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marvwlserpentine · 2 days ago
Y/N: I don’t need to go to bed. I’m not tired, I’ll be fine
Loki: But darling, I’ll be so lonely without you. Just curl up in my arms so I can feel whole again.
Y/N: O-oh, are you trying to seduce me into healthy sleeping patterns?
Loki: Is it working?
Tumblr media
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the-emo-asgardian · 2 days ago
Five Ways to Say I Love You
#2: Remembering
Pairing: Loki x mute!reader Series Summary: When you become the new owner of Loki’s favorite bookstore, your quiet nature draws him in. Soon, he learns you can’t speak at all. As you grow closer, the god learns ways to say “I love you” without even saying anything at all. Chapter Summary: As you and Loki grow closer, you’re both flattered and shocked to find the other has remembered things about you.  Chapter Warnings: not proofread A/N: Sign language in italics! Enjoy :)
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Tumblr media
If you remember me, then I don’t care if everyone else forgets. -Haruki Murakami
Tumblr media
Loki frowned at his phone and the string of messages you last sent. He hoped it wasn’t too busy. Yes, he wanted you to be able to support yourself and drumming up some business was part of that, but a part of him couldn’t help but fret for his haven. One of the reasons he loved it so much was its quiet calm. At least you’d still be there, whether it was packed or not. That was reason enough to still go. He was about to reply when you sent another message.
Tumblr media
Stretching, the god got out of bed. He hadn’t gotten much sleep, but he’d been lounging in his pajamas all morning. He cycled through a few outfits, using his seiðr before settling on something comfortable and light. It had gotten real hot again mid summer, but Loki hated showing skin. Casting the same spell to paint his nails black, Loki decided he was ready.
Next, it was off to the kitchen. Despite his reluctance to take care of himself, Loki was quite the chef. It was one of the hobbies he’d picked up on Midgard. There wasn’t much time to waste, so the food he prepared was quick and easy. He packed up the conjured picnic basket as he went.
“Hey there, Reindeer Games. Extra hungry today?” Tony asked as he strode into the kitchen, destroying the peace.
The Avenger had been back for a few weeks, and though it had been over a month since Loki first became your friend, he didn’t mention you very much. In his opinion, there was too much that could go wrong. If it hadn’t been for Thor blabbing to the rest of the team, they probably would have had no idea Loki had even made a friend.
“Everything alright, buddy?” Tony checked when Loki didn’t respond.
“Yes, Anthony. I am just going to meet someone.”
“Ohh, very nice. We have some iced tea in the fridge if you want to bring that,” Tony offered, pouring some coffee for himself.
Loki went to look for it, finding it behind a pitcher of lemonade. He decided to pour that into a couple of thermoses and grabbed some water bottles too. That way, you would have options.
“What happened to the coffee maker in the lab?” the god asked.
“Lab accident,” Tony shrugged. “Need a ride or anything?”
Grabbing the now fully packed basket, Loki shook his head. He appreciated the offer and the way the team was always looking out for him, but really, he’d rather not risk Tony meeting you just yet. He wasn’t embarrassed of him, per se, but he could be a lot.
“I will be alright to walk, thank you.”
“Ok then. I’ll see you later. Have fun, call if you need anything,” Tony said, almost father-like, as Loki began to leave. “Oh! And Thor wants to talk to you. Go see him later. And let us know if you’re not going to be back in time for dinner, ok?”  
“I will,” the god promised on both accounts, pressing the button and waiting for the elevator.
Unfortunately, Loki wasn’t left alone quite yet. When the elevator doors opened, he was greeted with the raucous laughter of Sam, Bucky, and Steve. He’d hoped they’d be getting off, but no such luck; it seemed they were only heading out for their run now.
“Hey, Lokes,” Bucky greeted.
The god replied with a mumbled hello and a nod of his head. He often felt insecure about how lean he was. Even if he had definition of his own, he had nowhere near the muscle mass of most of his friends. And he didn’t blame them either! Loki was just as strong as any of them, stronger even, but it reminded him too much of the ridicule he received on Asgard. Though he oft missed it, he was glad he didn’t live there anymore.
“Are you headed to Central Park?” Cap asked, eyeing the basket as the elevator began its descent again.
Loki nodded once again, already beginning to panic.
“We’re headed there too. Want to walk there together?”
“No thank you,” Loki shook his head. “I have a stop to make first.”
“We don’t mind,” Bucky assured. “Where are you going?”
“No, no. I would not want to hold you up.”
Steve began to speak again, but Sam cut in, “No worries, we’ll see you later then.” Loki shot him a look of thanks, realizing he was meant to save the god from his worry. They parted ways outside the building. “Stay safe and have fun.”
“Thank you,” Loki sighed. “You too.”
Sometimes he was worried he was cold or standoffish to his teammates, but he really did consider them friends. They seemed to realize that too, but still, he was concerned about it. Yet they all appeared to understand, thankfully. Maybe he ought to be less of a worrywart.
He put in his earbuds for the walk, quickly scrolling through his library before settling on Måneskin. Then he checked the weather, making sure the storm that was rolling in still wasn’t supposed to come until tomorrow. The weather was always a fickle thing, but luckily it hadn’t changed yet.
In no time at all, he reached The Book Nook, being welcomed by the tinkling of the bell. He’d pulled his earbuds out specifically to be able to hear it.
“Flip the sign please?” you asked in between ringing up books for a frazzled mother, keeping an eye on the two children running around her feet and the wailing one in her arms.
Loki turned the sign so that it read “closed” to the public before heading over to the kids and distracting them all with a mini fireworks show in his hand. The mother thanked him profusely.
Once they were gone, the store was empty but for you and Loki. You pulled out the picnic blanket you kept stored. Loki had conjured it the first time you’d gone to Central Park to eat together, and you’d held onto it ever since.
“Ready to head out?”
“Yup,” Loki replied, hitting the lights.
Both of you put in your earbuds and chose an album, pressing play at the same moment. Neither you nor the god would have mind sharing a single pair, and in fact had a number of times; it was too hard to walk with that set up, though.
Loki’s heart skipped a beat and his face began to burn when you grabbed his hand, almost getting separated by the throng crossing the street. He pulled you closer to him and slowed his pace so it wouldn’t happen again. You let go shortly after, but his heart was still racing. He didn’t mind exactly, not when it was you, but touch was still a bit of a sensitive thing for him.
Hundreds of opportunities laid before you in the sprawling park, and it took a bit of walking before you found a spot you wanted to settle at. You tried to help unpack the basket, but Loki just told you to enjoy the sun. Laying down, you smiled at him as he went about laying out the meal.
The last thing he pulled out was your favorite fruit, setting it down right next to you. You sat up, putting a piece in your mouth. Your gaze softened even further. “You remembered.”
“Well, of course. If you tell me, it’s important to me.”
Flustered, you ducked your head, eating some more fruit. “Thank you.”
A while after you were done eating, the two of you just laying in the sunlight, his phone buzzed. You’d texted him a picture you’d taken of him, basking in the warm glow, eyes shut and arms behind his head.
