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Loki Learns To Ride A Bike

Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Warnings: Swearing

Summary: After an incident with teleportation, Loki and his girlfriend decide another mode of transportation must be arranged. How hard can cycling be?

Authors Note: This was a request, but I am honestly tempted to write mor “Loki Adapts To Life” type drabbles. If anyone has any, hit up my asks.


Originally posted by maryxglz

“This is stupid.” Loki grumbled. “Foolish mortal machine.”

“Loki, it’s not hard. I keep telling you, you just need to take your feet off the floor.”

“If I take my feet off the floor, I will fall.” He hissed.

You could only imagine the look you would be receiving if he wasn’t frightened that he’d fall if he looked away.

“If you pedal, you will stay upright.” You argued.

It had taken a long time (Three weeks of arguing and sulky silences from Loki, to be specific), but he had finally given in and agreed that teleportation was perhaps not the most practical method of transportation, and that he should maybe consider other options.

After some disastrous exploration of the other options - you didn’t want to even think about the driving lesson - you had eventually arrived at the conclusion that cycling was the best choice.

Loki, however, had never seen a bike in his life, let alone was able to ride one.

You’d teach him, you thought. Simple enough.

You thought wrong.

You’d brought yourself, Loki, your bike and one you borrowed from a Loki-sized friend to the park down the road from your flat, ready for your very first lesson.

You weren’t sure at what point you’d realised it was starting to go south.

Perhaps it was when you’d found Loki barking at Mrs Anderson from downstairs’ very confused chihuahua.

Perhaps it was when he fell face first into a patch of stinging nettles.

“Loki, you have to lift your feet off the floor.” You urged him, stepping off your own bike. Something told you that you would not be going anywhere any time soon.

“Do you want me to get the stabilisers?” You asked, rubbing your forehead in frustration.

“For the last time, I do not need the fucking stabilisers.” He hissed. “I am not a five year old.”

“Then why are you behaving like one?” You replied.

You loved Loki, but he was incredibly testing at times, and boy, did he fucking know it. He was impossibly stubborn and would not do as he was told, even when he knew it was for the best.

You blamed Odin.

Actually , you blamed Odin for a lot of things. The Allfather had a lot to answer for.

Including Loki’s hatred of casual clothing. It had taken nearly an hour to persuade him to change the three piece suit he had initially dressed in, and the look he’d given you when you’d suggested a t-shirt and shorts would make anyone think you’d told him to kill his mother and violate the corpse.

Eventually, you had talked him into wearing a pair of dark jeans and a long sleeved top, but he would not budge on the boots.

You praised yourself on the choice of jeans as you stared at him. Man, did they make his ass look good.

“Y/N, are you even listening to me?” His voice snapped you out of your thoughts.

“Yes, of course.” You replied, pulling your gaze from his bum.

“As I was saying.” He scowled at you. “I don’t know why I can’t just teleport and save the hassle of this stupid contraption.”

“You know why.” Your voice was stern. “I am not dealing with another incident like that again.”

Loki gulped at the memory.

“Well, Lokes, if you won’t co-operate with the bike,” You sighed, crossing your arms over your chest. “It’s back to the tube.”

Not the tube. Never again.”

My inbox & requests are very much open.

Hit that shit up, bro.

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A/N: Because @official-and-unstable-satan​ (who is a beautiful soul and I would go to the ends of the earth for her) said she was interested in this one-shot, you guys are getting one.

Word Count: 1.1K+

Warnings: None (I don’t think)

Pairing: Loki x reader

Summary: There was only one bed! Shock! Whatever shall they do? Fluffy… kinda.


“I can’t believe this!”

You walk into your hotel room, utterly exhausted after your most recent mission. Tony said he would come by to pick you up, but did he? No, no he did not. He told you to find a place to sleep for the night because he wasn’t sure when he’d be able to pick you up.  Having scoured every hotel within a five mile radius, this was the only one that wasn’t completely booked. There was a single room available. At least the lady at the front desk assured you there were two beds.

However, that was clearly not the case when you entered your room with Loki behind. You’re greeted with the sight of a single bed.

“Well, this is clearly a predicament.”

“Yeah, no duh, Captain Obvious.” 

He scowls at you. “I shall speak with the woman at the desk.”

He leaves the room, his leather coat swishing behind him.

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Warnings: mild gore, close description of wound cleaning, blood, hurt/comfort, fluff, sexual tension, masochism/woundplay (very subtle), implied smut
Word Count: 3,7K+
Summary: Loki returns from a mission, wounded. He pretends to be fine but the reader sees through that. She offers to clean his wound and the sexual tension between the two of them grows. At some point, they can’t ignore it anymore.
Author’s Note: This was supposed to be a fluffy one-shot, but @godidontevenknowwhat​ kind of inspired me to choose the dirtier route. 


Originally posted by princessofjotunheim


Loki was stubborn.

Perhaps it was in his secretive nature to keep his issues to himself, afraid that by asking for help he would appear weak or vulnerable. It wasn’t entirely Loki’s fault, Y/N knew that. His past was incredibly complicated, which resulted in Loki’s unusual stubbornness and unwillingness to accept other people’s aid. Trying to get close to him was like trying to boil water on an instant – impossible. It required a lot of patience and time, but in the end, it was worth it.

