards over to you as quickly as his long legs would carry him. Closing the remaining distance, you jumped into his arms and wrapped your legs around his waist. He gave you the biggest hug of your life.
“I think you just broke your phone.”
With one arm still around your hips to hold you up, he pulled back to look at you while cupping your cheek.
“Who cares. I’ll buy a new one.”
He gave you that dazzling smile as he leaned in for a kiss. Wrapping your arms tighter around his neck, you didn’t care who was watching. Just when the kiss started to get heated, he pulled away and darted his eyes to those who had stopped and stared at the exchange. His cheeks stared to blush with embarrassment. Gently setting you back on your feet, he took your hand and walked you over to the trailer.
“I believe there’s someone who missed you just as much as I have…”
When you laughed, the barking got even louder. With a quick kiss first, he let go of your hand to open the door.
“You might want to brace yourself for this, love.”
The door wasn’t even fully open yet before Bobby bolted down the stairs towards you. His whines were so loud it was heartbreaking. Since he was jumping on you anyways, you sat down on the ground and let him love on you as you watched Tom retrieve the discarded phone. The look on his face told you everything you needed to know.
“Told ya.”
He rolled his eyes when you winked at him. Now that the furball was starting to calm down a little, Tom tried to usher him back inside.
“At least let her come inside, Bobby.”
Once inside the privacy of the trailer, his lips crashed against yours the second the door was closed. Savoring the moment, it was several minutes before one of you finally broke the kiss. With tears in his eyes, he stared down at you as if he was trying to convince himself that you were real. Pulling you in for another hug, his voice was a whisper against your ear.
“I’m so sorry, baby.”
“I’m sorry, too. I was scared and confused. I shouldn’t have left the way I did.”
Leaning back to look at you, he cupped your face in his hands and watched the tears spill over.
“No darling, you were absolutely right. I wouldn’t have let you leave. I would have been selfish and kept you there. I understand completely. You needed your freedom and space to be yourself. I did so many things wrong, my love. You had every right to walk away. I don’t blame you in the slightest for doing it. I’m just glad you’re here. I’ve missed you every single second, sweetheart.”
He kissed the top of your head as he pulled you against his chest once more.
“You have no idea how badly I needed to hear that. I knew you would be mad when I went to the press after already being hurt when you woke up alone. I meant what I said though. I don’t regret that night with you, Tom. It meant everything to me. I knew I had to leave, so I was glad that our last night together was perfect.”
Tom smiled down at you before giving you another sweet kiss. Taking your hand, he led you over to the couch and pulled you down into his lap. With a giggle, you landed across his legs with your back against the end that was up against the wall. It let you lean back while still sitting up to face him. After going so long without him, this is exactly where you wanted to be in this moment. His arm stretched out across the back of the sofa and he lifted his thumb to graze your cheek as he stared at you with a look of pure amazement. His other hand was wrapped over your leg to hold you against him.
“I was so scared I’d never see you again, darling.”
You looked down at your lap and held onto his arm that was draped over you. Even though you knew it was time to get it all off your chest, it didn’t make it any easier to form the words.
“I honestly didn’t plan on coming back when I left that morning. I knew that even if I blocked your number, you would find a way to get a hold of me so I got a new cell to use for now. I made sure mom and Luke had it for emergencies and kept in touch with the group through the messenger app. I needed to make sure you were okay after everything with Jamie. The last thing I wanted to do was to damage your reputation or career. I know how hard you’ve work to build it over the years. That’s another reason it angered me that she did what she did to you. I saw first hand from you that someone can make it and still care about other people. You’re an amazing man, Tom. You were always too good for her.”
He rested his head on the back of the couch and seemed to relax for the first time in ages. You could see the exhaustion in his face and it made you sad. Tom processed your words before speaking.
“Well, I’m glad I could set a good example then. I wanted to thank you for protecting me, George. I just wish I had done a better job of protecting you. There’s so many things I wish I had differently.”
You watched as Tom reached out and took both of your hands into his.
“Darling, I just want you to know that losing you opened my eyes to so many mistakes I made. It broke my heart to realize how I’ve made you feel all these years. I need you to know that I never intended for my actions to send you so many wrong messages. I understand now why you felt like I fed you empty promises. Just please know that I meant what I said. I always have. You are everything to me, Y/N. I’m sorry I ever made you feel like you weren’t. I know I wasn’t myself the last few months and I have no excuse for my actions or how I treated you. I was hurt and stupidly pushed you away when I should have fought for you. I should have chased after you and proved to you how much you meant to me. How much you mean to me. I know I didn’t love you like you needed to be loved. I know now that the way I thought you should be loved is not what you need. I never did any of those things to try to change who you are as a woman or as a person. I never cared what you wore or any of those material things. I only did all of that because I thought I was taking care of you. You deserve to have the world delivered to your feet, baby. The expensive gifts and trips and all of it was me trying to give you the best I could offer. It had nothing to do with wishing you were more like that. I’m so sorry if those things made you feel like you weren’t good enough in my eyes, because to me, you are true perfection, love. I have never wished for you to be anything other than the woman I feel in love with during a crazy week in London. I want all those things with you. I want you in jeans and a t shirt, preferably myshirt after seeing you in one that night. I want to have lazy days on the couch watching movies. I want you exactly like this. I want you with your hair thrown up in a bun with no makeup. I want you, Georgia. I always have, even when I did a piss poor job of showing you.”
