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A lesson in ice skating

A/N: It’s a story for @the-emo-asgardianwriting challenge! I used  the prompts:  1. A lesson in ice skating. and  17. “It’s something about this time of year that just make the world glow a little brighter, you know?”

Pairing: Loki x Reader (gender neutral)

Word count:  1770

Summary: We have read so many times about Loki teaching the Reader how to ice skate but what if this time it’t the god of mischief himself who needs help. In other words you take Loki ice skating and it resolves in, well, you will need to read it to find out <insert wink face>

Warnings: none

Tags: @twhiddlestonsstuff​  @dreamingyouth


Originally posted by tricksterspawn

“Would you be so kind and tell me where we are going?” Loki said as the two of you walked through the snow covered sidewalk.

“You wanted to know what the big deal with Christmas was, “ you replied “so I want you to have the full winter experience!” you heard Loki growl and smacked his shoulder “It will be fun I promise!”

Loki couldn’t care less about some silly midgardian tradition but you seemed to be excited. He couldn’t understand why you enjoyed this season so much. The snow was everywhere and the god of mischief knew how much you despide the cold. And yet here you were. Loki wondered if you ever were together with him, would you mind his body temperature. Would you find him disgusting and never touch him or would you accept it and love him the same way he loved you? The trickster tried to focus on the colourful lights hanging around the park but his eyes would always end up looking at your face.

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Steve: Alright everyone, I thought it would be nice if we all went around the table and said what we’re thankful for. I’m thankful for being thawed out of that ice.
Peter: I’m thankful that to be here with all of you.
Loki: *cupping your cheek* I’m thankful for (y/n).
Y/N: *leaning in* And I’m thankful for Loki.
Tony: I’m thankful you two are getting your own place.
Nat: *losing her appetite* Aren’t we all?
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Wedding Day

Description: Your wedding day was the happiest day of your life



Originally posted by xxlokixxlovexx

You had dreamt of this day your entire life, your wedding day, the day you wear the outfit you chose, marry the one you love, spend eternity with them and confess your undying love for them. Your future couldn’t be scripted by your past, the past didn’t implicate your future, especially not your future with Loki, you were head over heals in love with him, you would lay your life to protect him and devote your future to serve him, you truly loved him and he loved you. Before you Loki’s life was chaotic, anger ridden, mischievous, but once he met you it was like you triggered a switch in his mind there was no more mischief, no more war or fighting, no more violent outbursts at Odin not like you could blame him for doing so in the past. Loki was a changed God he was hero, an avenger and he thanked the norns he met you, you are the light of his life, his meaning, his purpose and reason to get out of bed in the morning.

It was the morning of your wedding day, butterflies in your stomach were making you nauseous but a good nauseous, a great nauseous actually because you were so excited for today, you and Loki would no longer live two separate lives, you would be one in everything you did, everywhere you go you go together, fight side by side and have a family, have some pets, a snake was a must it wasn’t even debatable it was just and Loki knew that too, a cat now you needed a cat too or who else would you cuddle when Loki was busy or talking with Thor, that he didn’t know but he would let you have a kitten if it made you happy, he would do anything to make you happy, even get a kitten to watch it grow to a cat.

You loved Loki you had never loved someone as much, he was your world, your everything and your soon to husband, very soon to be husband in fact.

“Ma'dam I am terribly sorry to interrupt but-”

“Its time, isn’t it? It is? Is it?”

“It is ma’m”

“Oh, oh ok at…ohhhkay, I have to go, i… I… I have to go, I have to go! I’m getting married! I have to go get married!”

“Madam, you can’t can’t get married in your undergarments I’m afraid, now everything is set up, let’s get you ready to get married, yes?”


Walking from your bedchamber to the dressing room in your undergarments and dressing gown wasn’t the done thing in the palace but you were to excited to care, you should run in the halls but you did it anyway, running barefoot along the cold golden marble, and your dressing gown flowing behind you. It was your wedding day and nothing could possibly go wrong. You had gotten into your dress, a green ballgown with a golden trim , you told Loki your dress was off white but you wanted to keep it a surprise to walk down the middle isle wearing his colours, to be his bride, his wife, his one and only.

It was time, the moment you dreamed of your whole life was finally here, all that was left to do…open the doors,

“Mad'am are you sure?”

“I have never been more sure of anything in my life”

“As long as you’re happy ma’m”

“I will be, in just a few moments I will be”

“Alright, let’s get you married” your maid said as she fixed your Vail and puffed out the trail of your dress, you truly looked stunning. The doors opened unto the hall, the wonderfully decorated hall with golden flowers tied to each bench, beautiful bouquets everywhere, your family, your soon to be family, friends and the people of Asgard.

