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#loki god of mischief
Loki [singing]: L is for the way you look at me.
Sigyn: [blushes]
Loki: O is for the only one I see.
Sigyn: [giggles]
Loki: K is very kinky, whips and chains excite me...
Sigyn: What?
Loki: I is I'm the rightful king of Jotunheim.
Sigyn: This is not what I meant when I asked you to serenade me.
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iI am no Norse Mythology expert. I’ve only read a handful of myths, so take what I’m saying with a grain of salt. For all I know, I have it all wrong.

Pre-watching mess ups:

LOKI IS NOT ODIN’S SON - in the myths Loki is a sworn blood brother to Odin, so obviously seen as more of a brother than a son to the Allfather. Blood wise it’s more of a cousin or uncle connection. Like Greek mythology, this family tree is just as fucked up.

THOR IS NOT FRIGGA’S SON - He is the son of Odin and Jord. Odin doesn’t even have a wife in mythology.

Thor (Movie #1) :

Mess ups:

4:30 - Odin is shown to have both of his eyes, and later it is show he lost it in the battle with the Frost Giants. Odin gave up his eye for wisdom to the Giant Mimir(?). This was very early on, that is why Odin is always shown with one eye.Technically (at least where I read it) Odin losing his eye is included in the myth of creation.

Frost Giants- Um… I may have this wrong, but there are no such things mentioned in the myths. There are giants, like just giants.



(pic for reference) this symbol is used everywhere. It isn’t even part of the Norse religion, but the Celtic. While practiced in the same general area of northern Europe, they are not one and the same. This is the symbol of the triple goddess of Celtic religion.

War in relation to Thor- In the movie the war with the giants are over, but in the myths Thor is known as the Giant slayer. Like that don’t add up.

-Thor is a ginger in the myths… not important, but thought I’d add it.

7:00 - “A wise king never seeks out war.” Bullshit Odin. You are an Aesir, the god that thrive on war, and seek out battle for entertainment. 

7:20 - We get a lovely shot of Mjolnir as the two young princes run past. Loki is the one who sorta caused the creation of the hammer. It should not exist yet, as Loki isn’t old enough to have scalped Sif because he was drunk and bored. (Trust me, it’s a slipper slope.)

- Sif is meant to be blond, in the myth i mentioned about Mjolnir, it was a big deal she lost her hair, because it was the most beautiful, and as blond as sun light. She’s also not a warrior, much more a pretty face. Also Sif is Thor’s wife in the myths.

-WHERE ARE ODIN’S OTHER KIDS? There’s Baldur, Hodr, Bragi, and Ullr. None of them are there!

Warrior’s three, who are thee? - Like these character straight up don’t exist in mythology. I get why the exist for story stand point, but there were so many different options they could be. Like full on just change their names to be one of the many other gods that don’t exist in the movies, and it be better. MAKE THEM ODIN’S OTHER SONS. (I could go on a tangent about this…)

10:00 - The bifrost could only be used by the Aesir. Loki is incapable of using these bridges. Also in myths, walking to he other realms were an option.

Heimdall - In mythology he is just a watcher, not a gatekeeper. He barely gets involved with anything, and just observes. Like serious, he dose nothing to stop Ragnarok despite the fact he can see it coming.

Where are Thor’s Goats? Like serious, they’re famous. NAME ONE OF THE WARRIORS THREE AFTER THEM!

Sleipnir - This is Odin’s eight legged horse. Having it exist is very concerning. After all, it is Loki’s kid, which he gave birth to.

Odin’s Sickness: WHAT THE FUCK? These guys don;t get sick. They get the sniffles and the eat a golden apple of youth. HE NEED SOME MAGIC APPLE! WTF even is Odin sleep?

Laufey - Umm… Laufey is a female. Like she’s Loki’s mom, not dad. idk how this bothers me, like it dose on one hand, but on the other I get it…

Frost Giant Casket - to my knowledge, this dose not exist in mythology. While at the same time, neither do frost giants…

Mjolnir - I know they cover this in Ragnarok, but mjolnir is not the source of Thor’s powers. He dose have belts of strength, so some dose come from items. But he has the natural ability to control thunder, not the hammer. Also Thor can’t fly, thus the goats…

Things they got alright:

- personally I love this interpretation of the Worlds Tree.

-Thor’s personality is on point at the begging of the movie. Stupid and arrogant.

- Jottunheim  is pronounced correctly, with the J  being pronounced like a Y.

- Thor’s drinking ability. Full on cannon in the myth’s Thor is the biggest drinker in existent (Drank so much ocean the sea level lowered permanently.)

Thor the Dark World:

to be completely honest I have a love hate relationship with this one {stopped watching half way through because i knew the rest had nothing to do with Norse Mythology} I could go off, but I won’t

Mess ups:

THE PLOT!!!!!!

- 00:50 Dark Elves are just the term they use to refer to dwarfs. They aren’t something special.


- 01:59 The realms are in locked places on the world tree, there would be no way for them to overlap. (not to mention they completely ignore the explanation they gave in the first movie)

- 02:15 The bifrost can’t appear anywhere, they are in a set location. (And wasn’t this so in the first movie….?)

- 3:35 Bor has Odin’s spear, which shouldn’t exist. It was made in the same event as mjolnir, which was caused by Loki(as I previously mentioned)

- Asgard was not a thing before Odin, as Odin sorta founded it.

- 34:58 The Aesir were not ones to take prisoners. If they won a war, they one by everyone being killed. There were no prisoners.(If you’re wondering what they did with Loki in myth, look it up, it’s an interesting story.)

-51:20 Not everyone who died would become stars. They get this from a myth were Odin made a giant;s eyes stars to appease his daughter, but that was a one time instance.

Things the got alright:

The details

- 00:40 There was indeed darkness before there was anything.

- 05:03 “We’re born, we live, we die” unlike most mythical gods, indeed Norse ones can die. They just don’t easily due to the golden apples of youth.

- 09:50 They got their wall! Sadly it was missing in the last one….(Sleipnir shouldn’t have been around….)

- 10:00 Odin has his tattle tale raven.

- 12:15 Indeed, they would party for weeks on end.

- 41:51 VIKING FUNERALS!!!!!

Thor Ragnarok:

Mess Ups:

-Loki leads Ragnarok, not many of the other people they imply do.

- No one knows when Ragnarok happens, so they can’t prepare for it, or stop it either.

- Odin  is killed by Fenrir, not just turning to dust]

- It is Hel and Hela

- Hel is Loki’s daughter, not Odin’s

- Hel is the goddess of the dead, not death ( think Hades in Greek Mythology)

- Hel’s face is half that of a corpse.

- Hel is a follower, not a leader. Loki is the one who leads the army of the dead during Ragnarok.

-Fenrir is also one of Loki’s kids. Hel’s brother to add on top (full brother, not half)

- Valkyries were those who gathered souls on the battle field. While they gave those souls to the gods (Freyja and Odin) they did not directly serve them in a  force of combat.

- I mentioned before, but they could walk to other realms, they didn’t need to use the bifrost to leave Asgard.

- Fenrir was killed by one of Odin’s other son (Vidar) to avenge his father.

- Hel and Surtur were on the same side in Ragnarok, so pitting them against each other, isn’t a thing that would happen.

Things they got Alright:

- Surtur is a large force included in Ragnorok. He is the one to burn everything once all the Gods have killed each other.

- The Agardians (Aesir) are indeed the gods of war, with a war torn past.

- Loki dose bring Surtur to the fight, before he just stays in his own Realm.

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