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zemosimp05 · 2 days ago
Spell Gone Wrong
Loki x Witch Y/N | Pure fluff ಥ◡ಥ
Summery: To get him out of the possession of mind stone Y/N casts a spell on the Asgardian Raven Prince, which goes terribly wrong. Atleast that's what she thought.
A/N: I'm a shit writer so read at your own risk *mic drops* also forgive me for any grammatical errors.Reblogs / likes/ comments are highly encouraging and appreciated .
Word count: 2.6k
Tumblr media
It was almost middle of the night you came back from you little adventure of book hunt. The books were way to heavy to carry all the way to the 5th floor of your so called apartment. The elevator was out of order so you had to climb all the way through stairs. You placed them down with a loud thud so that you could unlock the door. You do had powers but that didn’t allow you to move things, so you had to carry the books.
You were about to unlock the door suddenly noticed the lock was broken and some noise was coming from inside. Some one was here. You immediately get into a defensive mode before slowly opening the door. But what you saw on your couch you got totally astonished.
“Thor?” You asked totally astonished. He was bit bruised, fully armoured eating the ice cream you saved for yourself, while watching some random kids show on the tv. But what caught your attention was the shining blue cube on the tea table before him. Jane was one of your friend back in Manhattan, and you met Thor once in your life time then before you moved to a different country.
“Oh hello lady Y/N…” Thor’s eyes lit up seeing you.
“What are you doing here…specifically on earth…? And is that…?” You asked completely forgetting about the books you had to bring inside.
“Well just laying low…and yes that’s tesseract..” he shrugged eating.
“Laying low? From what? And why didn’t you went to Jane’s place?”
“We’re not in best terms you know…”
“Ok…and …How…how did you find me…?” You asked looking around if he had touched anything else in your apartment. Being a wizard your apartment was full of crazy things, dangerous things even and also books, lots of books.
“Tony gave your address…” he shrugged. Damn it Stark. You’re beyond tired to question him what he was doing here so you sighed softly before walking into the bedroom and yelped seeing a sleepy figure on your bed. He looked like an wounded angel , sleeping so peacefully.
“Tho-Thor???” You yelled. This man wasn’t sleeping at all as he didn’t move a single muscle from your yelling.
“There’s a man in my bed…WHY there’s a man in my bed…?” You yelled as Thor walked in the room.
“Oh I knocked him up…” he said making your eyes wide.
“Oh no…he’s my brother…I knocked him unconscious in a fight…” Thor corrected himself.
“You have a brother?” You asked turning to the sleepy figure on your bed.
“Adopted or not he’s still yours brother…” you said.
“Yeah …”
“So he’s a god too?” You asked again.
“Oh yes. God of mischief…Loki Odinson…” Thor said making you surprise again.
“God of Mischief? How? He looks like an angel…” the words came out of your mouth before you could stop it.
“Oh don’t let his looks fool you he’s a devil in disguise…” Thor said narrowing his eyes.
“Okay why he’s here…?” You asked again in confusion.
“You didn’t see the news? He tried to invade the earth…” Thor said astonished.
“He did what? That’s so evil…” You said totally in disbelief. Were you that involved in your own world of magic that you had no clue that someone tried to invade the Earth!!!
“Well he’s in control of the mind stone…and I need your help to fix him…”
“I need you to fi-”
“And how the hell I’m supposed to do that? My powers has nothing to do with infinity stones…” you huffed walking back to your living room and Thor following behind.
“Please…you are a witch…do something…anything…I can’t take him back to Asgard like this…”
“Why not?”
“I just can’t…”
“Well I don’t know how to fix a effect of mind stone…” you said spacing around.
“He’s mind is been invaded with greed and hate…”
“Then put some love in it…” you said without even thinking.
“Can you do that?”
“Do what?” You stopped in your tracks.
“Cast a love spell on him maybe…can you do that…?” Thor asked. He was a dumbass but he didn’t know you’re also one. This was a worse idea.
“Well…I…never had …used it on someone…” You said.
“Please Y/N…I have no where to go…” he pleaded and you being soft hearted you couldn’t deny him.
“Let me see…” you said finally.
“Oh thank you…you’re the best…I’ll pick him up by tomorrow…”
“Wait! You gonna leave him here…?No Way…he tried to invade the earth..what if he hurts me too?” you protested.
“Oh you will be fine…My brother isn’t that evil at all…and you can knock him down with spells if he pulls any further tricks …I have to return before sunrise….I promise I’ll pick him by next sunrise…” he said glancing at the wall clock, before picking the tesseract. Despite of your complaining he left his brother and you’re beyond terrified about a man, well a literal god sleeping in your bed. You walked back to your bedroom and stood there for good ten minutes thinking about what to do while looking at Loki.
He’s so beautiful and looked so calm. You sighed softly before taking the blanket to drape it over him securely, then walked back to your living room.
“Okay…let’s see…how to fix you odinson…” you huffed once again flipping through some pages of a book finding a spell.
“Huh…this should work…” you mumbled in the air looking at the love spell not even reading the whole thing before walking into your bedroom again. You carefully got in the bed next to Loki. You placed your hand on his forehead and he felt oddly cold.
“Oh dear …is he dead…?” You mumbled panicking. Then checked his pulse. Not dead yet.
“Okay you clumsy witch…focus…” you took a deep breath before placing your hand against his forehead again before summoning you powers and casting the spell on him.
It was hours later next day Loki woke up. And the first thing he noticed he was in a strangers bed. He observed the room carefully. Way too many books, it felt like he was sleeping in a library or something. Where was he? What’s this place? Was he still on earth?
He groaned softly trying to remember some scattered memories of him falling from Bifrost , meeting some weird people, coming to earth. The sound of glass breaking followed by a soft feminine voice cursing made him startled out of his thoughts.
He got up, slowly walking out of the room and suddenly his breath hitched seeing you. The soft gasp left from his lips as if he had seen the most beautiful creature in the nine realm. He was literally stunned seeing you.
“Oh you’re awake finally…” you looked up from you desk, you were making some potion.
“Since you slept whole morning…You must be hungry I made lunch for…” you stopped as he was just standing there looking like a lost puppy.
“Loki? You okay?” You asked bit worriedly this time. Oh so you knew who was he …the thought to himself.
“Where am I ? And who are you?” He said as calmly as possible. His heart rate had escalated and for the first time in a while he didn’t really know how he was feeling. Was he dead? Were you any angel of Valhalla?
“Am I dead?” He asked again looking around.
“Umm you’re still on earth…definitely not dead…. I’m Y/N…and Thor left you here as you-”
“Have we met before?” He asked cutting you. He couldn’t tore his gaze of you. How can you be so alluring! Was his mind playing tricks?
“Well certainly not my prince…” you said nervously smiling. Why he was looking at you like that?
“Then why you look like the woman of my dreams…” the words flew out Loki’s mouth before he could stop it and both of you got surprised. Did he just flirt with you?
“I’m sorry my love…I didn’t me-” Loki placed a hand on his mouth in disbelief. My Love? What the hell he was saying?
“Oh my god…” but your eyes widened again. The love spell. Oh no. This was not the way it should have worked.
“What’s wrong my dear…damn it..” he growled as if it wasn’t him speaking. Of course it wasn’t him, it was the spell.
“Omg…what have I done… no….” You whisper yelled looking at him. You fucked up big times.
“You did what?”
“You we’re in control of mind stone and Thor told me to fix you but….omg….” You yelled this time walking past him to find the spell book.
“Y/N…are you a witch?” Loki asked following you behind.
“Yes…” you said still trying to find the book.
“Well you’re so beautiful…” Loki’s eyes widened again making you turn to look at him. You knew it was the spell talking but you couldn’t help but blush. He was standing way to close towering over you, which made you nervously gulp.
“I should better keep quiet…other wise I can go for hours rambling about how beautiful yo-” he clasped his hand on his mouth again to stop himself stepping away from you. He was not in his control. Last time it was the mind stone making him evil and now your love spell making him a love-stuck puppy.
“I will fix this…don’t worry…damn it where’s the book I kept last night…” you said frustrated before turning around again to the bookshelf.
“Can I help darling…? Oh Norns…” Loki asked groaning at the end for using another pet name.
“Just keep your mouth shut okay…?” You asked looking around and going to the different shelf and again Loki following you behind. It was like he couldn’t help but to follow.
“I think I-” you stopped and turned and immediately bumped hard into Loki. Loki caught you so that you didn’t loose balance. Those blue eyes were looking at you with so much adoration. If the circumstances were not like this you would have gone crazy about him being your lover. No one has ever looked at you the way Loki was looking at you.
“Loki…” you nervously gulped when his eyes trailed down to your lips then back to your eyes, and he suddenly shook his head closing his eyes stepping away from you again.
“What are you doing to me…” he huffed softly. You figured out the spell was partially working that’s why his thoughts were conflicting.
"This is all my fault... Thor just told me to put some love in your mind and…"
"WELL I'M IN LOVE WITH YOU Y/N..." Loki yelled frustratedly. Okay that was hot. But you got startle for his sudden outburst. God of Mischief yelling aggressively that he's in love with you. A part inside you was screaming but another part was feeling so sorry for both of you.
"I’m sorry I didn’t mean to yell…Please Y/N... Fix this... Please love... Do it for me..." Loki said again.
"I-I had one job... And I fucked up..." You whispered softly on a verge of crying. Why were you so sensitive?
"Oh no... Don't cry... Don't cry...I'm so sorry love..." Loki tried to approach you but you scoot away from him.
"Hey... Calm down.. Y/N my love you need to calm down.... Okay...?Take a deep breath, it’s going to be ok. We don’t have to rush… that’s overwhelming you." He said with so much concern. You nodded softly.
“Try to remember where you last saw that book….”
“Last night…when I cast the spell…you were sleeping…oh OH…bedroom…” you mumbled looking at him and Loki smiled.
“There you go love…”
You rushed to your bedroom only to found the book beside the bed. You came back and slammed the book down on you kitchen counter before aggressively flipping through it’s pages.
“Aha…found it…” you said.
“Good job…” Loki’s voice rasped beside you before he placed a soft kiss just below your ear making you shiver. You didn’t even noticed when he came and stood just behind you.
“Its say….it…”you voice got muffled as he started to plant soft kisses along your neck.
"I'm listening..." He chuckled softly seeing his effect on you.
“Loki…stop…” it came more of a whimper and he stopped.
“I’m sorry…I can’t help it…” he huffed softly resting his face on you shoulder, hugging you from behind. An unknown warmth spreading across you two.You did this to yourself self and now both of you suffering this.
“This spell is temporary…” you mumbled.
“It will take…hours…to fade…there’s no other way…” you mumbled nervously, as you felt Loki’s grip tighten around you.
“How are we doing to deal with that…?” he whined this time. Thank god it was a just love spell , not a sex one. He would get just clingy that’s it. But that was also too much for you. It’s been years that somebody showing you this kind of affections and you really didn’t know how to deal with it after all he was a stranger you met last night.
“Is there anyway I can help you…?” you asked.
“Pretend to be in love with me until it fades…” he said not finding anything else to say. That was so hard.
“Thor will be here by the sunrise I hope it would fade before that…” you said as you turned around in his arms to face him. You’re beyond sorry for whatever happening. A little part of you was really wanted this but it was so wrong. You couldn’t force him to like you. When the spell would fade that would be the most uncomfortable and awkward situation.
“You know you will make a great queen…” he said looking down at you making you blush again. You had to keep reminding yourself that’s the spell talking.
“Please…I’m so freaking clumsy and bit of a troublemaker…” you huffed.
“Well then you’re just my type…” he said smiling, then nuzzling his nose with you. At this point if he just kissed you , you hardly would resist it. But he didn’t instead he grabbed your waist before hoisting you up on the counter making you yelp in surprise. You wrapped your hands around his shoulders as he stood between the space of your legs.
“I’m sorry again…” Loki apologised again.
“I should be the one apologising for doing this to you…you have any girlfriend or boyfriend?” You asked.
“No…would you like to be one?” He asked with so much hope.
“Loki…it’s the spell talking…” you said again. And he sighed softly getting sad.
“Thor said you tried to invade the earth…why?” You finally asked changing the topic but Loki got little tensed.
“Hey it’s okay if you don’t wanna share…” you assured him.
“No…I …wanna talk…I mean I love you…so I can share with you…” he said nervously smiling. Loki really needed to get things out. Whether for the spell or not he needed someone to listen to him and you were there so he didn’t hold back.
The spell got off one or two hours ago but Loki didn’t tried to wake you up from you two’s perfectly cuddled up situation on the couch. You looked so peaceful while sleeping. By the sunrise he would be gone back to Asgard but he knew for sure he’s coming back for you.
You’re so patient with him all the time despite his clinginess. You reacted rather so amused finding about him being a frost giant, not some scary monster. So he showed you his true. colours. You listened to him with utmost concentration and he even showed you some magic tricks. Just in one day you gave him an experience of a life time, which he would cherish forever.