The tears returned as you stared at him while he said everything your heart had wanted to hear for so long. In this moment, you knew you had made the right decision in coming back. Right here in this moment was exactly where you needed to be. Without saying a word, you reached up and grabbed the front of his dress shirt. A smile crept across his face as he let you pull him in for a kiss. Every kiss with him was just as powerful as the first one, even if each of them was different in their own way. You could spend the rest of your days kissing him and you prayed that you would get the chance to someday. For now, you were happy to be in his arms in a trailer on set as he drove you wild. Breaking for air, you rested your forehead against his and toyed with the top button of his shirt as he was still leaning down towards you. With your lips still just a few inches away from each other, your words were barely a whisper in the room.
“You really should do more chick flicks with words like that, Hiddleston.”
“Be my leading lady and I would…”
“You had me at hello…”
Tom chuckled slightly as he tucked a section of hair behind your ear that had fallen out from your bun.
“If you’re a bird, I’m a bird…”
When you pulled back and let out a loud laugh, he laughed with you and planted a kiss on your neck. Just as he was pulling you in for another round of slow kisses, a knock on the trailer door interrupted the two of you. Resting his forehead against yours with a sigh, he called out without pulling away from you.
“Hey boss, it’s me.”
Recognizing the voice, you offered one more quick kiss before you pointed to the door for him to answer it.
“Come in!”
Natalie came in and gave you a smile.
“Glad to see you found him.”
Tom looked between the two of you as it clicked into place.
“Wait… she knew you were here before I did?”
Squeezing his hand, you gave her a wink.
“How do you think I knew where to find you, babe? You should know me by now. I have just as many connections as you do, Hollywood.”
He rolled his eyes and looked up at Natalie to have her continue.
“The exec meeting has been pushed to Thursday, so you’re done for the day. I tried to call you, but your cell is going straight to voicemail. I guess I know why now.”
You gave him a smirk before looking back at her.
“Oh…um… I may have dropped it and broken it earlier.”
“Ordering a new phone for tomorrow, got it. Well, if you don’t need anything else, I’m going to head out since you are otherwise occupied.”
Tom watched as you stood up and gave her a hug.
“Thank you for keeping him in line for me.”
“Anytime girl. Thank you again for setting me free.”
Once Natalie had left, he wrapped his arms around your waist and rested his head on your shoulder. It didn’t surprise you that he needed constant physical contact with you right now. You didn’t exactly mind it either.
“Do you have any plans this evening?”
“Not really. Why?”
He turned you around in his arms so you were facing him again as he looked down at you.
“Will you have dinner with me?”
You smiled up at him as your arms wrapped around his neck.
“Are you asking me out on a date, Thomas William?”
“If I am?...”
He watched you lean back and pretend like you were thinking about your answer until his fingers came up and dug into your side to make you squirm and laugh.
“Ok! Ok! I would love to, although I’m not exactly dressed up.”
He leaned down to leave a few short kisses onto your lips before making the final one last a little longer.
“I’ll cook for us then. We’ll have a night in together. How does that sound?”
“Sounds great.”
Leaving a few more kisses against your lips, he finally pulled away.
“You ready to get out of here?”
“After you, Bigshot.”
A few minutes later the two of you were heading for the parking lot with Bobby clinging to your side. When you pulled out your keys, he gave you a strange look until the lights flashed on an SUV directly in front of you. Based on the tags, it was brand new.
“Don’t look so surprised, Hollywood. I do know how to drive. We just usually took the Jag, and you complain about my speed the whole time I’m behind the wheel. Plus, my previous employer left me an extremelygenerous severance bonus that was direct deposited into my account without my approval.”
Tom bit his lip while rubbing the back of his neck. He had forgotten about that. One drunken night while sitting in your room, he had instructed Luke to authorize the transfer, much to his disapproval. If you weren’t coming back, he wanted to make sure you never had to worry about your finances again. The last thing he wanted was to picture you in the same situation you were in back in New York, but without him this time.
“Eh… I suppose that’s a discussion we’re going to have isn’t it?”
He watched as you gave him “that look” while popping the P sound on your reply.