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Something More Part Two


Summary: Loki takes you on a date, despite the disapproval of certain avengers (who are honestly just trying to look out for you, but like chill dude)

Based on a request by @rhemasky


“Did you forget that he killed people? Huh?! He’s dangerous and psychotic, and you want to go on a date with him, Y/N?” You grimaced as Tony’s voice raised to a yell.

You knew Tony was just trying to be protective and you loved that about him, but right now, he was pressing all the wrong buttons. You tried to keep your voice calm and steady, “Keep your voice down, he might hear you. We’ve all killed people, Stark, stop acting like a saint.”

Bruce pushed his glasses further up his nose, gently and cautiously saying, “We end the lives of bad people when we have to. Loki caused the deaths of innocent people who didn’t deserve to die. You know that’s not the same. That being said, Tony, I don’t think it’s up to us to decide what Y/N does.”

“Well said, Bruce. Y/N makes his/her own decisions.” You turned towards the sound of Loki’s voice. He was leaning in the doorway of the kitchen directly behind you, and his eyes met yours.

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A/N:  This is the second story for @is-it-madness  because I can’ t read the difference between Tom and Loki.  They requested a fic based on Blllie Eilish’s Ocean Eyes.  This is completely different from Ocean Eyes, the story I wrote for Tom. 

Because I am a lunatic, I wrote an extra snippet here.

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Summary: Loki and the reader finally find each other but can they hold on?

Warnings:  A bit of angst, lots of fluff.  hints of drowning, ambiguous ending, probably cursing.   

Word Count: 2293

Whole Enchilada Tag List:  @winterisakiller @nonsensicalobsessions @yespolkadotkitty @hopelessromanticspoonie @pinkzz123 @jessiejunebug @cherrygeek86 @littleredstarfish @rjohnson1280 @the-minus-four @wiczer @lotus-eyedindiangoddess @catsladen @coppercorn-and-cauldron @gerli49 @lovesmesomehiddles @devilbat @he-is-chaotic-she-is-psychotic @tinchentitri @theheartofpenelope @noplacelikehome77 @otakumultimuse-hiddlewhore @snoopy3000 @voila-tout @kitkatd7 @wolfsmom1 @queenoftheunderdark @xxloki81xx @thewaithfuckingannoyme @kcd15@amirra88​ @tomhiddles2 @malkaviangirl@evanlys19@thejemersoninferno@sadwaywardkid@is-it-madness@sweetkingdomstarlight-blog@peterman-spideyparker@caffiend-queen@sleepylunarwolf@anagrom@bradfordbantams@ms-cellanies@official-and-unstable-satan@stubby-toe-589331@alexakeyloveloki@loki-fic-library@imnotrevealingmyname@trippedmetaldetector@tea4sykes@noambition-blog@sherala007@vodka-and-some-sass@cursethedarkness@jewels2876@fixatedfandomhunter@myraiswack@lokikenway97@groovylokifanficpersona@ciaodarknessmyheart@bitchcraft-at-its-finest@hanyasnape@lokislastlove@stuckysdaughter@theunwantedomega@dryyoursaltyoceantears@petitefirecracker10@thummbelina@andreasworlsboring101@krazycags01@howaboutash@thehumanistsdiary​ 

God of Mischief Tag List: @drakesfiance@obtain-this-grain@theoneanna@brucestephenbucky@lokilover2000@lokixme@jade10077@bluefrenchfries604@rosierossette@lots-of-loki@cateyes315@readsalot73@villainousshakespeare@galagcica@weirdfangirl2416@antihero4967@theatrelove3000@sweatycalzonedeputyhumanoid​ @tropicaltroubletheo @buckaroo-barnes​ @myblissfulparadise @songbirdonamission@lokislittlecorner@chezagnes@ash-loki@pinkzsugar@fantasydevil2002

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“Loki, aren’t you going swimming?” you asked as you waded into the cool silver water.

“I’d rather watch from the shore, if you don’t mind.” Loki turned the page in his book. He situated himself under a tree shading him from the sun.

“Suit yourself. Come on, Volstagg.” you prodded for the large man to join you.

Loki scoffed at the absurdity of Thor and his friends frolicking and splashing in the water. Then his eyes landed on you. You wore only your undergarments, which now clung to your curves, soaking wet. Instinctually, he licked his lips as if he needed a drink of water. He returned his thoughts to his book and pushed aside any more lurid ideas he might have about you and being wet.

As the hours went by and the sun waned, you tired but didn’t want to leave the cool water. Because leaving meant the day would be over and you would have to wait once again to see Loki and Thor. Well, mostly Loki.

As the child of a wealthy merchant, that station afforded you certain allowances, invitations to galas and balls and the occasional trip with other members of the royal court, the princes included.

And then as soon as the night would end, you would be whisked back to your reality. How you relished your time with Loki. He would stare at you with those piercing eyes. Always something going on behind them, like the tides of the sea. And his mind. Sharp and brilliant, like a jewel, a diamond. You treasured Loki’s mind most of all.

“Are we ready to head in?” Sif asked as the others swam towards the shore of the lake.