Tumblr media
His face burned.
Tumblr media
He quickly snapped a photo of you and sent it.
Tumblr media
Loki scooched over, offering you an earbud. This time, you could share the same pair, stationary on the ground. His fingers tapped out the beat of the music and before he could even worry about you getting annoyed, your fingers joined in.
“You know,” he said after a few songs, “maybe I could come by tonight and help you unpack the new shipment again? That is, if you would like me too.”
Pausing the music and taking out the earbud, you sat up to reply. “That’d be great! Thank you, Loki.”
Nervous about his next proposition, and trusting no one part of his body, Loki spoke the words while he signed, “You mentioned wanting to window art, too. I can bring some supplies and do some. If you want.”
You looked at him with nothing less than awe. “That would be so amazing! You’re too good to me.”
“Nonsense. There’s no such thing.”
Looking at your phone, you checked the time, frowning. “I should probably head back.”
“May I walk you?”
Your smile returned. “I would like that.”
Arriving back at the Tower, Loki remembered Thor wanted to see him. Luckily, his brother’s room was right across the hall from his own. Even from outside, he could hear music blaring. He knocked on the door.
“Come in,” Thor called. “It is open.”
Already missing the peace he’d left behind at the park, he walked in. His brother was in the middle of his room, shirtless, doing push-ups. Loki perched on what he considered to be a rather tasteless chair.
“Anthony said you wanted to see me,” he shouted over the music.
Thankfully, Thor lowered it and stopped his exercising, facing his brother. Loki offered him the water bottle resting on the table—coaster-less, much to the younger brother’s chagrin—which Thor chugged.
“I did...” Thor finally replied. “I am going back to Asgard.”
Loki’s heart sped up already. Gulping, he asked the two questions struggling for dominance in his mind. “Forever? Must I come too?”
“Just two weeks. You do not have to come, but I would like it if you did. Mother and father would like to see you. Would you like to join?”
Loki hugged his knees to his chest. And made a noise that vaguely sounded like “I don’t know.”
Thor frowned. “I do not need to know right now, but I leave in there days. You’ve missed the last several visits... Just think about it, alright?”
The younger brother nodded. He knew Thor didn’t mean to push him; it was coming from a place of love. He just wasn’t sure he was ready to go back to his home world. To walk over the Bifröst. To see the void below...
“May I hug you, brother?” Thor asked.
Nodding once more and opening his arms, Loki sighed in relief at the contact, squeezing tight. Thor pat Loki’s back a few times before pulling away and ruffling his hair. Laughing, the trickster promptly fixed it, certain it was revenge for the last time he’d done that to his brother.
“It has been a bit since we spent time together,” Thor pointed out. “Shall we play cards or something of the like?”
“On one condition.” Loki scrunched his nose. “Please put a shirt on.”
Chuckling, Thor grabbed the tee draped over the back of the couch. “Deal.”
The rain came early and Loki found himself at your doorstep drenched. You ushered him in, worry etched on your features, thinking he might get sick. The god just gave you a smile and dried himself off using seiðr.
“Hello again,” he signed.
“Long time, no see,” you joked with a grin.
Working together, the shipment was unpacked in no time. Then it was onto the windows. Loki pulled out window markers from his dimensional pocket, as well as some paper and pencils so you could plan. In the end, and after many potential designs, the two of you decided on a pond with some frogs. Some of the amphibians were reading, and Loki added in some flying birds for good measure.
It was practically midnight by the time you finished, but your smile was incredible, Loki thought. It was a much better way to spend his evening, rather than staring at the ceiling, praying to the Norns for some rest yet again.
“You said you drew on occasion,” you signed in disbelief, “but, Loki, you’re amazing! Can I see some of your other work?”
Loki was touched that you remembered something he’d only said in passing. That being said, he was rather shy about his art.
“Perhaps someday.”
“Yay! No pressure of course.”  
“Thank you.” Loki checked the time again. “It is late. I should be going.”
“Wait! I wanted to ask...” you trailed off, hesitant. Loki nodded, urging you on. “You seem upset. Is everything ok?”
Loki couldn’t look you in the eye as he replied. He turned away and began packing the supplies up instead. “Yes. I am alright. Thank you, though.”
“Oh. Ok,” you replied when he looked back at you. “It’s just that you said you picked at your nails when you’re nervous. And, well...”
Loki looked down at his hands to find he was indeed giving himself away with that nervous tic. He was surprised you remembered. Sighing, he sat down on the floor.
“Thor is going back to Asgard for a visit, and he asked me to join him.” Loki frowned. “I don’t know that I want to, but I’m afraid of letting anyone down.”
“If you’re not ready, Loki, don’t go. Your well-being is most important. I know you said some bad things happened there, and you don’t have to tell me what they were! But if they’re going to affect you, just stay. Please. Your family will understand.”
He looked at the ground for a moment. Did he really matter that much? Did he really have the right to it taking care of himself over keeping his family happy? You seemed to think so.
“Ok,” he finally replied. “I’ll stay. I don’t think I can go back.”
“I’m proud of you, and I’m here for you.”
“Thank you.” Loki offered a tired smile. “I should probably go home and see if Thor is up for me to tell him. Thank you again.”
“You’re welcome, Loki. Anytime.”
Once you were finished cleaning up, you said goodbye at the door before Loki disappeared into the rainy night. As he walked, he tried to imagine the plump drops drenching him once again washing his worries away. He’d explain to Thor and Thor would tell Frigga and they’d both understand. And Odin couldn’t care less, Loki was sure.
The god felt much better after talking to you. He just had to remember what you said. He still couldn’t believe you kept the things he told you about himself in mind. Any of his past “friends” brushed such things away. Could it be? Did you truly care that much?
Whether or not you did, there was one thing Loki was sure he’d remember; your smile and how happy it made him. And from that day on, he planned to do everything in his power to keep you smiling, just like you did him.
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donaweasley · 19 hours ago
Their Little Secret
Pairing: Loki x Fem!Reader
Plot: This can be read as a sequel to What If or even as a solo.
The reader and Loki have been best friends for long, but eventually realised that it was more than just friendship. As they secretly step into a new world, the entire team, unbeknownst to it all, makes it their mission to make the love birds realise and confess what they feel for each other.
Warnings: Fluff, slight angst in relationship, a happy ending! Oh! And late-night hazards and a long read. Sorry!
Read time: ~26 mins
Tumblr media
“(Y/N), could you please take a look at this once?”
Loki waltzed in through (Y/N)’s door with a file in his hand. She was reading a book, when he knocked.
“It’s pretty late. I thought you said you’d go straight to bed. What are you doing with this poor old piece of rat-food now?”
“I did. But then I couldn’t sleep. So...I thought of doing something boring enough to lull me to sleep. But this old file actually turned out to be quite interesting,” he explained animatedly. “I just couldn’t understand one part. So, here I am!”
She eyed him suspiciously as he spread his arms to accentuate his royal presence.