“Yup. Want me to just follow you?”
“Sure. I already have all the supplies I need at home thanks to someone’s very thorough instructions for Natalie.”
You gave him a wink before leaning up for a kiss. After a few that each lasted a little longer than the previous one, he pulled away with a groan and began to walk towards his Jaguar parked a few yards away. He was only a few feet away when he heard Bobby whine. Looking down at him, he was looking back and forth between you and Tom. With an unamused expression, he looked over at you to find you holding in your laughter.
“Alright, fine… go!”
With a pat of your leg, Bobby sprinted back over to you and jumped up into your car through the open driver’s side door.
“I love you.”
Looking like he walked straight out of your fantasies, Tom sauntered back over towards you before lacing his fingers through your hair and pulling you in for a deep kiss.
“I love you too, baby…”
When he finally broke the kiss, you were pressed up against the side of the vehicle and out of breath. He could get drunk off the dazed expression on your face when he kissed you like that. If he wasn’t careful, the two of you would end up in one of the backseats and never leave this parking lot. With your lips barely grazing his, you kept your voice low and sexy.
”… I was talking to the dog.”
You let out a deep belly laugh as he rolled his eyes and pulled away from you with a growl. As you turned to climb into the car, he playfully smacked your behind before turning to make his way to his car. Waiting for traffic to clear, he glanced into the rearview mirror to see you talking to Bobby who was sitting proudly in the passenger seat beside you. It was an image he wanted to remember forever. On the drive out to the home he was renting during filming, he continued to check to make sure the two of you were still behind him. He still couldn’t wrap his mind around the fact that you were here. The fact that you had yet to tell him exactly what you had decided hadn’t slipped past him. Until then, he didn’t want to waste a single second with you while he had you beside him. After the last six weeks, he would move mountains for the opportunity he currently had in front of him.
After turning into the long driveway of the home, he quickly shut off the engine and climbed out. Bobby was already at the side of the Jag and was more excited than he had been in weeks as the two of them joined you next to your SUV. With you bent over the seat to grab your things from the floorboard on the passenger side, he couldn’t pass up the opportunity presented to him as he slipped his hand into your back pocket. You jumped at his sudden appearance behind you and nearly dropped your bag causing Tom to laugh. When you stood and faced him, your eyebrow was raised in that challenging look.
“Sorry to frighten you, darling. I couldn’t help myself. You’re wearing those jeans.”
Rolling your eyes and throwing your purse onto your shoulder, you watched as he closed the car door for you and led you up the walk to the front door.
“You think all of my jeans are those jeans, Thomas.”
He simply shrugged and gave you a wink as he unlocked the door and stepped aside to let you enter. He always seemed to find a rent house that was completely… him. The house was secluded on top of a hill just outside of Atlanta and overlooked the city below. As you looked around the spacious livingroom and kitchen, Bobby bolted pass the two of you and disappeared through a doggy door to the large backyard.
“Hmm, handy...”
“Installing one the second we get back to London.”
He kissed your cheek as he walked by to set his things down on the bar in the kitchen. After unloading his pockets, he opened his mouth to speak but you cut him off with a nod.
“I know the routine, Hollywood. Go shower. I’ll be right here.”
With a smile, he gave you a gentle kiss and started to head towards what you suspected was the master bedroom.
“Make yourself at home, baby. I’ll be out in a minute.”
A few minutes later, Tom found you on the back patio playing fetch with Bobby. At the sight of him watching you, you smiled at his more relaxed appearance. The dress shirt and slacks were gone and had been replaced with jeans and one of his favorite worn in shirts. He had now switched to his glasses and even though his hair was combed back, the curls were beginning to form as they dried. Reaching down to grab the open bottle on the table beside you, he left a kiss on your neck before wrapping an arm around your waist and taking a drink.
“I see you found the beer.”
Giving him a wink, you put your bottle to your lips before throwing the ball for Bobby again.
“I did. Bobby also gave me the tour by the way, now I’m trying to wear his ass out, but I fear it’s quickly becoming the other way around unfortunately.”
Tom laughed before taking the ball from the pup and throwing it to the far corner of the yard, much further than you had managed to get it.
“So, what’s on the menu tonight?”
Standing behind you and pulling you against his chest, he swayed the two of you as he thought.
“Hmmm… Chicken Carbonara?”
The moan you let out was dangerous to his self-control.
“I figured you wouldn’t have any complaints. What do you say we drag this pup back inside and I’ll get dinner started?”
Reaching up behind you to cover his ears, you let out a whistle. Immediately, Bobby dropped the ball and sprinted towards you.
“Much appreciated. You really must teach me that.”
“What can I say? It’s genetics.”
“That I certainly believe. Come Bobbers, inside.”