“I’m just going to swim out to that rock one more time before we leave to watch the sunset.”

Sif nodded and joined the others on their journey back to dry land.

“Where is she?” Loki questioned Thor and Sif as they approached. Large droplets of water dripped from Thor’s hair and onto Loki’s leather pants.

“She swam to the outcropping one more time to watch the sun set.”

Loki rose to his feet in a panic. “And no one thought to stay with her? What if something were to happen?” He gazed out towards the horizon and spied you near the jagged rock sticking out of the water.

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Originally posted by doug-the-cat

Summary: In which you, Natasha, and Wanda make up a silly plan to find out if Loki has a crush on you

Pairing: Loki x Avenger!Reader

Warnings: If Loki is a warning then be warned

Notes: Hi this is the longest thing I have ever wrote and I am so very proud also sorry if there are spelling errors, I’m too lazy to re-read it :) but enjoy!



“I’m telling you, Y/n, he likes you!”

For the last half hour, you and your best friends had decided to talk about your love life during your weekly girl time. Although you denied having a crush on the raven haired God, Natasha and Wanda could see right through the humorous attempt at a lie.

For months now, you’d been crushing on Loki. It started when he first walked into the compound. Those blue – sometimes green looking – eyes had reeled you in, and now you don’t think you’d ever be able to escape his charm even if you wanted too. He was so unique in many ways.

Although he was a God, one who could create illusions of himself, he mainly fought with a pair of blue daggers. He was quiet, always preferred to stick to his books rather than go to Tony’s parties. Even if he was quiet, he voiced his opinions frequently, but only when he deemed it necessary. All that had you head over heels for him in a matter of days.

You laughed at Wanda’s comment, a weak attempt of brushing it off. “That’s like saying Sam is the strongest Avenger.”

“As much as I agree with that statement,” Natasha laughed, the punch at Sam really making her feathers ruffle in the best way. “I agree with Wanda more. It’s obvious Loki likes you. You’re just to oblivious to see it.”

“Alright, let’s elaborate on that,” you said, brewing up a possible situation inside your head. “Let’s say by some miracle, yes, Loki does like me. But in what world would he tell me? Because it isn’t this one,”

Wanda threw her head back, a strangled sigh flowing out. “Then let’s do something about it!”

“Do something?” you asked.

Natasha smirked, the look that you names ‘the look of doom’. “What if he force him to admit his true feelings.”

“I’m not dying or getting hurt if that’s what you mean.” you threw your hands up in your defense.

“No, silly. Let’s have another Civil War.”

What?” you and Wanda cried at the same time, panic ensuing in both of your veins.

The last time that happened, the team was split up for a full year until everyone had to take on Thanos. You were lucky you made it out okay, unlike Rhodey who was really hurt in the final moments.

Cackling, Natasha shook her head. “Between us three! Just a little fight or whatever, nothing like the actual Team Cap or Iron Man.” You sighed in relief, and it looked as if Wanda did the same.

“Okay, so what would that do?” Wanda asked. “How would it work?”

Natasha smiled, cracking her knuckles. “Oh, my dear girls, let me explain. We start a fight right here in the compound. We know the boys will have to come hold us down so we don’t break something, or ourselves.”

“So how will this help us get Loki to confess his feelings for Y/n?” Wanda questioned, intrigued by Nat’s plan. You wouldn’t lie, you were interested, too.

“Well, if Loki is the first one to grab her, then we know. Maybe even after it’s all over, he goes to talk to her.” Natasha had a mischievous grin lurking upon her face. “So, what do you guys think?”

Wanda nodded. “It’s actually not that bad. I mean, as long as no one actually gets hurt I’m in.”

“Y/n? What do you think?” Nat asked, excited that Wanda liked her plan.

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Summary: Loki had been a little hesitant to submit to you at first, but after a few sessions the switch was almost second nature to him. And after a long days work of fancy business affairs and putting on a pretty face for the public, you come home to a submissive cumslut ready to please you at your command.

Warning: Listen without headphones, it sounds more like him that way. But do be warned to keep the volume low…

I have plenty of audios like such if you guys are interested. There’s also a second/third part to this where you finger Loki, but I think I’ll hold off on posting that. I also have another audio with dom Loki, but it won’t sound 100% like him, due to the differences in accents but it’s close. Let me know if you’d like to see both of that.

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Hello!  I am back with fic teasers this week!  I am super excited for the stories this week (and next week, yes I am ahead!!!).  I have a bit of Loki angst/fluff and Professor Hiddles smut.  I am loving both of these.  

On Thursday the 28th, I am posting I Will Find You.  This is the Loki story for @is-it-madness​ request that I misread as Tom, which turned into Ocean Eyes.  This story is completely different from that story.  

And then on Saturday the 30th, you all will be getting HR Violation.  The Professor Hiddleston story.  It is not student/teacher (which makes me somewhat uncomfortable to write but I don’t mind reading.)  But it is smut just the same.  




I Will Find You | Loki x Reader

Loki rose to his feet in a panic. “And no one thought to stay with her? What if something were to happen?” He gazed out towards the horizon and spied you near the jagged rock sticking out of the water.

“I am sure she will be fine, Brother. I have never seen a better swimmer.”