“That, or you wanted to see me, and this file is a flimsy excuse,” she drawled.
“Come on, darling! I’m fond of you but not to the extent that I’ll have to make lame excuses to see you. Besides, why would I need to lie to you?”
After taking a moment to consider his words, she stepped beside him and asked him to show the file.
“It is here - this part,” he pointed at a chunk of printed information.
“This one is…” She pondered aloud. “That doesn’t make sense! Loki, w-where did you get this from? That doesn’t look like any mission report or anything. It looks excerpt...from...a book?”
Before she could register, a kiss landed on her cheek. It was immediately followed by Loki excitedly wishing her, “Goodnight, darling,” and vanishing into a green glow.
She stood stunned for a while. Gradually, the tingling sensation where Loki’s lips had caressed her skin began to spread like wildfire through her face, and soon she was blushing and smiling like an idiot.
“Idiot!” She cursed him as she flopped back on the bed.
After a few seconds of fiddling with the bookmark, and staring at blurred lines on the page, she closed the book, and decided to call it a night. After what Loki just did, nothing else could compare to a happier ending to the day.
As she closed her eyes, sunny memories started flooding her mind.
It had all started hardly two months ago, when they were having their usual midnight snacks, casually talking the day’s stress away, talking nonsense - just the usual best buddy night.
But then something happened: a childish game of “what-ifs”.
It was fun, for the most part, until Loki had asked her about her intentions if she met the love of her life the next day. Already stained with painful memories of past relationships and with the hopelessness about her love life, she tried her best to evade the question. But Loki, being Loki, kept proding her until she gave him a genuine reason for her frustration.
And everything changed after that. Because in trying to save the other from falling down the emotional cliff, they had saved each other. They had found each other.
She laughed softly as she remembered the hesitancy in both their hearts as they had crossed the threshold of friendship.
That was the first time that she had kissed him. On the cheek. And that was even before she had fully realised that her feelings for him were no longer platonic.
That was the first time Loki had put an arm around her and pulled her close to him.
Another giggle escaped her as she remembered the moment when the soft morning light, and a stiff back had awakened her from her sleep.
Both were still sitting in almost the same position as they had been when they were chatting.
She had found herself cocooned in the arms of Loki, her legs tangled with his, both of them safe under the thin blanket that Loki had picked while preparing for their night. Her head rested on his chest, while his rested on the top of her head.
The last thing that she remembered from the previous night was them promising each other that no matter how things turned out, they’d always be beside one another. And then Loki had pulled her closer, and gently laid her head on his throbbing chest.
It was now peacefully moving up and down with his sleepy breaths. Before opening her eyes to reality, she stole a few moments to let this feeling sink in.
When she had closed her eyes the night before, there was an excitement so high in the air that Thor’s thunder would have been ashamed. It was the hammering of Loki’s heart that had eventually put her to sleep.
The morning brought a peaceful rhythm beneath her ears. It was beautiful, it was calm, it was...reassuring. She loved it more than the thrill of the past few hours.
But no matter how long she tried to soak herself in the feeling, the incidents of the night before still seemed somewhat unbelievable. How could something months long change overnight? Was it all a mirage then, cast by the treacherous night?
The darkness of the night sets the mind free to imagine anything, take any decision. But the clarity of the day brings logic to the forefront, which sometimes turns out to be good but sometimes not so good. had felt right. She took a deep breath to clear her mind. It still felt right. That was all the assurance that she needed for the moment.
As she turned in her bed, she remembered the raspy voice in which Loki had wished her a good morning.
The close proximity, the husky, sleep-laden voice, the sudden change in the air - everything made blood rush to her cheeks and ears. Loki had sleepily chuckled at her flushed state, though he was only slightly better than her in hiding his own flustered state.
Ever since, not a single day had passed when the two of them hadn’t thanked the stars.
She used to think that she loved Loki’s friendship more than anything. She was happy to be proven wrong when she experienced Loki’s courtship.
A different flower everyday, sometimes inside her room, laid carefully near her door, sometimes on her bedside table, and on some mornings, beside her pillow.
She was used to going out with her best friend Loki, but going out with her boyfriend Loki was an experience on a whole new level. Light brushes of the fingers, sometimes an arm around her shoulder, intertwining of fingers, occasional brushes of his lips on her temple, and not-very-occasional blushes that tinted both their skins.
Every day, before parting for the day, she was blessed with bear hugs from him - something that she had never expected him to be fond of.
It was the best time of her life! Almost every doubt that she had about this relationship not working out had evaporated long ago. It was - she dared to say - perfect!
Except for one small hiccup: they had to keep everything off the radar.
For one, they were still testing the waters. No matter how happy and confident they were with one another, their newfound relationship was still at its infancy, and they didn’t want to declare anything to the rest of the team right away.
Second, everybody in the compound had been teasing both (Y/N) and Loki about “getting a room” for a long time. They didn’t want to give them the satisfaction of knowing that they were finally correct. Well, figuratively.
Unfortunately, the team did not know that they had already confessed their feelings to each other. And so, they were desperate to make the love birds see the truth of their emotions. The Avengers, tough and stubborn as they were, never gave up. And Loki and (Y/N) simply decided to play along.
For instance, around a month and a half ago, Tony had thrown one of his usual parties at the compound, and had brought a line of apparent suitors for (Y/N) and a host of gorgeous ladies and lads to introduce to Loki.
Though the new couple was initially confused at the unbridled attention, they eventually understood what was going on: Tony Stark had decided to use the age-old recipe of jealousy to crack either one or both of them.
It was fun, they both admitted later, to dance to the tune, and give the host a frowning face when he realised that neither were biting the bait. Instead, both seemed to be enjoying themselves flirting or dancing with their respective “baits”.
What escaped the eagle eyes of the team were the furtive looks that both (Y/N) and Loki threw at each other from time to time. It wasn’t easy to masquerade those longing glances with playful teases that two friends might share. But they had to.
Late into the night, after the party was over, Loki teleported into (Y/N)’s room. The security cameras were still a threat to their little secret.
“Hello beautiful!” Loki purred when she didn’t turn all her attention towards him as she usually did, but kept herself apparently busy in making the bed.
“Is this my consolation prize for all your flirting this evening?” She tried to keep it casual but her displeasure seeped into her tone.
“Ooh, someone sounds jealous,” he drawled.
“Speak for yourself, God!”
Loki stepped towards her, and gently caught her hand, putting a pause to her actions.
“Look at me. Please?”
She smiled as she faced him, but he could easily catch the facade.
“I know what you're trying to do. You can’t fool me, (Y/N).”
“And what is it that I’m doing?” She tried to question with the same casualness but her voice kept betraying her.
“You are trying to make it look like it didn’t affect you - me being with all those lovely people. But in reality, you are hurt, even if it is a tiny bit.”
Her smile faltered. Of course, she couldn’t fool the God of Lies!