After getting Bobby a treat and sending him over to his bed in the corner, you pulled another round of beers from the fridge and handed one off to him before hopping up onto the counter beside him. For a few minutes, you watched him in silence as he chopped up the pancetta and garlic and began to sauté it in between flipping the chicken breast on the grill side of the stove top. One thing was certain, wherever Tom stayed, he made sure to have a gourmet kitchen to cook in. Other than going for a run, cooking was one of the only other things that helped him unwind after a long day, other than the obvious…
You couldn’t help but stare at him as he gracefully moved around the kitchen. Other than the four months the two of you didn’t speak after the disaster that was Oscar’s weekend, you hadn’t gone more than a few days without a phone call or video chat. To not see him for nearly two months after the night you spent together had been torture, even if it had been necessary. Seeing the opportunity, you decided to acknowledge the elephant in the room.
“I know you have questions, Tom. You’re allowed to ask them, you know.”
His eyes darted over to you as he filled the pot with water. Placing it on the stove beside you, he sighed.
“I guess we can’t dance around the subject forever can we, love?”
Removing the chicken from the grill, he set it aside to rest and stirred the contents of the sauce pan as he gathered his thoughts. He chose to start with the easy one.
“Where were you, George?”
With a break as he waited for the water to boil for the pasta, he grabbed his beer and leaned against the island across from you and took a long swig from the bottle. You picked at the label as you answered.
“Here and there. I spent the first day in London ruining her life before hopping on a flight to Spain. I figured that would be the last place you would think to look for me.”
He smirked and nodded slightly.
“That’s true. Never crossed my mind. Brave choice. I see you came out in one piece based on previous visits.”
Looking up at him and smiling before continuing, you returned your attention to the now empty bottle in your hand as Tom stepped back over to the stove to start the pasta.
“I refused to leave the hotel the entire week I was there for that very reason. After that, I hopped around for a few weeks. Italy. Greece. Germany. I spent some time in South America and got to see the Iguazu Falls in Argentina and a few places in Brazil. On my way back to the states, I stopped off in the Bahamas and spent a few days on the beach before going back to the ranch to see Momma. I spent a few days catching up on work that needed to be done there before waking up this morning and driving in to see you.”
He couldn’t say that he was surprised after how trapped you had felt with him in London. Of course you would jet set around the world, especially with the windfall you had after his drunken money transfer.
“I’m glad you got to see so many places, Georgia. I know the falls have been on your list for a long time… did you stay safe? Check in with anyone?”
With the spaghetti now boiling, he returned to his previous position across from you.
“Yes, sir. I made sure to plan out each leg before I went and called my mother everyday to check in. Actually, Scarlett was finishing up the European leg of the press tour for Black Widow while I was in Greece and decided to join me in South America. Evans flew in and met us in the Bahamas for the last few days we were there. I was safe the entire time, babe.”
He tried to hide his anger, but you saw it in his jaw as he went to the fridge to grab another beer.
“I know you’re upset with them Thomas, but I made them promise. If you knew I was beside them as you called to check for updates, you would have dropped everything and been outside my hotel room by the next morning. They never lied to you, babe. They said they had heard from me and that I was safe, did they not?”
Rolling his eyes, he hated when you defused him with logic.
“Yes, but I won’t lie to you and say it doesn’t hurt that everyone got to hear from you except me. I know I’m the one you needed a break from, but you couldn’t have replied to just one text or email, baby?”
You hopped down and made your way over for another drink this time.
“In the spirit of full disclosure, Tom, until two days ago, I still had no intentions on coming to see you. The last thing I wanted to do was to give you false hope just to make you feel better in the moment. Do you honestly think it would have helped you to receive a single reply with no further communication after?”
He went to speak but stopped.
“I know, my damn logic. I’m right though aren’t I? The fact that it also drives you insane is just an added benefit for me.”
Setting his drink aside, he moved to drain the pasta and prepare the sauce. After he didn’t speak for a few minutes, you asked the question you knew he was too scared to say.
“What you really want to know is why I’m here. You want to know what changed my mind.”
Tom swallowed hard as he held onto the sink with his back towards you. He prepared himself for the worst in this moment. You were only here for the night and then you were gone again. You had made your decision and you had decided that this break or whatever it had been was now going to be a permanent arrangement. He was getting you back for a few hours at most and he was going to have to accept that it was truly over before it began. The damage he had done was too great and he had missed his chance at happiness. You would give him the speech in person that he needed to move on and find someone else to spend his life with. If he was going to lose you, it wasn’t going to be without a fight until his dying breath.