As the words fell from Thor’s mouth, you attempted to stand and slipped, hitting your head on the way. Before anyone else could react, Loki had pulled off his boots and jacket and dove into the water.

Loki dove deep to find you sinking to the bottom of the lake. His arms grabbed you by the waist, carrying you to the surface. He towed you in and laid you across the soft sand of the shore.

“Everyone, get back!” he bellowed as Thor and the rest rushed to aid. “I think you have done enough to help!” His tone so sharp, everyone stopped in their tracks.


HR Violation | Tom Hiddleston x Reader

You needed to get a rough draft to your advisor within the month. But soon your head fell to the desk, and you dozed off.

The door opened and shut. You turned your head at the sound of the lock to your office clicking.

“Please don’t lock…” your voice trailed off as you see Professor Hiddleston standing there

“I can go if you want?” He hooked his thumb towards the door.

“No!” you exclaimed with too much force. You clear your throat to compose yourself. “I mean, that’s not necessary. What brings you here?”

Tom’s chest rumbled with a chuckle. “I saw you at the back of my lecture today.” He strutted towards you. You found her heart pounding in your chest.

“My friend dragged me along.” you shrugged it off in an effort to deflect from the growing arousal within in your core.

“Possibly. But your friend certainly didn’t force you to undress me with your eyes.”

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Finders Keepers


This is for @gingerwritess writing challenge! Congratulations again on 4K!!!

Disclaimer: This is in no way my best work, but I had fun writing this relatively short little thing.


You pushed open the emerald beaded curtain and stepped inside the thrift shop, glancing around at the interior. The shop was separated into sections by era and you squealed, practically bubbling over with excitement. You turned to watch Loki’s reaction and your brow furrowed when you realized he wasn’t behind you. You looked behind the curtain and Loki stood glaring at the store, his arms folded across his chest. You pouted, “Aw, Loki, come on! This is the last store, I promise.”

He raised an eyebrow, grumbling, “That’s what you said about the last one, and the one before that. I abhor this establishment you call a mall.”

You stepped through the curtain once again, standing close to Loki so you could look up at him through your lashes. “You know, I was going to look at some lingerie at the shop next door, but if you want to leave now-”

You thought for sure that would work, but Loki didn’t take the bait. “Exactly my point, you said this was the last store.” You gave him your best puppy dog look and said, “If you come in this store and try on one outfit for me, we’ll go and I won’t ask you to come with me again. Just one! Pretty please?”

You pressed a chaste kiss to his lips and when you pulled away, you met his gaze with a hopeful expression. His hands fell from across his chest as he sighed, looking at you for a moment. He relented, saying, “Alright, but only one.”

You smiled from ear to ear and took his hand in yours. “Thank you.” You tugged Loki through the curtain and pulled him through a few aisles before reaching the 70s style clothing.

You selected a few pieces for him to try on. The first item you pulled from the rack was a white and tangerine marbled shirt made of a silk material. The second was a pair of bright white jeans. Lastly, you picked a denim jacket and then held the clothes out for Loki to take. He obliged with a roll of his eyes, heading toward the fitting rooms.

You wandered over to the accessories, looking for anything that would go with the outfit you had just put together. Your eyes landed on a pair of orange-tinted Lennon style sunglasses. You smiled as you grabbed the glasses and turned to wait for Loki to come out of the dressing room.

It was another moment before the door swung open and there was a slight upwards curve to Loki’s lips. He had tucked the shirt into the pants and was shrugging on the jacket and your eyes tracked the movement, your mouth agape. You hadn’t expected him to look this good in an outfit like that, but you shouldn’t have been surprised. You found him attractive in anything.

“What do you think?” Loki smirked and did a little twirl. You bit your lip when you saw how tight the pants were in certain areas, but you quickly brushed that thought aside.

“I think it needs a last minute addition.” You stood on your tiptoes and Loki bent his head slightly to let you slide the sunglasses on.

You stepped back and grinned. “I have to admit, you really can pull anything off.”

His expression mirrored yours as he replied, “Thank you. Now it’s my turn.”

You raised an eyebrow, questioning, “Your turn? For what?”

“To pick something for you.” He went inside the dressing room and shut the door. You hadn’t expected him to want to do that, but you definitely weren’t complaining. Loki undressed fairly quickly and you followed as he put the items you had picked back in their spots.

When he had finished putting back the hat and sunglasses, he turned to glance around the store. His eyes swept over the aisles until he stopped on the 80s era section. Loki took your hand in his and led you over to the rack he’d chosen.

You watched as he scanned the rack for a few moments before his eyes lit up. Loki pulled a black leather jacket and matching pants from the rack and placed them in your waiting hands. He searched for something to go beneath the jacket and found a red velvet top. He nudged you toward the fitting rooms before you could protest.

Leather pants aren’t easy to get on so it took you a few minutes, but when you’d finally gotten dressed, you opened the door. Loki shifted his stance and cleared his throat as you did your own little twirl- as best as you could with all that leather.


Loki’s smile was breathtaking as he said, “You’re stunning, love.”

After you had changed back into your clothing and, at Loki’s insistence, bought the pants you’d tried on, you left the store hand in hand. Loki was beginning to think a mall wasn’t the most horrid place on Midgard after all.