By the time Thor came back finding you two like that he was beyond confused and surprised.
“What the hell happened here…” he mumbled astonished seeing his brother.
“Nothing…just a spell gone wrong….or I would say perfectly correct…” Loki smiled looking at your sleepy figure perfectly cuddled up against him as he was beyond happy.
Loki masterlist have a great day ♥️
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mrandmrstesseract · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
seeing this big fruity boy so happy is like getting chicken soup injected directly into my veins
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dyns33 · 2 days ago
Thor : “Nobody care about Midgard !” 
Jotun Loki : “Indeed !” 
Jane : “...” 
Y/N : *cough cough* 
Thor : “What ?” 
Jotun Loki : “... I meant, nobody care, except us ! Of course ! Great planet ! With great people !” 
Thor : “What ? The tiny ones ?” 
Jane : “...” 
Jotun Loki : “Oh, you are so fucked bro.” 
Y/N : “...” 
Jotun Loki : “Babe ! He said it first !”
Tumblr media
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handmaiden-of-mischief · 17 hours ago
Liquid Courage
I'm sorry I've been so slow at writing/posting, the past week has been incredibly stressful though the next one should be better 😅 This is one of the Sinday Celebration requests. I hope you enjoy! - Love, Kiki 🖤
Pairing: Loki x female reader
Request/Prompt: “As soon as we’re both sober, we can do every dirty little thing you ever dreamed of” for my Sinday Celebration. This one was requested by @drottning-sigyn, I hope you like it, dear! 🥰 (and I'm sorry your other request is taking me so long to write but I'm working on it 😅)
Summary: You've been pining after Loki for so long, certain he'd never reciprocate your feelings - until an accident at a party gives you the courage you needed to finally give him your heart.
Word count: 4 k
What to expect: humour, fluff, it’s smutty but no actual smut this time
Warnings: no actual smut in this one but it has a very explicit make-out session (so, better safe than sorry), alcohol consumption
For more Loki content, check out my masterlist 🥰
As always, likes, comments and reblogs are greatly appreciated and encouraged 🖤
Tumblr media
It might have come as a surprise considering Tony Stark’s previous lifestyle, but parties at the Avengers headquarters were a rarity.
There simply wasn’t a lot of time to dance and drink and lead a healthy social life in between missions where, more often than not, the fate of the world was at stake as much as one’s own life. Thus, partying wasn’t exactly a weekly activity.
Still, you’d spend the past few hours watching the ongoing party from the side-lines, helping Nat to mix drinks at the bar instead of joining the dancing and laughing.
“You know, I always thought that you’d be more of a…”, you drifted off, searching for the right words as you watched the crushed ice in the otherwise empty glass you were holding, swirling the shards around with a straw.
Nat smirked, before she finished the sentence for you. “A party animal?”
“Is that weird?”
Nat tilted her head, her short hair forming a fiery red halo around her face as she seemed to contemplate your words, before she replied with a snicker, “Maybe I’m getting too old for parties. What about you? I know why I’m mixing the drinks instead of consuming them while dancing with a bunch of hot people, but what’s your excuse?”
Her tone was teasing, though beneath the playful curiosity, you recognized that she was worried.
Your gaze, though, was drawn away from Nat’s concerned one and landed on a flash of raven hair for what probably was the hundredth time this night, and your heart seemed to stumble over its next beat when the trickster smiled. Not at you, but at Thor who’d stepped to his side to make a funny remark which was probably drowned out by the music.
How you wished that beautiful, mischievous smirk playing on Loki’s lips was meant for you.
How you wished these mesmerizing eyes would scan the room for you with the same longing in his heart as yours did, intent on finding you in the crowd.
How you wished you were one of these people with enough courage in their hearts to speak their minds and flirt and make the first step, instead of watching helplessly from the side-lines with a useless dreamy smile, nothing more than a spectator glancing through a window, imagining thousands of what-ifs without ever grasping the chance to make them come true.
How you wished that Loki’s kisses would one day be more than only a daydream spun from far away by your love-dazed mind.
“I take it your excuse is the…view,” Nat’s taunting tore you from your wandering thoughts and the self-pity they elicited in your heart, and you could feel how heat was creeping into your cheeks at her implication.
“You know, there’s nothing holding you back from going out there and having the time of your life instead of pining from afar,” the redhead added with a wink, before she turned to mix another cocktail.
Everything, you wanted to say. Everything is holding me back.
Because the delicate bond of friendship which had started to form between you and Loki like the fragile bud of a daffodil breaking the frozen soil beneath the first rays of the spring sun, would be crushed like the ice in the cocktail glass in front of you if Loki didn’t reciprocate your feelings. And that was a chance you were not willing to take.
No. All you had were daydreams, colourful imaginings in your mind which were as real as the illusions Loki spun. And as long as you didn’t give Loki any chance to reject you, there would always be the hope of those sweet what-ifs to feed the fires of these daydreams.
Once again, your focus slipped towards the raven-haired prince. Even in a mundane setting such as this party, he looked regal, otherworldly, carrying himself with the grace and charm of…well, a fairy tale prince. Stepped out of his glittering world of battles and magic and into yours, stealing your heart without even attempting to.
Or…had he attempted to make you fall for him? Had the lingering smiles, the fleeting touches during training and the witty comments that never failed to make you grin been more than Loki trying to win your friendship? Had the served the purpose to win your heart, instead?
“You’re staring,” Nat taunted, once again stopping the carousel of your racing thoughts, “Again.”
With a sideways glance at Loki, who was still talking to Thor, both of them sharing a liquid from a flask Thor had pulled out of the pocket of his pants, Nat slid fancily shaped glass with a crimson-coloured liquid across the counter towards you, the rim of the glass artfully speckled with glittering sugar and adorned with a tiny umbrella.
You cocked an eyebrow, and Nat shrugged and said, “You’ll need a little push to stop admiring him from afar like a princess locked away in her tower and finally talk to him.”
“I talk to him every day.”
“Flirt. Flirt with him,” Nat corrected herself exasperatedly. “Because I guarantee that he’s just as busy pining for you. If you don’t make the first step, things will just stay this way. And as much as I’m still suspicious about his good intentions in joining the Avengers, there’s not much time left to conquer the world and scheme his evil plans if he has a lover keeping him…occupied with other things.” She wriggled her eyebrows suggestively and you groaned – in embarrassment and frustration.
“Is it that obvious?”
“It is.”
“Not me. I mean him. Do you really think he likes me in a romantic way?”
“Only one way to find out,” Nat quipped and turned away from you to mix a second drink
With a glance at Loki, you realized that your friend was right. If you didn’t have courage in your heart, maybe you could add some liquid courage to your blood. You grabbed the glass and downed the cocktail in one go – hissing at the acidic taste of it as it burned its way down to your belly, and you cringed.
“What the hell did you put in there,” you coughed with a disdainful glance at the now empty cocktail glass, “Kitchen cleaner?”
You waited for Nat to laugh as her eyes wandered from the empty glass in your grasp to meet yours, but there was shock written over her face.
“Did you just drink that?”, she shrieked, and the look of panic which crossed her features at the realization was infectious, to say the least.
“Of course I drank that!”, you declared, the worry having reached your own voice, “You told me I needed a little push and placed it in front of me!”
“Not that kind of push!”
“What even was that?!”, you inquired with a panicked screech, and Nat pinched the bridge of her nose in exasperation.
“That was for Thor. I wanted to make a second one for Loki so you could join them with fresh drinks as a means to strike up a conversation –“
“And poison them?”
She chuckled. “That wasn’t alcohol from earth, but a liquor from Asgard Thor brought a few weeks ago.”
Ah, yes. That explained the feeling of your throat being on fire – and the sudden dizziness which was creeping into your senses, lulling them, making your tongue so strangely heavy and your mind as light as a feather floating through the air.
“I see.” Your words were garbled already.
It dawned on you that you’d surpassed the state of tipsiness and jumped right to the level of ‘drunk as a sailor’.
The room was whirling around you as if somebody had tied you to a carousel, and a fast one at that, and the sensory overload of flashing lights and blaring basses of the music, blending in with the voices and laughter which floated on the stuffy air, didn’t help to regain any sense of control.
Your hands tightened on the cool top of the bar counter to steady yourself, just as Nat’s hands settled lightly on your shoulders.
“Are you okay?”, she asked, and the worried frown on her face deepened.
A giggle bubbled up your throat. “More ‘n ever. ‘sss fine. A bit dizzy but fine.” You drawled the last word, drawing it out.
“Okay, you know what?”, your friend began, “We’ll go upstairs and then you’ll sleep off your –“
“Nah,” you managed to get out, vehemently shaking your head to emphasize your point. “Tha’sss the push I needed. ‘m gonna go tell the hot god ‘m in love with him.”
“You’re doing no such thing,” Nat growled, and at your own groan of frustration, she added, “You’ll thank me in the morning. Come on.”
She gently started to drag you away from the bar and into the crowd – but she’d underestimated the quickness of your movements, which obviously, for now, were still untouched by the Asgardian alcohol surging through your veins to boost your confidence and courage.
With another giggle, you’d slipped from Nat’s grasp and vanished into the crowd of laughing, dancing and drinking people before she could get a hold on you again.
You’d need to hide away from Nat for a while, and then you’ll grab the chance and confess your feelings to Loki – who was nowhere to be seen right now, but you were sure to find him.  
Your hazy mind rushed through the possibilities for possible hideaways, until your eyes locked on the elevator at the far end of the room, and a slow smile tugged at your lips. You’d just hide in a random hallway upstairs. Perfect.
The elevator car’s floor bucked beneath your feet – or was it your legs that bucked? – and as the doors slid open, you tumbled out of the car, and right into a pair of strong arms. Obviously, somebody’s reflexes were quick enough to catch your fall. Quicker than your own.
“My lady,” a smooth, low voice greeted, laced with a familiar playfulness that never failed to make your heart stumble in your chest, and when you blinked up at your saviour, your eyes met Loki’s. The god gave you a mischievous grin, and your heart dropped five storeys through the floor at the sight.
You opened your mouth, but your usual quick-wittedness had left you in your drunk state.
“’m no lady,” you slurred, “’m a little drunk.”
Loki chuckled. “In case nobody told you, you can be a lady and hedonistic.”
Your brain took a few seconds to wrap around the fact that you were still half-slumped in Loki’s arms, like a pair of dancers frozen in mid-movement. Loki didn’t exactly seem to be bothered by the fact.
Good Lord, he looked beautiful. The white glow seeping from the artificial lights which illuminated the hallway painted a halo over the crown of his head, and the luscious raven curls brushing his shoulders as he tilted his head like a curious cat made your mind spin with thoughts how these curls would feel if you ran your fingers through them, if they’d be as soft as you’d always imagined.
“Hed – hen- …”, you tried to echo the word with a charming smile of your own, though you broke off with a frown and added, “How are you not drunk?”
“I am,” Loki snickered, “Though obviously not half as full as you are.”
His scent engulfed you as the trickster leaned closer to you, his hands still respectfully placed on your upper arms as he held you. It was an intoxicating scent, dizzying in the best of ways – a mixture of soap and metal and the faint smell of leather which clung to him even if tonight, he’d swapped the traditional Asgardian clothes for a simple dress shirt and a pair of dark pants, in which he looked just as ethereal as he did in his usual attire.
“Your Asgardian –“ your tongue stumbled a little over the complicated word, “ – drinks don’t taste good.”
Loki frowned at you. “You drank fire mead? Who gave it to you?” Was that a spark of worry in his eyes? Anger?
“It was an accident”, you explained, “Nat switched the glasses.” You sunk a little further into the trickster’s arms
“Do you want me to accompany you somewhere? Or…carry you somewhere?”, he asked.
“You can carry me everywhere,” you drawled flirtatiously, and Loki’s lips curved into another of his dazzling mischievous smiles.
The spark flashing in his eyes was bemused, but void of suggestiveness as he replied, “You should rest a little before you hurt yourself.”
“I really wish you were going to hit on me, but you’re a damn gen- gent- gentleman,” you slurred, and your eyes widened at the realization that you’d just SAID THAT OUT LOUD.
“Oh god,” you added with a groan, “Please tell me you’re drunk enough to have forgotten I ever said that by tomorrow.”
It took a bit of concentration to will your legs to carry you as you clambered out of the trickster’s strong arms and back onto your own feet to salvage the remaining, sorry dregs of your dignity in the avalanche of Natasha’s cursed drinks.
Loki’s dazzling grin widened only further as he watched you, and he softly said, “No. And I truly don’t wish to forget that.”
“To tease me?”
“To cherish the memory,” he grinned.
Your face fell a little. “Don’t say that if you don’t mean it.” Ah, yes. The ground had started bucking again, that bitch. You rested your palm against the smooth wall beside you to steady yourself, making it look as nonchalant as possible in your current predicament.