You watched him carry the pasta back to the stove and head over to the fridge to grab the ingredients for the sauce. His expression was stoic and unreadable. After all these years, the man in front of you was a book you had memorized cover to cover. On the rare occasion, his behavior would surprise you, but for the most part, you had a direct connection to his thoughts and emotions. He was preparing himself for you to leave again. He was masking his pain to prevent you from feeling it as well. You reached out and grabbed his arm causing him to let out an unsteady breath. He then stopped his movements and closed his eyes to wait for the fatal blow to his heart.
“I realized that I was more scared to live my life without you, than I was to stay and love you, Thomas William.”
His eyes shot back open to look at you with a mixture of relief and confusion. The fact that they were already glistening in the kitchen light didn’t slip by you.
“Wait… what?”
When you turned towards him and pulled him in for a hug, he hesitated before finally tightening his grip on you.
“I’m not saying that I’m not still scared or that I’m excited to be in the spotlight with you, but once I finally took a step back to clear my head, I decided that it is worth it if it gives us a chance to see where this goes. As long as that’s still what you want…”
Tom pulled back and looked down at you as a tear fell to his cheek with the biggest smile you had ever seen on his face.
“It’s all I’ve ever wanted, baby. I know you told me to move on and find someone else, but you need to know that if it isn’t you, darling, it won’t be anyone else. You’re it for me. It’s only ever been you and it will always only be you, Y/N.”
You bit your lip as you watched him return his attention to preparing the sauce and decided to reveal one more secret.
“You know, you said the same thing to me almost word for word before in Madrid…”
He shook his head as he cracked the eggs he needed for the base of his sauce.
“Is that so? I thought you told me everything I did that night. What exactly did I say that you felt the need to keep to yourself, George?”
“Marry me…”
Tom dropped the spoon directly into the sauce pan, causing it to splatter on the stovetop. You giggled as he quickly retrieved the item and set it down beside him and wiped his hands on the kitchen towel.
You leaned back against the island behind him and watched him uncomfortably shift his weight.
“As you drifted off to sleep that night, you told me you loved me then you said the words ‘marry me’. I assumed you were joking around until you said, and I quote, ‘If you’re not Mrs. Hiddleston, then there’s never going to be one. Just say the word, darling, and I’ll change your name’. I should have realized how you felt about me then, but you never mentioned it again, so I chalked it up to the pain meds.”
Giving the sauce a stir, he turned to awkwardly face you and rub the back of his neck as his cheeks turned a lovely shade of crimson.
“Uhh… I suppose that explains why you acted so strangely after that. How come you never told me?”
Shrugging your shoulders, you gave it some thought for the first time with a fresh perspective.
“That’s a good question. I guess it brought up a lot of emotions that scared me. It was overwhelming to think about if you actually did mean it. I thought that you had never felt the same way about me when I was the one in love. When you didn’t seem to remember the next morning and I began to think it was just the drugs in your system, I didn’t quite know how to feel about it, honestly. Part of me was relieved but still… sad, I guess? Considering I realized in Fiji that I had fallen in love with you again, there’s a chance I already loved you then and wanted you to feel the same way.”
He closed the distance between the two of you until he was standing directly in front of you. His arms wrapped around your waist as he seemed to drift off in thought before smirking at you.
“It was the scene with the kiss, wasn’t it? That last week of filming when I had that long monologue about being in love.”
You stared up at him as if he truly had the ability to read your mind.
“Yeah… how did you know?”
Staring into deeply into your eyes, his hand came up to your cheek.
“I noticed it when we were running lines that week. Any other time we went over the script, you got this… expression on your face. It was like you were trying to play the part of someone else, even if you were quite comical doing it. You’re certainly a better bartender than you are an actress, my love.”
He let out his signature laugh when you hit his chest and tried to act offended.
“In all seriousness though, I could tell that you always tried to play the part for me instead of just simply reading the lines on the page. It helped me get in the mindset of the character. That scene was different though. Whenever I would get to that particular monologue, the expression would leave, and it was just you standing there. You always stared at me so intently, as if you were taking in every single word I was saying. At the time, I thought you were just reacting to me since in my head, I was always saying those words to you, darling. It’s why I always stopped right before the kiss. After that night in New Zealand, I was scared to push for anything more with you. I had this fear that you would be caught up in how much I wanted it and that you would regret it afterwards. That’s why what you said hurt so much the night she kissed me. It felt like my worst fear was coming true when you called the week together at my mother’s a mistake…”
You watched his expression change to one of sadness before he led the memory fade and returned to Fiji.
“That’s beside the point… because I had always picturing saying those words to you, my eyes kept drifting over to you when we were actually filming. The director called me out on it actually. The first run through, you had the same look in your eyes that you did running lines… until I kissed her. When he called cut, I looked over at you and you had this look on your face, Georgia. It was like I had betrayed you, but it was mixed with confusion. After the second take, you practically ran out of there as fast as you could, love.”