“What was that you said about lingerie?”


Thank you for reading!!

Loki taglist: @mad4marvelloki @maxsaturdayhatesnarwhals @erinlaufeyson

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Something Wicked This Way Comes

Fandom: 1970s!Loki Multi-Chapter

Pairing: Loki x ConArtist!Reader

Warnings: Swearing, drinking, drug references, later death, later smut, crime, loki and the reader are con artists….. It’s a wild one y’all, hold onto yo’ seats.

Loki’s life on Asgard has become vapid; uninspiring. He’s got the taste for a little danger.

During a trip to earth, he finds just the danger he’s looking for.

A partner in crime - in every imaginable sense.

This is a teaser chapter for an upcoming fic. If you’d like to be tagged in the series, please either message me or comment.


Originally posted by maryxglz

Montecarlo, Loki thought, might be a little more interesting than he’d initially thought. Possibly, his favourite place he’d visited on Midgard.

It was like a hive of temptation, the culmination of human greed. Nowhere on earth quite said luxury like a city dressed to the nines, and Loki loved it.

His last visit midgard had been sometime during the 16th century, and he’d found the planet stricken by violence and a deadly plague.

1973, with its penchant for sex, drugs and rock’n’roll was far more to his taste.

He had, in the short time he’d been in the city, become very well acquainted with the calibrate of person who liked to visit. Men with enough class to never let an expletive pass their lips within company, but perfectly happy to snort narcotics off the seats of public toilets using a ten dollar bill that was on its fourth use.

Women loyal enough to remain on the arm of one gentleman for the whole of an eveneing but not opposed to a quick fuck in a back alley from a tall dark stranger with a mysterious smile.

Sex was not something Loki was particularly concerned with, but he did enjoy the sense of power he got from looking directly into the eyes of a man whose wife he had made come undone not ten minutes earlier.

Humans, he noted, were no different to the savage tribes of Vanaheim. They just hid it better, under expensive clothes and university degrees and layers of makeup.

This was not something he necessarily was bothered by. He was having far too good a time for that.

Casinos, he had taken a real liking to. Money was another thing that held no meaning for him, but cheating pompous assholes out of what they believed was rightfully theirs?

That he could get behind, and it seemed he was not alone in that.

He had been watching you all evening, as you worked your way around the room.

You were dressed to kill, and the man you’d turned your attentions to looked like he would gladly die if it would please you.

One hand stroking his *ahem* ego, and the other steaking his wallet.

You were perfect.

Mischief was on his agenda, and you looked like a wonderful accomplice.

He’d approached you quietly, a gentle hand on your shoulder, his lips by your ear.

“Well, hello.” He’d murmured, as you turned to face him. “Who might you be?”

You’d practically preened at the sudden attention, clearly very pleased with the idea of a second conquest of the evening.

“Darling, I’m your worst nightmare.”

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word count: 800

summary: Wren just Really wants to see Loki drunk. Childish actions ensue.

a/n: loki do b cute drunk doe!! i wrote this like two years ago originally and just rewrote it tonight so any bad ideas i blame on old me. also i tried to write this as gender-neutral, so hopefully i did it well (it’s my first time) yee haw 

Laying on a bed and just staring at the ceiling was one of Loki and Wren’s favorite pastimes. There wasn’t anything on the ceiling, of course, but they managed to have fun. They’d ask each other questions, or they’d talk about serious things, it would vary quite a bit. That’s what the pair was doing now, laying down. So far, nobody had said anything.

“What are you like when drunk?” They asked, not moving.

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Life in Audrilluria PREVIEW

King!Tom Hiddleston x Former-thief Reader


It’s funny how even after everything that has happened so far, he still keeps that same look in his eyes when he thinks I don’t see him looking. It’s almost like that stupid little saying I would always roll my eyes at actually has some meaning to it. No matter how many people judge him for bringing me back, no matter how many disapproving looks he gets daily, he’s still confident he made the right decision. I guess love really does conquer all…

Coming June 22nd

Heart of Audrilluria Masterlist 

Taglist is RE-OPENED

@ladyblablabla​, @tvdplusriverdale​, @pipolaki​, @myraiswack​, @shockwavee​, @harringtonb-blog​, @cynic-spirit​, @little-moonbeam-666​, @ochizokulevy​​, @swifitiedaylight​, @blue-honey-bee-from-france@scorpionchild81​,  @imnotrevealingmyname@whathefuckrichard69@frostedgiant@falling4uke​​ @accio-boys@amor67figment-love


So for my 100th post I decided to go back to the start of it all. This fic got me to where I am now and actually gave me the courage to write the crazy stories that came into my head. Thank each and every single one of you for all the support you’ve shown me and for everything else!! If it weren’t for all of you, I probably would have stopped writing. Anyway, I hope all is well, please stay safe out there, and I’ll see you on June 22nd for the return of my favorite fic thus far. 

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Originally posted by tomhiddleston-gifs

A/N: This was a request from a time ago, I’m sorry that it took so long to answer. I finally knew where to go with this. Hope you enjoy!