Closing her eyes, she shook her head, “I don’t know why you’re saying this Loki. I’m perfectly fine! Why would I-”
“You and I understand each other perfectly,” Loki gently cut her off. “Or did you forget that?”
He reminded her of the one line - of the one realisation - that had triggered the tiniest thoughts of them being possibly together, if at all.
Realizing that all doors were closed for her, she tried to turn away from him, only to be stopped by the trickster.
“If it makes you feel any good,” he resumed, “it did burn me a bit, too, to watch you dance and laugh with those clowns.”
At this, she burst into laughter. Loki was glad at the change of mood, and allowed a few happy creases around his eyes as well.
“Is that true,” she asked, “or are you simply trying to make me feel better?”
He shrugged, “What do you think?”
“I’d like to believe that it’s true,” she confessed shyly.
“It is.”
“Well then,” she said after suppressing a wild grin that tried to crack its way through, “I guess that makes us even.”
“Guess so.”
“I’m sorry, Loki,” she sighed, “I lied earlier because I didn’t want to put any kind of pressure on you or anything. I mean...jealousy? That’s the first stage of obsession. And...I don’t want you to think that...”
“Hey,” Loki held both her hands in his, “your feelings for me will never suffocate me. On the contrary, they help me breathe. You have given my life a new purpose. I thought I was happy being your best friend. But this...this is even better. Never think that you’re putting any kind of pressure on me. None of those men or women out there, or anywhere for that matter, can bring me what I feel with you, for you.”
Words seemed insufficient for what she wanted to say. So, she simply nodded, and wrapped her arms around his torso.
“Thank you,” she murmured into his chest.
He chuckled as he ran his hand on her head, “Being jealous actually makes you look cute.”
She unwrapped herself from him just enough to look at his face, “Says the man who just confessed being jealous himself!”
“I never said I don’t look cute,” he shrugged again.
Shaking her head and laughing, she pulled his face down, and placed a warm kiss on his cheek.
“Go now, before I punch that cute face of yours.”
“When you say ‘punch’,” Loki drawled, “do you mean…’kiss every inch of’...?”
Blushing furiously, she pushed him towards the door.
“Shut up, and just go!”
Loki laughed as he wished her a lovely night, and disappeared into his usual green glow.
But the Avengers were not the ones to give up.
Not many weeks later, Natasha planned an evening at one of her favourite nightclubs. While Steve, Vision and Bucky backed out of the plan, given their previous not-so-delightful interactions with the loudness and the crowd, Thor and Tony were adamant on dragging Loki with them.
“We thought you liked a little fun! Since when did you start wearing grandpa’s knickers?” Tony snorted.
“C’mon, brother, don’t embarrass me,” Thor’s voice boomed in Loki’s room. “(Y/N) has embarrassed me enough. She didn’t want to go either. Said she’d rather sleep than be tormented by the blasted noise.”
She said what? That means she’s going to stay back-
“Wait, what?” Tony turned towards Thor with a perplexed look, “She said that?”
He turned around to face Loki again, “Are you two planning something or have you both become boring?”
No, no, no! They’ll add up…
“I am not boring!” Loki declared. He decided to stay quiet on the other option that Stark had mentioned.
“Well, then join us,” Tony shrugged.
With a dramatic roll of his eyes, Loki agreed.
Needless to say, his eyes went wide when he saw (Y/N) dressed up and ready for the outing when he was expecting her in her pajamas. When she silently questioned him, he immediately realised that he had been tricked.
I have to be more careful.
The team’s plan soon became obvious when, after a few rounds of shots, everyone made a beeline to the dance floor, leaving behind a string of excuses, and Loki and (Y/N) at the bar. Even through the crowd, the duo’s trained eyes could catch glimpses of their teammates shadowing them.
“Do they really think getting drunk will make us confess?” She shouted over the sound of the music.
“I’m a God,” he shouted back. “Midgardian liquor doesn’t affect me anyway.”
“Well, it affects me,” she shrugged and drained another shot down her throat, “and I love it!”
Last one.
She had started feeling dizzy. Getting wasted could be saved for another moment when she wasn’t being spied on.
A few minutes passed in silence as neither was fond of shouting to communicate. (Y/N) bobbed her head to the music while Loki eyed the mass of bodies swaying and moving with the beats.
“Would you-” Loki began but stopped midway.
While her eyes questioned him, he silently slipped from the stool, and came to stand almost behind her.
His hot breath, dipped in a faint whiff of alcohol, hit the shell of her ear as he purred, “Would you like to dance with me?”
She was rendered immobile for a while. A small corner of her mind wondered if Loki knew what he was doing to her.
I bet he knows what he’s doing.
“I’d have loved to!” She drawled. “It’s a shame there isn’t room for a waltz here, and I wouldn’t want a God like you to hop like teeangers in the crowd.”
She felt his chest brush against her back.
“I was actually hoping that you’d be up for that dance,” he pointed at a section of the crowd where bodies were gliding against each other in the most provocative ways.
Her breath hitched again. She didn’t need to turn her head to know that Loki was smirking at his achievement.
But this time, she wouldn’t squeal, she wouldn’t push him away with a timid smile. Diffidence and boldness both tugged at polar ends of her heart until boldness won the war.
Not this time. Two can play the game, darling.
“So, what’s stopping you?” Her lips almost brushed his earlobe as she tilted her head to whisper in his ear.
Where did that come from?!
Loki wasn’t prepared for this.
It was usually him who threw mildly suggestive comments which she pushed away with a shy gesture. He never expected the tables to turn so quickly.
She did not even have enough shots to get drunk yet, he noticed.
“What happened, did the cat get your silver tongue?” She smirked.
While Loki continued to gape at her, an inkling of panic nudged her chest.
Did I take it too far? He obviously wasn’t ready for this, but…
It all must have been another prank for him, and I…
With a cackle, she sliced the apparent tension in the air. “So, finally got you, ha? Mischief!” She winked.
Turning towards the bartender, she ordered another shot.
Loki’s brain was still trying to decipher her behaviour.
Did she really mean it…? It didn’t look like a joke though…
As she focused on her drink, he thought he saw a flicker of disappointment cross her face, but the incessant dance of light and shadows made her features almost unreadable.
“You should get back to your seat, y’know?” She told him with downcast eyes.
“The team might notice and...they might know.”
Did her voice just...tremble?
Loki hated the place: the noise, the dim lights, the secrecy - he hated the way everything seemed to veil her from him.
“I think I’ll go find them.”
Downing another drink, she hopped off her seat, and disappeared in the crowd, leaving Loki to his thoughts.
Once they were back in the compound, Loki went straight to (Y/N)’s room. This time he did not sneak into her room using magic; he knocked on her door. This wasn’t the moment to play a game of cat and mouse. If the entire compound was prying on him, he would gladly allow them to. Well, maybe not gladly.
“Hey! Hi, Loki!”
Her smile was as bright as ever.
Was it all in my mind then?
“Are you alright?” He tried to sound calm but his anxiety turned out to be more stubborn than him.
“Yes, I am. What- Come inside first.”