Even though you knew him so well, it somehow still surprised you when he had the ability to read you as well.
“I guess I felt it when you directed the lines to me. I just wanted to be the one you were kissing instead of her…”
He leaned in closer with that intense stare that hypnotized you and wrapped his hand around the back of your neck so your focus was on him.
“It was my job to kiss her that day, baby, but can I tell you a secret?”
His lips were now so close to yours, you could feel his breath against them.
“On that day, and every other day for the last eight years, anytime I’ve kissed someone, for work or otherwise, I wanted you to be the one I was kissing, too.”
Just as you gasped, he closed the distance and used his body to pin you to the counter behind you as he captured your lips in a mind-numbing kiss. When you let out a moan, he loosened his grip on your waist and planted his hands on the back of your thighs just below your ass and effortlessly lifted you up onto the counter. Now standing between your legs, he pulled you to the edge, so you were pressed up against him as he began to trail rough kisses along your jaw.
“Sounds like you just admitted to thinking about me when you were in bed with her, Hiddleston…”
He stopped and stood up to look at you with an amused expression.
“Your jealousy is showing, Georgia…”
“That wasn’t a no…”
He leaned further into you so you now felt the bulge that was already present behind the cover of his jeans. You let out a small whine before wrapping your legs around his waist. The deep vibrations in his laugh caused goosebumps to form when his mouth had returned to your neck.
“We both know the answer to that one, baby girl. Although my thoughts ended up being nothing compared to having the real thing.”
Hearing him agree caused a grin to spread across your face as he left a particularly rough kiss on your collarbone before making his way up your neck once again. Finally opening your eyes, you spotted the forgotten dinner on the stove.
“Is the sauce supposed to look like that?...”
It took a second for your words to register. When he remembered the dinner he had been cooking, he shot up from the crook of your neck and flew over to the stove, nearly causing you to fall off the counter he had placed you on.
The poorly neglected sauce was a strange color and texture and looked nothing like you remembered last time he had made it for you.
“I suppose burned scrambled eggs is not the most appropriate base for a proper carbonara… well, that’s settled then.”
He flicked off the burner and set the pan off to the side before returning to you.
“Dessert first, then dinner.”
Before you could respond, he wrapped your legs around his waist once again and began to carry you in the direction of his bedroom as you giggled the entire way.
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ravuscults · 5 months ago
can we talk about this? please i really wanna talk about this.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
look at how genuine and happy he looks. loki looks so excited and unbothered and it absolutely fills me with the most joy i’ve felt in forever. he’s finally found someone he’s comfortable with :( and then he stabbed him in the back but mobius is so soft with loki despite being harsh toward him at times and i feel like that’s exactly what he’s needed. he’s so genuine and kind to loki and it fills me with so much happiness i :((
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i feel like what loki needed for the longest time was to be treated with kindness. to feel like maybe he’s not as bad as everyone makes him out to be and that he’s not all bad. that he’s capable of good. because that’s what he was raised to believe, and that’s how he has always felt — that he was born to cause chaos and tragedy. that’s why he was a villain at a point in time. he didn’t know any better. he was always trying to live up to someone’s standards or expectations, to just feel like he belonged. and mobius has changed that, even if only slightly. you know that one scene in ep 2, where he stood behind mobius?
Tumblr media
that one. when he stood behind him when he was arguing with the other tva agents, because loki knew mobius was going to stand up for him. he knows mobius is on his side. someone, for once, is on loki’s side and is vouching for him, believing in him. mobius has already had an impact on loki. change my mind. he’s made him feel comfortable and happy for once in his life, he’s been so sweet towards him and i respect him wholly and entirely for that.
Tumblr media
i love boyfriends. my favourite duo. that’s it.
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buckyhoney · 4 months ago
the character development of loki is incredible.
he goes from a character so insecure and guarded that he used arrogance and pride as a mask to someone who believes that he is capable of a life beyond pain and suffering.
a life that he is able to be happy and one that is filled with genuine connections with others.
regardless if marvel intended it or not, these series are showing us that in order to become our most powerful self, we need to allow ourselves truly to express our emotions rather than repressing them.
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earlgreydream · 4 months ago
in charge.
| loki x reader | fluff | smut |
anon requested. loki without even thinking about it kneeling to tie readers shoe and immediately being teased for it by the team or Thor or whoever, and feeling like he needs to prove he’s still in charge in spicy ways
cw: d/s, subspace, light bondage, aftercare
Tumblr media
“Be careful, please,” Loki stressed, his hand wrapping around your bicep to stop you as you ran to the kitchen.
You stood still, looking down as Loki knelt in front of you, lifting your foot onto his knee to re-tie your shoelace that had come loose. He tightened them before standing back up, taking hold of your hand.