Request:  Hey! I heard you’re open to requests and I had this idea for a Loki X reader where the reader is a fire giant and they go from enemies to friends and slowly fall in love with each other but one day , they realize they can’t touch each other but Frigga somehow helps Loki and the reader and some cute happy Thor interactions❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ thank you so much!!

It would probably always be a mystery to you why you were dreaming about a specific trickster god that seemed to find a way to fuck with you even though he couldn’t physically touch you. Thor had always reminded you that his brother was not as bad as the stories had told, but that didn’t take away from the fact that the two of you were cursed enemies in all the oral traditions and written fables. He, although he seemed to be a stereotypical Asgardian, was a frost giant of Jotunheim. He was keen on keeping it a secret from most because of the over-produced-over-rated stories that some random person made up about those living in the land of giants. The only reason you knew about him being different from the rest of the royal family was because of a certain Queen of Asgard that ran in front of you when you went to shake his hand. She had brushed it off as wanting to give you a tour of where you were staying for the meantime, but you -and apparently the silver-tongued himself- were smarter than to buy that excuse.

You knew better than to push when she had told you about her son’s origin. You knew not to bring it up with Loki. You knew better than to tell anyone. You knew that secrets like that should be revealed by the person who’s secret it belonged to. You didn’t want people to judge the poor man based on some trumped-up fables about what giants from Jotunheim were like. But that didn’t stop the youngest son from taking out all of his problems on you with quips and sarcastic compliments. Thor told you to ignore them. Frigga told you that he was just lashing out. Even Odin told you not to mind Loki. So why did you? Why did you let his insults sting more than anything the warriors three said to you? Why did you let him attack every part of you? Why did you try to impress him as if he cared about you in the way that Thor cared from Sif? There was an answer to that question, but you ignored it, brushing it off as a symptom of reading too much of Queen Frigga’s romance books.

“Look who’s arrived? Did Heimdall transport you to Hel and back?” Loki remarked as you sat down next to Thor and Sif.

A few nobles that had been listening snickered quietly, looking at your appearance of a simple dress and your hair in a loose bun. Sure, it wasn’t the most proper of outfits, but your cycle -the one where you couldn’t control how much heat your body emitted as a response to viruses- had caused most of your traditional attire to turn into smoldering ashes. You were lucky that you had requested that no one enter your room while you let it air out. The amount of smoke would probably kill any poor maid who tried to change the bed dressings. Before coming to breakfast, you had sent your lady in waiting to request some fireproof outfits. Since your cycle only came once a century, you hadn’t been prepared for most of your clothing to spontaneously catch on fire.

“At least I attend breakfast,” You said, casually throwing your knife at Loki -well, the allusion of the trickster. Most people gasped in horror before realizing that the knife fell onto the floor on the other side of the table as if the man wasn’t there at all because Loki wasn’t. You assumed that he was in the library, casually eating a few grapes, reciting the words of Shakespeare.

The clone of Loki frowned slightly before disappearing into a light, almost-clear, green dew.

 You turned to the plate of food that had been served before you. You grabbed the fork; the silverware was fireproof after one of Thor’s feasts. You popped a strawberry into your mouth, savoring as it cooled your tongue for only a moment. You wanted to laugh at life for making your favorite things one of the deadliest things. Cold things, for all their credit, were some of the favorite things in life. The ice cream was your favorite dessert after Thor brought a pint of Ben & Jerry’s home from Midgard. You always preferred your mead in a cold glass. And yet? The only thing that could kill you was the cold. If you were to visit Jotunheim for only a minute, the blood running in your veins would grow cold immediately. It was why you couldn’t go near the god of Mischief. You would kill him with your heat. He would kill you with his coldness. There was no middle ground. There were no exceptions. That was the rule, much to Thor and Frigga’s displeasure.

“When are you going to admit that you favor my brother?”

You nearly choked on a piece of bread that you had torn off. You had to give it to Thor; he was blunt at the best and worst of times.

“Thank you, Thor,” Sif rolled her eyes, “He’s right though. This prancing about each other like you were deer in a Midgardian forest. It’s annoying. And must stop,”

“I have no idea what you two speak of. I am not a deer, nor do I prance around someone with feelings of love. I do however wonder at the fact that you two, at seeing the way that Loki hates me and I him, decide to laugh at how we act, but you will dedicate yourselves to falling on your own words that you so carefully placed by falling in love,”

Thor and Sif were quick to laugh it off and shake their heads, but you weren’t oblivious to the way that they snuck glances at each other when one wasn’t looking. You would have made a comment about it, but your Lady-in-waiting whisked you off the Frigga’s room on the order of the Queen. You longed to not go inside; she was the only one to your knowledge that knew your feeling in all their earnestly. She was sly like her son, her magic was only bested by her son, a fact she was quite proud of. Where Thor was blunt, she was soft. Where Loki was using his magic to cause chaos, Frigga tried to use it in a way that would benefit all the parties involved, not just the mischief-maker.

“My queen,” You curtseyed at the doorway before walking all the way into the room where Frigga awaited, “You summoned me,”

She motioned for you to sit in her chair by the large mirror. She stood behind you with a smile, placing her hands on her body. She was able to touch you on your skin regardless of how hot it was. The magic she cast protected her from any heat. You would rather she didn’t risk it, not wanting to be responsible for melting the ruler of Asgard, but she was always quick to make it known that she wasn’t going to treat you any differently because you were innately a bit more dangerous than most. You were her adopted daughter and she would treat you like any good mother would with care and guidance and a bit of gossip from the maids.