She stepped aside, allowing him to stride into her room, and flump down on the bed.
“I’m sorry,” he began honestly, “I thought...I thought you were upset. At the club… I thought I saw you...sad? I’m not sure. I just had this feeling that you’re probably not okay, and-”
“Loki,” she held his shoulders and gently hushed him, “I’m fine.”
Her assurance enabled him to breathe normally again.
Caressing his face, she placed a light kiss on his forehead.
“Thank you, Loki! For everything. For caring so much about me.”
“(Y/N),” he held her hand, “are you hiding something? From me?”
He didn’t miss the way she gulped before replying.
“Why would you say that?”
“Look, I’m sorry if I cross the lines sometimes. I know I tease you but those are… I’m sorry if I’ve ever made you uncomfortable or have hurt you.”
“You are an idiot! Do you know that? You’ve never hurt me or made me uncomfortable. Now, get these stupid thoughts out of your little brain, and give me that devilishly charming smile of yours.”
Despite all her compliments, his eyes did not light up as they usually did.
“Are you sure?” He asked her.
“You’ll tell me if you’re upset, won’t you? Promise me.”
He took note of how she licked her lips before nodding.
Something is not right.
“Come here,” he pulled her in his arms, and buried his face in the crook of her neck. “And I’m not an idiot. I am smart.”
The next few weeks turned out to be more and more challenging as the team was now hell-bent on getting them exposed. What made them so sure of their relationship was still a mystery to the couple.
“Are we that obvious?” (Y/N) asked Loki one day.
“I don’t know,” he shrugged. “It is said that it shows on the faces of those in love. So, I guess...”
The words, coming from him, filled her with warmth. If that be true, and if everyone could see that they were in love only by looking at them, then she’d happily trade their secrecy for more obviousness.
But every time they came close to taking the relationship to the next level, she would find Loki backing away. Every time they had the opportunity to reveal their beautiful secret to the team, he would quickly shield both of them.
Why, Loki? Do you not want us?
It was a rainy evening when Tony had gathered everyone in the living room. At first (Y/N) thought that it was an urgent meeting for a new mission. But when she knew the actual reason behind it, she couldn’t prevent the snort that escaped her.
“Excuse me?” Tony pointed at her. “You got some problem, princess?”
“Truth or dare? Like, how old are we? Twelve?”
Tony spread his arms as if to silently make a point. “Since when did you start categorizing fun into ages? Ever since you started dating Rock of Ages?”
“Hey!” Loki made a tiny protest at his nickname.
“We are not dating,” (Y/N) deadpanned.
“And there goes my question,” Wanda sighed from across the room.
In response, (Y/N) simply rolled her eyes, and grumbled, “Kids!”
Once the game started, the team wasted no time in getting to the point: (Y/N) and Loki.
The first one to get attacked was Loki.
“No, no truth for you,” Sam chimed in just as Loki sucked in a breath to choose “truth”.
“He’s the God of Lies!” Sam announced, “He can easily slip away with any lie!”
“The bird’s got a point!” Tony agreed, followed by everyone else. “‘Dare’ for you!”
“This is not how it works,” Loki protested.
“Did you play this on Asgard? Thor?”
“No, we had never even heard of it until we came here,” the big brother responded.
“Nah-ah!” Tony didn’t let him finish. “This is exactly how it is played. Who wants to give the God of Mischief a mischievous dare?”
(Y/N) wanted to protest; she wanted to tell Tony that he was bending the rules to get to them. But any word of support would further corner them both. All she could do was play along.
“Kiss (Y/N). And you know where I mean.”
Nat’s voice yanked her out of her thoughts. She watched in horror as Loki’s expressions changed from shock to anger while the entire team cheered.
“Nat!” (Y/N) jumped up from her seat, “do you even hear yourself? He’s my best friend! We can’t just...”
“Why not?” Sam questioned with a smirk. “You seemed to be enjoying it when I was asked to kiss Buck. He’s my best buddy.”
“Speak for yourself,” Bucky mumbled.
“C’mon, it’s just a game! Don’t be a spoilsport.”
Steve?? Et tu?
Rubbing her eyes, (Y/N) tried to find a way out of it. She knew well that if Loki kissed her, she’d melt into it. Everything would become obvious.
No, no, no!! This can’t be. They can’t just expose us like this. Loki would be so....
Wait, why isn’t he saying anything?
She opened her eyes to see Loki standing. His expression was unfathomable.
Oh no! Is he going to…
“This is outrageous!” Loki snapped and turned on his heels to walk out of the room.
For reasons she did not want to explore then, (Y/N)’s heart dropped several feet. She was expecting a similar reaction from him but wasn’t hoping for it.
Quickly gravitating back to the situation in hand, she stammered an excuse or two for his behaviour, and followed his tracks to check on him.
Once both of them were out of earshot, Tony leaned towards the group, “Did we save it or kill it.”
“Looks like we killed it,” Sam sighed.
“Trust me,” Wanda smiled, “we saved it.”
“Vision? What do you think?”
“I still do not understand why you have to torment them like this. Let them come out when they want to. It’s-”
“Okay!” Tony interrupted him. “Sorry I asked! My bad!”
The door to Loki’s room was half open when (Y/N) arrived. Gingerly, she admitted herself inside.
Loki was standing at the window, with his back towards her. His head was bowed but his hands were curled into fists on both sides of his body.
The name came out so softly that she couldn’t be sure if he had heard it, given that he did not move at all.
But before she could call him again, he spoke.
“I did not want this to happen,” his voice bore that particular kind of seriousness that usually preceded an unwanted or unhappy revelation.
“I am sorry, (Y/N).” He turned towards her, and she realised in an instant that he wasn’t fooling around.
“What are you talking about, Loki? What did you not want to happen?”
Her chest felt tighter with every passing second.
Please, not what I’m fearing.
“This,” his hand vaguely gestured towards the hallway. “Whatever happened just now. I knew they would come down to this one day. I never wanted-”
“It’s okay,” she interjected. “I did not like that either. Although they meant no harm. It was just for fun… And I understand if you're having second thoughts. This entire thing between us was just something… y’know, a spur of the moment kind of thing. I totally understand if-"
"(Y/N)! Where is this coming from? What are you even talking about?"
She couldn’t make herself look at him, for if she did, he could clearly see the moisture pooling in her eyes. She needed to appear strong.
“Loki, you’ve always been my best friend. And I’ve loved that. You know it. And it’s okay if this new turn in our relationship does not turn out to be something that you had hoped for. It happens. It’s okay-”
“It’s not okay for me,” Loki grasped her hands. “What are you saying? Why? A-are you not happy with me? Have I done something wrong? Did I offend you in any way?”
What is he saying? I thought…
As she looked up at him, a couple of drops ran down her cheeks and on her shirt.
“(Y/N), please tell me. You had promised to tell me anything and everything that upsets you. So, tell me what happened. Why do you speak of our relationship as if it was a mistake?”
“It never was a mistake for me,” she breathed, “I thought you felt...I thought you...”