You didn’t leave the trickster any chance to intercept your speech, and instead went on to set the last shreds of your dignity ablaze when you kept rambling, “Because you’re kind and sweet and funny and I... God, I can’t think when I’m around you because I keep staring at you. Like a creep. Sorry if I’m freaking you out. An’ you’re so damn beautiful it hurts.” The word beautiful was a slur of sounds just blurring into another, but the soft smile blooming on Loki’s lips as he listened to your rambling told you he’d understood.
“Beautiful?”, he echoed with that stunning, soft smile that made your heart do somersaults in your chest, the fluttering feeling in your belly as if you’d just jumped out of a helicopter, waiting and hoping for the parachute to open and catch your fall, realizing that you really should stop talking now. But the alcohol had taken control by now – or rather eliminated it – and there was only the urge to finally tell him about all the things you’d so carefully hidden ever since you’d met Loki for the first time. The truth just kept bubbling out of you.
“Absolutely beautiful. Stunnin’. And hot. So hot. Half of the time I see you I’m swooning and the other half I want to jump your bones and beg you to rail me until I don’t even remember my own name. I know I’ll regret that as soon as I’m sober but I’m glad I said that because I’ve been carrying these words around since I met you and it’s only getting stronger and stronger and –“
Loki’s lips were on yours before you got to finish the sentence, and your words morphed into a gasp of surprise, and then into a low moan as his tongue brushed over your lower lip, coaxing your mouth open for him to taste him.
The kiss was desperate and sloppy, clasping hands and clashing teeth, and your and Loki’s soft moans tangled in the air between the two of you as his tongue swirled around yours. He tasted of the sweetness and the alcohol of Nat’s cocktails, and when one of his hands left its place on your cheek to grab your rear and lift you up against him, your legs wrapped around his waist on instinct, pulling him closer. Something hard rubbed against your core as you did, and Loki groaned at the touch.
Oh. Oh.
“Norns, I want you so badly,” the god murmured softly against your lips, and his words sent the swarm of butterflies in your belly into a craze – and made heat flare in your core. White-hot, throbbing heat.
With a slow smile, you breathed into the kiss, “Then take me.”
As soon as the words had left your lips, Loki’s grip on you tightened as he pressed closer, his erection grazing your already soaked core through the fabric of your clothing, and you groaned at the bliss scooting through you in rippling currents, leaving you craving for more of him, more friction against your aching clit while Loki’s tongue slipped back into your mouth, while his hand which had been cupping your cheek tangled in your hair at the back of your neck.
The world was spinning around you, spinning because you were drunk, spinning because Loki’s kisses were stealing your breath in the best of ways, spinning because you felt as if you were going insane if he continued to just rock his hips against you with the layers of fabric still separating the two of you. Spinning, because the dizzying realization set in that all this time, all these months of pining and wondering and dreaming, of hiding away what you felt for Loki because you didn’t think he could ever feel the same things for you…maybe you’d been wrong.
There was no time to broach the subject or even try to grapple for the right words in the haze of passion and alcohol clouding your mind. Holding you against him, Loki stepped away from the wall. Green light wrapped around the two of you to bring the two of you to your room, and in a few short strides, Loki had reached your bed.
Without ever pulling away from the feverish, open-mouthed kisses you were sharing, Loki gently placed you on the mattress before he knelt between your legs, your ankles still hooked around his waist to hold him close, and the moans spilling from your lips grew more and more desperate with every eager movement of your hips against his.
“Naked,” you commanded on ragged breaths, “You need to be naked. Now.”
You noticed how your words slurred together, like the landscape blurring when you were on a train and glanced out the window, because your tongue was so heavy and the bedroom still spun as if you were tied to the same cursed carousel – but you would close your eyes soon enough, to drown out everything but Loki’s touches, his scalding kisses. Let it spin.
Your free hand, the one that wasn’t tangled in his beautiful raven curls which indeed were as soft as you’d imagined in those countless daydreams, wandered down to the waistband of his pants, and you started fumbling with the button holding them close because there was nothing you needed more right now than to feel him, his skin against yours.
But in the blink of a second, Loki’s hand gently closed around your wrist to stop the fumbling to undress him, and he broke the kiss.
Your eyes fluttered open again with worry, and when you met Loki’s gaze, him hovering above you, one hand splayed on the mattress beside your head to support his weight, his ocean-blue irises nearly swallowed wholly by the lust-blown darkness of his pupils as he watched you, his chest rapidly rising and falling with his panting, you stilled.
“Did I – did I do s’mthing wrong?”, you blurted, and the words blurred into each other again like watercolours.
The expression in Loki’s eyes, the edge of lust and need, softened as he gazed down at you, the way you were sprawled beneath him.
“No,” he quickly breathed, shaking his head to emphasize his point, and his black strands brushed over your cheeks, tickling you. “No,” he repeated, “But I can’t do this when we’re both in such an inebriated state.”
“’m not in- inebr- …‘m not that drunk,” you protested weakly.
There was a soft smile tugging at Loki’s lips, and the gentleness in his eyes, the worry churning in their darkness made your heart flutter beneath the confines of your ribs, as if it were trying to fly out to him.
You loved him, you realized in that moment. The crush from the beginning had long since grown into feelings so much stronger.
But your heart sank. He was drunk as well. And while you knew what you felt for Loki – to him, it might as well have been a drunken one-off, anyway.
“’m sorry,” you slurred, fighting the tears which were already stinging in the corners of your eyes, choking you, the shame and embarrassment and heartbreak beginning to clutch your heart. “I didn’t –“
“Y/N.” Your name on Loki’s lips was like a melody, sounding so much more beautiful than you’d ever thought your name could sound, and it made you pause in your miserable effort to somehow get away from underneath him and away from the damn bed which wouldn’t stop spinning, and you blinked up at him.
“I don’t want to do this when you’re drunk,” Loki began, and the rasp in his voice, the trace of his desire for you, was mingling with the same gentleness he held in his gaze, “Because I don’t want to take advantage of you. I want to be sure that it’s you speaking when you say you want to be with me, and not the alcohol in your blood. And I don’t want to do this when I’m drunk because…” He faltered, and you chimed in helpfully, hopefully, “Because you wanna remember it?”
Loki chuckled softly. “No,” he whispered with a smile so radiant that it made warmth tingle all over your skin, “I promise that there’s no amount of alcohol in the Nine Realms that could make me forget a single one of the smiles you gift me, let alone a single one of the kisses you just let me steal.”
You wanted to say something, to tell him that you were in love with him, but the trickster wasn’t done yet.
“I want to be sober when I’m with you because this…I want to do this right. Because I’ve fallen for you, Y/N.”
“You mean that?” you whispered.
“With all my heart,” he replied, and the sincerity in his gaze diminished the last doubts from your heart, replacing them with the most radiant happiness you’d ever felt. You wanted to tell him how his mischievous smiles robbed the breath from your lungs, how his laugh and witty comments brightened even the darkest days for you, how you loved him so much that sometimes, it had felt like a physical pain in your chest to think he didn’t reciprocate these feelings…but your tongue was heavy, your mind filled with quicksand. You wanted to be sober when you told him all these things.
Loki leaned down to place a chaste kiss to your mouth, delicate and quick and still filled with so much adoration and affection that tears pricked in your eyes. Happy tears this time. The sensation of his lips brushing against yours made your skin prickle and warmth rush through you, before he let himself fall to his side on the mattress beside you.
“Come here,” he drawled softly, patting the mattress beside him, and you shuffled closer until you were on your side beside him, not quite daring to cross the remaining inches to actually cuddle. Your smile widened when Loki’s hand curled around you, his palm on your waist, and he gently pulled you closer until your spine was pressed against his chest, where his heart was beating as rapidly as your own.
“As soon as we’re both sober, we can do every dirty little thing you ever dreamed of”, Loki murmured.
You giggled. “I dreamed about a lot of dirty things.”
“Did you now,” he purred, and the sound of his voice, so dark and flirtatious, made the want flare in your core once more as you nodded softly.
“And every single one of these dreams was with you,” you whispered, and Loki’s arms tightened around you in response.
“If you let me, I’ll make each and every one of them come true,” he whispered softly, and his breath trickled over your cheek as he nuzzled his face in the crook of your neck.
“Do you want to know a secret?”, he whispered after a few beats of silence, and you nodded eagerly, making him chuckle softly against the side of your neck.
“I’ve dreamed of doing so many filthy things with you,” Loki murmured softly, “But after a while, I realized that it didn’t matter anymore what we were doing in these daydreams. It only mattered that you were in my arms. That’s when I knew that I love you.”
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tom Hiddleston - Loki / Loki Series (Episode 5).
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sergeantxrogers · 21 hours ago
| showgirl |
Tumblr media
“My dove... do you know how much you’re worth?”
You shrugged.
“Grandmaster says a lot.” A cool finger wipes a tear from your cheek.
“No- not in that way. Not in the way he says it, like you’re something for sale. You’re worth something much more. You mean something much more, to me. Let me help you. I can help you.”
Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x f!reader
Word count: 4.9k
Warnings: Smut!!, mentions of abusive/possessive tendencies from the Grandmaster, Stockholm Syndrome if you squint really hard, objectification of women, mentions of slight sexual harassment, mentions of alcohol, reader has a good cry, that’s about it
“Beautiful, beautiful. My showgirl, everyone, isn’t she amazing?”
The Grandmaster’s voice boomed throughout the room as you smiled at the audience, eyelids heavy and tired, cheeks aching. You stood with an arm raised, the other hand resting on your hip as you winked at an older man sitting at one of the front tables. He smirked at you and an involuntary shiver ran down your spine as you tore your focus back to the Grandmaster standing beside you. 
The lights focused on you were blinding as he leaned into your ear, voice quiet and muffled by the clapping of the audience.
“You did good, my star.”
That was your cue. You were now free to roam around the party, as long as you were near him.  The familiar click of your heels was drowned out by the crowd and music as you stepped down from the stage, Grandmaster holding his hand out to help you. You took it with a smile, your rich abundance of rings and bracelets glimmering under the neon lights. 
“What a show! What a show,” he praised, almost talking to himself as he led you through the masses of people. You said nothing, focusing on not tripping while you weaved through bodies, the hot air sticking to your bare skin, making flashes of heat go through your body. 
All the women around you wore their regular party garments: silk dresses and hair pulled from their faces, heavy jewelry and intricate makeup. You? You wore whatever the Grandmaster told you to. It was a survival tactic you had learned when you first came to Sakaar. You had noticed quickly that he was a bit... unhinged at times, to say the least, and he liked when things went his way. 
So whatever he told you to wear, you did. Which usually wasn’t much, pieces of fabric that left little to the imagination, heels that gave you an extra 7 inches, at least, sultry makeup and hair extensions that made you feel like someone else. You hated all of it, but it was what kept you alive, so you saw it through.   
The crowd dispersed slightly, and you found yourself in the corner of the room, at the Grandmaster’s special section. It was kind of like a VIP lounge, except it was full of people he seemed to find “interesting”. Nights like these entailed you being his arm candy, which is exactly what you did. As he spoke and laughed with the other men you were never bothered to learn the names of, you sat perched on the arm of his large chair, legs crossed and smiling. 
The Grandmaster’s exclamation pulled your attention away from the confetti on the floor, and you looked up to see his hand out, smiling at someone. 
“My new favorite friend! C’mere, c’mon,” he said, waving the person over. 
You had never seen him before, especially not here, and especially not lately, so you were a bit confused as to the Grandmaster’s words. You eyes met his green ones, then travelled across the rest of his face, taking in his dark hair, wide shoulders set in a black suit with green trimming. You tilted your head in curiosity when his gaze never faltered from your face. That was a nice change from the usual stares. Something about him, however, felt eerily familiar, like you had seen something or someone akin to him before, and so you straightened your back and leaned into the Grandmaster’s side. 
“Who is this?” you muttered to him, and he shook his head with a playful smile. 
“He arrived the other day. Isn’t he wonderful?” 
You hummed in agreement, eyes studying him skeptically when he gave you a smile. “Where from?”
The Grandmaster shrugged. “Some place- Assguard, Assplace, something-”
“Asgard,” the man corrected, and another string of familiarity was pulled taught in the back of your mind, waiting to snap.  
“Yeah, whatever,” the Grandmaster waved him off, then snaked an arm around your naked waist, pulling you closer into him. You fought the wince that made its way onto your face, and smiled down at him. 
“Loki,” the man said, holding out a hand for you to shake. 
“I’m-” A harsh squeeze to your side cut your words off, and the Grandmaster gave a short chuckle. 
“This is my favorite pet. She’s a beaut, huh?”
Loki’s eyes flickered from the smile on your lips, to the Grandmaster, to his hand on your waist, and he retracted his hand slowly. “I see.”
The rest of the night passed just as any other: faking smiles and taking tiny sips of the liquor in your glass. The only difference this time was the pair of fresh eyes watching you from across the table, making you more self-conscious of your movements and micro expressions. The Grandmaster’s sweaty hand never left your side after your meeting with Loki, and his grip only tightened whenever you shifted to make yourself more comfortable. 