Immediately your eyes cast to your love at the end of the isle, beautiful black hair, a green shirts, black blazer and pants, he looked gorgeous, all the way down you looked at him of course everyone looked at you including him but all you could focus on was him.

“Hey silver tongue”

“Oh darling you look, you in green is wow”

“Cat got your tongue?”

“You got my tongue”

“If everyone will be seated” the ordainer began the happiest moment of your life

“Were going to get married” you mumbled to Loki

“We’re going to get married darlin”

“Yeah we’re going to get married”

“Darlin we have to let them finish before we can get married”

“Sorry, sorry your right, continue, sorry”

After a long forty five minutes of lovey dovey details you were finally asked the one question you couldn’t wait to answer

“Do you Y/n take Loki Laufeyson to be your lawfully wedded husband to love and cherish for long as you both shall live?”

“I do”

“ And do you Loki Laufeyson take y/n y/l/n to be your lawfully wedded wife to love and cherish for as long as you both shall live?”

“I do”

“Then I now announce you God and goddess, King and Queen of both Asgard and Jotunheim, you may kiss your bride”


@lucywrites02 @jessicafriscooo @delightfulheartdream

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[PAIRING: Loki x Female Reader]

[SUMMARY: you receive a punishment from Loki]

[WORD COUNT: 700 words]

[WARNINGS: dom/sub elements, spanking, fingering, cursing/vulgar language]

[GENRE: smut]

[A/N: okay, ive never written smut before so I DONT WANNA HEAR IT. 

maybe i do, but please be nice about it.. i cant handle criticism🤧🤧

also, i suck at proofreading]


Originally posted by royal-loki

“Colour, pet?” Loki asks, his hand gently smoothing over the newly bruised skin of your ass.

You pause, pondering your answer carefully. Your ass is burning and throbbing from the harsh blows that have landed on it, and you know you won’t be able to sit comfortably for at least a few days, but you feel safe. Loki would never severely hurt you, and he knows how to monitor you by gauging your reactions by the noises you make and the way your body shifts after each blow. You trust him.

“Green.” You say firmly, and you know that if you turned your head, Loki would be smirking at your naked form, spread beautifully across his lap.

“Good girl,” He praises. He slows his hands movements over your ass, an act that he had been performing in order to soothe your sore skin. You brace yourself for the next hit, but gasp out a broken moan instead, when his fingers dive into your soaked pussy.

Loki hums in delight, “So wet. Do you enjoy being spanked, sweet?” His tone is light and teasing, but you do not miss the dominant edge to it.

You let out a soft moan in response, arching your back to try and press back on his fingers which are lazily stroking along your cunt. In acknowledgment, he lands a light but firm swat on your ass. You jolt but relax your body back into the position he wants you in.

As a reward for the correction in your behaviour, Loki brings his hand back down to your dripping pussy. His fingertips run over your clit a few times before he sinks two of his long fingers into your welcoming cunt.

You let out a low moan, your head lolling forwards onto the bed as he works his fingers in and out of your cunt. The slick noises that echo throughout the room are obscene, and when mixed with your moans of pleasure, sound even more filthy.

He continues fingering you, his thumb stroking over your sensitive clit, while you moan and mewl under the skill of his digits. Loki curls his fingers against your g-spot and you arch up into his touch.

“C-close,” you manage to stutter out. Loki could tell of course. With your pussy clenching around his fingers so much, it would be hard not to notice.

“Hold it,” Loki commands, and you whimper, trying to obey as best as you can. Your ass can not handle another punishment today, both of you can see that much, you being lucky enough to feel it too.

As if to taunt the fact that you don’t have his permission to cum, Loki presses his fingers more firmly inside of you, his thumb never ceasing his quick strokes over your clit.

Your body trembles as you try to hold your orgasm back, practically sobbing as you babble and beg, pleading for him to allow you your release.

You practically cry in relief when he finally utters the word you ache to hear.

“Cum,” Loki growls, his fingers curling right where you need them, his thumb working firmly at your clit.

Your release washes over you strongly, your cunt clamping down on your lover’s fingers, an action that makes him stifle a moan. Your body quivers and trembles as your orgasm pulses over you in shockwaves. 

Loki continues to work you through it, his fingers gradually slowing down until he eventually pulls them out, sucking them clean, humming in enjoyment at the taste of your juices upon his lips. He adjusts you and moves you to be laying on the bed, rather than across his lap. You smile lazily at him and he chuckles darkly, cocking an eyebrow.