The shaky way in which the question came out of him stung her more than any thought of Loki not wanting this relationship. It was then that she realised how badly she had hurt him.
He never wanted to leave! He always wanted me? Us?
She didn’t know what to say.
“I’m sorry,” she finally managed. “I thought that you...didn’t want...this. Us. I-”
“Why would you even think so? Why would you bear such thoughts when I love you with every fiber of my being?”
Her head snapped up.
“You love me?” Her own voice became shaky.
“Of course, I do,” he gently placed a hand on her cheek, “always have. At first I thought it was a love for friends until that night, when I realised that I wanted to be more than just friends with you.”
More tears fell down her cheek as she rejoiced in the moment. Loki wiped them all, and placed soft kisses on each cheek.
“And all this time, I was afraid that you’re having second thoughts,” she confessed.
“And why is that?”
How do I say that it’s because you haven’t kissed me yet? And ran away from the one moment we had today, albeit in a not-so-comfortable situation?
“Because I haven’t kissed you yet?” Loki asked her.
Her heart beat so violently, she could have sworn that Loki could hear it. Her tongue felt too heavy to speak.
“I didn’t think you were ready,” he admitted. “That is the reason why I did not dance with you in the club either. I was teasing you, yes, but when you responded I was definitely taken aback. I wasn’t sure if it was you or the ambience talking. So…
You have always shied away from any comments that I make, and...I did not want to push anything on you.”
“Oh, Loki!”
She hugged him so hard that even the Asgardian had to take two steps back to balance himself.
“I’m so, so sorry,” she wept into his shirt. “I misunderstood your actions for… I pushed you away. I thought you weren’t ready for this relationship. I’m sorry!”
Tears of both apology and relief flooded her. He tried to sush her as he rocked her slowly from side to side.
After taking a moment to compose herself, she stood straight. Loki looked at her red-eyed, tear-stained face and tutted.
“Doesn’t suit you, darling. Show me your crazy, grinning face.”
With a chuckle, she gave him a funny face-splitting smile, making both of them laugh.
“(Y/N), I didn’t want to kiss you because of a game or under the watchful eyes of that insufferable bunch of imbeciles. But if you will allow me now, I-”
“Just stop being so polite for a change, and kiss me,” she tugged at the collars of his shirt.
Loki didn’t need to be asked twice.
In the hall, the Avengers were busy speculating the outcome of their little plan, when the couple in discussion walked in. Hand in hand.
“Yes, we had changed our relationship status around six months ago,” (Y/N) announced to a stunned audience.
“And yes, we kissed. Just now. And I hope you know where I mean,” Loki added before dragging his love away towards the elevator.
“What was that?” She whispered as she was being whisked away.
“What?” Loki asked innocently, although his eyes stated otherwise.
“You didn’t need to declare that we just kissed!” She laughed as the doors of the elevator closed.
He shrugged while jabbing at a button. “They wanted us to kiss anyway. So, I gave them the satisfaction of knowledge. Besides, they need to know who you belong to now.”
“Aha! Possessive?”
“No! I also made it clear who I belong to now.”
He smiled as the doors opened to the hallway that led to his room. And once again, his words had rendered her speechless.
Silver tongue!
You can read the backstory here.
And here's a song to sing along and keep the mood floating...
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17 - Tucking their hands beneath the other person’s shirt, just to watch them break the kiss and gasp in surprise at the sensation of cold/warm hands on their skin. 18 - Teasing kisses where one person blows air into the other’s mouth and runs away. - Words: 902
A/N: 😏😏😏😏 I smell a Jotun!Loki fic coming on!!! (Seriously! Was prompt #17 MADE for him or what???? 😃😃😃😃) Also, 99% of the idea for this fic happened to be thought of before What If...? E7 🤣🤣🤣🤣
You and Loki had just started dating. You were completely, utterly, and 100% clichely in love. However, physical contact was not something either of you were very used to. Slowly, though, the two of you were growing accustomed to each other.
"Y/N?" Loki said as he walked into the kitchen, trying to find you for your date that afternoon.
"I think she's in her room, Mr. Loki," Peter replied, making himself a sandwich.
"Thank you, Starkson," Loki smirked, teasing him. Peter chuckled and shook his head, waving to Loki as he went off to find you.
"Come in," You called out, hearing him knock on your door.
"Y/N?" Loki asked as he came in. "Is everything alright? I was waiting for our date and-"
"Oh Loki! I'm so sorry!" You gasped. "I completely forgot! I've been so scatterbrained lately with everything I have going on. My schedule is a mess and-" You sighed, slumping down in your chair. "And it's gonna sound silly but it didn't even snow this winter and I was looking forward to a really good snow day. I'm sorry. It's stupid."
"Do not apologize, my love," Loki smiled, kneeling in front of you and kissing your forehead softly. "You've been working very hard and I'm so proud of you." Standing up he grinned. "But what it sounds like you need is a vacation! And I know just the place!"
"But Loki-"
"Don't 'but' me anything," He replied with a smirk. "Leave the planning and packing to me and be ready to leave Friday afternoon once you've finished your shift."
Friday afternoon, after work, you went to the parking garage where Loki had asked you to meet him. "Okay, Loki," You said tiredly, placing a hand on your hip. "What's this grand plan of yours? And perhaps luggage?"
"Come on!" Loki exclaimed excitedly, taking your hand and dragging you outside. You gasped in surprise as Loki pulled you tightly to his side with his arm around your waist. "Heimdall!" He yelled. Suddenly you both were surrounded by a bright, colorful light and you felt as if you were floating. When you felt ground beneath your feet again, you looked around, finding yourself on what you assumed was the Bifrost. You saw Heimdall standing there with his staff and your eyebrows raised.
"Hi!" You said, waving slightly.
"Bye!" Loki said immediately. With that the two of you flashed off again, landing in a soft, but cold pile of fluff.
"Where are we?"
"Welcome to Jotunheim!" Loki exclaimed, holding his arms out dramatically.
"Jotunheim?" You asked in surprise as Loki helped you up.
"You needed a vacation and you missed the snow. So," He grinned. "Here we are!" You looked around, taking in the beautiful landscape around you. "Oh! And here," He added, magicing a warmer outfit for you.
"Thank you," You smiled, pulling the collar of the warm coat around you further. "Are we allowed to be here?" You asked abit nervously.
"In all legal respects, absolutely," Loki replied. "After all," He trailed off as he dropped his Asgardian glamor.
"Wow," You gasped softly, taking in his appearance. As a Frost Giant, he obviously didn't need as many layers as you so you found yourself grinning like an idiot as you looked him over.
"Like what you see?" He smirked. You only made a small noise of agreement and nodded. Despite his smug attitude, he was genuinely surprised at how welcoming you were of his true form.
"Thank you," You finally said, looking up at him. Before he could reply, you threw yourself into his arms, hugging him tightly.