You were used to the numbness in your ass and the ache in your back after hours of sitting by his side. What you weren’t used to, however, were the carefully calculated looks Loki gave you every so often, causing you to avert your eyes from him whenever you caught him staring. It was the best way to avoid getting trouble, but you couldn’t deny the peculiarity of the situation, the feeling that you knew him from somewhere churning deep in your chest. 
The empty hallways were quiet this time of night, save for the tap of your heels on the tiled floors and the jingle of your jewelry and chains on your dress. The walk back to your room after a show was a familiar one, something you had gotten used to the third time you had done it. Nobody else from the party had a room on the floor where you were, so you considered yourself thankful to the Grandmaster for allowing you a sliver of peace after all. 
Your steps echoed through the hall, and your eyes were half-shut as you yawned, then groaned. Dancing’s a bitch.
A voice interrupted the serenity of your walk, and you stopped dead in your tracks, rolling your eyes. You turned around slowly with a smile plastered on your tired face, to find Loki jogging towards you. 
Your brows furrowed in confusion as he reached you. 
“I thought I’d walk back with you,” he said, chest slightly heaving. 
“Walk... back with me?” you asked.
Loki nodded. 
“You seem to be the only tolerable person on this planet so far, but that’s probably because I’ve only spoken to a handful.”
You snorted and rolled your eyes, then continued your walk. He fell into step with you as you spoke.
“So, how did you know I was here?”
Loki shrugged. “The Grandmaster told me I could stay on this floor, but not to disturb his prized possession.”
His eyes flickered to yours, then back to the floor again. “I guessed he meant you.”
“Oh. Okay.”
You walked in silence for the next few moments, before you spoke again.
“Loki, right? We met the other night.”
He nodded. “Right, we did. But I never caught your name.”
You gave him a small smile. “Y/N.”
“Lovely,” he muttered, more to himself as he let his eyes travel across the grand entrance of your bedroom, floor-to-ceiling red doors with detailed silver attributes. He raised a quizzical brow as he looked back and forth from the doors to you. 
“You get doors?”
You let out a laugh at his question, then nodded. 
“Yeah. Big man says I need my privacy, or whatever.”
Loki hummed in acknowledgement. A beat of silence rang between the two of you before you gestured to the doors. 
“Wanna come in? If you’re not busy?”
As you asked the question, a streak of fear ran through you at the realization that you were still just a stranger to this man and he would probably say no if he had an ounce of brain in his handsome head. 
Your panic, however, was unnecessary, as he smiled at you. “Sure, love.”
The name made your heart race as you pushed a shoulder against the heavy doors, and stepped into your room with a smile. “Welcome to my humble abode.”
You held your arms out as Loki pushed the door closed behind him, a loud thud sounding throughout the hall and bedroom as he did. His eyes took it in; white tiled floors, yellow walls, as per your request, with a large bed against one of them. An open door through one of the other walls showed a large bathroom, and a corner of your room held glass doors leading to a balcony. 
You laughed. “Yeah, this is humble on Sakaar.”
You motioned for Loki to have a seat one of the cushioned chairs in the middle of the room as you made your way to the bathroom, pulling off rings and bracelets as you did. Loki watched you disappear behind the wall, as he sat and waited for you to come back.
“Do you drink, Loki?” you called over your shoulder, and he smiled to himself.
“On rare occasions.”
“Well,” you said, emerging from the bathroom in a t-shirt and sweatpants, “I guess showing up on Sakaar counts as rare, doesn’t it?”
You smirked his way as he nodded, and you rummaged through the mini bar that he hadn’t noticed until now, before coming back with a bottle of something red and two glasses in your hands. Settling yourself down onto the couch across from him, you poured the glasses halfway before handing him one. 
He took it with a smile on his face, and clinked his glass against yours. 
“Don’t you drink all night, though?” he asked after a sip. 
You shook your head. 
“I prefer not to when I’m at the parties. Safer that way.”
Loki lifted a brow. “But I saw you with... in your hand...?”
“Oh no, I just pretend until the Grandmaster’s drunk enough for me to put it away.”
“Oh. I see.”
You hummed with a nod. 
You looked at him expectantly, waiting for him to continue.
“At a lack for better words- I can tell he’s got you on a pretty tight leash.”
A sad smile graced your lips, and you shrugged. “Well, it keeps me alive, being his little toy. I’m just afraid of what’ll happen to me once he gets bored of me.”
“How long have you been here?”
“Well, I’m sure you’re well aware of how time works here, but if I had to guess, I’d say about a year.”
Loki went silent at your answer, eyes searching yours for a hint of a joke, but found none. 
“It’s not that bad, you get used to it, I promise,” you tried reassuring him, but you could tell by the way his face dropped and his jaw tightened that he wanted to go back to wherever he came from very soon. 
“So where did you say you were from again?” you asked in an attempt to change the subject, and his eyes snapped back to yours. 
“It sounds familiar,” you confessed, staring at him with narrowed eyes, swishing the liquid in your glass back and forth. 
“Does it? It’s amazing, nothing like this pile of junk.” He had said the last few words with such distain that you couldn’t help the giggle that left your mouth. 
“So you say...,” your voice trailed off. 
“I have a brother. His name is Thor.”
“Thor? Thor... where have I heard that name?” you mumbled to yourself, brows pulled together in frustrated concentration. 
“Nevermind,” you said after a moment, shaking your head. “I’m sure it’ll come to me sooner or later.”
“Like I said, it’s not as bad as it seems.”
“Easy for you to say, you seem to get the special treatment around here,” Loki said into his glass, and you pursed your lips. 
“Yeah, I guess you’re right. He sucks but at least he gives me whatever I ask for. I even have access to places nobody else does.”
At that last part, Loki raised his eyebrows in curiosity, and set his glass down onto the table in front of him. 
“Places like?”
“I can show you, if you’d like.”
“A library?”
“And nobody knows about it?”
“Well,” you started, trailing your fingers along the book spine son the nearest shelf, “the people here are like, crazy obsessed with their technology, and the Grandmaster thinks they would revolt or something if they found out about it.”
Loki gave a roll of his eyes at your words.
“Typical,” he muttered, pulling a book off the shelf. 
“Madame Bovary?”
You hummed. “One of my favorites, though it’s a bit torn around the edges.”
“Yes... come to think of it, all of them are a bit rough, aren’t they?”
You nodded. “They all come from outside.”
“The trash heaps?”
“Yeah, that’s right. When I first got here I convinced the Grandmaster to let me collect all the books I find outside in exchange.”
“In exchange for what, love?”
Your smile faltered, and you swallowed heavily, turning your head away from Loki casually. “My shows.”
Loki said nothing. You heard the familiar sound of a book sliding back onto the shelf. You felt a heavy hand on your shoulder, and turned your head to find Loki standing closer to you than what you remembered. You tried fighting of the nervous blush that rose in your cheeks as he looked at you. 
“The library on Asgard is marvelous... I’ll show you one day.”
His words came out low, almost in a whisper, and you gave him a sad smile. You knew as well as the next guy that your chances of getting off this planet were slim to none, but you were grateful for the comfort. 
You cleared your throat, tearing your eyes away from his. You let them travel across the books above you, until one specific book with golden binding caught your attention. The gears in your head started turning, and Loki followed your gaze once he saw something click on your face. 
“You... you said Asgard, right?” you asked, almost breathlessly, and Loki nodded, confused. He reached up to grab the book your eyes were trained on, and read the cover. The Poetic Edda.
Your gaze fell to the book in his hands, then lifted back up to meet his. 
“I’ve read about you,” you whispered. “I’ve read about you but I didn’t actually think you were real-”
“Of course I’m real-’
“Well, I can see that.”
“People write books about me? About- about my family? Our lives, and our history?”
You nodded frantically, eyes wide, and a grin was slapped onto your face when you realized you were speaking to the Loki you’ve read about.
“Yes, they do. There’s many more where that came from,” you said, gesturing to the book he was flicking through. 
“Show me.”
After that first night in the library, you and Loki developed a routine: he would wait for you in the hall after your show, walk you to your room, and wait for you to dress down. The two of you spent hours in the library, sometimes even staying the entire night reading, talking, shushing each other when you thought someone was coming. Until sunrise. 
Sunrise was when the two of you parted ways, because you both knew how dangerous it would be if the Grandmaster caught Loki stealing away his prized possession, and you showing a stranger your secret library. Which is why, in the eyes of the Grandmaster, the two of you never communicated. For all he knew, the two of you barely tolerated each other, acknowledging the other’s presence when needed, during the afterparties and drunk nights where you seemed to be the only sober beings in the room. You never spoke to Loki when you were with the Grandmaster, and Loki never looked at you too long while he was present. There were glances you would steal, however, that caused Loki to force a smile away from his lips and turn his head in fake interest of the crowd. 
A month, if you could even call it that on this God forsaken planet, had passed with the same routine of you working the Grandmaster’s parties in your skimpy clothing and too-high heels, then going to the library with Loki. 
A month of you feeling the slightest bit of joy in your life you had felt since you had gotten to Sakaar, the change of pace in your boring days like a breath of fresh air. 
A month of Loki, and a month of reading books and drinking tea in the darkest corners of a small library by a window, yet the pole you wrapped yourself around each and every night was still as cold as ever. A month of Loki couldn’t bring enough warmth into your soul as much as the disgusting stares of strangers could chill it. 
The lights blinded you, like they always did. You learned during the first week of your dances how to refrain from squinting (after the Grandmaster had so kindly told you how much he hated when you squinted). After studying the room every night, you had eventually learned, from your high vantage point, where Loki sat. And he was who you kept your focus on. Your eyes zoned in on him and ignored everyone else, and that was what kept you sane as the men whistled and goosebumps pricked your bare skin. 
You had also learned a long time ago that feeling underappreciated at your job was pointless: the first few people who had thrown money at you had been exiled by the Grandmaster. The money stopped coming after that, but you kept going. 
Another night of clapping, smiling, uncomfortable heels carrying you off the stage, sitting by the side of the man who owned you. Tonight was different, however. He didn’t know what it was but Loki could tell you were off just by the way you avoided his eyes and cast your gaze downwards at every movement he made. You made no action to remove strange hands from your hips and back, made no attempts at your usual sarcastic rebuttals towards old sleazy men, barely even forced a smile upon your face when the Grandmaster introduced you to someone as his favorite toy.
Two hours passed, and Loki watched you lean down to whisper something into the Grandmaster’s ear. His expression was unreadable, but he nodded at whatever you said, and before Loki knew it, you were shooting up from your spot on his chair and turning away, hurrying through the large crowd. He tried his hardest not to stare, not to go after you because he had the aching sense that something was wrong, and he couldn’t help you until the party was over. 
So he waited. He waited until most of the guests dispersed like they did every night, waited until the Grandmaster was too drunk and preoccupied with one friend or another, and he snuck through the remaining bodies, out of sight. Hurrying towards your room, his heart pounded in his chest. Not from exhaustion, but from worry. In the short while he had been there and seen you in action, there hadn’t been one night where you hadn’t stayed until the very night. 
When he reached your doors, the momentum threw his body against them, a blunt thud coming from where his shoulder hit them. He took a deep breath and knocked frantically.
He knocked again, harder this time. Again, he was met with silence.
He called your name, once, twice, and got no response. His heart was beating out of his chest at this point, adrenaline flooding his veins as he pushed the heavy door open. It slammed shut behind him, the familiar echo booming against the high walls. 
His eyes scanned the large room, finally landing on you curled up on your giant bed. 
“Y/N?” His voice came out in a tentative whisper. You said nothing. He took a few steps closer, and noticed your body was shaking underneath the covers you had buried yourself in. 
“My love, what is it?” he asked, rushing quickly towards your bed. 
A sob left your lips as you turned your head to look at him. Makeup running down your cheeks, eyes dark and smudged, lipstick faded on your lips. Your eyes met his concerned ones, and fresh tears welled against your lashline when Loki brought a slow hand up to brush away the hair that was stuck to your cheek. 
“What happened?” Loki whispered, and you sniffled. You took deep breaths, shaking your head. 
“I’m sick of it.”
Your answer was barely audible, but Loki was so tuned into your movements and whispers at the moment that you couldn’t have blinked differently without him noticing. 
He didn’t ask you to elaborate. He didn’t have to, because he knew what you meant. To be quite honest, he was surprised you had held yourself together as long as you had. 
“I know,” was all he said, and you squeezed your eyes shut as another wave of mascara-muddled tears rolled down your face. 
“But- I can’t stop.”
Your words confused Loki, and he caressed your cheek slowly as you peered up at him. 
“What do you mean?”
You shrugged lamely under the covers. “It’s all I’m good for.”
Your simple sentence made Loki feel like someone had just pulled a rug out from under his feet, and he was falling. Falling, falling, and never stopping, just a never ending dark hole of aching heartstrings and the unconfessed need to give you love. 