“You, my dear, are a strange case,” She said, taking the bun out of its natural state, brushing it slightly, “You claim to not love my son, but I think that there is more than that,”

“You must confuse me with Sif, my queen, I do not harbor feelings for anyone other than in a platonic manner,”

“My lightning bolt of a son and his favored warrior are Claudio and Hero, but you, my dear, seem to have taken some life lessons from Beatrice,”

You rolled your eyes slightly as the queen parted your hair in half to create two separate braids.

“If I am Beatrice, do you suggest that your other son is Benedick?” you replied, ignoring the way that a vase seemingly dropped onto the floor with your words. You were used to magical things happening. For all your knowledge, Frigga could have been using her magic to distract you from her line of thought.

“Would it pain you so much to say his name?”

“Loki? Do you think that Loki is my Benedick? I hate to inform you of this, but you must be reading too much Shakespeare. Your son hates me. Odin knows, he’ll hate me more for finding out that I am a fire giant. Even if he doesn’t, there is no way for us to express our so-called devotion to each other. I can’t touch him, even with his magic,”

“If I were to find a spell, would you?”

“Would I what?” You looked in the mirror at Frigga who turned her attention to the other side of your hair as she completed one braid. She looked up for only a moment and you could recognize a familiar look on her face. She looked exactly like Loki when he trapped someone in a web of his pranks. She was up to something. You were terrified to find out what it was.

“Would you admit that you care about him? Don’t try to dispute it, dear,” She held a finger up when you opened your mouth to protest, “I know you more than most. You didn’t care when you found out that Loki was a frost giant. You protected him against the hate of those who would use it to hurt the royal family. Must I remind you that most others would at least release a gasp at those facts? I can see in your heart. While you spend so much time protesting your heart’s desires, you didn’t think to ever pay attention to the way that you could see right through the allusions that Loki casts. Only those who love us romantically in a way that the mortal only dream about can see through that,”

“But when you cast allusions, Odin can’t-” You cut yourself off quickly. You didn’t want to bring about a subject that was going to hurt the queen. That was and never would be your intentions regardless of how much you disliked her son at times.

“He used to,” she said with a slight sigh, “When we were younger, before the throne and kingship and power, he used to be able to see right through any allusion that I cast. Much like you and Loki, we were young and in love and free of anything that causes thorns to grow around the heart. But then his father gave him the throne. And the love he gave me turned into a lust for more power. He still cares about me and his sons; he does, but not like he used to. Not like when I was like your age. That’s why I believe in you and my son. He won’t become king. Thor must take the throne whether he likes it or not. Loki, though…He is free. He will not be poisoned by lust for power as Odin does. No matter how much Loki used to desire becoming king, he knows better.”

You stand just as Frigga finished to hug her. She didn’t deserve the pain of having her beloved turn away from her because of power. No one did. She held onto for a bit like you were the younger version of herself. Maybe you were in a way. Maybe she was trying to convince you that you were going to be okay regardless. You wished, secretly in a part of your heart that you tried to hide from most people, that you were able to be held like this. You wished that the god of mischief wasn’t a deadly threat to you. That maybe -just maybe- you could love him as Beatrice did to Benedick.

“Don’t look know, but I do believe that the vase has tipped over for the second time,” She whispered into your ear before pulling away slightly. You turned your vision to the same vase that you had seen earlier. It floated almost if someone was carrying it back to where it belonged. It stopped suddenly when you stared right at it.

“Loki Odinson,” You placed your hands on your hips as if you were talking to a little kid, “What the hell do you think that you are doing,”

The man you called out to appeared without question, blushing profusely. You wanted to roll your eyes at the man, but you stood still, feeling the heat drain from your skin. You looked back at Frigga who had miraculously disappeared. You turned back to Loki, sitting on the bed, waiting for an explanation or an excuse as to why he thought it was acceptable for him to eavesdrop.

“I didn’t mean to stay for the whole conversation,” He muttered, taking a step towards you as if you wouldn’t kill him, “Would it be that bad to be a Beatrice?” He asked.

You felt the heat returning to your heart only as you found the floor more interesting than his face. He took a step towards you.

“I suppose it depends on who the Benedick is,”

You looked up, only to find him towering over you. He had never been as close you to as he was at that moment. You felt tiny under his gaze, but in a way that didn’t entirely demean you. It was as if he was using a microscope to inspect all on the things that made you the way you were.

“I believe in your analogy, that would be me,” He replied, muttering the words so only you could hear them. Even then your ears strained to understand what he was implying.

“What Act do you place yourself?”

“Act four, Scene one,” He replied, hesitantly bringing a hand up.

You motioned for him to step back. You didn’t want to kill him. You couldn’t kill him. He knew as well as you that even a touch would do lasting damage on the man. But the words that Frigga had said. You wanted to give him your love, but you couldn’t if you couldn’t even rest a hand against his cheek.

“I do love nothing in the world so well as you. Is that not strange?” He recited from memory, smiling softly as he rested his hand against your cheek. 