"You're welcome," Loki replied, hugging you back and smiling widely. You reached up on your tiptoes, wrapping your arms around his neck, and pulled him in for a kiss. Loki smiled into the kiss, pulling you even closer. He snuck his fingers under the hem of your coat and shirt, just barely brushing your sides. You gasped and pulled away slightly, the cold of his skin surprising you. He smirked as you leaned back in for another kiss. Just before your lips met, he blew a sharp puff of cold air at your lips, causing you to sputter in protest.
"Loki!" You squealed.
"Catch me if you can!" He yelled, running away from you into the endless snow drifts. You laughed gleefully and took off after him. After a few hours of playing tag and literally rolling in the snow, he teleported the both of you into a lavishly decorated bedroom.
"This is beautiful!" You gasped. He smiled, wrapping his arms around you and magically lighting a fire in the fireplace.
"I built myself a cabin in the woods here. I needed a place to get away."
"Well I'm honored you brought me here," you replied, snuggling into him. "However, if I'm not mistaken, you owe me a kiss," You smirked. Loki chuckled and kissed you softly. "Much better," You sighed. "
"Thank you," He whispered. You looked at him oddly, confused as to why he was thanking you. "For accepting me. All of me."
"Of course, Loki. I love you, remember? No matter what. Besides, this form of yours is rather attractive. I can't wait to get my hands on you," You grinned.
"Is that a promise or a threat?" He teased. You leaned in, almost nose to nose.
"That's for me to know and you to find out."
Marvel (all characters, including Loki)
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depressedtransguy · a day ago
okay this is my first posted fic please mind the tags
As The World Crashes
More and more blood smeared across Loki's hands as he tried to use something, anything, to stop the liquid from pouring out of Stephen's chest. Bandages slipped through his fingers as he spawned more and more, compressing them down to soak until they were completely red. Spells upon spells were cast to no avail. He tried everything from ice to fire and from Earth remedies to Asgardian magic. But it wasn't working. 
Tears slipped out from the god's glassy emerald eyes and splashed down onto one of the Rings of Raggadorr spread out below them as he heard his husband's breath only getting shallower and shallower every time he inhaled and exhaled. "Loki, stop," he roughly groaned, raising his trembling arm up to wrap around his wrist and pull it away from his body. "It's not going to help." 
"Well I have to do something!" the god of mischief choked out, more water rolling down his cheeks, his hands shaking harder and harder. "This is not how the greatest sorcerer supreme since the beginning of time goes out, struck down by some second rate monster attempting to do nothing more but devour a few trillion beings." 
A low chuckle came from Stephen's abused abdomen and he tilted his head slightly to make eye contact. "They didn't strike you darling." 
The god couldn't even stabilize his hands anymore, the held back sobs coming out in other ways. "Not the time, Stephen," he managed to hiss. 
With a small squeeze to his wrist, he comforted, "Your hands are shaking as badly as mine do. Relax darling, it's okay." 
"You think this is fucking okay?!" A small prick to his emotions was all it took for it all to come pouring out at once. "This was fine, IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE FINE!" His voice trembled and cracked like crazy. Loki raised a bright red hand away from his husband's blood soaked robes, pressing it to his own chest and biting down so hard on his lip it bled. "This was supposed to be fine Stephen. A simple mission we were given a fortnight ago to save a few planets from some interdimensional beast. Nothing extreme, we deal with this all the time, and this should have probably lasted about two days tops. It's been two weeks. I watched you wave our daughter goodbye as we left for Kamar-Taj. She waved back. Our son told you to come back alive. You agreed. So you're going to fucking come back alive Stephen, do you understand me?" 
Stephen didn't immediately respond. The sound and sight of his husband's sobbing and the pain was most likely both strangling his vocal cords, making him able to do nothing except slip their hands into place and link their fingers. "It is okay Loki. It is. Everyone has a time. Death is what gives life meaning." 
"Stop talking like that!" Loki begged, leaning forward until his body was racking with sobs right over Stephen's bloody one. "This isn't your time. We still have so much left to do. Frigga's only 25 in human years, she has so many more milestones to reach, and we're going to be there for her. And Anthony, he's just my age when we first met, we're going to be there for him too. Plus, you promised we'd grow old together baby. And you haven't broken a promise to me yet." 
Yes, Loki was obviously being selfish. But he couldn't give two shits. Stephen was not leaving him. "I'll still be there for you, always. I'll see Frigga grow. I'll see Anthony grow. I'll see you grow. Don't worry about me, I'll be okay," Stephen whispered, summoning the last bits of strength he had left in his body to raise up his hand not currently holding Loki's and yank his time stone necklace off, then pressing it into his open palm. Next he gently slipped his fingers into his beginning to gray hair and then brought him down to where he was lying to press their lips together. 
It almost felt like the first time they kissed. 
Now that was a while ago. A little over 1,500 years, just based on their daughter's age. Loki didn't remember the exact year. But he did remember that it was five months after Ragnarok. After the Asgardians settled in Norway, the god started visiting the sorcerer supreme more and more just out of plain boredom--but that quickly changed into because they both wanted to see the other. It only took a power outage and a fire to make them admit it and kiss softly by the tamed flames.
They were so young then. So much had changed. 
Yet Stephen's lips still felt the same against his. That had never wavered through the years. It's how their fights ended. How battles ended. What they did before they fell asleep at night. No matter what happened, how they grew and changed as people, Stephen and his kisses never left. 
Until now. 
But... maybe this last one would be enough. 
"I love you," the sorcerer supreme rasped against his lips. "No matter what--never forget that." 
Loki reluctantly bobbed his head lightly and gave him a sad smile, his heart cracking to see the pain laced in his gray eyes and on every line on his face. But that would be gone. He'd be in a better place: one without pain, without the haunting past, without the weight of the universe on his shoulders. He'd get to rest. "I love you too darling. More than I ever thought I could love another being." He took a small shuddering sigh before continuing. "Thank you, thank you for giving me a life that I doubt I would have reached without you. You were the one who let me rest for the first time in my life. And now it's my turn to return the favor." 
"Oh Dewdrop, thank you. I couldn't have asked for a better partner to spend my time with. You and Frigga and Anthony. I love you all with more heart than I ever thought I had." 
The strain in his voice was only getting worse, making it clear that he didn't have much time left. Last word time. So Loki swallowed all the trembling and fear and cracks to properly dismiss his husband. "You gave me a reason to live. A reason to wake up in the morning and actually face the world. And for that... I will forever be grateful. I love you. And I will never forget you." 
Their lips were pressed together once more to seal the pact of love and acceptance that flowed between them, recognizing that this would be their last time together until Loki entered Valhalla himself. Souls touching for one last time. 
Soon enough, Loki felt the body underneath his slowly ebb away from existence, Stephen turning to gold dust to become one with the universe where he belonged. He could clearly tell when there was nothing against him anymore, nothing but air. But he still sat there for a few minutes, reveling in the moment. Testing to see if everything would drop and the event would just be revealed to be some crazy lucid dream he had. He still had that thought in the back of his head that he would wake up any moment with Stephen's arms wrapped around his waist despite previous embracing of the situation. But when he finally peeled open his lids and stared down at the infinite space below the magic ring--he knew that this was real. And Stephen was dead.