He stared at you, and you stared back. His hand slips ever so slightly under the sheets to tug on your arm, and you sat up in your bed, slouching as you looked at him with exhausted eyes. 
“My dove... do you know how much you’re worth?”
You shrugged.
“Grandmaster says a lot.” A cool finger wipes a year from your cheek.
“No- not in that way. Not in the way he says it, like you’re something for sale. You’re worth something much more. You mean something much more, to me. Let me help you. I can help you.”
Loki’s last few words came out in a whisper, and you stared into his eyes, wondering if he was playing a cruel joke on you, or if this was a test from the Grandmaster all along and he was confirming whether or not you were worthy enough of keeping around. 
But, as he stared back, you found nothing but sincerity, eyebrows pulled together in pain, eyes going back and forth between yours. And you couldn’t help yourself. You fell into him, pulling his face to yours and pressing your lips against his. 
They were cold, and soft. A sharp contrast to your burning ones, your body temperature high given all the crying you had been doing. Loki’s hands gripped your waist, your fingers pulling through his hair, and you felt his tongue swipe against your bottom lip. That was when you pulled away.
“I’m sorry,” you said through slight pants, and he stared back at you, bewildered, lips swollen and pupils blown wide. 
“What for?”
“For- for that. I shouldn’t have-”
“Please,” he interrupted you, hand coming up to cup your jaw. 
“You should have, and I’m glad you did, because I would’ve gone insane if I had to wait any longer.”
A hot blush rose up your neck and decorated your cheeks as you smiled sheepishly at him. 
He nodded. 
“At the risk of sounding... indulgent, I’ve dreamt of doing things far greater than this with you.”
You locked your gaze on his, a flame ignited in the pit of your stomach. 
“Show me.”
Your two words made Loki go mad: his head went dizzy as the blood from it rushed somewhere below the belt. 
He pulled your face into his again, kissing you hungrier than the first time, and a sigh left your nose when he pushed you back into your bed slowly. His lips left yours, making a trail down your neck, the column of your throat, onto your chest. He lifted his head, noticing you were still in the outfit the Grandmaster had gifted you for the party, and a wave of anger overtook him. 
“I want these,” he muttered, tugging at the garments with a finger, “off.”
You nodded, giving him the go-ahead, and he took his time taking your skirt off, pulling it down your legs, leaving chills in its wake. 
“You’re worth more than these pieces of fabric,” he mumbled into your skin, placing kisses on your thighs and hips, and you squirmed under his touch, hips involuntarily lifting off the bed. 
His cold fingers ran up your stomach, across your rib cage, underneath your breasts, stroking the skin there, and you threw your head back with a sigh. 
The skimpy bra you were wearing did little to cover you, and his touch travelled up the valley of your breasts, skimming over your collarbones softly before he tugged the straps down off your shoulders. Loki dropped his head, kissing the skin there and you whined. 
“And you’re worth more than that pole he forces you upon,” he whispered into your ear. His hips pressed into yours and you felt his erection pressing against your thin panties. Your hands found purchase on his back, dressed in a button up and you felt his shoulder blades shift with each movement he made. 
“Off,” you muttered, scratching at the cotton, and he hummed. 
He lifted himself off your body, sitting on his knees between your legs and you watch as his nimble fingers worked the buttons, undoing them in a flash and tugging the shirt off his shoulders, throwing it somewhere on the floor beside the bed. It wasn’t important where, because the only thing you could focus on was the build of his body and the bulge in his dress pants. And of course, the ache between your thighs. 
You opened your mouth, but before you could say anything Loki’s fingers hooked under the hem of your panties, and your words died in your throat as he pulled them down your legs teasingly slow. 
The word left your lips in a soft moan as Loki dropped down between your legs. 
A cold finger cut you off when you felt it swipe up your pussy from entrance to clit, and your legs spread even further out of reflex. You watched with hooded eyes as Loki brought his finger up to his lips, sucking in clean. 
“And you’re definitely worth more than the cheap liquor at the parties,” he said with a sly smile painting his lips, and you whimpered. Your hands shot down to bury your fingers into his hair when he trailed open-mouthed kisses against the inside of your thigh. 
“Please- Loki- fuck.”
He slipped a finger into you, slowly, leisurely, and you sucked in a sharp breath. 
“Shh... will you let me taste you, my love?”
You nodded frantically and before you knew it, his tongue was on you, heat against heat, wet against wet and your fingers tightened there grip in his hair because he was exploring you, he was devouring you, liked a man starved. 
Your legs clenched against his head, your thighs against his ears muffling every sound around him but he didn’t care because you felt good, he felt good and you looked so delicious with your chest heaving and lips parted in pleasure. His pants grew even tighter when you moaned his name, but the only thing he could pay attention to was the sweet taste of you on his lips and the warmth blooming in his chest as you begged for more, more, more. 
Loki’s hands came up around your thighs, latching onto the flesh there and gripping you against the bed. Your eyes rolled back as he flattened his tongue against your clit, tracing letters and shapes against you until your body was covered in a thin sheen of sweat. 
“Shit- Loki,” you panted, lifting your head to look down at him, and his eyes met yours. 
You let out a groan at the sight, toes curling as the thin thread holding your sanity snapped.
“Loki, I’m-”
Too late. Your hips stuttered against his face and you chanted his name like it was the only word you knew, waves of pleasure riding through your body from head to toe to the point where you could do nothing but clench your eyes shut and grasp onto his hair so tight you were sure it gave him a headache.
Your body fell slack, your grip loosening and your legs going weak as your head lulled to the side. Loki came up to you and chuckled at your hazy state, wiping away a bead of sweat on your forehead before leaning down to kiss it. You smiled lazily, glancing up at him.
“I’ll get you out of here, I promise.”
You blinked slowly, looking up at him, happier than you had ever been in the past year.
“Okay,” you whispered softly, nodding as you brought his hand up to your lips, pressing your lips to it.
“I will. Even if it’s the last thing I do,” he muttered to himself quietly, reassuring both you and himself that it was his number one priority.
A bell of realization rang in your mind and you raised your brows in concern.
“Loki, what about-?”
You looked down between your bodies, and he hummed deep in his chest.
“Round two, my love.”
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Summary: Reader came to the TVA after trying to mess with time to save her father, Tony Stark. Now she’s trying to save the universe with the God of Mischief. Based off that hill scene in 1x06 of Loki but kinda sadder and cuter.
Warnings: TVA!Loki is such a soft man I can’t-, mentions of Tony Stark d**th, based off that lucifer scene, fluff, hand holding *gasp*
Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Fem!Stark!Reader
Characters: Loki Laufeyson
Word count: 1k
Tumblr media
Loki sighed, admiring the strange grey skies as the two of you sat, perched on the hill as a cold breeze passed by. You pulled your knees to your chest, sniffling. You could hear Mobius and the other Loki's speaking not far back, the occasional snap from Alligator Loki.
"I never should've come here," You muttered.
He glanced at you, a little surprised by your seemingly random statement. "...If it's any consolation, you were trying to do something heroic. I believe there is honour in that,"
"Honour," You scoffed, shaking your head. "Yeah, look where that's gotten me," You gestured to the apocalyptic-like world with a monster awaiting you both.
"I suppose so," Loki gulped, shivering as his hands moved up and down his arms to preserve the warmth. "I'm not so good at the whole... inspiring speech business, I apologise if I'm not the best-"
"-I'm not looking for an inspiring speech, Loki," You cut him off, fiddling with a piece of grass. "You're not exactly a person who inspires,"
"Technically, I'm not a person at all..." He trailed off, stopping as you looked at him, raising your brows. "You didn't know. I didn't either. Nobody did. If I was aware that the... T.V.A would swipe me away and try to kill me, I would've chosen my original fate,"
"No, you wouldn't have," You corrected.
He tilted his head at you slightly, curious. "I think I would have,"
"You would have chosen the option that best kept you alive. That's who you are," You stated. "You're like a cockroach. Impossible to kill. One of the reasons why I was so disappointed not to see you there during the final battle. Would've been kinda fun to see you go up against Thanos and see Thor use his lighting,"
Loki nodded along slowly. "That... battle. That was when you lost your father, correct? I understand he did the most ‘Tony Stark-esque’ thing and chose to sacrifice himself,"
"Mhm," You looked back to the large void, darkness surrounding it. 
It wouldn't be long until you'd have to enter the belly of the beast.
There were a few moments of quiet, basking the silence. Loki used his magic to create a blanket to cover his shoulders, glad to have some heat as he curled up in it. He glanced at you, hesitant. You were clearly in a more sensitive state than your usual tough exterior.
"I don't care much for my dad," Loki remarked slowly. "But... You clearly care about yours. Which is why you followed in his footsteps, I suppose,"
You looked at him, eyes meeting as Loki cleared his throat, not saying anything.
"So, what I'm trying to say is..." He paused for a moment, pondering. "I think he would be quite proud of you," He admitted honestly.
You had tried to mess with time just so you could bring back your father from dying. And... however long later, you ended up having to bring down a powerful Time Organisation with the God of Mischief. Not only did that showcase your strength, but your tolerance to adversity. 
If anything, Loki respected you all the more for it.
You sniffled again, tearing up a little, the sincerity in his voice a strange shift in tone from his usual snarkiness.
"My apologies, Y/N. I didn't mean to hurt you," Loki began, worried when he noticed the tear gradually rolling down your cheek.
"No, no. It's-" You cleared your throat and wiped your eyes quickly.
"Then... why are you crying?" He wondered.
You shook your head. "Just- Just shut up," You shuffled closer to Loki and laid your head against his shoulder.
He stiffened for a moment, confused as he looked down to you, your eyes closed as he spotted another tear come out of the corner of your eye. He made his green blanket larger, covering both of you now. You stayed close to him, your head resting near the crook of his neck.
"May I ask you something personal?" Loki asked.
"Why not? We might die soon," You reminded.
Loki sighed. "In my timeline, before I am... well, you know, killed. Did we ever cross paths after New York?"
"New York? God, that feels so long ago," You muttered. "For you, it still feels pretty recent but that was years ago for me, Loki. I was still a teenager,"
"Which was why I was so surprised to see you at the TVA," He said. "You certainly grew up,"
"And you're... thousands of years old. Gross, Loki, why are you into young girls?" You mentioned, teasingly.
He rolled his eyes at that. "I don't find your sense of humour to be funny,"
"Yes, you do," You affirmed.
"I don't," He argued sternly, trying to be strict.
You chuckled lightly, not noticing the way he looked at you, his eyes studying your every feature like it was an artwork. "We do, actually. I'm surprised you didn't see in your file,"
"I was interested to see how my destiny was supposed to end, not the in-between scenes," He replied. "Do you make another poor attempt to kill me?"
"Three times. And you try to kill me about five times," You answered. "But then, we got stuck on this place called Sakaar. Long story short, we ended up being... friends, of sorts. It was a mess,"
"I must say, I'm disappointed I never got the chance to experience that,"
"Well, I'd say we're making progress to becoming friends, yeah?" You shrugged.
"No, I mean, I would've liked to experience you failing miserably to kill me," He corrected.
"Alright, you can stop talking now," You smiled, shaking your head.
He pushed down his grin and nodded, doing as you said as he remained quiet. You let out a shaky breath and it was peaceful, for a moment, anyway. You'd inevitably have to get up and continue to unravel the mystery behind the TVA.
For now, however, your hand sat on Loki's lap, almost waiting. He didn't bother looking at it before he slowly brought his to collect with yours, fingers interlocking as his thumb ran up and down your inner palm.
A/N: I don’t know what this is. It’s short, it’s kinda cute, it’s making me want to rewatch Lucifer (I have to watch the latest season actually-). This isn’t that special, I’m pretty happy with keeping it a cute one-shot, y’all can use your awesome imagination’s to conjure some kind of better backstory or whatever pre-relationship they had post New York, I don’t know. Anygays, I wrote this while listening to Pheobe Bridgers and thunderstorm noises despite the fact that it is a beautiful sunny day in Australia so that might explain the weird tone of this fic. Enjoy! Leave feedback, requests, all of that x
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donaweasley · a day ago
Their Little Secret
Pairing: Loki x Fem!Reader
Plot: This can be read as a sequel to What If or even as a solo.
The reader and Loki have been best friends for long, but eventually realised that it was more than just friendship. As they secretly step into a new world, the entire team, unbeknownst to it all, makes it their mission to make the love birds realise and confess what they feel for each other.
Warnings: Fluff, slight angst in relationship, a happy ending! Oh! And late-night hazards and a long read. Sorry!
Read time: ~26 mins
Tumblr media
“(Y/N), could you please take a look at this once?”
Loki waltzed in through (Y/N)’s door with a file in his hand. She was reading a book, when he knocked.
“It’s pretty late. I thought you said you’d go straight to bed. What are you doing with this poor old piece of rat-food now?”