You closed your eyes waiting for him and you to die. You had to admit. If those were the words that you would die hearing, you would die a happy woman. You scrunched your nose, drawing courage from the bottom of your heart, open your eyes. Nothing had changed other than the fact that you and he weren’t dead. You fell into him, sighing with relief. You had no desire to die.

“I love you with so much of my heart that none is left to protest,” You answered, loving the way that you seemed to fit like the perfect puzzle piece in his arms that cradled against you, “How are we not dead? Even if my touch would not kill you, I assumed that one of your daggers might,”

“My love, you think too much. Let us enjoy the moment before Mother or my dearest Brother decide to spoil it,”

You nodded. There was only a warmth in his arms that only a lover could bring. You didn’t want to share that just yet.

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Loki x reader drabble (I guess?)

Summary: You tell Loki you don’t think he is a god.

A/N: I just kinda had this idea about how Loki would react to this info, and I went with it. Hope it’s interesting. 

“You’re not a god,” She stated calmly, looking up from her book.

He felt himself getting angry and snarled, “What do you mean I’m not a god, of course I am!”

She shook her head, “You’re not, neither is your brother or father.”

He was confused now, not angry, he just continued to stare at her.

“You may live longer than us, and be stronger than us, but that doesn’t make you a god,” She shrugged, “Sure, throughout history people have called heroes with inhuman powers ‘gods’ but maybe they just didn’t have a better word for them. They all made far too many mistakes to be qualified as gods in my mind.”

Her face remained placid as she looked at him, unaware of his curiosity.

“What would you call me then?” He asked calmly.

She smiled, “A hero, a man, a person,” she closed her book now, “A being capable of change and improvement just like the rest of us humans,” he stared at the table a moment, then she quietly stood up and walked away, leaving him in thought. 

He was floored, but the smallest of smiles crept onto his face.

It was humbling, for sure, but maybe he didn’t have to be a god. Maybe he could just be a hero like she said, someone who was always trying to be better. He had always scoffed at the mortal condition, but after her words he realized something: it was freeing. 

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Loki x Reader Avengers The Office AU (Slowwwwww Burn)

Season 3 Episode 07: Team Death Match

Series Summary: Living in the Avengers facility post-apocalypse in a better timeline   Tony Stark has decided to capture every moment by pulling The Office on the Avengers. All of housemates are pretty used to the idea except for you, who had just come here to finish her degree, and the newest member- Loki.

Warnings: i don’t know what trope this is but I got inspired to write this after listening to a song THAT I DIDN’T EVEN ADD IN HERE!!!!

Word Count:Ever felt your skull was heavy one day? Out of the blue? Like your forehead and your upper jaw did not seem like they were handling their weight really well. They just want to lie down and then they have the audacity to NOT sleep at night. This has been happening to me for the past five days.

MASTERLIST in bio, darlings. Tags are open (check bio)

The pitch-black shifted out from a fog, the lens trying to find its focus as a figure appeared in front of it. Then two. Then three.
A groan could be seen leaving you as your body tried to find the arms of gravity while your head tried to come back from some dream-like spin. But gravity had other plans and so you swerved a little to find your face moving closer to the ground till a something strong broke your fall. That something strong being Loki’s arms holding tightly onto your waist.
The touch of cold arms across your scalding stomach was more than welcome by your roiling brain. “Aaah,” you sighed with a stupid grin stuck on your face and your barely opened eyes rolling back, “coooold.”
It was no work for the God to hold you like that but he knew you would go back to sleep if he kept your burning back stuck to his crisp body. And so, without a second thought, he let go of his hold on you, letting you fall on the grass with a yelp and a thump, followed by a groan. The camera recorded his no-fucks-given face.

Loki: *resting bitch face* What. I’m the God of Mischief.  Not God of free air conditioning. *camera pans in* I condition when I please.

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A/N: Female Reader and Loki are in quarantine (unrelated to current world events) and Loki decides that he’s going to surprise the reader almost everyday until eventually he asks the reader to be his girlfriend. This contains major fluff!


You still don’t know exactly how it happened, but you know that someone with a lot of power was messing with you. That, or you just had rotten luck. You and Loki had become contaminated with some kind of otherworldly disease that was apparently similar to the common cold. It didn’t seem too dangerous and you were barely exhibiting symptoms, but you weren’t taking any chances of spreading it.

You had a relatively secluded house outside of the city and you were quarantining yourself there. You must have done something terrible in a past life because Loki was quarantining with you. Not that you minded being around Loki, it was actually the opposite. You liked having him near you a little too much.

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Happy Bank Holiday/Memorial Day for those who are celebrating.  And those who aren’t,  Happy Monday!  For this Memory Lane Monday, I picking what is my popular story on here,  My Queen.  I am honestly not entirely sure what it is about this story, that has made it so popular! But I love this story!  

It was a request.  I loved how it turned out.  Loki is not necessarily in a position of power while the reader is the one with the upper hand. And she is mad and hurt.  But she still loves Loki.  


My Queen | Loki x Reader

Loki is alive and comes back to Asgard and finds in his absence his wife is on the throne as their queen and looking like a snacc in his helmet as a crown.

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