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probably-need-sleep27 · 2 days ago
My headcanon for Loki and Thor
Loki and Thor are soulmates/twin flames
When I say soulmates/twin flames I mean platonic soulmates for Thorki shippers
Loki and Thor will always find their way to each other and will always unknowingly recognised each other as brothers in every universe as seen in this week what if episode
The definition of soul mates/twin flames is down below
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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forgetful-nerd · a month ago
Wong: Perhaps you should get some rest Strang-
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awlba · a day ago
Tumblr media
they’re home!!!!💖💖💖
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I’m still waiting for the freebies and the charms!! I’ll be shipping the stickers as soon as the freebies arrive🥺💓💓💓 The keychains are still on production but the manufacturer told me they’ll be ready soon👀💞
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0paperairplane0 · 2 months ago
Am I the only one that doesn’t think Loki is narcissistic? I think he craves atttention because he doesn’t have enough. He feels neglected and tries to make things about himself to attract attention. In the scene where Loki explains his theory to Mobius, he looks like an excited puppy. He is so excited for the possibility that maybe for once he’s right. That behaviour is something that is very common in neglected children. Sif says to Loki that he is alone and always will be alone. His whole life he had no real friends and the only person that ever believed in him was Frigga. He was always overlooked and lived in the shadows of Thor’s greatness. Loki said that he hurts people as a part of the illusion for a desperate attempt at having the control that he has never had. A narcissist would never be able to admit this and would not even believe it. Narcissism by definition is the pursuit of gratification from vanity or egotistic admiration of one's idealised self-image and attributes. We know that this is not Loki because from what we’ve seen throughout the mcu is that he does not think of himself as amazing. He is self-critical and insecure. Throughout his lifetime, he has been told over and over again that he is not enough and I think that he may say “I am a god” and “I am burdened with glorious purpose” to convince himself and others that he is great. Loki is not narcissistic, he hides his insecurities behind a shield that resembles narcissism.
Edit: I realize now that this post is a bit ableist and I’m really sorry if I offended anyone. I didn’t realize it was ableist when I posted it.
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Imposter Syndrome - Loki x Reader - Words: 934
A/N: A/N: This fic is 100% self-indulgent. I wrote this instead of therapy LOL
ON A VERY SERIOUS NOTE: Reader in this fic is quite depressed and briefly mentions suicidal thoughts. It's very brief and not graphic. However, if you feel this may trigger you, check out my Masterlist and pick a different fic or message me and let's talk. ❤❤❤
You stood on the balcony, staring out over the glittering gold city below. You gripped the railing tightly, squeezing your eyes shut. Your breath came to you in short gasps as you tried to quiet the chaos in your mind.
"Stop, stop," You cried, gasping. "Please." You were so lost in your own mind that you didn't hear Loki walk out to you.
"Darling?" He said, but you didn't reply. He carefully but firmly wrapped his arms around you and you screamed, startled at the touch. "I didn't want to scare you," He immediately said. "But you didn't hear me. And I didn't want you to fall."
"And what if I wanted to?" You snapped without thinking of what you said.
Loki's grip on you unconsciously tightened and you could see the look of desperation and despair spread over his features. "Is that truly how you feel?"
"Sometimes," You admitted quietly, looking away in embarrassment. Loki hugged you tightly and you could hear his heart racing as you leaned on his chest.
"Why?" He asked. "I-" He took a shaky breath and slowly ran his fingers through your hair. "I want to understand." You shrugged and pulled away from him, walking back inside.
"I can't explain. When I want to explain it," You said slowly, struggling with even the simplest word. "When I can think of how, it's not the right time," You paused, taking a few deep breaths. "And when I'm like this, words don't like to come out." You sat on the bed, wrapping your arms around yourself while you cried silently.
"Take all the time you need, my love," Loki whispered, sitting next to you and pulling you into his arms. You gripped his shirt tightly, trying to get a hold of even one thought.
"It's like I can't think. Everything is too loud."
"Do you want me to help you?" Loki offers while holding his hand up, his seidr glowing at his fingertips.
"No!" You screamed, once again pulling away. "You do far too much for me. Why-" Your voice broke and you sniffled loudly. "Why do you even care? I'm a worthless Midgardian who can't do such a single thing as expressing herself! I'm not skilled nor smart. Especially not here in Asgard!"
"No, pet! That's not-"
"And that's another thing!" You yell, getting up and walking across the room. "You call me 'pet' because that's all I am. A funny little plaything to keep around."
"I'm sorry," Loki whispers, the hurt obviously on his face. Not hurt for himself but rather for you. "How can I make things better? Would you like to move back to Midg-erm, back home? And I promise I'll never call you 'pet' again. I love you, darling. You are not just a plaything to me. I call you 'pet' because you're mine, because it's a term of endearment. I do not call just anyone 'pet'. I do not throw it around like it means nothing. You are mine and you always will be and I want everyone in the whole nine realms to know! But if you would prefer another term I will oblige. Whatever will make you comfortable."
"Oh Loki," You sobbed, letting yourself collapse against Loki, no more fight left in you. "I'm so tired. I just want to be happy. I love when you call me 'pet'. Really I do. I love that you want me to be yours. I just overthink a lot. And I'm scared. I'm scared that one day you or someone else or even myself will realize that I'm a fake. Realize I can't really pull all this off and that I don't belong."
"No, no! You're not a fake! If you were a fake you'd have left me and married my brother the moment you met him," He chuckled. You wrinkled your nose in disgust.
"Ew! No way! Thor is-well he's nice enough but he's not husband material. Not for me at least," You smiled. Loki kissed your forehead and hugged you tightly.
"There's the smile I love," He said. "Seriously though, I've met far too many insincere people. People who put on an act just for their own selfish gain. You are not one of them. You truly care about people and you give of yourself to all."
"You're just saying that because you have to."
"No, my dear," Loki replied honestly. "I'm saying this as a man who's benefited from that care more than I ever could repay."
"I-" You sighed heavily. "Thank you I guess."
"I know I'll have to remind you of this occasionally, but I do not mind. As long as you let me, I will happily be here for you whenever you need me."
“Thank you, Loki,” You replied, closing your eyes and leaning against him. He picked you up and carried you back to bed.
“Why don’t we get some rest now? Perhaps we can plan a visit back to your hometown later?"
"That would be wonderful, Loki." Once he pulled the covers over you, you snuggled up against him. "I love you so much. I'm sorry for scaring you."
"Don't fret," He immediately said. "Never fear talking to me about what's going through your mind. I do understand. I've had those thoughts myself. I-" He sighed. "Well, we won't discuss that right now. But trust me when I say I truly understand."
"Okay," You whispered, looking up at him, seeing the sadness in his eyes.
"Now sleep, we have a lot of planning to do when we wake." You smiled contentedly and fell asleep in his arms.
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