“I did. But then I couldn’t sleep. So...I thought of doing something boring enough to lull me to sleep. But this old file actually turned out to be quite interesting,” he explained animatedly. “I just couldn’t understand one part. So, here I am!”
She eyed him suspiciously as he spread his arms to accentuate his royal presence.
“That, or you wanted to see me, and this file is a flimsy excuse,” she drawled.
“Come on, darling! I’m fond of you but not to the extent that I’ll have to make lame excuses to see you. Besides, why would I need to lie to you?”
After taking a moment to consider his words, she stepped beside him and asked him to show the file.
“It is here - this part,” he pointed at a chunk of printed information.
“This one is…” She pondered aloud. “That doesn’t make sense! Loki, w-where did you get this from? That doesn’t look like any mission report or anything. It looks excerpt...from...a book?”
Before she could register, a kiss landed on her cheek. It was immediately followed by Loki excitedly wishing her, “Goodnight, darling,” and vanishing into a green glow.
She stood stunned for a while. Gradually, the tingling sensation where Loki’s lips had caressed her skin began to spread like wildfire through her face, and soon she was blushing and smiling like an idiot.
“Idiot!” She cursed him as she flopped back on the bed.
After a few seconds of fiddling with the bookmark, and staring at blurred lines on the page, she closed the book, and decided to call it a night. After what Loki just did, nothing else could compare to a happier ending to the day.
As she closed her eyes, sunny memories started flooding her mind.
It had all started hardly two months ago, when they were having their usual midnight snacks, casually talking the day’s stress away, talking nonsense - just the usual best buddy night.
But then something happened: a childish game of “what-ifs”.
It was fun, for the most part, until Loki had asked her about her intentions if she met the love of her life the next day. Already stained with painful memories of past relationships and with the hopelessness about her love life, she tried her best to evade the question. But Loki, being Loki, kept proding her until she gave him a genuine reason for her frustration.
And everything changed after that. Because in trying to save the other from falling down the emotional cliff, they had saved each other. They had found each other.
She laughed softly as she remembered the hesitancy in both their hearts as they had crossed the threshold of friendship.
That was the first time that she had kissed him. On the cheek. And that was even before she had fully realised that her feelings for him were no longer platonic.
That was the first time Loki had put an arm around her and pulled her close to him.
Another giggle escaped her as she remembered the moment when the soft morning light, and a stiff back had awakened her from her sleep.
Both were still sitting in almost the same position as they had been when they were chatting.
She had found herself cocooned in the arms of Loki, her legs tangled with his, both of them safe under the thin blanket that Loki had picked while preparing for their night. Her head rested on his chest, while his rested on the top of her head.
The last thing that she remembered from the previous night was them promising each other that no matter how things turned out, they’d always be beside one another. And then Loki had pulled her closer, and gently laid her head on his throbbing chest.
It was now peacefully moving up and down with his sleepy breaths. Before opening her eyes to reality, she stole a few moments to let this feeling sink in.
When she had closed her eyes the night before, there was an excitement so high in the air that Thor’s thunder would have been ashamed. It was the hammering of Loki’s heart that had eventually put her to sleep.
The morning brought a peaceful rhythm beneath her ears. It was beautiful, it was calm, it was...reassuring. She loved it more than the thrill of the past few hours.
But no matter how long she tried to soak herself in the feeling, the incidents of the night before still seemed somewhat unbelievable. How could something months long change overnight? Was it all a mirage then, cast by the treacherous night?
The darkness of the night sets the mind free to imagine anything, take any decision. But the clarity of the day brings logic to the forefront, which sometimes turns out to be good but sometimes not so good. had felt right. She took a deep breath to clear her mind. It still felt right. That was all the assurance that she needed for the moment.
As she turned in her bed, she remembered the raspy voice in which Loki had wished her a good morning.
The close proximity, the husky, sleep-laden voice, the sudden change in the air - everything made blood rush to her cheeks and ears. Loki had sleepily chuckled at her flushed state, though he was only slightly better than her in hiding his own flustered state.
Ever since, not a single day had passed when the two of them hadn’t thanked the stars.
She used to think that she loved Loki’s friendship more than anything. She was happy to be proven wrong when she experienced Loki’s courtship.
A different flower everyday, sometimes inside her room, laid carefully near her door, sometimes on her bedside table, and on some mornings, beside her pillow.
She was used to going out with her best friend Loki, but going out with her boyfriend Loki was an experience on a whole new level. Light brushes of the fingers, sometimes an arm around her shoulder, intertwining of fingers, occasional brushes of his lips on her temple, and not-very-occasional blushes that tinted both their skins.
Every day, before parting for the day, she was blessed with bear hugs from him - something that she had never expected him to be fond of.
It was the best time of her life! Almost every doubt that she had about this relationship not working out had evaporated long ago. It was - she dared to say - perfect!
Except for one small hiccup: they had to keep everything off the radar.
For one, they were still testing the waters. No matter how happy and confident they were with one another, their newfound relationship was still at its infancy, and they didn’t want to declare anything to the rest of the team right away.
Second, everybody in the compound had been teasing both (Y/N) and Loki about “getting a room” for a long time. They didn’t want to give them the satisfaction of knowing that they were finally correct. Well, figuratively.
Unfortunately, the team did not know that they had already confessed their feelings to each other. And so, they were desperate to make the love birds see the truth of their emotions. The Avengers, tough and stubborn as they were, never gave up. And Loki and (Y/N) simply decided to play along.
For instance, around a month and a half ago, Tony had thrown one of his usual parties at the compound, and had brought a line of apparent suitors for (Y/N) and a host of gorgeous ladies and lads to introduce to Loki.
Though the new couple was initially confused at the unbridled attention, they eventually understood what was going on: Tony Stark had decided to use the age-old recipe of jealousy to crack either one or both of them.
It was fun, they both admitted later, to dance to the tune, and give the host a frowning face when he realised that neither were biting the bait. Instead, both seemed to be enjoying themselves flirting or dancing with their respective “baits”.
What escaped the eagle eyes of the team were the furtive looks that both (Y/N) and Loki threw at each other from time to time. It wasn’t easy to masquerade those longing glances with playful teases that two friends might share. But they had to.
Late into the night, after the party was over, Loki teleported into (Y/N)’s room. The security cameras were still a threat to their little secret.
“Hello beautiful!” Loki purred when she didn’t turn all her attention towards him as she usually did, but kept herself apparently busy in making the bed.
“Is this my consolation prize for all your flirting this evening?” She tried to keep it casual but her displeasure seeped into her tone.
“Ooh, someone sounds jealous,” he drawled.
“Speak for yourself, God!”
Loki stepped towards her, and gently caught her hand, putting a pause to her actions.
“Look at me. Please?”
She smiled as she faced him, but he could easily catch the facade.
“I know what you're trying to do. You can’t fool me, (Y/N).”
“And what is it that I’m doing?” She tried to question with the same casualness but her voice kept betraying her.
“You are trying to make it look like it didn’t affect you - me being with all those lovely people. But in reality, you are hurt, even if it is a tiny bit.”
Her smile faltered. Of course, she couldn’t fool the God of Lies!
Closing her eyes, she shook her head, “I don’t know why you’re saying this Loki. I’m perfectly fine! Why would I-”
“You and I understand each other perfectly,” Loki gently cut her off. “Or did you forget that?”
He reminded her of the one line - of the one realisation - that had triggered the tiniest thoughts of them being possibly together, if at all.
Realizing that all doors were closed for her, she tried to turn away from him, only to be stopped by the trickster.
“If it makes you feel any good,” he resumed, “it did burn me a bit, too, to watch you dance and laugh with those clowns.”
At this, she burst into laughter. Loki was glad at the change of mood, and allowed a few happy creases around his eyes as well.
“Is that true,” she asked, “or are you simply trying to make me feel better?”
He shrugged, “What do you think?”
“I’d like to believe that it’s true,” she confessed shyly.
“It is.”
“Well then,” she said after suppressing a wild grin that tried to crack its way through, “I guess that makes us even.”
“Guess so.”
“I’m sorry, Loki,” she sighed, “I lied earlier because I didn’t want to put any kind of pressure on you or anything. I mean...jealousy? That’s the first stage of obsession. And...I don’t want you to think that...”
“Hey,” Loki held both her hands in his, “your feelings for me will never suffocate me. On the contrary, they help me breathe. You have given my life a new purpose. I thought I was happy being your best friend. But this...this is even better. Never think that you’re putting any kind of pressure on me. None of those men or women out there, or anywhere for that matter, can bring me what I feel with you, for you.”
Words seemed insufficient for what she wanted to say. So, she simply nodded, and wrapped her arms around his torso.
“Thank you,” she murmured into his chest.
He chuckled as he ran his hand on her head, “Being jealous actually makes you look cute.”
She unwrapped herself from him just enough to look at his face, “Says the man who just confessed being jealous himself!”
“I never said I don’t look cute,” he shrugged again.
Shaking her head and laughing, she pulled his face down, and placed a warm kiss on his cheek.
“Go now, before I punch that cute face of yours.”
“When you say ‘punch’,” Loki drawled, “do you mean…’kiss every inch of’...?”
Blushing furiously, she pushed him towards the door.
“Shut up, and just go!”
Loki laughed as he wished her a lovely night, and disappeared into his usual green glow.
But the Avengers were not the ones to give up.
Not many weeks later, Natasha planned an evening at one of her favourite nightclubs. While Steve, Vision and Bucky backed out of the plan, given their previous not-so-delightful interactions with the loudness and the crowd, Thor and Tony were adamant on dragging Loki with them.
“We thought you liked a little fun! Since when did you start wearing grandpa’s knickers?” Tony snorted.
“C’mon, brother, don’t embarrass me,” Thor’s voice boomed in Loki’s room. “(Y/N) has embarrassed me enough. She didn’t want to go either. Said she’d rather sleep than be tormented by the blasted noise.”
She said what? That means she’s going to stay back-
“Wait, what?” Tony turned towards Thor with a perplexed look, “She said that?”
He turned around to face Loki again, “Are you two planning something or have you both become boring?”
No, no, no! They’ll add up…
“I am not boring!” Loki declared. He decided to stay quiet on the other option that Stark had mentioned.
“Well, then join us,” Tony shrugged.
With a dramatic roll of his eyes, Loki agreed.
Needless to say, his eyes went wide when he saw (Y/N) dressed up and ready for the outing when he was expecting her in her pajamas. When she silently questioned him, he immediately realised that he had been tricked.
I have to be more careful.
The team’s plan soon became obvious when, after a few rounds of shots, everyone made a beeline to the dance floor, leaving behind a string of excuses, and Loki and (Y/N) at the bar. Even through the crowd, the duo’s trained eyes could catch glimpses of their teammates shadowing them.
“Do they really think getting drunk will make us confess?” She shouted over the sound of the music.
“I’m a God,” he shouted back. “Midgardian liquor doesn’t affect me anyway.”
“Well, it affects me,” she shrugged and drained another shot down her throat, “and I love it!”
Last one.
She had started feeling dizzy. Getting wasted could be saved for another moment when she wasn’t being spied on.
A few minutes passed in silence as neither was fond of shouting to communicate. (Y/N) bobbed her head to the music while Loki eyed the mass of bodies swaying and moving with the beats.
“Would you-” Loki began but stopped midway.
While her eyes questioned him, he silently slipped from the stool, and came to stand almost behind her.
His hot breath, dipped in a faint whiff of alcohol, hit the shell of her ear as he purred, “Would you like to dance with me?”
She was rendered immobile for a while. A small corner of her mind wondered if Loki knew what he was doing to her.
I bet he knows what he’s doing.
“I’d have loved to!” She drawled. “It’s a shame there isn’t room for a waltz here, and I wouldn’t want a God like you to hop like teeangers in the crowd.”
She felt his chest brush against her back.
“I was actually hoping that you’d be up for that dance,” he pointed at a section of the crowd where bodies were gliding against each other in the most provocative ways.
Her breath hitched again. She didn’t need to turn her head to know that Loki was smirking at his achievement.
But this time, she wouldn’t squeal, she wouldn’t push him away with a timid smile. Diffidence and boldness both tugged at polar ends of her heart until boldness won the war.
Not this time. Two can play the game, darling.
“So, what’s stopping you?” Her lips almost brushed his earlobe as she tilted her head to whisper in his ear.
Where did that come from?!
Loki wasn’t prepared for this.
It was usually him who threw mildly suggestive comments which she pushed away with a shy gesture. He never expected the tables to turn so quickly.
She did not even have enough shots to get drunk yet, he noticed.
“What happened, did the cat get your silver tongue?” She smirked.
While Loki continued to gape at her, an inkling of panic nudged her chest.
Did I take it too far? He obviously wasn’t ready for this, but…
It all must have been another prank for him, and I…
With a cackle, she sliced the apparent tension in the air. “So, finally got you, ha? Mischief!” She winked.
Turning towards the bartender, she ordered another shot.
Loki’s brain was still trying to decipher her behaviour.