“You’re so whipped, Loki. Kneeling for your girl,” Thor laughed, teasing Loki for tying your shoes. 
“Stop it.” 
The severity of Loki’s tone with his brother made you shudder, though the other members of your team kept on laughing.
“You’ve gone soft, Loki. Tying her shoes,” Stark teased, making Natasha laugh and shake her head before taking another drink. 
You frowned, disliking the way they were getting Loki riled up. You wrapped your arms around his torso, your body pressed against his back.
“Don’t listen to them,” you murmured against his spine.
“I’ve not gone soft,” Loki retorted to Stark, making you sigh softly.
Your hand gently slid under his shirt, your fingertips smoothing over his defined abdomen.
“Loki, how does it feel to be wrapped around Y/N’s finger?” Steve asked with a grin, purposefully taunting the god.
“She knows who’s in charge.”
“Do you?” Thor snorted.
“In charge?” You bit back a laugh, almost immediately regretting it.
Loki manhandled you to the front of his body, holding both of your wrists in one hand.
You nodded, hiding your face in his chest, embarrassed. Everyone laughed before changing the subject, though Loki was still irritated.
“Come with me,” Loki’s tone was firm, dragging your attention away from your book.
You looked up at him from the couch, where you were stretched out on your stomach.
“I’m not finished with my chapter,” you protested, turning the page.
You gasped as Loki slapped your ass, making you drop the book.
“Do not talk back to me.”
He grabbed you, dragging you off of the couch, his arm around your waist. You were carried like a helpless animal under his arm, through the halls of Stark Tower, so Loki made sure everyone witnessed it.
“Loki, is this about the others teasing you?” You asked when he tossed you onto his bed, your back hitting the mattress.
“It’s about me showing you who’s in charge.”
“I’m yours, Loki, always. I appreciate you tying my shoes for me, and fucking the living daylights out of me. You have nothing to prove,” you assured the god, holding his hand.
His arrogance faltered, and he kissed your forehead tenderly. Your fingers slipped into his hairline, the black locks silky under your touch. His lips gently connected with yours, the god lightly biting your bottom lip. His tongue slipped in your mouth as you gasped, his hand around your back.
“How do you wish to be fucked?” Loki asked, mouthing along your throat, dotting bruises where he pleased.
“However you want me,” you answered, closing your eyes as Loki’s hands ran up the sides of your body.
“Bound and beautiful,” he answered, golden chords securing your wrists to the ceiling as Loki pulled you onto your knees.
You knelt with your legs parted on the bed, gazing at your reflection in a mirror. He kept you suspended just enough that you couldn’t move around, immobilized and left to his will.
Fair hands splayed over your torso, sliding up to cup your breasts and squeeze. He delighted in the tiny moans and whimpers he elicited from your squirming body, feeling little pricks of excitement rise on your skin.
“Look how beautiful, and all mine,” he growled, biting the delicate skin on your neck.
You blinked your eyes open, gazing at the two of you in the mirror, your hands bound above your head like you were praying to the god.
“M’yours,” you breathed, crying out and flexing your fingers as he slowly filled you.
His fingers dipped between your legs, gently toying with your clit as his cock split you open.
Warmth was burning through your body, electricity bursting at the edges of your nerves. His large hand closed around your throat, carefully restricting your whimpers, a light squeeze limiting your oxygen.
Loki’s movements were hard and fast, fucking you dumb, keeping you suspended in the air. His fingers slid into your mouth when your moans grew too loud and high pitched, gagging you and silencing the noises.
Your mind melted, your thoughts fractured as your body absorbed the pleasure and you sucked on his fingers, sinking back against his chest.
All your body could process was his quick thrusts and the rolls of your clit between his fingers, your quiet cries muffled. Your muscles seized up, everything tensing before Loki ripped an orgasm from you.
Your trembling form was held against him as he lazily thrusted through both of your orgasms, lewd noises filling the room. Your body was limp against his, each thrust pushing the thick release back into your overstimulated heat.
“Loki,” you whispered, exhausted.
Your arms and thighs were burning from holding yourself up, and you felt raw and used. The gold cords disappeared from your wrists, and you sank into Loki’s arms.
“My gorgeous darling, you look so lovely all fucked out,” his fingertips traced over your cheeks.
“All lovey for you,” you murmured, relaxing in his arms.
“Mhm. How does a bath sound?” Loki asked.
You nodded, exhaling as he lifted you up. You were deep in subspace, completely pliant for Loki. He loved you like this, soft and relaxed. You were extra clingy like this, your desire to be close to him endearing.
Loki peppered your face with kisses as he cleaned you up, hushing your tiny whimpers as he touched places were you were sensitive.