“I hope you didn’t think that we were finished,” Loki grins, his eyes dark, “My dear, we are only getting started.”


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Honestly, nothing and I mean


Will stop me from enjoying the Loki show because it’s what we and Tom deserve. Frankly, he could show up in costume and talk for a few hours and I’d watch every second. Plot? Don’t care. Couldn’t possibly care less if it is the worst plot in the world and nothing makes sense.

Because I will watch every single second and enjoy it because new Loki content will be back in my life and I am living for it. And thanks again to Tom for returning, we were all quite literally punched in the face, him included, so thank you for not giving them the finger because I would’ve.


Originally posted by lokitty-blog1

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The Adventures of Loki and Peter: Peter the matchmaker


A/N: @youthandredlips​ I had so much fun while writing this story! I love to include Peter in my stories. If you’d like to request a story you can use my prompt list!


 6. “You’re in love with them!”  “What do you know about love? You’re 12!” “Actually, I’m 15.”  “Still a child!”

7. “But you guys would look so cute together!”

Pairing: Loki x reader (gender neutral)

Other characters: Peter Parker

Word count: 2485

Warnings: idiots in love

Summary: Peter had enough of you and Loki pretending there’s nothing more than friendship between the two of you so he decided to take the matters in his own hands

Main masterlist    Adventures of Loki and Peter 

Tag list:   @twhiddlestonsstuff   @dreamingyouth   (if you’d like to be tagged let me know in the comments or sent me an ask)


Originally posted by tomhiddlestonismyreligion

Loki was sitting on one of the armchairs in the living room peacefully reading. Peter was next to you on the couch silently doing his homework. You also tried to read and by tried you mean looking at the god of mischief every 5 seconds and turning the pages of your book once in a while. You would never admit it to anyone but you have been crushing on the trickster for some time now. Your friendship with him quickly blossomed into something more but you were convinced those feelings were one sided. What you didn’t know was that Loki was also pretending to be so engrossed in the story while looking in your direction from time to time. Peter of course noticed this and he must admit, Loki was way better at this than you. He wanted to make a comment about it but decided to do something else. You were so caught up in your mind you didn’t feel when Peter poked your arm to get your attention.

“Yes, Peter?” you turned to the boy and closed the book you were “reading” 

“I’m really hungry. Could you help me make that spaghetti I really like?” the young avenger looked at you with the biggest  puppy eyes you have ever seen “Please?” now you couldn’t say no to him, could you.

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fic request FAQ


Originally posted by christmas-winter

❄️what do you write?

i write fanfiction, mainly for the marvel cinematic universe and loki. as of now, i’ve only written for MCU loki, but in future might expand that to more characters. my preferred genres are fluff, angst, and romance, sometimes smut. all of my fics are reader insert for a female reader. for more reference, you can check my blog! i have my masterlist pinned and in my bio.

❄️what do you not write?

i won’t write dark! fics, topics about gender identity, assault, incest, non con, or dub con.

i’m sometimes hesitant to write smut, but will occasionally write it.

in terms of self harm and mental illnesses, i’d like to steer clear of that, although am not completely  opposed. i just worry about portrayal because everyone is different.

❄️how can i send in a fic request?

just send me an ask (anonymous or not) telling me a general idea of what you want to read! be as specific as you want, but give me a general idea. if you’re able, include a genre too!

a brief example: can i request a loki fic in which he and the reader go to asgard? can the genre be fluff?

❄️how do i know if fic requests are open?

unless otherwise stated, assume they always are. if you’re still unsure, leave me an ask or a message and i’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

❄️what characters can i request?

as of now, i only write for Loki (MCU)

❄️what pairings can i request?

at the moment, i only write for Loki x Female Reader! as a female, i’m not sure how to correctly portray a male reader, so im sorry!  eventually, i might write for my OFC as well, but i won’t write for any of your OFC’s, sorry!

❄️does your content have warnings?

if any apply, i will add whatever warnings are necessary <3

❄️does your content contain profanity?

not frequently. if you’d rather it didn’t for your request, just let me know and i’ll omit any profanity! 

❄️when do you publish?

whenever i can. for reference, my timezone is PST.

❄️where do you publish?

on my tumblr :)

❄️how long will it take for my fic request to be published?

that depends on how busy i am. i’ll try to have it done as soon as i can, but it really does depend.

❄️will you say no to a fic request?

if i can’t figure out what to write or it makes me uncomfortable, then yes. we can converse and figure out how to adjust the fic to my comfort level or inspiration level, if that’s the case.

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