Did she really mean it…? It didn’t look like a joke though…
As she focused on her drink, he thought he saw a flicker of disappointment cross her face, but the incessant dance of light and shadows made her features almost unreadable.
“You should get back to your seat, y’know?” She told him with downcast eyes.
“The team might notice and...they might know.”
Did her voice just...tremble?
Loki hated the place: the noise, the dim lights, the secrecy - he hated the way everything seemed to veil her from him.
“I think I’ll go find them.”
Downing another drink, she hopped off her seat, and disappeared in the crowd, leaving Loki to his thoughts.
Once they were back in the compound, Loki went straight to (Y/N)’s room. This time he did not sneak into her room using magic; he knocked on her door. This wasn’t the moment to play a game of cat and mouse. If the entire compound was prying on him, he would gladly allow them to. Well, maybe not gladly.
“Hey! Hi, Loki!”
Her smile was as bright as ever.
Was it all in my mind then?
“Are you alright?” He tried to sound calm but his anxiety turned out to be more stubborn than him.
“Yes, I am. What- Come inside first.”
She stepped aside, allowing him to stride into her room, and flump down on the bed.
“I’m sorry,” he began honestly, “I thought...I thought you were upset. At the club… I thought I saw you...sad? I’m not sure. I just had this feeling that you’re probably not okay, and-”
“Loki,” she held his shoulders and gently hushed him, “I’m fine.”
Her assurance enabled him to breathe normally again.
Caressing his face, she placed a light kiss on his forehead.
“Thank you, Loki! For everything. For caring so much about me.”
“(Y/N),” he held her hand, “are you hiding something? From me?”
He didn’t miss the way she gulped before replying.
“Why would you say that?”
“Look, I’m sorry if I cross the lines sometimes. I know I tease you but those are… I’m sorry if I’ve ever made you uncomfortable or have hurt you.”
“You are an idiot! Do you know that? You’ve never hurt me or made me uncomfortable. Now, get these stupid thoughts out of your little brain, and give me that devilishly charming smile of yours.”
Despite all her compliments, his eyes did not light up as they usually did.
“Are you sure?” He asked her.
“You’ll tell me if you’re upset, won’t you? Promise me.”
He took note of how she licked her lips before nodding.
Something is not right.
“Come here,” he pulled her in his arms, and buried his face in the crook of her neck. “And I’m not an idiot. I am smart.”
The next few weeks turned out to be more and more challenging as the team was now hell-bent on getting them exposed. What made them so sure of their relationship was still a mystery to the couple.
“Are we that obvious?” (Y/N) asked Loki one day.
“I don’t know,” he shrugged. “It is said that it shows on the faces of those in love. So, I guess...”
The words, coming from him, filled her with warmth. If that be true, and if everyone could see that they were in love only by looking at them, then she’d happily trade their secrecy for more obviousness.
But every time they came close to taking the relationship to the next level, she would find Loki backing away. Every time they had the opportunity to reveal their beautiful secret to the team, he would quickly shield both of them.
Why, Loki? Do you not want us?
It was a rainy evening when Tony had gathered everyone in the living room. At first (Y/N) thought that it was an urgent meeting for a new mission. But when she knew the actual reason behind it, she couldn’t prevent the snort that escaped her.
“Excuse me?” Tony pointed at her. “You got some problem, princess?”
“Truth or dare? Like, how old are we? Twelve?”
Tony spread his arms as if to silently make a point. “Since when did you start categorizing fun into ages? Ever since you started dating Rock of Ages?”
“Hey!” Loki made a tiny protest at his nickname.
“We are not dating,” (Y/N) deadpanned.
“And there goes my question,” Wanda sighed from across the room.
In response, (Y/N) simply rolled her eyes, and grumbled, “Kids!”
Once the game started, the team wasted no time in getting to the point: (Y/N) and Loki.
The first one to get attacked was Loki.
“No, no truth for you,” Sam chimed in just as Loki sucked in a breath to choose “truth”.
“He’s the God of Lies!” Sam announced, “He can easily slip away with any lie!”
“The bird’s got a point!” Tony agreed, followed by everyone else. “‘Dare’ for you!”
“This is not how it works,” Loki protested.
“Did you play this on Asgard? Thor?”
“No, we had never even heard of it until we came here,” the big brother responded.
“Nah-ah!” Tony didn’t let him finish. “This is exactly how it is played. Who wants to give the God of Mischief a mischievous dare?”
(Y/N) wanted to protest; she wanted to tell Tony that he was bending the rules to get to them. But any word of support would further corner them both. All she could do was play along.
“Kiss (Y/N). And you know where I mean.”
Nat’s voice yanked her out of her thoughts. She watched in horror as Loki’s expressions changed from shock to anger while the entire team cheered.
“Nat!” (Y/N) jumped up from her seat, “do you even hear yourself? He’s my best friend! We can’t just...”
“Why not?” Sam questioned with a smirk. “You seemed to be enjoying it when I was asked to kiss Buck. He’s my best buddy.”
“Speak for yourself,” Bucky mumbled.
“C’mon, it’s just a game! Don’t be a spoilsport.”
Steve?? Et tu?
Rubbing her eyes, (Y/N) tried to find a way out of it. She knew well that if Loki kissed her, she’d melt into it. Everything would become obvious.
No, no, no!! This can’t be. They can’t just expose us like this. Loki would be so....
Wait, why isn’t he saying anything?
She opened her eyes to see Loki standing. His expression was unfathomable.
Oh no! Is he going to…
“This is outrageous!” Loki snapped and turned on his heels to walk out of the room.
For reasons she did not want to explore then, (Y/N)’s heart dropped several feet. She was expecting a similar reaction from him but wasn’t hoping for it.
Quickly gravitating back to the situation in hand, she stammered an excuse or two for his behaviour, and followed his tracks to check on him.
Once both of them were out of earshot, Tony leaned towards the group, “Did we save it or kill it.”
“Looks like we killed it,” Sam sighed.
“Trust me,” Wanda smiled, “we saved it.”
“Vision? What do you think?”
“I still do not understand why you have to torment them like this. Let them come out when they want to. It’s-”
“Okay!” Tony interrupted him. “Sorry I asked! My bad!”
The door to Loki’s room was half open when (Y/N) arrived. Gingerly, she admitted herself inside.
Loki was standing at the window, with his back towards her. His head was bowed but his hands were curled into fists on both sides of his body.
The name came out so softly that she couldn’t be sure if he had heard it, given that he did not move at all.
But before she could call him again, he spoke.
“I did not want this to happen,” his voice bore that particular kind of seriousness that usually preceded an unwanted or unhappy revelation.
“I am sorry, (Y/N).” He turned towards her, and she realised in an instant that he wasn’t fooling around.
“What are you talking about, Loki? What did you not want to happen?”
Her chest felt tighter with every passing second.
Please, not what I’m fearing.
“This,” his hand vaguely gestured towards the hallway. “Whatever happened just now. I knew they would come down to this one day. I never wanted-”
“It’s okay,” she interjected. “I did not like that either. Although they meant no harm. It was just for fun… And I understand if you're having second thoughts. This entire thing between us was just something… y’know, a spur of the moment kind of thing. I totally understand if-"
"(Y/N)! Where is this coming from? What are you even talking about?"
She couldn’t make herself look at him, for if she did, he could clearly see the moisture pooling in her eyes. She needed to appear strong.
“Loki, you’ve always been my best friend. And I’ve loved that. You know it. And it’s okay if this new turn in our relationship does not turn out to be something that you had hoped for. It happens. It’s okay-”
“It’s not okay for me,” Loki grasped her hands. “What are you saying? Why? A-are you not happy with me? Have I done something wrong? Did I offend you in any way?”
What is he saying? I thought…
As she looked up at him, a couple of drops ran down her cheeks and on her shirt.
“(Y/N), please tell me. You had promised to tell me anything and everything that upsets you. So, tell me what happened. Why do you speak of our relationship as if it was a mistake?”
“It never was a mistake for me,” she breathed, “I thought you felt...I thought you...”
The shaky way in which the question came out of him stung her more than any thought of Loki not wanting this relationship. It was then that she realised how badly she had hurt him.
He never wanted to leave! He always wanted me? Us?
She didn’t know what to say.
“I’m sorry,” she finally managed. “I thought that you...didn’t want...this. Us. I-”
“Why would you even think so? Why would you bear such thoughts when I love you with every fiber of my being?”
Her head snapped up.
“You love me?” Her own voice became shaky.
“Of course, I do,” he gently placed a hand on her cheek, “always have. At first I thought it was a love for friends until that night, when I realised that I wanted to be more than just friends with you.”
More tears fell down her cheek as she rejoiced in the moment. Loki wiped them all, and placed soft kisses on each cheek.
“And all this time, I was afraid that you’re having second thoughts,” she confessed.
“And why is that?”
How do I say that it’s because you haven’t kissed me yet? And ran away from the one moment we had today, albeit in a not-so-comfortable situation?
“Because I haven’t kissed you yet?” Loki asked her.
Her heart beat so violently, she could have sworn that Loki could hear it. Her tongue felt too heavy to speak.
“I didn’t think you were ready,” he admitted. “That is the reason why I did not dance with you in the club either. I was teasing you, yes, but when you responded I was definitely taken aback. I wasn’t sure if it was you or the ambience talking. So…
You have always shied away from any comments that I make, and...I did not want to push anything on you.”
“Oh, Loki!”
She hugged him so hard that even the Asgardian had to take two steps back to balance himself.
“I’m so, so sorry,” she wept into his shirt. “I misunderstood your actions for… I pushed you away. I thought you weren’t ready for this relationship. I’m sorry!”
Tears of both apology and relief flooded her. He tried to sush her as he rocked her slowly from side to side.
After taking a moment to compose herself, she stood straight. Loki looked at her red-eyed, tear-stained face and tutted.
“Doesn’t suit you, darling. Show me your crazy, grinning face.”
With a chuckle, she gave him a funny face-splitting smile, making both of them laugh.
“(Y/N), I didn’t want to kiss you because of a game or under the watchful eyes of that insufferable bunch of imbeciles. But if you will allow me now, I-”
“Just stop being so polite for a change, and kiss me,” she tugged at the collars of his shirt.
Loki didn’t need to be asked twice.
In the hall, the Avengers were busy speculating the outcome of their little plan, when the couple in discussion walked in. Hand in hand.
“Yes, we had changed our relationship status around six months ago,” (Y/N) announced to a stunned audience.
“And yes, we kissed. Just now. And I hope you know where I mean,” Loki added before dragging his love away towards the elevator.
“What was that?” She whispered as she was being whisked away.
“What?” Loki asked innocently, although his eyes stated otherwise.
“You didn’t need to declare that we just kissed!” She laughed as the doors of the elevator closed.
He shrugged while jabbing at a button. “They wanted us to kiss anyway. So, I gave them the satisfaction of knowledge. Besides, they need to know who you belong to now.”
“Aha! Possessive?”
“No! I also made it clear who I belong to now.”
He smiled as the doors opened to the hallway that led to his room. And once again, his words had rendered her speechless.
Silver tongue!
You can read the backstory here.
And here's a song to sing along and keep the mood floating...
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loki-hargreeves · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
More than battles won or lost, it’s relationships that truly define a hero. The people who shape them, their stories.
Thor and Loki, a brotherhood so strong and pivotal, it would change the fate of a universe. Their childhood taught Thor many lessons.
But in another universe, instead of raising the Jotunheim prince, Loki, as his own son, Odin returned him to his people.
Without his Trickster brother to keep things, let’s say lively, Thor grew into a very different prince.
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kiyosuku · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
loki loki
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dyns33 · 2 days ago
Darcy : "You are not afraid sometimes ?" 
Y/N : "Of what ?" 
Darcy : "Loki. He could... destroy you." 
Y/N : "... You are impossible you know ? Yuck ! Are you always thinking about that ?" 
Darcy : "Uh ? Oh ! No, I didn't mean that ! Well, a bit, but mostly that he could step on you by accident. In the bed, if he moves in his sleep and rolls on you, you are dead. Remember the time I had a butterfly in my hand, forgot about it and clapped ? Ouch. He could do that. To you."
Y/N : "You worry too much. Loki is very careful." 
Darcy : "Like he was with his bestie bro bro's phone ? When he was asking for... Ah ! Hey, watch out !" 
Jotun Loki : "Oops. Didn't see you here." 
Darcy : "I knew it ! He's dangerous !" 
Y/N : " He saw you, he did it on purpose." 
Jotun Loki, taking Y/N in his hand and kissing their head : "I did. I only step on things I don't care about. Meaning almost everything. But certainly not my sweet darling."
Darcy, leaving : "You mean giant !" 
Jotun Loki : "... You are not scared of me, right my love ?" 
Y/N : "No. I trust you. And if you... destroy me one day as Darcy said, I'll die happy."
Jotun Loki : "Tempting darling, but I'll rather keep you safe, sound, and with your internal organs in the right place."