“My little darling,” Loki preened, fingering you to another orgasm as you laid against his chest in the bath. Your thighs were trembling as he curled his fingertips forward, smiling as you squeezed around him, coming hard as you hid your face in his neck.
“That’s it,” he praised you, helping you out of the bath and into bed.
“Need you to be close,” you mumbled sleepily, settling down as you felt him spoon you, his cool chest pressed against your back.
His strong arm draped over your chest, and you brought his hand to your throat, letting it rest against your skin, helping you feel safe.
“Make sure your shoes are tied please,” Loki called to you as you got dressed, getting ready to go out with the others.
“Help me?” You asked innocently, sitting on the edge of the bed.
Loki didn’t hesitate, walking over and kneeling in front of you. He knew you were capable of doing it on your own, but he liked to feel needed.
He kissed your knee, tightening your laces before taking your hand.
“I’ll let you be in charge,” you teased, kissing his cheek.
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zemosimp05 · 4 months ago
What about Loki being clingy and reader is happy because he started opening up
Marry me
Loki x Y/N | Pure Fluff (T-T)
An: Again I changed the prompt lil bit but reblogs/feedback/likes are greatly appreciated & highly encouraged!
Tumblr media
“Daaarrrrliiiiinggggg…..” you yelped when a heavy figure literally crashed over your body on the couch disrupting your peaceful reading session.
“Ow ow ow….Lokiii….god you’re heavy….” You yelled trying to push him away but he snuggled you more tightly in his arms. You looked up before you to Thor who was standing there with a sorry face.
“Y/N….” Loki giggled softly nuzzling his face in the crook of your neck, hugging you, nibbling your neck.
“Is he drunk?” You asked bit worriedly to Thor.
“Sorry …” He nodded at you before leaving the room.
“I missed youuuu….my looooveee…”Loki’s voice was slurring making you chuckled this time. It’s been a while you have witnessed him this drunk.
“Loki…You saw me few hours ago…” you chuckled softly, stroking his hair and he hummed in response resting his head on your chest. He was heavy so you tried to push him aside little bit to adjust your position but he huffed annoyedly.
“NO…cuddle me…” he mumbled. You smiled looking down at him. Usually you’re the clingy one always sticking with him like a Koala. But seeing him like this was rare.
“My head hurts…”
“Why did you drink so much?” You asked.
“I was sad…” he mumbled.
“Aww… why…?”
“See… we are together for a long time right?” He asked lifting his head up to look at you. You nodded in response.
“And I never really did anything nice for you…” he confessed sadly making you confuse.
“Loki wha-”
“Shhh…don’t interrupt your god…” he said placing a finger on your lips.
“You love me right?” He asked.
“Ahh…I said don’t interrupt me…” he said glaring at you and you rolled your eyes.
“So…I feel so bad that I never even asked you to marry me…” he said thinking. Your eyes widened, a amused smile plastered on your lips.
“Loki…you ” but he placed his hands on your mouth.
“Shh…you talk way too much…As I was saying…I know I’m gonna be an awful husband…” he said laying back over you again.
“Umm hmm…” you hummed in approval, playing with his hair.
“You know I’m so bad around kids…” he scoffed.
“That you are…” you said again stroking his hair.
“Don’t interrupt me Y/N… I know I will just annoy and tease you all the time…cause problems…”
“You do that…”
“Sorry… please continue…”
“I will get unnecessarily jealous and possessive over youuuuu…” he lifted his head up again looking at you. You’re grinning at him cheekily. He was looking so cute like this, cheeks bit flustered, voice slurring little bit.
“Don’t smile…I’m trying to be serious here…” he said bit angrily and you immediately make a serious face trying hard not to laugh.
“ I will probably forget our anniversaries even…buuuut…..” he slurred.
“Buuuut?” You asked smiling again.
“Will you still Marry me Y/N?” He asked finally with so much hope. That’s when you chuckled at him. God how much you love this idiot.
“Y/N…I’m not joking….I might be little full..little bit..” he said emphasising with his finger little bit and you nodded.
“But I genuinely love you…” he said.
“I love you too…” you giggled placing a soft kiss on his lips.
“So will you marry me?”
“But I’m married already…sorry…” you chuckled showing him your wedding ring. Loki got up in disbelief.
“How can you do this to me…” he mumbled softly not believing your words, then looking at the ring.
“Omg Loki…I am married to you…” you laughed at your husband’s drunken state. You’re so happy inside as he proposed you again.
“We…we are…married already…?” He asked astonished.
“Yes next month gonna be our one year anniversary…” you smiled at him.
“ Omg I’m an awful husband …” he yelled this time hiding his face in his hands in embarrassment. How could he forget about marrying you, the love of his life.
“Aww…come here…” you giggled pulling him again in your arms , cuddling him as close as possible.
Here’s the Zemo version 🤗
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