Y/N : "... Yuck."
Tumblr media
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Stars are Falling (Loki/Reader Lullabies #206)
Fandom: Marvel/Avengers
Pairing: Loki/Reader (I imagined a woman, but I don’t think I explicitly coded them as such.)
Category: Fluff, Angst, Guardian Angel AU
Rating: G.
Summary: He’s been here for millennia, forced to keep watch over his mortal charges despite his best efforts to get out of it. And then there was you. And then things changed.
Warnings/Notes: The title of this probably won’t make sense to you unless you were vaguely-emo in the early 2000s, but it’s from a song called Your Guardian Angel by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. That was my shit in high school, and I’ve had it stuck in my head all week now. I didn’t put a whole lot of thought into the politics or the bureaucracy of angelhood in this fic, so I hope you’re not thrown off or irritated by some of the hand-waving! I feel good about this fic in a way that I haven’t felt since early July. I hope you like it.
New but Retroactive Reminder for this and all of my fics: I do not, have not, and will not give anyone permission to copy/paste, translate, or otherwise take or modify this story to post it anywhere else. You can find my stories here on Tumblr or under kaeorin on AO3, but nowhere else. This does not apply only to fics which hold this disclaimer--NONE of my works are to be stolen or modified. Additionally, please remember that Liking a post on Tumblr does not increase the author's exposure. I don't run your life, but readers should be reblogging the works they like.
Stars are Falling
Tumblr media
He really didn’t mean to do it. He wasn’t necessarily opposed to doing it, either—it just...created a lot of problems and a lot of disapproval from the others of his kind. But what was it that your people said all the time? The heart wants what it wants? And, as least as far as he had a heart, it wanted you.
Your people called his people guardian angels. Sort of. There was a lot that you all got wrong about the idea, and his origins, and...well, pretty much everything else that you told stories about, but the idea was similar enough that it’d caused quite the stir all those ages ago when you first started to talk about them. He’d been around long enough to be sick and tired of it all, but he had yet to figure out how to get out of it. It seemed that he would exist forever, and that he would be doomed to keep watch over you and your kind forever as well.
His people, they were charged with one of your people from the moment you were born. For some reason, they were expected to keep you all alive, despite the fact that human infants were apparently hell-bent on causing their own destruction. He’d kept a reluctant eye on countless humans from the beginning of time, always chasing after the tiny ones to dissuade them from eating poison or getting themselves wrapped up in death. As they grew, the dangers first began to lessen, and then grew larger once more. But the humans were always the same. He did his job because he literally could not do anything but, but he didn’t have to like it.
And then you came around. Your actual ‘angel’, she’d been reassigned in the dead of night. Or that was the story, anyway. Odin had recognized something in her and decided that she was destined for something better, and so he’d stolen her away and replaced her with Loki himself. It made him a little uneasy, thinking about exactly what had happened to his own former charge—and wondering whether Odin had had anything to do with it—but by now he’d long since learned not to challenge the man unless it was truly necessary.
He resented you at first, but, then again, he resented all of you. What was it about your kind that had turned hiskind into indentured servants? Why did he have an existence at all if it was to be so thoroughly entangled in yours? There were others of his kind who found ways to make themselves known to their charges, through dreams or feelings or whispered words in the night. Some of them became friendly with you. He never bothered.
You were quiet. A loner, wrapped up carefully in your quiet little apartment in the big, bustling city. You spent a lot of time alone there, sitting in silence without even quiet music to keep you company. Something in him recognized something familiar in you. It made him uncomfortable at first, but then...he found he almost liked it. You’d read, or paint, or play around with a few musical instruments here and there. Slowly, you began to grow on him. At least it meant he didn’t have to chase you around the city to keep you safe. And he didn’t have to sit and listen to endless boring conversations with your friends. Sometimes, in the dead of night, he would amuse himself with your strange electric piano, and play out the songs that sometimes ran through his head.
In the mornings, sometimes he caught you humming those same songs to yourself.
When you went to work, it was more of the same. You were just as quiet there as you were at home, and you interacted with others only as you had to. While the rest of the office chatted and laughed together, you made yourself as small and unassuming as you could. When someone did sweep you into a conversation, he always caught something familiar hidden somewhere behind your eyes: discomfort. Small wonder; you obviously didn’t belong here. They were mostly small, petty people obsessed with gossip and snickering behind other people’s backs. They were nothing like you.
At some point, he began to talk to you. It started beside your desk at work. You’d just overheard a few strings of conversation: your coworkers, speaking viciously about you without realizing you could hear them. Something hot and protective stabbed through him, something he hadn’t felt in millennia, and he heard himself speak to you. He tried to offer comfort, tried to assure you that they were in the wrong, not you. He rarely bothered to interact with his people who had been assigned to those coworkers, but he could see how they looked at you sometimes. He told you that: that you were so clearly Different and Better and that he could see the jealousy in the others when they looked at him.
Over time, he got the urge to fill the silences of your home with his voice as well, even though you’d never hear him. He’d talk to you about what his life was like before all this, and how much he hated his job even know...he didn’t always hate you. He didn’t—wouldn’t—ever speak to you the way some of the others spoke to their charges, coming through like a distant but audible voice on a breeze, but he did take to murmuring quiet praise and reassurances to you while you slept.
In all his life, he’d never really thought about the little intimate moments that came with his job. He’d always been nearby while his charges slept, or showered, or cared for their bodies, and he had always maintained that cool aloofness. Sometimes his charges would get mixed up in the bedroom with someone who wanted to hurt them, and that was a little more notable, but even so, it was just a part of the job.
But there was something about the scent of your bath products and the way they perfumed the steamy air of your washroom. His job, of course, was to remain nearby to stave off any dangers while his charge was so vulnerable, and so he had always waited quietly in the washroom just in case, but, over time, he came to look forward to it. He was more careful with you, careful not to watch you too carefully when you stepped out from under the spray and dried yourself off. He wasn’t always so careful with his charges, but there was something about you that just made it a necessity.
Or so he thought. Sometimes he caught himself growing careless. Sometimes you passed within mere inches of a danger in the streets that he should have caught from blocks away. Sometimes he only just barely managed to save you in time. It was unnerving, and always accompanied by an oppressive weight on his shoulders: guilt. It was the same thing he felt when he had to let you get hurt in some minor way. His people didn’t exist merely to wrap yours in a protective bubble, only to keep your world from killing you prematurely. So sometimes you’d slip, or hit your head, or get hurt in some other minor but necessary way, and he had to sulk in the corner while he watched you patch yourself up. He hated the smell of your blood. It was easily one of the most heinous parts of your entire world.
One night, he found himself hovering in the doorway to your washroom while you perched on the edge of your tub and looked after your knees. You’d tripped up the stairs on the subway, and he’d known how badly you were hurt before you truly knew it. You were all scraped up, and blood had dripped down your shins and stained your socks. His insides felt like they were on fire: sick and twisted and roiling, but all he could do was watch as you carefully tended to your wounds. You were the very picture of calm as you worked. Of course you were.
As you fixed the last of the bandages across your knees, you jerked your head towards the doorway where he stood. He watched your eyes widen for a moment, before your body relaxed once again. You did that, sometimes. He could swear that you saw him, which was ridiculous. Your kind couldn’t see his kind. That had been as true as anything else since the dawn of time. But you’d catch sight of him out of the corner of your eye while you sat at home, and you would gasp with fear before your mortal eyes reminded you that you were supposedly there alone. He hated to frighten you like that. It was better when you saw him on the streets. Sometimes, you would make direct eye contact with him on the train and his whole body would go rigid with something uncomfortably similar to excitement. Once, not too terribly long ago, you looked at him from across a crowded subway platform and the warmest, loveliest smile broke across your face even as you tilted your head in recognition.
He held that memory closer to his heart than he had any true right to.
One night, he caught you crying. Or perhaps ‘caught’ was not the correct word, as that would suggest that you tried to hide it from him when, in reality, you had no idea he was there to see you. You’d gone to bed a little earlier than usual, but not early enough to raise any alarms, and he’d set himself up in his corner of your room to keep watch. He heard the sniffle first, soft and watery in the night, and it put his senses on alert. Not long after that, he heard the quiet gasp, followed by something like a growl as you buried your face in your pillow.
You were crying.
He had no idea whyyou were crying, but you were. That happened a lot—not with you, specifically, but with your kind. He’d stood watch while many of his charges gave in to their sadness and wept. Mortals were doing that more and more lately. Most of the time it was hard to blame them. He’d always wait quietly and keep a bit of a keener eye out for any dangers that could creep in while his charge was made vulnerable by the tears and the sadness.
Tonight, he couldn’t do it. He was out of his place before he could even think about it, and slid into bed beside you. What was he doing? He didn’t do things like this.
You were shivering. He wanted to pull your cover up over your shoulder to keep you warm, but worried that perhaps it’d be too obvious, even with the state you were in. He hesitated for only a moment or two before unfurling his wings to drape one across your body. Maybe it would work, maybe it wouldn’t, but he felt like he had to try something. You did not stop crying, but, slowly, your body did stop shivering. He’d take it.
As you cried, he tried to will some peace into you. Many of his kind could do that sort of thing, but he’d never really bothered to learn. Now, of course, he found himself regretting that. He knew he couldn’t touch you, or, if he did, he couldn’t provide any comfort to you with his touch. For the first time since he’d met you, he found himself wishing you weren’t quite so alone. If there were someone else here with you, even some mortal he couldn’t stand, at least they could hold you.
He’d never in his life felt as helpless as he did right there, watching you cry but being absolutely powerless to stop it. He did the only thing he could do: he sang to you. His voice was rusty at first, especially when he tried to sing so that you could hear him, but he refused to yield to the discomfort. It paid off. You began to calm, a bit, your sobs lessening to something more like whimpering gasps. He would have tightened his wing around you, if he’d thought it’d have any benefit.
You began to whisper something. In your ragged voice, you whispered pleas into the night. He couldn’t make it all out, but the sound was enough to rekindle his rage. He didn’t truly know if anyone else was listening as you begged for help, but he’d seen enough to know that it would not come. For the first time ever, the injustice struck him numb. You mortals, you would live your lives seeking to be the best you could possibly be, but it was always all for nothing. Every night, the people like you had to cry alone in the dark.
Without meaning to, he slipped into his home language and cursed the world around him. He called out to Odin even as you pleaded with the air, and he cursed him too. He spat out the words he’d carried with him almost since the beginning, words that had lurked inside him and taunted him with the promise of nothing. He renounced his people. He refused his task. He vowed a holy war against the way things worked, and he only barely managed to choke the anger out of his words so he wouldn’t risk terrifying you if you heard him.
He continued chanting even as your exhausted body forced you to drop into a fitful sleep. Your breathing evened out, but his still came in short, fierce bursts as he repeated the same lines over and over again. What he wouldn’t give to be able to put his arms around you. What he wouldn’t give to be able to stroke your back, to dry your tears. Although despair crept into his chest, he did not allow it to escape through his words, and his voice remained as strong and fiery as ever.
In the darkest part of the night, when as much of the city as possible had fallen into a torpor, everything changed. His words stopped, not because of a conscious choice on his part, but because everything stopped. A creeping dread filled his stomach. Before he could so much as take a breath, a white-hot heat seared through him and tore him apart. Was this retaliation? Was this punishment for his outburst? What would become of you? He fought, hard, not to lose his senses, and the fact that you went on lying there beside him, more at peace than you’d been all night, kept him sane. It felt like he was being ripped apart. He might have screamed—it was hard to know for certain. But the torture went on for an eternity, nearly stealing away his very being.
Until, without warning, it stopped.
He felt heavier than normal. Weighed-down, suddenly painfully encumbered. It was hard to breathe, but his body kept fighting for air all the same. He forced his eyes open and turned his head to look at you. You were uncovered again, the covers slipping even further down your body. When he tried to unfurl his wings—which must surely have retracted while he was fighting for his life—he couldn’t do it. They weren’t there. Even with all the extra weight, he felt somehow hollow.
And then he knew.
Was this mortality? If it was, then was this a punishment for his behavior, or a reward?
Perhaps it didn’t matter. He reached out with a trembling hand and touched your face. Your skin felt like the petal of a flower: soft and dewy and precious. He traced his fingertips along the last remnants of your tears and then pulled away again to feel the wetness on his skin. He could touch you. And he did.
He knew enough about your kind toknow that your reaction in the morning wouldn’t be good. But...then again, perhaps he also knew enough about youto know might be. Whatever had happened, and why, and how, it had, and that would be enough for now. It would get him through whatever came next. It would keep him here. It would keep you safe.
The skies outside were just beginning to lighten again when you began to stir. But you didn’t open your eyes. Instead, you turned onto your other side—you turned to face him—and you reached out in your sleep to pull him close even as you buried your face against his throat. He was frozen, absolutely lost in the sensations of you, but he still heard what you said.
“I’ve waited so long for you.”
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